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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57653

Chapter 57653 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rada, G.; Viñuela, Jé., 2016:
Does chewing gum accelerate recovery after abdominal surgery?

Tate, A.D.; Trofholz, A.; Rudasill, K.Moritz.; Neumark-Sztainer, D.; Berge, J.M., 2017:
Does child temperament modify the overweight risk associated with parent feeding behaviors and child eating behaviors?: An exploratory study

Guzmán Rojas, R.; Quintero, C.; Shek, K.Lai.; Dietz, H.Peter., 2016:
Does childbirth play a role in the etiology of rectocele?

Copeland, W.E.; Bulik, C.M.; Zucker, N.; Wolke, D.; Lereya, S.Tanya.; Costello, E.Jane., 2016:
Does childhood bullying predict eating disorder symptoms? A prospective, longitudinal analysis

Vågerö, D.; Rajaleid, K., 2016:
Does childhood trauma influence offspring's birth characteristics?

Erdoğan, Fırat.; Eliaçik, M.; Özahi Ipek, İlke.; Arici, N.; Kadak, M.T.; Ceran, Ömer., 2015:
Is children's Body Mass Index associated with their parents' personality? A prospective controlled trial

Kim, E.B.; Chen, C.; Smetana, J.G.; Greenberger, E., 2017:
Does children's moral compass waver under social pressure? Using the conformity paradigm to test preschoolers' moral and social-conventional judgments

Davies, B.M.; Patel, H.C., 2017:
Does chlorhexidine and povidone-iodine preoperative antisepsis reduce surgical site infection in cranial neurosurgery?

Lorente, L., 2015:
Does chlorhexidine-impregnated dressing reduce the risk of catheter-related bloodstream infection in all vascular access?

Khan, M.Tariq.; Hong, P-Ying.; Nada, N.; Croue, J.Philippe., 2016:
Does chlorination of seawater reverse osmosis membranes control biofouling?

Chang, J., 2017:
Does chlortetracycline ointment aid healing of a traumatic tympanic membrane perforation?

Baumgarten, K.M.; Helsper, E., 2017:
Does chondrolysis occur after corticosteroid-analgesic injections? An analysis of patients treated for adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder

Jiang, H-Ming.; Wei, J-Huan.; Zhang, Z-Ling.; Fang, Y.; Zhou, B-Fen.; Chen, Z-Hua.; Lu, J.; Liao, B.; Zhou, F-Jian.; Luo, J-Hang.; Chen, W., 2016:
Does chromophobe renal cell carcinoma have better survival than clear cell renal cell carcinoma? A clinical-based cohort study and meta-analysis

Geiger, A.M.; Goodman, W.K.; Wolf, O.T.; Wolf, J.M., 2015:
Does chronic adrenal insufficiency protect memory from negative stress effects?

Ruiz, P.L.D.; Stene, L.C.; Bakken, I.J.; Håberg, S.E.; Birkeland, Kåre.I.; Gulseth, H.L., 2018:
Decreasing incidence of pharmacologically and non-pharmacologically treated type 2 diabetes in Norway: a nationwide study

Faustini, A.; Stafoggia, M.; Renzi, M.; Cesaroni, G.; Alessandrini, E.; Davoli, M.; Forastiere, F., 2016:
Does chronic exposure to high levels of nitrogen dioxide exacerbate the short-term effects of airborne particles?

Mohan, M.; Khaliq, F.; Panwar, A.; Vaney, N., 2016:
Does chronic exposure to mobile phones affect cognition?

Barbeau, B.; Mesnard, J-Michel., 2016:
Does chronic infection in retroviruses have a sense?

Savarino, L.; Fotia, C.; Roncuzzi, L.; Greco, M.; Cadossi, M.; Baldini, N.; Giannini, S., 2015:
Does chronic raise of metal ion levels induce oxidative DNA damage and hypoxia-like response in patients with metal-on-metal hip resurfacing?

Lindson-Hawley, N.; Shinkins, B.; West, R.; Michie, S.; Aveyard, P., 2018:
Does cigarette reduction while using nicotine replacement therapy prior to a quit attempt predict abstinence following quit date?

Alderson, H.L.; Lawrie, S.M., 2016:
Does cigarette smoking cause psychosis?

Choi, D.; Ota, S.; Watanuki, S., 2016:
Does cigarette smoking relieve stress? Evidence from the event-related potential (ERP)

Tucci, M.; Stucci, S.; Silvestris, F., 2015:
Does cilengitide deserve another chance?

Harbaum, L.; Oqueka, T.; Glatzel, A.; Hennigs, J.K.; Lüneburg, N.; Klose, H., 2016:
Does circulating IL-17 identify a subset of patients with idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension?

Eisen, D.B.; Schupp, C.W.; Isseroff, R.R.; Ibrahimi, O.A.; Ledo, L.; Armstrong, A.W., 2016:
Does class attendance matter? Results from a second-year medical school dermatology cohort study

Verbeek-van Noord, I.; de Bruijne, M.C.; Zwijnenberg, N.C.; Jansma, E.P.; van Dyck, C.; Wagner, C., 2014:
Does classroom-based Crew Resource Management training improve patient safety culture? A systematic review

Chan, C.K.W.; So, H-kwong.; Ng, W-yiu.; Chan, P-kei.; Ma, W-ling.; Chan, K-ling.; Leung, S-ha.; Ho, L-yin., 2016:
Does classroom-based crew resource management training have an effect on attitudes between doctors and nurses?

Chu, C.; Bartlett, M.; Wang, Y.; He, F.; Weiner, J.; Chave, Jérôme.; Sack, L., 2016:
Does climate directly influence NPP globally?

Rongo, R.; Valleta, R.; Bucci, R.; Bonetti, G.Alessandri.; Michelotti, A.; D'Antò, V., 2017:
Does clinical experience affect the reproducibility of cervical vertebrae maturation method?

Specchia, M.Lucia.; Poscia, A.; Volpe, M.; Parente, P.; Capizzi, S.; Cambieri, A.; Damiani, G.; Ricciardi, W.; De Belvis, A.Giulio.; Basso, D.; Cadeddu, C.; Carovillano, S.; Di Nardo, F.; Di Giannantonio, P.; Ferriero, A.M.; Furia, G.; Gliubizzi, D.; Ianuale, C.; Iodice, L.; Lazzari, A.; Marino, M.; Mancuso, A.; Raponi, M.; Santoro, A.; Silenzi, A., 2016:
Does clinical governance influence the appropriateness of hospital stay?

Vickery, B.P., 2016:
Does clinical protection persist after food allergen oral immunotherapy?

Snowdon, D.A.; Hau, R.; Leggat, S.G.; Taylor, N.F., 2017:
Does clinical supervision of health professionals improve patient safety? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Khoja, L.; Horsley, L.; Heesters, A.; Machin, J.D.; Mitchell, C.; Clamp, A.R.; Jayson, G.C.; Hasan, J., 2016:
Does clinical trial participation improve outcomes in patients with ovarian cancer?

Bennett, R.J.; Meyer, C.; Eikelboom, R.H., 2017:
Does clinician continuity influence hearing aid outcomes?

Taghizadeh, N.; Davidson, A., 2016:
Does clonidine premedication decrease postoperative pain in children?

Bravo, P.E.; Di Carli, M.F., 2018:
Does clopidogrel affect the efficacy of myocardial perfusion imaging?

Zheng, F., 2016:
Does clopidogrel plus aspirin really significantly increase the risk of subdural hematoma?

Kolasa, M.S.; Stevenson, J.; Ossa, A.; Lutz, J., 2015:
Does closure of children's medical home impact their immunization coverage?

Duan, X.; Chen, C-Feng., 2016:
Does coenzyme Q10 play a role in the risk of new-onset diabetes due to statins?

Anonymous, 2015:
Does coffee during pregnancy harm the baby?

Beaudreau, S.A.; Rideaux, T.; O'Hara, R.; Arean, P., 2015:
Does cognition predict treatment response and remission in psychotherapy for late-life depression?

Rosenbaum, D.L.; White, K.S., 2016:
Does cognitive avoidance mediate the relation of anxiety and binge eating?

Paul, L.; van Rongen, S.; van Hoeken, D.; Deen, M.; Klaassen, Ré.; Biter, L.Ulas.; Hoek, H.W.; van der Heiden, C., 2016:
Does cognitive behavioral therapy strengthen the effect of bariatric surgery for obesity? Design and methods of a randomized and controlled study

Akechi, T.; Aiki, S.; Sugano, K.; Uchida, M.; Yamada, A.; Komatsu, H.; Ishida, T.; Kusumoto, S.; Iida, S.; Okuyama, T., 2016:
Does cognitive decline decrease health utility value in older adult patients with cancer?

Lindner, P.; Carlbring, P.; Flodman, E.; Hebert, A.; Poysti, S.; Hagkvist, F.; Johansson, R.; Zetterqvist Westin, V.; Berger, T.; Andersson, G., 2016:
Does cognitive flexibility predict treatment gains in Internet-delivered psychological treatment of social anxiety disorder, depression, or tinnitus?

Anderson, V.M.; McIlwain, M.E.; Kydd, R.R.; Russell, B.R., 2016:
Does cognitive impairment in treatment-resistant and ultra-treatment-resistant schizophrenia differ from that in treatment responders?

Van Rheenen, T.E.; Bryce, S.; Tan, E.J.; Neill, E.; Gurvich, C.; Louise, S.; Rossell, S.L., 2016:
Does cognitive performance map to categorical diagnoses of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder? A discriminant functions analysis

Kivity, Y.; Huppert, J.D., 2016:
Does cognitive reappraisal reduce anxiety? A daily diary study of a micro-intervention with individuals with high social anxiety

Vita, A.; Deste, G.; Barlati, S.; Grano, A.; Poli, R.; Sacchetti, E., 2018:
Does cognitive remediation modify the use of psychiatric services and the patterns of care of patients with schizophrenia?

Prouvost, C.; Calamari, J.E.; Woodard, J.L., 2017:
Does cognitive self-consciousness link older adults' cognitive functioning to obsessive-compulsive symptoms?

Hongisto, M.T.; Nuotio, M.; Luukkaala, T.; Väistö, O.; Pihlajamäki, H.K., 2016:
Does cognitive/physical screening in an outpatient setting predict institutionalization after hip fracture?

Salehipour-Shirazi, G.; Ferguson, L.V.; Sinclair, B.J., 2016:
Does cold activate the Drosophila melanogaster immune system?

Van Kerrebroeck, P., 2016:
Does cold exposure cause nocturia?

Hudson, J.L.; Bower, P.; Archer, J.; Coventry, P.A., 2016:
Does collaborative care improve social functioning in adults with depression? The application of the WHO ICF framework and meta-analysis of outcomes

Crivello, K.M.; Potter, H.G.; Moon, E.S.; Rancy, S.K.; Wolfe, S.W., 2017:
Does collagenase injection disrupt or digest the Dupuytren's cord: a magnetic resonance imaging study

Breda, V.; Rovaris, D.Luiz.; Vitola, E.Schneider.; Mota, N.Roth.; Blaya-Rocha, P.; Salgado, C.Alberto.Iglesias.; Victor, M.Moraes.; Picon, F.Almeida.; Karam, R.Gomes.; Silva, K.Lilian.; Rohde, L.Augusto.; Bau, C.Henrique.Dotto.; Grevet, E.Horacio., 2017:
Does collateral retrospective information about childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms assist in the diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in adults? Findings from a large clinical sample

Atkinson, T.M.; Salz, T.; Touza, K.K.; Li, Y.; Hay, J.L., 2016:
Does colorectal cancer risk perception predict screening behavior? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Kent, D.J.; Long, M.Arnold.; Bauer, C., 2016:
Does colostomy irrigation affect functional outcomes and quality of life in persons with a colostomy?

Sowa-Staszczak, A.; Stefanska, A.; Chrapczynski, P.; Trofimiuk-Müldner, M.; Szura, M.; Hubalewska-Dydejczyk, A., 2016:
Does combination of "cold" and "hot" somatostatin analogs prolong survival of patients with neuroendocrine neoplasms?

Marks, J.L.; Holroyd, C.R.; Dimitrov, B.D.; Armstrong, R.D.; Calogeras, A.; Cooper, C.; Davidson, B.K.; Dennison, E.M.; Harvey, N.C.; Edwards, C.J., 2015:
Does combined clinical and ultrasound assessment allow selection of individuals with rheumatoid arthritis for sustained reduction of anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy?

Cakar, Z.; Cetinkaya, B.; Aras, D.; Koca, Bül.; Ozkavukcu, S.; Kaplanoglu, İskender.; Can, A.; Cinar, O., 2017:
Does combining magnetic-activated cell sorting with density gradient or swim-up improve sperm selection?

Stewart, S.; Thompson, D.R., 2015:
Does comedy kill? A retrospective, longitudinal cohort, nested case-control study of humour and longevity in 53 British comedians

Bhoi, S.; Thakur, N.; Verma, P.; Sawhney, C.; Vankar, S.; Agrawal, D.; Sinha, T., 2016:
Does community emergency care initiative improve the knowledge and skill of healthcare workers and laypersons in basic emergency care in India?

Asarnow, J.Rosenbaum.; Wang, P., 2016:
Does community-based suicide prevention decrease suicide attempts? Strategies for reaching zero suicide

Short, R.M.L.; Sonuga-Barke, E.J.S.; Adams, W.J.; Fairchild, G., 2017:
Does comorbid anxiety counteract emotion recognition deficits in conduct disorder?

Steele, T.O.; Mace, J.C.; Smith, T.L., 2016:
Does comorbid anxiety predict quality of life outcomes in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis following endoscopic sinus surgery?

Outcalt, S.D.; Hoen, H.Maria.; Yu, Z.; Franks, T.Marie.; Krebs, E.E., 2016:
Does comorbid chronic pain affect posttraumatic stress disorder diagnosis and treatment? Outcomes of posttraumatic stress disorder screening in Department of Veterans Affairs primary care

Steele, T.O.; Mace, J.C.; DeConde, A.S.; Xiao, C.C.; Storck, K.A.; Gudis, D.A.; Schlosser, R.J.; Soler, Z.M.; Smith, T.L., 2016:
Does comorbid obesity impact quality of life outcomes in patients undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery?

Ording, A.Gulbech.; Horváth-Puhó, Eébet.; Lash, T.L.; Ehrenstein, V.; Borre, M.; Vyberg, M.; Sørensen, H.Toft., 2017:
Does comorbidity interact with prostate cancer to increase mortality? A Danish cohort study of 45 326 prostate cancer patients diagnosed during 1995-2011

Grant, J.E.; Leppink, E.W.; Tsai, J.; Chamberlain, S.R.; Redden, S.A.; Curley, E.E.; Odlaug, B.L.; Keuthen, N.J., 2018 :
Does comorbidity matter in body-focused repetitive behavior disorders?

Ribeiro, M.; Guimarães, B.; Sampaio, B., 2017:
Does company compliance with RS-17 influence the characterization of a casual nexus in expert testimony?

Mertes, H., 2016:
Does company-sponsored egg freezing promote or confine women's reproductive autonomy?

Gilbert, P.A.; Daniel-Ulloa, J.; Conron, K.J., 2016:
Does comparing alcohol use along a single dimension obscure within-group differences? Investigating men's hazardous drinking by sexual orientation and race/ethnicity

Lee, J.; Bhowmick, A.; Wachholtz, A., 2016:
Does complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use reduce negative life impact of headaches for chronic migraineurs? A national survey

Ruhsam, M.; Rai, H.S.; Mathews, S.; Ross, T.Gregory.; Graham, S.W.; Raubeson, L.A.; Mei, W.; Thomas, P.I.; Gardner, M.F.; Ennos, R.A.; Hollingsworth, P.M., 2016:
Does complete plastid genome sequencing improve species discrimination and phylogenetic resolution in Araucaria?

Bedikian, A.Y.; Papadopoulos, N.E.; Kim, K.B.; Hwu, W.; Homsi, J.; Davies, M.; McIntyre, S.; Rohlfs, M.; Hwu, P., 2016:
Does complete response (CR) with systemic therapy (SRx) translate into long term survival in stage IV melanoma (MM)?

Tsai, T-Yuan.; Li, J-Sheng.; Dimitriou, D.; Kwon, Y-Min., 2016:
Does component alignment affect gait symmetry in unilateral total hip arthroplasty patients?

Abete, P.; Cherubini, A.; Di Bari, M.; Vigorito, C.; Viviani, G.; Marchionni, Nò.; D'Ambrosio, D.; Golino, A.; Serra, R.; Zampi, E.; Bracali, I.; Mello, A.; Vitelli, A.; Rengo, G.; Cacciatore, F.; Rengo, F., 2016:
Does comprehensive geriatric assessment improve the estimate of surgical risk in elderly patients? An Italian multicenter observational study

Godier, L.R.; Park, R.J., 2015:
Does compulsive behavior in Anorexia Nervosa resemble an addiction? A qualitative investigation

Bax, J.J.; Delgado, V.; Prendergast, B., 2018:
Does computed tomography detect bioprosthetic aortic valve thrombosis? New findings, new questions?

Yen, P.; Cobb, A.; Shankar, J.Jai.Shiva., 2016:
Does computed tomography permeability predict hemorrhagic transformation after ischemic stroke?

Cleary, L.C.; Crofford, L.J.; Long, D.; Charnigo, R.; Clasey, J.; Beaman, F.; Jenkins, K.A.; Fraser, N.; Srinivas, A.; Dhaon, N.; Hanaoka, B.Y., 2015:
Does computed tomography-based muscle density predict muscle function and health-related quality of life in patients with idiopathic inflammatory myopathies?

Ouanezar, Hé.; Franck, F.; Jacquel, A.; Pibarot, V.; Wegrzyn, J., 2016:
Does computer-assisted surgery influence survivorship of cementless total knee arthroplasty in patients with primary osteoarthritis? A 10-year follow-up study

Jaafarpour, M.; Aazami, S.; Mozafari, M., 2016:
Does concept mapping enhance learning outcome of nursing students?

Song, L.; Miao, L.; Zhang, P.; Wang, W-Liang., 2016:
Does concomitant acromioplasty facilitate arthroscopic repair of full-thickness rotator cuff tears? A meta-analysis with trial sequential analysis of randomized controlled trials

Goupil, Rémi.; Wolley, M.; Ahmed, A.H.; Gordon, R.D.; Stowasser, M., 2016:
Does concomitant autonomous adrenal cortisol overproduction have the potential to confound the interpretation of adrenal venous sampling in primary aldosteronism?

Kiernan, C.M.; Schlegel, C.; Kavalukas, S.; Isom, C.; Peters, M.F.; Solórzano, C.C., 2017:
Does concomitant thyroidectomy increase risks of parathyroidectomy?

Venter, C.; Maslin, K.; Dean, T.; Arshad, S.Hasan., 2016:
Does concurrent breastfeeding alongside the introduction of solid food prevent the development of food allergy?

Varela-Sanz, Aán.; Tuimil, Jé.L.; Abreu, L.; Boullosa, D.A., 2016:
Does Concurrent Training Intensity Distribution Matter?

Lipska, I.; Hoekman, J.; McAuslane, N.; Leufkens, H.G.M.; Hövels, A.M., 2016:
Does conditional approval for new oncology drugs in Europe lead to differences in health technology assessment decisions?

Hu, Y-Kai.; Yang, C.; Cai, X-Yi.; Xie, Q-Yang., 2017:
Does condylar height decrease more in temporomandibular joint nonreducing disc displacement than reducing disc displacement?: A magnetic resonance imaging retrospective study

van Steenbergen, H.; Band, G.P.H.; Hommel, B., 2015:
Does conflict help or hurt cognitive control? Initial evidence for an inverted U-shape relationship between perceived task difficulty and conflict adaptation

Gruber, J., 2006:
Does conflict increase vulnerability to HIV infection? Issues for a research agenda

Wainberg, M.; Alipanahi, B.; Frey, B., 2017:
Does conservation account for splicing patterns?

Nwachukwu, D.Chukwu.; Aneke, E.Ikemefuna.; Nwachukwu, N.Zuada.; Azubike, N.; Obika, L.Fidelis., 2016:
Does consumption of an aqueous extract of Hibscus sabdariffa affect renal function in subjects with mild to moderate hypertension?

Patil, R.; Ghosh, K.; Mukherjee, S.; Shetty, S., 2016:
Does consumption of platelet-derived microparticles in the fibrin clot explain the decrease in their percentage during pregnancy?

Bertrand, A.; Boyle, H.; Moreaux, J.; Guillot, L.; Chvetzoff, G.; Charbonnel, J-F.; Marec-Berard, P., 2017:
Does consumption of tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis in adolescents and young adults with cancer affect the use of analgesics during hospitalizations?

De, D.; Handa, S., 2015:
Does contact allergy to benzocaine cause orodynia?

Morgan, E.; Hohmann, S.; Ridgeway, J.; Daum, R.; David, M.Z., 2018:
Decreasing incidence of skin and soft tissue infections at 86 U.S. emergency departments, 2009-2014

Stenberg, G., 2016:
Does contingency in adults' responding influence 12-month-old infants' social referencing?

McCann, D., 2016:
Does continuous partial attention offer a new understanding of the required vigilance and associated stress for parents of children with complex needs?

Shah, P.S.; Gera, P.; Gollow, I.J.; Rao, S.C., 2017:
Does continuous positive airway pressure for extubation in congenital tracheoesophageal fistula increase the risk of anastomotic leak? A retrospective cohort study

Yang, S-Jiu.; Jiang, X-Tang.; Zhang, X-Bin.; Yin, X-Wen.; Deng, W-Xian., 2017:
Does continuous positive airway pressure reduce aldosterone levels in patients with obstructive sleep apnea?

Kohler, M.; Stradling, J.R., 2016:
Does continuous positive airway pressure therapy improve non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?

Greze, J.; Vighetti, A.; Incagnoli, P.; Quesada, J-Louis.; Albaladejo, P.; Palombi, O.; Tonetti, J.; Bosson, J-Luc.; Payen, J-Francois., 2016:
Does continuous wound infiltration enhance baseline intravenous multimodal analgesia after posterior spinal fusion surgery? A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study

Wolley, M.J.; Gordon, R.D.; Ahmed, A.H.; Stowasser, M., 2015:
Does contralateral suppression at adrenal venous sampling predict outcome following unilateral adrenalectomy for primary aldosteronism? A retrospective study

Maguire, A.; O'Reilly, D., 2016:
Does conurbation affect the risk of poor mental health? A population based record linkage study

Higgins, A.; Barnett, J.; Meads, C.; Singh, J.; Longworth, L., 2015:
Does convenience matter in health care delivery? A systematic review of convenience-based aspects of process utility

Kolyva, C.; Pantalos, G.M.; Pepper, J.R.; Khir, A.W., 2016:
Does conventional intra-aortic balloon pump trigger timing produce optimal hemodynamic effects in vivo?

Sayon-Orea, C.; Carlos, S.; Martínez-Gonzalez, M.A., 2015:
Does cooking with vegetable oils increase the risk of chronic diseases?: a systematic review

Nicolaus, M.; Mathot, K.J.; Araya-Ajoy, Y.G.; Mutzel, A.; Wijmenga, J.J.; Kempenaers, B.; Dingemanse, N.J., 2015:
Does coping style predict optimization? An experimental test in a wild passerine bird

Delécrin, Jël.; Allain, Jérôme.; Beaurain, J.; Steib, J-Paul.; Chataigner, Hé.; Aubourg, L.; Huppert, J.; Ameil, M.; Nguyen, J-Michel., 2009:
Does core mobility of lumbar total disc arthroplasty influence sagittal and frontal intervertebral displacement? Radiologic comparison with fixed-core prosthesis

Shamsi, M.Bagher.; Rezaei, M.; Zamanlou, M.; Sadeghi, M.; Pourahmadi, M.Reza., 2017:
Does core stability exercise improve lumbopelvic stability (through endurance tests) more than general exercise in chronic low back pain? A quasi-randomized controlled trial

Akova-Budak, B.; Kıvanç, Sç.Argun., 2015 :
Does corneal hysteresis correlate with endothelial cell density?

Turrini, F.; Scarlini, S.; Mannucci, C.; Messora, R.; Giovanardi, P.; Magnavacchi, P.; Cappelli, C.; Evandri, V.; Zanasi, A.; Romano, S.; Cavani, R.; Ghidoni, I.; Tondi, S.; Bondi, M., 2016:
Does coronary Atherosclerosis Deserve to be Diagnosed earlY in Diabetic patients? The DADDY-D trial. Screening diabetic patients for unknown coronary disease

André, F.; Buß, S.J.; Katus, H.A., 2017:
Does coronary CT change the cardiologist's clinical practice?

Durhan, G.; Hazırolan, T.; Sunman, H.; Karakaya, J.; Karçaaltıncaba, Mşturay.; Aytemir, K.; Karaağaoğlu, E.; Akata, D., 2015:
Does coronary calcium scoring with a SCORE better predict significant coronary artery stenosis than without? Correlation with computed tomography coronary angiography

Cox, D.J.; Banton, T.; Record, S.; Grabman, J.H.; Hawkins, R.J., 2015:
Does correcting astigmatism with toric lenses improve driving performance?

Nyhan, B.; Reifler, J., 2015:
Does correcting myths about the flu vaccine work? An experimental evaluation of the effects of corrective information

Yazici, G.; Guclu-Gunduz, A.; Bayraktar, D.; Aksoy, S.; Nazliel, B.; Kilinc, M.; Yildirim, S.Aksu.; Irkec, C., 2016:
Does correcting position and increasing sensorial input of the foot and ankle with Kinesio Taping improve balance in stroke patients?

Argyraki, A.; Clemmensen, L.Katrine.Harder.; Petersen, P.Michael., 2016:
Does correlated color temperature affect the ability of humans to identify veins?

Lindsley, W.; Hale, R.; Spear, A.; Adusumalli, J.; Singh, J.; DeStefano, K.; Haeri, S., 2016:
Does corticosteroid therapy impact fetal pulmonary artery blood flow in women at risk for preterm birth?

Sayiner, Z.Abidin.; Acik, D.Yanardag.; Yilmaz, M.; Subari, S.; Mete, A.Ozlem.; Dai, M.Sinan., 2016:
Does corticosteroid treatment cause prolonged recovery and increased total bilirubin level in severe ADAMTS-13-deficient TTP patient?

Joshi, A.M.; Wadekar, N.V.; Gramapurohit, N.P., 2016:
Does corticosterone mediate predator-induced responses of larval Hylarana indica?

Lattin, C.R.; Breuner, C.W.; Michael Romero, L., 2016:
Does corticosterone regulate the onset of breeding in free-living birds?: The CORT-Flexibility Hypothesis and six potential mechanisms for priming corticosteroid function

Shields, G.S.; Bonner, J.C.; Moons, W.G., 2016:
Does cortisol influence core executive functions? A meta-analysis of acute cortisol administration effects on working memory, inhibition, and set-shifting

Duesenberg, M.; Weber, J.; Schulze, L.; Schaeuffele, C.; Roepke, S.; Hellmann-Regen, J.; Otte, C.; Wingenfeld, K., 2016:
Does cortisol modulate emotion recognition and empathy?

Kolasa, K.; Kowalczyk, M., 2017:
Does cost sharing do more harm or more good? - a systematic literature review

Siveregi, A.; Dudley, L.; Makumucha, C.; Dlamini, P.; Moyo, S.; Bhembe, S., 2016:
Does counselling improve uptake of long-term and permanent contraceptive methods in a high HIV-prevalence setting?

Shor, E.; Filkobski, I.; Ben-Nun Bloom, P.; Alkilabi, H.; Su, W., 2018:
Does counterterrorist legislation hurt human rights practices? A longitudinal cross-national analysis

Oruç, M.; Ozer, K.; Çolak, Özlem.; Kankaya, Yüksel.; Koçer, Uğur., 2016:
Does crossover innervation really affect the clinical outcome? A comparison of outcome between unilateral and bilateral digital nerve repair

Ghariani, L.; Segaan, L.; Rayyan, M.M.; Galli, S.; Jimbo, R.; Ibrahim, A., 2016:
Does crown/implant ratio influence the survival and marginal bone level of short single implants in the mandibular molar? A preliminary investigation consisting of 12 patients

Balint, I.B.; Farics, A.; Manfai, G.; Szekely, I.; Menyhei, G.; Vizsy, L., 2017:
Does cryostripping add anything to the treatment of the ascending thrombophlebitis of the great saphenous vein?

Kelechi, T.J.; Mueller, M.; Madisetti, M.; Prentice, M.A.; Dooley, M.J., 2016:
Does cryotherapy improve skin circulation compared with compression and elevation in preventing venous leg ulcers?

Davies, S.E.; Dodd, K.J.; Hill, K.D., 2016:
Does cultural and linguistic diversity affect health-related outcomes for people with stroke at discharge from hospital?

Herzog, H., 2016:
Does cultural group selection explain the evolution of pet-keeping?

Jacquet, P.O.; Baumard, N.; Chevallier, C., 2016:
Does culture get embrained?

Ahmad, A.; Dein, S., 2018:
Does culture impact on notions of criminal responsibility and action? The case of spirit possession

Solomon, L.B.; Studer, P.; Abrahams, J.M.; Callary, S.A.; Moran, C.R.; Stamenkov, R.B.; Howie, D.W., 2016:
Does cup-cage reconstruction with oversized cups provide initial stability in THA for osteoporotic acetabular fractures?

Ferguson, G.R.; Bacila, I.A.; Swamy, M., 2017:
Does current provision of undergraduate education prepare UK medical students in ENT? A systematic literature review

Fergus, T.A.; Russell, L.H., 2016:
Does cyberchondria overlap with health anxiety and obsessive-compulsive symptoms? An examination of latent structure and scale interrelations

Spoto, G.; Esposito, A.; Santoleri, F.; Rubini, C.; Rutjes, A.W.S.; Fioroni, M.; Ferrante, M.; Petrini, M., 2016:
Does cyclic guanosine monophosphate induce autophagy in thyroid malignant carcinoma through down-regulation of cyclic guanosine monophosphate phosphodiesterase?

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Does cytomegalovirus viral load in stem-cell transplant recipients matter?

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Does data cleaning disproportionately affect autistics?

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Does deep neuromuscular block affect pain after laparoscopic surgery?

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Does defective bone lead to defective muscle?

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Does defensive medicine protect doctors against malpractice claims?

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Does deinstitutionalization cause criminalization? The penrose hypothesis

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Does density influence relative growth performance of farm, wild and F1 hybrid Atlantic salmon in semi-natural and hatchery common garden conditions?

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Does dental health of 6-year-olds reflect the reform of the Israeli dental care system?

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Does diabetes cause premature AGEing?

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Does diarrhea justify or contradict the use of antibiotics?

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Does diet affect one's risk of developing cataracts?

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Does diet influence salivary enzyme activities in elephant species?

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Does diet interact with genotype to cause epigenetic modification of angiogenesis genes, on the trajectory to obesity?

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Does dietary cholesterol influence cardiovascular disease risk in people with type 2 diabetes?

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Does dietary fat matter for long-term weight loss?

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Does disease activity at the start of biologic therapy influence health care costs in patients with RA?

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Does dishonesty really invite third-party punishment? Results of a more stringent test

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Does disorder get "into the head" and "under the skin"? Layered contexts and bi-directional associations

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Does displayed enthusiasm favour recall, intrinsic motivation and time estimation?

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Does disseminated granuloma annulare require treatment? Thoughts on the definition of "disease" in dermatology

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Does distance matter? Effect of having a dedicated CT scanner in the emergency department on completion of CT imaging and final patient disposition times

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Does distance modify the effect of self-testing in oral anticoagulation?

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Does distracting pain justify performing brain computed tomography in multiple traumas with mild head injury?

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Does distrust in providers affect health-care utilization in China?

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Does diurnal variation affect the first trimester fetal aneuploidy screening test biochemical parameters of fetuses with normal nuchal translucency?

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Does dopamine mediate salt-dependent urinary renalase secretion in man?

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Does dose-response relationship further support the concept of posttraumatic OCD

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Does drinking to cope explain links between emotion-driven impulse control difficulties and hazardous drinking? A longitudinal test

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Does drought in China show a significant decreasing trend from 1961 to 2009?

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Does drug price-regulation affect healthcare expenditures?

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Does drug-induced sleep endoscopy predict surgical success in transoral robotic multilevel surgery in obstructive sleep apnea?

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Does drywall installers' innovative idea reduce the ergonomic exposures of ceiling installation: A field case study

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Does dysfunction of the mirror neuron system contribute to symptoms in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?

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Does ear keloid formation depend on the type of earrings or piercing jewellery?

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Does early (treatment in) BENEFIT lead to late MS benefit?

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Does early ART in sub-Saharan Africa decrease mortality?

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Does early PET/CT assesment of response to chemotherapy predicts survival in patients with advanced stage non-small-cell lung cancer?

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Does early beta-blockade in isolated severe traumatic brain injury reduce the risk of post traumatic depression?

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Does early childhood callous-unemotional behavior uniquely predict behavior problems or callous-unemotional behavior in late childhood?

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Does early communication mediate the relationship between motor ability and social function in children with cerebral palsy?

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Does early improvement in depressive symptoms predict subsequent remission in patients with depression who are treated with duloxetine?

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Does early introduction of allergenic foods decrease the risk of food allergies?

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Does early introduction of foods protect against allergy?

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Does early learning drive ecological divergence during speciation processes in parasitoid wasps?

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Does early neonatal vitamin A supplementation reduce infant mortality?

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Does early orchidopexy improve fertility?

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Does early paternal involvement predict offspring developmental diagnoses?

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Does early post-operative intraperitoneal chemotherapy (EPIC) for patients treated with cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) make a difference?

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Does early surgical decompression in cauda equina syndrome improve bladder outcome?

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Does early training improve driving skills of young novice French drivers?

Añón, J.M., 2017:
Does early versus late tracheotomy afford benefits in ventilated patients?

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Does early withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment increase mortality after cardiac arrest?

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Does early-life diet affect longevity? A meta-analysis across experimental studies

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Does early-life income inequality predict self-reported health in later life? Evidence from the United States

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Does eating oily fish improve gestational and neonatal outcomes? Findings from a Sicilian study

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Does ecophysiology mediate reptile responses to fire regimes? Evidence from Iberian lizards

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Does ecosystem sensitivity to precipitation at the site-level conform to regional-scale predictions?

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Does education effect the rates of prophylactic vaccination in elderly diabetics?

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Does education for specialist practice need refining?

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Does education in Italy produce nurses fit for future healthcare needs?

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Does education level affect the efficacy of a community based salt reduction program? - A post-hoc analysis of the China Rural Health Initiative Sodium Reduction Study (CRHI-SRS)

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Does education lower allostatic load? A co-twin control study

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Does education modify motor compensation in Parkinson's disease?

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Does education plays a role in meeting the human rights needs of Indian women with mental illness?

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Does educational intervention affect resident competence in sonographic cervical length measurement?

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Does educational intervention improve doctors' knowledge and perceptions of generic medicines and their generic prescribing rate? A study from Malaysia

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Does effect of BCG vaccine decrease with time since vaccination and increase tuberculin skin test reaction?

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Does efficacy of non-estrogenic therapies for hot flashes among women vary by breast cancer history and tamoxifen use? A pooled analysis

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Does either obesity or OSA severity influence the response of autotitrating CPAP machines in very obese subjects?

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Does elective parathyroidectomy for primary hyperparathyroidism affect renal function? A prospective cohort study

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Does electrocardiography still have a place in hypertension?

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Does electrocautery damage cochlear implants?

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Does electrode impedance affect the recording of ocular vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials?

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Does electromagnetic hypersensitivity originate from nocebo responses? Indications from a qualitative study

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Does electromagnetic-manual guided distal locking influence rotational alignment in antegrade femoral nailing?

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Does electronic health record use improve hospital financial performance? Evidence from panel data

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Does encoding matter? A novel view on the quantitative genetic trait prediction problem

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Does endoscopic ultrasound-guided biliary drainage really have clinical impact?

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Does entering adulthood in a recession affect narcissism? Robust evidence is still needed

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Does environmental certification in coffee promote "business as usual"? A case study from the Western Ghats, India

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Does epigenetic dysregulation of pancreatic islets contribute to impaired insulin secretion and type 2 diabetes?

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Does epigenetics play a role in human asthma?

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Does epilepsy run in families? Getting closer to the answer

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Does epithelial-mesenchymal transition happen in rheumatoid joints?

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Does every emergency department patient need a blood lactate?

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Does every transcript originate from a gene?

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Does everyone develop covert cancer?

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Does everyone with inflammatory bowel disease need to be treated with combination therapy?

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Does everything a surgeon takes out have to be seen by a pathologist? A review of the current pathology practice

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Does evidence influence policy? Resource allocation and the Indigenous Burden of Disease study

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Does evidence really matter? An exploratory analysis of the role of evidence in plea bargaining in felony drug cases

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Does evidence-based health care have room for the self?

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Does evolution lead to maximizing behavior?

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Does examining the whole lymph node improve detection of lymph node metastases in colorectal carcinomas?

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Does executive function mediate the path from mothers' depressive symptoms to young children's problem behaviors?

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Does exercise cause atrial fibrillation?

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Does exercise improve symptoms in fibromyalgia?

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Does experimental paradoxical sleep deprivation (EPSD) is an appropriate model for evaluation of cardiovascular complications of obstructive sleep apnea?

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Does expert perceptual anticipation transfer to a dissimilar domain?

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Does export product quality matter for CO 2 emissions? Evidence from China

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Does exposure of premature infants to repetitive recorded mother sounds improve neurodevelopmental outcome?

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Does exposure to environmental radiofrequency electromagnetic fields cause cognitive and behavioral effects in 10-year-old boys?

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Does exposure to flame retardants increase the risk for preterm birth?

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Does exposure to hyperglycaemia in utero increase the risk of obesity and diabetes in the offspring?

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Does exposure to inhalation anesthesia gases change the ratio of X-bearing sperms and Y-bearing Sperms? A worth exploring project into an uncharted domain

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Does exposure to inhalational anesthesia early in life cause brain damage?

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Does exposure type impact differentially over time on the development of mental health disturbances after a technological disaster?

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Does extended CPOE use reduce patient length of stay?

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Does extending the dual-task functional exercises workout improve postural balance in individuals with ID?

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Does external fixation result in superior ankle function than open reduction internal fixation in the management of adult distal tibial plafond fractures?

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Does external walking environment affect gait patterns?

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Does facial expression recognition provide a toehold for the development of emotion understanding?

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Does facial soft tissue protect against zygomatic fractures? Results of a finite element analysis

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Does facilitated Advance Care Planning reduce the costs of care near the end of life? Systematic review and ethical considerations

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Does fair play reduce concussions? A prospective, comparative analysis of competitive youth hockey tournaments

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Does faith help or harm?

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Does falling testosterone with age among men underlie the increase in ischaemic heart disease

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Does fat get you skinny?

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Does fat suppression via chemically selective saturation affect R2*-MRI for transfusional iron overload assessment? A clinical evaluation at 1.5T and 3T

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Does father-child conflict mediate the association between fathers' postnatal depressive symptoms and children's adjustment problems at 7 years old?

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Does fear of cancer recurrence differ between cancer types? A study from the population-based PROFILES registry

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Does fear of childbirth or family history affect whether pregnant Dutch women prefer a home- or hospital birth?

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Does fear of falling relate to low physical function in frail elderly persons?: associations of fear of falling, balance, and gait

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Does febrile neutropenia in adult oncology patients predispose to urinary tract infections or urosepsis?

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Does feeding induce maximal stimulation of protein balance?

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Does feeling part of the team affect other characteristics of nursing teamwork?

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Does female dominance mean a loss of power?

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Does fertilizer (N15P15K15) amendment enhance phytoremediation of petroleum-polluted aquatic ecosystem in the presence of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes [Mart.] Solms)?

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Does fetal macrosomia affect umbilical artery Doppler velocity waveforms in pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes?

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Does fibrin sealant applied to the kidney wound of a young rat affect the development of this organ? A comparative study

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Does field independence predict visuo-spatial abilities underpinning human navigation? Behavioural evidence

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Does final component alignment correlate with alignment of the bone resection surfaces in cemented total knee arthroplasty?

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Does financial development reduce environmental degradation? Evidence from a panel study of 129 countries

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Does finding early recurrence improve outcomes, and at what cost?

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Does fine sediment source as well as quantity affect salmonid embryo mortality and development?

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Does finger sense predict addition performance?

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Does fiscal decentralization improve health outcomes? Evidence from infant mortality in Italy

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Does fish oil or folic acid prevent vascular changes in female progeny caused by maternal exposure to fluoxetine?

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Does fist pumping/clenching during venipuncture activate blood coagulation?

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Does fixed retention prevent overeruption of unopposed mandibular second molars in maxillary first molar extraction cases?

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Does flare trial design affect the effect size of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in symptomatic osteoarthritis? A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Does flat epithelial atypia have rounder nuclei than columnar cell change/hyperplasia? A morphometric approach to columnar cell lesions of the breast

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Does flexing the arm really affect ulnar motor conduction velocity across the elbow?

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Does flow cytometry have a role in preliminary differentiation between urinary tract infections sustained by gram positive and gram negative bacteria? An Italian polycentric study

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Does flower phenology mirror the slowdown of global warming?

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Does fludrocortisone influence autobiographical memory retrieval? A study in patients with major depression, patients with borderline personality disorder and healthy controls

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Does fluid management affect the occurrence of acute kidney injury?

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Does fluorescein sodium-guided resection of cerebral metastases increase rates of total resections?

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Decreasing Lean Body Mass with Age: Challenges and Opportunities for Novel Therapies

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Does fluoride disrupt hydrogen bond network in cationic lipid bilayer? Time-dependent fluorescence shift of Laurdan and molecular dynamics simulations

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Does fluoride influence oviposition of Anopheles stephensi in stored water habitats in an urban setting?

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Does fluorine participate in halogen bonding?

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Does focal incidental 18F-FDG PET/CT uptake in the prostate have significance?

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Does folic acid interfere with lamotrigine?

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QUESTION 1: Does folic acid supplementation reduce the incidence or severity of anaemia in neonates with a positive direct Coombs test?

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Does folic acid supplementation rescue defects in ECE-1-deficient mouse embryos?

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Does folinic acid ameliorates retinoic acid induced teratogenicity in chick embryo?

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Does follow-up offer the best quality of life for patients affected by so-called 'giant' haemangiomas of the liver?

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Does food and fluid texture consumption relate to dietary intake in preschool children with cerebral palsy?

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Does food insufficiency in childhood contribute to dementia in later life?

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Does food vendor density mediate the association between neighborhood deprivation and BMI?: a G-computation mediation analysis

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Does forgiveness mediate the impact of school bullying on adolescent mental health?

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Does formal complexity reflect cognitive complexity? Investigating aspects of the Chomsky Hierarchy in an artificial language learning study

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Does formal mentoring for faculty members matter? A survey of clinical faculty members

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Does formal research training lead to academic success in otolaryngology?

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Does forming implementation intentions help people with mental health problems to achieve goals? A meta-analysis of experimental studies with clinical and analogue samples

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Does formulation matter? A systematic review and meta-analysis of oral versus long-acting antipsychotic studies

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Does fortification of staple foods improve vitamin D intakes and status of groups at risk of deficiency? A United Kingdom modeling study

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Does fractional exhaled nitric oxide vary by foreign-born status and years of US residence?

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Does fracture of the dominant shoulder have any effect on functional and quality of life outcome compared with the nondominant shoulder?

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Does frailty lie in the eyes of the beholder?

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Does frame geometry play a role in aortic regurgitation after Medtronic CoreValve implantation?

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Does framing the hot hand belief change decision-making behavior in volleyball?

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Does freeze all policy eliminate OHSS??? "It ain't necessarily so…"

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Does frequency of restless legs syndrome and poor sleep quality increase with age in irritable bowel syndrome?

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Does functional fitness decline in accordance with our expectation? - a pilot study in healthy female

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Does functional health status predict health-related quality of life in children after Fontan operation?

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Does gadolinium-based contrast material improve diagnostic accuracy of local invasion in rectal cancer MRI? A multireader study

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Does gait speed contribute to sarcopenia case-finding in a postacute rehabilitation setting?

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Does galactomannan testing increase diagnostic accuracy for IPA in the ICU? A prospective observational study

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Does gallbladder angle affect gallstone formation?

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Does galvanic vestibular stimulation reduce spatial neglect? A negative study

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Does gastric tonometry-guided therapy reduce total mortality in critically ill patients?

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Does gastroesophageal reflux increase chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbations?

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Does gender affect the outcome of community-acquired Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia?

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Does gender bias in cardiac stress testing still exist? A videographic analysis nested in a randomized controlled trial

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Does gender matter? Differences between students at an interprofessional training ward

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Does gender matter? Exploring mental health recovery court legal and health outcomes

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Does gender moderate the relationship between polydrug use and sexual risk-taking among Australian secondary school students under 16 years of age?

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Does gender moderate the subjective measurement and structural paths in behavioural and cognitive aspects of gambling disorder in treatment-seeking adults?

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Does gender of the fetus have any relation with fetal heart monitoring during the first and second stage of labor?

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Does gender or mode of HIV acquisition affect virological response to modern antiretroviral therapy (ART)?

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Does gene length play a role? - Transient regulation of Gcn5 histone acetyltransferase under stress conditions

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Does general anesthesia have a clinical impact on intraocular pressure in children?

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Does general movements quality in term infants predict cerebral palsy and milder forms of limited mobility at 6 years?

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Does general practice deliver safe primary care to people living with HIV? A case-notes review

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Does generalized hypo-oxygenation (hypoxia) allow endotoxin into the brain through the blood brain barrier, thus increasing the risk for Parkinson disease?

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Does genetic susceptibility increase risk for neurocognitive decline among patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia?

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Does genistein lower plasma lipids and homocysteine levels in postmenopausal women? A meta-analysis

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Does gestational diabetes affect fetal growth and pregnancy outcome in twin pregnancies?

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Does ghost ileostomy have a role in the laparoscopic rectal surgery era? A randomized controlled trial

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Does gibberellin biosynthesis play a critical role in the growth of Lolium perenne? Evidence from a transcriptional analysis of gibberellin and carbohydrate metabolic genes after defoliation

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Does glatiramer acetate provoke hepatitis in multiple sclerosis?

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Does glimepiride alter the pharmacokinetics of sildenafil citrate in diabetic nephropathy animals: investigating mechanism of interaction by molecular modeling studies

Özay, R.; Aktaş, A.; Taşkapılıoğlu, Müt.Özgür.; Gürer, B.; Erdoğan, Bülent.; Çağlar, Y.Şükrü., 2015 :
Does glioblastoma cyst fluid promote sciatic nerve regeneration?

Cumming, O.; Elliott, M.; Overbo, A.; Bartram, J., 2015:
Does global progress on sanitation really lag behind water? An analysis of global progress on community- and household-level access to safe water and sanitation

Talaie, R., 2015:
Does gluten free diet have more implications than treatment of celiac disease?

Usta, M.; Urganci, N., 2015:
Does gluten-free diet protect children with celiac disease from low bone density?

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Does good medication adherence really save payers money?

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Does government oversight improve access to nursing home care? Longitudinal evidence from US counties

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Does government spending help to promote healthy behavior in the population? Evidence from 27 European countries

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Does grafting coronary arteries with only moderate stenosis affect long-term mortality?

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Does grafting of the tuberosities improve the functional outcomes of proximal humeral fractures treated with reverse shoulder arthroplasty?

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Does grandparents' diet affect weight and risk of hypogonadism in subsequent generations?

Panettieri, M.; Rumpel, C.; Dignac, M-F.; Chabbi, A., 2016:
Does grassland introduction into cropping cycles affect carbon dynamics through changes of allocation of soil organic matter within aggregate fractions?

Shen, Y.; Yao, Y., 2008:
Does grassroots democracy reduce income inequality in China?

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Does gratitude writing improve the mental health of psychotherapy clients? Evidence from a randomized controlled trial

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Does gravity influence the visual line bisection task?

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Does greater specific leaf area plasticity help plants to maintain a high performance when shaded?

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Does greater thermal plasticity facilitate range expansion of an invasive terrestrial anuran into higher latitudes?

Nakamura, S.; Fukui, T.; Kawaguchi, K.; Fukumoto, K.; Hirakawa, A.; Yokoi, K., 2016:
Does ground glass opacity-dominant feature have a prognostic significance even in clinical T2aN0M0 lung adenocarcinoma?

Meyer-Hamme, S.E.K.; Lambertz, C.; Gauly, M., 2016:
Does group size have an impact on welfare indicators in fattening pigs?

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Does growth differentiation factor 11 protect against myocardial ischaemia/reperfusion injury? A hypothesis

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Does habitat disturbance affect stress, body condition and parasitism in two sympatric lemurs?

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Does habitat unpredictability promote the evolution of a colonizer syndrome in amphibian metapopulations?

Vossen, C.J.; Vossen, H.G.M.; Joosten, E.A.; van Os, J.; Lousberg, R., 2015:
Does habituation differ in chronic low back pain subjects compared to pain-free controls? A cross-sectional pain rating ERP study reanalyzed with the ERFIA multilevel method

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Does hair coat length affect flea infestation in naturally infested dogs?

Kiberd, M.; Hall, R., 2015:
Does haloperidol cause delirium?

Tsuji, Y.; Noto, Y-ichi.; Shiga, K.; Yokota, I.; Nakagawa, M.; Mizuno, T., 2016:
Does hand dominance affect peripheral nerve excitability?

Alamargot, D.; Morin, M-France., 2016:
Does handwriting on a tablet screen affect students' graphomotor execution? A comparison between Grades Two and Nine

Seguí Díaz, M., 2016:
Does happiness influence mortality?

Liu, B.; Floud, S.; Pirie, K.; Green, J.; Peto, R.; Beral, V., 2016:
Does happiness itself directly affect mortality? The prospective UK Million Women Study

Tsai, T-Yuan.; Dimitriou, D.; Li, J-Sheng.; Kwon, Y-Min., 2017:
Does haptic robot-assisted total hip arthroplasty better restore native acetabular and femoral anatomy?

Melman, T.; de Winter, J.C.F.; Abbink, D.A., 2016:
Does haptic steering guidance instigate speeding? A driving simulator study into causes and remedies

Suriyawongpaisal, P.; Aekplakorn, W.; Tansirisithikul, R., 2017:
Does harmonization of payment mechanisms enhance equitable health outcomes in delivery of emergency medical services in Thailand?

Mora, T.; Llargués, E.; Recasens, A., 2016:
Does health education affect BMI? Evidence from a school-based randomised-control trial

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Does health insurance mitigate inequities in non-communicable disease treatment? Evidence from 48 low- and middle-income countries

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Does health intervention research have real world policy and practice impacts: testing a new impact assessment tool

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Does health literacy affect patients' receipt of preventative primary care? A multilevel analysis

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Does health plan generosity enhance hospital market power?

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Does health-related quality of life among adults with pulmonary tuberculosis improve across the treatment period? A hospital-based cross sectional study in Mbale Region, Eastern Uganda

Jun, M.; Nan, L., 2016:
Does healthy diet matter in asthma prevention and control?

Snow, R.; Crocker, J.; Talbot, K.; Moore, J.; Salisbury, H., 2016:
Does hearing the patient perspective improve consultation skills in examinations? An exploratory randomized controlled trial in medical undergraduate education

Gonzales, K.; Gerken, L.; Gómez, R.L., 2016:
Does hearing two dialects at different times help infants learn dialect-specific rules?

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Does heart rate variability reflect the systemic inflammatory response in a fetal sheep model of lipopolysaccharide-induced sepsis?

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Does heat stress alter the pig's response to dietary fat?

Foster, S.; Hooper, P.; Knuiman, M.; Giles-Corti, B., 2016:
Does heightened fear of crime lead to poorer mental health in new suburbs, or vice versa?

Mazzullo, J.M., 2016:
Does helping a patient find a job violate professional boundaries?

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Does helping them benefit me? Examining the emotional cost and benefit of immigrants' pecuniary remittance behaviour in Canada

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Does hepatitis B virus infection cause breast cancer?

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Does herbal medicine reduce the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma?

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Does heterogeneity of intracellular Ca[Formula: see text] dynamics underlie speed tuning of direction-selective responses in starburst amacrine cells?

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Does heterospecific seminal fluid reduce fecundity in interspecific copulation between seed beetles?

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Does heterozygosity at the DMRT3 gene make French trotters better racers?

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Does high-dose perioperative use of statins ameliorate acute kidney injury following cardiac surgery?

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Does high-pressure, high-frequency oscillation shake the foundations of lung protection?

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Does higher education expansion promote educational homogamy? Evidence from married couples of the post-80s generation in Shanghai, China

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Does higher energy intake explain weight gain and increased metabolic risks among shift workers?

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Does highly symptomatic class membership in the acute phase predict highly symptomatic classification in victims 6 months after traumatic exposure?

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Does hippotherapy effect use of sensory information for balance in people with multiple sclerosis?

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Does home care for dependent elderly people improve their mental health?

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Does honey improve cough symptoms in children with upper respiratory tract infections?

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Does host plant quality affect the oviposition decisions of an omnivore?

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Does host receptivity or host exposure drives dynamics of infectious diseases? The case of West Nile Virus in wild birds

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Does hostile rumination mediate the associations between reported child abuse, parenting characteristics and borderline features in adulthood?

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Does how much a resident teaches impact performance? A comparison of preclinical teaching hours to pathology residents' in-service examination scores

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Does human activity impact the natural antibiotic resistance background? Abundance of antibiotic resistance genes in 21 Swiss lakes

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Does human-induced hybridization have long-term genetic effects? Empirical testing with domesticated, wild and hybridized fish populations

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Does hybridization with a widespread congener threaten the long-term persistence of the Eastern Alpine rare local endemic Knautia carinthiaca?

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Does hydroxyurea prevent pulmonary complications of sickle cell disease?

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Does hyperandrogenic statute in the polycystic ovary syndrome constitute an obstacle to the success of in vitro fertilization?

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Does hyperbaric oxygen improve survival in necrotising soft tissue infections?

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Does hyperoxia enhance susceptibility to secondary pulmonary infection in the ICU?

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Decreasing longitudinal use of glucocorticosteroids in multiple sclerosis

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Does hysteroscopic metroplasty for septate uterus represent a risk factor for adverse outcome during pregnancy and labor?

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Does idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus (iNPH) run in families?

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Does ignoring clustering in multicenter data influence the performance of prediction models? A simulation study

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Does imitation act as an oxytocin nebulizer in autism spectrum disorder?

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Does immediate elbow mobilization after distal biceps tendon repair carry the risk of wound breakdown, failure of repair, or patient dissatisfaction?

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Does immunotherapy increase the rate of radiation necrosis after radiosurgical treatment of brain metastases?

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Does impaction of titanium-coated interbody fusion cages into the disc space cause wear debris or delamination?

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Does implementing a general surgery residency program and resident involvement affect patient outcomes and increase care-associated charges?

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Does implicit emotion regulation in binge eating disorder matter?

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Does implied community size predict likeability of a similar stranger?

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Does impotence improve after parathyroidectomy in men with primary hyperparathyroidism?

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Does improving poison prevention practices reduce childhood poisoning rates

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Does impulsiveness moderate response to financial incentives for smoking cessation among pregnant and newly postpartum women?

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Does in utero exposure of antiepileptic drugs lead to failure to reach full cognitive potential?

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Does inactivation of USP14 enhance degradation of proteasomal substrates that are associated with neurodegenerative diseases?

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Does incentive-elicited nucleus accumbens activation differ by substance of abuse? An examination with adolescents

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Does inchinkoto, a herbal medicine, have hepatoprotective effects in major hepatectomy? A prospective randomized study

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Does inclusion of glutamine in oral rehydration solutions improve recovery from mild to moderate diarrhoea in preweaned calves?

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Does income inequality have lasting effects on health and trust?

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Does income relate to health due to psychosocial or material factors? Consistent support for the psychosocial hypothesis requires operationalization with income rank not the Yitzhaki Index

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Does incontinence precede pregnancy and delivery, or do pregnancy and delivery result in incontinence symptoms-and does it matter?

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Does increased ICU strain prompt clinicians to communicate with families about end-of-life issues earlier?

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Does increased adherence to medications change health care financial burdens for adults with diabetes?

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Does increased femoral antetorsion predispose to cartilage lesions of the patellofemoral joint?

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Does increased knowledge of risk and complication of smoking on diabetes affect quit rate? Findings from a randomized controlled trial in kerala, India

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Does increased superficial neck flexor activity in the craniocervical flexion test reflect reduced deep flexor activity in people with neck pain?

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Does increasing active warm-up duration affect afternoon short-term maximal performance during Ramadan?

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Does increasing applied load lead to contact changes indicative of knee osteoarthritis? A subject-specific FEA study

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Does increasing the intelligibility of a competing sound source interfere more with speech comprehension in older adults than it does in younger adults?

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Does increasing the number of short implants reduce marginal bone loss in the posterior mandible? A prospective study

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Does increasing the size of bi-weekly samples of records influence results when using the Global Trigger Tool? An observational study of retrospective record reviews of two different sample sizes

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Does indication drive use, or does use drive indication?

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Does individual variation in metabolic phenotype predict fish behaviour and performance?

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Does induced masseter muscle pain affect integrated jaw-neck movements similarly in men and women?

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Does induction chemoradiotherapy increase survival in patients with Pancoast tumour?

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Does induction time of mild hypothermia influence the survival duration of septic rats?

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Does industry self-regulation protect young people from exposure to alcohol marketing? A review of compliance and complaint studies

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Does industry take the susceptible subpopulation of asthmatic individuals into consideration when setting derived no-effect levels?

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Does infection tilt the scales? Disease effects on the mass balance of an invertebrate nutrient recycler

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Does inferior vena cava respiratory variability predict fluid responsiveness in spontaneously breathing patients?

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Does infertility history affect the emotional adjustment of couples undergoing assisted reproduction? the mediating role of the importance of parenthood

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Does inflammation induced by ultraviolet B and heat rekindling alter pain-related behaviour in rats?

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Does inflammatory bowel disease coexist with systemic lupus erythematosus?

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Does infliximab short infusion have a beneficial impact on the quality of life in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases? A single centre prospective evaluation

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Does influenza A virus infection affect movement behaviour during stopover in its wild reservoir host?

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Does influenza vaccination improve pregnancy outcome? Methodological issues and research needs

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Does influenza vaccination influence cardiovascular complications?

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Does informal care impact utilization of healthcare services? Evidence from a longitudinal study of stroke patients

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Does information overload prevent chronic patients from reading self-management educational materials?

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Does infrared visualization improve selection of venipuncture sites for indwelling needle at the forearm in second-year nursing students?

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Does ingestion of plants from a phenetic group of Monochoria ('Diyahabarala') cause hepatotoxicity?

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Does ingestion of tincture of opium notably raise blood alcohol concentration?

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Does inguinal hernia repair have an effect on sexual functions?

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Does inhalation allergy to pig exist?

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Does inhibitory control training improve health behaviour? A meta-analysis

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Does inhibitory control training transfer?: behavioral and neural effects on an untrained emotion regulation task

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Does initial laparoscopic cholecystectomy influence the outcomes of definitive oncologic resection for gallbladder cancer?

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Does initial performance variability predict dual-task optimization with practice in younger and older adults?

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Does injection of plasma rich in growth factors after temporomandibular joint arthroscopy improve outcomes in patients with Wilkes stage IV internal derangement? A randomized prospective clinical study

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Does injury claim status and benefit status predict low back pain outcomes?

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Does inorganic nitrate say NO to obesity by browning white adipose tissue?

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Does inorganic nitrogen fertilization improve soil aggregation? Insights from two long-term tillage experiments

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Does insect mother know under what conditions it will make their offspring live?

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Does insertion of intramuscular electromyographic electrodes alter motor behavior during locomotion?

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Does installation of the backstroke start device reduce 15-m start time in swimming?

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Does insulin impact cold-induced fluid- and protein-extravasation?

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Does insurance status matter for receipt of newer therapies among cancer patients? The case of immunotherapy and NHL

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Does intake of trace elements through urban gardening in Copenhagen pose a risk to human health?

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Does integrating nonurgent, clinically significant radiology alerts within the electronic health record impact closed-loop communication and follow-up?

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Does integration of HIV and SRH services achieve economies of scale and scope in practice? A cost function analysis of the Integra Initiative

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Does integration of HIV and sexual and reproductive health services improve technical efficiency in Kenya and Swaziland? An application of a two-stage semi parametric approach incorporating quality measures

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Does integrity of the lesser trochanter influence the surgical outcome of intertrochanteric fracture in elderly patients?

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Does intensity or youth affect the neurobiological effect of exercise on major depressive disorder?

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Does intensive care medicine have a future with Generation Y?

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Does inter-tibiofibular graft still have a role in the treatment of lower-limb non-union?

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Does interdisciplinary and multiprofessional undergraduate education increase students' self-confidence and knowledge toward palliative care? Evaluation of an undergraduate curriculum design for palliative care at a German academic hospital

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Does interest broaden or narrow attentional scope?

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Does interferon beta therapy affect survival of multiple sclerosis patients?

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Does interim 18F-FDG-PET response-adapted therapy really benefit advanced-stage Hodgkin lymphoma patients?

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Does interim PET increase the value of ABVD in advanced-stage Hodgkin lymphoma?

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Does intermediate care exist in Scotland?

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Does intermediate care improve patient outcomes or reduce costs?

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Does intermittent pneumatic compression increase the risk of pulmonary embolism in deep venous thrombosis after joint surgery?

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Does internal mammary node irradiation affect treatment outcome in clinical stage II-III breast cancer patients receiving neoadjuv ant chemotherapy?

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Does international study group on pancreatic fistula (ISGPF) classification need modification after distal pancreatectomy?

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Does interpersonal behavior of psychotherapy trainees differ in private and professional relationships?

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Does interpersonal movement synchronization differ from synchronization with a moving object?

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Does interprofessional simulation increase self-efficacy: a comparative study

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Does interruption of imatinib (IM) in responding patients after three years of treatment influence outcome of patients with advanced GIST included in the BFR14 trial?

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Does intra-articular fracture change the lubricant content of synovial fluid?

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Does intracytoplasmic sperm injection pose an increased risk of genitourinary congenital malformations in offspring compared to in vitro fertilization? A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Does intranasal fentanyl provide efficient analgesia for renal colic in adults?

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Does intraoperative application of leukocyte-poor platelet-rich plasma during arthroscopy for knee degeneration affect postoperative pain, function and quality of life? A 12-month randomized controlled double-blind trial

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Does intraoperative fluoroscopy improve component positioning in total hip arthroplasty?

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Does intraoperative lung-protective ventilation reduce postoperative pulmonary complications?

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Does intraoperative navigation improve the accuracy of pedicle screw placement in the apical region of dystrophic scoliosis secondary to neurofibromatosis type I: comparison between O-arm navigation and free-hand technique

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Does intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring matter in noncomplex spine surgeries?

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Does intraperitoneal medical ozone preconditioning and treatment ameliorate the methotrexate induced nephrotoxicity in rats?

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Does intraspecific behavioural variation of pollinator species influence pollination? A quantitative study with hummingbirds and a Neotropical shrub

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Does intraspecific competition promote variation? A test via synthesis

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Does intrauterine exposure to hypercholesterolemia adversely affect familial hypercholesterolemia phenotype?

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Does intrauterine insemination timing matter for achieving pregnancy during ovulation induction using gonadotropins? A retrospective cohort study

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Does intrauterine saline infusion by intrauterine insemination (IUI) catheter as endometrial injury during IVF cycles improve pregnancy outcomes among patients with recurrent implantation failure?: An RCT

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Does intrauterine tobacco exposure increase the pain perception of newborns?

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Does intravenous atropine affect stroke volume variation in man?

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Does intravenous induction dosing among patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgical procedures follow current recommendations: a study of contemporary practice

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Does intravenous lidocaine infusion during video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery reduce postoperative analgesia? A randomized controlled study

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Does intravenous sildenafil clinically ameliorate pulmonary hypertension during perioperative management of congenital heart diseases in children? - a prospective randomized study

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Does intrawound application of vancomycin influence bone healing in spinal surgery?

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Does intrinsic motivation enhance motor cortex excitability?

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Does introduced fauna influence soil erosion? A field and modelling assessment

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Does introducing an immunization package of services for migrant children improve the coverage, service quality and understanding? An evidence from an intervention study among 1548 migrant children in eastern China

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Does investment in leaf defenses drive changes in leaf economic strategy? A focus on whole-plant ontogeny

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Does involvement in clinical trials make trainees better surgeons?

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Does iodinated contrast medium amplify DNA damage during exposure to radiation

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Does iodine excess lead to hypothyroidism? Evidence from a case-control study in India

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Does iron deficiency anemia affect olfactory function?

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Does ischemia burden in stable coronary artery disease effectively identify revascularization candidates? Ischemia burden in stable coronary artery disease does not effectively identify revascularization candidates

Hachamovitch, R., 2015:
Does ischemia burden in stable coronary artery disease effectively identify revascularization candidates? Ischemia burden in stable coronary artery disease effectively identifies revascularization candidates

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Does ischemia-reperfusion injury affect ovarian reserve and follicle viability in a rat model with adnexal torsion?

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Does isolation of the left atrial posterior wall improve clinical outcomes after radiofrequency catheter ablation for persistent atrial fibrillation?: A prospective randomized clinical trial

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Does isoniazid chemoprophylaxis increase the frequency of hepatotoxicity in patients receiving anti-TNF-α agent with a disease-modifying antirheumatic drug?

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Does it Matter How We Pose the Question "How is Your Sense of Smell?"

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Does it Matter Whether Canada's Separate Health Technology Assessment Process for Cancer Drugs has an Economic Rationale?

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Does it get better? A longitudinal analysis of psychological distress and victimization in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth

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Does it get better? A quasi-cohort analysis of sexual minority wage gaps

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Does it help that efficacy has been proven once we start discussing (added) benefit?

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Does it hurt to ask? A meta-analysis of participant reactions to trauma research

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Does it make sense evaluating cardiac resynchronization therapy in the elderly regardless of the type of the device?

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Does it make sense to investigate whether the offspring of people with a total knee replacement for severe primary knee osteoarthritis have a higher risk of worsening knee pain?

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Does it make sense to target one tumor cell chemotactic factor or its receptor when several chemotactic axes are involved in metastasis of the same cancer?

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Does it matter how much physician trainees work anymore?

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Does it matter how you ask? Self-reported emotions to depictions of need-of-help and social context

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Does it matter how you ask? The forbid-allow asymmetry in the measurement of attitudes towards drug policies

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Does it matter how you get from D (drug dose) to E (clinical effect)?

Grover, H.M.; Limber, S.P.; Boberiene, L.V., 2016:
Does it matter if students experience school as a place of community?

Mossop, L., 2017:
Does it matter that more boys aren't applying to vet school?

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Does it matter whether levator avulsion is diagnosed pre- or postoperatively?

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Does it matter whether physicians' recommendations are given early or late in the decision-making process? An experimental study among patients with schizophrenia

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Does it matter who organises your health care?

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Does it matter who places the intravenous? An inter-professional comparison of prehospital intravenous access difficulties between physicians and paramedics

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Does it matter who serves as the scribe?

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Does it matter who the anesthesiologist is for my heart surgery?

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Does it matter whose opinion we seek regarding the allocation of healthcare resources? - a case study

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Does it matter? Discounting and its role in the cost-effectiveness of preventative interventions. The case of HPV vaccination

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Does it mean anything to diagnose fibromyalgia (FM) in somebody with chronic widespread pain?

Denice, P., 2016:
Does it pay to attend a for-profit college? Vertical and horizontal stratification in higher education

Albright, B., 2015:
Does it pay to be a health home? Primary and behavioral providers are tracking improved outcomes in Medicaid populations

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Does it really matter if sperm counts are decreasing?

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Does it really matter which drug you choose? An examination of the influence of type of drug on type of risky sexual behavior

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Does it really spin? Intra-medullary nailing of segmental tibial fractures--a cadaveric study

Anonymous, 2000:
Does it sound familiar?

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Does it still make sense? Deprescribing in the frail elderly

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Does it take a community to raise a plant? A summary of the Canadian Crop Microbiome Workshop

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Does it talk the talk? On the role of basal ganglia in emotive speech processing

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Does ivabradine balance dobutamine effects in cardiogenic shock? A promising new strategy

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Does ivabradine really limit dobutamine-induced tachycardia in stable heart failure patients: parallax in significance

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Does job burnout mediate negative effects of job demands on mental and physical health in a group of teachers? Testing the energetic process of Job Demands-Resources model

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Does job complexity mitigate the negative effect of emotion-rule dissonance on employee burnout?

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Does job insecurity deteriorate health?

Bai, J., 2018:
Does job satisfaction mediate the relationship between healthy work environment and care quality?

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Does joint architecture influence the nature of intra-articular fractures?

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Does joint line elevation after revision knee arthroplasty affect tibio-femoral kinematics, contact pressure or collateral ligament lengths? An in vitro analysis

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Does ketamine have anti-suicidal properties? Current status and future directions

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Does ketamine target olfactory receptors in the brain?

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Does ketogenic diet have any negative effect on cardiac systolic and diastolic functions in children with intractable epilepsy?: One-year follow-up results

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Does kidney transplantation with deceased or living donor affect graft survival?

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Does kin selection moderate sexual conflict in Drosophila?

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Does kindness matter? Self-compassion buffers the negative impact of diabetes-distress on HbA1c

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Does kinematics add meaningful information to clinical assessment in post-stroke upper limb rehabilitation? A case report

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Does kinesiology taping of the ankles affect proprioceptive control in professional football (soccer) players?

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Does kinship affect spatial organization in a small and isolated population of a solitary felid: The Eurasian lynx?

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Does knee awareness differ between different knee arthroplasty prostheses? A matched, case-control, cross-sectional study

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Does knee joint cooling change in vivo patellar tendon mechanical properties?

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Does knee malalignment predict the efficacy of realignment therapy for patients with knee osteoarthritis?

Cheng, K.B., 2017:
Does knee motion contribute to feet-in-place balance recovery?

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Does knee replacement surgery for osteoarthritis improve survival? The jury is still out

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Does knowledge of diagnosis really affect rates of depression in cancer patients?

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Does knowledge of fetal outcome influence the interpretation of intrapartum cardiotocography and subsequent clinical management? A multicentre European study

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Does knowledge of the cost of cardiovascular tests influence physician ordering patterns?

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Does laboratory cue reactivity correlate with real-world craving and smoking responses to cues?

Sohaib, M.; Ismail, S., 2016:
Does labour epidural slow the progress of labour and lead to complications? Obstetricians' perception working in private and public sector teaching hospitals in a developing country

Makehei, S.; Sam, R., 2016:
Does lactate account for all of the increase in anion gap in cases of metformin-induced lactic acidosis?

Singh, S.; Reddy, S.; Shrivastava, R., 2016:
Does laminar airflow make a difference to the infection rates for lower limb arthroplasty: a study using the National Joint Registry and local surgical site infection data for two hospitals with and without laminar airflow

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Does laminar flow ventilation reduce the rate of infection? an observational study of trauma in England

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Does language do more than communicate emotion?

Ferdinand, N.K.; Kray, J., 2016:
Does language help regularity learning? The influence of verbalizations on implicit sequential regularity learning and the emergence of explicit knowledge in children, younger and older adults

Steele, S.C., 2016:
Does language learning disability in school-age children affect semantic word learning when reading?

Özçalışkan, Şeyda.; Lucero, Cé.; Goldin-Meadow, S., 2017:
Does language shape silent gesture?

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Does laparoscopic nephrectomy with vaginal extraction affect the sexual quality of life of patients?

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Does laparoscopic shaving for deep infiltrating endometriosis alter intestinal function? A prospective study

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Does laparoscopic simulation predict intraoperative performance? A comparison between the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery and LapVR evaluation metrics

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Does laparoscopic transperitoneal simple nephrectomy for inflammatory and non-inflammatory kidneys differ?

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Does laparoscopy-aided gastrostomy placement improve or worsen gastroesophageal reflux in patients with neurological impairment?

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Does larch arabinogalactan enhance immune function? A review of mechanistic and clinical trials

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Does large vessel occlusion affect clinical outcome in stroke with mild neurologic deficits after intravenous thrombolysis?

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Does larger tumor volume explain the higher prostate specific antigen levels in black men with prostate cancer--Results from the SEARCH database

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Does laryngoscopic view after intubation predict laryngoscopic view before intubation?

Swanson, E., 2015:
Does laser assistance reduce blood loss after liposuction?

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Does light attract piglets to the creep area?

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Does long-term profound inhibition of gastric acid secretion increase the risk of ECL cell-derived tumors in man?

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Does long-term use of proton pump inhibitors promote premalignant lesions of the gastric mucosa?

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Does longer duration of breastfeeding prevent childhood asthma in low-income families?

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Does lower extremity elevation reduce thromboembolism risk after abdominoplasty?

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Does lysozyme play a role in the pathogenesis of COPD?

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Does magnetic resonance imaging appearance of supraspinatus muscle atrophy change after repairing rotator cuff tears?

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Does maintaining a bottle of adhesive without the lid significantly reduce the solvent content?

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Does major depression affect risk for adolescent obesity?

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Does major noncardiac surgery accelerate the progression of aortic stenosis? - Role of inflammation

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Does major surgery induce immune suppression and increase the risk of postoperative infection?

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Does malalignment affect revision rate in total knee replacements: a systematic review of the literature

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Does mammography affect the nodal status at presentation in 40- to 49-year-old breast cancer patients?

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Does mandating nursing home participation in quality reporting make a difference? Evidence from Massachusetts

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Does mandibular osteotomy affect gonial angle in patients with class III deformity? Vertical ramus osteotomy versus sagittal split osteotomy

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Does manipulating the speed of visual flow in virtual reality change distance estimation while walking in Parkinson's disease?

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Does manual T-wave window adjustment affect microvolt T-wave alternans results in patients with structural heart disease?

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Does manure management affect the latent greenhouse gas emitting potential of livestock manures?

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Does marijuana pose risks for chronic airflow obstruction?

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Does marijuana "blunt" smoking contribute to nicotine exposure?: Preliminary product testing of nicotine content in wrappers of cigars commonly used for blunt smoking

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Does marriage of professions mean happy ever after?

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