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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56731

Chapter 56731 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Qian, L.; Xu, K.; Xu, X.; Gu, R.; Liu, X.; Shan, S.; Yang, T., 2013:
UCP2 -866G/A, Ala55Val and UCP3 -55C/T polymorphisms in association with obesity susceptibility - a meta-analysis study

Mutombo, P.B.; Yamasaki, M.; Shiwaku, K., 2013:
UCP2 I/D modulated change in BMI during a lifestyle modification intervention study in Japanese subjects

Hoshovs'ka, I.V.; Lisovyĭ, O.O.; Shymans'ka, T.V.; Sahach, V.F., 2009:
UCP2 and UCP3 gene expression, heart function and oxygen cost of myocardial work changes during aging and ischemia-reperfusion

Carrión, J.; Abengozar, M.Angeles.; Fernández-Reyes, Mía.; Sánchez-Martín, C.; Rial, E.; Domínguez-Bernal, G.; González-Barroso, M.Mar., 2013:
UCP2 deficiency helps to restrict the pathogenesis of experimental cutaneous and visceral leishmaniosis in mice

Simon-Areces, J.; Dietrich, M.O.; Hermes, G.; Garcia-Segura, L.Miguel.; Arevalo, M-Angeles.; Horvath, T.L., 2013:
UCP2 induced by natural birth regulates neuronal differentiation of the hippocampus and related adult behavior

Deng, S.; Yang, Y.; Han, Y.; Li, X.; Wang, X.; Li, X.; Zhang, Z.; Wang, Y., 2012:
UCP2 inhibits ROS-mediated apoptosis in A549 under hypoxic conditions

Diao, J.; Allister, E.M.; Koshkin, V.; Lee, S.C.; Bhattacharjee, A.; Tang, C.; Giacca, A.; Chan, C.B.; Wheeler, M.B., 2008:
UCP2 is highly expressed in pancreatic alpha-cells and influences secretion and survival

Elorza, A.; Hyde, B.; Mikkola, H.K.; Collins, S.; Shirihai, O.S., 2008:
UCP2 modulates cell proliferation through the MAPK/ERK pathway during erythropoiesis and has no effect on heme biosynthesis

Peixoto, P.M.; Kim, H-Jeong.; Sider, B.; Starkov, A.; Horvath, T.L.; Manfredi, G., 2014:
UCP2 overexpression worsens mitochondrial dysfunction and accelerates disease progression in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Degasperi, G.R.; Romanatto, T.; Denis, R.G.P.; Araújo, E.P.; Moraes, J.C.; Inada, Nália.M.; Vercesi, Aíbal.E.; Velloso, Lício.A., 2008:
UCP2 protects hypothalamic cells from TNF-alpha-induced damage

Allister, E.M.; Robson-Doucette, C.A.; Prentice, K.J.; Hardy, A.B.; Sultan, S.; Gaisano, H.Y.; Kong, D.; Gilon, P.; Herrera, P.L.; Lowell, B.B.; Wheeler, M.B., 2013:
UCP2 regulates the glucagon response to fasting and starvation

Vozza, A.; Parisi, G.; De Leonardis, F.; Lasorsa, F.M.; Castegna, A.; Amorese, D.; Marmo, R.; Calcagnile, V.M.; Palmieri, L.; Ricquier, D.; Paradies, E.; Scarcia, P.; Palmieri, F.; Bouillaud, Fédéric.; Fiermonte, G., 2014:
UCP2 transports C4 metabolites out of mitochondria, regulating glucose and glutamine oxidation

Pecqueur, C.; Alves-Guerra, C.; Ricquier, D.; Bouillaud, F., 2009:
UCP2, a metabolic sensor coupling glucose oxidation to mitochondrial metabolism?

Donadelli, M.; Dando, I.; Fiorini, C.; Palmieri, M., 2014:
UCP2, a mitochondrial protein regulated at multiple levels

Qiao, C.; Wei, L.; Dai, Q.; Zhou, Y.; Yin, Q.; Li, Z.; Xiao, Y.; Guo, Q.; Lu, N., 2015:
UCP2-related mitochondrial pathway participates in oroxylin A-induced apoptosis in human colon cancer cells

Camara, Y.; Mampel, T.; Armengol, J.; Villarroya, F.; Dejean, L., 2009:
UCP3 expression in liver modulates gene expression and oxidative metabolism in response to fatty acids, and sensitizes mitochondria to permeability transition

Boudina, S.; Han, Y.Hwan.; Pei, S.; Tidwell, T.J.; Henrie, B.; Tuinei, J.; Olsen, C.; Sena, S.; Abel, E.Dale., 2013:
UCP3 regulates cardiac efficiency and mitochondrial coupling in high fat-fed mice but not in leptin-deficient mice

Lombardi, A.; Busiello, R.Anna.; Napolitano, L.; Cioffi, F.; Moreno, M.; de Lange, P.; Silvestri, E.; Lanni, A.; Goglia, F., 2010:
UCP3 translocates lipid hydroperoxide and mediates lipid hydroperoxide-dependent mitochondrial uncoupling

Ho, J.Wing-Man.; Ho, P.Wing-Lok.; Liu, H-Fang.; So, D.Hon-Fai.; Chan, K-Ho.; Tse, Z.Ho-Man.; Kung, M.Hiu-Wai.; Ramsden, D.Boyer.; Ho, S-Leong., 2012:
UCP4 is a target effector of the NF-κB c-Rel prosurvival pathway against oxidative stress

Wu, K.; Liu, J.; Zhuang, N.; Wang, T., 2015:
UCP4A protects against mitochondrial dysfunction and degeneration in pink1/parkin models of Parkinson's disease

Da-Ré, C.; De Pittà, C.; Zordan, M.A.; Teza, G.; Nestola, F.; Zeviani, M.; Costa, R.; Bernardi, P., 2015:
UCP4C mediates uncoupled respiration in larvae of Drosophila melanogaster

Stark, B.C.; James, M.L.; Pollard, L.W.; Sirotkin, V.; Lord, M., 2014:
UCS protein Rng3p is essential for myosin-II motor activity during cytokinesis in fission yeast

Zweig, A.S.; Karolchik, D.; Kuhn, R.M.; Haussler, D.; Kent, W.James., 2008:
UCSC genome browser tutorial

Mangan, M.E.; Williams, J.M.; Lathe, S.M.; Karolchik, D.; Lathe, W.C., 2008:
UCSC genome browser: deep support for molecular biomedical research

Tiznado, D.; Mausbach, B.T.; Cardenas, V.; Jeste, D.V.; Patterson, T.L., 2011:
UCSD SORT Test (U-SORT): Examination of a newly developed organizational skills assessment tool for severely mentally ill adults

Anonymous, 2012:
UCSD health sciences receives $10M for Clinical & Translational Research Institute

Hsu, P-Yang.; Lin, Y-Hsin.; Yeh, E-Ling.; Lo, H-Chen.; Hsu, T-Hao.; Su, C-Chun., 2017:
Cordycepin and a preparation from Cordyceps militaris inhibit malignant transformation and proliferation by decreasing EGFR and IL-17RA signaling in a murine oral cancer model

Arkin, M.R.; Ang, K.K.H.; Chen, S.; Davies, J.; Merron, C.; Tang, Y.; Wilson, C.G.M.; Renslo, A.R., 2015:
UCSF Small Molecule Discovery Center: innovation, collaboration and chemical biology in the Bay Area

Chui, G., 1988:
UCSF Wins Round in Fight over Lab

Ju, M.Ki.; Choi, G.Hong.; Huh, K.Ha.; Joo, D.Jin.; Kim, S.Jin.; Choi, J.; Kim, M.Soo.; Kim, S.Il.; Kim, Y.Seun., 2011:
UCSF criteria by pre-transplant radiologic study can not assure similar post-transplant results of hepatocellular carcinoma within Milan criteria

Anonymous, 1989:
UCSF-An Academic Health Science Center at 125 Years of Age

Zhang, Q.; Hoogenboom, R., 2014:
UCST behavior of polyampholytes based on stoichiometric RAFT copolymerization of cationic and anionic monomers

Echeverria, C.; Mijangos, C., 2011:
UCST-like hybrid PAAm-AA/Fe3O4 microgels. Effect of Fe3O4 nanoparticles on morphology, thermosensitivity and elasticity

Noakes, T.David., 2012:
UCT taught me how to challenge beliefs

Sanders, H-Reeve.; Kane-Berman, J., 2012:
UCT's Medical Faculty and Groote Schuur Hospital

Beighton, P.; Fieggen, K.; Wonkam, A.; Ramesar, R.; Greenberg, J., 2012:
UCT's contribution to medical genetics in Africa - from the past into the future

Van Niekerk, J.P., 2012:

Bokser, S.J.; Cucina, R.J.; Love, J.S.; Blum, M.S., 2008:
UCare navigator: A dynamic guide to the hybrid electronic and paper medical record in transition

Taccioli, C.; Fabbri, E.; Visone, R.; Volinia, S.; Calin, G.A.; Fong, L.Y.; Gambari, R.; Bottoni, A.; Acunzo, M.; Hagan, J.; Iorio, M.V.; Piovan, C.; Romano, G.; Croce, C.Maria., 2009:
UCbase & miRfunc: a database of ultraconserved sequences and microRNA function

Lomonaco, V.; Martoglia, R.; Mandreoli, F.; Anderlucci, L.; Emmett, W.; Bicciato, S.; Taccioli, C., 2014:
UCbase 2.0: ultraconserved sequences database (2014 update)

Haedrich, M.; Dufour, J-François., 2011:
UDCA for NASH: end of the story?

Grigor'eva, I.N., 2012:
UDCA in the treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Krishna-Subramanian, S.; Hanski, M.L.; Loddenkemper, C.; Choudhary, B.; Pagès, G.; Zeitz, M.; Hanski, C., 2012:
UDCA slows down intestinal cell proliferation by inducing high and sustained ERK phosphorylation

Reynolds, P., 2013:
UDENTE (Universal Dental E-Learning) a golden opportunity for dental education

Schoenfeld, F.; Steiman, H.Robert., 2007:
UDM Dean Steiman: Out of adversity comes opportunity

Aksu, M.N., 2010:
UDM School of Dentistry: back to basics

Aksu, M.N., 2012:
UDM school of dentistry: a year of success in a national presence

Aksu, M., 2007:
UDM's new campus: a closer look

Zhang, Y.; Zhang, X.Xi.; Yuan, R.Yan.; Ren, T.; Shao, Z.Yu.; Wang, H.Fei.; Cai, W.Long.; Chen, L.Tian.; Wang, X.An.; Wang, P., 2018:
Cordycepin induces apoptosis in human pancreatic cancer cells via the mitochondrial-mediated intrinsic pathway and suppresses tumor growth in vivo

Lee, S-Jung.; Lim, K-Taek., 2007:
UDN glycoprotein regulates activities of manganese-superoxide dismutase, activator protein-1, and nuclear factor-kappaB stimulated by reactive oxygen radicals in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated HCT-116 cells

Apolloni, S.; Finocchi, P.; D'Agnano, I.; Alloisio, S.; Nobile, M.; D'Ambrosi, N.; Volonté, C., 2010:
UDP exerts cytostatic and cytotoxic actions in human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells over-expressing P2Y6 receptor

Inoue, K., 2009:
UDP facilitates microglial phagocytosis through P2Y6 receptors

Nakamura, T.; Murata, T.; Hori, M.; Ozaki, H., 2014:
UDP induces intestinal epithelial migration via the P2Y6 receptor

Ginsburg-Shmuel, T.; Haas, M.; Grbic, D.; Arguin, G.; Nadel, Y.; Gendron, F-Pierre.; Reiser, G.; Fischer, B., 2013:
UDP made a highly promising stable, potent, and selective P2Y6-receptor agonist upon introduction of a boranophosphate moiety

Eames, B.Frank.; Singer, A.; Smith, G.A.; Wood, Z.A.; Yan, Y-Lin.; He, X.; Polizzi, S.J.; Catchen, J.M.; Rodriguez-Mari, A.; Linbo, T.; Raible, D.W.; Postlethwait, J.H., 2010:
UDP xylose synthase 1 is required for morphogenesis and histogenesis of the craniofacial skeleton

Frantom, P.A.; Coward, J.K.; Blanchard, J.S., 2010:
UDP-(5F)-GlcNAc acts as a slow-binding inhibitor of MshA, a retaining glycosyltransferase

Zhang, J.; Zhang, L.; Li, X.; Xu, W., 2012:
UDP-3-O-(R-3-hydroxymyristoyl)-N-acetylglucosamine deacetylase (LpxC) inhibitors: a new class of antibacterial agents

Bhaumik, S.Kumar.; Singh, M.Kumar.; Karmakar, S.; De, T., 2008:
UDP-Gal: N-acetylglucosamine beta 1-4 galactosyltransferase expressing live attenuated parasites as vaccine for visceral leishmaniasis

D'Alessio, C.; Caramelo, J.J.; Parodi, A.J., 2010:
UDP-GlC:glycoprotein glucosyltransferase-glucosidase II, the ying-yang of the ER quality control

Hinderlich, S.; Weidemann, W.; Yardeni, T.; Horstkorte, Rüdiger.; Huizing, M., 2015:
UDP-GlcNAc 2-Epimerase/ManNAc Kinase (GNE): A Master Regulator of Sialic Acid Synthesis

Suzuki, O.; Tasaki, K.; Kusakabe, T.; Abe, M., 2008:
UDP-GlcNAc2-epimerase regulates cell surface sialylation and ceramide-induced cell death in human malignant lymphoma

Qian, Y.; West, C.M.; Kornfeld, S., 2010:
UDP-GlcNAc:Glycoprotein N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphotransferase mediates the initial step in the formation of the methylphosphomannosyl residues on the high mannose oligosaccharides of Dictyostelium discoideum glycoproteins

Saleh, N.A.; Fritsch, H.; Witkop, P.; Grisebach, H., 1976:
UDP-Glucose: Cyanidin 3-O-glucosyltransferase from cell cultures of Haplopappus gracilis

Taus, C.; Windwarder, M.; Altmann, F.; Grabherr, R.; Staudacher, E., 2015:
UDP-N-acetyl-α-D-galactosamine:polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyl-transferase from the snail Biomphalaria glabrata - substrate specificity and preference of glycosylation sites

Raman, J.; Guan, Y.; Perrine, C.L.; Gerken, T.A.; Tabak, L.A., 2013:
UDP-N-acetyl-α-D-galactosamine:polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferases: completion of the family tree

Amsili, S.; Zer, H.; Hinderlich, S.; Krause, S.; Becker-Cohen, M.; MacArthur, D.G.; North, K.N.; Mitrani-Rosenbaum, S., 2008:
UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 2-epimerase/N-acetylmannosamine kinase (GNE) binds to alpha-actinin 1: novel pathways in skeletal muscle?

Ishihara, S.; Tomimitsu, H.; Fujigasaki, H.; Saito, F.; Mizusawa, H., 2009:
UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 2-epimerase/N-acetylmannosamine kinase in nuclei and rimmed vacuoles of muscle fibers in DMRV (distal myopathy with rimmed vacuoles)

Lopez, A.B.; Sener, K.; Trosien, J.; Jarroll, E.L.; van Keulen, H., 2007:
UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 4'-epimerase from the intestinal protozoan Giardia intestinalis lacks UDP-glucose 4'-epimerase activity

Gautam, A.; Rishi, P.; Tewari, R., 2011:
UDP-N-acetylglucosamine enolpyruvyl transferase as a potential target for antibacterial chemotherapy: recent developments

Maszczak-Seneczko, D.; Sosicka, P.; Olczak, T.; Jakimowicz, P.; Majkowski, Mł.; Olczak, M., 2013:
UDP-N-acetylglucosamine transporter (SLC35A3) regulates biosynthesis of highly branched N-glycans and keratan sulfate

Humnabadkar, V.; Prabhakar, K.R.; Narayan, A.; Sharma, S.; Guptha, S.; Manjrekar, P.; Chinnapattu, M.; Ramachandran, V.; Hameed, S.P.; Ravishankar, S.; Chatterji, M., 2015:
UDP-N-acetylmuramic acid l-alanine ligase (MurC) inhibition in a tolC mutant Escherichia coli strain leads to cell death

Zeng, W.; Chatterjee, M.; Faik, A., 2008:
UDP-Xylose-stimulated glucuronyltransferase activity in wheat microsomal membranes: characterization and role in glucurono(arabino)xylan biosynthesis

Sumiyoshi, M.; Inamura, T.; Nakamura, A.; Aohara, T.; Ishii, T.; Satoh, S.; Iwai, H., 2015:
UDP-arabinopyranose mutase 3 is required for pollen wall morphogenesis in rice (Oryza sativa)

Mohamed, A.A.A.; Ceunen, S.; Geuns, J.M.C.; Van den Ende, W.; De Ley, M., 2012:
UDP-dependent glycosyltransferases involved in the biosynthesis of steviol glycosides

Fonseca, I.O.; Kizjakina, K.; Sobrado, P., 2013:
UDP-galactopyranose mutases from Leishmania species that cause visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis

Sanders, R.D.; Sefton, J.M.I.; Moberg, K.H.; Fridovich-Keil, J.L., 2010:
UDP-galactose 4' epimerase (GALE) is essential for development of Drosophila melanogaster

Daenzer, J.M.I.; Sanders, R.D.; Hang, D.; Fridovich-Keil, J.L., 2012:
UDP-galactose 4'-epimerase activities toward UDP-Gal and UDP-GalNAc play different roles in the development of Drosophila melanogaster

Zinsser, V.L.; Lindert, S.; Banford, S.; Hoey, E.M.; Trudgett, A.; Timson, D.J., 2016:
UDP-galactose 4'-epimerase from the liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica: biochemical characterization of the enzyme and identification of inhibitors

Brahma, A.; Banerjee, N.; Bhattacharyya, D., 2010:
UDP-galactose 4-epimerase from Kluyveromyces fragilis--catalytic sites of the homodimeric enzyme are functional and regulated

Yiamouyiannis, J.A.; Dain, J.A., 1968:
UDP-galactose: N-acetylgalactosaminyl-(N-acetylneuraminyl) galactosyl-glucosyl-ceramide transferase activity in adult frog brain

Sen, M.; Shah, B.; Rakshit, S.; Singh, V.; Padmanabhan, B.; Ponnusamy, M.; Pari, K.; Vishwakarma, R.; Nandi, D.; Sadhale, P.P., 2012:
UDP-glucose 4, 6-dehydratase activity plays an important role in maintaining cell wall integrity and virulence of Candida albicans

Gao, Z-Guo.; Ding, Y.; Jacobson, K.A., 2010:
UDP-glucose acting at P2Y14 receptors is a mediator of mast cell degranulation

Hyde, A.S.; Thelen, A.M.; Barycki, J.J.; Simpson, M.A., 2014:
UDP-glucose dehydrogenase activity and optimal downstream cellular function require dynamic reorganization at the dimer-dimer subunit interfaces

Hyde, A.S.; Farmer, E.L.; Easley, K.E.; van Lammeren, K.; Christoffels, V.M.; Barycki, J.J.; Bakkers, J.; Simpson, M.A., 2012:
UDP-glucose dehydrogenase polymorphisms from patients with congenital heart valve defects disrupt enzyme stability and quaternary assembly

Egger, S.; Chaikuad, A.; Kavanagh, K.L.; Oppermann, U.; Nidetzky, B., 2011:
UDP-glucose dehydrogenase: structure and function of a potential drug target

Chivasa, S.; Tomé, D.F.A.; Slabas, A.R., 2014:
UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase is a novel plant cell death regulator

Meng, M.; Geisler, M.; Johansson, H.; Harholt, J.; Scheller, H.V.; Mellerowicz, E.J.; Kleczkowski, L.A., 2009:
UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase is not rate limiting, but is essential in Arabidopsis

Park, J-In.; Ishimizu, T.; Suwabe, K.; Sudo, K.; Masuko, H.; Hakozaki, H.; Nou, I-Sup.; Suzuki, G.; Watanabe, M., 2010:
UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase is rate limiting in vegetative and reproductive phases in Arabidopsis thaliana

Berim, A.; Ebel, R.; Schneider, B.; Petersen, M., 2007:
UDP-glucose:(6-methoxy)podophyllotoxin 7-O-glucosyltransferase from suspension cultures of Linum nodiflorum

Nakatsuka, T.; Nishihara, M., 2010:
UDP-glucose:3-deoxyanthocyanidin 5-O-glucosyltransferase from Sinningia cardinalis

Kreis, W.; May, U.; Reinhard, E., 1986:
UDP-glucose:digitoxin 16'-O-glucosyltransferase from suspension-cultured Digitalis lanata cells

Ferris, S.P.; Jaber, N.S.; Molinari, M.; Arvan, P.; Kaufman, R.J., 2014:
UDP-glucose:glycoprotein glucosyltransferase (UGGT1) promotes substrate solubility in the endoplasmic reticulum

Kanekiyo, S.; Hazama, S.; Kondo, H.; Nagashima, A.; Eto, R.; Yoshida, S.; Shimizu, R.; Araki, A.; Yamamoto, T.; Uchiyama, T.; Yoshino, S.; Okayama, N.; Hinoda, Y.; Oka, M., 2013:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) 1A1*28 polymorphism-directed phase II study of irinotecan with 5'-deoxy-5-fluorouridine (5'-DFUR) for metastatic colorectal cancer

Liu, M.; Wang, Q.; Liu, F.; Cheng, X.; Wu, X.; Wang, H.; Wu, M.; Ma, Y.; Wang, G.; Hao, H., 2014:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A compromises intracellular accumulation and anti-cancer effect of tanshinone IIA in human colon cancer cells

Balliet, R.M.; Chen, G.; Dellinger, R.W.; Lazarus, P., 2010:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A10: activity against the tobacco-specific nitrosamine, 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanol, and a potential role for a novel UGT1A10 promoter deletion polymorphism in cancer susceptibility

Liu, H-Xin.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, J-Wei.; Li, W.; Liu, H-Tao.; Yang, L., 2008:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A6 is the major isozyme responsible for protocatechuic aldehyde glucuronidation in human liver microsomes

de Almagro, M.Cristina.; Selga, E.; Thibaut, Rémi.; Porte, C.; Noé, Véronique.; Ciudad, C.J., 2010:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A6 overexpression in breast cancer cells resistant to methotrexate

Collier, A.C.; Yamauchi, Y.; Sato, B.L.M.; Rougée, L.R.A.; Ward, M.A., 2015:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1a enzymes are present and active in the mouse blastocyst

Nishihara, M.; Hiura, Y.; Kawaguchi, N.; Takahashi, J.; Asahi, S., 2014:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 2B15 (UGT2B15) is the major enzyme responsible for sipoglitazar glucuronidation in humans: retrospective identification of the UGT isoform by in vitro analysis and the effect of UGT2B15*2 mutation

Stücker, I.; Loriot, M.A.; N'koutchou, G.; Cénée, S.; Bodin, L.; Mulot, C.; Gelu-Simeon, M.; Pelletier, L.; Bronowicki, J.P.; Degos, F.; Beaune, P.; Laurent-Puig, P.; Hémon, D.; Trinchet, J.C.; Pelletier, G., 2007:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferase UGT1A7 genetic polymorphisms in hepatocellular carcinoma: a differential impact according to seropositivity of HBV or HCV markers?

Boutin, J.A.; Jacquier, A.; Batt, A.M.; Marlière, P.; Siest, G., 2010:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferase activities in human liver microsomes and in some laboratory animal species

Kaveh, M.; Esmailnia, T.; Nayeri, F.; Nili, F.; Davari Tanha, F.; Ghajarzdeh, M., 2014:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferase promoter polymorphism in Iranian neonates with idiopathic hyperbilirubinemia

Tang, Y.; LeMaster, D.M.; Nauwelaërs, G.; Gu, D.; Langouët, S.; Turesky, R.J., 2012:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferase-mediated metabolic activation of the tobacco carcinogen 2-amino-9H-pyrido[2,3-b]indole

Sten, T.; Bichlmaier, I.; Kuuranne, T.; Leinonen, A.; Yli-Kauhaluoma, J.; Finel, M., 2008:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferases (UGTs) 2B7 and UGT2B17 display converse specificity in testosterone and epitestosterone glucuronidation, whereas UGT2A1 conjugates both androgens similarly

Heydel, J-Marie.; Holsztynska, E.J.; Legendre, Aèle.; Thiebaud, N.; Artur, Y.; Le Bon, A-Marie., 2010:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferases (UGTs) in neuro-olfactory tissues: expression, regulation, and function

Bock, K.W.; Bock-Hennig, B.S., 2010:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferases (UGTs): from purification of Ah-receptor-inducible UGT1A6 to coordinate regulation of subsets of CYPs, UGTs, and ABC transporters by nuclear receptors

Sten, T.; Kurkela, M.; Kuuranne, T.; Leinonen, A.; Finel, M., 2010:
UDP-glucuronosyltransferases in conjugation of 5alpha- and 5beta-androstane steroids

Fedejko, B.; Mazerska, Z., 2011:
UDP-glucuronyltransferases in detoxification and activation metabolism of endogenous compounds and xenobiotics

Fedejko, B.; Mazerska, Z., 2011:
UDP-glucuronyltransferases, proteins of endoplasmic reticulum--structure and mechanism of action

Augustin, Jörg.M.; Drok, S.; Shinoda, T.; Sanmiya, K.; Nielsen, J.Kvist.; Khakimov, B.; Olsen, C.Erik.; Hansen, E.Halkjær.; Kuzina, V.; Ekstrøm, C.Thorn.; Hauser, T.; Bak, Søren., 2013:
UDP-glycosyltransferases from the UGT73C subfamily in Barbarea vulgaris catalyze sapogenin 3-O-glucosylation in saponin-mediated insect resistance

Ban, Y.; Kondo, S.; Ubi, B.Ewa.; Honda, C.; Bessho, H.; Moriguchi, T., 2010:
UDP-sugar biosynthetic pathway: contribution to cyanidin 3-galactoside biosynthesis in apple skin

Geserick, C.; Tenhaken, R., 2014:
UDP-sugar pyrophosphorylase controls the activity of proceeding sugar-1-kinases enzymes

Kleczkowski, L.A.; Decker, D.; Wilczynska, M., 2015:
UDP-sugar pyrophosphorylase: a new old mechanism for sugar activation

Rosenberger, A.F.N.; Hangelmann, L.; Hofinger, A.; Wilson, I.B.H., 2012:
UDP-xylose and UDP-galactose synthesis in Trichomonas vaginalis

Hägglund, M.; Waldén, M.; Ekstrand, J., 2010:
UEFA injury study--an injury audit of European Championships 2006 to 2008

Werner, J.; Hägglund, M.; Waldén, M.; Ekstrand, J., 2011:
UEFA injury study: a prospective study of hip and groin injuries in professional football over seven consecutive seasons

Johnson, G., 2014:
UEG Education: What's that all about?

Murray, C., 2014:
UEG Education: time to shape the future

Anonymous, 2014:
UEG Public Affairs Activities: Successes and challenges ahead

Anonymous, 2014:
UEG Rising Stars Award

Anonymous, 2014:
UEG Scientific Committee Insights: More reasons than ever to attend UEG Week!

Anonymous, 2013:
UEG Support Policies: LINK Award Programme 2012

Regula, J., 2014:
UEG Training Support - a good option to finance your high quality postgraduate teaching!

Anonymous, 2013 :
UEG Week 2012 award winners

Li, Y.; Li, Y.; Wang, X.; Xu, H.; Wang, C.; An, Y.; Luan, W.; Wang, X.; Li, S.; Ma, F.; Ni, L.; Liu, M.; Tang, X.; Yu, L., 2018:
Cordycepin modulates body weight by reducing prolactin via an adenosine A1 receptor

Anonymous, 2014:
UEG Week Barcelona - the place to be for gastroenterologists in 2015!

Tilg, H.; Wedemeyer, H., 2014:
UEG Week Vienna 2014 cutting edge symposium: Today's Science, Tomorrow's Medicine session features the immune system - a driving force in digestive health and disease

Anonymous, 2014:
UEG Week Vienna 2014: Endoscopy - new features in a multi-disciplinary setting

Simrén, M., 2014:
UEG Week Vienna 2014: New horizons, fresh ideas

Kan, H.; Wang, Y.; Wang, D.; Sun, H.; Zhou, S.; Wang, H.; Guan, J.; Li, M., 2018:
Cordycepin rescues lidocaine-induced neurotoxicity in dorsal root ganglion by interacting with inflammatory signaling pathway MMP3

Li, X.; Zhou, Y.; Zhang, X.; Cao, X.; Wu, C.; Guo, P., 2017:
Cordycepin stimulates autophagy in macrophages and prevents atherosclerotic plaque formation in ApoE -/- mice

Stockbrugger, R., 2014:
UEG: What is the Public Affairs Committee (PAC)?

Flodmark, O.; Leonardi, M.; Schumacher, M., 2009:
UEMS Division of Neuroradiology--a new development for European neuroradiology

Da Silva, J.A.P.; Faarvang, K-L.; Bandilla, K.; Woolf, A.D., 2007:
UEMS charter on the training of rheumatologists in Europe

Li, I-Chen.; Lin, S.; Tsai, Y-Ting.; Hsu, J-Hsia.; Chen, Y-Lien.; Lin, W-Hsin.; Chen, C-Chu., 2018:
Cordyceps cicadae mycelia and its active compound HEA exert beneficial effects on blood glucose in type 2 diabetic db/db mice

Costa, D.C., 2012:
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UK acid attacks

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UK audit shows major rise in lung cancer surgery over past five years

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UK babies are being breastfed for longer

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UK battle over hybrid stem cells

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UK births: an urgent need to think ahead

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UK body backs food from cloned animals

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UK built Ebola treatment centre opens in Sierra Leone

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UK campaign calls for 20-30% cut in sugar content of foods

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UK campaign encourages consumers to ask organisations for scientific evidence

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UK cancer death rates are predicted to fall 17% by 2030

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UK cancer death rates drop by more than a fifth over 20 years

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UK clinical trials must be registered to win ethics committee approval

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UK considers moving to new system of to increase organ transplantation

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UK cost-utility analysis of rituximab in patients with rheumatoid arthritis that failed to respond adequately to a biologic disease-modifying antirheumatic drug

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UK deaths from breast cancer fall to lowest figure for 40 years

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UK declares war on antimicrobial resistance

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UK defence medical services guidance for the use of recombinant factor VIIa (rFVIIa) in the deployed military setting

Arie, S., 2014:
UK doctor arrested in Syria is located in Damascus prison

Dyer, C., 2014:
UK doctor is struck off after drug user dies from overmedication

Dyer, C., 2014:
UK doctor who charged for unworked shifts is allowed to resume practice after repaying hospital and showing remorse

Dyer, C., 2014:
UK doctor who worked in US after being struck off by GMC has licence withdrawn

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UK doctors and equal opportunities in the NHS: national questionnaire surveys of views on gender, ethnicity and disability

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UK doctors are already put off by changes in training

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UK doctors awareness and use of specified electronic evidence-based medicine resources

Morris, K., 2010:
UK doctors begin reporting gun and knife crime

Iacobucci, G., 2013:
UK doctors call on government to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol

Cash, J., 2014:
UK doctors commonly face fitness to practise hearings without legal representation

Wise, J., 2015:
UK doctors could save £2bn a year by cutting waste, says report

Wilkinson, E., 2009 :
UK doctors hail research excellence results

Kerr, C., 2007:
UK doctors may lose self-regulation

Marques, T.Villanueva.Gutierrez.Arruda., 2013:
UK doctors must show fitness to practise every five years

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UK doctors say Canadian family medicine meetings need more candour and less grandeur

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UK doctors show most interest in falls among elderly people, but French more curious about type 2 diabetes

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UK doctors under the microscope

Jaques, H., 2012:
UK doctors vote on industrial action for first time in 37 years

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UK doctors' attitude to assisted dying differs strongly from the public's

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UK doctors' attitudes to the legalisation of assisted suicide

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UK doctors' regulator strikes off GP for persistent dishonesty

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UK doctors' views on the implementation of the European Working Time Directive as applied to medical practice: a qualitative analysis

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UK doctors' views on the implementation of the European Working Time Directive as applied to medical practice: a quantitative analysis

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UK does well on giving information to patients but poorly on access to new treatments

Bellis, M.A., 2012:
UK drinking guidelines are better for the alcohol industry than the public

Cohen, D.; Macdonald, H., 2015:
UK drug agency announces review of use of alteplase after stroke

Dyer, C., 2007:
UK drug industry challenges government's action

Gøtzsche, P.C., 2012:
UK drug regulator destroys all evidence after 15 years

Hawkes, N., 2013:
UK drug service is ill equipped to deal with new "legal highs" taken by clubbers, conference is told

Hawkes, N., 2012:
UK economy can withstand a doubling in health spending in next 50 years, conference hears

Siva, N., 2010:
UK election: the main parties' health policies

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UK emissions of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide

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UK enquiry shows lack of knowledge about complications in patients with sickle cell disease

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UK epidemic Escherichia coli strains A-E, with CTX-M-15 beta-lactamase, all belong to the international O25:H4-ST131 clone

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UK exceeds target on mortality from elective repair of abdominal aneurysm four years early

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UK experience in the monitoring and control of lead in drinking water

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UK experience of liver transplantation for erythropoietic protoporphyria

Mayor, S., 2008:
UK experts call for national system to evaluate diagnostic tests

Knibb, A.A.A., 2010:
UK export of death row drug. Like rope to England, or steel to France

Anonymous, 2009:
UK falling behind on cancer care

Rienzo, M., 2011:
UK federal loan repayment program for nurse-midwives

Pitts-Tucker, T., 2012:
UK fertilisation authority launches consultation on mitochondrial replacement techniques

Glynne-Jones, R., 2012:
UK fifth National Colorectal Cancer Consensus Meeting 2010

Mashta, O., 2009:
UK firms sign up to display calories on menus

Anonymous, 2014:
UK first-time mothers 'oldest in the world'

McGauran, A., 2009:
UK food agency reaffirms its advice that addition of folic acid to flour should be compulsory

Sanderson, P.; Elsom, R.L.; Kirkpatrick, V.; Calder, P.C.; Woodside, J.V.; Williams, E.A.; Rink, L.; Fairweather-Tait, S.; Ivory, K.; Cantorna, M.; Watzl, B.; Stone, E.M., 2010:
UK food standards agency workshop report: diet and immune function

Farrar, J.; Savill, J., 2014:
UK funders' framework for health-related findings in research

Wilkinson, E., 2014:
UK general practice in crisis: time for a rethink?

Hawkes, N., 2012:
UK government agrees to fund free drug treatment for foreign nationals with HIV

Dyer, C., 2013:
UK government bows to pressure over lobbying bill

Hawkes, N., 2012:
UK government comes down in favour of making all publicly funded research "open access"

Wise, J., 2012:
UK government disbands advisory group on obesity

Cross, M., 2011:
UK government expects private firms to manage patients' online records

Kmietowicz, Z., 2007:
UK government fails to stem rise in tuberculosis cases

Holmes, D., 2011:
UK government hits the pause button over NHS reforms

Day, M., 2007:
UK government invites bids for general practices in supermarkets

O'Dowd, A., 2011:
UK government is likely to give more prominence to scientific advice before emergencies occur

Dyer, C., 2013:
UK government is to reconsider claims of children who developed narcolepsy after vaccination

O'Dowd, A., 2009:
UK government may consider minimum price for alcohol

O'Dowd, A., 2015:
UK government may face legal challenge from Philip Morris over plain cigarette packaging

White, C., 2007:
UK government pledges 370m pounds sterling to improve cancer care

Henderson, D., 2009:
UK government predicts 100,000 new A/H1N1 flu cases a day by September

Day, M., 2007:
UK government prepares way for creation of hybrid embryos for research

Kmietowicz, Z., 2009:
UK government rejects advice from drugs adviser to downgrade ecstasy

Limb, M., 2014:
UK government rules out a "sugar tax"

Snell, J., 2009:
UK government sets up inquiry into premature deaths in people with learning disabilities

Mayor, S., 2007:
UK government sets up pilot studies to evaluate medical abortion services outside hospitals

Wise, J., 2012:
UK government signals its support for telemedicine

Hawkes, N., 2011:
UK government spells out new plan for NHS in England

Limb, M., 2011:
UK government spends 2m pound to raise awareness of dementia

Dyer, C., 2011:
UK government sues Servier for 220m pound over alleged blocking of generic substitute

Hawkes, N., 2012:
UK government to provide a research portal to make publicly funded research freely available to all

Davis, A., 2007:
UK government to put graphic warnings on tobacco products

Short, R., 2007:
UK government to spend 105m pounds sterling to improve stroke services

Kmietowicz, Z., 2008:
UK government to spend 1bn pounds sterling on development research in next five years

Iacobucci, G., 2016:
UK government vows to monitor waiting times for mental health services in new strategy

Dyer, C., 2014:
UK government wants to expand duty of candour

White, C., 2008:
UK government wants to increase number of donated organs

Coombes, R., 2008:
UK government will tighten law on trial results after weaknesses found in safety legislation

Hawkes, N., 2011:
UK government's changes to health bill are welcomed by research community

Dyer, C., 2013:
UK government's contract with Atos is "unacceptably loose," MPs say

Greenhalgh, R., 2007 :
UK governmental interference in surgical training

Keogh, K., 2016:
UK governments use 'intimidation tactics' to curb pay rises for nurses

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UK guidance on the initial evaluation of an infant or an adolescent with a suspected disorder of sex development

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UK guideline for the use of post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV following sexual exposure (2011)

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UK guidelines call for routine 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in all patients to make the diagnosis of hypertension--not ready for prime time in the United States

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UK health system can learn from innovations in world's poor regions, conference hears

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UK health, science, and overseas aid: not what they seem

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UK healthcare spend exceeded OECD average in 2009, new figures show

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UK hip fracture audit shows wide variation in standards of care

Siva, N., 2009:
UK hopes bill will tackle smoking in children

Anonymous, 2013:
UK horse passport rules--'a catalogue of misunderstanding'

Iacobucci, G., 2014:
UK hospital drops partnership plans after quality of care improves

Christie, B., 2014:
UK hospitals need a proper seven day system, consensus conference concludes

Feinmann, J., 2009:
UK hospitals ordered to cut risk of drugs going wrongly into spinal fluid

Dyer, O., 2008:
UK hospitals that offer cord blood collection will need licence from July

Anonymous, 2015:
UK immunisation schedule update

McCall, B., 2013:
UK implements national programme for surgical trials

Hawkes, N., 2013:
UK improves health outcomes but not as fast as similar countries

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UK inquiry finds people with learning disability receive less effective treatment

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UK introduces picture warnings on cigarette packets

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UK intussusception audit: a national survey of practice and audit of reduction rates

Anonymous, 2013:
UK is 23rd in world rankings for maternal and infant mortality rates

Mayor, S., 2010:
UK is ranked top out of 40 countries on quality of death thanks to hospice network

Kmietowicz, Z., 2012:
UK is seeing "massive" rise in campaigns against plain packets for cigarettes, say health activists

Roehr, B., 2011:
UK is the best at coordinating care for sicker patients, Sweden the worst, shows survey

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UK laboratory diagnosis of Clostridium difficile infection: in a state of transition, confusion, or both?

O'Dowd, A., 2008:
UK lags behind similar countries in stroke services

Qadir, Z., 2012:
UK launches a new centre of excellence for stem cell research

O'Dowd, A., 2012:
UK launches inquiry into safety of PIP breast implants

Moszynski, P., 2012:
UK launches new initiative against neglected tropical diseases

Dyer, C., 2010:
UK law firm starts action on "metal on metal" hip implants

Short, R., 2007:
UK leads initiative to drive down cost of drugs in poor countries

Gorelov, V., 2010:
UK licence to practise comes short of a "UKMLE"

Hurley, R., 2012:
UK lifts lifetime ban on gay men giving blood

Torjesen, I., 2008:
UK malaria cases increasing as travellers ignore prophylaxis

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UK medical school over-assessment: a simple solution

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UK medical tourists in Thailand: they are not who you think they are

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UK mental health provision is not up to scratch

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UK moves to ensure "access to unlicensed herbal medicines"

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UK must improve its recruitment rate in clinical trials, report says

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UK must learn from US's mistakes in tackling research misconduct

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UK must not relax rules on animal studies to harmonise with Europe, scientists say

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UK national survey of thoracic ultrasound in respiratory registrars

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UK need for nutrition education programme

Dyer, C., 2015:
UK needs database of payments from industry to doctors, conference hears

Anonymous, 2008:
UK needs two-tier National Health Service

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UK needs vaccine to protect against HPV types causing recurrent respiratory papillomatosis

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UK neurological care: time to confront the crisis

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UK neurology--the Blair years

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UK newspapers' representations of the 2009-10 outbreak of swine flu: one health scare not over-hyped by the media?

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UK owner preferences for treatment of feline injection site sarcomas

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UK paediatrician is criticised over handling of baby's death

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UK paramedics can legally withhold resuscitation in defined circumstances

Anonymous, 2015:
UK partnership targets lung cancer

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UK peatland restoration: some economic arithmetic

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UK peers call for extra investment in HIV and AIDS services

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UK perspectives on care in Russia

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UK pharmaceutical industry under threat

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UK places generic ban on mephedrone drug family

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UK policy on dementia is to drive up diagnosis rates by whatever means

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UK policy: A success story?

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UK population enjoys a healthier older age

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UK preparedness for pandemic influenza

Anonymous, 2009:
UK pricing breakthrough lessens strangle-hold on health-care budgets

Brindle, D., 2011:
UK prime minister "guarantees" welfare of residents of struggling nursing home chain

Chanchlani, N., 2014:
UK proposes ban on smoking in cars carrying children

Mansour, D., 2010:
UK provision for removal of non-palpable contraceptive implants

Dyer, O., 2008:
UK psychiatrists offer help to colleagues in Iraq

George, S., 2008:
UK public health research centres of excellence

Gulland, A., 2011:
UK public must expect to pay for long term care, says care services minister

Ahsan, S., 2014:
UK public will choose which scientific puzzle to investigate for 2014 Longitude Prize

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UK radiation workers have higher than normal cancer risk but lower overall death rate

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UK radical prostatectomy outcomes and surgeon case volume: based on an analysis of the British Association of Urological Surgeons Complex Operations Database

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UK ramps up embryo research debate

Cornell, S.John., 2009:
UK rationing of new medicines. NICE should follow example of Scottish Medicines Consortium

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UK recommends PIP breast implants should not be removed

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UK registered nurse medical device education: a comparison of hospital and bank nurses

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UK registry of high-risk obstetric anaesthesia: report on neurological disease

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UK regulator asks cardiologists to report adverse effects of heart device

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Coreceptors and Their Ligands in Epithelial γδ T Cell Biology

O'Dowd, A., 2013:
UK regulators deny claims that their access to oseltamivir trial data was insufficient

Mayor, S., 2008:
UK regulatory body approves research using human-animal hybrid embryos

Lyle, D., 1995:
UK report backs modern energy-from-waste plants

Mayor, S., 2007:
UK report calls for better access to nicotine replacement treatment for heavily addicted smokers

Mayor, S., 2007:
UK report calls for new services to improve out of hours acute care

Mayor, S., 2007:
UK report recommends better planning for phase I drug trials

Wise, J., 2014:
UK research bodies agree steps to protect anonymity of study participants

Mayor, S., 2009:
UK research community is to consult on use of animals containing human material

van Bekkum, J.E.; Hilton, S., 2015:
UK research funding bodies' views towards public participation in health-related research decisions: an exploratory study

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UK research staff perspectives on improving recruitment and retention to primary care research; nominal group exercise

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UK researcher wins 2012 Gairdner Global Health Award

Anonymous, 2014:
UK researchers win canine health awards

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UK resident population by country of birth

Kmietowicz, Z., 2007:
UK residents labelled as "health tourists" have problems accessing health care

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UK resources in the care of adults with Down's syndrome

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UK retinopathy of prematurity guideline

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UK rheumatology consultant workforce provision 2007-9: results from the BSR/Arthritis Research UK Consultant Workforce Register

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UK role 4 military infection services: past, present and future

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UK science policy and environmental research

O'Dowd, A., 2009:
UK scientific adviser criticises UK planning for flu pandemic

Hawkes, N., 2014:
UK scientists criticize White House ban on studies that increase virus potency or transmissibility

De Lorenzo, F., 2008:
UK screening plans

Mayor, S., 2009:
UK sees rise in people donating a kidney to recipients they do not know

Berzins, K.; Reilly, S.; Abell, J.; Hughes, J.; Challis, D., 2009:
UK self-care support initiatives for older patients with long-term conditions: a review

Iacobucci, G., 2013:
UK should adopt cheap methods of healthcare delivery from poorer countries

Brown, H., 2007:
UK should foster scientific collaboration outside EU

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UK smoke-free legislation: changes in PM2.5 concentrations in bars in Scotland, England, and Wales

Torjesen, I., 2014:
UK spearheads efforts to combat rising threat of antibiotic resistance

Senanayake, E.L.; Poon, H.; Graham, T.R.; Midwinter, M.J., 2015:
UK specialist cardiothoracic management of thoracic injuries in military casualties sustained in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Iacobucci, G., 2014:
UK spending on healthcare lowest of G7 countries

Dyer, C., 2012:
UK spread the myth that doctors' language skills may not be tested, says EU commissioner

Wise, J., 2008:
UK steps up its global health security

Dyer, O., 2007:
UK stillbirth rate stops declining as age of mothers rises

Lee, S.; Shafe, A.C.E.; Cowie, M.R., 2011:
UK stroke incidence, mortality and cardiovascular risk management 1999-2008: time-trend analysis from the General Practice Research Database

O'Dowd, A., 2011:
UK stroke performance still improving after 12 years of scrutiny

Mayor, S., 2007:
UK study will reimburse egg donors for costs of in vitro fertilisation

Wise, J., 2010:
UK supermarket is granted licence to sell Viagra to reduce internet sales

Dyer, C., 2014:
UK surgeon takes name off medical register before scheduled case review

Mayor, S., 2013:
UK surgical team reports encouraging early results of first hand transplantation

Wise, J., 2014:
UK survey confirms link between deprivation and smoking

Proudfoot, R.; Cox, R.; Phillips, B.; Wilne, S., 2015:
UK survey of Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia (PJP) prophylaxis use in paediatric oncology patients

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UK survey of clinical consistency in tracheostomy management

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UK survey of the availability of cell salvage and interventional radiological services for the management of obstetric haemorrhage

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UK survey of the present role of ear, nose and throat surgeons in lacrimal surgery

O'Dowd, A., 2009:
UK swine flu cases near 3000, as GP leader says use of Tamiflu may need to be rethought

Johnston, B., 2011:
UK telehealth initiatives in palliative care: a review

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UK temporomandibular joint replacement database: report on baseline data

Glynne-Jones, R., 2009:
UK third national colorectal cancer consensus meeting 2008

Anonymous, 2016:
UK to establish central equine database as EU tightens rules on horse passports

Anonymous, 2011:
UK to harmonise its pet travel rules in line with the EU

Hawkes, N., 2012:
UK to spend 250m pound on proton beam treatment despite no appraisal by NICE

Brock, S., 2011:
UK tobacco firms behind cancer export drive

Sharp, C.; Maher, T.M.; Welham, S.; Gibbons, M., 2015:
UK trainee experience in interstitial lung disease: results from a British Thoracic Society survey

Dyer, C., 2015:
UK trainee surgeon was "unlawfully killed" in Syria, inquest rules

Horne, S.; Vassallo, J.; Read, J.; Ball, S., 2013:
UK triage--an improved tool for an evolving threat

Webster, P.Christopher., 2012:
UK unveils patient-centred electronic health strategy

O'Dowd, A., 2009:
UK urges more flexibility in criteria for flu pandemic alerts

Yates, T.A.; Paranthaman, K.; Yu, L-Mee.; Davis, E.; Lang, S.; Hackett, S.J.; Welch, S.B.; Pollard, A.J.; Snape, M.D., 2013:
UK vaccination schedule: persistence of immunity to hepatitis B in children vaccinated after perinatal exposure

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UK veterinarians' experiences with euthanasia

Dickinson, G.E.; Paul, E.S., 2014:
UK veterinary schools: emphasis on end-of-life issues

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UK vs. Cdn. Nursing: A Response

Hanna, M.S.; Portal, A.J.; Dhanda, A.D.; Przemioslo, R., 2014:
UK wide survey on the prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis

O'Dowd, A., 2015:
UK will be groundbreaker if proposed regulations for mitochondrial donation are adopted, MPs hear

Butcher, J., 2007:
UK will lose clinical trials if electronic records system is delayed, ABPI warns

Kmietowicz, Z., 2012:
UK will use Gardasil in its HPV vaccination programme from next September

Anonymous, 2012:
UK wins concession on movement recording for older sheep

Dyer, C., 2010:
UK women seek infertility treatment abroad because of shortage of donor gametes at home, survey finds

Corry, P., 2007:
UK's Mental Health Bill

Bamrah, J.S.; Datta, S.; Rahim, A.; Harris, M.; McKenzie, K., 2007:
UK's Mental Health Bill

Hettiaratchy, S.; Tai, N.; Mahoney, P.; Hodgetts, T., 2010:
UK's NHS trauma systems: lessons from military experience

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Coreceptor Tropism and Maraviroc Sensitivity of Clonally Derived Ethiopian HIV-1C Strains Using an in-house Phenotypic Assay and Commonly Used Genotypic Methods

Grimes, K., 2011:
UK's biomedical research institute gets green light

Hawkes, N., 2014:
UK's health spending per head fell in 2010 and 2011

Anonymous, 2015:
UK's obesity epidemic 'cannot be fixed with a one-size-fits-all' solution

Gulland, A., 2015:
UK's plan to build community care centres for Ebola patients is questioned

The Lancet Oncology, 2010:
UK's proposed research cuts show government's lack of understanding

Lloyd-Roberts, S., 2013:
UK's shameful record on female genital mutilation

Mohyuddin, S., 2010:
UK, wise up

Ward, D.N.; Talley, D.C.; Tavag, M.; Menji, S.; Schaughency, P.; Baier, A.; Smith, P.J., 2014:
UK-1 and structural analogs are potent inhibitors of hepatitis C virus replication

Wayman, C.P.; Baxter, D.; Turner, L.; Van Der Graaf, P.H.; Naylor, A.M., 2010:
UK-414,495, a selective inhibitor of neutral endopeptidase, potentiates pelvic nerve-stimulated increases in female genital blood flow in the anaesthetized rabbit

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Core cis-element variation confers subgenome-biased expression of a transcription factor that functions in cotton fiber elongation

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UK-based physical therapists' attitudes and beliefs regarding exercise and knee osteoarthritis: findings from a mixed-methods study

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UK-based real-time lymphoproliferative disorder diagnostic service to improve the management of patients in Ghana

Twamley, K.; Puthussery, S.; Harding, S.; Baron, M.; Macfarlane, A., 2012:
UK-born ethnic minority women and their experiences of feeding their newborn infant

Blakemore, S., 2011:
UK-wide audit into falls and fractures finds wide variation in quality of services

Anonymous, 2007:
UK/world: BAT has to be kidding

Lloyd, A., 2015:
UK: Lifesaving Quit campaign awarded

Anonymous, 2008:
UK: bad news, good progress

Garman, K.; Tavakoly, B.; Gilmore, A., 2010:
UK: price-based promotions target poor

Wood, R., 2010:
UK: the reality behind the "knife crime" debate

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UKA after spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee: a retrospective analysis

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UKA can be safely revised to primary knee arthroplasty by using an autologous bone plate from the proximal lateral tibia

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UKA in combination with PFR at average 12-year follow-up

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UKALLXII/ECOG2993: addition of imatinib to a standard treatment regimen enhances long-term outcomes in Philadelphia positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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UKCAT among the pigeons

Searle, G.F., 2008:
UKCAT among the pigeons... and excluding the empathic

Samuel, D.G., 2008:
UKCAT among the pigeons: UKCAT among the pigeons. Undermining access ..

Hughes, P., 2007:
UKCHIP prepared by Pam Hughes

Gray, S., 2008:
UKCRC Centres of Public Health Excellence

Arlt, V.M.; Schwerdtle, T., 2011:
UKEMS/Dutch EMS-sponsored workshop on biomarkers of exposure and oxidative DNA damage & 7th GUM-32P-postlabelling workshop, University of Münster, Münster, Germany, 28-29 March 2011

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UKPDS Risk Engine, decode and diabetes PHD models for the estimation of cardiovascular risk in patients with diabetes

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UKPDS and the legacy effect

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UKPDS outcomes model 2: a new version of a model to simulate lifetime health outcomes of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus using data from the 30 year United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study: UKPDS 82

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UKPDS-modelling of cardiovascular risk assessment and lifetime simulation of outcomes

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UKPMC: a full text article resource for the life sciences

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UKQCD software for lattice quantum chromodynamics

Potticary, J., 2013:
UK£7 million donation for the University of Leicester

Fricker, J., 2011:
UK’s adopts systematic approach to personalised cancer medicine

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UL146 variability among clinical isolates of human cytomegalovirus from Japan

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UL52 primase interactions in the herpes simplex virus 1 helicase-primase are affected by antiviral compounds and mutations causing drug resistance

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UL54 foscarnet mutation in an hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipient with cytomegalovirus disease

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UL55 genotype diversity of cytomegalovirus strains isolated from newborns and infants hospitalized in southern Poland

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UL84-independent replication of human cytomegalovirus strain TB40/E

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ULA-OP: an advanced open platform for ultrasound research

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ULB Medicine Faculty during world war 1914-1918

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ULBP2 and RAET1E NKG2D ligands are independent predictors of poor prognosis in ovarian cancer patients

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ULBP6/RAET1L is an additional human NKG2D ligand

Anonymous, 1948:
ULCER of the tongue

Anonymous, 1948:
ULCERATIVE colitis and cancer of the colon

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ULK1 inhibits mTORC1 signaling, promotes multisite Raptor phosphorylation and hinders substrate binding

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ULK1 inhibits the kinase activity of mTORC1 and cell proliferation

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ULK1 plays a critical role in AMPK-mediated myocardial autophagy and contractile dysfunction following acute alcohol challenge

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ULK1 regulates melanin levels in MNT-1 cells independently of mTORC1

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ULK1, mammalian target of rapamycin, and mitochondria: linking nutrient availability and autophagy

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ULK1.ATG13.FIP200 complex mediates mTOR signaling and is essential for autophagy

Anonymous, 2010:
ULP filed for ignoring nurses input. Nurses march for the Lapeer community

Anonymous, 1947:
ULTRA violet radiation

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ULTRA: A Unique Instrument for Time-Resolved Spectroscopy

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ULTRAPETALA trxG genes interact with KANADI transcription factor genes to regulate Arabidopsis gynoecium patterning

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ULTRAPETALA1 and LEAFY pathways function independently in specifying identity and determinacy at the Arabidopsis floral meristem

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ULTRAPRO Hernia System versus lichtenstein repair in treatment of primary inguinal hernias: a prospective randomized controlled study

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ULTRAPRO® Hernia System: Toward an Ideal Solution? The Bonheiden Experience with a Partially Absorbable and Macroporous Bilayer Device

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ULTRASONOGRAPHY: a new beginning with international open access

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ULtiMATE system for rapid assembly of customized TAL effectors

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UM-SCC-103: a unique tongue cancer cell line that recapitulates the tumorigenic stem cell population of the primary tumor

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UM-SCC-104: a new human papillomavirus-16-positive cancer stem cell-containing head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cell line

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UMA and MABP domains throw light on receptor endocytosis and selection of endosomal cargoes

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UMAE project. Development and advances 2004-2006

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UMARS: Un-MAppable Reads Solution

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UMB-3, a novel rabbit monoclonal antibody, for assessing μ-opioid receptor expression in mouse, rat and human formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissues

Kothe, E.; Büchel, G., 2015:
UMBRELLA: Using MicroBes for the REgulation of heavy metaL mobiLity at ecosystem and landscape scAle

Coleman, B., 2009:
UMC neurosurgery patient regains function despite virtual decapitation

Anonymous, 2014:
UMC's ground-breaking web tool brings patient safety into focus

Anonymous, 2014:
UMC/WHO news release 12 July 2013

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UMD-CFTR: a database dedicated to CF and CFTR-related disorders

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UMD-DYSF, a novel locus specific database for the compilation and interactive analysis of mutations in the dysferlin gene

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UMD-MLH1/MSH2/MSH6 databases: description and analysis of genetic variations in French Lynch syndrome families

McNeal, G.J., 2008:
UMDNJ school of nursing mobile healthcare project: a component of the New Jersey Children's Health Project

Anonymous, 2013:
UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School garners $2.5 million grant for faculty development

Gelfusa, M.; Gaudio, P.; Malizia, A.; Murari, A.; Vega, J.; Richetta, M.; Gonzalez, S., 2014:
UMEL: a new regression tool to identify measurement peaks in LIDAR/DIAL systems for environmental physics applications

Beauchamp-Sayraf, M., 2012:
UMHS nurse shines on Labor Day stage

Pinato, S.; Gatti, M.; Scandiuzzi, C.; Confalonieri, S.; Penengo, L., 2011:
UMI, a novel RNF168 ubiquitin binding domain involved in the DNA damage signaling pathway

Hauer, K.E.; Lucey, C.R., 2018:
Core Clerkship Grading: The Illusion of Objectivity

Anonymous, 1975:
UMKC School of Dentistry Organizes New Department

Wenninger, S.; Montagnese, F.; Schoser, B., 2018:
Core Clinical Phenotypes in Myotonic Dystrophies

Alharbi, T.; McIntyre, M.; Thomacos, N.; McLelland, G., 2018:
Core competencies for diabetes educators: a scoping review protocol

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UMKC--coming of age in 2007

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UMLS content views appropriate for NLP processing of the biomedical literature vs. clinical text

McInnes, B.T.; Pedersen, T.; Pakhomov, S.V.S., 2011:
UMLS-Interface and UMLS-Similarity : open source software for measuring paths and semantic similarity

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UMLS-Query: a perl module for querying the UMLS

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UMLS-based automatic image indexing

Qiao, D.; Tang, S.; Aslam, S.; Ahmad, M.; To, K.Kin.Wah.; Wang, F.; Huang, Z.; Cai, J.; Fu, L., 2014:
UMMS-4 enhanced sensitivity of chemotherapeutic agents to ABCB1-overexpressing cells via inhibiting function of ABCB1 transporter

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UMOD polymorphism rs12917707 is not associated with severe or stable IgA nephropathy in a large Caucasian cohort

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UMP kinase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Mode of action and allosteric interactions, and their likely role in pyrimidine metabolism regulation

Hu, R.; Lam, W.; Hsu, C-Hung.; Cheng, Y-Chi., 2011:
UMP/CMPK is not the critical enzyme in the metabolism of pyrimidine ribonucleotide and activation of deoxycytidine analogs in human RKO cells

Anonymous, 2013:
UMPNC, PECSH contracts secure rights, benefits for years to come

Anonymous, 1948:
UMT experimental unit VD rates

Darnobid, A.C.; Coyle, C., 2013:
UMass Life Flight: first in New England

Sun, M., 1986:
UN Biotechnology Center Mired in Politics

Romanchishen, A.F., 2010:
UN Conference "The Project Chernobyl. Life under conditions of radiation after the Chernobyl accident: treatment of patients with thyroid carcinoma in the era of public health service reforms"

Walsh, J., 1974:
UN Conferences: Topping Any Agenda Is the Question of Development

Hendriks, A., 2008:
UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Stephens, C.; Porter, J.; Nettleton, C.; Willis, R., 2007:
UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Lal, P.; Jacob, A.; Buragohain, A., 2013:
UN Development Programme and non-communicable diseases

Chambers, R.G., 2012:
UN Envoy's response to estimates of global malaria mortality

Peden, M., 2011:
UN General Assembly calls for decade of action for road safety

Anonymous, 2012:
UN HIV/AIDS strategy through social media

Beaglehole, R.; Bonita, R.; Alleyne, G.; Horton, R.; Li, L.; Lincoln, P.; Mbanya, J.Claude.; McKee, M.; Moodie, R.; Nishtar, S.; Piot, P.; Reddy, K.Srinath.; Stuckler, D., 2011:
UN High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases: addressing four questions

Walsh, J., 1979:
UN Meeting in Vienna Unlikely to Be a Waltz

Al-Lamki, L., 2011:
UN Millennium Development Goals and Oman: Kudos to Oman on its 40th National Day

Ruff, K., 2013:
UN Scientific Agency collaborating with scientists involved in sabotaging UN Rotterdam Convention

Burki, T., 2010:
UN Women to spearhead new drive for gender equality

Loewenberg, S., 2009:
UN World Food Summit falls short on details

Swamy, M., 2008 :
UN agencies issue new guidelines for HIV testing

Anonymous, 2008:
UN agency denies inflating cases of HIV deliberately

Kirby, T., 2013:
UN agrees new treaty to reduce harm from mercury

Zarocostas, J., 2010:
UN and aid groups intensify efforts to contain cholera outbreak in Haiti

Broad, W.J., 1980:
UN at Odds over Science Center

Miller, A., 2013:
UN atlas links climate change to disease spread

Zarocostas, J., 2007:
UN calls for tougher rules to prevent sale of children's organs

Cui, W., 2011:
UN calls for "bold" action to reshape AIDS response

Moszynski, P., 2010:
UN chief urges world leaders to put development goals back on track

Watson, R., 2007:
UN conference on climate change will test countries' commitment to public health

Francescutti, C., 2011:
UN convention on the rights of persons with disability, eligibility criteria and the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health

Burki, T.Khan., 2012:
UN debates global Arms Trade Treaty

Kenyon, G., 2009:
UN declaration is the first step to counter racism in cancer care

Zarocostas, J., 2009:
UN expert calls for greater care and assistance for victims of child pornography

Moszynski, P., 2010:
UN fears disease outbreak as result of Darfur camp blockade

Skillington, T., 2014:
UN genocide commemoration, transnational scenes of mourning and the global project of learning from atrocity

Alfvén, T.; Ekström, A.Mia.; Thorson, A.; Diwan, V., 2013:
UN health goals hard to reach

Wilkinson, E., 2008:
UN hears demands that 10% of spending on roads should go on safety measures

De Roodenbeke, E., 2012:
UN high level summit on non communicable diseases

Zarocostas, J., 2012:
UN intensifies relief efforts as Somali famine is predicted to spread

Zarocostas, J., 2010:
UN launches commission on HIV to look at discrimination and legal barriers to treatment

Koehlmoos, T.Pérez., 2012:
UN meeting for non-communicable diseases

Zarocostas, J., 2007:
UN official warns of deteriorating health situation in Gaza Strip

Anonymous, 2008:
UN peacekeepers and the sexual exploitation of children

Morris, K., 2010:
UN raises priority of non-communicable diseases

Zarocostas, J., 2011:
UN recommends reparations fund to help those who were raped in Congo

Anonymous, 2011:
UN releases new figures on HIV/AIDS epidemic

Morris, K., 2008:
UN report urges action towards universal HIV treatment access

Mamudu, H.M.; Yang, J.S.; Novotny, T.E., 2011:
UN resolution on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases: an opportunity for global action

Moszynski, P., 2007:
UN says countries must learn to cope with more urbanisation

Zarocostas, J., 2009:
UN seeks to boost access to health care for millions of refugees and internally displaced people

Anonymous, 2015:
UN strengthens regulations on melamine, seafood, melons, dried figs and labelling

Moszynski, P., 2010:
UN summit launches new initiative for women and children's health

Webster, P.Christopher., 2011:
UN summit urges more accountability within food and beverage industry

Cohen, L.K.; Benzian, H.; Bergman, M., 2012:
UN summit: stepping up efforts to address oral diseases

Parks, N., 2010:
UN update: climate change hitting sooner and stronger

Moszynski, P., 2012:
UN urges more progress to meet MDG targets on maternal and child health

Zarocostas, J., 2008:
UN warns of millions at risk of starvation in drought stricken Ethiopia, Somalia, and Afghanistan

Charatan, F., 2009:
UN warns that swine flu outbreak could turn into pandemic

Evans, R., 2015:
UN: Global Ebola Response

Arkin, E., 2012:
UN: Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS aims to intensify efforts to combat the epidemic

Langkjaer, N.; Pasternak, A.; Wengel, J., 2009:
UNA (unlocked nucleic acid): a flexible RNA mimic that allows engineering of nucleic acid duplex stability

Markham, N.R.; Zuker, M., 2008 :
UNAFold: software for nucleic acid folding and hybridization

Dimbuene, Z.Tsala.; Emina, J.B.O.; Sankoh, O., 2014:
UNAIDS 'multiple sexual partners' core indicator: promoting sexual networks to reduce potential biases

Kresge, K.Jill., 2010:
UNAIDS and WHO release new report on global epidemic

Anonymous, 2007:
UNAIDS/WHO report highlights epidemic resurgence

Anonymous, 2008:
UNAIDS: billions still needed for global HIV intervention

Anonymous, 1949:
UNANIMOUS second reading of the Nurses Bill

Anonymous, 1947:
UNAUTHORIZED autopsy: mistake in identity of corpse [Colorado, 1947

Juncker, T.; Schumacher, M.; Dicato, M.; Diederich, M., 2009:
UNBS1450 from Calotropis procera as a regulator of signaling pathways involved in proliferation and cell death

Juncker, T.; Cerella, C.; Teiten, M-Hélène.; Morceau, F.; Schumacher, M.; Ghelfi, J.; Gaascht, Fçois.; Schnekenburger, M.; Henry, E.; Dicato, M.; Diederich, M., 2010:
UNBS1450, a steroid cardiac glycoside inducing apoptotic cell death in human leukemia cells

Bradley, D.; Rubinow, D.R., 2011:
UNC Health Systems and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina patient-centered medical home collaborative

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UNC-108/RAB-2 and its effector RIC-19 are involved in dense core vesicle maturation in Caenorhabditis elegans

Hu, Z.; Tong, X-Jing.; Kaplan, J.M., 2013:
UNC-13L, UNC-13S, and Tomosyn form a protein code for fast and slow neurotransmitter release in Caenorhabditis elegans

Zheng, Q.; Nonet, M.L., 2013:
UNC-16/JIP3/sunday driver: a new cop on the organelle highway

Graham, M.E.; Edwards, M.R.; Holden-Dye, L.; Morgan, A.; Burgoyne, R.D.; Barclay, J.W., 2008:
UNC-18 modulates ethanol sensitivity in Caenorhabditis elegans

McEwen, J.M.; Kaplan, J.M., 2008:
UNC-18 promotes both the anterograde trafficking and synaptic function of syntaxin

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UNC-31/CAPS docks and primes dense core vesicles in C. elegans neurons

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UNC-4 antagonizes Wnt signaling to regulate synaptic choice in the C. elegans motor circuit

Bernadskaya, Y.Y.; Wallace, A.; Nguyen, J.; Mohler, W.A.; Soto, M.C., 2012:
UNC-40/DCC, SAX-3/Robo, and VAB-1/Eph polarize F-actin during embryonic morphogenesis by regulating the WAVE/SCAR actin nucleation complex

Mullen, G.P.; Grundahl, K.M.; Gu, M.; Watanabe, S.; Hobson, R.J.; Crowell, J.A.; McManus, J.R.; Mathews, E.A.; Jorgensen, E.M.; Rand, J.B., 2013:
UNC-41/stonin functions with AP2 to recycle synaptic vesicles in Caenorhabditis elegans

Shi, H.; Blobel, Günter., 2011:
UNC-45/CRO1/She4p (UCS) protein forms elongated dimer and joins two myosin heads near their actin binding region

Bujalowski, P.J.; Nicholls, P.; Oberhauser, A.F., 2015:
UNC-45B chaperone: the role of its domains in the interaction with the myosin motor domain

Toda, H.; Mochizuki, H.; Flores, R.; Josowitz, R.; Krasieva, T.B.; Lamorte, V.J.; Suzuki, E.; Gindhart, J.G.; Furukubo-Tokunaga, K.; Tomoda, T., 2008:
UNC-51/ATG1 kinase regulates axonal transport by mediating motor-cargo assembly

Wang, Z.; Linden, L.M.; Naegeli, K.M.; Ziel, J.W.; Chi, Q.; Hagedorn, E.J.; Savage, N.S.; Sherwood, D.R., 2014:
UNC-6 (netrin) stabilizes oscillatory clustering of the UNC-40 (DCC) receptor to orient polarity