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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57622

Chapter 57622 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tseng, H-Ching.; Arasteh, A.; Kaur, K.; Kozlowska, A.; Topchyan, P.; Jewett, A., 2015:
Differential Cytotoxicity but Augmented IFN-γ Secretion by NK Cells after Interaction with Monocytes from Humans, and Those from Wild Type and Myeloid-Specific COX-2 Knockout Mice

Raza, H.; John, A., 2016:
Differential Cytotoxicity of Acetaminophen in Mouse Macrophage J774.2 and Human Hepatoma HepG2 Cells: Protection by Diallyl Sulfide

Ratanaphan, A.; Nhukeaw, T.; Hongthong, K.; Dyson, P.J., 2016:
Differential Cytotoxicity, Cellular Uptake, Apoptosis and Inhibition of BRCA1 Expression of BRCA1-Defective and Sporadic Breast Cancer Cells Induced by an Anticancer Ruthenium(II)-Arene Compound, RAPTA-EA1

Klughammer, J.; Datlinger, P.; Printz, D.; Sheffield, N.C.; Farlik, M.; Hadler, J.; Fritsch, G.; Bock, C., 2016:
Differential DNA Methylation Analysis without a Reference Genome

Mansego, Mía.Luisa.; Milagro, Fín.I.; Zulet, Mía.Ángeles.; Moreno-Aliaga, Mía.J.; Martínez, Jé.Alfredo., 2016:
Differential DNA Methylation in Relation to Age and Health Risks of Obesity

Villela, D.; Ramalho, R.F.; Silva, A.R.T.; Brentani, H.; Suemoto, C.K.; Pasqualucci, C.Augusto.; Grinberg, L.T.; Krepischi, A.C.V.; Rosenberg, C., 2016:
Differential DNA Methylation of MicroRNA Genes in Temporal Cortex from Alzheimer's Disease Individuals

Laurent, A.; Blasi, F., 2016:
Differential DNA damage signalling and apoptotic threshold correlate with mouse epiblast-specific hypersensitivity to radiation

Han, C.; Srivastava, A.Kumar.; Cui, T.; Wang, Q-En.; Wani, A.A., 2016:
Differential DNA lesion formation and repair in heterochromatin and euchromatin

Skinner, M.K., 2017:
Differential DNA methylation analysis optimally requires purified cell populations

Rushton, M.D.; Young, D.A.; Loughlin, J.; Reynard, L.N., 2015:
Differential DNA methylation and expression of inflammatory and zinc transporter genes defines subgroups of osteoarthritic hip patients

Oliver, V.F.; Jaffe, A.E.; Song, J.; Wang, G.; Zhang, P.; Branham, K.E.; Swaroop, A.; Eberhart, C.G.; Zack, D.J.; Qian, J.; Merbs, S.L., 2016:
Differential DNA methylation identified in the blood and retina of AMD patients

Esposito, E.A.; Jones, M.J.; Doom, J.R.; MacIsaac, J.L.; Gunnar, M.R.; Kobor, M.S., 2016:
Differential DNA methylation in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in adolescents exposed to significant early but not later childhood adversity

Cardenas, A.; Koestler, D.C.; Houseman, E.Andres.; Jackson, B.P.; Kile, M.L.; Karagas, M.R.; Marsit, C.J., 2016:
Differential DNA methylation in umbilical cord blood of infants exposed to mercury and arsenic in utero

Busch, R.; Qiu, W.; Lasky-Su, J.; Morrow, J.; Criner, G.; DeMeo, D., 2017:
Differential DNA methylation marks and gene comethylation of COPD in African-Americans with COPD exacerbations

Zeybel, Müjdat.; Hardy, T.; Robinson, S.M.; Fox, C.; Anstee, Q.M.; Ness, T.; Masson, S.; Mathers, J.C.; French, J.; White, S.; Mann, J., 2015:
Differential DNA methylation of genes involved in fibrosis progression in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and alcoholic liver disease

Pheiffer, C.; Erasmus, R.T.; Kengne, A.P.; Matsha, T.E., 2016:
Differential DNA methylation of microRNAs within promoters, intergenic and intragenic regions of type 2 diabetic, pre-diabetic and non-diabetic individuals

Li, B.; Luo, H.; Weng, Q.; Wang, S.; Pan, Z.; Xie, Z.; Wu, W.; Liu, H.; Li, Q., 2016:
Differential DNA methylation of the meiosis-specific gene FKBP6 in testes of yak and cattle-yak hybrids

Barnicle, A.; Seoighe, C.; Golden, A.; Greally, J.M.; Egan, L.J., 2016:
Differential DNA methylation patterns of homeobox genes in proximal and distal colon epithelial cells

Li, S.; Zhu, D.; Duan, H.; Ren, A.; Glintborg, D.; Andersen, M.; Skov, V.; Thomassen, M.; Kruse, T.; Tan, Q., 2016:
Differential DNA methylation patterns of polycystic ovarian syndrome in whole blood of Chinese women

Pelch, K.E.; Tokar, E.J.; Merrick, B.Alex.; Waalkes, M.P., 2015:
Differential DNA methylation profile of key genes in malignant prostate epithelial cells transformed by inorganic arsenic or cadmium

Miller-Delaney, S.F.C.; Bryan, K.; Das, S.; McKiernan, R.C.; Bray, I.M.; Reynolds, J.P.; Gwinn, R.; Stallings, R.L.; Henshall, D.C., 2015:
Differential DNA methylation profiles of coding and non-coding genes define hippocampal sclerosis in human temporal lobe epilepsy

Gu, Y.; Zhou, X.; Hu, F.; Yu, Y.; Xie, T.; Huang, Y.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, X., 2017:
Differential DNA methylome profiling of nonfunctioning pituitary adenomas suggesting tumour invasion is correlated with cell adhesion

Fontana, A.O.; Augsburger, M.A.; Grosse, N.; Guckenberger, M.; Lomax, A.J.; Sartori, A.A.; Pruschy, M.N., 2016:
Differential DNA repair pathway choice in cancer cells after proton- and photon-irradiation

Zhang, Q.; He, X.; Yan, T., 2016:
Differential Decay of Wastewater Bacteria and Change of Microbial Communities in Beach Sand and Seawater Microcosms

Savelyev, A.; MacKerell, A.D., 2016:
Differential Deformability of the DNA Minor Groove and Altered BI/BII Backbone Conformational Equilibrium by the Monovalent Ions Li(+), Na(+), K(+), and Rb(+) via Water-Mediated Hydrogen Bonding

Tran-Van-Minh, A.; Abrahamsson, Tése.; Cathala, L.; DiGregorio, D.A., 2017:
Differential Dendritic Integration of Synaptic Potentials and Calcium in Cerebellar Interneurons

Rebolj, M.; Bonde, J.; Preisler, S.; Ejegod, D.; Rygaard, C.; Lynge, E., 2016:
Differential Detection of Human Papillomavirus Genotypes and Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia by Four Commercial Assays

Sierra Rojas, J.X.; García-San Frutos, M.; Horrillo, D.; Lauzurica, N.; Oliveros, E.; Carrascosa, J.María.; Fernández-Agulló, T.; Ros, M., 2016:
Differential Development of Inflammation and Insulin Resistance in Different Adipose Tissue Depots Along Aging in Wistar Rats: Effects of Caloric Restriction

Jacob, C.O.; Yu, N.; Sindhava, V.; Cancro, M.P.; Pawar, R.D.; Putterman, C.; Stohl, W., 2015:
Differential Development of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in NZM 2328 Mice Deficient in Discrete Pairs of BAFF Receptors

Nixdorf, D.R.; Law, A.S.; John, M.T.; Sobieh, R.M.; Kohli, R.; Nguyen, R.H.N., 2015:
Differential Diagnoses for Persistent Pain Following Root Canal Treatment: A Study in the National Dental PBRN

Pelter, M.M.; Kozik, T.M.; Al-Zaiti, S.S.; Carey, M.G., 2018:
Differential Diagnoses for Suspected ACS

Chokroverty, S., 2016:
Differential Diagnoses of Restless Legs Syndrome/Willis-Ekbom Disease: Mimics and Comorbidities

Hülsemann, W.; Mann, M.; Winkler, F., 2017:
Differential Diagnoses of Trigger Thumb

Anonymous, 2016:
Differential Diagnosis Of Tuberculous Pleurisy

Churylin, R., 2015:
Differential Diagnosis of Tumoroid-Like Abscess and Lung Cancer

Moral, S.; Ballesteros, E.; Huguet, M.; Panaro, A.; Palet, J.; Evangelista, A., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis and Clinical Implications of Remnants of the Right Valve of the Sinus Venosus

Bair, M.R.; Gross, M.T.; Cooke, J.R.; Hill, C.H., 2017:
Differential Diagnosis and Intervention of Proximal Median Nerve Entrapment: A Resident's Case Problem

Keine, Kátia.Cristina.; Kuga, M.Carlos.; Pereira, K.Figueiredo.; Diniz, A.Carolina.Soares.; Tonetto, M.Rodrigues.; Galoza, M.Oliveira.Gonçalves.; Magro, M.Graziele.; de Barros, Y.Benedita.Abadia.Martins.; Bandéca, M.Coelho.; de Andrade, M.Ferrarezi., 2017:
Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Proposal for Acute Endodontic Infection

Johnson, H.M.; Bartels, C.M.; Thorpe, C.T.; Schumacher, J.R.; Pandhi, N.; Smith, M.A., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Rates Between Systolic and Diastolic Hypertension in Young Adults: A Multidisciplinary Observational Study

Yanaranop, M.; Ayuwat, S.; Nakrangsee, S., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis between Primary Endocervical and Endometrial Adenocarcinoma using Immunohistochemical Staining of Estrogen Receptor, Vimentin, Carcinoembryonic Antigen and p16

Kumar, A.; Ramakrishnan, T.S.; Sahu, S., 2009:
Differential Diagnosis for Acute Appendicitis: Epiploic Appendagitis

Zhang, Y.; Liang, X.; Wei, S.; Li, H., 2015:
Differential Diagnosis for Multiple Sclerosis-related Optic Neuritis

Aronoff, S.C.; Del Vecchio, M.T., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis in Pediatrics: A Probabilistic Approach

Ushijima, S., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of ADHD from Personality Disorders

Nichtweiß, M.; Weidauer, S., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Acute Myelopathies: An Update

Yang, W.; Yan, K.; Wang, S.; Dai, Y.; Wu, W.; Yin, S-Shan.; Chen, M-Hua., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Arterial Phase Enhanced Hepatic Inflammatory Lesions and Hepatocellular Carcinomas with Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound

Barrett, M.; Luu, M., 2017:
Differential Diagnosis of Atopic Dermatitis

Felix, K.; Dobiasch, S.; Gaida, M.M.; Schneider, K.; Werner, J.; Martens, E.; Vandooren, J.; Opdenakker, G., 2017:
Differential Diagnosis of Autoimmune Pancreatitis From Pancreatic Cancer by Analysis of Serum Gelatinase Levels

Qu, R-Feng.; Guo, D-Rui.; Chang, Z-Xing.; Meng, J.; Sun, Y.; Hao, S-Hong.; Shi, G.; Sun, J., 2015:
Differential Diagnosis of Benign and Malignant Breast Tumors Using Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Value Measured Through Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Zhang, B.; Izadjoo, M., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Candida Species With Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction and Melting Temperature Analyses (RTPCR-MTA)

London, N.R.; Reh, D.D., 2017:
Differential Diagnosis of Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps

Lee, J.Eun.; Park, H.Jin.; Lee, S.Yeon.; Chung, E.Chul.; Rho, M.Ho.; Cha, J.Gyu.; Lee, S.Joo., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Chronic Total Occlusive and Subtotal Occlusive Disease of the Lower Extremity Arteries Using Reverse Attenuation Gradient Sign on CT Angiography

Dreyfus, D.H., 2017:
Differential Diagnosis of Chronic Urticaria and Angioedema Based on Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, and Proteomics

Wan, D.; Bruni, S.G.; Dufton, J.A.; O'Brien, P., 2015:
Differential Diagnosis of Colonic Strictures: Pictorial Review With Illustrations from Computed Tomography Colonography

Lévy, P.; Rebours, V., 2015:
Differential Diagnosis of Cystic Pancreatic Lesions Including the Usefulness of Biomarkers

Grangeon, L.; Paquet, C.; Bombois, S.; Quillard-Muraine, M.; Martinaud, O.; Bourre, B.; Lefaucheur, R.; Nicolas, Gël.; Dumurgier, J.; Gerardin, E.; Jan, M.; Laplanche, J-Louis.; Peoc'h, K.; Hugon, J.; Pasquier, F.; Maltête, D.; Hannequin, D.; Wallon, D., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Dementia with High Levels of Cerebrospinal Fluid Tau Protein

Berninger, V.W.; Richards, T.; Abbott, R.D., 2015:
Differential Diagnosis of Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, and OWL LD: Behavioral and Neuroimaging Evidence

Asz-Sigall, D.; González-de-Cossio-Hernández, A.Cecilia.; Rodríguez-Lobato, E.; Ortega-Springall, Mía.Fernanda.; Vega-Memije, M.Elisa.; Arenas Guzmán, R., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Female-Pattern Hair Loss

Arjona Aguilera, C.; Albarrán Planelles, C.; Tercedor Sánchez, J., 2017:
Differential Diagnosis of Genetic Disorders Associated with Moderate to Severe Refractory Eczema and Elevated Immunoglobulin E

Du, S.; Liu, G.; Cheng, X.; Li, Y.; Wang, Q.; Li, J.; Lu, X.; Zheng, Y.; Xu, H.; Chi, T.; Zhao, H.; Xu, Y.; Sang, X.; Zhong, S.; Mao, Y., 2017:
Differential Diagnosis of Immunoglobulin G4-associated Cholangitis From Cholangiocarcinoma

Wobker, S.E.; Epstein, J.I., 2017:
Differential Diagnosis of Intraductal Lesions of the Prostate

Hagen, P.A.; Singh, C.; Hart, M.; Blaes, A.H., 2015:
Differential Diagnosis of Isolated Myeloid Sarcoma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Johnson, B.W.; Goodman, C.H.; Jee, Y.; Featherstone, D.A., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Infections with the Inbios JE Detect™ and DEN Detect™ MAC-ELISA Kits

Millichap, J.Gordon., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Kleine-Levin Syndrome

Kruse, L.L., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Linear Eruptions in Children

Nair, C.Bhaskaran.; Manjula, J.; Subramani, P.Annamalai.; Nagendrappa, P.B.; Manoj, M.Narayanan.; Malpani, S.; Pullela, P.Kumar.; Subbarao, P.Venkata.; Ramamoorthy, S.; Ghosh, S.K., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Malaria on Truelab Uno®, a Portable, Real-Time, MicroPCR Device for Point-Of-Care Applications

Zhao, X-Ya.; Zhou, S.; Wang, D-Zhi.; He, W.; Li, J-Xiang.; Zhang, S., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Malignant Biliary Tract Cancer from Benign Tissues using Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Measurements with Diffusion Weighted Imaging in Asians

Macagno, N.; Figarella-Branger, D.; Mokthari, K.; Metellus, P.; Jouvet, A.; Vasiljevic, A.; Loundou, A.; Bouvier, C., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Meningeal SFT-HPC and Meningioma: Which Immunohistochemical Markers Should Be Used?

Montone, K.T., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Necrotizing Sinonasal Lesions

Pujalte, G.G.A.; Albano-Aluquin, S.A., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Polyarticular Arthritis

Simpson, J.F.; Boulos, F.I., 2009:
Differential Diagnosis of Proliferative Breast Lesions

Stretz, C.; Finelli, P.F., 2015:
Differential Diagnosis of Restricted Diffusion of the Thalamus-Focus on Viral Encephalitis

Kokurcan, A.; Atbaşoğlu, Eşref.Cem., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Schizophrenia: Psychotic Symptoms in Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Psychotic Disorders due to other Medical Conditions

Toutous Trellu, L.; Nkemenang, P.; Comte, E.; Ehounou, Gève.; Atangana, P.; Mboua, D.Junior.; Rusch, B.; Njih Tabah, E.; Etard, J-François.; Mueller, Y.K., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Skin Ulcers in a Mycobacterium ulcerans Endemic Area: Data from a Prospective Study in Cameroon

Chu, Z-Gang.; Sheng, B.; Liu, M-Qi.; Lv, F-Jin.; Li, Q.; Ouyang, Y., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of Solitary Pulmonary Inflammatory Lesions and Peripheral Lung Cancers with Contrast-enhanced Computed Tomography

Iliadou, V.Vivian.; Chermak, G.D.; Bamiou, D-Eva., 2015:
Differential Diagnosis of Speech Sound Disorder (Phonological Disorder): Audiological Assessment beyond the Pure-tone Audiogram

Liu, J-Wei.; Sun, J.; Vano-Galvan, S.; Liu, F-Xia.; Wei, X-Xiu.; Ma, D-Lai., 2017:
Differential Diagnosis of Two Chinese Families with Dyschromatoses by Targeted Gene Sequencing

Park, H.; Jo, S.; Cho, Y.Kyung.; Kim, J.; Cho, S.; Kim, J.Hyeon.; Jeong, Y.Jin.; Song, J-Kwan., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of a Left Atrial Mass after Surgical Excision of Myxoma: a Remnant or a Thrombus?

Malek, M.; Cortes, L.M.; Sigurdsson, A.; Rosenberg, P.A., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of a Periapical Radiolucent Lesion. A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Ogata, S.; Itohiya, Y.; Sakamoto, Y.; Sato, Y.; Suyama, Y.; Atsuta, H.; Iwata, K., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of an Elderly Manic-Depressive Patient with Depersonalization and Other Symptoms

Sureka, B., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of an Inflammatory Pseudotumor of the Urinary Bladder

Carlisle, R.Thomas.; Digiovanni, J., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis of the Swollen Red Eyelid

Mayhew, G.; Carhart, E., 2015:
Differential Diagnosis: Bell's Palsy vs. Stroke. They can look similar, but it's important to tell them apart

Bianciardi, G., 2016:
Differential Diagnosis: Shape and Function, Fractal Tools in the Pathology Lab

Livingston, J.I.; Deprey, S.M.; Hensley, C.P., 2015:
Differential Diagnostic Process and Clinical Decision Making in a Young Adult Female with Lateral Hip Pain: a Case Report

Syatkin, S.P.; Frolov, V.A.; Gridina, N.Ya.; Draguntseva, N.G.; Skorik, A.S., 2016:
Differential Diagnostics of Neoplastic and Inflammatory Processes in the Brain by Modifications NMDA Receptor Activity in Blood Cells with Verapamil and Ketamine

Hallé, P.A.; Ridouane, R.; Best, C.T., 2016:
Differential Difficulties in Perception of Tashlhiyt Berber Consonant Quantity Contrasts by Native Tashlhiyt Listeners vs. Berber-Naïve French Listeners

Mashaly, A.Mohamed.Ali.; Al-Mekhlafi, F.A., 2016:
Differential Diptera Succession Patterns on Decomposed Rabbit Carcasses in Three Different Habitats

Oliveira-Costa, J.; Lamego, C.M.D.; Couri, M.S.; Mello-Patiu, C.A., 2015:
Differential Diptera succession patterns onto partially burned and unburned pig carrion in southeastern Brazil

Sandhu, H.; Olbrück, H.; Abel, J.; Unfried, K., 2000:
Differential Display Analysis of Fiber-Induced Carcinogenesis in Rat: Clue for Involvement of Integrin-Mediated Signal Transduction

Karnawat, V.; Gogia, S.; Balaram, H.; Puranik, M., 2016:
Differential Distortion of Purine Substrates by Human and Plasmodium falciparum Hypoxanthine-Guanine Phosphoribosyltransferase to Catalyse the Formation of Mononucleotides

Pearson, B.M.; Louwen, R.; van Baarlen, P.; van Vliet, A.H.M., 2016:
Differential Distribution of Type II CRISPR-Cas Systems in Agricultural and Nonagricultural Campylobacter coli and Campylobacter jejuni Isolates Correlates with Lack of Shared Environments

Swapna, I.; Bondy, B.; Morikawa, H., 2017:
Differential Dopamine Regulation of Ca(2+) Signaling and Its Timing Dependence in the Nucleus Accumbens

Saddoris, M.P.; Cacciapaglia, F.; Wightman, R.Mark.; Carelli, R.M., 2015:
Differential Dopamine Release Dynamics in the Nucleus Accumbens Core and Shell Reveal Complementary Signals for Error Prediction and Incentive Motivation

Kjær, L.; Cordua, S.; Holmström, M.O.; Thomassen, M.; Kruse, T.A.; Pallisgaard, N.; Larsen, T.S.; de Stricker, K.; Skov, V.; Hasselbalch, H.C., 2016:
Differential Dynamics of CALR Mutant Allele Burden in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms during Interferon Alfa Treatment

Papadimitriou, C.; Wirtz, R.M.; Economopoulos, T.; Samantas, E.; Papakostas, P.; Gogas, H.; Razis, E.; Lianos, E.; Aravantinos, G.; Fountzilas, G., 2016:
Differential EGFR and VEGFR mRNA expression in two subtypes of basal-like breast cancer identified by molecular classification

Wei, P-Fei.; Jin, P-Pei.; Barui, A.Kumar.; Hu, Y.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, J-Qian.; Shi, S-Shan.; Zhang, H-Rui.; Lin, J.; Zhou, W.; Zhang, Y-Jiao.; Ruan, R-Quan.; Patra, C.Ranjan.; Wen, L-Ping., 2016:
Differential ERK activation during autophagy induced by europium hydroxide nanorods and trehalose: Maximum clearance of huntingtin aggregates through combined treatment

McDermott, S.M.; Guo, X.; Carnes, J.; Stuart, K., 2016:
Differential Editosome Protein Function between Life Cycle Stages of Trypanosoma brucei

Zhu, J.; Wang, P.; Lin, Y.; Lei, M-jing.; Chen, Y., 2016:
Differential Effect and Mechanism of in situ Immobilization of Cadmium Contamination in Soil Using Diatomite Produced from Different Areas

Paul, S.; Amundson, S.A., 2015:
Differential Effect of Active Smoking on Gene Expression in Male and Female Smokers

Menon, B.K.; Qazi, E.; Nambiar, V.; Foster, L.D.; Yeatts, S.D.; Liebeskind, D.; Jovin, T.G.; Goyal, M.; Hill, M.D.; Tomsick, T.A.; Broderick, J.P.; Demchuk, A.M., 2015:
Differential Effect of Baseline Computed Tomographic Angiography Collaterals on Clinical Outcome in Patients Enrolled in the Interventional Management of Stroke III Trial

Liaw, J.J.T.; Peplow, P.V., 2017:
Differential Effect of Electroacupuncture on Inflammatory Adipokines in Two Rat Models of Obesity

Johnson, M.L.; Irving, B.A.; Lanza, I.R.; Vendelbo, M.H.; Konopka, A.R.; Robinson, M.M.; Henderson, G.C.; Klaus, K.A.; Morse, D.M.; Heppelmann, C.; Bergen, H.Robert.; Dasari, S.; Schimke, J.M.; Jakaitis, D.R.; Nair, K.Sreekumaran., 2016:
Differential Effect of Endurance Training on Mitochondrial Protein Damage, Degradation, and Acetylation in the Context of Aging

Núñez, J.; Bonanad, C.; Navarro, J.Paulo.; Bondanza, L.; Artero, A.; Ventura, S.; Núñez, E.; Miñana, G.; Sanchis, J.; Real, Jé., 2016:
Differential Effect of Glycosylated Hemoglobin Value and Antidiabetic Treatment on the Risk of 30-day Readmission Following a Hospitalization for Acute Heart Failure

Gepner, Y.; Henkin, Y.; Schwarzfuchs, D.; Golan, R.; Durst, R.; Shelef, I.; Harman-Boehm, I.; Spitzen, S.; Witkow, S.; Novack, L.; Friger, M.; Tangi-Rosental, O.; Sefarty, D.; Bril, N.; Rein, M.; Cohen, N.; Chassidim, Y.; Sarusi, B.; Wolak, T.; Stampfer, M.J.; Rudich, A.; Shai, I., 2016:
Differential Effect of Initiating Moderate Red Wine Consumption on 24-h Blood Pressure by Alcohol Dehydrogenase Genotypes: Randomized Trial in Type 2 Diabetes

Seifert, S.; Rodriguez Gómez, M.; Watzl, B.; Holzapfel, W.H.; Franz, C.M.A.P.; Vizoso Pinto, Mía.G., 2010:
Differential Effect of Lactobacillus johnsonii BFE 6128 on Expression of Genes Related to TLR Pathways and Innate Immunity in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

García-Linares, S.; Rivera-de-Torre, E.; Morante, K.; Tsumoto, K.; Caaveiro, J.M.M.; Gavilanes, Jé.G.; Slotte, J.Peter.; Martínez-Del-Pozo, Álvaro., 2017:
Differential Effect of Membrane Composition on the Pore-Forming Ability of Four Different Sea Anemone Actinoporins

Casanova, C.; Marin, J.M.; Martinez-Gonzalez, C.; de Lucas-Ramos, P.; Mir-Viladrich, I.; Cosio, B.; Peces-Barba, G.; Solanes-García, I.; Agüero, Rón.; Feu-Collado, N.; Calle-Rubio, M.; Alfageme, I.; de Diego-Damia, A.; Irigaray, R.; Marín, M.; Balcells, E.; Llunell, A.; Galdiz, J.Bautista.; Golpe, R.; Lacarcel, C.; Cabrera, C.; Marin, A.; Soriano, J.B.; Lopez-Campos, J.Luis.; Soler-Cataluña, J.José.; de-Torres, J.P., 2015:
Differential Effect of Modified Medical Research Council Dyspnea, COPD Assessment Test, and Clinical COPD Questionnaire for Symptoms Evaluation Within the New GOLD Staging and Mortality in COPD

Lim, J-Young.; Ryu, D-Bin.; Lee, S-Eun.; Park, G.; Choi, E.Young.; Min, C-Ki., 2016:
Differential Effect of MyD88 Signal in Donor T Cells on Graft-versus-Leukemia Effect and Graft-versus-Host Disease after Experimental Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation

Ledri, M.; Sørensen, A.T.; Madsen, M.G.; Christiansen, Søren.H.; Ledri, L.Nikitidou.; Cifra, A.; Bengzon, J.; Lindberg, E.; Pinborg, L.H.; Jespersen, B.; Gøtzsche, C.R.; Woldbye, D.P.D.; Andersson, M.; Kokaia, M., 2015:
Differential Effect of Neuropeptides on Excitatory Synaptic Transmission in Human Epileptic Hippocampus

Majumdar, A.; Kundu, D.; Sarkar, M., 2016:
Differential Effect of Oxicam Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs on Membranes and Their Consequence on Membrane Fusion

Pointer, M.A.; Eley, S.; Anderson, L.; Waters, B.; Royall, B.; Nichols, S.; Wells, C., 2016:
Differential Effect of Renal Cortical and Medullary Interstitial Fluid Calcium on Blood Pressure Regulation in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension

Rodriguez, J.A.; Bas, M.A.; Orishimo, K.F.; Robinson, J.; Nicholas, S.J., 2017:
Differential Effect of Total Knee Arthroplasty on Valgus and Varus Knee Biomechanics During Gait

Kwon, E.; Cho, J-Hee.; Jang, H.Min.; Kim, Y.Su.; Kang, S-Wook.; Yang, C.Woo.; Kim, N-Ho.; Kim, H-Ji.; Park, J-Min.; Lee, J-Eun.; Jung, H-Yeon.; Choi, J-Young.; Park, S-Hee.; Kim, C-Duck.; Kim, Y-Lim.; Do, J.Y.; Song, S.H.; Kim, S.E.; Kim, S.H.; Kim, Y.H.; Lee, J.S.; Jin, H.J.; Lim, C.S.; Lee, J.P.; Chang, J.H.; Yoo, T.H.; Park, J.T.; Oh, H.J.; Park, H.C.; Chang, T.I.; Ryu, D.R.; Oh, D.J.; Chang, Y.S.; Kim, Y.O.; Kim, S.H.; Jin, D.C.; Kim, Y.K.; Kim, H..Y.; Kim, W.; Lee, K.W.; Lee, C.S., 2016:
Differential Effect of Viral Hepatitis Infection on Mortality among Korean Maintenance Dialysis Patients: A Prospective Multicenter Cohort Study

Kaffashian, S.; Tzourio, C.; Zhu, Y-Cheng.; Mazoyer, B.; Debette, Séphanie., 2016:
Differential Effect of White-Matter Lesions and Covert Brain Infarcts on the Risk of Ischemic Stroke and Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Guzmán-Velázquez, S.; Garcés-Ramírez, L.; Flores, G.; De La Cruz, F.; Zamudio, S.R., 2011:
Differential Effect of the Dopamine D3 Agonist (±)-7-Hydroxy-2-(N,N-di-n-propylamino) Tetralin (7-OH-DPAT) on Motor Activity between Adult Wistar and Sprague-Dawley Rats after a Neonatal Ventral Hippocampus Lesion

Yao, Q.; Hu, X-Hong.; Shen, Q-Li.; Qiao, Z-Wei.; Pa, M-Er.; Qian, B.; Yan, W-Li.; Huang, G-Ying., 2016:
Differential Effect of the Ratio of Right Ventricular Volume to Left Ventricular Volume in Children with Repaired Tetralogy of Fallot

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