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Validation and identification of molecular markers linked to the leaf rust resistance gene Lr28 in wheat

Bipinraj, A.; Honrao, B.; Prashar, M.; Bhardwaj, S.; Rao, S.; Tamhankar, S.

Journal of Applied Genetics 52(2): 171-175


ISSN/ISBN: 2190-3883
PMID: 21225387
DOI: 10.1007/s13353-010-0026-9
Accession: 056833687

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Leaf rust resistance gene Lr28 controls one of the important resistances in the Indian subcontinent against the most prevalent Puccinia triticina pathotype 77-5. Pyramiding Lr28 with other resistance genes would therefore, provide durable resistance against rust, a process that can be facilitated by DNA markers. A microsatellite marker wmc313 linked to Lr28 at a distance of 5.0 cM was identified in the population HD2329 × HW2037. The marker was validated in another population developed from WL711× CS + Lr28: 2D/2M 3/8 (acc. 2956) as well as in a few near- isogenic lines (NILs) carrying gene Lr28. Compared to the previously reported marker TPSCAR SCS421(570), wmc313 is more closely linked to Lr28. Both these markers flanking the gene should be useful in the deployment of Lr28 into the breeding program using marker-assisted selection allowing pyramiding with other effective genes to confer durable resistance.

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