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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57521

Chapter 57521 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Lee, Y.H.; Song, G.G., 2016:
Correlation between circulating osteopontin level in systemic lupus erythematosus and disease activity and associations between osteopontin polymorphisms and disease susceptibility: A meta-analysis

Alsaffar, H.A.; Goldstein, D.P.; King, E.V.; de Almeida, J.R.; Brown, D.H.; Gilbert, R.W.; Gullane, P.J.; Espin-Garcia, O.; Xu, W.; Irish, J.C., 2017:
Correlation between clinical and MRI assessment of depth of invasion in oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma

MacKay, J.W.; Aboelmagd, S.; Gaffney, J.Karl., 2016:
Correlation between clinical and MRI disease activity scores in axial spondyloarthritis

Diegues, L.Lopes.; Colombo Robazza, C.Roberto.; Costa Hanemann, Jão.Adolfo.; Costa Pereira, A.Antônio.; Silva, Céverson.O., 2015:
Correlation between clinical and histopathological diagnoses in periapical inflammatory lesions

Navarrete, M.; Hott, M.; Caroca, J.; Leyton, L.; Venegas, N.; Ismail, K.; Saavedra, F.; Otth, C., 2017:
Correlation between clinical and laboratory criteria of suspected Hantavirus cases and the results of the reference diagnostic technique

Gusmão, E.Santos.; Picarte, A.Carolina.Lessa.Cavalcanti.; Ben Barbosa, M.Bernadete.Cavalcanti.; Rösing, C.Kuchenbecker.; Cimoes, R., 2016:
Correlation between clinical and radiographic findings on the occurrence of furcation involvement in patients with periodontitis

Yamakawa, H.; Yoshida, M.; Yabe, M.; Baba, E.; Okuda, K.; Fujimoto, S.; Katagi, H.; Ishikawa, T.; Takagi, M.; Kuwano, K., 2016:
Correlation between clinical characteristics and chest computed tomography findings of pulmonary cryptococcosis

Singh, A.; Kumar, S.; Mishra, A.Kumar.; Kumar, M.; Kant, S.; Verma, S.K.; Kushwaha, R.A.S.; Garg, R., 2016:
Correlation between clinical characteristics, spirometric indices and high resolution computed tomography findings in patients of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Chiquet, C.; Maurin, M.; Altayrac, J.; Aptel, F.; Boisset, S.; Vandenesch, F.; Cornut, P.L.; Romanet, J.P.; Gain, P.; Carricajo, A., 2016:
Correlation between clinical data and antibiotic resistance in coagulase-negative Staphylococcus species isolated from 68 patients with acute post-cataract endophthalmitis

Lee, J.Sub.; Shin, J.Ki.; An, S.Jin.; Suh, K.Tak.; Kang, S.Shik., 2016:
Correlation between clinical outcomes and spinopelvic parameters in osteoporosis

De Souza, G.; Braga, R.Ruggiero.; Cesar, P.Francisco.; Lopes, G.Carpena., 2016:
Correlation between clinical performance and degree of conversion of resin cements: a literature review

Jung, Y-Wook.; Park, S-Hoon.; On, S-Woon.; Song, S-Il., 2015:
Correlation between clinical symptoms and magnetic resonance imaging findings in patients with temporomandibular joint internal derangement

da Silva Dias, G.Alberto.; Sousa, R.Catarina.Medeiros.; Gomes, Lícia.Figueiredo.; Caldas, C.Augusto.Muniz.; Nassiri, R.; Quaresma, J.Antônio.Simões.; Fuzii, H.Thais., 2016:
Correlation between clinical symptoms and peripheral immune response in HAM/TSP

Lima, P.Olavo.De.Paula.; Cunha, F.Marcos.Bezerra.; Gonçalves, H.De.Sá.; Aires, M.Araci.Pontes.; De Almeida, R.Lívia.Freitas.; Kerr, L.Regina.Franco.Sansigolo., 2016:
Correlation between clinical tests and electroneuromyography for the diagnosis of leprosy neuropathy

Soltani, A.; Saeidifard, F.; Keshtkar, A.; Shakki Katouli, F., 2015:
Correlation between clinicians-assigned weights to findings and their diagnostic odd ratio; case of congestive heart failure

Tang, X.; Zhang, J.; Chen, Y.; Lan, Z.; Wang, C., 2015:
Correlation between clinicopathological features and CA19-9/CEA in patients with extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma

Terenzi, R.; Santoboni, G.; Bartoloni, E.; Alunno, A.; Luccioli, F.; Gerli, R., 2015:
Correlation between clinimetric approach and German US7 score in rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with tocilizumab: a pilot study

Trongsakul, S., 2015:
Correlation between cognitive impairment and depressive mood of Thai elderly with type 2 diabetes in a primary care setting

Shi, X.; Zhang, Y.; Niu, H.; Wang, R.; Shen, J.; Zhou, S.; Yang, H.; Wang, S.; Wu, J., 2016:
Correlation between cognitive impairment and diabetic nephropathy in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Owan, Y.; Murakami, H.; Mori, Y.; Yamagishi, K.; Watanabe, D.; Kato, H.; Kezuka, M.; Kawamura, M., 2015:
Correlation between cognitive impairment and postural instability in patients with Parkinson's disease

Taher, M.; Safavi Bayat, Z.; Niromand Zandi, K.; Ghasemi, E.; Abredari, H.; Karimy, M.; Abedi, A.Reza., 2015:
Correlation between compliance regimens with health locus of control in patients with hypertension

Kim, S-Yeon.; Shin, J.; Kim, D-Hyun.; Kim, M.Jung.; Kim, E-Kyung.; Moon, H.Jung.; Yoon, J.Hyun., 2017:
Correlation between conductivity and prognostic factors in invasive breast cancer using magnetic resonance electric properties tomography (MREPT)

Paknahad, M.; Shahidi, S.; Abbaszade, H., 2017:
Correlation between condylar position and different sagittal skeletal facial types

Li, X.; Qiu, J.; Pan, M.; Zheng, D.; Su, Y.; Wei, M.; Kong, X.; Sun, W.; Zhu, J., 2016:
Correlation between congenital heart disease complicated with pulmonary artery hypertension and circulating endothelial cells as well as endothelin-1

Peng, S-Ya.; Chen, J-Min.; Liu, D-Mei.; Zhou, S.; Wang, M.; Xia, W-Tao., 2015:
Correlation between contrast vision and sweep visual evoked potential acuity

Slettedal, J.Klokk.; Ringvold, A., 2016:
Correlation between corneal and ambient temperature with particular focus on polar conditions

Maciejczak, A.; Jabłońska-Sudoł, K., 2016:
Correlation between correction of pelvic balance and clinical outcomes in mid- and low-grade adult isthmic spondylolisthesis

Hohlefeld, F.U.; Ehlen, F.; Tiedt, H.O.; Krugel, L.K.; Horn, A.; Kühn, A.A.; Curio, G.; Klostermann, F.; Nikulin, V.V., 2016:
Correlation between cortical and subcortical neural dynamics on multiple time scales in Parkinson's disease

Kaut, D.; Tseylikman, V.; Alushkina, N., 2015:
Correlation between cortisol levels and free radical oxidation in psoriasis patients with experience of stressful events

Goto, T.; Mineta, K.; Wada, K.; Tamaki, Y.; Hamada, D.; Takasago, T.; Higashino, K.; Sairyo, K., 2017:
Correlation between coxa profunda and morphological parameters of acetabular coverage in a Japanese cohort: A CT study

Wang, C.; Lu, L.; Lu, J.; Wang, T., 2016:
Correlation between crash avoidance maneuvers and injury severity sustained by motorcyclists in single-vehicle crashes

Mohseni, F.; Mohajeri-Tehrani, M.R.; Larijani, B.; Hamidi, Z., 2015:
Correlation between criteria of diagnosis of low bone mineral density in adult and pediatric thalassemic patients: a prospective study

Tamborini, E.; Royall, C.Patrick.; Cicuta, P., 2015 :
Correlation between crystalline order and vitrification in colloidal monolayers

Sarkar, S.; Kanoi, A.; Bain, J.; Gayen, R.; Das, K.Nath., 2016:
Correlation between cyclin D1 expression and standard clinicopathological variables in invasive breast cancer in Eastern India

Wu, M.; Guo, L.; Zuo, Q., 2016:
Correlation between cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27kip1 and trastuzumab-resistance in gastric cancer

Li, H.; Zhi, Y.; Lu, Y.; Geng, S.; Qi, G., 2015:
Correlation between cystatin C and properties and features of coronary plague

Safaei-Asl, A.; Enshaei, M.; Heydarzadeh, A.; Maleknejad, S., 2016:
Correlation between cystatin C-based formulas, Schwartz formula and urinary creatinine clearance for glomerular filtration rate estimation in children with kidney disease

Kaur, N.; Chahal, J.S.; Bandlish, U.; Kaul, R.; Mardi, K.; Kaur, H., 2014:
Correlation between cytological and histopathological examination of the endometrium in abnormal uterine bleeding

Anantharajah, A.; Buyck, J.M.; Faure, E.; Glupczynski, Y.; Rodriguez-Villalobos, H.; De Vos, D.; Pirnay, J-Paul.; Bilocq, F.; Guery, Bît.; Tulkens, P.M.; Mingeot-Leclercq, M-Paule.; Van Bambeke, Fçoise., 2016:
Correlation between cytotoxicity induced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates from acute infections and IL-1β secretion in a model of human THP-1 monocytes

Liang, Y.; Chang, C.; Zhu, H.; Shen, N.; He, B.; Yao, W., 2017:
Correlation between decrease of CRP and resolution of airway inflammatory response, improvement of health status, and clinical outcomes during severe acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Ishida, H.; Suehiro, T.; Ono, K.; Kurozumi, C.; Watanabe, S., 2016:
Correlation between deep cervical flexor muscle thickness at rest and sternocleidomastoid activity during the craniocervical flexion test

Grams, A.Ellen.; Rehwald, R.; Bartsch, A.; Honold, S.; Freyschlag, C.Franz.; Knoflach, M.; Gizewski, E.Ruth.; Glodny, B., 2016:
Correlation between degenerative spine disease and bone marrow density: a retrospective investigation

Ellingson, B.M.; Salamon, N.; Woodworth, D.C.; Holly, L.T., 2015:
Correlation between degree of subvoxel spinal cord compression measured with super-resolution tract density imaging and neurological impairment in cervical spondylotic myelopathy

Yada, Y.; Yoshimura, B.; Kishi, Y., 2016:
Correlation between delay in initiating clozapine and symptomatic improvement

Xu, N.; Li, Y-ling.; Li, X.; Zhou, X.; Cao, R.; Li, H.; Li, L.; Lu, Z-yuan.; Huang, J-xian.; Fan, Z-ping.; Huang, F.; Zhou, H-sheng.; Zhang, S.; Liu, Z.; Zhu, H-qian.; Liu, Q-fa.; Liu, X-li., 2016:
Correlation between deletion of the CDKN2 gene and tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance in adult Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Arsić, S.; Konstantinović, L.; Eminović, F.; Pavlović, D., 2016:
Correlation between demographic characteristics, cognitive functioning and functional independence in stroke patients

Viswanath, D.; Krishna, A.Vamsi., 2016:
Correlation between dental anxiety, Sense of Coherence (SOC) and dental caries in school children from Bangalore North: a cross-sectional study

Nanda, J.; Sachdev, V.; Sandhu, M.; Deep-Singh-Nanda, K., 2015:
Correlation between dental caries experience and mutans streptococci counts using saliva and plaque as microbial risk indicators in 3-8 year old children. A cross Sectional study

Bednarek, A.; Mojs, E.; Krawczyk-Wasielewska, A.; Głodowska, K.; Samborski, W.; Lisiński, P.; Kopczyński, P.; Gregersen, R.; Millán-Calenti, J.C., 2016:
Correlation between depression and burden observed in informal caregivers of people suffering from dementia with time spent on caregiving and dementia severity

Park, M.Sun.; Hwang, K-Gyun.; Choi, B.Youl., 2016:
Correlation between depressive symptoms and subjective mastication ability and ability to pronunciation among Korean elderly

Suh, M.Hee.; Yoo, B.Wook.; Park, K.Ho.; Kim, J.Yup.; Kim, H.; Kim, H.Chan., 2015:
Correlation between depth and area of retinal nerve fiber layer defect as measured by spectral domain optical coherence tomography

Wang, F.; Luo, Y.; Li, C.; Chen, L., 2015:
Correlation between deregulated expression of PER2 gene and degree of glioma malignancy

Gómez Moyano, E.; Crespo Erchiga, V.; Martínez Pilar, L.; Martinez García, S., 2016:
Correlation between dermoscopy and direct microscopy of morse code hairs in tinea incognito

Komoike, Y., 2016:
Correlation between diabetes mellitus and cancers of various organ--breast cancer

Sun, P.; Guo, J.; Xu, N., 2015:
Correlation between diabetic lower-extremity arterial disease and diabetic neuropathy in patients with type II diabetes: an exploratory study

Olivan-Blázquez, Bárbara.; Rubio-Aranda, Eón.; García-Sanz, O.; Magallón-Botaya, R., 2017:
Correlation between diagnosis of depression and symptoms present in primary care patients

Mayorga Reyes, L.; González Vázquez, R.; Cruz Arroyo, S.M.; Melendez Avalos, A.; Reyes Castillo, P.A.; Chavaro Pérez, D.A.; Ramos Terrones, I.; Ramos Ibáñez, N.; Rodríguez Magallanes, M.M.; Langella, P.; Bermúdez Humarán, L.; Azaola Espinosa, A., 2017:
Correlation between diet and gut bacteria in a population of young adults

Bignardi, C.; Cavazza, A.; Rinaldi, M.; Corradini, C., 2017:
Correlation between different markers for the assessment of red chilli pepper powders stability during shelf-life

Nguyen, K.Huu.; Ha, C.Van.; Watanabe, Y.; Tran, U.Thi.; Nasr Esfahani, M.; Nguyen, D.Van.; Tran, L-Son.Phan., 2015:
Correlation between differential drought tolerability of two contrasting drought-responsive chickpea cultivars and differential expression of a subset of CaNAC genes under normal and dehydration conditions

Vej-Hansen, U.Grønbjerg.; Rossmeisl, J.; Stephens, I.E.L.; Schiøtz, J., 2016:
Correlation between diffusion barriers and alloying energy in binary alloys

Wang, G.; Zhang, C.; Chen, W.; Yang, X.; Sun, Y.; Li, S., 2016:
Correlation between diffusion tensor imaging and cognitive dysfunction in patients with delayed encephalopathy after acute carbon monoxide poisoning

Sofo, V.; Götte, M.; Laganà, A.Simone.; Salmeri, F.Maria.; Triolo, O.; Sturlese, E.; Retto, G.; Alfa, M.; Granese, R.; Abrão, M.Simões., 2016:
Correlation between dioxin and endometriosis: an epigenetic route to unravel the pathogenesis of the disease

Lin, T-Chun.; Wu, J-Yong.; Kuo, M-Ling.; Ou, L-Shiou.; Yeh, K-Wei.; Huang, J-Long., 2016:
Correlation between disease activity of pediatric-onset systemic lupus erythematosus and level of vitamin D in Taiwan: A case-cohort study

Xiao, X.; Zhuori, L.; Xie, N.; Zhao, Q.; Ge, H.; Wu, W.; Chen, J.; He, A.; Chen, P., 2015:
Correlation between dissemination growth pattern in invasive front and risk of lymph node metastasis in papillary thyroid carcinoma

Webber, T.; Patel, S.P.; Pensak, M.; Fajolu, O.; Rozental, T.D.; Wolf, J.Moriatis., 2015:
Correlation between distal radial cortical thickness and bone mineral density

Zhou, N.; Qi, W-hua.; Xiao, G-sheng.; Ding, B.; Zhang, H.; Guo, D-qin.; Shen, W., 2015:
Correlation between distribution of rhizospheric microorganisms and contents of steroidal saponins of Paris polyphylla var. yunnanensis

Lee, S.Ki.; Song, Y.Dong.; Choy, W.Sik., 2016:
Correlation between dorsovolar translation and rotation of the radius on the distal radioulnar joint during supination and pronation of forearm

Pan, L.; Ren, F.; Rong, M.; Dang, Y.; Luo, Y.; Luo, D.; Chen, G., 2016:
Correlation between down-expression of miR-431 and clinicopathological significance in HCC tissues

Imamura, T.; Murasawa, T.; Kawasaki, H.; Kashiwa, K.; Kinoshita, O.; Nawata, K.; Ono, M., 2016:
Correlation between driveline features and driveline infection in left ventricular assist device selection

Jin, Z-Geng.; Zhang, Z-Qi.; Jing, L-Min.; Wei, Y-Jie.; Zhang, J.; Luo, J-Ping.; Yang, S-Li.; Ma, D-Xing.; Liu, Y.; Han, W.; Yang, Y.; Liu, H-Liang., 2016:
Correlation between dual-axis rotational coronary angiography and intravascular ultrasound in a coronary lesion assessment

Jakse, N.; Pasturel, A., 2015:
Correlation between dynamic slowing down and local icosahedral ordering in undercooled liquid Al80Ni20 alloy

Meynardi, F.; Pasqualini, M.E.; Rossi, F.; Dal Carlo, L.; Biancotti, P.; Carinci, F., 2016:
Correlation between dysfunctional occlusion and periodontal bacterial profile

Wang, J.; Luo, C.; Wang, Y.; Tang, Y.; Fang, K.; Zeng, L.; Zhang, Y., 2015:
Correlation between eIF3a and HE4 expression and ovarian cancer

Schmitt, R.J.; Kreidler, S.M.; Glueck, D.H.; Amaria, R.N.; Gonzalez, R.; Lewis, K.; Bagrosky, B.M.; Kwak, J.J.; Koo, P.J., 2016:
Correlation between early 18F-FDG PET/CT response to BRAF and MEK inhibition and survival in patients with BRAF-mutant metastatic melanoma

Costa, P.Roberto.; Yoshimura, E.Mateus.; Nersissian, D.Yanikian.; Melo, C.Souza., 2016:
Correlation between effective dose and radiological risk: general concepts

Sheinberg, R.; Heyman, E.; Dagan, Z.; Youngster, I.; Kohn, E.; Gandelman-Marton, R.; Berkovitch, M., 2016:
Correlation between efficacy of levetiracetam and serum levels among children with refractory epilepsy

Grembiale, R.Daniela.; Bruno, C.; Tripolino, C.; Ursini, F.; Calabria, M.; Naty, S.; Gutierrez, M.; Mazzuca, S., 2016:
Correlation between elastosonography and nailfold microvascular alterations in systemic sclerosis patients

Zheng, Y.; Jia, R.; Qian, Y.; Ye, Y.; Liu, C., 2016:
Correlation between electric potential and peristaltic behavior in Physarum polycephalum

Si, J.; Zhang, X.; Li, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zuo, N.; Jiang, T., 2016:
Correlation between electrical and hemodynamic responses during visual stimulation with graded contrasts

Volk, G.Fabian.; Leier, C.; Guntinas-Lichius, O., 2016:
Correlation between electromyography and quantitative ultrasonography of facial muscles in patients with facial palsy

Ghasempour, H.; Rajabi, R.; Alizadeh, M.Hossein.; Nikro, H., 2015:
Correlation between elite male Iranian gymnast's wrist injuries and their anthropometric characteristics

Geng, Z-liang.; Zhang, J.; Ge, Y-hui.; Xiang, Z-min.; Cai, K.; Zhu, X-ling.; Li, J-xin.; Feng, Y-gang., 2016:
Correlation between endogenous harmful components in mainstream cigarette smoke and chemical constituents in tobacco leaves

Meana, C.; Rubín, Jé.Manuel.; Bordallo, C.; Suárez, L.; Bordallo, J.; Sánchez, M., 2017:
Correlation between endogenous polyamines in human cardiac tissues and clinical parameters in patients with heart failure

Angelini, A.; Vescovo, G.; Calliari, I.; Valente, M.; Thiene, G., 1994:
Correlation between endomyocardial biopsies and ventricle full-thickness samples in dilated cardiomyopathy: A study of myocytes and fibrosis

Thota, P.N.; Sada, A.; Sanaka, M.R.; Jang, S.; Lopez, R.; Goldblum, J.R.; Liu, X.; Dumot, J.A.; Vargo, J.; Zuccarro, G., 2016:
Correlation between endoscopic forceps biopsies and endoscopic mucosal resection with endoscopic ultrasound in patients with Barrett's esophagus with high-grade dysplasia and early cancer

Poellinger, A.; El-Ghannam, S.; Diekmann, S.; Fischer, T.; Kristiansen, G.; Fritzsche, F.; Fallenberg, E.; Morawietz, L.; Diekmann, F., 2015:
Correlation between enhancement characteristics of MR mammography and capillary density of breast lesions

Zhang, M.; Li, Z.P.; Li, W.H.; Li, D.; Liu, L.N.; Feng, X.H.; Gao, W., 2015:
Correlation between epicardial adipose tissue and coronary flow reserve in coronary heart disease patients with no chest pain

Yang, C.; Li, L.; Zha, Y.; Peng, Z., 2016:
Correlation between epicardial adipose tissue and severity of coronary artery stenosis evaluated by 64-MDCT

Wu, Q.; Yang, B., 2017:
Correlation between epicardial adipose tissue thickness and slow flow of non-obstructive coronary artery

Dacic, S.; Ramalingam, S.; Flanagan, M.; Cieply, K.; Luketich, J.D.; Belani, C.P.; Yousem, S., 2016:
Correlation between epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) protein expression (PE) and gene amplification (GA) in non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC)

Zheng, Z.; Shao, N.; Weng, H.; Li, W.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, L.; Yang, L.; Ye, S., 2016:
Correlation between epidermal growth factor receptor and tumor stem cell markers CD44/CD24 and their relationship with prognosis in breast invasive ductal carcinoma

Kasahara, K.; Sone, T.; Kimura, H.; Nishio, K.; Tamura, T.; Shibata, K.; Mizuguchi, M.; Yoshimoto, A.; Fujimura, M.; Nakao, S., 2016:
Correlation between epidermal growth factor receptor gene status and clinical outcome of gefitinib in Japanese patients with non-small cell lung cancer

He, Q.; Zhang, M.; Zhang, J.; Chen, Y.; He, J.; Shen, J.; Liu, Y.; Zhong, S.; Jiang, L.; Yang, C.; Zeng, Y.; Guo, M.; Chen, X.; He, J.; Liang, W., 2015:
Correlation between epidermal growth factor receptor mutations and nuclear expression of female hormone receptors in non-small cell lung cancer: a meta-analysis

Al-Ali, B.M.; Holz, M.; Sadik, P.; Oppeck, C.; Schmidt, K.; Oppeck, G., 2015:
Correlation between erectile function and cardiovascular risk factors by assessing arterial stiffness and myocardial perfusion imaging and carotid artery intima-media thickness

Kotulska, A.; Kopeć-Mędrek, M.; Grosicka, A.; Kubicka, M.; Kucharz, E.J., 2015:
Correlation between erythrocyte sedimentation rate and C-reactive protein level in patients with rheumatic diseases

Gradinaru, D.; Margina, D.; Ilie, M.; Borsa, C.; Ionescu, C.; Prada, G.I., 2017:
Correlation between erythropoietin serum levels and erythrocyte susceptibility to lipid peroxidation in elderly with type 2 diabetes

Li, Z.Y.; Li, M.S.; Yu, J.L.; Lin, L.L.; Zhang, J.Y., 2016:
Correlation between estrogen receptorα 36 and HER2 expression

Didone, V.; Masson, Sébastien.; Quoilin, C.; Seutin, V.; Quertemont, E., 2016:
Correlation between ethanol behavioral sensitization and midbrain dopamine neuron reactivity to ethanol

Archana, K.M.; Ravi, R.; Anu-Appaiah, K.A., 2015:
Correlation between ethanol stress and cellular fatty acid composition of alcohol producing non-Saccharomyces in comparison with Saccharomyces cerevisiae by multivariate techniques

Pu, X-Jiao.; Dong, X.; Shen, H-Juan.; Jiang, K-Hua.; Chen, L.; Zhao, F-Qiao.; Qian, J-Qiang., 2016:
Correlation between event-related potential and behavioral problems in early school-age children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Wei, Y.; Zheng, R.; Zhou, Y.; Wang, J.; Bao, P., 2016:
Correlation between exon 3 polymorphism of growth hormone receptor gene and the responses to rhGH therapy

De Siqueira, J.R.; Gough, M.J., 2017:
Correlation between experience targets and competence for general surgery certification

Api, A.Marie.; Basketter, D.; Lalko, J., 2016:
Correlation between experimental human and murine skin sensitization induction thresholds

Liu, X.L.; Liu, L.D.; Zhang, S.G.; Dai, S.D.; Li, W.Y.; Zhang, L., 2016:
Correlation between expression and significance of δ-catenin, CD31, and VEGF of non-small cell lung cancer

Zhou, P.; Chang, L.; Zhang, X-Hong.; Chen, Y-Dai.; Feng, X-Lin.; Deng, L.; Wang, J-Dong., 2015:
Correlation between expression of 1 α -hydroxylase and hypocalcaemia in rats with severe pancreatitis

Li, W.; Sun, Q.; Lu, M., 2015:
Correlation between expression of ERCC1 and the treatment of cisplatin-based chemotherapy in local advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Bao, J.; Li, J.; Li, D.; Li, Z., 2015:
Correlation between expression of NF-E2-related factor 2 and progression of gastric cancer

Wang, Q.; Wu, L-Li.; Dai, H-Ping.; Ping, N-Na.; Wu, C-Xiao.; Pan, J-Lan.; Cen, J-Nong.; Qiu, H-Ying.; Chen, S-Ning., 2015:
Correlation between expression of SIL-TAL1 fusion gene and deletion of 6q in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Hao, Z.; Tian, C.; Yang, F.; Zhang, J., 2015:
Correlation between expression of epidermal growth factor receptor and adverse reactions after chemotherapy of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer

Khan, H.; Gupta, S.; Husain, N.; Misra, S.; Mps, N.; Jamal, N.; Ghatak, A., 2015:
Correlation between expressions of Cyclin-D1, EGFR and p53 with chemoradiation response in patients of locally advanced oral squamous cell carcinoma

Kusunoki, T.; Sawai, T.; Komasawa, N.; Shimoyama, Y.; Minami, T., 2017:
Correlation between extraction force during tracheal intubation stylet removal and postoperative sore throat

Araujo, R.Pacheco.de.; Groppo, F.Carlos.; Ferreira, L.Eduardo.Nunes.; Guimarães, Aônio.Sérgio.; Figueroba, S.Raimundo., 2015:
Correlation between facial types and muscle TMD in women: an anthropometric approach

Barlik, M.; Seremak-Mrozikiewicz, A.; Drews, K.; Klejewski, A.; Kurzawińska, Gżyna.; Łowicki, Zław.; Wolski, H., 2018:
Correlation between factor VII and PAI-1 genetic variants and recurrent miscarriage

Cheng, P-Chung.; Cheng, Y-Chung., 2015:
Correlation between familial cancer history and epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in Taiwanese never smokers with non-small cell lung cancer: a case-control study

Zhai, H.; Bai, B.; Chen, L.; Han, D.; Wang, L.; Qiao, Z.; Qiu, X.; Yang, X.; Yang, Y., 2016:
Correlation between family environment and suicidal ideation in university students in China

Peretz, A.; Tkhawkho, L.; Pastukh, N.; Brodsky, D.; Halevi, C.Namimi.; Nitzan, O., 2017:
Correlation between fecal calprotectin levels, disease severity and the hypervirulent ribotype 027 strain in patients with Clostridium difficile infection

Pan, H.; Zhang, H.; Lü, Y-hui.; Ma, J-long.; Ma, K-jun.; Chen, L., 2015:
Correlation between five RNA markers of rat's skin and PMI at different temperatures

Cassina, G.; Fischer, J.; Rohr, N., 2016:
Correlation between flexural and indirect tensile strength of resin composite cements

Bezerra, A.Mara.Pinheiro.Sobreira.; Pasqualin, D.da.Cunha.; Guerra, Jão.Carlos.de.Campos.; Colombini, M.Paris.; Velloso, E.Deolinda.Rodrigues.Pereira.; Silveira, P.Augusto.Achucarro.; Mangueira, Cão.Luis.Pitangueira.; Kanayama, R.Hissae.; Nozawa, S.Tsukasa.; Correia, R.; Apelle, A.Carolina.; Pereira, W.de.Oliveira.; Garcia, R.Gobbo.; Bacal, N.Strachman., 2011:
Correlation between flow cytometry and histologic findings: ten year experience in the investigation of lymphoproliferative diseases

Wang, B.; Chen, Y.; Song, Y.; Wang, E-Sheng.; Zheng, D.; Qu, F.; Zhou, J-Hong., 2015:
Correlation between follicle-stimulating hormone and total procollagen I N-terminal propeptide in perimenopausal women

Farzadi, L.; Khayatzadeh Bidgoli, H.; Ghojazadeh, M.; Bahrami, Z.; Fattahi, A.; Latifi, Z.; Shahnazi, V.; Nouri, M., 2015:
Correlation between follicular fluid 25-OH vitamin D and assisted reproductive outcomes

Hirota, K.; Itoh, Y.; Rii, T.; Inoue, M.; Hirakata, A., 2015:
Correlation between foveal interdigitation zone band defect and visual acuity after surgery for macular pseudohole

Choi, S.; Hwang, E-Young.; Park, H-Kuk.; Park, Y-Guk., 2016:
Correlation between frictional force and surface roughness of orthodontic archwires

Kawano, M.; Kanazawa, T.; Kikuyama, H.; Tsutsumi, A.; Kinoshita, S.; Kawabata, Y.; Yamauchi, S.; Uenishi, H.; Kawashige, S.; Imazu, S.; Toyoda, K.; Nishizawa, Y.; Takahashi, M.; Okayama, T.; Odo, W.; Ide, K.; Maruyama, S.; Tarutani, S.; Koh, J.; Yoneda, H., 2016:
Correlation between frontal lobe oxy-hemoglobin and severity of depression assessed using near-infrared spectroscopy

Fernandes, M.Rassi., 2016:
Correlation between functional disability and quality of life in patients with adhesive capsulitis

Borges, S.de.Melo.; Radanovic, Márcia.; Forlenza, O.Vicente., 2016:
Correlation between functional mobility and cognitive performance in older adults with cognitive impairment

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