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Clinical characteristics, treatment and ocular complications of HLA-B27-related anterior uveitis and HLA-B27-non related anterior uveitis

Valls Pascual, E.; Fontanilla Ortega, P.; Vicens Bernabeu, E.; Martínez-Costa, L.ía.; Blanco Alonso, R.

Reumatologia Clinica 12(5): 244-247


ISSN/ISBN: 1885-1398
PMID: 26708737
DOI: 10.1016/j.reuma.2015.11.008
Accession: 057421016

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Anterior uveitis is the most common type of intraocular inflammation. Those associated to HLA-B27 represent 18 to 32% of all anterior uveitis cases. To describe clinical characteristics, systemic treatment need, and frequency and type of ocular complications in a cohort of patients diagnosed with HLAB27-related anterior uveitis and in a cohort of patients diagnosed with HLA-B27 non-related anterior uveitis. To establish if statistically significant differences between both cohorts exist. We performed a retrospective cohort study including patients with non infectious anterior uveitis related and not related to the antigen HLA-B27. 162 patients were included, 58 diagnosed with HLA-B27-related anterior uveitis (cohort HLA-B27+1) and 104 diagnosed with HLA-B27- non related anterior uveitis (cohort HLA-B27-). No statistically significant differences were found regarding clinical characteristics between both cohorts with the exception of a higher frequency of recurrences in cohort HLA-B27+ and a higher frequency of chronic uveitis in cohort HLA-B27-. No differences were found regarding systemic treatment use nor development of ocular complications. In contrast to previous studies, we neither found higher male gender predominance in the cohort of patients with HLA-B27-related anterior uveitis, Nor did we find differences regarding average age, laterality, development of complications nor use of systemic corticosteroids.

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