Ectopic goitrous submandibular thyroid with goitrous orthotopic thyroid gland

Bhardwaj, A.K.; Mani, V.; Dixit, R.; Garg, A.

Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging 26(2): 245-248


ISSN/ISBN: 0971-3026
PMID: 27413274
Accession: 057686595

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Ectopic thyroid is a rare developmental anomaly with lingual thyroid accounting for majority of the cases. The presence of ectopic thyroid tissue lateral to the midline is very rare, and very few cases located in the submandibular region have been reported. The simultaneous finding of submandibular ectopic thyroid tissue and a functional orthotopic thyroid gland is even rarer. In the differential diagnosis of an ectopic submandibular thyroid, it is fundamental to exclude a metastasis from well-differentiated thyroid cancer, even when primary thyroid carcinoma is not demonstrable.