Section 58
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3D Printing of Highly Conductive Nanocomposites for the Functional Optimization of Liquid Sensors

Chizari, K.; Daoud, M.A.; Ravindran, A.R.; Therriault, D.

Small 12(44): 6076-6082


ISSN/ISBN: 1613-6829
PMID: 27624576
DOI: 10.1002/smll.201601695
Accession: 057014100

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The utilization of 3D printing of highly conductive (σ ≈ 2350 S m-1 ) polymer composite structures for the functional optimization of scaffold-shaped liquid sensors is demonstrated. This study can open the pathway of the application of 3D printing of conductive composites for optimization of structures useful for various applications such as smart sensors in textile or in the field of electronics.

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