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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57506

Chapter 57506 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hemmingsen, J.Gjerke.; Møller, P.; Jantzen, K.; Jönsson, B.A.G.; Albin, M.; Wierzbicka, A.; Gudmundsson, A.; Loft, S.; Rissler, J., 2015:
Controlled exposure to diesel exhaust and traffic noise--Effects on oxidative stress and activation in mononuclear blood cells

Hemmingsen, J.G.; Rissler, J.; Lykkesfeldt, J.; Sallsten, G.; Kristiansen, J.; Møller P, P.; Loft, S., 2016:
Controlled exposure to particulate matter from urban street air is associated with decreased vasodilation and heart rate variability in overweight and older adults

Javeed, N.; Tardi, N.J.; Maher, M.; Singari, S.; Edwards, K.A., 2016:
Controlled expression of Drosophila homeobox loci using the Hostile takeover system

Alkhatib, Y.; Dewaldt, M.; Moritz, S.; Nitzsche, R.; Kralisch, D.; Fischer, D., 2016:
Controlled extended octenidine release from a bacterial nanocellulose/Poloxamer hybrid system

Hwang, D-Kue.; Sung, S-Joon., 2016:
Controlled fabrication of mesoporous TiO 2 hierarchical structures as scattering layers to enhance the power conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells

Choi, C-Hyung.; Kang, S-Min.; Jin, S.Hyung.; Yi, H.; Lee, C-Soo., 2015:
Controlled fabrication of multicompartmental polymeric microparticles by sequential micromolding via surface-tension-induced droplet formation

Hoffman, J.M.; Fraser, D.; Clementz, M.T., 2016:
Controlled feeding trials with ungulates: a new application of in vivo dental molding to assess the abrasive factors of microwear

Chisholm, R.H.; Trauer, J.M.; Curnoe, D.; Tanaka, M.M., 2018:
Controlled fire use in early humans might have triggered the evolutionary emergence of tuberculosis

Hallam, T.; Shakouri, A.; Poliani, E.; Rooney, A.P.; Ivanov, I.; Potie, A.; Taylor, H.K.; Bonn, M.; Turchinovich, D.; Haigh, S.J.; Maultzsch, J.; Duesberg, G.S., 2014:
Controlled folding of graphene: GraFold printing

Andreeva, N.V.; Leonova, O.G.; Popenko, V.I.; Belyavsky, A.V., 2016:
Controlled formaldehyde fixation of fibronectin layers for expansion of mesenchymal stem cells

Hu, F-Long.; Wang, H-Fang.; Guo, D.; Zhang, H.; Lang, J-Ping.; Beves, J.E., 2016:
Controlled formation of chiral networks and their reversible chiroptical switching behaviour by UV/microwave irradiation

He, K.; Robertson, A.W.; Gong, C.; Allen, C.S.; Xu, Q.; Zandbergen, H.; Grossman, J.C.; Kirkland, A.I.; Warner, J.H., 2015:
Controlled formation of closed-edge nanopores in graphene

Yang, F-Li.; Zhang, W.; Chi, Z-Xiang.; Cheng, F-Quan.; Chen, J-Tao.; Cao, A-Min.; Wan, L-Jun., 2015:
Controlled formation of core-shell structures with uniform AlPO4 nanoshells

Zhou, F.; Sun, W.; Zhao, M., 2015:
Controlled formation of emulsion gels stabilized by salted myofibrillar protein under malondialdehyde (MDA)-induced oxidative stress

Sun, Y.; Li, X.; Caravella, A.; Gao, R., 2016:
Controlled formation of fluorescent metalloporphyrin-containing coordination polymer particles from seed structures by designed shape-transformation reactions

Zhou, H.; Ruther, R.E.; Adcock, J.; Zhou, W.; Dai, S.; Nanda, J., 2015:
Controlled formation of mixed nanoscale domains of high capacity Fe2O3-FeF3 conversion compounds by direct fluorination

Banerjee, S.; Kataoka, S.; Takahashi, T.; Kamimura, Y.; Suzuki, K.; Sato, K.; Endo, A., 2016:
Controlled formation of ordered coordination polymeric networks using silsesquioxane building blocks

Chen, L.; Liu, K.; Ye, J-Ru.; Shen, Q., 2016:
Controlled formation of surface hydrophilicity enhanced chitosan film by layer-by-layer electro-assembly

Zhang, W.; Yang, L-Ping.; Wu, Z-Xiao.; Piao, J-Yu.; Cao, A-Min.; Wan, L-Jun., 2016:
Controlled formation of uniform CeO2 nanoshells in a buffer solution

E, S.P.; Miller, T.S.; Macpherson, J.V.; Unwin, P.R., 2016:
Controlled functionalisation of single-walled carbon nanotube network electrodes for the enhanced voltammetric detection of dopamine

Sahoo, D.; Rath, S.Prasad., 2015:
Controlled generation of highly saddled (porphyrinato)iron(III) iodide, tri-iodide and one-electron oxidized complexes

Zou, H-Lin.; Katori, Y.; Deng, Z-Chen.; Aihara, K.; Lai, Y-Cheng., 2015:
Controlled generation of switching dynamics among metastable states in pulse-coupled oscillator networks

Banchelli, M.; Tiribilli, B.; Pini, R.; Dei, L.; Matteini, P.; Caminati, G., 2016:
Controlled graphene oxide assembly on silver nanocube monolayers for SERS detection: dependence on nanocube packing procedure

Kiymaz, D.; Yagmurcukardes, M.; Tomak, A.; Sahin, H.; Senger, R.T.; Peeters, F.M.; Zareie, H.M.; Zafer, C., 2016:
Controlled growth mechanism of poly (3-hexylthiophene) nanowires

Wang, X.; Dong, L.; Zhang, B.; Yu, M.; Liu, J., 2016:
Controlled growth of Cu-Ni nanowires and nanospheres for enhanced microwave absorption properties

Errokh, A.; Ferraria, A.M.; Conceição, D.S.; Vieira Ferreira, L.F.; Botelho do Rego, A.M.; Rei Vilar, M.; Boufi, S., 2016:
Controlled growth of Cu2O nanoparticles bound to cotton fibres

Ren, X.; Yang, H.; Gen, S.; Zhou, J.; Yang, T.; Zhang, X.; Cheng, Z.; Sun, S., 2015:
Controlled growth of LaFeO3 nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide for highly efficient photocatalysis

Qian, G.; Rahman, S.Abdul.; Goh, B.Tong., 2015:
Controlled growth of Si-based heterostructure nanowires and their structural and electrical properties

Qiu, X.; Wang, X.; Li, Y., 2015:
Controlled growth of dense and ordered metal-organic framework nanoparticles on graphene oxide

Kellermann, G.; Montoro, L.A.; Giovanetti, L.J.; dos Santos Claro, P.C.; Zhang, L.; Ramirez, A.J.; Requejo, F.G.; Craievich, A.F., 2015:
Controlled growth of extended arrays of CoSi2 hexagonal nanoplatelets buried in Si(001), Si(011) and Si(111) wafers

Wang, X.; Niessner, R.; Knopp, D., 2015:
Controlled growth of immunogold for amplified optical detection of aflatoxin B1

Kasap, S.; Khaksaran, H.; Çelik, Süleyman.; Özkaya, H.; Yanık, C.; Kaya, I.I., 2015:
Controlled growth of large area multilayer graphene on copper by chemical vapour deposition

Li, X.; Cui, F.; Feng, Q.; Wang, G.; Xu, X.; Wu, J.; Mao, N.; Liang, X.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, J.; Xu, H., 2016:
Controlled growth of large-area anisotropic ReS 2 atomic layer and its photodetector application

Jia, P.; Qu, J.; Cao, B.; Liu, Y.; Luo, C.; An, J.; Pan, K., 2015:
Controlled growth of polyhedral and plate-like Ag nanocrystals on a nanofiber mat as a SERS substrate

Shiba, K.; Sugiyama, T.; Takei, T.; Yoshikawa, G., 2016:
Controlled growth of silica-titania hybrid functional nanoparticles through a multistep microfluidic approach

Dušak, P.; Mertelj, A.; Kralj, S.; Makovec, D., 2014:
Controlled heteroaggregation of two types of nanoparticles in an aqueous suspension

Coden, D.S.Acosta.; Romero, R.H.; Räsänen, E., 2015:
Controlled high-fidelity navigation in the charge stability diagram of a double quantum dot

Habibi, M.S.; Chiu, C., 2016:
Controlled human infection with RSV: The opportunities of experimental challenge

Gómez-Pérez, G.P.; Legarda, A.; Muñoz, J.; Sim, B.Kim.Lee.; Ballester, Mía.Rosa.; Dobaño, C.; Moncunill, G.; Campo, J.J.; Cisteró, P.; Jimenez, A.; Barrios, D.; Mordmüller, B.; Pardos, J.; Navarro, M.; Zita, C.Justino.; Nhamuave, C.Arlindo.; García-Basteiro, A.L.; Sanz, A.; Aldea, M.; Manoj, A.; Gunasekera, A.; Billingsley, P.F.; Aponte, J.J.; James, E.R.; Guinovart, C.; Antonijoan, R.M.; Kremsner, P.G.; Hoffman, S.L.; Alonso, P.L., 2016:
Controlled human malaria infection by intramuscular and direct venous inoculation of cryopreserved Plasmodium falciparum sporozoites in malaria-naïve volunteers: effect of injection volume and dose on infectivity rates

Bijker, E.M.; Sauerwein, R.W.; Bijker, W.E., 2016:
Controlled human malaria infection trials: How tandems of trust and control construct scientific knowledge

Bock, I.; Raveh-Amit, H.; Losonczi, E.; Carstea, A.C.; Feher, A.; Mashayekhi, K.; Matyas, S.; Dinnyes, A.; Pribenszky, C., 2017:
Controlled hydrostatic pressure stress downregulates the expression of ribosomal genes in preimplantation embryos: a possible protection mechanism?

Jiang, Y-Rou.; Lin, H-Pan.; Chung, W-Hsin.; Dai, Y-Ming.; Lin, W-Yu.; Chen, C-Chang., 2016:
Controlled hydrothermal synthesis of BiOxCly/BiOmIn composites exhibiting visible-light photocatalytic degradation of crystal violet

Buijze, G.A.; Hopman, M.T., 2015:
Controlled hyperventilation after training may accelerate altitude acclimatization

Das, A.; Chhaule, S.; Bhattacharya, S.; Basunia, S.R.; Mitra, T.; Halder, P.S.; Chattopadhyay, S.; Mandal, S.K., 2016:
Controlled hypotension in day care functional endoscopic sinus surgery: A comparison between esmolol and dexmedetomidine: A prospective, double-blind, and randomized study

Moreno, D.H.; Cacione, D.G.; Baptista-Silva, J.C.C., 2016:
Controlled hypotension versus normotensive resuscitation strategy for people with ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm

Saragusty, J.; Osmers, J-Hendrik.; Hildebrandt, T.Bernd., 2016:
Controlled ice nucleation--Is it really needed for large-volume sperm cryopreservation?

Cherkouk, C.; Rebohle, L.; Lenk, J.; Keller, A.; Ou, X.; Laube, M.; Neuber, C.; Haase-Kohn, C.; Skorupa, W.; Pietzsch, J., 2016:
Controlled immobilization of His-tagged proteins for protein-ligand interaction experiments using Ni²⁺-NTA layer on glass surfaces

Rieger, E.; Dupret-Bories, Aès.; Salou, L.; Metz-Boutigue, M-Helene.; Layrolle, P.; Debry, C.; Lavalle, P.; Vrana, N.Engin., 2016:
Controlled implant/soft tissue interaction by nanoscale surface modifications of 3D porous titanium implants

Wang, X-Po.; Zhao, Y-Qin.; Jagličić, Z.; Wang, S-Na.; Lin, S-Jie.; Li, X-Yi.; Sun, D., 2015:
Controlled in situ reaction for the assembly of Cu(II) mixed-ligand coordination polymers: synthesis, structure, mechanistic insights, magnetism and catalysis

Servant, A.; Qiu, F.; Mazza, M.; Kostarelos, K.; Nelson, B.J., 2016:
Controlled in vivo swimming of a swarm of bacteria-like microrobotic flagella

Novickij, V.; Grainys, A.; Švedienė, J.; Paškevičius, A.; Novickij, J., 2017 :
Controlled inactivation of Trichophyton rubrum using shaped electrical pulse bursts: Parametric analysis

Russ, H.A.; Parent, A.V.; Ringler, J.J.; Hennings, T.G.; Nair, G.G.; Shveygert, M.; Guo, T.; Puri, S.; Haataja, L.; Cirulli, V.; Blelloch, R.; Szot, G.L.; Arvan, P.; Hebrok, M., 2015:
Controlled induction of human pancreatic progenitors produces functional beta-like cells in vitro

El-Sherbiny, Y.M.; Holmes, T.D.; Wetherill, L.F.; Black, E.V.I.; Wilson, E.B.; Phillips, S.L.; Scott, G.B.; Adair, R.A.; Dave, R.; Scott, K.J.; Morgan, R.S.M.; Coffey, M.; Toogood, G.J.; Melcher, A.A.; Cook, G.P., 2015:
Controlled infection with a therapeutic virus defines the activation kinetics of human natural killer cells in vivo

Juslin, P., 2015:
Controlled information integration and bayesian inference

Sarkar Das, S.; Lucas, A.D.; Carlin, A.S.; Zheng, J.; Patwardhan, D.V.; Saylor, D.M., 2016:
Controlled initial surge despite high drug fraction and high solubility

Luan, X.; Huang, T.; Zhou, Y.; An, Q.; Wang, Y.; Wu, Y.; Li, X.; Li, H.; Shi, F.; Zhang, Y., 2016:
Controlled Interfacial Permeation, Nanostructure Formation, Catalytic Efficiency, Signal Enhancement Capability, and Cell Spreading by Adjusting Photochemical Cross-Linking Degrees of Layer-by-Layer Films

Lavado, A.S.; Chauhan, V.M.; Zen, A.Alhaj.; Giuntini, F.; Jones, D.Rhodri.E.; Boyle, R.W.; Beeby, A.; Chan, W.C.; Aylott, J.W., 2016:
Controlled intracellular generation of reactive oxygen species in human mesenchymal stem cells using porphyrin conjugated nanoparticles

Yuan, Y.; Sun, H.; Ge, S.; Wang, M.; Zhao, H.; Wang, L.; An, L.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, H.; Hu, B.; Wang, J.; Liang, G., 2015:
Controlled intracellular self-assembly and disassembly of 19F nanoparticles for MR imaging of caspase 3/7 in zebrafish

Renahy, J.; Vuitton, D.A.; Rath, B.; Thomas, I.; de Grivel, V.; Cardey, S., 2016:
Controlled language and information on vaccines: application to package inserts

Hou, Y-Ling.; Xu, H.; Cheng, R-Rui.; Zhao, B., 2015:
Controlled lanthanide-organic framework nanospheres as reversible and sensitive luminescent sensors for practical applications

Coathup, M.J.; Blunn, G.W.; Mirhosseini, N.; Erskine, K.; Liu, Z.; Garrod, D.R.; Li, L., 2016:
Controlled laser texturing of titanium results in reliable osteointegration

Jawad, A.; Li, Y.; Lu, X.; Chen, Z.; Liu, W.; Yin, G., 2015:
Controlled leaching with prolonged activity for Co-LDH supported catalyst during treatment of organic dyes using bicarbonate activation of hydrogen peroxide

Maj, E.; Künneke, L.; Loresch, E.; Grund, A.; Melchert, J.; Pieler, T.; Aspelmeier, T.; Borchers, A., 2017:
Controlled levels of canonical Wnt signaling are required for neural crest migration

Skjold-Jørgensen, J.; Vind, J.; Moroz, O.V.; Blagova, E.; Bhatia, V.K.; Svendsen, A.; Wilson, K.S.; Bjerrum, M.J., 2016:
Controlled lid-opening in Thermomyces lanuginosus lipase- An engineered switch for studying lipase function

Kroll, N.; Theilacker, K.; Schoknecht, M.; Baabe, D.; Wiedemann, D.; Kaupp, M.; Grohmann, A.; Hörner, G., 2016:
Controlled ligand distortion and its consequences for structure, symmetry, conformation and spin-state preferences of iron(II) complexes

Wang, F.; He, H.; Zhuang, H.; Xie, X.; Yang, Z.; Cai, Z.; Gu, H.; Zhou, J., 2015:
Controlled light field concentration through turbid biological membrane for phototherapy

Mertz, J.; Cao, H.; Gigan, S.; Piestun, R., 2015:
Controlled light propagation through complex media introduction

Elviri, L.; Bianchera, A.; Bergonzi, C.; Bettini, R., 2016 :
Controlled local drug delivery strategies from chitosan hydrogels for wound healing

Bixner, O.; Reimhult, E., 2016:
Controlled magnetosomes: Embedding of magnetic nanoparticles into membranes of monodisperse lipid vesicles

Gabayno, J.Lynn.F.; Liu, D-Wei.; Chang, M.; Lin, Y-Hao., 2016:
Controlled manipulation of Fe₃O₄ nanoparticles in an oscillating magnetic field for fast ablation of microchannel occlusion

Großmann, N.; Magri, A.; Laux, M.; Stadtmüller, B.; Thielen, P.; Schäfer, B.; Fuhr, O.; Ruben, M.; Cinchetti, M.; Aeschlimann, M., 2016:
Controlled manipulation of the Co-Alq 3 interface by rational design of Alq 3 derivatives

Wang, J.; Ying, X.; Liu, J.; Li, X.; Zhang, W., 2016:
Controlled mechanical and swelling properties of urethane acrylate grafted calcium alginate hydrogels

Yan, Z.; Zhang, F.; Wang, J.; Liu, F.; Guo, X.; Nan, K.; Lin, Q.; Gao, M.; Xiao, D.; Shi, Y.; Qiu, Y.; Luan, H.; Kim, J.Hwan.; Wang, Y.; Luo, H.; Han, M.; Huang, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Rogers, J.A., 2016:
Controlled mechanical buckling for origami-inspired construction of 3D microstructures in advanced materials

Hopster, K.; Rohn, K.; Ohnesorge, B.; Kästner, S.B.R., 2016:
Controlled mechanical ventilation with constant positive end-expiratory pressure and alveolar recruitment manoeuvres during anaesthesia in laterally or dorsally recumbent horses

Henstock, J.; El Haj, A., 2016:
Controlled mechanotransduction in therapeutic MSCs: can remotely controlled magnetic nanoparticles regenerate bones?

Peng, X.; Yang, G.; Fan, X.; Bai, Y.; Ren, X.; Zhou, Y., 2016:
Controlled methyl-esterification of pectin catalyzed by cation exchange resin

Beck, C.; Singh, T.; Farooqi, A.; Venkatesh, T.; Vazquez, M., 2016:
Controlled microfluidics to examine growth-factor induced migration of neural progenitors in the Drosophila visual system

Bjørnøy, S.H.; Bassett, D.C.; Ucar, S.; Andreassen, J-Petter.; Sikorski, P., 2016:
Controlled mineralisation and recrystallisation of brushite within alginate hydrogels

Lencioni, L.; Romani, C.; Gobbi, M.; Comitini, F.; Ciani, M.; Domizio, P., 2017:
Controlled mixed fermentation at winery scale using Zygotorulaspora florentina and Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Corcoran, T.B.; Mas, E.; Barden, A.E.; Roberts, L.Jackson.; Mori, T.A.; O'Loughlin, E., 2017:
Controlled moderate hypovolaemia in healthy volunteers is not associated with the development of oxidative stress assessed by plasma F2-isoprostanes and isofurans

Jia, J.; Wang, W.; Gao, Y.; Zhao, Y., 2015:
Controlled morphology and size of curcumin using ultrasound in supercritical CO2 antisolvent

Araki, T.; Fukai, S., 2015:
Controlled motion of Janus particles in periodically phase-separating binary fluids

Hobbs, B.P.; Chen, N.; Lee, J.Jack., 2016:
Controlled multi-arm platform design using predictive probability

Noureddine, A.; Lichon, L.; Maynadier, M.; Garcia, M.; Gary-Bobo, M.; Zink, J.I.; Cattoën, X.; Wong Chi Man, M., 2016:
Controlled multiple functionalization of mesoporous silica nanoparticles: homogeneous implementation of pairs of functionalities communicating through energy or proton transfers

Geier, M.L.; Moudgil, K.; Barlow, S.; Marder, S.R.; Hersam, M.C., 2016:
Controlled n-Type Doping of Carbon Nanotube Transistors by an Organorhodium Dimer

Askari, M.S.; Orio, M.; Ottenwaelder, X., 2015:
Controlled nitrene transfer from a tyrosinase-like arylnitroso-copper complex

Campo-Cañaveral de la Cruz, Jé.Luis.; Gómez de Antonio, D.; Hoyos-Mejía, L.; Pérez-Redondo, M.; Laporta-Hernández, Ría.; Varela de Ugarte, Aés.; Varela de Ugarte, Aés.; Ussetti, P.; Córdoba Peláez, M.; Gómez de Antonio, D.; Naranjo Gómez, Jé.Manuel.; Campo-Cañaveral de la Cruz, Jé.Luis.; Crowley Carrasco, S.; Hoyos Mejía, L.; Valdivia Concha, D.; Macías Sotuela, L.; Moradiellos Díez, F.Javier.; Rubio Muñoz, J.José.; García Fadul, C.; Laporta Hernández, Ría.; Aguilar Pére, 2016:
Controlled non-heart beating donor lung transplantation: initial experience in Spain

Li, G.; Li, L.; Wu, B.; Li, J.; Yuan, Y.; Shi, J., 2015:
Controlled one-step synthesis of Pt decorated octahedral Fe₃O₄ and its excellent catalytic performance for CO oxidation

Li, J.; Jia, J.; Lin, Y.; Zhou, X., 2016:
Controlled optical properties of water-soluble CdTe nanocrystals via anion exchange

Noferesti, S.Seifi.; Sohel, M.Mahmodul.Hasan.; Hoelker, M.; Salilew-Wondim, D.; Tholen, E.; Looft, C.; Rings, F.; Neuhoff, C.; Schellander, K.; Tesfaye, D., 2016:
Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation induced changes in the expression of circulatory miRNA in bovine follicular fluid and blood plasma

Ecemis, T.; Tasci, Y.; Caglar, G.Sinem., 2016:
Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation with sequential letrozole co-treatment in normo/high responders

Chow, J.Wai.Yinn.; Khullar, K.; Katechia, K.; Klim, S.; Kelly, A-Maree., 2016:
Controlled oxygen therapy at emergency department presentation increases the likelihood of achieving target oxygen saturations in patients with exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Song, Y.; Feng, D-Yang.; Liu, T-Yu.; Li, Y.; Liu, X-Xia., 2015:
Controlled partial-exfoliation of graphite foil and integration with MnO2 nanosheets for electrochemical capacitors

Noble, C.; Smulders, N.; Lewis, R.; Carré, M.J.; Franklin, S.E.; MacNeil, S.; Taylor, Z.A., 2016:
Controlled peel testing of a model tissue for diseased aorta

Liang, Y-Jian.; Huang, H-min.; Yang, H-ling.; Xu, L-ling.; Zhang, L-dan.; Li, S-ping.; Tang, W., 2016:
Controlled peritoneal drainage improves survival in children with abdominal compartment syndrome

Ni, M.; Mooney, K.; Signorile, J.F., 2017:
Controlled pilot study of the effects of power yoga in Parkinson's disease

Zhang, Z.; Wu, Y.; Dong, J.; Gao, W.; Han, Q.; Zheng, H., 2016:
Controlled plasmon enhanced fluorescence by silver nanoparticles deposited onto nanotube arrays

Gao, Y.; Newland, B.; Zhou, D.; Matyjaszewski, K.; Wang, W., 2016:
Controlled Polymerization of Multivinyl Monomers: Formation of Cyclized/Knotted Single-Chain Polymer Architectures

Jung, S.Mi.; Mafra, D.Lopes.; Lin, C-Te.; Jung, H.Young.; Kong, J., 2015:
Controlled porous structures of graphene aerogels and their effect on supercapacitor performance

Rong, Y.; He, K.; Pacios, Mè.; Robertson, A.W.; Bhaskaran, H.; Warner, J.H., 2015:
Controlled preferential oxidation of grain boundaries in monolayer tungsten disulfide for direct optical imaging

Zhou, N.; Ye, C.; Polavarapu, L.; Xu, Q-Hua., 2016:
Controlled preparation of Au/Ag/SnO2 core-shell nanoparticles using a photochemical method and applications in LSPR based sensing

Sharpe, S.S.; Kuckuk, R.; Goldman, D.I., 2016:
Controlled preparation of wet granular media reveals limits to lizard burial ability

Thothathiri, M.; Rattinger, M., 2015:
Controlled processing during sequencing

Lu, B.; Li, J-Guang.; Sakka, Y., 2013:
Controlled processing of (Gd,Ln) 2 O 3 :Eu (Ln = Y, Lu) red phosphor particles and compositional effects on photoluminescence

Bühler, N.Elena.Maria.; Schulze-Osthoff, K.; Königsrainer, A.; Schenk, M., 2015:
Controlled processing of a full-sized porcine liver to a decellularized matrix in 24 h

Rütering, M.; Schmid, J.; Rühmann, B.; Schilling, M.; Sieber, V., 2018:
Controlled production of polysaccharides-exploiting nutrient supply for levan and heteropolysaccharide formation in Paenibacillus sp

Doméjean, H.; de la Motte Saint Pierre, M.; Funfak, A.; Atrux-Tallau, N.; Alessandri, K.; Nassoy, P.; Bibette, Jérôme.; Bremond, N., 2016:
Controlled production of sub-millimeter liquid core hydrogel capsules for parallelized 3D cell culture

Agnew, L.R.; Cruickshank, D.L.; McGlone, T.; Wilson, C.C., 2016:
Controlled production of the elusive metastable form II of acetaminophen (paracetamol): a fully scalable templating approach in a cooling environment

Zhu, B.; Jiang, B.; Na, Z.; Yao, S.Q., 2016:
Controlled proliferation and screening of mammalian cells on a hydrogel-functionalized small molecule microarray

Rafiee, Z., 2016:
Controlled radical polymerization of an acrylamide containing L-alanine moiety via ATRP

Cruzado, J.M.; Pascual, J.; Sánchez-Fructuoso, A.; Serón, D.; Díaz, J.M.; Rengel, M.; Oppenheimer, F.; Hernández, D.; Paravisini, A.; Saval, Núria.; Morales, Jé.M., 2016:
Controlled randomized study comparing the cardiovascular profile of everolimus with tacrolimus in renal transplantation

Zhao, J.J.; Wang, P.; Liu, Z.H.; Wei, L.Y.; Yang, Z.; Chen, H.R.; Fang, X.Q.; Liu, X.L.; Mai, Y.H., 2015:
Controlled reaction for improved CH3NH3PbI3 transition in perovskite solar cells

Kastner, K.; Forster, J.; Ida, H.; Newton, G.N.; Oshio, H.; Streb, C., 2015:
Controlled reactivity tuning of metal-functionalized vanadium oxide clusters

Sousa, A.M.Y.R.; Vieira, Aé.P.; Prado, C.P.C.; Andrade, R.F.S., 2018:
Controlled recovery of phylogenetic communities from an evolutionary model using a network approach

Xie, S.; Jiao, N.; Tung, S.; Liu, L., 2017:
Controlled regular locomotion of algae cell microrobots

Shao, W.; Liu, H.; Wang, S.; Wu, J.; Huang, M.; Min, H.; Liu, X., 2017:
Controlled release and antibacterial activity of tetracycline hydrochloride-loaded bacterial cellulose composite membranes

Ye, X.; Feng, J.; Zhang, J.; Yang, X.; Liao, X.; Shi, Q.; Tan, S., 2016:
Controlled release and long-term antibacterial activity of reduced graphene oxide/quaternary ammonium salt nanocomposites prepared by non-covalent modification

Baek, J-Suep.; Cho, C-Weon., 2015:
Controlled release and reversal of multidrug resistance by co-encapsulation of paclitaxel and verapamil in solid lipid nanoparticles

Feng, W.; Geng, Z.; Li, Z.; Cui, Z.; Zhu, S.; Liang, Y.; Liu, Y.; Wang, R.; Yang, X., 2016:
Controlled release behaviour and antibacterial effects of antibiotic-loaded titania nanotubes

Wang, J-Cheng.; Xue, B.; Ge, K-Kui.; Wang, Y-Han.; Li, G-Dong.; Huang, Q-Shan., 2016:
Controlled release by novel lysostaphin-loaded hydroxyapatite/chitosan composites

Bhusal, P.; Harrison, J.; Sharma, M.; Jones, D.S.; Hill, A.G.; Svirskis, D., 2018:
Controlled release drug delivery systems to improve post-operative pharmacotherapy

Malode, V.N.; Paradkar, A.; Devarajan, P.V., 2016:
Controlled release floating multiparticulates of metoprolol succinate by hot melt extrusion

Siafaka, P.I.; Barmpalexis, P.; Lazaridou, M.; Papageorgiou, G.Z.; Koutris, E.; Karavas, E.; Kostoglou, M.; Bikiaris, D.N., 2016:
Controlled release formulations of risperidone antipsychotic drug in novel aliphatic polyester carriers: Data analysis and modelling

Capece, M.; Barrows, J.; Davé, R.N., 2015:
Controlled release from drug microparticles via solventless dry-polymer coating

Vasudevan, S.A.; Xu, Y.; Karwal, S.; van Ostaay, H.G.M.E.; Meesters, G.M.H.; Talebi, M.; Sudhölter, E.J.R.; Ruud van Ommen, J., 2016:
Controlled release from protein particles encapsulated by molecular layer deposition

Liu, L.; Bai, S.; Yang, H.; Li, S.; Quan, J.; Zhu, L.; Nie, H., 2017:
Controlled release from thermo-sensitive PNVCL-co-MAA electrospun nanofibers: The effects of hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity of a drug

Wang, W.; Sun, X.; Zhang, H.; Yang, C.; Liu, Y.; Yang, W.; Guo, C.; Wang, C., 2017:
Controlled release hydrogen sulfide delivery system based on mesoporous silica nanoparticles protects graft endothelium from ischemia-reperfusion injury

Paavola, A.; Bernards, C.M.; Rosenberg, P.H., 2016:
Controlled release ibuprofen-poloxamer gel for epidural use - A pharmacokinetic study using microdialysis in pigs

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Controlled topologies and self-assembly behaviors of oligomeric supra-amphiphiles

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Controlled trial comparing the efficacy of 88% phenol versus 10% sodium hydroxide for chemical matricectomy in the management of ingrown toenail

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Controlled trial of an Internet-based intervention for overweight teens (Next.Step): effectiveness analysis

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Controlling Genetic Background in Crosses of Mouse Models of Cancer

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Controlling Selectivity by Controlling Energy Partitioning in a Thermal Reaction in Solution

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Controlling Selectivity by Controlling the Path of Trajectories

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Controlling skeletal muscle CPT-I malonyl-CoA sensitivity: the importance of AMPK-independent regulation of intermediate filaments during exercise

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Controlling Strain Bursts and Avalanches at the Nano- to Micrometer Scale

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Controlling Sulfuryl-Transfer Biology

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Controlling Synergistic Oxidation Processes for Efficient and Stable Blue Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Devices

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Controlling T cell senescence in the tumor microenvironment for tumor immunotherapy

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Controlling Tuberculosis in the United States: Use of Isolation and Other Measures Throughout the Country

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Controlling Viscous Fingering Using Time-Dependent Strategies

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Controlling Visual Loss From Retinopathy of Prematurity in India

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Controlling X-ray deformable mirrors during inspection

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Controlling amyloid fibril formation by partial stirring

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Controlling and Predicting Unpredictable Behavior

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Controlling and prevention of surface wrinkling via size-dependent critical wrinkling strain

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Controlling aqueous silica nanoparticle synthesis in the 10-100 nm range

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Controlling arbitrary humidity without convection

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Controlling asthma by breathing techniques: role of anxiety

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Controlling cancer pain

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Controlling cardiovascular diseases in low and middle income countries by placing proof in pragmatism

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Controlling chaos using a system of harmonic oscillators

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Controlling core/shell Au/FePt nanoparticle electrocatalysis via changing the core size and shell thickness

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Controlling cortisol's contribution to degenerative disease

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Controlling dental enamel-cavity ablation depth with optimized stepping parameters along the focal plane normal using a three axis, numerically controlled picosecond laser

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Controlling diabetes by chromium complexes: The role of the ligands

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Controlling dyspnea in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients

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Controlling electron emission from the photoactive yellow protein chromophore by substitution at the coumaric acid group

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Controlling electron transfer between the two cofactor chains of photosystem I by the redox state of one of their components

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Controlling electronic effects and intermolecular packing in contorted polyaromatic hydrocarbons (c-PAHs): towards high mobility field effect transistors

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Controlling enantiomeric populations in fluctuating Brownian monolayers of chiral colloids

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Controlling endemic multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in Intensive Care Units using antimicrobial stewardship and infection control

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Controlling expression of genes in the unicellular alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii with a vitamin-repressible riboswitch

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Controlling filamentous fungi morphology with microparticles to enhanced β-mannanase production

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Controlling film topography to form highly hydrophobic waterborne coatings

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Controlling flow behavior of water in microfluidics with a chemically patterned anisotropic wetting surface

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Controlling flow direction in nanochannels by electric field strength

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Controlling for Acute Condition When Comparing Patients with versus Patients without Corticosteroid Premedication

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Controlling for Informed Presence Bias Due to the Number of Health Encounters in an Electronic Health Record

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Controlling for Landform Age When Determining the Settlement History of the Kuril Islands

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Controlling for Multiple Tests

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Controlling for P-value inflation in allele frequency change in experimental evolution and artificial selection experiments

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Controlling for Phylogenetic Relatedness and Evolutionary Rates Improves the Discovery of Associations Between Species' Phenotypic and Genomic Differences

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Controlling for Socioeconomic Status in Pain Disparities Research: All-Else-Equal Analysis When "All Else" Is Not Equal

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Controlling for conservation in genome-wide DNA methylation studies

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Controlling for experimental effects in event-related potentials by means of principal component rotation

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Controlling for unmeasured confounding and spatial misalignment in long-term air pollution and health studies

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Controlling for "confounders" in psychosocial pain research

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Controlling formation and suppression of fiber-optical rogue waves

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Controlling frontal photopolymerization with optical attenuation and mass diffusion

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Controlling fungal biofilms with functional drug delivery denture biomaterials

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Controlling in outpatient radiology

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Controlling infection and spread of carbapenems-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae among burn patients

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Controlling infection by mattress cleaning

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Controlling inflammation: a superior way to control TB

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Controlling roll perturbations in fruit flies

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Controlling secretion to limit chemoresistance

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Controlling the Assembly of Coiled-Coil Peptide Nanotubes

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Controlling the BET Surface Area of Porous Carbon by Using the Cd/C Ratio of a Cd-MOF Precursor and Enhancing the Capacitance by Activation with KOH

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Controlling the Behavior of Single Live Cells with High Density Arrays of Microscopic OLEDs

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Controlling the Catalytic Efficiency on the Surface of Hollow Gold Nanoparticles by Introducing an Inner Thin Layer of Platinum or Palladium

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Controlling the Climate of Safety Culture

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Controlling the Color of Lead-Free Red Overglaze Enamels and a Process for Preparing High-Quality Red Paints

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Controlling the Connections of Cells to the Biofilm Matrix

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Controlling the Cost Spent on Expensive Biologic Agents: an Example of Net Monetary Savings By Dose Optimisation of Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitors in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

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Controlling the Crystallinity of Thermoresponsive Poly(2-oxazoline)-Based Nanolayers to Cell Adhesion and Detachment

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Controlling the Cyanobacterial Clock by Synthetically Rewiring Metabolism

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Controlling the Direction of the Molecular Axis of Rod-Shaped Binuclear Ruthenium Complexes on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

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Controlling the Dissociation of Ligands from the Adenosine A2A Receptor through Modulation of Salt Bridge Strength

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Controlling the Dynamics of Quadrupolar Spin-1 Nuclei by Means of Average Hamiltonian Theory When Irradiated with Modified Composite Quadrupolar Echo Pulse Sequences

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Cytosolic APX2 is a pleiotropic protein involved in H 2 O 2 homeostasis, chloroplast protection, plant architecture and fertility maintenance

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Controlling the Electronic Structures of Perovskite Oxynitrides and their Solid Solutions for Photocatalysis

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Controlling the Electronic and Structural Coupling of C 60 Nano Films on Fe(001) through Oxygen Adsorption at the Interface

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Controlling the Emotional Bias: Performance, Late Positive Potentials, and the Effect of Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS)

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Controlling the Excited-State Dynamics of Nuclear Spin Isomers Using the Dynamic Stark Effect

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Controlling the Excited-State Reaction Dynamics of a Photochromic Molecular Switch with Sequential Two-Photon Excitation

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Controlling the False Discovery Rate in Many SMR Analyses

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Controlling the Formation of Ionic-Liquid-based Aqueous Biphasic Systems by Changing the Hydrogen-Bonding Ability of Polyethylene Glycol End Groups

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Controlling the Formation of Phospholipid Monolayer, Bilayer, and Intact Vesicle Layer on Graphene

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Controlling the Growth Modes of Femtoliter Sessile Droplets Nucleating on Chemically Patterned Surfaces

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Controlling the Integration of Polyvinylpyrrolidone onto Substrate by Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation To Achieve Excellent Protein Resistance and Detoxification

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Controlling the Interaction and Non-Close-Packed Arrangement of Nanoparticles on Large Areas

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Controlling the Interface Areas of Organic/Inorganic Semiconductor Heterojunction Nanowires for High-Performance Diodes

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Controlling the Localization of Liquid Droplets in Polymer Matrices by Evaporative Lithography

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Controlling the Location of Bare Nanoparticles in Polymer-Nanoparticle Blend Films by Adding Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticles

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Controlling the Mesostructure Formation within the Shell of Novel Cubic/Hexagonal Phase Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide-Poly(acrylamide-acrylic acid) Capsules for pH Stimulated Release

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Controlling the Microbiome: Microhabitat Adjustments for Successful Biocontrol Strategies in Soil and Human Gut

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Controlling the Microstructure of Reverse Micelles and Their Templating Effect on Shaping Nanostructures

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Controlling the Midfield: Treating Patients With Chronic Pain Using Alternative Payment Models

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Controlling the Morphology of Organic Crystals with Filamentous Bacteriophages

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Controlling the Motion of Ferrofluid Droplets Using Surface Tension Gradients and Magnetoviscous Pinning

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Controlling the Nanoscale Rotational Behaviors of Nanoparticles on the Cell Membranes: A Computational Model

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Controlling the Photocorrosion of Zinc Sulfide Nanoparticles in Water by Doping with Chloride and Cobalt Ions

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Controlling the Physical Dimensions of Peptide Nanotubes by Supramolecular Polymer Coassembly

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Controlling the Placement of Spherical Nanoparticles in Electrically Driven Polymer Jets and its Application to Li-Ion Battery Anodes

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Controlling the Polarity of Fullerene Derivatives to Optimize Nanomorphology in Blend Films

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Controlling the Polarization State of Light with Plasmonic Metal Oxide Metasurface

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Controlling the Rate of GWAS False Discoveries

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Controlling the Ratio between Native-Like, Non-Native-Like, and Aggregated β-Lactoglobulin after Heat Treatment

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Controlling the Reactivity of Bifunctional Ligands: Carboxylate-Bridged Nonheme Diiron(II) Complexes Bearing Free Thiol Groups

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Controlling the Reactivity of the Boronyl Group in Platinum Complexes toward Cyclodimerization: A Theoretical Survey

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Controlling the Regional Identity of hPSC-Derived Neurons to Uncover Neuronal Subtype Specificity of Neurological Disease Phenotypes

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Controlling the Release of Proteins from Therapeutic Nanofibers: The Effect of Fabrication Modalities on Biocompatibility and Antimicrobial Activity of Lysozyme

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Controlling the Resistive Switching Behavior in Starch-Based Flexible Biomemristors

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Controlling the Reversible Assembly of Liposomes through a Multistimuli Responsive Anchored DNA

Wang, J.; Ando, R.A.; Camargo, P.H.C., 2015:
Controlling the Selectivity of the Surface Plasmon Resonance Mediated Oxidation of p-Aminothiophenol on Au Nanoparticles by Charge Transfer from UV-excited TiO2

Halpern, J.Mark.; Wang, B.; Haick, H., 2015:
Controlling the Sensing Properties of Silicon Nanowires via the Bonds Nearest to the Silicon Nanowire Surface

Trout, G., 2016:
Controlling the Situation: Actionable Steps to Help Mitigate Hazmat Incidents

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Controlling the Spatial Organization of Liquid Crystalline Nanoparticles by Composition of the Organic Grafting Layer

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Controlling the Spin Texture of Topological Insulators by Rational Design of Organic Molecules

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Controlling the Spontaneous Emission Rate of Quantum Wells in Rolled-Up Hyperbolic Metamaterials

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Controlling the Stealth Effect of Nanocarriers through Understanding the Protein Corona

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Controlling the Structure and Length of Self-Synthesizing Supramolecular Polymers through Nucleated Growth and Disassembly

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Controlling the Supply of Anabolic Steroids

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Controlling the Supramolecular Architecture of Molecular Gels with Surfactants

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Controlling the Surface Organization of Conjugated Donor-Acceptor Polymers by their Aggregation in Solution

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Controlling the Temperature and Speed of the Phase Transition of VO2 Microcrystals

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Controlling the Vaterite CaCO3 Crystal Pores. Design of Tailor-Made Polymer Based Microcapsules by Hard Templating

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Controlling the Visible Electromagnetic Resonances of Si/SiO2 Dielectric Core-Shell Nanoparticles by Thermal Oxidation

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Controlling the assembly of cyclotriveratrylene-derived coordination cages

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Controlling the bias of rotational motion of ring-shaped microtubule assembly

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Controlling the bio-inspired synthesis of silica

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Controlling the blood glucose of type 1 diabetes mice by co-culturing MIN-6 β cells on 3D scaffold

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Controlling the buckling instability of drying droplets of suspensions through colloidal interactions

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Controlling the burn and fueling the fire: defining the role for the alarmin interleukin-33 in alloimmunity

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Controlling the burst release of amorphous drug-polysaccharide nanoparticle complex via crosslinking of the polysaccharide chains

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Controlling the capture and release of DNA with a dual-responsive cationic surfactant

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Controlling the carrier-envelope phase of single-cycle mid-infrared pulses with two-color filamentation

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Controlling the cytokine storm in severe bacterial diarrhoea with an oral Toll-like receptor 4 antagonist

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Controlling the depth of ceramic veneer preparations by using a color marker in the depth grooves

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Controlling the dopant dose in silicon by mixed-monolayer doping

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Controlling the duty cycle of holographic crossed gratings by in situ endpoint detection during development

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Controlling the dynamics of Förster resonance energy transfer inside a tunable sub-wavelength Fabry-Pérot-resonator

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Controlling the effective second-order susceptibility in random quadratic media

Gao, Y.; Wu, Y.; Liu, J.; Zhang, L., 2016:
Controlling the electrical conductive network formation of polymer nanocomposites via polymer functionalization

Kang, F.; Zhang, Y.; Peng, M., 2015:
Controlling the energy transfer via multi luminescent centers to achieve white light/tunable emissions in a single-phased X2-type Y2SiO5:Eu(3+),Bi(3+) phosphor for ultraviolet converted LEDs

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Controlling the exciton emission of gold coated GaAs-AlGaAs core-shell nanowires with an organic spacer layer

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Controlling the exciton energy of zinc oxide (ZnO) quantum dots by changing the confinement conditions

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Controlling the extent of viral genome release by a combination of osmotic stress and polyvalent cations

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Controlling the fast electron divergence in a solid target with multiple laser pulses

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Controlling the feed rate of propanol to optimize erythromycin fermentation by on-line capacitance and oxygen uptake rate measurement

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Controlling the flexibility and single-crystal to single-crystal interpenetration reconstitution of metal-organic frameworks

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Controlling the fluorescence of benzofuran-modified uracil residues in oligonucleotides by triple-helix formation

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Controlling the half-metallicity of Heusler/Si(1 1 1) interfaces by a monolayer of Si-Co-Si

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Controlling the high frequency response of H2 by ultra-short tailored laser pulses: A time-dependent configuration interaction study

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Controlling the hydration rate of a hydrophilic matrix in the core of an intravaginal ring determines antiretroviral release

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Controlling the interplay between Agrobacterium tumefaciens and plants during the transient expression of proteins

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Controlling the ionic current rectification factor of a nanofluidic/microfluidic interface with symmetric nanocapillary interconnects

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Controlling the kinetics of thiol-maleimide Michael-type addition gelation kinetics for the generation of homogenous poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels

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Controlling the last known cluster of Ebola virus disease - Liberia, January-February 2015

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Controlling the length scale and distribution of the ductile phase in metallic glass composites through friction stir processing

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Controlling the lifetimes of dynamic nanoparticle aggregates by spiropyran functionalization

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Controlling the long-range corrections in atomistic Monte Carlo simulations of two-phase systems

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Controlling the magnetic properties of dysprosium metallofullerene within metal-organic frameworks

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Controlling the magnetic structure of Co/Pd thin films by direct laser interference patterning

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Controlling the magnetism of adsorbed metal-organic molecules

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Controlling the mechanism of phase transformation of colloidal In2O3 nanocrystals

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Controlling the melt rheology of linear entangled metallo-supramolecular polymers

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Controlling the message: preschoolers' use of information to teach and deceive others

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Controlling the metal to semiconductor transition of MoS2 and WS2 in solution

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Controlling the metal-to-insulator relaxation of the metastable hidden quantum state in 1T-TaS2

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Controlling the mode of operation of organic transistors through side-chain engineering

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Controlling the molecular architecture of lactase immobilized in Langmuir-Blodgett films of phospholipids to modulate the enzyme activity

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Controlling the molecular weights of polyethylene waxes using the highly active precatalysts of 2-(1-aryliminoethyl)-9-arylimino-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrocycloheptapyridylcobalt chlorides: synthesis, characterization, and catalytic behavior

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Controlling the morphology and material characteristics of electrospray generated calcium alginate microhydrogels

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Controlling the morphology of metal-triggered collagen peptide assemblies through ligand alteration

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Controlling the morphology, composition and crystal structure in gold-seeded GaAs(1-x)Sb(x) nanowires

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Controlling the nonlinear optical properties of plasmonic nanoparticles with the phase of their linear response

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Controlling the optical fiber output beam profile by focused ion beam machining of a phase hologram on fiber tip

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Controlling the origins of inflammation with a photoactive lipopeptide immunopotentiator

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Controlling the perceived distance of an auditory object by manipulation of loudspeaker directivity

Orihara, K.; Saito, H., 2016:
Controlling the peripheral clock might be a new treatment strategy in allergy and immunology

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Controlling the phase structures of polymer/surfactant complexes by changing macromolecular architecture and adding n-alcohols

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Controlling the physics and chemistry of binary and ternary praseodymium and cerium oxide systems

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Controlling the prion propensity of glutamine/asparagine-rich proteins

Łotysz, Sławomir., 2015:
Controlling the production and distribution of drugs in communist Poland

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Controlling the propagation of an optical vortex through two-dimensional ordered and disordered waveguide arrays using topological charge

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Controlling the properties of graphene produced by electrochemical exfoliation

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Cytosolic aspartate aminotransferase mediates the mitochondrial membrane potential and cell survival by maintaining the calcium homeostasis of BV2 microglia

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Controlling the reactivity of the Se-Se bond by the supramolecular chemistry of cucurbituril

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Controlling the rectification properties of molecular junctions through molecule-electrode coupling

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Controlling the redox properties of a pyrroloquinolinequinone (PQQ) derivative in a ruthenium(II) coordination sphere

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Controlling the release from silver electrodes by titanium adlayers for health monitoring

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Controlling the release of bFGF from silk fibroin membrane

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Controlling the reproducibility of Coulomb blockade phenomena for gold nanoparticles on an organic monolayer/silicon system

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Controlling the response to DNA damage by the APC/C-Cdh1

Moxon, S.R.; Smith, A.M., 2016:
Controlling the rheology of gellan gum hydrogels in cell culture conditions

Park, W-Hwa.; Jo, I.; Hong, B.Hee.; Cheong, H., 2016:
Controlling the ripple density and heights: a new way to improve the electrical performance of CVD-grown graphene

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Controlling the seedbeds of tuberculosis: diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis infection

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Controlling the selective formation of calcium sulfate polymorphs at room temperature

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Controlling the self-assembly of homochiral coordination architectures of Cu(II) by substitution in amino acid based ligands: synthesis, crystal structures and physicochemical properties

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Controlling the shell formation in hydrothermally reduced graphene hydrogel

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Controlling the size of hot injection made nanocrystals by manipulating the diffusion coefficient of the solute

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Controlling the spin of co atoms on pt(111) by hydrogen adsorption

Huang, M.; Li, T.; Pan, T.; Zhao, N.; Yao, Y.; Zhai, Z.; Zhou, J.; Du, C.; Wang, Y., 2016:
Controlling the strontium-doping in calcium phosphate microcapsules through yeast-regulated biomimetic mineralization

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Controlling the subtle energy balance in protic ionic liquids: dispersion forces compete with hydrogen bonds

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Controlling the synthesis and assembly of fluorescent Au/Ag alloy nanoclusters

Mudgal, S.; Keresztes, I.; Feigenson, G.W.; Rizvi, S.S.H., 2016:
Controlling the taste receptor accessible structure of rebaudioside A via binding to bovine serum albumin

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Controlling the temperature of bones using pulsed CO2 lasers: observations and mathematical modeling

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Controlling the thermoelectric properties of polymers: application to PEDOT and polypyrrole

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Controlling the time evolution of mAb N-linked glycosylation - Part II: Model-based predictions

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Controlling the time evolution of mAb N-linked glycosylation, Part I: Microbioreactor experiments

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Controlling the transcription levels of argGH redistributed L-arginine metabolic flux in N-acetylglutamate kinase and ArgR-deregulated Corynebacterium crenatum

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Controlling the unfolded protein response-mediated life and death decisions in cancer

Ignacio, M.; Pierre-Louis, O., 2015:
Controlling the wetting transitions of nanoparticles on nanopatterned substrates using an electric current

Anonymous, 1991:
Controlling the whistling game?

Zhou, P.; Song, X.; Yan, X.; Liu, C.; Chen, L.; Sun, Q.; Zhang, D.Wei., 2016:
Controlling the work function of molybdenum disulfide by in situ metal deposition

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Controlling the "uncontrollable": Faking effects on the affect misattribution procedure

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Controlling thermo-optic response in microresonators using bimaterial cantilevers

Jin, H-Yong.; Xue, F-Shan.; Yang, G-Zhen., 2018:
Controlling tip of nasotracheal tube under video laryngoscopy

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Controls Can't Be Ignored

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Controversial 999 pilot ambulance trust chief executive resigns

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Controversial Effects of Exogenous Testosterone on Cardiovascular Diseases

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Controversial HIV vaccine strategy gets a second chance

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Controversial Saatchi bill passes report stage in House of Lords

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Controversial US drama makes debut

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Controversial aspects of the life cycle of Fasciola hepatica

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Controversial bill to boost US medical research funding is passed in House of Representatives

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Controversial controversy

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Controversial database of medical records is scrapped over security concerns

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Controversial evidence for the use of HistoScanning™ in the detection of prostate cancer

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Controversial findings on the value of mammography to be 'dissected�� at Miami Breast Cancer Conference

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Controversial home visits duck Medicare's radar, for now

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Controversial issues in the early identification of atypical language development in young children

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Controversial management figure Roger Dyson shares his thoughts with Trevor Clay in the first of a new series of interviews

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Controversial matters of arrangement of dental assistance within the framework of healthcare system reform and ways to increase of efficiency of diagnosing destructive processes in apical periodont

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Controversial online "scorecard" shows complication rates of 17,000 US surgeons

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Controversial opinion: evaluation of EGR1 and LAMA2 loci for high myopia in Chinese populations

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Controversial problems of clinical psychiatry

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Controversial proposal meets narrow defeat

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Controversial safe staffing guidance is necessary but 'unrealistic'

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Controversies After Brain Death: When Families Ask for More

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Controversies Continue: Universal Supplementation of Megadose of Vitamin A to Young Children in India

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Controversies Regarding Comprehensive Chronic Care: Coordinated Care: The Drug-Free Wonder Drug

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Controversies Regarding the Role of Polar Lipids in Human and Animal Tear Film Lipid Layer

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Controversies about sugars consumption: state of the science

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Controversies about the use of antidepressants in pregnancy: response to Dr. Casper, Dr. Osborne, and Dr. Payne

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Controversies about the visual areas located at the anterior border of area V2 in primates

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Controversies accumulated around betablockers

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Controversies around the diagnosis of ADHD

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Controversies in Anticoagulant Therapy in Vitreo-Retinal Surgery

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Controversies in Antimicrobial Stewardship: Focus on New Rapid Diagnostic Technologies and Antimicrobials

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Controversies in Breast Cancer Screening Strategies

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Controversies in Candida management

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Controversies in Contemporary Facial Reanimation

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Controversies in Contrast Material-induced Acute Kidney Injury: Closing in on the Truth?

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Controversies in Contrast Material-induced Acute Kidney Injury: Propensity Score Matching of Patients with Different Dose/Absolute Glomerular Filtration Rate Ratios

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Controversies in Corneal Collagen Cross-linking

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Controversies in Critical Care Nutrition Support

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Controversies in Establishing Biosimilarity: Extrapolation of Indications and Global Labeling Practices

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Controversies in Fracture Care

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Controversies in Fractures of the Proximal Ulna

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Controversies in Gender Diagnoses

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Controversies in Glaucoma: Current Medical Treatment and Drug Development

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Controversies in Inherited Bleeding Disorders

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Controversies in Intramedullary Fixation for Intertrochanteric Hip Fractures

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Controversies in J Pouch Surgery for Ulcerative Colitis: A Focus on Handsewn Versus Stapled Anastomosis

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Controversies in Lung Cancer Screening

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Controversies in MS: All relapsing multiple sclerosis patients should be managed at a specialist clinic - Combine the best of two worlds!

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Controversies in NSAIDs Use in Cataract Surgery

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Controversies in Parotid Defect Reconstruction

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Controversies in Pediatric Perioperative Airways

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Controversies in Persistent (Chronic) Lyme Disease

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Controversies in Pharmacological Treatment of Inflammatory Component of Macular Edema

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Controversies in Pouch Surveillance for Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Controversies in Radiation Oncology for Early-Stage Breast Cancer

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Controversies in Reduction Mammoplasty: Being A "Clean" Operation, Does It Mandate Antibiotic Prophylaxis?

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Controversies in Revision Rhinoplasty

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Controversies in Robotics: Open Versus Robotic Radical Cystectomy

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Controversies in Screening Mammography

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Controversies in Screening and Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes: Cuba's Position

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Controversies in Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy for Ocular Neoplasms

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Controversies in Surgical Management of Recalcitrant Enthesopathy of the Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis

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Controversies in Topical Antibiotics Use with Intravitreal Injections

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Controversies in Veterinary Nephrology: Differing Viewpoints: Role of Dietary Protein in the Management of Feline Chronic Kidney Disease

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Controversies in Veterinary Nephrology: Renal Diets Are Indicated for Cats with International Renal Interest Society Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 2 to 4: The Con View

Polzin, D.J.; Churchill, J.A., 2017:
Controversies in Veterinary Nephrology: Renal Diets Are Indicated for Cats with International Renal Interest Society Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 2 to 4: The Pro View

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Controversies in age estimation from developing teeth

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Controversies in anaesthesia for noncardiac surgery in older adults

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Controversies in arrhythmias and arrhythmic syndromes of active children and young adults

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Controversies in bariatric surgery

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Controversies in borderline ovarian tumors

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Controversies in cardiovascular medicine revisited

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Controversies in choledochal malformation

Thomas, S.V., 2015:
Controversies in contraception for women with epilepsy

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Controversies in criteria for liver transplantation in hepatocellular carcinoma

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Controversies in defining cancer survivorship

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Controversies in defining prognostic relevant selection criteria that determine long-term effectiveness of liver resection for noncolorectal nonneuroendocrine liver metastasis

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Controversies in electrophysiology

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Controversies in faith and health care

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Controversies in familial thyroid cancer 2014

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