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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57244

Chapter 57244 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Özdemir, B.; Celik, C.; Oznur, T., 2015:
Assessment of dissociation among combat-exposed soldiers with and without posttraumatic stress disorder

Ambrisko, T.D.; Schramel, J.P.; Adler, A.; Kutasi, O.; Makra, Z.; Moens, Y.P.S., 2016:
Assessment of distribution of ventilation by electrical impedance tomography in standing horses

Maung, K.; Ohnmar, H.; Than, W.; Ramli, M.; Najwa Hanim, M.R.; Ali Sabri, R.; Ahmad Zafri, A.B., 2017:
Assessment of documentation of DSM-IV-TR Criteria A for diagnosis of schizophrenia in psychiatric unit, tertiary hospital, Malaysia

White, C.W.; Ambrose, E.; Müller, A.; Li, Y.; Le, H.; Hiebert, B.; Arora, R.; Lee, T.W.; Dixon, I.; Tian, G.; Nagendran, J.; Hryshko, L.; Freed, D., 2016:
Assessment of donor heart viability during ex vivo heart perfusion

Naito, K.; Sugiyama, Y.; Aritomi, K.; Nagahama, Y.; Tomita, Y.; Obayashi, O.; Kaneko, K., 2016:
Assessment of dorsal instability of the ulnar head in the distal radioulnar joint: comparison between normal wrist joints and cases of ruptured extensor tendons

Kanagaraj, K.; Abdul Syed Basheerudeen, S.; Tamizh Selvan, G.; Jose, M.T.; Ozhimuthu, A.; Panneer Selvam, S.; Pattan, S.; Perumal, V., 2015:
Assessment of dose and DNA damages in individuals exposed to low dose and low dose rate ionizing radiations during computed tomography imaging

Gul, A.; Liaquat, M.; Kanwal, A.; Abbasi, N.Zia.; Kakakhel, M.Basim.; Ali, A., 2016:
Assessment of dose error due to nylon mesh of treatment couch

Batumalai, V.; Holloway, L.; Walker, A.; Jameson, M.; Delaney, G.P., 2016:
Assessment of dose variation for accelerated partial-breast irradiation using rigid and deformable image registrations

Subirós, N.; Pérez-Saad, Héctor.M.; Berlanga, J.A.; Aldana, L.; García-Illera, G.; Gibson, C.L.; García-Del-Barco, D., 2017:
Assessment of dose-effect and therapeutic time window in preclinical studies of rhEGF and GHRP-6 coadministration for stroke therapy

Mainolfi, P.; Prudente, M.Elisa.; Ambrosone, E.; Nunziata, F.; Mainolfi, C.; Galgano, E., 2015:
Assessment of drinking water quality in Avellino (Italy) by multivariate analysis

Ghanipoor Machiani, S.; Abbas, M., 2017:
Assessment of driver stopping prediction models before and after the onset of yellow using two driving simulator datasets

Dawkins, R.L.; Omar, N.B.; Agee, B.S.; Walters, B.C.; Riley, K.O., 2016:
Assessment of driving outcomes after epilepsy surgery

Liu, Y.; Zhang, X.; Tran, H.; Shan, L.; Kim, J.; Childs, K.; Ervin, E.H.; Frazier, T.; Zhao, B., 2015:
Assessment of drought tolerance of 49 switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) genotypes using physiological and morphological parameters

Moriyama, K.; Takami, Y.; Uozumi, N.; Okuda, A.; Yamashita, M.; Yokomizo, R.; Shimada, K.; Egawa, T.; Kamei, T.; Takayanagi, K., 2016:
Assessment of drug content uniformity of atropine sulfate triturate by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry, X-ray powder diffraction, and Raman chemical imaging

Batista, E.; Almeida, N.; Furtado, A.; Filipe, E.; Sousa, L.; Martins, R.; Lucas, P.; Petter, H.Tido.; Snijder, R.; Timmerman, A., 2016:
Assessment of drug delivery devices

Brian, W.; Tremaine, L.M.; Arefayene, M.; de Kanter, R.; Evers, R.; Guo, Y.; Kalabus, J.; Lin, W.; Loi, C-Ming.; Xiao, G., 2017 :
Assessment of drug metabolism enzyme and transporter pharmacogenetics in drug discovery and early development: perspectives of the I-PWG

Gidebo, K.Daka.; Summoro, T.Sidamo.; Kanche, Z.Zema.; Woticha, E.Wolka., 2017:
Assessment of drug use patterns in terms of the WHO patient-care and facility indicators at four hospitals in Southern Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

Garimella, T.; Wang, R.; Luo, W-L.; Wastall, P.; Kandoussi, H.; DeMicco, M.; Bruce, R.D.; Hwang, C.; Bertz, R.; Bifano, M., 2016:
Assessment of drug-drug interactions between daclatasvir and methadone or buprenorphine-naloxone

Sivva, D.; Mateti, U.Venkat.; Neerati, V.Madhav.; Thiruthopu, N.Swamy.; Martha, S., 2015:
Assessment of drug-drug interactions in hypertensive patients at a superspeciality hospital

Kirby, R.Jason.; Qi, F.; Phatak, S.; Smith, L.H.; Malany, S., 2017:
Assessment of drug-induced arrhythmic risk using limit cycle and autocorrelation analysis of human iPSC-cardiomyocyte contractility

Lu, H.Rong.; Gallacher, D.J.; Yan, G-Xin., 2017:
Assessment of drug-induced proarrhythmia: The importance of study design in the rabbit left ventricular wedge model

Koike, H.; Fujino, T.; Koike, M.; Yao, S.; Shinohara, M.; Kitahara, K.; Kinoshita, T.; Yuzawa, H.; Suzuki, T.; Sato, H.; Fukunaga, S.; Kobayashi, K.; Ikeda, T., 2016:
Assessment of drug-induced proarrhythmias due to pilsicainide in patients with atrial tachyarrhythmias

Mateti, U.Venkat.; Lalwani, T.; Nagappa, A.Naik.; Bhandary, P.V.; Verupaksha, D.; Balkrishnan, R., 2015:
Assessment of drug-related problems in depressive patients

Martínez-Carrasco, R.; Sánchez-Abarca, L.Ignacio.; Nieto-Gómez, C.; García, E.Martín.; Ramos, T.L.; Velasco, A.; Sánchez-Guijo, Fín.; Aijón, Jé.; Hernández-Galilea, E., 2016:
Assessment of dry eye in a GVHD murine model: Approximation through tear osmolarity measurement

Qian, X-Long.; Wen, H.Y.; Yang, Y-Ling.; Gu, F.; Guo, X-Jing.; Liu, F-Fang.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, X-Min.; Fu, L., 2017:
Assessment of dual-probe Her-2 fluorescent in situ hybridization in breast cancer by the 2013 ASCO/CAP guidelines produces more equivocal results than that by the 2007 ASCO/CAP guidelines

Bizuayehu, H.Mellie.; Abyu, D.Misker.; Aweke, A.Mulat., 2015:
Assessment of duration of staying free from acquiring rehappening opportunistic infections among pre-ART people living with HIV/AIDS between 2008 and 2013

Nurul, A.Hamzah.; Shamsul, B.Mohd.Tamrin.; Noor Hassim, I., 2016:
Assessment of dust exposure in a steel plant in the eastern coast of peninsular Malaysia

Eltoukhy, M.; Kuenze, C.; Jun, H-Pil.; Asfour, S.; Travascio, F., 2015:
Assessment of dynamic balance via measurement of lower extremities tortuosity

Zhang, Y-Ling.; Le, D.; Hu, W-Jie.; Zhang, H.; Liang, L-Zhi.; Chung, K-Hung.; Cao, Z-Qiang., 2015:
Assessment of dynamic smile and gingival contour in young Chinese people

Paulus, Hélène.; Schick, J.; Poirier, J-Eric., 2016:
Assessment of dynamic surface leaching of monolithic surface road materials

Satzer, D.; DiBartolomeo, C.; Ritchie, M.M.; Storino, C.; Liimatainen, T.; Hakkarainen, H.; Idiyatullin, D.; Mangia, S.; Michaeli, S.; Parr, A.M.; Low, W.C., 2016:
Assessment of dysmyelination with RAFFn MRI: application to murine MPS I

Placido, R.; Gigaud, C.; Gayat, E.; Ferry, A.; Cohen-Solal, A.; Plaisance, P.; Mebazaa, A.; Laribi, S., 2016:
Assessment of dyspnoea in the emergency department by numeric and visual scales: A pilot study

Towne, S.D.; Lee, S.; Li, Y.; Smith, M.Lee., 2015:
Assessment of eHealth capabilities and utilization in residential care settings

Özdemir, R.; Korkmaz, Hüseyin.Anil.; Küçük, M.; Karadeniz, C.; Meşe, T.; Özkan, B., 2016:
Assessment of early atherosclerosis and left ventricular dysfunction in children with 21-hydroxylase deficiency

Baysal Kıraç, L.; Ekmekçi, Özgül.; Yüceyar, N.; Sağduyu Kocaman, Aşe., 2015:
Assessment of early cognitive impairment in patients with clinically isolated syndromes and multiple sclerosis

Oostendorp, R.A.B., 2018:
Credibility of manual therapy is at stake 'Where do we go from here?'

Park, S.Yoon.; Kim, C.Kyo.; Park, B.Kwan.; Kim, S.Ju.; Lee, S.; Huh, W., 2015:
Assessment of early renal allograft dysfunction with blood oxygenation level-dependent MRI and diffusion-weighted imaging

Chacón, Mías.; Eleta, Mín.; Espindola, A.Rodríguez.; Roca, E.; Méndez, G.; Rojo, S.; Pupareli, C., 2015:
Assessment of early response to imatinib 800 mg after 400 mg progression by ¹⁸F-fluorodeoxyglucose PET in patients with metastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumors

Mohan, S.; Chawla, S.; Wang, S.; Verma, G.; Skolnik, A.; Brem, S.; Peters, K.B.; Poptani, H., 2017:
Assessment of early response to tumor-treating fields in newly diagnosed glioblastoma using physiologic and metabolic MRI: initial experience

Jeon, T.Y.; Kim, C.K.; Kim, J-H.; Im, G.H.; Park, B.K.; Lee, J.H., 2015:
Assessment of early therapeutic response to sorafenib in renal cell carcinoma xenografts by dynamic contrast-enhanced and diffusion-weighted MR imaging

Bedair, R.; Priest, A.N.; Patterson, A.J.; McLean, M.A.; Graves, M.J.; Manavaki, R.; Gill, A.B.; Abeyakoon, O.; Griffiths, J.R.; Gilbert, F.J., 2016:
Assessment of early treatment response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer using non-mono-exponential diffusion models: a feasibility study comparing the baseline and mid-treatment MRI examinations

Brisse, Hé.J.; de Graaf, P.; Galluzzi, P.; Cosker, K.; Maeder, P.; Göricke, S.; Rodjan, F.; de Jong, M.C.; Savignoni, A.; Aerts, I.; Desjardins, L.; Moll, A.C.; Hadjistilianou, T.; Toti, P.; van der Valk, P.; Castelijns, J.A.; Sastre-Garau, X., 2015:
Assessment of early-stage optic nerve invasion in retinoblastoma using high-resolution 1.5 Tesla MRI with surface coils: a multicentre, prospective accuracy study with histopathological correlation

Bacha, S.; Skandagi, W.; Khemiri, M.; Oueslati, S.; Chaouch, N.; Racil, H.; Cheikhrouhou, S.; Megdiche, M.Lamine.; Chabbou, A., 2016:
Assessment of eating behavior after smoking cessation

Stagos, D.; Goutzourelas, N.; Ntontou, A-Maria.; Kafantaris, I.; Deli, C.K.; Poulios, A.; Jamurtas, A.Z.; Bar-Or, D.; Kouretas, D., 2015:
Assessment of eccentric exercise-induced oxidative stress using oxidation-reduction potential markers

Xu, G.; Zhu, L.; Liao, S.; Ge, T.; Yang, J., 2016:
Assessment of echinocandin regimens by pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic analysis against Candida spp. in paediatric patients

Ma, H.; Shi, L., 2016:
Assessment of eco-environmental quality of Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone

Fan, Y-Peng.; Chen, W-Ping., 2015:
Assessment of ecological environment benefits of reclaimed water reuse in Beijing

Gülci, S.; Akay, A.Emin., 2016:
Assessment of ecological passages along road networks within the Mediterranean forest using GIS-based multi criteria evaluation approach

Aazami, J.; Esmaili Sari, A.; Abdoli, A.; Sohrabi, H.; Van den Brink, P.J., 2016:
Assessment of ecological quality of the Tajan River in Iran using a multimetric macroinvertebrate index and species traits

Kling, M.; Seyring, N.; Tzanova, P., 2017:
Assessment of economic instruments for countries with low municipal waste management performance: An approach based on the analytic hierarchy process

Eyler, L.; Hubbard, A.; Juillard, C., 2017:
Assessment of economic status in trauma registries: A new algorithm for generating population-specific clustering-based models of economic status for time-constrained low-resource settings

Sands, P.; El Turabi, A.; Saynisch, P.A.; Dzau, V.J., 2016:
Assessment of economic vulnerability to infectious disease crises

Lin Qun; Wang, J.; Li, Z-yi.; Wu, Q., 2016:
Assessment of ecosystem energy flow and carrying capacity of swimming crab enhancement in the Yellow River estuary and adjacent waters

Qin, W.; Wang, R.K., 2017:
Assessment of edema volume in skin upon injury in a mouse ear model with optical coherence tomography

Sierakowska, M.; Klepacka, Młgorzata.; Sierakowski, Sław.Józef.; Pawlak-Buś, K.; Leszczyński, P.; Majdan, M.; Olesińska, M.; Romanowski, W.; Bykowska-Sochacka, Młgorzata.; Jeka, Sławomir.; Sierakowska, J.Anna.; Ndosi, M.; Krajewska-Kułak, Eżbieta., 2017:
Assessment of education requirements for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, based on the Polish version of the Educational Needs Assessment Tool (Pol-ENAT), in the light of some health problems - A cross-sectional study

Abdulmajed, H.; Park, Y.Soo.; Tekian, A., 2015:
Assessment of educational games for health professions: a systematic review of trends and outcomes

Jin, Y.; Shao, L.; Li, G.; Shao, M.; Zhi, Y.; Zhu, W., 2015:
Assessment of effect of Zhu-tan Tong-luo decoction on CYP450 isoforms activity of rats

Kantemirova, R.K.; Fidarova, Z.D.; Tsarakhova, N.M.; Bubochkina, E.V., 2015:
Assessment of effectiveness of ischemic heart disease rehabilitation of elderly patients using six-minutes walking test

Khorsand, N.; Majeed, A.; Sarode, R.; Beyer-Westendorf, J.; Schulman, S.; Meijer, K., 2016:
Assessment of effectiveness of major bleeding management: proposed definitions for effective hemostasis: communication from the SSC of the ISTH

Naik, S.; Khanagar, S.; Kumar, A.; Ramachandra, S.; Vadavadagi, S.V.; Dhananjaya, K.Murthy., 2015:
Assessment of effectiveness of smoking cessation intervention among male prisoners in India: A randomized controlled trial

Wang, K.; Zhu, J.; Xing, L.; Wang, Y.; Jin, Z.; Li, Z., 2017:
Assessment of efficacy and safety of EUS-guided biliary drainage: a systematic review

Mourad, B.; Elgarhy, L.H.; Ellakkawy, H-Alla.; Elmahdy, N., 2016:
Assessment of efficacy and tolerability of different concentrations of trichloroacetic acid vs. carbon dioxide laser in treatment of xanthelasma palpebrarum

Baha, Rşat.Mehmet.; Özdöl, Çağdaş.; Güleç, S.; Erol, Çetin., 2015:
Assessment of efficacy of single dose acetylsalicylic acid over a 24-hour period

Madan Mohan, N.T.; Gowda, A.; Jaiswal, A.Kumar.; Sharath Kumar, B.C.; Shilpashree, P.; Gangaboraiah, B.; Shamanna, M., 2016:
Assessment of efficacy, safety, and tolerability of 4-n-butylresorcinol 0.3% cream: an Indian multicentric study on melasma

Sun, R.; Feng, Q.; Xie, Y-zhang.; Yang, Q.; Li, S-jun., 2016:
Assessment of efficacy-toxicity-syndrome correlation based on anti-inflammation of Sophorae Tonkinensis Radix et Rhizoma in excess-heat mice

Lapik, I.A.; Gapparova, K.M.; Sharafetdinov, K.Kh.; Sorokina, E.Yu.; Sentsova, T.B.; Plotnikova, O.A.; Chekhonina, Y.G., 2016:
Assessment of efficiency of the personalized therapy of patients with obesity and diabetes mellitus 2 types appointed on the basis of studying rs5219 polymorphism of KCNJ11 gene

Bazhenova, B.A.; Aslaliev, A.D.; Danilov, M.B.; Badmaeva, T.M.; Vtorushina, I.A., 2016:
Assessment of efficiency of use of the developed supplement containing selenium on laboratory animals

Kawano, S.; Kojima, M.; Higuchi, Y.; Sugimoto, M.; Ikeda, K.; Sakuyama, N.; Takahashi, S.; Hayashi, R.; Ochiai, A.; Saito, N., 2015:
Assessment of elasticity of colorectal cancer tissue, clinical utility, pathological and phenotypical relevance

Karataş, M.Baran.; Onuk, T.; Güngör, Bış.; İpek, Göktürk.; Özcan, Kım.Serhan.; Kaplangöray, M.; Çanga, Yğit.; Durmuş, Gündüz.; Çakıllı, Y.; Bolca, O., 2016:
Assessment of electrocardiographic parameters in patients with electrocution injury

Chandler, J.H.; Culmer, P.R.; Jayne, D.G.; Neville, A., 2016:
Assessment of electrochemical properties of a biogalvanic system for tissue characterisation

Al-Bassam, E.; Elumalai, A.; Khan, A.; Al-Awadi, L., 2016:
Assessment of electromagnetic field levels from surrounding high-tension overhead power lines for proposed land use

Fuentes, A.D.; Sforza, C.; Miralles, R.; Ferreira, Cáudia.L.; Mapelli, A.; Lodetti, G.; Martin, C., 2016:
Assessment of electromyographic activity in patients with temporomandibular disorders and natural mediotrusive occlusal contact during chewing and tooth grinding

Nair, G.B.; Dhoble, S.J., 2016:
Assessment of electron-vibrational interaction (EVI) parameters of YAG:Ce 3+ , TAG:Ce 3+ and LuAG:Ce 3+ garnet phosphors by spectrum fitting method

Nusshold, C.; Üllen, A.; Kogelnik, N.; Bernhart, E.; Reicher, H.; Plastira, I.; Glasnov, T.; Zangger, K.; Rechberger, G.; Kollroser, M.; Fauler, Günter.; Wolinski, H.; Weksler, B.B.; Romero, I.A.; Kohlwein, S.D.; Couraud, P-Olivier.; Malle, E.; Sattler, W., 2016:
Assessment of electrophile damage in a human brain endothelial cell line utilizing a clickable alkyne analog of 2-chlorohexadecanal

El-Mekawy, A.F.; Badran, H.M.; Seddeek, M.K.; Sharshar, T.; Elnimr, T., 2016 :
Assessment of elemental and NROM/TENORM hazard potential from non-nuclear industries in North Sinai, Egypt

Ermolin, M.S.; Fedotov, P.S.; Ivaneev, A.I.; Karandashev, V.K.; Burmistrov, A.A.; Tatsy, Y.G., 2016:
Assessment of elemental composition and properties of copper smelter-affected dust and its nano- and micron size fractions

Sellei, R.M.; Hingmann, S.J.; Weber, C.; Jeromin, S.; Zimmermann, F.; Turner, J.; Hildebrand, F.; Pape, H-C., 2016:
Assessment of elevated compartment pressures by pressure-related ultrasound: a cadaveric model

Mulugeta, L.; Drach, A.; Erdemir, A.; Hunt, C.A.; Horner, M.; Ku, J.P.; Myers, J.G.; Vadigepalli, R.; Lytton, W.W., 2018:
Credibility, Replicability, and Reproducibility in Simulation for Biomedicine and Clinical Applications in Neuroscience

Araujo Júnior, E.; Santana, E.Félix.Martins.; Nardozza, L.Marcondes.Machado.; Moron, A.Fernandes., 2015:
Assessment of embryo/fetus during pregnancy by threedimensional ultrasonography using the HD live software: iconographic essay

Brinker, K.; Lumia, M.; Markiewicz, K.V.; Duncan, M.Anne.; Dowell, C.; Rey, A.; Wilken, J.; Shumate, A.; Taylor, J.; Funk, Rée., 2015:
Assessment of emergency responders after a vinyl chloride release from a train derailment - New Jersey, 2012

McCarthy, M.; Bane, V.; García-Altares, Mía.; van Pelt, F.N.A.M.; Furey, A.; O'Halloran, J., 2016:
Assessment of emerging biotoxins (pinnatoxin G and spirolides) at Europe's first marine reserve: Lough Hyne

Melchers, M.; Montag, C.; Markett, S.; Reuter, M., 2015:
Assessment of empathy via self-report and behavioural paradigms: data on convergent and discriminant validity

Braykov, N.P.; Morgan, D.J.; Schweizer, M.L.; Uslan, D.Z.; Kelesidis, T.; Weisenberg, S.A.; Johannsson, B.; Young, H.; Cantey, J.; Srinivasan, A.; Perencevich, E.; Septimus, E.; Laxminarayan, R., 2015:
Assessment of empirical antibiotic therapy optimisation in six hospitals: an observational cohort study

Li, Y.; Xiang, G-Ming.; Liu, L-Lin.; Liu, C.; Liu, F.; Jiang, D-Neng.; Pu, X-Yun., 2016:
Assessment of endogenous reference gene suitability for serum exosomal microRNA expression analysis in liver carcinoma resection studies

Okumura, T.; Imai, T.; Takimoto, Y.; Takeda, N.; Kitahara, T.; Uno, A.; Kamakura, T.; Osaki, Y.; Watanabe, Y.; Inohara, H., 2016:
Assessment of endolymphatic hydrops and otolith function in patients with Ménière's disease

Tantirungkij, M.; Nasanit, R.; Limtong, S., 2016:
Assessment of endophytic yeast diversity in rice leaves by a culture-independent approach

Gui, S.; Bai, J.; Wang, X.; Zong, X.; Li, C.; Cao, L.; Zhang, Y., 2016:
Assessment of endoscopic treatment for quadrigeminal cistern arachnoid cysts: A 7-year experience with 28 cases

Le Besnerais, M.; Favre, J.; Denis, C.V.; Mulder, P.; Martinet, J.; Nicol, L.; Levesque, H.; Veyradier, A.; Kopić, A.; Motto, D.G.; Coppo, P.; Richard, V.; Benhamou, Y., 2016:
Assessment of endothelial damage and cardiac injury in a mouse model mimicking thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

Tuffier, Séphane.; Legallois, D.; Belin, A.; Joubert, M.; Bailliez, A.; Redonnet, M.; Agostini, D.; Manrique, A., 2016:
Assessment of endothelial function and myocardial flow reserve using (15)O-water PET without attenuation correction

Higashi, Y., 2015:
Assessment of endothelial function. History, methodological aspects, and clinical perspectives

Huang, D.; Muramatsu, T.; Li, Y.; Yang, W.; Nagahara, Y.; Chu, M.; Kitslaar, P.; Sarai, M.; Ozaki, Y.; Chatzizisis, Y.S.; Yan, F.; Reiber, J.H.C.; Wu, R.; Pu, J.; Tu, S., 2016:
Assessment of endothelial shear stress in patients with mild or intermediate coronary stenoses using coronary computed tomography angiography: comparison with invasive coronary angiography

Rash, A.; McRae, M.; Fatehi, J.; Richie, D.; Solbiati, M.; Pillay, N.; Ulke-Lemée, A.; MacDonald, J.; Sheldon, R., 2016:
Assessment of endothelin and copeptin as biomarkers for vasovagal syncope

Ohshima, T.; Miyachi, S.; Takahashi, I.; Ishii, K., 2015:
Assessment of endovascular coil configuration for embolization of intracranial aneurysms using computational fluid dynamics

Bandyopadhyay, B.; Sen, D., 2016:
Assessment of energy balance against the nutritional status of women carriers in the brickfields of West Bengal

Valdivieso, R.; Meyer, C.P.; Hueber, P-Alain.; Meskawi, M.; Alenizi, A.M.; Azizi, M.; Trinh, Q-Dien.; Misrai, V.; Rutman, M.; Te, A.E.; Chughtai, B.; Barber, N.J.; Emara, A.M.; Munver, R.; Zorn, K.C., 2017:
Assessment of energy density usage during 180W lithium triborate laser photoselective vaporization of the prostate for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Is there an optimum amount of kilo-Joules per gram of prostate?

Farooqi, N.; Slinde, F.; Håglin, L.; Sandström, T., 2016:
Assessment of energy intake in women with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a doubly labeled water method study

Ji, J.; Qian, S.; Yan, J., 2016:
Assessment of energy metabolism and nutritional supply in children with mechanical ventilation

Fassini, P.Giacomo.; Pfrimer, K.; Ferriolli, E.; Suen, V.Miguel.Marques.; Marchini, Júlio.Sérgio.; Das, S.Krupa., 2016:
Assessment of energy requirements in patients with short bowel syndrome by using the doubly labeled water method

Riba-Llena, I.; Nafría, C.; Mundet, X.; López-Rueda, A.; Fernández-Cortiñas, I.; Jarca, C.I.; Jiménez-Balado, J.; Domingo, M.; Tovar, J.L.; Orfila, F.; Pujadas, F.; Álvarez-Sabín, J.; Maisterra, O.; Montaner, J.; Delgado, P., 2017:
Assessment of enlarged perivascular spaces and their relation to target organ damage and mild cognitive impairment in patients with hypertension

Kristensen, S.; Christensen, J.Hagstrup.; Schmidt, E.Berg.; Olesen, J.Lykkegaard.; Johansen, M.Berg.; Arvesen, K.Bakke.; Schlemmer, A., 2016:
Assessment of enthesitis in patients with psoriatic arthritis using clinical examination and ultrasound

Ghasempour, A.; Ahmadi, E., 2016:
Assessment of environment impacts of egg production chain using life cycle assessment

Danthurebandara, M.; Van Passel, S.; Vanderreydt, I.; Van Acker, K., 2016:
Assessment of environmental and economic feasibility of Enhanced Landfill Mining

Buononato, E.Viola.; De Luca, D.; Galeandro, I.Cataldo.; Congedo, M.Luisa.; Cavone, D.; Intranuovo, G.; Guastadisegno, C.Monica.; Corrado, V.; Ferri, G.Maria., 2016:
Assessment of environmental and occupational exposure to heavy metals in Taranto and other provinces of Southern Italy by means of scalp hair analysis

Lee, S.; Rao, S.; Kim, M.; Janghorban Esfahani, I.; Yoo, C., 2016:
Assessment of environmental data quality and its effect on modelling error of full-scale plants with a closed-loop mass balancing

Choi, G.; Heo, S.; Lee, J-Tae., 2016:
Assessment of environmental injustice in Korea using synthetic air quality index and multiple indicators of socioeconomic status: A cross-sectional study

Wen, Z-Chao.; Ma, S-Hua.; Zheng, S-Li.; Zhang, Y.; Liang, Y., 2017:
Assessment of environmental risk for red mud storage facility in China: a case study in Shandong Province

Wang, Y.; Wang, J.; Zhao, H.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, T.; Zeng, J.; Zhou, W.; Zhang, C., 2017:
Assessment of enzyme measurement procedures in China through a trueness verification program

Fafiolu, A.O.; Oduguwa, O.O.; Jegede, A.V.; Tukura, C.C.; Olarotimi, I.D.; Teniola, A.A.; Alabi, J.O., 2015:
Assessment of enzyme supplementation on growth performance and apparent nutrient digestibility in diets containing undecorticated sunflower seed meal in layer chicks

Altin, C.; Sade, L.Elif.; Gezmis, E.; Yilmaz, M.; Ozen, N.; Muderrisoglu, H., 2016:
Assessment of epicardial adipose tissue and carotid/femoral intima media thickness in insulin resistance

Uluca, Ünal.; Demir, F.; Ece, Aın.; Şen, V.; Güneş, A.; Aktar, F.; Tan, İlhan.; Karabel, D.; Yazgan, Ümitcan.; Sabaz, M.Nurullah., 2016:
Assessment of epicardial adipose tissue thickness and the mean platelet volume in children with familial Mediterranean fever

Erdogan, Güney.; Belen, E.; Sungur, M.A.; Sungur, A.; Yaylak, Bş.; Güngör, Bş.; Akyüz, Şükrü.; Satilmiş, Sçkin., 2016:
Assessment of epicardial adipose tissue thickness in patients with resistant hypertension

Safronov, V.A.; Smolenskij, V.Ju.; Smeljanskij, V.P.; Savchenko, S.T.; Razdorskij, A.S.; Toporkov, V.P., 2015:
Assessment of epidemic manifestations of the West Nile fever in the Volgograd region depending on the climatic conditions

Eaton, J.W.; Bacaër, N.; Bershteyn, A.; Cambiano, V.; Cori, A.; Dorrington, R.E.; Fraser, C.; Gopalappa, C.; Hontelez, J.A.C.; Johnson, L.F.; Klein, D.J.; Phillips, A.N.; Pretorius, C.; Stover, J.; Rehle, T.M.; Hallett, T.B., 2016:
Assessment of epidemic projections using recent HIV survey data in South Africa: a validation analysis of ten mathematical models of HIV epidemiology in the antiretroviral therapy era

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Assessment of foetal age on the basis of the selected dimensions of the thorax

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Assessment of foetal exposure to the homogeneous magnetic field harmonic spectrum generated by electricity transmission and distribution networks

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Assessment of foetal nutrition status at birth using the CANS score

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