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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56891

Chapter 56891 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Odinak, M.M.; Neznanov, N.G.; Chudinovskikh, A.G.; Tsygan, N.V.; Bekhterev, V.Mikha��lovich., 2012:
Vladimir Mikhaĭlovich Bekhterev--the founder of the clinical neuropsychiatry

Glybochko, P.V.; Shapkin, I.G.; Nushtaev, I.A.; Nikolenko, V.N.; Koshelev, V.Nikolaevich., 2009:
Vladimir Nikolaevich Koshelev

Langer, R.M.; Demikhov, V.P., 2011:
Vladimir P. Demikhov, a pioneer of organ transplantation

Anonymous, 1975:
Vladimir petrovich filatov

Kesselring, Jürg.; Bekhterev, V., 2011:
VladimirMikhailovic Bekhterev (1857-1927): strange circumstances surrounding the death of the great Russian neurologist

Chen, J-Jun.; Li, Z-Ming.; Gao, K.; Chang, J.; Yao, X-Jun., 2009:
Vladimuliecins A and B: cytotoxic pentacyclic pregnanols from Vladimiria muliensis

Nazarov, V.Iu.; Merzheevski��, V.Osipovich., 2010:
Vladislav Osipovich Merzheevskiĭ

Bachelard, R.; Dauxois, T.; De Ninno, G.; Ruffo, S.; Staniscia, F., 2011:
Vlasov equation for long-range interactions on a lattice

Auston, D.H.; Gustafson, T.K.; Kaplan, A.E.; Kelley, P.L.; Shen, Y.R., 1987:
Vll. Limits on nonlinear optical interactions

Nowakowski, S.; Mijaljica, D.; Prescott, M.; Devenish, R.J., 2011:
Vma8p-GFP fusions can be functionally incorporated into V-ATPase, suggesting structural flexibility at the top of V1

Calvo-Garrido, J.; King, J.S.; Muñoz-Braceras, S.; Escalante, R., 2015:
Vmp1 regulates PtdIns3P signaling during autophagosome formation in Dictyostelium discoideum

Wawrzycka, D.; Sobczak, I.; Bartosz, G.; Bocer, T.; Ułaszewski, Sław.; Goffeau, Aé., 2011:
Vmr 1p is a novel vacuolar multidrug resistance ABC transporter in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Yang, J.Ok.; Oh, S.; Ko, G.; Park, S-Jin.; Kim, W-Yeon.; Lee, B.; Lee, S., 2011:
VnD: a structure-centric database of disease-related SNPs and drugs

Guiraud, T.; Léger, L.; Long, A.; Thébault, N.; Tremblay, J.; Passelergue, P., 2008:
Vo2 requirement at different displayed power outputs on five cycle ergometer models: a preliminary study

Marcora, S.M., 2009:
Vo2max and exercise performance

Wade, P.; Wakelam, M., 2008:
VoIP makes voice heard--functionality is up

Anonymous, 2008:
VoIP technology comes of age

Kabachinski, J., 2008:
VoIP: let's talk

Peña, C.; Malm, T., 2012:
VoSeq: a voucher and DNA sequence web application

Ryan, M.; Graham, L.A.; Stevens, T.H., 2008:
Voa1p functions in V-ATPase assembly in the yeast endoplasmic reticulum

Condello, M.; Cosentino, D.; Corinti, S.; Di Felice, G.; Multari, G.; Gallo, F.Romana.; Arancia, G.; Meschini, S., 2014:
Voacamine modulates the sensitivity to doxorubicin of resistant osteosarcoma and melanoma cells and does not induce toxicity in normal fibroblasts

Nge, C-Eng.; Gan, C-Yan.; Low, Y-Yee.; Thomas, N.F.; Kam, T-Seok., 2014:
Voatinggine and tabertinggine, pentacyclic indole alkaloids derived from an iboga precursor via a common cleavamine-type intermediate

Takerkart, S.; Katz, P.; Garcia, F.; Roux, Sébastien.; Reynaud, A.; Chavane, Fédéric., 2014:
Vobi One: a data processing software package for functional optical imaging

Vanopstal, K.; Vander Stichele, R.; Laureys, G.; Buysschaert, J., 2011:
Vocabularies and retrieval tools in biomedicine: disentangling the terminological knot

Steele, S.C.; Mills, M.T., 2011:
Vocabulary Intervention for School-age Children with Language Impairment: A Review of Evidence and Good Practice

Fox, C., 1947:
Vocabulary ability in later maturity

Tuomiranta, L.; Grönroos, A-Mari.; Martin, N.; Laine, M., 2014:
Vocabulary acquisition in aphasia: Modality can matter

Wagner, R.K.; Meros, D., 2010:
Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension: Direct, Indirect, and Reciprocal Influences

Rabin, A.I., 2011:
Vocabulary and efficiency levels as functions of age in the Babcock method

Lewinski, R.J., 1948:
Vocabulary and mental measurement; a quantitative investigation and review of research

Stiles, D.J.; McGregor, K.K.; Bentler, R.A., 2012:
Vocabulary and working memory in children fit with hearing aids

Baker, D.Luft.; Al Otaiba, S.; Ortiz, M.; Correa, V.; Cole, R., 2014:
Vocabulary development and intervention for English learners in the early grades

Papaeliou, C.F.; Rescorla, L.A., 2011:
Vocabulary development in Greek children: a cross-linguistic comparison using the Language Development Survey

Zampini, L.; D'Odorico, L., 2014:
Vocabulary development in children with Down syndrome: longitudinal and cross-sectional data

Coppens, K.M.; Tellings, A.; van der Veld, W.; Schreuder, R.; Verhoeven, L., 2012:
Vocabulary development in children with hearing loss: the role of child, family, and educational variables

Schmitt, M.Beth.; Justice, L.M.; O'Connell, A., 2015:
Vocabulary gain among children with language disorders: contributions of children's behavior regulation and emotionally supportive environments

McAuliffe, M.J.; Gibson, E.M.R.; Kerr, S.E.; Anderson, T.; LaShell, P.J., 2014:
Vocabulary influences older and younger listeners' processing of dysarthric speech

de Oliveira, M.Okada.; Nitrini, R.; Yassuda, Mônica.Sanches.; Brucki, S.Maria.Dozzi., 2014:
Vocabulary is an appropriate measure of premorbid intelligence in a sample with heterogeneous educational level in Brazil

Kirkpatrick, J.J.; Cureton, E.E., 1949:
Vocabulary item difficulty and word frequency

Lervåg, A.; Aukrust, V.Grøver., 2010:
Vocabulary knowledge is a critical determinant of the difference in reading comprehension growth between first and second language learners

Griebel, U.; Oller, D.Kimbrough., 2012:
Vocabulary learning in a Yorkshire terrier: slow mapping of spoken words

Morra, S.; Camba, R., 2009:
Vocabulary learning in primary school children: working memory and long-term memory components

Hölzer, M.; Mergenthaler, E.; Pokorny, D.; Kächele, H.; Luborsky, L., 1996:
Vocabulary measures for the evaluation of therapy outcome: re-studying transcripts from the penn psychotherapy project

Nachimuthu, S.K., 2008:
Vocabulary metadata service for terminology servers to handle variations in design of various biomedical terminologies

Trifonov, E.N., 2012:
Vocabulary of definitions of life suggests a definition

Trembath, D.; Balandin, S.; Togher, L., 2007:
Vocabulary selection for Australian children who use augmentative and alternative communication

Comesaña, M.; Perea, M.; Piñeiro, A.; Fraga, I., 2009:
Vocabulary teaching strategies and conceptual representations of words in L2 in children: evidence with novice learners

Bowles, R.P.; Salthouse, T.A., 2008:
Vocabulary test format and differential relations to age

Bryen, D.Nelson., 2008:
Vocabulary to support socially-valued adult roles

Clendon, S.A.; Sturm, J.M.; Cali, K.S., 2013:
Vocabulary use across genres: implications for students with complex communication needs

Gonasillan, A.; Bornman, J.; Harty, M., 2014:
Vocabulary used by ethno-linguistically diverse South African toddlers: a parent report using the language development survey

Muchoki, S., 2011:
Vocabulary used by sexual offenders: meaning and implications

Santos, M.Thereza.Mazorra.dos.; Befi-Lopes, D.Maria., 2013:
Vocabulary, phonological awareness and rapid naming: contributions for spelling and written production

Milligan, W., 1895:
Vocal Defects amongst School Board Teachers, with Special Reference to the Occurrence of Teachers' Nodes

Fairbanks, G.; Pronovost, W., 1938:
Vocal Pitch During Simulated Emotion

Zarate, J.Mary.; Delhommeau, K.; Wood, S.; Zatorre, R.J., 2010:
Vocal accuracy and neural plasticity following micromelody-discrimination training

Mundt, J.C.; Vogel, A.P.; Feltner, D.E.; Lenderking, W.R., 2013:
Vocal acoustic biomarkers of depression severity and treatment response

Cappellari, V.Michele.; Cielo, C.Aparecida., 2008:
Vocal acoustic characteristics in pre-school aged children

Tanaka, Y.; Nishio, M.; Niimi, S., 2012:
Vocal acoustic characteristics of patients with Parkinson's disease

Röper, K.M.; Scheumann, M.; Wiechert, A.B.; Nathan, S.; Goossens, B.; Owren, M.J.; Zimmermann, E., 2014:
Vocal acoustics in the endangered proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus)

Borker, A.L.; McKown, M.W.; Ackerman, J.T.; Eagles-Smith, C.A.; Tershy, B.R.; Croll, D.A., 2015:
Vocal activity as a low cost and scalable index of seabird colony size

Bagley, A.D.; Abramowitz, C.S.; Kosson, D.S., 2009:
Vocal affect recognition and psychopathy: converging findings across traditional and cluster analytic approaches to assessing the construct

Cannito, M.P.; Kahane, J.C.; Chorna, L., 2008:
Vocal aging and adductor spasmodic dysphonia: response to botulinum toxin injection

Roth, D.F.; Ferguson, B.J., 2015:
Vocal allergy: recent advances in understanding the role of allergy in dysphonia

Moses, P.J., 1948:
Vocal analysis

Carrillo, L.; Ortiz, K.Zazo., 2008:
Vocal analysis (auditory - perceptual and acoustic) in dysarthrias

Palinkas-Sanches, E.; Sanches, M.; Ferrari, M.Cristina.C.; Oliveira, G.; Behlau, M., 2011:
Vocal analysis of suicidal movie characters

Lee, S-Hyuk.; Lee, K-Chul.; Ban, J-Ho.; Lee, N-Hee.; Jin, S-Min., 2008:
Vocal analysis related to changes in frequency of pure tone auditory feedback

Frey, R.; Volodin, I.; Volodina, E.; Carranza, J.; Torres-Porras, Jónimo., 2012:
Vocal anatomy, tongue protrusion behaviour and the acoustics of rutting roars in free-ranging Iberian red deer stags (Cervus elaphus hispanicus)

Krakauer, A.H.; Tyrrell, M.; Lehmann, K.; Losin, N.; Goller, F.; Patricelli, G.L., 2010:
Vocal and anatomical evidence for two-voiced sound production in the greater sage-grouse Centrocercus urophasianus

Mota, M.; Silva, V.; Ph, H.; Chevaillier, G., 2014:
Vocal and behavioral adaptations of program sellers in work situation

Schwarz, K.; Cielo, C.Aparecida., 2010:
Vocal and laryngeal modifications produced by the sonorous tongue vibration technique

Songu, M.; Aslan, H.; Denizoglu, I.; Ozkul, Y.; Basoglu, S.; Ates, D.; Ozturkcan, S.; Katilmis, H., 2014:
Vocal and ventricular fold lateralization using crossing sutures with the thyroplasty window technique for bilateral vocal fold immobility: long-term results

Dubois, A.; Bringuier, S.; Capdevilla, X.; Pry, Ré., 2008:
Vocal and verbal expression of postoperative pain in preschoolers

Bruckert, L.; Bestelmeyer, P.; Latinus, M.; Rouger, J.; Charest, I.; Rousselet, G.A.; Kawahara, H.; Belin, P., 2010:
Vocal attractiveness increases by averaging

Chagnaud, B.P.; Bass, A.H., 2015:
Vocal behavior and vocal central pattern generator organization diverge among toadfishes

Caselli, C.B.; Mennill, D.J.; Bicca-Marques, Júlio.César.; Setz, E.Z.F., 2015:
Vocal behavior of black-fronted titi monkeys (Callicebus nigrifrons): acoustic properties and behavioral contexts of loud calls

Thomas, A.; Suyesh, R.; Biju, S.D.; Bee, M.A., 2015:
Vocal behavior of the elusive purple frog of India (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis), a fossorial species endemic to the Western Ghats

Guimarães, V.de.Castro.; Viana, M.Aparecida.do.Divino.Espírito.Santo.Reis.; Barbosa, M.Alves.; Paiva, M.Luiza.de.Faria.; Tavares, Jão.Antonio.Gomes.; Camargo, L.Azevedo.de., 2011:
Vocal care: question of prevention and health

Hamdan, A-Latif.; Geara, F.; Rameh, C.; Husseini, S.Tanbouzi.; Eid, T.; Fuleihan, N., 2009:
Vocal changes following radiotherapy to the head and neck for non-laryngeal tumors

Hamdan, A-Latif.; Sabra, O.; Rifai, H.; Tabri, D.; Hussari, A., 2008:
Vocal changes in patients using nasal continuous positive airway pressure

Hannoun, A.; Zreik, T.; Husseini, S.Tanbouzi.; Mahfoud, L.; Sibai, A.; Hamdan, A-latif., 2011:
Vocal changes in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome

Hamdan, A-Latif.; Jabbour, J.; Saadeh, R.; Kazan, I.; Nassar, J.; Bulbul, M., 2013:
Vocal changes in patients with prostate cancer following androgen ablation

Lopes, L.Wanderley.; Lima, I.Leidson.Barbosa.; Azevedo, E.Heitmann.Mares.; de Lima-Silva, M.Fabiana.Bonfim.; Cavalcante, Débora.Pontes.; de Almeida, L.Nadjara.Alves.; de Almeida, A.Alice.Figueirêdo., 2015:
Vocal characteristics during child development: perceptual-auditory and acoustic data

Hamdan, A-Latif.; Deeb, R.; Sibai, A.; Rameh, C.; Rifai, H.; Fayyad, J., 2007:
Vocal characteristics in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Hamdan, A-Latif.; Nassar, J.; El-Dahouk, I.; Al Zaghal, Z.; Jabbour, J.; Azar, S.T., 2013:
Vocal characteristics in patients with thyroiditis

D'haeseleer, E.; Depypere, H.; Claeys, S.; Wuyts, F.L.; Baudonck, N.; Van Lierde, K.M., 2011:
Vocal characteristics of middle-aged premenopausal women

Gavrilov, A.N.; McCauley, R.D.; Salgado-Kent, C.; Tripovich, J.; Burton, C., 2012:
Vocal characteristics of pygmy blue whales and their change over time

Soltis, J., 2010:
Vocal communication in African elephants (Loxodonta africana)

Maciej, P.; Ndao, I.; Hammerschmidt, K.; Fischer, J., 2013:
Vocal communication in a complex multi-level society: constrained acoustic structure and flexible call usage in Guinea baboons

Cunha, D.S.; de Abreu, L.Carlos.; Frizzo, A.C.F.; Cardoso, M.A.; Valenti, V.E., 2014:
Vocal complaint in physical education teachers and its association with the cardiovascular system

Matsunaga, E.; Okanoya, K., 2009:
Vocal control area-related expression of neuropilin-1, plexin-A4, and the ligand semaphorin-3A has implications for the evolution of the avian vocal system

Roy, S.; Miller, C.T.; Gottsch, D.; Wang, X., 2012:
Vocal control by the common marmoset in the presence of interfering noise

Newman, J.D., 2014:
Vocal coordination and vocal imitation: a role for mirror neurons?

Egami, N.; Inoue, A.; Osanai, R.; Kitahara, N.; Kaga, K., 2008:
Vocal cord abductor paralysis in multiple system atrophy: a case report

Aron, M.; Vlachos-Mayer, H.; Dorion, D., 2012:
Vocal cord adduction causing obstructive sleep apnea from vagal nerve stimulation: case report

Hoshino, A.; Kawada, K.; Nakajima, Y.; Nagai, K.; Sugimoto, T.; Kawano, T., 2014:
Vocal cord assessment with transnasal endoscopy in intubated patients after esophagectomy

Domanski, M.C.; Preciado, D.A., 2012:
Vocal cord collapse during phrenic nerve-paced respiration in congenital central hypoventilation syndrome

Hoyte, F.C.L., 2013:
Vocal cord dysfunction

Benninger, C.; Parsons, J.P.; Mastronarde, J.G., 2011:
Vocal cord dysfunction and asthma

Ayres, J.G.; Mansur, A.H., 2011:
Vocal cord dysfunction and severe asthma: considering the total airway

Srinivasan, S.Prakash.; Hall, J.M.; Leo, R.J., 2009:
Vocal cord dysfunction arising from vagal nerve stimulator removal

Cheng, W-Tso.; Chen, H-Wen.; Su, I-Hao.; Fang, J-Tseng.; Kuo, H-Pin.; Huang, C-Da., 2016:
Vocal cord dysfunction diagnosed by four-dimensional dynamic volume computed tomography in patients with difficult-to-treat asthma: A case series

Bisaccioni, C.; Cajuela, E.; Câmara Agondi, R.; Kalil, J.; Giavina-Bianchi, P., 2010:
Vocal cord dysfunction in a patient with schizophrenia

van der Graaff, M.M.; Grolman, W.; Westermann, E.J.; Boogaardt, H.C.; Koelman, H.; van der Kooi, A.J.; Tijssen, M.A.; de Visser, M., 2009:
Vocal cord dysfunction in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: four cases and a review of the literature

Al-Alwan, A.; Kaminsky, D., 2012:
Vocal cord dysfunction in athletes: clinical presentation and review of the literature

Idrees, M.; FitzGerald, J.Mark., 2015:
Vocal cord dysfunction in bronchial asthma. A review article

Noyes, B.E.; Kemp, J.S., 2007:
Vocal cord dysfunction in children

Morris, M.J.; Oleszewski, R.T.; Sterner, J.B.; Allan, P.F., 2014:
Vocal cord dysfunction related to combat deployment

Cummings, K.J.; Fink, J.N.; Vasudev, M.; Piacitelli, C.; Kreiss, K., 2014:
Vocal cord dysfunction related to water-damaged buildings

Park, D.P.; Ayres, J.G.; McLeod, D.T.; Mansur, A.H., 2007:
Vocal cord dysfunction treated with long-term tracheostomy: 2 case studies

Christopher, K.L.; Morris, M.J., 2010:
Vocal cord dysfunction, paradoxic vocal fold motion, or laryngomalacia? Our understanding requires an interdisciplinary approach

Hicks, M.; Brugman, S.M.; Katial, R., 2008:
Vocal cord dysfunction/paradoxical vocal fold motion

Kenn, K.; Hess, M.M., 2009:
Vocal cord dysfunction: an important differential diagnosis of bronchial asthma

Gimenez, L.M.; Zafra, H., 2011:
Vocal cord dysfunction: an update

Parsons, J.P.; Benninger, C.; Hawley, M.P.; Philips, G.; Forrest, L.Arick.; Mastronarde, J.G., 2010:
Vocal cord dysfunction: beyond severe asthma

Brugman, S.M.; Simons, S.M., 1998:
Vocal cord dysfunction: don't mistake it for asthma

Kenn, K.; Balkissoon, R., 2011:
Vocal cord dysfunction: what do we know?

Honda, K.; Tanaka, S.; Tamura, Y.; Asato, R.; Hirano, S.; Ito, J., 2007:
Vocal cord fixation caused by an impacted fish bone in hypopharynx: report of a rare case

Schroeck, H.; Fecho, K.; Abode, K.; Bailey, A., 2010:
Vocal cord function and bispectral index in pediatric bronchoscopy patients emerging from propofol anesthesia

Oktay, B.; Selçuk, O.Tarik.; Ardiç, S.; Saylam, Güleser.; Yüceege, M.; Bilgin, E.; Korkmaz, H., 2010:
Vocal cord functions in patients with asthma attack

Gill, I.; O'Donnell, C.P.F., 2014:
Vocal cord guides on neonatal endotracheal tubes

Prasad, S.C.; Prasad, K.C.; Bhat, J., 2009:
Vocal cord hemangioma

Sari, F.; Topdag, M.; Ozturk, M.; Erdogan, S.; Doruk, A.Cihad., 2014:
Vocal cord hemangioma: a rare entity

Hung, C-Ching.; Lee, J-Chin.; Hsiao, L-Chun.; Lin, Y-Shiang., 2009:
Vocal cord immobility caused by the long-standing impaction of a fishbone in the hypopharynx

Kulasegarah, J.; Breshinan, M.; Walsh, M., 2007:
Vocal cord lateralisation in bilateral abductor cord paralysis using ENDO CLOSE suturing device

Grasso, R.Francesco.; Quattrocchi, C.Cosimo.; Piciucchi, S.; Perrone, G.; Salvinelli, F.; Rabitti, C.; Zobel, B.Beomonte., 2007:
Vocal cord metastasis from breast cancer

Xiao, Y.; Wang, J.; Han, D.; Ma, L.; Ye, J.; Xu, W., 2015:
Vocal cord mucosal flap for the treatment of acquired anterior laryngeal web

Tan, T.P.; Govindarajulu, A.P.; Massicotte, E.M.; Venkatraghavan, L., 2015:
Vocal cord palsy after anterior cervical spine surgery: a qualitative systematic review

Farruggia, P.; Tropia, S.; Cannella, S.; Bruno, G.; Oddo, G.; D'Angelo, P., 2012:
Vocal cord palsy after vincristine treatment in a child and the inefficacy of glutamic acid in the prevention of relapse: a case report

Turner, H.; Qureishi, A.; Silva, P., 2015:
Vocal cord palsy anatomical changes and a foreign body mimicking malignancy

Sethi, P.K.; Batra, A.; Sethi, N.K.; Torgovnick, J.; Arsura, E., 2011:
Vocal cord palsy: An uncommon presenting feature of myasthenia gravis

Mohta, M.; Ophrii, L.E.; Agarwal, D.; Bhatt, S.; Sethi, A.K.; Chilkoti, G., 2011:
Vocal cord palsy: an unusual complication of paravertebral block

Ohta, N.; Kuratani, T.; Mori, T., 2007:
Vocal cord paralysis after aortic arch surgery with stent-graft placement, a contemporary method of arch surgery

Panja, S.; Kovoor, J.M.; Shenoy, A.M.; Chavan, P., 2011:
Vocal cord paralysis after percutaneous embolization of a vagal paraganglioma--the role of intraoperative nerve monitoring

Ohta, N.; Mori, T., 2007:
Vocal cord paralysis after surgery to the descending thoracic aorta via left posterolateral thoracotomy

Hoerth, M.; Drazkowski, J.; Sirven, J.; Hinni, M.; Smith, B.; Labiner, D., 2007:
Vocal cord paralysis after vagus nerve stimulator battery replacement successfully treated with medialization thyroplasty

Pham, V.; Connelly, D.; Wei, J.L.; Sykes, K.J.; O'Brien, J., 2014:
Vocal cord paralysis and Dysphagia after aortic arch reconstruction and Norwood procedure

Seyed Toutounchi, S.Javad.; Eydi, M.; Golzari, S.Ej.; Ghaffari, M.Reza.; Parvizian, N., 2014:
Vocal cord paralysis and its etiologies: a prospective study

Hermann, A.; Reuner, U.; Ziethe, G.; Bräuer, A.; Gölnitz, U.; Rolfs, A.; Ricci, C., 2012:
Vocal cord paralysis and rapid progressive motor neuron disease by the I113F mutation in SOD1 gene

Liu, J-Feng.; Peng, S-Ping., 2011:
Vocal cord paralysis as a delayed complication of radiotherapy: a case report of nasal malignant granuloma

Jiménez Caballero, P.E.; Fermin Marrero, J.A.; Trigo Bragado, I.; Casado Naranjo, I., 2015:
Vocal cord paralysis as a manifestation of myasthenia gravis with anti-MuSK antibodies

Rasmussen, E.Rye.; Mey, K., 2015:
Vocal cord paralysis associated with Ramsay Hunt syndrome: looking back 50 years

Kimura, Y., 2013:
Vocal cord paralysis caused by central nerve disorder

Kwon, O.Jin.; Park, J.Je.; Kim, J.Pyeong.; Woo, S.Hoon., 2014:
Vocal cord paralysis caused by stingray

Moreels, T.G.; De Schepper, H.U.; Macken, E.J.; Hubens, G.J.; Pelckmans, P.A., 2014:
Vocal cord paralysis due to self-expandable metal stent in the proximal esophagus

Yalin, S.Feyyaz.; Trabulus, S.; Yalin, A.Serap.; Yalin, G.Yenidunya.; Ongoren, S.; Altiparmak, M.Riza., 2013:
Vocal cord paralysis during the treatment of mantle cell lymphoma with vincristine

Arshad, F.A.; Eng, C.Yean.; Daw, W.; Thevasagayem, M.S.; Bateman, N., 2013:
Vocal cord paralysis following central line insertion in a neonate: a review of the literature

Fauzdar, S.; Kraus, J.; Papageorge, M., 2011:
Vocal cord paralysis following orthognathic surgery intubation

Gadancheva, V.G.; Casey, J.P.; Russell, J.D.; McDaid, J.; Betts, D.R.; Lynch, S.A., 2015:
Vocal cord paralysis in association with 9q34 duplication

King, E.F.; Blumin, J.H., 2010:
Vocal cord paralysis in children

Rukholm, G.; Farrokhyar, F.; Reid, D., 2013:
Vocal cord paralysis post patent ductus arteriosus ligation surgery: risks and co-morbidities

Woo, E.K.; Simo, R.; Conn, B.; Connor, S.E.J., 2008:
Vocal cord paralysis secondary to a benign parathyroid cyst: a case report with clinical, imaging and pathological findings (2008:6b)

Nguyen, T.T.Jean.; Zhang, H.; Dziegielewski, P.T.; Seemann, R., 2014:
Vocal cord paralysis secondary to spontaneous internal carotid dissection: case report and systematic review of the literature

Nafil, H.; Tazi, I.; Mahmal, L., 2012:
Vocal cord paralysis secondary to vincristine

Dankbaar, J.W.; Pameijer, F.A., 2014:
Vocal cord paralysis: anatomy, imaging and pathology

Sevilla, T.; Jaijo, T.; Nauffal, D.; Collado, D.; Chumillas, Mía.José.; Vilchez, J.J.; Muelas, N.; Bataller, L.; Domenech, Ría.; Espinós, C.; Palau, F., 2008:
Vocal cord paresis and diaphragmatic dysfunction are severe and frequent symptoms of GDAP1-associated neuropathy

Li, Q.; Chen, M.; Liu, K.; Lin, X.; Chui, D., 2011:
Vocal cord paresis and probable X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease with novel GJB1 mutation

Daniel, M.; McArdle, B.; Osland, K.; Cheng, A.T.L., 2013:
Vocal cord reconstruction to treat aspiration caused by a post-intubation posterior glottic furrow

Chandrashekhara, S.H.; Bhalla, A.S.; Kartikeyan, K.V.; Shukla, B.; Safaya, R., 2011:
Vocal cord schwannoma: a rare case report

Liew, E.C.; Alsaleem, A.S.; Joffe, A.M., 2009:
Vocal cord view may be obscured by overinflation of the Proseal-LMA

Modi, V.K., 2012:
Vocal cordotomy

Hu, Y.; He, Y.; Wang, L., 2011:
Vocal cords aspergillosis: report of 4 cases

Pang, G.; Edwards, M.J.; Greenland, K.B., 2011:
Vocal cords-carina distance in anaesthetised Caucasian adults and its clinical implications for tracheal intubation

Chagnaud, B.P.; Bass, A.H., 2014:
Vocal corollary discharge communicates call duration to vertebrate auditory system

Stoeger, A.S.; Charlton, B.D.; Kratochvil, H.; Fitch, W.Tecumseh., 2012:
Vocal cues indicate level of arousal in infant African elephant roars

Charlton, B.D.; Zhihe, Z.; Snyder, R.J., 2010:
Vocal cues to identity and relatedness in giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)

Martins, R.Helena.Garcia.; Santana, M.Ferreira.; Tavares, E.Lara.Mendes., 2011:
Vocal cysts: clinical, endoscopic, and surgical aspects

Charlton, B.D.; Huang, Y.; Swaisgood, R.R., 2009:
Vocal discrimination of potential mates by female giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)

Yu, P., 2015:
Vocal dysphonia feature caused by the central diseases

Master, S.; Guzman, M.; Dowdall, J., 2014:
Vocal economy in vocally trained actresses and untrained female subjects

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Vocal effectiveness in speech and singing: acoustical, physiological and perceptive aspects. applications in speech therapy

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