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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57346

Chapter 57346 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Vallianou, I.; Hadzopoulou-Cladaras, M., 2016:
Camphene, a Plant Derived Monoterpene, Exerts Its Hypolipidemic Action by Affecting SREBP-1 and MTP Expression

Tran, T.Anh.; Ho, M.Tin.; Song, Y.Woo.; Cho, M.; Cho, S.Kim., 2016:
Camphor Induces Proliferative and Anti-senescence Activities in Human Primary Dermal Fibroblasts and Inhibits UV-Induced Wrinkle Formation in Mouse Skin

Fu, J.; Wang, B.; Gong, D.; Zeng, C.; Jiang, Y.; Zeng, Z., 2016:
Camphor Tree Seed Kernel Oil Reduces Body Fat Deposition and Improves Blood Lipids in Rats

Pandey, S.; Sivakumar, D.Kumar.; Chittoria, R.Kumar.; Mohapatra, D.Prasad.; Friji, M.T., 2016:
Camphor burns over the forehead: Socially relevant non-homicidal injury in a child

Vatanparast, J.; Andalib-Lari, F., 2016:
Camphor elicits epileptiform discharges in snail neurons: The role of ion channels modulation

Kotaka, T.; Kimura, S.; Kashiwayanagi, M.; Iwamoto, J., 2015:
Camphor induces cold and warm sensations with increases in skin and muscle blood flow in human

Patra, C.; Sarkar, S.; Dasgupta, M.Kumar.; Das, A., 2015:
Camphor poisoning: An unusual cause of seizure in children

MacKinney, T.G.; Soti, K.Raj.; Shrestha, P.; Basnyat, B., 2016:
Camphor: an herbal medicine causing grand mal seizures

Dresch, D.M.; Masetto, T.E.; Scalon, S.P.Q., 2016:
Campomanesia adamantium (Cambess.) O. Berg seed desiccation: influence on vigor and nucleic acids

Lescano, C.Honaiser.; de Oliveira, I.Pires.; Zaminelli, T.; Baldivia, Débora.da.Silva.; da Silva, L.Ramos.; Napolitano, M.; Silvério, C.Bitencourt.Mendes.; Lincopan, N.; Sanjinez-Argandoña, E.Janet., 2016:
Campomanesia adamantium Peel Extract in Antidiarrheal Activity: The Ability of Inhibition of Heat-Stable Enterotoxin by Polyphenols

Martello, M.D.; David, N.; Matuo, R.; Carvalho, P.C.; Navarro, S.D.; Monreal, A.C.D.; Cunha-Laura, A.L.; Cardoso, C.A.L.; Kassuya, C.A.L.; Oliveira, R.J., 2017:
Campomanesia adamantium extract induces DNA damage, apoptosis, and affects cyclophosphamide metabolism

Kennedy, S.; Richards, C., 2016:
Camps and Their Benefit to Pediatric Nephrology Patients

Frioui, S.; Jemni, S., 2016:
Camptocormia and Parkinson's disease: association or consequence?

Abboud, H.; Sivaraman, I.; Ontaneda, D.; Tavee, J., 2016:
Camptocormia and Pisa syndrome as manifestations of acute myasthenia gravis exacerbation

Ekmekci, H.; Kaptan, H., 2016:
Camptocormia and deep brain stimulation: The interesting overlapping etiologies and the therapeutic role of subthalamic nucleus-deep brain stimulation in Parkinson disease with camptocormia

Sato, T.; Natori, T.; Hata, T.; Yamashiro, N.; Shindo, K.; Takiyama, Y., 2016:
Camptocormia as an onset symptom of myasthenia gravis

Ghosh, P.S.; Milone, M., 2016:
Camptocormia as presenting manifestation of a spectrum of myopathic disorders

Schulz-Schaeffer, W.J., 2016:
Camptocormia in Parkinson's Disease: A Muscle Disease Due to Dysregulated Proprioceptive Polysynaptic Reflex Arch

Srivanitchapoom, P.; Hallett, M., 2016:
Camptocormia in Parkinson's disease: definition, epidemiology, pathogenesis and treatment modalities

Bertram, K.L.; Colosimo, C., 2017:
Camptocormia may be myopathic or dystonic

Barca-Buyo, Álvaro.; Seoane-Rodríguez, S.; No-Sánchez, J.; Doval-Álvarez, M.; Baamonde-Pedreira, M.Concepción., 2016:
Camptocormia: results of rehabilitation in three cases

Corbo, M.D.; Weinstein, M., 2016:
Camptodactyly and knuckle pads coexisting in an adolescent boy: connection or coincidence?

Couser, N.L.; Pande, C.K.; Walsh, J.M.; Tepperberg, J.; Aylsworth, A.S., 2016:
Camptodactyly and the 22q11.2 deletion syndrome

Taşar, M.; Eyileten, Z.; Kasımzade, F.; Uçar, T.; Kendirli, Tıl.; Uysalel, A., 2016:
Camptodactyly-arthropathy-coxa vara-pericarditis (CACP) syndrome

Madhusudan, S.; Gupta, A.; Prakash, M.; Matta, D.; Suri, D.; Singh, S., 2015:
Camptodactyly-arthropathy-coxa vara-pericarditis (CACP) syndrome: a mimicker of juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Kim, J-Hoon.; Jeong, M.; Lee, S-sik.; Song, J., 2015:
Camptothecin and topotecan inhibit adipocyte differentiation by inducing degradation of PPARγ

Huang, B.; Cheng, J-Kun.; Wu, C-Yi.; Chen, P-Ho.; Tu, P-Shu.; Fu, Y-Syan.; Wu, C-Hsing., 2015 :
Camptothecin promotes the production of nitric oxide that triggers subsequent S-nitrosoproteome-mediated signaling cascades in endothelial cells

Jayasooriya, R.Gedara.Prasad.Tharanga.; Choi, Y.Hyun.; Hyun, J.Won.; Kim, G-Young., 2015:
Camptothecin sensitizes human hepatoma Hep3B cells to TRAIL-mediated apoptosis via ROS-dependent death receptor 5 upregulation with the involvement of MAPKs

Jayasooriya, R.Gedara.Prasad.Tharanga.; Park, S.Rul.; Choi, Y.Hyun.; Hyun, J-Won.; Chang, W-Young.; Kim, G-Young., 2016:
Camptothecin suppresses expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 and vascular endothelial growth factor in DU145 cells through PI3K/Akt-mediated inhibition of NF-κB activity and Nrf2-dependent induction of HO-1 expression

Shamanna, R.A.; Lu, H.; Croteau, D.L.; Arora, A.; Agarwal, D.; Ball, G.; Aleskandarany, M.A.; Ellis, I.O.; Pommier, Y.; Madhusudan, S.; Bohr, V.A., 2017:
Camptothecin targets WRN protein: mechanism and relevance in clinical breast cancer

Han, H.; Jin, Q.; Ji, J., 2016:
Camptothecin-conjugated biodegradable prodrug micelles for theranostic near-infrared fluorescent imaging and intracellular drug release

Bhalkar, B.N.; Patil, S.M.; Govindwar, S.P., 2017:
Camptothecine production by mixed fermentation of two endophytic fungi from Nothapodytes nimmoniana

Curtis, J.Nicols.; Burnett, S., 2016:
Campus Rape

Campbell, J., 2016:
Campus Sexual Assault Perpetration: What Else We Need to Know

Fedina, L.; Holmes, J.Lynne.; Backes, B.L., 2016:
Campus Sexual Assault: A Systematic Review of Prevalence Research From 2000 to 2015

Eisenberg, M.E.; Lust, K.A.; Hannan, P.J.; Porta, C., 2016:
Campus Sexual Violence Resources and Emotional Health of College Women Who Have Experienced Sexual Assault

Spiritoso, S.; Gross, E.; Bean, C.Y.; Casamassimo, P.S.; Levings, K.; Lloyd, P., 2015:
Campus-Based, Community-Based, and Philanthropic Contributions to Predoctoral Pediatric Dental Clinical Education: Two Years of Experiences at One Dental College

van Samkar, A.; Brouwer, M.C.; van der Ende, A.; van de Beek, D., 2016:
Campylobacter Fetus Meningitis in Adults: Report of 2 Cases and Review of the Literature

Cohen, G.S.; Prasad, M., 2016:
Campylobacter Pouchitis Mimicking the Appearance of Crohn's Disease

Mikkelä, A.; Ranta, J.; González, M.; Hakkinen, M.; Tuominen, P., 2016:
Campylobacter QMRA: A Bayesian Estimation of Prevalence and Concentration in Retail Foods Under Clustering and Heavy Censoring

Maunder, C.L.; Reynolds, Z.F.; Peacock, L.; Hall, E.J.; Day, M.J.; Cogan, T.A., 2018:
Campylobacter Species and Neutrophilic Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats

Sala Farré, M.Rosa.; Osorio Sánchez, D.; Arias Varela, C.; Simó Sanahuja, M.; Recasens Recasens, A.; Pérez Jové, J., 2016:
Campylobacter and Salmonella acute gastroenteritis: epidemiology and health care utilization

Yamazaki, W.; Uemura, R.; Sekiguchi, S.; Dong, J-B.; Watanabe, S.; Kirino, Y.; Mekata, H.; Nonaka, N.; Norimine, J.; Sueyoshi, M.; Goto, Y.; Horii, Y.; Kurogi, M.; Yoshino, S.; Misawa, N., 2017:
Campylobacter and Salmonella are prevalent in broiler farms in Kyushu, Japan: results of a 2-year distribution and circulation dynamics audit

Hussein, K.; Raz-Pasteur, A.; Shachor-Meyouhas, Y.; Geffen, Y.; Oren, I.; Paul, M.; Kassis, I., 2016:
Campylobacter bacteraemia: 16 years of experience in a single centre

Seliwiorstow, T.; Baré, J.; Van Damme, I.; Uyttendaele, M.; De Zutter, L., 2015:
Campylobacter carcass contamination throughout the slaughter process of Campylobacter-positive broiler batches

Kuperman-Shani, A.; Vaknin, Z.; Mendlovic, S.; Zaidenstein, R.; Melcer, Y.; Maymon, R., 2016:
Campylobacter coli infection causing second trimester intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR): a case report and review of the literature

Kwok, M.; Maurice, A.; Lisec, C.; Brown, J., 2016:
Campylobacter colitis: Rare cause of toxic megacolon

Underwood, A.P.; Kaakoush, N.O.; Sodhi, N.; Merif, J.; Seah Lee, W.; Riordan, S.M.; Rawlinson, W.D.; Mitchell, H.M., 2016:
Campylobacter concisus pathotypes are present at significant levels in patients with gastroenteritis

Kaakoush, N.O.; Thomas, D.S.; Ruzayqat, M.M.; Lynch, D.; Leach, S.T.; Lemberg, D.A.; Day, A.S.; Mitchell, H.M., 2017:
Campylobacter concisus utilizes blood but not short chain fatty acids despite showing associations with Firmicutes taxa

Stingl, K.; Buhler, C.; Krüger, N-Johanna., 2015:
Campylobacter detection along the food chain--towards improved quantitative risk analysis by live/dead discriminatory culture-independent methods

Ingresa-Capaccioni, S.; Jiménez-Trigos, E.; Marco-Jiménez, F.; Catalá, P.; Vega, S.; Marin, C., 2016:
Campylobacter epidemiology from breeders to their progeny in Eastern Spain

Graaf-van Bloois, L.van.der.; Miller, W.G.; Yee, E.; Gorkiewicz, G.; Forbes, K.J.; Zomer, A.L.; Wagenaar, J.A.; Duim, B., 2016:
Campylobacter fetus Subspecies Contain Conserved Type IV Secretion Systems on Multiple Genomic Islands and Plasmids

Dickgießer, N.; Kasper, G.; Kihm, W., 1983:
Campylobacter fetus ssp. fetus bacteremia a patient with liver cirrhosis

Chiapparrone, Mía.L.; Morán, P.E.; Echevarría, H.M.; Soto, P.; Paolicchi, F.A.; Catena, Mía., 2015:
Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis adhesion to MDBK cells

Piccirillo, A.; Niero, G.; Calleros, Lía.; Pérez, R.; Naya, H.; Iraola, G., 2016:
Campylobacter geochelonis sp. nov. isolated from the western Hermann's tortoise (Testudo hermanni hermanni)

Jäckel, C.; Hammerl, J.A.; Reetz, J.; Kropinski, A.M.; Hertwig, S., 2016:
Campylobacter group II phage CP21 is the prototype of a new subgroup revealing a distinct modular genome organization and host specificity

Battersby, T.; Walsh, D.; Whyte, P.; Bolton, D.J., 2016:
Campylobacter growth rates in four different matrices: broiler caecal material, live birds, Bolton broth, and brain heart infusion broth

Van, T.Thu.Hao.; Elshagmani, E.; Gor, M.Chee.; Scott, P.C.; Moore, R.J., 2016:
Campylobacter hepaticus sp. nov., isolated from chickens with spotty liver disease

Kamei, K.; Hatanaka, N.; Asakura, M.; Somroop, S.; Samosornsuk, W.; Hinenoya, A.; Misawa, N.; Nakagawa, S.; Yamasaki, S., 2016:
Campylobacter hyointestinalis Isolated from Pigs Produces Multiple Variants of Biologically Active Cytolethal Distending Toxin

Kim, D.Kyun.; Hong, S.Kuk.; Kim, M.; Ahn, J.Young.; Yong, D.; Lee, K., 2016:
Campylobacter hyointestinalis isolated from a human stool specimen

Gilbert, M.J.; Kik, M.; Miller, W.G.; Duim, B.; Wagenaar, J.A., 2015:
Campylobacter iguaniorum sp. nov., isolated from reptiles

Sahin, O.; Kassem, I.I.; Shen, Z.; Lin, J.; Rajashekara, G.; Zhang, Q., 2015:
Campylobacter in Poultry: Ecology and Potential Interventions

Gonsalves, C.Cristina.; Borsoi, A.; Perdoncini, G.; Rodrigues, L.Beatriz.; do Nascimento, V.Pinheiro., 2017:
Campylobacter in broiler slaughter samples assessed by direct count on mCCDA and Campy-Cefex agar

Anonymous, 2015:
Campylobacter in chickens: retailers failing to meet reduction targets

Anvarinejad, M.; Amin Shahidi, M.; Pouladfar, G.Reza.; Dehyadegari, M.Ali.; Mardaneh, J., 2016:
Campylobacter jejuni Bacteremia in a Patient With Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Fields, J.A.; Li, J.; Gulbronson, C.J.; Hendrixson, D.R.; Thompson, S.A., 2017:
Campylobacter jejuni CsrA Regulates Metabolic and Virulence Associated Proteins and Is Necessary for Mouse Colonization

Gallo, M.Teresa.; Di Domenico, E.Gino.; Toma, L.; Marchesi, F.; Pelagalli, L.; Manghisi, N.; Ascenzioni, F.; Prignano, G.; Mengarelli, A.; Ensoli, F., 2016:
Campylobacter jejuni Fatal Sepsis in a Patient with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma: Case Report and Literature Review of a Difficult Diagnosis

Davis, K.R.; Dunn, A.C.; Burnett, C.; McCullough, L.; Dimond, M.; Wagner, J.; Smith, L.; Carter, A.; Willardson, S.; Nakashima, A.K., 2016:
Campylobacter jejuni Infections Associated with Raw Milk Consumption--Utah, 2014

Hiett, K.L., 2018:
Campylobacter jejuni Isolation/Enumeration from Environmental Samples

Kanji, A.; Jones, M.A.; Maskell, D.J.; Grant, A.J., 2016:
Campylobacter jejuni PflB is required for motility and colonisation of the chicken gastrointestinal tract

Hooton, S.P.T.; Connerton, I.F., 2015:
Campylobacter jejuni acquire new host-derived CRISPR spacers when in association with bacteriophages harboring a CRISPR-like Cas4 protein

Mittelstädt, G.; Moggré, G-Jan.; Panjikar, S.; Nazmi, A.Reza.; Parker, E.J., 2017:
Campylobacter jejuni adenosine triphosphate phosphoribosyltransferase is an active hexamer that is allosterically controlled by the twisting of a regulatory tail

Hald, B.; Skov, M.Nielsine.; Nielsen, E.Møller.; Rahbek, C.; Madsen, J.Johannes.; Wainø, M.; Chriél, M.; Nordentoft, S.; Baggesen, D.Lau.; Madsen, M., 2016:
Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli in wild birds on Danish livestock farms

Brown, H.L.; Hanman, K.; Reuter, M.; Betts, R.P.; van Vliet, A.H.M., 2015:
Campylobacter jejuni biofilms contain extracellular DNA and are sensitive to DNase I treatment

Heikema, A.P.; Islam, Z.; Horst-Kreft, D.; Huizinga, R.; Jacobs, B.C.; Wagenaar, J.A.; Poly, F.; Guerry, P.; van Belkum, A.; Parker, C.T.; Endtz, H.P., 2016:
Campylobacter jejuni capsular genotypes are related to Guillain-Barré syndrome

Awad, W.A.; Dublecz, F.; Hess, C.; Dublecz, K.; Khayal, B.; Aschenbach, J.R.; Hess, M., 2017:
Campylobacter jejuni colonization promotes the translocation of Escherichia coli to extra-intestinal organs and disturbs the short-chain fatty acids profiles in the chicken gut

Gruntar, I.; Biasizzo, M.; Kušar, D.; Pate, M.; Ocepek, Mž., 2016:
Campylobacter jejuni contamination of broiler carcasses: Population dynamics and genetic profiles at slaughterhouse level

Gill, C.; Bahrndorff, S.; Lowenberger, C., 2016:
Campylobacter jejuni in Musca domestica: An examination of survival and transmission potential in light of the innate immune responses of the house flies

Reti, K.L.; Tymensen, L.D.; Davis, S.P.; Amrein, M.W.; Buret, A.G., 2016:
Campylobacter jejuni increases flagellar expression and adhesion of noninvasive Escherichia coli: effects on enterocytic Toll-like receptor 4 and CXCL-8 expression

Jovanović, D.; Ilić, N.; Miljković-Selimović, B.; Djokić, D.; Relić, T.; Tambur, Z.; Doder, R.; Kostić, G., 2015:
Campylobacter jejuni infection and IgE sensitization in up to 2-year-old infants

Elmi, A.; Nasher, F.; Jagatia, H.; Gundogdu, O.; Bajaj-Elliott, M.; Wren, B.; Dorrell, N., 2016:
Campylobacter jejuni outer membrane vesicle-associated proteolytic activity promotes bacterial invasion by mediating cleavage of intestinal epithelial cell E-cadherin and occludin

Griekspoor, P.; Hansbro, P.M.; Waldenström, J.; Olsen, Börn., 2015:
Campylobacter jejuni sequence types show remarkable spatial and temporal stability in Blackbirds

Boehm, M.; Lind, J.; Backert, S.; Tegtmeyer, N., 2015:
Campylobacter jejuni serine protease HtrA plays an important role in heat tolerance, oxygen resistance, host cell adhesion, invasion, and transmigration

Carev, M.; Kovačić, A.; Novak, A.; Tonkić, M.; Jerončić, A., 2016:
Campylobacter jejuni strains coresistant to tetracycline and ciprofloxacin in patients with gastroenteritis in Croatia

Seng, P.; Quenard, F.; Menard, Aélie.; Heyries, L.; Stein, A., 2015:
Campylobacter jejuni, an uncommon cause of splenic abscess diagnosed by 16S rRNA gene sequencing

Hessulf, F.; Ljungberg, J.; Johansson, P-Anders.; Lindgren, M.; Engdahl, J., 2017:
Campylobacter jejuni-associated perimyocarditis: two case reports and review of the literature

Spapen, J.; Hermans, H.; Rosseel, M.; Buysschaert, I., 2016:
Campylobacter jejuni-related cardiomyopathy: Unknown entity or yet underreported?

Tural Kara, T.; Yilmaz, S.; Ozdemir, H.; Birsin Ozcakar, Z.; Derya Aysev, A.; Ciftci, E.; Ince, E., 2018 :
Campylobacter jejuni: A rare agent in a child with peritoneal dialysis-related peritonitis

Lugert, R.; Gross, U.; Zautner, A.E., 2015:
Campylobacter jejuni: components for adherence to and invasion of eukaryotic cells

Huang, H.; Brooks, B.W.; Lowman, R.; Carrillo, C.D., 2016:
Campylobacter species in animal, food, and environmental sources, and relevant testing programs in Canada

Silva, D.Teixeira.da.; Tejada, T.Schneid.; Blum-Menezes, D.; Dias, P.Alves.; Timm, Cáudio.Dias., 2016:
Campylobacter species isolated from poultry and humans, and their analysis using PFGE in southern Brazil

Bolton, D.J., 2015:
Campylobacter virulence and survival factors

Vieira, A.; Seddon, A.M.; Karlyshev, A.V., 2016:
Campylobacter-Acanthamoeba interactions

Sahin, O.; Yaeger, M.; Wu, Z.; Zhang, Q., 2016:
Campylobacter-Associated Diseases in Animals

Bowen, E.Elizabeth.; Hangartner, R.; Macdougall, I., 2016:
Campylobacter-Associated Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Associated with Pulmonary-Renal Syndrome

Wilson, P.; Veal, P., 2016:
Campylobacter: a change in public health approach

Polák, P.; Vrba, M.; Bortlíček, Z.; Juránková, J.; Freibergerová, M.; Husa, P.; Kamelander, J.; Dastych, M., 2015:
Campylobacteriosis at the Department of Infectious Diseases of the University Hospital Brno in 2011-2013: a retrospective study

Sadkowska-Todys, Młgorzata.; Kucharczyk, Bżena., 2016:
Campylobacteriosis in Poland in 2013 and 2014

Hamplová, L.; Kotrbová, K.; Príkazská, M., 2017:
Campylobacteriosis in the South Bohemian Region - a Recurrent Problem

Skarp, C.P.A.; Hänninen, M-L.; Rautelin, H.I.K., 2016:
Campylobacteriosis: the role of poultry meat

Firlieyanti, A.S.; Connerton, P.L.; Connerton, I.F., 2016:
Campylobacters and their bacteriophages from chicken liver: The prospect for phage biocontrol

Casteleyn, C.; Cornillie, P.; Tüllmann, V.; Van Cruchten, S.; Van Ginneken, C., 2016:
Campylorrhinus lateralis, Bilateral microphthalmia and odontoma temporalis in an Oldenburg Foal

de Bonilla Damiá, Álvaro.; García Gómez, F.Javier., 2016:
Camurati-Engelmann disease

Nash, W., 2015:
Camus at Seventeen: The Arduous Road through Oran

Fritz, Z., 2016:
Can 'Best Interests' derail the trolley? Examining withdrawal of clinically assisted nutrition and hydration in patients in the permanent vegetative state

Sunaric-Mégevand, G.; Aclimandos, W.; Creuzot-Garcher, C.; Traverso, C-Enrico.; Tuulonen, A.; Hitchings, R.; Mathysen, D.G.P., 2016:
Can 'Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology Subspecialty Diploma in Glaucoma,' a subspecialty examination on glaucoma induce the qualification standard of glaucoma clinical practice in Europe?

Yamashima, T., 2016 :
Can 'calpain-cathepsin hypothesis' explain Alzheimer neuronal death?

Cook, J.; Liu, J., 2017:
Can 'distant water … quench the instant thirst'? The renegotiation of familial support in rural China in the face of extensive out migration

de Boer, A.H.; Gjaltema, D.; Hagedoorn, P.; Frijlink, H.W., 2016:
Can 'extrafine' dry powder aerosols improve lung deposition?

Macnaught, G.; Ananthakrishnan, G.; Hinksman, L.; Yadavali, R.; Bryden, F.; Lassman, S.; Ritchie, M.; Gallacher, K.; Hay, C.; Moss, J.G., 2017:
Can (1)H MR Spectroscopy be Used to Assess the Success of Uterine Artery Embolisation?

Ayayee, P.A.; Jones, S.C.; Sabree, Z.L., 2015:
Can (13)C stable isotope analysis uncover essential amino acid provisioning by termite-associated gut microbes?

Artiko, V.; Odalovic, S.; Sobic-Saranovic, D.; Petrovic, M.; Stojiljkovic, M.; Petrovic, N.; Kozarevic, N.; Grozdic-Milojevic, I.; Obradovic, V., 2015:
Can (18)F-FDG PET/CT scan change treatment planning and be prognostic in recurrent colorectal carcinoma? A prospective and follow-up study

Zattoni, F.; Guttilla, A.; Evangelista, L., 2017:
Can (68)GA-PSMA or radiolabeled choline PET/CT guide salvage lymph node dissection in recurrent prostate cancer?

Kardas-Nelson, M., 2015:
Can (and should) Africa make its own medicines?

Aya, H.D.; Cecconi, M., 2015:
Can (and should) the venous tone be monitored at the bedside?

Agaoglu, M.N.; Chung, S.T.L., 2017:
Can (should) theories of crowding be unified?

Pompeo, D.D.; Rosário, H.D.; Lopes, B.Mv.; Cesar, P.F.; Paranhos, L.Renato., 2017:
Can 10% hydrofluoric acid be used for reconditioning of orthodontic brackets?

Kavsak, P.A., 2016:
Can 100 papers over 50years tell the story of a scientific journal?

Mentz, R.J.; O'Brien, E.C., 2018:
Can 2 Pills a Day Keep Readmission Away?: Sacubitril/Valsartan to Reduce 30-Day Heart Failure Readmissions

Harding, K.; Queen, D., 2015:
Can 2015 be a transformative year for diagnostics in wound care?

Servick, K., 2015:
Can 23andMe have it all?

Rohlfing, K.J.; Nachtigäller, K., 2016:
Can 28-Month-Old Children Learn Spatial Prepositions Robustly from Pictures? Yes, When Narrative Input Is Provided

Schaefferkoetter, J.D.; Carlson, E.R.; Heidel, R.E., 2015:
Can 3'-Deoxy-3'-((18)F) Fluorothymidine Out Perform 2-Deoxy-2-((18)F) Fluoro-D-Glucose Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography in the Diagnosis of Cervical Lymphadenopathy in Patients With Oral/Head and Neck Cancer?

Nurudeen, S.M.; Kwakye, G.; Berry, W.R.; Chaikof, E.L.; Lillemoe, K.D.; Millham, F.; Rubin, M.; Schwaitzberg, S.; Shamberger, R.C.; Zinner, M.J.; Sato, L.; Lipsitz, S.; Gawande, A.A.; Haynes, A.B., 2015:
Can 360-Degree Reviews Help Surgeons? Evaluation of Multisource Feedback for Surgeons in a Multi-Institutional Quality Improvement Project

Rezaie, A.; Iriana, S.; Pimentel, M.; Murrell, Z.; Fleshner, P.; Zaghiyan, K., 2016:
Can three-dimensional high-resolution anorectal manometry detect anal sphincter defects in patients with faecal incontinence?

Cassadó Garriga, J.; Quintas Marques, L.; Pessarrodona Isern, A.; López Quesada, E.; Rodriguez Carballeira, M.; Badia Carrasco, A., 2016:
Can 3D power Doppler identify levator ani vascularization at its pubic insertion?

Kohlhof, H.; Heidt, C.; Bähler, A.; Kohl, S.; Gravius, S.; Friedrich, M.J.; Ziebarth, K.; Stranzinger, E., 2016:
Can 3D ultrasound identify trochlea dysplasia in newborns? Evaluation and applicability of a technique

Kartal, K.; Uludag, M., 2017:
Can 4-port laparoscopic cholecystectomy remain the gold standard for gallbladder surgery?

Rojas-Fernandez, C.H., 2014:
Can 5-HT 3 Antagonists Really Contribute to Serotonin Toxicity? A Call for Clarity and Pharmacological Law and Order

Dubuc, V.; Choi, P.; Hill, M.D.; Coutts, S.B., 2016:
Can 90-Day NIHSS Be Used for Outcome Assessment in TIA and Minor Stroke Studies?

López-Merino, L.; Leroy, S.A.G.; Haldorsen, S.; Heun, M.; Reynolds, A., 2015:
Can Triticum urartu (Poaceae) be identified by pollen analysis? Implications for detecting the ancestor of the extinct two-grained einkorn-like wheat

Haq, M.; Pawar, S.; Berk, J.L.; Miller, E.J.; Ruberg, F.L., 2016:
Can 99m Tc-Pyrophosphate Aid in Early Detection of Cardiac Involvement in Asymptomatic Variant TTR Amyloidosis?

Laba, T.L.; Hayes, A.; Jan, S.; Rodgers, A.; Patel, A.; Cass, A.; Reid, C.; Tonkin, A.; Usherwood, T.; Webster, R., 2014:
Can A Cvd Polypill Save Money In The 'Real World'?

Portella, G.; Terrazas, M.; Villegas, Núria.; González, C.; Orozco, M., 2016:
Can A Denaturant Stabilize DNA? Pyridine Reverses DNA Denaturation in Acidic pH

Kooreman, P.J.; Casamayor, M.; Schuchardt, M.; Van, E.A., 2014:
Can A Global Value Dossier Meet Headquarters and Affiliates's Expectations?

Agha, N.H.; Baker, F.L.; Spielmann, G.; Bigley, A.B.; Simpson, R.J., 2016:
Can A Single Exercise Bout Increase The Yield Of Hematopoietic Stem Cells From Peripheral Blood?: 335 Board #172 June 1, 9: 30 AM - 11: 00 AM

Millot, Y.; Troesch, S.; Molle, P.; Esser, D.; Gourdon, R.; Rousseau, D., 2016:
Can a Single Stage Hybrid Constructed Wetland Achieve Good Total Nitrogen Removal?

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Can AIMS65 Save the Endoscopists from Midnight Calls?

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Can ARFI elastometry of the salivary glands contribute to the diagnosis of Sjögren's syndrome?

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Can Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Be Safely Performed Without Drains?

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Can Academic Cardiology Divisions Survive?

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Can Academic Medicine Lead the Way in the Refugee Crisis?

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Can Acne Affect Prognosis of Breast Augmentation?

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Can Actigraphy Outcome Measures From Existing Clinical Trials Provide A Framework for Sleep and Activity Endpoint Standards in the Clinical Trial of the Future?

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Can Activities of Daily Living Predict Complications following Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy?

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Can Acute Kidney Injury Be Considered a Clinical Quality Measure

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Can Adding Laboratory Values Improve Risk-Adjustment Mortality Models Using Clinical Percutaneous Cardiac Intervention Registry Data?

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Can Additional Homeopathic Treatment Save Costs? A Retrospective Cost-Analysis Based on 44500 Insured Persons

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Can Adherence to Traumatic Brain Injury Guidelines Move the Needle in India and Beyond?

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Can Adiponectin Help us to Target Diastolic Dysfunction?

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Can Adipose-derived Stem Cells Be Used in the Treatment of Urethral Stricture Disease?

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Can Adjuvant Agents Reduce Gastric Acidity in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis: Evidence from a Cochrane Review

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Can Administrative Data Be Used to Analyze Complications Following Total Joint Arthroplasty?

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Can Advanced Physiological Testing Bridge the Gap Between Chest Pain and Nonobstructive Coronary Atherosclerosis?

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Can Advances in Health Monitors Lead to Health Being Looked at as A Commodity?

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Can Adverse Effects of Acidity and Aluminum Toxicity Be Alleviated by Appropriate Rootstock Selection in Cucumber?

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Can Agenda for Change add hours to the day?

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Can Alarming Improve Compliance with Weekly Bisphosphonate in Patients with Osteoporosis?

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Can Aliskiren be Considered as a New Novel Drug for Hypertension?

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Can Alveolar Macrophages Made from Stem Cells Achieve Functional Rescue of Lung Diseases?

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Can Alzheimer patients receive information without using it?

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Can Ambulatory Blood Pressure Variability Contribute to Individual Cardiovascular Risk Stratification?

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Can Ambulatory Emergency Care have a positive impact on acute services?

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Can An Energy-Compensated Solid-State X-Ray Detector be Used for Radiation Protection Applications at Higher Photon Energies?

Anonymous, 2015:
Can An Insurance Company Recoup Payments For Services Provided During Previous Employment?

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Can Anal Sphincter Defects Be Identified by Palpation?

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Can Analgesic-abuse Nephropathy is a Fertile Groundfor for Rare Collecting Duct (Bellini Duct) Renal Cell Carcinoma or Merely a Coincidence?

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Can Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors Reduce the Incidence, Severity, and Duration of Radiation Proctitis?

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Can Animal Models Contribute to Understanding Tinnitus Heterogeneity in Humans?

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Can Animal Models of PCOS Help Point the Way Towards Early and Effective Therapeutic Intervention in Women With the Syndrome?

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Can Anomalous Amplification be Attained without Postselection?

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Can Anorectal Manometry Findings Predict Subsequent Late Gastrointestinal Radiation Toxicity in Prostate Cancer Patients?

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Can Antibodies Against Glial Derived Antigens be Early Biomarkers of Hippocampal Demyelination and Memory Loss in Alzheimer's Disease?

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Can Antibodies Protect Us Against Cardiovascular Disease?

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Can Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy (aPDT) Enhance the Endodontic Treatment?

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Can Anxiety Tested in the Elevated Plus-maze Be Related to Nociception Sensitivity in Adult Male Rats?

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Can Any Biomarker Predict the Temporal Behavior of Aging?

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Can Anyone Hear Me? Does Anyone See Me? A Qualitative Meta-Analysis of Women's Experiences of Heart Disease

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Can Artemia Hatching Assay Be a (Sensitive) Alternative Tool to Acute Toxicity Test?

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Can Artificial Ecosystems Enhance Local Biodiversity? The Case of a Constructed Wetland in a Mediterranean Urban Context

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Can Artificial Intelligences Suffer from Mental Illness? A Philosophical Matter to Consider

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Can Arts and Communication Programs Improve Physician Wellness and Mitigate Physician Suicide?

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Can Ashi points stimulation have specific effects on shoulder pain? A systematic review of randomized controlled trials

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Can Aspirin Reduce the Risk of Endometrial Cancer?: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Observational Studies

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Can Assessment of Disease Burden Prior to Changes in Initial COPD Maintenance Treatment Provide Insight into Remaining Unmet Needs? A Retrospective Database Study in UK Primary Care

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Can Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Onset Occur in Adulthood?

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Can Atypical Antipsychotic Augmentation Reduce Subsequent Treatment Failure More Effectively Among Depressed Patients with a Higher Degree of Treatment Resistance? A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

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Can Australia's clinical practice guidelines be trusted?

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Can Australian psychiatrists prescribe clozapine off-label for treatment-refractory bipolar disorder?

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Can Authoritarianism Lead to Greater Liking of Out-Groups? The Intriguing Case of Singapore

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Can Autocapture™ Function of Permanent Pacemakers Initiate Ventricular Tachyarrhythmias?

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Can Automated Imaging for Optic Disc and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Analysis Aid Glaucoma Detection?

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Can Avoiding Light at Night Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer?

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Can BNP-guided therapy improve health-related quality of life, and do responders to BNP-guided heart failure treatment have improved health-related quality of life? Results from the UPSTEP study

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Can BONFILS Intubation Endoscope be an alternative to direct laryngoscopy for pediatric tracheal intubation during resuscitation?

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Can BRIGHT restore the glow of bivalirudin?

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Can Babies Remember Trauma? Symbolic Forms of Representation in Traumatized Infants

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Can Bacteriotherapy Using Commercially Available Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Organic Acids Ameliorate the Symptoms Associated With Runting-Stunting Syndrome in Broiler Chickens?

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Can Baldrige Build Learning Organizations?

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Can Bassett's ligament be removed?

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Can Bayesian Theories of Autism Spectrum Disorder Help Improve Clinical Practice?

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Can Be a Bimetal Oxide ZnO-MgO Nanoparticles Anticancer Drug Carrier and Deliver? Doxorubicin Adsorption/Release Study

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Can Bedside Ultrasound Inferior Vena Cava Measurements Accurately Diagnose Congestive Heart Failure in the Emergency Department? A Clin-IQ

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Can Belief in a Just World Buffer Mood and Career Prospects of People in Need of Risk Protection? First Experimental Evidence

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Can Benefit Corporations Redeem the Pharmaceutical Industry?

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Can Better Emotion Regulation Protect against Suicidality in Traumatized Homeless Youth?

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Can Bias Evaluation Provide Protection Against False-Negative Results in QT Studies Without a Positive Control Using Exposure-Response Analysis?

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Can Big Data Analyses Help Speed Up the Clinical Development of Mucoactive Drugs for Symptomatic RTIs?

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Can Big Data Machines Analyze Stock Market Sentiment?

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Can Big Data Shed Light on the Origins of Pediatric Cancer?

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Can Big Data Simplify the Complexity of Modern Medicine?: Prediction of Right Ventricular Failure After Left Ventricular Assist Device Support as a Test Case

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Can Big Data Solve Small Problems? Paper Use in a Paperless Hospital

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Can Big Five Facets Distinguish between Hedonic and Eudaimonic Well-Being? A Dominance Analysis

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Can Binocular Vision Disorders Contribute to Contact Lens Discomfort?

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Can Biogen Beat the Memory Thief?

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Can Bioimpedance Measurements of Lean and Fat Tissue Mass Replace Subjective Global Assessments in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients?

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Can Birds Perceive Rhythmic Patterns? A Review and Experiments on a Songbird and a Parrot Species

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Can Bladder Wall Thickness Measurement Be Used for Detecting Bladder Outlet Obstruction?

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Can Bladder Wall Thickness Predict Videourodynamic Findings in Children with Spina Bifida?

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Can Bladder and Prostate Sonomorphology Be Used for Detecting Bladder Outlet Obstruction in Patients With Symptomatic Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia?

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Can Body Mass Index Predict the Difficulty of Colonoscopy?

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Can Body Proportions Serve as a Predictor of Risk-Taking Behaviours in Women and Men?

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Can Bone Conduction Thresholds Really Be Poorer Than Air?

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Can Botulinum Toxin Help Patients With Borderline Personality Disorder?

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Can Braille be revived? A possible impact of high-end Braille and mainstream technology on the revival of tactile literacy medium

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Can Break-Dance Break Your Neck? C1/C2 Luxation with a Combined Dens Fracture Without Neurological Deficits in an 11-Year Old Boy After a Break-Dance Performance

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Can Breast Cancer Biopsy Influence Sentinel Lymph Node Status?

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Can Breast Tumors Affect the Oxidative Status of the Surrounding Environment? A Comparative Analysis among Cancerous Breast, Mammary Adjacent Tissue, and Plasma

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Can Breastfeeding in Early Life Protect Infants and Children from Kawasaki Disease, Neonatologists Viewpoint

Mathew, J.L., 2017:
Can Breastfeeding in Early Life Protect Infants and Children from Kawasaki Disease?: Evidence-based Medicine Viewpoint

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Can Brown Fat Win the Battle Against White Fat?

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Can BuCyE conditioning regimen be an alternative treatment to BEAM at autologous transplantation in malignant lymphoma patients?: a single center experience

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Can Burkitt's Lymphoma and Hodgkin's Lymphoma occur in siblings simultaneously?

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Can C-reactive protein and white blood cell count alone rule out an urgent condition in acute abdominal pain?

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Can C3 Laminectomy Reduce Interlaminar Bony Fusion and Preserve the Range of Motion After Cervical Laminoplasty?

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Can CD44 Be a Mediator of Cell Destruction? The Challenge of Type 1 Diabetes

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Can CH⋅⋅⋅π interactions be used to design single-chain magnets?

Parker, T., 2015:
Can CMO agenda influence dialysis providers in improving quality?

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Can CPAP be indicated in adult patients with suspected obstructive sleep apnea only on the basis of clinical data?

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Can CT Screening Give Rise to a Beneficial Stage Shift in Lung Cancer Patients? Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

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Can CT Virtual Cystoscopy Replace Conventional Cystoscopy in Early Detection of Bladder Cancer?

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Can CT angiography reconstructed from CT perfusion source data on a 320-section volume CT scanner replace conventional CT angiography for the evaluation of intracranial arteries?

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Can CT image deblurring improve finite element predictions at the proximal femur?

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Can CT-PET and Endoscopic Assessment PostNeoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy Predict Residual Disease in Esophageal Cancer?

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Can Callous-Unemotional Traits be Reliably Measured in Preschoolers?

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Can Cancer Research Careers and Study Findings Be Credible if Funded by Philanthropy?

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Can Cancer Therapy be Achieved by Bridging Apoptosis and Autophagy: a Method Based on microRNA-Dependent Gene Therapy and Phytochemical Targets

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Can Cannabinoids Modulate Fibrotic Progression in Systemic Sclerosis?

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Can Carbohydrate Antigen-125 Be a New Biomarker to Guide Heart Failure Treatment?: The CHANCE-HF Trial

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Can Carbon Nanomaterials Improve CZTS Photovoltaic Devices? Evaluation of Performance and Impacts Using Integrated Life-Cycle Assessment and Decision Analysis

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Can Carbon Nanotubes Deliver on Their Promise in Biology? Harnessing Unique Properties for Unparalleled Applications

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Can Cardiac Conduction System Disease Be Prevented?

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Can Carrier-Mediated Delivery System Promote the Development of Antisense Imaging?

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Can Cephalometrics Discriminate Between the Sexes in a Diverse Juvenile Sample?

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Can Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure Detect Catheter Complications in Patients Who Experience Loss of Effectiveness With Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy?

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Can Changes in Temperature or Ionic Conditions Modify the DNA Organization in the Full Bacteriophage Capsid?

Cunliffe, N.A.; Kang, G., 2018:
Can Changes to Scheduling Enhance the Performance of Rotavirus Vaccines in Low-Income Countries?

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Can Characteristics of Reciprocal Translocations Predict the Chance of Transferable Embryos in PGD Cycles?

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Can Chemical Class Approaches Replace Chemical-by-Chemical Strategies? Lessons from Recent U.S. FDA Regulatory Action on Per- And Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

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Can Chemical Mouthwash Agents Achieve Plaque/Gingivitis Control?

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Can Chest Computed Tomography Be Replaced by Lung Ultrasonography With or Without Plain Chest Radiography in Pediatric Pneumonia?

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Can Children Reduce Delayed Hospital Arrival for Ischemic Stroke?: A Systematic Review of School-Based Stroke Education

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Can Children With Uncomplicated Acute Appendicitis Be Treated With Antibiotics Instead of an Appendectomy?

Huynh, G.H., 2016:
Can China achieve the WHO global targets for TB control by 2035?

Jiang, Q.; Yang, S.; Sánchez-Barricarte, Jús.J., 2016:
Can China afford rapid aging?

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Can China comply with its 12th five-year plan on industrial emissions control: a structural decomposition analysis

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Can Chinese Herbal Medicine Adjunctive Therapy Improve Outcomes of Senile Vascular Dementia? Systematic Review with Meta-analysis of Clinical Trials

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Can Chlamydia abortus be transmitted by embryo transfer in goats?

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Can Cholesterol Metabolism Modulation Affect Brain Function and Behavior?

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Can Chronic Consumption of Noni (Morinda citrifolia) Juice Lead to Changes in the Coagulation Profile, Deranged Liver Function and Excessive Intraoperative Haemorrhage?

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Can Chronic Nitric Oxide Inhibition Improve Liver and Renal Dysfunction in Bile Duct Ligated Rats?

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Can Chronic Pain Be Prevented?

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Can Chronic Sinusitis Cause Cancer?

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Can Chunk Size Differences Explain Developmental Changes in Lexical Learning?

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Can Circulating Regulatory T Cells Predict Cardiovascular Disease?

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Can Citizen Science Assist in Determining Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) Presence in a Declining Population?

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Can Civility Norms Boost Positive Effects of Management Commitment to Safety?

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Can Classic Bladder Exstrophy be Safely and Successfully Reconstructed at a Low Volume Center?

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Can Clethra barbinervis Distinguish Nickel and Cobalt in Uptake and Translocation?

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Can Clinical Assessment of Locomotive Body Function Explain Gross Motor Environmental Performance in Cerebral Palsy?

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Can Clinical Guidelines Afford to Ignore Cost Effectiveness? An Ethical Perspective

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Can Clinical Scenario Videos Improve Dental Students' Perceptions of the Basic Sciences and Ability to Apply Content Knowledge?

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Can Clinicians Improve on the Effectiveness of Statins with Additional Lipid-lowering Therapies?

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Can Clinicians Predict Readmissions? A Prospective Cohort Study

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Can Cluster-Boosted Regression Improve Prediction of Death and Length of Stay in the ICU?

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Can Clustering in Genotype Space Reveal "Niches"?

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Can Coarse Woody Debris Be Used for Carbon Storage in Open Grazed Woodlands?

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Can Cochrane Reviews inform decisions to improve indigenous people's health?

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Can Coenzyme Q10 supplementation protect the ovarian reserve against oxidative damage?

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Can Coffee Chemical Compounds and Insecticidal Plants Be Harnessed for Control of Major Coffee Pests?

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Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia also treat fatigue, pain, and mood symptoms in individuals with traumatic brain injury? - A multiple case report

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Can Colonoscopy Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer and Mortality in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

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Can Community Members Identify Tropical Tree Species for REDD+ Carbon and Biodiversity Measurements?

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Can Community Social Cohesion Prevent Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in the Aftermath of a Disaster? A Natural Experiment From the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

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Can Community and School-Based Supports Improve the Achievement of First-Generation Immigrant Children Attending High-Poverty Schools?

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Can Competitive Advantages of Markets be Leveraged for Addressing Childhood Obesity in India??

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Can Composite Measures Provide a Different Perspective on Provider Performance Than Individual Measures?

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Can Composite Nutritional Supplement Based on the Current Guidelines Prevent Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency After Weight Loss Surgery?

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Can Comprehensive Chromosome Screening Technology Improve IVF/ICSI Outcomes? A Meta-Analysis

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Can Computational Simulation Quantitatively Determine Mitral Valve Abnormalities?

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Can Computed Tomography-Assessed Right-Sided Ventricular Dysfunction Predict Mortality in Hemodynamically Stable Pulmonary Embolism?

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Can Computerized Neuropsychological Testing in the Emergency Department Predict Recovery for Young Athletes With Concussions?

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Can Confirmatory Biopsy be Omitted in Patients with Prostate Cancer Favorable Diagnostic Features on Active Surveillance?

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Can Contemporary Density Functional Theory Predict Energy Spans in Molecular Catalysis Accurately Enough To Be Applicable for in Silico Catalyst Design? A Computational/Experimental Case Study for the Ruthenium-Catalyzed Hydrogenation of Olefins

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Can Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Reduce the Risk of Stroke in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

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Can Continuum Thermodynamics Characterize Wenzel Wetting States of Water at the Nanometer Scale?

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Can Control Banding be Useful for the Safe Handling of Nanomaterials? A Systematic Review

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Can Coolness Predict Technology Adoption? Effects of Perceived Coolness on User Acceptance of Smartphones with Curved Screens

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Can Corneal Biomechanical Properties Give Clues About Elasticity of Optic Nerve Scleral Component in Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy?

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Can Coronary Stent Implantation Complexity Become an Intuitive and Useful Factor to Tailor DAPT Duration?

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Can Creatine Supplementation Improve Body Composition and Objective Physical Function in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients? A Randomized Controlled Trial

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Can Creatinine Height Index Predict Weaning and Survival Outcomes in Patients on Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation After Critical Illness?

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Can Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease unravel the mysteries of Alzheimer?

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Can Critical-Thinking Skills Be Taught?

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Can CuO nanoparticles lead to epigenetic regulation of antioxidant enzyme system?

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Can Current Preoperative Imaging Be Used to Detect Microvascular Invasion of Hepatocellular Carcinoma?

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Can Currently Available Safety Eyewear Protect Welder's Eyes from Harmful Rays?

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Can Customizing an Avatar Motivate Exercise Intentions and Health Behaviors Among Those with Low Health Ideals?

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Can Cyclen Bind Alkali Metal Azides? A DFT Study as a Precursor to Synthesis

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Can Cystic Fibrosis Patients Finally Catch a Breath With Lumacaftor/Ivacaftor?

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Can Cytoprotective Cobalt Protoporphyrin Protect Skeletal Muscle and Muscle-derived Stem Cells From Ischemic Injury?

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Can Cytotoxic Effects Induced by Industrial Chemicals be Time-dependent?

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Can D-Dimer Measurement Reduce the Frequency of Radiological Assessment in Patients Receiving Palliative Imatinib for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST)?

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Can DFT Accurately Predict Spin Densities? Analysis of Discrepancies in Iron Nitrosyl Complexes

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Can DNA-Based Ecosystem Assessments Quantify Species Abundance? Testing Primer Bias and Biomass--Sequence Relationships with an Innovative Metabarcoding Protocol

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Can DRYAD explain age-related associative memory deficits?

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Can DW-MRI, with its ADC values, be a reliable predictor of biopsy outcome in patients with suspected prostate cancer?

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Can Dance Exergames Boost Physical Activity as a School-Based Intervention?

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Can Dark Matter Induce Cosmological Evolution of the Fundamental Constants of Nature?

Anonymous, 2016:
Can Data Sharing Become the Path of Least Resistance?

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Can Data Simulation Help Evaluate Hta Outcomes Over Time and Facilitate Early Decision-Making? a Case Study of Ticagrelor in Acute Coronary Syndrome in the Uk

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Can Decision Making Research Provide a Better Understanding of Chemical and Behavioral Addictions?

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Can Decision Support Help Patients With Spinal Stenosis Make a Treatment Choice?: A Prospective Study Assessing the Impact of a Patient Decision Aid and Health Coaching

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Can Declining Rates of Dementia Be Explained by the Increased and Widespread Use of Psychotropic Medications?

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Can Degradation of Adhesive Interfaces Due to Water Storage Affect Stress Distributions? A Finite-Element Stress Analysis Study

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Can Dentistry Have Two Contracts with the Public?

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Can Dermatoglyphics Be Used as a Marker for Predicting Future Malocclusions?

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Can Destination Therapy be implemented in children with heart failure? A study of provider perceptions

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Can Diabetes Heal?- From Observations to Perspectives

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Can Diabetes Management Be Done Effectively Through the Cloud?

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Can Diabetes Prevention Improve Health and Save Medicare Money, Does Medicare Care Know, and Why Is This Important?

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Can Diabetic Neuropathy Be Modeled In Vitro?

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Can Diet Prevent Breast Cancer?

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Can Diet and Physical Activity Limit Alzheimer's Disease Risk?

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Can Dietary Polyphenols Prevent the Formation of Toxic Compounds from Maillard Reaction?

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Can Diffusion-weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Predict Survival in Patients with Cervical Cancer? A Meta-Analysis

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Can Digital Tools Be Used for Improving Immunization Programs?

Mahmoud Issa Abdou, S., 2017:
Can Disability Code Activation Promote Sustainable Development in Egypt... After the Arab Spring?

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Can Discipline Education be Culturally Sensitive?

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Can Discrepancies Between Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography and Cardiac Catheterization in High-Risk Patients be Overcome With Consensus Reading?

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Can Disease-Specific Funding Harm Health? in the Shadow of HIV/AIDS Service Expansion

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Can Disorder Enhance Incoherent Exciton Diffusion?

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Can Dispersion Forces Govern Aromatic Stacking in an Organic Solvent?

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Can Disruptive Boys Be Helped to Become Competent?

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Can Dissipative Properties of Single Molecules Be Extracted from a Force Spectroscopy Experiment?

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Can Doctors Be Divided Into Groups Based on Their Attitudes to Addressing Alcohol Issues in Their Patients? Analyses From a Survey of Portuguese General Practitioners

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Can Doctors Maintain Good Character? An Examination of Physician Lives

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Can Dopamine Depletion at DAT Scan in a Non Parkinson Patient be the Cause a Refractory Overactive Bladder?

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Can Doping be a Good Thing? Using Psychoactive Drugs to Facilitate Physical Activity Behaviour

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Can Doppler ultrasonography twinkling artifact be used as an alternative imaging modality to non-contrast-enhanced computed tomography in patients with ureteral stones? A prospective clinical study

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Can Double Osteotomy Be a Solution for Adult Hallux Valgus Deformity With an Increased Distal Metatarsal Articular Angle?

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Can Down-gaze During Near Work Cause Peripheral Deprivation in Asian Eyes?

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Can Drainage Using a Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy Device Replace Traditional Sample Collection Methods?

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Can Drugmakers Live Without Mergers?

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Can Dual Mobility Cups prevent Dislocation in All Situations After Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty?

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Can Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) and Diffusion-Weighted MRI (DW-MRI) Evaluate Inflammation Disease: A Preliminary Study of Crohn's Disease

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Can Dynamic Spectral Imaging System colposcopy replace conventional colposcopy in the detection of high-grade cervical lesions?

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Can Dynamics Be Responsible for the Complex Multipeak Infrared Spectra of NO Adsorbed to Copper(II) Sites in Zeolites?

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Can Dyscalculics Estimate the Results of Arithmetic Problems?

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Can Dysphagia Following Anterior Cervical Fusions With rhBMP-2 Be Reduced With Local Depomedrol Application?: A Prospective, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Trial

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Can E-Cigarettes Cause Free Flap Failure? A Case of Arterial Vasospasm Induced by Electronic Cigarettes Following Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction

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Can E-Gaming Be Useful for Achieving Recommended Levels of Moderate- to Vigorous-Intensity Physical Activity in Inner-City Children?

Adrian, M.; Lyon, A.R., 2018:
Can E-Mail Reminders Sustain Training Gains From Continuing Education?

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Can EBUS-TBNA provide an accurate diagnosis in patients found to have enlarged or FDG-avid lymph nodes during surveillance of previously treated lung cancer? A retrospective study

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Can ECG monitoring identify seizures?

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Can EDTA Change MRSA into MSSA? A Future Prospective!

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Can EEG Differentiate Among Syndromes in Genetic Generalized Epilepsy?

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Can EGFR mutation status be reliably determined in pre-operative needle biopsies from adenocarcinomas of the lung?

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Can EGFR mutations in plasma or serum be predictive markers of non-small-cell lung cancer? A meta-analysis

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Can EGFR-Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (TKI) Alone Without Talc Pleurodesis Prevent Recurrence of Malignant Pleural Effusion (MPE) in Lung Adenocarcinoma

DuBravec, D., 2016:
Can EHRs Handle Genomics Data?

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Can EMS Providers Provide Appropriate Tidal Volumes in a Simulated Adult-sized Patient with a Pediatric-sized Bag-Valve-Mask?

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Can Early Aggressive Administration of Fresh Frozen Plasma Improve Outcomes in Patients with Severe Blunt Trauma?--A Report by the Japanese Association for the Surgery of Trauma

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Can Early Rehabilitation after Total Hip Arthroplasty Reduce Its Major Complications and Medical Expenses? Report from a Nationally Representative Cohort

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Can East German Athletes Hold Their Competitive Edge?

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Can Ebola virus become endemic in the human population?

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Can Echocardiography, Especially Tricuspid Annular Plane Systolic Excursion Measurement, Predict Pulmonary Hypertension and Improve Prognosis in Patients on Long-Term Dialysis?

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Can Economic Analysis Contribute to Disease Elimination and Eradication? A Systematic Review

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Can Economic Performance Predict Pediatric Surgical Capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa?

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Can Educational Interventions Improve Osteoporotic Women's Adherence to Treatment? A Literature Review

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Can Efficient Smoke Evacuation Limit Aerosolization of Bacteria?

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Can Elastography Predict Growth of Incidental Thyroid Nodules? A Pilot Two-Year Follow-Up Study

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Can Electron-Rich π Systems Bind Anions?

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Can Emotional and Behavioral Dysregulation in Youth Be Decoded from Functional Neuroimaging?

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Can Endoscopic Bleeding Control Improve the Prognosis of Advanced Gastric Cancer Patients?: A Retrospective Case-Control Study

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Can Endoscopic Nasobiliary Drainage Involving Two Catheters Be Used to Treat Various Conditions?

Han, S-Jung.; Lee, T.Hoon., 2016 :
Can Endoscopic Ultrasonography-guided Biliary Drainage Using Self-expandable Metal Stents in Malignant Distal Biliary Obstruction Be a Substitute When Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography Has Failed?

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Can Endothelial Injury Provide the Passage to Explain the Vascular Effects of Proton Pump Inhibitors?

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Can Environmental Education Actions Change Public Attitudes? An Example Using the Pond Habitat and Associated Biodiversity

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Can Eosinophil Count, Platelet Count, and Mean Platelet Volume Be a Positive Predictive Factor in Penile Arteriogenic Erectile Dysfunction Etiopathogenesis?

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Can Epstein-Barr virus DNA load in nasopharyngeal brushings or whole blood predict recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma in a non-endemic region? A prospective nationwide study of the Dutch Head and Neck Oncology Cooperative Group

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Can ErbB2 overexpression protect against doxorubicin cardiotoxicity?

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Can Erythrocyte Catalase Regulate Blood Pressure?

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Can Establishment of Human Microbiome be Customized After Birth with Local Traditions of First Feed and Intimate Kissing?

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Can European Countries Improve Sustainability of Health Care Financing through Patient Cost-Sharing?

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Can Exercise Ameliorate Aromatase Inhibitor-Induced Cognitive Decline in Breast Cancer Patients?

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Can Exercise Help Lower Cholesterol?

Lubell, A., 1988:
Can Exercise Help Treat Hypertension in Black Americans?

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Can Exercise Make Us Immune to Disease?

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Can Exercise Suppress Reproductive Hormones in Men?

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Can Facebook Be Used for Research? Experiences Using Facebook to Recruit Pregnant Women for a Randomized Controlled Trial

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Can Faces Prime a Language?

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Can Faith and Hospice Coexist: Is the African American Church the Key to Increased Hospice Utilization for African Americans?

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Can Families Eat Better Without Spending More? Improving Diet Quality Does Not Increase Diet Cost in a Randomized Clinical Trial among Youth with Type 1 Diabetes and Their Parents

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Can Family History Be Used As a Predictor in Patients with Suspected Acute Appendicitis at the Emergency Department?

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Can Fasting Glucose Levels or Post-Breakfast Glucose Fluctuations Predict the Occurrence of Nocturnal Asymptomatic Hypoglycemia in Type 1 Diabetic Patients Receiving Basal-Bolus Insulin Therapy with Long-Acting Insulin?

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Can Fat Deposition After Myocardial Infarction Alter the Performance of RF Catheter Ablation of Scar-Related Ventricular Tachycardia?: Results from a Computer Modeling Study

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Can Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) Eradicate Fecal Colonization With Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (VRE)?

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Can Feet Help You See Better? Foot Dorsiflexion for Intraoperative Cervical Spine Imaging

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Can Fertilization of Soil Select Less Mutualistic Mycorrhizae?

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Can Fishing Pressure Invert the Outcome of Interspecific Competition? The Case of the Thiof and of the Octopus Along the Senegalese Coast

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Can Fishy Odor Be a Risk Factor for Coronary Artery Disease?

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Can Fitness Be Found at the Top of the Stairs?

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Can Flexible Instruments Create Adequate Femoral Tunnel Lengths at 90° of Knee Flexion in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction?

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Can Fluorine-18-Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography Be Used As a Useful Method to Evaluate the Treatment Response to Neoadjuvant Therapy Combined With Sorafenib and Anti-VEGF in Children Diagnosed With Metastatical Bone Sarcoma?

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Can Food Processing Enhance Cancer Protection?

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Can Food Thickening Improve the Ability of Premature Infants to Acquire Full Oral Feeding Earlier? a Pilot Study

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Can Free Water Transport Be Used as a Clinical Parameter for Peritoneal Fibrosis in Long-Term PD Patients?

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Can FreeSurfer Compete with Manual Volumetric Measurements in Alzheimer's Disease?

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Can Frontline Clinicians in Public Psychiatry Settings Provide Effective Psychotherapy For Psychosis?

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Can Functional Decoding Elucidate Meta-analytic Brain Dysfunctions in Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder?

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Can Future Academic Surgeons be Identified in the Residency Ranking Process?

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Can GPs do more to help patients with facial disfigurement?

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Can GSTM1 and GSTT1 polymorphisms predict clinical outcomes of chemotherapy in gastric and colorectal cancers? A result based on the previous reports

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Can Gait Signatures Provide Quantitative Measures for Aiding Clinical Decision-Making? A Systematic Meta-Analysis of Gait Variability Behavior in Patients with Parkinson's Disease

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Can Gastric Cancer Patients be Successfully Recruited for Clinical Phase III/IV and Health Outcome Studies Using Managed Physician Panels?

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Can Gender-Fair Language Reduce Gender Stereotyping and Discrimination?

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Can Genetic Testing Coupled with Enhanced Dopaminergic Activation Reduce Recidivism Rates in the Workers Compensation Legacy Cases?

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Can Genetic Testing Provide Information to Develop Customized Nutrigenomic Solutions for Reward Deficiency Syndrome?

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Can Genetics Research Benefit Educational Interventions for All?

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Can Genomic Amplification of Human Telomerase Gene and C-MYC in Liquid-Based Cytological Specimens Be Used as a Method for Opportunistic Cervical Cancer Screening?

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Can Genre Be "Heard" in Scale as Well as Song Tasks? An Exploratory Study of Female Singing in Western Lyric and Musical Theater Styles

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Can Geographic Bridging Social Capital Improve the Health of People Who Live in Deprived Urban Neighborhoods?

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Can Gestural Language Enhance Communication Between Surgeons and Operating Department Practitioners?

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Can Glasgow-Blatchford Score and Pre-endoscopic Rockall Score Predict the Occurrence of Hypotension in Initially Normotensive Patients with Non-variceal Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding?

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Can GlideScope® videolaryngoscope be an alternative to direct laryngoscopy for child and infant tracheal intubation during chest compression?

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Can Glycyrrhiza glabra L. reduce delirium after coronary artery bypass graft surgery?

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Can Good Infection Control Be Obtained in One-stage Exchange of the Infected TKA to a Rotating Hinge Design? 10-year Results

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Can Google Searches Predict the Popularity and Harm of Psychoactive Agents?

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Can Grapefruit Juice Make Safe Drugs Unsafe or Ineffective? An Evidence-Based Answer

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Can Grayscale IVUS detect necrotic core-rich plaque?

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Can Grief be a Mental Disorder?: An Exploration of Public Opinion

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Can Grit Be Nurtured in Undergraduate Nursing Students?

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Can Growth Be Green?

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Can H. pylori infection involve the skin?

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Can HIV Be Cured and Should We Try?

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Can HIV and Hepatitis C Virus Infection be Eliminated Among Persons Who Inject Drugs?

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Can HIV reverse transcriptase activity assay be a low-cost alternative for viral load monitoring in resource-limited settings?

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Can HIV-1 entry sites be deduced by comparing bulk endocytosis to functional readouts for viral fusion?

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Can HIV-1-Specific ADCC Assist the Clearance of Reactivated Latently Infected Cells?

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Can HIV-infected patients undergo cochlear implantation?

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Can HN[double bond, length as m-dash]NH, FN[double bond, length as m-dash]NH, or HN[double bond, length as m-dash]CHOH bridge the σ-hole and the lone pair at P in binary complexes with H2XP, for X = F, Cl, NC, OH, CN, CCH, CH3, and H?

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Can Halberg's approach to chronotherapy improve world health?

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Can Half Value Layer Measurements be Used Together with the Effective Energy to Obtain Conversion Coefficients for X-Ray Spectra?

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Can Handheld Thermal Imaging Technology Improve Detection of Poachers in African Bushveldt?

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Can Haptics Facilitate Interaction with an In-Vehicle Multifunctional Interface?

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Can HbA1c and cholesterol levels affect the neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) after heart transplantation

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Can HbA1c detect undiagnosed diabetes in acute medical hospital admissions?

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Can HbA1c replace OGTT for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus among Chinese patients with impaired fasting glucose?

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Can Head and Neck Cancers Be Detected with Mean Platelet Volume?

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Can Health Care Reform Connect Mouth and Body?

Harrington, L., 2017:
Can Health Care Survive Current Electronic Health Record Usability?

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Can Health Technology Assessment (HTA) provide a solution to tackle the increasing health-care expenditure in India?

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Can Health Trainers Make a Difference With Difficult-to-Engage Clients? A Multisite Case Study

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Can Healthcare Assistant Training (CHAT) improve the relational care of older people? Study protocol for a pilot cluster randomised controlled trial

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Can Healthy Recipes Change Eating Behaviors? The Food Hero Social Marketing Campaign Recipe Project Experience and Evaluation

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Can Helical Peptides Unwind One Turn at a Time? - Controlled Conformational Transitions in α,β(2,3)-Hybrid Peptides

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Can Helicobacter pylori be eradicated with high-dose proton pump inhibitor in extensive metabolizers with the CYP2C19 genotypic polymorphism?

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Can Helminth Infection Reverse Microbial Dysbiosis?

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Can Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Direct-Acting Antiviral Treatment as Prevention Reverse the HCV Epidemic Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in the United Kingdom? Epidemiological and Modeling Insights

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Can Herbal Medicine Cause Hematoma Enlargement of Hypertensive Intracerebral Hemorrhage within 24 hrs Time Window? A Retrospective Study of 256 Cases from a Single Center in China

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Can Heterosexist Music Cause Hiring Discrimination Against Sexual Minority Men? Testing the Effects of Prejudicial Media Messages

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Can High-Resolution Computed Tomography Detect a Therapeutic Response to Medical Treatment in a Patient With Otosclerosis?

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Can Highly Oxidized Organics Contribute to Atmospheric New Particle Formation?

Frank, A.T., 2016:
Can Holo NMR Chemical Shifts be Directly Used to Resolve RNA-Ligand Poses?

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Can Home-Based HIV Rapid Testing Reduce HIV Disparities Among African Americans in Miami?

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Can Hospital Form Trigger Fear Response?

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Can Hospitalization Precipitate Toxic Stress?

Butler, S.M., 2015:
Can Hospitals Help Create Healthy Neighborhoods?

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Can Households Cope with Health Shocks in Vietnam?

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Can Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes Advance Understanding of Muscular Dystrophies?

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Can Human Recombinant Epidermal Growth Factor Improve Ischemia and Induce Healing of Anastomosis in an Experimental Study in a Rabbit Model?

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Can Humanized Mice Predict Drug "Behavior" in Humans?

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Can Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome be cured in the future?

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Can Hybrid Learning Theory Be Used to Teach Working Sonographers Breast Elastography?

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Can Hypertrophy of the Contralateral Testis Predict the Absence of a Viable Testis in Infancy with Cryptorchidism: A Prospective Analysis

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Can Hypocaloric, High-Protein Nutrition Support Be Used in Complicated Bariatric Patients to Promote Weight Loss?

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Can I Author Myself? The Limits of Transformation

Rolison, J.J.; Morsanyi, K.; O'Connor, P.A., 2018:
Can I Count on Getting Better? Association between Math Anxiety and Poorer Understanding of Medical Risk Reductions

Garg, A., 2016:
Can I Speak to My Dad's Doctor?

Anonymous, 2015:
Can I call in an emergency prescription, and other questions raised by E-prescribing

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Can I cut the Gordian tnok? The impact of pronounceability, actual solvability, and length on intuitive problem assessments of anagrams

Falade, O.; Pinsky, M.R., 2015:
Can I get a witness?

Seaton, A.; Madan, I., 2016:
Can I get compensation, doctor?

Sanders, J.G.; Wang, H-Ting.; Schooler, J.; Smallwood, J., 2016:
Can I get me out of my head? Exploring strategies for controlling the self-referential aspects of the mind-wandering state during reading

Ford, J., 1996:
Can I have an AIDS test?

Chaptini, L.; Laine, L., 2015:
Can I improve my adenoma detection rate?

Best, J.B., 2016:
Can I jump puddles alone?

Walbert, H., 2015:
Can I now claim electric stimulation treatment?

LeBlanc, C.M.A.; Lands, L.C., 2015:
Can I play?

Anonymous, 2015:
Can I provide medical care for students after accidents?

Cornock, M., 2016:
Can I read my own hospital notes?

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Can I solve my structure by SAD phasing? Anomalous signal in SAD phasing

Terwilliger, T.C.; Bunkóczi, Gábor.; Hung, L.Wei.; Zwart, P.H.; Smith, J.L.; Akey, D.L.; Adams, P.D., 2016:
Can I solve my structure by SAD phasing? Planning an experiment, scaling data and evaluating the useful anomalous correlation and anomalous signal

Champagne, M., 2016:
Can I solve the problem?

Louwe, L.A.; Klijn, N.F.; Pilgram, G.S.K.; van der Westerlaken, L.A.J., 2018:
Can I still get pregnant? Options for fertility preservation in young women diagnosed with cancer

Hulatt, I., 2017:
Can I tell you a secret?'

Dijkstra, H.P.; van Dyk, N.; Schumacher, Y.O., 2016:
Can I tell you something? I'm doping…

Kornmeier, Jürgen.; Wörner, R.; Bach, M., 2017:
Can I trust in what I see? EEG evidence for a cognitive evaluation of perceptual constructs

Romain, F.; Courtwright, A., 2018:
Can I trust them to do everything? The role of distrust in ethics committee consultations for conflict over life-sustaining treatment among Afro-Caribbean patients

Novack, G.D., 2016:
Can I use those eyedrops after the expiration date?

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Can IFNL3 polymorphisms predict response to interferon/ribavirin treatment in hepatitis C patients with genotype 3?

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Can IQ predict parent-reported behavioral and emotional problems in children with neurological deficiencies?

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Can IRT Solve the Missing Data Problem in Test Equating?

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Can IVF influence human evolution?

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Can Ice-Like Structures Form on Non-Ice-Like Substrates? The Example of the K-feldspar Microcline

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Can Ideas From United States Youth Sports Reduce Judo-Related Head Injuries in Japan?

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Can IgG4 Levels Identify the Ulcerative Colitis Subtype of Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

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Can Illness Perceptions Predict Lower Heart Rate Variability following Acute Myocardial Infarction?

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Can Image-Defined Risk Factors Predict Surgical Complications in Localized Neuroblastoma?

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Can Imaging Improve Our Understanding of Cardiovascular Pathophysiology?

DaCosta, R.S.; Ottolino-Perry, K.; Banerjee, J., 2016:
Can Imaging Put the " Advanced " Back in Advanced Wound Care?

Hompland, I.; Bruland, Øyvind.S., 2016:
Can Imatinib Be Safely Withdrawn in Patients with Surgically Resected Metastatic GIST?

Magombedze, G.; Eda, S.; Koets, A., 2016:
Can Immune Response Mechanisms Explain the Fecal Shedding Patterns of Cattle Infected with Mycobacterium avium Subspecies paratuberculosis?

Basso, B.; Hyndman, D.W.; Kendall, A.D.; Grace, P.R.; Robertson, G.Philip., 2016:
Can Impacts of Climate Change and Agricultural Adaptation Strategies Be Accurately Quantified if Crop Models Are Annually Re-Initialized?

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Can Impaired Elasticity of Aorta Predict the Success of Vardenafil Treatment in Patients with Erectile Dysfunction?

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Can Impression Procedures Affect Certain Vital Functions of Edentulous Patients? A Clinical Study

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Can Improved Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis Improve Workplace Productivity? The Role of Intranasal Formulation of Azelastine Hydrochloride and Fluticasone Propionate (Dymista)

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Can Incentives Improve Medicaid Patient Engagement and Prevent Chronic Diseases?

Kim, S-A.; Lee, Y-Mi.; Lee, H-Won.; Jacobs, D.R.; Lee, D-Hee., 2016:
Can Inconsistent Association between Hypertension and Cognition in Elders be Explained by Levels of Organochlorine Pesticides?

Branchal, C.F.; Wells, M.H.; Tantbirojn, D.; Versluis, A., 2017:
Can Increasing the Manufacturer's Recommended Shortest Curing Time of High-intensity Light-emitting Diodes Adequately Cure Sealants?

Nagaraja, S.B.; Menezes, R.G.; Hussain, S.A.; Zachariah, R., 2016:
Can India be successful at eradicating TB as was achieved for polio?

Golechha, M., 2015:
Can India be tuberculosis-free by 2050?

Pulla, P., 2016:
Can India keep its promises?

Iyengar, K.; Iyengar, S.D.; Danielsson, K.Gemzell., 2018:
Can India transition from informal abortion provision to safe and formal services?

Chitkara, M.B.; Satnick, D.; Lu, W-Hsin.; Fleit, H.; Go, R.A.; Chandran, L., 2017:
Can Individualized Learning Plans in an advanced clinical experience course for fourth year medical students foster Self-Directed Learning?

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Can Induced Orbital Paramagnetism Be Controlled by Strong Magnetic Fields?

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Can Industrial Chemical Exposure Cause Hearing Loss?

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Can Inferior Vena Cava Filters Change Their Struts?

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Can Injured Athletes Benefit From Total Joint Replacements?

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Can Intensive Early Childhood Intervention Programs Eliminate Income-Based Cognitive and Achievement Gaps?

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Can Interactions Between an Omnivorous Hemipteran and an Egg Parasitoid Limit the Level of Biological Control for the Tomato Pinworm?

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Can Interoception Improve the Pragmatic Search for Biomarkers in Psychiatry?

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Can Intestinal Intussusception Complicate Visceral Leishmaniasis?

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Can Intraoperative Neurological Preconditioning Occur After Intraoperative Hypotensive Episodes?

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Can Intraoperative Processed EEG Predict Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction in the Elderly?

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Can Isotretinoin Induce Articular Symptoms in SAPHO Syndrome?

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Can Item Keyword Feedback Help Remediate Knowledge Gaps?

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Can Joan of Arc Serve as an Enduring Model of Empowerment for Women With a Cancer Diagnosis?

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Can KAATSU Exercise Cause Rhabdomyolysis?

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Can KRAS and BRAF mutations limit the benefit of liver resection in metastatic colorectal cancer patients? A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Can Kinesiological Activities Change "Pure" Motor Development in Preschool Children during One School Year?

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Can Knowledge About Heterogeneity in Treatment Effects Help Us Choose Wisely?

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Can Kylo Ren Be Redeemed? New Potential Lessons from Star Wars Episode VII

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Can L-Cysteine and Vitamin D Rescue Vitamin D and Vitamin D Binding Protein Levels in Blood Plasma of African American Type 2 Diabetic Patients?

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Can Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy be a Feasible Standard in a Rural set up too?--An Experience of 348 cases from a Peripheral set up of Western Nepal

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Can Large Database Studies Help Us Decrease Readmissions After Colorectal Surgery?

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Can Large Hydatid Cysts Resolve with Medical Treatment Alone?

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Can Latent Class Analysis Be Used to Improve the Diagnostic Process in Pediatric Patients with Chronic Ataxia?

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Can Law Save Medicine?

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Can Lay Community Advisors Improve the Clarity of Research Participant Recruitment Materials and Increase the Likelihood of Participation?

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Can Learning Collaboratives Support Implementation by Rewiring Professional Networks?

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Can Learning a Foreign Language Foster Analytic Thinking?-Evidence from Chinese EFL Learners' Writings

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Can Learning the ISBARR Framework Help to Address Nursing Students' Perceived Anxiety and Confidence Levels Associated With Handover Reports?

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Can Lextale-Esp discriminate between groups of highly proficient Catalan-Spanish bilinguals with different language dominances?

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Can Link Analysis Be Applied to Identify Behavioral Patterns in Train Recorder Data?

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Can Lionel Messi's brain slow down time passing?

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Can Lipid Tissues Including Epicardial Adipose Tissue (EAT), Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT) and Coronary Plaque Be Moving in the Same Direction?

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Can Listeners Hear Who Is Singing? The Role of Familiarity

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Can Local Probes Go Global? A Joint Experiment-Simulation Analysis of λ(6-85) Folding

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Can Long-Term Bone Marrow Culture Eliminate Leukemia Cells?

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Can Low Dose Radiation Therapy (2 × 2 Gy) be Used in Primary Bilateral Conjunctival Follicular Lymphoma?

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Can Low-Cost Strategies Improve Attendance Rates in Brief Psychological Therapy? Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial

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Can Lowering the Guidance Force of Robot-Assisted Gait Training Induce a Sufficient Metabolic Demand in Subacute Dependent Ambulatory Patients With Stroke?

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Can Lucifer Yellow Indicate Correct Permeability of Biological Cell Membrane under An Electric and Magnetic Field?

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Can Lymphatic Filariasis Be Eliminated by 2020?

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Can MDCT Unmask Instability in Binder-Stabilized Pelvic Ring Disruptions?

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Can MLVA Differentiate among Endemic-Like MRSA Isolates with Identical Spa-Type in a Low-Prevalence Region?

Driesner, F., 2016:
Can MMW not count?

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Can MRI Findings Help to Predict Neurological Recovery in Paraplegics With Thoracolumbar Fracture?

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Can MRI Predict Flexibility in Scheuermann Kyphosis Patients?

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Can MRI T 1 be used to detect early changes in 5xFAD Alzheimer's mouse brain?

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Can MRI biomarkers at 3 T identify low-risk ductal carcinoma in situ?

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Can MRI predict meningioma consistency?: a correlation with tumor pathology and systematic review

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Can MRI quantification help evaluate stroke age?

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Can MRI/TRUS fusion targeted biopsy replace saturation prostate biopsy in the re-evaluation of men in active surveillance?

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Can MS lesion stages be distinguished with MRI? A postmortem MRI and histopathology study

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Can Macrosomia or Large for Gestational Age Be Predictive of Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I, II and VI?

Kawakami, N.; Miura, E., 2016:
Can Magic Deception Be Detected at an Unconscious Level?

Chintamani, 2016:
Can Making of a Surgeon be a Spiritual Pursuit?

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Can Mean Platelet Volume Be a Surrogate Marker of Inflammation in Rheumatic Diseases?

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Can Medical Decision-making at the Scene by EMS Staff Reduce the Number of Unnecessary Ambulance Transportations, but Still Be Safe?

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Can Medical Diagnosis Benefit from "Unconscious Thought"?

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Can Medication Effects Be Determined Using National Registry Data? A Cautionary Reflection on Risk of Bias in "Big Data" Analytics

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Can Medication Free, Treatment-Resistant, Depressed Patients Who Initially Respond to TMS Be Maintained Off Medications? A Prospective, 12-Month Multisite Randomized Pilot Study

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Can Melatonin Act as an Antioxidant in Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Oxidative Stress Model in Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells?

Schmid, A.U., 2016:
Can Menthol be used during pregnancy for example, as a tea, inhalation or rub?

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Can Metabolic Mechanisms of Stem Cell Maintenance Explain Aging and the Immortal Germline?

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Can Metabolic Profiles Be Used as a Phenotypic Readout of the Genome to Enhance Precision Medicine?

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Can Metal-Organic Framework Separate 1-Butene from Butene Isomers?

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Can Metallapyrimidines Be Aromatic? A Computational Study into a New Class of Metallacycles

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Can Methotrexate Prevent Knee Arthroplasties in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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Can Microfiltered Seminal Plasma Preserve the Morphofunctional Characteristics of Porcine Spermatozoa in the Absence of Antibiotics? A Preliminary Study

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Can Milk Teeth be Impacted? Why Not: A Case of Six Impacted Primary Teeth

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Can Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Nanoparticulate EndoSequence Root Repair Material Produce Injurious Effects to Rat Subcutaneous Tissues?

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Can Mismatch Negativity Reduce Uncertainty in the Prediction of Awakening From Coma During Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation?

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Can Mobile Health Applications Facilitate Meaningful Behavior Change?: Time for Answers

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Can Mobile Phone Apps Influence People's Health Behavior Change? An Evidence Review

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Can Modified Kurokawa's Double-Door Laminoplasty Reduce the Incidence of Axial Symptoms at Long-term Follow-up?: A Prospective Study of 152 Patients With Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

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Can Molecular Biomarkers Change the Paradigm of Pancreatic Cancer Prognosis?

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Can Molecular Gradients Wire the Brain?

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Can Monitoring Fetal Intestinal Inflammation Using Heart Rate Variability Analysis Signal Incipient Necrotizing Enterocolitis of the Neonate?

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Can Mouse Imaging Studies Bring Order to Autism Connectivity Chaos?

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Can Multiconfigurational Self-Consistent Field Theory and Density Functional Theory Correctly Predict the Ground State of Metal-Metal-Bonded Complexes?

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Can Multilevel Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion Result in Decreased Lifting Capacity of the Shoulder?

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Can Multimodal Invasive Imaging Be Used to Predict Periprocedural Myocardial Infarctions?

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Can Multiple Hereditary Exostoses Overlap With Mesomelic Dysplasia?

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Can Multiple Mini-Interviews Predict Academic Performance of Dental Students? A Two-Year Follow-Up

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Can Multiple Object Tracking Predict Laparoscopic Surgical Skills?

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Can Multiple-Choice Testing Induce Desirable Difficulties? Evidence from the Laboratory and the Classroom

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Can Mycosporine-Like Amino Acids Act as Multifunctional Compounds in Gymnodinium catenatum (Dinophyceae)?

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Can N-terminal pro B-type natriuretic peptide, neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio, C-reactive protein help to predict short and long term mortality?

Birerdinc, A.; Younossi, Z., 2015:
Can NASH lipidome provide insight into the pathogenesis of obesity-related non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?

Lees, C., 2017:
Can NHS politics, power and conflict ever be a good thing for nurses?

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Can NMR solve some significant challenges in metabolomics?

Dehn, R.W., 2016:
Can NPs improve timely access to care in a cost-efficient way?

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Can NSAID-Induced Urticaria Be Treated?

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Can Naloxone Be Used to Treat Synthetic Cannabinoid Overdose?

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Can Nanofluidic Chemical Release Enable Fast, High Resolution Neurotransmitter-Based Neurostimulation?

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Can Nasal Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Screening Be Used to Avoid Empiric Vancomycin Use in Intra-Abdominal Infection?

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Can National Joint Registries play a role in improving our understanding of periprosthetic infections?

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Can Native T1 Mapping Differentiate between Healthy and Diffuse Diseased Myocardium in Clinical Routine Cardiac MR Imaging?

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Can Natriuretic Peptides be Used to Guide Therapy?

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Can Natural Language Processing Improve the Efficiency of Vaccine Adverse Event Report Review?

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Can Near-infrared Spectroscopy Detect and Differentiate Implant-associated Biofilms?

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Can Neck Circumference Predict Metabolic Syndrome? An Experience from a University Community

Geary, D.C., 2016:
Can Neglected Tropical Diseases Compromise Human Wellbeing in Sex-, Age-, and Trait-Specific Ways?

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Can Network Linkage Effects Determine Return? Evidence from Chinese Stock Market

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Can Neural Activity Propagate by Endogenous Electrical Field?

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Can Neuroimaging Markers of Vascular Pathology Explain Cognitive Performance in Adults With Sickle Cell Anemia? A review of the Literature

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Can Neuroimaging Provide Reliable Biomarkers for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? A Narrative Review

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Can Neurological Biomarkers of Brain Impairment Be Used to Predict Poststroke Motor Recovery? A Systematic Review

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Can Neurotypical Individuals Read Autistic Facial Expressions? Atypical Production of Emotional Facial Expressions in Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Can Neutrophil/Lymphocyte Ratio be a Predictor for Bone Metastases of Solid Tumors?

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Can New Collaborations Decrease Costs and Increase the Value of Clinical Education in Dentistry?

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Can New Digital Technologies Support Parasitology Teaching and Learning?

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Can Nitriles Be Stronger Bases Than Proton Sponges in the Gas Phase? A Computational Analysis

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Can Nitrite AMPk Up Sirt-ainty to Treat Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction?

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Can No-Report Paradigms Extract True Correlates of Consciousness?

Griffiths, E.T.; Keen, S.C.; Lanzone, M.; Farnsworth, A., 2016:
Can Nocturnal Flight Calls of the Migrating Songbird, American Redstart, Encode Sexual Dimorphism and Individual Identity?

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Can Nodular Hyperplasia of the Thyroid Gland be Differentiated From Follicular Adenoma and Follicular Carcinoma by Ultrasonography?

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Can Nomenclature for the Body be Explained by Embodiment Theories?

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Can Non-Beak Treated Hens be Kept in Commercial Furnished Cages? Exploring the Effects of Strain and Extra Environmental Enrichment on Behaviour, Feather Cover, and Mortality

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Can Non-Kramers Tm(III) Mononuclear Molecules be Single-Molecule Magnets (SMMs)?

Williams, T.S.; Seupaul, R.A., 2017:
Can Noncontrast Head Computed Tomography Within 6 Hours of Symptom Onset Exclude Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage?

Jacob, J.A., 2016:
Can Nonhormonal Treatments Dial Down the Heat During Menopause?

Rallo Fabra, L., 2016:
Can Nonnative Speakers Reduce English Vowels in a Native-Like Fashion? Evidence from L1-Spanish L2-English Bilinguals

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Can Nonpolar Polyisobutylenes be Measured by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry? Anion-Attachment Proved to be an Appropriate Method

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Can Nonrelativistic QCD Explain the γγ^{*}→η_{c} Transition Form Factor Data?

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Can Nonurgent Emergency Department Care Costs be Reduced? Empirical Evidence from a U.S. Nationally Representative Sample

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Can Nonvalidated Lower GI Bleeding Predictive Scores be Evaluated by Receiver Operator Characteristics?

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Can Normal Fracture Healing Be Achieved When the Implant Is Retained on the Basis of Infection? An Experimental Animal Model

Sainju, U.M., 2016:
Can Novel Management Practice Improve Soil and Environmental Quality and Sustain Crop Yield Simultaneously?

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Can Novel Treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Be Developed by Better Understanding of Sorsby's Fundus Dystrophy

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Can Nucleobase Pairs Offer a Possibility of a Direct 3D Self-assembly?

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Can Nucleoli Be Markers of Developmental Potential in Human Zygotes?

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Can Nursing Units With High Fall Rates Be Identified Using One Year of Data? Reliability of Fall Rates As a Function of the Number of Quarters on Which They Are Based

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Can Nutritional Assessment Tools Predict Response to Nutritional Therapy?

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Can OSHA update the PELs?

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Can Ocimum basilicum L. and Ocimum tenuiflorum L. in vitro culture be a potential source of secondary metabolites?

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Can Ocular Ultrasonography Be Used to Assess Intracranial Pressure?

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Can Older people get Some... Satisfaction?

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Can One Predict Resolution of Neonatal Hyperthyrotropinemia?

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Can One-Minute Preceptor and SNAPPS improve your inpatient teaching?

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Can Ophthalmologists Achieve Better Blood Glucose Control in Their Diabetic Patients?

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Can Optimal Complementary Feeding Improve Later Health and Development?

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Can Optimism, Pessimism, Hope, Treatment Credibility and Treatment Expectancy Be Distinguished in Patients Undergoing Total Hip and Total Knee Arthroplasty?

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Can Optogenetic Tools Determine the Importance of Temporal Codes to Sensory Information Processing in the Brain?

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Can Ordinary People Detect Deception After All?

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Can Outcomes be Improved in Dialysis Patients by Optimizing Trace Mineral, Micronutrient, and Antioxidant Status?: The Impact of Vitamins and their Supplementation

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Can Outcomes be Improved in Dialysis Patients by Optimizing Trace Mineral, Micronutrient, and Antioxidant Status?: The Role of Trace Elements

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Can Oxidative Stress Parameters Be Used as Biomarkers for the Discrimination of Malignant Head and Neck Tumors

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Can Oxygen Really Reduce Tourniquet-Associated Pain in Patients Undergoing Hand Surgery?

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Can PBDE natural formation and degradation processes interfere with the identification of anthropogenic trends and sources? Evidences from sediments of the Nador Lagoon (Morocco)

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Can PC-9 Zhong chong replace K-1 Yong quan for the acupunctural resuscitation of a bilateral double-amputee? Stating the "random criterion problem" in its statistical analysis

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Can PEP-3 Provide a Cognitive Profile in Children with ASD? A Comparison Between the Developmental Ages of PEP-3 and IQ of Leiter-R

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Can PET be performed without an attenuation scan?

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Can PFTS Differentiate PVFMD From Subglottic Stenosis?

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Can PPH3 be helpful to assess the discordant grade in primary and metastatic enteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors?

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Can Pacing Be Regulated by Post-Activation Potentiation? Insights from a Self-Paced 30 km Trial in Half-Marathon Runners

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Can Palladium Acetate Lose Its "Saltiness"? Catalytic Activities of the Impurities in Palladium Acetate

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Can Paramedics Safely Refuse Transport of Non-Urgent Patients?

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Can Parameters Other than Minimal Axial Diameter in MRI and PET/CT Further Improve Diagnostic Accuracy for Equivocal Retropharyngeal Lymph Nodes in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma?

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Can Parenting Intervention Prevent Cascading Effects From Placement Instability to Insecure Attachment to Externalizing Problems in Maltreated Toddlers?

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Can Parenting Practices Explain the Differences in Beverage Intake According to Socio-Economic Status: The Toybox-Study

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Can Parents Provide Brief Intervention Services to Their Drug-Abusing Teenager?

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Can Parents Refuse a Potentially Lifesaving Transplant for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency?

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Can Parkinson's Disease Come From the Gut?

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Can Parkinson's disease be cured by stimulating neurogenesis?

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Can Parsimonious Practice Please Patients and Practitioners? The Case of Spine Imaging

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Can Past Stenting and Blood Lipid Levels Affect the Graft Patency After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery?

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Can Patient Risk Factors Outperform Antiemetic Guidelines?: Choosing Wisely

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Can Patients Be the CEO of Their Skilled Nursing Stay? Description of a Person-Centered Model of Sub-acute Care

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Can Patients Comprehend the Educational Materials that Hospitals Provide about Common IR Procedures?

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Can Patients Rely on Results of Physician Rating Websites When Selecting A Physician? - A Cross-Sectional Study Assessing The Association Between Online Ratings and Structural and Quality of Care Measures from Two German Physician Rating Websites

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Can Patients Select the Best Hospital for Carotid Revascularization?

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Can Patients with Parkinson's Disease Use Dry Powder Inhalers during Off Periods?

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Can Payment Reform Be Social Reform? The Lure and Liabilities of the "Triple Aim"

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Can Pentoxifylline be used as Adjunct Therapy to ACE Inhibitors and ARBs in Preserving Kidney Function?

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Can People With Intellectual Disability Resist Implications of Fault When Police Question Their Allegations of Sexual Assault and Rape?

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Can Peptides and Gut Microbiota Be Involved in the Etiopathology of Obesity?

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Can Perceptions of Environmental and Climate Change in Island Communities Assist in Adaptation Planning Locally?

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Can Perhexiline Be Utilized Without Long-Term Toxicity? A Clinical Practice Audit

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Can Periimplantitis Be Treated?

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Can Perioperative Right Ventricular Support Prevent Postoperative Right Heart Failure in Patients With Biventricular Dysfunction Undergoing Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation?

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Can Peripheral Bronchopleural Fistula Demonstrated on Computed Tomography be Treated Conservatively? A Retrospective Analysis

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Can Peripheral MicroRNA Expression Data Serve as Epigenomic (Upstream) Biomarkers of Alzheimer's Disease?

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Can Peripheral Optical Coherence Tomography B-Scans Influence the Surgeon's Decision on Episcleral Surgery?

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Can Peto's paradox be used as the null hypothesis to identify the role of evolution in natural resistance to cancer? A critical review

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Can Pharmacy Doctors act as valuable assets in rural areas with a physician shortage?

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Can Physicians Affect Patient Adherence With Medication?

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Can Physicians Deliver Chronic Medications at the Point of Care?

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Crystal Structure of Acyl-CoA Oxidase 3 from Yarrowia lipolytica with Specificity for Short-Chain Acyl-CoA

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Can Plasma Hyaluronan and Hyaluronidase Be Used As Markers of the Endothelial Glycocalyx State in Patients with Kidney Disease?

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Can Platelet Count and Platelet Indices Predict the Risk and the Prognosis of Preeclampsia?

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Can Platelet Indices Be New Biomarkers for Subjective Tinnitus?

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Can Platelet rich plasma stimulate human ACL growth in culture? A preliminary experience

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Can Platelet-Rich Plasma Protect Rat Achilles Tendons From the Deleterious Effects of Triamcinolone Acetonide?

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Can Plateletcrit be a Marker for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss?

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Can Platforms Affect the Safety and Efficacy of Drug-Eluting Stents in the Era of Biodegradable Polymers?: A Meta-Analysis of 34,850 Randomized Individuals

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Can Playing an End-of-Life Conversation Game Motivate People to Engage in Advance Care Planning?

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Can Plazomicin Alone or in Combination Be a Therapeutic Option against Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii?

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Can Point Defects in Surfaces in Solution be Atomically Resolved by Atomic Force Microscopy?

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Can Policy Interventions Affect HIV-Related Behaviors? A Systematic Review of the Evidence from Low- and Middle-Income Countries

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Can Politicians Make Us Healthier?

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Can Population Genetics Adapt to Rapid Evolution?

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Can Population-Level Laterality Stem from Social Pressures? Evidence from Cheek Kissing in Humans

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Can Positive Parental Reinforcement Counter Genetic Risk for Callous-Unemotional Behavior?

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Can Positive Resection Margin of Intra-hepatic Cholangiocarcinoma Still Provide a Survival Benefit over Systemic Chemotherapy?

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Can Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography Be a Substitute for Bone Marrow Biopsy in Detection of Bone Marrow Involvement in Patients with Hodgkin's or Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma?

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Can Postoperative Accelerated Lens Opacification be Limited by Lying in "Face-Down Position" after Vitrectomy with Gas as Tamponade?

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Can Postpartum Depression Be Managed in Pediatric Primary Care?

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Can Postural Instability Respond to Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation in Patients with Parkinson's Disease?

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Can Previewing Sport-Specific Video Influence Reactive-Agility Response Time?

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Can Preconsent Eliminate Some Barriers to Clinical Trial Enrollment of Children With Sickle Cell Disease in Crisis?

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Can Prediction of Functional Outcome after Stroke Be Improved by Adding Fibrinogen to Prognostic Model?

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Can Preoperative Imaging Predict Tumor Involvement of the Anterior Clinoid in Clinoid Region Meningiomas?

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Can Preoperative Patient-reported Outcome Measures Be Used to Predict Meaningful Improvement in Function After TKA?

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Can Preoperative Psychological Assessment Predict Outcomes After Temporomandibular Joint Arthroscopy?

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Can Preoperative Radiographic Analysis Help Us Evaluate When to Use Metaphyseal Cones?

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Can Preoperative Sex-Related Differences in Hemostatic Parameters Predict Bleeding in Orthognathic Surgery?

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Can Primary Care Clinic Run MMT Service Well?

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Can Primary Care Practices Help Address the Health Crisis Fueled by Prescription Opioids?

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Can probation officers identify remorse among male adolescent offenders?

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Can Probiotics Cure Inflammatory Bowel Diseases?

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Can Probiotics Improve Your Surgical Outcomes?

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Can Probiotics Reduce Diarrhea and Infant Mortality in Africa?: The Project of a Pilot Study

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Can Procalcitonin Add to the Prognostic Power of the Severity Scoring System in Adults with Pneumonia?

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Can Producing Oil Store Carbon? Greenhouse Gas Footprint of CO2EOR, Offshore North Sea

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Can Professional Environments in Schools Promote Teacher Development? Explaining Heterogeneity in Returns to Teaching Experience

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Can Programming Frameworks Bring Smartphones into the Mainstream of Psychological Science?

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Can Prostate-Specific Antigen Kinetics before Prostate Biopsy Predict the Malignant Potential of Prostate Cancer?

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Can Psoriasis Produce Irreversible Alopecia?

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Can Psychological Interventions Reduce Perfectionism? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

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Can Psychological, Social and Demographical Factors Predict Clinical Characteristics Symptomatology of Bipolar Affective Disorder and Schizophrenia?

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Can Public Health Risk Assessment Using Risk Matrices Be Misleading?

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Can Pulmonary Rehabilitation during Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Improve the Respiratory Function?

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Can Pulmonary Vascular Resistance Predict Response to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in Patients with Heart Failure?

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Can Pulmonologists Working in Community Hospitals Perform Endobronchial Ultrasound: Yes or No? Absolutely

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Can Pulp Fibroblasts Kill Cariogenic Bacteria? Role of Complement Activation

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Can Pyramids and Seed Mixtures Delay Resistance to Bt Crops?

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Can QT/RR relationship differentiate between low- and high-risk patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

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Can Quality Improvement Initiatives With Organizational Changes Improve the Delivery of Asthma Care?

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Can Quality of Life Be Measured in a Health Care Setting? History, Constraints and Possibilities

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Can Quantification of Biceps Peritendinous Effusion Predict Rotator Cuff Pathologies?: A Retrospective Analysis of 1352 Shoulder Ultrasound

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Can Quantitative CT Texture Analysis be Used to Differentiate Fat-poor Renal Angiomyolipoma from Renal Cell Carcinoma on Unenhanced CT Images?

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Can Quantitative Muscle Strength and Functional Motor Ability Differentiate the Influence of Age and Corticosteroids in Ambulatory Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy?

Carrasco, J.; Viriato, D.; Cardoso, I., 2015:
Can Qva149 Improve Short Term Outcomes In Patients With Copd Without Increasing The Overall Treatment Costs For The Portuguese Nhs? Optimizing Treatment Outcomes With A Responsible Use Of Limited Resources

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Can RAS inhibitors affect the course of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

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Can RNAi Target Salmonid Whirling Disease In Vivo?

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Can ROMA algorithm stratify ovarian tumor patients better when being based on specific age ranges instead of the premenopausal and postmenopausal status?

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Can Radiologic Evaluation Before Capsule Endoscopy Predict Capsule Retention?

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Can Radiology Play a Role in Early Diagnosis of Dengue Fever?

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Can Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram give impetus and direction to Japanese encephalitis vaccination program?

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Can Recent Global Changes Explain the Dramatic Range Contraction of an Endangered Semi-Aquatic Mammal Species in the French Pyrenees?

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Can Reduced-Step Polishers Be as Effective as Multiple-Step Polishers in Enhancing Surface Smoothness?

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Can Reinforcement of Maxillary Implant Overdentures Decrease Stress on Underlying Implants?

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Can Republicanism Tame Public Health?

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Can Research on the Genetics of Intelligence Be "Socially Neutral"?

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Can SNOMED CT be squeezed without losing its shape?

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Can SOX-10 or KBA.62 Replace S100 Protein in Immunohistochemical Evaluation of Sentinel Lymph Nodes for Metastatic Melanoma?

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Can Schools Support HIV/AIDS-Affected Children? Exploring the 'Ethic of Care' amongst Rural Zimbabwean Teachers

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Can Screening Tools for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Predict Postoperative Complications? A Systematic Review of the Literature

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Can Screening with the Ages and Stages Questionnaire Detect Autism?

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Can Seeding in the Clinic Reach a Wide Audience? A Proof of Concept Study on Spreading a Health Message About Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Using a Shareable Online Video

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Can Segmentectomy Still Be Proposed As an Alternative to Lobectomy in 2016?

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Can Selective MHC Downregulation Explain the Specificity and Genetic Diversity of NK Cell Receptors?

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Can Separate Be Equal? Ending the Segregation of Mental Health

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Can Septic Condition or Stroke Impact on the Procalcitonin Level Along With Mesenteric Ischemia After Cardiac Surgery?

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Can Sequentially-irradiated and Annealed Highly Cross-linked Polyethylene Inserts Thinner than Eight-millimeters Be Utilized in Total Knee Arthroplasty?

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Can Sergentomyia (Diptera, Psychodidae) play a role in the transmission of mammal-infecting Leishmania?

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Can Sericin Prove Useful as a Pleurodesis Agent or Tissue Glue?

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Can Serum Albumin Level and Total Lymphocyte Count be Surrogates for Malnutrition to Predict Wound Complications After Total Knee Arthroplasty?

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Can Serum ICAM 1 distinguish pancreatic cancer from chronic

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Can Serum Pancreatic Amylase and Lipase Levels Be Used as Diagnostic Markers to Distinguish Between Patients With Mucinous Cystic Lesions of the Pancreas, Chronic Pancreatitis, and Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma?

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Can Serum Testosterone Be Used as a Marker of Overall Health?

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Can Serum be Used for Analyzing the KRAS Mutation Status in Patients with Advanced Colorectal Cancer?

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Can Severe Kyphoscoliosis Lead to Aorta Rupture?

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Can Sex Partner Therapy Treat Sexual Distress and Dysfunction in Transgender Patients After Gender Confirmation Surgery?

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Can Shear-Wave Elastography be Used to Discriminate Obstructive Hydronephrosis from Nonobstructive Hydronephrosis in Children?

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Can Shockwave Therapy Improve Tendon Metabolism?

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Can Short-Term Use of Electronic Patient Adherence Monitoring Devices Improve Adherence in Patients Failing Second-Line Antiretroviral Therapy? Evidence from a Pilot Study in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Can Sibling Sex Ratios Be Used as a Valid Test for the Prenatal Androgen Hypothesis of Autism Spectrum Disorders?

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Can Silanization Increase the Retention of Glass-fiber posts? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of In Vitro Studies

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Can Silica Particles Reduce Air Pollution by Facilitating the Reactions of Aliphatic Aldehyde and NO2?

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Can Silicon Carbide Nanotubes Sense Carbon Dioxide?

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Can Simple Transmission Chains Foster Collective Intelligence in Binary-Choice Tasks?

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Can Simulated Team Tasks be Used to Improve Nontechnical Skills in the Operating Room?

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Can Simulation Measure Differences in Task-Switching Ability Between Junior and Senior Emergency Medicine Residents?

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Can Simulations and Modeling Decipher NMR Data for Conformational Equilibria? Arginine-Vasopressin

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Can Single-Reference Coupled Cluster Theory Describe Static Correlation?

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Can Sleep and Resting Behaviours Be Used as Indicators of Welfare in Shelter Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris)?

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Can Sleeve Gastrectomy "Cure" Diabetes? Long-term Metabolic Effects of Sleeve Gastrectomy in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

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Can Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Be Distinguished From ADHD Inattention in Very Young Children? Evidence From a Sample of Korean Preschool Children

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Can Small Chemical Modifications of Natural Pan-inhibitors Modulate the Biological Selectivity? The Case of Curcumin Prenylated Derivatives Acting as HDAC or mPGES-1 Inhibitors

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Can Social Cognitive Theories Help Us Understand Nurses' Use of Electronic Health Records?

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Can Social Media Help Increase the Organ Supply While Avoiding Exploitation and Trafficking?

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Can Social Protection Improve Sustainable Development Goals for Adolescent Health?

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Can Social Ties be Harmful? Examining the Spread of Suicide in Early Adulthood

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Can Solid-Organ-Transplanted Patients Perform a Cycling Marathon? Trends in Kidney Function Parameters in Comparison With Healthy Subjects

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Can Some Marine-Derived Fungal Metabolites Become Actual Anticancer Agents?

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Can Sonography Be Used to Estimate Deep Abdominal Muscle Activation in Different Static Arm Positions While Standing?

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Can Sonography Distinguish a Supraorbital Notch From a Foramen?

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Can Sonography of the Inferior Vena Cava Predict More than Just Intraoperative Hypotension?

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Can Species Distribution Models Aid Bioassessment when Reference Sites are Lacking? Tests Based on Freshwater Fishes

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Can Specific Protein-Lipid Interactions Stabilize an Active State of the Beta 2 Adrenergic Receptor?

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Can Spectral CT Imaging Improve the Differentiation between Malignant and Benign Solitary Pulmonary Nodules?

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Can Speed of Processing Training Ameliorate Depressive Symptomatology in Adults with HIV?

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Can Spine Surgery Be Done as an Outpatient Procedure at a University Health Sciences Centre?

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Can Spiritual Care be TAUGHT via Simulation?

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Can Spirulina maxima reduce the mutagenic potential of sibutramine?

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Can Spontaneous Hypothermia Induce Higher Mortality in Sepsis?

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Can Sputum Eosinophilia Be a Constant Feature in Severe Refractory Asthmatics? A 3-Year Longitudinal Study

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Can Stabilization and Inhibition of Aquaporins Contribute to Future Development of Biomimetic Membranes?

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Can Staining of Damaged Proteins in Urine Effectively Predict Preeclampsia?

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Can States Simultaneously Improve Health Outcomes and Reduce Health Outcome Disparities?

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Can Static Habitat Protection Encompass Critical Areas for Highly Mobile Marine Top Predators? Insights from Coastal East Africa

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Can Statins Be Used in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Regularly?

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Can Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Effectively Treat Hepatocellular Carcinoma?

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Can Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Really Be Considered the Preferred Treatment in Large Hepatocellular Carcinoma?

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Can Steroids plus Surgery Become a First-Line Treatment of Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis?

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Can Stopping Nerves, Stop Cancer?

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Can Strained Hydrocarbons Be "Forced" To Be Stable?

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Can Strategic Choices Keep Physician Anesthesiologists "In the Room Where It Happens?"

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Can Studies of Neuroinflammation in a TSPO Genetic Subgroup (HAB or MAB) Be Applied to the Entire AD Cohort?

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Can Subcision with the Cannula be an Acceptable Alternative Method in Treatment of Acne Scars?

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Can Subclinical Infestation by Paralyzing Dermacentor andersoni (Acari: Ixodidae) Induce Immunity to Tick Paralysis in Sheep?

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Can Subclinical Rickets Cause SCFE? A Prospective, Pilot Study

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Can Subdural Hematoma Result From Repeated Minor Head Injury?

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Can Submandibular Tracheal Intubation Be an Alternative to Tracheotomy During Surgery for Major Maxillofacial Fractures?

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Can Superselective Intra-Arterial Chemoradiotherapy Replace Surgery Followed by Radiation for Advanced Cancer of the Tongue and Floor of the Mouth?

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Can Surface Plasmon Fields Provide a New Way to Photosensitize Organic Photoreactions? From Designer Nanoparticles to Custom Applications

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Can Surgical "Warm-Up" With Instructor Feedback Improve Operative Performance of Surgical Trainees?

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Can Sustained Glia-Mediated Brain Inflammation After Repeated Concussive Brain Injury Be Detected In Vivo?