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Chemical Compositions and Insecticidal Activities of Alpinia kwangsiensis Essential Oil against Lasioderma serricorne

Wu, Y.; Zhang, W.-J.; Huang, D.-Y.; Wang, Y.; Wei, J.-Y.; Li, Z.-H.; Sun, J.-S.; Bai, J.-F.; Tian, Z.-F.; Wang, P.-J.; Du, S.-S.

Molecules 20(12): 21939-21945


ISSN/ISBN: 1420-3049
PMID: 26670226
DOI: 10.3390/molecules201219818
Accession: 057393382

The essential oil obtained by hydrodistillation from Alpinia kwangsiensis rhizomes was investigated by GC-MS. A total of 31 components representing 92.45% of the oil were identified and the main compounds in the oil were found to be camphor (17.59%), eucalyptol (15.16%), β-pinene (11.15%) and α-pinene (10.50%). These four compounds were subsequently isolated and the essential oil and four isolated compounds exhibited potent insecticidal activity against Lasioderma serricorne adults. During the assay, it was shown that the essential oil exhibited both potential contact (LD50 = of 24.59 μg/adult) and fumigant (LC50 = of 9.91 mg/L air) toxicity against Lasioderma serricorne. The study revealed that the insecticidal activity of the essential oil can be attributed to the synergistic effects of its diverse major components, which indicates that oil of Alpinia kwangsiensis and its isolated compounds have potential to be developed into natural insecticides to control insects in stored grains and traditional Chinese medicinal materials.

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