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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57315

Chapter 57315 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Roberts, D.J., 2016:
Blood donation in the 21st century: time to celebrate?

Lefrère, J-J.; Garraud, O., 2016:
Blood donation in the media between 1950 and 1980

Papagiannis, D.; Rachiotis, G.; Symvoulakis, E.K.; Anyfantakis, D.; Douvlataniotis, K.; Zilidis, C.; Markaki, A.; Hadjichristodoulou, C., 2017:
Blood donation knowledge and attitudes among undergraduate health science students: A cross-sectional study

Yuan, S.; Chang, S.; Uyeno, K.; Almquist, G.; Wang, S., 2016:
Blood donation mobile applications: are donors ready?

Loquier, B.; Zegierman, A.; Pelletier, B., 2016:
Blood donation: Representations and issues associated with blood product collection

Spence, J.N.; Iqbal, F.M., 2018:
Blood donations: justifying blood donor restrictions

Custer, B.; Sheon, N.; Siedle-Khan, B.; Pollack, L.; Spencer, B.; Bialkowski, W.; D'Andrea, P.; Sullivan, M.; Glynn, S.; Williams, A.; Mast, A.E.; Gottschall, J.L.; Triulzi, D.J.; Kiss, J.E.; Murphy, E.L.; St Lezin, E.M.; Snyder, E.L.; Cable, R.G.; Brambilla, D.J.; Sullivan, M.T.; Busch, M.P.; Norris, P.J.; Dodd, R.Y.; Kleinman, S.H.; Glynn, S.A.; Cristman, A.M., 2016:
Blood donor deferral for men who have sex with men: the Blood Donation Rules Opinion Study (Blood DROPS)

Kotwal, U.; Doda, V.; Arora, S.; Bhardwaj, S., 2015:
Blood donor notification and counseling: Our experience from a tertiary care hospital in India

Shrivastava, M.; Shah, N.; Navaid, S.; Agarwal, K.; Sharma, G., 2016:
Blood donor selection and deferral pattern as an important tool for blood safety in a tertiary care hospital

De Kort, W.; Mayr, W.; Jungbauer, C.; Vuk, T.; Kullaste, R.; Seifried, E.; Grazzini, G.; De Wit, J.; Folléa, G., 2016:
Blood donor selection in European Union directives: room for improvement

Volken, T.; Buser, A.; Holbro, A.; Bart, T.; Infanti, L., 2016:
Blood donor to inactive donor transition in the Basel region between 1996 and 2011: a retrospective cohort study

Jóhannsdóttir, Vís.; Gudmundsson, S.; Möller, Eðvald.; Aspelund, T.; Zoëga, H., 2017:
Blood donors in Iceland: a nationwide population-based study from 2005 to 2013

Grabarczyk, P.; Kopacz, A.; Sulkowska, E.; Kubicka-Russel, D.; Mikulska, M.; Brojer, E.; Łętowska, M., 2016:
Blood donors screening for blood born viruses in Poland

Elyamany, G.; Al Gharawi, A.; Alrasheed, M.; Alsuhaibani, O., 2016:
Blood donors screening for malaria in non-endemic area in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Is it necessary to introduce immunological testing?

Van Den Hurk, K.; Peffer, K.; Habets, K.; Atsma, F.; Pasker-de Jong, P.C.M.; Van Noord, P.A.H.; Veldhuizen, I.J.T.; De Kort, W.L.A.M., 2016:
Blood donors' physical characteristics are associated with pre- and post-donation symptoms - Donor InSight

Vučetić, Dšan.; Kecman, G.; Ilić, V.; Balint, B., 2016:
Blood donors' positivity for transfusion-transmissible infections: the Serbian Military Medical Academy experience

Riga, A.; Sapey, T.; Bacanu, M.; Py, J-Y.; Dehaut, F., 2016 :
Blood donors--Serious adverse reactions (SAR) 2010-2014 EFS Châteauroux, France

Chen, R.; Zhang, L.; Zang, D.; Shen, W., 2017:
Blood drop patterns: Formation and applications

Kang, M.Yeon., 2016:
Blood electrolyte disturbances during severe hypoglycemia in Korean patients with type 2 diabetes

Watz, H.; Tetzlaff, K.; Wouters, E.F.M.; Kirsten, A.; Magnussen, H.; Rodriguez-Roisin, R.; Vogelmeier, C.; Fabbri, L.M.; Chanez, P.; Dahl, R.; Disse, B.; Finnigan, H.; Calverley, P.M.A., 2017:
Blood eosinophil count and exacerbations in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease after withdrawal of inhaled corticosteroids: a post-hoc analysis of the WISDOM trial

Pavord, I.D.; Lettis, S.; Anzueto, A.; Barnes, N., 2017:
Blood eosinophil count and pneumonia risk in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a patient-level meta-analysis

Price, D.B.; Rigazio, A.; Campbell, J.D.; Bleecker, E.R.; Corrigan, C.J.; Thomas, M.; Wenzel, S.E.; Wilson, A.M.; Small, M.Buatti.; Gopalan, G.; Ashton, V.L.; Burden, A.; Hillyer, E.V.; Kerkhof, M.; Pavord, I.D., 2016:
Blood eosinophil count and prospective annual asthma disease burden: a UK cohort study

Schleich, F.; Corhay, J-Louis.; Louis, R., 2018:
Blood eosinophil count to predict bronchial eosinophilic inflammation in COPD

Pavord, I.D.; Agusti, A., 2018:
Blood eosinophil count: a biomarker of an important treatable trait in patients with airway disease

Groenke, L.; Disse, B., 2016:
Blood eosinophil counts as markers of response to inhaled corticosteroids in COPD?

Ortega, H.; Katz, L.; Gunsoy, N.; Keene, O.; Yancey, S., 2015 :
Blood eosinophil counts predict treatment response in patients with severe eosinophilic asthma

El Mouali, Y.; Gaviria-Cantin, T.; Sánchez-Romero, Mía.Antonia.; Gibert, M.; Westermann, A.J.; Vogel, Jörg.; Balsalobre, C., 2018:
CRP-cAMP mediates silencing of Salmonella virulence at the post-transcriptional level

Aydın, B.; Beken, S.; Zenciroğlu, Aşegül.; Dilli, D.; Okumuş, N., 2015:
Blood eosinophil levels in newborns with severe indirect hyperbilirubinemia treated with phototherapy

Shein, S.L.; Li, H.; Gaston, B., 2016:
Blood eosinophilia is associated with unfavorable hospitalization outcomes in children with bronchiolitis

Pavord, I.D.; Lettis, S.; Locantore, N.; Pascoe, S.; Jones, P.W.; Wedzicha, J.A.; Barnes, N.C., 2016:
Blood eosinophils and inhaled corticosteroid/long-acting β-2 agonist efficacy in COPD

Serafino-Agrusa, L.; Scichilone, N.; Spatafora, M.; Battaglia, S., 2017:
Blood eosinophils and treatment response in hospitalized exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A case-control study

Gaillard, E.A.; McNamara, P.S.; Murray, C.S.; Pavord, I.D.; Shields, M.D., 2016:
Blood eosinophils as a marker of likely corticosteroid response in children with preschool wheeze: time for an eosinophil guided clinical trial?

Barnes, N.C.; Sharma, R.; Lettis, S.; Calverley, P.M.A., 2018:
Blood eosinophils as a marker of response to inhaled corticosteroids in COPD

Fajt, M.L., 2016:
Blood eosinophils: the Holy Grail for asthma phenotyping?

Sun, A.; Chang, J.Yu-Fong.; Chiang, C-Pin., 2017:
Blood examination is necessary for oral mucosal disease patients

Koné, M.C.; Mallé, K.K., 2016:
Blood exposure accidents: knowledge and practices of hospital health workers in Mali

Moz, S.; Basso, D.; Padoan, A.; Bozzato, D.; Fogar, P.; Zambon, C-Federico.; Pelloso, M.; Sperti, C.; Vigili de Kreutzenberg, S.; Pasquali, C.; Pedrazzoli, S.; Avogaro, A.; Plebani, M., 2016:
Blood expression of matrix metalloproteinases 8 and 9 and of their inducers S100A8 and S100A9 supports diagnosis and prognosis of PDAC-associated diabetes mellitus

Cap, A.P.; Pidcoke, H.F.; DePasquale, M.; Rappold, J.F.; Glassberg, E.; Eliassen, Håkon.S.; Bjerkvig, C.K.; Fosse, T.K.; Kane, S.; Thompson, P.; Sikorski, R.; Miles, E.; Fisher, A.; Ward, K.R.; Spinella, P.C.; Strandenes, G., 2015:
Blood far forward: Time to get moving!

Yang, M.; Ayuningtyas, A.; Kenfield, S.A.; Sesso, H.D.; Campos, H.; Ma, J.; Stampfer, M.J.; Chavarro, J.E., 2017:
Blood fatty acid patterns are associated with prostate cancer risk in a prospective nested case-control study

Novgorodtseva, T.P.; Denisenko, Y.K.; Antonyuk, M.V.; Yubitskaya, N.S.; Lobanova, E.G.; Zhukova, N.V., 2017:
Blood fatty acids in the development and correction of metabolic syndrome

Ramesh, D.; Muniaraj, M.; Samuel, P.Philip.; Thenmozhi, V.; Venkatesh, A.; Tyagi, B.K., 2017:
Blood feeding behaviour of mosquitoes in Japanese encephalitis endemic and non-endemic areas

Dupin, I.; Allard, B.; Ozier, A.; Maurat, E.; Ousova, O.; Delbrel, E.; Trian, T.; Bui, H-Nam.; Dromer, C.; Guisset, O.; Blanchard, E.; Hilbert, G.; Vargas, Fédéric.; Thumerel, M.; Marthan, R.; Girodet, P-Olivier.; Berger, P., 2016:
Blood fibrocytes are recruited during acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease through a CXCR4-dependent pathway

Alyemni, D.; Uppal, G.; Nwaoduah, N.; Ly, V., 2016:
Blood film findings in anaplasmosis

Merino, A., 2016:
Blood film findings in severe babesiosis

Selkow, N.M.; Herman, D.C.; Liu, Z.; Hertel, J.; Hart, J.M.; Saliba, S.A., 2015:
Blood flow after exercise-induced muscle damage

Numata, S.; Itatani, K.; Kanda, K.; Doi, K.; Yamazaki, S.; Morimoto, K.; Manabe, K.; Ikemoto, K.; Yaku, H., 2017:
Blood flow analysis of the aortic arch using computational fluid dynamics

Bazmara, H.; Soltani, M.; Sefidgar, M.; Bazargan, M.; Mousavi Naeenian, M.; Rahmim, A., 2017:
Blood flow and endothelial cell phenotype regulation during sprouting angiogenesis

Rana, K.; Neeves, K.B., 2017:
Blood flow and mass transfer regulation of coagulation

McNeil, C.J.; Allen, M.D.; Olympico, E.; Shoemaker, J.Kevin.; Rice, C.L., 2016:
Blood flow and muscle oxygenation during low, moderate, and maximal sustained isometric contractions

Franco, C.A.; Gerhardt, H., 2017:
Blood flow boosts BMP signaling to keep vessels in shape

Trauzeddel, R.Felix.; Löbe, U.; Barker, A.J.; Gelsinger, C.; Butter, C.; Markl, M.; Schulz-Menger, J.; von Knobelsdorff-Brenkenhoff, F., 2017:
Blood flow characteristics in the ascending aorta after TAVI compared to surgical aortic valve replacement

Mayor, S., 2015:
Blood flow conditioning reduces kidney injury in high risk cardiac surgery patients

Novelli, M.; Fava, P.; Sarda, C.; Ponti, R.; Osella-Abate, S.; Savoia, P.; Bergallo, M.; Lisa, F.; Fierro, M.Teresa.; Quaglino, P., 2015:
Blood flow cytometry in Sézary syndrome: new insights on prognostic relevance and immunophenotypic changes during follow-up

Ryu, S.; Yoshida, M.; Ohdaira, H.; Tsutsui, N.; Suzuki, N.; Ito, E.; Nakajima, K.; Yanagisawa, S.; Kitajima, M.; Suzuki, Y., 2016:
Blood flow evaluation using PINPOINT® in a case of incarcerated inguinal hernia: A case report

Donnarumma, D.; Brodoline, A.; Alexandre, D.; Gross, M., 2016:
Blood flow imaging in zebrafish by laser doppler digital holography

Ogoh, S.; Sato, K.; Okazaki, K.; Miyamoto, T.; Hirasawa, A.; Sadamoto, T.; Shibasaki, M., 2015:
Blood flow in internal carotid and vertebral arteries during graded lower body negative pressure in humans

Tsang, A.Chun.On.; Lai, S.Sui.Man.; Chung, W.Choi.; Tang, A.Yik.Sau.; Leung, G.Ka.Kit.; Poon, A.Kai.Kei.; Yu, A.Cheuk.Hang.; Chow, K.Wing., 2015:
Blood flow in intracranial aneurysms treated with Pipeline embolization devices: computational simulation and verification with Doppler ultrasonography on phantom models

Miraucourt, O.; Salmon, Séphanie.; Szopos, M.; Thiriet, M., 2016:
Blood flow in the cerebral venous system: modeling and simulation

Causin, P.; Guidoboni, G.; Malgaroli, F.; Sacco, R.; Harris, A., 2017:
Blood flow mechanics and oxygen transport and delivery in the retinal microcirculation: multiscale mathematical modeling and numerical simulation

Boselli, F.; Freund, J.B.; Vermot, J., 2015:
Blood flow mechanics in cardiovascular development

Lee, J.; Packard, Ré.R.Sevag.; Hsiai, T.K., 2016:
Blood flow modulation of vascular dynamics

Barnett, B.E.; Dankel, S.J.; Counts, B.R.; Nooe, A.L.; Abe, T.; Loenneke, J.P., 2015:
Blood flow occlusion pressure at rest and immediately after a bout of low load exercise

Hu, P.; Qian, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, H-Qi.; Li, Y.; Chong, W.; Ling, F., 2015:
Blood flow reduction of covered small side branches after flow diverter treatment: a computational fluid hemodynamic quantitative analysis

Källman, U.; Bergstrand, S.; Ek, A-Christina.; Engström, M.; Lindgren, M., 2016:
Blood flow responses over sacrum in nursing home residents during one hour bed rest

Garcia, E.; Becker, V.G.C.; McCullough, D.J.; Stabley, J.N.; Gittemeier, E.M.; Opoku-Acheampong, A.B.; Sieman, D.W.; Behnke, B.J., 2017:
Blood flow responses to mild-intensity exercise in ectopic vs. orthotopic prostate tumors; dependence upon host tissue hemodynamics and vascular reactivity

Farup, J.; de Paoli, F.; Bjerg, K.; Riis, S.; Ringgard, S.; Vissing, K., 2016:
Blood flow restricted and traditional resistance training performed to fatigue produce equal muscle hypertrophy

Scott, B.R.; Loenneke, J.P.; Slattery, K.M.; Dascombe, B.J., 2017:
Blood flow restricted exercise for athletes: A review of available evidence

Warmington, S.A.; Staunton, C.A.; May, A.K.; Brandner, C.R., 2016:
Blood flow restriction exercise: acute versus chronic safety

Sudo, M.; Ando, S.; Poole, D.C.; Kano, Y., 2015:
Blood flow restriction prevents muscle damage but not protein synthesis signaling following eccentric contractions

Hylden, C.; Burns, T.; Stinner, D.; Owens, J., 2016:
Blood flow restriction rehabilitation for extremity weakness: a case series

Spranger, M.D.; Krishnan, A.C.; Levy, P.D.; O'Leary, D.S.; Smith, S.A., 2016:
Blood flow restriction training and the exercise pressor reflex: a call for concern

Koyanagi, K.; Ozawa, S.; Oguma, J.; Kazuno, A.; Yamazaki, Y.; Ninomiya, Y.; Ochiai, H.; Tachimori, Y., 2017:
Blood flow speed of the gastric conduit assessed by indocyanine green fluorescence: New predictive evaluation of anastomotic leakage after esophagectomy

Akbar, N.Sher., 2017:
Blood flow suspension in tapered stenosed arteries for Walter's B fluid model

Midgett, M.; Chivukula, V.Keshav.; Dorn, C.; Wallace, S.; Rugonyi, S., 2016:
Blood flow through the embryonic heart outflow tract during cardiac looping in HH13-HH18 chicken embryos

Moore, J.Eaglin.; Krane, N.; Sataloff, R.T., 2017:
Blood flow to a hemorrhagic vocal fold mass

Bonanomi, M.Teresa.B.C.; Saito, O.C.; de Lima, P.Picciarelli.; Bonanomi, R.Chizzotti.; Chammas, M.Cristina., 2016:
Blood flow velocity in monocular retinoblastoma assessed by color Doppler

Aschinger, G.C.; Schmetterer, L.; Doblhoff-Dier, V.; Leitgeb, R.A.; Garhöfer, G.; Gröschl, M.; Werkmeister, Ré.M., 2015:
Blood flow velocity vector field reconstruction from dual-beam bidirectional Doppler OCT measurements in retinal veins

Langille, B.L., 1992:
Blood flow-induced remodeling of arteries in health and disease

Ellefsen, S.; Hammarström, D.; Strand, T.A.; Zacharoff, E.; Whist, J.E.; Rauk, I.; Nygaard, Håvard.; Vegge, G.; Hanestadhaugen, M.; Wernbom, M.; Cumming, K.T.; Rønning, R.; Raastad, T.; Rønnestad, B.R., 2016:
Blood flow-restricted strength training displays high functional and biological efficacy in women: a within-subject comparison with high-load strength training

Ozaki, H.; Loenneke, J.P.; Abe, T., 2015:
Blood flow-restricted walking in older women: does the acute hormonal response associate with muscle hypertrophy?

Park, M.; Mendes, P.Vitale.; Hirota, A.Sayuri.; dos Santos, E.Vasconcelos.; Costa, E.Leite.Vieira.; Azevedo, L.Cesar.Pontes., 2016:
Blood flow/pump rotation ratio as an artificial lung performance monitoring tool during extracorporeal respiratory support using centrifugal pumps

Orelis-Ribeiro, R.; Bullard, S.A., 2015:
Blood flukes (Digenea: Aporocotylidae) infecting body cavity of South American catfishes (Siluriformes: Pimelodidae): two new species from rivers in Bolivia, Guyana and Peru with a re-assessment of Plehniella Szidat, 1951

Roberts, J.R.; Orelis-Ribeiro, R.; Dang, B.T.; Halanych, K.M.; Bullard, S.A., 2018:
Blood flukes of Asiatic softshell turtles: revision of Coeuritrema Mehra, 1933 (Digenea: Schistosomatoidea) and a new species infecting Chinese softshell turtles, Pelodiscus sinensis (Trionychidae), from Vietnam

Jiang, J.; Wu, Y.; Wang, X.; Lu, L.; Wang, L.; Zhang, B.; Cui, M., 2017:
Blood free fatty acids were not increased in high-fat diet induced obese insulin-resistant animals

Baldissera, M.D.; Vaucher, R.A.; Oliveira, C.B.; Rech, V.C.; Sagrillo, M.R.; Stainki, D.R.; França, R.T.; Machado, G.; Lopes, S.T.A.; Monteiro, S.G.; Stefani, L.M.; Da Silva, A.S., 2015:
Blood gas analyses and other components involved in the acid-base metabolism of rats infected by Trypanosoma evansi

Wagner, J.; Rieker, T.; Siegling-Vlitakis, C., 2016:
Blood gas analysis in dogs in veterinary practice. A review

Zhang, J.; Shan, C.; Zhang, Y.U.; Zhou, X.; Li, J.; Li, Y.; Xing, Q.; Tang, B., 2015:
Blood gas analysis of the coronary sinus in patients with heart failure

Ersan, I.; Arikan, S.; Toman, H.; Kara, S.; Gencer, B.; Erbas, M.; Tufan, H.Ali.; Uzun, M., 2015:
Blood gas analyzer utility in evaluating oxygen kinetics of the aqueous humor

Dukić, L.; Kopčinović, L.Milevoj.; Dorotić, A.; Baršić, I., 2016:
Blood gas testing and related measurements: National recommendations on behalf of the Croatian Society of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Bullen, B.; Rollins, R., 2016:
Blood gas testing: a brief history and new regulatory developments

Lewbart, G.A.; Hirschfeld, M.; Brothers, J.Roger.; Muñoz-Pérez, J.Pablo.; Denkinger, J.; Vinueza, L.; García, J.; Lohmann, K.J., 2015:
Blood gases, biochemistry and haematology of Galápagos marine iguanas (Amblyrhynchus cristatus)

Gerring, Z.; Rodriguez-Acevedo, A.J.; Powell, J.E.; Griffiths, L.R.; Montgomery, G.W.; Nyholt, D.R., 2017:
Blood gene expression studies in migraine: Potential and caveats

Omar, H.; Lim, C.Ren.; Chao, S.; Lee, M.Mei.Lin.; Bong, C.Wei.; Ooi, E.Jian.Jiek.; Yu, C.Geok.; Tan, S.Siam.; Abu Hassan, M.Radzi.; Menon, J.; Muthukaruppan, R.; Singh, M.; Nik Abdullah, N.Azim.; Ooi, B.Phoe.; Ding, R.Phooi.Huat.; Low, E.Joo.; Tan, F.; Novak, D.; Harris, D.F.; Yang, H.; Merican, I.; Liew, C-Chin., 2015:
Blood gene signature for early hepatocellular carcinoma detection in patients with chronic hepatitis B

Dafopoulos, K.; Messini, C.I.; Anifandis, G.; Georgoulias, P.; Sourlas, D.; Messinis, I.E., 2016:
Blood ghrelin, adiponectin and resistin levels during controlled ovarian stimulation in IVF cycles

Meyfroidt, G., 2016:
Blood glucose amplitude variability in critically ill patients

Tsaousis, K.T., 2014:
Blood glucose and cholesterol concentrations in a mediterranean rural population of andros island, Greece

Zaman, M.Mostafa.; Choudhury, S.Reza.; Ahmed, J.; Talukder, M.Habibullah.; Rahman, A.H.M.Shafiqur., 2017:
Blood glucose and cholesterol levels in adult population of Bangladesh: Results from STEPS 2006 survey

Budzyński, J.; Ziółkowski, M.; Kłopocka, M.; Czarnecki, D., 2016:
Blood glucose and lipid concentrations after overload are not associated with the risk of alcohol relapse

Liao, W-Chih.; Tu, Y-Kang.; Wu, M-Shiang.; Lin, J-Town.; Wang, H-Po.; Chien, K-Liong., 2015:
Blood glucose concentration and risk of pancreatic cancer: systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis

Szychta, W.; Majstrak, F.; Opolski, G.; Filipiak, K.J., 2016:
Blood glucose concentration for predicting poor outcomes in patients with and without impaired glucose metabolism undergoing off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery - long-term observational study

Seguí Díaz, M., 2016:
Blood glucose control and mortality in type 1 diabetes

Wilby, K.John.; Elmekaty, E.; Abdallah, I.; Habra, M.; Al-Siyabi, K., 2016:
Blood glucose control for patients with acute coronary syndromes in Qatar

Gunst, J.; Van den Berghe, G., 2017:
Blood glucose control in the ICU: don't throw out the baby with the bathwater!

Gupta, K.; Maggo, A.; Jain, M.; Gupta, P.K.; Rastogi, B.; Singhal, A.B., 2013:
Blood glucose estimation as an indirect assessment of modulation of neuroendocrine stress response by dexmedetomidine versus fentanyl premedication during laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A clinical study

Ying, C.; Zhou, X.; Chang, Z.; Ling, H.; Cheng, X.; Li, W., 2017:
Blood glucose fluctuation accelerates renal injury involved to inhibit the AKT signaling pathway in diabetic rats

Kaplan, W.; Afandi, B., 2016:
Blood glucose fluctuation during Ramadan fasting in adolescents with type 1 diabetes: findings of continuous glucose monitoring

Jin, Y-ping.; Su, X-fei.; Yin, G-ping.; Xu, X-hua.; Lou, J-zhuang.; Chen, J-jun.; Zhou, Y.; Lan, J.; Jiang, B.; Li, Z.; Lee, K-Onn.; Ye, L.; Ma, J-hua., 2016:
Blood glucose fluctuations in hemodialysis patients with end stage diabetic nephropathy

Martins, Hélia.; Monteiro, Sílvia.; Gonçalves, F.; Monteiro, P.; Pêgo, M., 2016:
Blood glucose in acute coronary syndromes. How low should you go?

Ghobadifar, M.Amin.; Honar, N.; Jooya, P.; Hassani, F., 2016:
Blood glucose level after febrile convulsion

Ojiako, O.A.; Chikezie, P.C.; Ogbuji, A.C., 2016:
Blood glucose level and lipid profile of alloxan-induced hyperglycemic rats treated with single and combinatorial herbal formulations

Wennberg, A.M.V.; Spira, A.P.; Pettigrew, C.; Soldan, A.; Zipunnikov, V.; Rebok, G.W.; Roses, A.D.; Lutz, M.W.; Miller, M.M.; Thambisetty, M.; Albert, M.S., 2017:
Blood glucose levels and cortical thinning in cognitively normal, middle-aged adults

Anonymous, 2016:
Blood glucose levels during acute illness can help predict future diabetes risk

Koga, M.; Yamagami, H.; Okuda, S.; Okada, Y.; Kimura, K.; Shiokawa, Y.; Nakagawara, J.; Furui, E.; Hasegawa, Y.; Kario, K.; Arihiro, S.; Sato, S.; Homma, K.; Matsuki, T.; Kinoshita, N.; Nagatsuka, K.; Minematsu, K.; Toyoda, K., 2015:
Blood glucose levels during the initial 72 h and 3-month functional outcomes in acute intracerebral hemorrhage: the SAMURAI-ICH study

Yoon, J.Young.; Chung, H.Rim.; Choi, C.Won.; Yang, S.Won.; Kim, B.Il.; Shin, C.Ho., 2016 :
Blood glucose levels within 7 days after birth in preterm infants according to gestational age

Reddy, P.; Duggar, B.; Butterworth, J., 2014:
Blood glucose management in the patient undergoing cardiac surgery: A review

Peck, J., 2015:
Blood glucose monitoring

Heller, S.R., 2016:
Blood glucose monitoring had no impact on distress or self-efficacy in people with non-insulin-treated type 2 diabetes

Jeanjon, M.; Dhuez, S.; Rizzo, Aélie.; Lohues, Aès.; Drutel, A., 2016:
Blood glucose monitoring: teach the patient good practices

Akirov, A.; Grossman, A.; Shochat, T.; Shimon, I., 2016:
Blood glucose on admission and mortality in patients with venous thromboembolism

Yan, K.; Zhang, D., 2015:
Blood glucose prediction by breath analysis system with feature selection and model fusion

Gedik, E.; İlksen Toprak, Hüseyin.; Koca, Eç.; Şahin, T.; Özgül, Ülkü.; Ersoy, M.Özcan., 2016:
Blood glucose regulation during living-donor liver transplant surgery

Lim, S-Min.; Park, S-Hyun.; Sharma, N.; Kim, S-Su.; Lee, J-Ryeong.; Jung, J-Sub.; Suh, H-Won., 2017:
Blood glucose regulation mechanism in depressive disorder animal model during hyperglycemic states

Murthy, M.S.; Duby, J.J.; Parker, P.L.; Durbin-Johnson, B.P.; Roach, D.M.; Louie, E.L., 2015:
Blood glucose response to rescue dextrose in hypoglycemic, critically ill patients receiving an insulin infusion

Cheah, Y.Kang.; Goh, K-Leng., 2016:
Blood glucose screening among elderly Malaysians: Who to target?

Kidney, Rée.S.M.; Peacock, J.M.; Smith, S.A., 2015:
Blood glucose screening rates among Minnesota adults with hypertension, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2011

Wascher, T.C.; Stechemesser, L., 2017:
Blood glucose self monitoring

Chow, N.; Shearer, D.; Aydin Plaa, J.; Pottinger, B.; Pawlowska, M.; White, A.; Tildesley, H.D., 2016:
Blood glucose self-monitoring and internet diabetes management on A1C outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes

Walbert, H., 2016:
Blood glucose test strips count as medications

Rebedew, D., 2016:
Blood glucose tracker

Farkouh, M.E., 2016:
Blood glucose variability: a new metric for interventional cardiology?

Valtola, J.; Silvennoinen, R.; Ropponen, A.; Siitonen, T.; Säily, M.; Sankelo, M.; Terävä, V.; Putkonen, M.; Kuittinen, T.; Pelkonen, J.; Mäntymaa, P.; Remes, K.; Varmavuo, V.; Jantunen, E., 2017:
Blood graft cellular composition and posttransplant outcomes in myeloma patients mobilized with or without low-dose cyclophosphamide: a randomized comparison

Valtola, J.; Varmavuo, V.; Ropponen, A.; Nihtinen, A.; Partanen, A.; Vasala, K.; Lehtonen, Päivi.; Penttilä, K.; Pyörälä, M.; Kuittinen, T.; Silvennoinen, R.; Nousiainen, T.; Pelkonen, J.; Mäntymaa, P.; Jantunen, E., 2016:
Blood graft cellular composition and posttransplant recovery in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients mobilized with or without plerixafor: a prospective comparison

Nadif, R.; Siroux, Vérie.; Boudier, A.; le Moual, N.; Just, J.; Gormand, F.; Pison, C.; Matran, R.; Pin, I., 2016:
Blood granulocyte patterns as predictors of asthma phenotypes in adults from the EGEA study

Kaidarova, Z.; Bravo, M.D.; Kamel, H.T.; Custer, B.S.; Busch, M.P.; Lanteri, M.C., 2017:
Blood group A and D negativity are associated with symptomatic West Nile virus infection

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Blood group A mothers are more likely to develop anemia during antenatal intravenous immunoglobulin treatment of fetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia

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