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Clinical and Histologic Evaluation of Platelet-Rich Fibrin Accelerated Epithelization of Gingival Wound

Bansal, M.; Kumar, A.; Puri, K.; Khatri, M.; Gupta, G.; Vij, H.

Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery 9(3): 196-200


ISSN/ISBN: 0974-2077
PMID: 27761092
Accession: 057418469

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The foremost indication for gingival depigmentation is patient demand for improved aesthetics. In most cases after the removal of pigmented layer, the area is covered with periodontal packs. These dressings have no curative properties. They only minimise the likelihood of surface trauma during mastication. However, platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) accelerates wound healing by effective neovascularisation and promoting fast cicatricial tissue remodelling. In the present split mouth study, PRF membrane was applied in the first quadrant and non-eugenol dressing (Coe-Pack) in the second quadrant after depigmentation. Clinical evaluation of epithelization with toluidine blue revealed that PRF treated sites stained substantially less indicating better wound healing as compared to Coe-Pack sites, which appeared more erythematous after 5 days. The histologic evaluation also revealed greater inflammatory cell infiltrate on Coe-Pack sites as compared to PRF. Thus, PRF membrane as a periodontal dressing is a successful approach to protect the raw wound area of the depigmented site to reduce healing time and patient discomfort.

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