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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 57347

Chapter 57347 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Biyik, I.; Akturk, I.F.; Ozturk, D.; Sarikamis, C.; Celik, O.; Uzun, F.; Arif Yalcin, A.; Yildiz, G.; Ayaz, A.; Erol, M.K., 2015:
Can Syntax Score predict angiographically visible distal embolization during primary percutaneous coronary intervention?

Collins, M.A., 2016:
Can Systematic Molecular Fragmentation Be Applied to Direct Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics?

Kohl, C.; Frampton, G.; Sweet, J.; Spök, A.; Haddaway, N.Robert.; Wilhelm, R.; Unger, S.; Schiemann, J., 2015:
Can Systematic Reviews Inform GMO Risk Assessment and Risk Management?

Turner, S.J.; Russ, B.E., 2016:
Can T cells be too exhausted to fight back?

Czerwińska-Jelonkiewicz, K.; Zembala, M.; Dąbrowski, M.; Witkowski, A.; Ochała, A.; Kochman, J.; Dudek, D.; Kübler, P.; Jagielak, D.; Stępińska, J., 2016:
Can TAVI patients receive aspirin monotherapy as patients after surgical aortic bioprosthesis implantation? Data from the Polish Registry - POL-TAVI

Généreux, P., 2016:
Can TAVR Make Me Smarter?

Zhang, M-yu.; Liu, M.; Gao, Y.; Huang, X-ling.; Ding, G-chun.; Wang, J-hua., 2016:
Can TTE Diagnose Right Pulmonary Artery-to-Left Atrial Fistula? A Rare Case Report and Literature Review

Narayan, A.P.; Whicker, S.A.; Benjamin, R.W.; Hawley, J.; McGann, K.A., 2015:
Can Tablet Computers Enhance Faculty Teaching?

Doyle, O.; McGlanaghy, E.; O'Farrelly, C.; Tremblay, R.E., 2017:
Can Targeted Intervention Mitigate Early Emotional and Behavioral Problems?: Generating Robust Evidence within Randomized Controlled Trials

Puré, E.; Lo, A., 2016:
Can Targeting Stroma Pave the Way to Enhanced Antitumor Immunity and Immunotherapy of Solid Tumors?

Sourris, K.C.; Yao, H.; Jerums, G.; Cooper, M.E.; Ekinci, E.I.; Coughlan, M.T., 2017:
Can Targeting the Incretin Pathway Dampen RAGE-Mediated Events in Diabetic Nephropathy?

Elkington, K.S.; Jaiswal, J.; Spector, A.Y.; Reukauf, H.; Tesoriero, J.M.; Nash, D.; Remien, R.H., 2018:
Can TasP Approaches Be Implemented in Correctional Settings?: A review of HIV testing and linkage to community HIV treatment programs

Nunes, A.R.; Alves, M.G.; Moreira, P.I.; Oliveira, P.F.; Silva, B.M., 2015:
Can Tea Consumption be a Safe and Effective Therapy Against Diabetes Mellitus-Induced Neurodegeneration?

Chae, H.; Gilon, P., 2015:
Can Tea Extracts Exert a Protective Effect Against Diabetes by Reducing Oxidative Stress and Decreasing Glucotoxicity in Pancreatic β-Cells?

Zamberlan, Pícia.; de Carvalho, W.Brunow.; Delgado, A.Figueiredo., 2015:
Can Teaching Programs Optimize Nutritional Evaluation and Improve Outcome in the PICU?

Ming, T.; Lai, A.; Lau, P-Man., 2016:
Can Team Triage Improve Patient Flow in the Emergency Department? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Thirumurthi, S.; Ross, W.A.; Raju, G.S., 2016:
Can Technology Improve the Quality of Colonoscopy?

Yang, C.P.; Hunt, E.A.; Shilkofski, N.; Dudas, R.; Egbuta, C.; Schwartz, J.M., 2016:
Can Telemedicine Improve Adherence to Resuscitation Guidelines for Critically Ill Children at Community Hospitals? A Randomized Controlled Trial Using High-Fidelity Simulation

Adjorlolo, S., 2016:
Can Teleneuropsychology Help Meet the Neuropsychological Needs of Western Africans? The Case of Ghana

Truxton, T.T.; Miller, K.C., 2016:
Can Temperate-Water Immersion Effectively Reduce Rectal Temperature in Exertional Heat Stroke? A Critically Appraised Topic

Grimault, N., 2016:
Can Temporal Fine Structure and Temporal Envelope be Considered Independently for Pitch Perception?

Taneja, S.; Dhiman, R.K., 2016:
Can Testing the Impact of Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy on Driving Skills be Prolific to Translate Research to Real Life Clinical Medicine?

Takase, T.; Abe, R.; Oyama, D., 2018:
Crystal structure of a dinuclear ruthenium(II) complex with a bent CO22- bridge

Konrath, S.; Falk, E.; Fuhrel-Forbis, A.; Liu, M.; Swain, J.; Tolman, R.; Cunningham, R.; Walton, M., 2016:
Can Text Messages Increase Empathy and Prosocial Behavior? The Development and Initial Validation of Text to Connect

Lansdowne, Z.; Griffiths, E., 2016:
Can The '4 P's Of Pn' Improve Neonatal Nutrient Intake?

Youngs, J.C.W., 2015:
Can The Courts Force The Doctor's Hand? St George's Healthcare Nhs Trust V P [2015] Ewcop 42

Payakachat, N.; Ali, M.M.; Tilford, J.Mick., 2015:
Can The EQ-5D Detect Meaningful Change? A Systematic Review

Haddad, M.; Valiyakath, H.Zubair.; Goebel, R., 2016:
Can The Weather Condition Influence The Spectators' Attendance During The 2022 Fifa World Cup?: 2797 Board #320 June 3, 11: 00 AM - 12: 30 PM

Schiefecker, A.Josef.; Beer, R.; Broessner, G.; Kofler, M.; Schmutzhard, E.; Helbok, R., 2016:
Can Therapeutic Hypothermia Be Guided by Advanced Neuromonitoring in Neurocritical Care Patients? A Review

Kopac, S.M.; Klassen, J.L., 2016:
Can They Make It on Their Own? Hosts, Microbes, and the Holobiont Niche

Song, Y.; Hakoda, Y.; Sanefuji, W.; Cheng, C., 2016:
Can They See It? The Functional Field of View Is Narrower in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ebner, S.C.; Havens, K.L.; Pratt, K.A.; Chan, M-Sheng.M.; Lin, P.E.; Nascimento, D.P.; Sigward, S.M., 2016:
Can Thigh and Shank Accelerations Detect Between Limb Deficits during Running after ACL Reconstruction?: 2289 Board #7 June 2, 3: 15 PM - 5: 15 PM

Pinnock, R.; Young, L.; Spence, F.; Henning, M.; Hazell, W., 2016:
Can Think Aloud Be Used to Teach and Assess Clinical Reasoning in Graduate Medical Education?

Boyapati, R.K.; Ho, G-Tzer.; Satsangi, J., 2016:
Can Thiopurines Prevent Formation of Antibodies Against Tumor Necrosis Factor Antagonists After Failure of These Therapies?

Dowling, R., 2015:
Can This Encounter Be Billed Incident-To?

Gary, J.L.; Schneider, P.S.; Galpin, M.; Radwan, Z.; Munz, J.W.; Achor, T.S.; Prasarn, M.L.; Cotton, B.A., 2016:
Can Thrombelastography Predict Venous Thromboembolic Events in Patients With Severe Extremity Trauma?

Gross, S.C.; Galos, D.K.; Taormina, D.P.; Crespo, A.; Egol, K.A.; Tejwani, N.C., 2016:
Can Tibial Shaft Fractures Bear Weight After Intramedullary Nailing? A Randomized Controlled Trial

Revdal, A.; Hollekim-Strand, S.M.; Ingul, C.B., 2016:
Can Time Efficient Exercise Improve Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Type 2 Diabetes? A Pilot Study

Rafael, C.F.; Passoni, B.; Araúio, C.; de Araúio, M.A.; Benfatti, César.; Volpato, C., 2017:
Can Time of Implant Placement influence Bone Remodeling?

Gurrado, A.; Bellantone, R.; Cavallaro, G.; Citton, M.; Constantinides, V.; Conzo, G.; D.M.o, G.; Docimo, G.; Franco, I.Fabiola.; Iacobone, M.; Lombardi, C.Pio.; Materazzi, G.; Minuto, M.; Palazzo, F.; Pasculli, A.; Raffaelli, M.; Sebag, F.; Tolone, S.; Miccoli, P.; Testini, M., 2016:
Can Total Thyroidectomy Be Safely Performed by Residents?: A Comparative Retrospective Multicenter Study

Schmidt, I., 2015:
Can Total Wrist Arthroplasty Be an Option for Treatment of Highly Comminuted Distal Radius Fracture in Selected Patients? Preliminary Experience with Two Cases

Pitchford, N.J.; Outhwaite, L.A., 2016:
Can Touch Screen Tablets be Used to Assess Cognitive and Motor Skills in Early Years Primary School Children? A Cross-Cultural Study

Yuan, C-Rong.; Lan, T-Yun.; Tang, G-Jun., 2016:
Can Tracheostomy Improve Outcome and Lower Resource Utilization for Patients with Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation?

Clansey, A.C.; Lake, M.J.; Wallace, E.S.; Feehally, T.; Hanlon, M., 2015:
Can Trained Runners Effectively Attenuate Impact Acceleration During Repeated High-Intensity Running Bouts?

van 't Wout, M.; Mariano, T.Y.; Garnaat, S.L.; Reddy, M.K.; Rasmussen, S.A.; Greenberg, B.D., 2017:
Can Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Augment Extinction of Conditioned Fear?

Lattari, E.; Andrade, M.L.; Filho, A.S.; Moura, Aônio.M.; Neto, G.M.; Silva, Júlio.G.; Rocha, N.B.; Yuan, T-Fei.; Arias-Carrión, O.; Machado, Sérgio., 2016:
Can Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Improve the Resistance Strength and Decrease the Rating Perceived Scale in Recreational Weight-Training Experience?

Lakshminarayana, P.H.; Geeti, A.A.; Darr, U.M.; Kaufman, D.A., 2016:
Can Transcutaneous CO2 Tension Be Used to Calculate Ventilatory Dead Space? A Pilot Study

Singer, M.B.; Sheckley, M.; Menon, V.G.; Sundaram, V.; Donchev, V.; Voidonikolas, G.; Nissen, N.N., 2016:
Can Transfusions Be Eliminated in Major Abdominal Surgery? Analysis of a Five-Year Experience of Blood Conservation in Patients Undergoing Pancreaticoduodenectomy

Simon, K.; Alson, J.; Snapp, L.; Hula, A., 2016:
Can Transportation Emission Reductions Be Achieved Autonomously?

Gottlieb, M.; Bailitz, J., 2015:
Can Transtracheal Ultrasonography Be Used to Verify Endotracheal Tube Placement?

Sloot, L.H.; van den Noort, J.C.; van der Krogt, M.M.; Bruijn, S.M.; Harlaar, J., 2016:
Can Treadmill Perturbations Evoke Stretch Reflexes in the Calf Muscles?

Hinshaw, W.Banks., 2015:
Can Treatment With a Strong Antiresorptive Be Expected to Increase Cortical Thickness of the Femur?

Alexander, D.; Abbott, L.; Zhou, Q.; Staff, I., 2016:
Can Triage Nurses Accurately Predict Patient Dispositions in the Emergency Department?

Kundi, H., 2016:
Can Triglyceride to High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Ratio Be an Independent Predictor of Cardiovascular Events in Patients With Essential Hypertension?

Warpe, B.M.; Shrikhande, A.V.; Poflee, S.V., 2016:
Can Trimodal Distribution of HbS Levels in Sickle Cell Traits Be Used To Predict the Associated Alpha-Thalassemia For Screening Cases in Central India?

Exacoustos, C.; Tiberio, F.; Szabolcs, B.; Romeo, V.; Romanini, E.; Zupi, E., 2016:
Can Tubal Flushing With Hysterosalpingo-Foam Sonography (HyFoSy) Media Increase Women's Chances of Pregnancy?

Gesualdo, F.; Stilo, G.; D'Ambrosio, A.; Carloni, E.; Pandolfi, E.; Velardi, P.; Fiocchi, A.; Tozzi, A.E., 2016:
Can Twitter Be a Source of Information on Allergy? Correlation of Pollen Counts with Tweets Reporting Symptoms of Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis and Names of Antihistamine Drugs

Thom, D.; Kruger, R.; Ertl, T., 2016:
Can Twitter Save Lives? A Broad-Scale Study on Visual Social Media Analytics for Public Safety

Hughes, E., 2016:
Can Twitter improve your health? An analysis of alcohol consumption guidelines on Twitter

Penev, E.S.; Kutana, A.; Yakobson, B.I., 2016:
Can Two-Dimensional Boron Superconduct?

Begum, R.; Kolstoe, S., 2015:
Can UK NHS research ethics committees effectively monitor publication and outcome reporting bias?

Chaube, R., 2015:
Can UPR integrate fasting and stem cell regeneration?

Anwar, J.; Aamir, M.Omer.; Sanaullah; Imdad, Z.ul.Hasnain.; Parveen, I.; Yousaf, N., 2016:
Can Ultrasound Abdomen Help In Early Diagnosis Of Diabetes Mellitus? An Observational Study

Finnoff, J.T.; Johnson, A.C.; Hollman, J.H., 2016:
Can Ultrasound Accurately Assess Ischiofemoral Space Dimensions? A Validation Study

Mahdavi, A.; Heidari, R.; Khezri, M.; Shiravi, A.; Pirjani, R.; Saheb Kashaf, R., 2016:
Can Ultrasound Findings be a Good Predictor of Sperm Parameters in Patients With Varicocele? A Cross-Sectional Study

Wiyanto, J.; Kartamihardja, A.Hussein.Sundawa.; Nugrahadi, T., 2016:
Can Ultrasound Predict Malignancy in Patient with Thyroid Cold Nodule?

Kelly, O.J.; Gilman, J.C., 2016:
Can Unconventional Exercise be Helpful in the Treatment, Management and Prevention of Osteosarcopenic Obesity?

Lotan, E.; Weissman, O.; Guranda, L.; Kleinmann, N.; Schor, R.; Winkler, H.; Portnoy, O., 2016:
Can Unenhanced CT Findings Predict Interventional Versus Conservative Treatment in Acute Renal Colic?

Sun, H.; Lu, P-Pei.; Liu, Y-Jie.; Yang, X.; Zhou, P-Hui.; Shen, X-Feng.; Sun, S-Wei.; Yang, H., 2017:
Can Unilateral Kyphoplasty Replace Bilateral Kyphoplasty in Treatment of Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Amukele, T.K.; Sokoll, L.J.; Pepper, D.; Howard, D.P.; Street, J., 2016:
Can Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) Be Used for the Routine Transport of Chemistry, Hematology, and Coagulation Laboratory Specimens?

Mori, T.; Takahashi, M.; Kroner, D.G., 2016:
Can unstructured clinical risk judgment have incremental validity in the prediction of recidivism in a non-Western juvenile context?

Özdemir, K.; Dinçel, N.; Berdeli, A.; Mir, S., 2017:
Can Urinary Nerve Growth Factor and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor be used in the Diagnosis and Follow-Up of Voiding Dysfunction in Children?

Finco, G.; Locci, E.; Mura, P.; Massa, R.; Noto, A.; Musu, M.; Landoni, G.; d'Aloja, E.; De-Giorgio, F.; Scano, P.; Evangelista, M., 2016:
Can Urine Metabolomics Be Helpful in Differentiating Neuropathic and Nociceptive Pain? A Proof-of-Concept Study

Siouda, W.; Abdennour, C., 2016:
Can Urtica dioica supplementation attenuate mercury intoxication in Wistar rats?

Noble, S.; Tudge, I.; Wylde, V.; Lenguerrand, E.; Marques, E.M., 2014:
Can Using a Resource Use Log in an Economic Evaluation Alongside a Randomised Controlled Trial Reduce the Amount of Recall Bias?

Kelly, A-Maree., 2016:
Can VBG analysis replace ABG analysis in emergency care?

Sepúlveda, D.; Lorenzen, N., 2016:
Can VHS Virus Bypass the Protective Immunity Induced by DNA Vaccination in Rainbow Trout?

Mavilio, A.; Scrimieri, F.; Errico, D., 2016:
Can Variability of Pattern ERG Signal Help to Detect Retinal Ganglion Cells Dysfunction in Glaucomatous Eyes?

Siltari, A.; Helin, T.; Wickholm, N.; Lassila, R.; Korpela, R.; Kautiainen, H.; Vapaatalo, H., 2016:
Can Vascular Calcification be Associated with Warfarin Treatment?

Weinberg, D.S.; Scarcella, N.R.; Napora, J.K.; Vallier, H.A., 2016:
Can Vascular Injury be Appropriately Assessed With Physical Examination After Knee Dislocation?

Bahl, M.; Pien, I.J.; Buretta, K.J.; Hwang, E.Shelley.; Greenup, R.A.; Ghate, S.V.; Hollenbeck, S.T., 2017:
Can Vascular Patterns on Preoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Help Predict Skin Necrosis after Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy?

Chen, W., 2011:
Can Vascular Wall (18)F-FDG Uptake on PET Imaging Serve as a Biomarker of Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque?

Brewer, J.Michael.; Puskarich, M.A.; Jones, A.E., 2016:
Can Vasopressors Safely Be Administered Through Peripheral Intravenous Catheters Compared With Central Venous Catheters?

Mouzaki, M.; Schwartz, S.M.; Mtaweh, H.; La Rotta, G.; Mah, K.; Herridge, J.; Van Arsdell, G.; Parshuram, C.S.; Floh, A.A., 2016:
Can Vco2-Based Estimates of Resting Energy Expenditure Replace the Need for Indirect Calorimetry in Critically Ill Children?

Ruiz-Villaverde, R.; Sánchez-Cano, D., 2016:
Can Vemurafenib Induce Vitiligo in Metastatic Melanoma Patients?

Juli, M.Rosaria., 2015:
Can Violence cause Eating Disorders?

Anonymous, 2016:
Can Virtual Reality Make You Sick? From nausea to pain relief, the effects of virtual reality on health are still being investigated

Danias, J.; Serle, J., 2016:
Can Visual Field Progression be Predicted by Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopic Imaging of the Optic Nerve Head in Glaucoma? (An American Ophthalmological Society Thesis)

Cañal-Bruland, R.; van der Meer, Y.; Moerman, J., 2017:
Can Visual Illusions Be Used to Facilitate Sport Skill Learning?

Saad, L.; Washington, I., 2016:
Can Vitamin A be Improved to Prevent Blindness due to Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Stargardt Disease and Other Retinal Dystrophies?

Luo, J.; Liu, D.; Liu, C-Tao., 2016:
Can Vitamin D Supplementation in Addition to Asthma Controllers Improve Clinical Outcomes in Patients With Asthma?: A Meta-Analysis

Jack, C.A., 2015:
Can Voice Be Given If No One is Listening?

Kavaric, N.; Klisic, A.; Soldatovic, I.; Bjelakovic, B., 2015:
Can Waist Circumference Be a Reliable Anthropometric Parameter in Healthy Normal Weight and Overweight Adolescents?

Rundle, A.G.; Heymsfield, S.B., 2016:
Can Walkable Urban Design Play a Role in Reducing the Incidence of Obesity-Related Conditions?

Quan, M.; Xun, P.; Zhang, Q.; Chen, C.; Wen, J.; Wang, R.; Chen, P.; He, K., 2016:
Can Walking Pace Predict The Risks Of Cognitive Decline And Dementia In Elderly Population?: 455 Board #292 June 1, 9: 30 AM - 11: 00 AM

Wojan, T.R.; Hamrick, K.S., 2016:
Can Walking or Biking to Work Really Make a Difference? Compact Development, Observed Commuter Choice and Body Mass Index

Borrescio-Higa, F., 2015:
Can Walmart make us healthier? Prescription drug prices and health care utilization

Margaritopoulos, G.A.; Antoniou, K.M., 2016:
Can Warfarin Be Used in the Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis?

Machado, A.Flauzino.; Ferreira, P.Henrique.; Micheletti, Jéssica.Kirsch.; de Almeida, A.Castilho.; Lemes, Ítalo.Ribeiro.; Vanderlei, F.Marques.; Netto Junior, J.; Pastre, C.Marcelo., 2015:
Can Water Temperature and Immersion Time Influence the Effect of Cold Water Immersion on Muscle Soreness? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Koornneef, A.; Mulders, I., 2016:
Can We 'Read' the Eye-Movement Patterns of Readers? Unraveling the Relationship Between Reading Profiles and Processing Strategies

Banáš, P.; Mládek, Ašt.; Otyepka, M.; Zgarbová, M.; Jurečka, P.; Svozil, D.; Lankaš, F.; Šponer, Jří., 2012:
Can We Accurately Describe the Structure of Adenine Tracts in B-DNA? Reference Quantum-Chemical Computations Reveal Overstabilization of Stacking by Molecular Mechanics

Aghajanian, P.; Nguyen, Q.T.; Greene, N.H.; Gregory, K.D., 2016:
Can We Accurately Time the Administration of Antenatal Corticosteroids for Preterm Labor?

Underwood, T.; Giantsoudi, D.; Moteabbed, M.; Zietman, A.; Efstathiou, J.; Paganetti, H.; Lu, H-Ming., 2016:
Can We Advance Proton Therapy for Prostate? Considering Alternative Beam Angles and Relative Biological Effectiveness Variations When Comparing Against Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

Vaughan, K.D., 2015:
Can We Afford Total Joint Replacements in Jamaica?

Banks, L.Daniel.E.; Jindal, S.K., 2015:
Can We Alter the Natural History of Silicosis?

Nozaki, Y.; Koyasu, M., 2016:
Can We Apply an Emotional Competence Measure to an Eastern Population? Psychometric Properties of the Profile of Emotional Competence in a Japanese Population

Liendo, C.; Dalal, A.; Hinds, E.; Sara, S.; Chernyshev, O.; Nutakki, S.; de Castro, J.Rey.; Chesson, A., 2016:
Can We Assess Pulsus Paradoxus through Polysomnography in a Patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Sleep-Disordered Breathing?

Nakao, S., 2015:
Can We Avoid the War?

Macdonald, M.C.; Tidy, J.A., 2016:
Can We Be Less Radical with Surgery for Early Cervical Cancer?

Mehta, S.A.; Russo, H.R., 2016:
Can We Better Optimize Vancomycin Monotherapy?

Choi, C-Yong.; Kang, C-Wan.; Yun, Y-Min.; Nam, H-Young., 2016:
Can We Blame Migratory Birds for Transmission of the Emerging Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Virus in East Asia?

Kirkeby, I.Mette.; Grangaard, S., 2016:
Can We Build Inclusion?

Alani, S.; Black, H.; Harty, C.; Murphy, J.; Whalen, D.; Williams, K-Lynn., 2016:
Can We CanMEDS? Intangible Learning Through Tangible Simulation Case Development

Pisano, A., 2016:
Can We Claim Accuracy from a Regional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Oximeter?

Eggleston, P.A., 2016:
Can We Clear the Air?

Litmathe, J.; Haarmeier, T.; Zizlsperger, L.; Sucker, C.; Schulz, Jörg.B., 2016:
Can We Close the Discussion on PFO-Closure?

Canning, D.A., 2015:
Can We Correct Hypospadias with a Staged Operation? If not, are We Bold Enough to Report it?

Sivaraj, D.; Green, M.Martin.; Ciftci, A.Mucahit.; Zahid, M.Faizan.; Johns, A.Anne.; Ross, M.; Gasparetto, C., 2016:
Can We Cure Light Chain Deposition Disease of the Kidneys?-A Review and Case Report of a Patient Treated With a Triple Transplant Approach

West, H.Jack., 2016:
Can We Define and Reach Precise Goals for Precision Medicine in Cancer Care?

Kwon, C-Il.; Kim, H.Joo.; Korc, P.; Choi, E.Kwang.; McNulty, G.M.; Easler, J.J.; El Hajj, I.I.; Watkins, J.; Fogel, E.L.; McHenry, L.; Zimmerman, M.K.; Sherman, S.; Lehman, G.A., 2018:
Can We Detect Chronic Pancreatitis With Low Serum Pancreatic Enzyme Levels?

To, T.H.M.; To, L.Bik.; Currow, D.C., 2016:
Can We Detect Transfusion Benefits in Palliative Care Patients?

Muralidharan, C.Gopalan.; Singh, G.; Debnath, J., 2015:
Can We Dispense with Ultrasonography in the Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis?

Xiao, R.; Li, X.; Li, L.; Wang, Y., 2016:
Can We Distinguish Emotions from Faces? Investigation of Implicit and Explicit Processes of Peak Facial Expressions

Moutafis, P.; Kakadiaris, I.A., 2014:
Can We Do Better in Unimodal Biometric Systems? A Rank-Based Score Normalization Framework

Sumer, F.; Sengul Aycicek, G.; Arik, G.; Kara, O.; Canbaz, B.; Ulger, Z., 2016:
Can We Equate All Proton Pump Inhibitors with One Another?

Forsberg, J.A.; Wedin, R.; Boland, P.J.; Healey, J.H., 2016:
Can We Estimate Short- and Intermediate-term Survival in Patients Undergoing Surgery for Metastatic Bone Disease?

Islam, B.; Stadlbauer, P.; Neidle, S.; Haider, S.; Sponer, J., 2016:
Can We Execute Reliable MM-PBSA Free Energy Computations of Relative Stabilities of Different Guanine Quadruplex Folds?

Krepl, M.; Havrila, M.; Stadlbauer, P.; Banas, P.; Otyepka, M.; Pasulka, J.; Stefl, R.; Sponer, J., 2016:
Can We Execute Stable Microsecond-Scale Atomistic Simulations of Protein-RNA Complexes?

Pedulla, D.S.; Thébaud, S., 2015:
Can We Finish the Revolution? Gender, Work-Family Ideals, and Institutional Constraint

Kolar, I.; Whitney, G., 2015:
Can We Fix The Web?

Rubio-Fernández, P., 2015:
Can We Forget What We Know in a False-Belief Task? An Investigation of the True-Belief Default

Bohleber, L.; Crameri, A.; Eich-Stierli, B.; Telesko, R.; von Wyl, A., 2016:
Can We Foster a Culture of Peer Support and Promote Mental Health in Adolescence Using a Web-Based App? A Control Group Study

Miklaszewska, M.; Korohoda, Pław.; Zachwieja, K.; Wolnicki, Mł.; Mizerska-Wasiak, Młgorzata.; Drożdż, D.; Pietrzyk, J.A., 2017:
Can We Further Improve the Quality of Nephro-Urological Care in Children with Myelomeningocele?

Goh, C.Sheng., 2016:
Can We Get Rid of Palm Oil?

Hoffman, M.D., 2016:
Can We Get There From Here?

Berman, S., 2016:
Can We Go Beyond Care Process Measures to a New Child Health Policy?

McGilton, K.S.; Rochon, E.; Sidani, S.; Shaw, A.; Ben-David, B.M.; Saragosa, M.; Boscart, V.M.; Wilson, R.; Galimidi-Epstein, K.K.; Pichora-Fuller, M.Kathleen., 2016:
Can We Help Care Providers Communicate More Effectively With Persons Having Dementia Living in Long-Term Care Homes?

Doyle, V.P.; Young, R.E.; Naylor, G.J.P.; Brown, J.M., 2015:
Can We Identify Genes with Increased Phylogenetic Reliability?

McCroskey, Z.; Pambuccian, S.E.; Wojcik, E.M.; Barkan, Güliz.A., 2016:
Can We Identify Nephrogenic Adenoma in Urine Cytology Specimens? A Study Evaluating Previously Described Cytomorphologic Features in Correlation With PAX8 Immunohistochemical Staining Results

Arden, N.; Richette, P.; Cooper, C.; Bruyère, O.; Abadie, E.; Branco, J.; Brandi, M.Luisa.; Berenbaum, F.; Clerc, Cécile.; Dennison, E.; Devogelaer, J-Pierre.; Hochberg, M.; D'Hooghe, P.; Herrero-Beaumont, G.; Kanis, J.A.; Laslop, A.; Leblanc, Véronique.; Maggi, S.; Mautone, G.; Pelletier, J-Pierre.; Petit-Dop, F.; Reiter-Niesert, S.; Rizzoli, Ré.; Rovati, L.; Tajana Messi, E.; Tsouderos, Y.; Martel-Pelletier, J.; Reginster, J-Yves., 2015:
Can We Identify Patients with High Risk of Osteoarthritis Progression Who Will Respond to Treatment? A Focus on Biomarkers and Frailty

Goodwin, L.; Ostuzzi, G.; Khan, N.; Hotopf, M.H.; Moss-Morris, R., 2017:
Can We Identify the Active Ingredients of Behaviour Change Interventions for Coronary Heart Disease Patients? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

McCarberg, B., 2016:
Can We Improve Access to Quality Pain Care for Patients?

Krishnaswami, A.; Christle, J.W.; Froelicher, V., 2016:
Can We Improve Mortality Estimation in Women After Treadmill Testing by Using Sex-Specific Scores?

Ferrari, R.; Biscaglia, S.; Malagù, M.; Bertini, M.; Campo, G., 2016:
Can We Improve Myocardial Protection during Ischaemic Injury?

Acuna-Espinoza, A.; Aragon-Vargas, L.F., 2016:
Can We Improve The Bosco Test? A Biomechanical Analysis: 2639 Board #162 June 3, 11: 00 AM - 12: 30 PM

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Can We Improve the Reproducibility of Quantitative Multiparametric Prostate MR Imaging Metrics?

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Can We Influence "Quality of Life" for Patients in Hospital?

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Can We Just Rely on Contrast?

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Can We Learn to Treat One Another Better? A Test of a Social Intelligence Curriculum

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Can We Make High-Density Lipoproteins Great Again?

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Can We Measure Immigrants' Legal Status? Lessons from Two U.S. Surveys

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Can We Measure the Learning Curve of Colonoscopy Using Polyp Detection Rate?

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Can We Optimize Arc Discharge and Laser Ablation for Well-Controlled Carbon Nanotube Synthesis?

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Can We Pay for Performance in Behavioral Health Care?

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Can We Predict Antibiotic-resistance in Urinary Tract Infection: Evidence-based Medicine Viewpoint

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Can We Predict Antibiotic-resistance in Urinary Tract Infection?: Pediatric Nephrologists Viewpoint

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Can We Predict Bevacizumab Responders in Patients With Glioblastoma?

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Can We Predict Discharge Status After Total Joint Arthroplasty? A Calculator to Predict Home Discharge

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Can We Predict Functional Outcome in Neonates with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy by the Combination of Neuroimaging and Electroencephalography?

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Can We Predict Individual Combined Benefit and Harm of Therapy? Warfarin Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation as a Test Case

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Can We Predict Lung Ablation Success by Power and Location Alone?

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Can We Predict Oral Antibiotic Treatment Failure in Children with Fast-Breathing Pneumonia Managed at the Community Level? A Prospective Cohort Study in Malawi

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Can We Predict Patient Wait Time?

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Can We Predict Quality of Life and Survival After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement?

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Can We Predict Sustained Virologic Response to Interferon α Therapy in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis Delta Virus Infection?

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Can We Predict Technical Aptitude?: A Systematic Review

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Can We Predict or Prevent Progression of Aortic Stenosis?

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Can We Predict the Outcome of Varicocelectomy Based on the Duration of Venous Reflux?

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Can We Predict the Unpredictable after Vascular Access Creation?

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Can We Prevent Obesity-Related Metabolic Diseases by Dietary Modulation of the Gut Microbiota?

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Can We Prevent a Postoperative Spinal Epidural Hematoma by Using Larger Diameter Suction Drains?

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Can We Provide Low Intrarenal Pressures with Good Irrigation Flow by Decreasing the Size of Ureteral Access Sheaths?

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Can We Really Control the Inframammary Fold (IMF) in Breast Augmentation?

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Can We Reduce the Utilization of Home-Visiting Nurse Services After Primary Total Joint Arthroplasty?

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Can We Rely on Computational Predictions To Correctly Identify Ligand Binding Sites on Novel Protein Drug Targets? Assessment of Binding Site Prediction Methods and a Protocol for Validation of Predicted Binding Sites

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Can We Rely on Predicted Basal Metabolic Rate in Patients With Intestinal Failure on Home Parenteral Nutrition?

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Can We Rely on Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging (SWI) for Subthalamic Nucleus Identification in Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery?

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Can We Rely on Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging for Subthalamic Nucleus Identification in Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery?

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Can We Repurpose FDA-Approved Alefacept to Diminish the HIV Reservoir?

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Can We Resolve the Disconnect Between How Communication Interventions Work and How We Evaluate Them?

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Can We Run Out of Compassion?

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Can We Score 100 in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System?

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Can We Screen EEGs More Efficiently? Spectrographic Review of EEG Data

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Can We Select Patients for Colorectal Cancer Prevention with Aspirin?

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Can We Selectively Reduce Appetite for Energy-Dense Foods? An Overview of Pharmacological Strategies for Modification of Food Preference Behavior

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Crystal structure of ADP-dependent glucokinase from Methanocaldococcus jannaschii in complex with 5-iodotubercidin reveals phosphoryl transfer mechanism

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Can We Speak of Lack of Habituation in Visual Snow?

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Can We State Stable Bladder? How Many Repetitions Should We Do for an Appropriate Demonstration of Involuntary Detrusor Contraction?

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Can We Stop Aging?

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Can We Stop Antibiotic Therapy When Signs and Symptoms Have Resolved in Diabetic Foot Infection Patients?

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Can We Stop the Current Epidemic of Blindness From Retinopathy of Prematurity?

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Can We Sustainably Harvest Ivory?

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Can We Talk through a Robot As if Face-to-Face? Long-Term Fieldwork Using Teleoperated Robot for Seniors with Alzheimer's Disease

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Can We Talk? A Necessary Conversation Between Anesthesiologists and Stem Cell Biologists

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Can We Tell if the Syndesmosis Is Reduced Using Fluoroscopy?

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Can We Trust Knee Meniscus Studies? One-Way Crossover Confounds Intent-to-Treat Statistical Methods

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Can We Trust Positive Findings of Intervention Research? The Role of Conflict of Interest

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Can We Trust the Use of Smartphone Cameras in Clinical Practice? Laypeople Assessment of Their Image Quality

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Can We Tune Our Pediatric Patients?

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Can We Use Antibodies to Chlamydia trachomatis as a Surveillance Tool for National Trachoma Control Programs? Results from a District Survey

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Can We Use Neurocognition to Predict Repetition of Self-Harm, and Why Might This Be Clinically Useful? A Perspective

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Can We Use Single-step Dilation as a Safe Alternative Dilation Method in Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy?

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Can We Use Tree Rings of Black Alder to Reconstruct Lake Levels? A Case Study for the Mecklenburg Lake District, Northeastern Germany

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Can We Use the Disposable Laparoscopic Clip Appliers as Suture Anchors? An In Vitro Feasibility Study

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Can We Use the Fellow Eye Biometric Data to Predict IOL Power?

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Can Webinar-Based Education Improve Geriatrics Training in Internal Medicine Residency Programs?

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Can White children grow up to be Black? Children's reasoning about the stability of emotion and race

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Can Whitening Strips interfere with the Bond Strength of Composite Resins?

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Can Whole-Body Cryotherapy with Subsequent Kinesiotherapy Procedures in Closed Type Cryogenic Chamber Improve BASDAI, BASFI, and Some Spine Mobility Parameters and Decrease Pain Intensity in Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis?

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Can Wi-Fi Affect Brain Function?

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Can Wireless Devices Improve Communication?

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Can Wnt5a and Wnt non-canonical pathways really mediate adipocyte de-differentiation in a tumour microenvironment?

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Can Word Puzzles be Tailored to Improve Different Dimensions of Verbal Fluency? A Report of an Intervention Study

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Can Wound Exudate from Venous Leg Ulcers Measure Wound Pain Status?: A Pilot Study

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Can Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors Improve Cardiac Function in Patients With Chronic Heart Failure?

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Can Xanthophyll-Membrane Interactions Explain Their Selective Presence in the Retina and Brain?

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Can You BET on PET in Cancer?

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Can You Be Hit by Your Partner and Be Intensely in Love?

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Can You Beat the Data Thieves?

Ahmad, S.R., 2016:
Can You Blindly Trust Decisions Made By Stringent Drug Regulatory Agencies?

McInerney, S., 2015:
Can You Diagnose Me Now? A Proposal to Modify FDA's Regulation of Smartphone Mobile Health Applications with a Pre-Market Notification and Application Database System

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Can You Get Fit Playing Racket Sports?

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Can You Have Your Vigorous Exercise and Enjoy It Too? Ramping Intensity Down Increases Postexercise, Remembered, and Forecasted Pleasure

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Barnhart, E.L.; Clandinin, T.R., 2016:
Can You Hear Me Now?

Sharafkhaneh, A.; Hirshkowitz, M., 2016:
Can You Hear Me Now?

Loria, T.; de Grosbois, J.; Tremblay, L., 2016:
Can You Hear That Peak? Utilization of Auditory and Visual Feedback at Peak Limb Velocity

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Can You Multitask? Evidence and Limitations of Task Switching and Multitasking in Emergency Medicine

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Can You Read Me Now? Unlocking Narrative Data with Natural Language Processing

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Can You Restore My "Own" Body? A Phenomenological Analysis of Relational Autonomy

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Can Young Adults Accurately Report Sexual Partnership Dates? Factors Associated With Interpartner and Dyad Agreement

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Can Your Landlord Relocate Your Dental Practice?

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Can Your Microbiome Tell You What to Eat?

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Can Zoledronic Acid be Beneficial for Promoting Tumor Response in Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy?

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Can a 'rural day' make a difference to GP shortage across rural Germany?

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Can a 'whole' system ignore private beds?

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Can a 3-hour educational workshop and the provision of practical tools encourage family physicians to prescribe physical activity as medicine? A pre-post study

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Crystal structure of a glutamate-1-semialdehyde-aminomutase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1

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Can a Behavioral Alcohol Intervention be Delivered Cost-Effectively to Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa?

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Can a Benefit be Expected from Surgical Debulking of Unresectable Pseudomyxoma Peritonei?

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Can a Blood Test of Immune Responsiveness Predict Speed of Recovery from Pain and Dysfunction after Surgery?

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Can a Body-Fixed Sensor Reduce Heisenberg's Uncertainty When It Comes to the Evaluation of Mobility? Effects of Aging and Fall Risk on Transitions in Daily Living

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Can a Box of Mailed Materials Achieve the Triple Aims of Health Care? The Mailed Chronic Disease Self-Management Tool Kit Study

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Can a Boxer Engine Reduce Leg Injuries Among Motorcyclists? Analysis of Injury Distributions in Crashes Involving Different Motorcycles Fitted with Antilock Brakes (ABS)

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Can a Brief Values Affirmation Help Achieve Gender Parity Within the Surgical Profession? The Promise and Limitations of "Wise" Interventions

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Can a Bug in the Gut Act Like a Drug in the Brain?

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Can a Circular Payment Card Format Effectively Elicit Preferences? Evidence From a Survey on a Mandatory Health Insurance Scheme in Tunisia

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Can a Clinical Prediction Rule Reliably Predict Pediatric Bacterial Meningitis?

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Can a Commercially Available Auditory Training Program Improve Audiovisual Speech Performance?

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Can a Compact Pre-Filled Auto-Disable Injection System (cPAD) Save Costs for DTP-HepB-Hib Vaccine as Compared with Single-Dose (SDV) and Multi-Dose Vials (MDV)? Evidence from Cambodia, Ghana, and Peru

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Can a Computerized Simulator Assess Skill Level and Improvement in Performance of ERCP?

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Can a Conical Implant Successfully Address Complex Anatomy in Primary THA? Radiographs and Hip Scores at Early Followup

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Can a Flavored Spray (Pill Glide) Help Children Swallow Their Medicines? A Pilot Study

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Can a Focus on Preventable Events Help Untangle the Quality Measurement Mess?

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Can a Free Wearable Activity Tracker Change Behavior? The Impact of Trackers on Adults in a Physician-Led Wellness Group

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Can a Fully Covered Self-Expandable Metallic Stent be Used Temporarily for the Management of Duodenal Retroperitoneal Perforation During ERCP as a Part of Conservative Therapy?

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Can a GIS toolbox assess the environmental risk of oil spills? Implementation for oil facilities in harbors

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Crystal structure of a heterometallic coordination polymer: catena-poly[[[tetra-aqua-cobalt(II)]-μ-pyridine-2,6-di-carboxyl-ato-calcium(II)-μ-pyridine-2,6-di-carboxyl-ato] dihydrate

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Can a Healthy Lifestyle Compress the Disabled Period in Older Adults?

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Can a Home-based Cardiac Physical Activity Program Improve the Physical Function Quality of Life in Children with Fontan Circulation?

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Can a Humanoid Face be Expressive? A Psychophysiological Investigation

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Can a Joint Assessment Provide Relevant Information for National/Local Relative Effectiveness Assessments? An In-Depth Comparison of Pazopanib Assessments

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Can a Lack of Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae Rectal Carriage Help Avoid Carbapenem Prescription?

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Can a MR Imaging Scanner Accurately Measure Hematocrit to Determine ECV Fraction?

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Can a Made-for-Consumer Activity Monitor Assess Physical Activity in Adolescents and Young Adults After Lower Extremity Limb Salvage for Osseous Tumors?

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Can a Minimal Clinically Important Difference Be Achieved in Elderly Patients with Adult Spinal Deformity Who Undergo Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery?

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Can a More User-Friendly Medicare Plan Finder Improve Consumers' Selection of Medicare Plans?

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Can a Network Approach Resolve How Adaptive vs Nonadaptive Plasticity Impacts Evolutionary Trajectories?

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Can a Neutrophil-Lymphocyte Ratio Derived from Preoperative Blood Tests Predict Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation?

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Can a Patient's In-Hospital Length of Stay and Mortality Be Explained by Early-Risk Assessments?

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Can a Periodontal Infection in an Pregnant Woman Affect Her Newborn?

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Can a Positive Allosteric Modulation of GABAergic Receptors Improve Motor Symptoms in Patients with Parkinson's Disease? The Potential Role of Zolpidem in the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

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Can a Remotely Delivered Auditory Training Program Improve Speech-in-Noise Understanding?

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Can a Repeated Sprint Ability Test Help Clear a Previously Injured Soccer Player for Fully Functional Return to Activity? A Pilot Study

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Can a Shift in Fuel Energetics Explain the Beneficial Cardiorenal Outcomes in the EMPA-REG OUTCOME Study? A Unifying Hypothesis

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Can a Short Term of Repeated Ejaculations Affect Seminal Parameters?

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Can a Silver-Coated Arthrodesis Implant Provide a Viable Alternative to Above Knee Amputation in the Unsalvageable, Infected Total Knee Arthroplasty?

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Can a Single-Leg Squat Provide Insight Into Movement Control and Loading During Dynamic Sporting Actions in Patients With Athletic Groin Pain?

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Can a Six-Letter Alphabet Increase the Likelihood of Photochemical Assault to the Genetic Code?

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Can a Six-Minute Walk Distance Predict Right Ventricular Dysfunction in Patients with Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease and Pulmonary Hypertension?

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Can a Smartphone Application Help Balance Patient Autonomy and Public Safety in Drivers Who Take Psychoactive Medications?

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Can a Specific Computed Tomography-Based Assessment Predict the Ophthalmological Outcome in Pure Orbital Floor Blowout Fractures?

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Can a Strategic Pipeline Initiative Increase the Number of Women and Underrepresented Minorities in Orthopaedic Surgery?

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Can a Surgeon Refuse to Operate When an Advance Directive Limits Postoperative Care?

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Can a T2 hyperintense rim sign differentiate uterine leiomyomas from other solid adnexal masses?

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Can a Tarlov cyst radiculopathy simulate meralgia paresthetica?

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Can a Topological Approach Predict Spin-Symmetry Breaking in Conjugated Hydrocarbons?

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Can a Visual Biofeedback system based on predictive information improve postural performance?

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Can a Welfarist Approach be Used to Justify a Moral Duty to Cognitively Enhance Children?

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Can a barcode scanner for blood collection improve patient identification integrity in the emergency department? A prospective before-and-after study

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Can a biologic mesh survive a Candida krusei infection? A case report of infection of a biologic mesh following repair of abdominal wall hernia

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Can a biomimetic osteochondral scaffold be a reliable alternative to prosthetic surgery in treating late-stage SPONK?

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Can a bird brain do phonology?

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Can a bleaching toothpaste containing Blue Covarine demonstrate the same bleaching as conventional techniques? An in vitro, randomized and blinded study

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Can a blood sample for diagnostic exams be drawn from a peripheral venous catheter?

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Can a central blood volume deficit be detected by systolic pressure variation during spontaneous breathing?

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Can a clinical placement influence stigma? An analysis of measures of social distance

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Can a closed carotid artery be reopened?

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Can a combination of ultrasonographic parameters accurately evaluate concussion and guide return-to-play decisions?

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Can a community health worker administered postnatal checklist increase health-seeking behaviors and knowledge?: evidence from a randomized trial with a private maternity facility in Kiambu County, Kenya

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Can a community of practice enhance a palliative approach for people drawing close to death with dementia?

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Can a community of practice equip public health nutritionists to work with remote retail to improve the food supply?

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Can a community-based maternal care package in rural Ethiopia increase the use of health facilities for childbirth and reduce the stillbirth rate?

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Can a community-based multidisciplinary intervention effectively restore renal function? A non-randomized clinical trial

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Can a community-based peer-led diabetes self-management programme be effective: 12-week evaluation

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Can a comprehensive code of conduct discourage incivility in nursing students?

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Can a computerised training paradigm assist people with intellectual disabilities to learn cognitive mediation skills? A randomised experiment

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Can a continuous mineral foam explain the stiffening of aged bone tissue? A micromechanical approach to mineral fusion in musculoskeletal tissues

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Can a cricket ball influence societal change? Exemplifying societal dichotomy in the tolerance of risk

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Can a criminal justice alcohol abstention programme with swift, certain, and modest sanctions (24/7 Sobriety) reduce population mortality? A retrospective observational study

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Can a dermoid cyst lead to an abnormal origin of an extraocular muscle?

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Can a diabetes drug cure aging?

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Can a diabetic foot be malignant?

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Can a dietary quality score derived from a short-form FFQ assess dietary quality in UK adult population surveys?

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Can a dual-energy computed tomography predict unsuitable stone components for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy?

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Can a family-focused, transition-to-parenthood program prevent parent and partner aggression among couples with young children?

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Can a female donor for a male recipient decrease the relapse rate for patients with acute myeloid leukemia treated with allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation?

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Can a few non-coding mutations make a human brain?

Vešligaj, T.; Maslovara, Sša., 2016:
Can a finding of cervical vestibular evoked myogenic potentials contribute to vestibular migraine diagnostics?

Simpson, R.; King, A., 2015 :
Can a fixed-ratio combination of insulin degludec and liraglutide help Type 2 diabetes patients to optimize glycemic control across the day?

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Can a flap help the plug ? Or vice versa ? Proposing a combined sphincter-sparing anal fistula repair

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Can a glass cockpit display help (or hinder) performance of novices in simulated flight training?

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Can a glucagon stimulation test characterized by lower GH cut-off value be used for the diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency in adults?

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Can a good tree bring forth evil fruit? The funding of medical research by industry

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Can a graft be placed over a flap in complex hypospadias surgery? An experimental study in rabbits

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Can a gray seal (Halichoerus grypus) generalize call classes?

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Can a head get bigger than this? Report of a neglected case of hydrocephalus

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Can a health coaching intervention delivered during pregnancy help prevent excessive gestational weight gain?

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Can a health information exchange save healthcare costs? Evidence from a pilot program in South Korea

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Can a healthy youth development clinic serving latino families be youth friendly and family oriented? A mixed-methods evaluation

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Can a high-flow nasal cannula substitute for noninvasive positive pressure ventilation in post-extubation respiratory failure?

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Can a highly flexible copper(i) cluster-containing 1D and 2D coordination polymers exhibit MOF-like properties?

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Can a knee brace reduce the strain in the anterior cruciate ligament? A study using combined in vivo/in vitro method

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Can a lifestyle intervention be offered through NHS breast cancer screening? Challenges and opportunities identified in a qualitative study of women attending screening

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Can a linear combination of gait principal component vectors identify hip OA stages?

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Can a linguistic serial founder effect originating in Africa explain the worldwide phonemic cline?

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Can a mathematical model predict an individual's trait-like response to both total and partial sleep loss?

Brooks, E.; Geyer, R., 2015:
Can a medical need clause help manage the growing costs of prescription drugs in the EU?

Jorm, A.F., 2016:
Can a medical researcher have too many publications?

Kanero, J.; Hirsh-Pasek, K.; Michnick Golinkoff, R., 2015:
Can a microwave heat up coffee? How English- and Japanese-speaking children choose subjects in lexical causative sentences

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Can a mobile app improve the quality of patient care provided by trainee doctors? Analysis of trainees' case reports

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Can Multidrug-Resistant Candida auris Be Reliably Identified in Clinical Microbiology Laboratories?

Gibson, R.Sj.; Heaney, A.; Hull, K., 2013:
Can a multi-factorial assessment and interventional programme decrease inpatient falls in an elderly care ward?

Seguí Díaz, M., 2015:
Can a multifactorial intervention prevent cognitive impairment in the elderly patient?

Stuart, A.M.; Prescott, C.V.; Singleton, G.R., 2015:
Can a native rodent species limit the invasive potential of a non-native rodent species in tropical agroforest habitats?

Wadhwa, M.; Kim, J.Christine., 2015:
Can a near win kindle motivation? The impact of nearly winning on motivation for unrelated rewards

Vogel, L., 2016 :
Can a new flu vaccine cure efficacy woes?

Li, N-Ning.; Zhao, W-Tao.; Wu, X-Ting., 2016:
Can a nickel-titanium memory-shape device serve as a substitute for the stapler in gastrointestinal anastomosis? A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Can a novel clinical risk score improve pneumonia prediction in acute stroke care? A UK multicenter cohort study

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Can a novel scoring system derived from hemodynamic and anthropometric variables predict sympathetic drive in young patients?

Glasper, A., 2016:
Can a nursing associate role fill the void left by enrolled nurse training?

Ory, M., 2015:
Can a nursing home feel like home?

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Can a one-day practical lesson in surgical skills encourage medical students to consider a surgical career?

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Can a pain management programme approach reduce healthcare use? Stopping the revolving door

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Can a panel of clinical, laboratory, and pathological variables pinpoint patients with sinonasal polyposis at higher risk of recurrence after surgery?

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Can a pathological complete response of breast cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy be diagnosed by minimal invasive biopsy?

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Can a perioperative physician improve care and reduce length of stay in a surgical emergency admission unit?

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Can a pharmacy intervention improve the metabolic risks of mental health patients? Evaluation of a novel collaborative service

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Can a physical activity monitor provide a valid measure of arm elevation angle? A study to assess agreement between the SenseWear Mini Armband and the universal goniometer

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Can a pilates exercise program be effective on balance, flexibility and muscle endurance? A randomized controlled trial

Young, I.; Flowers, P.; McDaid, L., 2015:
Can a pill prevent HIV? Negotiating the biomedicalisation of HIV prevention

Higgins, S.; Lustig, N., 2016:
Can a poverty-reducing and progressive tax and transfer system hurt the poor?

Sherman, A.J.; Mayall, E.; Tasker, S.L., 2015:
Can a prescribed turnout conditioning program reduce the differential between passive and active turnout in pre-professional dancers?

Tanaka, K.; Manabe, S.; Ooyama, K.; Seki, Y.; Nagae, H.; Takagi, M.; Koike, J.; Zuccollo, J.; Pringle, K.C.; Kitagawa, H., 2015:
Can a pressure-limited V-A shunt for obstructive uropathy really protect the kidney?

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Can a print-based intervention increase screening for first degree relatives of people with colorectal cancer? A randomised controlled trial

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Can a professional development workshop with follow-up alter practitioner behaviour and outcomes for neck pain patients? A randomised controlled trial

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Can a psychologically based treatment help people to live with chronic pain when they are seeking a procedure to reduce it?

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Can a quality improvement project impact maternal and child health outcomes at scale in northern Ghana?

Franco, I.; Franco, J.; Lee, Y.Seung.; Choi, E.Kyoung.; Han, S.W., 2016:
Can a quantitative means be used to predict flow patterns: Agreement between visual inspection vs. flow index derived flow patterns

Lietz, J.E.; Kelly, J.R.; Scharold, J.V.; Yurista, P.M., 2016:
Can a rapid underwater video approach enhance the benthic assessment capability of the national coastal condition assessment in the great lakes?

Anonymous, 1999:
Can a rash predict susceptibility to ecstasy?

Ruano-Raviña, A.; Quindós-Poncela, L.; Fernández, C.Sainz.; Barros-Dios, J.M., 2016:
Can a recognized human carcinogen such as radon be healthy?

Van Patten, C.L.; Sheel, A.W.; LaBreche, J.M.; McKenzie, D.C., 2016:
Can a rehabilitative strength training program reverse muscle atrophy/weakness associated with androgen ablation therapy in prostate cancer patients?

Yarrow, E.; Anderson, K.; Apland, K.; Watson, K., 2015:
Can a restrictive law serve a protective purpose? The impact of age-restrictive laws on young people's access to sexual and reproductive health services

Delisle, R.G.; Darwin, C., 2016:
Can a revolution hide another one? Charles Darwin and the Scientific Revolution

Nickel, J.W., 2018:
Can a right to health care be justified by linkage arguments?

Rigney, G.; Blunden, S.; Maher, C.; Dollman, J.; Parvazian, S.; Matricciani, L.; Olds, T., 2016:
Can a school-based sleep education programme improve sleep knowledge, hygiene and behaviours using a randomised controlled trial

Juvonen, J.; Schacter, H.L.; Sainio, M.; Salmivalli, C., 2016:
Can a school-wide bullying prevention program improve the plight of victims? Evidence for risk × intervention effects

Perrin, C.L.; Burke, K.D., 2015:
Can a secondary isotope effect be larger than a primary?

Fedor, D.M.; Landercasper, J., 2016:
Can a seed-sized tool from Texas spare clinically node positive breast cancer patients from a complete axillary dissection?

Takekawa, K.Satiko.; Gonçalves, J.Sotrate.; Moriguchi, C.Shinohara.; Coury, H.Jane.Cote.Gil.; Sato, T.de.Oliveira., 2015:
Can a self-administered questionnaire identify workers with chronic or recurring low back pain?

Tanii, H., 2016:
Can a sensitizer potency be attenuated?

Yarema, M.C.; Green, J.P.; Sivilotti, M.L.A.; Johnson, D.W.; Nettel-Aguirre, A.; Victorino, C.; Spyker, D.A.; Rumack, B.H., 2016:
Can a serum acetaminophen concentration obtained less than 4 hours post-ingestion determine which patients do not require treatment with acetylcysteine?

Loi, S.M.; Hodson, S.; Huppert, D.; Swan, J.; Mazur, A.; Lautenschlager, N.T., 2016:
Can a short internet training program improve social isolation and self-esteem in older adults with psychiatric conditions?

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Can a simple clinical test detect impairment of zopiclone and alcohol? - A randomized controlled trial

Teculescu, D., 2016:
Can a simple forced inspiratory maneuver help identify subjects at risk for sleep-disordered breathing?

Franco, I.; Grantham, E.C.; Cubillos, J.; Franco, J.; Collett-Gardere, T.; Zelkovic, P., 2016:
Can a simple question predict prolonged uroflow lag times in children?

Stewart, T.; Caffrey, D.G.; Gilman, R.H.; Mathai, S.C.; Lerner, A.; Hernandez, A.; Pinto, M.E.; Huaylinos, Y.; Cabrera, L.; Wise, R.A.; Miranda, J.J.; Checkley, W., 2018:
Can a simple test of functional capacity add to the clinical assessment of diabetes?

Vahdad, M.Reza.; Nissen, M.; Semaan, A.; Klein, T.; Palade, E.; Boemers, T.; Troebs, R-Bodo.; Cernaianu, G., 2016:
Can a simplified algorithm prevent incomplete laparoscopic pyloromyotomy?

Kersten, E.T.G.; Akkerman-Nijland, A.M.; Driessen, J.M.M.; Diamant, Z.; Thio, B.J., 2015:
Can a single dose response predict the effect of montelukast on exercise-induced bronchoconstriction?

Pass, B.; Robinson, P.; Hodgson, R.; Grainger, A.J., 2015:
Can a single isotropic 3D fast spin echo sequence replace three-plane standard proton density fat-saturated knee MRI at 1.5 T?

Simovic, A.; Stojkovic, A.; Savic, D.; Milovanovic, D.R., 2016:
Can a single lactate value predict adverse outcome in critically ill newborn?

Weiss, A.; Brozgol, M.; Giladi, N.; Hausdorff, J.M., 2017:
Can a single lower trunk body-fixed sensor differentiate between level-walking and stair descent and ascent in older adults? Preliminary findings

Mendes, R.; Sousa, N.; Garrido, N.; Cavaco, B.; Quaresma, Lís.; Reis, V.Machado., 2015:
Can a single session of a community-based group exercise program combining step aerobics and bodyweight resistance exercise acutely reduce blood pressure?

Kruijne, W.; Brascamp, J.W.; Kristjánsson, Árni.; Meeter, M., 2016:
Can a single short-term mechanism account for priming of pop-out?

Zhang, T.; Wang, R.; Chen, H.; Min, S.; Wang, Z.; Zhao, C.; Xu, Q.; Jin, L.; Wang, W.; Wang, Z., 2015:
Can a single water molecule really affect the HO2 + NO2 hydrogen abstraction reaction under tropospheric conditions?

Sornkarn, N.; Nanayakkara, T., 2016:
Can a Soft Robotic Probe Use Stiffness Control Like a Human Finger to Improve Efficacy of Haptic Perception?

Korotkova, O., 2015:
Can a sphere scatter light producing rectangular intensity patterns?

Ocepek, M.; Andersen-Ranberg, I.; Edwards, S.A.; Fredriksen, B.; Framstad, T.; Andersen, I.L., 2016:
Can a super sow be a robust sow? Consequences of litter investment in purebred and crossbred sows of different parities

Johnson-Warrington, V.; Rees, K.; Gelder, C.; Morgan, M.D.; Singh, S.J., 2016:
Can a supported self-management program for COPD upon hospital discharge reduce readmissions? A randomized controlled trial

Brioschi, V.; Cook, J.; Arthurs, G.I., 2016:
Can a surgeon drill accurately at a specified angle?

Grose, J.; Richardson, J., 2015:
Can a sustainability and health scenario provide a realistic challenge to student nurses and provoke changes in practice? An evaluation of a training intervention

Plant, N., 2016:
Can a systems approach produce a better understanding of mood disorders?

Heidenreich, M.J.; Musonza, T.; Pawlina, W.; Lachman, N., 2015:
Can a teaching assistant experience in a surgical anatomy course influence the learning curve for nontechnical skill development for surgical residents?

Newmyer, T., 2015:
Can a tech strike force fix Washington?

O'Neill, G.; Masson, S.; Bewick, L.; Doyle, J.; McGovern, R.; Stoker, E.; Wright, H.; Newbury-Birch, D., 2016:
Can a theoretical framework help to embed alcohol screening and brief interventions in an endoscopy day-unit?

Balasundaram, S.; Ramadas, R.; Stumpf, J.; Hussain, K.A.K.; Perumal, K., 2014:
Can a tight saree wear cause cancer? - a rare case report

Scott, G.; Imam, M.A.; Eifert, A.; Freeman, M.A.R.; Pinskerova, V.; Field, R.E.; Skinner, J.; Banks, S.A., 2016:
Can a total knee arthroplasty be both rotationally unconstrained and anteroposteriorly stabilised? A pulsed fluoroscopic investigation

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Can a transient exertion-related carotid (TERC) murmur heard during a symptom-limited exercise test be used as a means for managing sports concussion?

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Can a trochanter stabilising plate prevent lateral wall fractures in AO/OTA 31-A2 pertrochanteric fractures with critical thin femoral lateral walls?

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Can a urine dipstick test be used to assess smoking status in patients undergoing planned orthopaedic surgery? a prospective cohort study

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Can a vascular smooth muscle-derived foam-cell really change its spots?

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Can a video-based hazard perception test used for driver licensing predict crash involvement?

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Can a virtual reality assessment of fine motor skill predict successful central line insertion?

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Can a virtual reality cognitive training application fulfill a dual role? Using the virtual supermarket cognitive training application as a screening tool for mild cognitive impairment

van Herpen, E.; van den Broek, E.; van Trijp, H.C.M.; Yu, T., 2016:
Can a virtual supermarket bring realism into the lab? Comparing shopping behavior using virtual and pictorial store representations to behavior in a physical store

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Can a volume challenge pinpoint the limiting factor in a Fontan circulation?

Francis-Coad, J.; Etherton-Beer, C.; Bulsara, C.; Nobre, D.; Hill, A-Marie., 2016 :
Can a web-based community of practice be established and operated to lead falls prevention activity in residential care?

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Can a workbook work? Examining whether a practitioner evaluation toolkit can promote instrumental use

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Can a "center effect" explain the higher frequency of inhibitors for a second-generation recombinant factor VIII product?

Musiime, V.; Prendergast, A.J., 2016:
Can abacavir be used safely in children without HLA testing?

Genser, L.; Vons, C., 2016:
Can abdominal surgical emergencies be treated in an ambulatory setting?

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Can abnormal ductus venosus peak velocity index for veins in normal fetuses predict failure of functional closure of the foramen ovale in the postnatal period?

Demaria, S.; Formenti, S.C., 2016:
Can abscopal effects of local radiotherapy be predicted by modeling T cell trafficking?

Kim, S.Heon.; Lyu, S.Young.; Kim, H.Young.; Park, S.Eun.; Kim, S.Young., 2015:
Can absence of pyuria exclude urinary tract infection in febrile infants? About 2011 AAP guidelines on UTI

Kim, J.; Lee, S-Hoon.; Jang, I.; Jeong, S.; Kang, H., 2016:
Can abundance of methanogen be a good indicator for CH4 flux in soil ecosystems?

Baines, D.; Taylor, L., 2016:
Can acaricide-impregnated leg bands fitted to female red grouse reduce sheep tick parasitization of chicks and increase chick survival?

Berman, S., 2015:
Can accountable care organizations "disrupt" our fragmented child health system?

Hu, J.; Qian, B-Ping.; Qiu, Y.; Wang, B.; Yu, Y.; Zhu, Z-Zhang.; Jiang, J.; Mao, S-Hu.; Qu, Z.; Zhang, Y-Peng., 2016:
Can acetabular orientation be restored by lumbar pedicle subtraction osteotomy in ankylosing spondylitis patients with thoracolumbar kyphosis?

González-Rodríguez, J.David.; Luis-Yanes, Mía.Isabel.; Inglés-Torres, E.; Arango-Sancho, P.; Cabrera-Sevilla, Jé.Eugenio.; Duque-Fernández, Mía.Rosario.; Gil-Sánchez, S.; García-Nieto, Víctor.Manuel., 2016:
Can acetazolamide be used to treat diseases involving increased bone mineral density?

Jain, V.; Dixit, R.; Chowdhury, V.; Puri, A.S.; Gondal, R., 2016:
Can acoustic radiation force impulse elastography be a substitute for liver biopsy in predicting liver fibrosis?

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Can activated sludge treatments and advanced oxidation processes remove organophosphorus flame retardants?

Huang, Q-Chun.; Wang, M-Jie.; Chen, X-Min.; Yu, W-Lin.; Chu, Y-Liang.; He, X-Hong.; Huang, R-Yue., 2015:
Can active components of licorice, glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic acid, lick rheumatoid arthritis?

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Can active learning principles be applied to the bioscience assessments of nursing students? A review of the literature

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Can acupuncture treatment be double-blinded? An evaluation of double-blind acupuncture treatment of postoperative pain

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Can acute pain treatment reduce postsurgical comorbidity after breast cancer surgery? A literature review

Akagunduz, O.Ozkaya.; Savas, R.; Yalman, D.; Kocacelebi, K.; Esassolak, M., 2016:
Can adaptive threshold-based metabolic tumor volume (MTV) and lean body mass corrected standard uptake value (SUL) predict prognosis in head and neck cancer patients treated with definitive radiotherapy/chemoradiotherapy?

Lock, J.; L.G.ange, D.; Agras, W.Stewart.; Fitzpatrick, K.Kara.; Jo, B.; Accurso, E.; Forsberg, S.; Anderson, K.; Arnow, K.; Stainer, M., 2015:
Can adaptive treatment improve outcomes in family-based therapy for adolescents with anorexia nervosa? Feasibility and treatment effects of a multi-site treatment study

Gale, S.L.; Buritt, D.J.; Tervit, H.Robin.; McGowan, L.T.; Adams, S.L., 2015:
Can additives ameliorate oxidative stress and improve development of Greenshell mussel (Perna canaliculus) oocytes during cryopreservation?

Booth, B.B.; Petersen, L.K., 2015:
Can adenocarcinoma in situ of the uterine cervix be treated safely by conisation in combination with endocervical curettage?

Zapatier, J.; Avalos, D.; Tandon, K.; Souqiyyeh, A.; Hernandez, M.; Rai, S.; Jimenez, B.; Castro, F.J., 2016:
Can adjusting BMI for age and sex provide for a better predictor of colonic neoplasia?

Pearce, A.; Haas, M.; Viney, R.; Haywood, P.; Pearson, S-Anne.; van Gool, K.; Srasuebkul, P.; Ward, R., 2015:
Can administrative data be used to measure chemotherapy side effects?

Koza, Y.; Birdal, O., 2016:
Can admission anaemia predict mortality after acute coronary syndrome?

Gaygısız, Ümmügülsüm.; Aydoğdu, Müge.; Badoğlu, M.; Boyacı, Nıhan.; Güllü, Z.; Gürsel, Gül., 2016:
Can admission serum cystatin C level be an early marker subclinical acute kidney injury in critical care patients?

Anonymous, 2016:
Can adolescents make predictive genetic testing decisions?: study suggests children age 12 and older may be competent to give consent

Kind, P.; Klose, K.; Gusi, N.; Olivares, P.R.; Greiner, W., 2016:
Can adult weights be used to value child health states? Testing the influence of perspective in valuing EQ-5D-Y

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Can adults with low literacy understand shared decision making questions? A qualitative investigation

Jha, S., 2016:
Can advanced imaging reduce overdiagnosis and overtreatment?

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Can advanced new radiation therapy technologies improve outcome of high grade glioma (HGG) patients? analysis of 3D-conformal radiotherapy (3DCRT) versus volumetric-modulated arc therapy (VMAT) in patients treated with surgery, concomitant and adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy

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Can adverse effects of glucocorticoid therapy be prevented and treated?

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Can adverse maternal and perinatal outcomes be predicted when blood pressure becomes elevated? Secondary analyses from the CHIPS (Control of Hypertension In Pregnancy Study) randomized controlled trial

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Can aerobic exercise alleviate flu-like symptoms following interferon beta-1a injections in patients with multiple sclerosis?

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Can affective instability complicate neuropsychiatric assessment?

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Can age at sexual maturity act as a predictive biomarker for prodromal negative symptoms?

Bredow, Z.; Cheung, K-Leung., 2016:
Can age-related biology impact on clinical management and outcome of primary breast cancer in older women?

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Can aging be programmed? A critical literature review

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Can agrin cerebrospinal fluid concentration be used as an early biomarker for Alzheimer's disease?

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Can air pollution negate the health benefits of cycling and walking?

Geiger, B.Baumberg.; MacKerron, G., 2016:
Can alcohol make you happy? A subjective wellbeing approach

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Can aliphatic anchoring groups be utilised with dyes for p-type dye sensitized solar cells?

Babbitt, G.A.; Coppola, E.E.; Alawad, M.A.; Hudson, Aé.O., 2016 :
Can all heritable biology really be reduced to a single dimension?

Stewart, K.A.; Hudson, C.M.; Lougheed, S.C., 2016:
Can alternative mating tactics facilitate introgression across a hybrid zone by circumventing female choice?

Ramsey, G., 2015:
Can altruism be unified?

Álvarez-Barcia, S.; Flores, Jús.R., 2016:
Can alumina particles be formed from Al hydroxide in the circumstellar media? A first-principles chemical study

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Can ampicillin/sulbactam resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii be predicted accurately by disk diffusion?

Planchard, D., 2016:
Can an Acidic Beverage Reduce Interactions Between Proton Pump Inhibitors and Erlotinib?

Danish, T.F.; Davis, M.E.; Xu, M.; Djunaidi, M.; Danter, M.R.; Kushwaha, S.S.; Stulak, J.M.; Haglund, N.A.; Maltais, S., 2017:
Can an Alternative Outflow Strategy be Utilized for High-Risk Bridged Patients with Previous Cardiac Surgery?

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Can an Anchored Cage be Substituted for an Anterior Cervical Plate and Screw for Single-Level Anterior Cervical Fusion Surgery?: Prediction of Poor Candidates Through a Review of Early Clinical and Radiologic Outcomes

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Can an Arthroplasty Registry Help Decrease Transfusions in Primary Total Joint Replacement? A Quality Initiative

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Can an Emotional Reaction Mimicking White-coat Hypertension Cause Hypertensive Crisis and Cardiac Failure?

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Can an Endplate-conformed Cervical Cage Provide a Better Biomechanical Environment than a Typical Non-conformed Cage?: A Finite Element Model and Cadaver Study

Xiao, L.; Yu, X.; Zhang, R.; Chang, H.; Xi, S.; Xiao, W.; Zeng, Z.; Zhang, H.; Xu, R.; Gao, Y., 2018:
Can an IL13 -1112 C/T (rs1800925) polymorphism predict responsiveness to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy and survival of Chinese Han patients with locally advanced rectal cancer?

Vázquez-Salazar, A.; Tan, G.; Stockton, A.; Fani, R.; Becerra, A.; Lazcano, A., 2016:
Can an Imidazole Be Formed from an Alanyl-Seryl-Glycine Tripeptide under Possible Prebiotic Conditions?

Lam, T.C.; Hsieh, F.; Salinas, J.; Boyages, J., 2015:
Can an Immediate 2-stage Breast Reconstruction Be Performed After Previous Conservative Surgery and Radiotherapy?

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Can an Intervention with Testosterone and Nutritional Supplement Improve the Frailty Level of Under-Nourished Older People?

Lucchina, S.; Maggiulli, F.; Tos, P.; Ionac, M.; Fusetti, C., 2016:
Can an adipofascial flap be used to prevent adhesions after plating of the proximal phalanx? A case report

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Can an adjustable-loop length suspensory fixation device reduce femoral tunnel enlargement in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? A prospective computer tomography study

Johns, L.E.; Narayanan, R., 2015 :
Can an adverse density difference across a surface be stabilized by heating from above?

Brown, J.E.; Lester, J.; Ellis, S.; Gutcher, S.; Turner, L.; Purohit, O-P.; Hancock, B.; Coleman, R., 2016:
Can an annual infusion of zoledronic acid protect against cancer-treatment induced bone loss (CTIBL)?

Aoki, T., 2016:
Can an antagonist for prostaglandin receptor be an alternative of aspirin?

Yates, S.G.; Smith, S.; Tharpe, W.; Shen, Y-Min.; Sarode, R., 2016:
Can an anti-Xa assay for low-molecular-weight heparin be used to assess the presence of rivaroxaban?

DiDiodato, G.; McArthur, L.; Beyene, J.; Smieja, M.; Thabane, L., 2016:
Can an antimicrobial stewardship program reduce length of stay of immune-competent adult patients admitted to hospital with diagnosis of community-acquired pneumonia? Study protocol for pragmatic controlled non-randomized clinical study

Tavakoli, P.; Campbell, K., 2017:
Can an auditory multi-feature optimal paradigm be used for the study of processes associated with attention capture in passive listeners?

Schwartz, S.M., 2016:
Can an automated early warning system derived from continuous physiologic monitoring prevent disaster?

Sémely, D.; Bennett, E.; Vallejo, C.; Saint-Marcoux, F.; Merle, L.; Nouaille, Y.; Lachâtre, Gérard.; Laroche, M-Laure., 2016:
Can an early diagnostic procedure of metformin-associated lactic acidosis in an emergency unit reduce mortality?

Faber, I.R.; Elferink-Gemser, M.T.; Oosterveld, F.G.J.; Twisk, J.W.R.; Nijhuis-Van der Sanden, M.W.G., 2016:
Can an early perceptuo-motor skills assessment predict future performance in youth table tennis players? An observational study (1998-2013)

Shah, R.R.; Maison-Blanche, P.; Robert, P.; Denis, E.; Duvauchelle, T., 2016:
Can an early phase clinical pharmacology study replace a thorough QT study? Experience with a novel H3-receptor antagonist/inverse agonist

Anonymous, 2016:
Can an ecosystem approach to health promotion succeed where reductionism fails?

Amiri, P.; Hamzavi Zarghani, N.; Nazeri, P.; Ghofranipour, F.; Karimi, M.; Amouzegar, A.; Mirmiran, P.; Azizi, F., 2016:
Can an Educational Intervention Improve Iodine Nutrition Status in Pregnant Women? A Randomized Controlled Trial

Oriot, P.; Ponchon, M.; Hermans, M.P., 2016:
Can an electronic glycaemic notebook associated with an insulin calculator improve HbA1c in diabetic patients on a multiple insulin injections regimen? A 26-week observational real-life study

Imperato, J.; Mehegan, T.; Henning, D.J.; Patrick, J.; Bushey, C.; Setnik, G.; Sanchez, L.D., 2016:
Can an emergency department clinical "triggers" program based on abnormal vital signs improve patient outcomes?

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Can an enhanced thin-slice computed tomography delineate the right adrenal vein and improve the success rate?

Dixon-Woods, M.; Foy, C.; Hayden, C.; Al-Shahi Salman, R.; Tebbutt, S.; Schroter, S., 2017:
Can an ethics officer role reduce delays in research ethics approval? A mixed-method evaluation of an improvement project

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Can an evidence-based book club intervention delivered via a tablet computer improve physical activity in middle-aged women?

Kim, J.; Jung, D.Soo.; Hwang, K.Jin.; Seo, J-Hye.; Na, G-Youb.; Hong, S.Bong.; Joo, E.Yeon.; Seo, D-Won., 2016 :
Can an exercise bicycle be safely used in the epilepsy monitoring unit?: An exercise method to provoke epileptic seizures and the related safety issues

Martel, O.; Garcés, G.L.; Yánez, A.; Cuadrado, A.; Cárdenes, J.F., 2016:
Can an expansion device be used in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? An in vitro study of soft tissue graft tibial fixation

Zermatten, V.; Rochat, L.; Manolov, R.; Van der Linden, M., 2016:
Can an external device create and trigger intention in a patient with a severe brain injury?

Verstraeten, T.R.G.M.; Berghs, B.; Tongel, A.Van.; Volders, D.; D.W.lde, L.F., 2015:
Can an extracorporeal glenoid aiming device be used to optimize the position of the glenoid component in total shoulder arthroplasty?

Kuznetsov, I.A.; Kuznetsov, A.V., 2016:
Can an increase in neuropeptide production in the soma lead to DCV circulation in axon terminals with type III en passant boutons?

Liccardi, G.; Salzillo, A.; Calzetta, L.; Ora, J.; Cazzola, M.; Matera, M.Gabriella.; Rogliani, P., 2016:
Can an increased cholinergic tone constitute a predictor of positive response to tiotropium in patients with moderate asthma?

Keles, M.Kemal.; Aykan, A.; Yapici, A.Kerim., 2015:
Can an innocent toy become dangerous? The hydrogen gas balloon burn

White, D.K.; Neogi, T.; Rejeski, W.Jack.; Walkup, M.P.; Lewis, C.E.; Nevitt, M.C.; Foy, C.G.; Felson, D.T., 2015:
Can an intensive diet and exercise program prevent knee pain among overweight adults at high risk?

Moessner, M.; Minarik, C.; Özer, F.; Bauer, S., 2016:
Can an internet-based program for the prevention and early intervention in eating disorders facilitate access to conventional professional healthcare?

Welton, C.; Morrison, M.; Catalig, M.; Chris, J.; Pataki, J., 2016:
Can an interprofessional tracheostomy team improve weaning to decannulation times? A quality improvement evaluation

Giner-Bartolomé, C.; Fagundo, A.B.; Sánchez, I.; Jiménez-Murcia, S.; Santamaría, J.J.; Ladouceur, R.; Menchón, Jé.M.; Fernández-Aranda, F., 2015:
Can an intervention based on a serious videogame prior to cognitive behavioral therapy be helpful in bulimia nervosa? A clinical case study

Cetinkalp, S.; Simsir, Iın.Yildirim.; Sahin, F.; Saydam, G.; Ural, A.Ugur.; Yilmaz, C., 2015:
Can an oral antidiabetic (rosiglitazone) be of benefit in leukemia treatment?

Zhang, H.; Liu, N.; Gao, S.; Hu, X.; Zhao, W.; Tao, R.; Chen, Z.; Zheng, J.; Sun, X.; Xu, L.; Li, W.; Yu, J.; Yuan, S., 2016:
Can an ¹⁸F-ALF-NOTA-PRGD2 PET/CT Scan Predict Treatment Sensitivity to Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma?

Springate, D.A.; Ashcroft, D.M.; Kontopantelis, E.; Doran, T.; Ryan, R.; Reeves, D., 2015:
Can analyses of electronic patient records be independently and externally validated? Study 2--the effect of β-adrenoceptor blocker therapy on cancer survival: a retrospective cohort study

Selleslagh, J.; Echard, Aélie.; Pécheyran, C.; Baudrimont, M.; Lobry, Jérémy.; Daverat, Fçoise., 2016:
Can analysis of Platichthys flesus otoliths provide relevant data on historical metal pollution in estuaries? Experimental and in situ approaches

Girard, O.; Brocherie, F.; Millet, Gégoire.P., 2015:
Can analysis of performance and neuromuscular recoveries from repeated sprints shed more light on its fatigue-causing mechanisms?

Zohrabian, V.M.; Parker, L.; Harrop, J.S.; Vaccaro, A.R.; Marino, R.J.; Flanders, A.E., 2015:
Can anatomic level of injury on MRI predict neurological level in acute cervical spinal cord injury?

Ray, A.; Huisman, M.V.; Rabelink, T.J., 2015:
Can and should carotid ultrasound be used in cardiovascular risk assessment?: the internist's perspective

Einav, S.; Kaufman, N.; O'Connor, M., 2015:
Can anesthesiologists help? Analysis of the american heart association-emergency cardiac care recommendations for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, with a focus on management of airway and breathing

Sutter, R.; Kaplan, P.W., 2016:
Can anesthetic treatment worsen outcome in status epilepticus?

Byrne, K.; Levins, K.J.; Buggy, D.J., 2016:
Can anesthetic-analgesic technique during primary cancer surgery affect recurrence or metastasis?

Rygiel, K., 2016:
Can angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors impact cognitive decline in early stages of Alzheimer's disease? An overview of research evidence in the elderly  patient population

Green, S.Bridgwood., 2016:
Can animal data translate to innovations necessary for a new era of patient-centred and individualised healthcare? Bias in preclinical animal research

Cantone, D.; Pelullo, C.Paola.; Cancellieri, M.; Attena, F., 2016:
Can antenatal classes reduce the rate of cesarean section in southern Italy?

D.B.ule, J.; Vandenneucker, H.; Claes, S.; Bellemans, J., 2016:
Can anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction be performed routinely in day clinic?

Barlocco, F.; Olivotto, I., 2016:
Can anthropology improve our care of inherited cardiac arrhythmias? A modest proposal

Bakas, P.; Boutas, I.; Creatsa, M.; Vlahos, N.; Gregoriou, O.; Creatsas, G.; Hassiakos, D., 2016:
Can anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) predict the outcome of intrauterine insemination with controlled ovarian stimulation?

Singh, A.Kumar.; Singh, R., 2015:
Can anti-Mullerian hormone replace ultrasonographic evaluation in polycystic ovary syndrome? A review of current progress

Koola, M.Mathew.; Raines, J.K.; Hamilton, R.G.; McMahon, R.P., 2016:
Can anti-inflammatory medications improve symptoms and reduce mortality in schizophrenia?

Chen, Y-Chou.; Lin, W-Che., 2016:
Can anti-osteoporotic therapy reduce adjacent fracture in magnetic resonance imaging-proven acute osteoporotic vertebral fractures?

Füeßl, H.S.; Stiefelhagen, P., 2016:
Can antidiabetic drugs trigger an allergy?

Ferry, T., 2016:
Can antimicrobial therapy duration be reduced to 6 weeks for all patients presenting with vertebralosteomyelitis?

Gorji Ghalamestani, S.; Lehmann, S.; Dick, K.A., 2016:
Can antimonide-based nanowires form wurtzite crystal structure?

Fussner, L.A.; Specks, U., 2015:
Can antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody levels be used to inform treatment of pauci-immune vasculitis?

Chen, Y-Chou.; Su, F-Mei.; Cheng, T-Tsai.; Lin, W-Che.; Lui, C-Chung., 2015:
Can antiosteoporotic therapy reduce mortality in MRI-proved acute osteoporotic vertebral fractures?

Ray, S.; Belch, J.J.; Craigie, A.M.; Khan, F.; Kennedy, G.; Hill, A.; Barton, K.L.; Dawe, R.S.; Ibbotson, S.H., 2015:
Can antioxidant-rich blackcurrant juice drink consumption improve photoprotection against ultraviolet radiation?

Asensi, V.; Collazos, J.; Valle-Garay, E., 2015:
Can antiretroviral therapy be tailored to each human immunodeficiency virus-infected individual? Role of pharmacogenomics

Ford, N.; Getahun, H., 2016:
Can antiretrovirals curb southern Africa's HIV-associated TB epidemic?

van den Berge, J.C.; Utens, E.M.W.J.; Dulfer, K.; Hartman, E.M.J.; van Geuns, R-Jan.; Daemen, J.; van Domburg, R.T., 2016:
Can anxiety and depression, separately or in combination predict subjective health status 10 years post-PCI?

Anonymous, 2016:
Can anxiety cause a heart attack?

Mah, L.; Szabuniewicz, C.; Fiocco, A.J., 2016:
Can anxiety damage the brain?

López-Picazo, J.J.; Tomás-Garcia, N.; Ros Abellán, M.P., 2018:
Can anybody understand the informed consent documents? A proposal to make it easier

Stockwell, F., 2013:
Can anyone help me disseminate my body of nursing research?

Jack, A., 2016:
Can anyone stop the illegal sale of medicines online?

Vriz, O.; Minisini, R.; Zito, C.; Boccato, E.; Fimiani, F.; Pirisi, M.; Facciolo, C.; Limongelli, G.; Bossone, E.; Calabrò, P., 2016:
Can apical ballooning cardiomyopathy and anterior STEMI be differentiated based on β1 and β2-adrenergic receptors polymorphisms?

Zhang, J.; Huang, X.; Lu, B.; Zhang, C.; Cai, Z., 2015:
Can apical periodontitis affect serum levels of CRP, IL-2, and IL-6 as well as induce pathological changes in remote organs?

Fraczek, M.; Hryhorowicz, M.; Gaczarzewicz, D.; Szumala-Kakol, A.; Kolanowski, T.J.; Beutin, L.; Kurpisz, M., 2016:
Can apoptosis and necrosis coexist in ejaculated human spermatozoa during in vitro semen bacterial infection?

Tong, Y.; Hocke, L.M.; Fan, X.; Janes, A.C.; Frederick, B.deB., 2015:
Can apparent resting state connectivity arise from systemic fluctuations?

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Can application of universal primers alone be a substitute for airborne-particle abrasion to improve adhesion of resin cement to zirconia?

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Can applied external fixators be sterilized for surgery? A prospective cohort study of orthopaedic trauma patients

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Can appropriate use criteria lead to appropriate care?

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Can apps encourage a healthier and more active lifestyle?

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Can aquatic worms enhance methane production from waste activated sludge?

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Can arbuscular mycorrhiza and fertilizer management reduce phosphorus runoff from paddy fields?

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Can argyrophilic nucleolar organizing region-associated protein amount be used for the detection of cardiac damage?

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Can aromatase inhibitors cause forgetfulness in women with breast cancer ?

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Can arousal modulate response inhibition?

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Can arterial wave augmentation in young adults help account for variability of cardiovascular risk in different British ethnic groups?

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Can asenapine cause myocarditis?

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Can assisted reproductive technologies cause adult-onset disease? Evidence from human and mouse

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Can asthmatic subjects dive?

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Can atlas spina bifida-occulta be a cause of cervicogenic headaches?

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Can atopic dermatitis be prevented?

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Can atorvastatin calcium cause asymptomatic hypercalcemia?

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Can attachment and peer relation constructs predict anxiety in ethnic minority youths? A longitudinal exploratory study

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Can attention to the intestinal microbiota improve understanding and treatment of anorexia nervosa?

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Can auditory deviant stimuli temporarily suspend cognitive processing? Evidence from patients with anxiety

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Can augmented feedback facilitate learning a reactive balance task among older adults?

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Can automation in radiotherapy reduce costs?

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Can autonomy be limited--an ethical and legal perspective in a South African context?

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Can axillary dissection be avoided in patients with sentinel lymph node (SLN) metastases (mets)?

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Can axillary node dissection be safely omitted in the elderly? A retrospective study on axillary management of early breast cancer in older women

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Can bacterial infection by low virulent organisms be a plausible cause for symptomatic disc degeneration? A systematic review

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Can bacterium UD1023 lessen the uptake and bioaccumulation of heavy metals in plants? An update

Anonymous, 2016:
Can barbecued meat cause cancer?

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Can basal cell carcinoma lateral border be determined by fluorescence diagnosis?: Verification by Mohs micrographic surgery

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Can baseline ML Flow test results predict leprosy reactions? An investigation in a cohort of patients enrolled in the uniform multidrug therapy clinical trial for leprosy patients in Brazil

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Can baseline serum microRNAs predict response to TNF-alpha inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis?

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Can be galectin-3 a novel marker in determining mortality in hemodialysis patients?

Rodondi, N., 2016:
Can be reduced the polypharmacy at the multi morbidity patients?

Cambal, M.; Labas, P.; Lukac, L.; Skoda, A.; Zemanova, M., 2015:
Can be tracing of surgeon's hand movement useful in laparoscopic and endoscopic learning curve?

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Can bedside patient-reported numbness predict postoperative ambulation ability for total knee arthroplasty patients with nerve block catheters?

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Can behavioral health drive its own reformation? The challenges of shifting direction

Bartels, S.J., 2015:
Can behavioral health organizations change health behaviors? The STRIDE study and lifestyle interventions for obesity in serious mental illness

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Can behavioural differences in Platypus cylindrus (Coleoptera: Platypodinae) from Portugal and Tunisia be explained by genetic and morphological traits?

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Can behavioural observations made during the SMART assessment detect the potential for later emergence from vegetative state?

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Can being ageist harm your older adult patients?

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Can beneficial ends justify lying? Neural responses to the passive reception of lies and truth-telling with beneficial and harmful monetary outcomes

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Can betaine pyridinium derivatives be used to control the photoejection of cation?

Angus, H.; Greenberg, A., 2016:
Can better care for complex patients transform the health system?

Anonymous, 2016:
Can bicycling affect my PSA level?

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Can big data help us close an epilepsy care gap?

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Can biliary endoscopy play a role in liver disease associated to cystic fibrosis?

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Can bilingual children turn one language off? Evidence from perceptual switching

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Can binary early warning scores perform as well as standard early warning scores for discriminating a patient's risk of cardiac arrest, death or unanticipated intensive care unit admission?

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Can bioactive compounds of Crocus sativus L. influence the metabolic activity of selected CYP enzymes in the rat?

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Can biofeedback training of psychophysiological responses enhance athletes' sport performance? A practitioner's perspective

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Can biologic treatment induce cutaneous focal mucinosis?

Green, S., 2016:
Can biological complexity be reverse engineered?

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Can biological components predict short-term evolution in Autism Spectrum Disorders? A proof-of-concept study

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Can biological motion research provide insight on how to reduce friendly fire incidents?

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Can biological structures be natural and sustainable capsules?

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Can biomarkers balance stroke and bleeding risk?

Meluzín, J.; Tomandl, J., 2015:
Can biomarkers help to diagnose early heart failure with preserved ejection fraction?

Shen, Y.; Zhong, W., 2015:
Can biomechanical studies make no distinction between different lumbar levels?

Brier, Søren., 2016:
Can biosemiotics be a "science" if its purpose is to be a bridge between the natural, social and human sciences?

Sajid, M.R.; Laheji, A.F.; Abothenain, F.; Salam, Y.; AlJayar, D.; Obeidat, A., 2016:
Can blended learning and the flipped classroom improve student learning and satisfaction in Saudi Arabia?

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Can blind persons accurately assess body size from the voice?

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Can blockage or sacrifice of the middle meningeal artery lead to hydrocephalus?

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Can blood and semen presepsin levels in males predict pregnancy in couples undergoing intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection?

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Can blood metal ion levels be used to identify patients with bilateral Birmingham Hip Resurfacings who are at risk of adverse reactions to metal debris?

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Can blood or follicular fluid levels of presepsin predict reproductive outcomes in ART; a preliminary study

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Can blood pressure be lowered safely in older adults with lacunar stroke? The Secondary Prevention of Small Subcortical Strokes study experience

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Can blood pressure-lowering therapy reduce the risk of cognitive decline in the elderly?

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Can body composition be used to optimize the dose of platinum chemotherapy in lung cancer? A feasibility study

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Can body mass index predict survival outcomes in patients treated with radical nephroureterectomy for upper-tract urothelial carcinoma?

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Can body mass index predict the outcome of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma? A single-center retrospective study in China

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Can body traits, other than wings, reflect the flight ability of Triatominae bugs?

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Can bone apposition predict the retention force of a femoral stem? An experimental weight-bearing hip-implant model in goats

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Can bone marrow aspirate concentrate change the mineralization pattern of the anterior maxilla treated with xenografts? A preliminary study

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Can bone thickness and inter-radicular space affect miniscrew placement in posterior mandibular sites?

Beck, J., 2016:
Can bootstrapping explain concept learning?

Miotla, P.; Cartwright, R.; Futyma, K.; Bogusiewicz, M.; Skorupska, K.; Winkler, I.; Rechberger, T., 2016:
Can botox improve night-time overactive bladder symptoms in women?

Gungor, A.Yalcin.; Alkis, H.; Turkkahraman, H., 2017:
Can brackets be bonded with a composite resin after expiration date?

Aibiki, M., 2015:
Can bradycardia during therapeutic hypothermia help predicting neurologic outcome and be beneficial in post-cardiac arrest patients?

Loughead, J.; Falcone, M.; Wileyto, E.Paul.; Albelda, B.; Audrain-McGovern, J.; Cao, W.; Kurtz, M.M.; Gur, R.C.; Lerman, C., 2016:
Can brain games help smokers quit?: Results of a randomized clinical trial

Worland, J., 2015:
Can brain games keep my mind young?

Lau, E.; Soong, Y.Yean.; Zhou, W.; Henry, J., 2015:
Can bread processing conditions alter glycaemic response?

Wennman-Larsen, A.; Nilsson, M.I.; Saboonchi, F.; Olsson, M.; Alexanderson, K.; Fornander, T.; Sandelin, K.; Petersson, L-Marie., 2016:
Can breast cancer register data on recommended adjuvant treatment be used as a proxy for actually given treatment?

Balu-Maestro, C.; Caramella, T., 2016:
Can breast elastography change our strategies? Technology, impact and limitations

Reid, G., 2016:
Can breast microbiota provide protective effects against cancer?

Harvey, B.C.; Parameswaran, H.; Lutchen, K.R., 2016:
Can breathing-like pressure oscillations reverse or prevent narrowing of small intact airways?

Delezie, E.; Koppenol, A.; Buyse, J.; Everaert, N., 2016:
Can breeder reproductive status, performance and egg quality be enhanced by supplementation and transition of n-3 fatty acids?

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Can brief alcohol interventions for youth also address concurrent illicit drug use? results from a meta-analysis

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Can bronchial asthma with an highly prevalent airway (and systemic) vagal tone be considered an independent asthma phenotype? Possible role of anticholinergics

Sing, K-Wah.; Dong, H.; Wang, W-Zhi.; Wilson, J-James., 2016:
Can butterflies cope with city life? Butterfly diversity in a young megacity in southern China

Thom, M.D.; Daniels, J.C.; Kobziar, L.N.; Colburn, J.R., 2016:
Can butterflies evade fire? Pupa location and heat tolerance in fire prone habitats of Florida

Bryant, H., 2016:
Can bystanders cope with cardiac arrest?

Laé, M.; Lebel, A.; Hamel-Viard, F.; Asselain, B.; Trassard, M.; Sastre, X.; Kirova, Y.M., 2015:
Can c-myc amplification reliably discriminate postradiation from primary angiosarcoma of the breast?

Racinet, C.; Tronc, C.; Sellier, E.; Cans, C.; van Bakel, M.E., 2016:
Can caesarean delivery prevent cerebral palsy? Medico-legal implications of a French ecological study

Hong, C.Moon.; Ahn, B.Cheol., 2016:
Can calcified pulmonary metastases detected by (18)F-FDG PET/CT suggest the primary tumor?

Tabrizi, R.; Fardisi, S.; Zamiri, B.; Amanpour, S.; Karagah, T., 2018:
Can calcitonin nasal spray reduce the risk of recurrence of central giant cell granuloma of the jaws? A double-blind clinical trial

Caglar Aytac, P.; Kilicdag, E.Bulgan.; Haydardedeoglu, B.; Simsek, E.; Cok, T.; Parlakgumus, H.Ayse., 2016:
Can calcium ionophore "use" in patients with diminished ovarian reserve increase fertilization and pregnancy rates? A randomized, controlled study

Gardin, J.M., 2016:
Can calcium supplementation improve stress echocardiography?

Michaels, T.I.; Novakovic, V., 2015:
Can cannabis cause psychosis?

Mahu, I.T.; Doucet, C.; O'Leary-Barrett, M.; Conrod, P.J., 2015:
Can cannabis use be prevented by targeting personality risk in schools? Twenty-four-month outcome of the adventure trial on cannabis use: a cluster-randomized controlled trial

Perez, L.Reus.Rodrigues.; Rodrigues, Dógenes.; Dias, Cícero., 2017:
Can carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae susceptibility results obtained from surveillance cultures predict the susceptibility of a clinical carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae?

Zarin, D.J.; Harris, N.L.; Baccini, A.; Aksenov, D.; Hansen, M.C.; Azevedo-Ramos, C.; Azevedo, T.; Margono, B.A.; Alencar, A.C.; Gabris, C.; Allegretti, A.; Potapov, P.; Farina, M.; Walker, W.S.; Shevade, V.S.; Loboda, T.V.; Turubanova, S.; Tyukavina, A., 2015:
Can carbon emissions from tropical deforestation drop by 50% in 5 years?

Kalra, S.; Gupta, Y.; Baruah, M., 2015:
Can cardiac autonomic neuropathy be a predictor of cardiovascular outcomes in diabetes?

Iakobishvili, Z.; Kornowski, R., 2016:
Can cardio-oncology deliver better care internationally?

Mak, M.A.; Smołka, A.; Kowalski, J.; Kuc, A.; Klausa, F.; Kremens, K.; Jarek, D.; Bachowski, R.; Skiba, J., 2016:
Can cardiopulmonary bypass system with blood priming become a new standard in coronary surgery?

Campbell, D.J., 2017:
Can cardiovascular disease guidelines that advise treatment decisions based on absolute risk be improved?

Castillo-Manzano, Jé.I.; Castro-Nuño, M.; Fageda, X., 2015:
Can cars and trucks coexist peacefully on highways? Analyzing the effectiveness of road safety policies in Europe

Pettifor, A.; Rosenberg, N.; Bekker, L-Gail., 2016:
Can cash help eliminate mother-to-child HIV transmission?

Kusuma, D.; Cohen, J.; McConnell, M.; Berman, P., 2017:
Can cash transfers improve determinants of maternal mortality? Evidence from the household and community programs in Indonesia

Novack, L.; Manor, E.; Gurevich, E.; Yitshak-Sade, M.; Landau, D.; Sarov, B.; Hershkovitz, R.; Dukler, D.; Vodonos, T.; Karakis, I., 2015:
Can cell proliferation of umbilical cord blood cells reflect environmental exposures?

Penelas, A.Gonçalves.; Piedade, V.Martins.; Borges, A.Carolina.Oliveira.da.Silva.; Poskus, L.Tatiana.; da Silva, E.Moreira.; Guimarães, Jé.Guilherme.Antunes., 2018:
Can cement film thickness influence bond strength and fracture resistance of fiber reinforced composite posts?

Haen, T.X.; Lonjon, G.; Vandenbussche, E., 2016:
Can cemented dual-mobility cups be used without a reinforcement device in cases of mild acetabular bone stock alteration in total hip arthroplasty?

Wang, R.Yu.; Ng, C.Nam., 2016:
Can centralized sanctioning promote trust in social dilemmas? A two-level trust game with incomplete information

Miedema, B.; Reading, S.A.; Hamilton, R.A.; Morrison, K.S.; Thompson, A.E., 2015:
Can certified health professionals treat obesity in a community-based programme? A quasi-experimental study

Nilson, A.C.; Blythe, J.G., 1997:
Can cervicography replace the ectocervical papanicolaou smear?

Wu, J.; Zhang, G., 2015:
Can changes in the distributions of resident birds in China over the past 50 years be attributed to climate change?

MacNeill, M.; Dobbin, N.; St-Jean, M.; Wallace, L.; Marro, L.; Shin, T.; You, H.; Kulka, R.; Allen, R.W.; Wheeler, A.J., 2018:
Can changing the timing of outdoor air intake reduce indoor concentrations of traffic-related pollutants in schools?

Thompson, J.A.; Oliveira, R.Almeida.; Xavier, K.B., 2015:
Can chatter between microbes prevent cholera?

Kim, M.Ju.; Kim, T.Hyun.; Kim, D.Yong.; Kim, S.Young.; Baek, J.Yeon.; Chang, H.Jin.; Park, S.Chan.; Park, J.Won.; Oh, J.Hwan., 2015:
Can chemoradiation allow for omission of lateral pelvic node dissection for locally advanced rectal cancer?

Mahmoud, O.; Hathout, L.; Shaaban, S.G.; Elshaikh, M.A.; Beriwal, S.; Small, W., 2016:
Can chemotherapy boost the survival benefit of adjuvant radiotherapy in early stage cervical cancer with intermediate risk factors? A population based study

Francisco, Fávia.Angélica.Ferreira.; Rodrigues, R.Souza.; Barreto, M.Menna.; Escuissato, D.Luiz.; Araujo Neto, C.Augusto.; Silva, J.Luiz.Pereira.E.; Silva, C.S.; Hochhegger, B.; Souza, A.Soares.; Zanetti, Gáucia.; Marchiori, E., 2015:
Can chest high-resolution computed tomography findings diagnose pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis?

Brussoni, M.; Brunelle, S.; Pike, I.; Sandseter, E.Beate.Hansen.; Herrington, S.; Turner, H.; Belair, S.; Logan, L.; Fuselli, P.; Ball, D.J., 2016:
Can child injury prevention include healthy risk promotion?

Meir, A.; Oron-Gilad, T.; Parmet, Y., 2016 :
Can child-pedestrians' hazard perception skills be enhanced?

de Ruyter, J.C.; Katan, M.B.; Kas, R.; Olthof, M.R., 2015:
Can children discriminate sugar-sweetened from non-nutritively sweetened beverages and how do they like them?

Vroland-Nordstrand, K.; Eliasson, A-Christin.; Jacobsson, Hén.; Johansson, U.; Krumlinde-Sundholm, L., 2015:
Can children identify and achieve goals for intervention? A randomized trial comparing two goal-setting approaches

Iskrzycki, Łukasz.; Zyśko, D.; Koch, J.J.; GAwlowski, Pł.; Szarpak, L.; Smereka, J., 2016:
Can children teach their parents cardiopulmonary resuscitation and does teaching influence the retention of their knowledge?

Glassberg, K.I.; Van Batavia, J.P.; Combs, A.J., 2016:
Can children with either overactive bladder or dysfunctional voiding transition from one into the other: Are both part of a single entity?

Lin, W.; Zhang, M.; Zhang, S.; Yu, X., 2016:
Can chlorination co-select antibiotic-resistance genes?

Ceylan, H.H.; Bilsel, K.; Buyukpinarbasili, N.; Ceylan, H.; Erdil, M.; Tuncay, I.; Sen, C., 2016:
Can chondral healing be improved following microfracture? The effect of adipocyte tissue derived stem cell therapy

Gagnon, Y.Luc.; Osorio, D.C.; Wardill, T.J.; Marshall, N.Justin.; Chung, W-Sung.; Temple, S.E., 2016:
Can chromatic aberration enable color vision in natural environments?

Kubiak, M.; Lewandowska, M.Anna., 2016:
Can chromatin conformation technologies bring light into human molecular pathology?

Giona, F.; Moleti, M.L.; De Benedittis, D.; Santopietro, M.; Nanni, M.; Testi, A.M.; Orlando, S.; Iori, A.P.; Piciocchi, A.; Gottardi, E.; Barberi, W.; Diverio, D.; Saglio, G.; Foà, R., 2017:
Can chronic myeloid leukaemia in children and adolescents be successfully treated without haematopoietic stem cell transplant? A single centre experience

Pahan, P.; Pahan, K., 2015:
Can cinnamon bring aroma in Parkinson's disease treatment?

Incebiyik, A.; Vural, M.; Camuzcuoglu, H.; Taskin, A.; Camuzcuoglu, A.; Hilali, N.Gul.; Aksoy, N., 2015:
Can circulating M30 and M65 levels be beneficial markers in the diagnosis and management of patients with complete hydatidiform mole?

Richards, A.Mark.; Frampton, C.M., 2016:
Can circulating biomarkers identify heart failure patients at low risk?

Keller, A.; Meese, E., 2015:
Can circulating miRNAs live up to the promise of being minimal invasive biomarkers in clinical settings?

Theil, G.; Fornara, P., 2016:
Can circulating tumor cells be a predicative biomarker?

Mathew, A.; Brufsky, A.M.; Davidson, N.E., 2016:
Can circulating tumor cells predict resistance in metastatic breast cancer?

Bonney, R.; Phillips, T.B.; Ballard, H.L.; Enck, J.W., 2015:
Can citizen science enhance public understanding of science?

Ybarra, M.L.; Boyd, D., 2015:
Can clans protect adolescent players of massively multiplayer online games from violent behaviors?

Soares, M.C.; Cardoso, Sónia.C.; Malato, Jão.T.; Messias, Jão.P.M., 2016:
Can cleanerfish overcome temptation? A selective role for dopamine influence on cooperative-based decision making

Sys, M.; van den Bogaert, A.; Roosens, B.; Lampo, A.; Jansen, A.; Wouters, S.; Keymolen, K., 2016:
Can clinical characteristics be criteria to perform chromosomal microarray analysis in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders?

Joye, I.; Debucquoy, A.; Fieuws, S.; Wolthuis, A.; Sagaert, X.; D'Hoore, Aé.; Haustermans, K., 2016:
Can clinical factors be used as a selection tool for an organ-preserving strategy in rectal cancer?

Scolozzi, P.; Wandeler, P-Antoine.; Courvoisier, D.S., 2016:
Can clinical factors predict postoperative temporomandibular disorders in orthognathic patients? A retrospective study of 219 patients

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Can clinical features be used to differentiate type 1 from type 2 diabetes? A systematic review of the literature

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Can clinical prediction tools predict the need for computed tomography in blunt abdominal? A systematic review

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Can clinical signs, clinicopathological findings and abdominal ultrasonography predict the site of histopathological abnormalities of the alimentary tract in cats?

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Can clinical supervision sustain our workforce in the current healthcare landscape? Findings from a Queensland study of allied health professionals

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Can clinical use of Social Media improve quality of care in mental Health? A Health Technology Assessment approach in an Italian mental health service

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Can clinicians and scientists explain and prevent unexplained underperformance syndrome in elite athletes: an interdisciplinary perspective and 2016 update

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Can clock drawing differentiate Alzheimer's disease from other dementias?

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Can closeness, conflict, and dependency be used to characterize students' perceptions of the affective relationship with their teacher? Testing a new child measure in middle childhood

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Can cloud point-based enrichment, preservation, and detection methods help to bridge gaps in aquatic nanometrology?

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Can cloud-based tools accelerate Alzheimer's disease drug discovery?

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Can coagulopathy in post-partum hemorrhage predict maternal morbidity?

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Can cognitive behaviour therapy be beneficial for heart failure patients?

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Can cognitive behaviour therapy beneficially influence arousal mechanisms in psychosis?

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Can cognitive psychological research on reasoning enhance the discussion around moral judgments?

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Can cognitive remediation improve subsequent response to low-intensity cognitive behaviour therapy for psychosis in people with schizophrenia?

Chater, N., 2016:
Can cognitive science create a cognitive economics?

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Can cold water immersion enhance recovery in elite Olympic weightlifters? An individualized perspective

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Can colleagues', patients' and supervisors' assessments predict successful completion of postgraduate medical training?

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Can colonic migrating motor complexes occur in mice lacking the endothelin-3 gene?

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Can color changes alter the neural correlates of recognition memory? Manipulation of processing affects an electrophysiological indicator of conceptual implicit memory

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Can colorectal delivery technology provide a platform for enteral oligonucleotide-based therapeutics?

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Can colour vision re-evolve? Variation in the X-linked opsin locus of cathemeral Azara's owl monkeys (Aotus azarae azarae)

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Can colours be used to segment words when reading?

Demir, A.; Köse, M.; Bozdag, G.; Sokmensuer, L.Karakoc.; Sever, A.; Gunalp, S., 2015:
Can combination of Day 3 and Day 5 embryo morphology be useful to predict pregnancy in in-vitro fertilization cycles?

Vahdat, M.; Sariri, E.; Kashanian, M.; Najmi, Z.; Mobasseri, A.; Marashi, M.; Mohabbatian, B.; Ariana, S.; Moradi, Y., 2016:
Can combination of hysterosalpingography and ultrasound replace hysteroscopy in diagnosis of uterine malformations in infertile women?

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Can combined use of low-level lasers and hyaluronic acid injections prolong the longevity of degenerative knee joints?

Sofue, K.; Marin, D.; Jaffe, T.A.; Nelson, R.C.; Bashir, M.R., 2015:
Can combining triple-arterial phase acquisition with fluoroscopic triggering provide both optimal early and late hepatic arterial phase images during gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI?

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Can community consciousness be a bad thing? A moderated mediation analysis of heterosexism, mental health and body appreciation in sexual minority men

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Can community health officer-midwives effectively integrate skilled birth attendance in the community-based health planning and services program in rural Ghana?

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Can community midwives prevent antenatal depression? An external pilot study to test the feasibility of a cluster randomized controlled universal prevention trial

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Can community-based integrated vector control hasten the process of LF elimination?

Gillam, S., 2012:
Can community-oriented primary care help GP commissioning?

Elsden, L., 2016:
Can compassion be taught?

Lown, B.A.; Muncer, S.J.; Chadwick, R., 2015:
Can compassionate healthcare be measured? The Schwartz Center Compassionate Care Scale™

Grady, C.Marie., 2018:
Can complexity science inform physician leadership development?

Anonymous, 1999:
Can compression hosiery prevent falls?

Wright, P.A.; Alex, A.; Pullen, F.S., 2015:
Can computational chemistry be used to predict CID fragmentation of anions?

Anderson, B.L., 2016:
Can computational goals inform theories of vision?

Price, S.L.; Braun, D.E.; Reutzel-Edens, S.M., 2018:
Can computed crystal energy landscapes help understand pharmaceutical solids?

Ulusan, S.; Pekoz, B.; Sariturk, C., 2016:
Can computed tomography aid in diagnosis of intramural hematomas of the intestinal wall?

Al-Kassimi, F.A.; Alhamad, E.H.; Al-Hajjaj, M.S.; Raddaoui, E.; Alzeer, A.H.; Alboukai, A.A.; Somily, A.M.; Cal, J.G.; Ibrahim, A.F.; Shaik, S.A., 2016:
Can computed tomography and carbon monoxide transfer coefficient diagnose an asthma-like phenotype in COPD?

Lesser, F.D.; Derbyshire, S.G.; Lewis-Jones, H., 2016:
Can computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging differentiate between malignant pathology and osteomyelitis in the central skull base?

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Can computed tomography esophagography reliably diagnose traumatic penetrating upper digestive tract injuries?

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Can computer simulators accurately represent the pathophysiology of individual COPD patients?

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Can computer-assisted cognitive remediation improve employment and productivity outcomes of patients with severe mental illness? A meta-analysis of prospective controlled trials

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Can computer-assisted surgery help restore leg length and offset during THA? A continuous series of 321 cases

Kelley, T., 2015:
Can computers 'do no harm'?

Santiago, J.; Lakens, Dël., 2015:
Can conceptual congruency effects between number, time, and space be accounted for by polarity correspondence?

Kadoya, Y.; Khan, M.Saidur.Rahim., 2016:
Can concern for the long-term care of older parents explain son preference at birth in India?

Gomez-Cardona, D.; Li, K.; Hsieh, J.; Lubner, M.G.; Pickhardt, P.J.; Chen, G-Hong., 2016:
Can conclusions drawn from phantom-based image noise assessments be generalized to in vivo studies for the nonlinear model-based iterative reconstruction method?

Gil-Gómez de Liaño, B.; Stablum, F.; Umiltà, C., 2016:
Can concurrent memory load reduce distraction? A replication study and beyond

Zehr, E.Paul.; Wright, B., 2016:
Can concussion constrain the Caped Crusader?

Porciúncula, G.Machado.; Koerich, L.; Eidson, L.; Gandini Junior, L.Gonzaga.; Gonçalves, Jão.Roberto., 2015:
Can cone-beam computed tomography superimposition help orthodontists better understand relapse in surgical patients?

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Can congenital pulmonary airway malformation be distinguished from Type I pleuropulmonary blastoma based on clinical and radiological features?

Graydon, C., 2006:
Can consent be uninformed? Suggested reform of sexual offences against persons with mental impairment

Lavrnić, S.; Mancini, M.L., 2016:
Can constructed wetlands treat wastewater for reuse in agriculture? Review of guidelines and examples in South Europe

Jay, S.; Whittaker, P.; Mcintosh, J.; Hadden, N., 2016:
Can consultant geriatrician led comprehensive geriatric assessment in the emergency department reduce hospital admission rates? A systematic review

Fotaki, M., 2015:
Can consumer choice replace trust in the National Health Service in England? Towards developing an affective psychosocial conception of trust in health care

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Can consumers learn to ask three questions to improve shared decision making? A feasibility study of the ASK (AskShareKnow) Patient-Clinician Communication Model(®) intervention in a primary health-care setting

Sánchez, Jé.E.; Jiménez-Pérez, G.; Liedo, P., 2016:
Can consumption of antioxidant rich mushrooms extend longevity?: antioxidant activity of Pleurotus spp. and its effects on Mexican fruit flies' (Anastrepha ludens) longevity

Bennike, N.Højsager.; Lepoittevin, J-Pierre.; Johansen, J.D., 2016:
Can contact allergy to p-phenylenediamine explain the high rates of terpene hydroperoxide allergy? - An epidemiological study based on consecutive patch test results

Płatek, A.E.; Karpiński, G.; Szymański, F.M., 2015:
Can continuous positive airway pressure therapy have antiarrhythmic properties?

Yang, P.; Peng, Y.; Zhao, H.; Luo, H.; Jin, Y.; He, Y., 2016:
Can continuous scans in orthogonal planes improve diagnostic performance of shear wave elastography for breast lesions?

Zaidi, S.; Riaz, A.; Rabbani, F.; Azam, S.Iqbal.; Imran, S.Nida.; Pradhan, N.Akber.; Khan, G.Nawaz., 2016:
Can contracted out health facilities improve access, equity, and quality of maternal and newborn health services? Evidence from Pakistan

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Can contrast-enhanced ultrasonography improve Zone III REBOA placement for prehospital care?

Ventura, C.Augusto.Pinto.; Silva, E.Simão.da.; Cerri, G.Guido.; Leão, P.Puech.; Tachibana, A.; Chammas, M.Cristina., 2015:
Can contrast-enhanced ultrasound with second-generation contrast agents replace computed tomography angiography for distinguishing between occlusion and pseudo-occlusion of the internal carotid artery?

Hayat, H.; Kohary, K.; Wright, C.David., 2016:
Can conventional phase-change memory devices be scaled down to single-nanometre dimensions?

Wharton, K.R.; Thomas, J.; Henderson, P.; Fields, L., 2018:
Can converting to synthetic surgical gloves lower hospital operating room costs?

Zhou, H.; Rao, M.S., 2016:
Can cord blood banks transform into induced pluripotent stem cell banks?

Sankaranarayanan, A.; Malik, R.A., 2015:
Can corneal confocal microscopy help in early detection of neuronal damage and cognitive dysfunction as a consequence of metabolic syndrome in schizophrenia?

Derrick, T.; Holland, M.J.; Cassama, E.; Markham-David, R.; Nabicassa, M.; Marks, M.; Bailey, R.L.; Last, A.R., 2017:
Can corneal pannus with trachomatous inflammation--follicular be used in combination as an improved specific clinical sign for current ocular Chlamydia trachomatis infection?

Stefanini, G.G.; Windecker, S., 2015:
Can coronary computed tomography angiography replace invasive angiography? Coronary computed tomography angiography cannot replace invasive angiography

Achenbach, S., 2015:
Can coronary computed tomography angiography replace invasive angiography? Yes: it is all about finding the right test for the right person at the right time

Griffith, R., 2016:
Can covert administration of medicines be in a patient's best interests?

Corallo, F.; Calabro, R.Salvatore.; Leo, A.; Bramanti, P., 2015:
Can cranioplasty be effective in improving cognitive and motor function in patients with chronic disorders of consciousness? A case report

Puri, S.; Faulkes, Z., 2015:
Can crayfish take the heat? Procambarus clarkii show nociceptive behaviour to high temperature stimuli, but not low temperature or chemical stimuli

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Can creatine supplementation form carcinogenic heterocyclic amines in humans?

Xu, L.; Shi, H., 2016:
Can critically ill patients get benefit from fluid resuscitation with albumin?

McComas, A., 2017:
Can cross-talk occur in human myelinated nerve fibers?

Sai Gouthami, K.; Kumar, D.; Thipparaboina, R.; Chavan, R.B.; Shastri, N.R., 2016:
Can crystal engineering be as beneficial as micronisation and overcome its pitfalls?: A case study with cilostazol

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Can curative antivirals benefit porphyria cutanea tarda in hepatitis C patients?

Acar, M.; Muluk, N.Bayar.; Yigitaslan, S.; Cengiz, B.P.; Shojaolsadati, P.; Karimkhani, H.; Ada, S.; Berkoz, M.; Cingi, C., 2016:
Can curcumin modulate allergic rhinitis in rats?

Çiftci, Z.; Deniz, M.; Güneş, H.; Gümüş, A.; Gültekin, Eğan.; Eren Topkaya, A., 2015:
Can curcumin prevent the formation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofi lm on the surface of tympanostomy tubes?

Patlewicz, G.; Casati, S.; Basketter, D.A.; Asturiol, D.; Roberts, D.W.; Lepoittevin, J-Pierre.; Worth, A.P.; Aschberger, K., 2016:
Can currently available non-animal methods detect pre and pro-haptens relevant for skin sensitization?

Pedemonte, C.; Sáez, F.; Vargas, I.; González, L.E.; Canales, M.; Salazar, K., 2018:
Can customized implants correct enophthalmos and delayed diplopia in post-traumatic orbital deformities? A volumetric analysis

Orf, I.; Timm, S.; Bauwe, H.; Fernie, A.R.; Hagemann, M.; Kopka, J.; Nikoloski, Z., 2017:
Can cyanobacteria serve as a model of plant photorespiration? - a comparative meta-analysis of metabolite profiles

Methorst, R.; Schepers, P.; Kamminga, J.; Zeegers, T.; Fishman, E., 2016:
Can cycling safety be improved by opening all unidirectional cycle paths for cycle traffic in both directions? A theoretical examination of available literature and data

Silla, A.; Leden, L.; Rämä, P.; Scholliers, J.; Van Noort, M.; Bell, D., 2016:
Can cyclist safety be improved with intelligent transport systems?

Aulakh, N.Kaur.; Bansal, E.; Bose, A.; Aulakh, G.Singh.; Aulakh, B.Singh.; Singh, M.Rupinder., 2015:
Can cystatin C become an easy and reliable tool for anesthesiologists to calculate glomerular filtration rate?

Zoller, M.; Döbbeler, G.; Maier, B.; Vogeser, M.; Frey, L.; Zander, J., 2016:
Can cytokine adsorber treatment affect antibiotic concentrations? A case report

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Can daily intake of aspirin and/or statins influence the behavior of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer? A retrospective study on a cohort of patients undergoing transurethral bladder resection

Sergeant, P., 2015:
Can data from registries be upgraded into structured information and possibly knowledge?

Slade, S.V.; Davey, C.J.; Shickle, D., 2016:
Can data in optometric practice be used to provide an evidence base for ophthalmic public health?

Farber, G.K., 2016:
Can data repositories help find effective treatments for complex diseases?

Davis, J.Allen.; Burgoon, L.D., 2016:
Can data science inform environmental justice and community risk screening for type 2 diabetes?

Pandit, C.A.; Waters, K.; Jones, K.J.; Young, H.; Fitzgerald, D.A., 2015:
Can daytime measures of lung function predict respiratory failure in children with neuromuscular disease?

Aasebø, W.; Orskaug, G.; Erikssen, J., 2016:
Can deaths in police cells be prevented? Experience from Norway and death rates in other countries

Kumar, S.; Modi, P.R.; Pal, B.C.; Modi, J., 2016:
Can deceased donor with recurrent primary brain tumor donate kidneys for transplantation?

Kellum, J.A.; Kane-Gill, S.L.; Handler, S.M., 2015:
Can decision support systems work for acute kidney injury?

Goel, A., 2015:
Can decompressive laminectomy for degenerative spondylotic lumbar and cervical canal stenosis become historical?

Savitz, L.A.; Savitz, S.T., 2016:
Can delivery systems use cost-effectiveness analysis to reduce healthcare costs and improve value?

Hinzen, W.; Rosselló, J.; McKenna, P., 2016:
Can delusions be understood linguistically?

Gultekin-Karakas, D., 2016:
Can demand-side policies stop the tobacco industry's damage? Lessons from Turkey

Cicchelero, L.; Denies, S.; Devriendt, B.; de Rooster, H.; Sanders, N.N., 2015:
Can dendritic cells improve whole cancer cell vaccines based on immunogenically killed cancer cells?

Mullinax, J.Wayne.; Sokolov, A.Yu.; Schaefer, H.F., 2015:
Can density cumulant functional theory describe static correlation effects?

Klingelhöffer, C.; Klingelhöffer, M.; Müller, S.; Ettl, T.; Wahlmann, U., 2016:
Can dental panoramic radiographic findings serve as indicators for the development of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw?

Olbricht, S.M., 2015:
Can dermatologists influence the political process?

Ovadia, Y.S.; Gefel, D.; Aharoni, D.; Turkot, S.; Fytlovich, S.; Troen, A.M., 2018:
Can desalinated seawater contribute to iodine-deficiency disorders? An observation and hypothesis

Milrod, B., 2016:
Can development of PTSD be prevented after acute trauma?

Frederickson, N.; Jones, A.P.; Warren, L.; Deakes, T.; Allen, G., 2013:
Can developmental cognitive neuroscience inform intervention for social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD)?

Yu, E.H.C.; Nair, P.; Sibbald, M.G.; Lee, D.S.; Dorian, P., 2015:
Can diagnostic and procedural skills required to practice cardiology as a specialist be mastered in 3 years?

Skowronek, Pł.; Wojciechowski, A.; Leszczyński, P.; Olszewski, Pł.; Sibiński, M.; Polguj, Mł.; Synder, M., 2016:
Can diagnostic ultrasound scanners be a potential vector of opportunistic bacterial infection?

Spadaro, S.; Grasso, S.; Mauri, T.; Dalla Corte, F.; Alvisi, V.; Ragazzi, R.; Cricca, V.; Biondi, G.; D.M.ssi, R.; Marangoni, E.; Volta, C.Alberto., 2016 :
Can diaphragmatic ultrasonography performed during the T-tube trial predict weaning failure? The role of diaphragmatic rapid shallow breathing index

Ahmed, F.; Ahmed, N'eem.; Keogh, B.; Nicholson, D.; Debas, H.T.; Farmer, P.E., 2016:
Can diaspora-led organisations play a prominent part in global surgery?

Aras, D.; Cinar, O.; Cakar, Z.; Ozkavukcu, S.; Can, A., 2016:
Can dicoumarol be used as a gonad-safe anticancer agent: an in vitro and in vivo experimental study

Vuković, M.; Gvozdenović, B.S.; Ranković, M.; McCormick, B.P.; Vuković, D.D.; Gvozdenović, B.D.; Kastratović, D.A.; Marković, S.Z.; Ilić, M.; Jakovljević, M.B., 2015:
Can didactic continuing education improve clinical decision making and reduce cost of quality? Evidence from a case study

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Can diet and lifestyle prevent breast cancer: what is the evidence?

Maiorino, M.Ida.; Bellastella, G.; Giugliano, D.; Esposito, K., 2016:
Can diet prevent diabetes?

Laubé, Véronique., 2016:
Can diet prevent the reoccurrence of an intestinal obstruction?

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Can dietary intake influence perception of and measured appearance? A systematic review

Cheng, P.; Wang, J.; Shao, W.; Liu, M.; Zhang, H., 2016:
Can dietary saturated fat be beneficial in prevention of stroke risk? A meta-analysis

Manzanares, W.; Hardy, G., 2016:
Can dietary selenium intake increase the risk of toxicity in healthy children?

Betts, K.S.; McIlwraith, F.; Dietze, P.; Whittaker, E.; Burns, L.; Cogger, S.; Alati, R., 2016:
Can differences in the type, nature or amount of polysubstance use explain the increased risk of non-fatal overdose among psychologically distressed people who inject drugs?

Santos, J.F.da.Silva.; Valenzuela, Tás.H.; Franchini, E., 2016:
Can different conditioning activities and rest intervals affect the acute performance of taekwondo turning kick?

Narin, R.; Nazik, H.; Narin, M.Ali.; Nazik, Eşen.; Özdemir, F.; Karabulutlu, Özlem.; Gönenç, İlknur.Münevver.; Attar, R.; Adıgüzel, C.; Aytan, H., 2015:
Can different geographic conditions affect the formation of striae gravidarum? A multicentric study

März, K.; Adler, W.; Matta, R-Edward.; Wolf, L.; Wichmann, M.; Bergauer, B., 2016:
Can different occlusal positions instantaneously impact spine and body posture? : A pilot study using rasterstereography for a three-dimensional evaluation

Petherick, E.S.; Pickett, K.E.; Cullum, N.A., 2016:
Can different primary care databases produce comparable estimates of burden of disease: results of a study exploring venous leg ulceration

Blamires, S.J.; Piorkowski, D.; Chuang, A.; Tseng, Y-Hsuan.; Toft, Søren.; Tso, I-Min., 2015:
Can differential nutrient extraction explain property variations in a predatory trap?

Soni, K.Dev.; Dash, D.Prasad.; Aggrawal, R.; Kumar, N.; Kumar, N., 2016:
Can differential regional ventilation protect the spared lung in acute respiratory distress syndrome?

Furman-Haran, E.; Grobgeld, D.; Nissan, N.; Shapiro-Feinberg, M.; Degani, H., 2016:
Can diffusion tensor anisotropy indices assist in breast cancer detection?

Minoia, C.; Maggialetti, N.; Ferrari, C.; Brunese, L.; Rubini, G.; Guarini, A., 2016:
Can diffusion-weighed whole-body magnetic resonance imaging with body signal suppression play a role in the management of lymphoma patients?

Narayanan, J., 2016:
Can diffusion-weighted imaging be used as a tool to predict seizures in patients with PLEDS?

Parada Villavicencio, C.; Mc Carthy, R.J.; Miller, F.H., 2016:
Can diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging of clear cell renal carcinoma predict low from high nuclear grade tumors

Bae, J.Min.; Kim, C.Kyo.; Park, J.Jae.; Park, B.Kwan., 2018:
Can diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging predict tumor recurrence of uterine cervical cancer after concurrent chemoradiotherapy?

Kasielska-Trojan, A.; Antoszewski, Bław., 2015:
Can digit ratio (2D:4D) studies be helpful in explaining the aetiology of idiopathic gynecomastia?

Maffey, G.; Irvine, R.Justin.; Reed, M.; van der Wal, Ré., 2016:
Can digital reinvention of ecological monitoring remove barriers to its adoption by practitioners? A case study of deer management in Scotland

Chaudhary, H.Tufail.; Hasnain, S., 2016:
Can dipstick method help in bacterial detection in platelet bags? A tertiary care hospitals blood bank review

Matassa, S.; Batstone, D.J.; Hülsen, T.; Schnoor, J.; Verstraete, W., 2015:
Can direct conversion of used nitrogen to new feed and protein help feed the world?

Chae, S.Jin.; Kim, M.; Chang, K.Hong., 2016:
Can disclosure of scoring rubric for basic clinical skills improve objective structured clinical examination?

Romero, V.; Kallen, R.; Riley, M.A.; Richardson, M.J., 2016 :
Can discrete joint action be synergistic? Studying the stabilization of interpersonal hand coordination

Firaha, D.S.; Thomas, M.; Hollóczki, O.; Korth, M.; Kirchner, B., 2016:
Can dispersion corrections annihilate the dispersion-driven nano-aggregation of non-polar groups? An ab initio molecular dynamics study of ionic liquid systems

Helmy, T.; Sharaf, D.; AbdelHalim, A.; Hafez, A.; Dawaba, M., 2015:
Can distal ureteral diameter predict reflux resolution after endoscopic injection?

Tron, S.; Bodner, G.; Laio, F.; Ridolfi, L.; Leitner, D., 2015:
Can diversity in root architecture explain plant water use efficiency? A modeling study

Hartle, A.; Gibb, S.; Goddard, A., 2015:
Can doctors be trained in a 48 hour working week?

Chong, A.M.L.; Kwan, C.Wai.; Lou, V.W.Q.; Chi, I., 2016:
Can domestic helpers moderate distress of offspring caregivers of cognitively impaired older adults?

Abbasi, S.; Farsaei, S.; Fazel, K.; Golzari, S.Ej.; Mahmoodpoor, A., 2016:
Can donepezil facilitate weaning from mechanical ventilation in difficult to wean patients? An interventional pilot study

Kataoka, H.; Sawa, N.; Sugie, K.; Ueno, S., 2015:
Can dopamine agonists trigger tactile hallucinations in patients with Parkinson's disease?

Andreas, C.J.; Tomaszewska, I.; Muenster, U.; van der Mey, D.; Mueck, W.; Dressman, J.B., 2016:
Can dosage form-dependent food effects be predicted using biorelevant dissolution tests? Case example extended release nifedipine

Wan, J.; Liu, K.; Li, K.; Li, G.; Zhang, Z., 2016:
Can dosimetric parameters predict acute hematologic toxicity in rectal cancer patients treated with intensity-modulated pelvic radiotherapy?

Lazarov, A.; Cohen, T.; Liberman, N.; Dar, R., 2016:
Can doubt attenuate access to internal states? Implications for obsessive-compulsive disorder

Saleh, K.; Sonesson, A.; Persson, K.; Riesbeck, K.; Schmidtchen, A., 2016:
Can dressings soaked with polyhexanide reduce bacterial loads in full-thickness skin grafting? A randomized controlled trial

Joseph, K.S.; Sheehy, O.; Mehrabadi, A.; Urquia, M.L.; Hutcheon, J.A.; Kramer, M.; Bérard, A., 2016:
Can drug effects explain the recent temporal increase in atonic postpartum haemorrhage?

Ruzicka, M.; Hiremath, S., 2015:
Can drugs work in patients who do not take them? The problem of non-adherence in resistant hypertension

Caruso, D.; D.C.cco, C.N.; Schoepf, U.Joseph.; Schaefer, A.R.; Leland, P.W.; Johnson, D.; Laghi, A.; Hardie, A.D., 2016:
Can dual-energy computed tomography improve visualization of hypoenhancing liver lesions in portal venous phase? Assessment of advanced image-based virtual monoenergetic images

Tsuji, M.; Taher, S.Abu.; Kinai, Y., 2016:
Can eHealth Reduce Medical Expenditures of Chronic Diseases?

Wang, S.; Blazer, D.; Hoenig, H., 2016:
Can eHealth Technology Enhance the Patient-Provider Relationship in Rehabilitation?

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Can electronic cigarettes assist patients with smoking cessation? No

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Can emergency stroke care be delivered in an ambulance?

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Can emotional content reduce the age gap in visual working memory? Evidence from two tasks

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Can endurance exercise preconditioning prevention disuse muscle atrophy?

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Can energy drinks increase the desire for more alcohol?

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Can enriching emotional intelligence improve medical students' proactivity and adaptability during OB/GYN clerkships?

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Can environmental DNA (eDNA) be used for detection and monitoring of introduced crab species in the Baltic Sea?

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Can environmental change affect host/parasite-mediated speciation?

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Can environmental constraints determine random patterns of plant species co-occurrence?

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Can epidemiology inform global health and development targets?

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Can erythrocytes release biologically active NO?

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Can esophageal dilation be avoided in the treatment of severe esophageal stricture caused by eosinophilic esophagitis?

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Can evidence-based health policy from high-income countries be applied to lower-income countries: considering barriers and facilitators to an organ donor registry in Mumbai, India

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Can evolution be directional without being teleological?

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Can evolution get us off the hook? Evaluating the ecological defence of human rationality

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Can evolutionary constraints explain the rarity of nitrogen-fixing trees in high-latitude forests?

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Can exaggerated stress reactivity and prolonged recovery predict negative health outcomes? The case of cardiovascular disease

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Can existing associative principles explain occasion setting? Some old ideas and some new data

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Can experience modulate handler responses to boxes designed to decrease musculoskeletal load?

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Can experimentally evoked pain in the jaw muscles or temporomandibular joint affect anterior bite force in humans?

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Can experimentally induced positive affect attenuate generalization of fear of movement-related pain?

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Can expert testimony sensitize jurors to variations in confession evidence?

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Can explicit visual feedback of postural sway efface the effects of sensory manipulations on mediolateral balance performance?

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Can exploring natural recovery from substance misuse in psychosis assist with treatment? A review of current research

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Can exposure to environmental chemicals increase the risk of diabetes type 1 development?

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Can exposure-based CBT extend the effects of intravenous ketamine in obsessive-compulsive disorder? an open-label trial

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Can extended cost-effectiveness analysis guide the scale-up of essential health services towards universal health coverage?

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Can extra carbs improve perinatal outcomes?

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Can eye donation rates be increased in hospitals: a pilot study in a tertiary care hospital in North India?

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Can eye-tracking technology improve situational awareness in paramedic clinical education?

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Can facet joint fluid on MRI and dynamic instability be a predictor of improvement in back pain following lumbar fusion for degenerative spondylolisthesis?

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Can facilitated aid in dying be permitted by 'double effect'? Some reflections from a recent New Zealand case

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Can falls be prevented?

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Can family pediatricians in Italy identify child abuse? A survey

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Can far-IR action spectroscopy combined with BOMD simulations be conformation selective?

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Can fascia's characteristics be influenced by manual therapy?

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Can fecal calprotectin better stratify Crohn's disease activity index?

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Can fecal calprotection identify postoperative recurrence of Crohn's disease?

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Can fecal microbial transplant effectively treat Crohn's disease?

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Can feeding-swallowing difficulties in children predict language impairments?

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Can feeling good strengthen relationships?

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Can femoral access bleeding outcomes be improved?

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Can femoral venous pressure be used as an estimate for standard vesical intra-abdominal pressure measurement?

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Can ferroelectric polarization explain the high performance of hybrid halide perovskite solar cells?

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Can fetal left ventricular modified myocardial performance index predict adverse perinatal outcomes in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy?

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Can fiberoptic bronchoscopy be applied to critically ill patients treated with noninvasive ventilation for acute respiratory distress syndrome? Prospective observational study

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Can fiberoptic bronchoscopy be replaced by video laryngoscopy in the management of difficult airway?

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Can ficolin-2 (L-ficolin) insufficiency be established by a single serum protein measurement?

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Can field portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) produce high quality data for application in environmental contamination research?

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Can filling phase urodynamic parameters predict the success of the bulbar artificial urinary sphincter in treating post-prostatectomy incontinence?

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Can findings from randomized controlled trials of social skills training in autism spectrum disorder be generalized? The neglected dimension of external validity

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Can finite element models of ballooning procedures yield mechanical response of the cardiovascular site to overexpansion?

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Can fire safety in hotels be improved? Results from the survey of a panel of experts in Spain

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Can first trimester maternal serum follistatin like 3 levels predict developing gestational diabetes mellitus?

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Can fish oil improve wound healing in surgery?

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Can fish oil supplementation and physical training improve oxidative metabolism in aged rat hearts?

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Crystal structure of a mononuclear copper(II) complex with 2-methoxy-N,N-bis-(quinolin-2-yl-meth-yl)-ethyl-amine (DQMEA)

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Can fluorescence spectrometry be used as a surrogate for predicting the dissolved organic nitrogen and its bioavailable portion in wastewater effluents?

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Can folic acid have a role in mitochondrial disorders?

Anonymous, 1995:
Can folic add cut heart disease deaths?

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Can follicular helper T cells be targeted to improve vaccine efficacy?

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Can follow-up phone calls improve patients self-monitoring of blood glucose?

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Can foramen magnum decompression surgery become historical?

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Crystal structure of an AgI inter-calation compound: catena-poly[[silver(I)-μ-N-(pyridin-3-ylmeth-yl)pyridin-3-amine-κ2N:N'] hexa-fluorido-phosphate aceto-nitrile disolvate

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Can formulation and drug delivery reduce attrition during drug discovery and development-review of feasibility, benefits and challenges

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Can fortification be implemented in rural African communities where micronutrient deficiencies are greatest? Lessons from projects in Malawi, Tanzania, and Senegal

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Can frameworks inform knowledge about health policy processes? Reviewing health policy papers on agenda setting and testing them against a specific priority-setting framework