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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56864

Chapter 56864 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

García-Melgares, M.L.; Martínez, A.; Alegre, V., 2008:
Verrucous papules in the glans penis

Diego, R.Ballestero.; Gómez, M.Angel.Correas.; Martín, Jé.Antonio.Portillo.; Schaan, J.Ignacio.Del.Valle.; Edreira, A.Roca.; Peña, A.Villanueva.; Tubet, C.Aguilera.; Guerrero, S.Zubillaga.; Barseló, E.Ramos.; Sañudo, J.Antonio.Campos.; Zabala, E.Hidalgo.; Baños, J.Luis.Gutierrez., 2010:
Verrucous penis after telecobalto-therapy 38 years ago

De, A.; Gharami, R.C.; Datta, P.K., 2010:
Verrucous plaque on the face: what is your diagnosis?

Martínez Casimiro, Lía.; Vilata Corell, J.José.; Alegre de Miquel, Víctor., 2011:
Verrucous plaque on the thigh

Heng, Y-Kiat.; Lee, J.S.S.; Neoh, C-Yin., 2013:
Verrucous plaques in a pemphigus vulgaris patient on immunosuppressive therapy

Takiguchi, R.H.; White, K.P.; White, C.R.; Simpson, E.L., 2010:
Verrucous porokeratosis of the gluteal cleft (porokeratosis ptychotropica): a rare disorder easily misdiagnosed

Scavo, S.; Gurrera, A.; Mazzaglia, C.; Magro, G.; Pulvirenti, D.; Gozzo, E.; Neri, S., 2007:
Verrucous psoriasis in a patient with chronic C hepatitis treated with interferon

Pezzetta, S.; Zarian, H.; Agostini, C.; Salmaso, R.; Alaibac, M., 2013:
Verrucous sarcoidosis of the skin simulating squamous cell carcinoma

Murao, K.; Oshima, M.; Miyajima, O.; Kubo, Y., 2012:
Verrucous skin lesions on the feet in diabetic neuropathy successfully treated with topical maxacalcitol

Yamauchi, K.; Kobayashi, T.; Kawakubo, C.; Fujimoto, N.; Satoh, T.; Tajima, S., 2015:
Verrucous skin lesions on the feet in diabetic neuropathy: successful treatment using a hollowed-out sponge

Honda, R.; Iino, Y.; Ito, S.; Tanaka, M., 2013:
Verrucous spitz nevus in a Japanese female

Tzili, N.; El Yamouni, O.; El Khaoua, M.; Mellal, Z.; Sefiani, S.; Berraho, A., 2015:
Verrucous squamous carcinoma of the eyelid: report of a case

Friedl, T.K.; Flaig, M.J.; Ruzicka, T.; Rupec, R.A., 2011:
Verrucous squamous cell carcinoma complicating hypertrophic lichen planus. Three case reports and review of the literature

Lorente, A.I.; Morillo, M.; de Zulueta, T.; Gonzalez, J.; Conejo-Mir, J., 2013:
Verrucous squamous cell carcinoma of vulva simulating multiple epidermal inclusion cysts

Miteva, L.; Broshtilova, V.; Schwartz, R.A., 2010:
Verrucous systemic lupus erythematosus

Arora, S.; Kaur, J.; Kaur, H., 2013:
Verrucous trichoadenoma - presenting as discharging sinus on face

Khandpur, S.; Bansal, A.; Ramam, M.; Sharma, V.K.; Das, A.Kumar.; Singh, M.K.; Prasad, H.Krishna., 2008:
Verrucous tuberculid mimicking Kyrle disease

Weberschock, T.; Flux, K.; Gholam, P.; Hartschuh, W.; Hartmann, M., 2010 :
Verrucous tumor of the amputation stump

Kim, N.; Sohn, M-Jin.; Koshino, H.; Kim, E-Hee.; Kim, W-Gon., 2014:
Verrulactone C with an unprecedented dispiro skeleton, a new inhibitor of Staphylococcus aureus enoyl-ACP reductase, from Penicillium verruculosum F375

Kim, N.; Sohn, M-Jin.; Kim, C-Jin.; Kwon, H.Jeong.; Kim, W-Gon., 2012:
Verrulactones A and B, new inhibitors of Staphylococcus aureus enoyl-ACP reductase produced by Penicillium verruculosum F375

Kak, R.; Behl, P.N.; Srivastava, G., 2007:
Versa pulse laser treatment an experience in 100 patients

Kim, C.C.; Derisi, J.L., 2010:
VersaCount: customizable manual tally software for cell counting

Oh, S-Ha.; Song, S.Han.; Kyung, H.; Kang, N.Heon.; Park, J.Beom.; Hee Kim, K., 2015:
VersaJet Hydrosurgery System: an effective device for flap deepithelialization

Gravante, G.; Esposito, G.; di Fede, M.C.; Delogu, D.; Montone, A., 2007:
Versajet hydrosurgery in burn wound debridement: a preliminary experience

Jeffery, S.L.A., 2007:
Versajet hydrosurgery in burns wound debridement: a preliminary experience by Gravante G, Esposito G, Delogu D, Montone A. Burns 33;207:401-2

Kimble, R.M.; Mott, J.; Joethy, J., 2008:
Versajet hydrosurgery system for the debridement of paediatric burns

Sivrioğlu, N.; Irkören, S., 2014:
Versajet hydrosurgery system in the debridement of skin necrosis after Ca gluconate extravasation: report of 9 infantile cases

Gravante, G.; Delogu, D.; Esposito, G.; Montone, A., 2007:
Versajet hydrosurgery versus classic escharectomy for burn débridment: a prospective randomized trial

Majumdar, A.; Sun, Y.; Shah, M.; Freel Meyers, C.L., 2010:
Versatile (1)H-(31)P-(31)P COSY 2D NMR techniques for the characterization of polyphosphorylated small molecules

More, S.; Bhosale, R.; Choudhary, S.; Mateo-Alonso, A., 2012:
Versatile 2,7-substituted pyrene synthons for the synthesis of pyrene-fused azaacenes

Armstrong, M.R.; Plachta, P.; Ponomarev, E.A.; Miller, R.J., 2007:
Versatile 7-fs optical parametric pulse generation and compression by use of adaptive optics

Berthelmann, A.; Lach, J.; Gräwert, M.A.; Groll, M.; Eichler, J., 2014:
Versatile C(3)-symmetric scaffolds and their use for covalent stabilization of the foldon trimer

Nemoto, N.; Fukushima, T.; Kumachi, S.; Suzuki, M.; Nishigaki, K.; Kubo, T., 2015:
Versatile C-terminal specific biotinylation of proteins using both a puromycin-linker and a cell-free translation system for studying high-throughput protein-molecule interactions

Agarwal, T.; Silverman, L.; Morgan, A., 2010:
Versatile CAD/CAM digital impression technology

Nahra, F.; Macé, Y.; Boreux, A.; Billard, F.; Riant, O., 2014:
Versatile Cu(I)/Pd(0) dual catalysis for the synthesis of quaternary α-allylated carbonyl compounds: development, mechanistic investigations and scope

Hoogstraten, D.; Bergink, S.; Ng, J.M.Y.; Verbiest, V.H.M.; Luijsterburg, M.S.; Geverts, B.; Raams, A.; Dinant, C.; Hoeijmakers, J.H.J.; Vermeulen, W.; Houtsmuller, A.B., 2008:
Versatile DNA damage detection by the global genome nucleotide excision repair protein XPC

Zhao, X-Hua.; Gong, L.; Zhang, X-Bing.; Yang, B.; Fu, T.; Hu, R.; Tan, W.; Yu, R., 2013:
Versatile DNAzyme-based amplified biosensing platforms for nucleic acid, protein, and enzyme activity detection

Yamamoto, Y.; Itonaga, K., 2008:
Versatile Friedel-Crafts-type alkylation of benzene derivatives using a molybdenum complex/ortho-chloranil catalytic system

Wagner, M.; van Wolferen, M.; Wagner, A.; Lassak, K.; Meyer, B.H.; Reimann, J.; Albers, S-Verena., 2012:
Versatile Genetic Tool Box for the Crenarchaeote Sulfolobus acidocaldarius

Juday, R.E., 1968:
Versatile Genius: Frederick II

Shiundu, P.M.; Wade, A.P., 1991:
Versatile IEEE-488 data acquisition and control routines for a diode array spectrophotometer

Pinder, T.A.; Montalvo, S.K.; Lunsford, A.M.; Hsieh, C-Hung.; Reibenspies, J.H.; Darensbourg, M.Y., 2014:
Versatile N2S2 nickel-dithiolates as mono- and bridging bidentate, S-donor ligands to gold(I)

Kim, E.J.; Abramowitz, L.K.; Bond, M.R.; Love, D.C.; Kang, D.W.; Leucke, H.F.; Kang, D.W.; Ahn, J-Seog.; Hanover, J.A., 2015:
Versatile O-GlcNAc transferase assay for high-throughput identification of enzyme variants, substrates, and inhibitors

Na, H.Bin.; Lee, I.Su.; Seo, H.; Park, Y.Il.; Lee, J.Hee.; Kim, S-Wook.; Hyeon, T., 2007:
Versatile PEG-derivatized phosphine oxide ligands for water-dispersible metal oxide nanocrystals

Wang, D-Hui.; Mei, T-Sheng.; Yu, J-Quan., 2008:
Versatile Pd(II)-catalyzed C-H activation/aryl-aryl coupling of benzoic and phenyl acetic acids

Wang, X.; Mei, T-Sheng.; Yu, J-Quan., 2009:
Versatile Pd(OTf)2 x 2 H2O-catalyzed ortho-fluorination using NMP as a promoter

Wang, L-Yin.; Shi, X-Yu.; Yang, C-Shi.; Huang, D-Ming., 2013:
Versatile RBC-derived vesicles as nanoparticle vector of photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy

Choi, K.Young.; Silvestre, O.F.; Huang, X.; Min, K.Hyun.; Howard, G.P.; Hida, N.; Jin, A.J.; Carvajal, N.; Lee, S.Wook.; Hong, J-In.; Chen, X., 2015:
Versatile RNA interference nanoplatform for systemic delivery of RNAs

Yi, W.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, F.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, Z.; Zhou, X., 2013:
Versatile Reactivity of Scorpionate-Anchored Yttrium-Dialkyl Complexes towards Unsaturated Substrates

Allan, R.Kenneth.; Ratajczak, T., 2011:
Versatile TPR domains accommodate different modes of target protein recognition and function

Boustta, M.; Colombo, P-Emmanuel.; Lenglet, Sébastien.; Poujol, S.; Vert, M., 2014:
Versatile UCST-based thermoresponsive hydrogels for loco-regional sustained drug delivery

Martínez, A.; Webber, M.J.; Müller, S.; List, B., 2013:
Versatile access to chiral indolines by catalytic asymmetric Fischer indolization

Uñates, D.Rafael.; Guidobaldi, Héctor.Alejandro.; Gatica, L.Virginia.; Cubilla, M.Angélica.; Teves, Mía.Eugenia.; Moreno, Aén.; Giojalas, L.Cecilia., 2016:
Versatile action of picomolar gradients of progesterone on different sperm subpopulations

Kitamura, Y.; Yamamoto, S.; Osawa, Y.; Matsuura, H.; Ihara, T., 2012:
Versatile allosteric molecular devices based on reversible formation of luminous lanthanide complexes

Wieser, S.; Axmann, M.; Schütz, G.J., 2009:
Versatile analysis of single-molecule tracking data by comprehensive testing against Monte Carlo simulations

Moingeon, F.; Roeser, Jérôme.; Masson, P.; Arnaud, Fçoise.; Méry, Séphane., 2008:
Versatile and efficient functionalisation of multiallylic dendronised polymers: can dense packing be reached?

Händel, E-Maria.; Gellhaus, K.; Khan, K.; Bednarski, C.; Cornu, T.I.; Müller-Lerch, F.; Kotin, R.M.; Heilbronn, R.; Cathomen, T., 2013:
Versatile and efficient genome editing in human cells by combining zinc-finger nucleases with adeno-associated viral vectors

Le Droumaguet, B.; Nicolas, J.; Brambilla, D.; Mura, S.; Maksimenko, A.; De Kimpe, L.; Salvati, E.; Zona, C.; Airoldi, C.; Canovi, M.; Gobbi, M.; Magali, N.; La Ferla, B.; Nicotra, F.; Scheper, W.; Flores, O.; Masserini, M.; Andrieux, K.; Couvreur, P., 2012:
Versatile and efficient targeting using a single nanoparticulate platform: application to cancer and Alzheimer's disease

Rodriguez, E.; Mannion, L.; D'Santos, P.; Griffiths, M.; Arends, M.J.; Brindle, K.M.; Lyons, S.K., 2014:
Versatile and enhanced tumour modelling in mice via somatic cell transduction

Harkat, H.; Blanc, Aélien.; Weibel, J-Marc.; Pale, P., 2008:
Versatile and expeditious synthesis of aurones via Au I-catalyzed cyclization

Pöhlein, M.; Bertran, R.Urpi.; Wolf, M.; van Eldik, R., 2008:
Versatile and fast gas chromatographic determination of frequently used brominated flame retardants in styrenic polymers

Gottam, H.; Vinod, T.K., 2011:
Versatile and iodine atom-economic co-iodination of alkenes

Viel, P.; Walter, J.; Bellon, S.; Berthelot, T., 2013:
Versatile and nondestructive photochemical process for biomolecule immobilization

Ema, T.; Tanida, D.; Sakai, T., 2007:
Versatile and practical macrocyclic reagent with multiple hydrogen-bonding sites for chiral discrimination in NMR

Peil, M.; Larger, L.; Fischer, I., 2007:
Versatile and robust chaos synchronization phenomena imposed by delayed shared feedback coupling

Hiki, S.; Kataoka, K., 2010:
Versatile and selective synthesis of "click chemistry" compatible heterobifunctional poly(ethylene glycol)s possessing azide and alkyne functionalities

Grosche, A.; Grosche, J.; Tackenberg, M.; Scheller, D.; Gerstner, G.; Gumprecht, A.; Pannicke, T.; Hirrlinger, P.G.; Wilhelmsson, U.; Hüttmann, K.; Härtig, W.; Steinhäuser, C.; Pekny, M.; Reichenbach, A., 2014:
Versatile and simple approach to determine astrocyte territories in mouse neocortex and hippocampus

Gruber, S.; Hagen, J.; Schwab, H.; Koefinger, P., 2015:
Versatile and stable vectors for efficient gene expression in Ralstonia eutropha H16

Ali, M.Ayub.; Siddiki, S.M.A.Hakim.; Kon, K.; Hasegawa, J.; Shimizu, K-Ichi., 2015:
Versatile and sustainable synthesis of cyclic imides from dicarboxylic acids and amines by Nb2O5 as a base-tolerant heterogeneous Lewis acid catalyst

Wang, D-Xian.; Wang, Q-Qiang.; Han, Y.; Wang, Y.; Huang, Z-Tang.; Wang, M-Xiang., 2011:
Versatile anion-π interactions between halides and a conformationally rigid bis(tetraoxacalix[2]arene[2]triazine) cage and their directing effect on molecular assembly

Zhu, K.; Dietrich, R.; Didier, A.; Acar, G.; Märtlbauer, E., 2014:
Versatile antibody-sensing Boolean logic for the simultaneous detection of multiple bacterial toxins

Fiess, M.; Schultze, M.; Goulielmakis, E.; Dennhardt, B.; Gagnon, J.; Hofstetter, M.; Kienberger, R.; Krausz, F., 2010:
Versatile apparatus for attosecond metrology and spectroscopy

Schrade, M.; Fjeld, H.; Norby, T.; Finstad, T.G., 2014:
Versatile apparatus for thermoelectric characterization of oxides at high temperatures

Fukasawa, T.; Sato, T., 2011:
Versatile application of indirect Fourier transformation to structure factor analysis: from X-ray diffraction of molecular liquids to small angle scattering of protein solutions

Oh, K-Jun.; Yang, J-Hyuk., 2014:
Versatile application of short stem during total hip arthroplasty

Iguchi, H.; Kosaka, N.; Ochiya, T., 2011:
Versatile applications of microRNA in anti-cancer drug discovery: from therapeutics to biomarkers

Chandrasekaran, G.; Oh, D-Sil.; Shin, H-Jae., 2013:
Versatile applications of the culinary-medicinal mushroom Mycoleptodonoides aitchisonii (Berk.) Maas G. (Higher Basidiomycetes): a review

Rimmer, J.; Ferguson, L.M.; Saleh, H.A., 2013:
Versatile applications of the polydioxanone plate in rhinoplasty and septal surgery

Palacios-Cuesta, M.; Liras, M.; del Campo, A.; García, O.; Rodríguez-Hernández, J., 2014:
Versatile approach for the fabrication of functional wrinkled polymer surfaces

Wüst, T.; Landau, D.P., 2009:
Versatile approach to access the low temperature thermodynamics of lattice polymers and proteins

Mosey, R.Adam.; Floreancig, P.E., 2013:
Versatile approach to α-alkoxy carbamate synthesis and stimulus-responsive alcohol release

Wezenburg, S.J.; Escudero-Adán, E.C.; Benet-Buchholz, J.; Kleij, A.W., 2008:
Versatile approach toward the self-assembly of heteromultimetallic salen structures

Newhouse, T.R.; Kaib, P.S.J.; Gross, A.W.; Corey, E.J., 2013:
Versatile approaches for the synthesis of fused-ring γ-lactones utilizing cyclopropane intermediates

Tsuchiya, D.; Shimizu, N.; Tomita, M., 2008:
Versatile architecture of a bacterial aconitase B and its catalytic performance in the sequential reaction coupled with isocitrate dehydrogenase

Mao, Y.; Zhang, X.; Xia, X.; Zhong, H.; Zhao, L., 2011:
Versatile aromatic compound-degrading capacity and microdiversity of Thauera strains isolated from a coking wastewater treatment bioreactor

Hayashi, H.; Cuddy, M.; Shu, V.Chih-Wen.; Yip, K.W.; Madiraju, C.; Diaz, P.; Matsuyama, T.; Kaibara, M.; Taniyama, K.; Vasile, S.; Sergienko, E.; Reed, J.C., 2010:
Versatile assays for high throughput screening for activators or inhibitors of intracellular proteases and their cellular regulators

Kennedy, S.; Teat, S.J.; Dalgarno, S.J., 2009:
Versatile assembly of p-carboxylatocalix[4]arene-O-alkyl ethers

Locher, R.; Lucchini, M.; Herrmann, J.; Sabbar, M.; Weger, M.; Ludwig, A.; Castiglioni, L.; Greif, M.; Hengsberger, M.; Gallmann, L.; Keller, U., 2014:
Versatile attosecond beamline in a two-foci configuration for simultaneous time-resolved measurements

Zhou, L.; Li, G.; Li, Q-Shu.; Xie, Y.; King, R.Bruce., 2011:
Versatile behavior of the fluorophosphinidene ligand in iron carbonyl chemistry

Gong, S.; Zhao, Y.; Wang, M.; Yang, C.; Zhong, C.; Qin, J.; Ma, D., 2010:
Versatile benzimidazole/triphenylamine hybrids: efficient nondoped deep-blue electroluminescence and good host materials for phosphorescent emitters

Yin, S-Na.; Wang, C-Feng.; Yu, Z-Yi.; Wang, J.; Liu, S-Si.; Chen, S., 2011:
Versatile bifunctional magnetic-fluorescent responsive Janus supraballs towards the flexible bead display

Maldonado, C.R.; Quirós, M.; Salas, J.M.; Rodríguez-Diéguez, A., 2010:
Versatile binding behaviour of 4,6-dimethyl-1,2,3-triazolo[4,5-d]-pyrimidin-5,7-dionato in the presence of bipyrimidine. Supramolecular H-bond architectures

Mangalam, N.Ani.; Kurup, M.R.Prathapachandra., 2011:
Versatile binding properties of a di-2-pyridyl ketone nicotinoylhydrazone ligand: crystal structure of a Cu(II) complex

Heikkinen, J.J.; Kivimäki, L.; Määttä, J.A.E.; Mäkelä, I.; Hakalahti, L.; Takkinen, K.; Kulomaa, M.S.; Hytönen, V.P.; Hormi, O.E.O., 2011:
Versatile bio-ink for covalent immobilization of chimeric avidin on sol-gel substrates

Khan, F.; Tare, R.S.; Oreffo, R.O.C.; Bradley, M., 2009:
Versatile biocompatible polymer hydrogels: scaffolds for cell growth

Cheng, Y.; He, C.; Xiao, C.; Ding, J.; Cui, H.; Zhuang, X.; Chen, X., 2013:
Versatile biofunctionalization of polypeptide-based thermosensitive hydrogels via click chemistry

Sitt, J.D.; Aliaga, J., 2008:
Versatile biologically inspired electronic neuron

Sewell, S.L.; Rutledge, R.D.; Wright, D.W., 2008:
Versatile biomimetic dendrimer templates used in the formation of TiO2 and GeO2

Kremer, A.; Bietlot, E.; Zanelli, A.; Malicka, J.M.; Armaroli, N.; Bonifazi, D., 2015:
Versatile bisethynyl[60]fulleropyrrolidine scaffolds for mimicking artificial light-harvesting photoreaction centers

Fuentes, N.; Martin-Lasanta, A.; Alvarez de Cienfuegos, L.; Robles, R.; Choquesillo-Lazarte, D.; García-Ruiz, J.M.; Martínez-Fernández, L.; Corral, Iés.; Ribagorda, Mía.; Mota, A.J.; Cárdenas, D.J.; Carreño, M.Carmen.; Cuerva, J.M., 2012:
Versatile bottom-up approach to stapled π-conjugated helical scaffolds: synthesis and chiroptical properties of cyclic o-phenylene ethynylene oligomers

Haq, S.; Hanke, F.; Sharp, J.; Persson, M.; Amabilino, D.B.; Raval, R., 2015:
Versatile bottom-up construction of diverse macromolecules on a surface observed by scanning tunneling microscopy

Cheng, J.; Pinnell, L.; Engel, K.; Neufeld, J.D.; Charles, T.C., 2014:
Versatile broad-host-range cosmids for construction of high quality metagenomic libraries

Wu, Y-Hsuan.; Arnaud-Cormos, D.; Casciola, M.; Sanders, J.M.; Leveque, P.; Vernier, P.Thomas., 2013:
Versatile broadband electrode assembly for cell electroporation

Rosic, N.N., 2009:
Versatile capacity of shuffled cytochrome P450s for dye production

Collins, D.; Nesterenko, E.; Connolly, D.; Vasquez, M.; Macka, M.; Brabazon, D.; Paull, B., 2011:
Versatile capillary column temperature control using a thermoelectric array based platform

Lee, D.Hyun.; Kim, J.Eun.; Han, T.Hee.; Hwang, J.Won.; Jeon, S.; Choi, S-Yool.; Hong, S.Hyung.; Lee, W.Jong.; Ruoff, R.S.; Kim, S.Ouk., 2010:
Versatile carbon hybrid films composed of vertical carbon nanotubes grown on mechanically compliant graphene films

Narayanan, D.; Jayakumar, R.; Chennazhi, K.P., 2015:
Versatile carboxymethyl chitin and chitosan nanomaterials: a review

Pineda-Sanabria, S.E.; Julien, O.; Sykes, B.D., 2015:
Versatile cardiac troponin chimera for muscle protein structural biology and drug discovery

Lee, J-Youn., 2009:
Versatile casein kinase 1: multiple locations and functions

Poirier, V.; Roisnel, T.; Carpentier, J-François.; Sarazin, Y., 2010:
Versatile catalytic systems based on complexes of zinc, magnesium and calcium supported by a bulky bis(morpholinomethyl)phenoxy ligand for the large-scale immortal ring-opening polymerisation of cyclic esters

Mauroy, Cé.; Castagnos, P.; Orio, J.; Blache, M-Claire.; Rico-Lattes, I.; Teissié, J.; Rols, M-Pierre.; Blanzat, M., 2015:
Versatile cellular uptake mediated by catanionic vesicles: simultaneous spontaneous membrane fusion and endocytosis

Iasco, O.; Novitchi, G.; Jeanneau, E.; Tommasino, J.Bernard.; Roques, N.; Luneau, D., 2012:
Versatile chemical transformations of benzoxazole based ligands on complexation with 3d-metal ions

del Moral, D.; Banet Osuna, A.M.; Córdoba, A.; Moretó, J.M.; Veciana, J.; Ricart, S.; Ventosa, N., 2009:
Versatile chemoselectivity in Ni-catalyzed multiple bond carbonylations and cyclocarbonylations in CO(2)-expanded liquids

Takahashi, S.; Okada, T., 2015:
Versatile chiral chromatography with mixed stationary phases of water-impregnated silica gel and reversed-phase packing

Jintoku, H.; Sagawa, T.; Sawada, T.; Takafuji, M.; Ihara, H., 2010:
Versatile chiroptics of peptide-induced assemblies of metalloporphyrins

Lee, J.Yong.; Kim, D.Young., 2006:
Versatile chromatic dispersion measurement of a single mode fiber using spectral white light interferometry

Russo, M.; Rigby, S.E.J.; Caseri, W.; Stingelin, N., 2012:
Versatile chromism of titanium oxide hydrate/poly(vinyl alcohol) hybrid systems

Götz, S.; Höltkemeier, B.; Hofmann, C.S.; Litsch, D.; DePaola, B.D.; Weidemüller, M., 2012:
Versatile cold atom target apparatus

Margeas, R., 2015:
Versatile composite resins simplifying the practice of restorative dentistry

Dobrowolski, J.A., 1981:
Versatile computer program for absorbing optical thin film systems

Zhao, M.; Huang, J.X.; Wong, M.H.; Tang, Y.M.; Ong, C.W., 2011:
Versatile computer-controlled system for characterization of gas sensing materials

Friestad, G.K.; Sreenilayam, G., 2011:
Versatile configuration-encoded strategy for rapid synthesis of 1,5-polyol stereoisomers

Yim, C-Bin.; Boerman, O.C.; de Visser, M.; de Jong, M.; Dechesne, A.C.; Rijkers, D.T.S.; Liskamp, R.M.J., 2009:
Versatile conjugation of octreotide to dendrimers by cycloaddition ("click") chemistry to yield high-affinity multivalent cyclic Peptide dendrimers

Huang, S-Yu.; Chang, Z.; Tuo, S-Chuan.; Gao, L-Hui.; Wang, A-E.; Huang, P-Qiang., 2014:
Versatile construction of functionalized tropane ring systems based on lactam activation: enantioselective synthesis of (+)-pervilleine B

Gao, Y.; Chen, L., 2008:
Versatile control of multiphase laminar flow for in-channel microfabrication

Werkhoven, P.R.; van de Langemheen, H.; van der Wal, S.; Kruijtzer, J.A.W.; Liskamp, R.M.J., 2014:
Versatile convergent synthesis of a three peptide loop containing protein mimic of whooping cough pertactin by successive Cu(I)-catalyzed azide alkyne cycloaddition on an orthogonal alkyne functionalized TAC-scaffold

Xiong, Y.; Yao, S.; Driess, M., 2012:
Versatile conversion of N-heterocyclic silylene to silyl metal compounds by insertion of divalent silicon into metal-carbon and metal-hydrogen bonds

Romero, Mía.J.; Pedrido, R.; González-Noya, A.M.; Maneiro, M.; Fernández-García, M.Isabel.; Zaragoza, G.; Bermejo, M.R., 2012:
Versatile coordination behaviour of an asymmetric half-salen ligand bearing a dansyl fluorophore

Cheisson, T.; Auffrant, A., 2014:
Versatile coordination chemistry of a bis(methyliminophosphoranyl)pyridine ligand on copper centres

Jothibasu, R.; Huynh, H.Vinh., 2010:
Versatile coordination chemistry of indazole-derived carbenes

Gusev, A.N.; Nemec, I.; Herchel, R.; Bayjyyev, E.; Nyshchimenko, G.A.; Alexandrov, G.G.; Eremenko, I.L.; Trávníček, Zěk.; Hasegawa, M.; Linert, W., 2014:
Versatile coordination modes of bis[5-(2-pyridine-2-yl)-1,2,4-triazole-3-yl]alkanes in Cu(II) complexes

Fliedel, C.; Schnee, G.; Braunstein, P., 2009:
Versatile coordination modes of novel hemilabile S-NHC ligands

Grellier, M.; Ayed, T.; Barthelat, J-Claude.; Albinati, A.; Mason, S.; Vendier, L.; Coppel, Y.; Sabo-Etienne, S., 2009:
Versatile coordination of 2-pyridinetetramethyldisilazane at ruthenium: Ru(II) vs Ru(IV) as evidenced by NMR, X-ray, neutron, and DFT studies

Otten, E.; Batinas, A.A.; Meetsma, A.; Hessen, B., 2009:
Versatile coordination of cyclopentadienyl-arene ligands and its role in titanium-catalyzed ethylene trimerization

Jiménez-Pulido, S.B.; Linares-Ordóñez, Fátima.M.; Moreno-Carretero, M.N.; Quirós-Olozábal, M., 2008:
Versatile coordinative abilities of a new hybrid pteridine-thiosemicarbazone ligand: crystal structure, spectroscopic characterization, and luminescent properties

Casey, J.P.; Barbero, R.J.; Heldman, N.; Belcher, A.M., 2015:
Versatile de novo enzyme activity in capsid proteins from an engineered M13 bacteriophage library

Beliveau, B.J.; Joyce, E.F.; Apostolopoulos, N.; Yilmaz, F.; Fonseka, C.Y.; McCole, R.B.; Chang, Y.; Li, J.Billy.; Senaratne, T.Niroshini.; Williams, B.R.; Rouillard, J-Marie.; Wu, C-ting., 2013:
Versatile design and synthesis platform for visualizing genomes with Oligopaint FISH probes

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Versatile piezoelectric pulsed molecular beam source for gaseous compounds and organic molecules with femtomole accuracy for UHV and surface science applications

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Versatile platform employing desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for high-throughput analysis

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Versatile plug flow catalytic cell for in situ transmission/fluorescence x-ray absorption fine structure measurements

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Versatile pyrrole synthesis through ruthenium(II)-catalyzed alkene C-H bond functionalization on enamines

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Versatile supramolecular pDNA vehicles via "click polymerization" of beta-cyclodextrin with oligoethyleneamines

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