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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 57231

Chapter 57231 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ersoy, C.; Özyüksel, A.; Alkan Bozkaya, T.; Karaaslan, P.; Örmeci, Tğrul.; Ündar, A.; Akçevin, Aıf.; Türkoğlu, H., 2016:
Are perioperative near-infrared spectroscopy values correlated with clinical and biochemical parameters in cyanotic and acyanotic infants following corrective cardiac surgery?

Cotter, P.F., 2015:
Are peripheral Mott cells an indication of stress or inefficient immunity?

Abboud, R.; Roiser, J.P.; Khalifeh, H.; Ali, S.; Harrison, I.; Killaspy, H.T.; Joyce, E.M., 2016:
Are persistent delusions in schizophrenia associated with aberrant salience?

Lorber, M.F.; Slep, A.M.Smith., 2016:
Are persistent early onset child conduct problems predicted by the trajectories and initial levels of discipline practices?

Cuijpers, P.; Christensen, H., 2016:
Are personalised treatments of adult depression finally within reach?

Hershenberg, R.; Olino, T.M.; Dyson, M.W.; Davila, J.; Klein, D.N., 2015:
Are personality disorder dimensions related over time? An examination over the course of ten years using multivariate growth modeling

Phillipou, A.; Gurvich, C.; Castle, D.Jonathan.; Rossell, S.Lee., 2015:
Are personality disturbances in anorexia nervosa related to emotion processing or eating disorder symptomatology?

Stranden, M.; Solvin, Håvard.; Fors, E.A.; Getz, L.; Helvik, A-S., 2016 :
Are persons with fibromyalgia or other musculoskeletal pain more likely to report hearing loss? A HUNT study

D.I.liis, F.; Salerno, G.; Taglieri, L.; Scarpa, S., 2015:
Are pharmacogenomic biomarkers an effective tool to predict taxane toxicity and outcome in breast cancer patients? Literature review

Zhang, L.Tao.; Park, J.Kwan., 2015:
Are phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors effective for the management of lower urinary symptoms suggestive of benign prostatic hyperplasia?

Jones, T.; Leary, S.; Atack, N.; Chawla, O.; Ness, A.; Ireland, T.; Sandy, J., 2017:
Are photographs a suitable alternative to dental study casts when assessing primary surgical outcome in children born with unilateral cleft lip and palate?

Layne, C.S.; Parker, N.H.; Soltero, E.G.; Rosales Chavez, Jé.; O'Connor, D.P.; Gallagher, M.R.; Lee, R.E., 2016:
Are physical activity studies in Hispanics meeting reporting guidelines for continuous monitoring technology? A systematic review

Jalali-Farahani, S.; Amiri, P.; Chin, Y.Siew., 2016:
Are physical activity, sedentary behaviors and sleep duration associated with body mass index-for-age and health-related quality of life among high school boys and girls?

Smereka, J.; Szarpak, Łukasz.; Czyzewski, Łukasz.; Zysko, D.; Smereka, A., 2016:
Are physicians able to recognition ineffective (agonal) breathing as element of cardiac arrest?

Lee, K.Hong.; Aung, M.Oo.; Lim, S.Gee., 2013:
Are physicians following guidelines? A survey of Hepatitis B management strategies

Swensen, E., 2015:
Are physicians leisure time more important than others?

Robinson, D.Joan.L., 2016 :
Are physicians obligated to tell parents about the meningococcal serogroup B vaccine?

Deren, M.M., 2015:
Are physicians obligated to treat patients with Ebola?

Katz-Agranov, N.; Akdam, A.; Stalnikowicz, R.; Lernau, O.; Brezis, M., 2016:
Are physicians overlooking the clinical assessment of hypovolemia?

Christensen, K.D.; Vassy, J.L.; Jamal, L.; Lehmann, L.S.; Slashinski, M.J.; Perry, D.L.; Robinson, J.O.; Blumenthal-Barby, J.; Feuerman, L.Z.; Murray, M.F.; Green, R.C.; McGuire, A.L., 2016:
Are physicians prepared for whole genome sequencing? a qualitative analysis

Hüll, M., 2016:
Are physicians treating dementia too often with antipsychotics?

Kandrik, M.; Hahn, A.C.; Fisher, C.I.; Wincenciak, J.; DeBruine, L.M.; Jones, B.C., 2016:
Are physiological and behavioral immune responses negatively correlated? Evidence from hormone-linked differences in men's face preferences

Spitaels, D.; Hermens, R.; Van Assche, D.; Verschueren, S.; Luyten, F.; Vankrunkelsven, P., 2016:
Are physiotherapists adhering to quality indicators for the management of knee osteoarthritis? An observational study

Nakagiri, A.; Niwagaba, C.B.; Nyenje, P.M.; Kulabako, R.N.; Tumuhairwe, J.B.; Kansiime, F., 2016:
Are pit latrines in urban areas of Sub-Saharan Africa performing? A review of usage, filling, insects and odour nuisances

Mancosu, P.; Reggiori, G.; Gaudino, A.; Lobefalo, F.; Paganini, L.; Palumbo, V.; Stravato, A.; Tomatis, S.; Scorsetti, M., 2016:
Are pitch and roll compensations required in all pathologies? A data analysis of 2945 fractions

Kube, T.; Rief, W., 2016 :
Are placebo and drug-specific effects additive? Questioning basic assumptions of double-blinded randomized clinical trials and presenting novel study designs

Shelton, R.C., 2016:
Are placebo-controlled trials of depression safe?

Capituloʼ, K.Leask.; Olafsdottir, O.Asta.; Huang, Z., 2016:
Are planned home births safe?

Gylling, H.; Simonen, P., 2016:
Are plant sterols and plant stanols a viable future treatment for dyslipidemia?

Cottom, H.; Mighell, A.J.; High, A.; Bateman, A.C., 2015:
Are plasma cell-rich inflammatory conditions of the oral mucosa manifestations of IgG4-related disease?

Kaynar, A.Murat.; Nowalk, M.Patricia.; Lin, C.Jeng.; Moehling, K.K.; Susick, M.; Bakalov, V.; Pitt, B.R.; Bain, D.J.; Ross, T.M.; Saul, S.G.; Raymund, M.; Zimmerman, R.K., 2016:
Are plasma mineral levels related to antibody response to influenza vaccination in older adults?

Benhamou, Y.; Baudel, J-Luc.; Wynckel, A.; Galicier, L.; Azoulay, E.; Provôt, Fçois.; Pène, Fédéric.; Mira, J-Paul.; Presne, C.; Poullin, P.; Halimi, J-Michel.; Rivière, E.; Kanouni, T.; Seguin, Aélie.; Mousson, C.; Servais, A.; Bordessoule, D.; Perez, P.; Hamidou, M.; Chauveau, D.; Veyradier, Aès.; Coppo, P., 2015:
Are platelet transfusions harmful in acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura at the acute phase? Experience of the French thrombotic microangiopathies reference center

Imajo, K.; Yoneda, M.; Nakajima, A., 2015:
Are platelets count useful for detecting the grade of steatosis?

Maxim, L.Daniel.; Niebo, R.; Utell, M.J., 2016:
Are pleural plaques an appropriate endpoint for risk analyses?

Thibout, Y.; Guibert, B.; Gamondes, J.; Tiffet, O.; de la Roche, E.; Souquet, P., 2016:
Are pneumonectomies (PN) after induction chemotherapy (CT) for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) a reasonable procedure? A multicenter, retrospective study of 228 cases

Costa, Y.F.; Tjioe, K.C.; Nonogaki, S.; Soares, F.A.; Lauris, J.R.Pereira.; Oliveira, D.Tostes., 2016:
Are podoplanin and ezrin involved in the invasion process of the ameloblastomas?

Spièce, J.; Martínez-Tong, D.E.; Sferrazza, M.; Nogales, A.; Napolitano, S., 2015:
Are polymers glassier upon confinement?

Colmenero, J., 2015:
Are polymers standard glass-forming systems? The role of intramolecular barriers on the glass-transition phenomena of glass-forming polymers

Ye, L-li.; Zhang, G-hui.; Huang, J-wen.; Li, Y.; Zheng, G-qiao.; Zhang, D-ting.; Zhou, L-fang.; Tao, X-dan.; Zhang, J.; Ye, Y-jie.; Sun, P.; Frank, A.; Xia, Z-lin., 2016:
Are polymorphisms in metabolism protective or a risk for reduced white blood cell counts in a Chinese population with low occupational benzene exposures?

Øverås, M.; Kapstad, H.; Brunborg, C.; Landrø, N.Inge.; Lask, B., 2015:
Are poor set-shifting abilities associated with a higher frequency of body checking in anorexia nervosa?

Omar, M.; Dratzidis, A.; Klintschar, M.; Kwisda, S.; Krettek, C.; Ettinger, M., 2016:
Are porcine flexor digitorum profundus tendons suitable graft substitutes for human hamstring tendons in biomechanical in vitro-studies?

Brüggemann, A.; Fredlund, E.; Mallmin, H.; Hailer, N.P., 2016:
Are porous tantalum cups superior to conventional reinforcement rings?

Uteshev, V., 2016:
Are positive allosteric modulators of α7 nAChRs clinically safe?

Mancini, A.D., 2016:
Are positive appraisals always adaptive?

Staphorst, M.S.; Hunfeld, J.A.M.; van de Vathorst, S., 2016:
Are positive experiences of children in non-therapeutic research justifiable research benefits?

Nkengasong, J.N.; Skaggs, B.A., 2016:
Are post-Ebola reconstruction efforts neglecting public health laboratory systems?

Aurélio, I.L.; Fraga, S.; Rippe, M.P.; Valandro, L.F., 2015:
Are posts necessary for the restoration of root filled teeth with limited tissue loss? A structured review of laboratory and clinical studies

Gatward, J.J.; O'Leary, M.J.; Sgorbini, M.; Phipps, P.R., 2015:
Are potential organ donors missed on general wards? A 6-month audit of hospital deaths

Karma, P.; Roine, R.; Simonen, O.; Isolahti, E., 2015:
Are practice guidelines being followed in specialized care?

Krishnan, C., 2015:
Are practice trials required for hop tests?

McDonald, H.I.; Nitsch, D.; Millett, E.R.C.; Sinclair, A.; Thomas, S.L., 2015:
Are pre-existing markers of chronic kidney disease associated with short-term mortality following acute community-acquired pneumonia and sepsis? A cohort study among older people with diabetes using electronic health records

Goyal, S.; Matias, N.; Pandey, V.; Acharya, K., 2016:
Are pre-operative anthropometric parameters helpful in predicting length and thickness of quadrupled hamstring graft for ACL reconstruction in adults? A prospective study and literature review

Nuruddin, R.; Hadden, W.C., 2016:
Are pre-school girls more likely to be under-nourished in rural Thatta, Pakistan?-a cross-sectional study

Price, J., 2015:
Are preceptorships effective?

Kurbel, B.; Golem, A.Zvonimir.; Kurbel, S., 2016:
Are predictions of cancer response to targeted drugs, based on effects in unrelated tissues, the 'Black Swan' events?

Kale, D.; Gilbert, H.M.; Sutton, S., 2015:
Are predictors of making a quit attempt the same as predictors of 3-month abstinence from smoking? Findings from a sample of smokers recruited for a study of computer-tailored smoking cessation advice in primary care

Hunyady, A.I.; Jonmarker, C., 2016:
Are preformed endotracheal tubes appropriately designed for pediatric patients?

Gariepy, A.M.; Lundsberg, L.S.; Miller, D.; Stanwood, N.L.; Yonkers, K.A., 2016:
Are pregnancy planning and pregnancy timing associated with maternal psychiatric illness, psychological distress and support during pregnancy?

Gariepy, A.M.; Lundsberg, L.S.; Stolar, M.; Stanwood, N.L.; Yonkers, K.A., 2016:
Are pregnancy planning and timing associated with preterm or small for gestational age births?

Thain, S.P.T.; Choi, C.T.H.; Yeo, G.S.H., 2016:
Are pregnant women adequately equipped for autonomy in pregnancy screening?

Miller, N.; Biron-Shental, T.; Peleg, K.; Fishman, A.; Olsha, O.; Givon, A.; Kessel, B., 2015:
Are pregnant women safer in motor vehicle accidents?

Mariona, F.G., 2016:
Are pregnant women's obstetric care preferences contemplated in a provider-dominated maternity care system?

Ono, Y.; Shinohara, K.; Goto, A.; Yano, T.; Sato, L.; Miyazaki, H.; Shimada, J.; Tase, C., 2015:
Are prehospital airway management resources compatible with difficult airway algorithms? A nationwide cross-sectional study of helicopter emergency medical services in Japan

Zorab, O.; Robinson, M.; Endacott, R., 2016:
Are prehospital treatment or conveyance decisions affected by an ambulance crew's ability to access a patient's health information?

Prior, J.; Abraham, R.; Nicholas, H.; Chan, T.; Vanvlymen, J.; Lovestone, S.; Boothby, H., 2016:
Are premorbid abnormal personality traits associated with behavioural and psychological symptoms in dementia?

Gregory, S.; Iles-Caven, Y.; Hibbeln, J.R.; Taylor, C.M.; Golding, J., 2016:
Are prenatal mercury levels associated with subsequent blood pressure in childhood and adolescence? The Avon prebirth cohort study

Goh, B.K.P.; Tan, D.M.Y.; Chan, C-Yip.; Lee, S-Yee.; Lee, V.T.W.; Thng, C-Hua.; Low, A.S.C.; Tai, D.W.M.; Cheow, P-Chung.; Chow, P.K.H.; Ooi, L.L.P.J.; Chung, A.Y.F., 2016:
Are preoperative blood neutrophil-to-lymphocyte and platelet-to-lymphocyte ratios useful in predicting malignancy in surgically-treated mucin-producing pancreatic cystic neoplasms?

Body, N.; Lavoué, V.; D.K.rdaniel, O.; Foucher, F.; Henno, Sébastien.; Cauchois, Aélie.; Laviolle, B.; Leblanc, M.; Levêque, J., 2016:
Are preoperative histology and MRI useful for classification of endometrial cancer risk?

Wang, S.; Xiao, T.; Hu, C., 2015:
Are preoperative platelet-lymphocyte and neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio prognostic factors for patients with esophageal squamous cell cancer?

Richter, A.; Jenewein, J.; Krayenbühl, N.; Woernle, C.; Bellut, D., 2016:
Are preoperative sex-related differences of affective symptoms in primary brain tumor patients associated with postoperative histopathological grading?

Zemp, R.; Taylor, W.R.; Lorenzetti, S., 2015:
Are pressure measurements effective in the assessment of office chair comfort/discomfort? A review

Tadavarty, R.; Hwang, J.; Rajput, P.S.; Soja, P.J.; Kumar, U.; Sastry, B.R., 2016:
Are presynaptic GABA-Cρ2 receptors involved in anti-nociception?

Aerts, L.; Bergeron, S.; Corsini-Munt, S.; Steben, M.; Pâquet, M., 2015:
Are primary and secondary provoked vestibulodynia two different entities? A comparison of pain, psychosocial, and sexual characteristics

McKay, A.J.; Newson, R.B.; Soljak, M.; Riboli, E.; Car, J.; Majeed, A., 2016:
Are primary care factors associated with hospital episodes for adverse drug reactions? A national observational study

Luctkar-Flude, M.; Aiken, A.; McColl, M.Ann.; Tranmer, J.; Langley, H., 2016:
Are primary care providers implementing evidence-based care for breast cancer survivors?

Dawes, A.J.; Hemmelgarn, M.; Nguyen, D.K.; Sacks, G.D.; Clayton, S.M.; Cope, J.R.; Ganz, P.A.; Maggard-Gibbons, M., 2015:
Are primary care providers prepared to care for survivors of breast cancer in the safety net?

Semeniuk-Wojtaś, A.; Stec, Rł.; Szczylik, C., 2016:
Are primary renal cell carcinoma and metastases of renal cell carcinoma the same cancer?

Cervenakova, L.; Saá, P.; Yakovleva, O.; Vasilyeva, I.; de Castro, J.; Brown, P.; Dodd, R., 2016:
Are prions transported by plasma exosomes?

Suzuki, K.; Ohshimo, S.; Shime, N., 2017:
Are probiotics actually useful in decreasing VAP rate?

Guandalini, S., 2015:
Are probiotics or prebiotics useful in pediatric irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease?

Homan, Mž.; Orel, R., 2016:
Are probiotics useful in Helicobacter pylori eradication?

Kristensen, P.Kjaer.; Thillemann, T.Muncholm.; Søballe, K.; Johnsen, Søren.Paaske., 2016:
Are process performance measures associated with clinical outcomes among patients with hip fractures? A population-based cohort study

Reimer, C.B.; Strobach, T.; Frensch, P.A.; Schubert, T., 2015:
Are processing limitations of visual attention and response selection subject to the same bottleneck in dual-tasks?

Friedberg, R.D., 2015:
Are professional psychology training programs willing the future to economic illiterates?: a clarion call for pedagogical action

Lee, W.Jeong.; Woo, S.Hee.; Kim, D.Hee.; Seol, S.Hwan.; Park, S.Kyung.; Choi, S.Pill.; Jekarl, D.Wook.; Lee, S.Ok., 2015:
Are prognostic scores and biomarkers such as procalcitonin the appropriate prognostic precursors for elderly patients with sepsis in the emergency department?

Karjalainen, P.; Santalahti, Pälvi.; Sihvo, S., 2016:
Are programs supporting parenthood skills effective in the prevention and reduction of conduct disorders and problems of childhood?

Ersoy, A.Ozgur.; Tokmak, A.; Ozler, S.; Oztas, E.; Ersoy, E.; Celik, H.Tugrul.; Erdamar, H.; Yilmaz, N., 2017:
Are progranulin levels associated with polycystic ovary syndrome and its possible metabolic effects in adolescents and young women?

Jaglal, S.B.; Voth, J.; Guilcher, S.J.T.; Ho, C.; Noonan, V.K.; McKenzie, N.; Cronin, S.; Thorogood, N.P.; Craven, B.Cathy., 2018:
Creation of an Algorithm to Identify Non-traumatic Spinal Cord Dysfunction Patients in Canada Using Administrative Health Data

Arenas, A.; Rada, G., 2015:
Are prophylactic antibiotics useful in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

Bassetti, M.; Leon, C.; Timsit, J.Francois., 2016:
Are prophylactic antifungals in highly colonized patients safe and effective?

Cottee-Jones, H.Eden.W.; Matthews, T.J.; Bregman, T.P.; Barua, M.; Tamuly, J.; Whittaker, R.J., 2016:
Are protected areas required to maintain functional diversity in human-modified landscapes?

Thomasius, R.; Holtmann, M., 2016:
Are protection of minors and cannabis legalization compatible with each other? – The legalization debate from a child and adolescent psychiatric point of view

Naganathan, A.N.; Sanchez-Ruiz, J.M.; Munshi, S.; Suresh, S., 2016:
Are protein folding intermediates the evolutionary consequence of functional constraints?

Xu, H-Rui.; Cheng, J-Feng.; Hu, X-Pan.; Chu, Y-Ying.; Ma, B-Guang., 2016:
Are protein hubs faster folders? Exploration based on Escherichia coli proteome

Tonddast-Navaei, S.; Skolnick, J., 2016:
Are protein-protein interfaces special regions on a protein's surface?

Khan, M.Ali.; Cholankeril, G.; Howden, C.W., 2016:
Are proton pump inhibitors a threat for spontaneous bacterial peritonitis and hepatic encephalopathy in cirrhosis? Not so fast

Hughes, K.; Lalikian, K.A.; Schwartz, J.; Turner, R.B., 2016 :
Are proton pump inhibitors associated with an increased risk of Clostridium difficile infection after considering confounding variables?

Savarino, V.; Dulbecco, P.; Savarino, E., 2016:
Are proton pump inhibitors really so dangerous?

Huijgen, N.A.; de Ridder, M.A.J.; Verhamme, K.M.; Dohle, G.R.; Vanrolleghem, A.M.; Sturkenboom, M.C.J.M.; Laven, J.S.E.; Steegers-Theunissen, Régine.P.M., 2016:
Are proton-pump inhibitors harmful for the semen quality of men in couples who are planning pregnancy?

Rockstroh, J.K.; Fleiger, D.; Lutterbey, G.; Spengler, U., 1996:
Are pseudotumours of bone an additional risk factor for recurrent bacterial infection in HIV-infected haemophiliacs?

Sakkas, L.I.; Bogdanos, D.P., 2016:
Are psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis the same disease? The IL-23/IL-17 axis data

Wannan, G.; Wise, M.E.Jan., 2016:
Are psychiatrists only fools and horses to be open all hours?

van Zeist-Jongman, A., 2016:
Are psychiatrists trained to be leaders in mental health? A survey of early career psychiatrists

Asadi-Pooya, A.A., 2016:
Are psychogenic nonepileptic seizures genetically determined? It is time to explore!

Shearer, H.M.; Carroll, L.J.; Wong, J.J.; Côté, P.; Varatharajan, S.; Southerst, D.; Sutton, D.A.; Randhawa, K.A.; Yu, H.; Mior, S.A.; van der Velde, G.M.; Nordin, M.C.; Stupar, M.; Taylor-Vaisey, A.L., 2015:
Are psychological interventions effective for the management of neck pain and whiplash-associated disorders? A systematic review by the Ontario Protocol for Traffic Injury Management (OPTIMa) Collaboration

Lalić, H., 2016 :
Are psychologists and psychiatrists assessing work capacity part of the problem or solution?

Wilz, G.; Meichsner, F.; Soellner, R., 2016:
Are psychotherapeutic effects on family caregivers of people with dementia sustainable? Two-year long-term effects of a telephone-based cognitive behavioral intervention

Yengo-Kahn, A.Michael.; Solomon, G., 2016:
Are psychotropic medications associated with differences in baseline neurocognitive assessment scores for young athletes? A pilot study

Rapp, T.; Chauvin, P.; Sirven, N., 2016:
Are public subsidies effective to reduce emergency care? Evidence from the PLASA study

Yew, W-Wai.; Chiang, C-Yuan.; Lumb, R.; Islam, T., 2016:
Are pulmonary non-tuberculous mycobacteria of concern in the Western Pacific Region?

Backman, H.; Laajasalo, T.; Saukkonen, S.; Salmi, V.; Kivivuori, J.; Aronen, E.T., 2016:
Are qualitative and quantitative sleep problems associated with delinquency when controlling for psychopathic features and parental supervision?

Mani, A.; Benjamin, C., 2016:
Are quantum spin Hall edge modes more resilient to disorder, sample geometry and inelastic scattering than quantum Hall edge modes?

Yeo, A.K.S.; Ahrberg, A.B.; Theopold, J.D.; Ewens, S.; Borte, G.; Josten, C.; Fakler, J.K.M., 2015:
Are radiographic indices reliable indicators for quantitative bone mineral density and vitamin D status after femoral neck fractures? A retrospective study in 112 elderly patients

Stirling, E.; Jeffery, J.; Johnson, N.; Dias, J., 2016:
Are radiographic measurements of the displacement of a distal radial fracture reliable and reproducible?

Allen, B., 2016 :
Are radiologists ready for higher value care?

van Grinsven, S.; Nijenhuis, T.A.; Konings, P.C.; van Kampen, A.; van Loon, Cé.J.M., 2016:
Are radiologists superior to orthopaedic surgeons in diagnosing instability-related shoulder lesions on magnetic resonance arthrography? A multicenter reproducibility and accuracy study

Jain, S.N., 2014:
Are radiologists true medical imaging gatekeepers?

Kuhn, L.; Stein, Z.; Susser, I., 2016:
Are randomised controlled trials always required?

Turrina, S.; Caratti, S.; Ferrian, M.; D.L.o, D., 2016:
Are rapidly mutating Y-short tandem repeats useful to resolve a lineage? Expanding mutability data on distant male relationships

Benites, M.L.; Alves, R.C.; Ferreira, S.S.; Follador, L.; da Silva, S.G., 2016:
Are rate of perceived exertion and feelings of pleasure/displeasure modified in elderly women undergoing 8 week of strength training of prescribe intensity?

D.M.rco, E.; Jha, J.C.; Sharma, A.; Wilkinson-Berka, J.L.; Jandeleit-Dahm, K.A.; de Haan, J.B., 2015:
Are reactive oxygen species still the basis for diabetic complications?

Vestrheim, D.F.; Lange, H.; Nygård, K.; Borgen, K.; Wester, A.L.; Kvarme, M.L.; Vold, L., 2017:
Are ready-to-eat salads ready to eat? An outbreak of Salmonella Coeln linked to imported, mixed, pre-washed and bagged salad, Norway, November 2013

Brown, J.; West, R.; Beard, E.; Brennan, A.; Drummond, C.; Gillespie, D.; Hickman, M.; Holmes, J.; Kaner, E.; Michie, S., 2017:
Are recent attempts to quit smoking associated with reduced drinking in England? A cross-sectional population survey

Kahn, S.; Ginther, D.K., 2015 :
Are recent cohorts of women with engineering bachelors less likely to stay in engineering?

Soran, H.; Adam, S.; Durrington, P.N., 2016:
Are recent statin recommendations to employ fixed doses and abandon targets effective for treatment of hypercholesterolaemia? Investigation based on number needed to treat

Lattin, C.R.; Keniston, D.E.; Reed, J.Michael.; Romero, L.Michael., 2015:
Are receptor concentrations correlated across tissues within individuals? A case study examining glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptor binding

Ustrup, A.; Ulrik, C.Suppli., 2016:
Are recreational SCUBA divers with asthma at increased risk?

Naveda Romero, O.E.; Naveda Meléndez, A.F., 2018:
Are red blood cell transfusions associated with nosocomial infections in critically ill children?

Ikenaka, Y.; Nakayama, S.M.M.; Oguri, M.; Saengtienchai, A.; Mizukawa, H.; Kobayashi, J.; Darwish, W.Sobhy.; Ishizuka, M., 2016:
Are red gourami (Colisa labiosa) low xenobiotic metabolizers? Elucidation of in vivo pharmacokinetics of pyrene as a model substrate

Cresson, P.; Bouchoucha, M.; Miralles, F.; Elleboode, R.; Mahé, K.; Marusczak, N.; Thebault, H.; Cossa, D., 2015:
Are red mullet efficient as bio-indicators of mercury contamination? A case study from the French Mediterranean

Vermeulen, M.J.; Guttmann, A.; Stukel, T.A.; Kachra, A.; Sivilotti, M.L.A.; Rowe, B.H.; Dreyer, J.; Bell, R.; Schull, M., 2017:
Are reductions in emergency department length of stay associated with improvements in quality of care? A difference-in-differences analysis

Sarkhel, S.; Singh, N.; Praharaj, S.Kumar., 2015:
Are reduplicative paramnesia and clonal pluralization overlapping constructs?

Nishi, T.; Kamikura, T.; Funada, A.; Myojo, Y.; Ishida, T.; Inaba, H., 2015:
Are regional variations in activity of dispatcher-assisted cardiopulmonary resuscitation associated with out-of-hospital cardiac arrests outcomes? A nation-wide population-based cohort study

Crawford, R.J.; Gizzi, L.; Mhuiris, Áine.Ni.; Falla, D., 2016:
Are regions of the lumbar multifidus differentially activated during walking at varied speed and inclination?

Bhatt, A., 2016:
Are registered ethics committees empowered to ensure human research protection?

Chadha, V.K.; Praseeja, P.; Hemanthkumar, N.K.; Shivshankara, B.A.; Sharada, M.A.; Nagendra, N.; Padmesh, R.; Puttuswamy, G.; Ahmed, J.; Kumar, P., 2015:
Are registered sputum smear-negative tuberculosis patients in Karnataka, India, diagnosed by national algorithm?

Chambers, H., 2016:
Are registers the future for research in cerebral palsy?

Marshall, R.J., 2016:
Are regression "nomograms" useful?

Orth, M., 2016:
Are regulation-driven performance criteria still acceptable? - The German point of view

Luna, K.; Martín-Luengo, B.; Brewer, N., 2015:
Are regulatory strategies necessary in the regulation of accuracy? The effect of direct-access answers

Medved Kendrick, H., 2016:
Are religion and spirituality barriers or facilitators to treatment for HIV: a systematic review of the literature

Linardakis, M.; Papadaki, A.; Smpokos, E.; Sarri, K.; Vozikaki, M.; Philalithis, A., 2015:
Are religiosity and prayer use related with multiple behavioural risk factors for chronic diseases in European adults aged 50+ years?

Bonnewyn, A.; Shah, A.; Bruffaerts, R.; Demyttenaere, K., 2016:
Are religiousness and death attitudes associated with the wish to die in older people?

Slaats, G.G.; Giles, R.H., 2016:
Are renal ciliopathies (replication) stressed out?

Baldessarini, R.J.; Tondo, L., 2014:
Are renal tumors associated with lithium treatment?

Sejbaek, C.S.; Pinborg, A.; Hageman, I.; Forman, J.L.; Hougaard, C.Ø.; Schmidt, L., 2015:
Are repeated assisted reproductive technology treatments and an unsuccessful outcome risk factors for unipolar depression in infertile women?

Chun, J.; Im, J.Pil., 2016:
Are repeated fecal immunochemical tests effective for detecting advanced colorectal neoplasia in first-degree relatives of patients with colorectal cancers?

Wheeler, Q., 2015:
Are reports of the death of taxonomy an exaggeration?

Barnhart, K.T.; DeCherney, A.H., 2015:
Are reproductive endocrinologists still gynecologists?

Sauerzopf, U.; Sacco, R.; Novarino, G.; Niello, M.; Weidenauer, A.; Praschak-Rieder, N.; Sitte, H.; Willeit, Mäus., 2016:
Are reprogrammed cells a useful tool for studying dopamine dysfunction in psychotic disorders? A review of the current evidence

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Are respiratory specialist registrars trained to teach?

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Are restrictive guidelines for added sugars science based?

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Are retinoid/antibiotic fixed-dose combination acne treatments associated with antibiotic resistance?

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Are rigid management protocols stifling innovation in cancer treatment?

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Are risk factors for drug use and offending similar during the teenage years?

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Are rolling averages a good way to assess training load for injury prevention?

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Are routine preoperative CT scans necessary in adult cochlear implantation? Implications for the allocation of resources in cochlear implant programs

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Are routine ultrasound examinations helpful in the detection of bleeding complications following laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair?

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Are satellite cells lost during short-term disuse-induced muscle fiber atrophy?

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Are scalar implicatures automatically processed and different for each individual? A mismatch negativity (MMN) study

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Are scarce metals in cars functionally recycled?

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Are schizophrenic patients being told their diagnosis today in France?

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Are schizophrenics neuropsychologically impaired affected psychotics? Neuropsychological performance and personality traits in relatives

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Are schools and alcohol a good mix? A qualitative study of school principals' experiences of adults' alcohol use in Australian secondary schools

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Are schools safe from indoor radon?

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Creation of an arterialized cephalic vein as autologous bypass for below-knee-reconstruction in critical limb ischemia

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Are scientists a workforce? - Or, how Dr. Frankenstein made biomedical research sick: A proposed plan to rescue US biomedical research from its current 'malaise' will not be effective as it misdiagnoses the root cause of the disease

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Are seagrass beds indicators of anthropogenic nutrient stress in the rocky intertidal?

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Are seasonal and income variations accountable for bowel and bladder dysfunction symptoms in children?

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Are seat design processes of students similar to those of professionals?

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Are secondhand smoke-related diseases of children associated with parental smoking cessation? Determinants of parental smoking cessation in a population-based cohort study

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Are seed and dispersal characteristics of plants capable of predicting colonization of post-mining sites?

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Are segmental MF-BIA scales able to reliably assess fat mass and lean soft tissue in an elderly Swedish population?

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Are segments of the developing world competing in end-stage renal disease (ESRD)?

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Are selected IL-1 polymorphisms and selected subgingival microorganisms significantly associated to periodontitis in type 2 diabetes patients? a clinical study

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Are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors associated with fractures?

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Are self-adhesive resin cements suitable as core build-up materials? Analyses of maximum load capability, margin integrity, and physical properties

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Are self-management strategies effective in chronic pain treatment?

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Are self-reported neighbourhood characteristics associated with onset of functional limitations in older adults with or without memory impairment?

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Are senior nurses on Clinical Commissioning Groups in England inadvertently supporting the devaluation of their profession?: A critical integrative review of the literature

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Are sertraline, paroxetine and duloxetine the most effective antidepressants for use in depressed adults over 60 years?

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Are serum quantitative hepatitis b surface antigen levels, liver histopathology and viral loads related in chronic hepatitis b-infected patients?

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Are severe hypoglycemic episodes in diabetes correctly identified by administrative data? Evidence of underreporting from the HYPOTHESIS study

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Are sex steroids essential for gonadal differentiation of the ornate frog, Microhyla ornata?

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Are sexual assault victims presenting to the emergency department in a timely manner?

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Are sexually selected traits affected by a poor environment early in life?

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Are shear force methods adequately reported?

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Are short-stay units an appropriate resource for hospitalising elderly patients with infection?

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Are shunt series and shunt patency studies useful in patients with shunted idiopathic intracranial hypertension in the emergency department?

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Are sickle cell anaemia and sickle cell trait predictive factors for periodontal disease? A cohort study

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Are signalized intersections with cycle tracks safer? A case-control study based on automated surrogate safety analysis using video data

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Are simakobu (Simias concolor) loud calls energetically costly signals?

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Are similar the parasite communities structure of Trachelyopterus coriaceus and Trachelyopterus galeatus (Siluriformes: Auchenipteridae) in the Amazon basin?

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Are simple IMRT beams more robust against MLC error? Exploring the impact of MLC errors on planar quality assurance and plan quality for different complexity beams

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Are simultaneous postural adjustments (SPA) programmed as a function of pointing velocity?

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Are single odorous components of a predator sufficient to elicit defensive behaviors in prey species?

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Are single or dual luminal covered expandable metallic stents suitable for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma with esophago-airway fistula?

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Are sirtuins markers of ovarian aging?

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Are sites with multiple single nucleotide variants in cancer genomes a consequence of drivers, hypermutable sites or sequencing errors?

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Are sleep disorders an underestimated symptom? Preliminary report from the screening study

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Are sleep disturbances preclinical markers of Parkinson's disease?

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Are sleep duration and sleep quality associated with diet quality, physical activity, and body weight status? A population-based study of Canadian children

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Are sluggish cognitive tempo symptoms associated with executive functioning in preschoolers?

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Are small adrenal incidentalomas solely a radiological finding?

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Are small olfactory bulbs a risk for olfactory loss following an upper respiratory tract infection?

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Are small rectal neuroendocrine tumors safe?

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Are smoking and passive smoking related with heart rate variability in male adolescents?

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Are soaring US malpractice rates just a memory now?

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Are social norms and reciprocity necessary for early helping?

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Are sociodemographic characteristics associated with spatial variation in the incidence of OHCA and bystander CPR rates? A population-based observational study in Victoria, Australia

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Are socioeconomic disparities in health behavior mediated by differential media use? Test of the communication inequality theory

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Are sodium and potassium results on arterial blood gas analyzer equivalent to those on electrolyte analyzer?

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Are soft tissue measurements on lateral cervical spine X-rays reliable in the assessment of traumatic injuries?

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Are soluble IL-2 receptor and IL-12p40 levels useful markers for diagnosis of tuberculous pleurisy?

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Are somatic mutations predictive of response to erythropoiesis stimulating agents in lower risk myelodysplastic syndromes?

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Are some QALYs more equal than others?

Radbruch, A., 2016:
Are some agents less likely to deposit gadolinium in the brain?

Murín, Ján., 2016:
Are some antidiabetic drugs also drugs useful for heart failure treatment?

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Are some children with empyema at risk for treatment failure with fibrinolytics? A multicenter cohort study

Smith, R., 2015:
Are some diets "mass murder"?

McLean, R.; Skeaff, M.; Mann, J.; Morenga, L.Te., 2015:
Are some diets "mass murder"? Dietary guidelines worldwide advise limiting saturated fat in favour of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats

Martinez-Gonzalez, M.A., 2015:
Are some diets "mass murder"? Evidence in support of the Mediterranean diet is strong

Spence, J.David., 2015:
Are some diets "mass murder"? Mediterranean diet is not to blame for increased carbohydrate intake

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Are some health professionals more cognizant of clinical governance development concepts than others? Findings from a New Zealand study

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Are some more equal than others? Challenging the basis for prisoners' exclusion from Medicare

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Are some people suffering as a result of increasing mass exposure of the public to ultrasound in air?

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Are some populations resilient to recessions? Economic fluctuations and mortality during a period of economic decline and recovery in Finland

Anonymous, 1999:
Are some unexpected hospital deaths avoidable?

Gramatica, P.; Cassani, S.; Sangion, A., 2016:
Are some "safer alternatives" hazardous as PBTs? The case study of new flame retardants

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Are special read alignment strategies necessary and cost-effective when handling sequencing reads from patient-derived tumor xenografts?

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Are species differences in maternal effects arising from maternal care adaptive?

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Are speech-evoked auditory brainstem response (speech-ABR) outcomes influenced by ethnicity?

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Are sperm capacitation and apoptosis the opposite ends of a continuum driven by oxidative stress?

Chabi, M-L.; Revel, M-P., 2016:
Are spiculated lesions of lung parenchyma always malignant?

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Are spinoglenoid ganglion cysts early markers of glenohumeral arthritis?

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Are sporadic fidgety movements as clinically relevant as is their absence?

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Are spouses' socio-economic classifications interchangeable? Examining the consequences of a commonly used practice in studies on social inequalities in health

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Are sputum samples of retreatment tuberculosis reaching the reference laboratories? A 9-year audit in Tanzania

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Are stabilizing osmolytes preferentially excluded from the protein surface? FTIR and MD studies

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Are staffing shortages changing the culture of midwifery?

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Are stamina and fatigue polar opposites? A case study

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Are standard antero-posterior and 20° caudal radiographs a true assessment of mid-shaft clavicular fracture displacement?

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Are standard doses of piperacillin sufficient for critically ill patients with augmented creatinine clearance?

Trogdon, J.G.; Shafer, P.R.; Shah, P.D.; Calo, W.A., 2017:
Are state laws granting pharmacists authority to vaccinate associated with HPV vaccination rates among adolescents?

Rain, C.; Rada, G., 2016:
Are statins beneficial for chronic heart failure?

Kjekshus, J., 2016:
Are statins failing in heart failure?

Mospan, C.M., 2015:
Are statins protective or harmful to cognitive function?

Mascitelli, L.; Goldstein, M.R., 2016:
Are statins useful in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease?

Peter, R.; March, S.; du Prel, J-Baptist., 2016:
Are status inconsistency, work stress and work-family conflict associated with depressive symptoms? Testing prospective evidence in the lidA study

Randall, A.D., 2018:
Are stem cell-derived neural cells physiologically credible?

Ciccocioppo, R.; Cangemi, G.Cristina.; Roselli, E.Anna.; Kruzliak, P., 2015:
Are stem cells a potential therapeutic tool in coeliac disease?

Tweddell, J.S., 2016:
Are stem cells the next frontier for hypoplastic left heart syndrome? What are the promise, the reality, and the future?

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Are stents beneficial in endoscopic choanal atresia repair of newborns and children? Case series of 11 patients

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Are stressful life events causally related to the severity of obsessive-compulsive symptoms? A monozygotic twin difference study

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Are striatal tyrosine hydroxylase interneurons dopaminergic?

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Are strict vegetarians protected against prostate cancer?

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Are stroke survivors with delirium at higher risk of post-stroke dementia? Current evidence and future directions

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Are strong empathizers better mentalizers? Evidence for independence and interaction between the routes of social cognition

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Are strong opioids equally effective and safe in the treatment of chronic cancer pain? A multicenter randomized phase IV 'real life' trial on the variability of response to opioids

Argintaru, N.; Baylis, J.; Pritchard, J.; Mulla, A.; Gray, A.; Hart, A.; Bova, C.; Armstrong, T-Leigh.; Taher, A., 2018:
Creation of a national emergency medicine enhanced competency directory for residency training

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Are student fees the start of something big?

Parsons, G., 1995:
Are student nurses part of pay picture?

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Are students prone to depression and suicidal thoughts?

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Are studies of motor cortex plasticity relevant in human patients with Parkinson's disease?

Headey, D., 2016:
Are studies underestimating the effects of sanitation on child nutrition?

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Are sub-2 μm particles best for separating small molecules? An alternative

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Are subspecialties and fellowship programs in German Anesthesia required?

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Are suburethral slings less successful in the elderly?

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Are subversion and conflict component parts of social cohesion?

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Are suicide terrorists suicidal? A critical assessment of the evidence

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Are summary statistics enough? Evidence for the importance of shape in guiding visual search

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Are sunscreens a new environmental risk associated with coastal tourism?

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Are superior outcomes of early coronary angiography versus a conservative approach in survivors after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest driven by subsets of patients with ST-elevations?

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Are surface antigens suited to verify the redifferentiation potential and culture purity of human chondrocytes in cell-based implants

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Are surgeons and anesthesiologists lying to each other or gaming the system? A national random sample survey about "truth-telling practices" in the perioperative setting in the United States

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Are surgeons happy in practice? Examining a quarter-century of Alberta's surgical graduates

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Are surveillance response systems enough to effectively combat and contain the Ebola outbreak?

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Are sympatrically speciating Midas cichlid fish special? Patterns of morphological and genetic variation in the closely related species Archocentrus centrarchus

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Are synesthetes exceptional beyond their synesthetic associations? A systematic comparison of creativity, personality, cognition, and mental imagery in synesthetes and controls

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Are synonymous codons indeed synonymous?

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Are systemic antibiotics necessary in the prevention of wound healing complications after intra-alveolar dental extraction?

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Are ta-siRNAs only originated from the cleavage site of miRNA on its target RNAs and phased in 21-nt increments?

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Are take-home naloxone programmes effective? Systematic review utilizing application of the Bradford Hill criteria

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Are target-shooters more aggressive than the general population?

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Are targeted therapies better tolerated?

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Are targeted treatment recommendations in chronic hepatitis C tailored to diagnostic methods of fibrosis?

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Are tattooed adults really more aggressive and rebellious than those without tattoos?

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Are testosterone levels and depression risk linked based on partnering and parenting? Evidence from a large population-representative study of U.S. men and women

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Are tetraploids more successful? Floral signals, reproductive success and floral isolation in mixed-ploidy populations of a terrestrial orchid

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Are the 'rules' for times in set up and duration of red cell transfusion too strict?

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Are the 1/3-Octave Band 63- and 125-Hz Noise Levels Predictive of Vessel Activity? The Case in the Cres-Lošinj Archipelago (Northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia)

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Are the Animal Welfare Acts achieving their full potential?

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Are the Appropriate Use Criteria for the management of pediatric supracondylar humerus fractures useful in clinical practice?

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Creation of an educational quality improvement program for radiation oncology residents

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Are the Beneficial Effects of Ischemic Preconditioning on Performance Partly a Placebo Effect?

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Are the Conclusions of Z11 Relevant to Community Practice?

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Are the Contraceptive Recommendations of Family Medicine Educators Evidence-Based? A CERA Survey

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Are the Crystal Structures of Enantiopure and Racemic Mandelic Acids Determined by Kinetics or Thermodynamics?

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Are the Current Changes Good or Bad for Chemistry?

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Are the Current Classifications and Radiographic Measurements for Trochlear Dysplasia Appropriate in the Skeletally Immature Patient?

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Are the Current Doppler Echocardiography Criteria Able to Discriminate Mitral Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valve Malfunction? An In Vitro Study

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Are the Current Outcome Measurement Tools Appropriate for the Evaluation of the Knee Status in Deep Flexion Range?

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Are the Current Risks of Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis Exaggerated?: Further Evidence Supporting the CREST 2 Trial

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Are the Diagnostic Criteria for Asthma-COPD Overlap Syndrome Appropriate in Biomass Smoke-Induced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

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Are the Dysnatremias a Permanent Threat to the Critically Ill Patients?

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Are the Effects of OSA on the Cardiovascular System Reversible?

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Are the Feds out there anywhere?

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Are the Formulas Used to Estimate Renal Function Adequate for Patients Treated With Cisplatin-Based Chemotherapy After Nephroureterectomy for Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma?

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Are the French neurology residents satisfied with their training?

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Are the General Medical Council's Tests of Competence fair to long standing doctors? A retrospective cohort study

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Are the Governments Listening? Barriers to Transferring Patients Across State Lines During Mass Casualty Events Is a Real Unaddressed Threat

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Are the High Hip Fracture Rates Among Norwegian Women Explained by Impaired Bone Material Properties?

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Are the ICD-10 or DSM-5 diagnostic systems able to define those who will benefit from treatment for depression?

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Are the ICSD-3 criteria for sleep apnoea syndrome too inclusive?

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Creation of an EVD Registry from a Quality Improvement Project

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Are the Irish Slower than they Think? A Systematic Analysis of all Recent Ncpe Appraisals

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Are the MINSA clinical practice guidelines for hypertension and type 2 diabetes mellitus reliable?

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Are the Most Prestigious Medical Journals Transparent Enough?

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Are the Multidimensional Body Self-Relations Questionnaire Scales stable or transient?

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Are the Myokines the Mediators of Physical Activity-Induced Health Benefits?

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Are the New ACR/EULAR Criteria the Ultimate Answer for Polymyalgia Rheumatica Classification?

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Are the Newer Antidiabetic Agents Worth the Cost?

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Are the Norwegian health research investments in line with the disease burden?

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Are the Oxford(®) medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty new instruments reducing the bearing dislocation risk while improving components relationships? A case control study

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Are the Physical Activity Parenting Practices Reported by US and Canadian Parents Captured in Currently Published Instruments?

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Are the Poor Dying Younger in Malaysia? An Examination of the Socioeconomic Gradient in Mortality

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Are the Powerful Really Blind to the Feelings of Others? How Hierarchical Concerns Shape Attention to Emotions

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Are the Present Doses of Anti Tubercular Drugs Adequate for Severe Disease?

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Are the Public Health Centers Real Threats to Private Clinics in Korea?

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Are the Public Health Responsibility Deal alcohol pledges likely to improve public health? An evidence synthesis

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Are the Pupae and Eggs of the Lacewing Ceraeochrysa cubana (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) Tolerant to Insecticides?

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Are the Pyrenees a barrier for the transport of birch (Betula) pollen from Central Europe to the Iberian Peninsula?

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Are the QRS duration and ST depression cut-points from the Seattle criteria too conservative?

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Are the Recent Secular Increases in Waist Circumference among Children and Adolescents Independent of Changes in BMI?

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Are the Recommended Dietary Allowances for Vitamins Appropriate for Elderly People?

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Are the Responses to Resistance Training Different Between the Preferred and Nonpreferred Limbs?

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Are the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists clinical practice guidelines for mood disorders meeting the needs of clinicians?

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Are the SDGs leaving safer surgical systems behind?

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Are the SSB-Interacting Proteins RecO, RecG, PriA and the DnaB-Interacting Protein Rep Bound to Progressing Replication Forks in Escherichia coli?

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Are the SSRI antidepressants safe in pregnancy? Understanding the debate

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Are the Sublimation Thermodynamics of Organic Molecules Predictable?

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Are the Symptoms of Calcific Tendinitis Due to Neoinnervation and/or Neovascularization?

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Are the TR46/Y121F/T289A Mutations in Azole-Resistant Aspergillosis Patient Acquired or Environmental?

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Are the Traditional Medical Uses of Muricidae Molluscs Substantiated by Their Pharmacological Properties and Bioactive Compounds?, S.; Basevi, V.; Lopalco, P.Luigi.; Balduzzi, S.; D'Amico, R.; Magrini, N., 2016:
Are the Two Human Papillomavirus Vaccines Really Similar? A Systematic Review of Available Evidence: Efficacy of the Two Vaccines against HPV

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Are the UK courts clamping down on 'evergreening' strategies for the extension of patent protection?

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Are the University Hospitals in Puerto Rico following Current Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening?

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Are the UroLift(®) implants an alternative for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia? Short-term results and predictive factors of failure

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Are the World Junior Championship Finalists for Middle- and Long-Distance Events Currently Competing at International Level?

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Are the antimicrobial properties of macrolides required for their therapeutic efficacy in chronic neutrophilic airway diseases?

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Are the arms and head required to accurately estimate centre of mass motion during running?

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Are the average gait speeds during the 10meter and 6minute walk tests redundant in Parkinson disease?

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Are the basal ganglia actually controlling movement or quite the opposite?

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Are the bipolar disorders best modelled categorically or dimensionally?

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Are the blood groups of women with preeclampsia a risk factor for the development of hypertension postpartum?

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Are the carrot and the stick the two sides of same coin? A neural examination of approach/avoidance motivation during cognitive performance

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Are the changes in observed functioning after multi-disciplinary rehabilitation of patients with fibromyalgia associated with changes in pain self-efficacy?

Serra-Millàs, M., 2016:
Are the changes in the peripheral brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels due to platelet activation?

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Are the classic diagnostic methods in mycology still state of the art?

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Are the classic signs of infection in concordance with results from percutaneous aspiration to diagnose infection in pressure injuries?

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Are the clinical guideline recommendations on gastroprotection being followed? A review in patients taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

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Are the cobalt hip prosthesis dangerous?

Jason, H.; Douglas, A., 2015:
Are the conditions right for a 21st-century medical school?

Browne, J., 2016:
Are the consultant strategy and health objectives aligned with the reality of population ageing?

Zölzer, F., 2016:
Are the core values of the radiological protection system shared across cultures?

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Are the correlates of sport participation similar to those of screen time?

Kimlin, M.; Sun, J.; Sinclair, C.; Heward, S.; Hill, J.; Dunstone, K.; Brodie, A., 2016:
Are the current Australian sun exposure guidelines effective in maintaining adequate levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D?

Odland, A.; Særvoll, Pål.; Advani, R.; Kurz, M.W.; Kurz, K.D., 2016:
Are the current MRI criteria using the DWI-FLAIR mismatch concept for selection of patients with wake-up stroke to thrombolysis excluding too many patients?

Oberbeck, A.; Steinberg, H.; Westphals, C.; Thomsen, R., 2016:
Are the current concepts of obsessive disorders a novelty? From Westphal (1877) and Thomsen (1895) to ICD-10 and DSM-5

Rottenberg, E.M., 2016:
Are the current guideline recommendations for neonatal cardiopulmonary resuscitation safe and effective?

ten Dam, M.A.G.J.; Wetzels, J.F.M., 2016:
Are the current guidelines on contrast-induced nephropathy prevention superfluous?

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Are the current notification criteria for Lyme borreliosis in Norway suitable? Results of an evaluation of Lyme borreliosis surveillance in Norway, 1995-2013

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Are the current recommendations for the use of aspirin in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease applicable in low-income countries?

Mladenova, B.Y.; Kattnig, D.R.; Sudy, B.; Choto, P.; Grampp, G., 2016:
Are the current theories of electron transfer applicable to reactions in ionic liquids? An ESR-study on the TCNE/TCNE(-)˙ couple

Fastenau, P.S., 2015:
Are the data on delayed school entry compelling enough to change policy … or even pediatrician recommendations?

Thangakunam, B., 2015:
Are the days of closed pleural biopsy over? No

Foti, F.; Sdoia, S.; Menghini, D.; Mandolesi, L.; Vicari, S.; Ferlazzo, F.; Petrosini, L., 2015:
Are the deficits in navigational abilities present in the Williams syndrome related to deficits in the backward inhibition?

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Are the definitions for chronic diarrhoea adequate? Evaluation of two different definitions in patients with chronic diarrhoea

Cruise, S.Mary.; O'Reilly, D., 2015:
Are the differences in adulthood ill-health across the north-south divide and between Scotland and England also evident in early childhood health indicators?

Li, J.; Liu, Z.; He, C.; Tu, W.; Sun, Z., 2016:
Are the drylands in northern China sustainable? A perspective from ecological footprint dynamics from 1990 to 2010

Rusted, J.; Carare, R.O., 2016:
Are the effects of APOE ϵ4 on cognitive function in nonclinical populations age- and gender-dependent?

Loke, Y.Jing.; Craig, J.M., 2016:
Are the effects of IVF on DNA methylation driven by intracytoplasmic sperm injection and male infertility?

Araújo, A.Costa.; Costa, L.Oliveira.Pena., 2015:
Are the effects of Kinesio Taping clinically meaningful in patients with acute low back pain?

Norman, R.M.G., 2015:
Are the effects of duration of untreated psychosis socially mediated?

Goodman, J.E.; Sax, S.N.; Lange, S.; Rhomberg, L.R., 2016:
Are the elements of the proposed ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards informed by the best available science?

Fiore, N.T.; Austin, P.J., 2018:
Are the emergence of affective disturbances in neuropathic pain states contingent on supraspinal neuroinflammation?

Mann, A.; Cohen-Yeshurun, A.; Trembovler, V.; Mechoulam, R.; Shohami, E., 2015:
Are the endocannabinoid-like compounds N-acyl aminoacids neuroprotective after traumatic brain injury?

Bertolaccini, L.; Viti, A.; Terzi, A., 2016:
Are the fallacies of the P value finally ended?

Mahmoud, M.Abd.El-Fattah.Ahmad.; Aminou, H.AbdelKader.; Hashem, H.Ahmed., 2016:
Are the fatty acids responsible for the higher effect of oil and alcoholic extract of Nigella sativa over its aqueous extract on Trichomonas vaginalis trophozoites?

Walters, D.L.; Christopher Raffel, O.; Jang, I-Kyung., 2015:
Are the findings of optical coherence tomography sufficient for the evaluation of the safety and efficacy of the next generation of drug eluting stents?

Schneider, H.; Liu, H.; Clark, J.; Hidalgo, O.; Pellicer, J.; Zhang, S.; Kelly, L.J.; Fay, M.F.; Leitch, I.J., 2015:
Are the genomes of royal ferns really frozen in time? Evidence for coinciding genome stability and limited evolvability in the royal ferns

Miyazaki, A.Naoki.; Santos, P.Doneux.; da Silva, L.Andrade.; do Val Sella, G.; Checchia, Sérgio.Luiz.; Yonamine, A.Maris., 2016:
Are the good functional results from arthroscopic repair of massive rotator cuff injuries maintained over the long term?

Kaspersen, H.Cecilie.; Hansen, B.Hjelde., 2016:
Are the guidelines for follow up of ADHD good enough?

Peng, J.; Wang, X.; Dennigner, L., 2015:
Are the head and trunk orientations invariant in a natural driving position?

Üsküdar Teke, H.; Gündüz, E.; Akay, O.Meltem.; Bal, C.; Gülbaş, Z., 2015:
Are the high serum interleukin-6 and vascular endothelial growth factor levels useful prognostic markers in aggressive non-hodgkin lymphoma patients?

Wicker, S.; Wichmann, O., 2015:
Are the immunization services offered to students at university hospitals in Germany sufficient?

Thomsen, H.S., 2016:
Are the increasing amounts of gadolinium in surface and tap water dangerous?

Pascual-Font, Aán.; Cubillos, L.; Vázquez, T.; McHanwell, S.; Sañudo, Jé.R.; Maranillo, E., 2016:
Are the interarytenoid muscles supplied by branches of both the recurrent and superior laryngeal nerves?

Kubo, K.; Miyazaki, D.; Yamada, K.; Shimoju, S.; Tsunoda, N., 2016:
Are the knee and ankle angles at contact related to the tendon properties of lower limbs in long distance runners?

Beyhun, N.Ercument.; Can, G.; Topbas, M.; Cankaya, S.; Ketenci, H.Cetin., 2016:
Are the last grade medical students aware of the danger of synthetic cannabinoids?

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Are the leading drugs against Staphylococcus aureus really toxic to cartilage?

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Are the less common compartment syndromes less of a problem?

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Are the literacy difficulties that characterize developmental dyslexia associated with a failure to integrate letters and speech sounds?

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Are the measures to ensure patient safety in surgery evidence-based?

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Are the mediolateral joint forces in the lower limbs different between scoliotic and healthy subjects during gait?

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Are the metabolic changes of pregnancy reversible in the first year postpartum?

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Are the metabolomic responses to folivory of closely related plant species linked to macroevolutionary and plant-folivore coevolutionary processes?

Laudo Pardos, C.; Puigdevall Gallego, Víctor., 2017:
Are the most recent basal insulins really the most innovative?

Kemmerer, D., 2016:
Are the motor features of verb meanings represented in the precentral motor cortices? Yes, but within the context of a flexible, multilevel architecture for conceptual knowledge

Kircher, T., 2015:
Are the neurocognitive correlates of subtle subjective symptoms the way forward in psychiatry?

Watchko, J.F.; Painter, M.J.; Panigrahy, A., 2016:
Are the neuromotor disabilities of bilirubin-induced neurologic dysfunction disorders related to the cerebellum and its connections?

D.S.nctis, V.; Soliman, A.T.;, S.; Bedair, S., 2015:
Are the new automated methods for bone age estimation advantageous over the manual approaches?

de Jesus, K.; de Jesus, K.; Abraldes, J.Arturo.; Medeiros, A.Igor.Araripe.; Fernandes, R.J.; Vilas-Boas, Jão.Paulo., 2015:
Are the new starting block facilities beneficial for backstroke start performance?

To, W.Ming.; Mak, C.Ming.; Chung, W.Leung., 2016:
Are the noise levels acceptable in a built environment like Hong Kong?

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Are the novel anticoagulants better than warfarin for patients with atrial fibrillation?

Stenglein, J.L.; Zhu, J.; Clayton, M.K.; Van Deelen, T.R., 2015:
Are the numbers adding up? Exploiting discrepancies among complementary population models

Tapley, P., 2015:
Are the obese difficult to intubate?

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Are the obstruction sites visualized on drug-induced sleep endoscopy reliable?

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Are the ophthalmology items of the French health record realistic?

Moghbeli, M.; Kohram, H.; Zare-Shahaneh, A.; Zhandi, M.; Sharafi, M.; Nabi, M.Mehdi.; Zahedi, V.; Sharideh, H., 2016:
Are the optimum levels of the catalase and vitamin E in rooster semen extender after freezing-thawing influenced by sperm concentration?

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Are the orientation and bond strength of the RCO2(-)···M link key factors for ultrafast electron transfers?

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Are the osseous and tendinous-cartilaginous tibial tuberosity-trochlear groove distances the same on CT and MRI?

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Are the outcomes of circumferential trabeculotomy for adult open angle glaucoma comparable to those of trabeculectomy?

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Are the oxygen uptake and heart rate off-kinetics influenced by the intensity of prior exercise?

Alted López, E., 2015:
Are the paradigms in trauma disease changing?

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Are the patients not carrying protections after radical prostatectomy really continent?

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Are the patients with anatomic variation of the sublingual/Wharton's duct system predisposed to ranula formation?

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Are the physicochemical properties of antibacterial compounds really different from other drugs?

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Are the presence of MODIC changes on MRI scans related to "improvement" in low back pain patients treated with lumbar facet joint injections?

Vermunt, L.; Visser, P.J.; Muller, M., 2018:
Are the prevalence and incidence of dementia declining?

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Are the properties of peripheral blood lymphocytes of patients with prostate cancer connected with the efficiency of radiation therapy?

Kennaway, D.J., 2015:
Are the proposed benefits of melatonin-rich foods too hard to swallow?

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Are the public getting the message about antimicrobial resistance?

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Are the rates of hypertension and diabetes higher in people from lower socioeconomic status in Bangladesh? Results from a nationally representative survey

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Are the ratios of the two concentrations at steady state in the medium pairs of air-water, air-soil, water-soil, water-sediment, and soil-sediment?

Freedman, D.S.; Ford, E.S., 2015:
Are the recent secular increases in the waist circumference of adults independent of changes in BMI?

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Are the reduction and oxidation properties of nitrocompounds dissolved in water different from those produced when adsorbed on a silica surface? A DFT M05-2X computational study

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Are the registry data reliable? An audit of a regional trauma registry in the Netherlands

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Are the revised diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer's disease useful in low- and middle-income countries?

Merrin, G.J.; Hong, J.Sung.; Espelage, D.L., 2016:
Are the risk and protective factors similar for gang-involved, pressured-to-join, and non-gang-involved youth? A social-ecological analysis

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Are the simplified methods to estimate Ki in 18F-FDG PET studies feasible in clinical routine? Comparison between three simplified methods

Nicholl, D.J., 2015:
Are the skills of neurological assessment in need of resuscitation?

Vanden Bulcke, C.; Crombez, G.; Spence, C.; Van Damme, S., 2015:
Are the spatial features of bodily threat limited to the exact location where pain is expected?

Liu, B.; Wu, B.; Van Hoof, T.; Okito, J-Pierre.Kalala.; Liu, Z.; Zeng, Z., 2015:
Are the standard parameters of cervical spine alignment and range of motion related to age, sex, and cervical disc degeneration?

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Are the surface Fermi arcs in Dirac semimetals topologically protected?

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Are the surgeon's movements repeatable? An analysis of the feasibility and expediency of implementing support procedures guiding the surgical tools and increasing motion accuracy during the performance of stereotypical movements by the surgeon

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Are the testing needs of key European populations affected by hepatitis B and hepatitis C being addressed? A scoping review of testing studies in Europe

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Are the three hydroxyphenyl radical isomers created equal?--The role of the phenoxy radical

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Are the thyroid hormones and thyrotropin associated with cardiometabolic risks and insulin resistance even in euthyroid subjects?

van Geelen, S.M.; Hagquist, C., 2017 :
Are the time trends in adolescent psychosomatic problems related to functional impairment in daily life? A 23-year study among 20,000 15-16year olds in Sweden

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Are the undergradute medical students well-informed of organ transplantation?

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Are the unenhanced and excretory CT phases necessary for the evaluation of acute pyelonephritis?

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Are the urology operating room personnel aware about the ionizing radiation?

Alarcón-Del-Amo, Mía-Del-Carmen.; Gómez-Borja, M-Ángel.; Lorenzo-Romero, C., 2015:
Are the users of social networking sites homogeneous? A cross-cultural study

Sparks, J., 2007:
Are the views expressed on surgical abortion typical?

Mostofi, N.; Boi, M.; Rucci, M., 2016:
Are the visual transients from microsaccades helpful? Measuring the influences of small saccades on contrast sensitivity

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Are therapeutic vaccines an answer to the global problem of drug and alcohol abuse?

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Are therapists uniformly effective across patient outcome domains? A study on therapist effectiveness in two different treatment contexts

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Are there Associations between Embitterment and Clinical as well as Personality Variables by Psychosomatically Ill Inpatients

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Are there a guidelines for implantable spinal cord stimulator therapy in patients using chronic anticoagulation therapy? - A review of decision-making in the high-risk patient

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Are there advantages to robotic-assisted surgery over laparoscopy from the surgeon's perspective?

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Are there alternative ways to quantify the real benefit of novel agents in oncology? - the 'death pace'

Naber, K.G.; Alidjanov, J.F., 2015:
Are there alternatives to antimicrobial therapy and prophylaxis of uncomplicated urinary tract infections?

David, S., 2015:
Are there alternatives to partial femoral replacement for complicated periprosthetic femoral fractures?

Aggarwal, N.; Thota, P.N., 2018:
Are there alternatives to surgery for Zenker diverticulum?

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Are there anamnestic risk factors for iron deficiency in pregnancy? Results from a feasibility study

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Are there any additional mechanisms for haemolysis in HELLP syndrome?

Balvers, K.; Saleh, S.; Zeerleder, S.S.; Klinkspoor, J.Henriette.; Goslings, J.Carel.; Juffermans, N.P., 2017:
Are there any alternatives for transfusion of AB plasma as universal donor in an emergency release setting?

Shin, J.Eun., 2015:
Are there any association between colonic diverticula and bowel symptoms?(neurogastroenterol motil 2015;27:333-338)

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Are there any causes for increased thyroid volume in women with prolactinoma?

Nalcacioglu, P.; Taslipinar Uzel, A.G.; Uzel, M.M.; Cagil, N.; Citak Kurt, A.N., 2016:
Are there any changes in posterior ocular structure parameters in pediatric migraine patients?

Portella, E.; Barrubés, J., 2015:
Are there any correlations between the economic crisis, healthcare systems, and the state of health of the population?

Gharipour, M.; Bahonar, A.; Sarrafzadegan, N.; Khosravi, A.; Khaledifar, A., 2015:
Are there any differences in education levels and changes of cardiovascular risk factors among urban and rural population: Isfahan Healthy Heart Program

Ozcan, G.; Sekerci, A.E.; Gönen, Z.B., 2016:
Are there any differences in mandibular morphology of patients with bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of jaws?: a case-control study

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Are there any differences in quality of life and sexual functions after various types of hysterectomy - does prophylactic salpingectomy matter?

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Are there any effects of Sevoflurane and Desflurane anaesthesia on blood glucose levels in acute hyperglycemic diabetic rats?

Saritas, A.; Gunes, H.; Colakoglu, S.; Eroz, R.; Akoz, A.; Oktay, M.; Buyukkaya, A.; Kandis, H.; Ozkan, A., 2015:
Are there any effects of chronic carbon monoxide exposure on argyrophilic nucleolar-organizing region-associated protein synthesis in rat myocardium?

Sosnowska, P.; Błaszczyński, Mł.; Moryciński, S.; Porzucek, W.; Mańkowski, Pław., 2016:
Are there any factors influencing the course of multistage treatment in Hirschsprung's disease?

Rongières, M., 2018:
Are there any indications for surgery of distal radius malunion in elderly patients?

Shen, Z-Hua.; Zeng, D-Feng.; Ma, Y-Ying.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, C.; Kong, P-Yan., 2016:
Are there any new insights for G-CSF and/or AMD3100 in chemotherapy of haematological malignants?

Cakmakci, E.; Ozal, S.Tokgoz.; Ogutcu, E.Karabay.; Aydin, A.; Tunc, S.; Kaygusuz, U.; Cinar, H.Gokce., 2016:
Are there any novel radiological diagnostic clues in magnetic resonance imaging for vertebrobasilar insufficiency?

Barkla, X.M.; McArdle, P.A.; Newbury-Birch, D., 2016:
Are there any potentially dangerous pharmacological effects of combining ADHD medication with alcohol and drugs of abuse? A systematic review of the literature

Patodia, M.; Goel, A.; Singh, V.; Singh, B.Pal.; Sinha, R.Janak.; Kumar, M.; Dalela, D.; Sankhwar, S.Narayan., 2016:
Are there any predictors of pyonephrosis in patients with renal calculus disease?

Mendrek, A., 2015:
Are there any sex/gender differences in drug use and drug addiction?

Kisely, S., 2015:
Are there any situations where community treatment orders are effective?

Pogue, J.M.; Ortwine, J.K.; Kaye, K.S., 2016 :
Are there any ways around the exposure-limiting nephrotoxicity of the polymyxins?

Williams, B.R.M.; Schaefer, H.; D.S.queira, M.Menezes.; Reyes-Betancort, J.Alfredo.; Patiño, J.; Carine, M.A., 2016:
Are there any widespread endemic flowering plant species in Macaronesia? Phylogeography of Ranunculus cortusifolius

Fernandes, V.; Osório, F.L., 2016:
Are there associations between early emotional trauma and anxiety disorders? Evidence from a systematic literature review and meta-analysis

Harris, M.F.; Laws, R.A., 2016:
Are there bad foods or just bad diets?

Niedeggen, M.; Sarauli, N.; Cacciola, S.; Weschke, S., 2014:
Are there benefits of social overinclusion? Behavioral and ERP effects in the Cyberball paradigm

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Are there bone dehiscences in maxillary canines orthodontically moved into the grafted alveolar cleft?

Nagy, László.Béla., 2015:
Are there cardiovascular adverse effects of inhaled anticholinergics?

García-Parra, E.; Ochoa-Díaz-López, Héctor.; García-Miranda, R.; Moreno-Altamirano, L.; Solís-Hernández, R.; Molina-Salazar, Rúl., 2016:
Are there changes in the nutritional status of children of Oportunidades families in rural Chiapas, Mexico? A cohort prospective study

Rossi, G.; Glaspy, J.; Lyman, G., 2016:
Are there clinical benefits associated with treatment of mild chemotherapy-induced anemia (CIA)? A systematic review

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Are there dangers in biologic dose reduction strategies?

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Are there differences between Sprague-Dawley and Wistar rats in long-term effects of ovariectomy as a model for postmenopausal osteoporosis?

Senicato, C.; Lima, M.Guimarães.; Barros,, 2016:
Are there differences between paid women workers and housewives in health-related quality of life?

Magiera, R.; Schürer-Maly, C.C.; Mortsiefer, A.; Abholz, H.H.; Maly, F.E.; Pentzek, M., 2015:
Are there differences between patients with and without the homozygous--13910CC genetic variant in the MCM-6 gene upstream from the lactase gene?--A non-randomised, two armed intervention study without control group

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Are there differences between right and left colectomies when performed by laparoscopy?

Sobolewski, P.; Szczuchniak, W.; Sobota, A.; Grzesik, M., 2015:
Are there differences between rural and urban populations in long-term outcome after systemic cerebral thrombolysis in a hospital located in an agricultural region?

Maier, M.W.; Lauer, S.; Klotz, M.C.; Bülhoff, M.; Spranz, D.; Zeifang, F., 2016:
Are there differences between stemless and conventional stemmed shoulder prostheses in the treatment of glenohumeral osteoarthritis?

Cianci, P.; Fersini, A.; Tartaglia, N.; Ambrosi, A.; Neri, V., 2016:
Are there differences between the right and left laparoscopic adrenalectomy? Our experience

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Are there differences in disease progression and mortality among male and female HIV patients on antiretroviral therapy? A meta-analysis of observational cohorts

Opoku-Agyeman, W.; Menachemi, N., 2018:
Are there differences in health information exchange by health system type?

Mohammed Ilyas, M.Iyoob.; Zangbar, B.; Nfonsam, V.N.; Maegawa, F.A.; Joseph, B.A.; Patel, J.A.; Wexner, S.D., 2016:
Are there differences in outcome after elective sigmoidectomy for diverticular disease and for cancer? A national inpatient study

Bassetti, R.Giulio.; Mericske-Stern, R.; Enkling, N., 2016:
Are there differences in the changes in oral-health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) depending on the type (rigidity) of prosthetic treatment?

Hamacher, D.; Hamacher, D.; Herold, F.; Schega, L., 2018:
Are there differences in the dual-task walking variability of minimum toe clearance in chronic low back pain patients and healthy controls?

Mautner, E.; Ashida, C.; Greimel, E.; Lang, U.; Kolman, C.; Alton, D.; Inoue, W., 2015:
Are there differences in the health outcomes of mothers in Europe and East-Asia? A cross-cultural health survey

Inoue, W.; Ikezoe, T.; Tsuboyama, T.; Sato, I.; Malinowska, K.Bronislawa.; Kawaguchi, T.; Tabara, Y.; Nakayama, T.; Matsuda, F.; Ichihashi, N., 2016:
Are there different factors affecting walking speed and gait cycle variability between men and women in community-dwelling older adults?

Fawcett, M.; Agius, M., 2015:
Are there different genotypes in Bipolar II and Bipolar I disorder and if so, why then do we tend to observe Unipolar Depression converting to Bipolar II and then converting to Bipolar I?

Marchettini, P.; Wilhelm, S.; Petto, H.; Tesfaye, S.; Tölle, T.; Bouhassira, D.; Freynhagen, R.; Cruccu, G.; Lledó, A.; Choy, E.; Kosek, E.; Micó, J.A.; Späth, M.; Skljarevski, V.; Lenox-Smith, A.; Perrot, S., 2016:
Are there different predictors of analgesic response between antidepressants and anticonvulsants in painful diabetic neuropathy?

Cox, C.; Chen, Y.; Cress, R.; Semrad, A.M.; Semrad, T.; Gosnell, J.E.; Campbell, M.J., 2016:
Are there disparities in the presentation, treatment and outcomes of patients diagnosed with medullary thyroid cancer?-An analysis of 634 patients from the California Cancer Registry

Eapen, V.; Robertson, M.M., 2015:
Are there distinct subtypes in Tourette syndrome? Pure-Tourette syndrome versus Tourette syndrome-plus, and simple versus complex tics

Pollithy, S.; Höh, A.; Dobner, B.; Auffarth, G.U.; Dithmar, S., 2016:
Are there diurnal variations in choroidal thickness?

Tuñón, Iñaki.; Laage, D.; Hynes, J.T., 2015:
Are there dynamical effects in enzyme catalysis? Some thoughts concerning the enzymatic chemical step

Almeida, D.; Cristovam, E.; Caldeira, D.; Ferreira, J.J.; Marques, T., 2016:
Are there effective interventions to prevent hospital-acquired Legionnaires' disease or to reduce environmental reservoirs of Legionella in hospitals? A systematic review

Jain, S.; Boyd, C.; Fiorentino, L.; Khorsan, R.; Crawford, C., 2015:
Are there efficacious treatments for treating the fatigue-sleep disturbance-depression symptom cluster in breast cancer patients? A Rapid Evidence Assessment of the Literature (REAL(©))

McLeish, T.C.B., 2015:
Are there ergodic limits to evolution? Ergodic exploration of genome space and convergence

Abdool, Z.; Dietz, H.P.; Lindeque, B.G., 2016:
Ethnic differences in the levator hiatus and pelvic organ descent: a prospective observational study

Antonio, E.Luiz.; Serra, A.Jorge.; dos Santos, A.Alberta.; Vieira, S.Sousa.; Silva, J.Montemor.Augusto.; Yoshizaki, A.; Sofia, R.Rodrigues.; Tucci, P.José.Ferreira., 2015:
Are there gender differences in left ventricular remodeling after myocardial infarction in rats?

McPherson, A.; Martin, C.R., 2016:
Are there gender differences in locus of control specific to alcohol dependence?

Shih, Y-Cheng.; Li, H-Wen.; Chen, Y-Fu., 2016:
Are there gender differences in patients with acute type A aortic dissection?

Reine, I.; Palmer, E.; Sonnander, K., 2016:
Are there gender differences in wellbeing related to work status among persons with severe impairments?

Li, L.; Cazzell, M.; Zeng, L.; Liu, H., 2016:
Are there gender differences in young vs. aging brains under risk decision-making? An optical brain imaging study

Rankinen, T.; Sarzynski, M.A.; Ghosh, S.; Bouchard, C., 2015:
Are there genetic paths common to obesity, cardiovascular disease outcomes, and cardiovascular risk factors?

Hynson, N.A.; Bidartondo, M.I.; Read, D.J., 2016:
Are there geographic mosaics of mycorrhizal specificity and partial mycoheterotrophy? A case study in Moneses uniflora (Ericaceae)

Treen, D.; Batlle, S.; Mollà, L.; Forcadell, E.; Chamorro, J.; Bulbena, A.; Perez, V., 2016:
Are there glutamate abnormalities in subjects at high risk mental state for psychosis? A review of the evidence

Heponiemi, T.; Aalto, A-Mari.; Pekkarinen, L.; Siuvatti, E.; Elovainio, M., 2015:
Are there high-risk groups among physicians that are more vulnerable to on-call work?

Chang, Y.Sang.; Lee, W.Jae.; Lee, J.Hee., 2017:
Are there higher pedestrian fatalities in larger cities?: A scaling analysis of 115 to 161 largest cities in the United States

Taylor, J.J.; Wilson, S.M.; Sopinka, N.M.; Hinch, S.G.; Patterson, D.A.; Cooke, S.J.; Willmore, W.G., 2015:
Are there intergenerational and population-specific effects of oxidative stress in sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)?

Lee, S.; Ye, B.Duk., 2016:
Are there interregional differences in the epidemiology and clinical characteristics of Crohn's disease in the Asia-Pacific region?

Cevallos, S.; Sánchez-Rodríguez, A.; Decock, C.; Declerck, Séphane.; Suárez, J.Pablo., 2016:
Are there keystone mycorrhizal fungi associated to tropical epiphytic orchids?

Kelly, A-Maree., 2016:
Are there lessons from the cluster of neonatal deaths in Victoria for emergency physicians?

Joshi, G., 2016:
Are there lessons to be learned from the prevailing patterns of psychotropic drug use in patients with autism spectrum disorder?

Anonymous, 2016:
Are there limits to laser refractive surgery after midlife? The same vision changes that make you eager to toss your glasses or contacts can complicate your decision about surgery

Ching, D.; Forte, D.; Aitchison, E.; Earle, K., 2016:
Are there long-term benefits of experiential, interprofessional education for non-specialists on clinical behaviours and outcomes in diabetes care? A cohort study

Madias, J.E., 2016:
Are there mild forms of Takotsubo syndrome?

Juth, N.; Lynøe, N., 2015:
Are there morally relevant differences between hymen restoration and bloodless treatment for Jehovah's Witnesses?

Kucera, J.; Pakostova, E.; Lochman, J.; Janiczek, O.; Mandl, M., 2016:
Are there multiple mechanisms of anaerobic sulfur oxidation with ferric iron in Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans?

Shaw, C.A.; Li, D.; Tomljenovic, L., 2015:
Are there negative CNS impacts of aluminum adjuvants used in vaccines and immunotherapy?

Kojic, D.; Siegler, B.H.; Uhle, F.; Lichtenstern, C.; Nawroth, P.P.; Weigand, M.A.; Hofer, S.; Brenner, T., 2015:
Are there new approaches for diagnosis, therapy guidance and outcome prediction of sepsis?

Kohn, J.Balla., 2015:
Are there nutrients that support eye health?

Milachich, T.; Shterev, A., 2018:
Are there optimal numbers of oocytes, spermatozoa and embryos in assisted reproduction?

Loenneke, J.P.; Kim, D.; Mouser, J.Grant.; Allen, K.M.; Thiebaud, R.S.; Abe, T.; Bemben, M.G., 2016:
Are there perceptual differences to varying levels of blood flow restriction?

Coskun, C.; Verim, A.; Farooqi, A.A.; Turan, S.; Mezani, B.; Kucukhuseyin, O.; Tolgahan Hakan, M.; Ergen, A.; Yaylim, I., 2016:
Are there possible associations between MnSOD and GPx1 gene variants for laryngeal cancer risk or disease progression?

Curry, N.; Denney, M., 2016:
Are there practical opportunities for developing leadership skills during GP training and beyond? A survey of GP trainees and trainers in South East Scotland

Chernoff, Y.O., 2016:
Are there prions in plants?

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Are there specific readers of oxidized 5-methylcytosine bases?

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Are there statistical links between the direction of European weather systems and ENSO, the solar cycle or stratospheric aerosols?

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Are there too many or too few antenatal transfers?

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Are there too many "times-to-pregnancy"?

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Are there treatments for atypical parkinsonism? An update on actual options

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Are there warning signs for suicide?

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Are there, or shall we discover, biomarkers to guide PD-1 inhibition?

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Are thermodynamic cycles necessary for continuum solvent calculation of pKas and reduction potentials?

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Are these connexins compatible and does it matter?

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Are they complying? Physicians' Knowledge, Attitudes & Readiness-To-Change Regarding Low Back Pain Treatment Guideline Adherence

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Are they dermatological lesions, bottle top burns or bite mark injuries?

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Are they just taking the St Michael?

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Are they trained? Prevalence, motivations and barriers to CPR training among cohabitants of patients with a coronary disease

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Are things ever as they seem?

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Are trait-scaling relationships invariant across contrasting elevations in the widely distributed treeline species Nothofagus pumilio?

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Are traits useful? Explaining trait manifestations as tools in the pursuit of goals

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Are transcutaneous oxygen and carbon dioxide determinations of value in pulmonary arterial hypertension?

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Are trees able to grow in periods of stem shrinkage?

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Are trends in recruitment of older patients in clinical trials (CT) changing?

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Are triage questions sufficient to assign fall risk precautions in the ED?

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Are triallists guilty of 'imbalanced salami slicing'- by favouring positive results in secondary publications?

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Are trichomes involved in the biomechanical systems of Cucurbita leaf petioles?

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Are tuberculosis patients adherent to prescribed treatments in China? Results of a prospective cohort study

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Are tubes containing sodium fluoride still needed for the measurement of blood glucose in hospital laboratory practice?

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Are two better than one? Comparing intermolecular and intramolecular indicator displacement assays in pyrophosphate sensors

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Are two commonly used self-report questionnaires useful for identifying antihypertensive medication nonadherence?

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Are two halves better than one whole? A comparison of the amount and quality of sleep obtained by healthy adult males living on split and consolidated sleep-wake schedules

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Are two hands sensing the load better than one?

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Are two or four hands needed for elderly female bystanders to achieve the required chest compression depth during dispatcher-assisted CPR: a randomized controlled trial

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Are tyrosinase inhibitors in sunscreens and cosmetics enhancing UV carcinogenicity?

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Are ultrasound measurements of the cervical length and fetal head-perineum distance predictive of delivery outcome in post-term pregnancies?

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Are ultrasound renal aspects associated with urinary biochemistry in fetuses with lower urinary tract obstruction?

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Are unilateral and bilateral knee osteoarthritis patients unique subsets of knee osteoarthritis? A biomechanical perspective

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Are unintentional nurse-attended deliveries a patient safety issue?

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Are university students a favorable target group for blood donation campaigns?

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Are unmet breastfeeding expectations associated with maternal depressive symptoms?

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Are urge incontinence and aging risk factors of erectile dysfunction in patients with male lower urinary tract symptoms?

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Are urgent care centers a viable venue for recruitment in clinical trials?

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Are urgent imaging tests indicated in the management of acute pancreatitis?

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Are uric acid plasma levels different between unipolar depression with and without adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

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Are urinary polyaromatic hydrocarbons associated with adult hypertension, heart attack, and cancer? USA NHANES, 2011-2012

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Are urothelial carcinomas of the upper urinary tract a distinct entity from urothelial carcinomas of the urinary bladder? Behavior of urothelial carcinoma after radical surgery with respect to anatomical location: a case control study

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Are uterine and ovarian artery Doppler velocimetry values good pregnancy predictors in clomiphene citrate cycles?

Anonymous, 2016:
Are vaccinations ineffective during cortisone treatment?

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Are vaccines getting a fair deal? Health technology assessment of vaccines across europe

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Are vacuum-filtrated reduced graphene oxide membranes symmetric?

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Are valence and arousal separable in emotional experience?

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Are validated outcome measures used in distal radial fractures truly valid? A critical assessment using the COnsensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement INstruments (COSMIN) checklist

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Are valve clinics a sound investment for the health service? A cost-effectiveness model and an automated tool for cost estimation

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Are vancomycin-resistant enterococci a problem in Polish hospitals?

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Are vegans the same as vegetarians? The effect of diet on perceptions of masculinity

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Are veterinary students accumulating unreasonable amounts of debt?

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Are vicilins another major class of legume lectins?

Asai, T., 2016:
Are video laryngoscopes useful for paramedics during cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

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Are video-based preference assessments without access to selected stimuli effective?

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Are village health sanitation and nutrition committees fulfilling their roles for decentralised health planning and action? A mixed methods study from rural eastern India

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Are virtual planning and guided surgery for head and neck reconstruction economically viable?

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Are virtual reality technologies effective in improving lower limb outcomes for patients following stroke - a systematic review with meta-analysis

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Are virus-induced cancers more sensitive to checkpoint inhibitors?

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Are viruses alive? The replicator paradigm sheds decisive light on an old but misguided question

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Are viscoelastic tests essential in polytrauma patient resuscitation?

Burnat, K., 2015:
Are visual peripheries forever young?

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Are visual threats prioritized without awareness? A critical review and meta-analysis involving 3 behavioral paradigms and 2696 observers

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Are voiding parameters a marker for the severity of quality of life impairment in women with overactive bladder symptoms?

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Are waiting rooms Passé? A pilot study of patient self-rooming

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Are we 'on the right trach?' The National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death examines tracheostomy care

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Are we (child psychiatrists) pathologizing childhood?

Burnazovic-Ristic, L.; Rakanovic-Todic, M.; Maleskic, S.; Cesic, A.Kulo.; Kusturica, J., 2016:
Are we Scared of Clinical Trials if not Sufficiently Informed and Educated?

Agarwal, D.; Misra, S.Kumar.; Chaudhary, S.Singh.; Prakash, G., 2015:
Are we Underestimating the Real Burden of Malnutrition? An Experience From Community-Based Study

Petković, I.; Pejčić, I.; Vrbić, S., 2014:
Are we a step forward with targeted agents in resolving the enigma of mantle cell lymphoma?

Wright, S., 1995:
Are we adventurers or ostriches?

Budair, B.; Ahmed, U.; Hodson, J.; David, M.; Ashraf, M.; McBride, T., 2016:
Are we all guilty of under-estimating intra-operative blood loss during hip fracture surgery?

Leeuwenburgh-Pronk, W.G.; Miller-Smith, L.; Forman, V.; Lantos, J.D.; Tibboel, D.; Buysse, C., 2015:
Are we allowed to discontinue medical treatment in this child?

Phoon, I.Kwong.Yun., 2015:
Are we any clearer on the blood pressure targets?

Harding, K.; Queen, D., 2016:
Are we any further forward with wound care as a clinical specialty?

Pizzo, P.A., 2015:
Are we appropriately preparing physicians to care for patients throughout their life journeys?

Carlson, J.A.; Rusthoven, C.; DeWitt, P.E.; Davidson, S.A.; Schefter, T.E.; Fisher, C.M., 2015:
Are we appropriately selecting therapy for patients with cervical cancer? Longitudinal patterns-of-care analysis for stage IB-IIB cervical cancer

Gathercole, V.C.Mueller., 2016:
Are we at a socio-political and scientific crisis?

Kaba, A.; Wishart, I.; Fraser, K.; Coderre, S.; McLaughlin, K., 2016:
Are we at risk of groupthink in our approach to teamwork interventions in health care?

Botha, D., 2016 :
Are we at risk of losing the soul of medicine?

Hoffman, M.D.; Bross, T.L.; Hamilton, R.Tyler., 2016:
Are we being drowned by overhydration advice on the Internet?

Kim, Y., 2016:
Are we being exposed to radiation in the hospital?

Benedik, P.S., 2015:
Are we beyond cowboy tactics for arterial catheterization?

Sakata, S.; Kabir, S.; Petersen, D.; Doudle, M.; Stevenson, A.R.L., 2016:
Are we burying our heads in the sand? Preventing small bowel obstruction from the V-loc® suture in laparoscopic ventral rectopexy

Lutz, C.; Cho, H.J., 2018:
Are we causing anemia by ordering unnecessary blood tests?

Roma, V.G.; Hope, D.A., 2016:
Are we certain about which measure of intolerance of uncertainty to use yet?

Udupa, K.; Ghahremani, A.; Chen, R., 2015:
Are we close to the advent of closed loop deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease?

Carvajal-Vergara, X.; Prósper, F., 2016:
Are we closer to cardiac regeneration?

Smolewska, Eżbieta., 2016:
Are we closer to personalized therapy in juvenile idiopathic arthritis?

Kata, Sławomir.G.; Aboumarzouk, O., 2016:
Are we closer to seeing carcinoma in situ in the upper urinary tract?

Filer, W.; Beveridge, R., 2016:
Are we collectively ready to support physicians' journey to value-based care?

Deutsch, M.B.; Liang, L-Jung.; Jimenez, E.E.; Mather, M.J.; Mendez, M.F., 2018:
Are we comparing frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer disease patients with the right measures?

Paddock, M.; Demetriou, A.; Nicholl, R., 2015:
Are we considering neonatal stroke early enough in our differential diagnosis?

Muquebil Ali Al Shaban Rodríguez, O.Walid.; Ocio León, S.; Hernández González, M.Javier.; Gómez Simón, M.; Tuñón Gorgojo, L., 2016:
Are we considering the QTc interval of our patients?

Koracevic, G.P., 2016:
Are we consistent in using 14 different units for brain natriuretic peptide instead of ng/L?

Loge, J., 2016:
Are we consistent?

Nelson, L.P.; Markovitz, B.P., 2016:
Are we correctly diagnosing adrenal insufficiency or are we just spitting into the wind?

Wischmeyer, P.E., 2016:
Are we creating survivors…or victims in critical care? Delivering targeted nutrition to improve outcomes

Finn, L.E.; Foran, J.M., 2016:
Are we curing more older adults with acute myeloid leukemia with allogeneic transplantation in CR1?

Hooper, P.; Knuiman, M.; Bull, F.; Jones, E.; Giles-Corti, B., 2016:
Are we developing walkable suburbs through urban planning policy? Identifying the mix of design requirements to optimise walking outcomes from the 'Liveable Neighbourhoods' planning policy in Perth, Western Australia

Bain, L.Engelbert., 2016:
Are we doing enough for our patients with terminal cancer? A moral imperative to step up palliative care practice in Sub-Saharan Africa

Curtis, D., 2016:
Are we doing enough for the geriatric patient?

Webb, C.E., 2015:
Are we doing enough to promote the effective use of mosquito repellents?

Boix, Héctor., 2016:
Are we doing our best for our patients with hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy?

Derrington, S.F., 2015:
Are we doing right by dying children?

Sierra, S.Morales.; De Santiago García, F.Javier., 2016:
Are we doing well or oversizing follow-up in ovarian cancer? Searching for tailoring

Baack Kukreja, J.E.; Messing, E.M.; Shah, J.B., 2015:
Are we doing "better"? The discrepancy between perception and practice of enhanced recovery after cystectomy principles among urologic oncologists

Miranda,; de Carvalho-Souza, G.Freire., 2016:
Are we eating plastic-ingesting fish?

Jadhav, P.M.; Jadhav, M.P., 2015:
Are we engaged in reproducible research?

O'Hagan, D.T.; Fox, C.B., 2016 :
Are we entering a new age for human vaccine adjuvants?

Allen, L., 2016:
Are we facing a noncommunicable disease pandemic?

Salsberg, E.; Quigley, L., 2016:
Are we facing a physician assistant surplus?

Nezhat, C.R.; Balassiano, E., 2015:
Are we facing a potential effective treatment for endometriosis?

Lagan, J.; Cutts, L.; Zaidi, S.; Benton, I.; Rylance, J., 2015:
Are we failing our trainees in providing opportunities to attain procedural confidence?

Bradbury-Jones, C.; Broadhurst, K., 2016:
Are we failing to prepare nursing and midwifery students to deal with domestic abuse? Findings from a qualitative study

Abbott, J.E.; Deem, S.G.; Mosley, N.; Tan, G.; Kumar, N.; Davalos, J.G., 2016:
Are we fearful of tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy? Assessing the need for tube drainage following percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Feeley, K., 2016:
Are we filling the data void? An assessment of the amount and extent of plant collection records and census data available for tropical South America

Farkas, N.; Solanki, K.; Frampton, A.E.; Black, J.; Gupta, A.; West, N.J., 2016:
Are we following an algorithm for managing chronic anal fissure? A completed audit cycle

Reis, L.Oliveira.; Moro, J.Cesar.; Ribeiro, L.Fernando.Bastos.; Voris, B.Raphael.Iamashita.; Sadi, M.Vinicius., 2016:
Are we following the guidelines on non-muscle invasive bladder cancer?

Hammoud, G.M.; Ibdah, J.A., 2016:
Are we getting closer to understanding intratumor heterogeneity in hepatocellular carcinoma?

Meek, P.; Ballard, G.; Fleming, P.; Falzon, G., 2016:
Are we getting the full picture? Animal responses to camera traps and implications for predator studies

Johnson, A.C.; Sumpter, J.P., 2017:
Are we going about chemical risk assessment for the aquatic environment the wrong way?

Wang, Y.; Williams, C., 2015:
Are we hammering square pegs into round holes? An investigation of the meta-analyses of reading research with students who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing and students who are hearing

Herling, M., 2015:
Are we improving the outcome for patients with T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia by allogeneic stem cell transplantation?

Kay, J., 2009:
Are we in denial?

Freedman, M.S., 2016:
Are we in need of NEDA?

Hiamey, S.Edem.; Amuquandoh, F.Eric.; Boison, G.Aba., 2016:
Are we indeed what we eat? Street food consumption in the Market Circle area of Takoradi, Ghana

Ryu, S.; Head, M.G.; Kim, B.I.; Hwang, J.; Cho, E-Hi., 2016:
Are we investing wisely? A systematic analysis of nationally funded antimicrobial resistance projects in Republic of Korea, 2003-2013

Anonymous, 2015:
Are we just teaching to the test?

Burki, T., 2016:
Are we learning the lessons of the Ebola outbreak?

Reinersman, J.Matthew.; Blackmon, S.H., 2015:
Are we looking at a surgical black box in the future?

Dietz, W.H., 2016:
Are we making progress in the prevention and control of childhood obesity? It all depends on how you look at it

Kling, K.J.; Hopkins, M.E., 2015:
Are we making the grade? Practices and reported efficacy measures of primate conservation education programs

Parker, E.D.; Kharbanda, E.O.; Sinaiko, A.R., 2016:
Are we measuring blood pressure correctly in children, particularly in obesity?

Aldeyab, M.; Scott, M.; Conlon-Bingham, G.; Nagar, A.; Farren, D.; Kearney, M., 2016:
Are we measuring what we intend to measure? Implications for the management of healthcare-acquired infections

Iddles, E.; Williamson, A.; Bradley, A.; Khan, K., 2016:
Are we meeting current standards in medicines reconciliation? A study in a District General Hospital

Buitendijk, S.E.; de Jonge, A., 2016:
Are we misinforming our low-risk mothers regarding birthplace outcomes: is it time for formal consent?: AGAINST: Formal consent is not necessary for home births

Wijesuriya, J.Douglas., 2016:
Are we misinforming our low-risk mothers regarding birthplace outcomes: is it time for formal consent?: FOR: It is our duty to be honest and accurate about the risks

Temkin, S.M.; Seibel, N.L., 2016 :
Are we missing an opportunity for cancer prevention? Human papillomavirus vaccination for survivors of pediatric and young adult cancers

Fletcher, D., 2016:
Are we missing dextropropoxyphene?

Joshi, S.; Kulkarni, V.; Gangakhedkar, R.; Sankaranarayanan, R., 2016:
Are we missing opportunities to prevent cervical cancer in HIV-infected women in India?

Addison, P.F.E.; Flander, L.B.; Cook, C.N., 2015:
Are we missing the boat? Current uses of long-term biological monitoring data in the evaluation and management of marine protected areas

Lazarus, S.G.; Kelleman, M.; Adisa, O.; Zmitrovich, A.R.; Hagbom, R.; Cohen, S.; McCracken, C.E.; Morris, C.R., 2017:
Are we missing the mark? Fever, respiratory symptoms, chest radiographs, and acute chest syndrome in sickle cell disease

Livraghi, A.; Martinasso, A.; Seghatchian, J.; Perotti, C., 2018:
Creation of a new hospital service for iron therapy

Haastrup, O.O.O.; Buchan, J.C.; Cassels-Brown, A.; Cook, C., 2015:
Are we monitoring the quality of cataract surgery services? A qualitative situation analysis of attitudes and practices in a large city in South Africa

Croome, K.P.; Taner, C.Burcin., 2016:
Are we moving from absence of proof to proof of absence?

Manikandan, S., 2015:
Are we moving towards a new definition of essential medicines?

Rehan, H.Singh.; Banerjee, I.; Suranagi, U.D., 2016:
Are we moving towards a new definition of essential medicines?

Napal, S.; Giral, P.J., 2015:
Are we moving towards the end of the prostate specific antigen era?

Alexander, N.D.E., 2015:
Are we nearly there yet? Coverage and compliance of mass drug administration for lymphatic filariasis elimination

P, S., 2016:
Are we neglecting elderly? A population based study on elderly

Gerc, V.; Buksa, M., 2015:
Are we on the path to solve the enigma of resistant hypertension: renal sympathetic denervation

Reid, D.; Hing, W., 2001:
Are we on the right track?

Stein, R.E.K., 2015:
Are we on the right track? Examining the role of developmental behavioral pediatrics

Carter, M.Z.; Mossholder, K.W., 2015:
Are we on the same page? The performance effects of congruence between supervisor and group trust

Smit, A.A.J.; Moons-Pasic, A.; Bresser, P., 2016:
Are we on the verge of lung-cancer screening in the Netherlands?

Li, B.; Zhang, Y.; Ma, D.; Xing, Z.; Ma, T.; Shi, Z.; Ji, X.; Ma, S., 2018:
Creation of a new type of ion exchange material for rapid, high-capacity, reversible and selective ion exchange without swelling and entrainment

Farrugia, A., 2016:
Are we optimising outcomes in Australia's framework for the supply of plasma-derived medicines?

Lamacki, W., 2015:
Are we our brothers' keepers?

Wickramatilake, C.M.; Dharmadasa, R.A.; D.S.lva, M., 2016:
Are we over prescribing antibiotics in children with acute lower respiratory tract infections in Sri Lanka?

Das, P.; Mckinstry, S.; Devadass, A.; Herron, B.; Conkey, D.S., 2016:
Are we over treating Pineal Parenchymal tumour with intermediate differentiation? Assessing the role of localised radiation therapy and literature review

Soley-Guardia, M.; Gutiérrez, Eécer.E.; Thomas, D.M.; Ochoa-G, Jé.; Aguilera, M.; Anderson, R.P., 2016:
Are we overestimating the niche? Removing marginal localities helps ecological niche models detect environmental barriers

Nanthakumar, S.; Bucks, R.S.; Skinner, T.C., 2016:
Are we overestimating the prevalence of depression in chronic illness using questionnaires? Meta-analytic evidence in obstructive sleep apnoea

Billieux, Jël.; Schimmenti, A.; Khazaal, Y.; Maurage, P.; Heeren, A., 2016:
Are we overpathologizing everyday life? A tenable blueprint for behavioral addiction research

Wiles, K.Sophie.; Jarvis, S.; Nelson-Piercy, C., 2016:
Are we overtreating subclinical hypothyroidism in pregnancy?

Karimuribo, E.D.; Mboera, L.E.G.; Mbugi, E.; Simba, A.; Kivaria, F.M.; Mmbuji, P.; Rweyemamu, M.M., 2015:
Are we prepared for emerging and re-emerging diseases? Experience and lessons from epidemics that occurred in Tanzania during the last five decades

Anonymous, 2016:
Are we prepared for high standards of trauma care?

Jang Khan, N.Ahmed., 2016:
Are we prepared for next heat wave?

Medisauskaite, A.; Kamau, C., 2015:
Are we preparing GP trainees for patient death?

Seraj, M.Abdullah., 2012:
Are we providing modern anesthetics services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Borisovskaya, A.; Chen, K.; Borson, S., 2016:
Are we providing the best possible care for dementia patients?

Edwards, H.; Currie, E., 2016:
Are we ready for NICE?

Johansen, M.Vang.; Trevisan, C.; Gabriël, S.; Magnussen, P.; Braae, U.Christian., 2016:
Are we ready for Taenia solium cysticercosis elimination in sub-Saharan Africa?

Barbato, E.; Wijns, W., 2016:
Are we ready for a new paradigm shift in percutaneous revascularization of chronically occluded vessels with well-developed collaterals?: from leaving 'em all to stenting 'em all

Palmgren, M.G.; Edenbrandt, A.Kristina.; Vedel, S.Elizabeth.; Andersen, M.Marchman.; Landes, X.; Østerberg, J.Thulin.; Falhof, J.; Olsen, L.Irene.; Christensen, Søren.Brøgger.; Sandøe, P.; Gamborg, C.; Kappel, K.; Thorsen, B.Jellesmark.; Pagh, P., 2015:
Are we ready for back-to-nature crop breeding?

McAlinden, O., 2016:
Are we ready for child refugees?

Utrilla-Layna, J.; Zapardiel, I., 2015:
Are we ready for conservative treatment in ovarian cancer?

Bernhard, J-Christophe.; Payan, A.; Bensadoun, H.; Cornelis, Fçois.; Pierquet, Gégory.; Pasticier, G.; Robert, Gégoire.; Capon, Gégoire.; Ravaud, A.; Ferriere, J-Marie., 2015:
Are we ready for day-case partial nephrectomy?

Burton, A., 2015:
Are we ready for direct-to-consumer genetic testing?

Antonini, F.; D.M.nicis, S.; Macarri, G.; Pezzilli, R., 2016:
Are we ready for early discharge of patients with mild non-alcoholic acute interstitial pancreatitis?

Brondani, M.A.; Chang, S.M., 2016:
Are we ready for hiv screening in dental clinics?

Mok, T.S.K.; Loong, H.H., 2016:
Are we ready for immune checkpoint inhibitors for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer?

Karnwal, A.; Lippmann, M.; Kakazu, C., 2015:
Are we ready for non-invasive blood pressure monitoring?

McMillan, M., 2016:
Are we ready for population health? There are security concerns that need to be addressed first

Roboz, G.J., 2016:
Are we ready for precision medicine in acute myeloid leukemia?

Kundra, P.; Vinayagam, S., 2016:
Are we ready for submental diversions?

Cherenkov, V.G.; Petrov, A.B.; Ivanchenko, O.G.; Chistiakova, T.V.; Aleksandrov, A.S.; Ivanova, V.V., 2015:
Are we ready for the growing threat of virus dependent cervical cancer and the initiation of screening in conditions of insurance medicine?

Belachew, T., 2015:
Are we ready for the rising silent epidemic of metabolic syndrome and chronic non-communicable disease in Ethiopia?

Kumar, N.; Ahmed, Q.; Lee, V.K.M.; Zaw, A.Sandar.; Goy, R.; Wong, H.Kit., 2015:
Are we ready for the use of intraoperative salvaged blood in metastatic spine tumour surgery?

Brown, L.K., 2015:
Are we ready for "unisomnography"?

Martinelli, D.; Tafuri, S.; Fortunato, F.; Cozza, V.; Germinario, C.A.; Prato, R., 2015:
Are we ready to abrogate compulsory vaccinations for children?

Khemani, R.G.; Smith, L., 2015:
Are we ready to accept the Berlin definition of acute respiratory distress syndrome for use in children?

Lau, S.Rosenlund.; Traulsen, J.M., 2016:
Are we ready to accept the challenge? Addressing the shortcomings of contemporary qualitative health research

El-Deiry, W.S., 2016:
Are we ready to assess the value of treatment options in oncology?

D.I.liis, F.; Lanza, R.; Scarpa, S., 2016:
Are we ready to change clinical practice after the 'soft and text' results?

Rocha, P.Novis., 2016:
Are we ready to embrace Telemedicine in Nephrology?

Degen, G.H., 2015:
Are we ready to estimate daily ochratoxin A intake based on urinary concentrations?

Treasure, T.; Hallifax, R.J.; Rahman, N., 2016:
Are we ready to go directly to videothoracoscopic surgery at a first presentation of primary spontaneous pneumothorax?

Drobnis, E.Z.; Johnson, M.H., 2016:
Are we ready to incorporate sperm DNA-fragmentation testing into our male infertility work-up? A plea for more robust studies

Durban, Mè.; García, Désireé.; Obradors, A.; Vernaeve, V.; Vassena, R., 2016:
Are we ready to inject? Individualized LC-CUSUM training in ICSI

Minjollet, P.; Garez, Vérie.; Héroux, C.; Letamendia, E.; Apter, Gèle., 2018:
Creation of an observation scale for newborns in the maternity setting

Salz, T.; Baxi, S.S.; Raghunathan, N.; Onstad, E.E.; Freedman, A.N.; Moskowitz, C.S.; Dalton, S.Oksbjerg.; Goodman, K.A.; Johansen, C.; Matasar, M.J.; de Nully Brown, P.; Oeffinger, K.C.; Vickers, A.J., 2015:
Are we ready to predict late effects? A systematic review of clinically useful prediction models

Akchurin, O.M., 2016:
Are we ready to reliably assess transition readiness?

Gupta, R.K., 2015:
Are we ready to replace dynamic contrast-enhanced perfusion with tissue similarity measures derived perfusion magnetic resonance imaging in glioma grading?

Bachet, J., 2016:
Are we ready to sit on a little cloud?

Massuti, B.; Sanchez, J.Miguel.; Hernando-Trancho, F.; Karachaliou, N.; Rosell, R., 2013:
Are we ready to use biomarkers for staging, prognosis and treatment selection in early-stage non-small-cell lung cancer?

Chan, H.Lik.Yuen., 2013:
Are we ready to use the hepatitis B surface antigen level to guide peginterferon treatment in HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B?

Cordioli, M.Isabel.C.Vieira.; Moraes, L.; Cury, A.Namo.; Cerutti, J.M., 2016:
Are we really at the dawn of understanding sporadic pediatric thyroid carcinoma?

Cowdrey, N.D.; Waller, G., 2015:
Are we really delivering evidence-based treatments for eating disorders? How eating-disordered patients describe their experience of cognitive behavioral therapy

Canevelli, M.; Bruno, G.; Vanacore, N.; de Lena, C.; Cesari, M., 2016:
Are we really tackling the "evidence-based medicine issue" in Alzheimer's disease?

Rahm, F.; Viklund, J.; Tresaugues, L.; Ellermann, M.; Giese, A.; Ericsson, U.; Forsblom, R.; Ginman, T.; Günther, J.; Hallberg, K.; Lindström, J.; Persson, L.Boukharta.; Silvander, C.; Talagas, A.; Díaz-Sáez, L.; Fedorov, O.; Huber, K.V.M.; Panagakou, I.; Siejka, P.; Gorjanacz, M.; Bauser, M.; Andersson, M., 2018:
Creation of a novel class of potent and selective MutT Homolog 1 (MTH1) inhibitors using fragment-based screening and structure-based drug design

Bindman, D.C.; Kripalani, M., 2015:
Are we reinforcing the anti-medical model?

Wilensky, G.R., 2016:
Are we seeing an end to slow healthcare spending?

Sultana, R.; Thwin, M.; Villani, G.M.; Grand, M.A.; Tun, N.M., 2016:
Are we seeing more obese breast cancer patients in Brooklyn?

Flint, S.W., 2016:
Are we selling our souls? Novel aspects of the presence in academic conferences of brands linked to ill health

Kurtz, S.L., 2016:
Are we sending the wrong message when we ask health care workers to wash their hands?

Fox, M.P., 2016:
Are we shifting attrition downstream in the HIV cascade?

Ashton, H., 2016:
Are we sports physiotherapists working as a team as well as we could?

Thevenot, T.; Weil, D.; Cervoni, J-Paul.; Villamil, F.G.; Di Martino, V., 2016:
Are we still searching for the fifth element of MELD?

Byrne, R.; Mol, B., 2016:
Are we stopping preterm birth trials too early?

Scott, T.F., 2013:
Are we studying MS relapses in the right way?

Lopez-Castroman, J.; Blasco-Fontecilla, H.; Courtet, P.; Baca-Garcia, E.; Oquendo, M.A., 2015:
Are we studying the right populations to understand suicide?

Roussi, K.; Soussa, V.; Dunn Lopez, K.; Balasubramanian, A.; Keenan, G.M.; Burton, M.; Bahroos, N.; DiEugenio, B.; Boyd, A.D., 2015:
Are we talking about the same patient?

Gordon, M., 2016:
Are we talking the same paradigm? Considering methodological choices in health education systematic review

Wittmann, D.; Skolarus, T.A.; Montie, J.E., 2016:
Are we targeting the right outcome for sexual health after prostate cancer treatment?

Wise, J.Ann., 2015:
Are we there yet?

Baber, R., 2016:
Are we there yet?

Wears, R.L., 2015:
Are we there yet? Early stopping in clinical trials

Taherian, S.; Selitskiy, D.; Pau, J.; Claire Davies, T., 2015:
Are we there yet? Evaluating commercial grade brain-computer interface for control of computer applications by individuals with cerebral palsy

McGeorge, C.R.; Carlson, T.Stone.; Maier, C.A., 2016:
Are we there yet? Faculty Members' Beliefs and Teaching Practices Related to the Ethical Treatment of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients

Rosse, J., 2015:
Are we there yet? Hmm...not quite

Khushalani, N.I.; Sondak, V.K., 2016:
Are we there yet? Prolonged MAPK inhibition in BRAF(V600)-mutant melanoma

Leung, Y.M.; Cave, N.J.; Hodgson, B.A.S., 2018:
Creation of a predictive equation to estimate fat-free mass and the ratio of fat-free mass to skeletal size using morphometry in lean working farm dogs

Emery, R.W.; Krogh, C.C., 2016:
Are we throwing the baby out with the bath water?

Remková, A.; Remko, M., 2016:
Are we to pay attention to factor XII deficiency?

Aird, P., 2015:
Are we too busy to be happy?

Anonymous, 2016:
Are we too clean? Reframing the hygiene hypothesis and its implications for allergies, infectious diseases and our lifestyles

Siegert, E.; Riemekasten, G., 2016:
Are we too lenient with immunosuppression in severe cases of Systemic Sclerosis?

González-López, J.J., 2015:
Are we too many? A short essay on ophthamology demographics in Spain

Aird, P., 2016:
Are we too narcissistic?

Turner, S.; Lehman, M., 2016:
Are we training the next generation of proficient radiation oncologists, or just better examination candidates?

Deb, S., 2015:
Are we treating our geriatric population ethically?--Views of a resident doctor

Oddone, E.; Imbriani, M., 2015:
Are we underestimating occupational risks for neurodegenerative diseases?

Wolak, M.E.; Roff, D.A.; Fairbairn, D.J., 2015:
Are we underestimating the genetic variances of dimorphic traits?

Berman, A.M.; Thosar, S.S.; Shea, S.A., 2016:
Are we underestimating the lifelong benefits of therapy for obstructive sleep apnea?

Mooney, P.D.; Hayman, J.; Pickering, G.; Sanders, D.S., 2015:
Are we underestimating the prevalence of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in irritable bowel syndrome?

Mueser, K.T.; Cook, J.A., 2016:
Are we underestimating the value of exercise for wellness?

Frei, A., 2015:
Are we uro-ecologists?

Kahn, K.L.; Adams, J.L.; Chrischilles, E.E.; Harrington, D.P.; Weeks, J.C.; Ayanian, J.Z.; Kiefe, C.I.; Provenzale, D.T.; Fletcher, R.H., 2016:
Are we use of chemotherapy for elderly stage III colon cancer patients? An analysis from the Cancer Care Outcomes & Research Surveillance Consortium (CanCORS)

Ozdinc, S.; Sensoy, N.; Kurt, R.; Altas, S.; Altun, R., 2015:
Are we using drugs rationally? A survey study from Turkey

Doggrell, S.A., 2016:
Are we waiting too long for the cardiovascular outcome trials with the glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists?

Jun, J.C.; Polotsky, V.Y., 2015:
Are we waking up to the effects of NEFA?

Adams, J., 2003:
Are we wasting our money on food supplements in elder care wards?

Zimmermann, M.B., 2015:
Are weaning infants at risk of iodine deficiency even in countries with established iodized salt programs?

Engan, H.K.; Hilmarsen, C.; Sittlinger, S.; Sandmæl, J.Arne.; Skanke, F.; Oldervoll, L.M., 2017:
Are web-based questionnaires accepted in patients attending rehabilitation?

Gebremariam, M.Kebede.; Andersen, L.Frost.; Bjelland, M.; Bergh, I.Holden.; Totland, T.Holm.; Ommundsen, Y.; Grydeland, M.; Lien, N., 2015:
Are weight-related attitudes and behaviours associated with the accuracy of BMI derived from self-reported weight and height among 13-year-olds?

Coggon, D.; Palmer, K.T., 2016:
Are welders more at risk of respiratory infections?

Marongiu, A.; Hasan, O.; Ali, A.; Bakhsh, S.; George, B.; Irfan, N.; Minelli, C.; Canova, C.; Schofield, S.; De Matteis, S.; Cullinan, P., 2017:
Are welders more at risk of respiratory infections? Findings from a cross-sectional survey and analysis of medical records in shipyard workers: the WELSHIP project

Phillips, D.E.; AbouZahr, C.; Lopez, A.D.; Mikkelsen, L.; de Savigny, D.; Lozano, R.; Wilmoth, J.; Setel, P.W., 2015:
Are well functioning civil registration and vital statistics systems associated with better health outcomes?

Merritt, S.M.; Lee, D.; Unnerstall, J.L.; Huber, K., 2015:
Are well-calibrated users effective users? Associations between calibration of trust and performance on an automation-aided task

Barik, R., 2016:
Are western guidelines good enough for Indians? My name is Borat

Ahmad, H.; Cerchiai, Nò.; Mancuso, M.; Casani, A.P.; Bronstein, A.M., 2016:
Are white matter abnormalities associated with "unexplained dizziness"?

Gilbert, N.I.; Correia, R.A.; Silva, Jão.Paulo.; Pacheco, C.; Catry, Iês.; Atkinson, P.W.; Gill, J.A.; Franco, A.M.A., 2016:
Are white storks addicted to junk food? Impacts of landfill use on the movement and behaviour of resident white storks (Ciconia ciconia) from a partially migratory population

Law, A.; Wen, L.; Lin, J.; Tangirala, M.; Schwartz, J.S.; Zampaglione, E., 2017:
Are women benefiting from the Affordable Care Act? A real-world evaluation of the impact of the Affordable Care Act on out-of-pocket costs for contraceptives

Ford, J.B.; Hindmarsh, D.M.; Browne, K.M.; Todd, A.L., 2016:
Are women birthing in New South Wales hospitals satisfied with their care?

Alconero-Camarero, A.Rosa.; Muñoz-Cacho, P.; Revuelta, Jé.Manuel., 2016:
Are women delaying in attending to both their own health care and making decisions on the acute phase of myocardial infarction?

Işık, Özden.; Özer, Nşide.; Sayın, N.; Mishal, A.; Gündoğdu, Oğuz.; Özçep, F., 2016:
Are women in Turkey both risks and resources in disaster management?

Spyrelis, A.; Abdulla, S.; Frade, S.; Meyer, T.; Mhazo, M.; Taruberekera, N.; Taljaard, D.; Billy, S., 2016:
Are women more likely to self-test? A short report from an acceptability study of the HIV self-testing kit in South Africa

Hulman, A.; Lutsiv, O.; Park, C.K.; Krebs, L.; Beyene, J.; McDonald, S.D., 2016:
Are women who quit smoking at high risk of excess weight gain throughout pregnancy?

Alhalabi, F.; Bacsu, C.D.; Gulpinar, O.; Scott, D.J.; Zimmern, P.E., 2016:
Are women with advanced pelvic organ prolapse treated by open mesh sacrocolpopexy at risk of secondary incisional hernia?

Brenne, S.; David, M.; Borde, T.; Breckenkamp, J.; Razum, O., 2016:
Are women with and without migration background reached equally well by health services? The example of antenatal care in Berlin

Othieno, C.; Babigumira, J.B.; Richardson, B., 2016:
Are women with complications of an incomplete abortion more likely to be HIV infected than women without complications?

Ramezani-Binabaj, M.; Motalebi, M.; Karimi-Sari, H.; Rezaee-Zavareh, M.Saeid.; Alavian, S.Moayed., 2015:
Are women with polycystic ovarian syndrome at a high risk of non-alcoholic Fatty liver disease; a meta-analysis

Aprato, A.; Joeris, A.; Tosto, F.; Kalampoki, V.; Rometsch, E.; Favuto, M.; Stucchi, A.; Azi, M.; Massè, A., 2016:
Are work return and leaves of absence after acetabular fractures predictable? : A retrospective study of 108 patients

Aprato, A.; Joeris, A.; Tosto, F.; Kalampoki, V.; Rometsch, E.; Favuto, M.; Stucchi, A.; Azi, M.; Massè, A., 2015:
Are work return and leaves of absence predictable after an unstable pelvic ring injury?

Ahmed, K.; Connelly, T.M.; Bashar, K.; Walsh, S.R., 2016:
Are wound ring protectors effective in reducing surgical site infection post appendectomy? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Anonymous, 1999:
Are you NI Nurse of the Year?

Emery, S.L.; Szczypka, G.; Abril, Eàlia.Puig.; Kim, Y.; Vera, L., 2014:
Are you Scared Yet?: Evaluating Fear Appeal Messages in Tweets about the Tips Campaign

Anonymous, 2016:
Are you a DDT daughter?

Roland, D.; May, N.; Body, R.; Carley, S.; Lyttle, M.D., 2016:
Are you a SCEPTIC? SoCial mEdia Precision & uTility In Conferences

Grant, M.J.; Bonnett, P.; Sutton, A.; Marshall, A.; Murphy, J.; Spring, H., 2016:
Are you a budding academic writer?

Cheung, S.Yan.; Delfabbro, P., 2016 :
Are you a cancer survivor? A review on cancer identity

Doarn, C.R.; Merrell, R.C., 2015:
Are you a disruptor and is anyone paying attention?

Xu, X-Xin.; Cao, L-Bao.; Wang, Z.; Xu, Z.; Zhang, B-Qian.; Wu, S-Ling.; Qi, S-Sha.; Yan, L.; Chen, Z-Jiang., 2018:
Creation of a rabbit model for intrauterine adhesions using electrothermal injury

Anonymous, 1997:
Are you a knowledgeable doer?

Anonymous, 2003:
Are you a victim of bad NHS pension advice?

Weiss, K., 2015:
Are you a "Darwinian"? Even Academics have Totems, but it's not Clear What they Imply

Wegmann, E.; Brand, M.; Snagowski, J.; Schiebener, J., 2016:
Are you able not to react to what you hear? Inhibition behavior measured with an auditory Go/NoGo paradigm

Sommer, A., 2016:
Are you afraid of the dark? Notes on the psychology of belief in histories of science and the occult

Anonymous, 2001:
Are you an employer of the year?

Kroning, M., 2016:
Are you an evolutionary leader?

Anonymous, 1989:
Are you an opinionated nurse?

Pandya, S.K., 2016:
Are you appearing for an interview for an academic position?

Hess, L., 2016:
Are you at ease with persons from all nations? No!

Macaulay, R.; Leatham, O.; Hickey, D., 2015:
Are you at risk of cancer? Consider Where you live in england for Access to the Most Expensive Oncology Treatments

Williams, K., 1996:
Are you being served?

Thomson, N., 2015:
Are you calling me fat?

Valdez, A.Maria., 2015:
Are you covered? Safe practices for the use of personal protective equipment

Boyd, B.Blaszczyk., 2015:
Are you demonstrating the value of caring?

Evers, K., 2016:
Are you dense?

Lynch, P.K., 2015:
Are you doing shabby work?

Anonymous, 2016:
Are you drinking more than you should be?

Deb, S.; Fremes, S.E., 2015:
Are you ever too old?

O'Brien, V.P.; Hannan, T.J.; Schaeffer, A.J.; Hultgren, S.J., 2015:
Are you experienced? Understanding bladder innate immunity in the context of recurrent urinary tract infection

Smith, D.Roy., 2016:
Are you failing at scientific social media?

Srinivasan, S., 2015:
Are you financially ready for ICD-10? Five questions to consider

Veal, J., 2003:
Are you getting the best from agency staff?

Hill, J., 1993:
Are you in need of information?

Thrul, J.; Stemmler, M.; Goecke, M.; Bühler, A., 2015:
Are you in or out? Recruitment of adolescent smokers into a behavioral smoking cessation intervention

Hall, J.H., 2015:
Are you in the future of NCF?

Chui, H.; Hill, C.E.; Kline, K.; Kuo, P.; Mohr, J.J., 2017:
Are you in the mood? Therapist affect and psychotherapy process

McCooey, M., 1999:
Are you listening?

Raso, R., 2016:
Are you listening?

Ensenberg, N.S.; Perry, A.; Aviezer, H., 2016:
Are you looking at me? Mu suppression modulation by facial expression direction

Lyyra, P.; Wirth, J.H.; Hietanen, J.K., 2016:
Are you looking my way? Ostracism widens the cone of gaze

Larson, J., 2016:
Are you losing the high-deductible game? ACMPE Fellow's research IDs issue for colleagues

Anonymous, 2008:
Are you loved by ultrasound?

Sen, E.S.; Moppett, J.P.; Ramanan, A.V., 2015:
Are you missing leukaemia?

Hillman, K.; Goodrich-Blair, H., 2016:
Are you my symbiont? Microbial polymorphic toxins and antimicrobial compounds as honest signals of beneficial symbiotic defensive traits

Damani, A.; Van Hemelrijck, M.; Wulaningsih, W.; Crawley, D.; Cahill, D., 2016:
Are you now a good surgeon? T2 positive margin status as a quality outcome measure following radical prostatectomy

Bauer, A.; Khalil, M.; Lüdemann, M.; Bauer, Jürgen.; Esmaeili, A.; De-Rosa, R.; Voelkel, N.F.; Akintuerk, H.; Schranz, D., 2018:
Creation of a restrictive atrial communication in heart failure with preserved and mid-range ejection fraction: effective palliation of left atrial hypertension and pulmonary congestion

Anonymous, 2015:
Are you practicing dogma?

Schreiber, J., 2015:
Are you prepared for the job of your dreams?

Berard, L., 2015:
Are you prepared for the storm? Type 2 diabetes: fundamentals of treatment

Quick, J.; Hall, S.; Jones, A., 2016:
Are you prepared to take the risk: Extending governance for perioperative roles

Moore, S., 2015:
Are you ready for an office code blue? : online video to prepare for office emergencies

Hayes, N., 2016:
Are you ready for revalidation?

Palmer, L., 2016:
Are you ready for the evolution from patient to consumer?

Simonik, A.; Vader, K.; Ellis, D.; Kesbian, D.; Leung, P.; Jachyra, P.; Chan Carusone, S.; O'Brien, K.K., 2016:
Are you ready? Exploring readiness to engage in exercise among people living with HIV and multimorbidity in Toronto, Canada: a qualitative study

Linte, C.A., 2015:
Are you receiving the mentorship you need?

Anonymous, 2016:
Are you short of breath? It may be a simple case of asthma or a serious heart condition. Here's when to report it

Carazo Palacios, M.E.; Rodríguez Caraballo, L.; Llorens Salvador, R.; Pemartín Comella, B.; Gutiérrez Sanromán, C., 2015:
Are you sure that it is a granuloma?

Stevens, C.A.; Carlson, R.A., 2017:
Are you sure the library is that way? Metacognitive monitoring of spatial judgments

Gregg, K.; Guo, W.; Rhodes, R.; Simhadri, A.; Subramanya, A.; Samilpa, P.; Langley, L.; Ames, K.; McCarty, M., 2016 :
Are you sure the patient is a CYP2D6 ultra-rapid metabolizer?

Lloyd-Fox, S.; Széplaki-Köllőd, Bála.; Yin, J.; Csibra, G., 2016:
Are you talking to me? Neural activations in 6-month-old infants in response to being addressed during natural interactions

Hyde, G., 2015:
Are you the nursing 'type'?

Pearce, L., 2002:
Are you working

Anonymous, 2015:
Are you worrying about med rec? The issue is still a problem, says ECRI

Bertholet, N.; Daeppen, J-Bernard.; Cunningham, J.A.; Burnand, B.; Gmel, G.; Gaume, J., 2018:
Are young men who overestimate drinking by others more likely to respond to an electronic normative feedback brief intervention for unhealthy alcohol use?

Truszewski, Z.; Szarpak, L.; Kurowski, A.; Adamczyk, P.; Samarin, S.; Czyzewski, L., 2016:
Are young physicians prepared to perform focused assessment with sonography in trauma examination?

Anonymous, 2015:
Are your adolescent patients up to date on all recommended vaccines? An update from the Michigan Department of Community Health

Johnson, J.A., 2016:
Are your classes more like a maze or a labyrinth?

Ellis, C., 2016:
Are your consultants up to the task?

Gultice, A.; Witham, A.; Kallmeyer, R., 2016 :
Are your students ready for anatomy and physiology? Developing tools to identify students at risk for failure

Anonymous, 2016:
Are your whole grains wholly healthy?

Mesens, N.; Crawford, A.D.; Menke, A.; Hung, P.Duc.; Van Goethem, F.; Nuyts, R.; Hansen, E.; Wolterbeek, A.; Van Gompel, J.; D.W.tte, P.; Esguerra, C.V., 2016:
Are zebrafish larvae suitable for assessing the hepatotoxicity potential of drug candidates?

Gil-Campos, I.; Anfray, C.; Acquadro, C., 2014:
Are "Lively" and "Full of Pep" Similar Or Different Concepts? Challenges in Translating These Terms in Seven Languages

Yassa, R.; Khalfaoui, M.Yacine.; Davies, A.P., 2016:
Are "Patellofemoral Symptoms" Truly Related to the Patellofemoral Joint?

Noble, A.J.; Robinson, A.; Marson, A.G., 2016:
Are "Theory of Mind" Skills in People with Epilepsy Related to How Stigmatised They Feel? An Exploratory Study

Limperos, A.M., 2014:
Are "Wii" Exercising Correctly? Understanding How Exergames Can Be Used to Increase Knowledge of Exercise Behavior

Bauman, A.; Gale, J.; Milton, K., 2015:
Are "armchair socialists" still sitting? Cross sectional study of political affiliation and physical activity

Schimpchen, J.; Skorski, S.; Nopp, S.; Meyer, T., 2016:
Are "classical" tests of repeated-sprint ability in football externally valid? A new approach to determine in-game sprinting behaviour in elite football players

Cherry, J.D.; Olschowka, J.A.; O'Banion, M.Kerry., 2014:
Are "resting" microglia more "m2"?

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