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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56370

Chapter 56370 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hann, C.E.; Chase, J.Geoffrey.; Ypma, M.F.; Elfring, J.; Mohd Nor, N.; Lawrence, P.; Shaw, G.M., 2008:
The impact of parameter identification methods on drug therapy control in an intensive care unit

le Roux, I.M.; Rotheram-Borus, M.Jane.; Stein, J.; Tomlinson, M., 2014:
The impact of paraprofessional home visitors on infants' growth and health at 18 months

Correale, J.; Farez, M.F., 2011:
The impact of parasite infections on the course of multiple sclerosis

Karakas, E.; Osei-Agyemang, T.; Schlosser, K.; Hoffmann, S.; Zielke, A.; Rothmund, M.; Hassan, I., 2008:
The impact of parathyroid gland autotransplantation during bilateral thyroid surgery for Graves' disease on postoperative hypocalcaemia

Joo, Y-Hoon.; Sun, D-Il.; Cho, K-Jae.; Cho, J-Hae.; Kim, M-Sik., 2010:
The impact of paratracheal lymph node metastasis in squamous cell carcinoma of the hypopharynx

Black, A.P.; Baker, M., 2011:
The impact of parent advocacy groups, the Internet, and social networking on rare diseases: the IDEA League and IDEA League United Kingdom example

Webster-Stratton, C.; Herman, K.C., 2008:
The impact of parent behavior-management training on child depressive symptoms

Bookwala, J., 2009:
The impact of parent care on marital quality and well-being in adult daughters and sons

Yeo, R.A.; Martinez, D.; Pommy, J.; Ehrlich, S.; Schulz, S.C.; Ho, B-C.; Bustillo, J.R.; Calhoun, V.D., 2015:
The impact of parent socio-economic status on executive functioning and cortical morphology in individuals with schizophrenia and healthy controls

Williams, R.J.; Kittinger, D.S.; Eller, L.N.; Nigg, C.R., 2010:
The impact of parent-child discussions and parent restrictions on adolescent alcohol consumption

Han, T.; Li, X.; Chi, P.; Zhao, J.; Zhao, G., 2014:
The impact of parental HIV/AIDS on children's cognitive ability in rural China

Cowley, A.; Durge, N., 2014:
The impact of parental accompaniment in paediatric trauma: a helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) perspective

Vanderploeg, J.J.; Connell, C.M.; Caron, C.; Saunders, L.; Katz, K.H.; Tebes, J.Kraemer., 2007:
The impact of parental alcohol or drug removals on foster care placement experiences: a matched comparison group study

Richards, T.N.; Branch, K.A.; Ray, K., 2014:
The impact of parental and peer social support on dating violence perpetration and victimization among female adolescents: a longitudinal study

Bargiota, A.; Dimitropoulos, K.; Mouzas, O.; Melekos, M.; Tzortzis, V.; Koukoulis, G., 2013:
The impact of parental bonding on sexual distress in women with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Cas, A.Gail.; Frankenberg, E.; Suriastini, W.; Thomas, D., 2014:
The impact of parental death on child well-being: evidence from the Indian Ocean tsunami

Chandra, A.; Martin, L.T.; Hawkins, S.Ann.; Richardson, A., 2010:
The impact of parental deployment on child social and emotional functioning: perspectives of school staff

Gewirtz, A.H.; Zamirt, O., 2014:
The impact of parental deployment to war on children: the crucial role of parenting

Bartsch, D.R.; Roberts, R.M.; Davies, M.; Proeve, M., 2015:
The impact of parental diagnosis of borderline personality disorder on offspring: learning from clinical practice

Balsa, A.I.; French, M.T., 2012:
The impact of parental drinking on children’s use of health care

Chaparro, M.P.; Koupil, I., 2015:
The impact of parental educational trajectories on their adult offspring's overweight/obesity status: a study of three generations of Swedish men and women

Jimenez, M.E.; Barg, F.K.; Guevara, J.P.; Gerdes, M.; Fiks, A.G., 2014:
The impact of parental health literacy on the early intervention referral process

Bruster, B.E.; Adalist-Estrin, A., 2012:
The impact of parental incarceration on children and families. Introduction

Fairbrother, G.L.; Carle, A.C.; Cassedy, A.; Newacheck, P.W., 2012:
The impact of parental job loss on children's health insurance coverage

Gefeller, O.; Li, J.; Uter, W.; Pfahlberg, A.B., 2014:
The impact of parental knowledge and tanning attitudes on sun protection practice for young children in Germany

Abar, C.; Abar, B.; Turrisi, R., 2010:
The impact of parental modeling and permissibility on alcohol use and experienced negative drinking consequences in college

Xiang, F.; He, M.; Morgan, I.G., 2013:
The impact of parental myopia on myopia in Chinese children: population-based evidence

Thornberry, T.P.; Freeman-Gallant, A.; Lovegrove, P.J., 2010:
The impact of parental stressors on the intergenerational transmission of antisocial behavior

Janet Kuramoto, S.; Brent, D.A.; Wilcox, H.C., 2009:
The impact of parental suicide on child and adolescent offspring

Self-Brown, S.; LeBlanc, M.M.; David, K.; Shepard, D.; Ryan, K.; Hodges, A.; Kelley, M.Lou., 2012:
The impact of parental trauma exposure on community violence exposed adolescents

Bullard, M.; Sookram, S.; Campana, B., 2007:
The impact of parenteral opioid analgesics on sonographic and clinical diagnostic accuracy for suspected acute appendicitis

Gaston, A.; Edwards, S.A.; Doelman, A.; Tober, J.Ann., 2015:
The impact of parenthood on Canadians' objectively measured physical activity: an examination of cross-sectional population-based data

Little, M.; Handley, E.; Leuthe, E.; Chassin, L., 2009:
The impact of parenthood on alcohol consumption trajectories: variations as a function of timing of parenthood, familial alcoholism, and gender

Götze, H.; Ernst, J.; Krauss, O.; Weissflog, G.; Schwarz, R., 2008:
The impact of parenthood on quality of life of cancer patients

Pederson, C.A.; Fite, P.J., 2015:
The impact of parenting on the associations between child aggression subtypes and oppositional defiant disorder symptoms

Visser, L.; de Winter, A.F.; Vollebergh, W.A.M.; Verhulst, F.C.; Reijneveld, S.A., 2014:
The impact of parenting styles on adolescent alcohol use: the TRAILS study

Foster, S.; Villanueva, K.; Wood, L.; Christian, H.; Giles-Corti, B., 2015:
The impact of parents' fear of strangers and perceptions of informal social control on children's independent mobility

Parfitt, Y.; Pike, A.; Ayers, S., 2014:
The impact of parents' mental health on parent-baby interaction: a prospective study

Herbert, L.Jones.; Monaghan, M.; Cogen, F.; Streisand, R., 2015:
The impact of parents' sleep quality and hypoglycemia worry on diabetes self-efficacy

Silver, R.B.; Measelle, J.R.; Armstrong, J.M.; Essex, M.J., 2011:
The impact of parents, child care providers, teachers, and peers on early externalizing trajectories

Cozzolino, M.; Ronco, C., 2011:
The impact of paricalcitol on left ventricular hypertrophy

Başer, E.; Seçkin, K.Doğa.; Erkılınç, Sçuk.; Karslı, M.Fatih.; Yeral, I.Mahmut.; Kaymak, O.; Cağlar, T.; Danışman, N., 2013:
The impact of parity on perinatal outcomes in pregnancies complicated by advanced maternal age

Stout, S.M.; Nielsen, J.; Bleske, B.E.; Shea, M.; Brook, R.; Kerber, K.; Welage, L.S., 2011:
The impact of paroxetine coadministration on stereospecific carvedilol pharmacokinetics

Ng, J.C.; Swain, S.; Dowling, J.P.; Wolfe, R.; Simpson, P.; Kelly, J.W., 2010:
The impact of partial biopsy on histopathologic diagnosis of cutaneous melanoma: experience of an Australian tertiary referral service

Losken, A.; Schaefer, T.G.; Newell, M.; Styblo, T.M., 2010:
The impact of partial breast reconstruction using reduction techniques on postoperative cancer surveillance

Ramachandran, A.; Lebofsky, M.; Weinman, S.A.; Jaeschke, H., 2011:
The impact of partial manganese superoxide dismutase (SOD2)-deficiency on mitochondrial oxidant stress, DNA fragmentation and liver injury during acetaminophen hepatotoxicity

Rouach, Y.; Timsit, M-O.; Lebret, T.; Fontaine, E.; Yonneau, L.; Herve, J-M.; Botto, H.; Thiounn, N.; Mejean, A., 2009:
The impact of partial nephrectomy on morbidity and on long-term oncological outcomes

Nehme, Z.; Andrew, E.; Bernard, S.; Smith, K., 2015:
The impact of partial resuscitation attempts on the reported outcomes of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Victoria, Australia: implications for Utstein-style outcome reports

Olsen, O.Kjellevold.; Pallesen, Såle.; Espevik, R., 2014:
The impact of partial sleep deprivation on military naval officers' ability to anticipate moral and tactical problems in a simulated maritime combat operation

Olsen, O.Kjellevold.; Pallesen, Såle.; Eid, J., 2010:
The impact of partial sleep deprivation on moral reasoning in military officers

Gibson, S.; Boden, Z.V.R.; Benson, O.; Brand, S.L., 2015:
The impact of participating in suicide research online

Donoghue, L.J.; Sahhar, M.A.; Savarirayan, R.; Raj, S.; Kilpatrick, N.M.; Forrest, L.E., 2014:
The impact of participation in genetic research for families with cleft lip with and without cleft palate: a qualitative study

Daykin, N.; Orme, J.; Evans, D.; Salmon, D.; McEachran, M.; Brain, S., 2008:
The impact of participation in performing arts on adolescent health and behaviour: a systematic review of the literature

Angermeier, I.; Dunford, B.B.; Boss, A.D.; Boss, R.Wayne., 2009:
The impact of participative management perceptions on customer service, medical errors, burnout, and turnover intentions

Rojas-Rejón, O.A.; Sánchez, A., 2015:
The impact of particle size and initial solid loading on thermochemical pretreatment of wheat straw for improving sugar recovery

Sleeth, D.K., 2013:
The impact of particle size selective sampling methods on occupational assessment of airborne beryllium particulates

Kindarov, Z.B.; Kazatchenko, O.A.; Soloviyeva, N.B., 2013:
The impact of particular factors on the outcome of treatment of patients with craniocerebral injury

Straight, E.S.; Harper, F.W.K.; Arias, I., 2009:
The impact of partner psychological abuse on health behaviors and health status in college women

Logan, T.K.; Cole, J., 2007:
The impact of partner stalking on mental health and protective order outcomes over time

Foreman, P.; Arthur-Kelly, M.; Pascoe, S., 2007:
The impact of partner training on the communicative involvement of students with multiple and severe disability in special schools

Short, J.G.; Bloodgood, R.A., 2009:
The impact of pass/fail grading

Keskinoglu, P.; Cimrin, D.; Aksakoglu, G., 2007:
The impact of passive smoking on the development of lower respiratory tract infections in children

Cohen-Mansfield, J.; Marx, M.S.; Thein, K.; Dakheel-Ali, M., 2010:
The impact of past and present preferences on stimulus engagement in nursing home residents with dementia

Daglas, R.; Conus, P.; Cotton, S.M.; Macneil, C.A.; Hasty, M.K.; Kader, L.; Berk, M.; Hallam, K.T., 2015:
The impact of past direct-personal traumatic events on 12-month outcome in first episode psychotic mania: trauma and early psychotic mania

Hutcheon, J.A.; Platt, R.W., 2008:
The impact of past pregnancy experience on subsequent perinatal outcomes

Chandler, D.J., 2010:
The impact of pastors' spiritual practices on burnout

Glynn, A.; Huang, R.; Mortazavi, J.; Parvizi, J., 2014:
The impact of patellar resurfacing in two-stage revision of the infected total knee arthroplasty

Chiang, P-Jung.; Hsu, J-Fu.; Tsai, M-Horng.; Lien, R.; Chiang, M-Chou.; Huang, H-Rong.; Chiang, C-Ching.; Liang, H-Fang.; Chu, S-Ming., 2013:
The impact of patent ductus arteriosus in neonates with late onset sepsis: a retrospective matched-case control study

Pierce, B.L.; Carlson, C.S.; Kuszler, P.C.; Stanford, J.L.; Austin, M.A., 2009:
The impact of patents on the development of genome-based clinical diagnostics: an analysis of case studies

Alio, A.P.; Kornosky, J.L.; Mbah, A.K.; Marty, P.J.; Salihu, H.M., 2010:
The impact of paternal involvement on feto-infant morbidity among Whites, Blacks and Hispanics

Rege, M.; Solli, I.F., 2014:
The impact of paternity leave on fathers' future earnings

Reeve, A.; Meagher, M.; Lax, N.; Simcox, E.; Hepplewhite, P.; Jaros, E.; Turnbull, D., 2013:
The impact of pathogenic mitochondrial DNA mutations on substantia nigra neurons

Shields, J.D., 2012:
The impact of pathogens on exploited populations of decapod crustaceans

Chen, T-Cheng.; Wang, C-Ping.; Ko, J-Yuh.; Yang, T-Lin.; Lou, P-Jen., 2012:
The impact of pathologic close margin on the survival of patients with early stage oral squamous cell carcinoma

Hernandez, J.M.; Clark, W.; Weber, J.; Fulp, W.J.; Lange, L.; Shibata, D., 2015:
The impact of pathologic nodal status on survival following neoadjuvant chemoradiation for locally advanced rectal cancer

Abern, M.R.; Terris, M.K.; Aronson, W.J.; Kane, C.J.; Amling, C.L.; Cooperberg, M.R.; Freedland, S.J., 2014:
The impact of pathologic staging on the long-term oncologic outcomes of patients with clinically high-risk prostate cancer

Moradi, B.; Zahlten-Hinguranage, A.; Lehner, B.; Zeifang, F., 2011:
The impact of pathological fractures on therapy outcome in patients with primary malignant bone tumours

Nelson, G.N.; Stepan, J.G.; Osei, D.A.; Calfee, R.P., 2016:
The impact of patient activity level on wrist disability after distal radius malunion in older adults

Nahuis, R.; Boon, W.P.C., 2011:
The impact of patient advocacy: the case of innovative breast cancer drug reimbursement

Wen, T.; He, S.; Attenello, F.; Cen, S.Y.; Kim-Tenser, M.; Adamczyk, P.; Amar, A.P.; Sanossian, N.; Mack, W.J., 2014:
The impact of patient age and comorbidities on the occurrence of "never events" in cerebrovascular surgery: an analysis of the Nationwide Inpatient Sample

Stefanini, G.G.; Serruys, P.W.; Silber, S.; Khattab, A.A.; van Geuns, R.J.; Richardt, G.; Buszman, P.E.; Kelbæk, H.; van Boven, A.J.; Hofma, S.H.; Linke, A.; Klauss, V.; Wijns, W.; Macaya, C.; Garot, P.; Di Mario, C.; Manoharan, G.; Kornowski, R.; Ischinger, T.; Bartorelli, A.L.; Gobbens, P.; Windecker, S., 2011 :
The impact of patient and lesion complexity on clinical and angiographic outcomes after revascularization with zotarolimus- and everolimus-eluting stents: a substudy of the RESOLUTE All Comers Trial (a randomized comparison of a zotarolimus-eluting stent with an everolimus-eluting stent for percutaneous coronary intervention)

Keenan, R.; Amey, J.; Lawrenson, R., 2014:
The impact of patient and practice characteristics on retention in the diabetes annual review programme

Dillard, D.A.; Muller, C.J.; Smith, J.J.; Hiratsuka, V.Y.; Manson, S.M., 2012:
The impact of patient and provider factors on depression screening of american Indian and alaska native people in primary care

Iliffe, S.; McGrath, T.; Mitchell, D., 2014:
The impact of patient and public involvement in the work of the Dementias & Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network (DeNDRoN): case studies

Dănilă, R.; Popovici, R.; Grigorovici, A.; Ionescu, L.; Timofte, D.; Lefter, L.; Boiculesei, L.V.; Ungureanu, M.Cristina.; Dragomir, C., 2008:
The impact of patient and tumor related prognostic factors on survival in non-medullary differentiated thyroid cancer. A study of 125 cases

Castellon, Y.M.; Bazargan-Hejazi, S.; Masatsugu, M.; Contreras, R., 2015:
The impact of patient assistance programs and the 340B Drug Pricing Program on medication cost

Robertson, R.; Burge, P., 2011:
The impact of patient choice of provider on equity: analysis of a patient survey

Badakhshi, H.; Gruen, A.; Sehouli, J.; Budach, V.; Boehmer, D., 2014:
The impact of patient compliance with adjuvant radiotherapy: a comprehensive cohort study

Chandra, A.; Gruber, J.; McKnight, R., 2015:
The impact of patient cost-sharing on low-income populations: evidence from Massachusetts

Rosenfeld, G.; Krygier, D.; Enns, R.A.; Singham, J.; Wiesinger, H.; Bressler, B., 2011:
The impact of patient education on the quality of inpatient bowel preparation for colonoscopy

Davidson, D.; Noonan, V.K.; Dvorak, M.F.; Zhang, H.; Fisher, C.G., 2010:
The impact of patient expectations on outcome following treatment for spinal trauma: Part 1: What are spine surgeons telling their patients?

Johnson, C.J.; Weir, H.K.; Yin, D.; Niu, X., 2011:
The impact of patient follow-up on population-based survival rates

Remshardt, M.Ann., 2012:
The impact of patient literacy on healthcare practices

Campbell, T.; Dunt, D.; Fitzgerald, J.L.; Gordon, I., 2016:
The impact of patient narratives on self-efficacy and self-care in Australians with type 2 diabetes: stage 1 results of a randomized trial

Cegala, D.J.; Street, R.L.; Clinch, C.Randall., 2007:
The impact of patient participation on physicians' information provision during a primary care medical interview

Girard, R.; Baboi, L.; Ayzac, L.; Richard, J-Christophe.; Guérin, C., 2018:
The impact of patient positioning on pressure ulcers in patients with severe ARDS: results from a multicentre randomised controlled trial on prone positioning

Keating, P.T.; Walsh, M.; Ribic, C.M.; Brimble, K.Scott., 2014:
The impact of patient preference on dialysis modality and hemodialysis vascular access

Ehlenbach, W.J., 2014:
The impact of patient preferences on physician decisions in the ICU: still much to learn

Calabrese, S.K.; Earnshaw, V.A.; Underhill, K.; Hansen, N.B.; Dovidio, J.F., 2014:
The impact of patient race on clinical decisions related to prescribing HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP): assumptions about sexual risk compensation and implications for access

Tones, M.J.; Moss, N.D., 2007:
The impact of patient self assessment of deformity on HRQL in adults with scoliosis

Lord, B.; Cui, J.; Kelly, A-Maree., 2009:
The impact of patient sex on paramedic pain management in the prehospital setting

Draper, B.; Kõlves, K.; De Leo, D.; Snowdon, J., 2015:
The impact of patient suicide and sudden death on health care professionals

Gulfi, A.; Castelli Dransart, D.Angela.; Heeb, J-Luc.; Gutjahr, E., 2011:
The impact of patient suicide on the professional reactions and practices of mental health caregivers and social workers

Guss, D.A.; Gray, S.; Castillo, E.M., 2015:
The impact of patient telephone call after discharge on likelihood to recommend in an academic emergency department

Sinha, S.; Munikrishnan, V.; Montgomery, J.; Mitchell, S.J., 2007:
The impact of patient-controlled analgesia on laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Pourhabib, S.; Kentner, A.C.; Grace, S.L., 2014:
The impact of patient-healthcare provider discussions on enrollment in cardiovascular rehabilitation

Sanderson, T.; Calnan, M.; Morris, M.; Richards, P.; Hewlett, S., 2009:
The impact of patient-perceived restricted access to anti-TNF therapy for rheumatoid arthritis: a qualitative study

Lam, B-Khanh.; Chan, V.; Hendry, P.; Ruel, M.; Masters, R.; Bedard, P.; Goldstein, B.; Rubens, F.; Mesana, T., 2007:
The impact of patient-prosthesis mismatch on late outcomes after mitral valve replacement

Keller, A.O.; Gangnon, R.; Witt, W.P., 2015:
The impact of patient-provider communication and language spoken on adequacy of depression treatment for U.S. women

Finlayson, C.Scott.; Chen, Y.Ting.; Fu, M.R., 2015:
The impact of patients' awareness of disease status on treatment preferences and quality of life among patients with metastatic cancer: a systematic review from 1997-2014

Golics, C.Jane.; Basra, M.Khurshid.Azam.; Salek, M.Sam.; Finlay, A.Yule., 2013:
The impact of patients' chronic disease on family quality of life: an experience from 26 specialties

Wandner, L.D.; Heft, M.W.; Lok, B.C.; Hirsh, A.T.; George, S.Z.; Horgas, A.L.; Atchison, J.W.; Torres, C.A.; Robinson, M.E., 2015:
The impact of patients' gender, race, and age on health care professionals' pain management decisions: an online survey using virtual human technology

Cegala, D.J.; Post, D.M., 2010:
The impact of patients' participation on physicians' patient-centered communication

Coleman, K.; Reiter, K.L.; Fulwiler, D., 2007:
The impact of pay-for-performance on diabetes care in a large network of community health centers

Pearson, S.D.; Schneider, E.C.; Kleinman, K.P.; Coltin, K.L.; Singer, J.A., 2008:
The impact of pay-for-performance on health care quality in Massachusetts, 2001-2003

Grant, S.; Huby, G.; Watkins, F.; Checkland, K.; McDonald, R.; Davies, H.; Guthrie, B., 2008:
The impact of pay-for-performance on professional boundaries in UK general practice: an ethnographic study

Epstein, A.M.; Jha, A.K.; Orav, E.John., 2016:
The impact of pay-for-performance on quality of care for minority patients

Merilind, E.; Vðstra, K.; Salupere, R.; Kolde, A.; Kalda, R., 2014:
The impact of pay-for-performance on the workload of family practices in Estonia

Garner, B.R.; Godley, S.H.; Bair, C.M.L., 2011:
The impact of pay-for-performance on therapists' intentions to deliver high-quality treatment

Hopkins, K.; de Lima Amaral, E.Friedrich.; Mourão, A.Nogueira.Menezes., 2015:
The impact of payment source and hospital type on rising cesarean section rates in Brazil, 1998 to 2008

Swiatecka, D.; Swiatecki, A.; Kostyra, H.; Marciniak-Darmochwał, K.; Kostyra, E., 2010:
The impact of pea protein hydrolysates on bacterial physiological activity--an in vitro study

Boone, J.; Barstow, T.J.; Celie, B.; Prieur, F.; Bourgois, J., 2015:
The impact of pedal rate on muscle oxygenation, muscle activation and whole-body VO₂ during ramp exercise in healthy subjects

Richmond, S.A.; Willan, A.R.; Rothman, L.; Camden, A.; Buliung, R.; Macarthur, C.; Howard, A., 2015:
The impact of pedestrian countdown signals on pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions: a reanalysis of data from a quasi-experimental study

Jastrowski Mano, K.E.; Khan, K.Anderson.; Ladwig, R.J.; Weisman, S.J., 2011:
The impact of pediatric chronic pain on parents' health-related quality of life and family functioning: reliability and validity of the PedsQL 4.0 Family Impact Module

Mazer-Amirshahi, M.; Rasooly, I.; Brooks, G.; Pines, J.; May, L.; van den Anker, J., 2015 :
The impact of pediatric labeling changes on prescribing patterns of cough and cold medications

Korzeniewska-Eksterowicz, A.; Przysło, Łukasz.; Kędzierska, B.; Stolarska, Młgorzata.; Młynarski, W., 2014:
The impact of pediatric palliative care education on medical students' knowledge and attitudes

Rashid, M.; Goez, H.R.; Mabood, N.; Damanhoury, S.; Yager, J.Y.; Joyce, A.S.; Newton, A.S., 2015:
The impact of pediatric traumatic brain injury (TBI) on family functioning: a systematic review

Davidson, S.; Quinn, G.E., 2011:
The impact of pediatric vision disorders in adulthood

Ekstrøm, C.Thorn., 2010:
The impact of pedigree structure on heritability estimates

Malone, P.A., 2007:
The impact of peer death on adolescent girls: a task-oriented group intervention

Geibel, S.; King'ola, N.; Temmerman, M.; Luchters, S., 2012:
The impact of peer outreach on HIV knowledge and prevention behaviours of male sex workers in Mombasa, Kenya

Lo, A.C.; Liu, M.; Chan, E.; Lund, C.; Truong, P.T.; Loewen, S.; Cao, J.; Schellenberg, D.; Carolan, H.; Berrang, T.; Wu, J.; Berthelet, E.; Olson, R., 2015:
The impact of peer review of volume delineation in stereotactic body radiation therapy planning for primary lung cancer: a multicenter quality assurance study

Mosnaim, G.; Li, H.; Martin, M.; Richardson, D.; Belice, P.Jo.; Avery, E.; Ryan, N.; Bender, B.; Powell, L., 2015:
The impact of peer support and mp3 messaging on adherence to inhaled corticosteroids in minority adolescents with asthma: a randomized, controlled trial

Jones, C.C.G.; Jomeen, J.; Hayter, M., 2016 :
The impact of peer support in the context of perinatal mental illness: a meta-ethnography

Pitcher, C.D.; Melanson, M.A., 2010:
The impact of peer-based training on reducing radiation doses from x-ray operations in an interventional pain management clinic

Valler-Jones, T., 2014:
The impact of peer-led simulations on student nurses

Dunkel, B.; Giguère, S., 2012:
The impact of peer-reviewed literature on equine neonatal care

Jung, H.Jae.; Kim, Y.Seok.; Kim, S.Gyune.; Lee, Y.Nah.; Jeong, S.Won.; Jang, J.Young.; Lee, S.Hwan.; Kim, H.Soo.; Kim, B.Sung., 2014:
The impact of pegylated interferon and ribavirin combination treatment on lipid metabolism and insulin resistance in chronic hepatitis C patients

Mori, H.; Shimada, M.; Ikegami, T.; Utsunomiya, T.; Imura, S.; Morine, Y.; Ikemoto, T.; Hanaoka, J.; Iwahashi, S.; Saito, Y.; Asanoma, M.; Yamada, S.; Miyake, H., 2013:
The impact of pegylated-interferon α-2b on partial and massive hepatectomy model in rats

Culligan, P.J., 2008:
The impact of pelvic floor dysfunction on sexuality: how should we counsel our patients?

Roos, A.M.; Thakar, R.; Sultan, A.H.; de Leeuw, J.W.; Paulus, A.T.G., 2014:
The impact of pelvic floor surgery on female sexual function: a mixed quantitative and qualitative study

Pereira, A.; Pérez-Medina, T.; Magrina, J.F.; Magtibay, P.M.; Rodríguez-Tapia, A.; Pérez-Milán, F.; Ortiz-Quintana, Lís., 2014:
The impact of pelvic retroperitoneal invasion and distant nodal metastases in epithelial ovarian cancer

Resorlu, B.; Oguz, U.; Resorlu, E.Burcu.; Oztuna, D.; Unsal, A., 2012 :
The impact of pelvicaliceal anatomy on the success of retrograde intrarenal surgery in patients with lower pole renal stones

Adanur, S.; Ziypak, T., 2015:
The impact of pelvicalyceal anatomy in treatment with shock wave lithotripsy and flexible ureterorenoscopy of lower pole renal stones

Ziakas, N.; Kanonidou, E.; Mikropoulos, D.; Georgiadis, N., 2011:
The impact of penetrating keratoplasty in patients with keratoconus using the VF-14 questionnaire

Rimawi, R.H.; Cook, P.P.; Gooch, M.; Kabchi, B.; Ashraf, M.S.; Rimawi, B.H.; Gebregziabher, M.; Siraj, D.S., 2014:
The impact of penicillin skin testing on clinical practice and antimicrobial stewardship

Bakalarski, C.E.; Elias, J.E.; Villén, J.; Haas, W.; Gerber, S.A.; Everley, P.A.; Gygi, S.P., 2008:
The impact of peptide abundance and dynamic range on stable-isotope-based quantitative proteomic analyses

Khandelia, H.; Ipsen, J.H.; Mouritsen, O.G., 2008:
The impact of peptides on lipid membranes

De Smedt, R.H.E.; Jaarsma, T.; Haaijer-Ruskamp, F.M.; Denig, P., 2010:
The impact of perceived adverse effects on medication changes in heart failure patients

Spake, D.F.; Bishop, J.S., 2009:
The impact of perceived closeness on the differing roles of satisfaction, trust, commitment, and comfort on intention to remain with a physician

Ferguson, M.K.; Farnan, J.; Hemmerich, J.A.; Slawinski, K.; Acevedo, J.; Small, S., 2014:
The impact of perceived frailty on surgeons' estimates of surgical risk

Gunlicks-Stoessel, M.; Mufson, L.; Jekal, A.; Turner, J.Blake., 2010:
The impact of perceived interpersonal functioning on treatment for adolescent depression: IPT-A versus treatment as usual in school-based health clinics

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The impact of perceived lack of support provided by health and social care services to caregivers of people with motor neuron disease

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