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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57526

Chapter 57526 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yildirim, C.; Raty, J-Yves.; Micoulaut, M., 2018:
Decoding entangled transitions: Polyamorphism and stressed rigidity

Garg, A.K.; Garg, S., 2018:
Decoding Facial Esthetics to Recreate an Esthetic Hairline: A Method Which Includes Forehead Curvature

Schaefer, L., 2018:
Decoding fibrosis: Mechanisms and translational aspects

Maggino, L.; Malleo, G.; Bassi, C.; Allegrini, V.; McMillan, M.T.; Borin, A.; Chen, B.; Drebin, J.A.; Ecker, B.L.; Fraker, D.L.; Lee, M.K.; Paiella, S.; Roses, R.E.; Salvia, R.; Vollmer, C.M., 2018:
Decoding Grade B Pancreatic Fistula: A Clinical and Economical Analysis and Subclassification Proposal

Anonymous, 2017:
Decoding health policy jargon

Powell, R.F.; Magee, A.R.; Boatwright, J.S., 2018:
Decoding ice plants: challenges associated with barcoding and phylogenetics in the diverse succulent family Aizoaceae

Korik, A.; Sosnik, R.; Siddique, N.; Coyle, D., 2018:
Decoding Imagined 3D Hand Movement Trajectories From EEG: Evidence to Support the Use of Mu, Beta, and Low Gamma Oscillations

Martin, S.; Iturrate, Iñaki.; Millán, Jé.Del.R.; Knight, R.T.; Pasley, B.N., 2018:
Decoding Inner Speech Using Electrocorticography: Progress and Challenges Toward a Speech Prosthesis

Gilbert, S.J.; Fung, H., 2018:
Decoding intentions of self and others from fMRI activity patterns

Shay, E.A.; Chen, Q.; Garcea, F.E.; Mahon, B.Z., 2018:
Decoding intransitive actions in primary motor cortex using fMRI: toward a componential theory of 'action primitives' in motor cortex

Squires, K.E., 2018:
Decoding: It's Not All About the Letters

Fontenelle, L.F.; Frydman, I.; Hoefle, S.; Oliveira-Souza, R.; Vigne, P.; Bortolini, T.S.; Suo, C.; Yücel, M.; Mattos, P.; Moll, J., 2018:
Decoding moral emotions in obsessive-compulsive disorder

Kapelner, T.; Negro, F.; Aszmann, O.C.; Farina, D., 2018:
Decoding Motor Unit Activity From Forearm Muscles: Perspectives for Myoelectric Control

Li, C.; Xu, J.; Liu, B., 2018:
Decoding natural images from evoked brain activities using encoding models with invertible mapping

Chung, G.; Kim, C.Young.; Kim, S.Jeong., 2018:
Decoding neuropathic pain severity using distinct patterns of corticolimbic metabotropic glutamate receptor 5

Virani, S.; Aoun, E.G.; Torres, F.; Genova, N.; Brainch, N.; Gomes, C.Albuquerque.; Ahmed, S.; Hurley, B.; Bazzi, L., 2018:
Decoding New York State's Prescription Monitoring Program

Taheri-Ghahfarokhi, A.; Taylor, B.J.M.; Nitsch, R.; Lundin, A.; Cavallo, A-Lina.; Madeyski-Bengtson, K.; Karlsson, F.; Clausen, M.; Hicks, R.; Mayr, L.M.; Bohlooly-Y, M.; Maresca, M., 2018:
Decoding non-random mutational signatures at Cas9 targeted sites

Mejia Tobar, A.; Hyoudou, R.; Kita, K.; Nakamura, T.; Kambara, H.; Ogata, Y.; Hanakawa, T.; Koike, Y.; Yoshimura, N., 2018:
Decoding of Ankle Flexion and Extension from Cortical Current Sources Estimated from Non-invasive Brain Activity Recording Methods

Xie, Z.; Schwartz, O.; Prasad, A., 2017:
Decoding of finger trajectory from ECoG using deep learning

Islam, M.S.; Mamun, K.A.; Deng, H., 2018:
Decoding of Human Movements Based on Deep Brain Local Field Potentials Using Ensemble Neural Networks

Liu, D.; Chen, W.; Chavarriaga, R.; Pei, Z.; Millán, Jé.Del.R., 2017:
Decoding of Self-paced Lower-Limb Movement Intention: A Case Study on the Influence Factors

Keedy, H.E.; Thomas, E.N.; Zaher, H.S., 2018:
Decoding on the ribosome depends on the structure of the mRNA phosphodiester backbone

Sarode, S.C.; Sarode, G.S.; Patil, S., 2018:
Decoding oral cancer conundrums from 'bad luck' point of view

Wang, H-Wen.; Vlcek, L.; Neuefeind, J.C.; Page, K.; Irle, S.; Simonson, J.Michael.; Stack, A.G., 2018:
Decoding Oxyanion Aqueous Solvation Structure: A Potassium Nitrate Example at Saturation

Chen, Y.; Liu, X.; Li, S.; Wan, H., 2018:
Decoding Pigeon Behavior Outcomes Using Functional Connections among Local Field Potentials

Shi, B.; Lu, Z.John., 2018:
Decoding Plant RNA Structurome

Martín Pendás, A.; Francisco, E., 2018 :
Decoding real space bonding descriptors in valence bond language

Parreira, R.Cambraia.; Lacerda, L.Heleno.Guimarães.; Vasconcellos, R.; Lima, S.Silveira.; Santos, A.Kenedy.; Fontana, V.; Sandrim, Véria.Cristina.; Resende, R.Ribeiro., 2017:
Decoding resistant hypertension signalling pathways

Furlan, M.; Babcock, L.; Vallesi, A., 2018:
Decoding rule search domain in the left inferior frontal gyrus

Ayyar, B.Vijayalakshmi.; Hearty, S.; O'Kennedy, R., 2018:
Decoding Selection Bias Imparted by Unpaired Cysteines: a Tug of War Between Expression and Affinity

Powell, P.S.; Strunk, J.; James, T.; Polyn, S.M.; Duarte, A., 2018:
Decoding selective attention to context memory: An aging study

Wiley, H.Steven., 2017:
Decoding Signal Processing at the Single-Cell Level

Dong, Y.; Raif, K.E.; Determan, S.C.; Gai, Y., 2018:
Decoding spatial attention with EEG and virtual acoustic space

Ibayashi, K.; Kunii, N.; Matsuo, T.; Ishishita, Y.; Shimada, S.; Kawai, K.; Saito, N., 2018:
Decoding Speech With Integrated Hybrid Signals Recorded From the Human Ventral Motor Cortex

Sciortino, G.; Sanna, D.; Ugone, V.; Lledós, Aí.; Maréchal, J-Didier.; Garribba, E., 2018:
Decoding Surface Interaction of V IV O Metallodrug Candidates with Lysozyme

de Cheveigné, A.; Wong, D.D.E.; Di Liberto, G.M.; Hjortkjær, J.; Slaney, M.; Lalor, E., 2018:
Decoding the auditory brain with canonical component analysis

Pentakota, S.; Zhou, K.; Smith, C.; Maffini, S.; Petrovic, A.; Morgan, G.P.; Weir, J.R.; Vetter, I.R.; Musacchio, A.; Luger, K., 2017:
Decoding the centromeric nucleosome through CENP-N

Thomas, M.A.; Kleist, A.B.; Volkman, B.F., 2018:
Decoding the chemotactic signal

Korthout, T.; Poramba-Liyanage, D.W.; van Kruijsbergen, I.; Verzijlbergen, K.F.; van Gemert, F.P.A.; van Welsem, T.; van Leeuwen, F., 2018:
Decoding the chromatin proteome of a single genomic locus by DNA sequencing

Parhizi, B.; Daliri, M.Reza.; Behroozi, M., 2018:
Decoding the different states of visual attention using functional and effective connectivity features in fMRI data

Avelange-Macherel, M-Hélène.; Candat, A.; Neveu, M.; Tolleter, D.; Macherel, D., 2018:
Decoding the Divergent Subcellular Location of Two Highly Similar Paralogous LEA Proteins

Sonea, L.; Buse, M.; Gulei, D.; Onaciu, A.; Simon, I.; Braicu, C.; Berindan-Neagoe, I., 2018:
Decoding the Emerging Patterns Exhibited in Non-coding RNAs Characteristic of Lung Cancer with Regard to their Clinical Significance

Huston, D.P.; Sabato, V., 2018:
Decoding the Enigma of Urticaria and Angioedema

Ostria-Gallardo, E.; Ranjan, A.; Ichihashi, Y.; Corcuera, L.J.; Sinha, N.R., 2018:
Decoding the gene coexpression network underlying the ability of Gevuina avellana to live in diverse light conditions

Batzianoulis, I.; Krausz, N.E.; Simon, A.M.; Hargrove, L.; Billard, A., 2018:
Decoding the grasping intention from electromyography during reaching motions

Pawlak, M.; Niescierowicz, K.; Winata, C.Lanny., 2018:
Decoding the Heart through Next Generation Sequencing Approaches

Sridharan, S.; Kini, R.Manjunatha., 2017:
Decoding the molecular switches of natriuretic peptides which differentiate its vascular and renal functions

Currier, R.B.; Cooper, A.; Burrell-Saward, H.; MacLeod, A.; Alsford, S., 2018:
Decoding the network of Trypanosoma brucei proteins that determines sensitivity to apolipoprotein-L1

Sachs, M.E.; Habibi, A.; Damasio, A.; Kaplan, J.T., 2018:
Decoding the neural signatures of emotions expressed through sound

Shukla, A.; Huangfu, D., 2018:
Decoding the noncoding genome via large-scale CRISPR screens

Glabasnia, A.; Dunkel, A.; Frank, O.; Hofmann, T., 2018:
Decoding the Nonvolatile Sensometabolome of Orange Juice ( Citrus sinensis)

Winkler, D.A.; Katz, I.; Farjot, Géraldine.; Warden, A.C.; Thornton, A.W., 2018:
Decoding the Rich Biological Properties of Noble Gases: How Well Can We Predict Noble Gas Binding to Diverse Proteins?

Addetia, K.; Lang, R.M., 2018:
Decoding the Right Ventricle in 3 Dimensions

Notario-Estévez, A.; Kozłowski, P.; Linnenberg, O.; de Graaf, C.; López, X.; Monakhov, K.Yu., 2018:
Decoding the role of encapsulated ions in the electronic and magnetic properties of mixed-valence polyoxovanadate capsules {X@V 22 O 54 } (X = ClO 4 - , SCN - , VO 2 F 2 - ): a combined theoretical approach

Deng, F.; Magee, N.; Zhang, Y., 2018:
Decoding the Role of Extracellular Vesicles in Liver Diseases

Singh, P.Kumar.; Tang, M.; Kumar, S.; Shrivastava, A.Kumar., 2017:
Decoding the role of hypothetical protein All3255 of Anabaena PCC7120 in heavy metal stress management in Escherichia coli

Napoli, J.A.; Marsalek, O.; Markland, T.E., 2018:
Decoding the spectroscopic features and time scales of aqueous proton defects

Musat, R.; Denisov, S.A.; Marignier, J-Louis.; Mostafavi, M., 2018:
Decoding the Three-Pronged Mechanism of NO 3 • Radical Formation in HNO 3 Solutions at 22 and 80 °C Using Picosecond Pulse Radiolysis

Zygmunt, M.; Piechota, M.; Rodriguez Parkitna, J.; Korostyński, Mł., 2018:
Decoding the transcriptional programs activated by psychotropic drugs in the brain

Pérez-Rodríguez, A.; Temiño, Iés.; Ocal, C.; Mas-Torrent, M.; Barrena, E., 2018:
Decoding the Vertical Phase Separation and Its Impact on C8-BTBT/PS Transistor Properties

Antoniou, A.; Bashir, M.; Harky, A.; Adams, B.; Uppal, R., 2018:
Decoding the volume-outcome relationship in Type A aortic dissection

Edwards, G.; VanRullen, R.; Cavanagh, P., 2017:
Decoding Trans-Saccadic Memory

Ji, G-Wei.; Wang, K.; Xia, Y-Xiang.; Li, X-Cheng.; Wang, X-Hao., 2018:
Decoding Tumor Biology of Colorectal Liver Metastases with Radiogenomics: A Novel Insight into Surgical Approach Selection

Domínguez, César.; Heras, Jónathan.; Mata, E.; Pascual, V., 2018:
DecoFungi: a web application for automatic characterisation of dye decolorisation in fungal strains

Wang, W-Ge., 2018:
Decoherence approach to energy transfer and work done by slowly driven systems

Kockum, A.Frisk.; Johansson, Göran.; Nori, F., 2018:
Decoherence-Free Interaction between Giant Atoms in Waveguide Quantum Electrodynamics

Mills, J., 2018:
Decolonising drugs in Asia: the case of cocaine in colonial India

Bourgois, P., 2018:
Decolonising drug studies in an era of predatory accumulation

Richter, A.; Eder, I.; König, B.; Lutze, B.; Rodloff, A.C.; Thome, U.H.; Weiss, M.; Chaberny, I.F., 2017:
Decolonization of Health Care Workers In a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Carrying a Methicillin-Susceptible Staphylococcus aureus Isolate

Stoma, I.; Karpov, I.; Iskrov, I.; Krivenko, S.; Uss, A.; Vlasenkova, S.; Lendina, I.; Cherniak, V.; Suvorov, D., 2018:
Decolonization of Intestinal Carriage of MDR/XDR Gram-Negative Bacteria with Oral Colistin in Patients with Hematological Malignancies: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial

Błażewicz, I.; Jaśkiewicz, M.; Bauer, M.; Piechowicz, L.; Nowicki, R.J.; Kamysz, W.; Barańska-Rybak, W., 2018:
Decolonization of Staphylococcus aureus in patients with atopic dermatitis: a reason for increasing resistance to antibiotics?

Brill, F.H.H.; Gabriel, H.; Brill, H.; Klock, J-Hendrik.; Steinmann, J.; Arndt, A., 2018:
Decolonization potential of 0.02% polyhexanide irrigation solution in urethral catheters under practice-like in vitro conditions

Chambers, L.A.; Jackson, R.; Worthington, C.; Wilson, C.L.; Tharao, W.; Greenspan, N.R.; Masching, R.; Pierre-Pierre, Vérie.; Mbulaheni, T.; Amirault, M.; Brownlee, P., 2017:
Decolonizing Scoping Review Methodologies for Literature With, for, and by Indigenous Peoples and the African Diaspora: Dialoguing With the Tensions

Li, Y.; Li, M.; Lu, J.; Li, X.; Ge, M., 2018:
Decoloration of waste PET alcoholysis liquid by an electrochemical method

Ning, C.; Qingyun, L.; Aixing, T.; Wei, S.; Youyan, L., 2018:
Decolorization of a variety of dyes by Aspergillus flavus A5p1

Siroosi, M.; Amoozegar, M.Ali.; Khajeh, K.; Dabirmanesh, B., 2018:
Decolorization of dyes by a novel sodium azide-resistant spore laccase from a halotolerant bacterium, Bacillus safensis sp. strain S31

Taylor, D.Wayne., 2015:
Corriger les inégalités du régime d'assurance médicaments canadien

Liu, X.; Shen, M.; Qi, Q.; Zhang, H.; Guo, S-Wei., 2016:
Corroborating evidence for platelet-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition and fibroblast-to-myofibroblast transdifferentiation in the development of adenomyosis

Karikis, K.; Georgilis, E.; Charalambidis, G.; Petrou, A.; Vakuliuk, O.; Chatziioannou, T.; Raptaki, I.; Tsovola, S.; Papakyriacou, I.; Mitraki, A.; Gryko, D.T.; Coutsolelos, A.G., 2018:
Corrole and Porphyrin Amino Acid Conjugates: Synthesis and Physicochemical Properties

Stefanelli, M.; Mandoj, F.; Nardis, S.; Raggio, M.; Fronczek, F.R.; McCandless, G.T.; Smith, K.M.; Paolesse, R., 2016:
Corrole and nucleophilic aromatic substitution are not incompatible: a novel route to 2,3-difunctionalized copper corrolates

Basumatary, B.; Raja Sekhar, A.; Ramana Reddy, R.V.; Sankar, J., 2015:
Corrole-BODIPY Dyads: Synthesis, Structure, and Electrochemical and Photophysical Properties

Kandhadi, J.; Yeduru, V.; Bangal, P.R.; Giribabu, L., 2015 :
Corrole-ferrocene and corrole-anthraquinone dyads: synthesis, spectroscopy and photochemistry

Capuano, R.; Pomarico, G.; Paolesse, R.; Di Natale, C., 2015:
Corroles-porphyrins: a teamwork for gas sensor arrays

Bortagaray, M.Alberto.; Ibañez, C.Arturo.Antonio.; Ibañez, M.Constanza.; Ibañez, J.Carlos., 2016:
Corrosion Analysis of an Experimental Noble Alloy on Commercially Pure Titanium Dental Implants

de Alcantara, N.P.; da Silva, F.M.; Guimarães, M.T.; Pereira, M.D., 2015:
Corrosion Assessment of Steel Bars Used in Reinforced Concrete Structures by Means of Eddy Current Testing

Nascimento, F.; Fernandes, J.C.S.; Vilaça, P.; Andrade Pires, F.M., 2015:
Corrosion Behavior of the Friction Stir Welded AZ31 Magnesium Alloy

Arnholt, C.M.; MacDonald, D.W.; Malkani, A.L.; Klein, G.R.; Rimnac, C.M.; Kurtz, S.M.; Kocagoz, S.B.; Gilbert, J.L., 2016:
Corrosion Damage and Wear Mechanisms in Long-Term Retrieved CoCr Femoral Components for Total Knee Arthroplasty

Porcayo-Calderon, J.; Casales-Diaz, M.; Salinas-Bravo, V.M.; Martinez-Gomez, L., 2015:
Corrosion Performance of Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys in Artificial Saliva and Mouthwash Solution

Singer, F.; Schlesak, M.; Mebert, C.; Höhn, S.; Virtanen, S., 2015:
Corrosion Properties of Polydopamine Coatings Formed in One-Step Immersion Process on Magnesium

Slaughter, G.; Stevens, B., 2015:
Corrosion Protection of Al/Au/ZnO Anode for Hybrid Cell Application

Anderson, M.D.; Aitchison, B.; Johnson, D.C., 2016:
Corrosion Resistance of Atomic Layer Deposition-Generated Amorphous Thin Films

Marques, Rério.da.Silva.; Prado, A.Ribeiro.; Antunes, P.Fernando.da.Costa.; André, P.Sérgio.de.Brito.; Ribeiro, Més.R.N.; Frizera-Neto, A.; Pontes, M.José., 2015:
Corrosion Resistant FBG-Based Quasi-Distributed Sensor for Crude Oil Tank Dynamic Temperature Profile Monitoring

Ghanem, E.; Ward, D.M.; Robbins, C.E.; Nandi, S.; Bono, J.V.; Talmo, C.T., 2016:
Corrosion and Adverse Local Tissue Reaction in One Type of Modular Neck Stem

De Martino, I.; Assini, J.B.; Elpers, M.E.; Wright, T.M.; Westrich, G.H., 2016:
Corrosion and Fretting of a Modular Hip System: A Retrieval Analysis of 60 Rejuvenate Stems

Zhang, W.; Ji, G.; Bu, A.; Zhang, B., 2015:
Corrosion and Tribological Behavior of ZrO2 Films Prepared on Stainless Steel Surface by the Sol-Gel Method

Saud, S.N.; Hosseinian S, R.; Bakhsheshi-Rad, H.R.; Yaghoubidoust, F.; Iqbal, N.; Hamzah, E.; Ooi, C.H.Raymond., 2017:
Corrosion and bioactivity performance of graphene oxide coating on TiNb shape memory alloys in simulated body fluid

Brooks, E.K.; Der, S.; Ehrensberger, M.T., 2016:
Corrosion and mechanical performance of AZ91 exposed to simulated inflammatory conditions

Ruiz, A.; Timke, T.; van de Sande, A.; Heftrich, T.; Novotny, R.; Austin, T., 2016:
Corrosion and microstructural analysis data for AISI 316L and AISI 347H stainless steels after exposure to a supercritical water environment

Jiang, G.; Sun, J.; Sharma, K.R.; Yuan, Z., 2015:
Corrosion and odor management in sewer systems

Toptan, F.; Rego, A.; Alves, A.C.; Guedes, A., 2017:
Corrosion and tribocorrosion behavior of Ti-B4C composite intended for orthopaedic implants

Jacobs, J.J., 2017:
Corrosion at the Head-Neck Junction: Why Is This Happening Now?

Osman, K.; Panagiotidou, A.P.; Khan, M.; Blunn, G.; Haddad, F.S., 2017:
Corrosion at the head-neck interface of current designs of modular femoral components: essential questions and answers relating to corrosion in modular head-neck junctions

Fojt, J.; Joska, L.; Malek, J.; Sefl, V., 2016:
Corrosion behavior of Ti-39Nb alloy for dentistry

Nierlich, J.; Papageorgiou, S.N.; Bourauel, C.; Hültenschmidt, R.; Bayer, S.; Stark, H.; Keilig, L., 2018:
Corrosion behavior of dental alloys used for retention elements in prosthodontics

Zhang, F.; Cai, S.; Xu, G.; Shen, S.; Li, Y.; Zhang, M.; Wu, X., 2016:
Corrosion behavior of mesoporous bioglass-ceramic coated magnesium alloy under applied forces

Natesan, M.; Selvaraj, S.; Manickam, T.; Venkatachari, G., 2008:
Corrosion behavior of metals and alloys in marine-industrial environment

Lara Rodriguez, L.; Sundaram, P.A., 2016:
Corrosion behavior of plasma electrolytically oxidized gamma titanium aluminide alloy in simulated body fluid

Sivakumar, B.; Singh, R.; Pathak, L.Chandra., 2016:
Corrosion behavior of titanium boride composite coating fabricated on commercially pure titanium in Ringer's solution for bioimplant applications

Thomas, A.; Sridhar, S.; Aghyarian, S.; Watkins-Curry, P.; Chan, J.Y.; Pozzi, A.; Rodrigues, D.C., 2016:
Corrosion behavior of zirconia in acidulated phosphate fluoride

Krämer, M.; Schilling, M.; Eifler, R.; Hering, B.; Reifenrath, J.; Besdo, S.; Windhagen, H.; Willbold, E.; Weizbauer, A., 2016:
Corrosion behavior, biocompatibility and biomechanical stability of a prototype magnesium-based biodegradable intramedullary nailing system

Uršič, M.; Vrecl, M.; Fazarinc, G., 2014:
Corrosion cast study of the canine hepatic veins

Feizi, S.; Kanavi, M.Rezaei.; Kharaghani, D.; Balagholi, S.; Meskinfam, M.; Javadi, M.Ali., 2016:
Corrosion casts of big bubbles formed during deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty

Kang, Y.; Xu, X.; Pan, H.; Tian, J.; Tang, W.; Liu, S., 2018:
Decolorization of mordant yellow 1 using Aspergillus sp. TS-A CGMCC 12964 by biosorption and biodegradation

Cook, A.; Frankel, G.; Davenport, A.; Hughes, T.; Gibbon, S.; Williams, D.; Bluhm, H.; Maurice, V.; Lyth, S.; Marcus, P.; Shoesmith, D.; Wren, C.; Wharton, J.; Hunt, G.; Lyon, S.; Majchrowski, T.; Lindsay, R.; Williams, G.; Rico Oller, B.; Todorova, M.; Nixon, S.; Cheng, S-Ting.; Scully, J.; Wilson, A.; Renner, F.; Chen, Y-Hsuan.; Taylor, C.; Habazaki, H.; Michaelides, A.; Morsch, S.; Visser, P.; Kyhl, L.; Kokalj, A., 2015:
Corrosion control: general discussion

Matos, I.C.; Bastos, I.N.; Diniz, Mília.G.; de Miranda, M.S., 2017:
Corrosion in artificial saliva of a Ni-Cr-based dental alloy joined by TIG welding and conventional brazing

Sangeetha, Y.; Meenakshi, S.; Sairam Sundaram, C., 2018:
Corrosion inhibition of aminated hydroxyl ethyl cellulose on mild steel in acidic condition

Sounthari, P.; Kiruthika, A.; Saranya, J.; Parameswari, K.; Chitra, S., 2015:
Corrosion inhibition property of polyester-groundnut shell biodegradable composite

Sangeetha, Y.; Meenakshi, S.; SairamSundaram, C., 2015 :
Corrosion mitigation of N-(2-hydroxy-3-trimethyl ammonium)propyl chitosan chloride as inhibitor on mild steel

Hothi, H.S.; Ilo, K.; Whittaker, R.K.; Eskelinen, A.; Skinner, J.A.; Hart, A.J., 2016:
Corrosion of Metal Modular Cup Liners

Jacobs, J.J., 2016:
Corrosion of Modular Junctions: Why Is This Happening Now?

Lee, D.Bok., 2015:
Corrosion of Ti3SiC2 carbides in N2/H2O/H2S gases at 800 and 900 degrees C

Jachowicz, M., 2016:
Corrosion of connectors used in equipment protecting against falls from a height

Kaufhold, S.; Hassel, A.Walter.; Sanders, D.; Dohrmann, R., 2015:
Corrosion of high-level radioactive waste iron-canisters in contact with bentonite

Chaturvedi, T.P., 2016:
Corrosion of orthodontic brackets in different spices: in vitro study

Jennings, J.M.; Dennis, D.A.; Yang, C.C., 2017:
Corrosion of the Head-neck Junction After Total Hip Arthroplasty

Konno, Y.; Tsuji, E.; Aoki, Y.; Ohtsuka, T.; Habazaki, H., 2015:
Corrosion protection of iron using porous anodic oxide/conducting polymer composite coatings

Pan, C.; Hu, Y.; Hou, Y.; Liu, T.; Lin, Y.; Ye, W.; Hou, Y.; Gong, T., 2016:
Corrosion resistance and biocompatibility of magnesium alloy modified by alkali heating treatment followed by the immobilization of poly (ethylene glycol), fibronectin and heparin

Zhang, R.; Wan, Y.; Ai, X.; Liu, Z.; Zhang, D., 2016:
Corrosion resistance and biological activity of TiO 2 implant coatings produced in oxygen-rich environments

Tuna, Süleyman.Hakan.; Özçiçek Pekmez, N.; Kürkçüoğlu, Işin., 2017:
Corrosion resistance assessment of Co-Cr alloy frameworks fabricated by CAD/CAM milling, laser sintering, and casting methods

Zhao, B.; Wang, H.; Qiao, N.; Wang, C.; Hu, M., 2016:
Corrosion resistance characteristics of a Ti-6Al-4V alloy scaffold that is fabricated by electron beam melting and selective laser melting for implantation in vivo

Nishimura, T., 2008:
Corrosion resistance of Si-Al-bearing ultrafine-grained weathering steel

Farghali, R.A.; Fekry, A.M.; Ahmed, R.A.; Elhakim, H.K.A., 2016:
Corrosion resistance of Ti modified by chitosan-gold nanoparticles for orthopedic implantation

Chen, P.; Sun, J.; Zhu, Y.; Yu, X.; Meng, L.; Li, Y.; Liu, X., 2016:
Corrosion resistance of biodegradable Mg with a composite polymer coating

Pulikkottil, V.Jojee.; Chidambaram, S.; Bejoy, P.U.; Femin, P.K.; Paul, P.; Rishad, M., 2016:
Corrosion resistance of stainless steel, nickel-titanium, titanium molybdenum alloy, and ion-implanted titanium molybdenum alloy archwires in acidic fluoride-containing artificial saliva: An in vitro study

Shin, J-Ha.; Lee, J-Woo.; Park, H-Sun.; Suh, S-Jeong., 2015:
Corrosion resistance of ultrasonic electrodeposited Ni-Co-Fe ternary alloy films according to current density

Fangjun, H.; Li, X.; Xingye, T.; Yueting, W.; Weihua, G.; Weidong, T., 2017:
Corrosion resistant properties of different anodized microtopographies on titanium surfaces

Carter, R.; Chatterjee, S.; Gordon, E.; Share, K.; Erwin, W.R.; Cohn, A.P.; Bardhan, R.; Pint, C.L., 2015:
Corrosion resistant three-dimensional nanotextured silicon for water photo-oxidation

Frankel, G.; Mauzeroll, J.; Thornton, G.; Bluhm, H.; Morrison, J.; Maurice, V.; Rayment, T.; Williams, D.; Cook, A.; Joshi, G.; Davenport, A.; Gibbon, S.; Kramer, D.; Acres, M.; Tautschnig, M.; Habazaki, H.; Marcus, P.; Shoesmith, D.; Wren, C.; Majchrowski, T.; Lindsay, R.; Wood, M.; Todorova, M.; Scully, J.; Renner, F.; Kokalj, A.; Taylor, C.; Virtanen, S.; Wharton, J., 2015:
Corrosion scales and passive films: general discussion

Cheng, H-Jen.; Wu, T-Haw.; Chien, C-Te.; Tu, H-Wei.; Cha, T-Shan.; Lin, S-Yi., 2016:
Corrosion-Activated Chemotherapeutic Function of Nanoparticulate Platinum as a Cisplatin Resistance-Overcoming Prodrug with Limited Autophagy Induction

Wang, J.; Ho, G.Wei., 2015:
Corrosion-Mediated Self-Assembly (CMSA): Direct Writing Towards Sculpturing of 3D Tunable Functional Nanostructures

Wu, C-Kuan.; Leu, J-Gang., 2016:
Corrosion-like oesophagitis in a patient with polycystic kidneys and uraemia

Yang, X.; Hutchinson, C.R., 2017:
Corrosion-wear of β-Ti alloy TMZF (Ti-12Mo-6Zr-2Fe) in simulated body fluid

Civan, H.Ayyildiz.; Gulcu, D.; Erkan, T., 2016:
Corrosive Esophagitis with Benzalkonium Chloride in a Two Days Old Neonate

Wijeratne, T.; Ratnatunga, C.; Dharrmapala, A.; Samarasinghe, T., 2016:
Corrosive acid injury of the stomach

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