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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56346

Chapter 56346 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cui, W.; Wu, Y.; Tian, H.; Geng, Y.; Wang, F., 2008:
The first soluble conjugated poly(2,6-anthrylene): synthesis and properties

Field, D.; Kottmann, R.; Sterk, P., 2011:
The first special issue of Standards in Genomic Sciences from the Genomic Standards Consortium

Murthy, V., 2012:
The first special issue.... of many more to come!

Chavari, Jão.Lucas.; Brescovit, A.D., 2016:
The first species of the spider genus Episinus in Colombia (Araneae, Theridiidae)

Couacy-Hymann, E.; Danho, T.; Keita, D.; Bodjo, S.C.; Kouakou, C.; Koffi, Y.M.; Beudje, F.; Tripodi, A.; de Benedictis, P.; Cattoli, G., 2008:
The first specific detection of a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (H5N1) in Ivory Coast

Cosconati, S.; Novellino, E., 2014:
The first sphingosine 1-phosphate lyase inhibitors against multiple sclerosis: a successful drug discovery tale

Nomikos, N.N.; Nomikos, G.N.; Nikolopoulos, K.S.; Korres, D.S., 2010:
The first sport injuries in the history of medicine

Haroche, Aélie., 2008:
The first spring of the Mandate for nursing

Bon, V.V., 2010:
The first square-planar copper(II) 1:2 complex with differently coordinated 2-hydroxybenzaldehyde 4-allylthiosemicarbazone ligands

Li, X.; Dubes, R.C., 1985:
The first stage in two-stage template matching

Yonehara, K.; Farrow, K.; Ghanem, A.; Hillier, D.; Balint, K.; Teixeira, M.; Jüttner, J.; Noda, M.; Neve, R.L.; Conzelmann, K-Klaus.; Roska, B., 2013:
The first stage of cardinal direction selectivity is localized to the dendrites of retinal ganglion cells

Young, T.; Yang, Y.; Brazier, J.E.; Tsuchiya, A.; Coyne, K., 2009:
The first stage of developing preference-based measures: constructing a health-state classification using Rasch analysis

Zheng, Y.; Li, X.; Xie, J.; Ling, J.; Shi, N., 2014:
The first stage of toxicology evaluation and analysis of 1502 pesticide samples

Lemonick, M.D., 2014:
The first starlight. Not long after the big bang's flash, all light left the cosmos. Astronomers are now solving the mystery of its return

Krajnovic, D.; Jocic, D.; Kernican, L.; Stupar, D.; Gasic, M.; Peric, B., 2013:
The first state-owned pharmacy in Serbia

Bacharova, L.; Estes, H.; Bang, L.; Rowlandson, I.; Schillaci, G.; Verdecchia, P.; Macfarlane, P.W., 2010:
The first statement of the Working Group on Electrocardiographic Diagnosis of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

Hollander, A.; Macchiarini, P.; Gordijn, B.; Birchall, M., 2009:
The first stem cell-based tissue-engineered organ replacement: implications for regenerative medicine and society

Puel, J., 2006:
The first stent in man?

Humphreys, J., 2008:
The first step begins within each of us

Balabin, R.M., 2011:
The first step in glycine solvation: the glycine-water complex

Canham, L., 2011:
The first step in infection control is hand hygiene

Lyklema, J.; Deschênes, L., 2011:
The first step in layer-by-layer deposition: electrostatics and/or non-electrostatics?

Nachev, P., 2015:
The first step in modern lesion-deficit analysis

Docimo, T.; Reichelt, M.; Schneider, B.; Kai, M.; Kunert, G.; Gershenzon, J.; D'Auria, J.C., 2012:
The first step in the biosynthesis of cocaine in Erythroxylum coca: the characterization of arginine and ornithine decarboxylases

Korhonen, A.; Silins, I.; Sun, L.; Stenius, U., 2010:
The first step in the development of Text Mining technology for Cancer Risk Assessment: identifying and organizing scientific evidence in risk assessment literature

Laugier, H., 1948:
The first step in the international approach to the problems of underdeveloped areas

Hartvig, P.; Roaldset, J.O.; Moger, T.A.; Ostberg, B.; Bjørkly, S., 2011:
The first step in the validation of a new screen for violence risk in acute psychiatry: The inpatient context

Boman, I-Lill.; Bartfai, A., 2016:
The first step in using a robot in brain injury rehabilitation: patients' and health-care professionals' perspective

Caldwell, C.C.; Hotchkiss, R.S., 2012:
The first step in utilizing immune-modulating therapies: immune status determination

Weiss, C.K.; Kohnle, M-Verena.; Landfester, K.; Hauk, T.; Fischer, D.; Schmitz-Wienke, J.; Mailänder, V., 2008:
The first step into the brain: uptake of NIO-PBCA nanoparticles by endothelial cells in vitro and in vivo, and direct evidence for their blood-brain barrier permeation

Beck, T.; Breuss, M.; Kumnig, M.; Schüßler, G., 2014:
The first step is the hardest - emotion recognition in patients with somatoform disorders

Capece, L.; Lewis-Ballester, A.; Batabyal, D.; Di Russo, N.; Yeh, S-Ru.; Estrin, D.A.; Marti, M.A., 2010:
The first step of the dioxygenation reaction carried out by tryptophan dioxygenase and indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase as revealed by quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical studies

Reeve, B.B.; Withycombe, J.S.; Baker, J.N.; Hooke, M.C.; Lyons, J.C.; Mowbray, C.; Wang, J.; Freyer, D.R.; Joffe, S.; Sung, L.; Tomlinson, D.; Gold, S.H.; Hinds, P.S., 2013:
The first step to integrating the child's voice in adverse event reporting in oncology trials: a content validation study among pediatric oncology clinicians

Kataoka, F., 2008:
The first step to interpretation of cerebral angiography images-anatomy and case

Kim, H.; Harris, M.R.; Savova, G.K.; Chute, C.G., 2008:
The first step toward data reuse: disambiguating concept representation of the locally developed ICU nursing flowsheets

Doeschl-Wilson, A.B.; Villanueva, B.; Kyriazakis, I., 2013:
The first step toward genetic selection for host tolerance to infectious pathogens: obtaining the tolerance phenotype through group estimates

Sataloff, J., 2008:
The first step toward stopping the malpractice insurance crisis

Aizawa, H., 2011:
The first step toward the future in respirology

McKinney, M., 2012:
The first step. Hospice-care providers to begin reporting on two quality measures, and incremental approach that the industry supports

Mattock, K.; Polka, L.; Rvachew, S.; Krehm, M., 2010:
The first steps in word learning are easier when the shoes fit: comparing monolingual and bilingual infants

Jonsson, H., 2011:
The first steps into the third age: the retirement process from a Swedish perspective

Barroso-Batista, Jão.; Sousa, A.; Lourenço, M.; Bergman, M-Louise.; Sobral, D.; Demengeot, J.; Xavier, K.B.; Gordo, I., 2014:
The first steps of adaptation of Escherichia coli to the gut are dominated by soft sweeps

Ullmann-Bremi, A.; Schlüer, A-Barbara.; Finkbeiner, G.; Huber, Y., 2011:
The first steps of an ANP-team - challenges and chances of ANP-teams at the Children's University Hospital Zurich

Rode, B.M.; Fitz, D.; Jakschitz, T., 2007:
The first steps of chemical evolution towards the origin of life

Allegri, R.Francisco.; Bartoloni, L., 2013:
The first steps of clinical neurology in South America

Enoch, M-Anne., 2013:
The first steps on the path toward genomic predictors of behavioral therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder

Svendsen, C., 2007:
The first steps towards gene therapy for Parkinson's disease

Chou, C-Chuan.; Liu, H-Ju.; Su, C-Cheng., 2008:
The first stereochemically nonrigid monomeric two-coordinate copper(I) complexes with homoleptic and heteroleptic "N2" donor set

Chinna Reddy, G.; Balasubramanyam, P.; Salvanna, N.; Sreenivasulu Reddy, T.; Das, B., 2012:
The first stereoselective total synthesis of (Z)-cryptomoscatone D2, a natural G₂ checkpoint inhibitor

Reddy, G.Madhusudhan.; Sridhar, P.Ramu., 2015:
The first stereoselective total synthesis of neosemburin and isoneosemburin

Schnyder, J-Marie., 2014:
The first stone in the Art of Medicine

Aiken, S.; Booth, K.; Gabbutt, C.D.; Mark Heron, B.; Rice, C.R.; Charaf-Eddin, A.; Jacquemin, D., 2014:
The first structural and spectroscopic characterisation of a ring-opened form of a 2H-naphtho[1,2-b]pyran: a novel photomerocyanine

Natrajan, L.S., 2012:
The first structural and spectroscopic study of a paramagnetic 5f DO3A complex

Wallus, S.; Frank, W., 2008:
The first structural characterization of a rare earth ethanesulfonate

Yang, S.; Wei, T.; Wang, S.; Ignat'eva, D.V.; Kemnitz, E.; Troyanov, S.I., 2013:
The first structural confirmation of a C102 fullerene as C102Cl20 containing a non-IPR carbon cage

Pavan Kumar, K.V.P.; Kumara Swamy, K.C., 2007:
The first structural study on a cyclic tricoordinate phosphorochloridite and a pentacoordinate phosphorane based on 1,2,3,5-protected myo-inositol--a new conformation of 1,3,2-dioxaphosphorinane ring

Kornev, A.N.; Belina, N.V.; Sushev, V.V.; Fukin, G.K.; Baranov, E.V.; Kurskiy, Y.A.; Poddelskii, A.I.; Abakumov, G.A.; Lönnecke, P.; Hey-Hawkins, E., 2009:
The first structurally characterized metal (kappa(2)N,P)-phosphinohydrazides: the key to understanding the intramolecular rearrangement R2P-NR'-NR'-M --> R'N=PR2-NR'-M. Metalloderivatives of diisopropylphosphinohydrazines: synthesis and properties

Rigden, D.J.; Xu, Q.; Chang, Y.; Eberhardt, R.Y.; Finn, R.D.; Rawlings, N.D., 2014:
The first structure in a family of peptidase inhibitors reveals an unusual Ig-like fold

Janke, R.; Görner, C.; Hirte, M.; Brück, T.; Loll, B., 2015:
The first structure of a bacterial diterpene cyclase: CotB2

Pedersen, H.Lynum.; Willassen, N.Peder.; Leiros, I., 2009:
The first structure of a cold-adapted superoxide dismutase (SOD): biochemical and structural characterization of iron SOD from Aliivibrio salmonicida

Baral, P.Kumar.; Jajcanin-Jozić, N.; Deller, S.; Macheroux, P.; Abramić, M.; Gruber, K., 2008:
The first structure of dipeptidyl-peptidase III provides insight into the catalytic mechanism and mode of substrate binding

Banerjee, R.; Nath, S.; Ranjan, A.; Khamrui, S.; Pani, B.; Sen, R.; Sen, U., 2013:
The first structure of polarity suppression protein, Psu from enterobacteria phage P4, reveals a novel fold and a knotted dimer

Wucherpfennig, K.W., 2011:
The first structures of T cell receptors bound to peptide-MHC

Tabrizchi, N.; Sedaghat, M., 2013:
The first study of patient safety culture in Iranian primary health centers

Naseri, N.; Yousefi, M.; Moradlou, O.; Moshfegh, A.Z., 2011:
The first study on enhanced photoresponsivity of ZnO-TiO2 nanocomposite thin films by anodic polarization

Park, S.; Park, J.Eun.; Cho, S.Im.; Jeon, Y.; Park, S.Sup.; Seong, M-Woo., 2012:
The first study on nucleotide-level identification of Hb Koriyama in a patient with severe hemolytic anemia

Máthé, Zán.; Kóbori, László.; Görög, Dénes.; Fehérvári, I.; Nemes, Bázs.; Gerlei, Z.; Doros, A.; Németh, A.; Mándli, Tás.; Fazakas, János.; Járay, J., 2010:
The first successful adult right-lobe living donor liver transplantation in Hungary

Iablonskiĭ, P.K.; Chuchalin, A.G.; Massard, Z.; Boiarkin, A.A.; Avdeev, S.N.; Pishchik, V.G.; Stepanenko, T.A.; Nikolaev, G.V.; Filippova, T.A.; Merzhoeva, Z.M.; Sorokin, M.F.; Nefedov, A.V.; Kozak, A.R.; Atiukov, M.A.; Gorchakova, I.N.; Kasherininova, I.I.; Klimko, N.N.; Rukavishinikova, S.A.; Akhmedov, T.A.; Samsonova, M.V.; Berkos, A.S.; Figurin, I.S., 2007:
The first successful bilateral lung transplantation in Russia

Chuchalin, A.G., 2008:
The first successful bilateral transplantation of the lungs performed in Russia

Benko, Tás.; Fehérvári, I.; Rácz, Kóf.; Friedrich, O.; Gálfy, Ió.; Török, Sárd.; Remport, Aám.; Járay, J.; Bodor, E.; Szabolcs, Zán., 2008:
The first successful combined heart-kidney transplantation in Hungary

Reitz, B.A., 2011:
The first successful combined heart-lung transplantation

Ellis, H.; McDowell, E.; Crawford, J., 2008:
The first successful elective laparotomy

Dangel, J.; Debska, M.; Koleśnik, A.; Dabrowski, M.; Kretowicz, P.; Debski, R.; Brudkowska, A., 2011:
The first successful fetal aortic balloon valvuloplasty in Poland

Ellis, H.; Billroth, T., 2008:
The first successful gastrectomy

Khaimook, A.; Borkird, J.; Alapach, S., 2010:
The first successful laparoscopic Whipple procedure at Hat Yai Hospital: surgical technique and a case report

Cho, J-Hyun.; Kim, C-Hoon.; Lee, K-Hee.; Jeon, I-Kyung.; Kim, J-Min.; Kang, B-Moon., 2014:
The first successful live birth following preimplantation genetic diagnosis using PCR for type 1 citrullinemia

Wijeyaratne, S.M.; Gunawansa, N.; Cassim, M.R.N.; Abayadeera, A., 2011:
The first successful liver transplant in Sri Lanka

Kang, H-Joo.; Imperato-McGinley, J.; Zhu, Y-Shan.; Cai, L-Qun.; Schlegel, P.; Palermo, G.; Rosenwaks, Z., 2011:
The first successful paternity through in vitro fertilization-intracytoplasmic sperm injection with a man homozygous for the 5α-reductase-2 gene mutation

Jeong, D.Seop.; Park, P.Won.; Choi, M.Suk.; Sung, K.; Kim, W.Sung.; Lee, Y.Tak.; Gwon, H-Cheol.; Choi, S.Hyuk.; Park, S-Ji.; Lee, S.Min.Maria., 2011:
The first successful transapical aortic valve implant in Korea

Pham-Hoai, E.; Crispino, F.; Hampikian, G., 2015:
The first successful use of a low stringency familial match in a French criminal investigation

Gerrah, R.; Charette, K.; Chen, J.M., 2011:
The first successful use of the Levitronix PediMag ventricular support device as a biventricular bridge to transplant in an infant

Ellis, D.; Rosair, G.M.; Welch, A.J., 2010:
The first supraicosahedral bis(heteroborane)

Kuang, Y.; Gao, Y.; Shi, J.; Li, J.; Xu, B., 2014:
The first supramolecular peptidic hydrogelator containing taurine

Ohno, H.; Matsuo, N.; Suyama, N.; Nagayoshi, Y.; Kohara, N.; Kazumi, Y.; Miyazaki, Y.; Kohno, S., 2009:
The first surgical treatment case of pulmonary Mycobacterium malmoense infection in Japan

Bosevska, G.; Panovski, N.; Kuzmanovska, G.; Coneva, E.; Memeti, S.; Cekovska, Z.; Celevska, B.; Zahariev, I.; Mikik, V., 2012:
The first survey about the antibiotic usage in the Republic of Macedonia

Fitzgerald, J.M.; Krause, K.E.; Yermak, D.; Dunne, S.; Hannigan, A.; Cullen, W.; Meagher, D.; McGrath, D.; Finucane, P.; Coffey, C.; Dunne, C., 2015:
The first survey of attitudes of medical students in Ireland towards termination of pregnancy

Ramella, S.; Mandoliti, G.; Trodella, L.; D'Angelillo, R.Maria., 2015:
The first survey on defensive medicine in radiation oncology

Rades, D.; Dziggel, L.; Segedin, B.; Oblak, I.; Nagy, V.; Marita, A.; Schild, S.E., 2014:
The first survival score for patients with brain metastases from small cell lung cancer (SCLC)

Zhang, H.; Song, J.; Deng, J., 2015:
The first suspension polymerization for preparing optically active microparticles purely constructed from chirally helical substituted polyacetylenes

Nakamura, Y.; Sasaki, N.; Kobayashi, M.; Ojima, N.; Yasuike, M.; Shigenobu, Y.; Satomi, M.; Fukuma, Y.; Shiwaku, K.; Tsujimoto, A.; Kobayashi, T.; Nakayama, I.; Ito, F.; Nakajima, K.; Sano, M.; Wada, T.; Kuhara, S.; Inouye, K.; Gojobori, T.; Ikeo, K., 2013:
The first symbiont-free genome sequence of marine red alga, Susabi-nori (Pyropia yezoensis)

Masjedi, M.R.; Najafizadeh, K.; Shafaghi, S., 2011:
The first symposium on organ donation in collaboration with Spain

Wales, S.M.; Willis, A.C.; Keller, P.A., 2010:
The first syntheses of enantiopure 2,2'-biindoline

Bouanou, H.; Tapia, Rén.; Cano, M.José.; Ramos, J.M.; Alvarez, E.; Boulifa, E.; Dahdouh, A.; Mansour, A.I.; Alvarez-Manzaneda, Rón.; Chahboun, R.; Alvarez-Manzaneda, E., 2014:
The first synthesis of (-)-isoambreinolide, (+)-vitexifolin D and (+)-vitedoin B

Shen, L-Qun.; Huang, S-Yu.; Tang, Y.; Lei, F-Hou., 2013:
The first synthesis of Krempene B

Colombo, R.; Anastasia, M.; Rota, P.; Allevi, P., 2008:
The first synthesis of N-acetylneuraminic acid 1,7-lactone

Wang, M.; Gao, M.; Miller, K.D.; Sledge, G.W.; Hutchins, G.D.; Zheng, Q-Huang., 2011:
The first synthesis of [(11)C]SB-216763, a new potential PET agent for imaging of glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3)

Wang, M.; Gao, M.; Zheng, Q-Huang., 2013:
The first synthesis of [11C]J147, a new potential PET agent for imaging of Alzheimer's disease

Ramachandran, P.Veeraraghavan.; Nicponski, D.R.; Drolet, M.P.; Schmidt, C.Max.; Yip-Schneider, M.T., 2013:
The first synthesis of a borylated α-methylene-γ-butyrolactone

Kumar, R.; Ujjinamatada, R.K.; Hosmane, R.S., 2008:
The first synthesis of a novel 5:7:5-fused diimidazodiazepine ring system and some of its chemical properties

Dere, R.T.; Zhu, X., 2008:
The first synthesis of a thioglycoside analogue of the immunostimulant KRN7000

McMahon, T.C.; Stanley, S.; Kazyanskaya, E.; Hung, D.; Wood, J.L., 2013:
The first synthesis of an epidiselenodiketopiperazine

Chen, J.; Jiang, C-Shi.; Ma, W-Quan.; Gao, L-Xin.; Gong, J-Xu.; Li, J-Ya.; Li, J.; Guo, Y-Wei., 2014:
The first synthesis of natural disulfide bruguiesulfurol and biological evaluation of its derivatives as a novel scaffold for PTP1B inhibitors

Schmidt, J.Peter.; Beltrán-Rodil, S.; Cox, R.J.; McAllister, G.D.; Reid, M.; Taylor, R.J.K., 2007:
The first synthesis of the ABC-ring system of 'upenamide

Lee, B.; Basavarajappa, H.D.; Sulaiman, R.S.; Fei, X.; Seo, S-Yong.; Corson, T.W., 2015:
The first synthesis of the antiangiogenic homoisoflavanone, cremastranone

Wang, Y.; Jiao, X.; Kayser, F.; Liu, J.; Wang, Z.; Wanska, M.; Greenberg, J.; Weiszmann, J.; Ge, H.; Tian, H.; Wong, S.; Schwandner, R.; Lee, T.; Li, Y., 2010:
The first synthetic agonists of FFA2: Discovery and SAR of phenylacetamides as allosteric modulators

Domingos, M.; Intranuovo, F.; Russo, T.; De Santis, R.; Gloria, A.; Ambrosio, L.; Ciurana, J.; Bartolo, P., 2014:
The first systematic analysis of 3D rapid prototyped poly(ε-caprolactone) scaffolds manufactured through BioCell printing: the effect of pore size and geometry on compressive mechanical behaviour and in vitro hMSC viability

Davis, W.B.; Corning, J.Leonard., 2012:
The first systematic experimentation in music therapy: the genius of James Leonard Corning

Davis, M.E., 2009:
The first targeted delivery of siRNA in humans via a self-assembling, cyclodextrin polymer-based nanoparticle: from concept to clinic

Mason, L.W.; Tanaka, H., 2013:
The first tarsometatarsal joint and its association with hallux valgus

van der Laan, L.N.; de Ridder, D.T.D.; Viergever, M.A.; Smeets, P.A.M., 2011:
The first taste is always with the eyes: a meta-analysis on the neural correlates of processing visual food cues

Ruthmann, O.; Richter, S.; Seifert, G.; Karcz, W.; Goldschmidboing, F.; Lemke, T.; Biancuzzi, G.; Woias, P.; Schmidt, T.; Schwarzbqch, S.; Vodermayer, B.; Hopt, U.; Schrag, H-Jurgen., 2010:
The first teleautomatic low-voltage prosthesis with multiple therapeutic applications: a new version of the German artificial sphincter system

Curtin, L.L., 2008:
The first ten principles for the ethical administration of nursing services

Wilkinson, J.; Ferguson, B., 2010:
The first ten years of Public Health Observatories in England - and the next?

Ash, R., 1948:
The first ten years of rheumatic infection in childhood

Bellver Capella, V., 2009:
The first ten years of the European convention on biomedicine and human rights: reflections and evaluation

Dolgoy, M., 1969:
The first ten years of the college of general practice: (alberta division)

Hacker, M.A.; Kaida, A.; Hogg, R.S.; Bastos, F.I., 2007:
The first ten years: achievements and challenges of the Brazilian program of universal access to HIV/AIDS comprehensive management and care, 1996-2006

Rolland, B.; Bordet, Régis., 2013:
The first theme issue on PPARs for brain disorders

Freeman, G.L.; Colston, J.T.; Zabalgoitia, M.; Chandrasekar, B., 2018:
Contractile depression and expression of proinflammatory cytokines and iNOS in viral myocarditis

Cohen, G.D.; Firth, K.M.; Biddle, S.; Lloyd Lewis, M.J.; Simmens, S., 2008:
The first therapeutic game specifically designed and evaluated for Alzheimer's disease

Meier, M.; Korber, N., 2009:
The first thiosilicate from solution: synthesis and crystal structure of (NH4)2[SiS3(NH3)].2NH3

Sciorsci, R.L.; Piccinno, M.; Rizzo, A., 2018:
Contractile effect of rifaximin on bovine uterus in the presence of steroid hormone antagonists

Wopereis, H.; Oozeer, R.; Knipping, K.; Belzer, C.; Knol, J., 2015:
The first thousand days - intestinal microbiology of early life: establishing a symbiosis

Zhou, S.; Solana, J.R., 2013:
The first three coefficients in the high temperature series expansion of free energy for simple potential models with hard-sphere cores and continuous tails

Luthy, C., 2011:
The first three minutes of a consultation

Hill, S.A.; Preston, J., 2012:
The first three years of an inpatient adolescent forensic service

Fiellin, D.A., 2007:
The first three years of buprenorphine in the United States: experience to date and future directions

Kennedy, S.; Potter, B.K.; Wilson, K.; Fisher, L.; Geraghty, M.; Milburn, J.; Chakraborty, P., 2011:
The first three years of screening for medium chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency (MCADD) by newborn screening ontario

Rudan, I.; Campbell, H.; Marušić, A., 2014:
The first three years of the Journal of Global Health: Assessing the impact

Maouel, H.A.; Alonzo, Véronique.; Roisnel, T.; Rebbah, H.; Le Fur, E., 2009:
The first three-dimensional vanadium hypophosphite

Maagh, P.; Butz, T.; Ziegler, A.; Meissner, A.; Prull, M.W.; Trappe, H-J., 2010:
The first three-dimensional visualization of a thrombus in transit trapped between the leads of a permanent dual-chamber pacemaker: a case report

Wang, Z-Long.; Fang, W-Hui.; Yang, G-Yu., 2010:
The first three-fold interpenetrated framework with two different four-connected uniform nets of 6(6) dia and new chiral 8(6) mdf networks

Li, L., 2010:
The first tianjin forum on tumor microenvironment tianjin, china, july 2-4, 2010

Thompson, J.C.; Hardee, J.E., 2008:
The first time ever I saw your face

Bardi, L.; Regolin, L.; Simion, F., 2014:
The first time ever I saw your feet: inversion effect in newborns' sensitivity to biological motion

Gonfiotti, A.; Jaus, M.O.; Barale, D.; Baiguera, S.; Comin, C.; Lavorini, F.; Fontana, G.; Sibila, O.; Rombolà, G.; Jungebluth, P.; Macchiarini, P., 2014:
The first tissue-engineered airway transplantation: 5-year follow-up results

Reis Júnior, A.dos., 2006:
The first to use surgical anesthesia was not a dentist, but the physician Crawford Williamson Long

Budzyński, A.; Zub-Pokrowiecka, A.; Zychowicz, A.; Pędziwiatr, Mł.; Wierdak, M.; Matłok, M.; Zając, Młgorzata., 2014:
The first total laparoscopic pancreatoduodenectomy in Poland

Graham, E.A., 1949:
The first total pneumonectomy

Saha, S.; Venkata Ramana Reddy, C.; Chiranjeevi, T.; Addepally, U.; Chinta Rao, T.S.; Patro, B., 2013:
The first total synthesis and biological evaluation of marine natural products ma'edamines A and B

Henderson, A.R.; Stec, J.; Owen, D.R.; Whitby, R.J., 2012:
The first total synthesis of (+)-mucosin

Bennasar, M-Lluïsa.; Zulaica, E.; Solé, D.; Alonso, S., 2009:
The first total synthesis of (+/-)-apparicine

Carballeira, Néstor.M.; Miranda, C.; Parang, K., 2010:
The first total synthesis of (±)-4-methoxydecanoic acid: a novel antifungal fatty acid

Malla, R.K.; Bandyopadhyay, S.; Spilling, C.D.; Dutta, S.; Dupureur, C.M., 2011:
The first total synthesis of (±)-cyclophostin and (±)-cyclipostin P: inhibitors of the serine hydrolases acetyl cholinesterase and hormone sensitive lipase

Gao, Q.; Lian, G.; Lin, F., 2009:
The first total synthesis of 7-O-beta-D-glucopyranosyl-4'-O-alpha-L-rhamnopyranosyl apigenin via a hexanoyl ester-based protection strategy

Sonmez, F.; Nebioglu, M.; Besoluk, S.; Arslan, M.; Zengin, M.; Kucukislamoglu, M., 2013:
The first total synthesis of apigenin 7-O-β-D-cellobiosyl-4'-O-β-D-glucopyranoside isolated from Salvia uliginosa

Ullah, N.; Haladu, S.A., 2010:
The first total synthesis of aspergillusol A, an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor

Kumar, C.Ramesh.; Tsai, C-Hui.; Chao, Y-Sheng.; Lee, J-Chyi., 2011:
The first total synthesis of cytopiloyne, an anti-diabetic, polyacetylenic glucoside

Fujikawa, K.; Nakashima, S.; Konishi, M.; Fuse, T.; Komura, N.; Ando, T.; Ando, H.; Yuki, N.; Ishida, H.; Kiso, M., 2011:
The first total synthesis of ganglioside GalNAc-GD1a, a target molecule for autoantibodies in Guillain-Barré syndrome

Kaur, N.; Xia, Y.; Jin, Y.; Dat, N.Tien.; Gajulapati, K.; Choi, Y.; Hong, Y-Soo.; Lee, J.Joon.; Lee, K., 2009:
The first total synthesis of moracin O and moracin P, and establishment of the absolute configuration of moracin O

Kamal, A.; Vangala, S.Reddy., 2014:
The first total synthesis of nhatrangin A

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The first transmembrane domain of the hepatitis B virus large envelope protein is crucial for infectivity

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The first transmembrane region of the beta-chain stabilizes the tetrameric Fc epsilon RI complex

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The first twenty-five heart transplantations

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The first two cases of MYH9 disorders in Thailand: an international collaborative study

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The first two decades of a versatile electron acceptor building block: 11,11,12,12-tetracyano-9,10-anthraquinodimethane (TCAQ)

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The first two major liver resections in Italy, Bagni Vecchi of Bormio, July 1936

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The first two years of social insurance in Mexico

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The first type III repeat in fibronectin activates an inflammatory pathway in dermal fibroblasts

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The first tyrosyl radical intermediate formed in the S2-S3 transition of photosystem II

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The first undergraduate nursing students: a quantitative historical study of the Edinburgh degrees, 1960-1985

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The first urea azine molecule and its coordination to uranium in the first actinide guanidinate complexes

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The first use of N-carbamylglutamate in a patient with decompensated maple syrup urine disease

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The first use of Resonance(®) metallic ureteric stent in a case of obstructed transplant kidney

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The first use of a Rh(III) complex as a novel ionophore for thiocyanate-selective polymeric membrane electrodes

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The first use of an investigational multicomponent meningococcal serogroup B vaccine (4CMenB) in humans

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The first use of chloroform in surgery

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The first use of echocardiogram in the diagnosis of pericardial effusion

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The first use of penicillin in the United States

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The first volume and beyond

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The first volume of the Advances in Clinical Chemistry series for 2014 is presented

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The first welfare case: money, sex, marriage, and white supremacy in Selma, 1966: a reproductive justice analysis

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The first woman doctor from Aberystwyth

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The first woman head of a department

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The first women doctors of Denmark

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The first women in the medical profession

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The first women religious in Japan: Mother Saint Mathilde Raclot and the French connection

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The first word

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The first year

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The first year as a graduate nurse--an experience of growth and development

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The first year in general practice; the effect on a typical practice

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The first year in general practice; the finances of the general practitioner

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The first year of Infectious Disease Reports

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The first year of a midwifery-led model of care in Far North Queensland

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The first year of behavioral development and maternal care of beluga (Delphinapterus leucas) calves in human care

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The first year of health sciences studies

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The first year of high quality care for all

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The first year of modernizing medical careers: are national standards in plastic surgical training being met?

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The first year of practice: new graduate nurses' transition and learning needs

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The first year of the RANZCP Exemptions Candidates Examination

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The first year of the blind rehabilitation program at Dibble General Hospital

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The first year with colorectal cancer screening in Stockholm. Careful monitoring and quality control of the whole process is necessary

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The first year's work of the Assistant Director of Welfare for Medical Care

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The first years of Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism

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Contractile function is unaltered in diaphragm from mice lacking calcium release channel isoform 3

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The first "State School" reaches 100 years

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The first "blind" urinary bladder calculi lithotripsy

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The first-episode of schizophrenia: a challenge for treatment

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The first-line investigation of postmenopausal bleeding: transvaginal ultrasound scanning and endometrial biopsy may be enough

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The first-line rescue system of medical support for manned aerospace flights project

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The first-passage problem for diffusion through a cylindrical pore with sticky walls

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The first-principles multi-component molecular orbital approach to bound states of positron with the 2-deoxyglucose molecule as a reagent of positron emission tomography

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The first-principles treatment of the electron-correlation and spin-orbital effects in uranium mononitride nuclear fuels

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The first-stage diagnosis of children whose tuberculin reaction has been ascertained to have changed to the positive

Niwa, N., 1948:
The first-stage diagnosis of infants whose first chances of infection with tuberculosis could have been estimated although the positive reaction of tuberculin could not have been ascertained

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The first5 concept

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The fiscal and political realities of SGR reform

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The fiscal cliff resolution--one more missed opportunity to reform entitlements

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The fiscal position of medical specialists

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The fish (IMRT) needs a bicycle (MLC)? The bicycle factories seem flourishing; not so the goldfish-bowl factories

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The fisherman

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The five "rights" of clinical decision support

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The fix is back...but jury-rigged SGR solution still frustrates docs

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The fix isn't in. Likelihood for doc-payment solution remains low

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The fixed-effects model admittedly no quick fix, but still a step in the right direction and better than the suggested alternative

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The flagship of the national naval medical science (on the 80th anniversary of establishment of the 1st Central Research Institute of the Defense Ministry of Russian Federation)

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The flame challenge

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The flame of the future is in your hands

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