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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57123

Chapter 57123 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Dubrovsky, A.Sasha.; Kempinska, A.; Bank, I.; Mok, E., 2016:
Accuracy of ultrasonography for determining successful realignment of pediatric forearm fractures

Ganesan, V.; De, S.; Greene, D.; Torricelli, F.Cesar.Miranda.; Monga, M., 2016:
Accuracy of ultrasonography for renal stone detection and size determination: is it good enough for management decisions?

Saltychev, M.; Ristola, M.Tapani.; Laimi, K.; Hurme, T., 2017:
Accuracy of ultrasonography in predicting vesicoureteral reflux in children: A meta-analysis

Martin, J.; Khatri, G.; Gopal, P.; Singal, A.G., 2015:
Accuracy of ultrasound and noninvasive markers of fibrosis to identify patients with cirrhosis

Lafont, M.; Dellinger, P.; Mutumba, W.; Bernard, C.; Hoyek, T., 2017:
Accuracy of ultrasound estimated fetal weight at term

Dimassi, K.; El Cadhi, Y.; Sahnoune, R.; Derbel, M.; Triki, A.; Ben Romdhane, H.; Gara, F., 2016:
Accuracy of ultrasound estimated fetal weight performed by residents at delivery day

Leng, X-Feng.; Zhu, Y.; Wang, G-Ping.; Jin, J.; Xian, L.; Zhang, Y-Hong., 2016:
Accuracy of ultrasound for the diagnosis of cervical lymph node metastasis in esophageal cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Pilloni, E.; Alemanno, M.G.; Gaglioti, P.; Sciarrone, A.; Garofalo, A.; Biolcati, M.; Botta, G.; Viora, E.; Todros, T., 2017:
Accuracy of ultrasound in antenatal diagnosis of placental attachment disorders

Parodi, A.; Rossi, A.; Severino, M.; Morana, G.; Sannia, A.; Calevo, M.Grazia.; Malova, M.; Ramenghi, L.A., 2015:
Accuracy of ultrasound in assessing cerebellar haemorrhages in very low birthweight babies

Weissman, A.; Matanes, E.; Drugan, A., 2017:
Accuracy of ultrasound in estimating fetal weight and growth discordancy in triplet pregnancies

Pereira, J.; Afonso, A.C.; Constantino, J.; Matos, A.; Henriques, C.; Zago, M.; Pinheiro, L., 2015:
Accuracy of ultrasound in the diagnosis of acute cholecystitis with coexistent acute pancreatitis

Bui-Mansfield, L.T.; Chen, D.C.; O'Brien, S.D., 2015:
Accuracy of ultrasound of musculoskeletal soft-tissue tumors

Salinawati, B.; Hing, E.Y.; Fam, X.I.; Zulfiqar, M.A., 2015:
Accuracy of ultrasound versus computed tomography urogram in detecting urinary tract calculi

Vázquez-Portalatín, N.; Breur, G.J.; Panitch, A.; Goergen, C.J., 2015:
Accuracy of ultrasound-guided intra-articular injections in guinea pig knees

Sancak, E.Burak.; Resorlu, M.; Celik, O.; Resorlu, B.; Gulpinar, M.Tolga.; Akbas, A.; Karakan, T.; Bayrak, O.; Kabar, M.; Eroglu, M.; Ozdemir, H., 2015:
Accuracy of unenhanced computerized tomography interpretation by urologists in patients with acute flank pain

Sebastià, C.; Sotomayor, A.D.; Paño, B.; Salvador, R.; Burrel, M.; Botey, A.; Nicolau, C., 2016:
Accuracy of unenhanced magnetic resonance angiography for the assessment of renal artery stenosis

Moayedi, A.Reza.; Nejatizadeh, A.; Mohammadian, M.; Rahmati, M.Bagher.; Namardizadeh, V., 2016:
Accuracy of universal polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for detection of bacterial meningitis among suspected patients

Ferwana, M.; Abdulmajeed, I.; Alhajiahmed, A.; Madani, W.; Firwana, B.; Hasan, R.; Altayar, O.; Limburg, P.J.; Murad, M.Hassan.; Knawy, B., 2015:
Accuracy of urea breath test in Helicobacter pylori infection: meta-analysis

Kates, M.; Ball, M.W.; Chappidi, M.R.; Baras, A.S.; Gordetsky, J.; Sopko, N.A.; Brant, A.; Pierorazio, P.M.; Epstein, J.I.; Schoenberg, M.P.; Bivalacqua, T.J., 2016:
Accuracy of urethral frozen section during radical cystectomy for bladder cancer

Piyathilake, C.J.; Badiga, S.; Chambers, M.M.; Brill, I.K.; Matthews, R.; Partridge, E.E., 2017:
Accuracy of urinary human papillomavirus testing for the presence of cervical human papillomaviruses and higher grades of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

Hudson, J.Q.; Siddiqui, O.A., 2015:
Accuracy of urine collection methods compared to measured GFR in adults with liver disease

Rahman, R.; Kolb, S.; Bong, C.Xiao.; Stephenson, J., 2018:
Accuracy of user-adjusted axial length measurements with optical biometry in eyes having combined phacovitrectomy for macular-off rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

Iwamoto, M.; Higashi, T.; Miura, H.; Kawaguchi, T.; Tanaka, S.; Yamashita, I.; Yoshimoto, T.; Yoshida, S.; Matoba, M., 2016:
Accuracy of using Diagnosis Procedure Combination administrative claims data for estimating the amount of opioid consumption among cancer patients in Japan

Rochefort, C.M.; Buckeridge, D.L.; Forster, A.J., 2016:
Accuracy of using automated methods for detecting adverse events from electronic health record data: a research protocol

Kim, P.S.; Gasparis, A.P.; Probeck, K.; Elitharp, D.; Tassiopoulos, A.; Labropoulos, N., 2018:
Accuracy of venous thromboembolism assessment and compliance to prophylaxis in a tertiary care center

Viguria, M.; Ro, K.S.; Stone, K.C.; Johnson, M.H., 2015:
Accuracy of vertical radial plume mapping technique in measuring lagoon gas emissions

Kamburoğlu, Kıvanç.; Kurşun, Şebnem.; Kılıç, C.; Özen, T., 2015:
Accuracy of virtual models in the assessment of maxillary defects

Zhang, N.; Liu, S.; Hu, Z.; Hu, J.; Zhu, S.; Li, Y., 2017:
Accuracy of virtual surgical planning in two-jaw orthognathic surgery: comparison of planned and actual results

Weijs, W.L.J.; Coppen, C.; Schreurs, R.; Vreeken, R.D.; Verhulst, A.C.; Merkx, M.A.W.; Bergé, S.J.; Maal, T.J.J., 2016:
Accuracy of virtually 3D planned resection templates in mandibular reconstruction

Suram, V.; Addepalli, U.Kumar.; Krishnaiah, S.; Kovai, V.; Khanna, R.C., 2016:
Accuracy of vision technicians in screening ocular pathology at rural vision centres of southern India

Saxena, R.; Vashist, P.; Tandon, R.; Pandey, R.Mohan.; Bhardawaj, A.; Menon, V., 2015:
Accuracy of visual assessment by school teachers in school eye screening program in delhi

Qiao, L.; Li, B.; Long, M.; Wang, X.; Wang, A.; Zhang, G., 2016:
Accuracy of visual inspection with acetic acid and with Lugol's iodine for cervical cancer screening: Meta-analysis

Poomtavorn, Y.; Suwannarurk, K., 2016:
Accuracy of visual inspection with acetic acid in detecting high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in pre- and post-menopausal Thai women with minor cervical cytological abnormalities

Mazzone, P.J.; Wang, X-Feng.; Lim, S.; Choi, H.; Jett, J.; Vachani, A.; Zhang, Q.; Beukemann, M.; Seeley, M.; Martino, R.; Rhodes, P., 2016:
Accuracy of volatile urine biomarkers for the detection and characterization of lung cancer

Cardel, M.I.; Chavez, S.; Bian, J.; Peñaranda, E.; Miller, D.R.; Huo, T.; Modave, Fçois., 2016:
Accuracy of weight loss information in Spanish search engine results on the internet

Littooij, A.S.; Kwee, T.C.; Barber, I.; Granata, C.; de Keizer, B.; Beek, F.Ja.; Hobbelink, M.G.; Fijnheer, R.; Stoker, J.; Nievelstein, R.Aj., 2016:
Accuracy of whole-body MRI in the assessment of splenic involvement in lymphoma

Zhang, Z.; Erbe, M.; He, J.; Ober, U.; Gao, N.; Zhang, H.; Simianer, H.; Li, J., 2015:
Accuracy of whole-genome prediction using a genetic architecture-enhanced variance-covariance matrix

Christie, A.; Costa-Scorse, B.; Nicholls, M.; Jones, P.; Howie, G., 2017:
Accuracy of working diagnosis by paramedics for patients presenting with dyspnoea

Wong, W.W.; Clarke, L.L., 2016:
Accuracy of δ(18)O isotope ratio measurements on the same sample by continuous-flow isotope-ratio mass spectrometry

Mao, Y-yi.; Liang, Y-dan.; Hu, Z-qing., 2015:
Accuracy rate of lie-detection in China: estimate the validity of CQT on field cases

van der Merwe, D.; Van Dyk, J.; Healy, B.; Zubizarreta, E.; Izewska, J.; Mijnheer, B.; Meghzifene, A., 2016:
Accuracy requirements and uncertainties in radiotherapy: a report of the International Atomic Energy Agency

Laas-Bourez, M.; Courde, Cément.; Samain, E.; Exertier, P.; Guillemot, P.; Torre, J-Marie.; Martin, N.; Foussard, C., 2015:
Accuracy validation of T2L2 time transfer in co-location

Nathan, H.L.; de Greeff, A.; Hezelgrave, N.L.; Chappell, L.C.; Shennan, A.H., 2016:
Accuracy validation of the Microlife 3AS1-2 blood pressure device in a pregnant population with low blood pressure

Mohammad, M.Amin., 2015:
Accuracy verification of surface energy components measured by inverse gas chromatography

Bradley, M.T.; Brand, A., 2016:
Accuracy when inferential statistics are used as measurement tools

Khoo Chee Han, C.; Shanmugam, R.Al.; Choon Siew Kit, D., 2014:
Accuracy, Consistency, and Reproducibility of the Triaxial Accelerometer in the iPod Touch: A Pilot Study

Claudius, I.; Kaji, A.H.; Santillanes, G.; Cicero, M.X.; Donofrio, J.Joelle.; Gausche-Hill, M.; Srinivasan, S.; Chang, T.P., 2017:
Accuracy, Efficiency, and Inappropriate Actions Using JumpSTART Triage in MCI Simulations

Wells, E.; Wolfe, M.K.; Murray, A.; Lantagne, D., 2017:
Accuracy, Precision, Ease-Of-Use, and Cost of Methods to Test Ebola-Relevant Chlorine Solutions

Krakauskaite, S.; Petkus, V.; Bartusis, L.; Zakelis, R.; Chomskis, R.; Preiksaitis, A.; Ragauskas, A.; Matijosaitis, V.; Petrikonis, K.; Rastenyte, D., 2017:
Accuracy, Precision, Sensitivity, and Specificity of Noninvasive ICP Absolute Value Measurements

Montenij, L.J.; Sonneveld, J.P.; Nierich, A.P.; Buhre, W.F.; De Waal, E.E., 2016:
Accuracy, Precision, and Trending Ability of Uncalibrated Arterial Pressure Waveform Analysis of Cardiac Output in Patients With Impaired Left Ventricular Function: A Prospective, Observational Study

Aquavella, J.V., 2016:
Accuracy, Reliability, and Consistency in the Collection of Tear Film Osmolarity Data

Bird, M-Louise.; Callisaya, M.L.; Cannell, J.; Gibbons, T.; Smith, S.T.; Ahuja, K.Dk., 2016:
Accuracy, Validity, and Reliability of an Electronic Visual Analog Scale for Pain on a Touch Screen Tablet in Healthy Older Adults: A Clinical Trial

Shao, J.; Liu, D.; Sung, K.; Nguyen, K-Lien.; Hu, P., 2016:
Accuracy, precision, and reproducibility of myocardial T1 mapping: A comparison of four T1 estimation algorithms for modified look-locker inversion recovery (MOLLI)

Murray, A.; Lantagne, D., 2015:
Accuracy, precision, usability, and cost of free chlorine residual testing methods

Goracci, C.; Franchi, L.; Vichi, A.; Ferrari, M., 2017:
Accuracy, reliability, and efficiency of intraoral scanners for full-arch impressions: a systematic review of the clinical evidence

Wollersheim, T.; Engelhardt, L.Jo.; Pachulla, J.; Moergeli, R.; Koch, S.; Spies, C.; Hiesmayr, M.; Weber-Carstens, S., 2016:
Accuracy, reliability, feasibility and nurse acceptance of a subcutaneous continuous glucose management system in critically ill patients: a prospective clinical trial

Esquinas, P.L.; Tanguay, J.; Gonzalez, M.; Vuckovic, M.; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, C.; Häfeli, U.O.; Celler, A., 2017:
Accuracy, reproducibility, and uncertainty analysis of thyroid-probe-based activity measurements for determination of dose calibrator settings

Urry, K.; Burns, N.R.; Baetu, I., 2015:
Accuracy-based measures provide a better measure of sequence learning than reaction time-based measures

Park, D.; Cho, J., 2015:
Accuracy-energy configurable sensor processor and IoT device for long-term activity monitoring in rare-event sensing applications

Jenkins, R.G., 2017:
Accuracy: a potential quandary in regulated bioanalysis of 'endogenous' analytes

Strohmeier, M.; Stueber, D.; Grant, D.M. , 2003:
Accurate (13)C and (15)N Chemical Shift and (14)N Quadrupolar Coupling Constant Calculations in Amino Acid Crystals:  Zwitterionic, Hydrogen-Bonded Systems

Verhaart, Ré.F.; Verduijn, G.M.; Fortunati, V.; Rijnen, Z.; van Walsum, T.; Veenland, J.F.; Paulides, M.M., 2016:
Accurate 3D temperature dosimetry during hyperthermia therapy by combining invasive measurements and patient-specific simulations

Crowley, J.M.; Tahir-Kheli, J.; Goddard, W.A., 2016:
Accurate Ab Initio Quantum Mechanics Simulations of Bi2Se3 and Bi2Te3 Topological Insulator Surfaces

Volpato, V.; Alshomrani, B.; Pollastri, G., 2016:
Accurate Ab Initio and Template-Based Prediction of Short Intrinsically-Disordered Regions by Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Networks Trained on Large-Scale Datasets

Thomas, R.E.; Booth, G.H.; Alavi, A., 2015:
Accurate Ab initio calculation of ionization potentials of the first-row transition metals with the configuration-interaction quantum Monte Carlo technique

Nguyen, T.T.X.; Moehring, A.J., 2016:
Accurate Alternative Measurements for Female Lifetime Reproductive Success in Drosophila melanogaster

Kim, K.Sung.; Ryu, M.Woo.; Lee, J.Seop.; Kim, K.Rok., 2016:
Accurate Analysis and Characterization of Silicon Field Effect Transistor-Based Terahertz Wave Detector with Quasi-Plasma Two-Dimensional Electron Gas

Liu, M.; Chen, G.; Guo, H.; Fan, B.; Liu, J.; Fu, Q.; Li, X.; Lu, X.; Zhao, X.; Li, G.; Sun, Z.; Xia, L.; Zhu, S.; Yang, D.; Cao, Z.; Wang, H.; Suo, Y.; You, J., 2016:
Accurate Analysis and Evaluation of Acidic Plant Growth Regulators in Transgenic and Nontransgenic Edible Oils with Facile Microwave-Assisted Extraction-Derivatization

Villagomez Hoyos, C.Armando.; Stuart, M.Bo.; Hansen, K.Lindskov.; Nielsen, M.Bachmann.; Jensen, J.Arendt., 2017:
Accurate Angle Estimator for High-Frame-Rate 2-D Vector Flow Imaging

Puzzarini, C.; Biczysko, M.; Barone, V., 2011:
Accurate Anharmonic Vibrational Frequencies for Uracil: The Performance of Composite Schemes and Hybrid CC/DFT Model

Rieger, A.M.; Barreda, D.R., 2017:
Accurate Assessment of Cell Death by Imaging Flow Cytometry

Riley, K.E.; Brothers, E.N.; Ayers, K.B.; Merz, K.M., 2005:
Accurate Atomic and Molecular Calculations without Gradient Corrections:  Scaled SVWNV Density Functional

Xing, L.; Hang, Y.; Xiong, Z.; Liu, J.; Wan, Z., 2016:
Accurate Attitude Estimation Using ARS under Conditions of Vehicle Movement Based on Disturbance Acceleration Adaptive Estimation and Correction

Toyoshima, Y.; Tokunaga, T.; Hirose, O.; Kanamori, M.; Teramoto, T.; Jang, M.Sun.; Kuge, S.; Ishihara, T.; Yoshida, R.; Iino, Y., 2017:
Accurate Automatic Detection of Densely Distributed Cell Nuclei in 3D Space

Chen, C-Chi.; Chen, C-Lieh.; Lin, Y-Ting., 2016:
Accurate Behavioral Simulator of All-Digital Time-Domain Smart Temperature Sensors by Using SIMULINK

Steinbrecher, T.B.; Dahlgren, M.; Cappel, D.; Lin, T.; Wang, L.; Krilov, G.; Abel, R.; Friesner, R.; Sherman, W., 2016:
Accurate Binding Free Energy Predictions in Fragment Optimization

Wang, X.; He, X.; Zhang, J.Z.H., 2017:
Accurate Calculation of Electric Fields Inside Enzymes

Frolov, A.I., 2015:
Accurate Calculation of Solvation Free Energies in Supercritical Fluids by Fully Atomistic Simulations: Probing the Theory of Solutions in Energy Representation

Semenov, A.; Babikov, D., 2014:
Accurate Calculations of Rotationally Inelastic Scattering Cross Sections Using Mixed Quantum/Classical Theory

Deeb, A.; Al Hajeri, A.; Alhmoudi, I.; Nagelkerke, N., 2016:
Accurate Carbohydrate Counting Is an Important Determinant of Postprandial Glycemia in Children and Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes on Insulin Pump Therapy

Song, Y.; Tan, E-Leng.; Jiang, X.; Cheng, J-Zhi.; Ni, D.; Chen, S.; Lei, B.; Wang, T., 2016:
Accurate Cervical Cell Segmentation from Overlapping Clumps in Pap Smear Images

Sethurajan, A.Krishnaswamy.; Krachkovskiy, S.A.; Halalay, I.C.; Goward, G.R.; Protas, B., 2015:
Accurate Characterization of Ion Transport Properties in Binary Symmetric Electrolytes Using In Situ NMR Imaging and Inverse Modeling

Parida, G.Kumar.; Dhull, V.Singh.; Karunanithi, S.; Arora, S.; Sharma, A.; Shamim, S.Ahmed., 2016:
Accurate Characterization of Skeletal Lesions in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Using 99mTc MDP SPECT/CT

Puzzarini, C.; Biczysko, M.; Barone, V.; Largo, L.; Peña, I.; Cabezas, C.; Alonso, Jé.Luis., 2014:
Accurate Characterization of the Peptide Linkage in the Gas Phase: A Joint Quantum-Chemical and Rotational Spectroscopy Study of the Glycine Dipeptide Analogue

Cao, Y.; Terebus, A.; Liang, J., 2016:
Accurate Chemical Master Equation Solution Using Multi-Finite Buffers

Oliver, C.; Santos, J.Luis.; Pradillo, Mónica., 2016:
Accurate Chromosome Segregation at First Meiotic Division Requires AGO4, a Protein Involved in RNA-Dependent DNA Methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana

Schwedt, T.J.; Chong, C.D.; Wu, T.; Gaw, N.; Fu, Y.; Li, J., 2016:
Accurate Classification of Chronic Migraine via Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Mareschal, S.; Ruminy, P.; Bagacean, C.; Marchand, V.; Cornic, M.; Jais, J-Philippe.; Figeac, M.; Picquenot, J-Michel.; Molina, T.Jo.; Fest, T.; Salles, G.; Haioun, C.; Leroy, K.; Tilly, Hé.; Jardin, F., 2015:
Accurate Classification of Germinal Center B-Cell-Like/Activated B-Cell-Like Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Using a Simple and Rapid Reverse Transcriptase-Multiplex Ligation-Dependent Probe Amplification Assay: A CALYM Study

Huang, J.; Li, K.; Gribskov, M., 2016:
Accurate Classification of RNA Structures Using Topological Fingerprints

Atkins, E.R.; Boyle, J.R., 2016:
Accurate Clinical Data is Vital in the Age of Surgeon Level Outcome Reporting

Mezei, Pál.D.; Csonka, Gábor.I.; Ruzsinszky, A., 2015:
Accurate Complete Basis Set Extrapolation of Direct Random Phase Correlation Energies

Savić, S.; Alempijević, D.; Andjelić, S., 2016:
Accurate Completion of Medical Report on Diagnosing Death

Raghavachari, K.; Saha, A., 2015:
Accurate Composite and Fragment-Based Quantum Chemical Models for Large Molecules

Chan, B.; Yim, W-Leung., 2013:
Accurate Computation of Cohesive Energies for Small to Medium-Sized Gold Clusters

Csonka, Gábor.I.; Kaminsky, J., 2011:
Accurate Conformational Energy Differences of Carbohydrates: A Complete Basis Set Extrapolation

Gérard, Céline.; Gallez, A.; Dubois, C.; Drion, P.; Delahaut, P.; Quertemont, E.; Noël, Aès.; Pequeux, C., 2016:
Accurate Control of 17β-Estradiol Long-Term Release Increases Reliability and Reproducibility of Preclinical Animal Studies

Franchini, M.; Philipsen, P.Herman.Theodoor.; van Lenthe, E.; Visscher, L., 2014:
Accurate Coulomb Potentials for Periodic and Molecular Systems through Density Fitting

Meschke, M.; Kemppinen, A.; Pekola, J.P., 2016:
Accurate Coulomb blockade thermometry up to 60 kelvin

How-Kit, A.; Daunay, A.; Mazaleyrat, N.; Busato, F.; Daviaud, C.; Teyssier, E.; Deleuze, J-François.; Gallusci, P.; Tost, Jörg., 2015:
Accurate CpG and non-CpG cytosine methylation analysis by high-throughput locus-specific pyrosequencing in plants

Petersen, R.C., 2013:
Accurate Critical Stress Intensity Factor Griffith Crack Theory Measurements by Numerical Techniques

Rez, P., 2002:
Accurate Cross Sections for Microanalysis

Hammerstein, A.F.; Wylie, P.G., 2017:
Accurate Cytotoxicity and Proliferation Determination: Advantages of a High-Throughput Phenotypic Approach Over ATP Luminescence Assays

Aeberhard, P.C.; Arey, J.Samuel.; Lin, I-Chun.; Rothlisberger, U., 2009:
Accurate DFT Descriptions for Weak Interactions of Molecules Containing Sulfur

Cavaleiro, A.Mafalda.; Kim, S.Hyeuk.; Seppälä, S.; Nielsen, M.T.; Nørholm, M.H.H., 2016:
Accurate DNA Assembly and Genome Engineering with Optimized Uracil Excision Cloning

Oikonomou, M.; Asencio-Hernández, J.; Velders, A.H.; Delsuc, M-André., 2016:
Accurate DOSY measure for out-of-equilibrium systems using permutated DOSY (p-DOSY)

Ratkos, T.; Frieder, J.E.; Poling, A., 2016:
Accurate Delayed Matching-to-Sample Responding without Rehearsal: An Unintentional Demonstration with Children

Verburg, N.; Pouwels, P.J.W.; Boellaard, R.; Barkhof, F.; Hoekstra, O.S.; Reijneveld, J.C.; Vandertop, W.Peter.; Wesseling, P.; de Witt Hamer, P.C., 2017:
Accurate Delineation of Glioma Infiltration by Advanced PET/MR Neuro-Imaging (FRONTIER Study): A Diagnostic Study Protocol

Ishikawa, F.; Miyamoto, K.; Konno, S.; Kasai, S.; Kakeya, H., 2016:
Accurate Detection of Adenylation Domain Functions in Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetases by an Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay System Using Active Site-directed Probes for Adenylation Domains

Laamiri, N.; Fällgren, P.; Zohari, S.; Ben Ali, J.; Ghram, A.; Leijon, M.; Hmila, I., 2016:
Accurate Detection of Avian Respiratory Viruses by Use of Multiplex PCR-Based Luminex Suspension Microarray Assay

Suomi, T.; Elo, L.L., 2018:
Accurate Detection of Differential Expression and Splicing Using Low-Level Features

Lu, R.; Shao, J.; Zhou, M.; Zhang, H.; Wu, Y., 2017:
Accurate Detection of Hepatitis B Virus G1896A Mutant by Developed Taqman-ARMS Followed a Strict Control System

Song, K-Soo.; Nimse, S.Balasaheb.; Kim, H.Jin.; Yang, J.; Kim, T., 2017:
Accurate Detection of Rifampicin-Resistant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Strains

Song, C.; Zhang, S.; Ji, Z.; Li, Y.; You, J., 2016:
Accurate Determination of Amino Acids in Serum Samples by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Using a Stable Isotope Labeling Strategy

Vogt, N.; Savelyev, D.S.; Giricheva, N.I.; Islyaikin, M.K.; Girichev, G.V., 2016:
Accurate Determination of Equilibrium Structure of 3-Aminophthalonitrile by Gas Electron Diffraction and Coupled-Cluster Computations: Structural Effects Due to Intramolecular Charge Transfer

Dengler, M.; Huber, H.; Müller, C.J.; Zellmer, A.; Rauch, P.; Mikulits, W., 2016:
Accurate Determination of Soluble Axl by Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay

Clemmons, D.R., 2016:
Accurate Diagnosis Of Growth Hormone Deficiency In Adults: The Ongoing Challenge

Barabadze, E.; Burkadze, G.; Munjishvili, V., 2016:
Accurate Diagnosis Of Thyroid Nodules: A Review Of Diagnostic Dilemmas On Thyroid Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsies

Uramoto, H.; Iijima, Y.; Nakajima, Y.; Kinoshita, H., 2017:
Accurate Diagnosis of Aortic Invasion in Patients with Lung Cancer

Rodríguez Fernández, V.; López Ramón Y Cajal, C.; Marín Ortiz, E.; Sarmiento Carrera, N., 2016:
Accurate Diagnosis of Severe Hypospadias Using 2D and 3D Ultrasounds

Constantin, V.; Carăp, A.; Bobic, S.; Pâun, I.; Brâtilâ, E.; Socea, B.; Moroşanu, A-M.; Mirancea, N., 2016:
Accurate Diagnosis of Sigmoid Colon Endometriosis by Immunohistochemistry and Transmission Electron Microscopy - A Case Report

Mezei, Pál.D.; Csonka, Gábor.I.; Kállay, Mály., 2015:
Accurate Diels-Alder reaction energies from efficient density functional calculations

Goossens, K.; Prior, M.; Pacheco, V.; Willbold, D.; Müllen, K.; Enderlein, Jörg.; Hofkens, J.; Gregor, I., 2015:
Accurate Diffusion Coefficients of Organosoluble Reference Dyes in Organic Media Measured by Dual-Focus Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy

Tamukong, P.K.; Khait, Y.G.; Hoffmann, M.R., 2016:
Accurate Dissociation of Chemical Bonds Using DFT-in-DFT Embedding Theory with External Orbital Orthogonality

Phillips, W., 2016:
Accurate Documentation of Malnutrition Diagnosis Reflects Increased Healthcare Resource Utilization

Choy, A.; Ortiz, M.; Malkin, R., 2015:
Accurate Dosing of Antiretrovirals at Home Using a Foilized, Polyethylene Pouch to Prevent the Transmission of HIV From Mother to Child

Kune, C.; Far, J.; De Pauw, E., 2016:
Accurate Drift Time Determination by Traveling Wave Ion Mobility Spectrometry: The Concept of the Diffusion Calibration

Anonymous, 2016:
Accurate Dysrhythmia Monitoring in Adults

Hulsker, M.; Verhaart, I.; van Vliet, L.; Aartsma-Rus, A.; van Putten, M., 2018:
Accurate Dystrophin Quantification in Mouse Tissue; Identification of New and Evaluation of Existing Methods

Ahmed, S.N.; Donovan, T.E.; Rau, C.T., 2017:
Accurate Elastomeric Impressions: The Importance of Effective Soft Tissue Management

Bozkaya, Uğur., 2014:
Accurate Electron Affinities from the Extended Koopmans' Theorem Based on Orbital-Optimized Methods

McKemmish, L.K.; Gilbert, A.T.B., 2015:
Accurate Electron Densities at Nuclei Using Small Ramp-Gaussian Basis Sets

Peter, S., 2016:
Accurate Empathy: Mapping and Navigating the World of Adolescent Loss, Grief, and Trauma A review of: Counseling Adolescents through Loss, Grief, and Trauma by Pamela A. Malone. New York: Routledge, 2016. 184 pp. (ISBN: 978-041587055). $44.95. Reviewed by Samuel C. Peter.

Ogawa, H.; Matsuoka, H.; Saito, M., 2016:
Accurate Enumeration of Aspergillus brasiliensis in Hair Color and Mascara by Time-Lapse Shadow Image Analysis

Morgan, B.R.; Massi, F., 2010:
Accurate Estimates of Free Energy Changes in Charge Mutations

Taylor, D.Lee.; Walters, W.A.; Lennon, N.J.; Bochicchio, J.; Krohn, A.; Caporaso, J.Gregory.; Pennanen, T., 2016:
Accurate Estimation of Fungal Diversity and Abundance through Improved Lineage-Specific Primers Optimized for Illumina Amplicon Sequencing

Ghandeharioun, H.; Rezaeitalab, F.; Lotfi, R., 2015:
Accurate Estimation of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity Using Non-Polysomnographic Features For Home-Based Screening

Suárez, E.; Adelman, J.L.; Zuckerman, D.M., 2018:
Accurate Estimation of Protein Folding and Unfolding Times: Beyond Markov State Models

Fogolari, F.; Dongmo Foumthuim, C.Jurgal.; Fortuna, S.; Soler, M.Angel.; Corazza, A.; Esposito, G., 2016:
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Accurate Maximum-Margin Training for Parsing With Context-Free Grammars

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Accurate Measurement of the Effects of All Amino-Acid Mutations on Influenza Hemagglutinin

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Accurate Non-parametric Estimation of Recent Effective Population Size from Segments of Identity by Descent

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Accurate Prediction of Docked Protein Structure Similarity

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Accurate Prediction of One-Dimensional Protein Structure Features Using SPINE-X

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Accurate Prediction of Transposon-Derived piRNAs by Integrating Various Sequential and Physicochemical Features

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Accurate Prediction of the Stage of Histological Chorioamnionitis before Delivery by Amniotic Fluid IL-8 Level

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Accurate Prediction of the Statistics of Repetitions in Random Sequences: A Case Study in Archaea Genomes

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Accurate Recovery of Ribosome Positions Reveals Slow Translation of Wobble-Pairing Codons in Yeast

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Accurate Reference Intervals are Required for Accurate Diagnosis and Monitoring of Patients

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Accurate References Add to the Credibility

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Accurate Reporting of Door-to-Balloon Times

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Accurate Sample Assignment in a Multiplexed, Ultrasensitive, High-Throughput Sequencing Assay for Minimal Residual Disease

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Accurate Segmentation of Cervical Cytoplasm and Nuclei Based on Multiscale Convolutional Network and Graph Partitioning

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Accurate Segmentation of Vertebral Bodies and Processes Using Statistical Shape Decomposition and Conditional Models

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Accurate Semilocal Density Functional for Condensed-Matter Physics and Quantum Chemistry

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Accurate Serodetection of Asymptomatic Leishmania donovani Infection by Use of Defined Antigens

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Accurate Simulation of Resonance-Raman Spectra of Flexible Molecules: An Internal Coordinates Approach

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Accurate Spectroscopic Characterization Of Protonated Oxirane: A Potential Prebiotic Species In Titan's Atmosphere

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Accurate Spin-State Energies for Iron Complexes

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Accurate Structure Prediction and Conformational Analysis of Cyclic Peptides with Residue-Specific Force Fields

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Accurate Structure Prediction of CDR H3 Loops Enabled by a Novel Structure-Based C-Terminal Constraint

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Accurate Surface Chemistry beyond the Generalized Gradient Approximation: Illustrations for Graphene Adatoms

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Accurate Theoretical Description of the (1)La and (1)Lb Excited States in Acenes Using the All Order Constricted Variational Density Functional Theory Method and the Local Density Approximation

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Accurate Time-Dependent Wave Packet Calculations for the O(+) + H2 → OH(+) + H Ion-Molecule Reaction

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Accurate Transposable Element Annotation Is Vital When Analyzing New Genome Assemblies

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Accurate Treatment of Energetics and Geometry of Carbon and Hydrocarbon Compounds within Tight-Binding Model

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Accurate Treatment of Large Supramolecular Complexes by Double-Hybrid Density Functionals Coupled with Nonlocal van der Waals Corrections

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Accurate Vehicle Location System Using RFID, an Internet of Things Approach

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Accurate Vibrational Frequencies of Borane and Its Isotopologues

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Accurate Young's modulus measurement based on Rayleigh wave velocity and empirical Poisson's ratio

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Accurate ab Initio Study on the Hydrogen-Bond Pairs in Protein Secondary Structures

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Accurate ab initio calculations of O-HO and O-H(-)O proton chemical shifts: towards elucidation of the nature of the hydrogen bond and prediction of hydrogen bond distances

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Accurate ab initio description of adsorption on coordinatively unsaturated Cu(2+) and Fe(3+) sites in MOFs

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Accurate ab initio potential energy surface, thermochemistry, and dynamics of the F(-) + CH3F SN2 and proton-abstraction reactions

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Accurate ab initio potential for the krypton dimer and transport properties of the low-density krypton gas

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Accurate ab initio vibrational energies of methyl chloride

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Accurate ab initio-based double many-body expansion potential energy surface for the adiabatic ground-state of the C3 radical including combined Jahn-Teller plus pseudo-Jahn-Teller interactions

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Accurate adiabatic correction in the hydrogen molecule

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Accurate adiabatic singlet-triplet gaps in atoms and molecules employing the third-order spin-flip algebraic diagrammatic construction scheme for the polarization propagator

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Accurate adjoint design sensitivities for nano metal optics

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Accurate age classification of 6 and 12 month-old infants based on resting-state functional connectivity magnetic resonance imaging data

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Accurate alignment of optical axes of a biplate using a spectroscopic Mueller matrix ellipsometer

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Accurate analysis and visualization of cardiac (11)C-PIB uptake in amyloidosis with semiautomatic software

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Accurate analysis of ginkgolides and their hydrolyzed metabolites by analytical supercritical fluid chromatography hybrid tandem mass spectrometry

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Accurate analysis of testosterone in human serum using a heart-cutting 2D-UPLC-MS/MS procedure

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Accurate and Easy Measurement of Sliding Distance of Intramedullary Nail in Trochanteric Fracture

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Accurate and Efficient Model Energies for Exploring Intermolecular Interactions in Molecular Crystals

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Accurate and Efficient Quantum Chemistry by Locality of Chemical Interactions

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Accurate and Efficient Treatment of Continuous Solute Charge Density in the Mean-Field QM/MM Free Energy Calculation

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Accurate and Fast Convergent Initial-Value Belief Propagation for Stereo Matching

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Accurate and Fully Automatic Hippocampus Segmentation Using Subject-Specific 3D Optimal Local Maps Into a Hybrid Active Contour Model

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Accurate and Rigorous Prediction of the Changes in Protein Free Energies in a Large-Scale Mutation Scan

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Accurate and Robust Unitary Transformations of a High-Dimensional Quantum System

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Accurate and Simple Screw Insertion Procedure With Patient-Specific Screw Guide Templates for Posterior C1-C2 Fixation

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Accurate and Standardised Coronary Wave Intensity Analysis

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Accurate and absolute diffusion measurements of Rhodamine 6G in low-concentration aqueous solutions by the PGSE-WATERGATE sequence

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Accurate and automated image segmentation of 3D optical coherence tomography data suffering from low signal-to-noise levels

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Accurate and efficient calculation of excitation energies with the active-space particle-particle random phase approximation

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Accurate and efficient target prediction using a potency-sensitive influence-relevance voter

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Accurate and fast 3D surface measurement with temporal-spatial binary encoding structured illumination

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Accurate and fast fiber transfer delay measurement based on phase discrimination and frequency measurement

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Accurate and inexpensive prediction of the color optical properties of anthocyanins in solution

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Accurate and interpretable nanoSAR models from genetic programming-based decision tree construction approaches

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Accurate assessment and prediction of noise in clinical CT images

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Accurate assessment of the biodegradation of cationic surfactants in activated sludge reactors (OECD TG 303A)

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Accurate assessment of the weight of evidence for DNA mixtures by integrating the likelihood ratio

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Accurate calculation of conformational free energy differences in explicit water: the confinement-solvation free energy approach

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Accurate calculation of diffraction-limited encircled and ensquared energy

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Accurate calculation of the absolute free energy of binding for drug molecules

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Accurate calibration and uncertainty estimation of the normal spring constant of various AFM cantilevers

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Accurate chromosome segregation by probabilistic self-organisation

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Accurate coarse-grained models for mixtures of colloids and linear polymers under good-solvent conditions

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Accurate coding in sepsis: clinical significance and financial implications

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Accurate compressed look up table method for CGH in 3D holographic display

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Accurate computation of survival statistics in genome-wide studies

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Accurate concentration control of mitochondria and nucleoids

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Accurate connection strength estimation based on variational bayes for detecting synaptic plasticity

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Accurate contact predictions using covariation techniques and machine learning

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Accurate continuous geographic assignment from low- to high-density SNP data

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Accurate control of chromaticity and spectra by feedback phosphor-coating

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Accurate convergence of transient-absorption spectra using pulsed lasers

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Accurate cortical tissue classification on MRI by modeling cortical folding patterns

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Accurate data process for nanopore analysis

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Accurate definition and management of idiopathic sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis

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Accurate description of DNA-based noninvasive prenatal screening

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Accurate description of intermolecular interactions involving ions using symmetry-adapted perturbation theory

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Accurate design of megadalton-scale two-component icosahedral protein complexes

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Accurate detection for a wide range of mutation and editing sites of microRNAs from small RNA high-throughput sequencing profiles

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Accurate determination of complex χ(2) spectrum of the air/water interface

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Accurate determination of fiber water-retaining capability at process conditions by headspace gas chromatography

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Accurate determination of ochratoxin A in Korean fermented soybean paste by isotope dilution-liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

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Accurate determination of rates from non-uniformly sampled relaxation data

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Accurate determination of screw position in treating fifth metatarsal base fractures to shorten radiation exposure time

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Accurate determination of segmented X-ray detector geometry

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Accurate determination of selected pesticides in soya beans by liquid chromatography coupled to isotope dilution mass spectrometry

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Accurate determination of surface reference data in digital photographs in ice-free surfaces of Maritime Antarctica

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Accurate determination of the diffusion coefficient of proteins by Fourier analysis with whole column imaging detection

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Accurate diagnosis as a prognostic factor in intrauterine insemination treatment of infertile saudi patients

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Accurate diagnosis of axillary lymph node metastasis using contrast-enhanced ultrasonography with Sonazoid

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Accurate diagnosis of cardiac sarcoidosis needs a multidisciplinary approach

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Accurate diagnosis of latent tuberculosis in children, people who are immunocompromised or at risk from immunosuppression and recent arrivals from countries with a high incidence of tuberculosis: systematic review and economic evaluation

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Accurate diagnosis of myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome based upon objective test methods for characteristic symptoms

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Accurate diagnosis of patients' distress levels: The effect of family physicians' ability to take the patient's perspective

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Accurate dissociation energies of two isomers of the 1-naphthol⋅cyclopropane complex

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Accurate disulfide-bonding network predictions improve ab initio structure prediction of cysteine-rich proteins

Hampton, S., 2016:
Accurate documentation and wound measurement

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Accurate dynamic power estimation for CMOS combinational logic circuits with real gate delay model

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Accurate efficient carrier estimation for single-shot digital holographic imaging

Chen, X.; Ning, C., 2016:
Accurate electron affinity of Pb and isotope shifts of binding energies of Pb(.)

Fu, X.; Luo, Z.; Chen, X.; Li, J.; Ning, C., 2016:
Accurate electron affinity of V and fine-structure splittings of V - via slow-electron velocity-map imaging

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Accurate electronic and chemical properties of 3d transition metal oxides using a calculated linear response U and a DFT + U(V) method

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Accurate encoding and decoding by single cells: amplitude versus frequency modulation

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Accurate estimate of pancreatic T2* values: how to deal with fat infiltration

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Accurate estimation of influenza epidemics using Google search data via ARGO

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Accurate estimation of isoelectric point of protein and peptide based on amino acid sequences

Taguchi, K.; Ueda, S.; Fukami, K., 2017:
Accurate estimation of protein/creatinine ratio on urine sample in CKD patients

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Accurate estimation of the backscattering coefficient by light scattering at two backward angles

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Accurate estimation of the myocardium global function from reduced magnetic resonance image acquisitions

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Accurate evaluation of axillary sentinel lymph node metastasis using contrast-enhanced ultrasonography with Sonazoid in breast cancer: a preliminary clinical trial

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Accurate evaluation of charge asymmetry in aqueous solvation

Shiba, T.; Takahashi, M.; Shiba, C.; Hori, Y., 2016:
Accurate evaluation of relationships among serum lipoprotein lipase mass, visceral fat, and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness

Szymaniak, S., 2015:
Accurate falls risk assessment and interventions for preventing falls in patients in the acute care setting within a private hospital in a large capital city: a best practice implementation project

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Accurate feature detection for out-of-focus camera calibration

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Accurate flexural spring constant calibration of colloid probe cantilevers using scanning laser Doppler vibrometry

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Accurate flow cytometric gating of the large lymphocyte region is a powerful screening method for detecting hairy cell leukemia presenting with a low tumor burden

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Accurate fluorescence quantum yield determination by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

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Accurate force fields and methods for modelling organic molecular crystals at finite temperatures

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Accurate genetic diagnosis of Finnish pulmonary arterial hypertension patients using oligonucleotide-selective sequencing

Lee, J-W.; Lee, D-W.; Ohe, J-Y.; Kwon, Y-D., 2016:
Accurate genial tubercle capturing method using computer-assisted virtual surgery for genioglossus advancement

Tong, Y-Q.; Liu, B.; Liu, H.; Zheng, H-Y.; Gu, J.; Liu, H.; Song, E.J.; Song, C.; Li, Y., 2016:
Accurate genotyping of hepatitis C virus through nucleotide sequencing and identification of new HCV subtypes in China population

Ghasemi, K.; Khanmohammadi, M.; Saligheh Rad, H., 2017:
Accurate grading of brain gliomas by soft independent modeling of class analogy based on non-negative matrix factorization of proton magnetic resonance spectra

ElDeeb, S.M.; Fahmy, A.S., 2016:
Accurate harmonic phase tracking of tagged MRI using locally-uniform myocardium displacement constraint

Fouladi, S.Hamed.; Balasingham, I.; Ramstad, T.Audun.; Kansanen, K., 2016:
Accurate heart rate estimation from camera recording via MUSIC algorithm

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Accurate high level ab initio-based global potential energy surface and dynamics calculations for ground state of CH2(+)

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Accurate high-throughput identification of parallel G-quadruplex topology by a new tetraaryl-substituted imidazole

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Accurate hydrogen bond energies within the density functional tight binding method

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Accurate hydrogen parameters for the amino acid L-leucine

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Accurate identification of Culicidae at aquatic developmental stages by MALDI-TOF MS profiling

Sun, H.; Zhou, X.; Wu, B., 2016:
Accurate identification of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A1 (UGT1A1) inhibitors using UGT1A1-overexpressing HeLa cells

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Accurate mapping of RNA-Seq data

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Accurate measurement of the normality values of macroaggregated albumin lung perfusion scan in hepatopulmonary syndrome

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Accurate measurements and temperature dependence of the water vapor self-continuum absorption in the 2.1 μm atmospheric window

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Accurate measurements of cross-plane thermal conductivity of thin films by dual-frequency time-domain thermoreflectance (TDTR)

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Accurate membrane tracing in three-dimensional reconstructions from electron cryotomography data

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Accurate micro-computed tomography imaging of pore spaces in collagen-based scaffold

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Accurate mobile malware detection and classification in the cloud

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Accurate modeling and positioning of a magnetically controlled catheter tip

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Accurate modeling of ionic surfactants at high concentration

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Accurate modelling of fabricated hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers

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Accurate multiple network alignment through context-sensitive random walk

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Accurate multiplexing and filtering for high-throughput amplicon-sequencing

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Accurate multireference configuration interaction calculations of the 24 Λ-S states and 60 Ω states of the BO(+) cation

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Accurate myocardial blood flow measurements: Quality from start to finish is key to success

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Accurate nonadiabatic dynamics

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Accurate nonadiabatic quantum dynamics on the cheap: making the most of mean field theory with master equations

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Accurate nonfluoroscopic guidance and tip location of peripherally inserted central catheters using a conductance guidewire system

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Accurate nonrelativistic ground-state energies of 3d transition metal atoms

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Accurate optical vector network analyzer based on optical single-sideband modulation and balanced photodetection

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Accurate or assumed: visual learning in children with ASD

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Accurate pan-specific prediction of peptide-MHC class II binding affinity with improved binding core identification

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Accurate phase-shift velocimetry in rock

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Accurate placement of substrate RNA by Gar1 in H/ACA RNA-guided pseudouridylation

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Accurate potential energy functions, non-adiabatic and spin-orbit couplings in the ZnH(+) system

Anonymous, 1993:
Accurate predicting of osteoporitic fractures

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Accurate prediction of RNA-binding protein residues with two discriminative structural descriptors

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Accurate prediction of black rot epidemics in vineyards using a weather-driven disease model

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Accurate prediction of bulk properties in hydrogen bonded liquids: amides as case studies

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Accurate prediction of gestational age using newborn screening analyte data

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Accurate prediction of height loss in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: Cobb angle alone is insufficient

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Accurate prediction of helix interactions and residue contacts in membrane proteins

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Accurate prediction of immunogenic T-cell epitopes from epitope sequences using the genetic algorithm-based ensemble learning

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Accurate prediction of lattice energies and structures of molecular crystals with molecular quantum chemistry methods

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Accurate prediction of nuclear receptors with conjoint triad feature

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Accurate prediction of response to endocrine therapy in breast cancer patients: current and future biomarkers

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Accurate prediction of severe allergic reactions by a small set of environmental parameters (NDVI, temperature)

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Accurate prediction of target dose-escalation and organ-at-risk dose levels for non-small cell lung cancer patients

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Accurate prediction of the age incidence of chronic myeloid leukemia with an improved two-mutation mathematical model

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Accurate prediction of the optical rotation and NMR properties for highly flexible chiral natural products

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Accurate prediction tools in prostate cancer require consistent assessment of included variables

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Accurate predictions of spectroscopic and molecular properties of 27 Λ-S and 73 Ω states of AsS radical

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Accurate primary germ cell cancer diagnosis using serum based microRNA detection (ampTSmiR test)

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Accurate procedural assessment of AR - critical for successful TAVI

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Accurate projector calibration method by using an optical coaxial camera

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Accurate protein-peptide titration experiments by nuclear magnetic resonance using low-volume samples

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Accurate purification age determination of individual uranium-plutonium mixed particles

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Accurate quantification of episomal HIV-1 two-long terminal repeat circles by use of optimized DNA isolation and droplet digital PCR

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Accurate quantification of fluorescent targets within turbid media based on a decoupled fluorescence Monte Carlo model

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Accurate quantification of impurities in pure peptide material - angiotensin I: Comparison of calibration requirements and method performance characteristics of liquid chromatography coupled to hybrid tandem mass spectrometry and linear ion trap high-resolution mass spectrometry

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Accurate quantification of mouse mitochondrial DNA without co-amplification of nuclear mitochondrial insertion sequences

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Accurate quantification of tio2 nanoparticles collected on air filters using a microwave-assisted acid digestion method

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Accurate quantification of total chromium and its speciation form Cr(VI) in water by ICP-DRC-IDMS and HPLC/ICP-DRC-IDMS

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Accurate quantification of two key time points used in the determination of hydroxyl polyaluminum species by ferron timed spectrophotometry

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Accurate quantification of vessel cross-sectional area using CT angiography: a simulation study

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Accurate quantitation for in vitro refolding of single domain antibody fragments expressed as inclusion bodies by referring the concomitant expression of a soluble form in the periplasms of Escherichia coli

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Accurate quantitation of mitochondrial DNA reveals uniform levels in human blastocysts irrespective of ploidy, age, or implantation potential

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Accurate quantitative assessment of synovitis in rheumatoid arthritis using pixel-by-pixel, time-intensity curve shape analysis

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Accurate quantitative phase digital holographic microscopy with single- and multiple-wavelength telecentric and nontelecentric configurations

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Accurate quantitative wide-field fluorescence microscopy of 3-D spheroids

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Accurate quantum chemical modelling of the separation of Eu(3+) from Am(3+)/Cm(3+) by liquid-liquid extraction with Cyanex272

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Accurate quantum dynamics calculations of vibrational spectrum of dideuteromethane CH2D2

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Accurate radiative transfer calculations for layered media

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Accurate rapid averaging of multihue ensembles is due to a limited capacity subsampling mechanism

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Accurate reaction barrier heights of pericyclic reactions: Surprisingly large deviations for the CBS-QB3 composite method and their consequences in DFT benchmark studies

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Accurate reaction-diffusion operator splitting on tetrahedral meshes for parallel stochastic molecular simulations

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Accurate read-based metagenome characterization using a hierarchical suite of unique signatures

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Accurate reading comprehension rate as an indicator of broad reading in students in first, second, and third grades

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Accurate real-time depth control for CP-SSOCT distal sensor based handheld microsurgery tools

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Accurate reconstruction of viral quasispecies spectra through improved estimation of strain richness

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Accurate refinement of docked protein complexes using evolutionary information and deep learning

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Accurate registration of peri-implant soft tissues to create an optimal emergence profile

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Accurate reporting of adherence to inhaled therapies in adults with cystic fibrosis: methods to calculate "normative adherence"

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Accurate secondary structure prediction and fold recognition for circular dichroism spectroscopy

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Accurate self-correction of errors in long reads using de Bruijn graphs

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Accurate shade image matching by using a smartphone camera

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Accurate simulation of MPPT methods performance when applied to commercial photovoltaic panels

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Accurate single-trial detection of movement intention made possible using adaptive wavelet transform

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Accurate small and wide angle x-ray scattering profiles from atomic models of proteins and nucleic acids

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Accurate spectroscopic calculations of 21 electronic states of ClO radical including transition properties

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Accurate spectroscopic calculations of the 14Λ-S and 30Ω states of BF + cation including the spin-orbit coupling effect

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Accurate spectroscopic calculations of the 21 Λ-S states and 42 Ω states of the SiB radical

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Accurate spectroscopic properties of 19 low-lying states of PCl radical including the electronic transition properties

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Accurate spectroscopy of polycyclic aromatic compounds: from the rotational spectrum of fluoren-9-one in the millimeter wave region to its infrared spectrum

Battini, V.Priya.; Bubulya, A.; Bubulya, P.A., 2015:
Accurate splicing of HDAC6 pre-mRNA requires SON

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Accurate standard hydrogen electrode potential and applications to the redox potentials of vitamin C and NAD/NADH

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Accurate stepping on a narrow path: mechanics, EMG, and motor cortex activity in the cat

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Accurate stereo matching by two-step energy minimization

Li, H.; Kaira, S.; Mertens, J.; Chawla, N.; Jiao, Y., 2016:
Accurate stochastic reconstruction of heterogeneous microstructures by limited x-ray tomographic projections

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Accurate stone analysis: the impact on disease diagnosis and treatment

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Accurate structural and spectroscopic characterization of prebiotic molecules: The neutral and cationic acetyl cyanide and their related species

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Accurate terminology and definitions are essential in clinical research

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Accurate testing of aspheric surfaces using the transport of intensity equation by properly selecting the defocusing distance

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Accurate theoretical and experimental characterization of optical grating coupler

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Accurate thermochemistry from explicitly correlated distinguishable cluster approximation

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Accurate thermodynamic properties of gas phase hydrogen bonded complexes

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Accurate thickness measurement of graphene

Ren, M.; Liang, J.; Li, L.; Wei, B.; Wang, L.; Tang, Z., 2016:
Accurate three-dimensional shape and deformation measurement at microscale using digital image correlation

Gong, Y.; Hu, D.; Hannaford, B.; Seibel, E.J., 2015:
Accurate three-dimensional virtual reconstruction of surgical field using calibrated trajectories of an image-guided medical robot

Li, Y.; He, S.; Russakoff, A.; Varga, Kálmán., 2016:
Accurate time propagation method for the coupled Maxwell and Kohn-Sham equations

Murphy, K.P.; McLaughlin, P.D.; Twomey, M.; Chan, V.E.; Moloney, F.; Fung, A.J.; Chan, F.E.; Kao, T.; O'Neill, S.B.; Watson, B.; O'Connor, O.J.; Maher, M.M., 2016:
Accurate tissue characterization in low-dose CT imaging with pure iterative reconstruction

Gumienny, R.; Zavolan, M., 2015:
Accurate transcriptome-wide prediction of microRNA targets and small interfering RNA off-targets with MIRZA-G

Dagdigian, P.J., 2015:
Accurate transport properties for H-CO and H-CO2

Dagdigian, P.J.; Kłos, J.; Warehime, M.; Alexander, M.H., 2016:
Accurate transport properties for O( 3 P)-H and O( 3 P)-H 2

Chong, V.; Hill, A.G.; MacCormick, A.D., 2016:
Accurate triage of lower gastrointestinal bleed (LGIB) - A cohort study

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Accurate typing of short tandem repeats from genome-wide sequencing data and its applications

Taki, H.; Tanimura, S.; Sakamoto, T.; Shiina, T.; Sato, T., 2016:
Accurate ultrasound imaging based on range point migration method for the depiction of fetal surface

Solovyov, L.A., 2016:
Accurate unrestrained DDM refinement of crystal structures from highly distorted and low-resolution powder diffraction data

Ozgonul, C.; Sertoglu, E.; Gokce, G., 2015:
Accurate use of neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio in patients with keratoconus

Yuanzhi Cheng; Xin Hu; Ji Wang; Yadong Wang; Tamura, S., 2016:
Accurate vessel segmentation with constrained B-snake

Sahu, N.; Gadre, S.R., 2016:
Accurate vibrational spectra via molecular tailoring approach: a case study of water clusters at MP2 level

Bertschi, M.; Celka, P.; Delgado-Gonzalo, R.; Lemay, M.; Calvo, E.M.; Grossenbacher, O.; Renevey, P., 2016:
Accurate walking and running speed estimation using wrist inertial data

Bode, L.E., 2018:
Accurate weathervane for change in the profession

Drmanac, R.; Peters, B.A.; Church, G.M.; Reid, C.A.; Xu, X., 2015:
Accurate whole genome sequencing as the ultimate genetic test

Linker, D.T., 2018:
Accurate, Automated Detection of Atrial Fibrillation in Ambulatory Recordings

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