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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56933

Chapter 56933 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Manley, H.; Dayan, P.; Diedrichsen, Jörn., 2014:
When money is not enough: awareness, success, and variability in motor learning

Yang, Q., 2014:
When money stands between you and me

Rothman, D.J.; Rothman, S.M., 2014:
When money talks

Sarty, M.E., 1967:
When monkeys are rats

Solary, E., 2012:
When monocyte life hangs by a thread

Dzik, W.H.; Cserti-Gazdewich, C.M.; Ssewanyana, I.; Delelys, M.; Preffer, F.I., 2010:
When monocytes and platelets compete: The effect of platelet count on the flow cytometric measurement of monocyte CD36

Cardilo-Reis, L.; Witztum, J.L.; Binder, C.J., 2010:
When monocytes come (too) close to our hearts

Ivezaj, V.; Grilo, C.M., 2015:
When mood worsens after gastric bypass surgery: characterization of bariatric patients with increases in depressive symptoms following surgery

Banja, J.D., 2010:
When moral arguments become intractable

Winterich, K.Page.; Aquino, K.; Mittal, V.; Swartz, R., 2014:
When moral identity symbolization motivates prosocial behavior: the role of recognition and moral identity internalization

Mack, C., 2015:
When moral uncertainty becomes moral distress

Anonymous, 2007:
When morals and medicine conflict: morning-after pill reignites issues

Lieberman, J.Adam., 2014:
When more can be less

Rotello, C.M.; Heit, E.; Dubé, C., 2016:
When more data steer us wrong: replications with the wrong dependent measure perpetuate erroneous conclusions

Ashley, S.; Pearson, J., 2013:
When more equals less: overtraining inhibits perceptual learning owing to lack of wakeful consolidation

Pichard, C., 2016:
When more is better

Duxbury, L.; Halinski, M., 2015:
When more is less: An examination of the relationship between hours in telework and role overload

Luders, E.; Cherbuin, N.; Thompson, P.M.; Gutman, B.; Anstey, K.J.; Sachdev, P.; Toga, A.W., 2010:
When more is less: associations between corpus callosum size and handedness lateralization

Radomsky, A.S.; Dugas, M.J.; Alcolado, G.M.; Lavoie, S.L., 2015:
When more is less: doubt, repetition, memory, metamemory, and compulsive checking in OCD

Raben, N.; Baum, R.; Schreiner, C.; Takikita, S.; Mizushima, N.; Ralston, E.; Plotz, P., 2008:
When more is less: excess and deficiency of autophagy coexist in skeletal muscle in Pompe disease

Maddox, W.Todd.; Love, B.C.; Glass, B.D.; Filoteo, J.Vincent., 2008:
When more is less: feedback effects in perceptual category learning

Rowland, H.M.; Wiley, E.; Ruxton, G.D.; Mappes, J.; Speed, M.P., 2011:
When more is less: the fitness consequences of predators attacking more unpalatable prey when more are presented

Hsieh, S.; Lillo, P.; Kiernan, M.C.; Hodges, J.R.; Mioshi, E., 2013:
When more is needed: the utility of the frontotemporal dementia scale in ALS

Wong, J.H., 2011:
When more is too much: axillary node dissection in the sentinel node era

Tassinari, D.; Tombesi, P.; Sartori, S., 2010:
When more is worse in clinical research and clinical practice

Park, A.W.; Magori, K.; White, B.A.; Stallknecht, D.E., 2013:
When more transmission equals less disease: reconciling the disconnect between disease hotspots and parasite transmission

Zangger, P., 2012:
When morphine does not suffice...

Fallon, M., 2008:
When morphine does not work

Yeh, H.; Rand, E., 2012:
When mothers are better than fathers…

Kinsley, C.Howard.; Tujuba, H.; Meyer, E.E.A., 2011:
When mothers go wrong: likely neural undercurrents related to poor parenting

Jill Suitor, J.; Sechrist, J.; Pillemer, K., 2007:
When mothers have favourites: conditions under which mothers differentiate among their adult children

Pearlman, S.F., 2007:
When mothers learn a daughter is a lesbian: then and now

Anonymous, 2015:
When mothers sing, premies feel better

Symes, E.; Ottoboni, G.; Tucker, M.; Ellis, R.; Tessari, A., 2010:
When motor attention improves selective attention: the dissociating role of saliency

Heurley, L.P.; Simoneau, E.M.; Leteneur, S.; Brouillet, D., 2014:
When motor simulation of disequilibrium increases postural stability

Brui, G.; Liistro, G., 2009:
When mouthpieces "improve" the cough

Dal Cin, S.; Stoolmiller, M.; Sargent, J.D., 2012:
When movies matter: exposure to smoking in movies and changes in smoking behavior

Keizer, Aé.W.; Nieuwenhuis, S.; Colzato, L.S.; Teeuwisse, W.; Rombouts, S.Arb.; Hommel, B., 2008:
When moving faces activate the house area: an fMRI study of object-file retrieval

Haarto, A.; Ståhls, G., 2014:
When mtDNA COI is misleading: congruent signal of ITS2 molecular marker and morphology for North European Melanostoma Schiner, 1860 (Diptera, Syrphidae)

Stiefelhagen, P., 2011:
When muscle strength declines in the elderly: prescribe sports and body building food!

Groussard, M.; La Joie, R.; Rauchs, Géraldine.; Landeau, B.; Chételat, Gël.; Viader, F.; Desgranges, Béatrice.; Eustache, F.; Platel, Hé., 2011:
When music and long-term memory interact: effects of musical expertise on functional and structural plasticity in the hippocampus

Shulman, M., 2008:
When music becomes medicine for the brain. Specialists are prescribing rhythm and melody for conditions from Parkinson's to stroke

Raglio, A., 2012:
When music becomes music therapy

Debarnot, U.; Guillot, A., 2014:
When music tempo affects the temporal congruence between physical practice and motor imagery

Burke, R.E., 2005:
When must physicians assume public advocacy roles?

Soussi, T.; Hjortsberg, L., 2009:
When mutant p53 plays hide and seek: a new challenge for diagnosis and therapy?

Black, J.D.; Girotto, J.A.; Chapman, K.E.; Oppenheimer, A.J., 2010:
When my child was born: cross-cultural reactions to the birth of a child with cleft lip and/or palate

Bjerke, T.N., 2011:
When my eyes bring pain to my soul, and vice versa: facing preconceptions in email and face-to-face interviews

Wu, Y.; Xu, B.; He, X.; Wu, B.; Li, Y.; Yu, G.; Tan, C.; Wang, H., 2018 :
Correlation between autophagy levels in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and clinical parameters in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Van Spall, H.Gillian.Christine., 2007:
When my father died

Tse, H.H.M.; Lam, C.K.; Lawrence, S.A.; Huang, X., 2015:
When my supervisor dislikes you more than me: the effect of dissimilarity in leader-member exchange on coworkers' interpersonal emotion and perceived help

Damato, V.; Alboini, P.E.; Mastrorosa, A.; Dickmann, A.; Colosimo, C.; Evoli, A., 2015:
When myasthenia gravis is not all

Gopaluni, S.; Thomas, L.M.; Shah, C., 2010:
When myopathy strikes in a cancer patient

Orr, R.J.S.; Murray, S.A.; Stüken, A.; Rhodes, L.; Jakobsen, K.S., 2013:
When naked became armored: an eight-gene phylogeny reveals monophyletic origin of theca in dinoflagellates

Kaur, S.; Singhal, B., 2012:
When nano meets stem: the impact of nanotechnology in stem cell biology

Sparkes, A.C.; Smith, B., 2005:
When narratives matter: men, sport, and spinal cord injury

White, A.Edward.; Kenrick, D.T.; Li, Y.Jessica.; Mortensen, C.R.; Neuberg, S.L.; Cohen, A.B., 2013:
When nasty breeds nice: threats of violence amplify agreeableness at national, individual, and situational levels

Coli', L.; Cuna, V.; Capelli, I.; Kwin, C.; Donati, G.; La Manna, G.; Stefoni, S., 2009:
When native arteriovenous fistula is not possible: the permanent catheter is better

Pirrone, A.; Stafford, T.; Marshall, J.A.R., 2014:
When natural selection should optimize speed-accuracy trade-offs

Woo, T.Moser., 2009:
When nature and pharmacy collide: drug interactions with commonly used herbs

Watson, G.T.; Huaman, M.A.; Semler, M.W.; Manners, J.; Woron, A.M.; Carpenter, L.Rand.; Christman, B.W., 2013:
When nature meets nurture: persistent Yersinia infection

Elliott, J.R.; Pais, J., 2011:
When nature pushes back: environmental impact and the spatial redistribution of socially vulnerable populations

Sommeijer, D.W.; Ten Wolde, M.; von der Thüsen, J.H.; Huidekoper, H.H.; Van Lieshout, J.J.; Soeters, M.R., 2011:
When nausea becomes a tricky question

Haeussler, M.; Joly, J-Stéphane., 2011:
When needles look like hay: how to find tissue-specific enhancers in model organism genomes

Paleg, G., 2008:
When needs are special

Hess, L.; Cartoceti, A.; Ford, S.; Huckabee, J.; Nevarez, J.; Poutous, T.; Rich, G., 2012:
When needy wildlife happens: do you run with it or punt?

Shuman, A.G.; Khan, A.A.; Moyer, J.S.; Prince, M.E.; Fins, J.J., 2013:
When negative rights become positive entitlements: complicity, conscience, and caregiving

Pérez-Moreno, M., 2009:
When neighbourhood matters: tumour microenvironment

Thomas, K.A., 2009:
When neonatal ICU infants participate in research: special protections for special subjects

Anonymous, 2010:
When nerves get damaged. Peripheral neuropathy causes strange feelings of numbness and sometimes pain

Christakis, N.A., 2008:
When networks can teach us about drug use

Lazarov, O.; Mattson, M.P.; Peterson, D.A.; Pimplikar, S.W.; van Praag, H., 2011:
When neurogenesis encounters aging and disease

Agarwal, A.K.; Garg, R.; Kauser, S.A., 2009:
When neurological deficit is not a stroke

Kachuck, N.J., 2011:
When neurologist and patient disagree on reasonable risk: new challenges in prescribing for patients with multiple sclerosis

Proverbio, A.Mado.; Riva, F.; Zani, A., 2010:
When neurons do not mirror the agent's intentions: sex differences in neural coding of goal-directed actions

Lovisolo, D.; Gilardino, A.; Ruffinatti, F.Alessandro., 2015:
When neurons encounter nanoobjects: spotlight on calcium signalling

Schneider, S.; Cheung, J.J.H.; Frick, H.; Krehan, S.; Micke, F.; Sauer, M.; Dalecki, M.; Dern, S., 2015:
When neuroscience gets wet and hardcore: neurocognitive markers obtained during whole body water immersion

de Chaisemartin, L.; Hayem, G.; Hayemb, G.; Chollet-Martin, S., 2013:
When neutrophils cast their nets

Kalyan, S.; Kabelitz, D., 2014:
When neutrophils meet T cells: beginnings of a tumultuous relationship with underappreciated potential

Graff, Børn.Anton.; Thürmer, H.; Søreide, O.; Norderhaug, I.Natvig., 2008:
When new methods are about to be introduced

Roy, D.J., 2007:
When newborn babies have to die...perinatal palliative care?

Romain-Glassey, N.; Gut, M.; Feiner, A-Scott.; Cathieni, F.; Hofner, M-Claude.; Mangin, P., 2013:
When nightclub security agents assault clients

Romain-Glassey, N.; Gut, M.; De Puy, J.; Mangin, P., 2015:
When nightclub security agents assault clients more insight through a qualitative approach

Baum, V.C., 2007:
When nitrous oxide is no laughing matter: nitrous oxide and pediatric anesthesia

Eccles, N.; Cooper, K., 2015:
When no change is an option

Wong, V.V.; Emerson, G.; Mocanu, E., 2013:
When no choice of embryos exists, the multiple pregnancy risk is still high

Jones, R.; Barraclough, K.; Dowrick, C., 2010:
When no diagnostic label is applied

Smith, M., 2013:
When no means maybe. Knowing when to push for transport is part of good medicine

Ivanov, R.; Fobis-Loisy, I.; Gaude, T., 2010:
When no means no: guide to Brassicaceae self-incompatibility

Morrison, J.; Lindberg, P., 2008:
When no one has time: measuring the impact of computerization on health care workers

Ovans, A., 2012:
When no one's in charge

Wang, F.; Macdonald, R.W.; Stern, G.A.; Outridge, P.M., 2011:
When noise becomes the signal: chemical contamination of aquatic ecosystems under a changing climate

Tan, X.; Elledge, S.J., 2014:
When noise makes music: HIV reactivation with transcriptional noise enhancers

Bashford, J.A.; Warren, R.M.; Lenz, P.W., 2010:
When noise vocoding can improve the intelligibility of sub-critical band speech

Junker, J.Philipp.; van Oudenaarden, A., 2012:
When noisy neighbors are a blessing: analysis of gene expression noise identifies coregulated genes

Finocchiaro, C.; Fierro, B.; Brighina, F.; Giglia, G.; Francolini, M.; Caramazza, A., 2007:
When nominal features are marked on verbs: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study

Nguyen, M.L.; Shapiro, M.A.; Demetree, J.M.; White, K.A., 2012:
When non-epileptic seizures fool the experts

Meslec, N.; Curşeu, P.Lucian.; Meeus, M.T.H.; Iederan Fodor, O.C., 2014:
When none of us perform better than all of us together: the role of analogical decision rules in groups

Omelchenko, I.; Omel'chenko, O.E.; Hövel, P.; Schöll, E., 2013:
When nonlocal coupling between oscillators becomes stronger: patched synchrony or multichimera states

Quirin, M.; Kazén, M.; Kuhl, J., 2009:
When nonsense sounds happy or helpless: The Implicit Positive and Negative Affect Test (IPANAT)

Cardoso, J.C.; Cokelaere, K.; Maertens, M.; Karim, N.; Jong, T.J.; Calonje, E., 2015:
When nonspecific histology can be a clue to the diagnosis: three cases of trigeminal trophic syndrome

Zanella, Sébastien.; Doi, A.; Garcia, A.J.; Elsen, F.; Kirsch, S.; Wei, A.D.; Ramirez, J-Marino., 2014:
When norepinephrine becomes a driver of breathing irregularities: how intermittent hypoxia fundamentally alters the modulatory response of the respiratory network

Farjah, F.; Flum, D.R., 2007:
When not being superior may not be good enough

Lee, J.Goodman., 2013:
When not to do it yourself: outsourcing in the veterinary practice

Sultan, S.; Hynes, N.; Sultan, M., 2014:
When not to implant the multilayer flow modulator: lessons learned from application outside the indications for use in patients with thoracoabdominal pathologies

Shofner, J.D.; Lipworth, A.; Tannous, Z.; Avram, M.M., 2012:
When not to treat cutaneous vascular lesions with the pulsed dye laser

Garvey, D.J., 2010:
When not to use FFRs

Schumann, S-Anne.; Hickner, J., 2008:
When not to use beta-blockers in seniors with hypertension

Murphy, M.F., 2008:
When novelty is not enough

Swaminathan, K.; Duvall, E.; Akyol, M., 2012:
When numbers do not add up!

Holmes, K.J.; Lourenco, S.F., 2013:
When numbers get heavy: is the mental number line exclusively numerical?

Goldsmith, J.; Wittenberg-Lyles, E., 2011:
When numbers matter most

Norman, C., 1987:
When nunn speaks.

Anonymous, 2010:
When nurses are confronted with attempted suicide in the middle of care

Davis, C.; Wells, R., 2014:
When nurses become the students

Wright, S., 2008:
When nurses do the unthinkable

Shinbara, C.G.; Olson, L., 2010:
When nurses grieve: spirituality's role in coping

Lex, K., 2012:
When nurses kill patients: psychiatrist explains motivation. "A spiral of suffering and loneliness"

Bonner, A., 2014 :
When nurses lead

Chovan, J.D., 2010:
When nurses use the title "doctor"

Geatti, S.; Lorenzon, M.; of Saint Victor, S.Hugh., 2010:
When nurses would have been called dispensatores

Slade, D.; Thomas-Connor, I.; Tsao, T.Man., 2008:
When nursing meets English: using a pathography to develop nursing students' culturally competent selves

Goetz, K.; Janney, M.; Ramsey, K., 2011:
When nursing takes ownership of financial outcomes: achieving exceptional financial performance through leadership, strategy, and execution

Lancy, D.F., 2010:
When nurture becomes nature: ethnocentrism in studies of human development

Scarborough, P.; Rayner, M., 2015:
When nutrient profiling can (and cannot) be useful

Trzeciakiewicz, A.; Habauzit, Véronique.; Horcajada, M-Noëlle., 2009:
When nutrition interacts with osteoblast function: molecular mechanisms of polyphenols

O'Donnell, D.E.; Ciavaglia, C.E.; Neder, J.Alberto., 2015:
When obesity and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease collide. Physiological and clinical consequences

Costantini, M.; Ambrosini, E.; Scorolli, C.; Borghi, A.M., 2011:
When objects are close to me: affordances in the peripersonal space

van der Weiden, A.; Veling, H.; Aarts, H., 2011 :
When observing gaze shifts of others enhances object desirability

Bua, J.; L'Erario, I.; Barbi, E.; Marchetti, F., 2008:
When off-label is a good practice: the example of paracetamol and salbutamol

Barrios, V.; Escobar, C.; Echarri, R., 2011:
When office blood pressure measurement is not enough

Segado, G.L., 2009:
When office-based physicians code badly. Overcoding for hospital services

McCaskill, L., 2013:
When oil attacks: litigation options for Nigerian plaintiffs in U.S. federal courts

Gast, A.; Rothermund, K., 2011:
When old and frail is not the same: dissociating category and stimulus effects in four implicit attitude measurement methods

Soulier, J., 2015:
When old hematopoietic stem cells get damaged

Paranjape, A.; Corbie-Smith, G.; Thompson, N.; Kaslow, N.J., 2009:
When older African American women are affected by violence in the home: a qualitative investigation of risk and protective factors

von Renteln-Kruse, W.; Neumann, L.; Krause, T.; Golgert, S.; Frilling, B., 2013:
When older in-hospital patients fall--insights from the LUCAS in-hospital fall database

Harbarth, S.; Albrich, W.C.; Müller, B., 2010:
When once is not enough--further evidence of procalcitonin-guided antibiotic stewardship

Dazzan, P.; Tansella, M., 2014:
When once is not enough: the case for repeated biopsychosocial assessments in psychosis

Wujcik, D.M., 2010:
When oncology nurses are just a call away

Nevidjon, B., 2008:
When oncology nurses become oncology patients

Choi, H.; Pavelka, N., 2012:
When one and one gives more than two: challenges and opportunities of integrative omics

Marrie, R.Ann., 2008:
When one and one make three: HLA and EBV infection in MS

Binagwaho, A.; Ratnayake, N.; Mukherjee, J.; Mugabo, J.; Karita, E.; Pegurri, E., 2011:
When one can infect two: a reflection on the impact of HIV discordance on child HIV infection

Caño, Aès.; Hernández, M.; Ivanova, I.; Juncadella, M.; Gascón-Bayarri, J.; Reñé, Rón.; Costa, A., 2010:
When one can write SALTO as noun but not as verb: a grammatical category-specific, modality-specific deficit

Ceredig, R., 2012:
When one cell is enough

Kristina, G.; Radomir, P.; Eva, B.; Lenka, D.; Radek, L.; Rostislav, V.; Borivoj, V.; Dalibor, V., 2009:
When one chip is not enough: augmenting the validity of SELDI-TOF proteomic profiles of clinical specimens

Knol, M.J.; Egger, M.; Scott, P.; Geerlings, M.I.; Vandenbroucke, J.P., 2008:
When one depends on the other: reporting of interaction in case-control and cohort studies

Andersen, J.Brandt., 2010:
When one doesn't WANT to accept scientific disagreement and criticism

Gøtzsche, P.C., 2010:
When one doesn't WANT to see the evidence?

Sirois, F.M.; Purc-Stephenson, R.J., 2008:
When one door closes, another door opens: physician availability and motivations to consult complementary and alternative medicine providers

Bodell, L.S., 2007:
When one has nothing, a little is a lot

Adam, R.; Güntürkün, O., 2009:
When one hemisphere takes control: metacontrol in pigeons (Columba livia)

Melenhorst, J.J., 2013:
When one is better than two

Ulveling, D.; Francastel, C.; Hubé, F., 2011:
When one is better than two: RNA with dual functions

Khemlani, S.S.; Oppenheimer, D.M., 2011:
When one model casts doubt on another: a levels-of-analysis approach to causal discounting

Green, S., 2013:
When one model is not enough: combining epistemic tools in systems biology

Vaucher, J., 2012:
When one only sees the fingertip...

Hanulíková, A.; van Alphen, P.M.; van Goch, M.M.; Weber, A., 2012:
When one person's mistake is another's standard usage: the effect of foreign accent on syntactic processing

Zolmajd-Haghighi, Z.; Hanley, Q.S., 2014:
When one plus one does not equal two: fluorescence anisotropy in aggregates and multiply labeled proteins

Brodsky, S.V.; Albawardi, A.; Satoskar, A.A.; Nadasdy, G.; Nadasdy, T., 2011:
When one plus one equals more than two--a novel stain for renal biopsies is a combination of two classical stains

Kroiss, M.; Fischer, U.; Schultz, Jörg., 2009:
When one plus one equals three: biochemistry and bioinformatics combine to answer complex questions

Trabacca, A.; Moro, G.; Gennaro, L.; Russo, L., 2013:
When one plus one equals three: the ICF perspective of health and disability in the third millennium

Nuku, P.; Bekkering, H., 2010:
When one sees what the other hears: crossmodal attentional modulation for gazed and non-gazed upon auditory targets

Almpanis, A.; Swain, M.; Gatherer, D.; McEwan, N., 2018:
Correlation between bacterial G+C content, genome size and the G+C content of associated plasmids and bacteriophages

Vindras, P.; Desmurget, M.; Baraduc, P., 2012:
When one size does not fit all: a simple statistical method to deal with across-individual variations of effects

Bateson, D.J.; Weisberg, E.; McCaffery, K.J.; Luscombe, G.M., 2012:
When online becomes offline: attitudes to safer sex practices in older and younger women using an Australian internet dating service

Jiwa, M., 2012:
When only a doctor will do

Ranger, A.; Bowden, G.; Ryu, W.Hyung.A., 2011:
When only partial spinal cord detethering is possible

Knüchel-Clarke, R.; Lutz, H.H.; Floege, J.; Marx, N.; Brümmendorf, T.H.; Trautwein, C., 2010:
When only the pathologist may help. Limitation and possibilities of biopsies in Internal Medicine

Bell, K.; Boshuizen, H.P.A.; Scherpbier, A.; Dornan, T., 2010:
When only the real thing will do: junior medical students' learning from real patients

Roeland, E.; Cain, J.; Onderdonk, C.; Kerr, K.; Mitchell, W.; Thornberry, K., 2014:
When open-ended questions don't work: the role of palliative paternalism in difficult medical decisions

Olsen, L.Kjaer.; Arendrup, H.; Engstrøm, T.; Søndergaard, L., 2009:
When operable patients become inoperable: conversion of a surgical aortic valve replacement into transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Yamada, N.K.; Kodner, I.J.; Brown, D.E., 2009:
When operating is considered futile: difficult decisions in the neonatal intensive care unit

Quinet, A.A., 2012:
When operating on the uterine retro-deviations

Dossey, L., 2012:
When opinions differ: gridlock, parallel universes, and moral insanity

Davis, M.P.; Shaiova, L.A.; Angst, M.S., 2007:
When opioids cause pain

Berland, D.W.; Malinoff, H.L.; Weiner, M.A.; Przybylski, R., 2014 :
When opioids fail in chronic pain management: the role for buprenorphine and hospitalization

Rolison, J.J.; Hanoch, Y.; Gummerum, M., 2014:
When opportunity matters: comparing the risk-taking attitudes of prisoners and recently released ex-prisoners

Arnold, M.E.; Lacreta, F., 2013:
When opportunity met aspirational goals: accelerator MS, microdosing and absolute bioavailability studies

Green, K.R., 2007:
When opposites attract. An exploration of serodiscordant relationships

Duran, D., 2014:
When opposites attract. How couples deal with being serodiscordant

Brooks, V.; Rhodes, B.; Tefft, N., 2014:
When opposites don't attract: one rehabilitation hospital's journey to improve communication and collaboration between nurses and therapists

Smith, L.; Chambers, D-Ann.; Bratini, L., 2009:
When oppression is the pathogen: the participatory development of socially just mental health practice

Bennett, I., 2010:
When optometrists attended think tanks

Boone, L.; Soenens, B.; Luyten, P., 2015:
When or why does perfectionism translate into eating disorder pathology? A longitudinal examination of the moderating and mediating role of body dissatisfaction

Meece, J., 2009:
When oral agents fail: optimizing insulin therapy in the older adult

Vizzardi, E.; Bonadei, I.; Del Magro, F.; Bugatti, S.; D'Aloia, A.; Curnis, A.; Cas, L.Dei., 2012:
When oral anticoagulation therapy is needed in patients with cardiomyopathies: a review of literature

Greenberger, P.A., 2010:
When oral corticosteroids are essential for persistent severe asthma

Anonymous, 2008:
When oral therapy of type 2 diabetes fails--basal insulin is more effective than change in life style (interview by Dr. Thomas Meissner)

Zylberberg, A.; Kamienkowski, J.E.; Farall, A.R.; Sigman, M., 2013:
When order matters: last-come first-served effect in sequential arithmetic operations

Mahon, K.; Blackmore, N.; Thibeault, M.; Belliveau, B.; Burgess, S., 2011:
When ordinary days become extraordinary: the response to H1N1 at the Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre

O'Connor, K.E., 2014:
When ordinary grief strikes extraordinary leaders

Sert, G.; Guven, T.; Gorkey, S., 2014:
When organ donation from living donors serves as the main source of organ procurement: a critical examination of the ethical and legal challenges to Turkey's recent efforts to overcome organ shortage

DuBois, J.M.; Delmonico, F.L.; D'Alessandro, A.M., 2007:
When organ donors are still patients: is premortem use of heparin ethically acceptable?

Garbellotto, F.; Genest, A.; Delamare, A., 2011:
When organised activities, decoration and social ties go hand in hand

Gharib, W.H.; Robinson-Rechavi, M., 2012:
When orthologs diverge between human and mouse

Tasto, J.P., 2014:
When orthopedic physicians become employees

Kujawinski, D.M.; Zhang, L.; Schmidt, T.C.; Jochmann, M.A., 2013:
When other separation techniques fail: compound-specific carbon isotope ratio analysis of sulfonamide containing pharmaceuticals by high-temperature-liquid chromatography-isotope ratio mass spectrometry

Froman, R.Dawn.; Jennings, B.Mowinski., 2013:
When others wrote it first

Silverman, R.Schuyler., 2007:
When our best are broken

Lithwick, D., 2009:
When our eyes deceive us

Delezie, J.; Pévet, P.; Challet, Étienne., 2012:
When our metabolic health depends on our internal clocks

Beyeler, Y., 2013:
When our patients get on our nerves

Rosser, W.W., 1977:
When our patients retire

Swiney, L.; Sousa, P., 2014:
When our thoughts are not our own: investigating agency misattributions using the mind-to-mind paradigm

Furlow, L.T., 2015:
When our vocabulary changed

Bijlenga, D.; Birnie, E.; Mol, B.W.J.; Bonsel, G.J., 2007:
When outcome is a balance: methods to measure combined utility for the choice between induction of labour and expectant management in mild risk pregnancy at term

Dejohn, P., 2008:
When outsourcing works. Know when vendor intervention can be a benefit or hindrance

Cheung, N-Kong.V.; Modak, S.; Ostrovnaya, I.; Roberts, S.S.; Basu, E.M.; Kramer, K.; Kushner, B.H., 2015:
When overall survival fails to confirm event-free survival, should the latter be used to set the standard of care?

Mester, J.; Eng, C., 2013:
When overgrowth bumps into cancer: the PTEN-opathies

Kuebler, M.; Yom-Tov, E.; Pelleg, D.; Puhl, R.M.; Muennig, P., 2014:
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When pNETs bust out of their shells

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When pain after surgery doesn't go away..

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When pain cannot be expressed

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When parallel worlds converge

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When pathogens come in handy

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When patient and doctor disagree

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When patient health is at risk, doctors would do well to follow the example of their California peers

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When patient volume decreases, bad things happen--quickly. Predicting the impact of an economic downturn

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When patients are choking

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When patients become models

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When patients call, will physicians respond?

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When patients can not tell you what is bothering them--the impossibility of explicite communication with patients suffering from conversion disorder

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When patients can't afford to have cancer

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When patients cancel, you're on the line

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When patients don't pay

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When patients seem overly optimistic

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When patients skip the follow-up

Anonymous, 2011:
When patients suddenly become confused. Hospital delirium is common and often goes unrecognized

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When patients suffer neglect

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When patients support each other

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When patients talk about healing: a phenomenological qualitative study

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When patients use internet education

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When patients want to negotiate fees

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When patients with rheumatoid arthritis fail tumour necrosis factor inhibitors: what is the next step?

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When patients won't agree to exams and X-rays

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When patients' sexuality finds its way into daily care activities

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When peanuts are in the air

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When pediatric joints hurt. These questions can generate further leads

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When peer support may be most beneficial: the relationship between upward comparison and perceived threat

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When penny wise becomes pound foolish

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When people get care, there's a real story in it

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When people want what others have: the impulsive side of envious desire

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When people with diabetes go to surgery

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When peptides fly: advances in Drosophila proteomics

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When persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn persists

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When personal and professional collide!

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When pharmacies cause harm

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When pharmacodynamics trump costs: an antimicrobial stewardship program's approach to selecting optimal antimicrobial agents

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When pharmacology and psychology do not mix

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When pharmacotherapeutic recommendations may lead to the reverse effect on physician decision-making

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When pharmacy managed drug administration

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When phosphorus and NHC (N-heterocyclic carbene) meet each other

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When physician-expressed uncertainty leads to patient dissatisfaction: a gender study

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When physicians align: practical steps improve clinical quality, patient outcomes, physician satisfaction

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When physicians and government clash

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When physicians and surrogates disagree about futility

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When physicians disagree: a case of nonconvulsive status epilepticus

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When physicians find drugs

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When physicians fire patients: avoiding patient "abandonment" lawsuits

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When physicians forego the doctor-patient relationship, should they elect to self-prescribe or curbside? An empirical and ethical analysis

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When physicians get stuck in sick-listing consultations: a qualitative study of categories of sick-listing dilemmas

Anonymous, 2014:
When physicians give notice

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When physicians go to war

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When physicians intervene in their relatives' health care

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When physicians let themselves be deceived

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When physicians open their souls. Regular group sessions help doctors improve holistic quality of their work and spiritual wellness of their lives

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When physicians practiced war against ovaries

Neuhauser, S., 2013:
When physicians travel. Emergencies on the aircraft and in the airport

Nau, J-Yves., 2012:
When physicians waged war against ovaries (3)

Nau, J-Yves., 2012:
When physicians waged war against ovaries (I)

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When physics and biology meet: the nanoscale case

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When physics is not "just physics": complexity science invites new measurement frames for exploring the physics of cognitive and biological development

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When pictures lie: children's misunderstanding of photographs

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When pictures waste a thousand words: analysis of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic on television news

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When pigs could fly: influenza and the elusive nature of diagnosis

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When pigs fly: immunomagnetic separation facilitates rapid determination of Pig-a mutant frequency by flow cytometric analysis

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When pigs fly: the avian origin of a 'swine flu'

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When place and time matter: How to conduct safe inter-hospital transfer of patients

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When planning is needed: Implementation intentions and attainment of approach versus avoidance health goals

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When planning is not enough: the self-regulatory effect of implementation intentions on changing snacking habits

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When planning results in loss of control: intention-based reflexivity and working-memory

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When plausibility manipulations work: an examination of their role in the development of false beliefs and memories

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When play is a family business: adult play, hierarchy, and possible stress reduction in common marmosets

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When play turns to trouble. Many parents are now wondering: how much is too much?

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When playing music causes illness

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When playing together feels different: effects of task types and social contexts on physiological arousal in multiplayer online gaming contexts

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When pleural potassium exceeds 5.0 mEq/L, high pleural adenosine deaminase levels do not necessarily indicate tuberculous pleuritis

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When pneumonia does not respond to antibiotic therapy

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When pneumonia does not respond to antibiotics: a challenging neonatal diagnosis

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When poisonous darts get connected with arguments

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When policy meets the personal: general practice nurses in Australia

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When politics trumps evidence: legislative or regulatory exclusion of abortion from advanced practice clinician scope of practice

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When polymer science looked easy

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When population and evolutionary genetics met behaviour

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When positive treatment and skills coincide

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When postpublication peer review stings

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When potatoes fly

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When potential does not matter: what developments in cellular biology tell us about the concept of legal personhood

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When poverty gets in the way...of health

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When practicing medicine was "real"

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When praise and support can backfire

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When praise is worth considering in a difficult conversation

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When pre-test probability can be deceptive

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When preceptors fail their students

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When predators don't eat their prey: nonconsumptive predator effects on prey dynamics

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When predicting atrial fibrillation, think 'scene of calamity'!

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When predictions take control: the effect of task predictions on task switching performance

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When pregnancy is an injury: rape, law, and culture

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When pregnancy must end in the second trimester

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When pregnant patients become ill

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When pregnant women are not screened for HIV

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When pregnant women become ill

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When pressure does not mean volume? Body mass index may account for the dissociation

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When prevention fails: obesity treatment strategies

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When prevention is a bad idea: problems with the DECARD trial and the premise behind it

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When previously expressed wishes conflict with best interests

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When primary cilia fail

Berg, J., 2008:
When primary molar lesions are cavitated into dentin, glass ionomer has similar 2-year survival to resin composite as a restorative material when using the "ART" technique

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When prions use the systems of communication between the immune system and the peripheral nervous system

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When prisoners are patients

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When products fail: injuries related to children's products and activities

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When professional and personal worlds meet: nurse as daughter

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When professional kindness is misunderstood: boundaries and stalking issues: a case study for the home health clinician

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When professional obligations collide: context matters

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When professional opinion is not enough

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When profit becomes the driving force in health care: Sharpen the health care law legally and make it more binding

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When progressive disease does not mean treatment failure: reconsidering the criteria for progression

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When promoting pills is easier than pushing the ABC: a case study from Kavango, Namibia

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When prone position is contraindicated or not preferable, can supine percutaneous nephrolithotomy solve the problem?

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When prosocials act like proselfs in a commons dilemma

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When prostate cancer meets bone: control by wnts

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When proteomics meets structural biology

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When proteomics reveals unsuspected roles: the plastoglobule example

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When proton pump inhibitors fail

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When prototypes are not best: judgments made by children with autism

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When providers and patients come from different backgrounds: perceived value of additional training on ethical care practices

Anonymous, 2007:
When providers fail to coordinate care, patients' recovery lags

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When psychiatric diagnosis becomes an overworked tool

Moussaoui, D., 2014:
When psychiatrists are forced to deal with religion in daily practice

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When psychopathy impairs moral judgments: neural responses during judgments about causing fear

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When psychosocial stresses cause illness. Prevention of infarct of the soul

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When psychotherapy is indefinite and there is no final outcome: case study of a community mental health clinic

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When public action undermines public health: a critical examination of antifluoridationist literature

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When public and private intermingle … Reflections on (re)production

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When public health and genetic privacy collide: positive and normative theories explaining how ACA's expansion of corporate wellness programs conflicts with GINA's privacy rules

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When pulmonary nodules, epistaxis and renal lesion do not add up to Wegener's granulomatosis?

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When punishment pays

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When pure is not so pure: chloramine-related hemolytic anemia in home hemodialysis patients

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When push comes to shove: SWI/SNF uses a nucleosome to get rid of a nucleosome

Yea, S., 2011:
When push comes to shove: sites of vulnerability, personal transformation, and trafficked women's migration decisions

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Correlation Between Baseline 18F-FDG PET/CT Findings and CD38- and CD138-Expressing Myeloma Cells in Bone Marrow and Clinical Parameters in Patients with Multiple Myeloma

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When quality and quantity do not compete

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When quality indicators undermine quality: bias in a quality indicator of follow-up for alcohol misuse

Anonymous, 2009:
When quitters are winners. Breaking the addiction to cigarettes is tough, but the payoff is worth it

Sanchez, D.T.; Garcia, J.A., 2009:
When race matters: racially stigmatized others and perceiving race as a biological construction affect biracial people's daily well-being

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When race/ethnicity matters more than size

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When radiologists 'Google'. Interview by Mark Hagland

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When radiologists perform best: the learning curve in screening mammogram interpretation

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When randomized trials and observational data disagree: the case of preoperative versus postoperative chemoradiotherapy for esophageal cancer

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When range of motion is not enough: towards an evidence-based approach to medico-legal reporting in whiplash injury

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When rapport building extends beyond affiliation: communication overaccommodation toward patients with disabilities

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When rare diseases become urgent: inborn errors of metabolism in primary care

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When rare illuminates common: how cardiocutaneous syndromes transformed our perspective on arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy

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When reasoning modifies memory: schematic assimilation triggered by analogical mapping

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When recanalization does not improve clinical outcomes

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When recognition memory is independent of hippocampal function

Baerheim, A., 2010:
When recommendations don't harmonize

Husain, S.Adil.; Brown, J.W., 2007:
When reconstruction fails or is not feasible: valve replacement options in the pediatric population

Mygland, A., 2011 :
When red flag flips, but blood tests and MR are normal

Visschers, V.H.M.; Siegrist, M., 2011:
When reduced fat increases preference. How fat reduction in nutrition tables and numeracy skills affect food choices

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When reduction strategies are put in place and mental health consumers are still secluded: an analysis of clinical and sociodemographic characteristics

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When referring physicians and researchers disagree on equipoise: the TOTAL trial experience

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When regulation becomes personal: asserting retaliatory enforcement claims against regulatory agencies

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When regulations and quality of life clash

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When rejection sensitivity matters: regulating dependence within daily interactions with family and friends

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When relatives and friends ask physicians for medical advice: ethical, legal, and practical considerations

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When relativity has no relevance

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When religion meets workers' rights: Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties

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When religious beliefs collide with medicine

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When religious freedom clashes with access to care

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When repair is not feasible: prosthesis selection in children and adults with congenital heart disease

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When replication teaches more than the original experiment--the saga of the unknown unknown

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When reporting on older patients with cancer, frailty information is needed

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When reproductive biology becomes political

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When research becomes the axis of a care project in an establishment

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When research ethics goes astray

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When research evidence is misleading

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When research is reconciled with care and ethics with science, reimbursement for clinical procedures can be linked to trial participation

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When research meets reality-lessons learned from a pragmatic multisite group-randomized clinical trial on psychosocial interventions in the psychiatric and addiction field

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When research seems like clinical care: a qualitative study of the communication of individual cancer genetic research results

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When resident duty hours and patient care collide

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When residents are victims of violence

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When residents assist in surgery

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When respecting patient autonomy may not be in the patient's best interest

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When respiring gas inspired poetry

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When response inhibition is followed by response reengagement: an event-related fMRI study

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When results exceed expectations

Juárez Alonso, S., 2011:
When retirement arrives

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When retrial of ECT is possible after ECT-induced Takotsubo cardiomyopathy?

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When retrospective comparative effectiveness research hinders science and patient-centered care

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When reversible ligands do not reverse, and other modelers' dilemmas

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When reviewers disagree

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When rheumatology meets hepatology: are anti-TNFs safe in hepatitis B virus carriers?

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When right feels left: referral of touch and ownership between the hands

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When right is right and when it's not: laterality in cardiac structures

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When right may not be right: right bundle-branch block and response to cardiac resynchronization therapy

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When risk seeking becomes a motivational necessity

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When risk-taking is no longer optional. What will happen when your turn comes to choose from among risks?

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When robots control hospitals

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When rodents run the research

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When role reversal and brokering meet: filial responsibility among young immigrants to Israel from the former Soviet Union

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When routine is wrong? The experience of chest radiography

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When rumours derail a mass deworming exercise

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When salpingectomy is not salpingectomy-ipsilateral recurrence of tubal pregnancy

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When sample size calculation makes the difference

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When saying "thank you God for returning my soul" is (too) hard to do

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When school nurses & teachers disagree

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When science and the media mix

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When science became Western: historiographical reflections

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When science doesn't support beliefs

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When science meets industry--avenues of education: part 2

Perel, M.L., 2015:
When science meets industry--venues of education: part 1

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When science meets medical tradition: what is needed for a dialogue on integrative medicine?

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When science meets sacred cows

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When science-based management isn't

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When scientific data become legal evidence

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When scientists deceive: applying the federal regulations

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When scientists sin

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When searches become futile

Lacovara, J.E., 2008:
When searching for the evidence, stop using Wikipedia!

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When secondary comes first--the importance of non-canonical DNA structures

Anonymous, 2010:
When seconds count & you can't get patient transported. Case on point: Crewey v. AMR of Georgia, Inc., 033010 GACA, A09A1963 (3/30/2010)-GA

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When seconds count: tackling neurological emergencies

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When seeing a dog activates the bark: multisensory generalization and distinctiveness effects

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When seeing depends on knowing: adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions show diminished top-down processes in the visual perception of degraded faces but not degraded objects

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When seeing is misleading: clutter leads to high-confidence errors

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When seeking influences believing and promotes posttraumatic adaptation

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When segregation hangs by a thread

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When selecting an HLA mismatched stem cell donor consider donor immune status

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When self-affirmations reduce defensiveness: timing is key

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When self-assembly meets biology: luminescent platinum complexes for imaging applications

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When self-destructive thoughts flash through the mind: Failure to meet standards affects the accessibility of suicide-related thoughts

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When self-help is no help: traditional cognitive skills training does not prevent depressive symptoms in people who ruminate

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When self-report diverges from performance: the usage of BIS-11 along with neuropsychological tests

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When selves have sex: what the phenomenology of trans sexuality can teach about sexual orientation

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When senescence hits the immune system

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When senescence masquerades as DNA damage: is DNA replication stress the culprit?

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When sentinel lymph node is intramammary

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When separate is more equal

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When sequential-compression devices cause falls

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When service users' support obscures problems with care: the need for rigorous research into patients' experiences

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When sessile drops are no longer small: transitions from spherical to fully flattened

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When sex doesn't sell: using sexualized images of women reduces support for ethical campaigns

Anonymous, 2012:
When sex gives more pain than pleasure. Dyspareunia is a common problem for many postmenopausal women

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When sex hurts: menopause-related dyspareunia. Vaginal dryness and atrophy can be treated

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When shall ovaries be removed?

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When shape matters: strategies of different Antarctic ascidians morphotypes to deal with sedimentation

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When shape-invariant recognition ('A' = 'a') fails. A case study of pure alexia and kinesthetic facilitation

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When she says "no" to medication: psychotherapy for antepartum depression

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When shifting context: the role of context dynamics in educating and understanding handover

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When shopping could be dangerous

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When should DVT be suspected in children with osteomyelitis?

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When should F-18 FDG PET/CT be used instead of 68Ga-DOTA-peptides to investigate metastatic neuroendocrine tumors?

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When should FDG-PET be used in the modern management of lymphoma?

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When should I do dynamic CT myelography? Predicting fast spinal CSF leaks in patients with spontaneous intracranial hypotension

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When should I do rural general practice? A qualitative study of job/life satisfaction of male rural GPs of differing ages in New Zealand

Anonymous, 2011:
When should I start getting screened for osteoporosis?

Anonymous, 2014:
When should I use an insect repellent? Which one is best?

Hodowanec, A.C.; Trenholme, G.M., 2011:
When should INH prophylaxis be given to a dialysis patient with a positive tuberculin skin test but with a normal CXR?

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When should MERRF (myoclonus epilepsy associated with ragged-red fibers) be the diagnosis?

Hirunpat, S.; Jongsatitpaiboon, J.; Angunsri, N.; Chowchuvech, V., 2007:
When should MRI be recommended for the accurate clinical staging of base of tongue carcinoma?

Loeuille, D., 2012:
When should MRI for knee or hip osteoarthritis should be performed?

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When should a cardiologist refer a patient with aortic valve disease to a surgeon?

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When should a cervical collar be used to treat neck pain?

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When should a cough in pregnancy not be ignored?

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When should a doctor be sought because of an insect bite?

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When should a failing arteriovenous graft be excised?

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When should a hepatitis C-positive ESRD patient receive a renal transplant?

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When should a liver resection be performed in patients with liver metastases from neuroendocrine tumours? A systematic review with practice recommendations

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When should a mechanical tricuspid valve replacement be considered?

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When should a mechanically ventilated patient undergo tracheostomy?

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When should a methacholine challenge be ordered for a patient with suspected asthma?

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When should a multicampus hospital be considered a single entity for public reporting on patient safety issues?

Demaret, C.; David, J-Stéphane.; Piriou, V., 2011:
When should a nasogastric tube be inserted before a rapid sequence induction? Look at the x-rays!

Glasziou, P.; Irwig, L.; Deeks, J.J., 2008:
When should a new test become the current reference standard?

Wong, C-Kit., 2013:
When should a non-STEMI be treated with primary PCI as for STEMIs?

Pokrovskiĭ, A.V.; Beloiartsev, D.F.; Timina, I.E.; Adyrkhaev, Z.A., 2011:
When should a pathological deformity of the internal carotid artery be operated on?

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When should a patient be referred to the pediatric surgeon?

Sutinen, J., 2011:
When should a patient be tested for HIV?

Anonymous, 2014:
When should a patient consult a nephrologist? The proteins are important

Perogamvros, L.; Chauvet, I.; Rubovszky, Gégoire., 2010:
When should a patient in suicidal crisis be referred to the emergency ward?

de Saussure, W.Oulhaci.; Andereggen, E.; Sarasin, Fçois., 2010:
When should a patient with abdominal pain be referred to the emergency ward?

Morel, P.; Rutschmann, O.; Delémont, Cécile., 2010:
When should a patient with headaches be referred to the emergency ward?

Selz, A.Florence.; Morard, M.; Buchard, P-Alain.; Frochaux, V., 2010:
When should a patient with low back pain/sciatica be referred to the emergency ward?

Geering, Sébastien.; Hanhart, W.; Kehtari, R., 2010:
When should a patient with malaise be referred to the emergency ward?

Feiner, A-Scott.; Duruz, H., 2010:
When should a patient with musculoskeletal trauma be referred to emergency ward?

Clerc, D.; Wuerzner, Gégoire.; Burnier, M., 2010:
When should a patient with severe hypertension be referred to the emergency ward?

Mintzer, S.; Sperling, M.R., 2008:
When should a resection sparing mesial structures be considered for temporal lobe epilepsy?

Sposato, B.; Mariotta, S.; Ricci, A., 2008:
When should a reversibility test be performed on patients with early stages of asthma and normal spirometry?

Gandelman-Marton, R.; Theitler, J., 2012:
When should a sleep-deprived EEG be performed following a presumed first seizure in adults?

Jube, N.; Asif, A., 2015:
When should a stent be placed in patients with vascular access dysfunction/failure?

Silverman, A.T.; Goldfarb, M.A.; Baker, T., 2008:
When should a surgical resident call an attending surgeon?

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When should a trophically and vertically transmitted parasite manipulate its intermediate host? The case of Toxoplasma gondii

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When should abdominal magnetic resonance imaging be used?

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When should adenoviral non-gonococcal urethritis be suspected? Two case reports

Dreborg, S., 2013:
When should adrenaline be given and by whom?

Farnier, M.; Bonnet, F.; Bruckert, E.; Ferrières, J.; Paillard, F., 2007:
When should an association of lipid-lowering drugs be proposed in a patient failing to reach therapeutic targets under monotherapy? Guidelines of the New French Society of Atherosclerosis

Franks, S., 2011:
When should an insulin sensitizing agent be used in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome?

Knottnerus, J.André.; Spigt, M.G., 2010:
When should an interim analysis be unblinded to the data monitoring committee?

Haines, T.P.; McPhail, S.; Purcell, A., 2009:
When should an intervention be provided?

Laurentjoye, M.; Bondaz, M.; Majoufre-Lefebvre, C.; Huslin, V.; Caix, P.; Ricard, A.S., 2015:
When should an orthoptic evaluation be prescribed in the management of orbital floor fracture? A prospective study of 47 fractures

Moum, Børn., 2010:
When should anti-TNF-alpha treatment in Crohn disease be terminated?

Gaudric, A.; Cohen, S.Y., 2010:
When should anti-vascular endothelial growth factor treatment be stopped in age-related macular degeneration?

Zanchetti, A.; Grassi, G.; Mancia, G., 2009:
When should antihypertensive drug treatment be initiated and to what levels should systolic blood pressure be lowered? A critical reappraisal

Sabin, C.A., 2010:
When should antiretroviral therapy be started in HIV-positive persons?

Lawn, S.D.; Wood, R., 2007:
When should antiretroviral treatment be started in patients with HIV-associated tuberculosis in South Africa?

Gaziano, J.Michael.; Greenland, P., 2014:
When should aspirin be used for prevention of cardiovascular events?

Anonymous, 2010:
When should asthma go to school?

Eriksen, E.Fink.; Halse, J., 2014:
When should bisphosphonate treatment be discontinued?

Gambarin, F.I.; Disabella, E.; Narula, J.; Diegoli, M.; Grasso, M.; Serio, A.; Favalli, B.M.E.Valentina.; Agozzino, M.; Tavazzi, L.; Fraser, A.G.; Arbustini, E., 2010:
When should cardiologists suspect Anderson-Fabry disease?

Anonymous, 2007:
When should case be sent for external peer review?

Maclure, M.; Fireman, B.; Nelson, J.C.; Hua, W.; Shoaibi, A.; Paredes, A.; Madigan, D., 2012:
When should case-only designs be used for safety monitoring of medical products?

Trott, A.A.; Matalon, R., 2009:
When should children be tested for genetic diseases?

Welch, S.B.; Gibb, D., 2008:
When should children with HIV infection be started on antiretroviral therapy?

Fountain-Capal, J.K.; Holland, K.D.; Gilbert, D.L.; Hallinan, B.E., 2012:
When should clinicians order genetic testing for Dravet syndrome?

Hildebrandt, T.; McCrady, B.; Epstein, E.; Cook, S.; Jensen, N., 2010:
When should clinicians switch treatments? An application of signal detection theory to two treatments for women with alcohol use disorders

Kerwin, R., 2007:
When should clozapine be initiated in schizophrenia?: Some arguments for and against earlier use of clozapine

Colombel, J-Frédéric., 2012:
When should combination therapy for patients with Crohn's disease be discontinued?

Maffei, S.; Savoldi, S.; Triolo, G., 2013:
When should commence dialysis: focusing on the predialysis condition

Bart, P.A., 2008:
When should consider antiphospholipid syndrome?

Slavin, R.G., 2008:
When should consideration be given to referring a patient with chronic rhinosinusitis to an ear, nose, and throat specialist?

Freeman, J.T.; Williamson, D.A.; Anderson, D.J., 2012:
When should contact precautions and active surveillance be used to manage patients with multidrug-resistant enterobacteriaceae?

Abou-Khalil, B.W., 2010:
When should corpus callosotomy be offered as palliative therapy?

Borer, J.S.; Gordon, D.J.; Geller, N.L., 2008:
When should data and safety monitoring committees share interim results in cardiovascular trials?

Singh, B.; O'Brien, J.T., 2009:
When should drug treatment be started for people with dementia?

Boiffard, F.; Bénéteau, C.; Quéré, M.P.; Philippe, H.J.; Le Vaillant, C., 2015:
When should evoke prenatal paternal uniparental disomy 14?

Gul, M.; Uslu, N.; Satılmısoglu, H.; Ozyılmaz, S.Ozbay., 2016:
When should fQRS be evaluated as a noninvasive prognostic marker in patients undergoing primary PCI with STEMI?

Erlic, Z.; Neumann, H.P.H., 2008:
When should genetic testing be obtained in a patient with phaeochromocytoma or paraganglioma?

Cooper, L.T.; Blauwet, L.A., 2011:
When should high-grade heart block trigger a search for a treatable cardiomyopathy?

Dreher, M.; Rauter, I.; Storre, J.H.; Geiseler, J.; Windisch, W., 2007:
When should home mechanical ventilation be started in patients with different neuromuscular disorders?

Mueller, B.U., 2008 :
When should hydroxyurea be used for children with sickle cell disease?

Hiramatsu, T.; Hayasaki, T.; Hobo, A.; Furuta, S.; Kabu, K.; Tonozuka, Y.; Iida, Y., 2014:
When should icodextrin be started to improve atherosclerosis in peritoneal dialysis patients?

Picard, C., 2013:
When should immunologic explorations be carried out in children with suspicion of primary immunodeficiency?

Butcher, L., 2010:
When should insurers cover off-label drug usage?

Bird, R.J.; Kenealy, M.; Forsyth, C.; Wellwood, J.; Leahy, M.F.; Seymour, J.F.; To, L.B., 2013:
When should iron chelation therapy be considered in patients with myelodysplasia and other bone marrow failure syndromes with iron overload?

Eckardt, J.; Licht, P.B., 2013:
When should large benign tumours in posterior mediastinum be resected?

Halkias, I.A.C.; Haq, I.; Huang, Z.; Fernandez, H.H., 2007:
When should levodopa therapy be initiated in patients with Parkinson's disease?

Strasser, S.I., 2008:
When should liver biopsy be performed after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation?

Howard, P.Kunz.; Shapiro, S.E., 2012:
When should magnetic resonance imaging be considered with neck pain?

Mattke, S., 2008:
When should measures be updated? Development of a conceptual framework for maintenance of quality-of-care measures

Davies, K.G., 2008:
When should mesial temporal structures be preserved?

Murru, A.; Colom, F.; Nivoli, A.; Pacchiarotti, I.; Valenti, M.; Vieta, E., 2011:
When should mood stabilizers be withdrawn due to lack of efficacy? Some methodological considerations

Hom, J.; Fernandes, R.M., 2012:
When should nebulized hypertonic saline solution be used in the treatment of bronchiolitis?

Asch, W.S.; Bia, M., 2011:
When should nephrectomy be performed for a failed renal transplant?

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When should neuroprotective drugs move from mice to men?

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When should nitroglycerine be avoided in hypertensive encephalopathy?

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When should nurse practitioners bill "incident to" a physician?

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When should nurses' names be suppressed?

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When should older adults stop driving?

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When should older people go into care?

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When should one (dis)trust trust measures? Response to Lindström and Sawada

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When should one adjust for measurement error in baseline variables in observational studies?

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When should open surgery be the initial option for critical limb ischaemia?

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When should open-label extension studies be stopped?

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When should orthodontic treatment be started?

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When should orthodontics be part of reconstruction of a degenerating dentition? A case report

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When should oxygen be given to children at high altitude? A systematic review to define altitude-specific hypoxaemia

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When should patient intuition be taken seriously?

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When should patients be referred by the physician to the lung transplant team? Patient selection, indications, timing of referral and preparation for lung transplantation

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When should patients qualify for AV reoperation of the mitral valve after partial surgery of the common atrioventricular canal?

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When should patients seek care for sore throat?

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When should patients with Alzheimer disease stop driving?

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When should patients with BPH be referred?

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When should patients with varicocoele be referred?

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When should pediatric biobanks share data?

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When should phototherapy be stopped? A pilot study comparing two targets of serum bilirubin concentration

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When should physical rehabilitation commence after stroke: a systematic review

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When should physicians have right of reservation?

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When should precaution prevail? Interests in (public) health, the risk of harm and xenotransplantation

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When should probiotics be used in gastrointestinal infections?

Alexander, J.Wesley., 2009 :
When should prophylactic antibiotics be given?

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When should prophylactic maze procedure be considered in patients undergoing mitral valve surgery?

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When should prophylaxis therapy in inhibitor patients be considered?

Loeffler, J., 2015:
When should proton radiation therapy be used to treat brain tumors?

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When should psychiatrists seek criminal prosecution of assaultive psychiatric inpatients?

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When should psychological trauma be treated?

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When should psychotherapy be the treatment of choice for major depressive disorder?

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When should rehabilitation begin after stroke?

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When should renal replacement therapy for acute kidney injury be initiated and discontinued?

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When should request a stool culture?

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When should rescue breathing be removed from the ABCs of CPR?

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When should respiratory physicians consider lung transplantation for their patients? Inscription criteria for the national waiting list

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When should screening be performed for gestational diabetes?

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When should secondary hypertension be suspected?

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When should secondary procedures be performed in residual hip dysplasia?

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When should sedation or neuromuscular blockade be used during mechanical ventilation?

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When should self-injectible epinephrine be prescribed for food allergy and when should it be used?

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When should serum amylase and lipase levels be repeated in a patient with acute pancreatitis?

Sheybani, A.; Geraci, S.A., 2009:
When should serum magnesium be measured prior to non-cardiac surgery?

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When should species richness be energy limited, and how would we know?

Tarlo, S.M., 2013:
When should specific occupational challenge tests be performed?

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When should specific pharmacological treatment be stopped in Alzheimer's?

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When should staff wear face masks?

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When should stress ulcer prophylaxis be used in the ICU?

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When should students be eligible for certification?

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When should students learn essential physical examination skills? Views of internal medicine clerkship directors in North America

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When should surgical cytoreduction in advanced ovarian cancer take place?

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When should systemic chemotherapy be used for urinary bladder carcinoma?

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When should tests for unexpected antibodies be done during pregnancy?

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When should the gas guzzler go?

Piraino, B.; Provenzano, L.F.; Bernardini, J., 2011:
When should the peritoneal dialysis catheter be removed for dialysis-related infections?

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When should the pulmonologist consider lung transplantation? Criteria for referral and transplantation in COPD and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

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When should the seminal vesicles be included in the target volume in prostate radiotherapy?

Ge, P.S.; Runyon, B.A., 2014:
When should the β-blocker window in cirrhosis close?

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When should therapy begin for children infected with HIV?

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When should thyroid scintigraphy be performed?

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When should ulcerative colitis patients undergo colectomy for dysplasia? Mismatch between patient preferences and physician recommendations

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When should ventriculoperitoneal shunt placement be performed in cases with myelomeningocele and hydrocephalus?

McGillivray, D., 2003:
When should waiting time become a quality of care issue in the paediatric emergency department?

Vincent, J-Louis.; Preiser, J-Charles., 2013:
When should we add parenteral to enteral nutrition?

Wagner, J.Y.; Saugel, B., 2015:
When should we adopt continuous noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring technologies into clinical routine?

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When should we be conducting thyroid function tests in newborns and young infants?

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When should we biopsy a solitary central cartilaginous tumor of long bones? Literature review and management proposal

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When should we change the definition of the second?

Park, S.Jin.; Kim, J.Eun.; Shin, J.Il., 2015:
When should we consider renal biopsy in children with isolated microscopic hematuria?

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When should we consider the diagnosis of giant cell myocarditis? Revisiting "classic" echocardiographic and clinical features of this rare pathology

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When should we define the response rates in the treatment of bone metastases by palliative radiotherapy?

Dieppe, P.; Mújica Mota, Rén.Ernesto., 2013:
When should we do joint replacements? Early or late?

Fox, J.W., 2012:
When should we expect microbial phenotypic traits to predict microbial abundances?

Capitanio, U.; Briganti, A.; Suardi, N.; Gallina, A.; Salonia, A.; Freschi, M.; Rigatti, P.; Montorsi, F., 2011:
When should we expect no residual tumor (pT0) once we submit incidental T1a-b prostate cancers to radical prostatectomy?

Massol, Fçois.; Cheptou, P-Olivier., 2011:
When should we expect the evolutionary association of self-fertilization and dispersal?

Bergendal, B., 2008:
When should we extract deciduous teeth and place implants in young individuals with tooth agenesis?

Abdel-Kader, H.M., 2008:
When should we finish with a Class I molar relationship?

Huang, G.; Lin, S.C., 2012:
When should we give up filtration surgery: indications, techniques and results of cyclodestruction

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When should we intervene to control the 2009 influenza A(H1N1) pandemic?

Olives, J-P., 2011:
When should we introduce gluten into the feeding of the new-born babies?

Souberbielle, J-Claude.; Courbebaisse, M.; Cormier, C.; Pierrot-Deseilligny, C.; Viard, J-Paul.; Jean, G.; Cavalier, E., 2012:
When should we measure vitamin D concentration in clinical practice?

Napier, S., 2015:
When should we not respect a patient's wish?

Thuny, F.; Habib, G., 2010:
When should we operate on patients with acute infective endocarditis?

French, J.A., 2007:
When should we pay attention to unfavorable news from pregnancy registries?

Rosenthal, P., 2012:
When should we perform TIPS in children?

Topal, E.; Bakirtas, A.; Yilmaz, O.; Karagol, I.H.E.; Arga, M.; Demirsoy, M.S.; Turktas, I., 2015:
When should we perform a repeat training on adrenaline auto-injector use for physician trainees?

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When should we perform prophylactic antibiotics in elective cesarean cases?

Guilland, J-Claude., 2014:
When should we prescribe a vitamin?

Huhta, J.C.; Linask, K., 2015:
When should we prescribe high-dose folic acid to prevent congenital heart defects?

Moul, J.W., 2013:
When should we pull the trigger for post-radical prostatectomy radiotherapy?

Türktaş, I.; Bakirtas, A.; Tapisiz, A., 2011:
When should we put evidence into clinical practice?

Cheng, G.; Torigian, D.A.; Zhuang, H.; Alavi, A., 2013:
When should we recommend use of dual time-point and delayed time-point imaging techniques in FDG PET?

Geiser-Vrtek, P.; Soccal, P.Marina.; Rochat, T., 2009:
When should we refer patients with cystic fibrosis to a lung transplantation program

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When should we resect colorectal liver metastases?

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When should we save the most endangered species?

Guedj, A-M., 2011:
When should we screen for gestational diabetes?

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When should we start enzyme replacement therapy for infantile Pompe disease with severe cardiomyopathy?

Autin, C., 2008:
When should we start getting worry if baby is not coming?

Carreazo, N.Y.; Ugarte, K.; Bada, C., 2008:
When should we start oral intake in children with severe acute pancreatitis?

de Berrazueta Fernández, Jé.Ramón., 2008:
When should we start the treatment of the cardiovascular risk factors

Graham, C.A., 2008:
When should we stop resuscitation efforts after blunt traumatic arrest?

Llor, X., 2012:
When should we suspect hereditary colorectal cancer syndrome?

Anonymous, 2013:
When should we treat blood pressure? Lifetime cardiovascular risk now plays a role in the decision

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When should we use diagnostic imaging to investigate for pulmonary embolism in pregnant and postpartum women?

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When should we use parenteral methotrexate?

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When should we use partially hydrolysed formulae for frequent gastrointestinal symptoms and allergy prevention?

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When should women be recruited to intrapartum research projects? A retrospective review

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When should women be screened for postnatal depression?

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When should women with placenta previa be delivered? A decision analysis

Tariman, J.D., 2007:
When should you blow the whistle for ethical reasons?

Kimberlin, D.W., 2008:
When should you initiate acyclovir therapy in a neonate?

Coulter, A., 2007:
When should you involve patients in treatment decisions?

McIntyre, R.S., 2010:
When should you move beyond first-line therapy for depression?

Kern, M.J., 2012:
When should you question your wedge and use a long iron (transseptal needle) instead?

Lee, T.H., 2007:
When should you start to worry?

Beskind, D.L.; Rhodes, S.Michelle.; Stolz, U.; Birrer, B.; Mayfield, T.R.; Bourn, S.; Denninghoff, K., 2015:
When should you test for and treat hypoglycemia in prehospital seizure patients?

Staff, J., 2012:
When should you worry about 'senior moments'?

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When side matters: contrast echocardiography with injection from the left antecubital vein to detect a persistent left superior vena cava draining to the left atrium in a patient with cerebral stroke

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When side matters: hemispheric processing and the visual specificity of emotional memories

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When signal meets noise: immunity of the frog ear to interference

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When silence is broken: polycomb group proteins in heart development

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When silence is not golden: Engaging adolescents and young adults in discussions around end-of-life care choices

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When silence isn't golden

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When similar is not alike: decreased sensory thresholds after intravenous infusion of remifentanil may not be remifentanil-induced hyperalgesia

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When similarity leads to sparing: probing mechanisms underlying the attentional blink

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When simple agonism is not enough: emerging modalities of GPCR ligands

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When simple meets false: challenges to science journalism

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When simple sequence comparison fails: the cryptic case of the shared domains of the bacterial replication initiation proteins DnaB and DnaD

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When simple things are meaningful: working memory strength predicts children's cognitive flexibility

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When single cell technology meets omics, the new toolbox of analytical biotechnology is emerging

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When size does matter: organelle size influences the properties of transport mediated by molecular motors

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When size matters

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When size matters: a clinical review of pathological micropenis

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When size matters: diagnostic value of kidney biopsy according to the gauge of the biopsy needle

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When size matters: feasibility of using larger diameter radial catheters

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When size matters: large electrodes induce greater stimulation-related cutaneous discomfort than smaller electrodes at equivalent current density

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When size presents problems

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When skin biopsy may label an epilepsy

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When skin damage causes death

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When sleeping beauty wakes up and jumps into a cancer-minded environment

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When small changes matter: the role of cross-scale interactions between habitat and ecological connectivity in recovery

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When smear and molecular diagnostics fail: identification of tuberculosis in advanced HIV infection using the newly developed urine lipoarabinomannan lateral-flow assay

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When smoke gets in your eyes

Balmes, J.R., 2010:
When smoke gets in your lungs

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When smokers move out and non-smokers move in: residential thirdhand smoke pollution and exposure

Mihălţan, F., 2009:
When smoking "turns you to ashes" or between advocacy and policy

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When snacks become meals: How hunger and environmental cues bias food intake

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When snakes bite: the management of North American Crotalinae snake envenomation

Mandell, B.F., 2016:
When snoring is more than an annoyance

Potter, P., 2012:
When snouted wild-boars routing tender corn / Anger our huntsman

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When social anxiety co-occurs with substance use: does an impulsive social anxiety subtype explain this unexpected relationship?

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When social anxiety disorder co-exists with risk-prone, approach behavior: investigating a neglected, meaningful subset of people in the National Comorbidity Survey-Replication

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When soldiers die in war

Chastel, C., 2013:
When some Flaviviruses are throwing our certainties

Faure, M-A.; Pérouse, A.R.; Coulombeau, B., 2011:
When some clinical cases can challenge the phoniatric taxonomy

Bonnefon, J-François.; Feeney, A.; Villejoubert, Gëlle., 2009:
When some is actually all: scalar inferences in face-threatening contexts

Isbell, J., 2009:
When somebody becomes someone

Rev Ken Henry, 2014:
When someone becomes dependent on us

Gilbert, C.; van Dijk, K., 2012:
When someone has low vision

Rogoski, R.R., 2010:
When someone wants to move in on your (lab) territory

Werner, S., 2012:
When something goes wrong...

da Encarnação, Aónio.Paulo.Martins., 2015:
When something is not quite right: an ankle sprain

Füessl, H.S., 2012:
When something went wrong

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When something went wrong...The medical and the legal view

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When sore throat gets serious: three different cases, three very different causes

DerGurahian, J., 2010:
When sorry is enough. Study finds owning up to mistakes better approach

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When sorry seems to be the hardest word: CAM, free speech, and the British legal system

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When sounds become actions: higher-order representation of newly learned action sounds in the human motor system

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When sounds look right and images sound correct: cross-modal coherence enhances claims of pattern presence

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When speaking of the experience, do not leave out the experiencer: on self and magnitude

Tseng, I., 2010:
When speaking to patients, say what you mean!

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When species matches are unavailable are DNA barcodes correctly assigned to higher taxa? An assessment using sphingid moths

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When species' ranges meet: assessing differences in habitat selection between sympatric large carnivores

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When specific gut microbes reveal a possible link between hepatic steatosis and adipose tissue

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When speech is ambiguous gesture steps in: Sensitivity to discourse-pragmatic principles in early childhood

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When speech sounds like music

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When speed matters: leukemogenic transformation by MLL fusion proteins

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When speed truly matters, openness is the answer

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When splicing turns bad

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When spoken words fail

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When sports and health collide

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When sputum turns color

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When stable RNA becomes unstable: the degradation of ribosomes in bacteria and beyond

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When stable becomes unstable: the perils of impersonal medicine

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When staff speak up on safety, do managers listen--and act?

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When stage fright threatens a professional performance. Endurance, concentrating on the essentials and not fleeing! (interview by Christine Starostzik)

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When standards of care change in mass-casualty events

Mouchnino, L.; Blouin, J., 2013:
When standing on a moving support, cutaneous inputs provide sufficient information to plan the anticipatory postural adjustments for gait initiation

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When staplers misfire: endoscopic rescue of low pelvic anastomoses

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When state authorisation was introduced for medical doctors in Norway

Macias, A., 2013:
When states practice medicine: physician gag laws

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When statin therapy stops: implications for the patient

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When status hurts: dimensions of women's status and domestic abuse in rural Northern India

de Waal-Andrews, W.; Gregg, A.P.; Lammers, J., 2016:
When status is grabbed and when status is granted: Getting ahead in dominance and prestige hierarchies

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When stem cells meet immunoregulation

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When stent-grafts fail: extraction and open surgical repair of the thoracic aorta

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When stereotype knowledge prevents retrieval-induced forgetting

Madureira, A.Flávia.do.Amaral., 2009:
When stereotypes become 'scientific' statements: dealing with gender issues

Gary, L.; Elliot, B., 2008:
When steve becomes Stephanie

Kilmer, D.L.; Lane-Tillerson, C., 2013:
When still waters become a soul tsunami: using the Tidal Model to recover from shipwreck

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When stories go wrong

Drumm, A.M.; Klin, C.M., 2012:
When story characters communicate: readers' representations of characters' linguistic exchanges

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When straight eyes won't move: phenotypic overlap of genetically distinct ocular motility disturbances

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When stress and development go hand in hand: main hormonal controls of adventitious rooting in cuttings

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When stress predicts a shrinking gene pool, trading early reproduction for longevity can increase fitness, even with lower fecundity

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When stresses collide

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When stroke epidemiology meets weather and climate: a heat exposure index from human biometeorology

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When structural and electronic analogy leads to reactivity: the unprecedented phosphodiesterase activity of vanadates

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When students from different professions are co-located: the importance of interprofessional rapport for learning to work together

Matthaei, J.; Voos, L.; Kammerer, G., 2012:
When students take over the pediatric department

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When studies collide. Rethinking the evidence on BPA

Cheng, T.O., 2010:
When studies with positive-sounding acronyms turned out to be negative trials

Sunderman, G.; Kroll, J.F., 2009:
When study abroad experience fails to deliver: The internal resources threshold effect

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When study site contributes to outcomes in a multi-center randomized trial: a secondary analysis of decisional conflict in men with localized prostate cancer

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When subatomic physics research meets clinical oncology

Pellan, P., 2009:
When subdivision is a part of the equation

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When subjective experiences matter: power increases reliance on the ease of retrieval

Isenberg, S.F., 2007:
When submitting claims, listing RVUs in the incorrect order might lower your reimbursement

Willis, G.B.; Rodríguez-Bailón, R., 2010:
When subordinates think of their ideals: power, legitimacy and regulatory focus

Schwab, A.P., 2010:
When subtle deception turns into an outright lie

Nau, J-Yves., 2014:
When suffering is written down

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When the cause of clotting is not in the blood--it may be the vessel!

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When the challenge isn't physical

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When the chest is clueless, look downstairs

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When the child has a fever

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When the child is no longer able to feed himself: enteral nutrition

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When the children smile: a tribute to the nutrition leaders of the early years at international organizations

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When the clips do not fit

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When the coroner calls

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When the cost curve bent--pre-recession moderation in health care spending

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When the cost outweighs the benefit

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When the customer shouldn't be king: antecedents and consequences of sexual harassment by clients and customers