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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 57681

Chapter 57681 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Iyer, S.; Thankappan, K.; Balasubramanian, D., 2016:
Early detection of oral cancers: current status and future prospects

Park, S.B.; Lin, C.S.; Krishnan, A.V.; Goldstein, D.; Friedlander, M.; Kiernan, M.C., 2016:
Early detection of oxaliplatin-induced neurotoxicity: Getting it before it hurts

Mills, D.; Finka, L., 2016:
Early detection of pain in cats

Kim, V.M.; Ahuja, N., 2015:
Early detection of pancreatic cancer

Frič, Přemysl.; Škrha, J.; Šedo, A.; Zima, Tš.; Bušek, P.; Kmochová, Kára.; Laclav, M.; Bunganič, Bš.; Solař, S.; Hrabal, P.; Bělina, Fšek.; Záruba, P.; Škrha, P.; Zavoral, M., 2016:
Early detection of pancreatic cancer: impact of high-resolution imaging methods and biomarkers

Staal, I.I.E.; van Stel, H.F.; Hermanns, J.M.A.; Schrijvers, A.J.P., 2016:
Early detection of parenting and developmental problems in toddlers: A randomized trial of home visits versus well-baby clinic visits in the Netherlands

Staal, I.I.E.; van Stel, H.F.; Hermanns, J.M.A.; Schrijvers, A.J.P., 2016:
Early detection of parenting and developmental problems in young children: Non-randomized comparison of visits to the well-baby clinic with or without a validated interview

Jahangiri, F.R.; Sheryar, M.; A.B.hairy, Y., 2015:
Early detection of pedicle screw-related spinal cord injury by continuous intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM)

Chen, X.; Yang, Y.; Berger, I.; Khalid, U.; Patel, A.; Cai, J.; Farwell, M.D.; Langer, C.; Aggarwal, C.; Albelda, S.M.; Katz, S.I., 2016:
Early detection of pemetrexed-induced inhibition of thymidylate synthase in non-small cell lung cancer with FLT-PET imaging

Antao, T.; Pérez-Figueroa, Aés.; Luikart, G., 2011:
Early detection of population declines: high power of genetic monitoring using effective population size estimators

Evangelista, L.; Zattoni, F.; Rossi, E.; Karnes, R.J.; Lowe, V., 2016:
Early detection of prostate cancer relapse by biochemistry and diagnostic imaging

Schröder, F.H.; Roobol, M.J.; Bangma, C.H., 2015:
Early detection of prostate cancer--recommendations after 13 years of follow-up in the European randomised study

Masterson, T.A.; Cary, C.; Cheng, L., 2016:
Early detection of prostate cancer: can we have our cake and eat it too?

Uttinger, M.; Koranyi, S.; Papmeyer, M.; Fend, F.; Ittig, S.; Studerus, E.; Ramyead, A.; Simon, A.; Riecher-Rössler, A., 2015:
Early detection of psychosis: helpful or stigmatizing experience? A qualitative study

Ünal, Şule.; Kuşkonmaz, Bış.; Tavil, Bül.; Aytaç Elmas, S.; Uçkan Çetinkaya, D.; Çetin, M.; Haliloğlu, M.; Gümrük, F., 2010:
Early detection of pulmonary fungal infection by CT scan in pediatric ALL patients under chemotherapy or in post-transplantation period with primary complaint of chest pain

Assaf, A.T.; Zrnc, T.A.; Remus, C.C.; Khokale, A.; Habermann, C.R.; Schulze, D.; Fiehler, J.; Heiland, M.; Sedlacik, J.; Friedrich, R.E., 2015:
Early detection of pulp necrosis and dental vitality after traumatic dental injuries in children and adolescents by 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging

Zhang, P.; Hu, X.; Yue, J.; Meng, X.; Han, D.; Sun, X.; Yang, G.; Wang, S.; Wang, X.; Yu, J., 2015:
Early detection of radiation-induced heart disease using (99m)Tc-MIBI SPECT gated myocardial perfusion imaging in patients with oesophageal cancer during radiotherapy

Chou, D-Wei.; Wu, M-Ho., 2016:
Early detection of recent onset achalasia from a chest radiograph

Wang, Q.; Sun, Q-Wei.; Wu, D.; Yang, M-Wu.; Li, R-Juan.; Jiang, B.; Yang, J.; Li, Z-An.; Wang, Y.; Yang, Y., 2015:
Early detection of regional and global left ventricular myocardial function using strain and strain-rate imaging in patients with metabolic syndrome

Wadia, S.Kanwar.; Shah, T.G.; Hedstrom, G.; Kovach, J.A.; Tandon, R., 2016:
Early detection of right ventricular dysfunction using transthoracic echocardiography in ARDS: a more objective approach

Kuemmerle-Deschner, J.B.; Koitschev, A.; Tyrrell, P.N.; Plontke, S.K.; Deschner, N.; Hansmann, S.; Ummenhofer, K.; Lohse, P.; Koitschev, C.; Benseler, S.M., 2016:
Early detection of sensorineural hearing loss in Muckle-Wells-syndrome

Bell, J.; Xiangrong Shen; Sazonov, E., 2016:
Early detection of sit-to-stand transitions in a lower limb orthosis

Rahman, A.; Rahman, A.K.; Rao, B., 2016:
Early detection of skin cancer via terahertz spectral profiling and 3D imaging

Hamdy, M.; Omar, G.; Elshereef, R.R.; Ellaban, A.S.; Amin, M., 2015:
Early detection of spondyloarthropathy in patients with psoriasis by using the ultrasonography and magnetic resonance image

Frič, Přemysl.; Šedo, A.; Škrha, J.; Zima, Táš.; Bušek, P.; Škrha, P.; Kmochová, Kára.; Laclav, M.; Bunganič, Bš.; Zavoral, M., 2016:
Early detection of sporadic pancreatic cancer

Kenner, B.J.; Chari, S.T.; Cleeter, D.F.; Go, V.Liang.W., 2016:
Early detection of sporadic pancreatic cancer: strategic map for innovation--a white paper

Paré, B.; Touzel-Deschênes, L.; Lamontagne, Rémy.; Lamarre, M-Soleil.; Scott, Fçois-Dominique.; Khuong, Hélène.T.; Dion, P.A.; Bouchard, J-Pierre.; Gould, P.; Rouleau, G.A.; Dupré, N.; Berthod, Fçois.; Gros-Louis, Fçois., 2016:
Early detection of structural abnormalities and cytoplasmic accumulation of TDP-43 in tissue-engineered skins derived from ALS patients

Thanakitcharu, P.; Jirajan, B., 2015:
Early detection of subclinical edema in chronic kidney disease patients by bioelectrical impedance analysis

Panoulas, V.F.; Sulemane, S.; Konstantinou, K.; Bratsas, A.; Elliott, S.J.; Dawson, D.; Frankel, A.H.; Nihoyannopoulos, P., 2016:
Early detection of subclinical left ventricular myocardial dysfunction in patients with chronic kidney disease

Dutca, L.M.; Stasheff, S.F.; Hedberg-Buenz, A.; Rudd, D.S.; Batra, N.; Blodi, F.R.; Yorek, M.S.; Yin, T.; Shankar, M.; Herlein, J.A.; Naidoo, J.; Morlock, L.; Williams, N.; Kardon, R.H.; Anderson, M.G.; Pieper, A.A.; Harper, M.M., 2015:
Early detection of subclinical visual damage after blast-mediated TBI enables prevention of chronic visual deficit by treatment with P7C3-S243

Hirase, S.; Saitoh, A.; Hartomo, T.Budi.; Kozaki, A.; Yanai, T.; Hasegawa, D.; Kawasaki, K.; Kosaka, Y.; Matsuo, M.; Yamamoto, N.; Mori, T.; Hayakawa, A.; Iijima, K.; Nishio, H.; Nishimura, N., 2016:
Early detection of tumor relapse/regrowth by consecutive minimal residual disease monitoring in high-risk neuroblastoma patients

Olafsdottir, E.; Andersson, D.K.G.; Dedorsson, I.; Svärdsudd, K.; Jansson, S.P.O.; Stefánsson, E., 2016:
Early detection of type 2 diabetes mellitus and screening for retinopathy are associated with reduced prevalence and severity of retinopathy

Jane, S-Whi.; Lin, M-Shyan.; Chiu, W-Nan.; Lai, L-Ju.; Chen, P-Han.; Chen, M-Yen., 2016:
Early detection of unhealthy behaviors, the prevalence and receipt of antiviral treatment for disabled adult hepatitis B and C carriers

Anonymous, 2014:
Early detection of urinary NGAL and plasma CysC may prevent progression to overt acute renal failure

Komatsu, S.; Ohara, T.; Takahashi, S.; Takewa, M.; Minamiguchi, H.; Imai, A.; Kobayashi, Y.; Iwa, N.; Yutani, C.; Hirayama, A.; Kodama, K., 2015:
Early detection of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque for risk reduction of acute aortic rupture and thromboemboli and atheroemboli using non-obstructive angioscopy

Gupta, M.; Mishra, S.Kumar.; Kumar, B.S.Hemanth.; Khushu, S.; Rana, P., 2016:
Early detection of whole body radiation induced microstructural and neuroinflammatory changes in hippocampus: A diffusion tensor imaging and gene expression study

Brenes Bermúdez, F.J.; Alcántara Montero, A., 2016:
Early detection or screening in the prevention of prostate cancer?

Parnell, S.; Gottwald, T.R.; Cunniffe, N.J.; Alonso Chavez, V.; van den Bosch, F., 2016:
Early detection surveillance for an emerging plant pathogen: a rule of thumb to predict prevalence at first discovery

Malchair, A.; Maertens, M.A.; Gosset, C.; Renard, F.; Larøi, F.; Mourad, H.; Pitchot, W.; Domken, M.A., 2015:
Early detection to prevent mental illness during adolescence: ethical and theoretical considerations

Walewski, V.; Podglajen, I.; Lefeuvre, P.; Dutasta, F.; Neuschwander, A.; Tilouche, L.; Carbonnelle, E.; Ferroni, A., 2016:
Early detection with the β-LACTA™ test of extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in blood cultures

Escobar, G.J.; Dellinger, R.Phillip., 2016:
Early detection, prevention, and mitigation of critical illness outside intensive care settings

Toprak, I.; Yaylalı, V.; Yildirim, C., 2016:
Early deterioration in ellipsoid zone in eyes with non-neovascular age-related macular degeneration

Burke, R.M.; Rebolledo, P.A.; Fabiszewski de Aceituno, A.M.; Revollo, R.; Iñiguez, V.; Klein, M.; Drews-Botsch, C.; Leon, J.S.; Suchdev, P.S., 2016:
Early deterioration of iron status among a cohort of Bolivian infants

Kim, B.Gyung.; Roh, K.Jin.; Park, A.Young.; Lee, S.Chul.; Kang, B.Sung.; Seo, Y.Joon.; Lee, J.Dae.; Choi, J.Young., 2015:
Early deterioration of residual hearing in patients with SLC26A4 mutations

Regueira, Tás.; Andresen, M.; Mercado, M.; Lillo, F.; Soto, D., 2015:
Early determinants of acute kidney injury during experimental intra-abdominal sepsis

Yuan, W.Lun.; Rigal, N.; Monnery-Patris, S.; Chabanet, C.; Forhan, A.; Charles, M-Aline.; de Lauzon-Guillain, B.; Annesi-Maesano, I.; Bernard, J.Y.; Botton, J.; Charles, M.A.; Dargent-Molina, P.; de Lauzon-Guillain, B.; Ducimetière, P.; de Agostini, M.; Foliguet, B.; Forhan, A.; Fritel, X.; Germa, A.; Goua, V.; Hankard, R.; Heude, B.; Kaminski, M.; Larroque, B.; Lelong, N.; Lepeule, J.; Magnin, G.; Marchand, L.; Nabet, C.; Pierre, F.; Slama, R.; Saurel-Cubizolles, M.J.; Schweitzer, M.; Thiebaug, 2016:
Early determinants of food liking among 5y-old children: a longitudinal study from the EDEN mother-child cohort

Kühne, B.; Genser, B.; De Bock, F., 2016:
Early determinants of vagal activity at preschool age - With potential dependence on sex

Lavoisier, A.; Schlaeppi, J-Marc., 2015:
Early developability screen of therapeutic antibody candidates using Taylor dispersion analysis and UV area imaging detection

Souza, G.; Melo, Eésio.J.T.; Caramaschi, E.P.; Andrade, D.R.; Monteiro, L.R., 2015:
Early development and allometric growth patterns of the grumatã (Prochilodus vimboides Kner, 1859)

Rehorek, S.J.; Smith, T.D.; Beeching, S.C., 2017:
Early development and differentiation of the Laysan albatross (Phoebastria immutabilis (Rothschild, 1893): Procellariiformes)

Liu, Z.; Hamodi, A.S.; Pratt, K.G., 2016:
Early development and function of the Xenopus tadpole retinotectal circuit

Neglia, G.; Restucci, B.; Russo, M.; Vecchio, D.; Gasparrini, B.; Prandi, A.; D.P.lo, R.; D'Occhio, M.J.; Campanile, G., 2015:
Early development and function of the corpus luteum and relationship to pregnancy in the buffalo

Yaguchi, S.; Yamazaki, A.; Wada, W.; Tsuchiya, Y.; Sato, T.; Shinagawa, H.; Yamada, Y.; Yaguchi, J., 2016:
Early development and neurogenesis of Temnopleurus reevesii

Yamato, M.; Pyenson, N.D., 2015:
Early development and orientation of the acoustic funnel provides insight into the evolution of sound reception pathways in cetaceans

Ellis, N.A.; Donde, N.N.; Miller, C.T., 2017:
Early development and replacement of the stickleback dentition

Lemcke, S.; Parner, E.T.; Bjerrum, M.; Thomsen, P.H.; Lauritsen, M.B., 2016:
Early development in children that are later diagnosed with disorders of attention and activity: a longitudinal study in the Danish National Birth Cohort

Miranda Lopes, T.; Garcia de Oliveira, F.; Bialetzki, Aéa.; Antonio Agostinho, A., 2015:
Early development in the mouth-brooding cichlid fish Satanoperca pappaterra (Perciformes: Cichlidae)

Tran, M.; Tsarouhas, V.; Kegel, A., 2016:
Early development of Drosophila embryos requires Smc5/6 function during oogenesis

Moriyama, N.; Ishihara, M.; Noguchi, T.; Nakanishi, M.; Arakawa, T.; Asaumi, Y.; Kumasaka, L.; Kanaya, T.; Nagai, T.; Fujino, M.; Honda, S.; Fujiwara, R.; Anzai, T.; Kusano, K.; Goto, Y.; Yasuda, S.; Saito, S.; Ogawa, H., 2016:
Early development of acute kidney injury is an independent predictor of in-hospital mortality in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Mogi, M.; Uji, S.; Yokoi, H.; Suzuki, T., 2016:
Early development of circadian rhythmicity in the suprachiamatic nuclei and pineal gland of teleost, flounder (Paralichthys olivaeus), embryos

Iwamoto, D.; Yamagata, K.; Kishi, M.; Hayashi-Takanaka, Y.; Kimura, H.; Wakayama, T.; Saeki, K., 2015:
Early development of cloned bovine embryos produced from oocytes enucleated by fluorescence metaphase II imaging using a conventional halogen-lamp microscope

Harvey, E.A.; Breaux, R.P.; Lugo-Candelas, C.I., 2017:
Early development of comorbidity between symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)

Goldberg, A.; Zdorovyak, A.; Rosenfeld, I.; Nordkin, I., 2016:
Early development of coronary artery aneurysms after implantation of biolimus-eluting stent with biodegradable polymer

Ramanauskienė, Eė.; Labanauskas, L.; Verkauskienė, R.; Sileikienė, R., 2016:
Early development of endocrine and metabolic consequences after treatment of central nervous system tumors in children

Itagaki, M.Kengo.; Katsuragawa, M.; Pimentel, C.Maria.Marcondes.; Oliveira, I.da.Rocha.; Ohkawara, M.Hidekazu., 2015:
Early development of fat snook, Centropomus parallelus (Poey 1860) (Teleostei, Centropomidae) from Southeastern Brazil

Wang, Q.; Weng, H.; Chen, Y.; Wang, C.; Lian, S.; Wu, X.; Zhang, F.; Li, A., 2016:
Early development of gonads in Muscovy duck embryos

Wetterauer, C.; Vlajnic, T.; Schüler, J.; Gsponer, J.R.; Thalmann, G.N.; Cecchini, M.; Schneider, J.; Zellweger, T.; Pueschel, H.; Bachmann, A.; Ruiz, C.; Dirnhofer, S.; Bubendorf, L.; Rentsch, C.A., 2015:
Early development of human lymphomas in a prostate cancer xenograft program using triple knock-out immunocompromised mice

Fortea-Sevilla, M.Sol.; Escandell-Bermúdez, M.Olga.; Castro-Sánchez, Jé.Juan.; Martos-Pérez, J., 2016:
Early development of language in small children with autism spectrum disorder using alternative systems

McPherson, K.C.; Taylor, L.; Johnson, A.C.; Didion, S.P.; Geurts, A.M.; Garrett, M.R.; Williams, J.M., 2016:
Early development of podocyte injury independently of hyperglycemia and elevations in arterial pressure in nondiabetic obese Dahl SS leptin receptor mutant rats

Smith, M.Meredith.; Riley, A.; Fraser, G.J.; Underwood, C.; Welten, M.; Kriwet, Jürgen.; Pfaff, C.; Johanson, Z., 2016:
Early development of rostrum saw-teeth in a fossil ray tests classical theories of the evolution of vertebrate dentitions

Koolen, N.; Dereymaeker, A.; Räsänen, O.; Jansen, K.; Vervisch, J.; Matic, V.; Naulaers, G.; D.V.s, M.; Van Huffel, S.; Vanhatalo, S., 2016:
Early development of synchrony in cortical activations in the human

Weglowski, M.; Woźniak, W.; Piotrowski, A.; Bruska, M.; Weglowska, J.; Sobański, J.; Grzymisławska, M.; Łupicka, J., 2015:
Early development of the facial nerve in human embryos at stages 13-15

Zhang, H.; Zhang, Z.; Yin, X.; Zhan, J.; Zhao, Z.; Tang, Y.; Liu, C.; Liu, S.; Zhong, S., 2016:
Early development of the fetal central sulcus on 7.0T magnetic resonance imaging

Francino, M.Pilar., 2014:
Early development of the gut microbiota and immune health

Burford, C.M.; Mason, M.J., 2016:
Early development of the malleus and incus in humans

Juraver-Geslin, H.A.; Durand, Béatrice.C., 2015:
Early development of the neural plate: new roles for apoptosis and for one of its main effectors caspase-3

Calderón-Urrea, A.; Vanholme, B.; Vangestel, S.; Kane, S.M.; Bahaji, A.; Pha, K.; Garcia, M.; Snider, A.; Gheysen, G., 2016:
Early development of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita

Scaal, M., 2015:
Early development of the vertebral column

Gratier, M.; Devouche, E.; Guellai, B.; Infanti, R.; Yilmaz, E.; Parlato-Oliveira, E., 2015:
Early development of turn-taking in vocal interaction between mothers and infants

Takahashi, D.Y.; Fenley, A.R.; Ghazanfar, A.A., 2016:
Early development of turn-taking with parents shapes vocal acoustics in infant marmoset monkeys

Hilbrink, E.E.; Gattis, M.; Levinson, S.C., 2015:
Early developmental changes in the timing of turn-taking: a longitudinal study of mother-infant interaction

Arabameri, E.; Sotoodeh, M.Saber., 2015:
Early developmental delay in children with autism: A study from a developing country

Araujo, I.C.; Andrade, R.P.; Santos, F.; Soares, E.S.; Yokota, R.; Mostarda, C.; Fiorino, P.; D.A.gelis, K.; Irigoyen, M.C.; Morris, M.; Farah, V., 2016:
Early developmental exposure to high fructose intake in rats with NaCl stimulation causes cardiac damage

Georgiev, A.V.; Kuzawa, C.W.; McDade, T.W., 2016:
Early developmental exposures shape trade-offs between acquired and innate immunity in humans

Becker, M.; Guadalupe, T.; Franke, B.; Hibar, D.P.; Renteria, M.E.; Stein, J.L.; Thompson, P.M.; Francks, C.; Vernes, S.C.; Fisher, S.E., 2016:
Early developmental gene enhancers affect subcortical volumes in the adult human brain

Spittle, A.; Orton, J.; Anderson, P.J.; Boyd, R.; Doyle, L.W., 2016:
Early developmental intervention programmes provided post hospital discharge to prevent motor and cognitive impairment in preterm infants

Chaibal, S.; Bennett, S.; Rattanathanthong, K.; Siritaratiwat, W., 2017:
Early developmental milestones and age of independent walking in orphans compared with typical home-raised infants

Dueker, G.; Chen, J.; Cowling, C.; Haskin, B., 2016:
Early developmental outcomes predicted by gestational age from 35 to 41weeks

Melo, C.Fernando.Odir.Rodrigues.; Esteves, C.Zanardi.; de Oliveira, R.Nunes.; Guerreiro, T.Melina.; de Oliveira, D.Noin.; Lima, E.de.Oliveira.; Miné, Júlio.César.; Allegretti, S.Marques.; Catharino, R.Ramos., 2016:
Early developmental stages of Ascaris lumbricoides featured by high-resolution mass spectrometry

Honarmand, M.; Thompson, C.K.; Schatton, A.; Kipper, S.; Scharff, C., 2016:
Early developmental stress negatively affects neuronal recruitment to avian song system nucleus HVC

Ravangard, S.F.; Scott, A.E.; Mastrogiannis, D.; Kominiarek, M.A., 2016:
Early diabetes screening in obese women

Nabuco, A.; Pimentel, S.; Cabizuca, C.A.; Rodacki, M.; Finamore, D.; Oliveira, M.M.; Zajdenverg, L., 2016:
Early diabetes screening in women with previous gestational diabetes: a new insight

Qi, H.; Nørlinger, T.S.; Nielsen, P.M.; Bertelsen, L.B.; Mikkelsen, E.; Xu, Y.; Stødkilde Jørgensen, H.; Laustsen, C., 2016:
Early diabetic kidney maintains the corticomedullary urea and sodium gradient

Martins, M.Virgínia.Alves.; Mane, M.Ângelo.; Frontalini, F.; Santos, Jé.Francisco.; da Silva, F.Sobrinho.; Terroso, D.; Miranda, P.; Figueira, R.; Laut, L.Luiz.Mattos.; Bernardes, C.; Filho, Jão.Graciano.Mendonça.; Coccioni, R.; Dias, Jão.M.Alveirinho.; Rocha, F., 2016:
Early diagenesis and clay mineral adsorption as driving factors of metal pollution in sediments: the case of Aveiro Lagoon (Portugal)

Devescovi, R.; Monasta, L.; Mancini, A.; Bin, M.; Vellante, V.; Carrozzi, M.; Colombi, C., 2016:
Early diagnosis and Early Start Denver Model intervention in autism spectrum disorders delivered in an Italian Public Health System service

Susheela, A.K.; Mondal, N.K.; Tripathi, N.; Gupta, R., 2015:
Early diagnosis and complete recovery from fluorosis through practice of interventions

Maitra, A.; Kamil, T.Karmila.; Shaik, M.; Danquah, C.Amaning.; Chrzastek, A.; Bhakta, S., 2016:
Early diagnosis and effective treatment regimens are the keys to tackle antimicrobial resistance in tuberculosis (TB): A report from Euroscicon's international TB Summit 2016

Jiang, S.; Li, X.; Cao, J.; Wu, D.; Kong, L.; Lin, L.; Jin, Z.; An, J.; Wang, Y., 2016:
Early diagnosis and follow-up of chronic active Epstein-Barr-virus-associated cardiovascular complications with cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging: A case report

Zhang, Y.; Li, G.; Zheng, Y., 2015:
Early diagnosis and intervention in 0-9 months old infants with hearing loss

Zhang, Y.Qun.; Yao, L.Qing.; Xu, M.Dong.; Li, Q.Lin.; Chen, W.Feng.; Hu, J.Wei.; Cai, M.Yan.; Qin, W.Zheng.; Zhou, P.Hong., 2016:
Early diagnosis and management of esophageal leakage after peroral endoscopic myotomy for achalasia

Liu, S.; Glavinovic, T.; Tam, J.W., 2015:
Early diagnosis and management of myocardial rupture

Millon, L.; Herbrecht, R.; Grenouillet, F.; Morio, F.; Alanio, A.; Letscher-Bru, V.; Cassaing, S.; Chouaki, T.; Kauffmann-Lacroix, C.; Poirier, P.; Toubas, D.; Augereau, O.; Rocchi, S.; Garcia-Hermoso, D.; Bretagne, S.; Dupont, H.; Marolleau, J.P.; Totet, A.; Damiani, C.; Berceanu, A.; Larosa, F.; Bonhomme, J.; Chabrot, C.; Bouteille, B.; Boutoille, D.; Gastinne, T.; Peterlin, P.; Gari Toussaint, M.; Poisson, D.; Briet, D.; Buret, J.; Legrand, M.; Denis, B.; Raffoux, E.; Bergeron, A.; Veinstein,, 2015:
Early diagnosis and monitoring of mucormycosis by detection of circulating DNA in serum: retrospective analysis of 44 cases collected through the French Surveillance Network of Invasive Fungal Infections (RESSIF)

Xie, D-dan.; Li, X-song.; Liu, Y-yuan., 2015:
Early diagnosis and prognosis evaluation of Bell palsy with blink reflex

Parisi, M.Rita.; Soldini, L.; Negri, S.; Vidoni, G.Marino.; Gianotti, N.; Nozza, S.; Schlusnus, K.; Dorigatti, F.; Lazzarin, A., 2015:
Early diagnosis and retention in care of HIV-infected patients through rapid salivary testing: a test-and-treat fast track pilot study

Epstein, J.B.; Kupferman, S.B.; Zabner, R.; Rejali, A.; Hopp, M.L.; Lill, M.; Tzachanis, D., 2017:
Early diagnosis and successful management of oral mucormycosis in a hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipient: case report and literature review

Huang, Y-Hsun.; Lin, I-Huang.; Chang, T-Chain.; Tseng, S-Huei., 2015:
Early diagnosis and successful treatment of Cryptococcus albidus keratitis: a case report and literature review

Kurihara, T.; Sumi, M.; Kaiume, H.; Takeda, W.; Kirihara, T.; Sato, K.; Ueki, T.; Hiroshima, Y.; Ueno, M.; Ichikawa, N.; Kaneko, Y.; Hikosaka, K.; Norose, K.; Kobayashi, H., 2016:
Early diagnosis and successful treatment of disseminated toxoplasmosis after cord blood transplantation

Jansen, J.C.G.; Van Calster, J.; Pulido, J.S.; Miles, S.L.; Vile, R.G.; Van Bergen, T.; Cassiman, C.; Spielberg, L.H.; Leys, A.M., 2015:
Early diagnosis and successful treatment of paraneoplastic melanocytic proliferation

Hesman, A., 2016:
Early diagnosis and testing for human immunodeficiency virus

Red, 2016:
Early diagnosis and therapy improve prognosis

Xu, Y-Qin.; Li, Q.; Shen, T-Gang.; Su, P-Hua.; Wang, G.; Yao, Y-Rong.; Deng, P.; Luo, Z-Li.; Wei, Q-Qiang.; Qiu, C-Bin.; Chen Wei; Shen, H-Qiang., 2015:
Early diagnosis and treatment for trauma around the knee with popliteal vascular injury

Proverbio, M.Renata.; Lamba, M.; Rossi, A.; Siani, P., 2015:
Early diagnosis and treatment in a child with foodborne botulism

Özdogan, M.; Gottlieb, H., 2017:
Early diagnosis and treatment of Boerhaave's syndrome is pivotal for the prognosis

Kato, T.; Kakuta, Y.; Yamanaka, K.; Okumi, M.; Abe, T.; Imamura, R.; Ichimaru, N.; Takahara, S.; Nonomura, N., 2015:
Early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in Japanese kidney transplant recipients: a single center experience

Shen, H.; Yu, Z.; Zhao, J.; Li, X-Zhen.; Pan, W-Sheng., 2016:
Early diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumors

Xu, Y-Qin.; Li, Q.; Shen, T-Gang.; Su, P-Hua.; Zhu, Y-Zhong., 2015:
Early diagnosis and treatment of trauma in knee joints accompanied with popliteal vascular injury

Selvapatt, N.; Brown, A.; Thursz, M., 2015:
Early diagnosis and treatment: the goal of hepatitis C screening

Song, J.In.; Kim, Y-Ki.; Hwang, J.Hwa.; Yang, H-Jong., 2016:
Early diagnosis based on clinical history and BALF for successful management of smoking-induced acute eosinophilic pneumonia without unnecessary antibiotic usage: a case report

Gunaydin, C.; Gencturk, N., 2015:
Early diagnosis behavior in Turkish women with and without a family history of cervical cancer

Trimboli, P.; Nigri, G.; Guidobaldi, L.; Romanelli, F.; Aurello, P.; Crescenzi, A.; Appetecchia, M.; Giovanella, L.; Valabrega, S., 2016:
Early diagnosis by FNA cytology should not influence the outcome of differentiated thyroid cancer

Anonymous, 2000:
Early diagnosis for deaf babies

Miller, M.H.; Dillon, J.F., 2016:
Early diagnosis improves outcomes in hepatitis C

Reitblat, O.; Lerman, T.T.; Grisko, O.; Gelfand, A.; Simonovich, A.; Novokhatko, G.; Zamir, D.; Reitblat, T., 2015:
Early diagnosis in an unusual presentation of Takayasu's arteritis

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Early diagnosis is desirable

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Early diagnosis of autism: Phenotype-endophenotype

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Early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is essential to reduce deaths, says guideline

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Early diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis using serum biomarkers

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Early discharge after breast surgery

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Early discharge following Gl bleed

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Early discharge fuels A&E visits

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Early discharge in the bariatric population does not increase post-discharge resource utilization

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Early discharge of the healthy newborn from the nursery of the Hospital Español de México

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Early discharge with home support of gavage feeding for stable preterm infants who have not established full oral feeds

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Early discussions with family of people with severe brain injury

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Early drug development: assessment of proarrhythmic risk and cardiovascular safety

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Early dual drainage combining transpapillary endotherapy and percutaneous catheter drainage in patients with pancreatic fistula associated with severe acute pancreatitis

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Early e-consultation face-to-face conversions

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Early echocardiographic predictors of outcomes in the mouse transverse aortic constriction heart failure model

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Early Ectopic Recurrence of Craniopharyngioma in the Cerebellopontine Angle

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Early effect in time-dependent, high-dimensional nonlinear dynamical systems with multiple resonances

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Early isolation of patients critical

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