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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56530

Chapter 56530 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Martinez, A.Antonio.; Calvo, A.; Bejarano, C.; Carbonel, I.; Herrera, A., 2012:
The use of the Lima reverse shoulder arthroplasty for the treatment of fracture sequelae of the proximal humerus

Venus, M.R.; Titley, O.G., 2007:
The use of the Limberg flap for reconstruction of pilonidal sinus excision wounds

Viljoen, J.L.; Slaney, K.L.; Grisso, T., 2008:
The use of the MacCAT-CA with adolescents: an item response theory investigation of age-related measurement bias

Trombetta, M.; Julian, T.; Miften, M.; McWilliams, W.; Kim, Y.; Parda, D., 2008:
The use of the MammoSite balloon applicator in re-irradiation of the breast

Burger, P.A., 2013:
The use of the MegaBACE for sequencing and genotype analysis

Tingle, J., 2013:
The use of the Mental Capacity Act Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

Anonymous, 1904:
The use of the Metric System in Prescribing

Moazzez, R.; Booth, V.; Barnes, V.Monsul.; Richter, R.; Xu, T.; DeVizio, W., 2010:
The use of the Modified Gingival Margin Plaque Index (MGMPI) method to investigate the inhibitory effect of various toothpastes on dental plaque formation

Cook, S.E.; Marsiske, M.; McCoy, K.J.M., 2009:
The use of the Modified Telephone Interview for Cognitive Status (TICS-M) in the detection of amnestic mild cognitive impairment

Lamphier, T.A.; Trott, A.W.; Shortell, J.H., 1948:
The use of the Moe plate in the treatment of intertrochanteric fractures

Alkhamees, H.A.; Selai, C.E.; Shorvon, S.D.; Kanner, A.M., 2015:
The use of the NDDI-E in Arabic to identify symptoms of depression of moderate or greater severity in people with epilepsy

Dion, J.; Cyr, M., 2008:
The use of the NICHD protocol to enhance the quantity of details obtained from children with low verbal abilities in investigative interviews: a pilot study

Barron, G.; Glad, J.; Vukotich, C., 2007:
The use of the National Public Health Performance Standards to evaluate change in capacity to carry out the 10 essential services

Schneider, J.Stocker.; Slowik, L.Haynes., 2009:
The use of the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) with cardiac patients receiving home health care

Arnold, R.C.; Walmsley, A.D., 2008:
The use of the OSCE in postgraduate education

Shah, S.; Laiquzzaman, M.; Yeung, I.; Pan, X.; Roberts, C., 2009:
The use of the Ocular Response Analyser to determine corneal hysteresis in eyes before and after excimer laser refractive surgery

Alamartine, E.; Sauron, C.; Laurent, B.; Sury, A.; Seffert, A.; Mariat, C., 2012:
The use of the Oxford classification of IgA nephropathy to predict renal survival

Murray, D.W.; Fitzpatrick, R.; Rogers, K.; Pandit, H.; Beard, D.J.; Carr, A.J.; Dawson, J., 2007:
The use of the Oxford hip and knee scores

Cheung, G.; Choi, P., 2009:
The use of the Pain Assessment Checklist for Seniors with Limited Ability to Communicate (PACSLAC) by caregivers in dementia care

Donnelly, P.L., 2007:
The use of the Patient Health Questionnaire--9 Korean Version (PHQ-9K) to screen for depressive disorders among Korean Americans

Nicholas, P.; Hefford, C.; Tumilty, S., 2013:
The use of the Patient-Specific Functional Scale to measure rehabilitative progress in a physiotherapy setting

Lindquist, A.M.; Johansson, P.E.; Petersson, Göran.I.; Saveman, B-Inger.; Nilsson, G.C., 2008:
The use of the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) among personnel and students in health care: a review

Aonuma, K.; Yanaihara, H.; Ueno, M.; Deguchi, N., 2007:
The use of the PlasmaKinetic TUR system in the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia: results of 1-year follow up

Zionts, L.E.; Habell, B., 2014:
The use of the Ponseti method to treat clubfeet associated with congenital annular band syndrome

Peres, R.C.; Rego, R.; Maciel-de-Freitas, R., 2014:
The use of the Premise Condition Index (PCI) to provide guidelines for Aedes aegypti surveys

Dedaev, S.I.; Sanadze, A.G.; Sidnev, D.V., 2013:
The use of the QMGS for quantitative assessment of the severity of movement disorders in patients with myasthenia

Ozdamar, Y.; Ozkan, S.S.; Beyazyildiz, E.; Ozdal, P.Cakar.; Teberik, K.; Altintas, A.Kocak., 2013:
The use of the QuantiFERON-tuberculosis gold test in the diagnosis of ocular tuberculosis

Mente, S.; Kuhn, M., 2013:
The use of the R language for medicinal chemistry applications

Green, C.M.; Kirk, J.W.; Connery, A.K.; Baker, D.A.; Kirkwood, M.W., 2014:
The use of the Rey 15-Item Test and recognition trial to evaluate noncredible effort after pediatric mild traumatic brain injury

Tubman, J.G.; Des Rosiers, S.E.; Schwartz, S.J.; O'Hare, T., 2013:
The use of the Risky Sex Scale among adolescents receiving treatment services for substance use problems: factor structure and predictive validity

Epstein, H.L.; Apfeldorf, M., 2018:
The use of the Rorschach in a groupwork agency

Bradway, K.P.; Lion, E.G.; Corrigan, H.G., 2014:
The use of the Rorschach in a psychiatric study of promiscuous girls

Steiner, M.E., 2011:
The use of the Rorschach method in industry

Zucker, L., 1949:
The use of the Rorschach test in an outpatient clinic

Rioch, M.J., 2014:
The use of the Rorschach test in the assessment of change in patients under psychotherapy

Wilkins, W.L.; Adams, A.J., 2011:
The use of the Rorschach test under hypnosis and under sodium amytal in military psychiatry

Reynolds, J.T.; Young, J.P., 1948:
The use of the Roux Y in extending the operability of carcinoma of the stomach and of the lower end of the esophagus

Chan, P.L.S.; Jacqmin, P.; Lavielle, M.; McFadyen, L.; Weatherley, B., 2011:
The use of the SAEM algorithm in MONOLIX software for estimation of population pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic-viral dynamics parameters of maraviroc in asymptomatic HIV subjects

Tepetes, K.; Liakou, P.; Balogiannis, I., 2007:
The use of the Santulli enterostomy

Aguilar-Díaz, J.Edward.; García-Montoya, Eón.; Pérez-Lozano, P.; Suñe-Negre, Jé.María.; Miñarro, M.; Ticó, Jé.Ramón., 2010:
The use of the SeDeM Diagram expert system to determine the suitability of diluents-disintegrants for direct compression and their use in formulation of ODT

Saurí, J.; Millán, D.; Suñé-Negre, J.M.; Pérez-Lozano, P.; Sarrate, R.; Fàbregas, A.; Carrillo, C.; Miñarro, M.; Ticó, J.R.; García-Montoya, E., 2015:
The use of the SeDeM diagram expert system for the formulation of Captopril SR matrix tablets by direct compression

Hawley, C.; Fineberg, N.; Roberts, A.; Baldwin, D.; Sahadevan, A.; Sharman, V., 2003:
The use of the Simpson Angus Scale for the assessment of movement disorder: A training guide

Coleman, N.; Hare, D.Julian.; Farrell, P.; Van Manen, T., 2008:
The use of the Social Cognitive Skills Test with children with autistic spectrum disorders

Robbins, S.L.; Parker, F.; Doyle, W.C., 2010:
The use of the South African frog (Xenopus laevis) in the diagnosis of pregnancy

Bartlett, D.J., 2013:
The use of the Spinal Alignment and Range of Motion Measure with children and young people with cerebral palsy

Pitcher, R.D.; Wilde, J.C.H.; Douglas, T.S.; van As, A.Bastiaan., 2008:
The use of the Statscan digital X-ray unit in paediatric polytrauma

Ernst, S.; Stillwell, G.K.; Hemingway, A., 1948:
The use of the Stewart calorimeter in physical medicine

Knott, P.T.; Mardjetko, S.M.; Techy, F., 2011:
The use of the T1 sagittal angle in predicting overall sagittal balance of the spine

Eidelman, M.; Bialik, V.; Katzman, A., 2009:
The use of the Taylor spatial frame in adolescent Blount's disease: is fibular osteotomy necessary?

Hambly, K., 2011:
The use of the Tegner Activity Scale for articular cartilage repair of the knee: a systematic review

Salati, M.; Pompili, C.; Refai, M.; Xiumè, F.; Sabbatini, A.; Brunelli, A., 2015:
The use of the Thoracic Morbidity and Mortality system for the internal analysis of performance: a case-matched temporal audit

Morrell, N.T.; Fitzpatrick, J.; Szalay, E.A., 2014:
The use of the Tsuge procedure for pedal macrodactyly: relevance in pediatric orthopedics

Teixeira, Lícia.Caldas.; Rodrigues, A.Luíza.Vilar.; Silva, A.Fernanda.Girundi.da.; Azevedo, R.; Gama, A.Cristina.Côrtes.; Behlau, M., 2014:
The use of the URICA-VOICE questionnaire to identify the stages of adherence to voice treatment

Sachs-Barrable, K.; Conway, J.; Gershkovich, P.; Ibrahim, F.; Wasan, K.M., 2015:
The use of the United States FDA programs as a strategy to advance the development of drug products for neglected tropical diseases

Mazzocchi, M.; Dessy, L.Andrea.; Marchetti, F.; Marchetti, F.; Carlesimo, B., 2010:
The use of the Veress needle to drain mammary periprosthetic fluid

van Werkum, J.W.; Harmsze, A.M.; Elsenberg, E.H.A.M.; Bouman, H.J.; ten Berg, J.M.; Hackeng, C.M., 2008:
The use of the VerifyNow system to monitor antiplatelet therapy: a review of the current evidence

Kersten, P.; Küçükdeveci, Aşe.A.; Tennant, A., 2013:
The use of the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) in rehabilitation outcomes

Sun, H.; Kang, W.; Cheng, X.; Chen, C.; Xiong, H.; Guo, J.; Zhou, C.; Zhang, Y.; Hellström, A.; Löfqvist, C.; Zhu, C., 2014:
The use of the WINROP screening algorithm for the prediction of retinopathy of prematurity in a Chinese population

Watson, R.I., 2010:
The use of the Wechsler-Bellevue scales; a supplement

Tieu, B.H.; Cho, S.David.; Luem, N.; Riha, G.; Mayberry, J.; Schreiber, M.A., 2008:
The use of the Wittmann Patch facilitates a high rate of fascial closure in severely injured trauma patients and critically ill emergency surgery patients

Heikkila, J.J.; Kaldis, A.; Morrow, G.; Tanguay, R.M., 2007:
The use of the Xenopus oocyte as a model system to analyze the expression and function of eukaryotic heat shock proteins

Lombardi, D.; Mizuno, L.T.; Thornberry, A., 2011:
The use of the Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale to assist in the case management of patients living with HIV/AIDS

Taghizadeh, R.; Barnard, A.R.; Fung, V.; Berry, R.B., 2010:
The use of the abdominal rotation flap for inguinal lymph node dissection--revisited

Leyre, S.; Cappelle, J.; Durinck, G.; Abass, A.; Hofkens, J.; Deconinck, G.; Hanselaer, P., 2014:
The use of the adding-doubling method for the optical optimization of planar luminescent down shifting layers for solar cells

Hapke, F.B.; Barnes, A.C., 1948:
The use of the albumin fraction in the treatment of the eclamptogenic toxemias

Lombardozzi, A., 2011:
The use of the alpha function in analytical construction

Rodríguez, E.; Piccini, C.; Sosa, V.; Zunino, P., 2012:
The use of the ames test as a tool for addressing problem-based learning in the microbiology lab

Karaköse, A.; Aydogdu, O.; Atesci, Y.Z., 2013:
The use of the amplatz sheath in percutaneous nephrolithotomy: does amplatz sheath size matter?

van Til, J.A.; Renzenbrink, G.J.; Dolan, J.G.; Ijzerman, M.J., 2008:
The use of the analytic hierarchy process to aid decision making in acquired equinovarus deformity

Low, G.M.I.; Inaba, K.; Chouliaras, K.; Branco, B.; Lam, L.; Benjamin, E.; Menaker, J.; Demetriades, D., 2014:
The use of the anatomic 'zones' of the neck in the assessment of penetrating neck injury

Romanenko, G.Kh.; Zolotenkova, G.V.; Sokolova, A.S., 2011:
The use of the andragogic model of education at different stages of studying the "forensic medicine" discipline

Knudsen, L.F.; Curtis, J.M., 2011:
The use of the angular transformation in biological assays

Momeni, A.; Kalash, Z.; Stark, G.Björn.; Bannasch, H., 2011:
The use of the anterolateral thigh flap for microsurgical reconstruction of distal extremities after oncosurgical resection of soft-tissue sarcomas

Taborelli, A.; Andreola, S.; Di Giancamillo, A.; Gentile, G.; Domeneghini, C.; Grandi, M.; Cattaneo, C., 2012:
The use of the anti-Glycophorin A antibody in the detection of red blood cell residues in human soft tissue lesions decomposed in air and water: a pilot study

Wright, I.S., 1949:
The use of the anticoagulants in the treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels

Milinevskiĭ, I.V.; Shabaldina, E.V.; Shamova, I.P.; Shabaldin, A.V., 2011:
The use of the antidepressant citalopran for the treatment of chronic pharyngitis and pharyngeal neurosis

Lich, R.; Lewis, P.J., 2010:
The use of the antidiuretic property of pitressin in excretory pyelography

Gromov, S.A.; Eroshina, E.S.; Lipatova, L.V., 2008:
The use of the antiepileptic drug trileptal in the clinical practice

Barksdale, E.E.; Ellis, G.S., 1949:
The use of the antihistamine drugs in dermatology

Leffler, M.; Horch, R.E.; Dragu, A.; Bach, A.D., 2010:
The use of the artificial dermis (Integra) in combination with vacuum assisted closure for reconstruction of an extensive burn scar--a case report

MacLEAN.J.T.; RIPSTEIN.C.B., 1948:
The use of the artificial kidney in the treatment of uraemia; preliminary report

Breckwoldt, G.H., 1948:
The use of the artificial palate for visual control and improvement of articulation

Ramsay, A.K.; Granitsiotis, P.; Conn, I.G., 2007:
The use of the artificial urinary sphincter in the West of Scotland: a single centre 10-year experience

Myers, G.B.; Oren, B.G., 2014:
The use of the augmented unipolar left leg lead in the differentiation of the normal from abnormal Q-wave in standard lead III

Bünger, S.; Kepper, I., 2013:
The use of the axis "structure" of the OPD-CA as a helpful instrument for the concept of body psychotherapy in clinical treatment

Naranjo Gil, D., 2010:
The use of the balanced scorecard and the budget in the strategic management of public hospitals

Quastler, H., 2010:
The use of the betatron in cancer therapy

Primi, R.; Rocha da Silva, M.Cristina.; Rodrigues, P.; Muniz, M.; Almeida, L.S., 2014:
The use of the bi-factor model to test the uni-dimensionality of a battery of reasoning tests

Handelsman, Y., 2009:
The use of the bile acid sequestrant colesevelam HCl in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: for glucose and lipid control. Introduction

Stocks, L.P.J.; Rowland, J.S.; Martindale, E.A.; Heazell, A.E.P., 2010:
The use of the birthing pool after a diagnosis of stillbirth

Coleman, R.Marie.; Tousignant-Laflamme, Y.; Ouellet, P.; Parenteau-Goudreault, Élizabeth.; Cogan, J.; Bourgault, P., 2016:
The use of the bispectral index in the detection of pain in mechanically ventilated adults in the intensive care unit: a review of the literature

St John, W.E., 2018:
The use of the bite plane in treating lingual occlusion of upper anterior teeth

Huber, P., 2018:
The use of the blimp in searching and spraying

Solovey, M.G., 1948:
The use of the bread meal in fractional examination of the stomach with the thin tube

Kernan, J.D., 2014:
The use of the bronchoscope in the diseases of the chest

Alquezar, R.; Glendenning, L.; Costanzo, S., 2014:
The use of the brown macroalgae, Sargassum flavicans, as a potential bioindicator of industrial nutrient enrichment

Chang, D.; Kobashigawa, J., 2013:
The use of the calculated panel-reactive antibody and virtual crossmatch in heart transplantation

Hayes, W., 1949:
The use of the castplane and bite-stop in the treatment of malocclusion

Hu, L-Ling.; Zhang, S-Shan.; Li, X-Xia.; Wang, B-Li., 2010:
The use of the ccdB lethal gene for constructing a zero background vector in order to clone blunt-end PCR products

Young, L.; Duckett, S.; Dunn, A., 2009:
The use of the cemented Exeter Universal femoral stem in a District General Hospital: a minimum ten-year follow-up

Durrer, G.T., 2014:
The use of the central bearing point for balancing full upper and lower dentures

Providência, R.; Barra, Sérgio.; Paiva, Lís.; Faustino, A., 2013:
The use of the chronic kidney disease epidemiology collaboration equation and global cardiovascular risk assessment in patients with atrial fibrillation

McKay, R.; Shepherd, J., 2007:
The use of the clinical scoring system by Alvarado in the decision to perform computed tomography for acute appendicitis in the ED

Arnup, S.J.; Forbes, A.B.; Kahan, B.C.; Morgan, K.E.; McDonald, S.; McKenzie, J.E., 2015:
The use of the cluster randomized crossover design in clinical trials: protocol for a systematic review

Zakharov, V.V.; Lokshina, A.B.; Stakhovskaia, L.V.; Timerbaeva, S.L.; Lagoda, O.V., 2008:
The use of the combined drug vinpotropil at early stages of cerebrovascular insufficiency

Kim, J.Seok.; Lee, J.Wook.; Kim, B.Kook.; Lee, J-Hwan.; Chung, J., 2011:
The use of the complement inhibitor eculizumab (Soliris®) for treating Korean patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

Hilfiker, R.; Obrist, S.; Christen, G.; Lorenz, T.; Cieza, A., 2009:
The use of the comprehensive International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Core Set for low back pain in clinical practice: a reliability study

Riberto, M.; Lopes, K.Augusta.Thomé.; Chiappetta, L.Marianne.; Lourenção, M.Inês.Paes.; Battistella, L.Rizzo., 2013:
The use of the comprehensive International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health core set for stroke for chronic outpatients in three Brazilian rehabilitation facilities

Zubaran, C.; Tres, I., 2011:
The use of the computerized version of quality of life and health status questionnaires in a community sample in southern Brazil

Vaiphei, S.Thangminlal.; Tang, Y.; Montelione, G.T.; Inouye, M., 2011 :
The use of the condensed single protein production system for isotope-labeled outer membrane proteins, OmpA and OmpX in E. coli

Lochman, J.E.; Boxmeyer, C.; Powell, N.; Wojnaroski, M.; Yaros, A., 2007:
The use of the coping power program to treat a 10-year-old girl with disruptive behaviors

Boynton, M.H., 2014:
The use of the copper sulfate method of hemoglobin estimation for screening blood donors

Bosiers, M.; Deloose, K.; Vermassen, F.; Schroë, H.; Lauwers, G.; Lansinck, W.; Peeters, P., 2010:
The use of the cryoplasty technique in the treatment of infrapopliteal lesions for Critical Limb Ischemia patients in a routine hospital setting: one-year outcome of the Cryoplasty CLIMB Registry

Saback, L.Montano.Paternostro.; Vieira, G.Fernandes.; Costa, M.Dourado., 2008:
The use of the cuff leak test as a factor to predict laryngospasm

Janczak, D.; Pupka, A.; Garcarek, J.; Skóra, J.; Szyber, P., 2010:
The use of the dacron net in the externa tightening of the endoleak type I, after the stengraft implantation in the abdominal aorta aneurysm

Calati, R.; Oasi, O.; De Ronchi, D.; Serretti, A., 2010:
The use of the defence style questionnaire in major depressive and panic disorders: a comprehensive meta-analysis

Georgakellos, D.A., 2007:
The use of the deposit-refund framework in port reception facilities charging systems

Ogus, W.I., 2018:
The use of the desiccating current in treating buccal gingival caries

Savel'eva, N.B.; Bykovskaia, N.Iu.; Dikunets, M.A.; Bolotov, S.L.; Rodchenkov, G.M., 2010:
The use of the deuterated internal standard for morphine quantitation for the purpose of doping control by gas chromatography with mass-selective detection

Loh, P.Ru.; Piek, J.Patricia.; Barrett, N.Celal., 2009:
The use of the developmental coordination disorder questionnaire in Australian children

Tossani, E.; Ricci Garotti, M.Grazia.; Cosci, F., 2013:
The use of the diagnostic criteria for psychosomatic research in substance use disorder patients

van der Straten, A.; Cheng, H.; Moore, J.; Kacanek, D.; Blanchard, K.; De Bruyn, G.; Ramjee, G.; Chipato, T.; Montgomery, E.T.; Padian, N., 2009:
The use of the diaphragm instead of condoms in a phase III diaphragm trial

Hadjidekova, V.; Hristova, R.; Ainsbury, E.A.; Atanasova, P.; Popova, L.; Staynova, A., 2010:
The use of the dicentric assay for biological dosimetry for radiation accidents in Bulgaria

Heukelekian, H., 2011:
The use of the dilution method for determining the effect of industrial wastes on deoxygenation

Couque, Hé., 2014:
The use of the direct impact Hopkinson pressure bar technique to describe thermally activated and viscous regimes of metallic materials

Krejsa, M.; Janas, P.; Yilmaz, Işık.; Marschalko, M.; Bouchal, T., 2014:
The use of the direct optimized probabilistic calculation method in design of bolt reinforcement for underground and mining workings

Ruegamer, W.R.; Michaud, L., 2010:
The use of the dog for studies on iron availability

Batysheva, T.T.; Bagir', L.V.; Kostenko, E.V.; Artemova, I.Iu.; Vdovichenko, T.V.; Ganzhula, P.A.; Zhuravleva, E.Iu.; Ismailov, A.M.; Lisenker, L.N.; Nesterova, O.V.; Otcheskaia, O.V.; Rotor, L.D.; Khozova, A.A.; Boĭko, A.N., 2008 :
The use of the drug ginos in the treatment of out-patients with chronic progressive brain disorders

Vincent, W.R.; Huiras, P.; Empfield, J.; Horbowicz, K.J.; Lewis, K.; McAneny, D.; Twitchell, D., 2018:
Controlling postoperative use of i.v. acetaminophen at an academic medical center

García García, J.; Ortega Campos, E.; De la Fuente Sánchez, L., 2011:
The use of the effect size in JCR Spanish journals of psychology: from theory to fact

Reesink, H.W.; Davis, K.; Wong, J.; Schwartz, D.W.M.; Mayr, W.R.; Devine, D.V.; Georgsen, J.; Chiaroni, J.; Ferrera, V.; Roubinet, F.; Lin, C.K.; O'Donovan, B.; Fitzgerald, J.M.; Raspollini, E.; Villa, S.; Rebulla, P.; Makino, S.; Gounder, D.; Säfwenberg, J.; Murphy, M.F.; Staves, J.; Milkins, C.; Mercado, T.C.; Illoh, O.C.; Panzer, S., 2014:
The use of the electronic (computer) cross-match

Braden, R.; Reichow, S.; Halm, M.A., 2010:
The use of the essential oil lavandin to reduce preoperative anxiety in surgical patients

Vermooten, V., 2017:
The use of the estrogenic hormone in plastic operations on the penis

Slee, J.B.; Alferiev, I.S.; Levy, R.J.; Stachelek, S.J., 2015:
The use of the ex vivo Chandler Loop Apparatus to assess the biocompatibility of modified polymeric blood conduits

Muench, E.; Meinhardt, J.; Schaeffer, M.; Schneider, U.C.; Czabanka, M.; Luecke, T.; Schmiedek, P.; Vajkoczy, P., 2007:
The use of the excimer laser-assisted anastomosis technique alleviates neuroanesthesia during cerebral high-flow revascularization

Grossman, M.; Weinstein, W.W.; Katz, L.N., 1949:
The use of the exercise test in the diagnosis of coronary insufficiency

Stowell, R.E.; Grosjean, W.A., 1948:
The use of the exfoliative cytological techniques in the diagnosis of cancer

Flint, A.; Webster, J., 2011:
The use of the exit interview to reduce turnover amongst healthcare professionals

Hilsch, R., 2011:
The use of the expansion of gases in a centrifugal field as cooling process

Carpenter, A.P.; Pontecorvo, M.J.; Hefti, F.F.; Skovronsky, D.M., 2010:
The use of the exploratory IND in the evaluation and development of 18F-PET radiopharmaceuticals for amyloid imaging in the brain: a review of one company's experience

Mosahebi, A.; Disa, J.J.; Pusic, A.L.; Cordeiro, P.G.; Mehrara, B.J., 2008:
The use of the extended anterolateral thigh flap for reconstruction of massive oncologic defects

Manahan, C.P., 1948:
The use of the extraperitoneal cesarean section in infected cases

Babl, F.E.; Crellin, D.; Cheng, J.; Sullivan, T.P.; O'Sullivan, R.; Hutchinson, A., 2013:
The use of the faces, legs, activity, cry and consolability scale to assess procedural pain and distress in young children

Sarygin, P.V.; Moroz, V.Y.; Yudenich, A.A.; Popov, S.V., 2006:
The use of the fat-cutaneous neck flap in reconstruction of the face injured by burns

Barnes, A.C., 1948:
The use of the female sex hormone products in general practice

Vaidya, D.R., 2011:
The use of the femoral vein for venoclysis

Slade, S.G., 2007:
The use of the femtosecond laser in the customization of corneal flaps in laser in situ keratomileusis

Liang, Y.; Ketchum, N.S.; Louden, C.; Jimenez-Rios, M.A.; Thompson, I.M.; Camarena-Reynoso, H.R., 2012:
The use of the finasteride-adjusted Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator in a Mexican referral population: a validation study

Firoz, B.F.; Goldberg, L.H.; Katz, T.; Kimyai-Asadi, A.; Friedman, P.M., 2010:
The use of the flexible scalpel for minimally invasive and minimally scarring surgery: a case series of four patients with large scalp tumors

Tan, J.; Lei, Y.; Ouyang, H-Wei.; Gold, M.H., 2015:
The use of the fractional CO2 laser resurfacing in the treatment of photoaging in Asians: five years long-term results

Al-Jabri, T.; Mannan, A.; Giannoudis, P., 2014:
The use of the free vascularised bone graft for nonunion of the scaphoid: a systematic review

Vanker, N.; Ipp, H., 2014:
The use of the full blood count and differential parameters to assess immune activation levels in asymptomatic, untreated HIV infection

Kaganov, A.Sh., 2013:
The use of the functional dynamic complex of verbal skills for the purpose of forensic medical personality identification of the speaker

Novotný, Cěk.; Trošt, N.; Šlušla, M.; Svobodová, Křina.; Mikesková, H.; Válková, H.; Malachová, Křina.; Pavko, A., 2012:
The use of the fungus Dichomitus squalens for degradation in rotating biological contactor conditions

Bergstrom, F.W.; Sturz, H.G.; Tracy, H.W., 2018:
The use of the fused eutectic of sodium amide and potassium amide in organic syntheses

Choi, N.; Kim, S-Min.; Hong, K.Soo.; Cho, G.; Cho, J-Hyun.; Lee, C.; Ryu, E.Kyoung., 2011:
The use of the fusion protein RGD-HSA-TIMP2 as a tumor targeting imaging probe for SPECT and PET

Michels, M.W., 2014:
The use of the galvanic skin response in the differential diagnosis of deafness

Kotela, I.; Bołtuć, W.; Bednarenko, M.; Bilski, Pław., 2007:
The use of the gamma nail in fractures of the nearer end of femur

Castinetti, F.; Brue, T.; Conte-Devolx, B., 2012:
The use of the glucocorticoid receptor antagonist mifepristone in Cushing's syndrome

Koeppel, K.N.; Barrows, M.; Visser, K., 2014:
The use of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog deslorelin for short-term contraception in red pandas (Ailurus fulgens)

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The use of the nasopharyngeal radium applicator

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The use of the new antihistaminic substances in the treatment of allergic disorders

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The use of the newer sulfonamides and antibiotics in intestinal diseases

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The use of the respiratory enzyme, cytochrome C, in dyspnea

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The use of the sex hormones in clinical practice

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The use of the sliding scale also needs to be reviewed

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The use of the smear technique in the rapid histological diagnosis of tumors of the central nervous system; description of a new staining method

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The use of the stereomicroscopy in the forensic medicine practice

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The use of the steroid and gonadotropic hormones in hydroa vaciniforme

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The use of the stomach tube

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The use of the stress-coat method in studying the femur

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The use of the sulfonamides and penicillin in war surgery

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The use of the sulfonamides in middle ear infections

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The use of the sulfuric acid reaction for the estimation of alpha- and beta-estradiols and of estrone and equilin in binary mixtures in pure solutions

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The use of the super accelerated hepatitis B vaccination regimen in a north London sexual assault referral centre (SARC)

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The use of the superficial cervical plexus block in the drainage of submandibular and submental abscesses--an alternative for general anesthesia

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The use of the superthinned inferior pedicled glabellar flap in reconstruction of small to large medial canthal defect

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The use of the synthetic silver coated prosthesis and penduculated omentum flap in the treatment of prostheses infection

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The use of the taylor spatial frame for the treatment of unstable tibial fractures in children

The use of the technique of progressive-resistance exercise in adolescence

Eckardt, M.Horney., 2011:
The use of the telephone to extend our therapeutic availability

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The use of the temporal scan statistic to detect methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clusters in a community hospital

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The use of the temporoparietal fascia flap in various clinical scenarios: A review of 71 cases

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The use of the term vulnerability in acute care: why does it differ and what does it mean?

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The use of the term "obesity" in deaths reported to coroners in Australia

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The use of the three-pronged Mayfield head clamp resulting in an intracranial epidural hematoma in an adult patient

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The use of the tracer methodology to assess the quality of care for patients enrolled in Medical Insurance for a New Generation

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The use of the transition cost accounting system in health services research

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The use of the transverse acetabular ligament for determining the orientation of the components in total hip replacement: a randomised controlled trial

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The use of the tumour necrosis factor antagonist infliximab in heart transplant recipients: two case reports

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The use of the twin wire mechanism in the treatment of cases in which extraction is indicated

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The use of the typewriter for hand injuries

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The use of the ubiquitin-proteasome system in neurosurgery and the clinical applications of protein therapy

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The use of the uranium reactor in radiochemical studies

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The use of the vaginal smear in a gynecologic service

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The use of the vaginal smear in the diagnosis of cancer

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The use of the venous catheter in the study of pulmonary disease

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The use of the virtual reality as intervention tool in the postoperative of cardiac surgery

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The use of the virtual source technique in computing scattering from periodic ocean surfaces

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The use of the wavelet transform in EMG M-wave pattern classification

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The use of the wooden shoe (Steward Clog) in treating laminitis

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The use of the zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo for the acute toxicity testing of surfactants, as a possible alternative to the acute fish test

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