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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56365

Chapter 56365 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Stroffolini, T.; Guadagnino, V.; Rapicetta, M.; Menniti Ippolito, F.; Caroleo, B.; De Sarro, G.; Focà, A.; Liberto, M.Carla.; Giancotti, A.; Barreca, G.S.; Marascio, N.; Lombardo, F.; Staltari, O.; Costa, C.; Scarpino, M.R.; Aiello, V.; Pandolfo, G.; Scalise, L.; Scalzi, S.; Elia, A.; Lia, F.; Perri, T.; Valente, P.; Scalise, F., 2013:
The impact of a vaccination campaign against hepatitis B on the further decrease of hepatitis B virus infection in a southern Italian town over 14 years

Musich, S.; Wang, S.; Hawkins, K., 2016:
The impact of a value-based insurance design plus health coaching on medication adherence and medical spending

Eom, J.Sik.; Lee, M-Suk.; Chun, H-Kyung.; Choi, H.Jung.; Jung, S-Young.; Kim, Y-Sook.; Yoon, S.Jin.; Kwak, Y.Gyung.; Oh, G-Bok.; Jeon, M-Hyok.; Park, S-Young.; Koo, H-Sook.; Ju, Y-Su.; Lee, J.Seo., 2014:
The impact of a ventilator bundle on preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia: a multicenter study

Jacques, C.; Ladouceur, R.; Fournier, P-Maude.; Baillargeon, L., 2009:
The impact of a verbal consent form on the participation rate in a telephone survey

Goldstein, R.B.; Dugan, E.; Trachtenberg, F.; Peli, E., 2007:
The impact of a video intervention on the use of low vision assistive devices

Giddens, J.; Hrabe, D.; Carlson-Sabelli, L.; Fogg, L.; North, S., 2013:
The impact of a virtual community on student engagement and academic performance among baccalaureate nursing students

McGwin, G.; Sarrels, S.A.; Griffin, R.; Owsley, C.; Rue, L.W., 2008:
The impact of a vision screening law on older driver fatality rates

Van Lierde, K.M.; d'Haeseleer, E.; Deley, S.; Luyten, A.; Baudonck, N.; Claeys, S.; Wuyts, F.L., 2013:
The impact of a voice counseling procedure to select students with normal vocal characteristics for starting a master program in speech language pathology: a pilot study

Steiner, V.; Pierce, L.L.; Windnagel, F.; Martincin, K.; Pawlak, R.; Salvador, D., 2009:
The impact of a web-based caregiver intervention on the reasons stroke survivors use health care services during the first year post treatment

Sigurdardottir, A.Olafia.; Svavarsdottir, E.Kolbrun.; Rayens, M.Kay.; Gokun, Y., 2015:
The impact of a web-based educational and support intervention on parents' perception of their children's cancer quality of life: an exploratory study

Koohkan, S.; Schaffner, D.; Milliron, B.J.; Frey, I.; König, D.; Deibert, P.; Vitolins, M.; Berg, A., 2014:
The impact of a weight reduction program with and without meal-replacement on health related quality of life in middle-aged obese females

Sicard, G.A., 2009:
The impact of a well structured vascular registry in assessing the long-term survival after repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms

Geaney, F.; Harrington, J.; Fitzgerald, A.; Perry, I., 2012:
The impact of a workplace catering initiative on dietary intakes of salt and other nutrients: a pilot study

Morgan, P.J.; Collins, C.E.; Plotnikoff, R.C.; Cook, A.T.; Berthon, B.; Mitchell, S.; Callister, R., 2012:
The impact of a workplace-based weight loss program on work-related outcomes in overweight male shift workers

Davis, J.; Clark, B.; Lewis, G.; Duncan, I., 2015:
The impact of a worksite weight management program on obesity: a retrospective analysis

Singer, J.P.; Kohlwes, J.; Bent, S.; Zimmerman, L.; Eisner, M.D., 2011 :
The impact of a "low-intensity" versus "high-intensity" medical intensive care unit on patient outcomes in critically ill veterans

Widner, A.; Nobles, D.L.; Faulk, C.; Vos, P.; Ramsey, K.M., 2014:
The impact of a "search and destroy" strategy for the prevention of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections in an inpatient rehabilitation facility

Brunetti, L.; Santell, J.P.; Hicks, R.W., 2007:
The impact of abbreviations on patient safety

Motoya, T.; Matsumoto, S.; Yamaguchi, S.; Wada, N.; Numata, A.; Osanai, H.; Kakizaki, H., 2015:
The impact of abdominal aortic calcification and visceral fat obesity on lower urinary tract symptoms in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia

Timrott, K.; Vondran, F.W.R.; Kleine, M.; Warnecke, G.; Haverich, A.; Lehner, F.; Klempnauer, J., 2015:
The impact of abdominal complications on the outcome after thoracic transplantation--a single center experience

Mampuya, W.Ange.; Matsuo, Y.; Ueki, N.; Nakamura, M.; Mukumoto, N.; Nakamura, A.; Iizuka, Y.; Kishi, T.; Mizowaki, T.; Hiraoka, M., 2015:
The impact of abdominal compression on outcome in patients treated with stereotactic body radiotherapy for primary lung cancer

Zheng, W.; Chen, K.; Peng, C.; Yin, S-Han.; Pan, Y-Ying.; Liu, M.; Lin, S-Yang.; Pei, X-Qing., 2018:
Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography vs MRI for evaluation of local invasion by cervical cancer

Chang, L.; Lembo, A.J.; Lavins, B.J.; Shiff, S.J.; Hao, X.; Chickering, J.G.; Jia, X.D.; Currie, M.G.; Kurtz, C.B.; Johnston, J.M., 2015:
The impact of abdominal pain on global measures in patients with chronic idiopathic constipation, before and after treatment with linaclotide: a pooled analysis of two randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 3 trials

Stuerz, K.; Piza, H.; Kinzl, J.F., 2014:
The impact of abdominoplasty after massive weight loss: a qualitative study

Merzagora, A.Caterina.; Ruocco, A.C.; Chute, D.; Izzetoglu, M.; Onaral, B.; Schultheis, M.T., 2009:
The impact of ablated cortex on the validity and interpretation of the fNIRS signal

Harlander-Locke, M.; Lawrence, P.F.; Alktaifi, A.; Jimenez, J.Carlos.; Rigberg, D.; DeRubertis, B., 2012:
The impact of ablation of incompetent superficial and perforator veins on ulcer healing rates

Breems, D.A.; Van Putten, W.L.J.; Löwenberg, B., 2013:
The impact of abn(17p) and monosomy -5/del(5q) on the prognostic value of the monosomal karyotype in acute myeloid leukemia

Viecelli, A.; Nguyen, H.T.Do.; Yong, K.; Chan, D.; Dogra, G.; Wong, G.; Lim, W.H., 2014:
The impact of abnormal glucose regulation on arterial stiffness at 3 and 15 months after kidney transplantation

Huang, H.C.; Lin, Y.S.; Chen, J.M.; Yeh, C.H.; Chung, K.C., 2014:
The impact of abnormal muscle tone from hemiplegia on reclining wheelchair positioning: a sliding and pressure evaluation

Pons, F.; de Rosnay, M.; Bender, P.K.; Doudin, P-André.; Harris, P.L.; Giménez-Dasí, M., 2014:
The impact of abuse and learning difficulties on emotion understanding in late childhood and early adolescence

Gopaldas, R.R.; Overbey, D.M.; Dao, T.K.; Markley, J.G., 2014:
The impact of academic calendar cycle on coronary artery bypass outcomes: a comparison of teaching and non-teaching hospitals

Langosch, J.M.; Spiegelhalder, K.; Jahnke, K.; Feige, B.; Regen, W.; Kiemen, A.; Hennig, Jürgen.; Olbrich, H.M., 2013:
The impact of acamprosate on cue reactivity in alcohol dependent individuals: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study

Ford, E.W.; Huerta, T.R.; Thompson, M.A.; Patry, R., 2012 :
The impact of accelerating electronic prescribing on hospitals' productivity levels: can health information technology bend the curve?

Reppell, M.; Boehnke, M.; Zöllner, S., 2014:
The impact of accelerating faster than exponential population growth on genetic variation

Stenerson, M.; Cameron, F.; Payne, S.R.; Payne, S.L.; Ly, T.T.; Wilson, D.M.; Buckingham, B.A., 2015:
The impact of accelerometer use in exercise-associated hypoglycemia prevention in type 1 diabetes

Luciano, C.; Molina, F.; Gutiérrez-Martínez, O.; Barnes-Holmes, D.; Valdivia-Salas, S.; Cabello, F.; Barnes-Holmes, Y.; Rodríguez-Valverde, M.; Wilson, K.G., 2010:
The impact of acceptance-based versus avoidance-based protocols on discomfort

Besley, J.C.; Oh, S-Hwa., 2015:
The impact of accident attention, ideology, and environmentalism on American attitudes toward nuclear energy

de Freitas, C.R.; Grigorieva, E.A., 2015:
The impact of acclimatization on thermophysiological strain for contrasting regional climates

El-Jardali, F.; Hemadeh, R.; Jaafar, M.; Sagherian, L.; El-Skaff, R.; Mdeihly, R.; Jamal, D.; Ataya, N., 2014:
The impact of accreditation of primary healthcare centers: successes, challenges and policy implications as perceived by healthcare providers and directors in Lebanon

Park, S-Youn.; Anastas, J.; Shibusawa, T.; Nguyen, D., 2015:
The impact of acculturation and acculturative stress on alcohol use across Asian immigrant subgroups

Awad, G.H., 2010:
The impact of acculturation and religious identification on perceived discrimination for Arab/Middle Eastern Americans

Rajabiun, S.; Rumptz, M.H.; Felizzola, J.; Frye, A.; Relf, M.; Yu, G.; Cunningham, W.E., 2009:
The impact of acculturation on Latinos' perceived barriers to HIV primary care

Abu-Bader, S.H.; Tirmazi, M.Taqi.; Ross-Sheriff, F., 2011:
The impact of acculturation on depression among older Muslim immigrants in the United States

Al-Dahir, S.; Brakta, F.; Khalil, A.; Benrahla, M., 2013:
The impact of acculturation on diabetes risk among Arab Americans in Southeastern Louisiana

Kinsler, J.J.; Lee, S-Jae.; Sayles, J.N.; Newman, P.A.; Diamant, A.; Cunningham, W., 2010:
The impact of acculturation on utilization of HIV prevention services and access to care among an at-risk Hispanic population

Suarez-Morales, L.; Lopez, B., 2009:
The impact of acculturative stress and daily hassles on pre-adolescent psychological adjustment: examining anxiety symptoms

Lasenby-Lessard, J.; Morrongiello, B.A.; Barrie, D., 2013:
The impact of accumulated experience on children's appraisals of risk and risk-taking decisions: implications for youth injury prevention

Marjanovic, E.J.; Ward, K.A.; Adams, J.E., 2008:
The impact of accurate positioning on measurements made by peripheral QCT in the distal radius

Dong, J.; Wu, X-Wei.; Tian, F-Xing., 2014:
The impact of acellular dermal matrix on complications of breast reconstruction using tissue expander/implant: a meta-analysis

Pannucci, C.J.; Antony, A.K.; Wilkins, E.G., 2013:
The impact of acellular dermal matrix on tissue expander/implant loss in breast reconstruction: an analysis of the tracking outcomes and operations in plastic surgery database

Vilela-Moura, A.; Schuller, D.; Mendes-Faia, A.; Silva, R.D.; Chaves, S.R.; Sousa, M.João.; Côrte-Real, M., 2011:
The impact of acetate metabolism on yeast fermentative performance and wine quality: reduction of volatile acidity of grape musts and wines

Gao, Z.; Xiang, P.; Lochbaum, M.; Guan, J., 2014:
The impact of achievement goals on cardiorespiratory fitness: does self-efficacy make a difference?

Zip, C., 2008:
The impact of acne on quality of life

Tasoula, E.; Gregoriou, S.; Chalikias, J.; Lazarou, D.; Danopoulou, I.; Katsambas, A.; Rigopoulos, D., 2013:
The impact of acne vulgaris on quality of life and psychic health in young adolescents in Greece. Results of a population survey

Abdel-Hafez, K.; Mahran, A.M.; Hofny, E.R.M.; Mohammed, K.A.; Darweesh, A.M.; Aal, A.A., 2009:
The impact of acne vulgaris on the quality of life and psychologic status in patients from upper Egypt

Brennan, P.C.; Ryan, J.; Evanoff, M.; Toomey, R.; O'Beirne, A.; Manning, D.; Chakraborty, D.P.; McEntee, M., 2008:
The impact of acoustic noise found within clinical departments on radiology performance

Rammstedt, B.; Farmer, R.F., 2016:
The impact of acquiescence on the evaluation of personality structure

Tu, S.; Holm, N.R.; Koning, G.; Maeng, M.; Reiber, J.H.C., 2011:
The impact of acquisition angle differences on three-dimensional quantitative coronary angiography

Hausmann, D.; Dinter, D.J.; Sadick, M.; Brade, J.; Schoenberg, S.O.; Büsing, K., 2013:
The impact of acquisition time on image quality in whole-body 18F-FDG PET/CT for cancer staging

Hong, J.Y.; Hong, M.E.; Choi, M.K.; Kim, Y.S.; Chang, W.; Maeng, C.H.; Park, S.; Lee, S.J.; Do, I-G.; Jo, J-S.; Jung, S.H.; Kim, S.J.; Ko, Y.H.; Kim, W.S., 2014:
The impact of activated p-AKT expression on clinical outcomes in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: a clinicopathological study of 262 cases

Karlsson, L.; Thunberg, P.; Johansson, B.; Persliden, J., 2014:
The impact of activating source dwell positions outside the CTV on the dose to treated normal tissue volumes in TRUS guided 3D conformal interstitial HDR brachytherapy of prostate cancer

Cagigi, A.; Palma, P.; Nilsson, A.; Di Cesare, S.; Pensieroso, S.; Kakoulidou, M.; Bernardi, S.; Rossi, P.; Chiodi, F., 2011:
The impact of active HIV-1 replication on the physiological age-related decline of immature-transitional B-cells in HIV-1 infected children

Courser, M.W.; Shamblen, S.R.; Lavrakas, P.J.; Collins, D.; Ditterline, P., 2009:
The impact of active consent procedures on nonresponse and nonresponse error in youth survey data: evidence from a new experiment

Montel, Sébastien.; Albertini, L.; Desnuelle, C.; Spitz, E., 2013:
The impact of active coping strategies on survival in ALS: the first pilot study

Ahmed, S.M.; Maguire, G.E.M.; Kruger, H.G.; Govender, T., 2015:
The impact of active site mutations of South African HIV PR on drug resistance: Insight from molecular dynamics simulations, binding free energy and per-residue footprints

Qi, S.; Yan, Y.; Li, R.; Hu, J., 2014:
The impact of active versus passive use of 3D technology: a study of dental students at Wuhan University, China

Bochner, R.E.; Sorensen, K.M.; Belamarich, P.F., 2016:
The impact of active video gaming on weight in youth: a meta-analysis

Winstead, V.; Yost, E.A.; Cotten, S.R.; Berkowsky, R.W.; Anderson, W.A., 2015:
The impact of activity interventions on the well-being of older adults in continuing care communities

Callus, E.; Utens, E.M.W.J.; Quadri, E.; Ricci, C.; Carminati, M.; Giamberti, A.; Chessa, M., 2014:
The impact of actual and perceived disease severity on pre-operative psychological well-being and illness behaviour in adult congenital heart disease patients

El-Toukhy, T.; Khalaf, Y., 2009:
The impact of acupuncture on assisted reproductive technology outcome

Domar, A.D.; Meshay, I.; Kelliher, J.; Alper, M.; Powers, R.Douglas., 2008:
The impact of acupuncture on in vitro fertilization outcome

Wells, J.T.; Said, A.; Agni, R.; Tome, S.; Hughes, S.; Dureja, P.; Lucey, M.R., 2007:
The impact of acute alcoholic hepatitis in the explanted recipient liver on outcome after liver transplantation

Hauton, D.; Holmes, A.; Ziff, O.; Kumar, P., 2013:
The impact of acute and chronic catecholamines on respiratory responses to hypoxic stress in the rat

Bacon, S.L.; Pelletier, R.; Lavoie, K.L., 2009:
The impact of acute and chronic exercise on thrombosis in cardiovascular disease

Hou, J.; Liang, Y.; Gai, X.; Zhang, H.; Yang, X.; Lan, X.; Zheng, W.; Huang, M., 2011:
The impact of acute atrial fibrillation on the prothrombotic state in patients with essential hypertension

Almeida, I.C.T.; Soares, Márcio.; Bozza, F.A.; Shinotsuka, C.Righy.; Bujokas, R.; Souza-Dantas, V.Cés.; Ely, E.Wesley.; Salluh, J.I.F., 2014:
The impact of acute brain dysfunction in the outcomes of mechanically ventilated cancer patients

Sabaliauskiene, Z.; Grybauskas, P.; Gaigalaite, V.; Ptasekas, J., 2009:
The impact of acute cerebral blood flow disturbances on platelet aggregation

Schmader, K.E.; Sloane, R.; Pieper, C.; Coplan, P.M.; Nikas, A.; Saddier, P.; Chan, I.S.F.; Choo, P.; Levin, M.J.; Johnson, G.; Williams, H.M.; Oxman, M.N., 2007:
The impact of acute herpes zoster pain and discomfort on functional status and quality of life in older adults

Zhao, W.; Hu, D-yi., 2008:
The impact of acute hyperglycemia on the prognosis of ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Salehidoost, R.; Aminorroaya, A.; Iraj, B.; Amini, M., 2013:
The impact of acute hypothyroidism on lipid levels in athyreotic patients

Majori, S.; Ricci, G.; Capretta, F.; Loss, R.; Baldovin, T.; Cigolini, D.; Tardivo, S.; Zannoni, M., 2012:
The impact of acute intoxications in a toxicological unit care in north east Italy

Gerbes, A.L., 2013:
The impact of acute kidney injury in cirrhosis: does definition matter?

Wu, V-Cent.; Wu, P-Chen.; Wu, C-Hsiung.; Huang, T-Min.; Chang, C-Hsuin.; Tsai, P-Ru.; Ko, W-Je.; Chen, L.; Wang, C-Yi.; Chu, T-Shinn.; Wu, K-Dun., 2015:
The impact of acute kidney injury on the long-term risk of stroke

Buendia, M.Teresa.Amparo.; Lozano, J.Manuel.; Suarez, G.Elena.; Saavedra, C.; Guevara, G., 2008:
The impact of acute lymphoblastic leukemia treatment on central nervous system results in Bogota, Colombia

McClean, C.M.; Clegg, M.; Shafat, A.; Murphy, M.H.; Trinick, T.; Duly, E.; McLaughlin, J.; Fogarty, M.; Davison, G.W., 2011:
The impact of acute moderate intensity exercise on arterial regional stiffness, lipid peroxidation, and antioxidant status in healthy males

Alibhai, S.M.H.; Leach, M.; Kermalli, H.; Gupta, V.; Kowgier, M.E.; Tomlinson, G.A.; Brandwein, J.; Buckstein, R.; Minden, M.D., 2007:
The impact of acute myeloid leukemia and its treatment on quality of life and functional status in older adults

Ringborg, A.; Yin, D.D.; Martinell, M.; Stålhammar, J.; Lindgren, P., 2010:
The impact of acute myocardial infarction and stroke on health care costs in patients with type 2 diabetes in Sweden

Koçinaj, D.; Bakalli, A.; Gashi, M.; Begolli, L.; Berisha, M.; Koçinaj, A.; Berisha, B.; Krasniqi, X., 2011:
The impact of acute myocardial infarction on left ventricular systolic function

Umegaki, T.; Ikai, H.; Imanaka, Y., 2011:
The impact of acute organ dysfunction on patients' mortality with severe sepsis

Elling, L.; Schupp, H.; Bayer, J.; Bröckelmann, A-Kathrin.; Steinberg, C.; Dobel, C.; Junghofer, M., 2012:
The impact of acute psychosocial stress on magnetoencephalographic correlates of emotional attention and exogenous visual attention

Jakovljevic, D.G.; George, R.S.; Nunan, D.; Donovan, G.; Bougard, R.S.; Yacoub, M.H.; Birks, E.J.; Brodie, D.A., 2010:
The impact of acute reduction of continuous-flow left ventricular assist device support on cardiac and exercise performance

Drews, J.D.; Patel, H.J.; Williams, D.M.; Dasika, N.L.; Deeb, G.Michael., 2014:
The impact of acute renal failure on early and late outcomes after thoracic aortic endovascular repair

Booth, S.; Florida-James, G.D.; McFarlin, B.K.; Spielmann, G.; O'Connor, D.P.; Simpson, R.J., 2011:
The impact of acute strenuous exercise on TLR2, TLR4 and HLA.DR expression on human blood monocytes induced by autologous serum

Bittner, N.; Merrick, G.S.; Wallner, K.E.; Lief, J.H.; Butler, W.M.; Galbreath, R.W., 2007:
The impact of acute urinary morbidity on late urinary function after permanent prostate brachytherapy

Roeloffzen, E.M.A.; Hinnen, K.A.; Battermann, J.J.; Monninkhof, E.M.; van Roermund, J.G.H.; van Gellekom, M.P.R.; Frank, S.J.; van Vulpen, M., 2010:
The impact of acute urinary retention after iodine-125 prostate brachytherapy on health-related quality of life

Floyd, M.St.J.; Doodnath, R.; McGrath, J.P.; Cunningham, F.O., 2008:
The impact of acute urological admissions on the surgical workload in a general hospital

Fatehee, N.; Yu, P.K.; Morgan, W.H.; Cringle, S.J.; Yu, D-Yi., 2011:
The impact of acutely elevated intraocular pressure on the porcine optic nerve head

de Toledo, S.M.; Buonanno, M.; Li, M.; Asaad, N.; Qin, Y.; Gonon, G.; Shim, G.; Galdass, M.; Boateng, Y.; Zhang, J.; Azzam, E.I., 2011:
The impact of adaptive and non-targeted effects in the biological responses to low dose/low fluence ionizing radiation: the modulating effect of linear energy transfer

Zukowski, R.S., 2014:
The impact of adaptive capacity on disaster response and recovery: evidence supporting core community capabilities

Ryan, S.E.; Campbell, K.A.; Rigby, P.J.; Fishbein-Germon, B.; Hubley, D.; Chan, B., 2009:
The impact of adaptive seating devices on the lives of young children with cerebral palsy and their families

Mullon, J.J.; Gajic, O.; Gali, B.; Ficalora, R.D.; Kolars, J.C.; Afessa, B., 2009:
The impact of adding 1 month of intensive care unit training in a categorical internal medicine residency program

Brazier, J.; Rowen, D.; Tsuchiya, A.; Yang, Y.; Young, T.A., 2011:
The impact of adding an extra dimension to a preference-based measure

Huang, E.Pei-Chuan.; Liu, S.Shih-Hung.; Fang, C-Chung.; Chou, H-Chang.; Wang, C-Hung.; Yen, Z-Shen.; Chen, S-Chyr., 2015:
The impact of adding clinical assistants on patient waiting time in a crowded emergency department

Ahmed, A-Fotouh.; Maarouf, A.; Shalaby, E.; Gabr, A.H.; Shahin, A.; Ghobish, A., 2016:
The impact of adding low-dose oral desmopressin therapy to tamsulosin therapy for treatment of nocturia owing to benign prostatic hyperplasia

Solin, L.J., 2011:
The impact of adding radiation treatment after breast conservation surgery for ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast

Shanb, A.A.; Youssef, E.F., 2014:
The impact of adding weight-bearing exercise versus nonweight bearing programs to the medical treatment of elderly patients with osteoporosis

Decker, A.E.; Kline, M.C.; Vallone, P.M.; Butler, J.M., 2009:
The impact of additional Y-STR loci on resolving common haplotypes and closely related individuals

Brown, T.T.; Hong, J.S., 2012:
The impact of additional dental providers in the dental labor market on the income of private practice dentists

Grafféo, N.; Jooste, Vérie.; Giorgi, R., 2013:
The impact of additional life-table variables on excess mortality estimates

Stein-Zamir, C.; Shoob, H.; Abramson, N.; Zentner, G., 2011:
The impact of additional pertussis vaccine doses on disease incidence in children and infants

Sculier, J-Paul.; Chansky, K.; Crowley, J.J.; Van Meerbeeck, J.; Goldstraw, P.; Goldstraw, P.; Asamura, H.; Ball, D.; Bolejack, V.; Brambilla, E.; Bunn, P.A.; Carney, D.; Chansky, K.; L.C.evalier, T.; Crowley, J.; Ginsberg, R.; Giroux, D.; Groome, P.; Hansen, H.H.; Van Houtte, P.; Im, J-G.; Kato, H.; Kennedy, C.; Krasnik, M.; van Meerbeeck, J.; Naruke, T.; Patz, E.F.; Postmus, P.E.; Rami-Porta, R.; Rusch, V.; Sculier, J.P.; Shaikh, Z.; Shepherd, F.A.; Shimosato, Y.; Sobin, L.; Travis, W.; Tsuboi, 2008:
The impact of additional prognostic factors on survival and their relationship with the anatomical extent of disease expressed by the 6th Edition of the TNM Classification of Malignant Tumors and the proposals for the 7th Edition

Empeño, J.; Raming, N.T.J.; Irwin, S.A.; Nelesen, R.A.; Lloyd, L.S., 2013:
The impact of additional support services on caregivers of hospice patients and hospice social workers

O'Connell, B.P.; Dobbie, A.M.; Oyer, S.L.; Montiel, M.; Hufnagle, K.; Patel, K.G.; Discolo, C.M.; Nguyen, S.A.; White, D.R., 2014:
The impact of adenoid size on rate of revision sphincter pharyngoplasty

Fitzgerald, R.S.; Shirahata, M.; Chang, I., 2010:
The impact of adenosine and an A2A adenosine receptor agonist on the ACh-induced increase in intracellular calcium of the glomus cells of the cat carotid body

Monzen, H.; Hara, M.; Hirata, M.; Suzuki, T.; Ogasawara, M.; Higuchi, H.; Matsuoka, T.; Kobayashi, H.; Yuki, R.; Hirose, K., 2011:
The impact of adenosine pharmacologic stress combined with low-level exercise in patients undergoing myocardial perfusion imaging (BIWAKO adenosine-Ex trial)

Busino, R.S.; Quraishi, H.A.; Aguila, H.A.; Montalvo, E.; Connelly, P., 2011:
The impact of adenotonsillectomy on asthma in children

Schwentner, I.; Schmutzhard, J.; Schwentner, C.; Abraham, I.; Höfer, S.; Sprinzl, G.M., 2008:
The impact of adenotonsillectomy on children's quality of life

Navaratnam, P.; Friedman, H.S.; Urdaneta, E., 2010:
The impact of adherence and disease control on resource use and charges in patients with mild asthma managed on inhaled corticosteroid agents

Hameed, A.S.; Sauermann, S.; Schreier, G., 2015:
The impact of adherence on costs and effectiveness of telemedical patient management in heart failure: a systematic review

Verhagen, E.A.L.M.; Hupperets, M.D.W.; Finch, C.F.; van Mechelen, W., 2011:
The impact of adherence on sports injury prevention effect estimates in randomised controlled trials: looking beyond the CONSORT statement

Giorda, C.; Picariello, R.; Nada, E.; Tartaglino, B.; Marafetti, L.; Costa, G.; Gnavi, R., 2012:
The impact of adherence to screening guidelines and of diabetes clinics referral on morbidity and mortality in diabetes

Painter, K.J.; Armstrong, N.J.; Sherratt, J.A., 2010:
The impact of adhesion on cellular invasion processes in cancer and development

Weiss, M.S.; Bernabé, B.Peñalver.; Shikanov, A.; Bluver, D.A.; Mui, M.D.; Shin, S.; Broadbelt, L.J.; Shea, L.D., 2012:
The impact of adhesion peptides within hydrogels on the phenotype and signaling of normal and cancerous mammary epithelial cells

Amri, R.; den Boon, H.C.; Bordeianou, L.G.; Sylla, P.; Berger, D.L., 2013:
The impact of adhesions on operations and postoperative recovery in colon cancer surgery

Lai, J.; Poletiek, F.H., 2011:
The impact of adjacent-dependencies and staged-input on the learnability of center-embedded hierarchical structures

Osborne, N.H.; Ko, C.Y.; Upchurch, G.R.; Dimick, J.B., 2011:
The impact of adjusting for reliability on hospital quality rankings in vascular surgery

Johansson, G.; Hultin, H.; Möller, J.; Hallqvist, J.; Kjellberg, K., 2012:
The impact of adjustment latitude on self-assessed work ability in regard to gender and occupational type

Hunt, D.; Romero, J., 2018:
Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

Clayton Smith, D.; Kenneth Macdonald, O.; Gaffney, D.K., 2007:
The impact of adjuvant radiation therapy on survival in women with uterine carcinosarcoma

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