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Analysis of Data that is in the Form of Categories Part II: Beyond the 2*2 Contingency Table-Partitioning Chi-Square Tests

Mera, R.; Thompson, H.W.; Prasad, C.

Nutritional Neuroscience 3(2): 143-149


ISSN/ISBN: 1028-415X
PMID: 27416372
DOI: 10.1080/1028415x.2000.11747311
Accession: 057189169

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This article extends the analysis of 2*2 tables considered in the preceding paper of this three-part series. The methods described in the previous paper for analysis of frequency counts of categorical variables in 2*2 tables, including overall tests, partitioned tests, odds ratios, and estimation of required sample size, are applied to tables with multiple levels, such as those with more than two response factors and/or more than two levels for each factor.

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