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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56248

Chapter 56248 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Pilorge, S.; Doleris, L.Moulonguet.; Dreyfus, Fçois.; Park, S., 2011:
The autoimmune manifestations associated with myelodysplastic syndrome respond to 5-azacytidine: a report on three cases

Vinter, V.E.; Shats, D.A., 2014:
The autoimmune markers of diabetes

Boguniewicz, M., 2008:
The autoimmune nature of chronic urticaria

Ramos, G.Campos.; Dalbó, S.; Leite, D.Pereira.; Goldfeder, E.; Carvalho, Cáudia.Rocha.; Vaz, N.Monteiro.; Assreuy, J., 2012:
The autoimmune nature of post-infarct myocardial healing: oral tolerance to cardiac antigens as a novel strategy to improve cardiac healing

Blasi, C., 2008:
The autoimmune origin of atherosclerosis

Kumar, V.; Pedroza, L.A.; Mace, E.M.; Seeholzer, S.; Cotsarelis, G.; Condino-Neto, A.; Payne, A.S.; Orange, J.S., 2011:
The autoimmune regulator (AIRE), which is defective in autoimmune polyendocrinopathy-candidiasis-ectodermal dystrophy patients, is expressed in human epidermal and follicular keratinocytes and associates with the intermediate filament protein cytokeratin 17

Marx, A.; Hohenberger, P.; Hoffmann, H.; Pfannschmidt, J.; Schnabel, P.; Hofmann, H-Stefan.; Wiebe, K.; Schalke, B.; Nix, W.; Gold, R.; Willcox, N.; Peterson, Pärt.; Ströbel, P., 2011:
The autoimmune regulator AIRE in thymoma biology: autoimmunity and beyond

Aparicio, Jé.L.; Duhalde-Vega, M.; Loureiro, Mía.E.; Retegui, L.A., 2010 :
The autoimmune response induced by mouse hepatitis virus A59 is expanded by a hepatotoxic agent

Fang, F.; Sveinsson, O.; Thormar, G.; Granqvist, M.; Askling, J.; Lundberg, I.E.; Ye, W.; Hammarström, L.; Pirskanen, R.; Piehl, F., 2015:
The autoimmune spectrum of myasthenia gravis: a Swedish population-based study

Anaya, J-Manuel., 2011:
The autoimmune tautology

Franco, J-S.; Anaya, J-M., 2015:
The autoimmune tautology with a focus on antiphospholipid syndrome

Cifuentes, R.A.; Restrepo-Montoya, D.; Anaya, J-Manuel., 2012:
The autoimmune tautology: an in silico approach

Anaya, J-Manuel.; Rojas-Villarraga, A.; García-Carrasco, M., 2012:
The autoimmune tautology: from polyautoimmunity and familial autoimmunity to the autoimmune genes

Magomedov, A.G.; Abdulkhalikov, A.S.; Akhmedov, I.G.; Osmanov, O.M., 2012:
The autoimmune thyroiditis with subclinicsal thyreotoxicosis in the immunosupressed patient with renal transplant

Bayley, R.; Kite, K.A.; McGettrick, H.M.; Smith, J.P.; Kitas, G.D.; Buckley, C.D.; Young, S.P., 2016:
The autoimmune-associated genetic variant PTPN22 R620W enhances neutrophil activation and function in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and healthy individuals

Vang, T.; Landskron, J.; Viken, M.K.; Oberprieler, N.; Torgersen, K.M.; Mustelin, T.; Tasken, K.; Tautz, L.; Rickert, R.C.; Lie, B.A., 2013:
The autoimmune-predisposing variant of lymphoid tyrosine phosphatase favors T helper 1 responses

Yee, D.Z.Y.; Teng, G.Gee.; Lim, A.Y.N.; Low, A.F.; Vasoo, S., 2011:
The autoimmunity conundrum: clotting or inflammation

Li, H.; Wang, T., 2013:
The autoimmunity in Graves's disease

de la Puerta, Mía.Luisa.; Trinidad, A.G.; Rodríguez, Mía.del.Carmen.; de Pereda, Jé.María.; Sánchez Crespo, M.; Bayón, Y.; Alonso, Aés., 2013:
The autoimmunity risk variant LYP-W620 cooperates with CSK in the regulation of TCR signaling

Simpfendorfer, K.R.; Olsson, L.M.; Manjarrez Orduño, N.; Khalili, H.; Simeone, A.M.; Katz, M.S.; Lee, A.T.; Diamond, B.; Gregersen, P.K., 2012:
The autoimmunity-associated BLK haplotype exhibits cis-regulatory effects on mRNA and protein expression that are prominently observed in B cells early in development

Wong, V.Wy.; Saunders, A.E.; Hutchings, A.; Pascall, J.C.; Carter, C.; Bright, N.A.; Walker, S.A.; Ktistakis, N.T.; Butcher, G.W., 2011:
The autoimmunity-related GIMAP5 GTPase is a lysosome-associated protein

Greve, B.; Hoffmann, P.; Illes, Z.; Rozsa, C.; Berger, K.; Weissert, R.; Melms, A., 2009:
The autoimmunity-related polymorphism PTPN22 1858C/T is associated with anti-titin antibody-positive myasthenia gravis

Shoenfeld, Y., 2010:
The autoimmunologist: a profession being created

Tiaden, Aé.; Spirig, T.; Sahr, T.; Wälti, M.A.; Boucke, K.; Buchrieser, C.; Hilbi, H., 2010:
The autoinducer synthase LqsA and putative sensor kinase LqsS regulate phagocyte interactions, extracellular filaments and a genomic island of Legionella pneumophila

Rettner, R.E.; Saier, M.H., 2010:
The autoinducer-2 exporter superfamily

Heymann, W.R., 2014:
The autoinflammatory assault on conventional diagnostic criteria

Federici, S.; Caorsi, R.; Gattorno, M., 2012:
The autoinflammatory diseases

Wang, J.; Sohn, H.; Sun, G.; Milner, J.D.; Pierce, S.K., 2015:
The autoinhibitory C-terminal SH2 domain of phospholipase C-γ2 stabilizes B cell receptor signalosome assembly

Sexton, M.C., 2015:
The autokinetic test; its value in psychiatric diagnosis and prognosis; preliminary report

Welk, B.K.; Herschorn, S., 2012:
The autologous fascia pubovaginal sling for complicated female stress incontinence

Rowe, N.M.; Freund, R., 2005:
The autologous internal breast splint: A novel technique for the treatment of postaugmentation ptosis

Baysungur, V.; Tezel, C.; Ergene, G.; Sevilgen, G.; Okur, E.; Uskul, B.; Halezeroglu, S., 2011:
The autologous pleural buttressing of staple lines in surgery for bullous lung disease

Konstantinou, G.N.; Grattan, C.E.H., 2010:
The autologous serum skin test may be used as a marker for histamine releasing autoantibodies in urticaria and is not relevant to other subject groups

Lozano, F.S.; Muñoz, A.; Gómez, J.L.; Barros, M.B., 2008:
The autologous superficial femoral artery as a substitute for the carotid axis in oncologic surgery. Three new cases and a review of the literature

Frias, M.João.; Melo-Cristino, Jé.; Ramirez, Mário., 2009:
The autolysin LytA contributes to efficient bacteriophage progeny release in Streptococcus pneumoniae

Risør, M.W.; Poulsen, E.Toftgaard.; Thomsen, L.R.; Dyrlund, T.F.; Nielsen, T.A.; Nielsen, N.Chr.; Sanggaard, K.W.; Enghild, J.J., 2014:
The autolysis of human HtrA1 is governed by the redox state of its N-terminal domain

Ward, R.D., 2012:
The automakers and Michigan's health care. Times of stress, times of innovation

Moreno-Villanueva, Mía.; Eltze, T.; Dressler, D.; Bernhardt, Jürgen.; Hirsch, C.; Wick, P.; von Scheven, G.; Lex, K.; Bürkle, A., 2012:
The automated FADU-assay, a potential high-throughput in vitro method for early screening of DNA breakage

Rowland, D.E.; Newey, V.R.; Turner, D.P.; Nassiri, D.K., 2009:
The automated assessment of ultrasound scanner lateral and slice thickness resolution: use of the step response

Proctor, M.; Urbanus, M.L.; Fung, E.L.; Jaramillo, D.F.; Davis, R.W.; Nislow, C.; Giaever, G., 2011:
The automated cell: compound and environment screening system (ACCESS) for chemogenomic screening

Ledeboer, N.A.; Dallas, S.D., 2015:
The automated clinical microbiology laboratory: fact or fantasy?

Wass, M.N.; Mooney, S.D.; Linial, M.; Radivojac, P.; Friedberg, I., 2014:
The automated function prediction SIG looks back at 2013 and prepares for 2014

Petreman, M., 1990:
The automated medical office

Nissan, J.; Campos, V.; Delgado, H.; Matadial, C.; Spector, S., 2015:
The automated operating room: a team approach to patient safety and communication

Kumar, V.Sheel.; Webster, M., 2013:
The automated pathologist

Fairclough, M.; Prenant, C.; Brown, G.; McMahon, A.; Lowe, J.; Jones, A., 2014:
The automated radiosynthesis and purification of the opioid receptor antagonist, [6-O-methyl-11C]diprenorphine on the GE TRACERlab FXFE radiochemistry module

Sui, J.; Sun, Y.; Peng, K.; Humphreys, G.W., 2015:
The automatic and the expected self: separating self- and familiarity biases effects by manipulating stimulus probability

Rogers, J.E., 1948:
The automatic aseptic filling of penicillin phials

McNeish, J., 2007:
The automatic choice for tackling infections. Interview by Victoria Hoban

Goodman, K.; Krueger, J.; Crowley, J., 2013:
The automatic clinical trial: leveraging the electronic medical record in multisite cancer clinical trials

Orbell, S.; Verplanken, B., 2010:
The automatic component of habit in health behavior: habit as cue-contingent automaticity

Carraro, L.; Castelli, L.; Macchiella, C., 2012:
The automatic conservative: ideology-based attentional asymmetries in the processing of valenced information

Abràmoff, M.D.; Niemeijer, M., 2007:
The automatic detection of the optic disc location in retinal images using optic disc location regression

Shannon, I.L.; Prigmore, J.R., 2014:
The automatic determination of calcium, inorganic phosphate, urea nitrogen, and glucose in parotid fluid

Anonymous, 1995:
The automatic methods group newsletter

Anonymous, 1996:
The automatic methods group newsletter

Anonymous, 1997:
The automatic methods group newsletter

Anonymous, 1997:
The automatic methods group newsletter

Anonymous, 2008:
The automatic methods group newsletter

Vogt, J.; De Houwer, J.; Moors, A.; Van Damme, S.; Crombez, G., 2010:
The automatic orienting of attention to goal-relevant stimuli

Ho, Y-Cheng.; Lin, H-Li., 2017:
Continuation with clozapine after eosinophilia: a case report

McIntosh, R.D.; Rossit, S.; Malhotra, P.; Butler, S.H.; Harvey, M., 2011:
The automatic pilot of the hand is unbalanced by visual neglect

Mehanović, S.; Mujić, M., 2010:
The automatic regulation of the basal dose on the insulin pump for the treatment of patients that have Diabetes type 1

Zisman-Ilani, Y.; Shern, D.; Deegan, P.; Kreyenbuhl, J.; Dixon, L.; Drake, R.; Torrey, W.; Mishra, M.; Gorbenko, K.; Elwyn, G., 2018:
Continue, adjust, or stop antipsychotic medication: developing and user testing an encounter decision aid for people with first-episode and long-term psychosis

London, J.W.; Smalley, K.J.; Conner, K.; Smith, J.Bruce., 2010:
The automation of clinical trial serious adverse event reporting workflow

Lawrie, A.S.; Kobayashi, K.; Lane, P.J.; Mackie, I.J.; Machin, S.J., 2015:
The automation of routine light transmission platelet aggregation

King, R.D.; Rowland, J.; Oliver, S.G.; Young, M.; Aubrey, W.; Byrne, E.; Liakata, M.; Markham, M.; Pir, P.; Soldatova, L.N.; Sparkes, A.; Whelan, K.E.; Clare, A., 2009:
The automation of science

Tsafnat, G.; Dunn, A.; Glasziou, P.; Coiera, E., 2013:
The automation of systematic reviews

Burns, D.Thorburn.; Doolan, K.P., 2007:
The automation of the acquisition and evaluation of pyrolysis-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry data for paint samples

Kravchinsky, B.D., 2018:
The automatism and reflex in the activity of the respiratory centre of vertebrates

De, N.N., 2018:
The automic nervous system and the hypothalamus

Figueroa, M.A.; Demeersman, R.E.; Manning, J., 2012:
The autonomic and rate pressure product responses of tai chi practitioners

Rossi, S.; Rocchi, C.; Studer, V.; Motta, C.; Lauretti, B.; Germani, G.; Macchiarulo, G.; Marfia, G.A.; Centonze, D., 2016:
The autonomic balance predicts cardiac responses after the first dose of fingolimod

Beissner, F.; Meissner, K.; Bär, K-Jürgen.; Napadow, V., 2013 :
The autonomic brain: an activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis for central processing of autonomic function

Dzhebrailov, T.D.; Korobeĭnikov, I.I.; Dudnik, E.N.; Karatygin, N.A., 2013:
The autonomic correlates of individual differences in the time parameters and effectiveness of intellectual activity of the person

Borman, P.; Gokoglu, F.; Kocaoglu, S.; Yorgancioglu, Z.Rezan., 2008:
The autonomic dysfunction in patients with ankylosing spondylitis: a clinical and electrophysiological study

Kapa, S.; Mears, J.A.; Asirvatham, S.J., 2012:
The autonomic ether: emerging electrophysiologic associations

Małyszka, P.; Sinkiewicz, Władysław., 2014:
The autonomic imbalance in chronic heart failure: prognostic value of dynamic electrocardiographic risk markers

Mikaelian, K.P.; Zaĭtsev, A.Iu.; Svetlov, V.A.; Golovkin, A.S., 2010:
The autonomic nervous system and blood circulation system during different modes of anesthetic coinduction

Perry, S.F.; Capaldo, A., 2012:
The autonomic nervous system and chromaffin tissue: neuroendocrine regulation of catecholamine secretion in non-mammalian vertebrates

Florea, V.G.; Cohn, J.N., 2014:
The autonomic nervous system and heart failure

Mancia, G.; Grassi, G., 2014:
The autonomic nervous system and hypertension

Micieli, G.; Cavallini, A., 2008:
The autonomic nervous system and ischemic stroke: a reciprocal interdependence

Lester, D., 2012:
The autonomic nervous system and personality

D'Elia, J.A.; Weinrauch, L.A., 2013:
The autonomic nervous system and renal physiology

De, P., 2011:
The autonomic nervous system and the hypothalamus

Topcu, B.; Akalin, F., 2010:
The autonomic nervous system dysregulation in response to orthostatic stress in children with neurocardiogenic syncope

Thor, P.J.; Mazur, M.; Furgała, A.; Worek, M., 2007:
The autonomic nervous system function in benign prostatic hyperplasia

Kapa, S.; Venkatachalam, K.L.; Asirvatham, S.J., 2011:
The autonomic nervous system in cardiac electrophysiology: an elegant interaction and emerging concepts

Harrington, D.O., 2012:
The autonomic nervous system in ocular diseases

Bai, H.B.; Du, J.Z.; Zeng, X.X., 2015:
The autonomic nervous system involved in regulation of immune function in rats during hypoxia

Nicol, J.A.C., 2014:
The autonomic nervous system of the chimaeroid fish Hydrolagus colliei

Buijs, R.M., 2014:
The autonomic nervous system: a balancing act

Kernich, C.A., 2009:
The autonomic nervous system: part two

Ottaviani, C.; Shapiro, D.; Davydov, D.M.; Goldstein, I.B.; Mills, P.J., 2009:
The autonomic phenotype of rumination

Ives, C.T.; Berger, M.J.; Kimpinski, K., 2016:
The autonomic reflex screen in healthy participants from Southwestern Ontario

Sharma, A.; Paine, P.; Rhodes, S.; Warburton, F.; Chua, Y.C.; Aziz, Q., 2012:
The autonomic response to human esophageal acidification and the development of hyperalgesia

Ioannou, S.; Ebisch, S.; Aureli, T.; Bafunno, D.; Ioannides, H.Alexi.; Cardone, D.; Manini, B.; Romani, G.Luca.; Gallese, V.; Merla, A., 2014:
The autonomic signature of guilt in children: a thermal infrared imaging study

Mandapati, R.; Shivkumar, K., 2010:
The autonomic stress of sleep: Sleeping the sleep of death

Houtepen, L.C.; Peterse, Dëlle.P.; Westphal, K.G.C.; Olivier, B.; Vinkers, C.H., 2011:
The autonomic stress-induced hyperthermia response is not enhanced by several anxiogenic drugs

Chen, S-Yuan.; Chu, C-Yeon.; Cheng, M-Jen.; Lin, C-Yue., 2009:
The autonomous house: a bio-hydrogen based energy self-sufficient approach

Di Matteo, G.; Ruotolo, F., 2011:
The autonomous innervation of the female pelvis. Notes on anatomy and surgical technique

Mikaelian, K.P.; Zaĭtsev, A.Iu.; Svetlov, V.A.; Gur'ianov, V.A.; Dubrovin, K.V., 2012:
The autonomous nervous system and blood circulation system--homeostasis and homeokinesis during spine surgery

Tannert, C., 2007:
The autonomy axiom and the cloning of humans

Rapaport, D., 2014:
The autonomy of the ego

Stogner, J., 2009:
The autonomy of the scooter. Make certain your clients get the right product

Meske, V.; Erz, J.; Priesnitz, T.; Ohm, T-Georg., 2014:
The autophagic defect in Niemann-Pick disease type C neurons differs from somatic cells and reduces neuronal viability

Izumi, M.; Wada, S.; Makino, A.; Ishida, H., 2011:
The autophagic degradation of chloroplasts via rubisco-containing bodies is specifically linked to leaf carbon status but not nitrogen status in Arabidopsis

Wang, Y-Hui.; Wu, J-Jong.; Lei, H-Yao., 2008:
The autophagic induction in Helicobacter pylori-infected macrophage

Heckmann, B.L.; Yang, X.; Zhang, X.; Liu, J., 2014:
The autophagic inhibitor 3-methyladenine potently stimulates PKA-dependent lipolysis in adipocytes

Romano, P.S.; Arboit, Mía.A.; Vázquez, C.L.; Colombo, Mía.I., 2009:
The autophagic pathway is a key component in the lysosomal dependent entry of Trypanosoma cruzi into the host cell

Eid, N.; Ito, Y.; Otsuki, Y., 2014:
The autophagic response to alcohol toxicity: the missing layer

Gewirtz, D.A., 2014:
The autophagic response to radiation: relevance for radiation sensitization in cancer therapy

Szatmári, Z.; Sass, Mós., 2015:
The autophagic roles of Rab small GTPases and their upstream regulators: a review

Martinez-Outschoorn, U.E.; Whitaker-Menezes, D.; Pavlides, S.; Chiavarina, B.; Bonuccelli, G.; Casey, T.; Tsirigos, A.; Migneco, G.; Witkiewicz, A.; Balliet, R.; Mercier, I.; Wang, C.; Flomenberg, N.; Howell, A.; Lin, Z.; Caro, J.; Pestell, R.G.; Sotgia, F.; Lisanti, M.P., 2011:
The autophagic tumor stroma model of cancer or "battery-operated tumor growth": A simple solution to the autophagy paradox

Pavlides, S.; Tsirigos, A.; Migneco, G.; Whitaker-Menezes, D.; Chiavarina, B.; Flomenberg, N.; Frank, P.G.; Casimiro, M.C.; Wang, C.; Pestell, R.G.; Martinez-Outschoorn, U.E.; Howell, A.; Sotgia, F.; Lisanti, M.P., 2011:
The autophagic tumor stroma model of cancer: Role of oxidative stress and ketone production in fueling tumor cell metabolism

Alberti, A.; Michelet, X.; Djeddi, A.; Legouis, R., 2013:
The autophagosomal protein LGG-2 acts synergistically with LGG-1 in dauer formation and longevity in C. elegans

Klionsky, D.J., 2011:
The autophagosome is overrated!

Klionsky, D.J., 2013:
The autophagy community

Klionsky, D.J., 2010:
The autophagy connection

Zhang, L.; Wang, J.; Xie, X-Qin.; Keyhani, N.O.; Feng, M-Guang.; Ying, S-Hua., 2013:
The autophagy gene BbATG5, involved in the formation of the autophagosome, contributes to cell differentiation and growth but is dispensable for pathogenesis in the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana

Wang, Y.; Wu, Y.; Tang, D., 2012:
The autophagy gene, ATG18a, plays a negative role in powdery mildew resistance and mildew-induced cell death in Arabidopsis

Nadal, M.; Gold, S.E., 2010:
The autophagy genes ATG8 and ATG1 affect morphogenesis and pathogenicity in Ustilago maydis

Zou, Y.; Ling, Y-He.; Sironi, J.; Schwartz, E.L.; Perez-Soler, R.; Piperdi, B., 2014:
The autophagy inhibitor chloroquine overcomes the innate resistance of wild-type EGFR non-small-cell lung cancer cells to erlotinib

Donohue, E.; Thomas, A.; Maurer, N.; Manisali, I.; Zeisser-Labouebe, M.; Zisman, N.; Anderson, H.J.; Ng, S.S.W.; Webb, M.; Bally, M.; Roberge, M., 2013:
The autophagy inhibitor verteporfin moderately enhances the antitumor activity of gemcitabine in a pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma model

Egan, D.; Kim, J.; Shaw, R.J.; Guan, K-Liang., 2011:
The autophagy initiating kinase ULK1 is regulated via opposing phosphorylation by AMPK and mTOR

Dreux, Mène.; Gastaminza, P.; Wieland, S.F.; Chisari, F.V., 2009:
The autophagy machinery is required to initiate hepatitis C virus replication

Rubinstein, A.D.; Eisenstein, M.; Ber, Y.; Bialik, S.; Kimchi, A., 2012:
The autophagy protein Atg12 associates with antiapoptotic Bcl-2 family members to promote mitochondrial apoptosis

Mortensen, M.; Soilleux, E.J.; Djordjevic, G.; Tripp, R.; Lutteropp, M.; Sadighi-Akha, E.; Stranks, A.J.; Glanville, J.; Knight, S.; Jacobsen, S-Eirik.W.; Kranc, K.R.; Simon, A.Katharina., 2011:
The autophagy protein Atg7 is essential for hematopoietic stem cell maintenance

Yang, C-Su.; Rodgers, M.; Min, C-Ki.; Lee, J-Soo.; Kingeter, L.; Lee, J-Yong.; Jong, A.; Kramnik, I.; Lin, X.; Jung, J.U., 2012:
The autophagy regulator Rubicon is a feedback inhibitor of CARD9-mediated host innate immunity

Kim, H.; Bernard, M.E.; Flickinger, J.; Epperly, M.W.; Wang, H.; Dixon, T.M.; Shields, D.; Houghton, F.; Zhang, X.; Greenberger, J.S., 2011:
The autophagy-inducing drug carbamazepine is a radiation protector and mitigator

Shacka, J.J.; Roth, K.A.; Zhang, J., 2007:
The autophagy-lysosomal degradation pathway: role in neurodegenerative disease and therapy

Cahová, M.; Daňková, H.; Páleníčková, E.; Papáčková, Z.; Kazdová, L., 2011:
The autophagy-lysosomal pathway is involved in TAG degradation in the liver: the effect of high-sucrose and high-fat diet

Zhang, Y-Lin.; Cao, Y-Jun.; Zhang, X.; Liu, H-Hui.; Tong, T.; Xiao, G-Dong.; Yang, Y-Ping.; Liu, C-Feng., 2010:
The autophagy-lysosome pathway: a novel mechanism involved in the processing of oxidized LDL in human vascular endothelial cells

Xiong, X.; Tao, R.; DePinho, R.A.; Dong, X.Charlie., 2013:
The autophagy-related gene 14 (Atg14) is regulated by forkhead box O transcription factors and circadian rhythms and plays a critical role in hepatic autophagy and lipid metabolism

Wang, H.; Pan, Y.; Hu, P.; Zhu, Y.; Li, J.; Jiang, X.; Liu, G., 2015:
The autophagy-related gene Acatg1 is involved in conidiation and cephalosporin production in Acremonium chrysogenum

Lee, Y.Jin.; Hah, Y.Jin.; Ha, Y.Jin.; Kang, Y.Na.; Kang, K.Jeong.; Hwang, J.Seok.; Chung, W.Jin.; Cho, K.Bum.; Park, K.Sik.; Kim, E.Soo.; Seo, H-Young.; Kim, M-Kyung.; Park, K-Gyu.; Jang, B.Kuk., 2014:
The autophagy-related marker LC3 can predict prognosis in human hepatocellular carcinoma

Nakatogawa, H.; Ohbayashi, S.; Sakoh-Nakatogawa, M.; Kakuta, S.; Suzuki, S.W.; Kirisako, H.; Kondo-Kakuta, C.; Noda, N.N.; Yamamoto, H.; Ohsumi, Y., 2012:
The autophagy-related protein kinase Atg1 interacts with the ubiquitin-like protein Atg8 via the Atg8 family interacting motif to facilitate autophagosome formation

Goehe, R.W.; Di, X.; Sharma, K.; Bristol, M.L.; Henderson, S.C.; Valerie, K.; Rodier, F.; Davalos, A.R.; Gewirtz, D.A., 2013 :
The autophagy-senescence connection in chemotherapy: must tumor cells (self) eat before they sleep?

Alves, S.; Cormier-Dequaire, F.; Marinello, M.; Marais, T.; Muriel, M-Paule.; Beaumatin, F.; Charbonnier-Beaupel, F.; Tahiri, K.; Seilhean, D.; El Hachimi, K.; Ruberg, M.; Stevanin, G.; Barkats, M.; den Dunnen, W.; Priault, M.; Brice, A.; Durr, A.; Corvol, J-Christophe.; Sittler, A., 2015:
The autophagy/lysosome pathway is impaired in SCA7 patients and SCA7 knock-in mice

Bingaman, M.G.; Basu, G.D.; Golding, T.C.; Chong, S.K.; Lassen, A.J.; Kindt, T.J.; Lipinski, C.A., 2010:
The autophilic anti-CD20 antibody DXL625 displays enhanced potency due to lipid raft-dependent induction of apoptosis

Barri, F., 1947:
The autoplasties in odontostomatology

Libow, L.S.; Neufeld, R.R., 2008:
The autopsy and the elderly patient in the hospital and the nursing home: enhancing the quality of life

Civil, I.D.S., 2007:
The autopsy as a quality indicator in trauma care: has it had its day?

Carpenter, B.; Tait, G., 2010:
The autopsy imperative: medicine, law, and the coronial investigation

Steiner, I.; Heydrich, R., 2014:
The autopsy of Reinhard Heydrich

deShazo, R.D.; Bigler, S.; Skipworth, L.Baldwin., 2013:
The autopsy of chicken nuggets reads "chicken little"

Bishop, B.H., 1949:
The autopsy pathology of bronchial asthma

Pendleton, C.; Wand, G.; Quinones-Hinojosa, A., 2011:
The autopsy was conducted "Under most inauspicious circumstances:" John Turner, Harvey Cushing's case XXXII, and his unwitting contributions to the early understanding of acromegaly

Duke, M., 2011:
The autopsy--a few thoughts

Oluwasola, O.Abideen.; Fawole, O.I.; Otegbayo, A.Jesse.; Ogun, G.Olabiyi.; Adebamowo, C.A.; Bamigboye, A.Elijah., 2009:
The autopsy: knowledge, attitude, and perceptions of doctors and relatives of the deceased

Thaker, H.M.; Vernon, D.D., 2012:
The autopsy: underutilized weapon in the pediatric intensive care unit

Schmitz, K., 1970:
The autoradiographic identification of tritiated water-soluble material in the sieve tubes of Cucurbita and Cucumis

Jin, J.; Watt, M.; Mathesius, U., 2012:
The autoregulation gene SUNN mediates changes in root organ formation in response to nitrogen through alteration of shoot-to-root auxin transport

Claeys Bouuaert, C.; Lipkow, K.; Andrews, S.S.; Liu, D.; Chalmers, R., 2013:
The autoregulation of a eukaryotic DNA transposon

Zhang, Z.; Zha, Y.; Hu, W.; Huang, Z.; Gao, Z.; Zang, Y.; Chen, J.; Dong, L.; Zhang, J., 2014:
The autoregulatory feedback loop of microRNA-21/programmed cell death protein 4/activation protein-1 (MiR-21/PDCD4/AP-1) as a driving force for hepatic fibrosis development

Sáfrány, E.; Balikó, László.; Guseo, Aás.; Faragó, B.; Melegh, Béla., 2007:
The autosomal dominant cerebellar ataxias are hereditary neurodegenerative diseases

Hekman, K.E.; Gomez, C.M., 2015:
The autosomal dominant spinocerebellar ataxias: emerging mechanistic themes suggest pervasive Purkinje cell vulnerability

Anheim, M.; Tranchant, C.; Koenig, M., 2012:
The autosomal recessive cerebellar ataxias

Majumder, P.; Nair, V.; Mukherjee, M.; Ghosh, S.; Dey, S.Kumar., 2014:
The autosomal recessive inheritance of hereditary gingival fibromatosis

Ramachandran, N.; Girard, J-Marie.; Turnbull, J.; Minassian, B.A., 2009:
The autosomal recessively inherited progressive myoclonus epilepsies and their genes

Pepper, J-Paul.; Baker, S.R., 2011:
The autospreader flap in reduction rhinoplasty

Nordstrom, D.G., 1988:
The autosyringe backpack for children with cancer

Knowlden, S.; Georas, S.N., 2014:
The autotaxin-LPA axis emerges as a novel regulator of lymphocyte homing and inflammation

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Continue Communication After Patients Leave the Hospital

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