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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57669

Chapter 57669 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Verburgt, L.M.; Gregory, D.F.; Walton, W., 2018:
Duncan F. Gregory, William Walton and the development of British algebra: 'algebraical geometry', 'geometrical algebra', abstraction

Festa, M.; Winlaw, D.S., 2018:
Dedicated cardiac intensive care units: Good for the patient, good for the surgeon

Douillet, G.Amin.; Pacheco, D.Alejandro.; Kueppers, U.; Letort, J.; Tsang-Hin-Sun, Ève.; Bustillos, J.; Hall, M.; Ramón, P.; Dingwell, D.B., 2013:
Dune bedforms produced by dilute pyroclastic density currents from the August 2006 eruption of Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador

Tao, Y.; Wu, G-Lin.; Zhang, Y-Ming., 2016:
Dune-scale distribution pattern of herbaceous plants and their relationship with environmental factors in a saline-alkali desert in Central Asia

Loh, L.; Jaye, C.; Dovey, S.; Lloyd, H.; Rowe, J., 2016:
Dunedin's free clinic: an exploration of its model of care using case study methodology

Nunes, Cássio.Alencar.; Braga, R.Fagundes.; Figueira, Jé.Eugênio.Cortes.; Neves, F.de.Siqueira.; Fernandes, G.Wilson., 2017:
Dung Beetles along a Tropical Altitudinal Gradient: Environmental Filtering on Taxonomic and Functional Diversity

Tocco, C.; Villet, M.H., 2016:
Dung beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea) assemblages in the western Italian Alps: benchmark data for land use monitoring

McCarthy, C.E.; Duffney, P.F.; Gelein, R.; Thatcher, T.H.; Elder, A.; Phipps, R.P.; Sime, P.J. , 2016:
Dung biomass smoke activates inflammatory signaling pathways in human small airway epithelial cells

Chang, K-Shih.; Lee, N-Hung.; Kuo, W-Wen.; Hu, W-Syun.; Chang, M-Hsin.; Tsai, F-Jen.; Tsai, K-Hsi.; Yang, Y-Shyong.; Chen, T-Sheng.; Huang, C-Yang., 2014:
Dung-Shen Downregulates the Synergistic Apoptotic Effects of Angiotensin II Plus Leu 27-IGF II on Cardiomyoblasts

Sarrocco, S., 2016:
Dung-inhabiting fungi: a potential reservoir of novel secondary metabolites for the control of plant pathogens

Martins-de-Souza, D., 2018:
Dunn's effect over Brazilian proteomics

Kim, H-Jin.; Pandit, A.; Oh, G-Su.; Shen, A.; Lee, S-Bin.; Khadka, D.; Lee, S.; Shim, H.; Yang, S-Hoon.; Cho, E-Young.; Kwak, T.Hwan.; Choe, S-Kyu.; Park, R.; So, H-Seob., 2016:
Dunnione ameliorates cisplatin ototoxicity through modulation of NAD(+) metabolism

Pandit, A.; Kim, H-Jin.; Oh, G-Su.; Shen, A.; Lee, S-Bin.; Khadka, D.; Lee, S.; Shim, H.; Yang, S-Hoon.; Cho, E-Young.; Kwon, K-Beom.; Kwak, T.Hwan.; Choe, S-Kyu.; Park, R.; So, H-Seob., 2016:
Dunnione ameliorates cisplatin-induced small intestinal damage by modulating NAD(+) metabolism

Che, D.; Yuan, F.; Khodakarami, H.; Shieh, W., 2016:
Duobinary pulse shaping for frequency chirp enabled complex modulation

Tomizawa, M.; Shinozaki, F.; Motoyoshi, Y.; Sugiyama, T.; Yamamoto, S.; Ishige, N., 2016:
Duodenal Adenocarcinoma Diagnosed from a Biopsy Specimen of a Depressed Lesion Obtained by Magnifying Endoscopy

Yu, H.; Song, H.; Jiang, Y., 2016:
Duodenal Adenocarcinoma Metastatic to the Breast: A Case Report

Oyasiji, T.; Alosi, J.; Tan, W.; Wilfong, C.; Wilkinson, N., 2016:
Duodenal Adenocarcinoma: Profile and Predictors of Survival Outcomes

Inayat, F.; Hurairah, A., 2016:
Duodenal Amyloidosis Masquerading as Iron Deficiency Anemia

Franco, D.L.; Disbrow, M.B.; Kahn, A.; Koepke, L.M.; Harris, L.A.; Harrison, M.Edwyn.; Crowell, M.D.; Ramirez, F.C., 2015:
Duodenal Aspirates for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth: Yield, PPIs, and Outcomes after Treatment at a Tertiary Academic Medical Center

Ben Hamida, H.; Hadj Salem, R.; Ben Ameur, K.; Rassas, A.; Chioukh, F.Z.; Sakka, R.; Kechiche, N.; Bizid, M.; Sahnoun, L.; Monastiri, K., 2016:
Duodenal Atresia Associated with Apple Peel Atresia and Situs Inversus Abdominus: A Case Report

Caminero, A.; Galipeau, H.J.; McCarville, J.L.; Johnston, C.W.; Bernier, S.P.; Russell, A.K.; Jury, J.; Herran, A.R.; Casqueiro, J.; Tye-Din, J.A.; Surette, M.G.; Magarvey, N.A.; Schuppan, D.; Verdu, E.F., 2017:
Duodenal Bacteria From Patients With Celiac Disease and Healthy Subjects Distinctly Affect Gluten Breakdown and Immunogenicity

Pace, L.A.; Crowe, S.E., 2016:
Duodenal Bulb Biopsies Remain Relevant in the Diagnosis of Adult Celiac Disease

Sanaksenaho, G.; Mutanen, A.; Koivusalo, A.I.; Merras-Salmio, L.; Pakarinen, M.P., 2016:
Duodenal Disaccharidase Activities During and After Weaning off Parenteral Nutrition in Pediatric Intestinal Failure

Hashimoto, R.; Chonan, A., 2016:
Duodenal Diverticular Bleeding Missed Repeatedly at Endoscopy

Aberle, J.; Busch, P.; Veigel, J.; Duprée, A.; Roesch, T.; zu Eulenburg, C.; Paschen, Börn.; Scholz, B.M.; Wolter, S.; Sauer, N.; Ludwig, K.; Izbicki, J.; Mann, O., 2016:
Duodenal Electric Stimulation: Results of a First-in-Man Study

Ichikawa, T.; Yamamuro, H.; Koizumi, J.; Joishi, D.; Ohnuki, Y.; Yutani, S.; Imai, Y., 2016:
Duodenal Emphysema Complicated with Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome in a Patient with Cerebral Paralysis: A Case Report

Barzola-Navarro, E.Jesús.; Flores-García, Jé.Ángel.; López-Guerra, D.; Tejera-Pérez, C.; Rodríguez-Díez, N.; Gómez-Durán, A.; Rubio-Fernández, A.; Blanco-Fernández, G., 2016:
Duodenal Ewing´s sarcoma: Unusual location and atypical EWRS-1 translocation

Gawlik, A.; Gepstein, V.; Rozen, N.; Dahan, A.; Ben-Yosef, D.; Wildbaum, G.; Verbitsky, O.; Shaoul, R.; Weisman, Y.; Tiosano, D., 2016:
Duodenal Expression of 25 Hydroxyvitamin D3-1α-hydroxylase Is Higher in Adolescents Than in Children and Adults

Park, H.Kyu.; Han, H.Seung., 2016:
Duodenal Gangliocytic Paraganglioma With Lymph Node Metastasis

Tarangelo, N.P.; Ha, K.; Skole, K.S., 2018:
Duodenal Glomus Tumor: A Rare Cause of Upper GI Bleeding

Ivatury, R.R.; Malhotra, A.K.; Aboutanos, M.B.; Duane, T.M., 2007:
Duodenal Injuries: A Review

Griffin, M.; Nolan, H.; Wengler, C.; Bedgood, R.; Ashley, D., 2017:
Duodenal Leiomyoma Causing Duodenojejunal Intussusception

Ahuja, A.; Bhardwaj, M., 2016:
Duodenal Leishmaniasis Mimicking Celiac Disease

Ouwerkerk, H.M.; Raber; Freling, G.; Klaase, J.M., 2010:
Duodenal Lipoma as a Rare Cause of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Wan Abdul Rahman, W.Faiziah.; Che Jalil, N.Asyilla.; Samsudin, H.; Hi Merican, S.Rahmah.; Lam, A.Ky., 2016:
Duodenal Mass from Heterotopic Pancreas: A Unique Cause of Septic Shock

Guo, T.; Ng, K.Kei.; Chiang, H.Wan.; Ma, M.Fei.; Lin, Y.; Qian, J.Ming., 2016:
Duodenal Neuroendocrine Carcinoma Presenting with Disseminated Liver and Bone Metastases as the Primary Manifestation: Case Report and Literature Review

Sheikh, M.Raashid.; Osman, H.; Cheek, S.; Hunter, S.; Jeyarajah, D.Rohan., 2017:
Duodenal Neuroendocrine Tumors: Location Matters!

Biçer, Şenol.; Çelik, A., 2016:
Duodenal Obstruction Caused by Acute Appendicitis with Intestinal Malrotation in a Child

Khairy, S.; Azzam, A.; Mohammed, S.; Suleman, K.; Khawaji, A.; Amin, T., 2015:
Duodenal Obstruction as First Presentation of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Fakhri, A.A.; Hussain, A.; Taiyebi, A.; Fakhri, A.Fatima., 2016:
Duodenal Obstruction on 99mTc-DISIDA Cholescintigraphy: A Noninvasive Approach to Bowel Obstruction Diagnosis

Park, J-Ik.; Lee, S-Gyu.; Jung, B-Hyun.; Park, Y-Han.; Lee, H., 2016:
Duodenal Penetration by the Ringed Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene Graft for Middle Hepatic Vein Reconstruction During Living-Donor Liver Transplant: A Case Report

Rajat, R.; Deepu, D.; Jonathan, A.Jeevan.; Prabhakar, A.Kundavaram.Paul., 2015:
Duodenal Perforation Precipitated by Scrub Typhus

Maillet, F.; Bourgouin, Séphane.; Gaubert, L.; Balandraud, P., 2016:
Duodenal Reconstruction Following Extended Right Colectomy: the Pedicled Ileal Flap Technique

Díaz Hernández, Héctor.Adrián.; Gómez Ruiz, I.Antonio.; Torre, A., 2016 :
Duodenal Recurrence of Fibrolamellar Carcinoma 12 Years After Partial Hepatectomy and Adjuvant Chemotherapy

Bankar, S.Subhash.; Gosavi, V.S.; Hamid, M., 2015:
Duodenal Transection without Pancreatic Injury following Blunt Abdominal Trauma

Soga, K.; Kassai, K.; Itani, K., 2017:
Duodenal Ulcer Induced by Hem-o-Lok clip after Reduced Port Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Kulai, T.; Arnason, T.; MacIntosh, D.; Igoe, J., 2017:
Duodenal Villous Atrophy in a TTG-Negative Patient Taking Olmesartan: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Civelek, B.; Aksoy, S.; Kos, T.; Arık, Z.; Akıncı, M.B.; Uncu, D.; Özdemir, N.; Cihan, S.; Zengin, N., 2016:
Duodenal adenocarcinoma: A rare cause of chyloperitoneum (chylous ascites)

Cloyd, J.M.; George, E.; Visser, B.C., 2016:
Duodenal adenocarcinoma: Advances in diagnosis and surgical management

Peño Muñoz, L.; Plana Campos, L.; Ferrer Barceló, L.; Sanchís Artero, L.; Larrey Ruiz, L.; Núñez Martínez, P.; Monzó Gallego, A.; Ferrer Arranz, L.; Huguet Malavés, Jé.M.; García-Argà Elles, J.Sempere.; Canelles Gamir, P.; Medina Chuliá, E., 2017:
Duodenal adenocarcinoma: a rare diagnosis

Campos, Fábio.Guilherme.; Sulbaran, M.; Safatle-Ribeiro, A.Vaz.; Martinez, C.Augusto.Real., 2015:
Duodenal adenoma surveillance in patients with familial adenomatous polyposis

Ettahri, H.; Elomrani, F.; Elkabous, M.; Rimani, M.; Boutayeb, S.; Mrabti, H.; Errihani, H., 2015:
Duodenal and gallbladder metastasis of regressive melanoma: a case report and review of the literature

Ehlermann, P.; Lages, P.; Korten, V., 2015 :
Duodenal application is the method of choice

Mathew, S.; Zacharias, P.; Kumar, L.; Mathews, J.; Menon, P.; Philip, M., 2017:
Duodenal arteriovenous malformation: endosonographic diagnosis and coil embolization

Saša, Rć.V.; Ranko, L.; Snezana, C.; Lidija, B.; Djordje, S., 2017:
Duodenal atresia with apple-peel configuration of the ileum and absent superior mesenteric artery

Maskin, S.S.; Fetisov, N.I.; Ntire, A., 2015:
Duodenal bleeding from heterotopic salivary gland

Hankiewicz-Ziołkowska, K.; Soboń, M.; Szylberg, T.; Rudziński, J., 2015:
Duodenal bulb tumour of unknown origin

Thompson, C.M.; Wolf, J.C.; Elbekai, R.H.; Paranjpe, M.G.; Seiter, J.M.; Chappell, M.A.; Tappero, R.V.; Suh, M.; Proctor, D.M.; Bichteler, A.; Haws, L.C.; Harris, M.A., 2015:
Duodenal crypt health following exposure to Cr(VI): Micronucleus scoring, γ-H2AX immunostaining, and synchrotron X-ray fluorescence microscopy

Li, J.; Wang, N.; Hong, Q.; Bai, C.; Hu, B.; Tan, Y., 2015:
Duodenal cryptococcus infection in an AIDS patient: retrospective clinical analysis

Lane, D.J.R.; Bae, D-Hun.; Merlot, A.M.; Sahni, S.; Richardson, D.R., 2016:
Duodenal cytochrome b (DCYTB) in iron metabolism: an update on function and regulation

Foschi, D.A.; Rizzi, A.; Tubazio, I.; Conti, L.; Vago, T.; Bevilacqua, M.; Magni, A.; Del Puppo, M., 2016:
Duodenal diverted sleeve gastrectomy with ileal interposition does not cause biliary salt malabsorption

Elhjouji, A.; Jaiteh, L.; Bounaim, A.; Aitali, A.; Sair, K., 2016:
Duodenal diverticulitis: unusual complication not always easy to manage

Sefa, T.; Mikail, C.; Anil, S.; Umit, G.; Gokcen, G., 2015:
Duodenal duplication cyst extending into the posterior mediastinum

Yan, X.; Fan, Y.; Wang, K.; Zhang, W.; Song, Y., 2016:
Duodenal duplication manifested by abdominal pain and bowl obstruction in an adolescent: a case report

Le Stradic, C.; Aroulandom, J.; Kotobi, H.; Pariente, D.; Gaboran, C.; Lemale, J.; Dubern, B.; Tounian, P., 2016:
Duodenal duplication revealed by acute pancreatitis

Vinokurova, L.V.; Khatkov, I.E.; Izrailov, R.E.; Bordin, D.S.; Dubtsova, E.A.; Nikolskaya, K.A.; Agafonov, M.A.; Andrianov, A.V., 2016:
Duodenal dystrophy: An interdisciplinary problem

Schmidt, A.; Meier, B.; Cahyadi, O.; Caca, K., 2016:
Duodenal endoscopic full-thickness resection (with video)

Cvijanovic, N.; Isaacs, N.J.; Rayner, C.K.; Feinle-Bisset, C.; Young, R.L.; Little, T.J., 2016:
Duodenal fatty acid sensor and transporter expression following acute fat exposure in healthy lean humans

Cornejo, Mía.de.los.Ángeles.; Priego, P.; Ramos, D.; Coll, M.; Ballestero, A.; Galindo, J.; García-Moreno, F.; Rodríguez, G.; Carda, P.; Lobo, E., 2017:
Duodenal fistula after gastrectomy: Retrospective study of 13 new cases

Loftus, T.J.; Kresak, J.L.; Gonzalo, D.H.; Sarosi, G.A.; Behrns, K.E., 2015:
Duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma: A case report and literature review

Wang, B.; Zou, Y.; Zhang, H.; Xu, L.; Jiang, X.; Sun, K., 2016:
Duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma: report of two cases and review of literature

Mitsui, Y.; Kagemoto, K.; Itagaki, T.; Inoue, S.; Yamasaki, S.; Naruse, K.; Tamura, S.; Muguruma, N.; Takayama, T., 2015:
Duodenal gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) with deletion in exon 11 of c-kit treated with emergency pancreaticoduodenectomy due to massive bleeding: a case report

Castro-Poças, F.M.; Araújo, Tísio.P.; Silva, J.D.; Lopes, C.A.; M Saraiva, M., 2017:
Duodenal gastrointestinal stromal tumor and endoscopic ultrasound

Marano, L.; Boccardi, V.; Marrelli, D.; Roviello, F., 2015:
Duodenal gastrointestinal stromal tumor: From clinicopathological features to surgical outcomes

Shen, C.; Chen, H.; Yin, Y.; Chen, J.; Han, L.; Zhang, B.; Chen, Z.; Chen, J., 2016:
Duodenal gastrointestinal stromal tumors: clinicopathological characteristics, surgery, and long-term outcome

Velasco-Mata, S.; Díaz-Gómez, M.; Cova-Bianco, T.; Hopp-Mora, E.; Rodriguez-Rojas, R.; Chirinos-Malave, Y.; Carreiro-Rodriguez, M., 2016:
Duodenal gossypiboma: a case report and literature review

Gómez-Galán, S.; Mosquera-Paz, M.Santiago.; Ceballos, J.; Cifuentes-Grillo, P.Andrea.; Gutiérrez-Soriano, L., 2017:
Duodenal hemangiolymphangioma presenting as chronic anemia: a case report

García Santos, E.; Soto Sánchez, A.; Verde, J.M.; Marini, C.P.; Asensio, J.A.; Petrone, P., 2016:
Duodenal injuries due to trauma: Review of the literature

Machado, N.Oneil., 2016:
Duodenal injury post laparoscopic cholecystectomy: Incidence, mechanism, management and outcome

Tu, L.H.; Villalona, G.A.; Cowles, R.A.; Silva, C.T., 2016:
Duodenal intussusception secondary to web presenting as recurrent pancreatitis in a 7-year-old girl

Rodriguez-Lopez, M.; Velasco-López, Ría.; Mambrilla-Herrero, S.; Bailon-Cuadrado, M.; Plua, K.T.; Diez-González, L.M.; Blanco-Álvarez, J.I.; Asensio-Díaz, E.; Gonzalo-Martín, M.; Pérez-Saborido, B.; Marcos-Rodríguez, J.L., 2017:
Duodenal involvement by seminomatous tumors

Spetzler, V.N.; Goldaracena, N.; Marquez, M.A.; Singh, S.K.; Norgate, A.; McGilvray, I.D.; Schiff, J.; Greig, P.D.; Cattral, M.S.; Selzner, M., 2016:
Duodenal leaks after pancreas transplantation with enteric drainage - characteristics and risk factors

Bueno, J.; Redecillas, S.; GarcÍa, L.; Lara, A.; Giné, C.; Molino, Jé.A.; Broto, Jús.; Segarra, O., 2016:
Duodenal lengthening in short bowel with dilated duodenum

Subramanian, I.; Radhan, P.; Ramachandran, R.; Anand, R.; Sai, V.; Swaminathan, R., 2014:
Duodenal lymphangitis carcinomatosa: A rare case

Wang, J.; Miao, Y.; Yang, X.; Xu, E.; Chang, F.; Zhang, N., 2016:
Duodenal medullary carcinoma: report of a case

Villela-Segura, U.; García-Leiva, J.; Nuñez Becerra, P.Judith., 2016:
Duodenal metastases from sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma: Case report

AlSaeed, E.Fawzi.; Tunio, M.A.; AlSayari, K.; AlDandan, S.; Riaz, K., 2015:
Duodenal metastasis from lung adenocarcinoma: A rare cause of melena

Levin, M.D.; Korshun, Z.; Mendelson, G., 2018:
Duodenal motility in norm and in some diseases. Hypothesis

Murray, L.; Haley, C.; Berry-Cabán, Cóbal.S.; Toledo, A., 2016:
Duodenal neuroendocrine tumor and the onset of severe diabetes mellitus in a US veteran

Tsai, S.D.; Kawamoto, S.; Wolfgang, C.L.; Hruban, R.H.; Fishman, E.K., 2016:
Duodenal neuroendocrine tumors: retrospective evaluation of CT imaging features and pattern of metastatic disease on dual-phase MDCT with pathologic correlation

Mielko, J.; Kurylcio, A.; Skórzewska, M.; Ciseł, Bła.; Polkowska, B.; Rawicz-Pruszyński, K.; Sierocińska-Sawa, J.; Polkowski, W.P., 2016:
Duodenal obstruction due to annular pancreas associated with carcinoma of the duodenum

Kim, S.Il.; Jin, Y-Joo.; Cho, S.Gu.; Shin, W.Young.; Kim, J.Mee.; Lee, J-Woo., 2017:
Duodenal perforation and esophageal ischemia following transarterial chemoembolization for hepatocellular carcinoma: A case report

Hartholt, K.Albert.; Dekker, J.Willem.T., 2016:
Duodenal perforation as result of blunt abdominal trauma in childhood

Dat, A.; McCann, A.; Quinn, J.; Yeung, S., 2014:
Duodenal perforation by an inferior vena cava filter in a polyarteritis nodosa sufferer

Pokharel, S.; Bartholomew, C.; Zau, Z., 2017:
Duodenal perforation by an inferior vena cava filter with staphylococcal bacteremia: a case report

Chertoff, J.; Khullar, V.; Burke, L., 2015:
Duodenal perforation following esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) with cautery and epinephrine injection for peptic ulcer disease: An interesting case of nonoperative management in the medical intensive care unit (MICU)

Al Omran, Y.; Anwar, M.Omer.; Al-Hindi, S., 2015:
Duodenal perforation in a neonate: an unusual presentation and analysis of the cause

Bardin, F.; Bernard, D.; Coudert, M., 2017:
Duodenal perforation: A rare complication of ALN Optional(®) vena cava filter

Infantes Ormad, M.; Tallón Aguilar, L.; López Ruiz, Jé.A.; Curado Soriano, A., 2016:
Duodenal perforations after endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Gurung, A.; Jaffe, P.E.; Zhang, X., 2015:
Duodenal polyposis secondary to portal hypertensive duodenopathy

Silva, M.; Peixoto, A.; Macedo, G., 2017:
Duodenal pus: an unusual endoscopic finding of an unsuspected perihepatic abscess

Barshop, K.; Staller, K.; Semler, J.; Kuo, B., 2015:
Duodenal rather than antral motility contractile parameters correlate with symptom severity in gastroparesis patients

Kothadia, J.P.; Kaminski, M.; Giashuddin, S., 2016:
Duodenal siderosis: a rare clinical finding in a patient with duodenal inflammation

Kobayashi, S.; Ueno, M.; Kameda, R.; Moriya, S.; Irie, K.; Goda, Y.; Tezuka, S.; Yanagida, N.; Ohkawa, S.; Aoyama, T.; Morinaga, S.; Morimoto, M., 2016:
Duodenal stenting followed by systemic chemotherapy for patients with pancreatic cancer and gastric outlet obstruction

Paik, H-June.; Lee, S-Hak.; Choi, C-In.; Kim, D-Hwan.; Jeon, T-Yong.; Kim, D-Heon.; Jeon, U-Bae.; Choi, C-Woong.; Hwang, S-Hwi., 2016:
Duodenal stump fistula after gastrectomy for gastric cancer: risk factors, prevention, and management

Nelson, L.; Moon, R.C.; Teixeira, A.F.; Jawad, M.A., 2015:
Duodenal stump leak following a duodenal switch: A case report

Peixoto, A.; Santos-Antunes, Jão.; Silva, M.; Macedo, G., 2017:
Duodenal stump recurrence of gastric adenocarcinoma after subtotal gastrectomy

Builes Ramírez, S.; García Novoa, Mía.Alejandra.; Fernández Soria, N.; Gómez Gutiérrez, M., 2016:
Duodenal trauma. Consequences of delay in diagnosis

De, A.; Lamoria, S.; Dhawan, S.; Agarwal, S.; Sharma, V., 2015:
Duodenal tuberculosis: dig deep to diagnose

Bajtai, A.; Lajkó, G.; Szatmári, Ián.; Fülöp, F.; Lindner, W.; Ilisz, Ián.; Péter, A., 2018:
Dedicated comparisons of diverse polysaccharide- and zwitterionic Cinchona alkaloid-based chiral stationary phases probed with basic and ampholytic indole analogs in liquid and subcritical fluid chromatography mode

Hsin, M-Che.; Lin, I-Chang.; Tai, C-Ming., 2016:
Duodenal ulcer caused by a surgical clip after laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Hussein, N.R.; Tunjel, I.; Majed, H.S.; Yousif, S.T.; Aswad, S.I.; Assafi, M.S., 2015:
Duodenal ulcer promoting gene 1 (dupA1) is associated with A2147G clarithromycin-resistance mutation but not interleukin-8 secretion from gastric mucosa in Iraqi patients

Sarin, Y.Kumar.; Sharma, A.; Sinha, S.; Deshpande, V.Pramod., 2012:
Duodenal webs: an experience with 18 patients

Kashihara, H.; Shimada, M.; Kurita, N.; Iwata, T.; Sato, H.; Yoshikawa, K.; Miyatani, T.; Takasu, C.; Matsumoto, N.; Ishibashi, H., 2015:
Duodenal-Jejunal Bypass Improves Insulin Resistance by Enhanced Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Secretion Through Increase of Bile Acids

Zhang, X.; Wang, Y.; Zhong, M.; Liu, T.; Han, H.; Zhang, G.; Liu, S.; Wei, M.; Wu, Q.; Hu, S., 2018:
Duodenal-Jejunal Bypass Preferentially Elevates Serum Taurine-Conjugated Bile Acids and Alters Gut Microbiota in a Diabetic Rat Model

Li, M.; Li, H.; Zhou, Z.; Zhou, Y.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, X.; Liu, T.; Zhong, M.; Han, H.; Liu, S.; Hu, S., 2016:
Duodenal-Jejunal Bypass Surgery Ameliorates Glucose Homeostasis and Reduces Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in the Liver Tissue in a Diabetic Rat Model

Wong, C.; Khan, K.; Byass, O., 2016:
Duodenal-bronchial fistula: an unusual cause of shortness of breath and a productive cough

Wang, T.; Zhang, P.; Zhang, X.; Cao, T.; Zheng, C.; Yu, B., 2016:
Duodenal-jejunal bypass attenuates progressive failure of pancreatic islets in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Kashihara, H.; Shimada, M.; Yoshikawa, K.; Higashijima, J.; Nakao, T.; Nishi, M.; Takasu, C., 2016:
Duodenal-jejunal bypass changes the composition of the gut microbiota

Shang, J.; Castro-Perez, J.M.; Shen, X.; Zhu, Y.; Liu, H.; Qian, Y.; Previs, S.; Howard, A.D.; Erion, M.; Kelley, D.E.; Wang, L., 2017:
Duodenal-jejunal bypass surgery induces hepatic lipidomic alterations associated with ameliorated hepatic steatosis in mice

Lee, W-Jei.; Almulaifi, A.M.; Tsou, J-Juin.; Ser, K-Han.; Lee, Y-Chih.; Chen, S-Chun., 2016:
Duodenal-jejunal bypass with sleeve gastrectomy versus the sleeve gastrectomy procedure alone: the role of duodenal exclusion

Ren, Z-Qiang.; Zhang, P-Bo.; Zhang, X-Zhong.; Chen, S-Kun.; Zhang, H.; Lv, D-Tao.; Zhuang, B-Qiang.; Wen, Y-Qing.; Hu, H-Hui.; Ding, W-Chao.; Zhang, C., 2016:
Duodenal-jejunal exclusion improves insulin resistance in type 2 diabetic rats by upregulating the hepatic insulin signaling pathway

Alper, A.; Rojas-Velasquez, D.; Pashankar, D.S., 2016:
Duodenitis in Children

Arroyo, L.G.; Costa, M.C.; Guest, B.B.; Plattner, B.L.; Lillie, B.N.; Weese, J.S., 2016:
Duodenitis-Proximal Jejunitis in Horses After Experimental Administration of Clostridium difficile Toxins

Nunes, V.; Santiago, Iês.; Marinho, R.; Pires, D.; Theias, R.; Gomes, Aónio.; Pignatelli, N., 2015:
Duodeno-colic fistula as a rare presentation of lung cancer - surgical treatment of a stage IV oligometastatic lung disease

Zani, A.; Yeh, J-Pin.Benjamin.; King, S.K.; Chiu, P.P.L.; Wales, P.W., 2016:
Duodeno-duodenostomy or duodeno-jejunostomy for duodenal atresia: is one repair better than the other?

Kimura, J.; Sasaki, K.; Okabayashi, T.; Shima, Y.; Iwata, J.; Morita, S., 2015:
Duodeno-jejunal Intussusception with Acute Pancreatitis in Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome: The First Case Presentation in Childhood

Ippolito, D.; Querques, G.; Drago, S.Girolama.; Bonaffini, P.Andrea.; Sironi, S., 2015:
Duodenocaval Fistula in a Patient with Inferior Vena Cava Leiomyosarcoma Treated by Surgical Resection and Caval Polytetrafluoroethylene Prosthesis

Skorjanec, S.; Kokot, A.; Drmic, D.; Radic, B.; Sever, M.; Klicek, R.; Kolenc, D.; Zenko, A.; Lovric Bencic, M.; Belosic Halle, Z.; Situm, A.; Zivanovic Posilovic, G.; Masnec, S.; Suran, J.; Aralica, G.; Seiwerth, S.; Sikiric, P., 2016:
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During long operations disinfect hands frequently!

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During surgery on the awake patient, further consent is needed before any change in the planned procedure can be made

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During the night, when everyone or almost everyone sleeps

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Durlaza--a 24-hour extended-release aspirin

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Dust mite allergen extract

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Anonymous, 1997 :
Dutch concert

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Dutch government in court for violating international tobacco treaty

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