Section 58
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Alkyl-aryl ketone synthesis via nickel-catalyzed reductive coupling of alkyl halides with aryl acids and anhydrides

Jia, X.; Zhang, X.; Qian, Q.; Gong, H.

Chemical Communications 51(51): 10302-10305


ISSN/ISBN: 1364-548X
PMID: 26023832
DOI: 10.1039/c5cc03113c
Accession: 057159256

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The present work disclosed a considerably improved method for the construction of alkyl-aryl ketones by the direct coupling of unactivated alkyl bromides with 1.5 equiv. of acids. In addition, the synthesis of aroyl C-glycosides was first achieved by the reductive coupling of 1-glycosyl bromides with acid derivatives, which may otherwise require multi-step synthesis.

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