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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 56967

Chapter 56967 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lisik, Młgorzata.Z.; Sieroń, A.L., 2008:
X-linked mental retardation--treatment scheme

Lu, T.; Chen, R.; Cox, T.C.; Moldrich, R.X.; Kurniawan, N.; Tan, G.; Perry, J.K.; Ashworth, A.; Bartlett, P.F.; Xu, L.; Zhang, J.; Lu, B.; Wu, M.; Shen, Q.; Liu, Y.; Richards, L.J.; Xiong, Z., 2014:
X-linked microtubule-associated protein, Mid1, regulates axon development

Mazarei, G., 2009:
X-linked myopathy: when autophagy goes wrong

Smets, K., 2007:
X-linked myotubular myopathy and chylothorax

Trump, N.; Cullup, T.; Verheij, J.B.G.M.; Manzur, A.; Muntoni, F.; Abbs, S.; Jungbluth, H., 2012:
X-linked myotubular myopathy due to a complex rearrangement involving a duplication of MTM1 exon 10

Jeon, J.Hyun.; Namgung, R.; Park, M.Soo.; Park, K.In.; Lee, C.; Lee, J.Sung.; Kim, S.Hoon., 2011:
X-linked myotubular myopathy in a family with two infant siblings: a case with MTM1 mutation

Chang, C-Ying.; Lin, S-Pei.; Lin, H-Yu.; Chuang, C-Kuang.; Ho, C-Sheng.; Su, Y-Ning., 2009:
X-linked myotubular myopathy with a novel MTM1 mutation in a Taiwanese child

Pessach, I.M.; Notarangelo, L.D., 2009:
X-linked primary immunodeficiencies as a bridge to better understanding X-chromosome related autoimmunity

Hoppe, T.; Winge, M.C.G.; Bradley, M.; Nordenskjöld, M.; Vahlquist, A.; Berne, B.; Törmä, H., 2013:
X-linked recessive ichthyosis: an impaired barrier function evokes limited gene responses before and after moisturizing treatments

Han, Y-Mi.; Kwon, K-Ah.; Lee, Y-Jin.; Nam, S-Ook.; Park, K-Hee.; Byun, S-Yun.; Kim, G-Hwan.; Yoo, H-Wook., 2013:
X-linked recessive myotubular myopathy with MTM1 mutations

Hong, C.Ry.; Kang, H.Gyung.; Choi, H.Jin.; Cho, M.Hyun.; Lee, J.Won.; Kang, J.Hyung.; Park, H.Won.; Koo, J.Wook.; Ha, T-Sun.; Kim, S-Yung.; Il Cheong, H., 2016:
X-linked recessive nephrogenic diabetes insipidus: a clinico-genetic study

Ly, L.; Winship, I., 2012:
X-linked recessive polyfibromatosis manifesting with spontaneous keloid scars and Dupuytren's contracture

Pezzani, L.; Brena, M.; Callea, M.; Colombi, M.; Tadini, G., 2016:
X-linked reticulate pigmentary disorder with systemic manifestations: a new family and review of the literature

Fernandez-Guarino, M.; Torrelo, A.; Fernandez-Lorente, M.; Fraile, G.; García-Sagredo, J.Miguel.; Jaén, P., 2007:
X-linked reticulate pigmentary disorder: report of a new family

Garg, S.J.; Grand, M.Gilbert.; Lee, H.C., 2007:
X-linked retinochisis and outer retinal corrugations

Byeon, S.Ho.; Kwon, O.W.; Lee, S.Chul., 2008:
X-linked retinoschisis

Bowles, K.; Cukras, C.; Turriff, A.; Sergeev, Y.; Vitale, S.; Bush, R.A.; Sieving, P.A., 2012:
X-linked retinoschisis: RS1 mutation severity and age affect the ERG phenotype in a cohort of 68 affected male subjects

Patiroglu, T.; Haluk Akar, H.; van den Burg, M.; Unal, E.; Akyildiz, B.N.; Tekerek, N.U.; Yilmaz, E., 2014:
X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency due to a novel mutation complicated with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis and presented with invagination: A case report

Donker, A.E.; Raymakers, R.A.; Nieuwenhuis, H.K.; Coenen, M.J.H.; Janssen, M.C.; MacKenzie, M.A.; Brons, P.P.T.; Swinkels, D.W., 2015:
X-linked sideroblastic anaemia due to ALAS₂ mutations in the Netherlands: a disease in disguise

D'Hooghe, M.; Selleslag, D.; Mortier, G.; Van Coster, R.; Vermeersch, P.; Billiet, J.; Bekri, S., 2013:
X-linked sideroblastic anemia and ataxia: a new family with identification of a fourth ABCB7 gene mutation

Campagna, D.R.; de Bie, C.I.; Schmitz-Abe, K.; Sweeney, M.; Sendamarai, A.K.; Schmidt, P.J.; Heeney, M.M.; Yntema, H.G.; Kannengiesser, C.; Grandchamp, B.; Niemeyer, C.M.; Knoers, N.V.A.M.; Swart, S.; Marron, G.; van Wijk, R.; Raymakers, R.A.; May, A.; Markianos, K.; Bottomley, S.S.; Swinkels, D.W.; Fleming, M.D., 2014:
X-linked sideroblastic anemia due to ALAS2 intron 1 enhancer element GATA-binding site mutations

Bishop, D.F.; Tchaikovskii, V.; Hoffbrand, A.Victor.; Fraser, M.E.; Margolis, S., 2012:
X-linked sideroblastic anemia due to carboxyl-terminal ALAS2 mutations that cause loss of binding to the β-subunit of succinyl-CoA synthetase (SUCLA2)

Ryu, H.; Park, J.; Chae, H.; Kim, M.; Kim, Y.; Ok, I-Young., 2012:
X-linked spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia tarda: Identification of a TRAPPC2 mutation in a Korean pedigree

Albert, M.H.; Bittner, T.C.; Nonoyama, S.; Notarangelo, L.Dora.; Burns, S.; Imai, K.; Espanol, T.; Fasth, A.; Pellier, I.; Strauss, G.; Morio, T.; Gathmann, B.; Noordzij, J.G.; Fillat, C.; Hoenig, M.; Nathrath, M.; Meindl, A.; Pagel, P.; Wintergerst, U.; Fischer, A.; Thrasher, A.J.; Belohradsky, B.H.; Ochs, H.D., 2010:
X-linked thrombocytopenia (XLT) due to WAS mutations: clinical characteristics, long-term outcome, and treatment options

Jain, N.; Tan, J.Hou.; Feng, S.; George, B.; Thanabalu, T., 2015:
X-linked thrombocytopenia causing mutations in WASP (L46P and A47D) impair T cell chemotaxis

Mantadakis, E.; Sawalle-Belohradsky, J.; Tzanoudaki, M.; Kanariou, M.; Chatzimichael, A.; Albert, M.H., 2015:
X-linked thrombocytopenia in three males with normal sized platelets due to novel WAS gene mutations

Åström, M.; Hahn-Strömberg, V.; Zetterberg, E.; Vedin, I.; Merup, M.; Palmblad, J., 2015:
X-linked thrombocytopenia with thalassemia displays bone marrow reticulin fibrosis and enhanced angiogenesis: comparisons with primary myelofibrosis

Danielsson, S.; Merup, M.; Olsson, L.; Palmblad, J.; Aström, M., 2012:
X-linked thrombocytopenia with thalassemia in two families in Sweden. Consider hereditary causes of thrombocytopenia and bone marrow fibrosis

Simioni, P.; Tormene, D.; Tognin, G.; Gavasso, S.; Bulato, C.; Iacobelli, N.P.; Finn, J.D.; Spiezia, L.; Radu, C.; Arruda, V.R., 2009:
X-linked thrombophilia with a mutant factor IX (factor IX Padua)

Liu, Y.; Wang, L.; Zheng, P., 2010:
X-linked tumor suppressors: perplexing inheritance, a unique therapeutic opportunity

Hill-Burns, E.M.; Clark, A.G., 2010:
X-linked variation in immune response in Drosophila melanogaster

Pierides, A.; Voskarides, K.; Kkolou, M.; Hadjigavriel, M.; Deltas, C., 2014:
X-linked, COL4A5 hypomorphic Alport mutations such as G624D and P628L may only exhibit thin basement membrane nephropathy with microhematuria and late onset kidney failure

Chery, J.; Larschan, E., 2014:
X-marks the spot: X-chromosome identification during dosage compensation

Cohen, Jé.E.; Melamed, I.; Itshayek, E., 2014:
X-microstenting and transmesh coiling in the management of wide-necked tent-like anterior communicating artery aneurysms

Montrose, K.; Yang, Y.; Krissansen, G.W., 2015:
X-pep, a novel cell-penetrating peptide motif derived from the hepatitis B virus

Anonymous, 2011:
X-radiation and gamma radiation

Bosley, W.; Craggs, J.D., 1948:
X-radiation from a 20-MeV. betatron

Han, Y.; Wang, Y.; Xu, H-Tao.; Yang, L-He.; Wei, Q.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Dai, S-Dong.; Miao, Y.; Yu, J-Han.; Zhang, J-Yi.; Li, G.; Yuan, X-Ming.; Wang, E-Hua., 2009:
X-radiation induces non-small-cell lung cancer apoptosis by upregulation of Axin expression

Maruko, A.; Ohtake, Y.; Kawaguchi, M.; Kobayashi, T.; Baba, T.; Kuwahara, Y.; Nakagawa, H.; Shimura, T.; Fukumoto, M.; Ohkubo, Y., 2010:
X-radiation-induced down-regulation of the EGF receptor in primary cultured rat hepatocytes

Ybarra, M.L.; Mitchell, K.J.; Hamburger, M.; Diener-West, M.; Leaf, P.J., 2011:
X-rated material and perpetration of sexually aggressive behavior among children and adolescents: is there a link?

Klotz, E.; Weiss, H., 1976:
X-ray 3-D coded aperture imaging: displaying the heart

Gandhiraman, R.P.; Nordlund, D.; Javier, C.; Koehne, J.E.; Chen, B.; Meyyappan, M., 2014:
X-ray Absorption Study of Graphene Oxide and Transition Metal Oxide Nanocomposites

Hart, R., 1997:
X-ray Analysis of the Axial Position of the Lower Extremity before and after High Tibial Arcuate Osteotomy.

Savill, A., 1917:
X-ray Appearances in Gas Gangrene

Metz, W.D., 1973:
X-ray Astronomy (II): A New Breed of Pulsars

Metz, W.D., 1973:
X-ray Astronomy (III): Searching for a Black Hole

Metz, W.D., 1978:
X-ray Astronomy: HEAO Looks Further and Sees More

Metz, W.D., 1972:
X-ray Astronomy: Observations of New Phenomena

Vagovič, P.; Svéda, L.; Cecilia, A.; Hamann, E.; Pelliccia, D.; Gimenez, E.N.; Korytár, D.; Pavlov, K.M.; Zápražný, Z.; Zuber, M.; Koenig, T.; Olbinado, M.; Yashiro, W.; Momose, A.; Fiederle, M.; Baumbach, T., 2014:
X-ray Bragg magnifier microscope as a linear shift invariant imaging system: image formation and phase retrieval

Lee, S.Joon.; Song, K.; Kim, H.Koo.; Park, J., 2014:
X-ray CT and histological imaging of xylem vessels organization in Mimosa pudica

Huo, D.; Ding, J.; Cui, Y.X.; Xia, L.Y.; Li, H.; He, J.; Zhou, Z.Y.; Wang, H.W.; Hu, Y., 2015:
X-ray CT and pneumonia inhibition properties of gold-silver nanoparticles for targeting MRSA induced pneumonia

Baxter, P.; Jirasek, A.; Hilts, M., 2007:
X-ray CT dose in normoxic polyacrylamide gel dosimetry

Huo, D.; He, J.; Li, H.; Huang, A.J.; Zhao, H.Y.; Ding, Y.; Zhou, Z.Y.; Hu, Y., 2015:
X-ray CT guided fault-free photothermal ablation of metastatic lymph nodes with ultrafine HER-2 targeting W18O49 nanoparticles

Mehranian, A.; Ay, M.Reza.; Rahmim, A.; Zaidi, H., 2014:
X-ray CT metal artifact reduction using wavelet domain L0 sparse regularization

Evans, J.H., 1910:
X-ray Carcinoma

Dzupa, V., 1995:
X-ray Classification of Morbus Legg-Calvé-Perthes and its Evaluation.

Grove, L.; Read, J.C., 1933:
X-ray Common Duct Stones

Adman, E.T.; Watenpaugh, K.D.; Sieker, L.C.; Jensen, L.H., 1975:
X-ray Crystallography Techniques

Maugh, T.H., 1977:
X-ray Crystallography: 3-D Structures by Optical Computing

Maugh, T.H., 1974:
X-ray Crystallography: A Refinement of Technique

Laibinis, P.E.; Graham, R.L.; Biebuyck, H.A.; Whitesides, G.M., 1991:
X-ray Damage to CF3CO2-Terminated Organic Monolayers on Si/Au: Principal Effect of Electrons

Archibald, E., 1925:
X-ray Demonstration of Pulmonary Changes in Tuberculosis by Lipiodol Injection

Fox, W., 1908:
X-ray Dermatitis

Pfahler, G.E., 1917:
X-ray Diagnosis in Diseases of the Chest

Woolverton, E.F.; Pirie, A.H., 1932:
X-ray Diagnosis in Medico-legal Cases

Sharpe, J.S., 1943:
X-ray Diagnosis in Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Ginzburg, L., 1932:
X-ray Diagnosis of Acute Intestinal Obstruction without the use of Contrast Media

Thomson, J.W., 1963:
X-ray Diagnosis of Diseases of the Breast [Abridged

Anonymous, 1950:
X-ray Diagnosis of Placenta Praevia

Davis, B.L., 1964:
X-ray Diffraction Data on Two High-Pressure Phases of Calcium Carbonate

Jamieson, J.C., 1964:
X-ray Diffraction Studies on Dysprosium at High Pressures

Barnett, J.D.; Bennion, R.B.; Hall, H.T., 1963:
X-ray Diffraction Studies on Tin at High Pressure and High Temperature

Robinson, A.L., 1983:
X-ray Diffraction in Two Dimensions: Glancing x-rays at very low angles isolates a surface-specific signal and allows structural studies of two-dimensional physical systems

Dorset, D.L., 2008:
X-ray Diffraction: A Practical Approach

Gomi, T., 2011:
X-ray Digital Linear Tomosynthesis Imaging for Artificial Pulmonary Nodule Detection

Robinson, A.L., 1985:
X-ray Drought Ending at Brookhaven's NSLS: The flux from the x-ray ring at the National Synchrotron Light Source has reached a respectable level and experiments are finally under way

Friedman, H.; Bowyer, S.; Byram, E.T.; Chubb, T.A., 1964:
X-ray Emission from Neutron Stars

Gadd, K.R., 1961:
X-ray Equipment Technics

Wynn-Williams, N., 1950:
X-ray Examination in "Pneumonia"

Bauer, H.; Goldsmith, H.R.; Steele, A.B., 1946:
X-ray Examination of the Chest in a County Hospital: Routine Examinations in a County Hospital in California

Shanks, S.C., 1930:
X-ray Examination of the Urinary Tract

Howarth, W., 1925:
X-ray Films illustrating Lung-mapping with Lipiodol, in a Case of Bronchiectasis

Anonymous, 1925:
X-ray Films illustrating Mobility of the Kidney

Tovell, H.M., 1925:
X-ray Findings in Primary Carcinoma of the Lung

Meng, L.J.; Li, N.; La Riviere, P.J., 2012 :
X-ray Fluorescence Emission Tomography (XFET) with Novel Imaging Geometries - A Monte Carlo Study

Phillips, V.A.; Hugo, J.A., 1964:
X-ray Hazard from Electron Microscopes

Sayre, D., 1982:
X-ray Holography

Robinson, A.L., 1982:
X-ray Holography Experiment Planned

Lytle, F.W., 1969:
X-ray Integrated Reflection Coefficient of Litium Fluoride

Stevenson, R.M., 1943:
X-ray Investigation of Stridor in a Child

Smith, R.J., 1986:
X-ray Laser Budget Grows as Public Information Declines: A senior Energy Department official demands "a general lowering of the program's visibility," to the embarrassment of his boss, Secretary John Herrington

Moffat, K.; Szebenyi, D.; Bilderback, D., 1984:
X-ray Laue Diffraction from Protein Crystals

Ade, H.; Hsiao, B., 1993:
X-ray Linear Dichroism Microscopy

Shimkin, M.B., 1970:
X-ray Mammography And Thermography In Breast Cancer

Lehman, R.L., 1970:
X-ray Measurements near High-Power Klystrons

Papelis, C., 1995:
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopic Studies of Cadmium and Selenite Adsorption on Aluminum Oxides

Winograd, N.; Baitinger, W.E.; Amy, J.W.; Munarin, J.A., 1974:
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopic Studies of Interactions in Multicomponent Metal and Metal Oxide Thin Films

Davis, H.J., 1908:
X-ray Photograph showing a Hajek's Hook in the Right Sphenoidal Sinus

Spriggs, E.I.; Hugo, H.F., 1910:
X-ray Photographs from a Boy, aged 3 years, the subject of Habitual Constipation

Pegler, L.H., 1915:
X-ray Photographs illustrating the Thoracic Appearances in a Case of Left Recurrent Paralysis associated with Mitral Stenosis

Milligan, W., 1914:
X-ray Photographs of Carcinoma of the OEsophagus in Two Patients, aged respectively 49 and 71

Milligan, W., 1914:
X-ray Photographs of Carcinoma of the Œsophagus in Two Patients, aged respectively 49 and 71

Milligan, W., 1914:
X-ray Photographs of Pharyngeal Pouches in Three Patients, aged respectively 55, 54 and 63: Discussion

Underwood, J.H.; Bruner, M.E.; Haisch, B.M.; Brown, W.A.; Acton, L.W., 1987:
X-ray Photographs of a Solar Active Region with a Multilayer Telescope at Normal Incidence

Fritz, G.; Henry, R.C.; Meekins, J.F.; Chubb, T.A.; Friedman, H., 1969:
X-ray Pulsar in the Crab Nebula

Huang, N.; Nordlund, D.; Huang, C.; Bergmann, U.; Weiss, T.M.; Pettersson, L.G.M.; Nilsson, A., 2012:
X-ray Raman scattering provides evidence for interfacial acetonitrile-water dipole interactions in aqueous solutions

Pravica, M.; Grubor-Urosevic, O.; Hu, M.; Chow, P.; Yulga, B.; Liermann, P., 2007:
X-ray Raman spectroscopic study of benzene at high pressure

Tse, J.S.; Shaw, D.M.; Klug, D.D.; Patchkovskii, S.; Vankó, Görgy.; Monaco, G.; Krisch, M., 2008:
X-ray Raman spectroscopic study of water in the condensed phases

Saito, A.; Furudate, Y.; Kusui, Y.; Saito, T.; Akai-Kasaya, M.; Tanaka, Y.; Tamasaku, K.; Kohmura, Y.; Ishikawa, T.; Kuwahara, Y.; Aono, M., 2014:
X-ray STM: Nanoscale elemental analysis & Observation of atomic track

Sirota, E.B.; Smith, G.S.; Safinya, C.R.; Plano, R.J.; Clark, N.A., 1988:
X-ray Scattering Studies of Aligned, Stacked Surfactant Membranes

Artyukov, I.; Bugayev, Y.; Devizenko, O.; Gullikson, E.; Kondratenko, V.; Vinogradov, A., 2009:
X-ray Schwarzschild objective for the carbon window (lambda approximately 4.5 nm)

Banks-Davis, H.J., 1927:
X-ray Skiagram by Dr. Gordon Thomson showing a normal Bony Auditory Canal in a Case exhibited at a previous Meeting, of a Boy, aged 4, with a Rudimentary Auricle

Tsuji, K.; Nakano, K.; Takahashi, Y.; Hayashi, K.; Ro, C-Un., 2010:
X-ray Spectrometry

Gorenstein, P.; Harris, B.; Gursky, H.; Giacconi, R.; Novick, R.; Bout, P.V., 1971:
X-ray Structure of the Cygnus Loop

Vaiana, G.S.; Reidy, W.P.; Zehnpfennig, T.; Vanspeybroeck, L.; Giacconi, R., 1968:
X-ray Structures of the Sun during the Importance 1N Flare of 8 June 1968

Byram, E.T.; Chubb, T.A.; Friedman, H., 1970:
X-ray Survey of Centaurus A

Brooke, H.H., 1946:
X-ray Survey of Repatriates from Japanese Camps

Steart, D.C.; Spencer, A.R.T.; Garwood, R.J.; Hilton, J.; Munt, M.C.; Needham, J.; Kenrick, P., 2014:
X-ray Synchrotron Microtomography of a silicified Jurassic Cheirolepidiaceae (Conifer) cone: histology and morphology of Pararaucaria collinsonae sp. nov

Murillo, M.S., 2010:
X-ray Thomson scattering in warm dense matter at low frequencies

Lee, H.J.; Neumayer, P.; Castor, J.; Döppner, T.; Falcone, R.W.; Fortmann, C.; Hammel, B.A.; Kritcher, A.L.; Landen, O.L.; Lee, R.W.; Meyerhofer, D.D.; Munro, D.H.; Redmer, R.; Regan, S.P.; Weber, S.; Glenzer, S.H., 2009:
X-ray Thomson-scattering measurements of density and temperature in shock-compressed beryllium

Kinney, J.H.; Breunig, T.M.; Starr, T.L.; Haupt, D.; Nichols, M.C.; Stock, S.R.; Butts, M.D.; Saroyan, R.A., 1993:
X-ray Tomographic Study of Chemical Vapor Infiltration Processing of Ceramic Composites

Khvostichenko, D.S.; Schieferstein, J.M.; Pawate, A.S.; Laible, P.D.; Kenis, P.J.A., 2014:
X-ray Transparent Microfluidic Chip for Mesophase-Based Crystallization of Membrane Proteins and On-Chip Structure Determination

Roberts, F., 1941:
X-ray Treatment of Inoperable Carcinoma of Rectum without Colostomy

Berghöfer, T.W.; Schmitt, J.H., 1994:
X-ray Variability in the Hot Supergiant zgr Orionis

Kotre, C.J., 2010:
X-ray absorptiometry of the breast using mammographic exposure factors: application to units featuring automatic beam quality selection

Sánchez-Marcos, J.; Laguna-Marco, M.A.; Martínez-Morillas, R.; Céspedes, E.; Menéndez, N.; Jiménez-Villacorta, F.; Prieto, C., 2013:
X-ray absorption and Mössbauer spectroscopies characterization of iron nanoclusters prepared by the gas aggregation technique

Jeong, H.Y.; Han, Y-Soo.; Hayes, K.F., 2010:
X-ray absorption and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study of arsenic mobilization during mackinawite (FeS) oxidation

Streltsov, V., 2007:
X-ray absorption and diffraction studies of the metal binding sites in amyloid beta-peptide

Birks, L.S., 1972:
X-ray absorption and emission

Colomban, C.; Kudrik, E.V.; Briois, V.; Shwarbrick, J.C.; Sorokin, A.B.; Afanasiev, P., 2014:
X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopies of X-bridged diiron phthalocyanine complexes (FePc)2X (X = C, N, O) combined with DFT study of (FePc)2X and their high-valent diiron oxo complexes

Frommer, J.; Nachtegaal, M.; Czekaj, I.; Weng, T-Chien.; Kretzschmar, R., 2010:
X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy of Cr(III) (hydr)oxides: analysis of the K-pre-edge region

Ko, J.Y.Peter.; Yiu, Y-Mui.; Liang, H.; Sham, T-Kong., 2010:
X-ray absorption and luminescence studies of Ba2Ca(BO3)2: Ce3+/Na+ phosphors

Donner, E.; Howard, D.L.; de Jonge, M.D.; Paterson, D.; Cheah, M.Hon.; Naidu, R.; Lombi, E., 2012:
X-ray absorption and micro X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy investigation of copper and zinc speciation in biosolids

Jiemchooroj, A.; Norman, P., 2008:
X-ray absorption and natural circular dichroism spectra of C84: A theoretical study using the complex polarization propagator approach

Zhang, Z.; Kennedy, B.J.; Howard, C.J.; Jang, L-Yun.; Knight, K.S.; Matsuda, M.; Miyake, M., 2011:
X-ray absorption and neutron diffraction studies of (Sr(1 - x)Ce(x))MnO3: transition from coherent to incoherent static Jahn-Teller distortions

Rienzo, A.; Mayor, L.C.; Magnano, G.; Satterley, C.J.; Ataman, E.; Schnadt, J.; Schulte, K.; O'Shea, J.N., 2010:
X-ray absorption and photoemission spectroscopy of zinc protoporphyrin adsorbed on rutile TiO2(110) prepared by in situ electrospray deposition

Feifel, R.; Velkov, Y.; Carravetta, V.; Angeli, C.; Cimiraglia, R.; Sałek, P.; Gel'mukhanov, F.; Sorensen, S.L.; Piancaśtelli, M.N.; De Fanis, A.; Okada, K.; Kitajima, M.; Tanaka, T.; Tanaka, H.; Ueda, K., 2008:
X-ray absorption and resonant Auger spectroscopy of O2 in the vicinity of the O 1s-->sigma* resonance: experiment and theory

Uo, M.; Asakura, K.; Yokoyama, A.; Ishikawa, M.; Tamura, K.; Totsuka, Y.; Akasaka, T.; Watari, F., 2007:
X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) analysis of titanium-implanted soft tissue

Hu, N-Jing.; Huang, P.; Luo, Y-Ming.; Hu, T-Dou.; Xie, Y-Ning.; Wu, Z-Yu., 2011:
X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) study of the effects of pH on Pb(II) sorption by soil

Izumi, Y.; Konishi, K.; Obaid, D.Mosbah.; Miyajima, T.; Yoshitake, H., 2007:
X-ray absorption fine structure combined with X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. Monitoring of vanadium sites in mesoporous titania, excited under visible light by selective detection of vanadium Kbeta5,2 fluorescence

Priadi, C.; Le Pape, P.; Morin, G.; Ayrault, S.; Maillot, F.; Juillot, F.; Hochreutener, R.; Llorens, I.; Testemale, D.; Proux, O.; Brown, G.E., 2012:
X-ray absorption fine structure evidence for amorphous zinc sulfide as a major zinc species in suspended matter from the Seine River downstream of Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Lu, L.; Liu, A.; Chen, F.; Wang, X., 2012:
X-ray absorption fine structure of artificial antigens for cadmium

Persson, I.; Risberg, E.Damian.; D'Angelo, P.; De Panfilis, S.; Sandström, M.; Abbasi, A., 2007:
X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopic studies of Octakis(DMSO)lanthanoid(III) complexes in solution and in the solid iodides

Seo, S-Y.; Jeong, E-S.; Kwak, C-H.; Park, C-I.; Jin, Z.; Kim, S-H.; Han, S-W., 2013:
X-ray absorption fine structure study of cobalt ion distribution in ferromagnetic Zn(1-x)Co(x)O films

Gaur, A.; Shrivastava, B.D.; Srivastava, K.; Prasad, J.; Raghuwanshi, V.S., 2013:
X-ray absorption fine structure study of multinuclear copper(I) thiourea mixed ligand complexes

Rouff, A.A.; Rabe, S.; Nachtegaal, M.; Vogel, Fédéric., 2009:
X-ray absorption fine structure study of the effect of protonation on disorder and multiple scattering in phosphate solutions and solids

Takao, K.; Tsushima, S.; Takao, S.; Scheinost, A.C.; Bernhard, G.; Ikeda, Y.; Hennig, C., 2009:
X-ray absorption fine structures of uranyl(V) complexes in a nonaqueous solution

Guo, C.S.; Sun, L.; Hermann, K.; Hermanns, C.F.; Bernien, M.; Kuch, W., 2012:
X-ray absorption from large molecules at metal surfaces: theoretical and experimental results for Co-OEP on Ni(100)

Hikosaka, Y.; Velkov, Y.; Shigemasa, E.; Kaneyasu, T.; Tamenori, Y.; Liu, J.; Gel'mukhanov, F., 2008 :
X-ray absorption measured in the resonant Auger scattering mode

Schlaf, R.; Höpfner, B.; Figueroa, J.; Tridas, E.; Welter, E.; Köhler, T.; Lauermann, I.; Fischer, C-H., 2011:
X-ray absorption measurements on an ultrasonic spray aerosol

Kade, A.; Vyalikh, D.V.; Danzenbächer, S.; Kummer, K.; Blüher, A.; Mertig, M.; Lanzara, A.; Scholl, A.; Doran, A.; Molodtsov, S.L., 2007:
X-ray absorption microscopy of bacterial surface protein layers: X-ray damage

Qasim, I.; Kennedy, B.J.; Zhang, Z.; Avdeev, M.; Jang, L-Yun., 2011:
X-ray absorption near edge structure and crystallographic studies of the mixed valence oxide SrRu0.8Ni0.2O3

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