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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57050

Chapter 57050 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zhu, X-Yu.; Liu, H-Cui.; Guo, S-Ya.; Xia, B.; Song, R-Shun.; Lao, Q-Cong.; Xuan, Y-Xian.; Li, C-Qi., 2017:
A Zebrafish Thrombosis Model for Assessing Antithrombotic Drugs

Kheyfets, V.O.; Dunning, J.; Truong, U.; Ivy, D.; Hunter, K.; Shandas, R., 2016:
A Zero-Dimensional Model and Protocol for Simulating Patient-Specific Pulmonary Hemodynamics From Limited Clinical Data

Basa, P.N.; Antala, S.; Dempski, R.E.; Burdette, S.C., 2016:
A Zinc(II) Photocage Based on a Decarboxylation Metal Ion Release Mechanism for Investigating Homeostasis and Biological Signaling

Jia, B.; Li, Z.; Liu, J.; Sun, Y.; Jia, X.; Xuan, Y.Hu.; Zhang, J.; Jeon, C.Ok., 2016:
A Zinc-Dependent Protease AMZ-tk from a Thermophilic Archaeon is a New Member of the Archaemetzincin Protein Family

Chen, T-Hao.; Popov, I.; Miljanić, O.Š., 2016:
A Zirconium Macrocyclic Metal-Organic Framework with Predesigned Shape-Persistent Apertures

Wang, R.; Liu, X.; Qi, D.; Xu, Y.; Zhang, L.; Liu, X.; Jiang, J.; Dai, F.; Xiao, X.; Sun, D., 2015:
A Zn Metal-Organic Framework with High Stability and Sorption Selectivity for CO2

Cepeda, J.; Sebastian, E.San.; Padro, D.; Rodríguez-Diéguez, A.; García, J.A.; Ugalde, J.M.; Seco, J.M., 2016:
A Zn based coordination polymer exhibiting long-lasting phosphorescence

Hu, F-long.; Shi, Y-Xiang.; Chen, H-Huan.; Lang, J-Ping., 2016:
A Zn(II) coordination polymer and its photocycloaddition product: syntheses, structures, selective luminescence sensing of iron(III) ions and selective absorption of dyes

Pérez, A.A.; Gajewski, J.P.; Ferlez, B.H.; Ludwig, M.; Baker, C.S.; Golbeck, J.H.; Bryant, D.A., 2016:
Zn2+-Inducible Expression Platform for Synechococcus sp. Strain PCC 7002 Based on the smtA Promoter/Operator and smtB Repressor

Feng, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Wei, Y.; Song, X.; Fu, Y.; Battaglia, V.S., 2016:
A ZnS nanocrystal/reduced graphene oxide composite anode with enhanced electrochemical performances for lithium-ion batteries

Liu, J.; Tang, X.; Wang, Y.; Zang, Y.; Zhou, B., 2016:
A Zostera marina manganese superoxide dismutase gene involved in the responses to temperature stress

Wang, S.; Wang, J.; Cheng, W.; Yang, X.; Zhang, Z.; Xu, Y.; Liu, H.; Wu, Y.; Fang, M., 2015:
A Zr metal-organic framework based on tetrakis(4-carboxyphenyl) silane and factors affecting the hydrothermal stability of Zr-MOFs

Huang, L.; Pu, C.; Fisher, R.K.; Mountain, D.J.H.; Gao, Y.; Liaw, P.K.; Zhang, W.; He, W., 2016:
A Zr-based bulk metallic glass for future stent applications: Materials properties, finite element modeling, and in vitro human vascular cell response

Niehaus, O.; Heymann, G.; Huppertz, H.; Rodewald, U.Ch.; Chevalier, B.; Matar, S.F.; Hoffmann, R-Dieter.; Pöttgen, R., 2016:
A ZrNiAl related high-pressure modification of CeRuSn

Yu, W.; Neckles, C.; Chang, A.; Bommineni, G.Reddy.; Spagnuolo, L.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, N.; Lai, C.; Truglio, J.; Tonge, P.J., 2015:
A [(32)P]NAD(+)-based method to identify and quantitate long residence time enoyl-acyl carrier protein reductase inhibitors

Lu, H-Chin.; Chang, W-Jen.; Kuan, Y-Hui.; Huang, A.Chih-Wei.; Shyu, B.Chuang., 2016:
A [14C]iodoantipyrine study of inter-regional correlations of neural substrates following central post-stroke pain in rats

Yella, R.; Gottlieb, H.E.; Hoz, S., 2015:
A [2 + 3] Reductive Cyclodimerization of Quinoline by SmI2

Kaiser, R.P.; Hessler, F.; Mosinger, Jří.; Císařová, I.; Kotora, M., 2015:
A [2+2+2]-Cyclotrimerization Approach to Selectively Substituted Fluorenes and Fluorenols, and Their Conversion to 9,9'-Spirobifluorenes

Hu, W-Bo.; Hu, W-Jing.; Zhao, X-Li.; Liu, Y.A.; Li, J-Sheng.; Jiang, B.; Wen, K., 2016:
A [2]rota[2]catenane, constructed from a pillar[5]arene-crown ether fused double-cavity macrocycle: synthesis and structural characterization

Reddy, C.Raji.; Mohammed, S.Z.; Kumaraswamy, P., 2016:
A [3 + 2]-annulation approach to tetrasubstituted furans from MBH-carbonates of acetylenic aldehydes via sequential substitution/cycloisomerization

Lee, Y.; Jeon, I-Rang.; Abboud, K.A.; García-Serres, R.; Shearer, J.; Murray, L.J., 2015:
A [3Fe-3S](3+) cluster with exclusively μ-sulfide donors

Liu, Y.; Vinyard, D.J.; Reesbeck, M.E.; Suzuki, T.; Manakongtreecheep, K.; Holland, P.L.; Brudvig, G.W.; Söll, D., 2016:
A [3Fe-4S] cluster is required for tRNA thiolation in archaea and eukaryotes

Chen, X.; Hu, X.; Deng, Y.; Jiang, H.; Zeng, W., 2016:
A [4 + 1] Cyclative Capture Access to Indolizines via Cobalt(III)-Catalyzed Csp(2)-H Bond Functionalization

Yang, Y.; Wang, X.; Li, Y.; Zhou, B., 2015:
A [4+1] Cyclative Capture Approach to 3H-Indole-N-oxides at Room Temperature by Rhodium(III)-Catalyzed CH Activation

Mathivathanan, L.; Cruz, R.; Raptis, R.G., 2016:
A [Cu3(μ3-O)]-pyrazolate metallacycle with terminal nitrate ligands exhibiting point group symmetry 3

Meng, F.; Ge, H-You.; Wang, Y-Hui.; Yue, S-Wei., 2016:
A afferent fibers are involved in the pathology of central changes in the spinal dorsal horn associated with myofascial trigger spots in rats

Deng, C.; Dai, R.; Li, X.; Liu, F., 2017:
A allele of SNP12 in estrogen receptor 1 was a risk factor for cryptorchidism in Asians: a systematic review with meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis

Tao, Y.; Kang, S.; Zhou, L.; Shi, Y.; Li, Y.; Sun, Y., 2016:
A analysis of the outcome and prognostic factors in 415 patients with Hodgkin lymphoma

Han, J.; Zhou, B.; Shan, W.; Yu, L.; Wu, W.; Wang, K., 2016:
A and D genomes spatial separation at somatic metaphase in tetraploid cotton: evidence for genomic disposition in a polyploid plant

Li, C.; Yuan, H.; Shou, G.; Cha, Y-Hee.; Sunderam, S.; Besio, W.; Ding, L., 2018:
Cortical Statistical Correlation Tomography of EEG Resting State Networks

Ji, X.; Nie, X.; Liu, Y.; Zheng, L.; Zhao, H.; Zhang, B.; Huo, L.; Wang, Y., 2016:
A bHLH gene from Tamarix hispida improves abiotic stress tolerance by enhancing osmotic potential and decreasing reactive oxygen species accumulation

Vera-Sirera, F.; De Rybel, B.; Úrbez, C.; Kouklas, E.; Pesquera, M.; Álvarez-Mahecha, J.Camilo.; Minguet, E.G.; Tuominen, H.; Carbonell, J.; Borst, J.Willem.; Weijers, D.; Blázquez, M.A., 2016:
A bHLH-Based Feedback Loop Restricts Vascular Cell Proliferation in Plants

Orozco-Guillen, A.; Merodio-Anguiano, R.; Iyune-Cojab, E.; Piccoli, G.B.; Rodriguez-Bosh, M., 2018:
A baby and a kidney neoplasia: a question of priorities

El Moussaoui, N.; Jabouirik, F., 2015:
A baby like no other

Sanyaolu, L.N.; Javed, M.; Wilson-Jones, N., 2016:
A baby with a discharging umbilical lesion

Ramkumar, H.L.; Verma, R.; Crow, J.; Robbins, S.; Granet, D.B.; Sheldon, C.A.; Henretig, F.M.; Liu, G.T., 2017:
A baby with a lot of nerve

Mount, C.; Hindley, D., 2016:
A baby with a painful shoulder

Keah, S., 2008:
A baby with an abnormal upper limb

Rakhra, J.; Agrawal, R.; Chin, M.; Hibbert, S.; Widmer, R.P., 2016:
A baby with an oral surprise

Krom, H.; van Gasselt, M.W.; Weijer, O., 2017:
A baby with an unexplained skin rash

Kim, M.Ryeon.; Park, H.Won.; Chung, S., 2016:
A baby with congenital hypothyroidism born to a hypothyroid mother who expressed undiagnosed thyroid stimulation blocking antibody

Andrews, L.M.; Puiman, P.J.; van der Sijs, H.; van Beynum, I.M., 2015:
A baby with digoxin toxicity

Ray, S., 2016:
A baby with low Apgar scores at birth

Abdel-Aal, A-Baker.M.; Papageorgiou, G.; Raz, R.; Quibell, M.; Burlina, F.; Offer, J., 2017:
A backbone amide protecting group for overcoming difficult sequences and suppressing aspartimide formation

Raveh, B., 2015:
A backdoor to the nucleus that runs in the family?

Camacho Londoño, J.E.; Tian, Q.; Hammer, K.; Schröder, L.; Camacho Londoño, J.; Reil, J.C.; He, T.; Oberhofer, M.; Mannebach, S.; Mathar, I.; Philipp, S.E.; Tabellion, W.; Schweda, F.; Dietrich, A.; Kaestner, L.; Laufs, U.; Birnbaumer, L.; Flockerzi, V.; Freichel, M.; Lipp, P., 2016:
A background Ca2+ entry pathway mediated by TRPC1/TRPC4 is critical for development of pathological cardiac remodelling

Nelson, F.Rt., 2015:
A background for the management of osteoarthritic knee pain

Zhou, Q.; Li, Z., 2016:
A backup cytokinesis pathway in Trypanosoma brucei

Kaya, E.; Doxzen, K.W.; Knoll, K.R.; Wilson, R.C.; Strutt, S.C.; Kranzusch, P.J.; Doudna, J.A., 2016:
A bacterial Argonaute with noncanonical guide RNA specificity

Brocca, S.; Ferrari, C.; Barbiroli, A.; Pesce, A.; Lotti, M.; Nardini, M., 2016:
A bacterial acyl aminoacyl peptidase couples flexibility and stability as a result of cold adaptation

Roselli, S.; Olry, A.; Vautrin, S.; Coriton, O.; Ritchie, D.; Galati, G.; Navrot, N.; Krieger, Célia.; Vialart, G.; Bergès, Hélène.; Bourgaud, Fédéric.; Hehn, A., 2016:
A bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) genomic approach reveals partial clustering of the furanocoumarin pathway genes in parsnip

Tao, T.; Chen, C.; Sun, J.; Peng, Y.; Zhu, M., 2016:
A bacterial artificial chromosome transgenic mouse model for visualization of neurite growth

Bassi, G.Shimizu.; Ulloa, L.; Santos, V.Rodrigues.; Del Vecchio, Fávio.; Delfino-Pereira, P.; Rodrigues, G.Jhonatan.; Castania, J.Airton.; Cunha, F.de.Queiróz.; Salgado, Hélio.Cesar.; Cunha, T.Mattar.; Garcia-Cairasco, N.; Kanashiro, A., 2018:
Cortical stimulation in conscious rats controls joint inflammation

Shao, M.; Michno, J-Michel.; Hotton, S.K.; Blechl, A.; Thomson, J., 2016:
A bacterial gene codA encoding cytosine deaminase is an effective conditional negative selectable marker in Glycine max

Zhang, X-Yong.; Robledo, B.N.; Harris, S.S.; Hu, X.P., 2015:
A bacterial gene, mms6, as a new reporter gene for magnetic resonance imaging of mammalian cells

Li, X.; Tao, J.; Hu, X.; Chan, J.; Xiao, J.; Mi, K., 2015:
A bacterial hemerythrin-like protein MsmHr inhibits the SigF-dependent hydrogen peroxide response in mycobacteria

Osterman, I.A.; Evfratov, S.A.; Dzama, M.M.; Pletnev, P.I.; Kovalchuk, S.I.; Butenko, I.O.; Pobeguts, O.V.; Golovina, A.Ya.; Govorun, V.M.; Bogdanov, A.A.; Sergiev, P.V.; Dontsova, O.A., 2016:
A bacterial homolog YciH of eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF1 regulates stress-related gene expression and is unlikely to be involved in translation initiation fidelity

Bonaccorsi di Patti, M.Carmela.; Polticelli, F.; Tortosa, V.; Furbetta, P.Antonio.; Musci, G., 2016:
A bacterial homologue of the human iron exporter ferroportin

Schuchmann, K.; Vonck, J.; Müller, V., 2016:
A bacterial hydrogen-dependent CO2 reductase forms filamentous structures

Qin, G.; Wang, X.; Tan, S.; Lin, Q., 2016:
A bacterial infection by Vibrio harveyi causing heavy reduction of cultured lined seahorse Hippocampus erectus

Moser, S.; Chileveru, H.R.; Tomaras, J.; Nolan, E.M., 2015:
A bacterial mutant library as a tool to study the attack of a defensin peptide

Ibañez, Aés.Esteban.; Coria, L.Mirta.; Carabajal, M.Verónica.; Delpino, Mía.Victoria.; Risso, G.Sofía.; Cobiello, P.Gonzalez.; Rinaldi, J.; Barrionuevo, P.; Bruno, L.; Frank, F.; Klinke, Sán.; Goldbaum, F.Alberto.; Briones, G.; Giambartolomei, G.Hernán.; Pasquevich, K.Alejandra.; Cassataro, J., 2016:
A bacterial protease inhibitor protects antigens delivered in oral vaccines from digestion while triggering specific mucosal immune responses

Le Pabic, Hélène.; Germain-Amiot, Nëlla.; Bordeau, Vérie.; Felden, B., 2016:
A bacterial regulatory RNA attenuates virulence, spread and human host cell phagocytosis

Qiu, X.; Lee, Y.Tung.; Yung, P.To., 2015:
A bacterial spore model of pulsed electric fields on spore morphology change revealed by simulation and SEM

He, K.; Ravindran, M.Sudhan.; Tsai, B., 2016:
A bacterial toxin and a nonenveloped virus hijack ER-to-cytosol membrane translocation pathways to cause disease

Biancucci, M.; Satchell, K.J.F., 2016:
A bacterial toxin that cleaves Ras oncoprotein

Ittig, S.J.; Schmutz, C.; Kasper, C.A.; Amstutz, M.; Schmidt, A.; Sauteur, Lïc.; Vigano, M.Alessandra.; Low, S.Huey.; Affolter, M.; Cornelis, G.R.; Nigg, E.A.; Arrieumerlou, Cécile., 2016:
A bacterial type III secretion-based protein delivery tool for broad applications in cell biology

Di Bari, I.; Picciotto, R.; Granata, G.; Blanco, A.R.; Consoli, G.M.L.; Sortino, S., 2018:
A bactericidal calix[4]arene-based nanoconstruct with amplified NO photorelease

Shen, Y.; Barros, M.; Vennemann, T.; Gallagher, D.Travis.; Yin, Y.; Linden, S.B.; Heselpoth, R.D.; Spencer, D.J.; Donovan, D.M.; Moult, J.; Fischetti, V.A.; Heinrich, F.; Lösche, M.; Nelson, D.C., 2017:
A bacteriophage endolysin that eliminates intracellular streptococci

Debarbieux, L.; Pirnay, J-Paul.; Verbeken, G.; De Vos, D.; Merabishvili, M.; Huys, I.; Patey, O.; Schoonjans, D.; Vaneechoutte, M.; Zizi, M.; Rohde, C., 2016:
A bacteriophage journey at the European Medicines Agency

Erb, M.L.; Kraemer, J.A.; Coker, J.K.C.; Chaikeeratisak, V.; Nonejuie, P.; Agard, D.A.; Pogliano, J., 2015:
A bacteriophage tubulin harnesses dynamic instability to center DNA in infected cells

Yoshida, S.; Hiraga, K.; Takehana, T.; Taniguchi, I.; Yamaji, H.; Maeda, Y.; Toyohara, K.; Miyamoto, K.; Kimura, Y.; Oda, K., 2016:
A bacterium that degrades and assimilates poly(ethylene terephthalate)

McClimens, A., 2003:
A bad idea, by definition

Bates, J., 2010:
A bad smell

Viale, G., 2016:
A bad tumor biomarker is as bad as a bad drug: The gap between genomics data and phenotype to predict response

Wiliem, A.; Hobson, P.; Minchin, R.F.; Lovell, B.C., 2016:
A bag of cells approach for antinuclear antibodies HEp-2 image classification

Rayson, D., 2015:
A bag of chips

Brammer, K.; Winchester, S., 1996:
A bag of flour is no substitute for the real experience of motherhood

Foroni, F.; Rumiati, R.I.; Coricelli, C.; Ambron, E., 2016:
A bait we cannot avoid: Food-induced motor distractibility

Kirkeleit, J.; Aasen, T.Olav.Brøvig.; Svendsen, L.Løvendahl.; Svanes, C., 2016:
A baker with asthma

Ellery, P.E.R.; Maroney, S.A.; Cooley, B.C.; Luyendyk, J.P.; Zogg, M.; Weiler, H.; Mast, A.E., 2015:
A balance between TFPI and thrombin-mediated platelet activation is required for murine embryonic development

Wiedermann, G.; Bone, R.Alexander.; Silva, J.Clara.; Bjorklund, M.; Murray, P.J.; Dale, J.Kim., 2016:
A balance of positive and negative regulators determines the pace of the segmentation clock

Milstein, J.M., 2016:
A balance of quality care and patient satisfaction

Aparicio-Juárez, A.; Duhne, M.; Lara-González, E.; Ávila-Cascajares, Fátima.; Calderón, V.; Galarraga, E.; Bargas, Jé., 2017:
Cortical stimulation relieves parkinsonian pathological activity in vitro

Elkins, M., 2016:
A balance retraining program reduces injurious falls and improves physical function in older women at risk of falling [synopsis

Li, B.; Chiong, R.; Lin, M., 2015:
A balance-evolution artificial bee colony algorithm for protein structure optimization based on a three-dimensional AB off-lattice model

Ismail, A.; Seo, M.; Takebayashi, Y.; Kamiya, Y.; Nick, P., 2016:
A balanced JA/ABA status may correlate with adaptation to osmotic stress in Vitis cells

Reidy, K.; Heidt, C.; Dierauer, S.; Huber, H., 2016:
A balanced approach for stable hips in children with cerebral palsy: a combination of moderate VDRO and pelvic osteotomy

Holly, T.A.; Bonow, R.O.; Velazquez, E.J.; Panza, J.A., 2015:
A balanced assessment of the STICH trial

Williams, L.S.; Kim, H-Goo.; Kalscheuer, V.M.; Tuck, J.Matthew.; Chorich, L.P.; Sullivan, M.E.; Falkenstrom, A.; Reindollar, R.H.; Layman, L.C., 2016:
A balanced chromosomal translocation involving chromosomes 3 and 16 in a patient with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome reveals new candidate genes at 3p22.3 and 16p13.3

Branders, S.; Dupont, P., 2016:
A balanced hazard ratio for risk group evaluation from survival data

Griffiths, P.E.; West, C., 2016:
A balanced intervention ladder: promoting autonomy through public health action

Duda, R.Maria.; da Silva Vantini, J.; Martins, L.Scattolin.; de Mello Varani, A.; Lemos, M.Victor.Franco.; Ferro, M.Inês.Tiraboschi.; de Oliveira, R.Alves., 2016:
A balanced microbiota efficiently produces methane in a novel high-rate horizontal anaerobic reactor for the treatment of swine wastewater

Takiyama, K.; Sakai, Y., 2016:
A balanced motor primitive framework can simultaneously explain motor learning in unimanual and bimanual movements

Wallis, M.J.; Kelly, A.L.; Peters, G.B.; St Heaps, L.; Nandini, A.; McGaughran, J.M., 2018:
A balanced paternal interchromosomal reciprocal insertion between 5q12.1q13.2 and 20p12.3p12.1 resulting in separate genetic conditions in two siblings

Ralston, A.S.G.; Swinkels, J.A., 2016:
A balanced perspective on psychiatric classification

Hanawalt, P.C., 2015:
A balanced perspective on unbalanced growth and thymineless death

Gemble, S.; Buhagiar-Labarchède, Géraldine.; Onclercq-Delic, R.; Biard, D.; Lambert, S.; Amor-Guéret, M., 2017:
A balanced pyrimidine pool is required for optimal Chk1 activation to prevent ultrafine anaphase bridge formation

Nasrul Islam, M.; Iqbal, S.; Katebi, A.R.; Tamjidul Hoque, M., 2017:
A balanced secondary structure predictor

Orellana, G.; Held, C.M.; Estevez, P.A.; Perez, C.A.; Reyes, S.; Algarin, C.; Peirano, P., 2015:
A balanced sleep/wakefulness classification method based on actigraphic data in adolescents

Bouwkamp, C.G.; Kievit, A.J.A.; Olgiati, S.; Breedveld, G.J.; Coesmans, M.; Bonifati, V.; Kushner, S.A., 2016:
A balanced translocation disrupting BCL2L10 and PNLDC1 segregates with affective psychosis

Spector, R.; Keep, R.F.; Robert Snodgrass, S.; Smith, Q.R.; Johanson, C.E., 2015:
A balanced view of choroid plexus structure and function: Focus on adult humans

Spector, R.; Robert Snodgrass, S.; Johanson, C.E., 2016:
A balanced view of the cerebrospinal fluid composition and functions: Focus on adult humans

Eri, T.S.; Bondas, T.; Gross, M.M.; Janssen, P.; Green, J.M., 2016:
A balancing act in an unknown territory: a metasynthesis of first-time mothers' experiences in early labour

Matkovich, S.J., 2017:
A balancing act in cardiac hypertrophy

Mortimer, J.; Kulkarni, J., 2016:
A balancing act: Clozapine adjustment in smokers

Rashid-Doubell, F.; Mohamed, S.; Elmusharaf, K.; O'Neill, C.S., 2017:
A balancing act: a phenomenological exploration of medical students' experiences of using mobile devices in the clinical setting

Cabrera, J.R.; Olcese, U.; Horabin, J.I., 2015:
A balancing act: heterochromatin protein 1a and the Polycomb group coordinate their levels to silence chromatin in Drosophila

Sinha, K.; Elpern, D.J., 2016:
A baleful weed and the king of fruits: tolerance, immunity, and the microbiome

Li, X.Hui.; Han, C.Bao.; Jiang, T.; Zhang, C.; Wang, Z.Lin., 2016:
A ball-bearing structured triboelectric nanogenerator for nondestructive damage and rotating speed measurement

Wassersug, J.D., 1992:
A ballad for Maxwell Thomson

Srinivas, B., 2015:
A ballad for the bald!

Goldsweig, A.M.; Faheem, O.; Cleman, M.W.; Forrest, J.K., 2016:
A balloon-expandable sheath facilitates transfemoral TAVR in patients with peripheral vascular disease and tortuosity

Feng, G.; Zhang, Z.; Diao, C.; Jiang, J.; Zheng, S.; Liu, Y., 2015:
A bama minipig model of laryngopharyngeal reflux and the change of laryngopharyngeal mucosal ultrastructure

Zhang, X.; Wang, L.; Liu, C.; Ding, Y.; Zhang, S.; Zeng, Y.; Liu, Y.; Luo, S., 2016:
A bamboo-inspired hierarchical nanoarchitecture of Ag/CuO/TiO(2) nanotube array for highly photocatalytic degradation of 2,4-dinitrophenol

Wielogorska, N.L.; Harries, V.; Gearon, D.; Dheansa, B., 2016:
A ban on smoking in psychiatric hospitals would reduce self burn injuries

Consoli, S-G., 2016:
A banal history of exemplary treatment

Ramjiani, V.; Fearnley, T.; Tan, J., 2016:
A bandage contact lens prevents extrusion of ocular contents

Anonymous, 2016:
A banner year

Gupta, S.; Bhargava, A.; Mehra, P., 2016:
A bar and ball attachment prosthesis over osseointegrated implants post mandibular resection

Davis, D.S., 2016:
A bar too high: why we should not bar parents from knowing the sex of their fetus

Koch, F.P.; Götze, E.; Kumar, V.V.; Schulz, P.; Wentaschek, S.; Wagner, W., 2017:
A bar-retained overdenture as an external fixator device in a three-dimensional CAD/CAM-based surgical reconstruction of the mandible

Joyce, C.W.; Sugrue, C.; Chan, J.C.; Delgado, L.; Zeugolis, D.; Carroll, S.M.; Kelly, J.L., 2014:
A barbed suture repair for flexor tendons: a novel technique with no exposed barbs

Rane, T.D.; Zec, H.C.; Wang, T-Huei., 2015:
A barcode-free combinatorial screening platform for matrix metalloproteinase screening

Fang, Q.; Wang, L.; Cheng, Q.; Cai, J.; Wang, Y.; Yang, M.; Hua, X.; Liu, F., 2016:
A bare-eye based one-step signal amplified semiquantitative immunochromatographic assay for the detection of imidacloprid in Chinese cabbage samples

Reiner, T.; Hoefle, C.; Hückelhoven, R., 2016:
A barley SKP1-like protein controls abundance of the susceptibility factor RACB and influences the interaction of barley with the barley powdery mildew fungus

Scolari Childress, K.M.; Gavard, J.A.; Ward, D.G.; Berger, K.; Gross, G.A., 2016:
A barrier retractor to reduce surgical site infections and wound disruptions in obese patients undergoing cesarean delivery: a randomized controlled trial

Jones, C.L., 2016:
A barrier to medical treatment? British medical practitioners, medical appliances and the patent controversy, 1870-1920

Koch, I.; Nearing, M.M., 2017:
A barrier to metal movement: Synchrotron study of iron plaque on roots of wetland plants

Wang, M.; Nagle, R.B.; Knudsen, B.S.; Rogers, G.C.; Cress, A.E., 2016:
A basal cell defect promotes budding of prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia

Salvati, E.; Rizzo, A.; Iachettini, S.; Zizza, P.; Cingolani, C.; D'Angelo, C.; Porru, M.; Mondello, C.; Aiello, A.; Farsetti, A.; Gilson, E.; Leonetti, C.; Biroccio, A., 2015:
A basal level of DNA damage and telomere deprotection increases the sensitivity of cancer cells to G-quadruplex interactive compounds

Smith, B.A.; Sokolov, A.; Uzunangelov, V.; Baertsch, R.; Newton, Y.; Graim, K.; Mathis, C.; Cheng, D.; Stuart, J.M.; Witte, O.N., 2016:
A basal stem cell signature identifies aggressive prostate cancer phenotypes

Ohtsuka, N.; Okuno, M.; Hoshino, Y.; Honda, K., 2016:
A base-mediated self-propagative Lossen rearrangement of hydroxamic acids for the efficient and facile synthesis of aromatic and aliphatic primary amines

Cooper, T.V.; Cabriales, Jé.Alonso.; Hernandez, N.; Law, J., 2018:
A baseline assessment of attitudes toward tobacco free campus policies in a U.S./México border university

Munro, E.; Tacchi, P.; Trembath, L., 2016:
A baseline for nurse education on research

Baohong, C.; Muchtar, M.; Tingting, F.; Hongzhe, C.; Jigang, W.; Kaiwen, Z.; Jianguo, D.; Hui, L.; Bin, C., 2016:
A baseline study of coastal water quality in the Lembeh Strait of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, in 2013

Frantzen, S.; Maage, A.; Duinker, A.; Julshamn, K.; Iversen, S.A., 2015:
A baseline study of metals in herring (Clupea harengus) from the Norwegian Sea, with focus on mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead

Buzzi, N.S.; Marcovecchio, J.E., 2016:
A baseline study of the metallothioneins induction and its reversibility in Neohelice granulata from the Bahía Blanca Estuary (Argentina)

Voßmann, S.; Wieseler, J.; Kerber, R.; Kümmerer, B.Mareike., 2015:
A basic cluster in the N terminus of yellow fever virus NS2A contributes to infectious particle production

Mao, P.; Kyriss, M.N.M.; Hodges, A.J.; Duan, M.; Morris, R.T.; Lavine, M.D.; Topping, T.B.; Gloss, L.M.; Wyrick, J.J., 2016:
A basic domain in the histone H2B N-terminal tail is important for nucleosome assembly by FACT

Schifani, C.; Tseng, H-Hsuan.; Kenk, M.; Tagore, A.; Kiang, M.; Wilson, A.A.; Houle, S.; Rusjan, P.M.; Mizrahi, R., 2018:
Cortical stress regulation is disrupted in schizophrenia but not in clinical high risk for psychosis

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A belt transect setting strategy for mark-recapture experiments to evaluate the 1D diffusion coefficient of beached litter in the cross-shore direction

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A benefit-cost framework of motivation for a specific activity

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A benign patent foramen ovale in off-pump coronary artery bypass can suddenly take a right turn, but can it be tolerated?

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A betaine adduct of N-heterocyclic carbene and carbodiimide, an efficient ligand to produce ultra-small ruthenium nanoparticles

Anonymous, 1993:
A better London?

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A better alternative to the inferior permuted block design is not necessarily complex

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A better communcation with the patients improves the management of HIV disease: a nonsystematic review

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A better design is needed for clinical studies of chronic tympanic membrane perforations using biological materials

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A better experimental method to detect the sensitivity of cancer cells to anticancer drugs after adenovirus-mediated introduction of two kinds of p53 in vivo

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A better follow-up of obesity surgery needed

Anonymous, 2015 :
A better future for injectable contraception?

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A better understanding in patients with asthma is the cornerstone to improve their overall disease control

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A better way to die

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A better way to do this? Views of mental health nursing directors about preparation for mental health nursing practice

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A better way to end balance billing

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A better way to predict fatal heart events

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A bifurcated molecular pentad capable of sequential electronic energy transfer and intramolecular charge transfer

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A bifurcation study to guide the design of a landing gear with a combined uplock/downlock mechanism

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A big RBO

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A big picture of a small brain

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A big pot of colored sweets

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A big score for RNA

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A big step forward in treating chronic diabetic foot ulcers

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A big step forward in understanding global differences in respiratory health: first lung function data in African infants

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A big year for aged care

Anonymous, 1988 :
A bigger splash

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A bill of contention

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A bio-inspired memory model embedded with a causality reasoning function for structural fault location

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A bio-inspired, microchanneled hydrogel with controlled spacing of cell adhesion ligands regulates 3D spatial organization of cells and tissue

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A bioaccessible fraction of parboiled germinated brown rice exhibits a higher anti-inflammatory activity than that of brown rice

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A bioassay for parathyroid hormone and other substances affecting bone metabolism

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A biobank to support HIV malignancy research for sub-Saharan Africa

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A biorobotic model of the human larynx

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A biosensor for the detection of single base mismatches in microRNA

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A biosimilarity index for psoriasis

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A bird's eye view of a deleterious recessive allele

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A bird, a plane, Superman?

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A birth with fatal outcome in 1866

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A birthday story

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A birthday tribute to Professor Daniel TL Shek: adolescent researcher and advocate

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A bit excessive

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A bite from the big apple

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A bite into the history of the autopsy : From ancient roots to modern decay

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A bitter pill to swallow

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A bittersweet story: the true nature of the laurel of the Oracle of Delphi

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A bizarre attack on the freedom of scientific expression

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A bizarre new species of Triclistus Förster (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae; Metopiinae) from Amazonia

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A black and white issue

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A black growth on the back

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A blackhole over brain: Interdural hematoma - A challenging diagnosis

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A bladder syringe both as a spigot and for joint drainage during ACL reconstruction

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A blast from the past

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A blast from the past and foresight for the future of gynecologic oncology

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A bleeding rectosigmoid mass in a 41-year-old woman

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A bleeding umbilical mass

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A blended online curriculum in the basic surgery clerkship: a pilot study

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A blended supervision model in Australian general practice training

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A blessing I can't afford: factors underlying the paradox of happiness about unintended pregnancy

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A blessing and a curse: is high NK cell activity good for health and bad for reproduction?

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A block copolymer-templated construction approach for the creation of nano-patterned polyelectrolyte multilayers and nanoscale objects

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A block-wise approximate parallel implementation for ART algorithm on CUDA-enabled GPU

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A blocking-wire technique for removal of a broken hollow intramedullary nail

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A blog and a theater play for living with Alzheimer disease

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A blood test for depression?

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A blood transfusion can save a child's life or threaten it

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A blood-based, 7-metabolite signature for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

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A bloody evidence: Is Mycobacterium bovis bacteraemia frequent in cattle?!

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A blow to the head trauma--ALS hypothesis

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A blue-domed cyst of bloodgood

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A blue-emitting Sc silicate phosphor for ultraviolet excited light-emitting diodes

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A blueprint for improving undergraduate education in intensive care medicine

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A blueprint for robotic navigation: pre-clinical simulation for transanal total mesorectal excision (taTME)

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A blueprint for vocal learning: auditory predispositions from brains to genomes

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A board game for undergraduate genetics vocabulary and concept review: the pathway shuffle

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Cortical Structures Associated With Human Blood Pressure Control

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A body-mind-spirit intervention helps treat depression in India

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A bodyweight-dependent allometric exponent model for scaling clearance of clotting factor VIII and IX from infants to adults

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A bold idea: the "population" specialist

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A bold new vision for America's health care system

Hassmiller, S.B.; Reinhard, S.C., 2015:
A bold new vision for America's health care system: the Future of Nursing report becomes a catalyst for change

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A bolt from the blue: Lightning injuries

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A bolt out of the blue: the night of the blue pills

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A bone morphogenetic protein ligand and receptors in mud crab: A potential role in the ovarian development

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A bone to pick with Fc gamma receptors

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A bone to pick Jane Bates finds food for thought in the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework

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A bonus worth getting out of bed for

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A bony foreign body found in a patient with no bony injury: a case report

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A book on Ord. Prof. Dr. Erich Frank

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A book review and a conversation with e-Patient Dave

Anonymous, 2015:
A boost for personalised medicine

Anonymous, 2015:
A boost for prostate cancer survivors

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A boost of confidence: The role of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex in memory, decision-making, and schemas

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A booster for the varicella vaccine

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A booster shot to cure hemoglobinopathies

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A bootstrap approach to implementation science

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A bootstrap based Neyman-Pearson test for identifying variable importance

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A bootstrapping method to assess the influence of age, obesity, gender, and gait speed on probability of tripping as a function of obstacle height

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A border versus non-border comparison of food environment, poverty, and ethnic composition in Texas urban settings

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A boreal invasion in response to climate change? Range shifts and community effects in the borderland between forest and tundra

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A boron difluoride dye showing the aggregation-induced emission feature and high sensitivity to intra- and extra-cellular pH changes

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A bottom-up perspective on ecosystem change in Mesozoic oceans

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A boundary integral formalism for stochastic ray tracing in billiards

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A boundary value approach for solving three-dimensional elliptic and hyperbolic partial differential equations

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A boundary-integral representation for biphasic mixture theory, with application to the post-capillary glycocalyx

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A bouquet for a broken heart: can flowers repair a damaged heart?

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A bout analysis reveals age-related methylmercury neurotoxicity and nimodipine neuroprotection

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A bout of treadmill exercise increases matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity in the rat hippocampus

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A bovine cell line that can be infected by natural sheep scrapie prions

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A bovine herpesvirus 1 pUL51 deletion mutant shows impaired viral growth in vitro and reduced virulence in rabbits

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A bovine respiratory syncytial virus model with high clinical expression in calves with specific passive immunity

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A bow-tie for hand trauma

Mobian, P.; Baradel, N.; Kyritsakas, N.; Khalil, G.; Henry, M., 2014:
A bowl-shaped circular trinuclear helicate generated from a TiO4 N2 motif by a multicomponent self-assembly approach

Dalmau, J., 2016:
A box of chocolates

Guerrier, S., 2015:
A box of delights

Kagha, K.C.; Blauvelt, A.; Anderson, K.L.; Leonardi, C.L.; Feldman, S.R., 2017:
A boxed warning for inadequate psoriasis treatment

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A boxing-oriented exercise intervention for obese adolescent males: findings from a pilot study

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A boy infant with sleep related rhythmic movement disorder showing arm banging

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A boy with a chronic swelling of the upper lip

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A boy with a painful tumour of his skull

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A boy with a sac-like protrusion at the occipital region

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A boy with a swelling under his right jaw

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A boy with a wound on his finger that would not heal

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A boy with arachnoid cyst, a fall, and temporary and reversible visual impairment

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A boy with bilateral SUNA: A case report

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A boy with blue sclera and recurrent fractures

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A boy with bluish neck swelling on screaming

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A boy with conduct disorder (CD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), borderline intellectual disability, and 47,XXY syndrome in combination with a 7q11.23 duplication, 11p15.5 deletion, and 20q13.33 deletion

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A boy with dysmorphic features, intellectual disability, and biallelic homozygous deletion in NRXN1

de Wijn, R.S.; Hovius, S.E.R., 2018:
A boy with functional impairment of his thumb

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A boy with partial dup(18q)/del(18p) due to a maternal pericentric inversion: Genotype-phenotype correlation and risk of recombinant chromosomes based on systematic review of the literature

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A boy with prolonged Fever

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A boy with pupil asymmetry

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A brachytherapy photon radiation quality index Q(BT) for probe-type dosimetry

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A brachytic dwarfism trait (dw) in peach trees is caused by a nonsense mutation within the gibberellic acid receptor PpeGID1c

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A bracket approach to improve the stability and gas sorption performance of a metal-organic framework via in situ incorporating the size-matching molecular building blocks

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A braided cancer river connects tumor heterogeneity and precision medicine

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A brain and heart connection: X-linked periventricular heterotopia

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A brain circuit that synchronizes growth and maturation revealed through Dilp8 binding to Lgr3

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A brain computer interface for robust wheelchair control application based on pseudorandom code modulated Visual Evoked Potential

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A brain death dilemma: apnea testing while on high-frequency oscillatory ventilation

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A brain electrical signature of left-lateralized semantic activation from single words

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A brain imaging repository of normal structural MRI across the life course: Brain Images of Normal Subjects (BRAINS)

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A brain mass in a patient with Behcet's disease: a case report

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A brain-region-based meta-analysis method utilizing the Apriori algorithm

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A branched TAT cell-penetrating peptide as a novel delivery carrier for the efficient gene transfection

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A brand new stent technology: bioresorbable scaffolds

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A brand new winner

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A brave approach paid dividends

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A break from the norm

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A break with Bottomley?

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A break with radition

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A break-even analysis of major ear surgery

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A breakdown in communication? Understanding the effects of aging on the human small intestine epithelium

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A breaking down of the Mediterranean diet in the land where it was discovered. A cross sectional survey among the young generation of adolescents in the heart of Cilento, Southern Italy

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A breakthrough for the treatment of spasticity in multiple sclerosis

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A breakthrough in enzyme technology to fight penicillin resistance-industrial application of penicillin amidase

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A breakthrough in probiotics: Clostridium butyricum regulates gut homeostasis and anti-inflammatory response in inflammatory bowel disease

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A breakthrough treatment for major depression

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A breakthrough urine-based diagnostic test for HIV-associated tuberculosis

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A breast and endometrial cancer syndrome

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A breath of fresh air from the past

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A breath of fresh air: A family ceremony

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A breath of fresh air: images of respiratory illness in novels, poems, films, music, and paintings

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A breath sampling system assessing the influence of respiratory rate on exhaled breath composition

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A breather from daily antiretroviral therapy for adolescents

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A breeding site model for regional, dynamical malaria simulations evaluated using in situ temporary ponds observations

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A breviary for astronomers and sailors: time knowledge and calculators of Bureau des longitudes, from Lalande a Loewry (1772-1907)

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A brewing storm: Our overwhelmed emergency departments

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A brewing understanding of the regulation of Bax function by Bcl-xL and Bcl-2

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A bridge between multi-omics data and the management of hepatocellular carcinoma

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A bridge between neurology and psychiatry

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A bridge over troubled water: Functional assessment of a myocardial bridge

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A bridge over troubled water: Functional assessment of a myocardial bridge by Gili S Taha S, Omedé P et al

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A bridge over troubled waters

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A bridge to coronary spasm: Myocardial bridging

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A bridge to surgery for colon cancer obstruction in a very elderly patient - a case report

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A bridge too far

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A bridge too far: individualised claims of conscience

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A bridge too far? Findings of bridging anticoagulation use and outcomes in the Outcomes Registry for Better Informed Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation (ORBIT-AF)

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A bridged di-iron porphyrin hyponitrite complex as a model for biological N2O production from hyponitrite

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A brief analysis on the relationship between sputum culture and pneumonia

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A brief botanical survey into Kumbira forest, an isolated patch of Guineo-Congolian biome

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Cortical, subcortical and brain stem connections of the cerebellum via the superior and middle cerebellar peduncle in the rat

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Cortical summation and attentional modulation of combined chromatic and luminance signals

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A brief discussion on the cross-domain, multidisciplinary development of neuroscience

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A brief experience for medical students in a remote Aboriginal community

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A brief histone in time: understanding the combinatorial functions of histone PTMs in the nucleosome context

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A brief history and review of modern casting techniques in early onset scoliosis

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A brief history of Beijing Shijitan(Century Altar) Hospital

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A brief history of Epilepsy & Behavior

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A brief history of Forging New Frontiers, the annual conference of the Injury Free Coalition for Kids

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A brief history of bacterial growth physiology

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A brief history of cadernos de Saúde Pública/reports in Public Health

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A brief history of carotid-cavernous fistula

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A brief history of endoscopic spine surgery

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A brief history of evidence-based medicine (EBM) and the contributions of Dr David Sackett

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A brief history of familial Mediterranean fever

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A brief history of fluid and sleep

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A brief history of hysteria: From the ancient to the modern

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A brief history of mastoidectomy

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A brief history of neurosurgery in the mainland of China

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A brief history of pediatric urologic oncology as a subspecialty

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A brief history of prions

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A brief history of resuscitation - the influence of previous experience on modern techniques and methods

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A brief history of surgical nutrition in China

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A brief history of the ASGE

Anonymous, 2016:
A brief history of the European Society of Cardiology

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A brief history of the TDIF-PXY signalling module: balancing meristem identity and differentiation during vascular development

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A brief history of the cluster randomised trial design

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A brief history of the development of Chinese Urology

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A brief history of the development of antidepressant drugs: from monoamines to glutamate

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A brief history of the development of realization on insulin

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A brief history of the discovery of PXR and CAR as xenobiotic receptors

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A brief history of the evolution of the medical research article

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A brief history of the natural causes of human disease

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A brief history of the search for the protein(s) involved in the acute regulation of steroidogenesis

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A brief history of the tobacco settlement in Oklahoma

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A brief history of topographical anatomy

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A brief history of traditional Chinese medicinal pills

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A brief history of treatment of burn injury in China

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A brief history of uric acid: From gout to cardiovascular risk factor

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A brief history of vascularized free flaps in the oral and maxillofacial region

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A brief information-motivation-behavioral skills intervention to promote human papillomavirus vaccination among college-aged women

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A brief intervention for posttraumatic stress disorder in persons with a serious mental illness

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A brief intervention to improve exercising in patients with schizophrenia: a controlled pilot study with mental contrasting and implementation intentions (MCII)

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A brief intervention to increase physical activity behavior among adolescents using mental simulations and action planning

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A brief introduction to the disease-syndrome names in bamboo slips of Qin Dynasty

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A brief introduction to the military workplace culture

Caleb-Solly, P., 2017:
A brief introduction to … Assistive robotics for independent living

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A brief journey through the immune system

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A brief magnetic resonance imaging protocol for spondyloarthritis

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A brief manualized treatment for problematic caffeine use: A randomized control trial

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A brief measure of Smokers' knowledge of lung cancer screening with low-dose computed tomography

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A brief measure of attitudes toward mixed methods research in psychology

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A brief mid-winter encounter

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A brief motivational interview with action and coping planning components enhances motivational autonomy among volunteer blood donors

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A brief neurocognitive assessment of patients with psychosis following traumatic brain injury (PFTBI): Use of the Repeatable battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS)

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A brief nursing intervention reduces anxiety before breast cancer screening mammography

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A brief overview of systematic reviews and meta-analyses

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A brief overview of the Coma Recovery Scale-revised: updates from the COMBI

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A brief overview of the history of veterinary field services in South Africa

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A brief overview on radon measurements in drinking water

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A brief patient-reported outcome instrument for primary care: German translation and validation of the Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile (MYMOP)

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A brief peripheral motion contrast threshold test predicts older drivers' hazardous behaviors in simulated driving

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Cortical surface area reduction in identification of subjects at high risk for post-traumatic stress disorder: A pilot study

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A brief personal reflection on Adolf Saweri

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A brief perspective on neural cell therapy

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A brief perspective on the diverging theories of lymphatic targeting with colloids

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A brief photo-biography of crack users from Rio de Janeiro's metropolitan area: their settings and tools

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A brief portrait of Alfredo de Micheli Serra

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A brief primary care intervention to reduce fear of movement in chronic low back pain patients

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A brief psychological intervention to protect subjective well-being in a community sample