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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56915

Chapter 56915 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1926:
What Can Doctors Do To Increase The Number Of Useful Bedside Nurses, At A Price Consistent With The Essentials In Training And Education For Bedside Nurses?

Kordiš, Dšan.; Kokošar, J., 2012:
What Can Domesticated Genes Tell Us about the Intron Gain in Mammals?

Fetterman, A.K.; Robinson, M.D., 2014:
What Can Metaphors Tell Us about Personality?

Meland, O.N., 1939:
What Can One Expect from Radiation in Carcinoma of the Rectum and Anus?

Dennehy, J.J., 2012:
What Can Phages Tell Us about Host-Pathogen Coevolution?

Zhao, W.; Luo, L.; Li, Q.; Kendrick, K.M., 2013:
What Can Psychiatric Disorders Tell Us about Neural Processing of the Self?

Bolton, J.S., 1907:
What can the Family Doctor do for the Inebriate?

Walden, P., 1927:
What can the Modern Chemist Learn from the Old Alchemy?

Murray, J.D.; Ardid, S., 2011:
What Can Tracking Fluctuations in Dozens of Sensory Neurons Tell about Selective Attention?

Ruhland, G.C.; Silverman, A.C., 1928:
What Can We Do About Measles?

Bolt, R.A., 1934:
What Can We Learn from Child Health Conditions in Europe?

Wachtel, H.; Cerullo, I.; Bartlett, E.K.; Kelz, R.R.; Karakousis, G.C.; Fraker, D.L., 2016:
What Can We Learn from Intraoperative Parathyroid Hormone Levels that Do Not Drop Appropriately?

Heyman, K., 1946:
What Can You Do About It?

Weiskotten, H.G., 1932:
What Can a Community Do When It Is Not Yet Ready to Establish a Mental Hygiene Clinic?

Davis, W.R., 1941:
What Can the Dental Health Worker Teach Regarding Nutrition and Diet?

Moran, J.M.; Kelley, W.M.; Heatherton, T.F., 2013:
What Can the Organization of the Brain's Default Mode Network Tell us About Self-Knowledge?

Ungar, M.; Tutty, L.M.; McConnell, S.; Barter, K.; Fairholm, J., 2010:
What Canadian youth tell us about disclosing abuse

Clouston, T.S., 1872:
What Cases Should be Sent to Lunatic Asylums? And When?

Stapler, D.A., 1904:
What Causes Appendicitis?

Feusner, J.D.; Neziroglu, F.; Wilhelm, S.; Mancusi, L.; Bohon, C., 2010:
What Causes BDD: Research Findings and a Proposed Model

Bishop, D.V.M., 2008:
What Causes Specific Language Impairment in Children?

Anonymous, 1964:
What Children Think of You

Muennig, P., 2014:
What China's experiment in community building can tell us about tackling health disparities: community building and mental health in mid-life and older life: evidence from China

Marques-Vidal, P.; Paccaud, F.; Waeber, G.; Vollenweider, P., 2012:
What CoLaus has brought to public health

Martini, M.; Perez-Marcos, D.; Sanchez-Vives, M.V., 2013:
What Color is My Arm? Changes in Skin Color of an Embodied Virtual Arm Modulates Pain Threshold

Fincham, F.D.; Cui, M.; Gordon, M.; Ueno, K., 2014:
What Comes Before Why: Specifying the Phenomenon of Intimate Partner Violence

Billion, T.J., 1914:
What Constitutes first Aid?

Galdston, I., 1932:
What Constitutes Health Education in the High School

Anonymous, 1926:
What Constitutes The Minimum Evidence Warranting A Positive Diagnosis Of Diabetes Mellitus?

Abbott, S.W., 1890:
What Constitutes a Filth Disease?

Madding, G.F., 1961:
What Constitutes an Adequate Exploration in the Abdomen

Lee, B., 1898:
What Constitutes an Epidemic?

Lothaller, H.; Mikula, G.; Schoebi, D., 2009:
What Contributes to the (Im)Balanced Division of Family Work Between the Sexes?

Ingledew, D.K.; McDonagh, G., 1998:
What Coping Functions are Served when Health Behaviours are Used as Coping Strategies?

Smith, R.E., 2010:
What Costs Do Reveal and Moving Beyond the Cost Debate: Reply to Einstein and McDaniel (in press)

McKimmie, B.M.; Masser, B.M.; Bongiorno, R., 2014:
What Counts as Rape? The Effect of Offense Prototypes, Victim Stereotypes, and Participant Gender on How the Complainant and Defendant are Perceived

Brousselle, A., 2004:
What Counts is not Falling … but Landing: Strategic Analysis: An Adapted Model for Implementation Evaluation

Crawford, M., 1987:
What Course for U.S. Fusion Energy R&D?: Long-term progress hinges on higher funding for fusion research. Can the program win support in the 1990s for a major experiment built and run with international partners?

Berger, S.E.; Chan, G.L.Y.; Adolph, K.E., 2014:
What Cruising Infants Understand about Support for Locomotion

Mau, K., 2009:
What DSAEK is going on? An alternative to penetrating keratoplasty for endothelial dysfunction

Halfon, N.; Kuo, A.A., 2013:
What DSM-5 could mean to children with autism and their families

Eldredge, N.; Darwin, C., 2009:
What Darwin learned in medical school

Eve, A.S., 1926:
What Did Darwin Write?

Dell'osso, L.; Pini, S., 2013:
What Did We Learn from Research on Comorbidity In Psychiatry? Advantages and Limitations in the Forthcoming DSM-V Era

Anonymous, 1919:
What Diseases Should Be Reported

Webb, R.J., 1984:
What Do FPs Earn For On Call Time?

Edelstein, O.Emanuel., 2011:
What Do Israeli Osteoporotic Men Know and Do about Their Disease?

Te Kulve, M.; Schlangen, L.; Schellen, L.; Souman, J.L.; van Marken Lichtenbelt, W., 2017:
Correlated colour temperature of morning light influences alertness and body temperature

Willis, G.B.; Artino, A.R., 2014:
What Do Our Respondents Think We're Asking? Using Cognitive Interviewing to Improve Medical Education Surveys

Corbett, L.Q.; Ennis, W.J. , 2014:
What Do Patients Want? Patient Preference in Wound Care

Maughan-Brown, B.; Godlonton, S.; Thornton, R.; Venkataramani, A.S., 2016:
What Do People Actually Learn from Public Health Campaigns? Incorrect Inferences About Male Circumcision and Female HIV Infection Risk Among Men and Women in Malawi

Beckjord, E.B.; Rechis, R.; Nutt, S.; Shulman, L.; Hesse, B.W., 2011:
What Do People Affected by Cancer Think About Electronic Health Information Exchange? Results From the 2010 LIVESTRONG Electronic Health Information Exchange Survey and the 2008 Health Information National Trends Survey

Wong, S.T.; Watson, D.E.; Young, E.; Regan, S., 2009:
What Do People Think Is Important about Primary Healthcare?

Bunzli, S.; Smith, A.; Watkins, R.; Schütze, R.; O'Sullivan, P., 2016:
What Do People Who Score Highly on the Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia Really Believe?: A Mixed Methods Investigation in People With Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain

Bergey, B.W.; Kaplan, A., 2010:
What Do Social Groups have to Do with Culture? The Crucial Role of Shared Experience

Wen, N.; Chia, S.C.; Hao, X., 2016:
What Do Social Media Say About Makeovers? A Content Analysis of Cosmetic Surgery Videos and Viewers' Responses on YouTube

Segura, Ján.; Roldán, C.; Galera, J.; Naval, J., 2008:
What Do Spanish physicians believe and expect about telemedicine? Results of a Delphi-based survey

Anonymous, 1965:
What Do They Really Want?

Anonymous, 1927:
What Do We Know About Scarlet Fever And Measles?

Schleifer Taylor, J.; Verrier, M.C.; Landry, M.D., 2014:
What Do We Know about Knowledge Brokers in Paediatric Rehabilitation? A Systematic Search and Narrative Summary

Kranzfelder, M.; Schneider, A.; Fiolka, A.; Koller, S.; Wilhelm, D.; Reiser, S.; Meining, A.; Feussner, H., 2016:
What Do We Really Need? Visions of an Ideal Human-Machine Interface for NOTES Mechatronic Support Systems From the View of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists, and Medical Engineers

Noel, N.E.; Ogle, R.L.; Maisto, S.A.; Jackson, L.A., 2017:
What Do Women Want? A Qualitative Study of Dating

Yescavage, K.; Alexander, J., 1999:
What Do You Call a Lesbian Who's Only Slept with Men? Answer

Anonymous, 1921:
What Do You Get Out Of The State Medical Society?

Anonymous, 1946:
What Do You Know About Health Insurance?

Anonymous, 1922:
What Do You Say?

Anonymous, 1977:
What Do You Think Of Medical Care For Canada's Athletes - Amateur and Pro?

Benjamin, D.J.; Kimball, M.S.; Heffetz, O.; Rees-Jones, A., 2013:
What Do You Think Would Make You Happier? What Do You Think You Would Choose?()

Anonymous, 1984:
What Do You Think of Doctors' Strikes If the Canada Health Act is Passed?

Zhang, Y.; Guo, D.; Li, F.; Yin, E.; Zhang, Y.; Li, P.; Zhao, Q.; Tanaka, T.; Yao, D.; Xu, P., 2018:
Correlated Component Analysis for Enhancing the Performance of SSVEP-Based Brain-Computer Interface

Orcutt, G.S., 1924:
What Doctors Should know about the State's Assistance to its Dependent Children

Redmond, S.J.; Lovell, N.H.; Yang, G.Z.; Horsch, A.; Lukowicz, P.; Murrugarra, L.; Marschollek, M., 2016:
What Does Big Data Mean for Wearable Sensor Systems? Contribution of the IMIA Wearable Sensors in Healthcare WG

Frenkel, J., 1931:
What Does Einstein Mean?

Kolata, G., 1986:
What Does It Mean to Be Random?: A new theory of randomness multipliers may explain what randomness is and why most phenomena that are thought to be random are not so random after all

Anonymous, 1907:
What Does It Mean?

Hattie, W.H., 1921:
What Does Public Health Administration Embrace?

Choi, J.J.; Jin, L.; Yan, H., 2014:
What Does Stock Ownership Breadth Measure?

Yoder, P.; Lieberman, R., 2011:
What Does Teaching Declaratives Tell Us About the Criteria by Which we Can Judge the Developmental Importance of Treatment Outcomes?

Townsend, J.S.; Moore, A.R.; Mulder, T.N.; Boyd, M., 2016:
What Does a Performance Measurement System Tell Us About the National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program?

Anonymous, 2008:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Adult Client/Patient Education?

Anonymous, 2014:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Behavioural Change?

Anonymous, 2008:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Cardiovascular Training?

Anonymous, 2013:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Complementary and Alternative Therapies?

Anonymous, 2010:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Conservative versus Surgical Management?

Anonymous, 2014:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Exercise and Cancer?

Anonymous, 2014:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Exercises for Osteoarthritis?

Anonymous, 2010:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Exercises for the Hip and Knee?

Anonymous, 2008:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Neck Disorders?

Anonymous, 2016:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Organization of Care?

Anonymous, 2016 :
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Physiotherapy Interventions for Spinal Dysfunction?

Anonymous, 2016:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Preventing Falls and Injuries?

Anonymous, 2014:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Preventing and Managing Childhood Obesity?

Anonymous, 2013:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Rehabilitation for Individuals with Parkinson Disease?

Anonymous, 2011:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Rehabilitation of Walking?

Anonymous, 2014:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Rehabilitation of the Arm after Stroke?

Anonymous, 2013:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Respiratory Physiotherapy?

Anonymous, 2013:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Anonymous, 2014:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Strength Training?

Anonymous, 2014:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Stretching Exercises?

Anonymous, 2011:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about Therapeutic Ultrasound?

Anonymous, 2016:
What Does the Cochrane Collaboration Say about the Treatment of Pain?

Natell, B.J.; Ahmad, S.G.; Luebben, A.J.; Banks, M.Branson., 2004:
What Does the Move to Master's Level Education for the Occupational Therapist Mean for Occupational Therapy Assistant Education?

Little, R.P., 1938:
What Does "Neurotic" Mean?

Anonymous, 1890:
What Dr. Flint has to Say about the Nicaragua Footprints

Roberts, R.Michael.; Yong, H.J.; Smith, S., 2003:
What Drives the Formation of Trophectoderm During Early Embryonic Development?

Anonymous, 1894:
What Drowning Feels Like

Terada, K.; Inoue, M.; Wakabayashi, T.; Ogita, S.; Ouchi, K., 2009:
What EIA assay levels correspond to rubella antibody HI assay titer?

Nakamori, T., 2014:
What ER physicians expects from neurologist

Huda, W., 2009:
What ER radiologists need to know about radiation risks

Harris, A., 2015:
What Edmund Wilson can teach us about health system transformation

Anonymous, 1980 :
What Effect is Marital Breakdown Having on Family Medicine?

Jung, A.L.; Szczerba, R.J.; Huesch, M.D., 2014:
What Else Can Health Care Learn From the Aerospace and Defense Industries?

Caplan, R., 2015:
What Epilepsy & Behavior has taught us about the comorbidities of epilepsy

Cage, J., 2011:
What Epilepsy Action means for me

Ahearn, W.H., 2010:
What Every Behavior Analyst Should Know About the "MMR Causes Autism" Hypothesis

Golabchi, A.; Sarrafzadegan, N., 2010:
What Every Cardiologist Should Know about H1N1?

Sulzberger, M., 1942:
What Every Physician Should Know About Cross-Examination

Smith, R.J., 1979:
What Evil Lurks at DOE? The Shadow Knows

Lavelle, B.; Lorenz, F.O.; Wickrama, K.A.S., 2013:
What Explains Divorced Women's Poorer Health?: The Mediating Role of Health Insurance and Access to Health Care in a Rural Iowan Sample *

Fonseca, R.; Mullen, K.J.; Zamarro, G.; Zissimopoulos, J., 2012:
What Explains the Gender Gap in Financial Literacy? The Role of Household Decision Making

Quinlivan, J.A.; Battikhi, Z.; Petersen, R.W., 2014:
What Factors Impact upon a Woman's Decision to Undertake Genetic Cancer Testing?

Ackerman, M.L.; Vance, D.E.; Ball, K.K., 2017:
What Factors Influence the Relationship Between Feedback on Cognitive Performance and Subsequent Driving Self-Regulation?

Canada, K.E.; Gunn, A.J., 2014:
What Factors Work in Mental Health Court?: A Consumer Perspective

Coughlin, S.S.; Sabatino, S.A.; Shaw, K.M., 2009:
What Factors are Associated with Where Women Undergo Clinical Breast Examination? Results from the 2005 National Health Interview Survey

Mullowney, J.J., 1932:
What Future Is There for the Negro Pharmacist?

Brower, A.; Adams, K.T., 2009:
What GINA Wants, Will GINA Get?

McCartney, M., 2011:
What GPs know about asthma

T, J., 1961:
What Goes Down Must Come Up

Beshears, J.; Choi, J.J.; Fuster, A.; Laibson, D.; Madrian, B.C., 2013:
What Goes Up Must Come Down? Experimental Evidence on Intuitive Forecasting

Cho, S.; Thompson, C.K., 2010:
What Goes Wrong during Passive Sentence Production in Agrammatic Aphasia: An Eyetracking Study

Scheinpflug, K.; Nikolenko, H.; Komarov, I.V.; Rautenbach, M.; Dathe, M., 2013:
What Goes around Comes around-A Comparative Study of the Influence of Chemical Modifications on the Antimicrobial Properties of Small Cyclic Peptides

Fredrickson, B.L., 1998:
What Good Are Positive Emotions?

Ihlder, J., 1914:
What Good Housing Means

Jianu, R.; Laidlaw, D.H., 2013:
What Google Maps can do for biomedical data dissemination: examples and a design study

Mösges, R.; Adrian, M.; El Hassan, E.; König, V., 2011:
What Google® knows about the pollen season

Evans, P.N., 1914:
What Grades Represent

Kousoulis, A.A.; Symvoulakis, E.K.; Lionis, C., 2013:
What Greece can learn from UK primary care experience and empirical research

Matziou, V.; Brokalaki, H.; Kyritsi, H.; Perdikaris, P.; Gymnopoulou, E.; Merkouris, A., 2007:
What Greek mothers know about evaluation and treatment of fever in children: an interview study

Kaspar, K., 2013:
What Guides Visual Overt Attention under Natural Conditions? Past and Future Research

Eichenbaum, H., 2013:
What H.M. taught us

Hardee, K.; Gay, J.; Croce-Galis, M.; Afari-Dwamena, N.Ama., 2014:
What HIV programs work for adolescent girls?

Vanable, P.A.; Carey, M.P.; Brown, J.L.; Littlewood, R.A.; Bostwick, R.; Blair, D., 2012:
What HIV-positive MSM want from sexual risk reduction interventions: findings from a qualitative study

Hosek, S.; Brothers, J.; Lemos, D., 2012:
What HIV-positive young women want from behavioral interventions: a qualitative approach

Prestigiacomo, J., 2011:
What HIXs can learn from HIEs

Buwalda, J.P., 1933:
What Happened Geologically

Huh, S., 2014:
What Happened When CrossCheck Was Not Used for a Month in Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility?

Parsons, H.M., 1974:
What Happened at Hawthorne?: New evidence suggests the Hawthorne effect resulted from operant reinforcement contingencies

Massey, D.S.; Gelatt, J., 2010:
What Happened to the Wages of Mexican Immigrants? Trends and Interpretations

Gilder, S.S., 1964:
What Happens After Tuberculous Meningitis?

Akshoomoff, N.; Stahmer, A.C.; Corsello, C.; Mahrer, N.E., 2010:
What Happens Next? Follow-Up From the Children's Toddler School Program

Lagi, A.; Cencetti, S.; Cartei, A., 2012:
What Happens before Syncope? Study of the Time Frame Preceding Vasovagal Syncope

Villar, F.; Fabà, J.; Serrat, R.; Celdrán, M., 2016 :
What Happens in Their Bedrooms Stays in Their Bedrooms: Staff and Residents' Reactions Toward Male-Female Sexual Intercourse in Residential Aged Care Facilities

Cornelsen, L.; Green, R.; Turner, R.; Dangour, A.D.; Shankar, B.; Mazzocchi, M.; Smith, R.D., 2016:
What Happens to Patterns of Food Consumption when Food Prices Change? Evidence from A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Food Price Elasticities Globally

Kondo, N., 2014:
What Has Made Japan Healthy?: -Contributions of local and governmental health policies-

Anonymous, 1913:
What Has The Association Done For The Profession?

Goldman, E.A., 1921:
What Health Officers Can Do to Promote Rat Extermination

Coggon, J., 2011:
What Help is a Steward? Stewardship, Political Theory, and Public Health Law and Ethics

Bleakley, H.; Chin, A., 2008:
What Holds Back the Second Generation? The Intergenerational Transmission of Language Human Capital Among Immigrants

Rachamim, T.; Sher, D., 2013:
What Hydra can teach us about chemical ecology -how a simple, soft organism survives in a hostile aqueous environment

Kemper, M.; Umbach, V.J.; Schwager, S.; Gaschler, R.; Frensch, P.A.; Stürmer, B., 2013:
What I Say is What I Get: Stronger Effects of Self-Generated vs. Cue-Induced Expectations in Event-Related Potentials

Fowles, J.R., 2010:
What I always wanted to know about instability training

Hathibelagal, A.R.; Feigl, B.; Zele, A.J., 2018:
Correlated cone noise decreases rod signal contributions to the post-receptoral pathways

Gilchrist, I.C., 2011:
What I could do with just a few more inches: lament of a radialist

Heeb, M., 2013:
What I did not learn in medical school or residency

Kamen, B.A.; Kamen, B.A., 2012:
What I did on my summer vacation!

Lee Chip Routt, M.; Stark, D.H., 2015:
What I expect from an orthopaedic traumatology fellow

Judge, T.A.; Simon, L.S.; Hurst, C.; Kelley, K., 2015:
What I experienced yesterday is who I am today: relationship of work motivations and behaviors to within-individual variation in the five-factor model of personality

Biros, M., 2008:
What I have learned

Carey, T.Vogel.; Darwin, C., 2011:
What I have learned about a footnote in the Life and letters of Charles Darwin

Itoyama, Y., 2010:
What I have learned and accomplished through research on multiple sclerosis (MS)

Light, R.W.; Light, R., 2013:
What I have learned in the past 40 years

Thompson, D., 2010 :
What I have seen

Cone, D.C., 2009:
What I hope to learn

Possner, A.B., 2011:
What I know about excruciating physical pain

Fick, D.M., 2014:
What I know for sure: the value of interprofessional education and practice in geriatrics and an exciting new collaboration for our journal

Ebert, C., 2011:
What I learned about communication through coaching

Gay, S.B., 2007:
What I learned as a patient

Cuello-Garcia, C.A., 2012:
What I learned from DTB: acute infective conjunctivitis?

Witherspoon, G.S., 2008:
What I learned from Schiavo

Oz, M., 2011:
What I learned from my cancer scare

Kuwabara, M., 2017:
What I learned from the 5th IAGG Master Class on Ageing in Asia

Fantus, R.J.; Fantus, J.; Fildes, J., 2008:
What I learned in school

Marshall, W.N., 2012:
What I learned one night in the red light district

Kamerow, D., 2010:
What I learnt from Mom

Hershenberg, R.; Davila, J.; Yoneda, A.; Starr, L.R.; Miller, M.Ramsay.; Stroud, C.B.; Feinstein, B.A., 2011:
What I like about you: the association between adolescent attachment security and emotional behavior in a relationship promoting context

Zhang, K.Chen., 2014:
What I look like: college women, body image, and spirituality

Rosen, M.G., 2013:
What I make up when I wake up: anti-experience views and narrative fabrication of dreams

Stefánsdóttir, Aídur., 2010:
What I must do; some thoughts regarding the Report of the Special Investigation Commission

Ginès, A.; Solé, M.; Fernández-Esparrach, Gòria., 2009:
What I need to know and what I need to do if I do not have a cytopathologist present for the procedure

Wright, R.D.; Collinge, C.A., 2015:
What I need to start my job: a wish list (positioning yourself for success in an academic or nonacademic environment)

Jolly, M., 2011:
What I never wanted to tell you: therapeutic letter writing in cultural context

Bagnaschi, P., 2008:
What I really want to say

Roy, C.C., 2011:
What I say to medical students and paediatric residents

Romero-Canyas, R.; Downey, G., 2013:
What I see when I think it's about me: people low in rejection-sensitivity downplay cues of rejection in self-relevant interpersonal situations

Clinton, M., 2013:
What I should like to know about team nursing

Leonard, E.Weeks., 2011:
What I talk about when I talk about health law

Bryant, W.H., 1974:
What I tell my patients about my practice

Boudry, J-François.; Rilliot, Jël.; Villard, G.; Studer, J-Paul., 2008:
What I think of managed care (12)

Frei, A., 2008:
What I think of managed care (5)

Grillet, J-Pierre., 2008:
What I think of managed care (8)

Mindey, C., 1988:
What I want in my physician

Hart, W.; Albarracín, D., 2009:
What I was doing versus what I did: verb aspect influences memory and future actions

Pearson, K., 2010:
What I wish I had seen

Brasington, C.K., 2007:
What I wish I knew then...reflections from personal experiences in counseling about Down syndrome

Campfield Bonadies, D.; Moyer, A.; Matloff, E.T., 2011:
What I wish I'd known before surgery: BRCA carriers' perspectives after bilateral salipingo-oophorectomy

Gupta, V., 2013:
What I wish every doctor knew: A patient perspective

Dickey, J., 1979:
What I wish my doctor had told me

Hagan, J.C., 2013:
What I'm hearing: the sound and the fury of Obama-Care (ACA) implementation

Hurley, R.Morrison., 2014:
What I've learned

Hahn, F.W., 2008:
What I've learned from a lifetime in medicine

Jacobs, J., 2011:
What ICD-10 means for doctors: the 2013 coding update may lead to revenue loss if physicians are not prepared

Zettel, G.; Horvath, A.; Vorobyeva, E.; Auburger, C.; Zink, M.; Stiegler, P.; Stadlbauer, V., 2014:
What ICU nurses in different Austrian hospitals know and think about the Austrian organ donation law

Yoder-Wise, P.S., 2016:
What IF?

Wurst, K.M.; Bender, M.; Lauth, J.; Maiti, S.; Chassé, T.; Meixner, A.; Siebbeles, L.D.A.; Bunz, U.H.F.; Braun, K.; Scheele, M., 2018:
Correlated, Dual-Beam Optical Gating in Coupled Organic-Inorganic Nanostructures

An, F.Alex.; Meier, E.J.; Ang'ong'a, J.; Gadway, B., 2018:
Correlated Dynamics in a Synthetic Lattice of Momentum States

Anonymous, 1918:
What Industries May Women Engage In?

Love, S.G., 1887:
What Industry, if Any, can Profitably be Introduced into Country Schools?

Thomas, J.L., 1906:
What Influence Has the use of X Rays Had Upon Treatment of Fractures and Dislocations?

Grazier, K.L.; Quanbeck, A.R.; Oruongo, J.; Robinson, J.; Ford, J.H.; McCarty, D.; Pulvermacher, A.; Johnson, R.A.; Gustafson, D.H., 2016:
What Influences Participation in QI? A Randomized Trial of Addiction Treatment Organizations

Eack, S.M.; Newhill, C.E., 2008:
What Influences Social Workers' Attitudes Toward Working With Clients With Severe Mental Illness?

Liu, W.; Bakker, N.A.; Groen, R.J.M., 2016:
What Ingredients Have You Used to Prepare This Delicious Lunch? A Critical Look Behind a Meta-analysis

Lamberts, R., 2013:
What Instagram and Kodak have to do with health reform

Bailey, L.H., 1895:
What Is 'high Work?'

Anonymous, 1920:
What Is A Health Center?

Newcomb, S., 1884:
What Is a Liberal Education?

Cockerell, T.D., 1934:
What Is a Locust?

Forbes, W.T., 1928:
What Is a Name?

Gortner, R.A., 1923:
What Is a Plant?

Copeland, E.B., 1927:
What Is a Plant?

Anonymous, 1931:
What Is A Preventorium Child

Wilson, E.B., 1935:
What Is a Proof?

Storer, T.I., 1932:
What Is a Publication?

Schuchert, C., 1897:
What Is a Type in Natural History

Strong, W.D., 1940:
What Is a "pre-Amerindian"?

Germann, A.F., 1925:
What Is An Acid?

Nipher, F.E., 1904:
What Is An Electric Current?

Mason, V.R., 1950:
What Is An Internist?

Hawthorne, C.O.; Lawford, J.B.; Mayou, M.S., 1922:
What Is An "ophthalmologist"?

King, S.B., 2011:
What Is Appropriate: uh-proh-pree-it [adj.] or uh-proh-pree-yet [v.]?

Williams, R.J.; Tyler, R.W., 1956:
What Is Behavioral Science?

Ramaley, F., 1912:
What Is Biology and what Is a "biological Survey"?

Metcalf, C.L.; Taylor, R.L., 1930:
What Is Control?

Kim, H.Wook., 2014:
What Is Different between Postpolypectomy Fever and Postpolypectomy Coagulation Syndrome?

Stevens, O.A., 1945:
What Is Education and what Is Dispensable?

de Vries, R.E.; Wawoe, K.W.; Holtrop, D., 2016:
What Is Engagement? Proactivity as the Missing Link in the HEXACO Model of Personality

Anonymous, 1948:
What Is Epidemiology?

Rice, T.B., 1936:
What Is Good to Eat?

Van Kleeck, M., 1941:
What Is Happening to Social Gains of the Last Ten Years?

Perrott, C.F., 1943:
What Is Happening to the Youth of Today?

Seghatchian, J., 2014:
What Is Happening?

Anonymous, 1947:
What Is Health Education?

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Correlated energy transfer in rotationally and spin-orbit inelastic collisions of NO(X 2 Π 1/2 , j = 1/2f) with O 2 (X 3 Σ g - )

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What Is Hellenism?

Anonymous, 1963:
What Is High Quality Medical Care for Children and Their Families, and How Can It be Achieved?

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What Is Industrial Science?

Anonymous, 1932:
What Is Known On Vitamin B Deficiency

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What Is LARC? And why does it matter for adolescents and young adults?

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What Is Lacking in Patient-Physician Communication: Perspectives from Asian American Breast Cancer Patients and Oncologists

Anonymous, 1919:
What Is Medicine?

Beal, W.J., 1902:
What Is Nature Study?

Anonymous, 1886:
What Is Nerve-Force?

Stewart, D.A., 1932:
What Is new in Tuberculosis?

Stark, O.K., 1928:
What Is Osmosis?

Miller, W.H., 1932:
What Is Ours, We Should Conserve

Anonymous, 1925:
What Is Pasteurization?

Anonymous, 1926:
What Is Public Health?

Anonymous, 1928:
What Is Public Health?: A Symposium

Wilson, E.B., 1940:
What Is Social Science?

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What Is Special about Face Recognition? Nineteen Experiments on a Person with Visual Object Agnosia and Dyslexia but Normal Face Recognition

Wilson, E.B., 1927:
What Is Statistics?

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What Is Stress? Dose-Response Effects in Commonly Used in Vitro Stress Assays

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What Is Summer?

Loew, O., 1899:
What Is The Cause Of The So Called Tobacco Fermentation?

Ritter, W.E., 1924:
What Is the Larger Meaning of the Vitamine Type of Action?

Franklin, W.S., 1921:
What Is the Matter with Physics Teaching?

Hill, H.W., 1919:
What Is the Matter with Public Health Today?

Hill, H.W., 1920:
What Is the Matter with Public Health?: Discussion

Anonymous, 1911:
What Is The Reason?

Holder, A.E., 1918:
What Is the Relation of Wages to Public Health?

Anonymous, 1930:
What Is The Saturation Point For City Noise?

Neyman, J., 1962:
What Is To Be the Function of the Section on Statistics?: In formulating its plans and purposes a new scholarly group must consider activities of existing societies

Hilgard, E.W., 1911:
What Is White and Black Alkali?

Kerr, R.A., 1987:
What Is Worse Than "The Big One"?: A great earthquake on the San Andreas may be inevitable, but a quake 1/30 as powerful within the Los Angeles basin could wreak greater damage

Whitney, W.R.; Hawkins, L.A., 1923:
What Is Wrong?

Reeder, F.H., 1937:
What Is a Delayed Certificate and Under What Conditions and Requirements Should It Be Filed?

Van Cleef, E., 1948:
What Is a Map?

Massey, G.E., 1934:
What Is a Nurse?

Kleinschmidt, H.E., 1930:
What Is a Preventorium?

Benton, W.W., 1959:
What Is a Profession?

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What Is the Appropriate Duration of High-Dose Atorvastatin Therapy Post-Acute Coronary Syndrome?

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What Is the Best Proximal Anastomosis for the Free Right Internal Thoracic Artery during Bilateral Internal Thoracic Artery Revascularization? A Prospective, Randomized Study

Reed, R.C.; Dutta, S., 2007:
What Is the Best Strategy for Converting from Twice-Daily Divalproex to a Once-Daily Divalproex ER Regimen? : Examinations and Answers via Computer Simulations

Anonymous, 1948:
What Is the C.M.A.?

Anonymous, 1959:
What Is the California Medical Assistants' Association?

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What Is the Clinical Significance of FDG Unexpected Uptake in the Prostate in Patients Undergoing PET/CT for Other Malignancies?

Jayaprabhu, S., 2009:
What Is the Consensus about Managing Health Risks Associated with Type-A Personality?

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What Is the Correct Sequence for Treatment of Pediatric IBD-Nutrition or Immunosuppression and/or Steroids?

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What Is the Economist's Task?: The current recession illustrates his responsibilities as an analyst and as an adviser on public measures

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What Is the Matter With Science?

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What Is the Meaning of Increased Myocardial Injury Enzymes during Hemodialysis? A Tissue Doppler Imaging Study

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What Is the Most Effective Drug Delivery System for Cisplatin during the Treatment of Hepatic Tumors with Single-Session Transcatheter Chemotherapy? A Pilot Study

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What Is the Opposite of Pandora's Box? Direct Analysis, Ambient Ionization, and a New Generation of Atmospheric Pressure Ion Sources

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What Is the Physician's Responsibility In Treating Industrial Deafness?

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What Is the Relative Risk of Disease in Smokers?

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What Is the Role of Procalcitonin in Early Diagnosis of Infective Endocarditis?

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What Is the Significance of a Large Number of Ruptured Aneurysms Smaller than 7 mm in Diameter?

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What Is the Status Quo of Breast Cancer Research at Germany's Universities?

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What Is the best treatment for HIV-associated multicentric Castleman disease?

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What Is the de-qi-Related Pattern of BOLD Responses? A Review of Acupuncture Studies in fMRI

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What Is the effect of metformin combined to chemotherapy in stage IV colorectal cancer with diabetes?

Anonymous, 1938:
What Is to Be Expected of Blood Transfusions

Nobakht, H., 2011:
What Is your Diagnosis?

Chrysler, M.A., 1926:
What Is "metaphase"?

Ortolon, K., 2016:
What It Means: TMA Analyzes Pros and Cons of Health System Reform Law

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What Italian Defense Attorneys Know about Factors Affecting Eyewitness Accuracy: A Comparison with U.S. and Norwegian Samples

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What Johann Friedrich Meckel did not think of when he named the diverticulum!

Taub, P.J., 2013:
What K would do

Carlson, M.J.; Berger, L.M., 2014:
What Kids Get from Parents: Packages of Parental Involvement across Complex Family Forms

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What Killed the Giant Mammals?: As the huge glacial masses of 10,000 years ago melted, dozens of species of giant mammals crashed into extinction: was the culprit climate or human hunter?

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What Kind of Nurse Are You?

Peirce, G.J., 1919:
What Kinds of Botany Does the World Need Now?

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What Kraepelin might say about schizophrenia: just the facts

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What Latina patients don't tell their doctors: a qualitative study

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What Latino Puerto Ricans and non-Latinos say when they talk about Alzheimer's disease

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What Laymen Can Ask of Scientists

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What Leonardo missed: a lesson for today

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What Limits Cardiac Performance during Exercise in Normal Subjects and in Healthy Fontan Patients?

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What MEG can reveal about inference making: the case of if...then sentences

Yan, Y.; Mai, L.; Zheng, Y-Bao.; Zhang, S-Quan.; Xu, W-Xiong.; Gao, Z-Liang.; Ke, W-Min., 2013:
What MELD score mandates use of entecavir for ACLF-HBV HBeAg-negative patients?

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What Makes GI Oncology Special?

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What Makes Happy Doctors? Job Satisfaction of General Practitioners in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania - a Representative Cross-sectional Study

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What Makes Me Screen for HIV? Perceived Barriers and Facilitators to Conducting Recommended Routine HIV Testing among Primary Care Physicians in the Southeastern United States

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What Makes Molecular Dynamics Work?

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What Makes Us Tick…tock?: Using Fruit Flies to Study Circadian Rhythms

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What Makes Users Rate (Share, Tag, Edit…)? Predicting Patterns of Participation in Online Communities

Anonymous, 1925:
What Makes Water Flow Uphill?

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What Makes You Can Also Break You, Part II: Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore Formation by Dimers of the F1FO ATP-Synthase?

Chinopoulos, C.; Szabadkai, G., 2014:
What Makes You Can also Break You, Part III: Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore Formation by an Uncoupling Channel within the C-Subunit Ring of the F1FO ATP Synthase?

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What Makes each Aux/IAA Gene Unique in its Gene Family, Expression Pattern or Properties of the Gene Product?

Volz, L.J.; Hamada, M.; Rothwell, J.C.; Grefkes, C., 2016:
What Makes the Muscle Twitch: Motor System Connectivity and TMS-Induced Activity

Anonymous, 1962:
What Makes the Patient Better?

Hollis, W.A., 1915:
What Mankind May Have Lost Through Evolutionary Development: A Moral Enthymeme

Horowitz, A.M.; Kleinman, D.V.; Wang, M.Qi., 2013:
What Maryland adults with young children know and do about preventing dental caries

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What Massachusetts Has Done and May Yet do for the Public Health

Coombs, A.A.Tolbert.; Nicholas, L., 2010:
What Massachusetts learned from healthcare reform

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What Matters When Children Play: Influence of Social Cognitive Theory and Perceived Environment on Levels of Physical Activity Among Elementary-Aged Youth

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What May be Done to Improve the Hygiene of the City Dweller

Volpe, S.S., 2010:
What Medicare means for my practice

Cardozo, B., 1929:
What Medicine Can Do for Law

Cheesman, T.M., 1894:
What Method Shall Be Adopted by Which Full Benefit May Be Derived From Morphological Characteristics?

Stern, A.Minna.; Markel, H., 2009:
What Mexico taught the world about pandemic influenza preparedness and community mitigation strategies

Case, G.W., 1943:
What more can Engineering Colleges do Through Esmwt?

Manavi, S.; Nedjat, S.; Pasalar, P.; Majdzadeh, R., 2013:
What Motivates Talented Medical Students to Study Simultaneously at Master of Public Health (MPH)?

Klein, R., 2012:
What Mr. Lansley could have learnt from the past

Wex, T.; Kuester, D.; Meyer, F., 2016:
What Must the (Abdominal) Surgeon Know about Experimental Medicine (?) - Translational Research in General (Abdominal) Surgery(Viszeral-)Chirurg & experimentelle Medizin

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What My 1-Year-Old Son Has Taught Me about Pharmacist Practice

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What NHS staff think of the NHS: 2012 survey results

C, B.J., 1974:
What NIH Needs Is a Party

Gay, S.E.; Munaco, S., 2013:
What NPs need to know about anticoagulation therapy

Anonymous, 2014:
What NZNO is saying...

Danchin, E.G.J., 2012:
What Nematode genomes tell us about the importance of horizontal gene transfers in the evolutionary history of animals

Campbell, J.J., 2013:
What Neuropsychiatrists Would Like to See in DSM-5

Franklin, E.; Stephens, K.U., 2013:
What New Orleans' vulnerability taught us about public health preparedness: vulnerability has a face and a name

Anonymous, 1952:
What Next in "Research and Standards"

Gabriel, C.; Stabentheiner, S.; Danzer, M.; Pröll, J., 2012:
What Next? The Next Transit from Biology to Diagnostics: Next Generation Sequencing for Immunogenetics

Rector, F.L., 1929:
What O'Clock Is It in Industrial Hygiene?

Anonymous, 2008:
What ORs can learn from the cockpit

Anonymous, 2008:
What ORs find is working to keep veteran periop staff over age 50

Hattie, W.H., 1930:
What of the Future?

Soper, G.A.; Bigelow, G.H.; Vaughan, H.F., 1927:
What Official Public Health Agencies Should do about Cancer

Noonan, V.T., 1916:
What Ohio Is Doing to Conserve Life in the Industries

Woodward, F.A., 1920:
What one Reader Thinks

McConnell, K.John.; Ridgely, M.Susan.; McCarty, D., 2012:
What Oregon's parity law can tell us about the federal Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act and spending on substance abuse treatment services

Hall, C.R., 1851:
What Our Association Might Do

Anonymous, 2009:
What P4P could mean for safety net hospitals

Gordon, E., 2010:
What PAs should know before they refer patients to a genetic counselor

Carlucci, J.R.; Nabizada-Pace, F.; Samadi, D.B., 2009:
What PCPs and geriatricians need to know about robotic prostatectomy and organ-confined prostate cancer

Trepagnier, T., 2014:
What POLs need to know: meeting "meaningful use" criteria for EHR incentives

Eaton, J.L., 1942:
What Patients Should be Bronchoscoped?

Samson, P.C., 1942:
What Patients Should be Treated and By What Method?

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What Patients Tell Us about Primary Healthcare Evaluation Instruments: Response Formats, Bad Questions and Missing Pieces

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What Patients and Families Don't Hear: Backstage Communication in Hospice Interdisciplinary Team Meetings

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What Paul Sudeck already suspected: from Sudeck's disease to complex regional pain syndrome

Holden, C., 1988:
What Perestroika Means for American Business: Soviets seem eager for expanded trade, business dealings with the West; joint ventures now allowed

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What Perturbs the ggrdgr Rings of Uranus?

Ayora, P.; Peressotti, F.; Alario, F-Xavier.; Mulatti, C.; Pluchino, P.; Job, R.; Dell'acqua, R., 2011:
What Phonological Facilitation Tells about Semantic Interference: A Dual-Task Study

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What Physiological Changes and Cerebral Traces Tell Us about Adhesion to Fiction During Theater-Watching?

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What Polish hospital healthcare workers and lay persons know about counterfeit medicine products?

Mitchell, N.; Carlson, J.E.; Holsinger, K.E., 2018:
Correlated evolution between climate and suites of traits along a fast-slow continuum in the radiation of Protea

Layard, R.; Clark, A.E.; Cornaglia, F.; Powdthavee, N.; Vernoit, J., 2014:
What Predicts a Successful Life? a Life-Course Model of Well-Being

He, Y.; Ebner, N.C.; Johnson, M.K., 2011:
What Predicts the Own-Age Bias in Face Recognition Memory?

Havey, M., 1930:
What Preparation Should the Public Health Nurse Have for Rural Work?

Nestle, M., 2009:
What President Obama can do in the USA

Lang, T., 2009:
What President Obama can do in the world

Vaughan, W.T., 1943:
What Price Glory?

Perry, E.B., 1941:
What Price Medical Glory?

Anonymous, 1961:
What Price the N.H.S.?

Anonymous, 1944:
What Price, The School Health Examination?

Guttman, N., 1965:
What Professors Are For

DiGangi, J.A.; Majer, J.M.; Mendoza, L.; Droege, J.R.; Jason, L.A.; Contreras, R., 2014:
What Promotes Wisdom in 12-Step Recovery?

Howe, E., 2010:
What Psychiatrists Should Know about Genes and Alzheimer's Disease

Funahashi, K.; Matsubara, T., 2013:
What RA patients expect of their treatment--discussion over the result of our survey

Steindl, C.; Jonas, E., 2013:
What Reasons Might the Other One Have?-Perspective Taking to Reduce Psychological Reactance in Individualists and Collectivists

Pottenger, F.M., 1923:
What Relation Exists Between the Endocrine Glands and Sterility?

Ingals, E.F., 1913:
What Relation, if any, have the Faucial Tonsils to Pulmonary Tuberculosis?

Hedberg, P.H.; Higgins, E.Tory., 2011:
What Remains on Your Mind After You Are Done?: Flexible Regulation of Knowledge Accessibility

Götz, Jürgen.; Xia, D.; Leinenga, G.; Chew, Y.Lian.; Nicholas, H., 2013:
What Renders TAU Toxic

Morgan, G.A., 1938:
What Report Should a Physician Expect from a Dentist?

Lappin, J.S., 2010:
What Rogers and Graham showed us about how vision works

Roane, B.M.; Seifer, R.; Sharkey, K.M.; Van Reen, E.; Bond, T.L.Y.; Raffray, T.; Carskadon, M.A., 2016:
What Role Does Sleep Play in Weight Gain in the First Semester of University?

Marshall, E., 1979:
What SALT II Provides

Mather, N.; Morris, R.J.; Kirk, S.A., 2011:
What Samuel A. Kirk really said about mental retardation and learning disabilities: a response to Danforth, Slocum, and Dunkle

Compton, A.H., 1944:
What Science Requires of the new World

Anonymous, 1956:
What Sex?

Perkins, J., 1918:
What Shall Be Done with Tuberculous Soldiers Discovered-in the Draft, in the Cantonments, Overseas?

Holmes, H.N., 1922:
What Shall be Taught in the first year of College Chemistry?

Sternberg, G.M., 1894:
What Shall Be the Methods Followed in Determining the Relation of Bacteria to Temperature?

Knight, F.I., 1904:
What Shall We Do with Patients having Pulmonary Tuberculosis?

Anonymous, 1935:
What Shall We Think of Social Security?

Klement, A.; Junge, G.; Meyer, F.; Lichte, T., 2017:
What Should (Future) GPs Learn in Surgery?

Crum, F.S., 1920:
What Should be Done in the Control of Degenerative Diseases?

Prescott, S.C., 1920:
What Should be the Basis of the Control of Dehydrated Foods?

Anonymous, 1978:
What Should Be The Role Of The College's New 'Academic Section'?

Post, A., 1908:
What Should Be the Attitude of Boards of Health toward Venereal Diseases

Flam, F., 1992:
What Should It Take to Join Science's Most Exclusive Club?

Anonymous, 1939:
What Should The Anatomist Teach?

Dubois, E.F., 1927:
What Should we do with a Harvey or a Laennec?

Anonymous, 1962:
What Should a Health Department Do?

Kim, J., 2011:
What Should be Taken into Consideration for a Meta-Analysis of Green Tea Consumption and Stomach Cancer Risk?

Anonymous, 1960:
What Should the Cancer Patient Be Told?

Sandham, J.D., 1987:
What Should the Family Physician Do before Sending a Patient to Hospital

Shute, E., 1943:
What Significance has Uterine Retroversion?

Sober, S.J.; Körding, K.P., 2012:
What Silly Postures Tell Us about the Brain

Moore, J.; Fildes, L., 2008:
What Sir Luke Fildes' 1887 painting The Doctor can teach us about the practice of medicine today

Kelly, E.E., 1931:
What Social Work Is Not

Hafferty, F.W., 2007:
What Society and Medicine Want-for Themselves and from Each Other

Anonymous, 1948:
What Sort of National Science Foundation Do We Need?

Lakes, K.D.; Hoyt, W.T., 2008:
What Sources Contribute to Variance in Observer Ratings? Using Generalizability Theory to Assess Construct Validity of Psychological Measures

Woodhull, J.F., 1910:
What Specialization Has Done for Physics Teaching

Anonymous, 1890:
What Stanley Has Done For The Map Of Africa

Dixon, S.G., 1913:
What State Control Over Streams Has Done in Pennsylvania in Seven Years

Nyman, S., 2009:
What Stig Nyman thinks about health care

Gauld, R.; Horwitt, J.; Williams, S.; Cohen, A.B., 2011 :
What Strategies do US hospitals employ to reduce unwarranted clinical practice variations?

Harvey, E.N., 1917:
What Substance Is the Source of the Light in the Firefly?

Porcar, M.; Latorre, A.; Moya, Aés., 2013:
What Symbionts Teach us about Modularity

Molldrem, J.J., 2012:
What T cells see in WT-1

Hohlfeld, R.; Dornmair, K., 2012:
What T-cell receptors can tell us about neurologic disease

Wang, J-Yao., 2013:
What Taiwan contributes to the world of allergy and clinical immunology?

Rizvi, S.; Hernández-Ronquillo, L.; Zenteno, Jé.F.Téllez., 2016:
What Test is Needed to Discontinue Medications after Successful Epilepsy Surgery?

Davis, M.M., 1916:
What the Campaign Against Venereal Disease Demands of Hospitals and Dispensaries

Leprince, J.A., 1924:
What the Engineer can and Should do Toward Prevention of Malaria and Mosquito Nuisances

Smith, R.K., 1922:
What the General Practitioner can do to Improve Maternity Conditions in California

Porter, L., 1922:
What the General Practitioner can do to Improve the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of Children

Anonymous, 1946:
What The Health Department Nurses Are Doing

Kenney, J.A., 1945:
What The Negro Wants

Greeley, H., 1914:
What The States And Cities Of The United States Are Doing In Public Health Education Work

Jackson, D.C., 1930:
What the Technical Schools Expect of Industry

Mani, N.; Slevin, N.; Hudson, A., 2012:
What Three Wise Men have to say about diagnosis

Hagland, M., 2013:
What Thursday, September 6 meant for healthcare

Millikan, R.A., 1935:
What to Believe about Cosmic Rays

Boring, E.G., 1966:
What To Do about ESP

Sedgwick, W.T.; Hough, T., 1903:
What Training in Physiology and Gygiene May we Reasonably Expect of the Public Schools

Cascade, E.F.; Kalali, A.H.; Rasmusson, A.M.; Monson, C., 2007:
What Treatments are Prescribed for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder?

Anonymous, 1933:
What Tropical Medicine Owes To Animal Experiment: Stephen Paget Memorial Lecture By Sir Leonard Rogers

West, H.F., 1942:
What Tuberculosis Workers Should Know About Heart Disease

Andsoy, I.Isik.; Gul, A.; Sahin, A.Oksay.; Karabacak, H., 2014:
What Turkish nurses know and do about skin cancer and sun protective behavior

Wong, S.T.; Wu, A.; Gregorich, S.; Pérez-Stable, E.J., 2014:
What Type of Social Support Influences Self-Reported Physical and Mental Health Among Older Women?

McKenzie, H., 2010:
What VNA week means for everyone in home healthcare (not just VNAs!)

Hessler, F.A., 2008:
What Wall Street needs now

Harris, L.I., 1918:
What we Are Doing to Prevent Tuberculosis Among Children

Brown, E.G., 1928:
What We Are Learning about Accidents from Vital Statistics Records

Forney, R.L., 1929:
What We Do Not Know about Accidents

Feudtner, C., 2010:
What We Don't Know about How We Decide

Bolduan, C.F., 1917:
What we have Learned from the new York Epidemic of Poliomyelitis

Chomiak, T.; Turner, N.; Hu, B., 2014 :
What We Have Learned about Autism Spectrum Disorder from Valproic Acid

Pollin, T.I.; Quartuccio, M., 2014:
What We Know About Diet, Genes, and Dyslipidemia: Is There Potential for Translation?

Sulong, S.; Yusoff, A.Aziz.Mohamed.; Zainuddin, N.; Abdullah, J.Malin.; Pannatil, J.George.; Jaafar, H.; Isa, M.Nizam., 2004:
What We Know about the Molecular Genetics of Central Nervous System (CNS) Tumours in Malaysia

T, J., 1960:
What We Know and Don't Know

Jordan, E.O., 1930:
What We Know of Influenza and How We May Add to Our Knowledge

Bumpus, H.C., 1937:
What We May Expect from Treatment of Bladder Tumors

Anonymous, 1938:
What We Owe to Veterinary Medicine

Anonymous, 1938:
What We Owe to the Forefathers

Nicoll, M., 1919:
What we Really know about the Epidemic

Anonymous, 1916:
What We Should Know

Anderson, E.E., 2007:
What We Talk about When We Talk about Goals

Von Pettenkofer, M., 1873:
What We can Do against Cholera: Practical Instructions concerning what to Do to Prevent an Epidemic as Well as How to Guard against it during its Prevalence

Tay, S.; Thomson, G., 2008:
What Wellington region city councillors think of smokefree outdoor places

Axon, R.Neal.; Coleman, E.A., 2016:
What Will It Take to Move the Needle on Hospital Readmissions?

Davis, W.H., 1928:
What Will Probably Cause Your Death?

Ballester-Arnal, R.; Gil-Llario, Mía.Dolores.; Giménez-García, C.; Kalichman, S.C., 2016:
What Works Well in HIV Prevention Among Spanish Young People? An Analysis of Differential Effectiveness Among Six Intervention Techniques

James, S., 2011:
What Works in Group Care? - A Structured Review of Treatment Models for Group Homes and Residential Care

Montanaro, E.; Feldstein Ewing, S.W.; Bryan, A.D., 2016:
What Works? An Empirical Perspective on How to Retain Youth in Longitudinal Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Substance Risk Reduction Studies

Mock, C.; Arafat, R.; Chadbunchachai, W.; Joshipura, M.; Goosen, J., 2008:
What World Health Assembly Resolution 60.22 means to those who care for the injured

Bleckwenn, W.J., 2018:
What World War II has done for neuropsychiatry

Vander Veer, E.A., 1919:
What would be the Benefit to the Civilian Surgeon in the Experience Gained by our Military Surgeons in the Recent World War?

Anonymous, 1983:
What Would You Have Done? Responses to Dr. McIlwain's Case

Anonymous, 1983:
What Would You Have Done? Responses to Dr. Shortt's Case

Anonymous, 1983:
What Would You Have Done? Responses to Dr. Slater's Case

Sclafane, J.Heather., 2013:
What Would Your Journal Say if It Could Talk Back? Using Dialogue Journals as a Technique in Adolescent HIV/STI Prevention and Sexual Health Promotion Programs

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What Your Journal is Doing

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What a Difference an ERCC1 or ERCC4 (XPF) Mutation Makes!

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What a Lifespan Approach Might Tell Us about Why Distinct Measures of Social Support have Differential Links to Physical Health

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What a Public Health Nurse Expects of Her Chief-the Health Officer

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What a RAWProar

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What a cancer clinic means to our community

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What a carve-up

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What a catch! traits that define good annotators

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What a coincidence

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Correlated evolution of personality, morphology and performance

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What a country

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What a difference a day makes

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What a difference a day makes: examining the lag patterns of PM2.5 constituents

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What a difference a day makes: quantifying the effects of birth timing manipulation on infant health

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What a difference a decade makes: Counting the benefits of investment in early childhood development in Quebec

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What a difference a drain makes

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What a difference a letter can make

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What a difference a place makes: dental attendance and self-rated oral health among adults in three counties in Norway

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What a difference a word makes

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What a difference a year makes--for better and for worse

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What a difference an image makes

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What a difference copy number variation makes

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What a difference we make

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What a difference. A decade makes

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What a disorder: proinflammatory signaling pathways induced by Helicobacter pylori

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What a doctor is good for

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What a doctor should be

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What a fair and rational health system would look like

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What a good supply rep does

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What a great year!

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What a health department can contribute to the home safety program

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What a healthy lifestyle stands for at the menopause: the role of the gynaecologist

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What a human being is

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What a legacy-did they realize what they might start?

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What a load of rankers

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What a long, strange trip: deploying an EAD search and retrieval platform

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What a medical technologist should know about diabetes mellitus

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What a mesh!

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What a new consumer health magazine doesn't tell you

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What a nice 'scoobie'!!

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What a nostril knows: olfactory nerve-evoked AMPA responses increase while NMDA responses decrease at 24-h post-training for lateralized odor preference memory in neonate rat

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What a pain!

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What a part-time health officer needs in developing his program

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What a patient's numbers don't tell

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What a pharmacist needs to know about bariatric surgery: compounding opportunities

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What a picture

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What a piece of work is man: the Body Worlds exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum

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What a pile of old rubbish!

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What a pilot study is and what it is not

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What a pity the master cannot admire his pupil's work: the autopsy of the anatomist Antonio Cocchi (1695-1758) performed by his pupil Saverio Manetti

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What a practicing veterinarian should know about the Eyach virus

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What a practicing veterinarian should know about the "louping ill" virus

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What a practising veterinarian should know about 'tick-born encephalitis'

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What a practitioner needs to know about celiac disease?

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What a presidential report means for device manufacturers

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What a primary health care is: some considerations after almost thirty five years of Alma-Ata

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What a psychiatrist should do in dementia care

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What a recovery organization looks like

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What a resident in general surgery should know of oncology?

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What a reviewer wants

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What a rheumatologist must know about spine surgery?

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What a rheumatologist needs to know about yellow fever vaccine

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What a rude e-mail! Examining the differential effects of incivility versus support on mood, energy, engagement, and performance in an online context

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What a school screening program could contribute in clinical research of idiopathic scoliosis aetiology

Anonymous, 2014:
What a shock I had when I looked in a mirror this morning and saw that part of the white in my left eye was blood red. How did this happen? My vision is fine and it doesn't hurt, but I'm wondering if I should see my doctor about this

Neary, P.; Cahill, R.A.; Kirwan, W.O.; Kiely, E.; Redmond, H.P., 2008:
What a signature adds to the consent process

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What a strange thing it is to live

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What a study of pterygia teaches us about the cornea? Molecular mechanisms of formation

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What a surprise

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What a surprising gallbladder!

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What a tangled web we read: establish your Internet info

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What a tangled web we weave: How technology is reshaping pedagogy

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What a tangled web we weave: emerging resistance mechanisms to inhibition of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase pathway

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What a transformation-ATA at fifteen!

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What a vascular surgeon should know and do about atherosclerotic risk factors

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What a veterinarian should know about price elasticity

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What a waste

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What a white shame: race, gender, and white shame in the relational economy of primary health care organizations in England

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What a wish to die can mean: reasons, meanings and functions of wishes to die, reported from 30 qualitative case studies of terminally ill cancer patients in palliative care

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What a year!

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What about Alice? Peripheral neuropathy from taxane-containing treatment for advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer

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What about Ethnomedizin? Reflections on the early days of medical anthropologies in German-speaking countries

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What about European alvarezsauroids?

Farnier, M., 2012:
What about HDL cholesterol?

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What about LASEK?

Cascella, M., 2014:
What about Memory, Consciousness, Recall, and Awareness in Anesthesia?

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What about N? A methodological study of sample-size reporting in focus group studies

Anonymous, 2012:
What about Niacin?

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What about OMT and nutrition for managing the irritable bowel syndrome? An overview and treatment plan

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What about ST waveform analysis signal quality in the second stage of labor? A case-control study

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What about U on surfaces? Extended Hubbard models for adatom systems from first principles

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What about a Disability Rights Act for Canada?: Practices and lessons from America, Australia, and the United Kingdom

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What about a crackdown on patients?

Smith, M.David., 2014:
What about a national clinical audit results database?

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What about a new job in the health system: The coordinator of care

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Correlated evolution of self and interspecific incompatibility across the range of a Texas wildflower

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What about age related decline in renal function?

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What about author order and acknowledgments? Suggestions for additional criteria for conceptual research in bioethics

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What about basic nursing care?

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What about bioavailable estradiol?

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What about cholera vaccines?

Lasa, Iñaki.Lete., 2012:
What about compliance?

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What about conventional laparoscopic radical cystectomy? Cost-analysis of open versus laparoscopic radical cystectomy

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What about dads? An exploratory analysis of depressive symptoms in paternal primary caregivers of children with epilepsy

Mintz-Binder, R., 2008:
What about deans of associate degree programs?

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What about doctors? The impact of medical errors

Champagne, M., 2012:
What about egology

Roberts, D., 2011:
What about ethics?

Herzmann, C.; Günther, G.; Eker, B.; Lange, C.; Migliori, G.Battista., 2010:
What about existing databases?

Thomas, A., 2013:
What about forensic psychiatry as a career? Undergraduate and early post-graduate medical perspectives

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What about gr/gr deletions and male infertility? Systematic review and meta-analysis

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What about health insurance?

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What about healthy participants? The improvement and deterioration of self-reported health at a 10-year follow-up of the Västerbotten Intervention Programme

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What about hepatitis B?

Gianakos, D., 2009:
What about hospice, Dr. Gianakos?

Berman, M., 2008:
What about individual accountability?

Steinmetz, J-Paul.; Houssemand, C., 2011:
What about inhibition in the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test?

Rolla, A.R., 2011:
What about insulin as an immediate first step for type 2 diabetes?

Balon, R., 2013:
What about letters in support of academic promotion?

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What about lombo-aortic curage in the treatment of testicle cancer?

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What about magnesium substitution in radiation oncology?

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Correlated evolution of thermal niches and functional physiology in tropical freshwater fishes

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What about me…? The PVT: a role for the paraventricular thalamus (PVT) in drug-seeking behavior

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What about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease as a new criterion to define metabolic syndrome?

Harbour, R.T., 2016:
What about non-financial conflicts of interest?

Morrow, D., 1982:
What about nurses?

Talari, S.; Nair, P.; Movva, R.; Amir, A.; Halappanavar, M.; Lippmann, S., 2008:
What about opsoclonus myoclonus?

Bobbett, A.R., 2014:
What about our pharmacy boards?

Wiessinger, D., 2009:
What about partners?

Duncombe, D.C., 2008:
What about pastoral counseling re. Empire matters?

Murray, E., 2007:
What about patient dignity?

Cook, T., 2011:
What about patients whose lungs cannot be ventilated?

Weiler, R., 2011:
What about physical activity and exercise medicine?

Newman, B.Y., 2010:
What about placebos? "Trick or treatment?"

Atmaca, M.; Kilic, F.; Temizkan, A.; Ustundag, B., 2014:
What about platelet counts in clozapine users?

Güss, C.Dominik., 2014:
What about politics and culture?

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What about prions?

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What about process? Limitations in advance directives, care planning, and noncapacitated decision making

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What about running on Mars? Dynamical response to unweighing of the running pattern

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What about seeding during prostate biopsy?

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What about social engagement? Towards a more holistic approach to the care of older patients

DeSilets, L.D.; Dickerson, P.S.; McKenzie, A.Barrow., 2009 :
What about social networking?

Ferraty, Fédéric., 2014:
What about sparsity when data are curves?

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What about stigma, evidence base, and consistency?

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What about strontium ranelate in osteoarthritis? Doubts and securities

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What about telepsychiatry? A systematic review

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What about temperature? Haloperidol-induced hypotermia

Cohen Solal, A., 2010:
What about the European guidelines?

Dalal, H.M., 2007:
What about the GPs? We help treat acute coronary syndromes

Sharvill, J., 2007:
What about the GPs? We're still great for continuity

Lebel, Vérie.; Aita, M., 2016:
What about the NICU lighting?

Jayabarathan, A., 2008:
What about the boys?

Saewyc, E.M., 2012:
What about the boys? The importance of including boys and young men in sexual and reproductive health research

Anderson, R.; Malone, G., 2009:
What about the children? Special administration concerns

Paes, M.; De Maeseneer, J., 2010:
What about the context in family medicine?

Nau, J-Yves., 2014:
What about the contribution of genetics in prostate cancer screening?

Powell, D.E.B., 2012:
What about the contributions of Illich and Skrabanek?

Scheen, A.J.; De Flines, J.; Paquot, N., 2007:
What about the controversy regarding rosiglitazone

Conti, A.; Delbon, P.; Laffranchi, L.; Paganelli, C., 2014:
What about the dentist-patient relationship in dental tourism?

Saad, R., 2013:
What about the diaphragm?

Stenger, J., 2007:
What about the disconnected poorest who simply can't afford a crisis in Blair's Britain?

King, D.; Daw, W.; Morton, R., 2015:
What about the environmental benefits of reading with a smartphone?

Fisher, P.A., 2012 :
What about the evidence base for homeopathy?

Dhakal, A.; Sharma, R., 2008:
What about the government service?

Lazzeri, D.; Agostini, T., 2012:
What about the informed consent for breast implantation?

Gattis, K.S.; Simpson, L.E.; Christensen, A., 2009:
What about the kids? Parenting and child adjustment in the context of couple therapy

Bacchetta, J.; Cochat, P., 2008:
What about the long-term renal outcome of premature babies?

Dunne, E.F.; Gift, T.L.; Stamm, W.E., 2008:
What about the men?

Coste, Cécile.; Navarro, Béatrice.; Abram, M.; Duval, Céline.; Picard, L.; Piolino, P., 2012:
What about the mental time travel and age-related effects?

Atmaca, M., 2014:
What about the neuroimaging findings in social anxiety disorder?

Porter, R.W., 1997:
What about the next 25 years?

Finegan, B.A., 2009:
What about the other two-thirds of the cardiac cycle?

Hoover, K.; Friedman, A.; Montaño, D.; Kasprzyk, D.; Greek, A.; Hogben, M., 2012:
What about the partners of women with abnormal Pap or positive HPV tests?

Heath, S.R., 2011:
What about the psychopath

van Doorn, W.G.; Woltering, E.J., 2010:
What about the role of autophagy in PCD?

Dargavel, C.A.; Khan, K., 2013:
What about the role of sulfasalazine?

Bibby, B.G., 1949:
What about the saliva?

van't Hoff, H., 2012:
What about the sheer number of drugs prescribed?

Perakis, C.R., 2013:
What about the soul?

Barak, M., 2010:
What about the surgery?

Newman, A.J.; Kvale, E.A.; Williams, B.R.; Bailey, F.Amos., 2007:
What about the trach? Tracheotomy removal as a palliative care maneuver

Burruss, L., 2007:
What about the volunteers?

George, K., 2007:
What about the women? Ethical and policy aspects of egg supply for cloning research

Brewer, J.A.; Garrison, K.A.; Whitfield-Gabrieli, S., 2013:
What about the "Self" is Processed in the Posterior Cingulate Cortex?

Master, S.; De Biase, N.Grigolleto.; Madureira, S., 2012:
What about the "actor's formant" in actresses' voices?

Smulders, Y., 2014:
What about this finger?

Richardson, M.K., 2007:
What about this pill that I found at my pharmacy?

Savary, D.; Fatton, B.; Velemir, L.; Amblard, J.; Jacquetin, B., 2008:
What about transvaginal mesh repair of pelvic organ prolapse? Review of the literature since the HAS (French Health Authorities) report

Kes, P.; Basić-Jukić, N.; Furić-Cunko, V., 2008:
What about treatment of anaemia in the patients with chronic heart failure?

Crutzen, R.; Peters, G-Jorn.Y.; Abraham, C., 2013:
What about trialists sharing other study materials?

Akhtar, M.; Kennedy, P.; Webster, G.; Graham, A., 2013:
What about us? Children's experiences of living with a sibling with spinal cord injury

Shin, G.Y., 2008:
What about viral community acquired pneumonias?

Petteway, R.J.; Valerio, M.A.; Patel, M.R., 2011:
What about your friends? Exploring asthma-related peer interactions

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What academic internal medicine subspecialists identify as important geriatric learning needs for residents: a pilot study

Tavolacci, M-Pierre.; Laouenan, Cédric.; Ladner, Jël., 2008:
What access and use of Internet technology for undergraduate medical students?

Addicott, R., 2012:
What accountable care organizations will mean for physicians

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What accounts for demographic differences in trajectories of adolescent dating violence? An examination of intrapersonal and contextual mediators

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What accounts for differences in substance use among U.S.-born and immigrant Hispanic adolescents?: results from a longitudinal prospective cohort study

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What accounts for differences or disparities in pediatric palliative and end-of-life care? A systematic review focusing on possible multilevel mechanisms

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What accounts for hospital readmission?

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What accounts for men's hostile attitudes toward women? The influence of hegemonic male role norms and masculine gender role stress

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What accounts for rib fractures in older adults?

De Rosa, S.; Caiazzo, G.; Torella, D.; Indolfi, C., 2014:
What accounts for the higher clinical efficacy of intracoronary abciximab?

LoBue, V.; Matthews, K.; Harvey, T.; Stark, S.Lee., 2014:
What accounts for the rapid detection of threat? Evidence for an advantage in perceptual and behavioral responding from eye movements

Nebesio, T.D.; Chen, S.; Yang, F-Chun., 2011:
What accounts for the variable responses to progesterone on Schwann cells from mice and humans-the species-specific influence or the paracrine effects from the tumor microenvironment?

Schulte, D.J., 2012:
What action can be taken against a physician for providing false expert witness testimony?

Jenkins, R.; Baingana, F.; Ahmad, R.; McDaid, D.; Atun, R., 2012:
What action can national and international agencies take?

Hunter, S., 2009:
What action should be taken if a nurse is worried about a deteriorating patient?

Engel, A.; Burke, M.; Fiehler, K.; Bien, S.; Rösler, F., 2008:
What activates the human mirror neuron system during observation of artificial movements: bottom-up visual features or top-down intentions?

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What activities are safe with kidney stones? A review of occupational and travel advice in the UK

Smith, T.O.; Donell, S.T.; Chester, R.; Clark, A.; Stephenson, R., 2012:
What activities do patients with patellar instability perceive makes their patella unstable?

Anonymous, 2013:
What activity based funding means for nurses and midwives

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What actually changed after the use of musculoskeletal ultrasound? An international survey study in PRM

Smith, F.M.; Kalady, M.F., 2013:
What actually constitutes a safe margin?

Anonymous, 2014:
What actually happened

Anonymous, 2015:
What actually happened

Munro, N., 2014:
What acute care nurse practitioners should understand about reimbursement: critical care issues

Interlandi, J., 2008:
What addicts need

Calafat, A.M.; Needham, L.L., 2010:
What additional factors beyond state-of-the-art analytical methods are needed for optimal generation and interpretation of biomonitoring data?

Noble, J.; Karaiskos, N.E.; Wiltshire, W.A., 2009:
What additional precautions should I take when bonding to severely fluorotic teeth?

Howell-Duffy, C.; Umar, G.; Ruparelia, N.; Elliott, D.B., 2010:
What adjustments, if any, do UK optometrists make to the subjective refraction result prior to prescribing?

Hadtstein, C.; Schaefer, F., 2007:
What adult nephrologists should know about childhood blood pressure

Daly, M., 2011:
What adult worker model? A critical look at recent social policy reform in Europe from a gender and family perspective

Matlin, S., 2008:
What advancements have you seen in prostate cancer treatment?

Clavel, S., 2012:
What advances have been made in the treatment of diabetic foot problems?

de la Brière, A.; Tocheport, P., 2012:
What advances in palliative care?

Malviya, A.; Ramaskandhan, J.R.; Bowman, R.; Hashmi, M.; Holland, J.P.; Kometa, S.; Lingard, E., 2012:
What advantage is there to be gained using large modular metal-on-metal bearings in routine primary hip replacement? A preliminary report of a prospective randomised controlled trial

Dupont, B.; Quesnel, P.; Lebrun, A.; Bétrencourt, M-A.; Louessard, D.; Leclerc, C., 2010:
What advantages get by binomial activity in anaesthesia for the patient, the organization, the safety, the physician and nurse anaesthetists? An opinion survey in a French university town

Daley, A.J.; Bowden, S.J.; Rea, D.W.; Billingham, L.; Carmicheal, A.R., 2008:
What advice are oncologists and surgeons in the United Kingdom giving to breast cancer patients about physical activity?

Hogle, W.P., 2009:
What advice do you have for new writers?

Almada, L.Ferreira.; Pereira, A.; Carrara-Augustenborg, C., 2013:
What affective neuroscience means for science of consciousness

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What affects anticoagulation control in patients taking warfarin?

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What affects asthma medicine use in children? Australian asthma educator perspectives

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What affects detectability of lesion-deficit relationships in lesion studies?

Christein, J.D.; Kendrick, M.L.; Que, F.G., 2008:
What affects mortality after the operative management of hepatic abscess?

Bosley, C., 2012:
What affects patient adherence to oral chemotherapy?

Dolnicar, S.; Hurlimann, A.; Grün, B., 2011:
What affects public acceptance of recycled and desalinated water?

Howe, L.; Franxman, T.; Teich, E.; Greenhawt, M., 2014:
What affects quality of life among caregivers of food-allergic children?

Freeth, M.; Foulsham, T.; Kingstone, A., 2013:
What affects social attention? Social presence, eye contact and autistic traits

Pas, E.T.; Bradshaw, C.P., 2015:
What affects teacher ratings of student behaviors? The potential influence of teachers' perceptions of the school environment and experiences

Kroflič, A.; Sarac, B.; Bešter-Rogač, M., 2013:
What affects the degree of micelle ionization: conductivity study of alkyltrimethylammonium chlorides

Kang, K-Nam.; Lee, Y-Sik., 2008:
What affects the innovation performance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the biotechnology industry? An empirical study on Korean biotech SMEs

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What affects the presence versus absence of schwa and its duration: a corpus analysis of French connected speech

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What affects the quality of life in patients with Behcet's disease?

Tatsugami, K.; Eto, M.; Hamaguchi, M.; Yokomizo, A.; Harano, M.; Naito, S., 2009:
What affects the results of a laparoscopic adrenalectomy for pheochromocytoma? Evaluation with respect to intraoperative blood pressure and state of tumor

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What affects the uptake of screening for bowel cancer using a faecal occult blood test (FOBt): a qualitative study

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What affects time to care in emergency room appendicitis patients?

Chegour, H.; El Ansari, N.; El Mghari, G.; Tali, A.; Zoughaghi, L.; Sebbani, M.; Amine, M., 2015:
What agents incriminated in athlete's foot? Survey of consulting diabetic patients in CHU Mohammed VI Marrakech

Sabesan, S.; Jambulingam, P., 2012:
What ails Wolbachia transinfection to control disease vectors?

Kinoshita, J., 1993:
What ails seoul national university?

Parikh, M.D.; Mistri, R.R.; Bhatt, N.S., 1984:
What ails the present medical care?

Janka, M.; Füssel, S.; Unterpaintner, I.; Schuh, A., 2013:
What ails the young athlete? Osteoid osteoma, lumbar spine

Accili, D.; Ahrén, B.; Boitard, C.; Cerasi, E.; Henquin, J-C.; Seino, S., 2011:
What ails the β-cell?

Cross, J., 2015:
What all pediatricians should know: InfantSEE--a national resource for early vision assessment in infants

Sodhi, K.Singh.; Lee, E.Y., 2015:
What all physicians should know about the potential radiation risk that computed tomography poses for paediatric patients

Manning, J.Sloan., 2010:
What alternatives to first-line therapy for depression are effective?

Bernays, S.; Seeley, J.; Rhodes, T.; Mupambireyi, Z., 2015:
What am I 'living' with? Growing up with HIV in Uganda and Zimbabwe

Agrest, Mín., 2008:
What am I and (which are) the illusions of my self consciousness?

Tiffan, B., 2010:
What am I becoming?

Cato, K.D.; Bakken, S., 2012:
What am I giving tonight? Information needs of nurses related to patient medications administration while using a clinical information system

Wardlaw, J.M.; Schafer, B., 2012:
What am I thinking and who has the right to know? Contributions from a workshop on the wider societal implications of neuroimaging

Klein, F., 2012:
What amateur athletes must consider so that they will surface again in good health

Ortenwall, P., 2013:
What ambulance services can learn from military experiences

Anonymous, 2010:
What ambulatory care imaging suppliers can expect during a survey

Sinclair, R., 2012:
What amount of hair do women want?

Pumera, M.; Miyahara, Y., 2010:
What amount of metallic impurities in carbon nanotubes is small enough not to dominate their redox properties?

Munro, N., 2013:
What an acute care nurse practitioner should know about reimbursement

Fujisawa, T., 2014:
What an allergist has learned from basic research: a quest for the 'beauty' of eosinophils

Sjölin, H.; Lindström, V.; Hult, Håkan.; Ringsted, C.; Kurland, L., 2016:
What an ambulance nurse needs to know: a content analysis of curricula in the specialist nursing programme in prehospital emergency care

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What an anaesthetist should know about bariatric surgery

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Correlated fluorescence quenching and topographic mapping of Light-Harvesting Complex II within surface-assembled aggregates and lipid bilayers

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What an emergency physician needs to know about acute care of cardiac arrhythmias

Lange, U.C.; Schneider, R., 2010:
What an epigenome remembers

Parker, R.M., 2013:
What an informed patient means for the future of healthcare

Champlin, C.A., 2011:
What an osteopathic lesion means to me

Tonn, C.R.; Grundfast, K.M., 2014:
What an otolaryngologist should know about evaluation of a child referred for delay in speech development

Zhuang, W-Ying.; Liu, C-Yang., 2013:
What an rRNA secondary structure tells about phylogeny of fungi in Ascomycota with emphasis on evolution of major types of ascus

Gans, J.S., 2015:
What an understanding of the dynamics of gossip has to teach about group dynamics and group leadership

Gadzhanova, S.; Bell, J.Simon.; Roughead, E.E., 2014:
What analgesics do older people use prior to initiating oxycodone for non-cancer pain? A retrospective database study

Hansen, K.E.; Blank, R.D.; Palermo, L.; Fink, H.A.; Orwoll, E.S., 2016:
What analytic method should clinicians use to derive spine T-scores and predict incident fractures in men? Results from the MrOS study

Anonymous, 1942:
What and Who Is an Epidemiologist: Curtain

Anonymous, 1942:
What and Who Is an Epidemiologist?

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Correlated Gene Expression and Anatomical Communication Support Synchronized Brain Activity in the Mouse Functional Connectome

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What and how psychiatry residents at ten training programs wish to learn about ethics

Anonymous, 1984:
What and how should students learn?

Helg, A.G., 2014:
What and what not to conclude from the results of the LEGS study?

Berkman, C.S.; Ko, E., 2010:
What and when Korean American older adults want to know about serious illness

Mahler, S.V.; Berridge, K.C., 2012:
What and when to "want"? Amygdala-based focusing of incentive salience upon sugar and sex

Anonymous, 1969:
What and where and when to learn

Rosa, V., 2016:
What and where are the stem cells for Dentistry?

Moore, M.Anthony., 2014:
What and where for publications by cancer registries in the Asian Pacific? - roles for the APJCP in the future

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What and where in mirror reading

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What and where information in the caudate tail guides saccades to visual objects

Chikkerur, S.; Serre, T.; Tan, C.; Poggio, T., 2011:
What and where: a Bayesian inference theory of attention

McLean, S.A.M., 2007:
What and who are clinical ethics committees for?

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What and why understanding in autism spectrum disorders and williams syndrome: similarities and differences

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What anesthesiologists should know about B-type natriuretic peptide

Mattia, C.; Coluzzi, F., 2010:
What anesthesiologists should know about paracetamol (acetaminophen)

Dharmadhikari, A.S.; Nardell, E.A., 2008:
What animal models teach humans about tuberculosis

Lavenex, P.; Banta Lavenex, P.; Favre, Gégoire., 2014:
What animals can teach clinicians about the hippocampus

Wooldridge, G.H., 2012:
What animals owe to experimental research

Iliffe, S.R., 1984:
What annoys me most: independence

Brodie, B.R., 2008:
What anti-thrombotic therapy is best with primary PCI for acute ST elevation myocardial infarction: how should the HORIZONS trial change current practice?

Barlow, M., 2009:
What antimicrobial resistance has taught us about horizontal gene transfer

Marsolek, C.J., 2008:
What antipriming reveals about priming

Gischler, E., 2007:
What any author of a specialized work dreads is having it reviewed by someone with little or no knowledge of the specialty

Meserve, H.C., 1992:
What anyone can do

Fikkers, J.T.; Bouma, H.W.; de Boer, S.F.; Toogood, P.A.; van Kampen, P.M.; Hogervorst, T., 2015:
What ape proximal femora tell us about femoroacetabular impingement: a comparison

Candlin, J., 2010:
What application for what job?

Farré Viladrich, A., 2009:
What approach should be adopted in patients with a first attack of acute pancreatitis with no apparent etiology and negative transabdominal ultrasonographic findings?

Nieder, C., 2007:
What approach will lead to cure of glioblastoma multiforme? In regard to Barani et al. (Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2007;68:324-333) and Jones and Sanghera (Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2007;68:441-448)

Shaw, K.L., 1996:
What are 'good' species?

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What are 'true normal' liver stiffness values using FibroScan?: a prospective study in healthy living liver and kidney donors in South Korea

Anonymous, 2013:
What are 12-hour shifts good for?

Racich, M.J., 2009:
What are 3 key elements of the TMD patient interview?

Lee, H.; Lee, Y.; Park, S-A.; Willis, E.; Cameron, G.T., 2014:
What are Americans seeing? Examining the message frames of local television health news stories

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What are Asian-American youth consuming? A systematic literature review

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What are CX3CR1+ mononuclear cells in the intestinal mucosa?

Noroozi, M.; Nedjat, S.; Golestan, B.; Majdzadeh, R., 2012:
What are Differences between Non-injecting and Injecting Drug Addicts?

Jones, C.H., 1868:
What are Diseases?

Silvestri, A.Marie., 2014:
What are FQHCs and how do they affect dental services?

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What are Patients' Concerns about Medical Errors in an Emergency Department?

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What are Predictive Factors for Developing of Barrett's Esophagus in Patients with Gerd-our Experience

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What are RBC-transfusion-dependence and -independence?

Somiari, S.A.; Riegman, P.; Morente, M.M.; Baust, J.M.; Stacey, G., 2011:
What are Some Top Accomplishments You Would Like to See in the Field by 2015?

Smith, P., 2007:
What are acquired rights in Canon Law?

Moreno, M.A.; Parks, M.; Richardson, L.P., 2008:
What are adolescents showing the world about their health risk behaviors on MySpace?

Sharpe, H.; Damazer, K.; Treasure, J.; Schmidt, U., 2014:
What are adolescents' experiences of body dissatisfaction and dieting, and what do they recommend for prevention? A qualitative study

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What are applied ethics?

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Correlated Heterospectral Lipidomics for Biomolecular Profiling of Remyelination in Multiple Sclerosis

Dickinson, A., 2009:
What are association formation models?

Hédon, B., 2008:
What are at present the real hopes of pregnancy after ovarian cryopreservation?

Poirot, C., 2008:
What are at present the real hopes of pregnancy after ovarian cryopreservation? Reply of C. Poirot to the article by B. Courbière et al

Lovett Carte, D.; Kennedy, N., 2016:
What are athletes' perceptions of rehabilitation outcome 1 year after hip arthroscopy?

DeBoer, M.I.; Kothari, R.; Kothari, C.; Koestner, A.L.; Rohs, T., 2014:
What are barriers to nurses screening for intimate partner violence?

Ieiri, I., 2013:
What are barriers to pharmacogenomics (PGx) clinical uptake?

McGrath, J.M., 2015:
What are best practices for beginning oral feedings for high-risk infants?

Emanuel, E.J., 2008:
What are bioethicists doing about health care reform?

Strimbu, K.; Tavel, J.A., 2011:
What are biomarkers?

Vater, L.B.; Donohue, J.M.; Arnold, R.; White, D.B.; Chu, E.; Schenker, Y., 2014:
What are cancer centers advertising to the public?: a content analysis

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What are cancer patients' experiences and preferences for the provision of written information in the palliative care setting? A focus group study

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What are cancer survivors telling us?

Geller, B.M.; Vacek, P.M.; Flynn, B.S.; Lord, K.; Cranmer, D., 2015:
What are cancer survivors' needs and how well are they being met?

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What are carotenoids signaling? Immunostimulatory effects of dietary vitamin E, but not of carotenoids, in Iberian green lizards

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What are characteristic patterns of visual field loss in glaucoma?

Miles, R., 2011:
What are chemokine signalling systems doing in the brain?

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What are clinical guidelines?

Li, X.; Huang, J.; Fluharty, B.R.; Huang, Y.; Nott, S.L.; Muyan, M., 2008:
What are comparative studies telling us about the mechanism of ERbeta action in the ERE-dependent E2 signaling pathway?

Connelly, L.M., 2013:
What are confidence intervals?

Mastroianni, K.; Machles, D., 2013:
What are consulting services worth?: applying cost analysis techniques to evaluate effectiveness

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What are covering doctors told about their patients? Analysis of sign-out among internal medicine house staff

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What are critical outcome measures for patients receiving pituitary replacement following brain injury?

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What are current preprocedure imaging requirements for carotid artery stenting and carotid endarterectomy: have magnetic resonance angiography and computed tomographic angiography made a difference?

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What are demographic and EEG differences between responding and non-responding panic disorder patients

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Correlated High-Pressure Phase Sequence of VO 2 under Strong Compression

Yamamoto, T.; Yokoyama, M.; Opanasopit, P.; Hayama, A.; Kawano, K.; Maitani, Y., 2007:
What are determining factors for stable drug incorporation into polymeric micelle carriers? Consideration on physical and chemical characters of the micelle inner core

Roberts, S., 2011:
What are distributed lag models of particulate matter air pollution estimating when there are populations of frail individuals?

Praagh, R.Van., 2014:
What are double-outlet left atrium and double-outlet right atrium?

Mearin, Fín., 2007:
What are dyspepsia, organic dyspepsia and functional dyspepsia?

Anonymous, 2009:
What are dystonias?

Freda, M.Comerford., 2008:
What are edge runners?

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Correlated ion and neutral time of flight technique combined with velocity map imaging: Quantitative measurements for dissociation processes in excited molecular nano-systems

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What are effective approaches to increasing rates of organ donor registration among ethnic minority populations: a systematic review

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What are effective phonological units in Cantonese spoken word planning?

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What are effective strategies to communicate cardiovascular risk information to patients? A systematic review

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What are effects of a spaced activation of virtual patients in a pediatric course?

Barbui, C.; Cipriani, A., 2011:
What are evidence-based treatment recommendations?

Anonymous, 2009:
What are excipients doing in medicinal products?

Sweat, M.T., 2013:
What are excuses that get in the way of spiritual care?

Pusic, A.D.; Pusic, K.M.; Kraig, R.P., 2014:
What are exosomes and how can they be used in multiple sclerosis therapy?

Sutton, S.Scott., 2015:
What are extended-spectrum beta-lactamases?

Milte, R.; Ratcliffe, J.; Miller, M.; Whitehead, C.; Cameron, I.D.; Crotty, M., 2013:
What are frail older people prepared to endure to achieve improved mobility following hip fracture? A Discrete Choice Experiment

Ren, S.; Hou, Y.; Tian, S.; Chen, X.; Wu, W., 2013:
What are functional ionic liquids for the absorption of acidic gases?

de Pauw, B.E., 2011:
What are fungal infections?

McGrice, M.A.; Porter, J.A., 2013:
What are gastric banding patients eating one year post-surgery?

Sherborne, A.L.; Houlston, R.S., 2011:
What are genome-wide association studies telling us about B-cell tumor development?

McKee, M.; Colagiuri, R., 2007:
What are governments for?

Li, Z-Lu.; Li, Z-Ming.; Cao, H-Yuan.; Yang, J-Hui.; Shu, Q.; Zhang, Y-Yu.; Xiang, H.J.; Gong, X.G., 2014:
What are grain boundary structures in graphene?

Straube, A.; Förderreuther, S.; Diener, H-C., 2015:
What are guidelines for, what can guidelines do?

Braveman, P., 2014:
What are health disparities and health equity? We need to be clear

Fox, N.J.; Ward, K.J., 2008:
What are health identities and how may we study them?

Hodge, N., 2013:
What are health information systems, and why are they important?

Brent, K.A., 1948:
What are hospitals going to do about new construction?

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Correlated light and electron microscopy of cell division in large marine oocytes, eggs, and embryos

Azimzadeh, R.; Valizadeh, L.; Zamanzadeh, V.; Rahmani, A., 2014:
What are important for patient centered care? A quantitative study based on perception of patients' with cancer

Chang, F-Hang., 2016:
What are individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) dealing with in a competitive labor market? Two case studies

Hocking, G.M., 2012:
What are industry requirements of pharmacognosy research and teaching?

Rogers, S.J., 2009:
What are infant siblings teaching us about autism in infancy?

Blumberg, R., 2008:
What are innate and acquired immunity, and why are they important in IBD?

Lundberg, K.L., 2016:
What are internal medicine residents missing? A communication needs assessment of outpatient clinical encounters

Varnum, M.E.W., 2014:
What are lay theories of social class?

Anonymous, 2008:
What are legal risks of videotaping trauma?

Wang, H.; Eckel, R.H., 2014:
What are lipoproteins doing in the brain?

Roberts, R.G., 2015:
What are little boys and girls made of? The origins of sexual dimorphism

Friedman, B., 1966:
What are mathematicians doing?

Morris, K., 2010:
What are medical homes? What is the state of medical home development in Ohio?

Plonka, P.M.; Passeron, T.; Brenner, M.; Tobin, D.J.; Shibahara, S.; Thomas, A.; Slominski, A.; Kadekaro, A.L.; Hershkovitz, D.; Peters, E.; Nordlund, J.J.; Abdel-Malek, Z.; Takeda, K.; Paus, R.; Ortonne, J.P.; Hearing, V.J.; Schallreuter, K.U., 2009:
What are melanocytes really doing all day long...?

Dykes, P.J., 2008:
What are meters measuring?

Mackiewicz, M.; Zimmerman, J.E.; Shockley, K.R.; Churchill, G.A.; Pack, A.I., 2009:
What are microarrays teaching us about sleep?

Dageforde, K., 2013:
What are my ACA obligations as an employer?

Laurance, J., 2010:
What are my chances, doc?

Beran, M.J.; Perdue, B.M.; Smith, J.David., 2015:
What are my chances? Closing the gap in uncertainty monitoring between rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) and capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella)

Anonymous, 2007:
What are my cosmetic options?

Antoon, J.W., 2007:
What are my ethical obligations in managing a previous dentist's failed treatment?

Pansick, E.A., 2015:
What are my ethical obligations when I learn that my local dental laboratory has been subcontracting with offshore laboratories without my knowledge?

Dickey, K.W., 2007:
What are my ethical obligations when a treatment plan goes wrong?

Antoon, J.W., 2012:
What are my obligations when purchasing new technologies?

Helft, P.R., 2012:
What are my responsibilities to inform?

Schulte, D.J., 2011:
What are my rights when a health plan audits my claims?

Werner, A.; Swan, D., 2010:
What are natural antisense transcripts good for?

Gigerenzer, G., 2011:
What are natural frequencies?

Burbach, J.Peter.H., 2012:
What are neuropeptides?

Cubelli, R.; Sala, S.Della., 2007:
What are neuropsychologists up to?

Zhu, F.; Han, L.; Zheng, C.; Xie, B.; Tammi, M.T.; Yang, S.; Wei, Y.; Chen, Y., 2009:
What are next generation innovative therapeutic targets? Clues from genetic, structural, physicochemical, and systems profiles of successful targets

Lorenz, K.; Sekulla, C.; Schelle, J.; Schmeiss, B.; Brauckhoff, M.; Dralle, H.; Blankenburg, C.; Hamelmann, W.; Heidemann, H.; Koch, B.; Lehmann, D.; Müller, M.; Szelenyi, A.; Timmermann, W., 2011:
What are normal quantitative parameters of intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) in thyroid surgery?

Sladek, F.M., 2011:
What are nuclear receptor ligands?

Ortega, J.; Ortega-Evangelio, G.; Cassinello, N.; Sebastia, V., 2012:
What are obese patients able to eat after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass?

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