Section 57
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The size of the light-harvesting antenna of higher plant photosystem Ii is regulated by illumination intensity through transcription of antenna protein genes

Borisova-Mubarakshina, M.M.; Vetoshkina, D.V.; Rudenko, N.N.; Shirshikova, G.N.; Fedorchuk, T.P.; Naydov, I.A.; Ivanov, B.N.

BIOCHEMISTRY. Biokhimiia 79(6): 520-523


ISSN/ISBN: 1608-3040
PMID: 25100009
DOI: 10.1134/s0006297914060042
Accession: 056498240

In arabidopsis plants, with an increase in illumination intensity during growth the extent of reduction of the plastoquinone pool in the photosynthetic electron transport chain increased, whereas the effective quantum yield of photosynthesis decreased. After 5 days of growth under high illumination intensity, these parameters in high light returned to values observed in "shade-adapted" plants in low light. During the same period, the size of the antenna decreased, correlating with a decrease in the amounts of proteins of peripheral pigment-protein complexes. It was found that the decrease in the amounts of these proteins occurred due to suppression of transcription of their genes.

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