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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 56781

Chapter 56781 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Maia, M.; Brandão, P.; Monteiro, P.; Barreto, P.; Brandão, D.; Ferreira, J.; Braga, S.; Vaz, G., 2008:
Upper limb ischemia in a patient with Wegener's granulomatosis

Meng, R.; Asmaro, K.; Meng, L.; Liu, Y.; Ma, C.; Xi, C.; Li, G.; Ren, C.; Luo, Y.; Ling, F.; Jia, J.; Hua, Y.; Wang, X.; Ding, Y.; Lo, E.H.; Ji, X., 2013:
Upper limb ischemic preconditioning prevents recurrent stroke in intracranial arterial stenosis

El-Gohary, M.; Holmstrom, L.; Huisinga, J.; King, E.; McNames, J.; Horak, F., 2012:
Upper limb joint angle tracking with inertial sensors

Desroches, G.; Dumas, Rël.; Pradon, D.; Vaslin, P.; Lepoutre, Fçois-Xavier.; Chèze, L., 2010:
Upper limb joint dynamics during manual wheelchair propulsion

Gil-Agudo, A.; Del Ama-Espinosa, A.; Pérez-Rizo, E.; Pérez-Nombela, S.; Pablo Rodríguez-Rodríguez, L., 2011:
Upper limb joint kinetics during manual wheelchair propulsion in patients with different levels of spinal cord injury

Kankipati, P.; Boninger, M.L.; Gagnon, D.; Cooper, R.A.; Koontz, A.M., 2015:
Upper limb joint kinetics of three sitting pivot wheelchair transfer techniques in individuals with spinal cord injury

Pieniazek, M.; Chwała, Wław.; Szczechowicz, J.; Pelczar-Pieniazek, M., 2007:
Upper limb joint mobility ranges during activities of daily living determined by three-dimensional motion analysis--preliminary report

Simkins, M.; Al-Refai, A.H.; Rosen, J., 2014:
Upper limb joint space modeling of stroke induced synergies using isolated and voluntary arm perturbations

Tang, G.; Qian, L.; Wang, D.; Wei, G.; Chang, D.; Wang, C.; Mi, W., 2015:
Upper limb kinematical analysis of an elite weight lifter in the squat snatch

Williams, E.M.; Gordon, A.D.; Richmond, B.G., 2010:
Upper limb kinematics and the role of the wrist during stone tool production

Jaspers, E.; Feys, H.; Bruyninckx, H.; Harlaar, J.; Molenaers, G.; Desloovere, K., 2011:
Upper limb kinematics: development and reliability of a clinical protocol for children

Adamo, D.E.; Scotland, S.; Martin, B.J., 2012:
Upper limb kinesthetic asymmetries: gender and handedness effects

Viehoff, P.B.; van Genderen, F.R.; Wittink, H., 2008:
Upper limb lymphedema 27 (ULL27): Dutch translation and validation of an illness-specific health-related quality of life questionnaire for patients with upper limb lymphedema

Ben Salah, H.; Bahri, M.; Jbali, B.; Guermazi, M.; Frikha, M.; Daoud, J., 2012:
Upper limb lymphedema after breast cancer treatment

Vignes, S.; Arrault, M.; Bonhomme, S.; Spielmann, M., 2007:
Upper limb lymphedema revealing breast cancer

L.C.scio, G.; Caminita, M.L.; Marceca, P.; L.C.scio, N.; Picciotto, D., 2008:
Upper limb mechanical overcharge among health care workers

Buckland, A.; Barton, R.; McCombe, D., 2008 :
Upper limb morbidity as a direct consequence of intravenous drug abuse

Klingels, K.;, P.; Molenaers, G.; Desloovere, K.; Huenaerts, C.; Jaspers, E.; Feys, H., 2010:
Upper limb motor and sensory impairments in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Can they be measured reliably?

Dennis, M.; Salman, M.S.; Jewell, D.; Hetherington, R.; Spiegler, B.J.; MacGregor, D.L.; Drake, J.M.; Humphreys, R.P.; Gentili, F., 2009:
Upper limb motor function in young adults with spina bifida and hydrocephalus

Bonzano, L.; Tacchino, A.; Brichetto, G.; Roccatagliata, L.; Dessypris, A.; Feraco, P.; Lopes D.C.rvalho, M.L.; Battaglia, M.A.; Mancardi, G.L.; Bove, M., 2014:
Upper limb motor rehabilitation impacts white matter microstructure in multiple sclerosis

Roy, J-Sébastien.; Moffet, Hélène.; McFadyen, B.J., 2008:
Upper limb motor strategies in persons with and without shoulder impingement syndrome across different speeds of movement

Masiero, S.; Carraro, E., 2008:
Upper limb movements and cerebral plasticity in post-stroke rehabilitation

Louis, N.; Gorce, P., 2011:
Upper limb muscle forces during a simple reach-to-grasp movement: a comparative study

Shah, S.; Nahar, P.; Vaidya, S.; Salvi, S., 2015:
Upper limb muscle strength & endurance in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Ireland, A.; Maden-Wilkinson, T.; McPhee, J.; Cooke, K.; Narici, M.; Degens, H.; Rittweger, Jörn., 2014:
Upper limb muscle-bone asymmetries and bone adaptation in elite youth tennis players

Caldiroli, D.; Molteni, F.; Sommariva, A.; Frittoli, S.; Guanziroli, E.; Cortellazzi, P.; Orena, E.F., 2014 :
Upper limb muscular activity and perceived workload during laryngoscopy: comparison of Glidescope(R) and Macintosh laryngoscopy in manikin: an observational study

Ramchurn, N.; Mashamba, C.; Leitch, E.; Arutchelvam, V.; Narayanan, K.; Weaver, J.; Hamilton, J.; Heycock, C.; Saravanan, V.; Kelly, C., 2010:
Upper limb musculoskeletal abnormalities and poor metabolic control in diabetes

Wong, J.Y.P.; Chin, D.; Fung, H.; Li, A.; Wong, M.M.S.; Kwok, H.K.H., 2016:
Upper limb musculoskeletal complaints among technicians working in a diagnostic tuberculosis laboratory: two case reports

Occhionero, V.; Korpinen, L.; Gobba, F., 2016:
Upper limb musculoskeletal disorders in healthcare personnel

Pyo, J.; Pasquina, P.F.; DeMarco, M.; Wallach, R.; Teodorski, E.; Cooper, R.A., 2010:
Upper limb nerve entrapment syndromes in veterans with lower limb amputations

Senes, F.M.; Campus, R.; Becchetti, F.; Catena, N., 2010:
Upper limb nerve injuries in developmental age

Petersen, C.M.; Zimmermann, C.L.; Hall, K.D.; Przechera, S.J.; Julian, J.V.; Coderre, N.N., 2009:
Upper limb neurodynamic test of the radial nerve: a study of responses in symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects

Tojo, K.; Tsuchiya-Suzuki, A.; Sekijima, Y.; Morita, H.; Sumita, N.; Ikeda, S-Ichi., 2010:
Upper limb neuropathy such as carpal tunnel syndrome as an initial manifestation of ATTR Val30Met familial amyloid polyneuropathy

Miyoshi, T.; Takahashi, Y.; Lee, H.; Suzuki, T.; Komeda, T., 2011:
Upper limb neurorehabilitation in patients with stroke using haptic device system: reciprocal bi-articular muscle activities reflect as a result of improved circle-drawing smoothness

Russo, R.Nunzio.; Atkins, R.; Haan, E.; Crotty, M., 2009:
Upper limb orthoses and assistive technology utilization in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy recruited from a population register

Balomenou, S.; Roulet-Perez, E.; Vaudaux, B.; Lebon, S., 2013:
Upper limb pain in an adolescent

Sagen, A.; Kaaresen, R.; Sandvik, L.; Thune, I.; Risberg, M.Arna., 2014:
Upper limb physical function and adverse effects after breast cancer surgery: a prospective 2.5-year follow-up study and preoperative measures

Pérez, R.; Costa, Úrsula.; Torrent, M.; Solana, J.; Opisso, E.; Cáceres, César.; Tormos, J.M.; Medina, J.; Gómez, E.J., 2012:
Upper limb portable motion analysis system based on inertial technology for neurorehabilitation purposes

Doyle, S.D.; Bennett, S.; Dudgeon, B., 2015:
Upper limb post-stroke sensory impairments: the survivor's experience

Cortés, C.; Ardanza, A.; Molina-Rueda, F.; Cuesta-Gómez, A.; Unzueta, L.; Epelde, G.; Ruiz, O.E.; D.M.uro, A.; Florez, J., 2015:
Upper limb posture estimation in robotic and virtual reality-based rehabilitation

Bogucki, A., 2007:
Upper limb prostheses

Biddiss, E.A.; Chau, T.T., 2007:
Upper limb prosthesis use and abandonment: a survey of the last 25 years

Lindner, H.Y.N.; Nätterlund, B.Sjöqvist.; Hermansson, L.M.Norling., 2010:
Upper limb prosthetic outcome measures: review and content comparison based on International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health

Favre, I.; Zeffiro, T.A.; Detante, O.; Krainik, A.; Hommel, M.; Jaillard, A., 2014:
Upper limb recovery after stroke is associated with ipsilesional primary motor cortical activity: a meta-analysis

Barker, R.; Kelkar, A.; Searle, A.; Niraj, G., 2013:
Upper limb regional anaesthesia and altered coagulation function

Masiero, S.; Carraro, E.; Ferraro, C.; Gallina, P.; Rossi, A.; Rosati, G., 2009:
Upper limb rehabilitation robotics after stroke: a perspective from the University of Padua, Italy

van Zyl, N.; Hahn, J.B.; Cooper, C.A.; Weymouth, M.D.; Flood, S.J.; Galea, M.P., 2015:
Upper limb reinnervation in C6 tetraplegia using a triple nerve transfer: case report

Gilliaux, M.; Renders, A.; Dispa, D.; Holvoet, D.; Sapin, J.; Dehez, B.; Detrembleur, C.; Lejeune, T.M.; Stoquart, Gëtan., 2015:
Upper limb robot-assisted therapy in cerebral palsy: a single-blind randomized controlled trial

Mazzoleni, S.; Sale, P.; Tiboni, M.; Franceschini, M.; Carrozza, M.Chiara.; Posteraro, F., 2013:
Upper limb robot-assisted therapy in chronic and subacute stroke patients: a kinematic analysis

Fasoli, S.E.; Fragala-Pinkham, M.; Hughes, R.; Hogan, N.; Krebs, H.Igo.; Stein, J., 2008:
Upper limb robotic therapy for children with hemiplegia

Nikkhah, D.; Bhat, W.; Williams, A.; Bourke, G., 2012:
Upper limb salvage following near skeletalisation

Bearne, L.M.; Coomer, A.F.; Hurley, M.V., 2007:
Upper limb sensorimotor function and functional performance in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Posteraro, F.; Mazzoleni, S.; Aliboni, S.; Cesqui, B.; Battaglia, A.; Carrozza, M.Chiara.; Dario, P.; Micera, S., 2010:
Upper limb spasticity reduction following active training: a robot-mediated study in patients with chronic hemiparesis

Van Harlinger, W.; Blalock, L.; Merritt, J.L., 2015:
Upper limb strength: study providing normative data for a clinical handheld dynamometer

Meadmore, K.L.; Cai, Z.; Tong, D.; Hughes, A-Marie.; Freeman, C.T.; Rogers, E.; Burridge, J.H., 2012:
Upper limb stroke rehabilitation: the effectiveness of Stimulation Assistance through Iterative Learning (SAIL)

Revol, M.; Cormerais, A.; Laffont, I.; Pedelucq, J-P.; Dizien, O.; Servant, J-M., 2008:
Upper limb surgery for tetraplegia: assessment of a 10-point strategy

Armer, J., 2007:
Upper limb swelling following mastectomy: lymphedema or not?

Singh, B.; Ramsaroop, L., 2007:
Upper limb sympathectomy: a historical reappraisal of the surgical anatomy

Gacto Sánchez, P.; Pereyra Rodríguez, J.J., 2008:
Upper limb thrombosis in a neonate homozygote for the C677T mutation

Chiu, H-Ching.; Ada, L.; Lee, H-Min., 2015:
Upper limb training using Wii Sports Resort for children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy: a randomized, single-blind trial

Serra, C.; Delattre, O.; Despeignes, R.L.; Cousin, A., 2008:
Upper limb traumatic lesions related to airbag deployment: a case report and review of literature

Kimber, T.E.; Thompson, P.D., 2012:
Upper limb tremor

Weiner, W.J.; Reich, S.G., 2007:
Upper limb tremor induced by peripheral nerve injury

Parthenis, C.; Koleskas, D.; Spanoudaki, C.; Delivoria, V.; Souka, A., 2016:
Upper limb vascular occlusion in the recipient of a monochorionic twin pair

Mumford, N.; Duckworth, J.; Thomas, P.R.; Shum, D.; Williams, G.; Wilson, P.H., 2010:
Upper limb virtual rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury: initial evaluation of the elements system

Faivre, A.; Dagain, A.; Aletti, M.; Wybrecht, D.; Bounolleau, P.; Alla, P., 2012:
Upper limb weakness and cervical pain

Chowdhury, T.; Goyal, K.; Sapra, H.; Mehta, Y., 2012:
Upper limb weakness following lumber disc surgery: An unusual case

Borghesi, S.; Carta, A.; Lucchini, R., 2008:
Upper limb work-related disorders: description of an Italian hospital based case study

Nicoletti, S.; Castoro, V.; Iacobellis, M.; Loizzo, N.; Monopoli, L., 2008:
Upper limb work-related musculoskeletal disorders (UL-WMSDs) in a large factory of the upholstered furniture industry: risk management

Nicoletti, S.; Consonni, D.; Carino, M.;, G.; Trani, G.; Battevi, N.; Colombini, D.; Ambrosi, L., 2008:
Upper limb work-related musculoskeletal disorders (UL-WMSDs): a retrospective cohort study in three large factories of the upholstered furniture industry

Lin, H-Chang.; Chen, C-Hung.; Khor, G-Thean.; Huang, P., 2009:
Upper limbs dysmetria caused by cervical spinal cord injury: a case report

Oliveira,; Souza, G.Antô; Miranda,; Okubo, M.Akita.; Amaral,; Silva, M.Ponzio.Pinto.E.; Gurgel, M.Salete.Costa., 2010:
Upper limbs exercises during radiotherapy for breast cancer and quality of life

Motta, F.; Antonello, C.E.; Stignani, C., 2010:
Upper limbs function after intrathecal baclofen therapy in children with secondary dystonia

Liu, Y.; Qu, J-rong.; Li, S-wu.; Xu, Y-lun., 2010:
Upper limbs motor maps in cortex and plasticity after the anatomical hemispherectomy

Adebayo, P.B.; Gunduz, A.; Kiziltan, M.E.; Kiziltan, G., 2014:
Upper limbs spread of orthostatic tremor following hip replacement surgery

Backer, D.C.; Zensus, J.A.; Kellermann, K.I.; Reid, M.; Moran, J.M.; Lo, K.Y., 1993:
Upper limit of 3.3 astronomical units to the diameter of the galactic center radio source sgr a*

Bratt, O.; Folkvaljon, Y.; Loeb, S.; Klotz, L.; Egevad, L.; Stattin, Pär., 2015:
Upper limit of cancer extent on biopsy defining very low-risk prostate cancer

Zhang, S.; Tsuzuki, S.; Ueno, K.; Dokko, K.; Watanabe, M., 2014:
Upper limit of nitrogen content in carbon materials

Mahendrappa, K.B.; Rajendra, 2010:
Upper limit of normal antistreptolysin-O titer in healthy school children

Tanaka, K.; Hyogo, H.; Ono, M.; Takahashi, H.; Kitajima, Y.; Ono, N.; Eguchi, T.; Fujimoto, K.; Chayama, K.; Saibara, T.; Anzai, K.; Eguchi, Y., 2014:
Upper limit of normal serum alanine aminotransferase levels in Japanese subjects

Sohn, W.; Jun, D.Won.; Kwak, M.Jung.; Park, Q.; Lee, K.Nyeong.; Lee, H.Lak.; Lee, O.Young.; Yoon, B.Chul.; Choi, H.Soon., 2013:
Upper limit of normal serum alanine and aspartate aminotransferase levels in Korea

Fatourechi, V., 2007:
Upper limit of normal serum thyroid-stimulating hormone: a moving and now an aging target?

Fishbane, S., 2008:
Upper limit of serum ferritin: misinterpretation of the 2006 KDOQI anemia guidelines

Jolobe, O.M.P., 2012:
Upper limit of the normal range for thyroid-stimulating [corrected] hormone is higher with increasing age

Chen, P-Sheng.; Lin, S-Fong., 2009:
Upper limit of vulnerability and heterogeneity

Yamashita, S.; Yoshida, A.; Fukuzawa, K.; Fujiwara, R.; Suzuki, A.; Nakanishi, T.; Matsumoto, A.; Konishi, H.; Ichibori, H.; Hirata, K-ichi., 2015:
Upper limit of vulnerability during defibrillator implantations predicts the occurrence of appropriate shock therapy for ventricular fibrillation

Coughlin, M.; Harms, J., 2014:
Upper limit on a stochastic background of gravitational waves from seismic measurements in the range 0.05-1 Hz

Ishidoshiro, K.; Ando, M.; Takamori, A.; Takahashi, H.; Okada, K.; Matsumoto, N.; Kokuyama, W.; Kanda, N.; Aso, Y.; Tsubono, K., 2011:
Upper limit on gravitational wave backgrounds at 0.2 Hz with a torsion-bar antenna

Abraham, J.; Abreu, P.; Aglietta, M.; Aguirre, C.; Allard, D.; Allekotte, I.; Allen, J.; Allison, P.; Alvarez-Muñiz, J.; Ambrosio, M.; Anchordoqui, L.; Andringa, S.; Anzalone, A.; Aramo, C.; Argirò, S.; Arisaka, K.; Armengaud, E.; Arneodo, F.; Arqueros, F.; Asch, T.; Asorey, H.; Assis, P.; Atulugama, B.S.; Aublin, J.; Ave, M.; Avila, G.; Bäcker, T.; Badagnani, D.; Barbosa, A.F.; Barnhill, D.; Barroso, S.L.C.; Bauleo, P.; Beatty, J.J.; Beau, T.; Becker, B.R.; Becker, K.H.; Bellido, J.A.; BenZv, 2008:
Upper limit on the diffuse flux of ultrahigh energy tau neutrinos from the Pierre Auger Observatory

Almagor, E.; Hillman, P.; Minke, B., 2012:
Upper limit on translational diffusion of visual pigment in intact unfixed barnacle photoreceptors

Fitzsimmons, M.R.; Hengartner, N.W.; Singh, S.; Zhernenkov, M.; Bruno, F.Y.; Santamaria, J.; Brinkman, A.; Huijben, M.; Molegraaf, H.J.A.; de la Venta, J.; Schuller, I.K., 2011:
Upper limit to magnetism in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures

Williams, O.R.; Sumner, T.J.; Rochester, G.K.; Adams, G.P., 1987:
Upper limit to the thermal coefficient of the refractive index of fused silica at 184.9 nm

Nixon, C.A.; Achterberg, R.K.; Teanby, N.A.; Irwin, P.G.J.; Flaud, J-Marie.; Kleiner, I.; Dehayem-Kamadjeu, A.; Brown, L.R.; Sams, R.L.; Bézard, B.; Coustenis, A.; Ansty, T.M.; Mamoutkine, A.; Vinatier, S.; Bjoraker, G.L.; Jennings, D.E.; Romani, P.N.; Flasar, F.Michael., 2011:
Upper limits for undetected trace species in the stratosphere of Titan

Féron, Fçois-Xavier.; Frissen, I.; Boissinot, J.; Guastavino, C., 2011:
Upper limits of auditory rotational motion perception

DeMill, D.L.; Wirostko, B.M.; Nelson, L.A.; Stewart, W.C., 2015:
Upper limits of intraocular pressure in glaucoma clinical trials

Zheng, M-Hua.; Shi, K-Qing.; Fan, Y-Chen.; Liu, W-Yue.; Lin, X-Feng.; Li, L-Fei.; Chen, Y-Ping., 2013:
Upper limits of normal for serum alanine aminotransferase levels in Chinese Han population

George, K.P.; Warburton, D.E.R.; Oxborough, D.; Scott, J.M.; Esch, B.T.A.; Williams, K.; Charlesworth, S.; Foulds, H.; Oxborough, A.; Hoffman, M.D.; Shave, R., 2011:
Upper limits of physiological cardiac adaptation in ultramarathon runners

Endres, E.S.; Lakhmanskaya, O.; Hauser, D.; Huber, S.E.; Best, T.; Kumar, S.S.; Probst, M.; Wester, R., 2014:
Upper limits to the reaction rate coefficients of C(n)(-) and C(n)H(-) (n = 2, 4, 6) with molecular hydrogen

Nguyen, D.T.; Oki, K.; Hyakusoku, H.; Ogawa, R., 2011:
Upper lip Basal cell carcinoma reconstruction based on anatomical characteristics using skin-mucosa double opposing v-y advancement flap

Oh, T.Suk.; Choi, J.Woo.; Koh, K.S., 2012:
Upper lip asymmetry perception using three-dimensional anthropometry in patients with unilateral cleft lip deformity

Eker, E.; Tellioğlu, A.Teoman., 2011:
Upper lip augmentation with double-row subcutaneous pedicled V-Y flaps in Möbius syndrome

Malaviya, G.N., 2009:
Upper lip augmentation: palmaris longus as an autologous filler

Trussler, A.P.; Kawamoto, H.K.; Wasson, K.L.; Dickinson, B.P.; Jackson, E.; Keagle, J.N.; Jarrahy, R.; Bradley, J.P., 2008:
Upper lip augmentation: palmaris longus tendon as an autologous filler

Khan, Z.Hussain.; Mofrad, M.Kaazempur.; Arbabi, S.; Javid, M.Jafary.; Makarem, J., 2010:
Upper lip bite test as a predictor of difficult mask ventilation: a prospective study

Chakravarty, C.; Yadav, N.; Ali, Z.; Prabhakar, H., 2010:
Upper lip bite test in a patient with McCune Albright syndrome with acromegaly

Mirabella, D.; Bacconi, S.; Gracco, A.; Lombardo, L.; Siciliani, G., 2009 :
Upper lip changes correlated with maxillary incisor movement in 65 orthodontically treated adult patients

Leuin, S.C.; Chan, K.H., 2012:
Upper lip dermoid in a 13-month-old child

Lindsay, R.W.; Hadlock, T.A.; Cheney, M.L., 2010:
Upper lip elongation in Möbius syndrome

Luna-Ortiz, K.; Güemes-Meza, Aín.; Villavicencio-Valencia, Vónica.; Mosqueda-Taylor, A., 2012:
Upper lip malignant neoplasms. A study of 59 cases

Chang, J.Yu.Fong.; Stewart, J-Michael.; Cheng, Y-Shing.Lisa.; Wright, J.M., 2008:
Upper lip nodule

Tonchev, C., 2009:
Upper lip plasty by Karapandzic: modifications of the method

Goiato, M.Coelho.; dos Santos, D.Micheline.; Moreno, Aália.; Massunari, L.; Andreotti, A.Marobo.; Nobrega, A.Smith., 2012:
Upper lip prosthesis retained to a palatal obturator

Khan, M.H.; Alam, M.T.; Haque, S.; Khan, S.H.; Fatema, C.N.; Tahsin, T.; Choudhury, A.R., 2008:
Upper lip swelling caused by a large dentigerous cyst with mesiodens

Kaneko, Y.; Kikuchi, N.; Ishii, Y.; Kawabata, Y.; Moriyama, H.; Terada, M.; Suzuki, E.; Kobayashi, M.; Watanabe, K.; Hizawa, N., 2011:
Upper lobe-dominant pulmonary fibrosis showing deposits of hard metal component in the fibrotic lesions

Nemec, S.F.; Bankier, A.A.; Eisenberg, R.L., 2013:
Upper lobe-predominant diseases of the lung

Sen, S.; Sentürk, E.; Pabuşçu, E.; Sen, S., 2010:
Upper lobectomy for lung cancer with true tracheal bronchus: a unique presentation

Kikuike, K.; Uemura, S.; Miyamoto, K.; Horiya, Y.; Shimizu, K., 2008:
Upper lumbar burst fracture due to recreational high jumping into a river: report of five cases

Sugimoto, Y.; Ito, Y.; Tomioka, M.; Shimokawa, T.; Shiozaki, Y.; Mazaki, T.; Tanaka, M., 2010:
Upper lumbar pedicle screw insertion using three-dimensional fluoroscopy navigation: assessment of clinical accuracy

Farronato, G.; Giannini, L.; Galbiati, G.; Maspero, C., 2014:
Upper midline deviation: modified Hyrax expander

Pseiner, B.C.; Wunderlich, A.; Freudenthaler, J.W., 2015:
Upper molar distalization with skeletally anchored TopJet appliance

Melo, A.Cláudia.Moreira.; Jawonski, M.Eduardo.; Largura, L.Zimmermann.; Thomé, G.; de Souza, Jé.Renato.; da Silva, M.André.Duarte., 2008:
Upper molar intrusion in rehabilitation patients with the aid of microscrews

van der Graaff, M.M.; de Jong, J.M.B.V.; Baas, F.; de Visser, M., 2009:
Upper motor neuron and extra-motor neuron involvement in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a clinical and brain imaging review

Morikawa, M.; Kataoka, H.; Horikawa, H.; Ueno, S., 2009:
Upper motor neuron involvement and conventional diffusion weighted imaging

Furtula, J.; Johnsen, B.; Frandsen, J.; Rodell, A.; Christensen, P.Broegger.; Pugdahl, K.; Fuglsang-Frederiksen, A., 2014:
Upper motor neuron involvement in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis evaluated by triple stimulation technique and diffusion tensor MRI

Hagiwara, K.; Murai, H.; Ochi, H.; Osoegawa, M.; Shigeto, H.; Ohyagi, Y.; Kira, J-Ichi., 2008:
Upper motor neuron syndrome associated with subclinical Sjögren's syndrome

Abbou, R.; Meningaud, J-P.; Bosc, R.; Hersant, B.; Zemirline, A.; Baratte, A., 2015:
Upper nasolabial flap: improving the surgical technique

Singh, A.; Panda, S.Shekhar.; Panda, M.; Srinivas, M., 2014:
Upper oesophageal foreign body with acute respiratory distress

Koulaouzidis, A., 2013:
Upper oesophageal images and Z-line detection with 2 different small-bowel capsule systems

Beck, D.J.K., 2014:
Upper parietal meningioma showing Foster Kennedy syndrome

Lankinen, A., 2009:
Upper petal lip colour polymorphism in Collinsia heterophylla (Plantaginaceae): genetic basis within a population and its use as a genetic marker

Neulander, E.Z.; Katz, T.; Kaneti, J., 2011:
Upper pole multicystic dysplasia and ureteropelvic junction obstruction associated with obstructive-refluxing megaureter in a neonate with a single kidney

Pereira, J.; Osório, Aélica.; Moreira-Pinto, Jão.; Cidade-Rodrigues, Jé.; Enes, C.; Reis, A.; Ribeiro-Castro, Jão., 2011:
Upper pole nephrectomy: a simplified technique using a retroperitoneal laparoscopic approach

Chen, F.; Wang, J.; Chen, W.; Shen, M.; Xu, S.; Lu, F., 2010:
Upper punctal occlusion versus lower punctal occlusion in dry eye

Totonchi, S.; Elgin, R.; Monahan, M.; Johnston, W.K., 2014:
Upper quadrant port placement for robot-assisted renal surgery: implementation of the Floating Arm and the XL Protype

Filipkowski, D.E., 2006:
Upper quarter kinetic chain response to cervical manipulation: a case report

Chenevier-Gobeaux, C.; Bailleul, S.; Mzabi, A.; Blanc, M-Céline.; Lefevre, G., 2013:
Upper reference limits of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T in a general population: comparison with those of sensitive cardiac troponin I

Korona-Glowniak, I.; Niedzielski, A.; Malm, A., 2012:
Upper respiratory colonization by Streptococcus pneumoniae in healthy pre-school children in south-east Poland

Philip, W.P., 1948:
Upper respiratory disease and the lung

Varnai, V.M.; Macan, J.; Ljubicić Calusić, A.; Prester, L.; Kanceljak Macan, B., 2011:
Upper respiratory impairment in restorers of cultural heritage

Sargent, F.B., 2011:
Upper respiratory infection

O'Kane, J.W., 2002:
Upper respiratory infection: helpful steps for physicians

Anon, J.B., 2010:
Upper respiratory infections

Grief, S.N., 2014:
Upper respiratory infections

Rosenkvist, L.; Klokker, M.; Katholm, M., 2008:
Upper respiratory infections and barotraumas in commercial pilots: a retrospective survey

Swain, R.A.; Kaplan, B., 1998:
Upper respiratory infections: treatment selection for active patients

Mitchell, M.E., 1985:
Upper respiratory obstruction in a thoroughbred foal

Amin, R.; Alyasin, S.; Momen, T.; Khoshkhouy, M.; Darougar, S., 2013:
Upper respiratory system involvement as the only manifestation of granulomatosis with polyangiitis in a child with marfan phenotype

Prasad, K.C.; Kaniyur, V.; Shenoy, S.; Prasad, S.C., 2005:
Upper respiratory tract and cutaneous diphtheria

Korona-Glowniak, I.; Grywalska, E.; Chudzik, B.; Bojarska-Junak, A.; Malm, A.; Rolinski, J., 2012:
Upper respiratory tract colonization by gram-negative rods in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia: analysis of risk factors

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Upregulation of Beclin 1 in the ischemic penumbra

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Upregulation of CD11A on hematopoietic stem cells denotes the loss of long-term reconstitution potential

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Upregulation of COX-2 in the lung cancer promotes overexpression of multidrug resistance protein 4 (MRP4) via PGE2-dependent pathway

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Upregulation of DNMT1 mediated by HBx suppresses RASSF1A expression independent of DNA methylation

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Upregulation of DR3 expression in CD4⁺ T cells promotes secretion of IL-17 in experimental autoimmune uveitis

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Upregulation of DR5 receptor by the diaminothiazole DAT1 [4-amino-5-benzoyl-2-(4-methoxy phenyl amino) thiazole] triggers an independent extrinsic pathway of apoptosis in colon cancer cells with compromised pro and antiapoptotic proteins

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Upregulation of Dicer is more frequent in monoclonal gammopathies of undetermined significance than in multiple myeloma patients and is associated with longer survival in symptomatic myeloma patients

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Upregulation of E2F transcription factor 3 is associated with poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma

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Upregulation of EphA4 on astrocytes potentially mediates astrocytic gliosis after cortical lesion in the marmoset monkey

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Upregulation of anti-apoptotic gene

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Upregulation of dopamine D3, not D2, receptors correlates with tardive dyskinesia in a primate model

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Upregulation of eNOS and unchanged energy metabolism in increased susceptibility of the aging type 2 diabetic GK rat heart to ischemic injury

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Upregulation of endogenous farnesyl diphosphate synthase overcomes the inhibitory effect of bisphosphonate on protein prenylation in Hela cells

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Upregulation of endogenous neurotrophin levels in the brain by intranasal administration of carnosic acid

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Upregulation of endothelin receptors A and B in the nitrofen induced hypoplastic lung occurs early in gestation

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Upregulation of equine matrix metalloproteinase 1 by bovine papillomavirus type 1 is through the transcription factor activator protein-1

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Upregulation of estrogen receptor mediates migration, invasion and proliferation of endometrial carcinoma cells by regulating the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway

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Upregulation of estrogen receptor subtypes and vitellogenin mRNA in cinnamon clownfish Amphiprion melanopus during the sex change process: profiles on effects of 17beta-estradiol

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Upregulation of fatty acid synthesis and the suppression of hepatic triglyceride lipase as a direct cause of hereditary postprandial hypertriglyceridemia in rabbits

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Upregulation of fatty acyl-CoA thioesterases in the heart and skeletal muscle of rats fed a high-fat diet

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Upregulation of fibronectin expression by COX-2 is mediated by interaction with ELMO1

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Upregulation of fractalkine and its receptor, CX3CR1, is associated with coronary plaque rupture in patients with unstable angina pectoris

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Upregulation of functional Kv11.1 isoform expression by inhibition of intronic polyadenylation with antisense morpholino oligonucleotides

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Upregulation of galactose metabolic pathway by N-acetylglucosamine induced endogenous synthesis of galactose in Candida albicans

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Upregulation of gamma-2 laminin-332 in the mouse ear vesicant wound model

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Upregulation of gelatinases and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in small airway remodeling associated with chronic exposure to wood smoke

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Upregulation of genes for C-reactive protein and related pentraxin/complement proteins in photodynamic therapy-treated human tumor cells: enrolment of PI3K/Akt and AP-1

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Upregulation of genes involved in cardiac metabolism enhances myocardial resistance to ischemia/reperfusion in the rat heart

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Upregulation of genes involved in gluconeogenesis and the glyoxylate cycle suppressed the drug sensitivity of an N-glycan-deficient Saccharomyces cerevisiae mutant

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Upregulation of genes orchestrating keratinocyte differentiation, including the novel marker gene ID2, by contact sensitizers in human bulge-derived keratinocytes

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Upregulation of genes related to bone formation by γ-amino butyric acid and γ-oryzanol in germinated brown rice is via the activation of GABAB-receptors and reduction of serum IL-6 in rats

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Upregulation of geranylgeranyltransferase I in bronchial smooth muscle of mouse experimental asthma: its inhibition by lovastatin

Cui, Y.; Nadiminty, N.; Liu, C.; Lou, W.; Schwartz, C.T.; Gao, A.C., 2015:
Upregulation of glucose metabolism by NF-κB2/p52 mediates enzalutamide resistance in castration-resistant prostate cancer cells

Gupte, R.S.; Vijay, V.; Marks, B.; Levine, R.J.; Sabbah, H.N.; Wolin, M.S.; Recchia, F.A.; Gupte, S.A., 2007:
Upregulation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and NAD(P)H oxidase activity increases oxidative stress in failing human heart

Zhang, K.; Song, Y-Hua.; Lin, X-Yan.; Wang, Q-Xiu.; Zhang, H-Wei.; Xu, J-Wen., 2014:
Upregulation of glucosylceramide synthase protein in papillary thyroid carcinoma

Ji, Y-Fei.; Zhou, L.; Xie, Y-Jun.; Xu, S-Min.; Zhu, J.; Teng, P.; Shao, C-Yu.; Wang, Y.; Luo, J-Hong.; Shen, Y., 2014 :
Upregulation of glutamate transporter GLT-1 by mTOR-Akt-NF-кB cascade in astrocytic oxygen-glucose deprivation

Wang, L.; Deng, Q-Qin.; Wu, X-Hua.; Yu, J.; Yang, X-Li.; Zhong, Y-Mei., 2014:
Upregulation of glutamate-aspartate transporter by glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor ameliorates cell apoptosis in neural retina in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Li, W.; Wang, P.; Li, H., 2014:
Upregulation of glutamatergic transmission in anterior cingulate cortex in the diabetic rats with neuropathic pain

Wagner, A.H.; Kautz, O.; Fricke, K.; Zerr-Fouineau, M.; Demicheva, E.; Güldenzoph, Börn.; Bermejo, J.Lorenzo.; Korff, T.; Hecker, M., 2010:
Upregulation of glutathione peroxidase offsets stretch-induced proatherogenic gene expression in human endothelial cells

Gharib, E.; Gardaneh, M.; Shojaei, S., 2014:
Upregulation of glutathione peroxidase-1 expression and activity by glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor promotes high-level protection of PC12 cells against 6-hydroxydopamine and hydrogen peroxide toxicities

Wang, H.L.; Hart, J.; Fan, L.; Mustafi, R.; Bissonnette, M., 2011:
Upregulation of glycogen synthase kinase 3β in human colorectal adenocarcinomas correlates with accumulation of CTNNB1

Shin, Y-Kyoung.; Yoo, B.Chul.; Hong, Y.Sang.; Chang, H.Jin.; Jung, K.Hae.; Jeong, S-Yong.; Park, J-Gahb., 2009:
Upregulation of glycolytic enzymes in proteins secreted from human colon cancer cells with 5-fluorouracil resistance

Tian, F.; Liu, C.; Wu, Q.; Qu, K.; Wang, R.; Wei, J.; Meng, F.; Liu, S.; Chang, H., 2013:
Upregulation of glycoprotein nonmetastatic B by colony-stimulating factor-1 and epithelial cell adhesion molecule in hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Rodríguez, I.; Baena-Lopez, L.Alberto.; Baonza, A., 2009:
Upregulation of glypicans in Hippo mutants alters the coordinated activity of morphogens

Claudino, Mário.A.; Franco-Penteado, C.F.; Priviero, F.B.M.; Camargo, E.A.; Teixeira, S.A.; Muscará, M.N.; D.N.cci, G.; Zanesco, A.; Antunes, E., 2010:
Upregulation of gp91phox subunit of NAD(P)H oxidase contributes to erectile dysfunction caused by long-term nitric oxide inhibition in rats: reversion by regular physical training

Ma, Y.; Zhu, M.J.; Uthlaut, A.B.; Nijland, M.J.; Nathanielsz, P.W.; Hess, B.W.; Ford, S.P., 2011:
Upregulation of growth signaling and nutrient transporters in cotyledons of early to mid-gestational nutrient restricted ewes

Smith, A.F.; Loo, G., 2014:
Upregulation of haeme oxygenase-1 by zinc in HCT-116 cells

Li, S.; Ma, W.; Fei, T.; Lou, Q.; Zhang, Y.; Cui, X.; Qin, X.; Zhang, J.; Liu, G.; Dong, Z.; Ma, Y.; Song, Z.; Hu, Y., 2015:
Upregulation of heat shock factor 1 transcription activity is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma progression

Li, C-Min.; Li, L.; Wu, J.; Bai, J-Yan.; Sun, Y.; Huang, S.; Wang, G-Lin., 2015:
Upregulation of heat shock protein 32 with hemin alleviates acute heat-induced hepatic injury in mice

Andocs, G.; Meggyeshazi, N.; Balogh, L.; Spisak, S.; Maros, M.Elod.; Balla, P.; Kiszner, G.; Teleki, I.; Kovago, C.; Krenacs, T., 2015:
Upregulation of heat shock proteins and the promotion of damage-associated molecular pattern signals in a colorectal cancer model by modulated electrohyperthermia

Svensson, L.; Mohlin, C.; Persson, K., 2008:
Upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 as a host mechanism for protection against nitric oxide-induced damage in human renal epithelial cells

Lee, S.Eun.; Jeong, S.Il.; Kim, G-Dong.; Yang, H.; Park, C-Seog.; Jin, Y-Ho.; Park, Y.Seek., 2011:
Upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 as an adaptive mechanism for protection against crotonaldehyde in human umbilical vein endothelial cells

Wang, H-Quan.; Xu, Y-Xia.; Zhu, C-Qing., 2012:
Upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 by acteoside through ERK and PI3 K/Akt pathway confer neuroprotection against beta-amyloid-induced neurotoxicity

Cao, J.; Drummond, G.; Inoue, K.; Sodhi, K.; Li, X.Y.; Omura, S., 2009:
Upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 combined with increased adiponectin lowers blood pressure in diabetic spontaneously hypertensive rats through a reduction in endothelial cell dysfunction, apoptosis and oxidative stress

Lee, J.; Kim, S., 2014:
Upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 expression by dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol (DHCA) through the AMPK-Nrf2 dependent pathway

Zhang, X.; Liu, W.; Jian, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Bian, C.; Liu, S., 2014:
Upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 expression for protecting against myocardial ischemia and reperfusion injury

Chiu, H-Chung.; Lan, G-Lun.; Chiang, C-Yang.; Chin, Y-Tang.; Tu, H-Pei.; Ming-Jen Fu, M.; Shin, N.; Fu, E., 2008:
Upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 expression in gingiva after cyclosporin A treatment

Chen, Y.; Huang, F.; Wang, D.; Weng, Z.; Deng, Z., 2013:
Upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 expression may facilitate memory and learning in mice

Ueyama, T.; Kawabe, T.; Hano, T.; Tsuruo, Y.; Ueda, K.; Ichinose, M.; Kimura, H.; Yoshida, K-ichi., 2009:
Upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 in an animal model of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy

Yin, H.; Fang, J.; Liao, L.; Maeda, H.; Su, Q., 2015:
Upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 in colorectal cancer patients with increased circulation carbon monoxide levels, potentially affects chemotherapeutic sensitivity

Lee, J.; Lee, S-K.; Lee, B-U.; Lee, H-J.; Cho, N-P.; Yoon, J-H.; Choi, H-R.; Lee, S-K.; Kim, E-C., 2008:
Upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 in oral epithelial dysplasias

Lin, T-Hung.; Tang, C-Hsin.; Hung, S-Ya.; Liu, S-Hwa.; Lin, Y-Ming.; Fu, W-Mei.; Yang, R-Sen., 2010:
Upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 inhibits the maturation and mineralization of osteoblasts

Li, Z.; Wang, Y.; Man, R.Y.K.; Vanhoutte, P.M., 2014:
Upregulation of heme oxygenase-1 potentiates EDH-type relaxations in the mesenteric artery of the spontaneously hypertensive rat

Liu, W.; Baker, S.S.; Baker, R.D.; Nowak, N.J.; Zhu, L., 2012:
Upregulation of hemoglobin expression by oxidative stress in hepatocytes and its implication in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

Yuan, L.; Hu, J.; Luo, Y.; Liu, Q.; Li, T.; Parish, C.R.; Freeman, C.; Zhu, X.; Ma, W.; Hu, X.; Yu, H.; Tang, S., 2012:
Upregulation of heparanase in high-glucose-treated endothelial cells promotes endothelial cell migration and proliferation and correlates with Akt and extracellular-signal-regulated kinase phosphorylation

Takaya, J.; Iharada, A.; Okihana, H.; Kaneko, K., 2012:
Upregulation of hepatic 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-1 expression in calcium-deficient rats

Gao, Y.; Shen, W.; Lu, B.; Zhang, Q.; Hu, Y.; Chen, Y., 2014:
Upregulation of hepatic VLDLR via PPARα is required for the triglyceride-lowering effect of fenofibrate

Renner, O.; Harsch, S.; Matysik, S.; Lütjohann, D.; Schmitz, G.; Stange, E.F., 2014:
Upregulation of hepatic bile acid synthesis via fibroblast growth factor 19 is defective in gallstone disease but functional in overweight individuals

Xu, M.; Alwahsh, S.Mohammad.; Ramadori, G.; Kollmar, O.; Slotta, J.Erik., 2017:
Upregulation of hepatic melanocortin 4 receptor during rat liver regeneration

Kao, Y-Hsien.; Chen, C-Long.; Jawan, B.; Chung, Y-Hua.; Sun, C-Kwan.; Kuo, S-Mei.; Hu, T-Hui.; Lin, Y-Chun.; Chan, H-Hung.; Cheng, K-Hung.; Wu, D-Chyang.; Goto, S.; Cheng, Y-Fan.; Chao, D.; Tai, M-Hong., 2010:
Upregulation of hepatoma-derived growth factor is involved in murine hepatic fibrogenesis

Lee, K.Y.; Charbonnet, M.; Gold, M.S., 2012:
Upregulation of high-affinity GABA(A) receptors in cultured rat dorsal root ganglion neurons

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Upregulation of hsa-miR-125b in HTLV-1 asymptomatic carriers and HTLV-1-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis patients

Duan, X.; Tong, J.; Xu, Q.; Wu, Y.; Cai, F.; Li, T.; Song, W., 2015:
Upregulation of human PINK1 gene expression by NFκB signalling

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Upregulation of human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 antisense transcription by the viral tax protein

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Upregulation of human leukocyte antigen-G expression and its clinical significance in ductal breast cancer

Koh, E-Ha.; Cho, Y-Woo.; Mun, Y-Ja.; Ryu, J.Hyeon.; Kim, E-Jin.; Choi, D.Seob.; Maeng, K-Young.; Han, J.; Kang, D., 2014:
Upregulation of human mammaglobin reduces migration and invasion of breast cancer cells

Mendelev, N.; Mehta, S.L.; Witherspoon, S.; He, Q.; Sexton, J.Z.; Li, P.Andy., 2011:
Upregulation of human selenoprotein H in murine hippocampal neuronal cells promotes mitochondrial biogenesis and functional performance

Fathy, H.; Amin, M.M.; El-Gilany, A-Hady., 2012:
Upregulation of human β-defensin-3 and cathelicidin LL-37 in Kaposi's sarcoma

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Upregulation of hyaluronan and its binding receptors in an experimental model of chronic cyclosporine nephropathy

Ma, J.; Zhang, L.; Ru, G-Qing.; Zhao, Z-Sheng.; Xu, W-Juan., 2007:
Upregulation of hypoxia inducible factor 1alpha mRNA is associated with elevated vascular endothelial growth factor expression and excessive angiogenesis and predicts a poor prognosis in gastric carcinoma

Yohena, T.; Yoshino, I.; Takenaka, T.; Kameyama, T.; Ohba, T.; Kuniyoshi, Y.; Maehara, Y., 2009:
Upregulation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha mRNA and its clinical significance in non-small cell lung cancer

Wang, Y.; Abu-Asab, M.S.; Shen, D.; Zhuang, Z.; Chew, E.Y.; Chan, C-Chao., 2015:
Upregulation of hypoxia-inducible factors and autophagy in von Hippel-Lindau-associated retinal hemangioblastoma

Bironaite, D.; Pivoriunas, A.; Venalis, A., 2013:
Upregulation of iHsp70 by mild heat shock protects rabbit myogenic stem cells: involvement of JNK signalling and c-Jun

Reiter, K.Cristine.; Sant'Anna, F.Hayashi.; d'Azevedo, P.Alves., 2014:
Upregulation of icaA, atlE and aap genes by linezolid but not vancomycin in Staphylococcus epidermidis RP62A biofilms

Yamada, K.; Akimoto, H.; Ogawa, Y.; Kinumi, T.; Kamagata, Y.; Ohmiya, Y., 2009:
Upregulation of immunity-related GTPase (IRG) proteins by TNF-alpha in murine astrocytes

Torkildsen, Øivind.; Stansberg, C.; Angelskår, S.M.; Kooi, E-Jan.; Geurts, J.J.G.; van der Valk, P.; Myhr, K-Morten.; Steen, V.M.; Bø, L., 2010:
Upregulation of immunoglobulin-related genes in cortical sections from multiple sclerosis patients

Liu, N.; Kan, Q-cheng.; Zhang, X-jian.; Xv, Y-ming.; Zhang, S.; Zhang, G-xian.; Zhu, L., 2015:
Upregulation of immunomodulatory molecules by matrine treatment in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Ghannam, K.; Martinez-Gamboa, L.; Spengler, L.; Krause, S.; Smiljanovic, B.; Bonin, M.; Bhattarai, S.; Grützkau, A.; Burmester, G-R.; Häupl, T.; Feist, E., 2015:
Upregulation of immunoproteasome subunits in myositis indicates active inflammation with involvement of antigen presenting cells, CD8 T-cells and IFNΓ

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Upregulation of imprinted genes in mice: an insight into the intensity of gene expression and the evolution of genomic imprinting

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Upregulation of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase in hepatocyte during acute hepatitis caused by hepatitis B virus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes in vivo

Smith, C.J.; Santhanam, L.; Bruning, R.S.; Stanhewicz, A.; Berkowitz, D.E.; Holowatz, L.A., 2011:
Upregulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase contributes to attenuated cutaneous vasodilation in essential hypertensive humans

Caetano-Lopes, J.; Lopes, A.; Rodrigues, A.; Fernandes, D.; Perpétuo, Iês.P.; Monjardino, T.; Lucas, R.; Monteiro, J.; Konttinen, Yö.T.; Canhão, H.; Fonseca, Jão.E., 2012:
Upregulation of inflammatory genes and downregulation of sclerostin gene expression are key elements in the early phase of fragility fracture healing

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Upregulation of inflammatory genes in the nasal mucosa of patients undergoing endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy

Sandhir, R.; Gregory, E.; He, Y-Yue.; Berman, N.E.J., 2011:
Upregulation of inflammatory mediators in a model of chronic pain after spinal cord injury

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Upregulation of inflammatory mediators in end-stage renal disease as measured using biochip array technology

Pereira, Nátalli.Zanete.; Cardoso, E.Cristina.; Oliveira, L.Mara.da.Silva.; de Lima, J.Feitosa.; Branco, A.Cláudia.Calvielli.Castelo.; Ruocco,; Zugaib, M.; de Oliveira Filho, Jão.Bosco.; Duarte, A.José.da.Silva.; Sato, M.Notomi., 2014:
Upregulation of innate antiviral restricting factor expression in the cord blood and decidual tissue of HIV-infected mothers

Wu, B.; Cheng, Y., 2014:
Upregulation of innate immune responses in a T cell/histiocyte-rich large B cell lymphoma patient with significant autoimmune disorders mimicking systemic lupus erythematosus

Taha, H.; Arya, A.; Paydar, M.; Looi, C.Yeng.; Wong, W.Fen.; Vasudeva Murthy, C.R.; Noordin, M.I.; Ali, H.Mohd.; Mustafa, A.M.; Hadi, A.Hamid.A., 2015:
Upregulation of insulin secretion and downregulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines, oxidative stress and hyperglycemia in STZ-nicotinamide-induced type 2 diabetic rats by Pseuduvaria monticola bark extract

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Upregulation of interferon-gamma and interleukin-4, Th cell-derived cytokines by So-Shi-Ho-Tang (Sho-Saiko-To) occurs at the level of antigen presenting cells, but not CD4 T cells

Moody, L.R.; Herbst, A.J.; Aiken, J.M., 2011:
Upregulation of interferon-gamma-induced genes during prion infection

Shirasuna, K.; Matsumoto, H.; Kobayashi, E.; Nitta, A.; Haneda, S.; Matsui, M.; Kawashima, C.; Kida, K.; Shimizu, T.; Miyamoto, A., 2012:
Upregulation of interferon-stimulated genes and interleukin-10 in peripheral blood immune cells during early pregnancy in dairy cows

Li, F.; Yang, P.; Liu, X.; Wang, C.; Hou, S.; Kijlstra, A., 2010:
Upregulation of interleukin 21 and promotion of interleukin 17 production in chronic or recurrent Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease

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Upregulation of interleukin 7 receptor alpha and programmed death 1 marks an epitope-specific CD8+ T-cell response that disappears following primary Epstein-Barr virus infection

Huang, Y-Tzu.; Liu, M-Ying.; Tsai, C-Hwa.; Yeh, T-Huei., 2010:
Upregulation of interleukin-1 by Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 and its possible role in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell growth

Chiba, Y.; Onoda, S.; Todoroki, M.; Nishida, Y.; Misawa, M., 2010:
Upregulation of interleukin-13 receptor chains in bronchial smooth muscle tissues of mouse experimental asthma

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Upregulation of interleukin-1β production by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3) in activated human macrophages

Konishi, T.; Tsuda, T.; Sakaguchi, Y.; Imai, Y.; Ito, T.; Hirota, S.; Yamanishi, K., 2015:
Upregulation of interleukin-33 in the epidermis of two Japanese patients with Netherton syndrome

Shen, H.; Wang, C.; Fan, E.; Li, Y.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, L., 2015:
Upregulation of interleukin-35 subunits in regulatory T cells in a murine model of allergic rhinitis

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Upregulation of interleukin-8/CXCL8 in vascular smooth muscle cells from spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Upregulation of intermediate calcium-activated potassium channels counterbalance the impaired endothelium-dependent vasodilation in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats

Gole, H.K.A.; Tharp, D.L.; Bowles, D.K., 2015:
Upregulation of intermediate-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels (KCNN4) in porcine coronary smooth muscle requires NADPH oxidase 5 (NOX5)

Okada, M.; Kim, J.Hwan.; Hutton, W.C.; Yoon, S.Tim., 2013:
Upregulation of intervertebral disc-cell matrix synthesis by pulsed electromagnetic field is mediated by bone morphogenetic proteins

Pasham, V.; Rotte, A.; Gu, S.; Yang, W.; Bhandaru, M.; Rexhepaj, R.; Pathare, G.; Lang, F., 2014:
Upregulation of intestinal NHE3 following saline ingestion

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Upregulation of intestinal glucose transporters after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass to prevent carbohydrate malabsorption

Page, M.M.; Salway, K.D.; Ip, Y.Kwong.; Chew, S.F.; Warren, S.A.; Ballantyne, J.S.; Stuart, J.A., 2010:
Upregulation of intracellular antioxidant enzymes in brain and heart during estivation in the African lungfish Protopterus dolloi

Setia, S.; Sanyal, S.N., 2013:
Upregulation of intrinsic apoptotic pathway in NSAIDs mediated chemoprevention of experimental lung carcinogenesis

Young, C.C.; Stegen, M.; Bernard, Ré.; Müller, M.; Bischofberger, J.; Veh, Rüdiger.W.; Haas, C.A.; Wolfart, J., 2009:
Upregulation of inward rectifier K+ (Kir2) channels in dentate gyrus granule cells in temporal lobe epilepsy

Ichiki, K.; Ikuta, K.; Addo, L.; Tanaka, H.; Sasaki, Y.; Shimonaka, Y.; Sasaki, K.; Ito, S.; Shindo, M.; Ohtake, T.; Fujiya, M.; Torimoto, Y.; Kohgo, Y., 2014:
Upregulation of iron regulatory hormone hepcidin by interferon α

Xu, H.; Oliveira-Sales, E.B.; McBride, F.; Liu, B.; Hewinson, J.; Toward, M.; Hendy, E.B.; Graham, D.; Dominiczak, A.F.; Giannotta, M.; Waki, H.; Ascione, R.; Paton, J.F.R.; Kasparov, S., 2013:
Upregulation of junctional adhesion molecule-A is a putative prognostic marker of hypertension

Pirillo, A.; Reduzzi, A.; Ferri, N.; Kuhn, H.; Corsini, A.; Catapano, A.L., 2011:
Upregulation of lectin-like oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor-1 (LOX-1) by 15-lipoxygenase-modified LDL in endothelial cells

Klaffenbach, D.; Meissner, U.; Raake, M.; Fahlbusch, F.; Alejandre Alcazar, M.A.; Allabauer, I.; Kratzsch, Jürgen.; Rascher, W.; Dötsch, Jörg., 2011:
Upregulation of leptin-receptor in placental cells by hypoxia

Cao, H.; Hu, X.; Zhang, Q.; Wang, J.; Li, J.; Liu, B.; Shao, Y.; Li, X.; Zhang, J.; Xin, S., 2014:
Upregulation of let-7a inhibits vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation in vitro and in vein graft intimal hyperplasia in rats

Ogai, K.; Kuwana, A.; Hisano, S.; Nagashima, M.; Koriyama, Y.; Sugitani, K.; Mawatari, K.; Nakashima, H.; Kato, S., 2015:
Upregulation of leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) during the early stage of optic nerve regeneration in zebrafish

Venerito, M.; Kuester, D.; Harms, C.; Schubert, D.; Wex, T.; Malfertheiner, P., 2011:
Upregulation of leukotriene receptors in gastric cancer

Akgül, B.; Bauer, B.; Zigrino, P.; Storey, A.; Mauch, C.; Pfister, H., 2011:
Upregulation of lipocalin-2 in human papillomavirus-positive keratinocytes and cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas

Huang, C-Yin.; Lin, Y-Shun.; Chen, G-Chun.; Huang, H-Ling.; Chuang, S-Han.; Chao, P-Min., 2011:
Upregulation of lipogenesis and protein tyrosine phosphatase-1B expression in the liver of Wistar rats with metabolic syndrome chronically induced by drinking sucrose water

Kim, H.Young.; Kim, J.Ryong.; Kim, H.Sun., 2008:
Upregulation of lipopolysaccharide-induced interleukin-10 by prostaglandin A1 in mouse peritoneal macrophages

Yin, H.; Wang, L.; Xiao, F.; Huang, Z.; Huang, Y.; Zhou, C.; Han, Y.; Tao, S.; Yang, H.; Wang, X., 2011:
Upregulation of liprin-α1 protein in the temporal neocortex of intractable epileptic patients and experimental rats

Fernández, V.; Tapia, G.; Varela, P.; Cornejo, P.; Videla, L.A., 2010:
Upregulation of liver inducible nitric oxide synthase following thyroid hormone preconditioning: suppression by N-acetylcysteine

Xue, M.; Li, X.; Wu, W.; Zhang, S.; Wu, S.; Li, Z.; Chen, W., 2015:
Upregulation of long non-coding RNA urothelial carcinoma associated 1 by CCAAT/enhancer binding protein α contributes to bladder cancer cell growth and reduced apoptosis

Zou, Y.; Jiang, Z.; Yu, X.; Sun, M.; Zhang, Y.; Zuo, Q.; Zhou, J.; Yang, N.; Han, P.; Ge, Z.; De, W.; Sun, L., 2014:
Upregulation of long noncoding RNA SPRY4-IT1 modulates proliferation, migration, apoptosis, and network formation in trophoblast cells HTR-8SV/neo

Li, X.; Zhang, W.; Shao, T.; Ma, J.; Huang, L.; Gao, Q.; Ge, J., 2012:
Upregulation of low-density lipoprotein receptor after exposure to transforming growth factor-β2 in tenon's capsule fibroblasts from patients with glaucoma

Harada, H.; Imamura, M.; Okunishi, K.; Nakagome, K.; Matsumoto, T.; Sasaki, O.; Tanaka, R.; Yamamoto, K.; Dohi, M., 2009:
Upregulation of lung dendritic cell functions in elastase-induced emphysema

Szardening-Kirchner, C.; Konrad, L.; Hauck, E.W.; Haag, S.M.; Eickelberg, O.; Weidner, W., 2008:
Upregulation of mRNA expression of MCP-1 by TGF-beta1 in fibroblast cells from Peyronie's disease

Sugizaki, Mário.Mateus.; Leopoldo, A.Paula.Lima.; Conde, S.José.; Campos, D.Salome.; Damato, R.; Leopoldo, Aé.Soares.; Nascimento, Aé; Oliveira Júnior,; Cicogna, A.Carlos., 2012:
Upregulation of mRNA myocardium calcium handling in rats submitted to exercise and food restriction

Matsuda, A.; Wang, Z.; Takahashi, S.; Tokuda, T.; Miura, N.; Hasegawa, J., 2009:
Upregulation of mRNA of retinoid binding protein and fatty acid binding protein by cholesterol enriched-diet and effect of ginger on lipid metabolism

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