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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57614

Chapter 57614 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Jing, X.; Chen, S-Shan.; Jing, W.; Tan, Q.; Yu, M-Xia.; Tu, J-Cheng., 2015:
Diagnostic potential of differentially expressed Homer1, IL-1β, and TNF-α in coronary artery disease

Azuma, M.; Kusano, C.; Gotoda, T., 2016:
Diagnostic potential of endoscopic ultrasonography-elastography for gastric submucosal tumors

Tsuji, Y.; Kusano, C.; Gotoda, T.; Itokawa, F.; Fukuzawa, M.; Sofuni, A.; Matsubayashi, J.; Nagao, T.; Itoi, T.; Moriyasu, F., 2017:
Diagnostic potential of endoscopic ultrasonography-elastography for gastric submucosal tumors: A pilot study

Lombo, T.B.; Ganguly, A.; Tagle, D.A., 2016:
Diagnostic potential of extracellular RNA from biofluids

Lenski, M.; Scherer, M.A., 2016:
Diagnostic potential of inflammatory markers in septic arthritis and periprosthetic joint infections: a clinical study with 719 patients

Damle, R.G.; Jayaram, N.; Kulkarni, S.M.; Nigade, K.; Khutwad, K.; Gosavi, S.; Parashar, D., 2017:
Diagnostic potential of monoclonal antibodies against the capsid protein of chikungunya virus for detection of recent infection

Sharma, K.; Sharma, M.; Batra, N.; Sharma, A.; Dhillon, M.Singh., 2016:
Diagnostic potential of multi-targeted LAMP (loop-mediated isothermal amplification) for osteoarticular tuberculosis

Mancini, M.Elisabetta.; Albergo, A.; Moschetta, M.; Angelelli, M.; Scardapane, A.; Angelelli, G., 2016:
Diagnostic potential of multidetector computed tomography for characterizing small renal masses

Welge, W.A.; DeMarco, A.T.; Watson, J.M.; Rice, P.S.; Barton, J.K.; Kupinski, M.A., 2015:
Diagnostic potential of multimodal imaging of ovarian tissue using optical coherence tomography and second-harmonic generation microscopy

Brovkina, A.F.; Stoyukhina, A.S.; Musatkina, I.V., 2017:
Diagnostic potential of optical coherence tomography for small choroidal melanomas

Rižner, T.Lanišnik., 2015:
Diagnostic potential of peritoneal fluid biomarkers of endometriosis

Wang, X.; Sundquist, K.; Elf, J.L.; Strandberg, K.; Svensson, P.J.; Hedelius, A.; Palmer, K.; Memon, A.A.; Sundquist, J.; Zöller, B., 2018:
Diagnostic potential of plasma microRNA signatures in patients with deep-vein thrombosis

Lin, D.; Huang, H.; Qiu, S.; Feng, S.; Chen, G.; Chen, R., 2016:
Diagnostic potential of polarized surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy technology for colorectal cancer detection

Sankar, A.; Zhang, T.; Gaonkar, B.; Doshi, J.; Erus, G.; Costafreda, S.G.; Marangell, L.; Davatzikos, C.; Fu, C.H.Y., 2016:
Diagnostic potential of structural neuroimaging for depression from a multi-ethnic community sample

Landi, A.; Innocenzi, G.; Grasso, G.; Meschini, A.; Fabbiano, F.; Castri, P.; Delfini, R., 2016:
Diagnostic potential of the diffusion tensor tractography with fractional anisotropy in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical spondylotic and posttraumatic myelopathy

Wang, Y.; Sundfeldt, K.; Mateoiu, C.; Shih, I-Ming.; Kurman, R.J.; Schaefer, J.; Silliman, N.; Kinde, I.; Springer, S.; Foote, M.; Kristjansdottir, Börg.; James, N.; Kinzler, K.W.; Papadopoulos, N.; Diaz, L.A.; Vogelstein, B., 2017:
Diagnostic potential of tumor DNA from ovarian cyst fluid

O'Reilly, J-Ann.; Fitzgerald, J.; Fitzgerald, Sán.; Kenny, D.; Kay, E.W.; O'Kennedy, R.; Kijanka, G.S., 2016:
Diagnostic potential of zinc finger protein-specific autoantibodies and associated linear B-cell epitopes in colorectal cancer

Kurtulan, O.; Kösemehmetoğlu, K., 2015:
Diagnostic power and pitfalls of intraoperative consultation (frozen section) in rhabdomyosarcoma

Agilli, M.; Aydin, F.Nuri.; Gulcan Kurt, Y.; Cayci, T., 2015:
Diagnostic power of fecal calprotectin in inflammatory and functional intestinal disorders

Zuo, H.; Yan, J.; Zeng, H.; Li, W.; Li, P.; Liu, Z.; Cui, G.; Lv, J.; Wang, D.; Wang, H., 2015:
Diagnostic power of longitudinal strain at rest for the detection of obstructive coronary artery disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Hogrel, J-Y.; van den Bogaart, F.; Ledoux, I.; Ollivier, G.; Petit, F.; Koujah, N.; Béhin, A.; Stojkovic, T.; Eymard, B.; Voermans, N.; Laforêt, P., 2015:
Diagnostic power of the non-ischaemic forearm exercise test in detecting glycogenosis type V

Wichaidit, B.T.; Østergaard, J.R.; Rask, C.U., 2015:
Diagnostic practice of psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES) in the pediatric setting

Hendriksen, J.M.T.; Geersing, G-Jan.; Lucassen, W.A.M.; Erkens, P.M.G.; Stoffers, H.E.J.H.; van Weert, H.C.P.M.; Büller, H.R.; Hoes, A.W.; Moons, K.G.M., 2015:
Diagnostic prediction models for suspected pulmonary embolism: systematic review and independent external validation in primary care

Khanmohammadi, M.; Ghasemi, K.; Garmarudi, A.Bagheri.; Ramin, M., 2014:
Diagnostic prediction of renal failure from blood serum analysis by FTIR spectrometry and chemometrics

Negash, M.; Tsegaye, A.; G/Medhin, A., 2016:
Diagnostic predictive value of platelet indices for discriminating hypo productive versus immune thrombocytopenia purpura in patients attending a tertiary care teaching hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Xie, C., 2016:
Diagnostic problems and experts' consensus on patients with fever and lung infiltrates

Tarján, Mós., 2018:
Diagnostic problems and prognostic factors in prostate cancer

Nakao, S., 2017:
Diagnostic problems in acquired bone marrow failure syndromes

Woś, H.; Sankiewicz-Szkółka, M.; Więcek, S.; Kordys-Darmolińska, Bżena.; Grzybowska-Chlebowczyk, U.; Kniażewska, M., 2015:
Diagnostic problems in cystic fibrosis - specific characteristics of a group of infants and young children diagnosed positive through neonatal screening, in whom cystic fibrosis had not been diagnosed

Tyagi, R.; Dey, P., 2016:
Diagnostic problems of salivary gland tumors

Tacquard, C.; Laroche, D.; Stenger, R.; Mariotte, D.; Uring-Lambert, Béatrice.; De Blay, Fédéric.; Malinovsky, J-Marc.; Mertes, P.Michel., 2017:
Diagnostic procedure after an immediate hypersensitivity reaction in the operating room

Rastogi, V.; Sharma, R.; Misra, S.Ranjan.; Yadav, L., 2015:
Diagnostic procedures for autoimmune vesiculobullous diseases: A review

Dietel, M.; Bubendorf, L.; Dingemans, A-Marie.C.; Dooms, C.; Elmberger, Göran.; García, R.Calero.; Kerr, K.M.; Lim, E.; López-Ríos, F.; Thunnissen, E.; Van Schil, P.E.; von Laffert, M., 2016:
Diagnostic procedures for non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC): recommendations of the European Expert Group

Asplund, K.; Sukhova, M.; Wester, P.; Stegmayr, B., 2015:
Diagnostic procedures, treatments, and outcomes in stroke patients admitted to different types of hospitals

Rohwäder, E.; Locke, M.; Fraune, J.; Fechner, K., 2015:
Diagnostic profile on the IFA 40: HEp-20-10 - an immunofluorescence test for reliable antinuclear antibody screening

Gorlin, E.I.; Dalrymple, K.; Chelminski, I.; Zimmerman, M., 2017:
Diagnostic profiles of adult psychiatric outpatients with and without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Byun, J-S.; Hong, S-H.; Choi, J-K.; Jung, J-K.; Lee, H-J., 2016:
Diagnostic profiling of salivary exosomal microRNAs in oral lichen planus patients

Delli, K.; Dijkstra, P.U.; Stel, A.J.; Bootsma, H.; Vissink, A.; Spijkervet, F.K.L., 2016:
Diagnostic properties of ultrasound of major salivary glands in Sjögren's syndrome: a meta-analysis

Kayvanrad, M.; Lin, A.; Joshi, R.; Chiu, J.; Peters, T., 2018:
Diagnostic quality assessment of compressed sensing accelerated magnetic resonance neuroimaging

Proença, L.M.; Camus, M.; Nemeth, N.; Sharma, A.; Stelmach, D.; Mayer, Jörg.; Divers, S.J., 2015:
Diagnostic quality of percutaneous fine-needle aspirates and laparoscopic biopsy specimens of the liver in rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Zhang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Huang, H.; Sandler, J.; Dai, M.; Ma, S.; Udelsman, R., 2016:
Diagnostic radiography exposure increases the risk for thyroid microcarcinoma: a population-based case-control study

Rivera-Montalvo, T., 2016:
Diagnostic radiology dosimetry: Status and trends

Schockman, S.; Glueck, C.J.; Hutchins, R.K.; Patel, J.; Shah, P.; Wang, P., 2015:
Diagnostic ramifications of ocular vascular occlusion as a first thrombotic event associated with factor V Leiden and prothrombin gene heterozygosity

Ludwin, A.; Ludwin, I., 2016:
Diagnostic rate and accuracy of the ESHRE-ESGE classification for septate uterus and other common uterine malformations: why do we not see that the Emperor is naked?

Diemers, A.D.; van de Wiel, M.W.J.; Scherpbier, A.J.J.A.; Baarveld, F.; Dolmans, D.H.J.M., 2016:
Diagnostic reasoning and underlying knowledge of students with preclinical patient contacts in PBL

Choi, D.Woong.; Ly, S.Young., 2016:
Diagnostic recognition of Escherichia coli septicemia in in vivo vascular blood

Lupşan, N.; Resiga, L.; Boşca, A.Bianca.; Georgiu, C.; Crişan, DŢa.; Mirescu, C.; Constantin, A.Marie.; Şimon, I.; Şovrea, A.Simona., 2017:
Diagnostic reevaluation of 17 cases of pheochromocytoma - a retrospective study

Willegaignon, Jé.; Braga, L.F.E.F.; Sapienza, M.T.; Coura-Filho, G.B.; Cardona, M.A.R.; Alves, C.E.R.; Gutterres, R.F.; Buchpiguel, C.A., 2016:
Diagnostic reference level: an important tool for reducing radiation doses in adult and pediatric nuclear medicine procedures in Brazil

Vassileva, J.; Rehani, M., 2015:
Diagnostic reference levels

Ruiz-Cruces, R.; Vano, E.; Carrera-Magariño, F.; Moreno-Rodriguez, F.; Soler-Cantos, M.M.; Canis-Lopez, M.; Hernández-Armas, J.; Diaz-Romero, F.J.; Rosales-Espizua, F.; Fernandez-Soto, J.M.; Sanchez-Casanueva, R.; Martin-Palanca, A.; Perez-Martinez, M.; Gil-Agudo, A.; Zarca-Diaz, M.A.; Parra-Osorio, V.; Muñoz Ruiz-Canela, J.J.; Moreno-Sanchez, T.; Lopez-Medina, A.; Moreno-Saiz, C.; Galan-Montenegro, P.; Gallego-Beuter, J.J.; Gonzalez-de-Garay, M.; Zapata-Jimenez, J.C.; Pastor-Vega, J.M.; Cañ, 2016:
Diagnostic reference levels and complexity indices in interventional radiology: a national programme

Bibbo, G.; Balman, D.; Linke, R., 2017:
Diagnostic reference levels for common paediatric fluoroscopic examinations performed at a dedicated paediatric Australian hospital

Suleiman, M.E.; McEntee, M.F.; Cartwright, L.; Diffey, J.; Brennan, P.C., 2016:
Diagnostic reference levels for digital mammography in New South Wales

Suleiman, M.E.; Brennan, P.C.; McEntee, M.F., 2016:
Diagnostic reference levels in digital mammography: a systematic review

Meyer, S.; Groenewald, W.A.; Pitcher, R.D., 2016:
Diagnostic reference levels in low- and middle-income countries: early "ALARAm" bells?

Bibbo, G.; Brown, S.; Linke, R., 2017:
Diagnostic reference levels of paediatric computed tomography examinations performed at a dedicated Australian paediatric hospital

Schmidt-Hieltjes, Y.; Elshof, C.; Roovers, L.; Ruinemans-Koerts, J., 2016:
Diagnostic reference range of κ/λ free light chain ratio to screen for Bence Jones proteinuria is not significantly influenced by GFR

Hosono, Y.; Goto, M.; Kobayashi, D.; Kuribayashi, K.; Tanaka, M.; Watanabe, N., 2015:
Diagnostic relevance of autoantibody detection against inhibitors of apoptosis proteins in colon cancer and colon adenoma

Ieni, A.; Barresi, V.; Tuccari, G., 2016:
Diagnostic relevance of cell block procedure in secondary tumors of the pancreas

Mehra, T.; Guenova, E.; Dechent, F.; Würth, F.; Zierhut, M.; Röcken, M.; Schaller, M.; Deuter, C., 2016:
Diagnostic relevance of direct immunofluorescence in ocular mucous membrane pemphigoid

Lieder, A.; Guenzel, T.; Lebentrau, S.; Schneider, C.; Franzen, A., 2016:
Diagnostic relevance of metastatic renal cell carcinoma in the head and neck: An evaluation of 22 cases in 671 patients

Messas, N.; Blondet, C.; Jesel, L.; Hess, S.; Girardey, M.; Imperiale, A.; Khouri, T.; Ohlmann, P.; Morel, O., 2016:
Diagnostic relevance of optical coherence tomography imaging in aborted acute myocardial infarction with a "Takotsubo component"

Murru, A.; Manchia, M.; Tusconi, M.; Carpiniello, B.; Pacchiarotti, I.; Colom, F.; Vieta, E., 2016:
Diagnostic reliability in schizoaffective disorder

Mendicino, D.; Stafuza, M.; Colussi, C.; Barco, Mónica.del.; Streiger, M.; Moretti, E., 2015:
Diagnostic reliability of an immunochromatographic test for Chagas disease screening at a primary health care centre in a rural endemic area

Perinetti, G.; Contardo, L.; Castaldo, A.; McNamara, J.A.; Franchi, L., 2018:
Diagnostic reliability of the cervical vertebral maturation method and standing height in the identification of the mandibular growth spurt

Perinetti, G.; Sbardella, V.; Contardo, L., 2016:
Diagnostic reliability of the third finger middle phalanx maturation (MPM) method in the identification of the mandibular growth peak

Fleckenstein, J., 2015:
Diagnostic requirements are necessary before dry needling in the treatment of chronic pain

Mellai, M.; Annovazzi, L.; Senetta, R.; Dell'Aglio, C.; Mazzucco, M.; Cassoni, P.; Schiffer, D., 2016:
Diagnostic revision of 206 adult gliomas (including 40 oligoastrocytomas) based on ATRX, IDH1/2 and 1p/19q status

Goyal, S.; Sharma, S.; Diwaker, P., 2016:
Diagnostic role and limitations of FNAC in oral and jaw swellings

Gorla, R.; Erbel, R.; Kahlert, P.; Tsagakis, K.; Jakob, H.; Mahabadi, A-Abbas.; Schlosser, T.; Eggebrecht, H.; Bossone, E.; Jánosi, R.Alexander., 2015:
Diagnostic role and prognostic implications of D-dimer in different classes of acute aortic syndromes

Bertagna, F.; Nicolai, P.; Maroldi, R.; Mattavelli, D.; Bertoli, M.; Giubbini, R.; Lombardi, D.; Treglia, G., 2017:
Diagnostic role of (18)F-FDG-PET or PET/CT in salivary gland tumors: A systematic review

Chen, X-Liang.; Li, Q.; Cao, L.; Jiang, S-Xi., 2015:
Diagnostic role of (99)Tc(m)-MDP SPECT/CT combined SPECT/MRI Multi modality imaging for early and atypical bone metastases

Jiménez-Bonilla, J.F.; Banzo, I.; De Arcocha-Torres, Mía.; Quirce, R.; Martínez-Rodríguez, I.; Lavado-Pérez, C.; Bravo-Ferrer, Z.; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, E.; Sánchez-Juan, P.; Carril, Jé.M., 2017:
Diagnostic role of 11C-Pittsburgh compound B retention patterns and glucose metabolism by fluorine-18-fluorodeoxyglucose PET/CT in amnestic and nonamnestic mild cognitive impairment patients

Ozturk, H., 2017:
Diagnostic role of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron-emission tomography/computed tomography in restaging renal cell carcinoma

Abd Raboh, N.M.; Hakim, S.A., 2016:
Diagnostic role of DOG1 and p63 immunohistochemistry in salivary gland carcinomas

Li, M-Chi.; Chang, T-Chain.; Wu, C-Jung.; Luo, C-Yau.; Ko, W-Chien., 2015:
Diagnostic role of an oligonucleotide array in a heart transplantation patient with invasive pulmonary aspergillosis

Naz, S.; Hashmi, A.Ali.; Khurshid, A.; Faridi, N.; Edhi, M.Muzzammil.; Kamal, A.; Khan, M., 2015:
Diagnostic role of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) in the evaluation of salivary gland swelling: an institutional experience

Gudowska, M.; Chrostek, L., 2015:
Diagnostic role of galectin-3

Mereu, R.; Taraborrelli, P.; Sau, A.; Di Toro, A.; Halim, S.; Hayat, S.; Bernardi, L.; Francis, D.P.; Sutton, R.; Lim, P.Boon., 2017:
Diagnostic role of head-up tilt test in patients with cough syncope

Son, L.Nguyen.; Dinh, T.Tran.; Huy, D.Nguyen., 2016:
Diagnostic role of immunocytochemistry in malignant pleural mesothelioma

Aktar, F.; Tekin, R.; Bektaş, M.Selçuk.; Güneş, A.; Köşker, M.; Ertuğrul, S.; Yılmaz, K.; Karaman, K.; Balık, H.; Yolbaş, İlyas., 2016:
Diagnostic role of inflammatory markers in pediatric Brucella arthritis

Parashari, U.Chandra.; Khanduri, S.; Bhadury, S.; Upadhyay, D.; Kishore, K., 2015:
Diagnostic role of magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography in evaluation of obstructive biliopathies and correlating it with final diagnosis and clinical profile of patients

Bozdemir, Şefika.Elmas.; Altıntop, Y.Ay.; Uytun, S.; Aslaner, H.; Torun, Y.Altuner., 2016:
Diagnostic role of mean platelet volume and neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio in childhood brucellosis

Bertagna, F.; Bertoli, M.; Bosio, G.; Biasiotto, G.; Sadeghi, R.; Giubbini, R.; Treglia, G., 2015:
Diagnostic role of radiolabelled choline PET or PET/CT in hepatocellular carcinoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Tian, Y.; Liu, L.; Yeolkar, N.V.; Shen, F.; Li, J.; He, Z., 2016:
Diagnostic role of staging laparoscopy in a subset of biliary cancers: a meta-analysis

Du, M.Jun.; Shen, Q.; Yin, H.; Rao, Q.; Zhou, M.Xiaojun., 2016:
Diagnostic roles of MUC1 and GLUT1 in differentiating thymic carcinoma from type B3 thymoma

Smeets, M.; Degryse, J.; Janssens, S.; Matheï, C.; Wallemacq, P.; Vanoverschelde, J-Louis.; Aertgeerts, B.; Vaes, B., 2016:
Diagnostic rules and algorithms for the diagnosis of non-acute heart failure in patients 80 years of age and older: a diagnostic accuracy and validation study

Haralambos, K.; Ashfield-Watt, P.; McDowell, I.F.W., 2017:
Diagnostic scoring for familial hypercholesterolaemia in practice

Morado, M.; Freire Sandes, A.; Colado, E.; Subirá, D.; Isusi, P.; Soledad Noya, Mía.; Belén Vidriales, Mía.; Sempere, A.; Ángel Díaz, Jé.; Minguela, A.; Álvarez, B.; Serrano, C.; Caballero, T.; Rey, M.; Pérez Corral, A.; Cristina Fernández Jiménez, Mía.; Magro, E.; Lemes, A.; Benavente, C.; Bañas, H.; Merino, J.; Castejon, C.; Gutierrez, O.; Rabasa, P.; Vescosi Gonçalves, M.; Perez-Andres, M.; Orfao, A., 2016:
Diagnostic screening of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria: Prospective multicentric evaluation of the current medical indications

Miyashita, N.; Kawai, Y.; Tanaka, T.; Akaike, H.; Teranishi, H.; Wakabayashi, T.; Nakano, T.; Ouchi, K.; Okimoto, N., 2016:
Diagnostic sensitivity of a rapid antigen test for the detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniae: Comparison with real-time PCR

Bosi, E.; Bianchi, R.; Ruotolo, G.; Bazzigaluppi, E.; Belloni, C.; Calori, G.; Girardi, A.Maria.; Garancini, M.Paola.; Scavini, M., 2010:
Diagnostic sensitivity of thyroid autoantibodies assessed in a population-based, cross-sectional study in adults

Brennan, D.S.; Balasubramanian, M.; Spencer, A.J., 2017:
Diagnostic services in Australia: service rates and characteristics of patients

Santelmann, H.; Franklin, J.; Bußhoff, J.; Baethge, C., 2017:
Diagnostic shift in patients diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis of rediagnosis studies

Rajendiran, S.; Senthil Kumar, G.P.; Nimesh, A.; Dhiman, P.; Shivaraman, K.; Soundararaghavan, S., 2016:
Diagnostic significance of IL-6 and IL-8 in tubal ectopic pregnancy

Suzuki, A.; Hirokawa, M.; Takada, N.; Higuchi, M.; Yamao, N.; Kuma, S.; Daa, T.; Miyauchi, A., 2016:
Diagnostic significance of PAX8 in thyroid squamous cell carcinoma

Wang, T.; Liang, Y.; Thakur, A.; Zhang, S.; Yang, T.; Chen, T.; Gao, L.; Chen, M.; Ren, H., 2017:
Diagnostic significance of S100A2 and S100A6 levels in sera of patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Niewiarowska, K.; Pryczynicz, A.; Dymicka-Piekarska, V.; Gryko, M.; Cepowicz, D.; Famulski, W.; Kemona, A.; Guzińska-Ustymowicz, K., 2015:
Diagnostic significance of TIMP-1 level in serum and its immunohistochemical expression in colorectal cancer patients

Meichner, K., 2017:
Diagnostic significance of anatomical distribution patterns of nervous systemic lymphoma

Wang, Y-Fang.; Hou, B.; Yang, S-Jun.; Zhang, X-Rui.; Dong, X.; Zhang, M.; Yao, G-Dong., 2016:
Diagnostic significance of arterial spin labeling in the assessment of tumor grade in brain

Dogan, B.; Altinova, S.; Ozdemir, A.Tunc.; Ozcan, M.Fuat.; Asil, E.; Akbulut, Z.; Balbay, M.Derya., 2015:
Diagnostic significance of biopsies in renal masses

Roden, A.C.; Yi, E.S.; Jenkins, S.M.; Donovan, J.L.; Cassivi, S.D.; Garces, Y.I.; Marks, R.S.; Aubry, M-Christine., 2015:
Diagnostic significance of cell kinetic parameters in World Health Organization type A and B3 thymomas and thymic carcinomas

Sasaki, S.; Yoshioka, Y.; Ko, R.; Katsura, Y.; Namba, Y.; Shukuya, T.; Kido, K.; Iwakami, S.; Tominaga, S.; Takahashi, K., 2016:
Diagnostic significance of cerebrospinal fluid EGFR mutation analysis for leptomeningeal metastasis in non-small-cell lung cancer patients harboring an active EGFR mutation following gefitinib therapy failure

Xie, S.; Wang, Y.; Liu, H.; Wang, M.; Yu, H.; Qiao, Y.; Li, F.; Xie, X.; Zhang, J., 2017:
Diagnostic significance of circulating multiple miRNAs in breast cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Chen, Y-Jing.; Zhao, R-Min.; Zhao, Q.; Li, B-Ya.; Ma, Q-Yong.; Li, X.; Chen, X., 2017:
Diagnostic significance of elevated expression of HBME-1 in papillary thyroid carcinoma

Yu, S-Qing.; Wang, J-Sheng.; Chen, S-Yuan.; Liu, X-Ming.; Li, Y.; Ding, Y-Ming.; Li, X-Ya.; Sun, Y-Lin.; Chen, H., 2015:
Diagnostic significance of intraoperative ultrasound contrast in evaluating the resection degree of brain glioma by transmission electron microscopic examination

Hou, X.; Zhang, M.; Qiao, H., 2016:
Diagnostic significance of miR-106a in gastric cancer

Kłak, A.; Krzych-Fałta, E.; Samoliński, Bław.K.; Zalewska, M., 2016:
Diagnostic significance of nitric oxide concentrations in exhaled air from the airways in allergic rhinitis patients

Rybotycka, Z.; Długosz, A., 2015:
Diagnostic significance of protein NMP22 in bladder cancer

Nurkic, J.; Numanovic, F.; Arnautalic, L.; Tihic, N.; Halilovic, D.; Jahic, M., 2015:
Diagnostic significance of reduced IgA in children

Polat, V.; Bozcali, E.; Uygun, T.; Opan, S.; Karakaya, O., 2016:
Diagnostic significance of serum galectin-3 levels in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

Pan, Y-Qiu.; Ruan, Y-Yun.; Peng, J-Bang.; Han, Q-Yue.; Zhang, X.; Lin, A.; Yan, W-Hua., 2016:
Diagnostic significance of soluble human leukocyte antigen-G for gastric cancer

Jiao, W.; Xun, X.; Liu, J.; Yang, J.; Wang, Q.; Wang, L.; Chen, C.; Wang, H.; Dai, P., 2016:
Diagnostic significance of suppressor of cytokine signalling 3 (SOCS3) methylation and its correlation with IDH1 mutation in Chinese glioma patients

Schwarz, D.; Weiler, M.; Pham, M.; Heiland, S.; Bendszus, M.; Bäumer, P., 2015:
Diagnostic signs of motor neuropathy in MR neurography: nerve lesions and muscle denervation

Ruiz, E.; Mohandesan, E.; Fitak, R.R.; Burger, P.A., 2015:
Diagnostic single nucleotide polymorphism markers to identify hybridization between dromedary and Bactrian camels

Konrads, C.; Reichel, T.; Rudert, M.; Plumhoff, P., 2016:
Diagnostic sonography for assessment of shoulder pain

Vedel Kessing, L.; Vradi, E.; Kragh Andersen, P., 2016:
Diagnostic stability in pediatric bipolar disorder

Ozonoff, S.; Young, G.S.; Landa, R.J.; Brian, J.; Bryson, S.; Charman, T.; Chawarska, K.; Macari, S.L.; Messinger, D.; Stone, W.L.; Zwaigenbaum, L.; Iosif, A-Maria., 2016:
Diagnostic stability in young children at risk for autism spectrum disorder: a baby siblings research consortium study

Barbaro, J.; Dissanayake, C., 2016:
Diagnostic stability of autism spectrum disorder in toddlers prospectively identified in a community-based setting: Behavioural characteristics and predictors of change over time

Kim, H.; Andrade, F.C.D., 2016:
Diagnostic status of hypertension on the adherence to the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet

Su, S.; Wong, G.; Qiu, X.; Kobinger, G.; Bi, Y.; Zhou, J., 2016:
Diagnostic strategies for Ebola virus detection

Hanada, K.; Okazaki, A.; Hirano, N.; Izumi, Y.; Teraoka, Y.; Ikemoto, J.; Kanemitsu, K.; Hino, F.; Fukuda, T.; Yonehara, S., 2015:
Diagnostic strategies for early pancreatic cancer

Flores-Ibarra, A.Alejandro.; Ochoa-Vázquez, Mía.Dolores.; Sánchez-Tec, G.Alejandra., 2017:
Diagnostic strategies in the Tuberculosis Clinic of the Hospital General La Raza National Medical Center

Mayer, P.; Tjaden, C.; Klauß, M., 2016:
Diagnostic strategy and differential therapeutic approach for cystic lesions of the pancreas

van Grinsven, J.; van Brunschot, S.; Bakker, O.J.; Bollen, T.L.; Boermeester, M.A.; Bruno, M.J.; Dejong, C.H.; Dijkgraaf, M.G.; van Eijck, C.H.; Fockens, P.; van Goor, H.; Gooszen, H.G.; Horvath, K.D.; van Lienden, K.P.; van Santvoort, H.C.; Besselink, M.G.; Abdelhafez, M.; Andersson, R.; Andren-Sandberg, A.; Ashley, S.; van Baal, M.; Baron, T.; Bassi, C.; Bradley, E.; Buchler, M.; Cappendijk, V.; Carter, R.; Charnley, R.; Coelho, D.; Connor, S.; Dellinger, P.; Dervenis, C.; Deviere, J.; Doctor,, 2016:
Diagnostic strategy and timing of intervention in infected necrotizing pancreatitis: an international expert survey and case vignette study

Sawabata, N.; Okada, M.; Higashiyama, M.; Nakagawa, K.; Miyake, M.; Maeda, H.; Matsumura, A.; Matsumura, A.; Okumura, M.; Taki, T.; Kodama, K., 2016:
Diagnostic strategy based on preoperative serum CEA levels in clinical stage IA NSCLC

Maxwell, F.; de Margerie Mellon, C.; Bricout, M.; Cauderlier, E.; Chapelier, M.; Albiter, M.; Bourrier, P.; Espié, M.; de Kerviler, E.; de Bazelaire, C., 2016:
Diagnostic strategy for the assessment of axillary lymph node status in breast cancer

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