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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57426

Chapter 57426 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Arshad, S.; Awan, S.; Bokhari, S.Saira.; Tariq, M., 2015:
Clinical predictors of mortality in hospitalized patients with infective endocarditis at a tertiary care center in Pakistan

Barry, Mé.; Touré, A.; Traoré, Fé.Amara.; Sako, Fé-Bangaly.; Sylla, D.; Kpamy, D.Ouo.; Bah, E.Ibrahima.; Bangoura, M'Mah.; Poncin, M.; Keita, S.; Tounkara, T.Mamadou.; Cisse, M.; Vanhems, P., 2016:
Clinical predictors of mortality in patients with Ebola virus disease

Huang, Z.; Hajjij, A.; Li, G.; Nayak, J.V.; Zhou, B.; Hwang, P.H., 2016:
Clinical predictors of neo-osteogenesis in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis

De Simone, C.; Caldarola, G.; Maiorino, A.; Tassone, F.; Campana, I.; Sollena, P.; Peris, K., 2016:
Clinical predictors of nonresponse to anti-TNF-α agents in psoriatic patients: A retrospective study

Bingol, Z.; Pıhtılı, A.; Cagatay, P.; Okumus, G.; Kıyan, E., 2016:
Clinical predictors of obesity hypoventilation syndrome in obese subjects with obstructive sleep apnea

Chainani-Wu, N.; Lee, D.; Madden, E.; Sim, C.; Collins, K.; Silverman, S., 2018:
Clinical predictors of oral leukoplakia recurrence following CO₂ laser vaporization

Jäger, B.; Farhan, S.; Rohla, M.; Christ, Günter.; Podczeck-Schweighofer, A.; Schreiber, W.; Laggner, A.N.; Weidinger, F.; Stefenelli, T.; Delle-Karth, G.; Kaff, A.; Maurer, G.; Huber, K., 2016:
Clinical predictors of patient related delay in the VIENNA ST-elevation myocardial infarction network and impact on long-term mortality

Toren, A.; Weis, E.; Patel, V.; Monteith, B.; Gilberg, S.; Jordan, D., 2017:
Clinical predictors of positive temporal artery biopsy

Namekawa, T.; Utsumi, T.; Kawamura, K.; Kamiya, N.; Imamoto, T.; Takiguchi, T.; Hashimoto, N.; Tanaka, T.; Naya, Y.; Suzuki, H.; Ichikawa, T., 2016:
Clinical predictors of prolonged postresection hypotension after laparoscopic adrenalectomy for pheochromocytoma

Brunner, K.J.; Bunch, T.Jared.; Mullin, C.M.; May, H.T.; Bair, T.L.; Elliot, D.W.; Anderson, J.L.; Mahapatra, S., 2015:
Clinical predictors of risk for atrial fibrillation: implications for diagnosis and monitoring

Kim, H.Jin.; Park, K.Duk.; Choi, K-Gyu.; Lee, H.Woon., 2016:
Clinical predictors of seizure recurrence after the first post-ischemic stroke seizure

Granfeldt, A.; Wissenberg, M.; Hansen, S.Møller.; Lippert, F.K.; Lang-Jensen, T.; Hendriksen, O.Mazur.; Torp-Pedersen, C.; Christensen, E.Frischknecht.; Christiansen, C.Fynbo., 2016:
Clinical predictors of shockable versus non-shockable rhythms in patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Lee, S-Won.; Kim, B.Kyung.; Park, J.Yong.; Kim, D.Young.; Ahn, S.Hoon.; Song, J.; Park, Y-Beom.; Lee, S-Kon.; Han, K-Hyub.; Kim, S.Up., 2017:
Clinical predictors of silent but substantial liver fibrosis in primary Sjogren's syndrome

Gorny, K.R.; Borah, B.J.; Weaver, A.L.; Brown, D.; Woodrum, D.A.; Stewart, E.A.; Hesley, G.K., 2013:
Clinical predictors of successful magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) for uterine leiomyoma

Kristensen, K.Dahl.; Stoustrup, P.; Küseler, A.; Pedersen, T.Klit.; Twilt, M.; Herlin, T., 2017:
Clinical predictors of temporomandibular joint arthritis in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: A systematic literature review

Carbon, M.; Correll, C.U., 2015 :
Clinical predictors of therapeutic response to antipsychotics in schizophrenia

Moran, G.W.; Dubeau, M-France.; Kaplan, G.G.; Yang, H.; Eksteen, B.; Ghosh, S.; Panaccione, R., 2016:
Clinical predictors of thiopurine-related adverse events in Crohn's disease

Guillodo, Y.; Here-Dorignac, C.; Thoribé, B.; Madouas, Génaelle.; Dauty, M.; Tassery, F.; Saraux, A., 2014:
Clinical predictors of time to return to competition following hamstring injuries

Ellis, M.J.; Cordingley, D.M.; Vis, S.; Reimer, K.M.; Leiter, J.; Russell, K., 2016:
Clinical predictors of vestibulo-ocular dysfunction in pediatric sports-related concussion

Riepe, M.W., 2015:
Clinical preference for factors in treatment of geriatric depression

Haas, J.; Meriano, J.; Laskin, C.; Bentov, Y.; Barzilay, E.; Casper, R.F.; Cadesky, K., 2016:
Clinical pregnancy rate following frozen embryo transfer is higher with blastocysts vitrified on day 5 than on day 6

Tian, L.; Cui, C-Yan.; Lu, S-Ying.; Cai, P-Qiang.; Xi, S-Yan.; Fan, W., 2016:
Clinical presentation and CT/MRI findings of alveolar soft part sarcoma: a retrospective single-center analysis of 14 cases

Hilbert-Carius, P.; Hofmann, G.O.; Lefering, R.; Stuttmann, R.; Struck, M.F., 2017:
Clinical presentation and blood gas analysis of multiple trauma patients for prediction of standard coagulation parameters at emergency department arrival

Al-Amri, A.M., 2015:
Clinical presentation and causes of the delayed diagnosis of breast cancer in patients with pregnancy associated breast cancer

Bleker, S.M.; Cohen, A.T.; Büller, H.R.; Agnelli, G.; Gallus, A.S.; Raskob, G.E.; Weitz, J.I.; Curto, M.; Sisson, M.; Middeldorp, S., 2016:
Clinical presentation and course of bleeding events in patients with venous thromboembolism, treated with apixaban or enoxaparin and warfarin. Results from the AMPLIFY trial

Saprungruang, A.; Vithessonthi, K.; La-Orkhun, V.; Lertsapcharoen, P.; Khongphatthanayothin, A., 2015:
Clinical presentation and course of long QT syndrome in Thai children

Caforio, A.L.P.; Marcolongo, R.; Basso, C.; Iliceto, S., 2015:
Clinical presentation and diagnosis of myocarditis

Mai, H.; Xia, J.; Wu, Y.; Ke, J.; Li, J.; Pan, J.; Chen, W.; Shao, Y.; Yang, Z.; Luo, S.; Sun, Y.; Zhao, B.; Li, L., 2016:
Clinical presentation and imaging characteristics of occult lung cancer associated ischemic stroke

Lindner, D.; Shohat, N.; Botser, I.; Agar, G.; Domb, B.G., 2016:
Clinical presentation and imaging results of patients with symptomatic gluteus medius tears

Casazza, F.; Becattini, C.; Rulli, E.; Pacchetti, I.; Floriani, I.; Biancardi, M.; Scardovi, A.Beatrice.; Enea, I.; Bongarzoni, A.; Pignataro, L.; Agnelli, G., 2017:
Clinical presentation and in-hospital death in acute pulmonary embolism: does cancer matter?

Schirmer, J.H.; Wright, M.N.; Vonthein, R.; Herrmann, K.; Nölle, B.; Both, M.; Henes, F.O.; Arlt, A.; Gross, W.L.; Schinke, S.; Reinhold-Keller, E.; Moosig, F.; Holle, J.U., 2016:
Clinical presentation and long-term outcome of 144 patients with microscopic polyangiitis in a monocentric German cohort

Tong, X.; Deng, X.; Yang, T.; Yang, C.; Wu, L.; Wu, J.; Yao, Y.; Fu, Z.; Wang, S.; Xu, Y., 2016:
Clinical presentation and long-term outcome of primary spinal peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumors

Dijkman, M.A.; Damhuis, D.E.M.; Meulenbelt, J.; de Vries, I., 2017:
Clinical presentation and management of an Aruban rattlesnake bite in the Netherlands

Fragulidis, G.P.; Vezakis, A.; Chondrogiannis, K.; Mellou, A.; Melemeni, A.; Polydorou, A., 2015:
Clinical presentation and management of gastro-intestinal and pancreatic secondary metastatic tumors

Trombetti, A.; Christ, E.R.; Henzen, C.; Gold, G.; Brändle, M.; Herrmann, F.R.; Torriani, C.; Triponez, F.; Kraenzlin, M.; Rizzoli, R.; Meier, C., 2017:
Clinical presentation and management of patients with primary hyperparathyroidism of the Swiss Primary Hyperparathyroidism Cohort: a focus on neuro-behavioral and cognitive symptoms

Ahmed, R.; Menezes, A.H., 2015:
Clinical presentation and management of proatlas segmentation defect presenting with palatal myoclonus: case report

Sbarouni, E.; Voudris, V.; Georgiadou, P.; Hamilos, M.; Steg, P.Gabriel.; Fox, K.M.; Greenlaw, N.; Ferrari, R.; Vardas, P.E., 2015:
Clinical presentation and management of stable coronary artery disease: insights from the international prospective CLARIFY registry - results from the Greek national cohort

Bridges, K.; Beckel, N.; Sharp, C.; Stern, L., 2017:
Clinical presentation and management of suspected ribavirin toxicosis in a dog

Pieri, L.; Bonadonna, P.; Elena, C.; Papayannidis, C.; Grifoni, F.Irene.; Rondoni, M.; Girlanda, S.; Mauro, M.; Magliacane, D.; Elli, E.Maria.; Iorno, M.Loredana.; Almerigogna, F.; Scarfì, F.; Salerno, R.; Fanelli, T.; Gesullo, F.; Corbizi Fattori, G.; Bonifacio, M.; Perbellini, O.; Artuso, A.; Soverini, S.; De Benedittis, C.; Muratori, S.; Pravettoni, V.; Cova, V.; Cortellini, G.; Ciceri, F.; Cortelezzi, A.; Martinelli, G.; Triggiani, M.; Merante, S.; Vannucchi, A.Maria.; Zanotti, R., 2017:
Clinical presentation and management practice of systemic mastocytosis. A survey on 460 Italian patients

Semenkovich, K.; Bischoff, A.; Doty, T.; Nelson, S.; Siller, A.F.; Hershey, T.; Arbeláez, A.Maria., 2015:
Clinical presentation and memory function in youth with type 1 diabetes

Thornton, H.V.; Blair, P.S.; Lovering, A.M.; Muir, P.; Hay, A.D., 2016:
Clinical presentation and microbiological diagnosis in paediatric respiratory tract infection: a systematic review

Nur Hilda Hanina, A.W.; Intan, N.S.; Syafinaz, A.N.; Zalinah, A.; Lailatul Akmar, M.N.; Devnani, A.S., 2015:
Clinical presentation and microorganisms sensitivity profile for diabetic foot ulcers: a pilot study

Zhang, Q.; Li, D-Ling.; Kang, P.; Ji, N.; Yang, J.; Liu, W-Ming.; Zhang, L-Wei.; Jia, G-Jun., 2016:
Clinical presentation and mutation analysis of VHL disease in a large Chinese family

Sørensen, A.; Jespersen, S.; Katzenstein, T.L.; Medina, C.; Té, D.da.Silva.; Correira, F.Gomes.; Hviid, C.Juul.; Laursen, A.Lund.; Wejse, C., 2017:
Clinical presentation and opportunistic infections in HIV-1, HIV-2 and HIV-1/2 dual seropositive patients in Guinea-Bissau

Teixeira, A.; Parenica, J.; Park, J.Joo.; Ishihara, S.; AlHabib, K.F.; Laribi, S.; Maggioni, A.; Miró, Òscar.; Sato, N.; Kajimoto, K.; Cohen-Solal, A.; Fairman, E.; Lassus, J.; Mueller, C.; Peacock, W.F.; Januzzi, J.L.; Choi, D-Ju.; Plaisance, P.; Spinar, J.; Mebazaa, A.; Gayat, E., 2016:
Clinical presentation and outcome by age categories in acute heart failure: results from an international observational cohort

Berretta, M.; Martellotta, F.; Di Francia, R.; Spina, M.; Vaccher, E.; Balestreri, L.; Borsatti, E.; Bearz, A.; De Paoli, P.; Tirelli, U., 2016:
Clinical presentation and outcome of non-AIDS defining cancers, in HIV-infected patients in the ART-era: the Italian Cooperative Group on AIDS and tumors activity

Watley, D.C.; Ly, Q.P.; Talmon, G.; Are, C.; Sasson, A.R., 2016:
Clinical presentation and outcome of nonfunctional pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors in a modern cohort

Zhu, T.; Huitema, A.; Alemayehu, M.; Allegretti, M.; Chomicki, C.; Yadegari, A.; Lavi, S., 2016:
Clinical presentation and outcome of patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction without culprit angiographic lesions

Kouri, A.M.; Andreoli, S.P., 2016:
Clinical presentation and outcome of pediatric ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis

Xu, X-Jun.; Wang, H-Sheng.; Ju, X-Li.; Xiao, P-Fang.; Xiao, Y.; Xue, H-Man.; Shi, H-Yu.; Gao, Y-Jin.; Jia, G-Cun.; Li, X-Rong.; Zhao, W-Hong.; Wang, N-Ling.; Tang, Y-Min., 2016:
Clinical presentation and outcome of pediatric patients with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in China: A retrospective multicenter study

Jaeger, B.; Bosch, A.M., 2016:
Clinical presentation and outcome of riboflavin transporter deficiency: mini review after five years of experience

Fusco, F.Maria.; Baragli, F.; Del Pin, B.; Spina, R.; Calamai, I.; Pecile, P.; Riccobono, E.; Nieddu, F.; Moriondo, M.; Miglietta, A.; Voller, F.; Fazio, C.; Stefanelli, P.; Di Pietro, M., 2016:
Clinical presentation and outcome of twenty cases of Invasive Meningococcal Disease due to Serogroup C - Clonal complex 11 in the Florence province, Italy, 2015-2016

Córdova-Sánchez, B.M.; Mejía-Vilet, J.M.; Morales-Buenrostro, L.E.; Loyola-Rodríguez, G.; Uribe-Uribe, N.O.; Correa-Rotter, R., 2017:
Clinical presentation and outcome prediction of clinical, serological, and histopathological classification schemes in ANCA-associated vasculitis with renal involvement

Acquaye, A.A.; Vera, E.; Gilbert, M.R.; Armstrong, T.S., 2016:
Clinical presentation and outcomes for adult ependymoma patients

Galligioni, E.; Triolo, R.; Lucenti, A.; Ferro, A.; Frisinghelli, M.; Ambrosini, G.; Murgia, V.; Micciolo, R., 2016:
Clinical presentation and outcomes of 2,924 early breast cancer patients (br.ca. pts) treated in a single institution in a 10-year period with a long follow up

Li, W., 2016:
Clinical presentation and outcomes of adults with Burkitt and Burkitt-like lymphoma in Hong Kong

Magalhaes, M.A.; Minha, S'ar.; Chen, F.; Torguson, R.; Omar, A.Fazir.; Loh, J.P.; Escarcega, R.O.; Lipinski, M.J.; Baker, N.C.; Kitabata, H.; Ota, H.; Suddath, W.O.; Satler, L.F.; Pichard, A.D.; Waksman, R., 2015:
Clinical presentation and outcomes of coronary in-stent restenosis across 3-stent generations

Riedel, D.J.; Cox, E.R.; Stafford, K.A.; Gilliam, B.L., 2015:
Clinical presentation and outcomes of prostate cancer in an urban cohort of predominantly African American, human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients

Nguyen, L.Anh.; Snape, W.J., 2015:
Clinical presentation and pathophysiology of gastroparesis

Cohen, J.N.; Potter, C.M.; Drabick, D.A.G.; Blanco, C.; Schneier, F.R.; Liebowitz, M.R.; Heimberg, R.G., 2015:
Clinical presentation and pharmacotherapy response in social anxiety disorder: The effect of etiological beliefs

Tasneem, A.Ali.; Soomro, G.Bux.; Abbas, Z.; Luck, N.Hassan.; Hassan, S.Mujahid., 2015:
Clinical presentation and predictors of survival in patients with Budd Chiari syndrome: experience from a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan

Klaff, R.; Varenhorst, E.; Berglund, A.; Hedlund, P.Olov.; Sjöberg, F.; Sandblom, G., 2017:
Clinical presentation and predictors of survival related to extent of bone metastasis in 900 prostate cancer patients

Modaresi Esfeh, J.; Culver, D.; Plesec, T.; John, B., 2015:
Clinical presentation and protocol for management of hepatic sarcoidosis

Ko, J-Hoon.; Peck, K.Ran.; Lee, W.Joo.; Lee, J.Yong.; Cho, S.Young.; Ha, Y.Eun.; Kang, C-In.; Chung, D.Ryeon.; Kim, Y-Ho.; Lee, N.Yong.; Kim, K-Mee.; Song, J-Hoon., 2015:
Clinical presentation and risk factors for cytomegalovirus colitis in immunocompetent adult patients

Jiang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Lian, G.; Chen, X.; Huang, K., 2015:
Clinical presentation and risk factors for surgery in Crohn's disease

Ceppi, F.; Stephens, D.; den Hollander, B.S.; Krueger, J.; Whitlock, J.; Sung, L.; Hitzler, J., 2017:
Clinical presentation and risk factors of serious infections in children with Down syndrome treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Soltirovska Salamon, A.; Lichtenbelt, K.; Cowan, F.M.; Casaer, A.; Dudink, J.; Dereymaeker, A.; Paro-Panjan, D.; Groenendaal, F.; de Vries, L.S., 2017:
Clinical presentation and spectrum of neuroimaging findings in newborn infants with incontinentia pigmenti

Gallamini, A.; Hutchings, M.; Ramadan, S., 2017:
Clinical presentation and staging of Hodgkin lymphoma

Scherman, D.Brian.; Rao, P.J.; Varikatt, W.; Dandie, G., 2016:
Clinical presentation and surgical outcomes of an intramedullary C2 spinal cord cavernoma: a case report and review of the relevant literature

Yang, T.; Wu, L.; Fang, J.; Yang, C.; Deng, X.; Xu, Y., 2015:
Clinical presentation and surgical outcomes of intramedullary neurenteric cysts

Feldkamp, M.L.; Botto, L.D.; Byrne, J.L.B.; Krikov, S.; Carey, J.C., 2016:
Clinical presentation and survival in a population-based cohort of infants with gastroschisis in Utah, 1997-2011

Chawla, B.; Hasan, F.; Azad, R.; Seth, R.; Upadhyay, A.Datt.; Pathy, S.; Pandey, R.M., 2016:
Clinical presentation and survival of retinoblastoma in Indian children

Mishra, N.Nath., 2016:
Clinical presentation and treatment of bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis (BPS/IC) in India

Carlsen, L.Ninett.; Westergaard, M.Lurenda.; Munksgaard, S.Bruun.; Bendtsen, L.; Jensen, R.Højland., 2018:
Clinical presentation and treatment of medication-overuse headache

Al-Talib, A.A., 2016:
Clinical presentation and treatment outcome of molar pregnancy: Ten years experience at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Gao, J.; Zeng, J.; Guo, B.; He, W.; Chen, J.; Lu, F.; Chen, D., 2016:
Clinical presentation and treatment outcome of retinoblastoma in children of South Western China

Sissoko, M.; Sanchorawala, V.; Seldin, D.; Sworder, B.; Angelino, K.; Broce, M.; Berk, J.; Sloan, J.Mark., 2016:
Clinical presentation and treatment responses in IgM-related AL amyloidosis

Dai, Y-Cheng.; Zhang, Y-Li.; Wang, L-Juan.; Guo, Q.; Yang, K.; Ye, R-Hao.; Tang, Z-Peng., 2015:
Clinical presentation and treatment strategies for ulcerative colitis: A retrospective study of 247 inpatients

Onakpoya, O.Helen.; Adeoti, C.Olufunlayo.; Oluleye, T.Sunday.; Ajayi, I.Adeseye.; Majengbasan, T.; Olorundare, O.Kolawole., 2016:
Clinical presentation and visual status of retinitis pigmentosa patients: a multicenter study in southwestern Nigeria

Nathan, S.; Patel, P.; Gaddh, M.; Yim, B.; Zayat, V.; Ferrer, K.; Sekosan, M.; Samuel, J., 2016:
Clinical presentation characteristics and prognosis of urban, minority patients presenting with triple-negative breast cancer: An observational 5-year case review

Wolf, P.; Winhofer, Y.; Smajis, S.; Anderwald, C-Heinz.; Scheuba, C.; Niederle, B.; Gessl, A.; Luger, A.; Krebs, M.; Koperek, O., 2016:
Clinical presentation in insulinoma predicts histopathological tumour characteristics

Wenger, N.K., 2018:
Clinical presentation of CAD and myocardial ischemia in women

Razenberg, F.G.E.M.; Heynens, J.W.C.M.; Jan de Vries, G.; Duijts, L.; de Jongste, J.C.; de Blic, J.; Rosias, P.P.R., 2012:
Clinical presentation of Churg-Strauss syndrome in children: A 12-year-old-boy with ANCA-negative Churg-Strauss syndrome

Busa, T.; Milh, M.; Degardin, N.; Girard, N.; Sigaudy, S.; Longy, M.; Olshchwang, S.; Sobol, H.; Chabrol, B.; Philip, N., 2016:
Clinical presentation of PTEN mutations in childhood in the absence of family history of Cowden syndrome

Obil-Chavarría, C.Alejandra.; García-Ramos, C.Lisette.; Castro-Quiñonez, S.Alberto.; Huato-Reyes, Rúl.; Santillán-Chapa, Cón.Guadalupe.; Reyes-Sánchez, A.Antonio., 2015:
Clinical presentation of a dorsal epidural arachnoid cyst after an epidural anesthesia

Fujioka, S.; Strongosky, A.J.; Hassan, A.; Rademakers, R.; Dickson, D.W.; Wszolek, Z.K., 2015:
Clinical presentation of a patient with SLC20A2 and THAP1 deletions: differential diagnosis of oromandibular dystonia

Tofolean, D.Ecaterina.; Mazilu, L.; Stăniceanu, F.; Mocanu, L.; Suceveanu, A.Iulia.; Baz, R.Octavian.; Parepa, R.Irinel.; Suceveanu, A.Paul.; Bondari, S.; Bondari, D.; Voinea, F., 2016:
Clinical presentation of a patient with cutis laxa with systemic involvement: a case report

Saps, M.; Mintjens, S.; Pusatcioglu, C.K.; Cohen, D.M.; Sternberg, P., 2016:
Clinical presentation of acute gastroenteritis in children with functional gastrointestinal disorders

Al-Balawi, M.M.; Al-Mobaireek, K.; Alotaibi, W.; Al-Shamrani, A.; Ahmad, K.S.; Al-Saleh, S., 2016:
Clinical presentation of air leak in an infant with undiagnosed cystic fibrosis: a case report

Justo-Alonso, I.; García-Nebreda, Mía.; Loinaz-Segurola, C.; Caso-Maestro, Óscar.; Cambra-Molero, Félix.; Marcacuzco-Quinto, A.Alberto.; Casis-Herce, Bña.; Jiménez-Romero, C., 2016:
Clinical presentation of anal duct adenocarcinoma as benign anal stenosis

Matsuura, E.; Yoshimura, A.; Nozuma, S.; Higuchi, I.; Kubota, R.; Takashima, H., 2016:
Clinical presentation of axial myopathy in two siblings with HTLV-1 associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis (HAM/TSP)

Smith, D.R.; Caughran, J.; Kreinbrink, J.L.; Parish, G.K.; Silver, S.M.; Breslin, T.M.; Pettinga, J.E.; Mehringer, A.M.; Wesen, C.A.; Yin, H.; Share, D.; Davis, A.T.; Pleban, F.T.; Bacon-Baguley, T.A., 2016:
Clinical presentation of breast cancer: Age, stage, and treatment modalities in a contemporary cohort of Michigan women

Clarke, R.T.; Van den Bruel, A.; Bankhead, C.; Mitchell, C.D.; Phillips, B.; Thompson, M.J., 2017:
Clinical presentation of childhood leukaemia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Zamani, H.; Meragi, M.; Arabi Moghadam, M.Yousef.; Alizadeh, B.; Babazadeh, K.; Mokhtari-Esbuie, F., 2015:
Clinical presentation of coronary arteriovenous fistula according to age and anatomic orientation

Shu, C.Y.; Limburg, K.; Harris, C.; McCormack, J.; Hoiles, K.J.; Hamilton, M.J.; Watson, H.J., 2015:
Clinical presentation of eating disorders in young males at a tertiary setting

Hanif, F.M.; Soomro, G.Bux.; Akhund, S.Nazir.; Luck, N.Hassan.; Laeeq, S.Mudassir.; Abbas, Z.; Hassan, S.Mujahid.; Mubarak, M., 2015:
Clinical presentation of extrahepatic portal vein obstruction: 10-year experience at a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan

Deutsch, M.; Yeh, J.; Grunes, D.; Horowitz, E.; Johnson, E.; Joseph, K-Ann., 2015:
Clinical presentation of extramammary paget disease of the axilla in a male patient

Kanezaki, S.; Miyazaki, M.; Notani, N.; Tsumura, H., 2016:
Clinical presentation of geriatric polytrauma patients with severe pelvic fractures: comparison with younger adult patients

Zhang, Z.; Wang, J.; Ji, B.; Bahr Greenwood, T.von.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, Y.; Kong, D.; Li, A.; Jiang, Y.; Guo, Y.; Liu, X.; Wang, Y.; Dou, A.; Li, N.; Henter, J-Inge.; Sun, G.; Zheng, C., 2017:
Clinical presentation of hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in adults is less typical than in children

Stegert, M.; Bock, M.; Trendelenburg, M., 2015:
Clinical presentation of human C1q deficiency: How much of a lupus?

Goichot, B.; Caron, P.; Landron, F.; Bouée, S., 2016:
Clinical presentation of hyperthyroidism in a large representative sample of outpatients in France: relationships with age, aetiology and hormonal parameters

Peyrol, M.; Lévy, S., 2017:
Clinical presentation of inappropriate sinus tachycardia and differential diagnosis

Nilson, B.; Olaison, L.; Rasmussen, M., 2016:
Clinical presentation of infective endocarditis caused by different groups of non-beta haemolytic streptococci

El Zomor, H.; Nour, R.; Alieldin, A.; Taha, H.; Montasr, M.M.; Moussa, E.; El Nadi, E.; Ezzat, S.; Alfaar, A.S., 2016:
Clinical presentation of intraocular retinoblastoma; 5-year hospital-based registry in Egypt

Coles, M.E.; Ravid, A., 2016:
Clinical presentation of not-just right experiences (NJREs) in individuals with OCD: Characteristics and response to treatment

Dougados, M.; Etcheto, A.; Molto, A.; Alonso, S.; Bouvet, S.; Daurès, J-Pierre.; Landais, P.; d'Agostino, M-Antonietta.; Berenbaum, F.; Breban, M.; Claudepierre, P.; Combe, B.; Fautrel, B.; Feydy, A.; Goupille, P.; Richette, P.; Pham, T.; Roux, C.; Treluyer, J-Marc.; Saraux, A.; van der Heijde, Désirée.; Wendling, D.; Daurès, J-Pierre.; Kahan, Aé.; Meyer, O.; Bourgeois, P.; Berenbaum, F.; Claudepierre, P.; Breban, M.; Saint-Marcoux, B.; Goupille, P.; Maillefert, J-Francis.; Wendling, D, 2016:
Clinical presentation of patients suffering from recent onset chronic inflammatory back pain suggestive of spondyloarthritis: The DESIR cohort

Najafian, A.; Olson, M.T.; Schneider, E.B.; Zeiger, M.A., 2016:
Clinical presentation of patients with a thyroid follicular neoplasm: are there preoperative predictors of malignancy?

Swedo, S.E.; Seidlitz, J.; Kovacevic, M.; Latimer, M.Elizabeth.; Hommer, R.; Lougee, L.; Grant, P., 2015:
Clinical presentation of pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections in research and community settings

Yang, J.Jeong.Hoon.; Cade, K.Valentim.; Rezende, F.Cury.; Pereira, Jé.Marcos.; Pegas, Jé.Roberto.Pereira., 2016:
Clinical presentation of pili torti--Case report

Ozyurek, E.S.; Kahraman, A.A.; Yildirim, D.; Karacaoglu, U.M., 2016:
Clinical presentation of placenta percreta with uterine incarceration in the second trimester

Reid, M.Sinulingga.; DePoe, S.Alan.; Darner, R.Lorena.; Reid, J.Paul.; Slagle, W.Scott., 2015:
Clinical presentation of pseudo-abducens palsy

Orr, J.W.; Taylor, P.T.; Berek, J.S.; Dark, I.A.; Nicodemus, C.F., 2016:
Clinical presentation of relapse in a cohort of patients (pts) with complete response to initial treatment of advanced epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC)

Sánchez-Sánchez, L.María.; Vázquez-Moreno, J.; Heredia-Delgado, Jé.Antonio.; Sevilla-Castillo, R., 2016:
Clinical presentation of supratentorial and infratentorial intracranial tumors in pediatric patients

Huang, Y.; Wang, M.; Yu, C.; Lei, Y.; Lai, Y.; Liu, R., 2017:
Clinical presentation of the hemoglobin Youngstown variant in a Chinese family

De, P.; Chatterjee, T.; Chakravarty, S.; Chakravarty, A., 2014:
Clinical presentation of two β-thalassemic Indian patients with 1p36 deletion syndrome: Case report

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