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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56825

Chapter 56825 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Richardson, J.; Iezzi, A.; Peacock, S.; Sinha, K.; Khan, M.; Misajon, R.; Keeffe, J., 2012:
Utility weights for the vision-related Assessment of Quality of Life (AQoL)-7D instrument

Reid, J.; Porter, S., 2011:
Utility, caller, and patient profile of a novel Chemotherapy Telephone Helpline service within a regional cancer centre in Northern Ireland

Theisen-Toupal, J.; Horowitz, G.L.; Breu, A.C., 2013:
Utility, charge, and cost of inpatient and emergency department serum folate testing

Sariol, C.A.; White, L.J., 2014:
Utility, limitations, and future of non-human primates for dengue research and vaccine development

Lippolis, J.D.; Reinhardt, T.A., 2011:
Utility, limitations, and promise of proteomics in animal science

Adam, W.R., 2013:
Utility, or not, of estimates of glomerular filtration rate in modifying drug dosage, with particular reference to enoxaparin

Collier, R.; Fletcher, J., 2012:
Utility, stability and a digital presence

Loukides, G.; Gkoulalas-Divanis, A., 2014:
Utility-aware anonymization of diagnosis codes

Swamidass, S.Joshua.; Calhoun, B.T.; Bittker, J.A.; Bodycombe, N.E.; Clemons, P.A., 2012:
Utility-aware screening with clique-oriented prioritization

Liu, Y.; Wu, Y.; He, Q., 2010:
Utility-based Weighted Multicategory Robust Support Vector Machines

Houede, N.; Thall, P.F.; Nguyen, H.; Paoletti, X.; Kramar, A., 2010:
Utility-based optimization of combination therapy using ordinal toxicity and efficacy in phase I/II trials

Gülfe, A.; Kristensen, L.Erik.; Saxne, T.; Jacobsson, L.T.H.; Petersson, I.F.; Geborek, P., 2010:
Utility-based outcomes made easy: the number needed per quality-adjusted life year gained. An observational cohort study of tumor necrosis factor blockade in inflammatory arthritis from Southern Sweden

Keating, C.L.; Moodie, M.L.; Richardson, J.; Swinburn, B.A., 2011:
Utility-based quality of life of overweight and obese adolescents

Lei, C-Un.; Chong, W.Kian.; Man, K.Lok., 2015:
Utility-oriented placement of actuator nodes with a collaborative serving scheme for facilitated business and working environments

Sánchez, D.; Batet, M.; Viejo, A., 2015:
Utility-preserving privacy protection of textual healthcare documents

Loukides, G.; Gkoulalas-Divanis, A., 2012:
Utility-preserving transaction data anonymization with low information loss

Colley, R.H., 1925:
Utilization and Conservation of the Timber Supply

Subhashree, A.R.; Shanthi, B., 2013:
Utilization Article of CHC (Complete Health Checkup) Type Charts to Improve the Students' Understanding of Clinical Pathology

Simpson, F.F., 1918:
Utilization of Platinum in Unused Instruments

Agren, K.Alfredsson.; Kjellberg, A., 2008:
Utilization and Content Validity of the Swedish Version of the Volitional Questionnaire (VQ-S)

Davis, T.Bob., 2009:
Utilization and access

Glick, M., 2009:
Utilization and access: different concepts for different interests?

Tkacz, J.; Ellis, L.; Bolge, S.C.; Meyer, R.; Brady, B.L.; Ruetsch, C., 2015:
Utilization and adherence patterns of subcutaneously administered anti-tumor necrosis factor treatment among rheumatoid arthritis patients

Cheung, R.; Mannalithara, A.; Singh, G., 2010:
Utilization and antiviral therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis C: analysis of ambulatory care visits in the US

Naito, M., 2015:
Utilization and application of public health data in descriptive epidemiology

Nelson, M.L., 2010:
Utilization and application of wet potato processing coproducts for finishing cattle

Guille, C.; Speller, H.; Laff, R.; Epperson, C.Neill.; Sen, S., 2010:
Utilization and barriers to mental health services among depressed medical interns: a prospective multisite study

Fritz, J.M.; Hunter, S.J.; Tracy, D.M.; Brennan, G.P., 2011:
Utilization and clinical outcomes of outpatient physical therapy for medicare beneficiaries with musculoskeletal conditions

Ascioglu, S.; Chan, K.Arnold., 2014:
Utilization and comparative effectiveness of caspofungin and voriconazole early after market approval in the U.S

Chan, V.; Asada, H.Harry.; Bashir, R., 2014:
Utilization and control of bioactuators across multiple length scales

Lafeuille, M-Hélène.; Bailey, R.A.; Vekeman, F.; Scott McKenzie, R.; Lefebvre, P., 2012:
Utilization and cost comparison of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in inpatient and outpatient hospital settings

Berger, A.; Lord, C.; Corey-Lisle, P.K.; Williams, G.Rhys.; Oster, G., 2012:
Utilization and cost in clinical practice of darbepoetin alfa and epoetin alfa for anemia concomitant with chemotherapy

Sweileh, W.M.; Adas, S.O.; Sawalha, A.F.; Taha, A.S.Abu., 2012:
Utilization and cost of antibacterial drugs in 2 general surgery units in Palestine measured using anatomical therapeutic chemical classification and defined daily dose methodology

Duijm, L.E.M.; Groenewoud, J.H.; Fracheboud, J.; Plaisier, M.L.; Roumen, R.M.H.; van Ineveld, B.Martin.; van Beek, M.; de Koning, H.J., 2008:
Utilization and cost of diagnostic imaging and biopsies following positive screening mammography in the southern breast cancer screening region of the Netherlands, 2000-2005

Owusu-Edusei, K.; Nguyen, H.T.; Gift, T.L., 2013:
Utilization and cost of diagnostic methods for sexually transmitted infection screening among insured American youth, 2008

Nietert, P.J.; French, M.T.; Kirchner, J.E.; Booth, B.M., 2007:
Utilization and cost of mental health, substance abuse, and medical services among at-risk drinkers

Beghi, M.; Savica, R.; Beghi, E.; Nobili, A.; Garattini, L., 2009:
Utilization and costs of antiepileptic drugs in the elderly: still an unsolved issue

Alessi-Severini, S.; Biscontri, R.G.; Collins, D.M.; Kozyrskyj, A.; Sareen, J.; Enns, M.W., 2008:
Utilization and costs of antipsychotic agents: a Canadian population-based study, 1996-2006

Thompson, H.J.; Weir, S.; Rivara, F.P.; Wang, J.; Sullivan, S.D.; Salkever, D.; MacKenzie, E.J., 2013:
Utilization and costs of health care after geriatric traumatic brain injury

Mittmann, N.; Liu, N.; Porter, J.; Seung, S.Jin.; Isogai, P.K.; Saskin, R.; Cheung, M.C.; Leighl, N.B.; Hoch, J.S.; Trudeau, M.; Evans, W.K.; Dainty, K.N.; Earle, C.C., 2014:
Utilization and costs of home care for patients with colorectal cancer: a population-based study

Roy, S.; Smith, M.; Coben, J.; Helmkamp, J., 2007:
Utilization and costs of injury-related acute care services among children and adolescents in a state Medicaid program

Ammendolia, C.; Côté, P.; Hogg-Johnson, S.; Bombardier, C., 2009:
Utilization and costs of lumbar and full spine radiography by Ontario chiropractors from 1994 to 2001

Fatiregun, A.Ayoola.; Yisa, I.O.; Olumide, A.E., 2007:
Utilization and costs of medical services at military health facilities in Ibadan, Nigeria

Yusuf, A.A.; Howell, B.L.; Powers, C.A.; St Peter, W.L., 2015:
Utilization and costs of medications associated with CKD mineral and bone disorder in dialysis patients enrolled in Medicare Part D

Jung, Nália.Miranda.; Bairros, F.de.Souza.; Neutzling, M.Borges., 2015:
Utilization and coverage of a Food and Nutritional Surveillance System in Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil

Davila, J.A.; Chiao, E.Y.; Hasche, J.C.; Petersen, N.J.; McGlynn, K.A.; Shaib, Y.H., 2008:
Utilization and determinants of adjuvant therapy among older patients who receive curative surgery for pancreatic cancer

Panduranga, P.; Sulaiman, K.; Al-Zakwani, I.; Zubaid, M.; Rashed, W.; Al-Mahmeed, W.; Al-Lawati, J.; Al-Motarreb, A.; Haitham, A.; Suwaidi, J.; Al-Habib, K., 2010:
Utilization and determinants of in-hospital cardiac catheterization in patients with acute coronary syndrome from the Middle East

Karlekar, M.; Collier, B.; Parish, A.; Olson, L.; Elasy, T., 2015:
Utilization and determinants of palliative care in the trauma intensive care unit: results of a national survey

Acar, B.; Gunbey, E.; Babademez, M.Ali.; Karabulut, H.; Gunbey, H.Pinar.; Karasen, Rıza.Murat., 2011:
Utilization and dissection for endoscopic sinus surgery training in the residency program

Chandwani, S.; Wentworth, C.; Burke, T.A.; Patterson, T.F., 2009:
Utilization and dosage pattern of echinocandins for treatment of fungal infections in US hospital practice

Brzoska, P.; Voigtländer, S.; Spallek, J.; Razum, O., 2010:
Utilization and effectiveness of medical rehabilitation in foreign nationals residing in Germany

Knowles, S.R.; Mikocka-Walus, A., 2014:
Utilization and efficacy of internet-based eHealth technology in gastroenterology: a systematic review

Maciejewski, M.L.; Perkins, M.; Li, Y-Fang.; Chapko, M.; Fortney, J.C.; Liu, C-Fen., 2007:
Utilization and expenditures of veterans obtaining primary care in community clinics and VA medical centers: an observational cohort study

Davis, M.A.; Sirovich, B.E.; Weeks, W.B., 2010:
Utilization and expenditures on chiropractic care in the United States from 1997 to 2006

Spencer, B., 2011:
Utilization and expense of adjuvant cancer therapies following radical prostatectomy

Manchikanti, L.; Hansen, H.; Pampati, V.; Falco, F.J.E., 2014:
Utilization and growth patterns of sacroiliac joint injections from 2000 to 2011 in the medicare population

Mizobuchi, K.; Takahasi, N.; Ajima, A., 2011:
Utilization and imitation behavior following right parietotemporal lesions

Mayadev, J.; Fish, K.; Valicenti, R.; West, D.; Chen, A.; Martinez, S.; Phillips, T., 2015:
Utilization and impact of a postmastectomy radiation boost for invasive breast cancer

Diercks, D.B.; Kontos, M.C.; Chen, A.Y.; Pollack, C.V.; Wiviott, S.D.; Rumsfeld, J.S.; Magid, D.J.; Gibler, W.Brian.; Cannon, C.P.; Peterson, E.D.; Roe, M.T., 2009:
Utilization and impact of pre-hospital electrocardiograms for patients with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: data from the NCDR (National Cardiovascular Data Registry) ACTION (Acute Coronary Treatment and Intervention Outcomes Network) Registry

Goodman, K.; Nowacki, A.; Wu, J.; Hickner, J., 2012:
Utilization and impact of pre-office visit video health maintenance education

Broome, J.T.; Cate, F.; Solorzano, C.C., 2014:
Utilization and impact of repeat biopsy for follicular lesion/atypia of undetermined significance

Joffe, A.M.; Pastores, S.M.; Maerz, L.L.; Mathur, P.; Lisco, S.J., 2014:
Utilization and impact on fellowship training of non-physician advanced practice providers in intensive care units of academic medical centers: a survey of critical care program directors

Leyk, D.; Rüther, T.; Wunderlich, M.; Sievert, A.P.; Erley, O.M.; Löllgen, H.; Leyk, D., 2009:
Utilization and implementation of sports medical screening examinations: survey of more than 10 000 long-distance runners

Allen, B.; Johnson, J.C., 2012:
Utilization and implementation of trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy for the treatment of maltreated children

Storey, J.E.; Watt, K.A.; Jackson, K.J.; Hart, S.D., 2012:
Utilization and implications of the Static-99 in practice

Turchik, J.A.; Pavao, J.; Hyun, J.; Mark, H.; Kimerling, R., 2012:
Utilization and intensity of outpatient care related to military sexual trauma for veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq

MacRae, J.M.; Rose, C.L.; Jaber, B.L.; Gill, J.S., 2011:
Utilization and outcome of 'out-of-center hemodialysis' in the United States: a contemporary analysis

Hermansen, S.Eggen.; Hansen, M.; Roaldsen, M.; Muller, S.; How, O-Jakob.; Myrmel, T., 2008:
Utilization and outcome of coronary revascularization and valve procedures in acute heart failure--an evaluation based on the classification from the European Society of Cardiology

Villamere, J.; Gebhart, A.; Vu, S.; Nguyen, N.T., 2016:
Utilization and outcome of laparoscopic versus robotic general and bariatric surgical procedures at Academic Medical Centers

Wasay, M.; Barohi, H.; Malik, A.; Yousuf, A.; Awan, S.; Kamal, A.K., 2010:
Utilization and outcome of thrombolytic therapy for acute stroke in Pakistan

Berringer, R.A.; Smith, J.C.; Smith, J.Charles.; Brokaw, D.K.; Oestreich, G.L., 2008:
Utilization and outcomes of Missouri Medicaid's EHR: CyberAccess

Nosyk, B.; Li, L.; Evans, E.; Urada, D.; Huang, D.; Wood, E.; Rawson, R.; Hser, Y-Ing., 2015:
Utilization and outcomes of detoxification and maintenance treatment for opioid dependence in publicly-funded facilities in California, USA: 1991-2012

Gadzinski, A.J.; Dimick, J.B.; Ye, Z.; Miller, D.C., 2013:
Utilization and outcomes of inpatient surgical care at critical access hospitals in the United States

Segev, D.L.; Kucirka, L.M.; Gentry, S.E.; Montgomery, R.A., 2008:
Utilization and outcomes of kidney paired donation in the United States

Nguyen, N.T.; Christie, C.; Masoomi, H.; Matin, T.; Laugenour, K.; Hohmann, S., 2012:
Utilization and outcomes of laparoscopic versus open paraesophageal hernia repair

Davila, J.A.; Duan, Z.; McGlynn, K.A.; El-Serag, H.B., 2012:
Utilization and outcomes of palliative therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma: a population-based study in the United States

Wu, C.; Hannan, E.L.; Walford, G.; Faxon, D.P., 2008:
Utilization and outcomes of unprotected left main coronary artery stenting and coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Kritz, M.; Gschwandtner, M.; Stefanov, V.; Hanbury, A.; Samwald, M., 2014:
Utilization and perceived problems of online medical resources and search tools among different groups of European physicians

Fomba, S.; Xiao, P.Ma.; Yan, Y.; Zhou, H.; Liu, L.Qiaolan., 2011:
Utilization and perception of the quality of curative care in community health centre of the fifth commune of Bamako

Scott, D.; Happell, B., 2014:
Utilization and perceptions of primary health care services in Australian adults with mental illness

Li, H.; Sammon, J.; Roghmann, F.; Sood, A.; Ehlert, M.; Sun, M.; Menon, M.; Atiemo, H.; Trinh, Q-Dien., 2014:
Utilization and perioperative outcomes of robotic vaginal vault suspension compared to abdominal or vaginal approaches for pelvic organ prolapse

Colabianchi, N.; Kinsella, A.E.; Coulton, C.J.; Moore, S.M., 2008:
Utilization and physical activity levels at renovated and unrenovated school playgrounds

Peltzer, K., 2010:
Utilization and practice of traditional/complementary/alternative medicine (TM/CAM) in South Africa

Cash, T.; Desbrow, B.; Leveritt, M.; Ball, L., 2016:
Utilization and preference of nutrition information sources in Australia

Rice, Z.P.; Weiss, F.J.; DeLong, L.K.; Curiel-Lewandrowski, C.; Chen, S.C., 2011:
Utilization and rationale for the implementation of total body (digital) photography as an adjunct screening measure for melanoma

Bashir, S.; Ananth, C.V.; Lewin, S.N.; Burke, W.M.; Lu, Y-Shiang.; Neugut, A.I.; Herzog, T.J.; Hershman, D.L.; Wright, J.D., 2013:
Utilization and safety of sodium hyaluronate-carboxymethylcellulose adhesion barrier

Jing, Y.; Klein, P.; Kelton, C.Ml.; Li, X.; Guo, J.J., 2007:
Utilization and spending trends for antiretroviral medications in the U.S. Medicaid program from 1991 to 2005

KIVMAN, G.Ia.; KHASKIN, L.S., 2018:
Utilization and sterilization of side products obtained during production of antibiotics; review of foreign periodical literature

Gordon, J.David.; DiMattina, M.; Reh, A.; Botes, A.; Celia, G.; Payson, M., 2013:
Utilization and success rates of unstimulated in vitro fertilization in the United States: an analysis of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology database

Korets, R.; Weinberg, A.C.; Alberts, B.D.; Woldu, S.L.; Mann, M.J.; Badani, K.K., 2015:
Utilization and timing of blood transfusions following open and robot-assisted radical prostatectomy

Artoisenet, C.; Deliège, D., 2007:
Utilization and under-utilization of health care in Belgium and other countries

Alpern, E.R.; Calello, D.P.; Windreich, R.; Osterhoudt, K.; Shaw, K.N., 2008:
Utilization and unexpected hospitalization rates of a pediatric emergency department 23-hour observation unit

Shirts, B.H.; Larsen, N.; Jackson, B.R., 2012:
Utilization and utility of clinical laboratory reports with graphical elements

Naert, K.A.; Trotter, M.J., 2013:
Utilization and utility of immunohistochemistry in dermatopathology

Denscherz, C.A.; Hoffmann, K.; Lutz, L.; Klug, Günther.; Huber, D., 2014:
Utilization and utility of psycho-oncologic support of patients with mamma-carcinoma

Laiyemo, A.O.; Pinsky, P.F.; Marcus, P.M.; Lanza, E.; Cross, A.J.; Schatzkin, A.; Schoen, R.E., 2009:
Utilization and yield of surveillance colonoscopy in the continued follow-up study of the polyp prevention trial

Chapados, C.; Petrides, M., 2015:
Utilization behavior after lesions restricted to the frontal cortex

Besnard, J.; Allain, P.; Aubin, G.; Osiurak, F.; Chauviré, V.; Etcharry-Bouyx, F.; LE Gall, D., 2010:
Utilization behavior: clinical and theoretical approaches

Iaccarino, L.; Chieffi, S.; Iavarone, A., 2014:
Utilization behavior: what is known and what has to be known?

Elliott, K.J.; Schuck, C., 2011:
Utilization by human subjects of crystalline ascorbic acid and of ascorbic acid from grapefruit

Lertwattanasakul, N.; Rodrussamee, N.; Suprayogi; Limtong, S.; Thanonkeo, P.; Kosaka, T.; Yamada, M., 2011:
Utilization capability of sucrose, raffinose and inulin and its less-sensitiveness to glucose repression in thermotolerant yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus DMKU 3-1042

Mitchell, J.M., 2007:
Utilization changes following market entry by physician-owned specialty hospitals

Gallagher, A.M.; Leighton-Scott, J.; van Staa, T.P., 2010:
Utilization characteristics and treatment persistence in patients prescribed low-dose buprenorphine patches in primary care in the United Kingdom: a retrospective cohort study

Abbott, Z.I.; Nair, K.V.; Allen, R.R.; Akuthota, V.R., 2012:
Utilization characteristics of spinal interventions

Fiscella, R.G.; Lee, J.T.; Walt, J.G.; Killian, T.D., 2008:
Utilization characteristics of topical cycolsporine and punctal plugs in a managed care database

Dynich, R.A., 2011:
Utilization efficiency of spherical metal nanoparticles that increase light absorption in absorbing media

Loftus, M.L.; Minkowitz, S.; Tsiouris, A.John.; Min, R.J.; Sanelli, P.C., 2010:
Utilization guidelines for reducing radiation exposure in the evaluation of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: A practice quality improvement project

Zeng, F.; Chen, C-I.; Mastey, V.; Zou, K.H.; Harnett, J.; Patel, B.V., 2011 :
Utilization management for smoking cessation pharmacotherapy: varenicline rejected claims analysis

Kim, J.Yeon.; Dzik, W.H.; Dighe, A.S.; Lewandrowski, K.B., 2011:
Utilization management in a large urban academic medical center: a 10-year experience

Lewandrowski, K.; Black-Schaffer, S., 2015:
Utilization management in anatomic pathology

Branda, J.A.; Lewandrowski, K., 2015:
Utilization management in microbiology

Otero, H.J.; Ondategui-Parra, S.; Nathanson, E.M.; Erturk, S.Mehmet.; Ros, P.R., 2007:
Utilization management in radiology: basic concepts and applications

Peña, J.Ryan.Andrew.; Dzik, W.Sunny., 2015:
Utilization management in the blood transfusion service

Rao, S.K., 2015:
Utilization management in the changing health-care environment

Huck, A.; Lewandrowski, K., 2015:
Utilization management in the clinical laboratory: an introduction and overview of the literature

Ng, V.L., 2015:
Utilization management in the core laboratory

Zhang, Y.; Kwong, T.C., 2015:
Utilization management in toxicology

Rice, L.; Garrett, M.B., 2008:
Utilization management in workers' compensation: a strategy to improve quality while managing costs

Hendel, R.C., 2009:
Utilization management of cardiovascular imaging pre-certification and appropriateness

Curtiss, F.R.; Fairman, K.A., 2010:
Utilization management opportunities for palivizumab for prophylaxis of respiratory syncytial virus complications in infants

Kimura, M.; Tsivian, M.; Mouraviev, V.; Mayes, J.M.; Price, M.M.; Bannister, M.C.; Madden, J.F.; Wong, T.Z.; Polascik, T.J., 2010:
Utilization of (111)In-Capromab pendetide SPECT-CT for detecting seminal vesicle invasion with recurrent prostate cancer after primary in situ therapy

Kevvai, K.; Kütt, M-Liis.; Nisamedtinov, I.; Paalme, T., 2014:
Utilization of (15)N-labelled yeast hydrolysate in Lactococcus lactis IL1403 culture indicates co-consumption of peptide-bound and free amino acids with simultaneous efflux of free amino acids

Nunes Menolli Lanza, L.; Ferreira Lanza, D.Carlos.; Sodek, L., 2014:
Utilization of (15)NO3 (-) by nodulated soybean plants under conditions of root hypoxia

Kar, S.; Ibebuogu, U.N.; Conte, A.Hernandez., 2012:
Utilization of 3 amplatzer occluders for closure of post-myocardial infarction ventricular septal defect

Yang, K.; Bernardo, L.M.; Sereika, S.M.; Conroy, M.B.; Balk, J.; Burke, L.E., 2009:
Utilization of 3-month yoga program for adults at high risk for type 2 diabetes: a pilot study

Różalska, S.; Pawłowska, J.; Wrzosek, M.; Tkaczuk, C.; Długoński, J., 2014:
Utilization of 4-n-nonylphenol by Metarhizium sp. isolates

Walter, M.; Honegger, A.; Schweizer, R.; Poths, S.; Bonin, M., 2010:
Utilization of AFFX spike-in control probes to monitor sample identity throughout Affymetrix GeneChip Array processing

Malm, T.; Koistinaho, J.; Kanninen, K., 2011:
Utilization of APPswe/PS1dE9 Transgenic Mice in Research of Alzheimer's Disease: Focus on Gene Therapy and Cell-Based Therapy Applications

Singh, R.; Kapoor, V.; Kumar, V., 2013:
Utilization of Agro-industrial Wastes for the Simultaneous Production of Amylase and Xylanase by Thermophilic Actinomycetes

Sánchez Fernández, J.F.; González-López, C.V.; Acién Fernández, F.G.; Fernández Sevilla, J.M.; Molina Grima, E., 2012:
Utilization of Anabaena sp. in CO₂ removal processes: modelling of biomass, exopolysaccharides productivities and CO₂ fixation rate

Williams, W.C., 1940:
Utilization of Available Resources in the Control of Tuberculosis

Sharma, H.; Chandola, H.M.; Singh, G.; Basisht, G., 2007:
Utilization of Ayurveda in health care: an approach for prevention, health promotion, and treatment of disease. Part 1--Ayurveda, the science of life

Sharma, H.; Chandola, H.M.; Singh, G.; Basisht, G., 2008:
Utilization of Ayurveda in health care: an approach for prevention, health promotion, and treatment of disease. Part 2--Ayurveda in primary health care

Porcel, Jé.M., 2011:
Utilization of B-type natriuretic peptide and NT-proBNP in the diagnosis of pleural effusions due to heart failure

Jordan, J.O., 1910:
Utilization of Bacteriologic and Microscopic Methods in the Inspection of Milk

Ong, W.M.; Che Zuraini, S.; Wan Azman, W.A.; Rajasuriar, R., 2016:
Utilization of Beta blockers post-myocardial infarction

Bakri, R.; Parikesit, A.Aditya.; Satriyanto, C.Prio.; Kerami, D.; Tambunan, U.Sumo.Friend., 2014:
Utilization of Boron Compounds for the Modification of Suberoyl Anilide Hydroxamic Acid as Inhibitor of Histone Deacetylase Class II Homo sapiens

Sakai, R.; Kondo, C.; Oka, H.; Miyajima, H.; Kubo, K.; Uehara, T., 2014:
Utilization of CDKN1A/p21 gene for class discrimination of DNA damage-induced clastogenicity

Xiao, W.; Hong, H.; Awadallah, A.; Zhou, L.; Xin, W., 2014:
Utilization of CDX2 expression in diagnosing pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and predicting prognosis

Youssef, T.Fouad.; Ahmed, M.Rifaat.; Kassab, A.Nazmi., 2010:
Utilization of CO(2) laser for temporal fascia graft welding in myringoplasty: an experimental study on guinea pigs

Yang, C.; Jia, L.; Su, S.; Tian, Z.; Song, Q.; Fang, W.; Chen, C.; Liu, G., 2012:
Utilization of CO2 and biomass char derived from pyrolysis of Dunaliella salina: the effects of steam and catalyst on CO and H2 gas production

Gunnarsson, Iólfur.B.; Alvarado-Morales, M.; Angelidaki, I., 2015:
Utilization of CO2 fixating bacterium Actinobacillus succinogenes 130Z for simultaneous biogas upgrading and biosuccinic acid production

Shujaat, A.; Shapiro, J.M.; Eden, E., 2013:
Utilization of CT Pulmonary Angiography in Suspected Pulmonary Embolism in a Major Urban Emergency Department

Turk, A.S.; Nyberg, E.MacKenzie.; Chaudry, M.Imran.; Turner, R.D.; Magarik, J.Asher.; Nicholas, J.S.; Holmstedt, C.A.; Chalela, J.Alejandro.; Hays, A.; Lazaridis, C.; Chimowitz, M.I.; Turan, T.N.; Adams, R.J.; Jauch, E.C., 2014:
Utilization of CT perfusion patient selection for mechanical thrombectomy irrespective of time: a comparison of functional outcomes and complications

Guo, M.; Chock, G.; Parlin, L.; Yamashiroya, V.; Rudoy, R., 2014:
Utilization of Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Screener© by O'ahu's pediatricians

Clark, G.T.; Haynes, J.J., 2011:
Utilization of DBS within drug discovery: a simple 2D-LC-MS/MS system to minimize blood- and paper-based matrix effects from FTA elute™ DBS

Clark, G.T.; Haynes, J.J.; Bayliss, M.A.J.; Burrows, L., 2011:
Utilization of DBS within drug discovery: development of a serial microsampling pharmacokinetic study in mice

Hwee, J.; Cauch-Dudek, K.; Victor, J.Charles.; Ng, R.; Shah, B.R., 2015:
Utilization of Diabetes Education Centres in Ontario by people without diabetes

Angeles, J.Ma.M.; Goto, Y.; Kirinoki, M.; Asada, M.; Leonardo, L.R.; Rivera, P.T.; Villacorte, E.A.; Inoue, N.; Chigusa, Y.; Kawazu, S-ichiro., 2013:
Utilization of ELISA using thioredoxin peroxidase-1 and tandem repeat proteins for diagnosis of Schistosoma japonicum infection among water buffaloes

Sorajja, D.; Bhakta, M.D.; Scott, L.Rp.; Altemose, G.T.; Srivathsan, K., 2010:
Utilization of Electrocardiographic P-wave Duration for AV Interval Optimization in Dual-Chamber Pacemakers

Thébault, N.; Broux, P-L.; Moy, L.; Vialard, J., 2012:
Utilization of Essure® micro-insert for hydrosalpynx occlusion in infertile women

Matsumaru, Y.; Sonobe, M.; Mashiko, R.; Sugimori, M.; Takahashi, S.; Nose, T., 2000:
Utilization of Extracorporeal Pump during Local Intra-arterial Fibrinolysis in the Treatment of Acute Cerebral Arterial Occlusion. A Case Report

Hagino, H.; Katagiri, H.; Ito, Y., 2010:
Utilization of FRAX at orthopedic clinics

Rodriguez, G.Marcela.; Gardner, R.; Kaur, N.; Phanstiel, O., 2007:
Utilization of Fe3+-acinetoferrin analogs as an iron source by Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Bonder, A.; Afdhal, N., 2014:
Utilization of FibroScan in clinical practice

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Utilization of Kard's equations to suppress the high frequency reflectance bands of periodic multilayers

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Utilization of MLPA to detection of genetic changes in neuroblastoma

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Utilization of Medical Man Power in Public Health

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Utilization of Meopa to ease pain

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Utilization of Minimally Invasive Surgical Approach for Sacroiliac Joint Fusion in Surgeon Population of ISASS and SMISS Membership

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Utilization of Multiphoton Imaging For Real-Time Fate Determination of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in an Immunocompetent Mouse Model

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Utilization of N,N-dialkylcarbamic acid derived from secondary amines and supercritical carbon dioxide: stereoselective synthesis of Z alkenyl carbamates with a CO2-soluble ruthenium-P(OC2H5)3 catalyst

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Utilization of N-X bonds in the synthesis of N-heterocycles

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Utilization of N-bromosuccinimide as a brominating agent for the determination of sumatriptan succinate in bulk drug and tablets

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Anonymous, 1963:
Utilization of Research by the Practitioner

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Utilization of ST-segment deviation sum and change scores to identify acute myocardial infarction

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Utilization of TREC and KREC quantification for the monitoring of early T- and B-cell neogenesis in adult patients after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

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Utilization of UV absorbance for estimation of phosphate elimination during hemodiafiltration

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Utilization of Unused Prescriptions Medication Act

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Utilization of Uracil-DNA glycosylase for combining reverse transcription and anti-contamination with polymerase chain reaction in hepatitis C virus

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Utilization of VA mental health and primary care services among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with depression: the influence of gender and ethnicity status

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Utilization of Vascular Restriction Training in post-surgical knee rehabilitation: a case report and introduction to an under-reported training technique

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Utilization of Waste Heat

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Utilization of Western medicine and traditional chinese medicine services by physicians and their relatives: the role of training background

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Utilization of YouTube as a Tool to Assess Patient Perception Regarding Implanted Cardiac Devices

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Utilization of Zwitterion-based solutions to dissect the relative effects of solution pH and ionic strength on the aggregation behavior and conformational stability of a fusion protein

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Utilization of a 5-Meter Walk Test in Evaluating Self-selected Gait Speed during Preoperative Screening of Patients Scheduled for Cardiac Surgery

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Utilization of a Glidescope videolaryngoscope for orotracheal intubations in different emergency airway management settings

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Utilization of a Medicaid-funded intervention for children with autism

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Utilization of a Michael addition: dipolar cycloaddition cascade for the synthesis of (+/-)-cylindricine C

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Utilization of a benchmarking database to inform NICHE implementation

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Utilization of a benzyl functionalized polymeric ionic liquid for the sensitive determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; parabens and alkylphenols in waters using solid-phase microextraction coupled to gas chromatography-flame ionization detection

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Utilization of a buffered dielectric to achieve high field-effect carrier mobility in graphene transistors

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Utilization of a civilian academic center as a force multiplier in support of NATO special operations medicine - a pilot demonstration

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Utilization of a clinical prediction rule for abdominal-pelvic CT scans in patients with blunt abdominal trauma

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Utilization of a community pharmacy-operated national drug information call center in Finland

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Utilization of a comprehensive sensory stimulation program with a comatose tetraplegic patient

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Utilization of a computerized clinical surveillance system to increase acute myocardial infarction core measure compliance

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Utilization of a computerized intravenous insulin infusion program to control blood glucose in the intensive care unit

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Utilization of a continuous external tissue expansion system to assist in primary closure of a large anterolateral thigh donor site defect

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Utilization of a deoxynucleoside diphosphate substrate by HIV reverse transcriptase

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Utilization of a detection level of 25ng/mL for cannabinoids in urine using a CEDIA THCPLUS immunoassay: application of this cut-off to urines of school children

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Utilization of a deuterated derivatization agent to synthesize internal standards for gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry quantification of silylated metabolites

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Utilization of a digital-versatile-disc pickup head for benchtop laser microfabrication

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Utilization of a diol-stationary phase column in ion chromatographic separation of inorganic anions

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Utilization of a factorial design to study the composting of hydrolyzed grape marc and vinification lees

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Utilization of a free fitness center-based exercise referral program among women with chronic disease risk factors

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Utilization of a high frequency oral oscillatory device with mechanical ventilation

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Utilization of a latent tuberculosis infection referral system by newly resettled refugees in central Ohio

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Utilization of a lentiviral system for the generation of B cells with regulatory properties

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Utilization of a ligand containing 2,2'-bipyridyl and tetrazolate groups to construct a 2D Co(II) coordination polymer: spin canting and metamagnetism

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Utilization of a liquid crystal spatial light modulator in a gray scale detour phase method for Fourier holograms

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Utilization of a low cost agro-residue for production of coagulant aids and their applications

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Utilization of a maltotetraose-producing amylase as a whole wheat bread improver: dough rheology and baking performance

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Utilization of a massive transfusion protocol during liver lobe resection: a case report

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Utilization of a mobile medical van for delivering pediatric care in the bateys of the Dominican Republic

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Utilization of a mobile videoconferencing tool (FaceTime) for real-time evaluation of critically ill neurosurgical patients

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Utilization of a modified Clavien Classification System in reporting complications after ultrasound-guided percutaneous nephrostomy tube placement: comparison to standard Society of Interventional Radiology practice guidelines

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Utilization of a modified bite guard for preventing traumatic macroglossia

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Utilization of a multiple antigenic peptide as a calibration standard in the BAN50 single antibody sandwich ELISA for Aβ oligomers

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Utilization of a mutagenesis screen to generate mouse models of hyperaldosteronism

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Weak social networks and restless sleep interrelate through depressed mood among elderly

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Utilization of a new self-adhering flowable composite resin

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Utilization of a new tissue expander in the closure of a large Mohs surgical defect

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Utilization of a nitrogen-sulfur nonbonding interaction in the design of new 2-aminothiazol-5-yl-pyrimidines as p38α MAP kinase inhibitors

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Utilization of a non-preserved cadaver to address deficiencies in technical skills during the third year of medical school

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Utilization of a non-preserved cadaver to address deficiencies in technical skills during the third year of medical school: a cadaver model for teaching technical skills

Pavic, A.; Groves, P.J.; Cox, J.M., 2010:
Utilization of a novel autologous killed tri-vaccine (serogroups B [Typhimurium], C [Mbandaka] and E [Orion]) for Salmonella control in commercial poultry breeders

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Utilization of a novel digital measurement tool for quantitative assessment of upper extremity motor dexterity: a controlled pilot study

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Utilization of a novel rib spreader for minimally invasive lung transplantation

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Utilization of a pediatric observation unit for toxicologic ingestions

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Utilization of a precolumn with size exclusion and reversed-phase modes for size-exclusion chromatographic analysis of polysorbate-containing protein aggregates

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Utilization of a protein "shuttle" to load vault nanocapsules with gold probes and proteins

Sharpe, R.E.; Sharpe, M.; Siegel, E.; Siddiqui, K., 2010:
Utilization of a radiology-centric search engine

Dor, K., 2014:
Utilization of a referral-based procedure clinic to improve procedure training and assessment in a family medicine residency

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Utilization of a reminder mailing to improve blood glucose log reporting in an outpatient diabetes clinic

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Utilization of a right-handed coiled-coil protein from archaebacterium Staphylothermus marinus as a carrier for cisplatin

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Utilization of a scoring system for diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia in Thai patients

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Utilization of a second caregiver in the care of a child with a tracheostomy in the homecare setting

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Utilization of a self-selection process for clinical rotation assignments: a report on student and clinical coordinator satisfaction

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Utilization of a standardized tracheostomy capping and decannulation protocol to improve patient safety

Sidney, K.; Ryan, K.; Diwan, V.; De Costa, A., 2014:
Utilization of a state run public private emergency transportation service exclusively for childbirth: the Janani (maternal) Express program in Madhya Pradesh, India

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Utilization of chlorine during septicization of sewage

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Utilization of citric acid by some so-called citrate-non-utilizing bacteria

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Utilization of desizing washings for the culture of industrially important microorganisms

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Utilization of elastic energy during weight exercises differs under stable and unstable conditions

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Utilization of environmentally benign dicyandiamide as a precursor for the synthesis of ordered mesoporous carbon nitride and its application in base-catalyzed reactions

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Utilization of eserine for the study of the function of the vagus nerve in external secretion of the pancreas

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Utilization of esophageal function testing for the diagnosis of the rumination syndrome and belching disorders

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Utilization of exhaled nitric oxide measurement among United States allergists

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Utilization of expanded criteria donors in liver transplantation

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Utilization of extracellular information before ligand-receptor binding reaches equilibrium expands and shifts the input dynamic range

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Utilization of fertility-related services in the United States

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Utilization of foot care services among homeless adults: implications for advanced practice nurses

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Utilization of frequency information in a linear wavenumber-scanning interferometer for profile measurement of a thin film

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Utilization of fully Bayesian modeling to detect patterns in relative risk variation for infant mortality in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil

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Utilization of functional surgery in benign parotid tumor of superficial lobe

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Utilization of galectin-3 in case management across the spectrum of heart failure

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Utilization of gene profiling and proteomics to determine mineral pathogenicity in a human mesothelial cell line (LP9/TERT-1)

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Utilization of general and specialized cardiac care by people with schizophrenia

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Utilization of generics in an area covered by a family health unit in a southern Brazilian city

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Utilization of genetic counseling after diagnosis of a birth defect--trends over time and variables associated with utilization

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Utilization of genetic testing prior to subspecialist referral for cerebellar ataxia

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Utilization of genomic signatures to direct use of primary chemotherapy

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Utilization of genomic signatures to identify phenotype-specific drugs

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Utilization of geotextile tube for sandy and muddy coastal management: a review

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Utilization of glucose and acetone bodies by gastrointestinal tract in fasting normal and diabetic dogs

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Utilization of glucose, blood pressure, and lipid lowering medications among people with type II diabetes in the United States, 1999-2010

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Utilization of glutathione S-transferase Mu 1- and Theta 1-null mice as animal models for absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity studies

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Utilization of glycerin byproduct derived from soybean oil biodiesel as a carbon source for heterologous protein production in Pichia pastoris

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Utilization of glycerol as cysteine and carbon sources for cephalosporin C production by Acremonium chrysogenum M35 in methionine-unsupplemented culture

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Utilization of glycogen phosphorylase BB measurement in the diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes in the event of chest pain

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Utilization of glycosyltransferases for the synthesis of a densely packed hyperbranched polysaccharide brush coating as artificial glycocalyx

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Utilization of glyphosate as phosphate source: biochemistry and genetics of bacterial carbon-phosphorus lyase

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Utilization of oxidation reactions for the spectrophotometric determination of captopril using brominating agents

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Utilization of oxidative stress biomarkers is important to assess treatment effects on exercise capacity in patients with intermittent claudication

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Utilization of p16 protein after a positive HPV test

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Utilization of palm oil decanter cake as a novel substrate for biosurfactant production from a new and promising strain of Ochrobactrum anthropi 2/3

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Utilization of panic values in our institution: hematological testing

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Utilization of petrochemical wastewater for the production of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) by Haloarcula sp. IRU1

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