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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56425

Chapter 56425 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kruse, J., 2012:
The organization of health care: the contrasting role of primary care and consulting specialties

Luz, Zélia.M.P.; Carneiro, Mângela.; Schall, Vínia.; Rabello, A., 2009:
The organization of health services and visceral leishmaniasis: an integrated intervention to improve diagnosis and treatment

Kimura, H.; Hayashi-Takanaka, Y.; Goto, Y.; Takizawa, N.; Nozaki, N., 2008:
The organization of histone H3 modifications as revealed by a panel of specific monoclonal antibodies

Pratt, O.G., 2018:
The organization of hospitals for service to the community

Bard, B.J.A., 1948:
The organization of industrial research in Great Britain

Hirschi, C., 2013:
The organization of innovation--the history of an obsession

Agranovich, O.V., 2011:
The organization of integrated care to children with epilepsy

Pronovost, P.J.; Thompson, D.A.; Holzmueller, C.G.; Dorman, T.; Morlock, L.L., 2007:
The organization of intensive care unit physician services

Tseng, Y-weng.; Scholz, J.P.; Galloway, J.C., 2008 :
The organization of intralimb and interlimb synergies in response to different joint dynamics

Feldman, D.P.; McTague, C.S.; Crutchfield, J.P., 2009:
The organization of intrinsic computation: complexity-entropy diagrams and the diversity of natural information processing

Cuadra-Hernández, S.Magali.; Zarco-Mera, Ángel.; Infante-Xibillé, César.; Caballero-García, M., 2014:
The organization of key populations connected to HIV transmission: an intervention to abate stigma; Mexico, 2005-2009

Anonymous, 1991:
The organization of learning

Sepulcre, J.; Liu, H.; Talukdar, T.; Martincorena, Iñigo.; Yeo, B.T.Thomas.; Buckner, R.L., 2010:
The organization of local and distant functional connectivity in the human brain

Batoev, S.D., 2011:
The organization of maternity and child care in the Buryat-Mongolskaya ASSR during the Great Patriotic War

Frank, D.L., 2013:
The organization of medical care of foreign servicemen

Maksimova, T.M.; Lushkina, N.P.; Borisov, E.E.; Ogryzko, E.V., 2009:
The organization of medical maintenance of patients with circulatory system pathology

Kulikova, N.G.; Omeltchuk, N.N.; Zalenskiy, V.A.; Tkachenko, A.S., 2014:
The organization of medical stomatological care of women in post-natal period

Ivezić, S.Strkalj.; Jukić, V.; Hotujac, L.; Jukić, M.Kusan.; Tikvica, A., 2010:
The organization of mental health care in community

Stevenson, G.S., 2011:
The organization of mental hygiene interest in a State and its effective use

Fennell, M.L.; Das, I.Prabhu.; Clauser, S.; Petrelli, N.; Salner, A., 2010:
The organization of multidisciplinary care teams: modeling internal and external influences on cancer care quality

Chen, W.; Luo, L.; Zhang, L., 2010:
The organization of nucleosomes around splice sites

Anonymous, 2011:
The organization of oncological medical care in Navoi region of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Kaskan, P.M.; Lu, H.D.; Dillenburger, B.C.; Kaas, J.H.; Roe, A.W., 2008:
The organization of orientation-selective, luminance-change and binocular- preference domains in the second (V2) and third (V3) visual areas of New World owl monkeys as revealed by intrinsic signal optical imaging

Reinhart, K.O., 2013:
The organization of plant communities: negative plant-soil feedbacks and semiarid grasslands

D'Angelo, E., 2015:
The organization of plasticity in the cerebellar cortex: from synapses to control

Haynes, W.I.A.; Haber, S.N., 2013:
The organization of prefrontal-subthalamic inputs in primates provides an anatomical substrate for both functional specificity and integration: implications for Basal Ganglia models and deep brain stimulation

Koretskaia, N.M.; Bol'shakova, I.A., 2012:
The organization of prevention of tuberculosis among medical university students

Demblon, J.; D'Argembeau, A., 2015:
The organization of prospective thinking: evidence of event clusters in freely generated future thoughts

Anonymous, 1917:
The organization of provincial associations

Povazhnaia, E.L., 2013:
The organization of provision of spa-and-resort services for the population of the russian Federation (part 2). Spa and resort institutions

Leguay, D.; Boyer, P., 2013:
The organization of psychiatric care in France: current aspects and future challenges

Allen, M.H., 2007:
The organization of psychiatric emergency services and related differences in restraint practices

Villalbí, J.R.; Guix, J., 2007:
The organization of public health in the USA: a federal model

Pavlovskaia, O.G., 2012:
The organization of quality control of medical care on the territory of Orenburg oblast

Silva, S.Fernandes.da., 2011:
The organization of regional and integrated healthcare delivery systems: challenges facing Brazil's Unified Health System

Sluzenski, J.; McNamara, T.P., 2011:
The organization of room geometry and object layout geometry in human memory

Rost, T.L., 2011:
The organization of roots of dicotyledonous plants and the positions of control points

Totskaia, E.G.; Rozhnova, O.M.; Mamonova, E.V., 2013 :
The organization of scientific innovative laboratory complex of modern technologies

Mills, H.R., 1948:
The organization of scientific research in Great Britain

Zhang, J.Yueyue., 2010:
The organization of scientists and its relation to scientific productivity: Perceptions of Chinese stem cell researchers

Liu, Q.; Zhuang, K.; Henderson, G.E.; Shenglong, Q.; Fang, J.; Yao, H.; Qin, J.; Yang, Y.; Abler, L., 2014:
The organization of sex work in low- and high-priced venues with a focus on the experiences of ethnic minority women working in these venues

Pinna, B., 2011:
The organization of shape and color in vision and art

Mallik, A.K.; Husson, T.Robert.; Zhang, J.X.; Rosenberg, A.; Issa, N.P., 2008:
The organization of spatial frequency maps measured by cortical flavoprotein autofluorescence

Viarouge, A.; Hubbard, E.M.; Dehaene, S., 2015:
The organization of spatial reference frames involved in the SNARC effect

Pakhomov, I.A., 2011:
The organization of specialized care in case of pathology of foot and talocrural articulation

Kulakov, A.A.; Maksimosvskiĭ, I.M.; Kuznetsov, S.V.; Markina, M.S., 2011:
The organization of stomatological staff for elderly patients

Sakurai, K.; Akiyama, M.; Cai, B.; Scott, A.; Han, B-Xia.; Takatoh, J.; Sigrist, M.; Arber, S.; Wang, F., 2014:
The organization of submodality-specific touch afferent inputs in the vibrissa column

Gliantsev, S.P., 2013:
The organization of surgical care in Russian army during 1812 Great Patriotic War

Konovalov, A.A., 2015:
The organization of system of information support of regional health care

Taĭts, B.M.; Krichmar, G.N.; Stvolinskiĭ, I.Iu.; Grandilevskaia, O.L., 2013:
The organization of system of quality management in large multitype hospital

Mayneord, W.V., 1948:
The organization of teaching and research in medical physics

Doka, K.J.; Heflin-Wells, E.Neil.; Martin, T.L.; Redmond, L.M.; Schachter, S.R., 2011:
The organization of thanatology

Dacks, A.M.; Nighorn, A.J., 2011:
The organization of the antennal lobe correlates not only with phylogenetic relationship, but also life history: a Basal hymenopteran as exemplar

Rocha, E.P.C., 2008:
The organization of the bacterial genome

Phillips, C.M.; Odekunle, A., 2011:
The organization of the brainstem nuclei associated with the vagus nerve in the Agouti (Dasyprocta leporina). A neurohistological study

Gupta, B.L.; Mellon, D.; Treherne, J.E., 1969:
The organization of the central nervous connectives in Anodonta cygnea (Linnaeus) (Mollusca : Eulamellibranchia)

Egorova, A.M., 2009:
The organization of the comprehensive prevention of urolithiasis among ferrous metallurgy workers

Pillon, A.; d'Honincthun, P., 2012:
The organization of the conceptual system: the case of the "object versus action" dimension

Tennant, K.A.; Adkins, D.L.; Donlan, N.A.; Asay, A.L.; Thomas, N.; Kleim, J.A.; Jones, T.A., 2011:
The organization of the forelimb representation of the C57BL/6 mouse motor cortex as defined by intracortical microstimulation and cytoarchitecture

Groot, G.S.; Van Harten-Loosbroek, N., 1980:
The organization of the genes for ribosomal RNA on mitochondrial DNA of Kluyveromyces lactis

Yeo, B.T.Thomas.; Krienen, F.M.; Sepulcre, J.; Sabuncu, M.R.; Lashkari, D.; Hollinshead, M.; Roffman, J.L.; Smoller, J.W.; Zöllei, L.; Polimeni, J.R.; Fischl, B.; Liu, H.; Buckner, R.L., 2012:
The organization of the human cerebral cortex estimated by intrinsic functional connectivity

Powell, A.K., 1948:
The organization of the malignant cell; protoplasmic disorganization in tumour cells

Powell, A.K., 1948:
The organization of the malignant cell; relation of some physical, morphological, and biochemical characteristics of tumour cells to the disorganization of protoplasm

Balashova, E.E.; Riaskina, S.S.; Vinogradova, T.M.; Bystrevskaia, V.B., 2008:
The organization of the mitotic apparatus poles in etoposide-treated CHO-K1 cells

Batham, E.J.; Pantin, C.F.A., 2014:
The organization of the muscular system of Metridium senile

Adrian, E.D., 1948:
The organization of the nervous system

Kerschnitzki, M.; Wagermaier, W.; Roschger, P.; Seto, J.; Shahar, R.; Duda, G.N.; Mundlos, S.; Fratzl, P., 2011:
The organization of the osteocyte network mirrors the extracellular matrix orientation in bone

Gorbachevskaya, A.I., 2013:
The organization of the projections of the rostromedial tegmental nucleus to the striatum in canine brain

Kramp, P.; Gabrielsen, G., 2009:
The organization of the psychiatric service and criminality committed by the mentally ill

Choudhary, K.Sonal.; Hudaiberdiev, S.; Gelencsér, Z.; Gonçalves Coutinho, B.; Venturi, V.; Pongor, Sándor., 2013:
The organization of the quorum sensing luxI/R family genes in Burkholderia

Zhdanova, L.A.; Salova, M.N.; Runova, O.S.; Shishova, A.V., 2008:
The organization of the rehabilitation of children with the after-effects of perinatal pathology of nervous system in the conditions of day-stay hospital

Sherstneva, E.V., 2008:
The organization of the sanitary food inspectorate in Russian cities in the late XIX--early XX centuries

Villanueva, Jé.; Torregrosa-Hetland, C.J.; Gil, A.; González-Vélez, V.; Segura, J.; Viniegra, S.; Gutiérrez, L.M., 2010:
The organization of the secretory machinery in chromaffin cells as a major factor in modeling exocytosis

SeĭtkulovA B, 2008:
The organization of the specialist-oriented medical care to the patients with maxillo-facial pathology

Rosen, H.; Germana Sanna, M.; Gonzalez-Cabrera, P.J.; Roberts, E., 2014:
The organization of the sphingosine 1-phosphate signaling system

Kudel'kina, N.A.; Shchetinin, A.N., 2008:
The organization of the telemedicine net in the municipal health care system

Crevier, L.; Mercier, C., 2008:
The organization of the transition from childhood to adulthood in pediatric neurosurgery in Canada

Wepman, J.M., 2018:
The organization of therapy for aphasia; the in-patient treatment center

Galea, G., 2013:
The organization of tissue banking in Scotland

Forster, A.L., 1949:
The organization of treatment of anterior poliomyelitis in Victoria, Australia

Gaĭdarov, G.M.; Khantaeva, N.S., 2009:
The organization of tuberculosis detection among population

Durand, C.; Vicré-Gibouin, Mïté.; Follet-Gueye, M.Laure.; Duponchel, L.; Moreau, M.; Lerouge, P.; Driouich, A., 2009:
The organization pattern of root border-like cells of Arabidopsis is dependent on cell wall homogalacturonan

Bynum, A.M., 2013:
The organization that has our backs

Desmidt, S.; Prinzie, A.A., 2011:
The organization's mission statement: give up hope or resuscitate? A search for evidence-based recommendations

Huber, K.; Gersh, B.J.; Goldstein, P.; Granger, C.B.; Armstrong, P.W., 2015:
The organization, function, and outcomes of ST-elevation myocardial infarction networks worldwide: current state, unmet needs and future directions

Pachalski, A., 2007:
The organization, role, and significance of the rehabilitation team

Harris, M.B.; Cayen, B., 2010:
The organizational and financial viability of an orthopedic trauma service

Poliakov, I.V.; Kostin, O.N.; Zelenskaia, T.M., 2009:
The organizational approaches to the quality management in the laboratorial examinations

Anonymous, 2012:
The organizational aspects of emergency care in the conditions of central district hospital

Kishkun, A.A.; Arsenin, S.L., 2012:
The organizational aspects of laboratory diagnostics of acute conditions: a lecture

Gadzhiev, R.S.; Shikhnebtsev, D.A.; Murzaev, P.A., 2009:
The organizational aspects of the pulmonological medical care provision to urban population

Fréchette, J.; Bourhis, A.; Stachura, M., 2014:
The organizational attraction of nursing graduates: using research to guide employer branding

Comtois, J.; Paris, Y.; Poder, T.G.; Chaussé, S., 2013:
The organizational benefits of the Kaizen approach at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS)

Anonymous, 2012:
The organizational consultative characteristics of provision of first medical aid in case of road accident

Nelson, W.A.; Weeks, W.B.; Campfield, J.M., 2008:
The organizational costs of ethical conflicts

Rocha, F.Ludmilla.Rossi.; Marziale, M.Helena.Palucci.; de Carvalho, M.Cristina.; Cardeal Id, S.de.Fátima.; de Campos, M.Chiodi.Toscano., 2014:
The organizational culture of a Brazilian public hospital

Forger, N.G., 2009:
The organizational hypothesis and final common pathways: Sexual differentiation of the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system

Halfer, D.; Graf, E.; Sullivan, C., 2008:
The organizational impact of a new graduate pediatric nurse mentoring program

Polunina, N.V.; Oprishchenko, S.A., 2009:
The organizational issues of the blood transfusion service operation

Goh, S.C.; Quon, T.K.; Cousins, J.Bradley., 2008:
The organizational learning survey: a re-evaluation of unidimensionality

Wagener, S.; Beaussier, M., 2014:
The organizational model of outpatient care

Stevens, R.; Gorman, J.C.; Amazeen, P.; Likens, A.; Galloway, T., 2013:
The organizational neurodynamics of teams

Olson, D.; Zwygart-Stauffacher, M., 2008:
The organizational quality frontier and essential role of the director of nursing

Heyck, H., 2014:
The organizational revolution and the human sciences

Zuloaga, D.G.; Jordan, C.L.; Breedlove, S.Marc., 2011:
The organizational role of testicular hormones and the androgen receptor in anxiety-related behaviors and sensorimotor gating in rats

Glisson, C.; Williams, N.J.; Green, P.; Hemmelgarn, A.; Hoagwood, K., 2015:
The organizational social context of mental health medicaid waiver programs with family support services: implications for research and practice

Forrow, S.; Campion, D.M.; Herrinton, L.J.; Nair, V.P.; Robb, M.A.; Wilson, M.; Platt, R., 2012:
The organizational structure and governing principles of the Food and Drug Administration's Mini-Sentinel pilot program

Anonymous, 2012:
The organizational technologies of quality support of emergency and acute medical care in megalopolis: Moscow case

Kramer, M.; Maguire, P.; Halfer, D.; Budin, W.C.; Hall, D.S.; Goodloe, L.; Klaristenfeld, J.; Teasley, S.; Forsey, L.; Lemke, J., 2012:
The organizational transformative power of nurse residency programs

Lamy, Sébastien.; De Gaudemaris, Régis.; Lepage, B.; Sobaszek, A.; Caroly, S.; Kelly-Irving, M.; Lang, T., 2014:
The organizational work factors' effect on mental health among hospital workers is mediated by perceived effort-reward imbalance: result of a longitudinal study

Arnold, A.P., 2009:
The organizational-activational hypothesis as the foundation for a unified theory of sexual differentiation of all mammalian tissues

Janjić, M.; Dacić, M., 1995:
The organized teaching of biomedical scientific informatics at medical schools in Serbia

Hinshelwood, R.D., 2012:
The organizing of psychoanalysis in Britain

Li, R.; Emsley, J., 2013:
The organizing principle of the platelet glycoprotein Ib-IX-V complex

Ellingsen, G.; Monteiro, E., 2008:
The organizing vision of integrated health information systems

Iza, A.; Carrillo, L.; Vicario, J.L.; Badía, D.; Reyes, E.; Martínez, J.I., 2010:
The organocatalytic [3+2] cycloaddition of azomethine ylides and alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes as a convenient tool for the enantioselective synthesis of pyrrolizidines and indolizidines

García Ruano, Jé.Luis.; Marcos, V.; Alemán, Jé., 2009:
The organocatalytic addition of bis(arylsulfonyl)methane to alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes and the synthesis of optically-enriched 3-methyl-alkanols

Reiter, M.; Torssell, S.; Lee, S.; Macmillan, D.W.C., 2010:
The organocatalytic three-step total synthesis of (+)-frondosin B

Huang, X.; Li, P.; Li, X-Sheng.; Xu, D-Cheng.; Xie, J-Wu., 2010:
The organocatalytic two-step synthesis of diversely functionalized tricyclic tetrazoles

Pansare, S.V.; Paul, E.K., 2011:
The organocatalytic vinylogous aldol reaction: recent advances

Gemelli, T.; Carvalho, C.Augusto.Souza.; de Andrade, R.Binkowski.; Guerra, R.Brum.; Oliboni, Lívia.; Salvador, M.; Dani, C.; Funchal, Cáudia., 2011:
The organochalcogen 3-methyl-1-phenyl-2-(phenylseleno)oct-2-en-1-one induces oxidative stress in heart, liver, and kidney of rats

Bratton, M.R.; Frigo, D.E.; Segar, H.Chris.; Nephew, K.P.; McLachlan, J.A.; Wiese, T.E.; Burow, M.E., 2013:
The organochlorine o,p'-DDT plays a role in coactivator-mediated MAPK crosstalk in MCF-7 breast cancer cells

Song, L.; Zhao, J.; Jin, X.; Li, Z.; Newton, I.P.; Liu, W.; Xiao, H.; Zhao, M., 2014:
The organochlorine p,p'-dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane induces colorectal cancer growth through Wnt/β-catenin signaling

Behfar, A.; Nazari, Z.; Rabiee, M.Hassan.; Raeesi, G.; Oveisi, M.Reza.; Sadeghi, N.; Jannat, B., 2013:
The organochlorine pesticides residue levels in karun river water

Dorrell, C.; Tarlow, B.; Wang, Y.; Canaday, P.S.; Haft, A.; Schug, J.; Streeter, P.R.; Finegold, M.J.; Shenje, L.T.; Kaestner, K.H.; Grompe, M., 2015:
The organoid-initiating cells in mouse pancreas and liver are phenotypically and functionally similar

Glöckner, A.; Tamm, M., 2012:
The organometallic chemistry of cycloheptatrienyl zirconium complexes

Grushin, V.V., 2010:
The organometallic fluorine chemistry of palladium and rhodium: studies toward aromatic fluorination

Canesi, L.; Negri, A.; Barmo, C.; Banni, M.; Gallo, G.; Viarengo, A.; Dondero, F., 2011:
The organophosphate Chlorpyrifos interferes with the responses to 17β-estradiol in the digestive gland of the marine mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis

Fernandez-Cabezudo, M.J.; Azimullah, S.; Nurulain, S.M.; Mechkarska, M.; Lorke, D.E.; Hasan, M.Y.; Petroianu, G.A.; Al-Ramadi, B.K., 2009:
The organophosphate paraoxon has no demonstrable effect on the murine immune system following subchronic low dose exposure

Ely, F.; Hadler, K.S.; Gahan, L.R.; Guddat, L.W.; Ollis, D.L.; Schenk, G., 2011:
The organophosphate-degrading enzyme from Agrobacterium radiobacter displays mechanistic flexibility for catalysis

Ivanović-Matić, S.; Poznanović, G.; Grigorov, I.; Dinić, S.; Mihailović, M.; Grdović, N.; Uskoković, A.; Martinović, V.; Arambasić, J.; Petrović, M.; Bogojević, D., 2007:
The organophosphate-induced acute-phase response is characterized by synthesis of alpha 1-acid glycoprotein that exhibits an immunomodulatory effect

Okun, E.; Dikshtein, Y.; Carmely, A.; Saida, H.; Frei, G.; Sela, B-Ami.; Varshavsky, L.; Ofir, A.; Levy, E.; Albeck, M.; Sredni, B., 2007:
The organotellurium compound ammonium trichloro(dioxoethylene-o,o')tellurate reacts with homocysteine to form homocystine and decreases homocysteine levels in hyperhomocysteinemic mice

Röhl, C.; Grell, M.; Maser, E., 2010:
The organotin compounds trimethyltin (TMT) and triethyltin (TET) but not tributyltin (TBT) induce activation of microglia co-cultivated with astrocytes

Etaiw, S.E.H.; Saleh, D.I., 2014:
The organotin coordination polymer [(n-Bu3Sn)4Fe(CN)6H2O] as effective catalyst towards the oxidative degradation of methylene blue

Wang, Q.; Andreasson, K., 2010:
The organotypic hippocampal slice culture model for examining neuronal injury

Molon, M.; Gemel, C.; Seidel, Rüdiger.W.; Jerabek, P.; Frenking, G.; Fischer, R.A., 2013:
The organozinc rich compounds [Cp*M(ZnR)5] (M = Fe, Ru; R = Cp*, Me, Cl, Br)

Quigley, M.; Brazier, M.; Chadwick, R.; Michel, M.Navarro.; Paredes, D., 2008:
The organs crisis and the Spanish model: theoretical versus pragmatic considerations

Clark, L., 1949:
The orgasm problem in women

Magon, N.; Kalra, S., 2011:
The orgasmic history of oxytocin: Love, lust, and labor

Cain, J.T.; Reich, W., 2016:
The orgone energy accumulator: believe it or not

Ermilov, S.G.; Alvarado-Rodríguez, O.; Kontschán, Jő.; Retana-Salazar, A.P., 2014:
The oribatid mite genus Benoibates (Acari, Oribatida, Oripodidae)

Ermilov, S.G.; Anichkin, A.E.; Tolstikov, A.V., 2014:
The oribatid mite genus Papillocepheus (Acari, Oribatida, Tetracondylidae), with description of a new species from southern Vietnam

Wan, X.; Nardi, F.; Zhang, B.; Liu, Y., 2012:
The oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis, in China: origin and gradual inland range expansion associated with population growth

Aketarawong, N.; Guglielmino, C.R.; Karam, N.; Falchetto, M.; Manni, M.; Scolari, F.; Gomulski, L.M.; Gasperi, G.; Malacrida, A.R., 2015:
The oriental fruitfly Bactrocera dorsalis s.s. in East Asia: disentangling the different forces promoting the invasion and shaping the genetic make-up of populations

Vácha, R.; Rick, S.W.; Jungwirth, P.; de Beer, A.G.F.; de Aguiar, H.B.; Samson, J-Sebastien.; Roke, S., 2012:
The orientation and charge of water at the hydrophobic oil droplet-water interface

Vogel, A.; Scheidt, H.A.; Feller, S.E.; Metso, J.; Badeau, R.M.; Tikkanen, M.J.; Wähälä, K.; Jauhiainen, M.; Huster, D., 2015:
The orientation and dynamics of estradiol and estradiol oleate in lipid membranes and HDL disc models

Mao, P.; Kong, L-Qing.; Zhang, Y., 2015:
The orientation for integrative medicine talents cultivation from the supply-demand relationship between physicians and patients

Podstawka, E.; Proniewicz, L.M., 2009:
The orientation of BN-related peptides adsorbed on SERS-active silver nanoparticles: comparison with a silver electrode surface

Ward, R.; Zoltner, M.; Beer, L.; El Mkami, H.; Henderson, I.R.; Palmer, T.; Norman, D.G., 2009:
The orientation of a tandem POTRA domain pair, of the beta-barrel assembly protein BamA, determined by PELDOR spectroscopy

Atchley, D.W., 2018:
The orientation of an undergraduate medical curriculum

Stieglitz, E.J., 1949:
The orientation of geriatrics

Haynes, E.R., 1967:
The orientation of medical students to total health care

Takeuchi, N.; Mitsuyasu, H.; Nakanishi, T.; Nishimura, S.; Shimoto, T.; Higaki, H.; Hashizume, M.; Iwamoto, Y., 2011:
The orientation of orthopaedic metallic devices relative to the frequency-encoding gradient affects susceptibility artifacts: an experiment using open MR imaging

Zhang, W.; Zhao, Y.; Bai, X.; Wang, Y.; Zhao, D., 2011:
The orientation of protoberberine alkaloids and their binding activities to human serum albumin by surface-enhanced Raman scattering

Liu, D-wei., 2013:
The orientation of scholarism plays a determinant role in quality and safety of critical care

O'Malley, S.; Bees, M.A., 2012:
The orientation of swimming biflagellates in shear flows

De Barros Barreto, J., 1948:
The orientation of the epidemiological cancer prophylaxis

Elftman, H., 2014:
The orientation of the joints of the lower extremity

Park, J.; Takahashi, Y.; Nakano, T.; Asamoto, K.; Iwaki, M.; Selva, D.; Leibovitch, I.; Yang, S-Woo.; Kakizaki, H., 2013:
The orientation of the lacrimal fossa to the bony nasolacrimal canal: an anatomical study

Riggio, C.; Calatayud, M.Pilar.; Giannaccini, M.; Sanz, B.; Torres, T.E.; Fernández-Pacheco, R.; Ripoli, A.; Ibarra, M.Ricardo.; Dente, L.; Cuschieri, A.; Goya, G.F.; Raffa, V., 2015:
The orientation of the neuronal growth process can be directed via magnetic nanoparticles under an applied magnetic field

McManus, L.J.; Dawes, P.J.D.; Stringer, M.D., 2012:
The orientation of the tympanic membrane

Paek, S-Yeol.; Kim, Y-Seok.; Choi, S-Geon., 2010:
The orientation-dependent expression of angiostatin-endostatin hybrid proteins and their characterization for the synergistic effects of antiangiogenesis

Zhuang, J.; Friedel, J.; Terfort, A., 2012:
The oriented and patterned growth of fluorescent metal-organic frameworks onto functionalized surfaces

Randlett, O.; Poggi, L.; Zolessi, F.R.; Harris, W.A., 2011:
The oriented emergence of axons from retinal ganglion cells is directed by laminin contact in vivo

Wang, T.; Tang, J.; Fan, X.; Zhou, J.; Xue, H.; Guo, H.; He, J., 2014:
The oriented growth of tungsten oxide in ordered mesoporous carbon and their electrochemical performance

Tang, C.; Gao, T.; Yan, S.; Wang, L.; Wu, J., 2010:
The oriented spatial filter masks for electronic speckle pattern interferometry phase patterns

Tang, C.; Han, L.; Ren, H.; Gao, T.; Wang, Z.; Tang, K., 2009:
The oriented-couple partial differential equations for filtering in wrapped phase patterns

Gherri, E.; Forster, B., 2013:
The orienting of attention during eye and hand movements: ERP evidence for similar frame of reference but different spatially specific modulations of tactile processing

Carlson, J.M.; Mujica-Parodi, L.R.; Harmon-Jones, E.; Hajcak, G., 2012:
The orienting of spatial attention to backward masked fearful faces is associated with variation in the serotonin transporter gene

Robinson, J.; Gantt, W.H., 1947:
The orienting reflex (questioning reaction) cardiac, respiratory, salivary and motor components

Harper, K.N.; Zuckerman, M.K.; Harper, M.L.; Kingston, J.D.; Armelagos, G.J., 2012:
The origin and antiquity of syphilis revisited: an appraisal of Old World pre-Columbian evidence for treponemal infection

Grubbe, E.H., 2011:
The origin and birth of x-ray therapy

Rosenwald, M.; Wolfrum, C., 2014:
The origin and definition of brite versus white and classical brown adipocytes

Koralay, T.; Kadıoğlu, Y.Kağan., 2015:
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The origin of cougar sex drives

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The origin of dengue viruses caused the DF outbreak in Guangdong province, China, in 2006

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The origin of frequency dependence of respiratory resistance: an airflow simulation study using a 4D pulmonary lobule model

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The origin of treatment expansion

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The origin recognition complex: a biochemical and structural view

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The origin, evolution, and principles of patient navigation

The origin, frequency, and significance of microscopic calculi in the kidney

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The origin, organization and scope of the Canadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene

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The original 'magic bullet' is 100 years old - extra

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The original German scholarly literature of medieval falconry and the history of its scientific research

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The original biochemical engineer: an interview with Michael Shuler of Cornell University. Interviewed by Judy Peng

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The original description of Anton syndrome

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The original desensitizers: strontium and potassium salts

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The original family revisited after 37 years: odontoma-dysphagia syndrome is most likely caused by a microduplication of chromosome 11q13.3, including the FGF3 and FGF4 genes

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The original instructions for the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory are misunderstood by a majority of participants

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The original intent of workers' compensation: a team approach

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The original intrathymic progenitor from which T cells originate

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The original of the Sleeping Beauty discovered

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The original pre-menopausal hormonal disorders and their treatment by the male hormone and the hormone of the corpus luteum

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The original risk: overtheologizing ethics and undertheologizing sin

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The original sin committed in years two thousand

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The original sin of Cockcroft-Gault formula

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The original sin of oesophageal mucosa

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The original splint-electrode for endonasal electrophoresis

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The original versus a modified inside-out transobturator procedure: 1-year results of a prospective randomized trial

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The original "krow"

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The origination of preventive medicine in the process of reforming of practical medicine in XVII-XIX centuries. Report 1. The traditional concepts concerning health preservation and diseases prevention

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The origination of preventive medicine in the process of reforming of practical medicine in XVII-XIX centuries: report three. The development and implementation of the new approach in investigating the epidemics and its role in the reformation of hygiene is discussed

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The origination of surgery (Kinso treatment) in Japan

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The origins and demise of the public option

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The origins and demographic effects of typhus in colonial Mexico

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The origins and development of pediatric outpatient surgery

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The origins and early days of the Three Rs concept

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Contribution of parenting to complex syntax development in preschool children with developmental delays or typical development

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The origins and evolution of genetic disease risk in modern humans

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The origins and evolution of leadership

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The origins and future of patriarchy: the biological background of gender politics

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The origins and implications of intratumor heterogeneity

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The origins and nature of compassion focused therapy

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The origins and promise of medical standards of care*

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The origins and purposes of antenatal preparation

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The origins and uses of self-awarenesss or the mental representation of me

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The origins of '5-HT and mechanisms of defence' by Deakin and Graeff: a personal perspective

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The origins of American physical anthropology in Philadelphia

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The origins of BASCD and the specialty of dental public health: some personal memories

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The origins of Better Jobs Better Care

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The origins of Dental Historian

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The origins of animal domestication and husbandry: a major change in the history of humanity and the biosphere

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The origins of antibiotic resistance

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The origins of antimalarial-drug resistance

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The origins of bioethics: advances in resuscitations techniques

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The origins of bone marrow as the seedbed of our blood: from antiquity to the time of Osler

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The origins of cellular life

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The origins of cyanobactin chemistry and biology

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The origins of early breast carcinoma

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The origins of electroconvulsive therapy in denmark

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The origins of environmental problems

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The origins of femtomolar protein-ligand binding: hydrogen-bond cooperativity and desolvation energetics in the biotin-(strept)avidin binding site

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The origins of hot plasma in the solar corona

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The origins of human embryonic stem cells: a biological conundrum

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The origins of human sexuality: procreation or recreation?

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The origins of inoculation

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The origins of lactase persistence in Europe

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The origins of language and the evolution of music: A comparative perspective

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The origins of language: in search for the specificity of large-brained hominin languages

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The origins of larval forms: what the data indicate, and what they don't

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The origins of leprosy in Costa Rica, 1784-1821

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The origins of life: old problems, new chemistries

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The origins of malaria: there are more things in heaven and earth …

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The origins of malpractice claims

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The origins of medical physics

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The origins of mental health-oriented neuroscience in Britain

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The origins of mesenchymal stromal cell heterogeneity

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The origins of microbial adaptations: how introgressive descent, egalitarian evolutionary transitions and expanded kin selection shape the network of life

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The origins of modern divorce

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The origins of modern science in Costa Rica: the Instituto Fisico-Geografico Nacional, 1887-1904

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The origins of molecular psychiatry

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The origins of multicellular organisms

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The origins of multidisciplinary cancer care

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The origins of neocortex: connections and lamination as distinct events in evolution

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The origins of neurogenetics

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