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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57435

Chapter 57435 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Pomierny-Chamiolo, L.; Miszkiel, J.; Frankowska, M.; Bystrowska, B.; Filip, M., 2016:
Cocaine self-administration, extinction training and drug-induced relapse change metabotropic glutamate mGlu5 receptors expression: Evidence from radioligand binding and immunohistochemistry assays

Arencibia-Albite, F.; Vázquez-Torres, R.; Jiménez-Rivera, C.A., 2016:
Cocaine sensitization increases subthreshold activity in dopamine neurons from the ventral tegmental area

Mantelli, F.; Lambiase, A.; Sacchetti, M.; Orlandi, V.; Rosa, A.; Casella, P.; Bonini, S., 2015:
Cocaine snorting may induce ocular surface damage through corneal sensitivity impairment

DeMaria, P.A., 2015:
Cocaine use and buprenorphine compliance

Jones, W., 2015:
Cocaine use and the breastfeeding mother

Chang, T.R.; Kowalski, R.G.; Carhuapoma, J.Ricardo.; Tamargo, R.J.; Naval, N.S., 2016:
Cocaine use as an independent predictor of seizures after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Akkus, N.Ilker.; Rajpal, S.; Vargas, A.; Penuela, A.; Dwary, A.; Shah, S.H.; Reddy, P.C., 2015:
Cocaine use does not affect mean platelet volume

Mohite, S.; Ngana, I.; Okusaga, O.O., 2016:
Cocaine use in individuals with schizophrenia: impact on doses of discharge antipsychotic medications

Barker, A.T.; Rebec, G.V., 2017:
Cocaine withdrawal alters the reward omission effect and enhances traits of negative urgency in rats across multiple days of testing

Radke, A.K.; Zlebnik, N.E.; Carroll, M.E., 2015:
Cocaine withdrawal in rats selectively bred for low (LoS) versus high (HiS) saccharin intake

Lai, F.Yin.; O'Brien, J.W.; Thai, P.K.; Hall, W.; Chan, G.; Bruno, R.; Ort, C.; Prichard, J.; Carter, S.; Anuj, S.; Kirkbride, K.Paul.; Gartner, C.; Humphries, M.; Mueller, J.F., 2018:
Cocaine, MDMA and methamphetamine residues in wastewater: Consumption trends (2009-2015) in South East Queensland, Australia

O'Gorman, S.M.; Sheahan, K.; Collins, P., 2016:
Cocaine, a culprit in anetoderma?

Jones, Hée.E., 2015:
Cocaine, progesterone, and post-partum women

Wasilewska, B.; Najdzion, J.; Równiak, M.; Bogus-Nowakowska, K.; Hermanowicz, B.; Kolenkiewicz, Młgorzata.; Żakowski, W.; Robak, A., 2016:
Cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript and calcium binding proteins immunoreactivity in the subicular complex of the guinea pig

Singh, O.; Kumar, S.; Singh, U.; Kumar, V.; Lechan, R.M.; Singru, P.S., 2017:
Cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript peptide (CART) in the brain of zebra finch, Taeniopygia guttata: Organization, interaction with neuropeptide Y, and response to changes in energy status

Najdzion, J., 2016:
Cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript peptide and calcium binding proteins immunoreactivity in the superficial layers of the superior colliculus in the guinea pig: Implications for visual sensory processing

Gilon, P., 2017:
Cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript: a novel regulator of energy homeostasis expressed in a subpopulation of pancreatic islet cells

Chen, W.; Park, K.; Volkow, N.; Pan, Y.; Du, C., 2016:
Cocaine-Induced Abnormal Cerebral Hemodynamic Responses to Forepaw Stimulation Assessed by Integrated Multi-wavelength Spectroimaging and Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging

Shah, R.; Berzingi, C.; Fan, T-Hwang.M.; Askari, R.; Khan, M.Rehan., 2016:
Cocaine-Induced Acute Aortic Dissection

Alqahtani, S.Ayed.; Burger, K.; Potolicchio, S., 2016:
Cocaine-Induced Acute Fatal Basilar Artery Thrombosis: Report of a Case and Review of the Literature

Jackson, M.W.P.; Williams, P.D., 2016:
Cocaine-Induced Coronary Vasospasm Using Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging to Guide Management

Khan, R.; Arshed, S.; Jehangir, W.; Sen, S.; Yousif, A., 2015:
Cocaine-Induced Delayed Myocardial Infarction Complicated by Apical Thrombus

Wang, H.; Treadway, T.; Covey, D.P.; Cheer, J.F.; Lupica, C.R., 2016:
Cocaine-Induced Endocannabinoid Mobilization in the Ventral Tegmental Area

Chokkalingam Mani, B.; Fischman, D.L.; Savage, M.P., 2017:
Cocaine-Induced Microvascular Dysfunction and its Reversal by Administration of Intracoronary Calcium-Channel Blocker

Berman, M.; Paran, D.; Elkayam, O., 2016:
Cocaine-Induced Vasculitis

Cao, L.; Walker, M.P.; Vaidya, N.K.; Fu, M.; Kumar, S.; Kumar, A., 2018:
Cocaine-Mediated Autophagy in Astrocytes Involves Sigma 1 Receptor, PI3K, mTOR, Atg5/7, Beclin-1 and Induces Type II Programed Cell Death

Mortensen, A.H.; Camper, S.A., 2016:
Cocaine-and Amphetamine Regulated Transcript (CART) Peptide Is Expressed in Precursor Cells and Somatotropes of the Mouse Pituitary Gland

Casartelli, A.; Dacome, L.; Tessari, M.; Pascali, J.; Bortolotti, F.; Trevisan, M.Teresa.; Bosco, O.; Cristofori, P.; Tagliaro, F., 2014:
Cocaine-associated increase of atrial natriuretic peptides: an early predictor of cardiac complications in cocaine users?

Lowen, S.B.; Rohan, M.L.; Gillis, T.E.; Thompson, B.S.; Wellons, C.B.W.; Andersen, S.L., 2016:
Cocaine-conditioned odor cues without chronic exposure: Implications for the development of addiction vulnerability

Ladrón de Guevara-Miranda, D.; Pavón, F.J.; Serrano, A.; Rivera, P.; Estivill-Torrús, G.; Suárez, J.; Rodríguez de Fonseca, F.; Santín, L.J.; Castilla-Ortega, E., 2016:
Cocaine-conditioned place preference is predicted by previous anxiety-like behavior and is related to an increased number of neurons in the basolateral amygdala

Koffarnus, M.N.; Johnson, M.W.; Thompson-Lake, D.G.Y.; Wesley, M.J.; Lohrenz, T.; Montague, P.Read.; Bickel, W.K., 2017:
Cocaine-dependent adults and recreational cocaine users are more likely than controls to choose immediate unsafe sex over delayed safer sex

Roncero, C.; Palma-Álvarez, R.Felipe.; Ros-Cucurull, E.; Barral, C.; Gonzalvo, Bña.; Corominas-Roso, M.; Casas, M.; Grau-López, L., 2016:
Cocaine-induced Psychosis and Brain-derived Neurothrophic Factor in Patients with Cocaine Dependence: Report of Two Cases

Blanco, E.; Galeano, P.; Palomino, A.; Pavón, F.J.; Rivera, P.; Serrano, A.; Alen, F.; Rubio, L.; Vargas, A.; Castilla-Ortega, E.; Decara, J.; Bilbao, A.; de Fonseca, F.Rodríguez.; Suárez, J., 2016:
Cocaine-induced behavioral sensitization decreases the expression of endocannabinoid signaling-related proteins in the mouse hippocampus

Blanco, E.; Pavón, F.J.; Palomino, A.; Luque-Rojas, Mía.Jesús.; Serrano, A.; Rivera, P.; Bilbao, A.; Alen, F.; Vida, M.; Suárez, J.; Rodríguez de Fonseca, F., 2015:
Cocaine-induced behavioral sensitization is associated with changes in the expression of endocannabinoid and glutamatergic signaling systems in the mouse prefrontal cortex

Yogarajah, M.; Pervil-Ulysse, M.; Sivasambu, B., 2016:
Cocaine-induced delayed recurrent vasculitis: a 4-year follow-up

Dushay, K.M.; Evans, S.K.; Ghimire, S.; Liu, J., 2017:
Cocaine-induced diffuse alveolar hemorrhage: A case report and review of the literature

Voore, N.K., 2017:
Cocaine-induced ecchymotic rash

Smer, A.; Anantha Narayanan, M.; Mahfood Haddad, T.; Devineni, H.; Alla, V., 2015:
Cocaine-induced isolated right ventricular infarction

Perrine, S.A.; Ghoddoussi, F.; Desai, K.; Kohler, R.J.; Eapen, A.T.; Lisieski, M.J.; Angoa-Perez, M.; Kuhn, D.M.; Bosse, K.E.; Conti, A.C.; Bissig, D.; Berkowitz, B.A., 2016:
Cocaine-induced locomotor sensitization in rats correlates with nucleus accumbens activity on manganese-enhanced MRI

Martin, M.M.; Graham, D.L.; McCarthy, D.M.; Bhide, P.G.; Stanwood, G.D., 2017:
Cocaine-induced neurodevelopmental deficits and underlying mechanisms

Vazquez-Sanroman, D.; Carbo-Gas, M.; Leto, K.; Cerezo-Garcia, M.; Gil-Miravet, I.; Sanchis-Segura, C.; Carulli, D.; Rossi, F.; Miquel, M., 2016:
Cocaine-induced plasticity in the cerebellum of sensitised mice

Almeida, R.Rocha.de.; Zanetti, Gáucia.; Souza, A.Soares.; Souza, L.Soares.de.; Silva, J.Luiz.Pereira.E.; Escuissato, D.Luiz.; Irion, K.Loureiro.; Mançano, A.Dias.; Nobre, L.Felipe.; Hochhegger, B.; Marchiori, E., 2016:
Cocaine-induced pulmonary changes: HRCT findings

Radke, A.K.; Zlebnik, N.E.; Holtz, N.A.; Carroll, M.E., 2016:
Cocaine-induced reward enhancement measured with intracranial self-stimulation in rats bred for low versus high saccharin intake

Zhan, Z-Qun.; Nikus, K.C.; Wang, C-Quan., 2015:
Cocaine-induced right ventricular dysfunction: right ventricular infarction or afterload elevation?

Gill, K.E.; Madison, F.N.; Akins, C.K., 2016:
Cocaine-induced sensitization correlates with testosterone in male Japanese quail but not with estradiol in female Japanese quail

Freet, C.S.; Ballard, S.M.; Alexander, D.N.; Cox, T.A.; Imperio, C.G.; Anosike, N.; Carter, A.B.; Mahmoud, S.; Ruiz-Velasco, V.; Grigson, P.S., 2015:
Cocaine-induced suppression of saccharin intake and morphine modulation of Ca²⁺ channel currents in sensory neurons of OPRM1 A118G mice

Zhang, L.; Huang, L.; Lu, K.; Liu, Y.; Tu, G.; Zhu, M.; Ying, L.; Zhao, J.; Liu, N.; Guo, F.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, L., 2016:
Cocaine-induced synaptic structural modification is differentially regulated by dopamine D1 and D3 receptors-mediated signaling pathways

Núñez, B.; Miao, L.; Carrozza, J.; Ross, J.; Douglas, P.; Gordon, P.; Katz, S.E.; Kuntz, R.; Morgan, J.P., 1994:
Cocaine-induced transmural myocardial infarction in a Yorkshire swine with normal coronary arteries: Evidence for microvascular and/or epicardial coronary artery spasm

García Pérez, M.Reneé.; Ortiz-González, V.L.; Betancourt, M.; Mercado, R., 2013:
Cocaine-induced vasculitis: is this a new trend?

Shah, P.; Vasudev, R.; Abuarqoub, A.Hisham.; Shamoon, F., 2017:
Cocaine-induced very late stent thrombosis

Smith, D.A.; Negus, S.Stevens.; Poklis, J.L.; Blough, B.E.; Banks, M.L., 2016:
Cocaine-like discriminative stimulus effects of alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone, methcathinone and their 3,4-methylenedioxy or 4-methyl analogs in rhesus monkeys

Smith, D.A.; Blough, B.E.; Banks, M.L., 2016:
Cocaine-like discriminative stimulus effects of amphetamine, cathinone, methamphetamine, and their 3,4-methylenedioxy analogs in male rhesus monkeys

Bauer, C.T.; Negus, S.Stevens.; Blough, B.E.; Banks, M.L., 2016:
Cocaine-like discriminative stimulus effects of phendimetrazine and phenmetrazine in rats

Adinoff, B.; Brady, K.; Sonne, S.; Mirabella, R.F.; Kellner, C.H., 1998:
Cocaine-like effects of intravenous procaine in cocaine addicts

Guo, M-Lei.; Periyasamy, P.; Liao, K.; Kook, Y.Hee.; Niu, F.; Callen, S.E.; Buch, S., 2016:
Cocaine-mediated downregulation of microglial miR-124 expression involves promoter DNA methylation

Liao, K.; Guo, M.; Niu, F.; Yang, L.; Callen, S.E.; Buch, S., 2016:
Cocaine-mediated induction of microglial activation involves the ER stress-TLR2 axis

Guo, M-Lei.; Liao, K.; Periyasamy, P.; Yang, L.; Cai, Y.; Callen, S.E.; Buch, S., 2016:
Cocaine-mediated microglial activation involves the ER stress-autophagy axis

Lucyk, S.N.; Kanter, C.; Lugassy, D.; Hoffman, R.S., 2016:
Cocaine-related Aortic Dissection: Questions yet to Be Resolved

Pike, E.; Marks, K.R.; Stoops, W.W.; Rush, C.R., 2016:
Cocaine-related stimuli impair inhibitory control in cocaine users following short stimulus onset asynchronies

Ortinski, P.I.; Briand, L.A.; Pierce, R.Christopher.; Schmidt, H.D., 2015:
Cocaine-seeking is associated with PKC-dependent reduction of excitatory signaling in accumbens shell D2 dopamine receptor-expressing neurons

Contreras-Rodríguez, O.; Albein-Urios, N.; Perales, Jé.C.; Martínez-Gonzalez, Jé.M.; Vilar-López, R.; Fernández-Serrano, Mía.J.; Lozano-Rojas, O.; Verdejo-García, A., 2016:
Cocaine-specific neuroplasticity in the ventral striatum network is linked to delay discounting and drug relapse

Veronese, F.V.; Dode, R.S.O.; Friderichs, M.; Thomé, G.G.; da Silva, D.R.; Schaefer, P.G.; Sebben, V.C.; Nicolella, A.R.; Barros, E.J.G., 2017:
Cocaine/levamisole-induced systemic vasculitis with retiform purpura and pauci-immune glomerulonephritis

Hirachan, P.; Agarwal, R.; Wagner, B., 2015:
Cocaine: A Rare Cause of Left-Sided Renal Infarction

Redman, M., 2011:
Cocaine: What is the Crack? A Brief History of the Use of Cocaine as an Anesthetic

Talebi, S.; Pallavi, R.; Garofoli, A.; Visco, F.; Hassen, G.W., 2016:
Cocaine: rare cause of Osborn wave

McAllister, C.T.; Motriuk-Smith, D.; Seville, R.S.; Hudson, C.; Connior, M.B.; Robison, H.W., 2015:
Coccidia (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) of Three-toed Box Turtles, Terrapene carolina triunguis (Reptilia: Testudines), from Arkansas and Oklahoma

Medina, J.P.; Salgado-Miranda, C.; García-Conejo, M.; Galindo-Sánchez, K.P.; Mejía-García, C.J.; Janczur, M.K.; Gomes Lopes, C.W.; Berto, B.P.; Soriano-Vargas, E., 2016:
Coccidia in passerines from the Nevado de Toluca National Park, Mexico

Teixeira, M.; Melo, Aônio.Diego.Brandão.; Albuquerque, G.Rego.; Rocha, Pícia.Tironi.; Monteiro, J.Patrício., 2017:
Coccidia of gallinaceous meat birds in Brazil

Ferguson, S.D.; Wellehan, J.F.X.; Frasca, S.; Innis, C.J.; Harris, H.S.; Miller, M.; Weber, E.Scott.; Walden, H.Stockdale.; Greiner, E.C.; Merigo, C.; Stacy, B.A., 2016:
Coccidial Infection of the Adrenal Glands of Leatherback Sea Turtles (Dermochelys Coriacea)

Bertram, M.R.; Hamer, G.L.; Snowden, K.F.; Hartup, B.K.; Hamer, S.A., 2016:
Coccidian Parasites and Conservation Implications for the Endangered Whooping Crane (Grus americana)

Rosenthal, B.M.; Dunams-Morel, D.; Ostoros, G.; Molnár, Kálmán., 2017:
Coccidian parasites of fish encompass profound phylogenetic diversity and gave rise to each of the major parasitic groups in terrestrial vertebrates

Campbell, M.; Kusne, S.; Renfree, K.J.; Vikram, H.R.; Smilack, J.D.; Seville, M.T.; Orenstein, R.; Blair, J.E., 2016:
Coccidioidal Tenosynovitis of the Hand and Wrist: Report of 9 Cases and Review of the Literature

Moore, J.B.; Hoang, T.D.; Valentine, J.C.; Maves, R.C., 2016:
Coccidioidal Thyroiditis

Lee, C-Yuk.; Thompson, G.R.; Hastey, C.J.; Hodge, G.C.; Lunetta, J.M.; Pappagianis, D.; Heinrich, V., 2016:
Coccidioides Endospores and Spherules Draw Strong Chemotactic, Adhesive, and Phagocytic Responses by Individual Human Neutrophils

de Perio, M.A.; Niemeier, R.Todd.; Burr, G.A., 2015:
Coccidioides exposure and coccidioidomycosis among prison employees, California, United States

Loudin, M.; Clayburgh, D.R.; Hakki, M., 2016:
Coccidioides immitis Cervical Lymphadenitis Complicated by Esophageal Fistula

Johnson, S.M.; Carlson, E.L.; Pappagianis, D., 2016:
Coccidioides species determination: does sequence analysis agree with restriction fragment length polymorphism?

Stockamp, N.W.; Thompson, G.R., 2016:

Alavi, K.; Atla, P.R.; Haq, T.; Sheikh, M.Y., 2015:
Coccidioidomycosis Masquerading as Eosinophilic Ascites

Compton, F.; Everett, J.; Wanger, A.; Zhang, S., 2016:
Coccidioidomycosis Presented as a Pelvic Mass in an Otherwise Healthy Female

Kusne, S.; Taranto, S.; Covington, S.; Kaul, D.R.; Blumberg, E.A.; Wolfe, C.; Green, M., 2016:
Coccidioidomycosis Transmission Through Organ Transplantation: A Report of the OPTN Ad Hoc Disease Transmission Advisory Committee

Wilken, J.A.; Sondermeyer, G.; Shusterman, D.; McNary, J.; Vugia, D.J.; McDowell, A.; Borenstein, P.; Gilliss, D.; Ancock, B.; Prudhomme, J.; Gold, D.; Windham, G.C.; Lee, L.; Materna, B.L., 2016:
Coccidioidomycosis among Workers Constructing Solar Power Farms, California, USA, 2011-2014

Jehangir, W.; Tadepalli, G.Santoshi.; Sen, S.; Regevik, N.; Sen, P., 2015:
Coccidioidomycosis and Blastomycosis: Endemic Mycotic Co-Infections in the HIV Patient

Huckabone, S.E.; Gulland, F.M.D.; Johnson, S.M.; Colegrove, K.M.; Dodd, E.M.; Pappagianis, D.; Dunkin, R.C.; Casper, D.; Carlson, E.L.; Sykes, J.E.; Meyer, W.; Miller, M.A., 2015:
Coccidioidomycosis and other systemic mycoses of marine mammals stranding along the central California, USA coast: 1998-2012

Garcia Garcia, S.Cecilia.; Salas Alanis, J.Cesar.; Flores, M.Gomez.; Gonzalez Gonzalez, S.Eduardo.; Vera Cabrera, L.; Ocampo Candiani, J., 2016:
Coccidioidomycosis and the skin: a comprehensive review

Berli, J.U.; Campbell, W.N.; Katz, R.D., 2015:
Coccidioidomycosis causing osteomyelitis of the hand in an immunocompetent patient

Ramírez-Romero, R.; Silva-Pérez, R.Antonio.; Lara-Arias, J.; Ramírez-Hernández, C.; Marino-Martínez, Ián.Alberto.; Barbosa-Quintana, Álvaro.; López-Mayagoitia, A., 2016 :
Coccidioidomycosis in Biopsies with Presumptive Diagnosis of Malignancy in Dogs: Report of Three Cases and Comparative Discussion of Published Reports

Fitterer, C.; Berg, Z.; Halfdanarson, T.R.; Vikram, H.R.; Kusne, S.; Orenstein, R.; Seville, M.Teresa.; Blair, J.E., 2016:
Coccidioidomycosis in Patients with Selected Solid Organ Cancers: A Case Series and Review of Medical Literature

Turabelidze, G.; Aggu-Sher, R.K.; Jahanpour, E.; Hinkle, C.Jon., 2015:
Coccidioidomycosis in a State Where It Is Not Known To Be Endemic - Missouri, 2004-2013

Lee, J.M.; Graciano, A.Lia.; Dabrowski, L.; Kuzmic, B.; Tablizo, M.Anne., 2017:
Coccidioidomycosis in infants: A retrospective case series

Thanh, T.Duy.; Chuong, N.Dinh.; Hien, H.Van.; Kim, N.Hoon.; Lee, J.Hee., 2018:
CuAg@Ag Core-Shell Nanostructure Encapsulated by N-Doped Graphene as a High-Performance Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Ellerbrook, L.; Laks, S., 2015:
Coccidioidomycosis osteomyelitis of the knee in a 23-year-old diabetic patient

Chan, O.; Low, S.Wei.; Urcis, R.; Mahmoud, N.; Yumul, I.Kristine.T.; Po, J.Leander.Z.; Zangeneh, T.T., 2016:
Coccidioidomycosis with Pericardial Involvement: Case Report and Literature Review

Sotello, D.; Rivas, M.; Fuller, A.; Mahmood, T.; Orellana-Barrios, M.; Nugent, K., 2016:
Coccidioidomycosis with diffuse miliary pneumonia

Sondermeyer, G.L.; Lee, L.A.; Gilliss, D.; Vugia, D.J., 2017:
Coccidioidomycosis-Associated Deaths in California, 2000-2013

Dimitrova, D.; Ross, L., 2017:
Coccidioidomycosis: Experience From a Children's Hospital in an Area of Endemicity

Forrester, J.D.; Guo, H.Henry.; Weiser, T.G., 2016:
Coccidioidomycosis: Surgical Issues and Implications

Silva, S.Marques.; Ferreira, C.; Paupério, J.; Silva, R.Miguel.; Alves, P.Célio.; Lemos, A., 2016:
Coccidiosis in European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus algirus) populations in the Iberian Peninsula

Anonymous, 2016:
Coccidiosis in suckled calves at grass

Gerhold, R.W.; Fuller, A.L.; McDougald, L.R., 2017:
Coccidiosis in the Chukar Partridge ( Alectoris chukar ): A Survey of Coccidiosis Outbreaks and a Test of Anticoccidial Drugs Against Eimeria kofoidi

Togni, P.H.B.; Souza, L.M.; Sicsú, P.R.; Costa, V.A.; Amaral, D.S.S.L.; Franco, A.C.; Sujii, E.R.; Venzon, M., 2017:
Coccinellidae Parasitoids in Brazil: Neglected Species in a Mega-Diverse Country

Pramanik, A.; Paik, D.; Naskar, K.; Chakraborti, T., 2016:
Coccinia grandis (L.) Voigt Leaf Extract Exhibits Antileishmanial Effect Through Pro-inflammatory Response: An In Vitro Study

Taylor, A.R.; Brownlee, C.; Wheeler, G., 2016:
Coccolithophore Cell Biology: Chalking Up Progress

Brownlee, C.; Wheeler, G.L.; Taylor, A.R., 2016:
Coccolithophore biomineralization: New questions, new answers

Sun, L.; Jin, Y.; Dong, L.; Sui, H-Juan.; Sumi, R.; Jahan, R.; Hu, D.; Li, Z., 2016:
Coccomyxa Gloeobotrydiformis Improves Learning and Memory in Intrinsic Aging Rats

Rivasseau, C.; Farhi, E.; Compagnon, E.; de Gouvion Saint Cyr, D.; van Lis, R.; Falconet, D.; Kuntz, M.; Atteia, A.; Couté, A., 2016:
Coccomyxa actinabiotis sp. nov. (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta), a new green microalga living in the spent fuel cooling pool of a nuclear reactor

Barcytė, Dė.; Nedbalová, L., 2016:
Coccomyxa: a dominant planktic alga in two acid lakes of different origin

Jaya, B.N.; Hoffmann, R.; Kirchlechner, C.; Dehm, G.; Scheu, C.; Langer, G., 2017:
Coccospheres confer mechanical protection: New evidence for an old hypothesis

Thavamani, B.Samuel.; Mathew, M.; Dhanabal, S.P., 2016:
Cocculus hirsutus: Molecular Docking to Identify Suitable Targets for Hepatocellular Carcinoma by In silico Technique

Tejón, P.; Belmonte, M.Angel.; Lerma, J.José.; Lozano, A., 2016:
Coccydynia related to the use of a contraceptive vaginal ring

Yoneda, K.; Kubota, Y., 2017:
Coccygeal pad associated with neurosyphilis

Yamaguchi, Y.; Iwata, H.; Shimizu, H., 2018:
Coccygeal pad: a disease prevalent only in Japan?

Frouin, E.; Riviere, B.; Maillet, O.; Willems, M.; Kalfa, N.; Costes, V.; Bessis, D., 2017:
Coccygeal polypoid eccrine nevus associated with imperforate anus and unilateral multicystic kidney dysplasia

Ersen, O.; Ekinci, S.; Koca, K.; Akyildiz, F.; Bilgic, S., 2015:
Coccygectomy as a Surgical Option in the Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Coccygodynia

Antoniadis, A.; Ulrich, N.Harry-Bert.; Senyurt, H., 2015:
Coccygectomy as a surgical option in the treatment of chronic traumatic coccygodynia: a single-center experience and literature review

Doursounian, L.; Maigne, J-Yves.; Jacquot, F., 2015:
Coccygectomy for coccygeal spicule: a study of 33 cases

Hanley, E.N.; Ode, G.; Jackson Iii, B.J.; Seymour, R., 2016:
Coccygectomy for patients with chronic coccydynia: a prospective, observational study of 98 patients

Kwon, H.Dai.; Schrot, R.J.; Kerr, E.E.; Kim, K.D., 2012:
Coccygodynia and coccygectomy

Shen, Y.; Meng, L.; Sun, H.; Zhu, Y.; Liu, H., 2015:
Cochinchina momordica seed suppresses proliferation and metastasis in human lung cancer cells by regulating multiple molecular targets

Boothalingam, S.; Allan, C.; Allen, P.; Purcell, D., 2016:
Cochlear Delay and Medial Olivocochlear Functioning in Children with Suspected Auditory Processing Disorder

Kobler, J-Philipp.; Dhanasingh, A.; Kiran, R.; Jolly, C.; Ortmaier, T., 2016:
Cochlear Dummy Electrodes for Insertion Training and Research Purposes: Fabrication, Mechanical Characterization, and Experimental Validation

Janecka-Placek, A.; Lisowska, Gżyna.; Paradysz, A.; Misiołek, H., 2016:
Cochlear Function Monitoring after Spinal Anesthesia

Kariya, S.; Kaya, S.; Hizli, Ömer.; Hizli, P.; Nishizaki, K.; Paparella, M.M.; Cureoglu, S., 2017:
Cochlear Histopathologic Findings in Patients With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Human Temporal Bone Study

Kamakura, T.; Nadol, J.B., 2017:
Cochlear Histopathology as Observed in Two Patients With a Cochlear Implant Electrode With Positioner

Sennaroğlu, L.; Bajin, Münir.Demir.; Pamuk, E.; Tahir, E., 2016:
Cochlear Hypoplasia Type Four With Anteriorly Displaced Facial Nerve Canal

Chakrabarty, A.; Tarneja, V.K.; Singh, V.K.; Roy, P.K.; Bhargava, A.K.; Sreevastava, D.K., 2004:
Cochlear Implant : Anaesthesia Challenges

Sorkin, D.L.; Buchman, C.A., 2016:
Cochlear Implant Access in Six Developed Countries

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Coconut oil: supervillain or superfood? Learn what's behind coconut oil's sexy makeover

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Coculture of stem cells from the apical papilla and human umbilical vein endothelial cells enhances the angiogenic potential of dental pulp tissues

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Cocytus: Have you begun your descent?

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CodY, a master integrator of metabolism and virulence in Gram-positive bacteria

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Code it just right by using clear medical decision-making documentation

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Code of Dental Ethics (1866)

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Code of conduct could put your job in danger

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Code of conduct for professional standards revised

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Code of ethics for dental researchers

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Codeine should not be prescribed for breastfeeding mothers or children under the age of 12

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Codes and Pheos

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Codes deserve careful examination

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Codes for health care consultation: which definitions? Which experiences?

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Codes of Commitment to Crime and Resistance: Determining Social and Cultural Factors over the Behaviors of Italian Mafia Women

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