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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57421

Chapter 57421 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Shen, J.; Li, M.; Du, Y.; Xie, D.; Qu, H.; Zhang, Y., 2016:
Clinical application of curved cutter stapler in laparoscopic anterior resection of low rectal cancer

Kakabadze, Z.; Mardaleishvili, K.; Loladze, G.; Javakhishvili, I.; Chakhunasvili, K.; Karalashvili, L.; Sukhitashvili, N.; Chutkerashvili, G.; Kakabadze, A.; Chakhunasvili, D., 2017:
Clinical application of decellularized and lyophilized human amnion/chorion membrane grafts for closing post-laryngectomy pharyngocutaneous fistulas

Lin, L-Te.; Tsui, K-Hao.; Wang, P-Hui., 2017:
Clinical application of dehydroepiandrosterone in reproduction: A review of the evidence

Nikoda, V.V.; Bondarenko, A.V.; Dubov, V.A.; Aleshin, M.A.; Maiachkin, R.B., 2015:
Clinical application of dexmedetomidine in patients after thoracic and abdominal surgeries

Li, Y.; Sun, L.; Chen, C.; Yang, C-mei., 2016:
Clinical application of diagnostic therapy of praziquantel for suspected cere- bral cysticercosis

Yalan, H.; Changying, G.; Lin, G.; Hua, Z.; Mian, Z., 2016:
Clinical application of different recruitment maneuvers in children with congenital heart disease complicated by acute respiratory distrees syndrome after surgery

Guo, F.; Wang, Q.; Yan, C.Y.; Huang, H.Y.; Yu, X.; Tu, L.Y., 2017:
Clinical application of different sedation regimen in patients with septic shock

Yue, B.; Jiang, G-qiang.; Lu, B.; Ouyang, J.; Luo, K-feng.; Lu, J-ye.; Shi, C-lu., 2016 :
Clinical application of dynamic neutralization system (K-Rod) in treating multisegmental lumbar degenerative disease

Jiang, Y-qi.; Dong, J., 2016:
Clinical application of dynamic neutralization system in treating multisegmental lumbar degenerative disease

Minami, H.; Inoue, H.; Isomoto, H.; Urabe, S.; Nakao, K., 2016:
Clinical application of endoscopic ultrasonography for esophageal achalasia

Li, L.; Lin, P.; Wei, X.; Wang, W.; Zhang, S., 2015:
Clinical application of endoscopy-assisted resection of tumors in parapharyngeal space

Zhang, G.; Zou, J., 2016:
Clinical application of enteral immune nutrition for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients

Song, W-Jung.; Kwon, J-Won.; Kim, E-Jin.; Lee, S-Min.; Kim, S-Hoon.; Lee, S-Yeon.; Kim, S-Heon.; Park, H-Woo.; Chang, Y-Seok.; Kim, W.Kyung.; Shim, J.Yeon.; Seo, J-Hee.; Kim, B-Ju.; Kim, H.Bin.; Song, D.Jin.; Jang, G.Cheon.; Jang, A-Soo.; Park, J-Won.; Yoon, H-Joo.; Lee, J-Shil.; Cho, S-Heon.; Hong, S-Jong., 2015:
Clinical application of exhaled nitric oxide measurements in a korean population

Xianjie, M.; Liwei, D.; Yang, L.; Lu, W.; Weiyang, L., 2016:
Clinical application of expanded flap based on the cutaneous branch of transverse cervical artery

Yang, Z-Hao.; Ning, B-Tao.; Zhang, C-Mei.; Lin, R.; Ye, S.; Liu, T., 2017:
Clinical application of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in children with refractory cardiopulmonary failure

Scaioli, E.; Scagliarini, M.; Cardamone, C.; Liverani, E.; Ugolini, G.; Festi, D.; Bazzoli, F.; Belluzzi, A., 2016:
Clinical application of faecal calprotectin in ulcerative colitis patients

Wei, Y-nian.; Li, N-feng.; Cai, X-yong.; Lu, B-yu.; Huang, F.; Mo, S-fa.; Zhang, H-chang.; Wang, M-dong.; Wu, F-sheng., 2016:
Clinical application of fast-track surgery with Chinese medicine treatment in the devascularization operation for cirrhotic portal hypertension

Xiao, Z.; Yongjun, R.; Mingyu, X.; Yajun, X.; Li, Q.; Heping, Z., 2016:
Clinical application of free perforator hypothenar flap for thumb pulp defect

Tang, Y-Hua.; Zeng, L-Ru.; Huang, Z-Ming.; Yue, Z-Shuang.; Xu, C-Da.; Xin, D-Wei., 2015:
Clinical application of free vascularized flaps based on the wrist cutaneous branch of ulnar artery in repairing finger soft tissue defect

Bindl, A., 2015:
Clinical application of fully digital Cerec surgical guides made in-house

Li, Z.; Liu, N.; Hao, Z.; Leng, Z.; Zou, S.; Li, R., 2015:
Clinical application of fully guided surgery in dental implant

Nagourney, R.A.; Blitzer, J.; McConnell, D.; Shuman, R.; Grant, S.; Azaren, K.; Shbeeb, I.; Ascuito, T.; Sommers, B.; Paulsen, M., 2016:
Clinical application of functional profiling in advanced NSCLC and colorectal cancers

Schopper, V.J.; Correa, Z.M., 2016:
Clinical application of genetic testing for posterior uveal melanoma

Cha, S.; Lee, J.; Shin, J-Yeon.; Kim, J-Yeon.; Sim, S.Hoon.; Keam, B.; Kim, T.Min.; Kim, D-Wan.; Heo, D.Seog.; Lee, S-Hoon.; Kim, J-Il., 2016:
Clinical application of genomic profiling to find druggable targets for adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients with metastasis

Liu, B.; Wu, L.; Wang, G.; Feng, H.; Hu, J.; Cui, Y.; Zhang, C., 2015:
Clinical application of hepatic venous pressure gradient to predict early bleeding after esophageal variceal ligation

Yan, K.; Yang, W.; Chen, M-Hua.; Zhang, Z-Yi.; Lee, J-Chieh.; Liao, H-Xing.; Wu, W.; Goldberg, S.Nahum., 2016:
Clinical application of hepatic wedge ablation for treating liver malignancies of the inferior margin: a new ablation technique

Li, J.; Tian, W.; Han, M.; Xu, J.; Gao, X.; Li, X., 2015:
Clinical application of heterogeneous acellular dermal matrix with autologous bone meal in open tympanoplasty

Liu, J.L., 2016:
Clinical application of high flow nasal cannula

Wang, J.A.; Qin, Y.; Lv, J.; Tian, Y.F.; Dong, Y.J., 2016:
Clinical application of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T test in acute myocardial infarction diagnosis

Tian, X-L.; Yan, Z.; Chen, J.; Zhao, W-H.; Guo, W., 2017:
Clinical application of highly agglutinative staphylococcin in cancer treatment updates of the literature

Shimizu, T.; Yamada, Y.; Shirao, K.; Yasui, H.; Morita, H.; Tamura, K.; Ozaki, T.; Fukuoka, M., 2016:
Clinical application of immunoreactivity of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) using highly specific antibody against recombinant human DPD (rhDPD) in gastric scirrhous cancer treated with S-1, new DPD inhibitory fluoropyrimidine

Yamamichi, T.; Oue, T.; Yonekura, T.; Owari, M.; Nakahata, K.; Umeda, S.; Nara, K.; Ueno, T.; Uehara, S.; Usui, N., 2016:
Clinical application of indocyanine green (ICG) fluorescent imaging of hepatoblastoma

Ishizawa, T.; Saiura, A.; Kokudo, N., 2016:
Clinical application of indocyanine green-fluorescence imaging during hepatectomy

Liang, X.; Guo, P.; Ding, N.; Chen, G., 2016:
Clinical application of internal carotid artery occlusion

Tominaga, K.; Arakawa, T., 2015:
Clinical application of kampo medicine (rikkunshito) for common and/or intractable symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract

Bao, B.; Yang, Q., 2016:
Clinical application of laryngeal mask in pre-hospital and in-hospital first aid

Tong, D.D.; Chen, S.L.; Rong, Y.B.; Wu, L.H.; Zhu, S., 2015:
Clinical application of lateral great toe flap in decoratively reconstruction of thumb pulp defect

Liu, Y.; Zhang, C.; Fu, X.; Wang, J.; Sui, Z.; Zhang, X.; Wang, L., 2016:
Clinical application of lateral superior genicular composite tissue flap

Tang, X.; Wang, B.; Wei, Z.; Sun, G.; Wang, B.; Jin, W.; Wang, D., 2015:
Clinical application of link-pattern lateral popliteal artery perforator flap in repair of popliteal fossa scar

Li, X.; Song, J.; Xing, Y.; Wang, J.; Song, Y., 2015:
Clinical application of low hemoglobin density in screening for iron deficiency and the differential diagnosis of anemia

Pacilè, S.; Brun, F.; Dullin, C.; Nesterest, Y.I.; Dreossi, D.; Mohammadi, S.; Tonutti, M.; Stacul, F.; Lockie, D.; Zanconati, F.; Accardo, A.; Tromba, G.; Gureyev, T.E., 2015:
Clinical application of low-dose phase contrast breast CT: methods for the optimization of the reconstruction workflow

Bolognesi, C.; Bonassi, S.; Knasmueller, S.; Fenech, M.; Bruzzone, M.; Lando, C.; Ceppi, M., 2016:
Clinical application of micronucleus test in exfoliated buccal cells: A systematic review and metanalysis

Teegen, E.Maria.; Denecke, T.; Eisele, R.; Lojewski, C.; Neuhaus, P.; Chopra, S.Santosh., 2017:
Clinical application of modern ultrasound techniques after liver transplantation

Liu, G.; Zeng, Q.D.; Zheng, Z.; Wang, G.Y.; Diao, X.L.; Zhang, X.; Ji, B.Y., 2017:
Clinical application of modified minimally cardiopulmonary bypass: compared with conventional cardiopulmonary bypass

Lei, J.; Hou, C.; Duan, P.; Hao, Z.; Zhai, Y.; Meng, Y., 2016:
Clinical application of modified skin soft tissue expansion in early repair of devastating wound on the head due to electrical burn

Deng, X-Lan.; Chen, B.; Chen, Z-Lin., 2015:
Clinical application of moving cupping therapy based on skin reaction observation and syndrome differentiation

Zhang, T.Q.; Zhang, Y.Y.; Gu, Y.K.; Gao, F.; Huang, Z.M.; Huang, J.H., 2017:
Clinical application of multi-electrode synchronous radiofrequency ablation via switching controller for treating large hepatocellular carcinoma

Itatani, R.; Namimoto, T.; Atsuji, S.; Katahira, K.; Yamashita, Y., 2018:
Clinical application of navigator-gated three-dimensional balanced turbo-field-echo magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography at 3 T: prospective intraindividual comparison with 1.5 T

Sen, A.N.; Gopinath, S.P.; Robertson, C.S., 2016:
Clinical application of near-infrared spectroscopy in patients with traumatic brain injury: a review of the progress of the field

Li, H.; Zhou, J.; Chi, C.; Mao, Y.; Yang, F.; Tian, J.; Wang, J., 2016:
Clinical application of near-infrared thoracoscope with indocyanine green in video-assisted thoracoscopic bullectomy

Hayashi, H.; Mochizuki, T.; Sanjo, H.; Komiya, A.; Matsui, T.; Tohma, S.; Hirai, K., 2016:
Clinical application of neutrophil CD64 quantification for differential diagnosis of acute scrotum

Li, X.; Zhu, M.; Wang, J., 2016:
Clinical application of neutrophil/lymphocyte count ratio in the diagnosis of lung bacterial infections in the elderly

Jamuar, S.Shekhar.; Tan, E-Choo., 2016:
Clinical application of next-generation sequencing for Mendelian diseases

Zhang, W.; Liu, Y.; Wang, L.; Wang, H.; Ma, M.; Xu, M.; Xu, X.; Gao, Z.; Duan, J.; Cram, D.S.; Yao, Y., 2017:
Clinical application of next-generation sequencing in preimplantation genetic diagnosis cycles for Robertsonian and reciprocal translocations

Bao, H-Chu.; Wang, M-Mei.; Wang, X-Rong.; Wang, W-Juan.; Hao, C-Fang., 2015:
Clinical application of operative hysteroscopy in treatment of complex hydrosalpinx prior to IVF

Schliesser, J.A.; Gallimore, G.; Kunjukunju, N.; Sabates, N.R.; Koulen, P.; Sabates, F.N., 2014:
Clinical application of optical coherence tomography in combination with functional diagnostics: advantages and limitations for diagnosis and assessment of therapy outcome in central serous chorioretinopathy

Guan, Y-Song.; Hu, Y., 2015:
Clinical application of partial splenic embolization

Xie, K.; Wen, H.; Wen, B.; Li, Q.; Zhou, C.; Qi, X.; He, R., 2015:
Clinical application of perforator flap in extended radical vulvectomy of vulvar carcinoma

Li, T.; Chen, Z.; Cong, X.; Ai, F.; Zhou, P.; Hong, G., 2016:
Clinical application of perforator propeller flaps with anastomosis of superficial veins

Chang, M.T.; McCarthy, J.J.; Shin, J., 2016:
Clinical application of pharmacogenetics: focusing on practical issues

Garbett, N.C.; Mekmaysy, C.S.; DeLeeuw, L.; Chaires, J.B., 2016:
Clinical application of plasma thermograms. Utility, practical approaches and considerations

Zhao, J-Huei.; Tsai, C-Hung.; Chang, Y-Chao., 2016:
Clinical application of platelet-rich fibrin as the sole grafting material in maxillary sinus augmentation

Lai, Y.; Dong, J.; Duan, W.; Ye, S.; Ji, W.; Leng, J.; Luo, Y.; Yu, Q.; Meng, X.; Zhang, D.; Shi, B.; Huang, Z., 2016:
Clinical application of precise liver surgery techniques for donor hepatectomy in living donor liver transplantation

Wang, C.; Yang, S.; Fan, J.; Ren, J.; Xu, W.; Xu, K.; Guo, J.; Mei, J.; Gao, J.; Hyakusoku, H., 2015:
Clinical application of prefabricated super-thin perforator flaps after expansion in the reconstruction of facial and cervical scar

Zhao, Z.; Yang, J.; Wang, B.; Zhou, P.; Sun, W.; Pang, F.; Wang, T.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, D., 2016:
Clinical application of preoperative imaging evaluation in the anterolateral thigh flap transplantation: comparison of computed tomography angiography, digital subtract angiography and magnetic resonance angiography

Tonucci, L.Bordalo.; Olbrich Dos Santos, K.Maria.; Licursi de Oliveira, L.; Rocha Ribeiro, S.Machado.; Duarte Martino, H.Stampini., 2016:
Clinical application of probiotics in type 2 diabetes mellitus: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study

Xing, H.; Yan, C.; Cheng, L.; Wang, N.; Dai, S.; Yuan, J.; Lu, W.; Wang, Z.; Han, J.; Zheng, Y.; Yang, T., 2016:
Clinical application of protein induced by vitamin K antagonist-II as a biomarker in hepatocellular carcinoma

Honda, H.; Morihara, T.; Arai, Y.; Horii, M.; Ito, H.; Furukawa, R.; Kida, Y.; Sukenari, T.; Ikoma, K.; Oda, R.; Yamada, Y.; Fujiwara, H.; Kubo, T., 2016:
Clinical application of radial magnetic resonance imaging for evaluation of rotator cuff tear

Xie, Y.; Lin, J.; Ye, J.; Zheng, H., 2015:
Clinical application of radial mid-forearm perforator fasciocutaneous flap

She, Z.; Liu, J.; Liang, Y., 2015:
Clinical application of radiofrequency ablation combined with nasal endoscopy in the treatment of pedunculated hemangioma in pharyngeal and laryngeal

Liu, Z-Peng.; Zhang, Y.; Bian, H.; He, X-Ran.; Zhou, Y-Jing.; Wang, L-Jun.; Ding, N., 2016:
Clinical application of rapid B-line score with lung ultrasonography in differentiating between pulmonary infection and pulmonary infection with acute left ventricular heart failure

Kim, C.; Kang, B.Seung.; Choi, H.Joong.; Lim, T.Ho.; Oh, J.; Chee, Y., 2015:
Clinical application of real-time tele-ultrasonography in diagnosing pediatric acute appendicitis in the ED

Cao, S-E.; Gao, B-Q.; Zhang, Y-Q.; Yang, S-M.; Liu, G-Z.; Zhang, X-R., 2015:
Clinical application of remifentanil in local anesthesia for tumor resection in functional brain area

Shin, J.; Yang, E.; Cho, K.; Barcenas, C.L.; Kim, W.Jin.; Min, Y.; Paik, N-Jong., 2012:
Clinical application of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in stroke rehabilitation

Li, L.; Kou, X.; Feng, X.; Liu, F.; Chao, H.; Wang, L., 2016:
Clinical application of sartorius tendon transposition during radical vulvectomy: a case control study of 58 cases at a single institution

Liu, J.; Huang, X-En., 2016:
Clinical application of serum tumor abnormal protein from patients with gastric cancer

Saggini, R.; Di Stefano, A.; Saggini, A.; Bellomo, R.G., 2016:
Clinical application of shock wave therapy in musculoskeletal disorders: part II related to myofascial and nerve apparatus

Cui, Y-F.; Xu, H.; Liu, H-T.; Wang, Y., 2015:
Clinical application of solitaire AB stents in the embolization of intracranial aneurysms

Anvari, A.; Barr, R.G.; Dhyani, M.; Samir, A.E., 2015:
Clinical application of sonoelastography in thyroid, prostate, kidney, pancreas, and deep venous thrombosis

Chhabra, S.K., 2015:
Clinical application of spirometry in asthma: Why, when and how often?

Jiang, B.; Cao, Y-Qing.; Pan, H.; Zhu, C-Run.; Zhang, X-Jun.; Tao, Y-Feng.; Liu, Z., 2015:
Clinical application of stand-alone MC+PEEK cage in the anterior cervical fusion

Gondo, M.; Matsumura, H.; Watanabe, K., 2016:
Clinical application of subdermal areolar tissue and superficial fascia graft as a new material for coverage of small exposure of bone cortex or orthopaedic fixation device

Lai, W-Sen.; Lin, Y-Yung.; Shih, C-Ping.; Chen, H-Chien.; Yang, P-Lin.; Chu, Y-Hsiang.; Yang, J-Moon.; Lee, J-Chin., 2016:
Clinical application of suction-tube-assisted septal submucosal dissection for endoscopic septoplasty

Lu, S.; Chai, Y., 2015:
Clinical application of sural fasciomyocutaneous perforator flap in repair of soft tissue defect in weight-bearing area of foot

Qian, H.; Shi, C.; Xing, G., 2015:
Clinical application of surface projection in the localization of metal foreign bodies using computed tomography scan

Jia, C.; Li, P.; Cheng, L.; Zheng, M.; Jin, W.; Wu, Y.; Chang, C.; Zhang, Y.; Shu, B.; Yin, B., 2016:
Clinical application of surgical intervention model for repairing tuberculosis wound with sinus tract

Wall, A.; Borg, Jörgen.; Palmcrantz, S., 2015:
Clinical application of the Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) for gait training-a systematic review

Ribas, Y.; Aguilar, F.; Jovell-Fernández, E.; Cayetano, L.; Navarro-Luna, A.; Muñoz-Duyos, A., 2016:
Clinical application of the LARS score: results from a pilot study

Mok, J.Ha.; Kim, Y.Hee.; Jeong, E.Suk.; Eom, J.Seop.; Kim, M.Hyun.; Kim, K.Uk.; Lee, M.Ki.; Lee, K., 2017:
Clinical application of the ProVent score in Korean patients requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation: A 10-year experience in a university-affiliated tertiary hospital

Oba, A.; Ban, D.; Kirimura, S.; Akahoshi, K.; Mitsunori, Y.; Matsumura, S.; Ochiai, T.; Kudo, A.; Tanaka, S.; Minoru, T., 2017:
Clinical application of the biomarkers for the selection of adjuvant chemotherapy in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Jinyun, L.; Wenxiao, H.; Jie, C.; Ronghua, B., 2016:
Clinical application of the combined radical operation without breaking lower lip and mandible for tongue and lingual root carcinoma

Sun, L.; Lan, Y.; Zhang, L., 2015:
Clinical application of the custom-made radial forearm flap for reconstruction of tongue defects

Kalfarentzos, E.; Ma, C.; Tian, Z.; Zhu, H.; He, Y., 2015:
Clinical application of the dorsalis pedis free flap for reconstruction of oral cancer defects

Wang, J-Yi.; Hong, X.; Chen, G-Han.; Li, Q-Chuan.; Liu, Z-Min., 2015:
Clinical application of the fast track surgery model based on preoperative nutritional risk screening in patients with esophageal cancer

Takahiro, S.; Shunsuke, D.; Yutaka, H.; Masayuki, H.; Yasushi, M.; Gen, S.; Mitsuhiro, T.; Shusaku, T.; Hideto, Y.; Katsuhiko, T., 2016:
Clinical application of the integrated multicenter discharge summary database

González-Ávila, Bárbara.; Roqueta, C.; Farriols, C.; Álvaro, M.; Roig, A.; Cervera, A.Maria.; Miralles, Rón., 2016 :
Clinical application of the "Stop walking while talking test". Relationship with geriatric assessment parameters and other tests of balance and gait

Faria, S.Socorro.; Gomez, R.Santiago., 2015:
Clinical application of thoracic paravertebral anesthetic block in breast surgeries

Li, J.B.; Fan, T.; Lu, J.; Ma, Z., 2016:
Clinical application of three-dimensional conformal partial breast external-beam irradiation after breast-conserving surgery in China

Wang, Y-Tian.; Yang, X-Jian.; Yan, B.; Zeng, T-Hui.; Qiu, Y-Yan.; Chen, S-Jin., 2017:
Clinical application of three-dimensional printing in the personalized treatment of complex spinal disorders

Choi, J.Woo.; Kim, N., 2015:
Clinical application of three-dimensional printing technology in craniofacial plastic surgery

Ma, X.J.; Tao, L.; Chen, X.; Li, W.; Peng, Z.Y.; Chen, Y.; Jin, J.; Zhang, X.L.; Xiong, Q.F.; Zhong, Z.L.; Chen, X.F., 2016:
Clinical application of three-dimensional reconstruction and rapid prototyping technology of multislice spiral computed tomography angiography for the repair of ventricular septal defect of tetralogy of Fallot

Allen, T.W., 2015:
Clinical application of thromboelastometry in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery

Jia, M.Y.; Jiang, J.J.; Chu, X.Y.; Yuan, R.T.; Wang, K.; Bu, L.X., 2016:
Clinical application of titanium plate reconstruction of mandibular defect: 10 years of follow up

Ou, X., 2015:
Clinical application of transient elastography for assessment of chronic liver diseases

Wang, Y.; Qin, Z.; Wu, W., 2015:
Clinical application of ultrasonic scalpel in treatment of tongue base benign tumor under multifunctional suspension micro-laryngoscope

Doroudi, A.; Erfani, M.; Norouzi, B.; Saadati, S.Mostafa.; Kiasat, A.; Ahmadi, F.; Etesami, B.; Baghersad, M.Hadi., 2015:
Clinical application of ultrasound for preparation of (99m)Tc-sestamibi complex

He, Y.; Ji, X.; Xie, Y.; He, B.; Xu, X.; Chen, X.; Zhang, Q., 2016:
Clinical application of ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy with multiple punches in the diagnosis of lymphoma

Wu, J.; Lin, S.; Wu, W.; Yan, K.; Dai, Q.; Chen, M., 2016:
Clinical application of ultrasound-guided radiofrequency ablation for primary hepatocellular carcinoma near the liver surface

Jian, L.; Cheng, L.; Heping, Z.; Hua, L.; Tianhao, Z.; Zhijiang, W.; Huajun, W., 2016:
Clinical application of venous nutrition flap pedicled by medial plantar artery of the hallux on the medical aspect of the foot

Murofushi, T., 2017:
Clinical application of vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP)

Knierim, E.; Seelow, D.; Gill, E.; von Moers, A.; Schuelke, M., 2015:
Clinical application of whole exome sequencing reveals a novel compound heterozygous TK2-mutation in two brothers with rapidly progressive combined muscle-brain atrophy, axonal neuropathy, and status epilepticus

Liang, D.; Wang, Y.; Ji, X.; Hu, H.; Zhang, J.; Meng, L.; Lin, Y.; Ma, D.; Jiang, T.; Jiang, H.; Asan; Song, L.; Guo, J.; Hu, P.; Xu, Z., 2016:
Clinical application of whole-genome low-coverage next-generation sequencing to detect and characterize balanced chromosomal translocations

Mousallem, T.; Urban, T.J.; McSweeney, K.Melodi.; Kleinstein, S.E.; Zhu, M.; Adeli, M.; Parrott, R.E.; Roberts, J.L.; Krueger, B.; Buckley, R.H.; Goldstein, D.B., 2015:
Clinical application of whole-genome sequencing in patients with primary immunodeficiency

Witney, A.A.; Gould, K.A.; Arnold, A.; Coleman, D.; Delgado, R.; Dhillon, J.; Pond, M.J.; Pope, C.F.; Planche, T.D.; Stoker, N.G.; Cosgrove, C.A.; Butcher, P.D.; Harrison, T.S.; Hinds, J., 2015:
Clinical application of whole-genome sequencing to inform treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis cases

Zhao, J-Ying.; Liu, Y.; Xi, S-Han.; Xu, N-Gui., 2015:
Clinical application regularity of Fengfu (GV 16) acupoint: research on ancient Chinese medical literature

Liu, X.W.; Gu, X.Y.; Hao, X.Y.; Shang, J.F.; Han, L.; He, Y.H., 2016:
Clinical application value of echocardiography combined with genetic testing in fetal cardiac rhabdomyoma

Zhu, S.; Chang, S., 2016:
Clinical application value of preoperative selective partial splenic embolization before splenectomy plus portal-azygous disconnection

Matsumoto, K., 2015:
Clinical application: Analytical reconstruction algorithm of SPECT and PET

Zhang, L.; Ai, Y.; Tsung, A., 2016:
Clinical application: Restoration of immune homeostasis by autophagy as a potential therapeutic target in sepsis

Pokharel, P.; Fujikura, K.; Bella, J.N., 2016:
Clinical applications and prognostic implications of strain and strain rate imaging

Trattnig, S.; Bogner, W.; Gruber, S.; Szomolanyi, P.; Juras, V.; Robinson, S.; Zbýň, Štefan.; Haneder, S., 2018:
Clinical applications at ultrahigh field (7  T). Where does it make the difference?

Thaiss, W.M.; Sauter, A.W.; Bongers, M.; Horger, M.; Nikolaou, K., 2016:
Clinical applications for dual energy CT versus dynamic contrast enhanced CT in oncology

Namikawa, T.; Yatabe, T.; Inoue, K.; Shuin, T.; Hanazaki, K., 2016:
Clinical applications of 5-aminolevulinic acid-mediated fluorescence for gastric cancer

Delafiori, J.; Ring, G.; Furey, A., 2018:
Clinical applications of HPLC-ICP-MS element speciation: A review

Ren, Y.; Zhi, X.; Zhu, X.; Huang, J.; Lian, Y.; Li, R.; Jin, H.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, W.; Nie, Y.; Wei, Y.; Liu, Z.; Song, D.; Liu, P.; Qiao, J.; Yan, L., 2017:
Clinical applications of MARSALA for preimplantation genetic diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy

Sabbagh, B.; Mindt, S.; Neumaier, M.; Findeisen, P., 2017:
Clinical applications of MS-based protein quantification

Sanchez-Cardenas, M., 2016:
Clinical applications of Matte Blanco's thinking

Roos, C., 2016:
Clinical applications of NGS in nucleic acid testing

Fang, P.P.; Lindner, M.; Steinberg, J.S.; Müller, P.L.; Gliem, M.; Charbel Issa, P.; Krohne, T.U.; Holz, F.G., 2017:
Clinical applications of OCT angiography

Gangadhar, T.C.; Salama, A.Ks., 2015:
Clinical applications of PD-1-based therapy: a focus on pembrolizumab (MK-3475) in the management of melanoma and other tumor types

Azzopardi, E.; Lloyd, C.; Teixeira, S.Rodrigues.; Conlan, R.Steven.; Whitaker, I.S., 2017:
Clinical applications of amylase: Novel perspectives

Lim, S-Ho., 2015:
Clinical applications of anterior segment optical coherence tomography

Chen, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Chen, F.; Sun, E.; Zhang, X.; Yan, J.; He, Y.; Li, S., 2016:
Clinical applications of apparent diffusion coefficient value for evaluation of hip joint of ankylosing spondylitis active lesions

Fulton, K.M.; Smith, J.C.; Twine, S.M., 2016:
Clinical applications of bacterial glycoproteins

Hill, D.R.; Newburg, D.S., 2016:
Clinical applications of bioactive milk components

Gurman, P.; Miranda, O.R.; Clayton, K.; Rosen, Y.; Elman, N.M., 2015:
Clinical applications of biomedical microdevices for controlled drug delivery

Azzopardi, D., 2016:
Clinical applications of cerebral function monitoring in neonates

Chhablani, J.; Barteselli, G., 2016:
Clinical applications of choroidal imaging technologies

Riva, F.; Dronov, O.I.; Khomenko, D.I.; Huguet, F.; Louvet, C.; Mariani, P.; Stern, M-Henri.; Lantz, O.; Proudhon, C.; Pierga, J-Yves.; Bidard, F-Clement., 2016:
Clinical applications of circulating tumor DNA and circulating tumor cells in pancreatic cancer

Cohenca, N.; Shemesh, H., 2017:
Clinical applications of cone beam computed tomography in endodontics: A comprehensive review

Hsieh, L-Chun.; Lin, T-Ming.; Chang, Y-Min.; Kuo, T.B.J.; Lee, G-She., 2016:
Clinical applications of correlational vestibular autorotation test

Wester, V.L.; van Rossum, E.F.C., 2015:
Clinical applications of cortisol measurements in hair

De Brigard, F.; Hanna, E., 2016:
Clinical applications of counterfactual thinking during memory reactivation

Sethi, R.; Cunha, A.; Mellis, K.; Siauw, T.; Diederich, C.; Pouliot, J.; Hsu, I-Chow., 2016:
Clinical applications of custom-made vaginal cylinders constructed using three-dimensional printing technology

Parmaksiz, M.; Dogan, A.; Odabas, S.; Elçin, A.Eser.; Elçin, Y.Murat., 2017:
Clinical applications of decellularized extracellular matrices for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Ye, J.; Kumar, B.Santosh.; Li, X-Bo.; Li, H-Mei.; Zhou, Y-Wen.; Liu, L-Qin., 2015:
Clinical applications of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosis of renal lesions - a systematic review

Brink, W.M.; Gulani, V.; Webb, A.G., 2016:
Clinical applications of dual-channel transmit MRI: A review

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Anonymous, 1997:
Clinical bulletin

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