Section 58
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3D Printing of Highly Stretchable and Tough Hydrogels into Complex, Cellularized Structures

Hong, S.; Sycks, D.; Chan, H.F.; Lin, S.; Lopez, G.P.; Guilak, F.; Leong, K.W.; Zhao, X.

Advanced Materials 27(27): 4035-4040


ISSN/ISBN: 1521-4095
PMID: 26033288
DOI: 10.1002/adma.201501099
Accession: 057014101

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A 3D printable and highly stretchable tough hydrogel is developed by combining poly(ethylene glycol) and sodium alginate, which synergize to form a hydrogel tougher than natural cartilage. Encapsulated cells maintain high viability over a 7 d culture period and are highly deformed together with the hydrogel. By adding biocompatible nanoclay, the tough hydrogel is 3D printed in various shapes without requiring support material.

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