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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56390

Chapter 56390 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Benjamin, F.B., 1948:
The interlocking double inlay

South, D.S., 2014:
The interloper

Alipour, A.; Zare, H.; Poursharifi, H.; Aerab Sheibani, K.; Ardekani, M.Afkhami., 2012:
The intermediary role of self-efficacy in relation with stress, glycosylated haemoglobin and health-related quality of life in patients with type2 diabetes

Ikebuchi, E.; Goto, M.; Ito, J.; Suzuki, Y., 2012:
The intermediate and long-term supports for the suffered places of the Higashi-Nihon Huge earthquake. From the point of view of the community living and psychiatric rehabilitation

Kriger, A.G.; Karmazanovskiĭ, G.G.; Gorin, D.S.; Berelavichus, S.V.; Kochatkov, A.V.; Solodinina, E.N.; Svitina, K.A., 2012:
The intermediate and long-term treatment results of solid-pseudopapillary tumors of pancreas

Luque, A.; Martí, A., 2010:
The intermediate band solar cell: progress toward the realization of an attractive concept

Ren, X.; Wang, W.; Chu, T.; Wang, J.; Li, C.; Jiang, T., 2012:
The intermediate clinical outcome and its limitations of Bryan cervical arthroplasty for treatment of cervical disc herniation

Roy, J.W.; Cowley, E.A.; Blay, J.; Linsdell, P., 2010:
The intermediate conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channel inhibitor TRAM-34 stimulates proliferation of breast cancer cells via activation of oestrogen receptors

Bi, D.; Toyama, K.; Lemaître, V.; Takai, J.; Fan, F.; Jenkins, D.P.; Wulff, H.; Gutterman, D.D.; Park, F.; Miura, H., 2013:
The intermediate conductance calcium-activated potassium channel KCa3.1 regulates vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation via controlling calcium-dependent signaling

Bongers, F.; Poorter, L.; Hawthorne, W.D.; Sheil, D., 2009:
The intermediate disturbance hypothesis applies to tropical forests, but disturbance contributes little to tree diversity

MacDonald, S.W.S.; Keller, C.J.C.; Brewster, P.W.H.; Dixon, R.A., 2018:
Contrasting olfaction, vision, and audition as predictors of cognitive change and impairment in non-demented older adults

Fox, J.W., 2013:
The intermediate disturbance hypothesis should be abandoned

Eberhard, J.; Klomp, H-J.; Föge, M.; Hedderich, J.; Schmidt, H.G., 2009:
The intermediate effect and the diagnostic accuracy in clinical case recall of students and experts in dental medicine

Gobet, F.; Borg, J.L., 2011:
The intermediate effect in clinical case recall is present in musculoskeletal physiotherapy

MacKinnon, D.P.; Lockwood, C.M.; Brown, C.H.; Wang, W.; Hoffman, J.M., 2007:
The intermediate endpoint effect in logistic and probit regression

Wiemer, A.J.; Hohl, R.J.; Wiemer, D.F., 2009:
The intermediate enzymes of isoprenoid metabolism as anticancer targets

Perry, J.; Ho, M.; Viero, S.; Zheng, K.; Jacobs, R.; Thorner, P.S., 2007:
The intermediate filament nestin is highly expressed in normal human podocytes and podocytes in glomerular disease

Fudge, D.; Russell, D.; Beriault, D.; Moore, W.; Lane, E.Birgitte.; Vogl, A.Wayne., 2008:
The intermediate filament network in cultured human keratinocytes is remarkably extensible and resilient

Deng, Z.; Du, W.W.; Fang, L.; Shan, S.Wan.; Qian, J.; Lin, J.; Qian, W.; Ma, J.; Rutnam, Z.Jeyapalan.; Yang, B.B., 2013:
The intermediate filament vimentin mediates microRNA miR-378 function in cellular self-renewal by regulating the expression of the Sox2 transcription factor

Bobick, B.E.; Tuan, R.S.; Chen, F.H., 2010:
The intermediate filament vimentin regulates chondrogenesis of adult human bone marrow-derived multipotent progenitor cells

Piscaglia, F.; Bolondi, L., 2010:
The intermediate hepatocellular carcinoma stage: Should treatment be expanded?

Van Someren, V.D., 1947:
The intermediate host of liver fluke in East Africa

Campbell, J.J.R.; Norris, F.C.; Norris, M.E., 1949:
The intermediate metabolism of Pseudomonas aeruginosa; limitations of simultaneous adaptation as applied to the identification of acetic acid, an intermediate in glucose oxidation

Norris, F.C.; Campbell, J.J.R., 2014:
The intermediate metabolism of Pseudomonas aeruginosa; the application of paper chromatography to the identification of gluconic and 2-ketogluconic acids, intermediates in glucose oxidation

Norris, F.C.; Campbell, J.J.R.; Ney, P.W., 1949:
The intermediate metabolism of Pseudomonas aeruginosa; the status of the endogenous respiration

Bian, W.; Song, X.; Liu, D.; Zhang, J.; Chen, X., 2012:
The intermediate products in the degradation of 4-chlorophenol by pulsed high voltage discharge in water

Cohen, P.P.; Grisolia, S., 1948:
The intermediate role of carbamyl-L-glutamic acid in citrulline synthesis

Watson, M.C.; Peng, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Brown, F.L.H., 2012:
The intermediate scattering function for lipid bilayer membranes: from nanometers to microns

Alakoskela, J-Matti.; Parry, M.J.; Kinnunen, P.K.J., 2010:
The intermediate state of DMPG is stabilized by enhanced positive spontaneous curvature

Tharp, D.L.; Bowles, D.K., 2009:
The intermediate-conductance Ca2+ -activated K+ channel (KCa3.1) in vascular disease

Toyama, K.; Wulff, H.; Chandy, K.George.; Azam, P.; Raman, G.; Saito, T.; Fujiwara, Y.; Mattson, D.L.; Das, S.; Melvin, J.E.; Pratt, P.F.; Hatoum, O.A.; Gutterman, D.D.; Harder, D.R.; Miura, H., 2008:
The intermediate-conductance calcium-activated potassium channel KCa3.1 contributes to atherogenesis in mice and humans

Gontscharuk, V.; Landwehr, S.; Finner, H., 2015:
The intermediates take it all: asymptotics of higher criticism statistics and a powerful alternative based on equal local levels

Edwards, I.J.; Deuchars, S.A.; Deuchars, J., 2009:
The intermedius nucleus of the medulla: a potential site for the integration of cervical information and the generation of autonomic responses

Tuuf, J.; Kjellberg, M.A.; Molotkovsky, J.G.; Hanada, K.; Mattjus, P., 2011:
The intermembrane ceramide transport catalyzed by CERT is sensitive to the lipid environment

de la Cruz, L.; Bajaj, R.; Becker, S.; Zweckstetter, M., 2011:
The intermembrane space domain of Tim23 is intrinsically disordered with a distinct binding region for presequences

Herrmann, J.M.; Riemer, J., 2011:
The intermembrane space of mitochondria

McDonald, L.S.; Shupe, P.G.; Hammel, N.; Kroonen, L.T., 2013:
The intermetacarpal angle screening test for ulnar-sided carpometacarpal fracture-dislocations

Bennani, A.; Zizah, S.; Benabid, M.; Almoubaker, S.; Chbani, B.; Lahrach, K.; Marzouki, A.; Boutayeb, F., 2012:
The intermetacarpal double pinning in the surgical treatment of Bennett fracture (report of 24 cases)

Ganesamoorthy, C.; Weßing, J.; Kroll, C.; Seidel, Rüdiger.W.; Gemel, C.; Fischer, R.A., 2014:
The intermetalloid cluster [(Cp*AlCu)6H4], embedding a Cu6 core inside an octahedral Al6 shell: molecular models of Hume-Rothery nanophases

Olarte, S.W., 2011:
The interminable patient: a case history

Carroll, M.A.; Lawson, K., 2015:
The intermingled history of occupational therapy and anatomical education: A retrospective exploration

Liao, Z-jiang., 2009:
The intermingled transplantation used in severe burn patients after eschar excision

Gogberashvili, K.; Didebulidze, K.; Ubiria, I.; Uberi, E.; Chkuaseli, N., 2008:
The intermittent and prolonged maternal separation affects behavioral reactions in rat pups

Kim, G-Soo.; Ko, J.Sangwook.; Yu, J.Myung.; Kim, H.Yeon., 2013:
The intermittent bolus infusions of rapid infusion system caused hypothermia during liver transplantation

Ozawa, H.; Nakashima, S.; Otaki, U.; Takahashi, Y.; Arimoto, K.; Kimiya, S., 2011:
The intermittent gastric aspiration therapy improved two patients with severe motor and intellectual disabilities and aerophagia

Kwak, H.Jeong.; Lee, D.; Lee, Y-Woo.; Yu, G-Yon.; Shinn, H.Ki.; Kim, J.Young., 2011:
The intermittent sequential compression device on the lower extremities attenuates the decrease in regional cerebral oxygen saturation during sitting position under sevoflurane anesthesia

Fawzy, W.M., 2009:
The intermolecular potential energy surface of the ground electronic state of the O2-H2 complex

Bartolomei, M.; Cappelletti, D.; de Petris, G.; Teixidor, M.Moix.; Pirani, F.; Rosi, M.; Vecchiocattivi, F., 2008:
The intermolecular potential in NO-N2 and (NO-N2)+ systems: implications for the neutralization of ionic molecular aggregates

Bartolomei, M.; Hernández, M.I.; Campos-Martínez, Jé.; Carmona-Novillo, E.; Hernández-Lamoneda, Rón., 2008:
The intermolecular potentials of the O2-O2 dimer: a detailed ab initio study of the energy splittings for the three lowest multiplet states

Fedorova, I.V.; Kiselev, M.G.; Safonova, L.P., 2011:
The intermolecular structure of phosphoric acid-N,N-dimethylformamide mixtures as studied by computer simulation

van der Meer, J.N.; Schouten, A.C.; Bour, L.J.; de Vlugt, E.; van Rootselaar, A.F.; van der Helm, F.C.T.; Tijssen, M.A.J., 2011:
The intermuscular 3-7 Hz drive is not affected by distal proprioceptive input in myoclonus-dystonia

Buxton, D., 2011:
The intern experience: facing death

Kvarstein, G.; Jørum, E., 2010:
The intern's vein--the patient's nightmare?

Burns, B.I., 2011:
The intern's welfare; whose responsibility?

Berg, R., 2010:
The intern, or: a tale of the economy

Koh, C.E.; Young, C.J.; Wright, C.M.; Byrne, C.M.; Young, J.M., 2009:
The internal anal sphincter in systemic sclerosis

Dweck, A.C., 2009:
The internal and external use of medicinal plants

Willcutt, E.G.; Chhabildas, N.; Kinnear, M.; DeFries, J.C.; Olson, R.K.; Leopold, D.R.; Keenan, J.M.; Pennington, B.F., 2014:
The internal and external validity of sluggish cognitive tempo and its relation with DSM-IV ADHD

Melo, R.C.N.; Paganoti, G.F.; Dvorak, A.M.; Weller, P.F., 2013:
The internal architecture of leukocyte lipid body organelles captured by three-dimensional electron microscopy tomography

Biedermann, P.U.; Agranat, I., 2008:
The internal barriers of rotation for the 209 polychlorinated biphenyls

Andersson, P.L.; Haglund, P.; Tysklind, M., 2008:
The internal barriers of rotation for the 209 polychlorinated biphenyls : "If you take hold of much, you do not hold it"

Sarfati, B.; Zwillinger, N.; Lazar, C.C.; Sarfati, A.; Lorenceau, B., 2009:
The internal breast flap: a new technique of reconstruction

de C H SAUNDERS, R.L., 2011:
The internal carotid artery; an anatomical and clinical correlation

Tishchenko, V.M., 2012:
The internal cavities of pike alpha-parvalbumin probably contain water

Findlay, G.M., 2018:
The internal combustion engine and the spread of disease

Vatan, S.; Lester, D., 2009:
The internal consistency and concurrent validity of the Hopelessness, Helplessness, and Haplessness Scale in a Turkish clinical sample

Petkov, J.; Harvey, P.; Battersby, M., 2010:
The internal consistency and construct validity of the partners in health scale: validation of a patient rated chronic condition self-management measure

Forward, D.P.; Sithole, J.S.; Davis, T.R.C., 2007:
The internal consistency and validity of the Patient Evaluation Measure for outcomes assessment in distal radius fractures

Kalkanis, A.; Yucel, R.M.; Judson, M.A., 2013:
The internal consistency of PRO fatigue instruments in sarcoidosis: superiority of the PFI over the FAS

Esmaeili, A.; Haghdoost, A-Akbar., 2008:
The internal consistency of medical students' scores in their physiopathology and clinical courses

Vajda, F.J.E.; O'Brien, T.; Hitchcock, A.; Graham, J.; Lander, C.; Eadie, M., 2007:
The internal control group in a register of antiepileptic drug use in pregnancy

Biedron, S.; Prescher, A.; Ilgner, J.; Westhofen, M., 2010:
The internal dimensions of the cochlear scalae with special reference to cochlear electrode insertion trauma

Makarov, V.V.; Obraztsova, E.A.; Solovyev, A.G.; Morozov, S.Yu.; Taliansky, M.E.; Yaminsky, I.V.; Kalinina, N.O., 2010:
The internal domain of hordeivirus movement protein TGB1 forms in vitro filamentous structures

Fell, T.P.; Phipps, A.W.; Smith, T.J., 2007:
The internal dosimetry code PLEIADES

Sun, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Grigoryants, V.M.; Myers, W.K.; Liu, F.; Earle, K.A.; Freed, J.H.; Scholes, C.P., 2013:
The internal dynamics of mini c TAR DNA probed by electron paramagnetic resonance of nitroxide spin-labels at the lower stem, the loop, and the bulge

Peng, T.L.; Bernasek, S.L., 2010:
The internal energy of CO2 produced by the catalytic oxidation of CH3OH by O2 on polycrystalline platinum

Chen, M-Lien.; Chen, J-Shieng.; Tang, C-Ling.; Mao, I-Fang., 2007:
The internal exposure of Taiwanese to phthalate--an evidence of intensive use of plastic materials

Malkin, S.A.S., 1948:
The internal fixation of fractures of the shafts of the long bones

Guseĭnov, A.Kh.; Mamedov, D.S., 2011:
The internal incarceration of the small intestine

Cefalo, R.C.; Gay, G., 1989:
The internal inconsistency was a conscious choice: Dr. Cefalo and Mr. Gay reply

Moes, L.; Wirth, M., 2007:
The internal initiation of translation in bovine viral diarrhea virus RNA depends on the presence of an RNA pseudoknot upstream of the initiation codon

Shobeiri, S.Abbas.; Chesson, R.R.; Gasser, R.F., 2009:
The internal innervation and morphology of the human female levator ani muscle

Mochizuki, Y.; Enaida, H.; Hisatomi, T.; Hata, Y.; Miura, M.; Arita, R.; Kawahara, S.; Kita, T.; Ueno, A.; Ishibashi, T., 2008:
The internal limiting membrane peeling with brilliant blue G staining for retinal detachment due to macular hole in high myopia

Nahabedian, M., 2012:
The internal mammary artery and vein as recipient vessels for microvascular breast reconstruction

Schwabegger, A.H.; Piza-Katzer, H.; Pauzenberger, R.; Del Frari, B., 2012:
The internal mammary artery perforator (IMAP) breast-flap harvested from an asymmetric hyperplastic breast for correction of a mild funnel chest deformity

Schellekens, P.P.A.; Hage, J.J.; Paes, E.C.; Kon, M., 2011:
The internal mammary artery perforator pedicled island flap for reconstruction of the lower head and neck and supraclavicular region: how we do it

Handley, R.S.; Thackray, A.C., 1949:
The internal mammary lymph chain in carcinoma of the breast; study of 50 cases

Oh, J.Kyoung.; Han, D.Hee.; Ko, J.Min., 2012:
The internal mammary vessels above and below the first rib on multidetector CT: implications for anatomical feasibility of lung biopsy via anterior approach

Adams, M.A.; Dolan, P.; McNally, D.S., 2010:
The internal mechanical functioning of intervertebral discs and articular cartilage, and its relevance to matrix biology

Skrzypiec, D.M.; Pollintine, P.; Przybyla, A.; Dolan, P.; Adams, M.A., 2007:
The internal mechanical properties of cervical intervertebral discs as revealed by stress profilometry

Shaheen, A.; Papp, K.K.; Torre, D., 2014:
The internal medicine clerkship and ambulatory learning experiences: results of the 2010 clerkship directors in internal medicine survey

Karle, H., 2012:
The internal medicine swan song

Brown, P.; Jones, T.; BéruBé, K., 2012:
The internal microstructure and fibrous mineralogy of fly ash from coal-burning power stations

Wilson, E.F., 2009:
The internal obstructive object in the analysis of a woman who envies her rapist

Qian, S.; Dean, R.; Urban, V.S.; Chaudhuri, B.N., 2013:
The internal organization of mycobacterial partition assembly: does the DNA wrap a protein core?

Meir, A.; McNally, D.S.; Fairbank, J.C.; Jones, D.; Urban, J.P., 2008:
The internal pressure and stress environment of the scoliotic intervertebral disc--a review

Coppa, D., 2008:
The internal process of therapeutic touch

Kane, N.M.; Clark, J.R.; Rivenson, H.L., 2009:
The internal processes and behavioral dynamics of hospital boards: an exploration of differences between high- and low-performing hospitals

Hashimoto, I.; Abe, Y.; Nakanishi, H., 2014:
The internal pudendal artery perforator flap: free-style pedicle perforator flaps for vulva, vagina, and buttock reconstruction

Hashimoto, I.; Goishi, K.; Abe, Y.; Takaku, M.; Seike, T.; Harada, H.; Nakanishi, H., 2014:
The internal pudendal artery perforator thigh flap: a new freestyle pedicle flap for the ischial region

Gagliardi, J., 2008:
The internal quality audit process: risk indicators and uncertainties

Cabello-Verrugio, C.; Santander, C.; Cofré, C.; Acuña, M.José.; Melo, F.; Brandan, E., 2012:
The internal region leucine-rich repeat 6 of decorin interacts with low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein-1, modulates transforming growth factor (TGF)-β-dependent signaling, and inhibits TGF-β-dependent fibrotic response in skeletal muscles

Brimijoin, W.Owen.; Akeroyd, M.A.; Tilbury, E.; Porr, B., 2013:
The internal representation of vowel spectra investigated using behavioral response-triggered averaging

Basharov, M.A., 2012:
The internal rotational barriers about NCα and CαC backbone bonds of polypeptides

Banting, F.G.; Best, C.H., 2007:
The internal secretion of the pancreas. 1922

Evnouchidou, I.; Momburg, F.; Papakyriakou, A.; Chroni, A.; Leondiadis, L.; Chang, S-Chung.; Goldberg, A.L.; Stratikos, E., 2008:
The internal sequence of the peptide-substrate determines its N-terminus trimming by ERAP1

Kaminsky, J.A.; Javernick-Will, A.N., 2014:
The internal social sustainability of sanitation infrastructure

Qi, Z.; Miller, G.W.; Voit, E.O., 2010:
The internal state of medium spiny neurons varies in response to different input signals

Beecher, H.K.; Simeone, F.A., 2016:
The internal state of the severely wounded man on entry to the most forward hospital

Thomas, A.D., 2011:
The internal storage of foodstuffs with special reference to bony tissue as the body's mineral bank

Papagiannouli, F., 2013:
The internal structure of embryonic gonads and testis development in Drosophila melanogaster requires scrib, lgl and dlg activity in the soma

Haurowitz, F., 1949:
The internal structure of protein molecules

Harris, K.M.; McLean, J.P.; Sheffield, J.; Jobes, D., 2010:
The internal suicide debate hypothesis: exploring the life versus death struggle

Borović, M.Labudović.; Borović, S.; Perić, M.; Vuković, P.; Marinković, J.; Todorović, V.; Radak, D.; Lacković, V., 2010:
The internal thoracic artery as a transitional type of artery: a morphological and morphometric study

Pévet, P., 2015:
The internal time-giver role of melatonin. A key for our health

Tripathi, A.Mani.; Tyagi, A.; Kumar, A.; Singh, A.; Singh, S.; Chaudhary, L.Babu.; Roy, S., 2013:
The internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region and trnH-psbA [corrected] are suitable candidate loci for DNA barcoding of tropical tree species of India

Tian, Z.; Liu, G.; Xie, J.; Shen, H.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, P.; Luo, J., 2011:
The internal transcribed spacer 1 (ITS-1), a controversial marker for the genetic diversity of Trypanosoma evansi

Dollet, M.; Sturm, N.R.; Campbell, D.A., 2012:
The internal transcribed spacer of ribosomal RNA genes in plant trypanosomes (Phytomonas spp.) resolves 10 groups

Man, S.Ming.; Kaakoush, N.O.; Octavia, S.; Mitchell, H., 2010:
The internal transcribed spacer region, a new tool for use in species differentiation and delineation of systematic relationships within the Campylobacter genus

Bleses, D.; Vach, W.; Jørgensen, R.N.; Worm, T., 2010:
The internal validity and acceptability of the Danish SI-3: a language-screening instrument for 3-year-olds

Stringer, M.D., 2013:
The internal vertebral venous plexus

Rusbridger, R., 2008:
The internal world of Don Giovanni

Steel, H.; Pollock, S.; Lee, D.; Keall, P.; Kim, T., 2015:
The internal-external respiratory motion correlation is unaffected by audiovisual biofeedback

Huang, J.; Sun, S.Quan.; Lu, W.Tian.; Xu, J.; Gan, S.Wei.; Chen, Z.; Qiu, G.Ping.; Huang, S.Qin.; Zhuo, F.; Liu, Q.; Xu, S.Ye., 2014:
The internalization and lysosomal degradation of brain AQP4 after ischemic injury

Sorsdahl, K.R.; Kakuma, R.; Wilson, Z.; Stein, D.J., 2012:
The internalized stigma experienced by members of a mental health advocacy group in South Africa

Miller, M.W.; Fogler, J.M.; Wolf, E.J.; Kaloupek, D.G.; Keane, T.M., 2008:
The internalizing and externalizing structure of psychiatric comorbidity in combat veterans

Adrian, M.; McCarty, C.; King, K.; McCauley, E.; Stoep, A.Vander., 2015:
The internalizing pathway to adolescent substance use disorders: mediation by ruminative reflection and ruminative brooding

Björklund, P.; Svedlund, J.; Olsson, A-Karin.; Akerström, Göran.; Westin, G., 2009:
The internally truncated LRP5 receptor presents a therapeutic target in breast cancer

Varrassi, G.; Müller-Schwefe, G.H.H., 2012 :
The international CHANGE PAIN physician survey: does specialism influence the perception of pain and its treatment?

Pandis, N.; Fedorowicz, Z., 2012:
The international EQUATOR network: enhancing the quality and transparency of health care research

Briand, S.; Bertherat, E.; Cox, P.; Formenty, P.; Kieny, M-Paule.; Myhre, J.K.; Roth, C.; Shindo, N.; Dye, C., 2014:
The international Ebola emergency

Zhou, Y.; Zhu, H.; Yao, Q., 2018:
Contrasting P acquisition strategies of the bacterial communities associated with legume and grass in subtropical orchard soil

Walker, K.; Aguilera, J., 2014:
The international Magnet® journey

Martin, G.; Brunkhorst, F.M.; Janes, J.M.; Reinhart, K.; Sundin, D.P.; Garnett, K.; Beale, R., 2009:
The international PROGRESS registry of patients with severe sepsis: drotrecogin alfa (activated) use and patient outcomes

Blanc, Léopold.; Martinez, L., 2007:
The international TB control targets

Nolph, K.D., 2012:
The international Vicenza course on peritoneal dialysis--30-year anniversary

Jikumaru, S., 2007:
The international activity of JIRA International Division

Jikumaru, S., 2007:
The international activity of JIRA international division: global activities in cooperation with industrial associations in Europe and North America

Jikumaru, S., 2007:
The international activity of JIRA international division: investigation into medical device-related regulations in Korea

Jikumaru, S., 2009:
The international activity of JIRA international division: investigation to world environment regulation and the correspondence

Pedro-Viejo, A.Berástegui., 2008:
The international adoption waiting period: waiting experience and coping strategies

Cassidy, J., 2011:
The international alliance of patients' organisations

Gasparrini, G., 2007:
The international and European obligation in matters of environment and health

Bowers, L.D., 2009:
The international antidoping system and why it works

Suchowerska, N., 2010:
The international arena of medical physics: where is Australasia?

Flick, R.P.; Davidson, A.J., 2013:
The international assembly of pediatric anesthesiologists

Goldney, R.D.; Davis, A.T.; Scott, V., 2014:
The international association for suicide prevention: the first 50 years

Schrauzer, G.N., 1984:
The international association of bioinorganic scientists

Nissen, L., 2011:
The international association of oral & maxillofacial surgery: an organization of contrasts and similarities

Herman, D.; Macknight, J.M.; Stromwall, A.E.; Mistry, D.J., 2011:
The international athlete--advances in management of jet lag disorder and anti-doping policy

Schulte, D.; Close, T.J.; Graner, A.; Langridge, P.; Matsumoto, T.; Muehlbauer, G.; Sato, K.; Schulman, A.H.; Waugh, R.; Wise, R.P.; Stein, N., 2009:
The international barley sequencing consortium--at the threshold of efficient access to the barley genome

Forsius, H.; Eriksson, A.W.; Fellman, J., 2012:
The international biological program/human adaptability studies among the Skolt Sami in Finland (1966-1970)

el-Guebaly, N.; Violato, C., 2011:
The international certification of addiction medicine: validating clinical knowledge across borders

Jonsson, E.; Salmon, A.; Warren, K.R., 2015:
The international charter on prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Johns, M.A., 2012:
The international chemical biology community synthesizes a new society

Heuveline, P.; Weinshenker, M., 2008:
The international child poverty gap: does demography matter?

Rothenberg, A.C., 1995:
The international chrysotile asbestos scandal

Boonen, A.; Rasker, J.J.; Stucki, G., 2007:
The international classification for functioning, disability and health. A challenge and a need for rheumatology

Gladman, J.R.F., 2008:
The international classification of functioning, disability and health and its value to rehabilitation and geriatric medicine

Ponomarenko, G.N., 2013:
The international classification of functioning, disability and health as a tool for the scientifically grounded estimation of the effectiveness of medical rehabilitation

Zakirova-Engstrand, R.; Granlund, M., 2009:
The international classification of functioning, disability and health--children and youth (ICF-CY): testing its utility in classifying information from eco-cultural family interviews with ethnically diverse families with children with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan

Wirtz, M.A.; Voigt-Radloff, S., 2008:
The international classification of functioning, disability and health-orientated Occupational Therapy Assessment: a Rasch analysis of its domains

Ewert, T.; Stucki, G., 2007:
The international classification of functioning, disability and health. Potential applications in Germany

VON Rosenvinge, T.T.; Brandt, J.C.; Farquhar, R.W., 1986:
The international cometary explorer mission to comet giacobini-zinner

Wambersie, Aé., 2004:
The international commission on radiation units and measurements

Wambersie, Aé., 2005:
The international commission on radiation units and measurements

Wambersie, Aé., 2006:
The international commission on radiation units and measurements

Deluca, P.M., 2007:
The international commission on radiation units and measurements

Deluca, P.M., 2008:
The international commission on radiation units and measurements

Deluca, P.M., 2009:
The international commission on radiation units and measurements

Anonymous, 2010:
The international commission on radiation units and measurements

Zhang, T-shan., 2014:
The international communication and cooperation of prevention and treatment of epidemics in the Republican period of China

Krouse, R.S., 2007:
The international conference on malignant bowel obstruction: a meeting of the minds to advance palliative care research

Melchinger, A.E., 2010:
The international conference on "heterosis in plants"

Pagava, K.; Witte, H.; Kachukhashvili, G., 2007:
The international conference "German-Georgian collaboration in the field of biomedical sciences"

Bazett, H.C., 2018:
The international congress and its relation to future international organization

Anonymous, 1984:
The international congress of paediatrics and the international paediatric association

Hercod, R., 1947:
The international congresses on alcoholism

Blumcke, I.; Cross, J.Helen.; Spreafico, R., 2013:
The international consensus classification for hippocampal sclerosis: an important step towards accurate prognosis

D'Abreu, A.; Franca, M.; Lopes-Cendes, I.; Cendes, F., 2007:
The international cooperative ataxia rating scale in Machado-Joseph disease. Comparison with the unified multiple system atrophy rating scale

Draelos, Z.Diana., 2008:
The international cosmetic dermatologic community: trends and controversies

Sommer, A., 2009:
The international council of ophthalmology: evolution of an organization-and its mission

Lechat, M.F., 1990:
The international decade for natural disaster reduction: background and objectives

Schipper, L.; Ketoff, A.N., 1985:
The international decline in household oil use

Friedman, J.W., 2011:
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