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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57703

Chapter 57703 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yu, L.; Boyle, P.A.; Leurgans, S.; Schneider, J.A.; Kryscio, R.J.; Wilson, R.S.; Bennett, D.A., 2016:
Effect of common neuropathologies on progression of late life cognitive impairment

Hu, M.; Fok, B.S.P.; Wo, S-Kwan.; Lee, V.H.L.; Zuo, Z.; Tomlinson, B., 2016:
Effect of common polymorphisms of the farnesoid X receptor and bile acid transporters on the pharmacokinetics of ursodeoxycholic acid

Postula, M.; Janicki, P.K.; Rosiak, M.; Kaplon-Cieslicka, A.; Kondracka, A.; Trzepla, E.; Filipiak, K.J.; Kosior, D.A.; Czlonkowski, A.; Opolski, G., 2015:
Effect of common single nucleotide polymorphisms in COX-1 gene on related metabolic activity in diabetic patients treated with acetylsalicylic acid

Tilahun, D.; Birhanu, Z., 2011:
Effect of community based behavioural change communication intervention to improve neonatal mortality in developing countries: A Systematic Review

Ogundele, O.Akinbode.; Ogundele, T., 2016:
Effect of community level intervention on nutritional status and feeding practices of under five children in Ile Ife, Nigeria

Sadruddin, S.; Khan, I.Ul.Haque.; Bari, A.; Khan, A.; Ahmad, I.; Qazi, S.A., 2015:
Effect of community mobilization on appropriate care seeking for pneumonia in Haripur, Pakistan

Lin, C-Fu.; Lee, K-Ji.; Yu, S-Shyan.; Lin, Y-Song., 2016:
Effect of comorbid diabetes and hypercholesterolemia on the prognosis of idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss

Wang, J-Bin.; Zheng, C-Hui.; Li, P.; Xie, J-Wei.; Lin, J-Xian.; Lu, J.; Chen, Q-Yue.; Cao, L-Long.; Lin, M.; Huang, C-Ming., 2016:
Effect of comorbidities on postoperative complications in patients with gastric cancer after laparoscopy-assisted total gastrectomy: results from an 8-year experience at a large-scale single center

Arora, A.; Potter, J.F.; Stoner, J., 2016:
Effect of comorbidities on screening mammography in women over 70 years of age

Marrie, R.Ann.; Elliott, L.; Marriott, J.; Cossoy, M.; Blanchard, J.; Leung, S.; Yu, N., 2015:
Effect of comorbidity on mortality in multiple sclerosis

Prajapati, R.; Chatterjee, S.; Kannaujiya, K.K.; Mukherjee, T.Kanti., 2016:
Effect of compartmentalization of donor and acceptor on the ultrafast resonance energy transfer from DAPI to silver nanoclusters

Citraningrum, H.M.; Liu, J-Chern., 2017:
Effect of competing amines on the removal of tetramethylammonium hydroxide from solution using ion exchange

Bretman, A.; Fricke, C.; Westmancoat, J.D.; Chapman, T., 2016:
Effect of competitive cues on reproductive morphology and behavioral plasticity in male fruitflies

Giuntini, S.; Beernink, P.T.; Granoff, D.M., 2016:
Effect of complement Factor H on anti-FHbp serum bactericidal antibody responses of infant rhesus macaques boosted with a licensed meningococcal serogroup B vaccine

Campbell, R.K.; Hurley, K.M.; Shamim, A.Ahmed.; Shaikh, S.; Chowdhury, Z.T.; Mehra, S.; de Pee, S.; Ahmed, T.; West, K.P.; Christian, P., 2016:
Effect of complementary food supplementation on breastfeeding and home diet in rural Bangladeshi children

Tang, E.; Hou, Y-Zhu.; Mao, J-Yuan.; Wang, J-Ying.; Zhao, Z-Qiang., 2015:
Effect of complementary treatment of Chinese drugs on myocardial perfusion patients with acute myocardial infarction after coronary intervention: a systematic review

Buragadda, S.; Alhusaini, A.A.; Melam, G.Rao.; Arora, N., 2015:
Effect of complete decongestive therapy and a home program for patients with post mastectomy lymphedema

Melam, G.Rao.; Buragadda, S.; Alhusaini, A.A.; Arora, N., 2017:
Effect of complete decongestive therapy and home program on health- related quality of life in post mastectomy lymphedema patients

Umul, M.; Cal, A.C.; Turna, B.; Oktem, G.; Aydın, H.H., 2016:
Effect of complete hilar versus only renal artery clamping on renal histomorphology following ischemia/reperfusion injury in an experimental model

Sayani, F.; Stewart, D.; Kmet, L.; Faris, P.; Savoie, M.L.; Chaudhry, A.; Brown, C.; Russell, J.; Bahlis, N., 2016:
Effect of complete response pre- and post- autologous stem cell transplantation in multiple myeloma

Sánchez-Santana, Tás.; Del-Moral-Luque, J.Antonio.; Gil-Yonte, P.; Bañuelos-Andrío, L.; Durán-Poveda, M.; Rodríguez-Caravaca, G., 2016:
Effect of compliance with an antibiotic prophylaxis protocol in surgical site infections in appendectomies. Prospective cohort study

Chotai, S.; Parker, S.L.; Sivaganesan, A.; Sielatycki, J.Alex.; Asher, A.L.; McGirt, M.J.; Devin, C.J., 2016:
Effect of complications within 90 days on patient-reported outcomes 3 months and 12 months following elective surgery for lumbar degenerative disease

Guo, H.; Liu, X.; Bai, C.; Chen, Y.; Wang, L.; Zheng, M.; Dong, Q.; Peng, D-Liang., 2015:
Effect of component distribution and nanoporosity in CuPt nanotubes on electrocatalysis of the oxygen reduction reaction

Chen, Z.; Wang, L.; Liu, Y.; He, J.; Lian, Q.; Li, D.; Jin, Z., 2015:
Effect of component mal-rotation on knee loading in total knee arthroplasty using multi-body dynamics modeling under a simulated walking gait

Li, X.; Wang, H.; Rong, H.; Li, W.; Luo, Y.; Tian, K.; Quan, D.; Wang, Y.; Jiang, L., 2015:
Effect of composite SiO₂@AuNPs on wound healing: in vitro and vivo studies

Cotes, C.; Cardoso, M.; Melo, R.Marques.de.; Valandro, L.Felipe.; Bottino, M.Antonio., 2015:
Effect of composite surface treatment and aging on the bond strength between a core build-up composite and a luting agent

Firouzmandi, M.; Doozandeh, M.; Jowkar, Z.; Abbasi, S., 2016:
Effect of composite/amalgam thickness on fracture resistance of maxillary premolar teeth, restored with combined amalgam-composite restorations

Karthikeyan, R.; Krishnaraj, N.; Selvam, A.; Wong, J.Woon-Chung.; Lee, P.K.H.; Leung, M.K.H.; Berchmans, S., 2017:
Effect of composites based nickel foam anode in microbial fuel cell using Acetobacter aceti and Gluconobacter roseus as a biocatalysts

Borgohain, P.; Sahariah, M.B., 2015:
Effect of compositional and antisite disorder on the electronic and magnetic properties of Ni-Mn-In Heusler alloy

Vasudevan, M.; Johnston, C.D.; Bastow, T.P.; Lekmine, G.; Rayner, J.L.; Nambi, I.M.; Suresh Kumar, G.; Ravi Krishna, R.; Davis, G.B., 2016:
Effect of compositional heterogeneity on dissolution of non-ideal LNAPL mixtures

Pasqualone, A.; Summo, C.; Centomani, I.; Lacolla, G.; Caranfa, G.; Cucci, G., 2016:
Effect of composted sewage sludge on morpho-physiological growth parameters, grain yield and selected functional compounds of barley

Hanc, A.; Dreslova, M., 2017:
Effect of composting and vermicomposting on properties of particle size fractions

Bugajski, A.J.; Chłap, Z.; Gadek-Michalska, A.; Borycz, J.; Bugajski, J., 1997:
Effect of compound 48/80 on mast cells and histamine levels in rat brain and on corticosterone secretion

Zhang, B-yan.; Li, Y-feng.; Lai, Y.; Li, Y-sen.; Chen, Z-jun., 2015:
Effect of compound Chinese traditional medicine PC-SPES II in inhibiting proliferation of human prostate cancer cell LNCaP and on expressions of AR and PSA

Zhao, Z.; Liao, H.; Ju, Y., 2016:
Effect of compound Kushen injection on T-cell subgroups and natural killer cells in patients with locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer treated with concomitant radiochemotherapy

Xie, Y.H.; Li, X.P.; Xu, Z.X.; Qian, P.; Li, X.L.; Wang, Y.Q., 2017:
Effect of compound Maqin decoction on TGF-β1/Smad proteins and IL-10 and IL-17 content in lung tissue of asthmatic rats

Dong, F.; Xu, L.; Xu, G.; Wang, H.; Lu, H.; Cai, L., 2016:
Effect of compound hypertonic saline solution on septic rats

Zhu, Y-fang.; Gu, X-bing.; Guo, X-ye.; Yan, Z-han.; Pu, Y-chuan.; Tu, K-wan.; Hua, Z.; Pei, H., 2015:
Effect of compound qizhu granule on cellular immunity of chronic hepatitis B patients

Frederix, I.; Hansen, D.; Coninx, K.; Vandervoort, P.; Vandijck, D.; Hens, N.; Van Craenenbroeck, E.; Van Driessche, N.; Dendale, P., 2017:
Effect of comprehensive cardiac telerehabilitation on one-year cardiovascular rehospitalization rate, medical costs and quality of life: A cost-effectiveness analysis

Cheng, H.G.; Patel, B.S.; Martin, S.S.; Blaha, M.; Doneen, A.; Bale, B.; Jones, S.R., 2016:
Effect of comprehensive cardiovascular disease risk management on longitudinal changes in carotid artery intima-media thickness in a community-based prevention clinic

Li, M-chuan.; Mei, H-gen.; Tang, J-ping.; Xu, A-qiang.; Hu, Y-he.; Cao, H-jun., 2015:
Effect of comprehensive care for chronic filariasis patients with lymphedema

Liu, Q.; Liu, B.; Ren, Y.; Cao, C.; Lyu, J.; Li, L., 2016 :
Effect of comprehensive intervention on capacity in prevention and control of chronic diseases in community medical staff in Hangzhou

Houwink, E.J.F.; Muijtjens, A.M.M.; van Teeffelen, S.R.; Henneman, L.; Rethans, J.Joost.; Jacobi, F.; van der Jagt, L.; Stirbu, I.; van Luijk, S.J.; Stumpel, C.T.R.M.; Meijers-Heijboer, H.E.; van der Vleuten, C.; Cornel, M.C.; Dinant, G.Jan., 2016:
Effect of comprehensive oncogenetics training interventions for general practitioners, evaluated at multiple performance levels

Xia, A.; Tao, H-Ye.; Zhao, Y-Ming.; Jiang, J.; Wang, J.; Mei, J., 2015:
Effect of comprehensive prevention and control of soil-transmitted nematodiasis in Runzhou District of Zhenjiang City

Chen, S-rong.; Li, B-gui.; Luo, J-jun.; Li, W-bao.; Mu, L-Xian.; Tian, S-hui.; Li, P.; Liu Yu-Hua; Yang, H.; Wang, S-wei.; Chen, F.; Luo, B-rong.; Li, K-rong.; Duan, Y-chun., 2015:
Effect of comprehensive schistosomiasis control measures based on infection source control in mountainous areas of Yunnan Province

Xiang, R-deng.; Zhang, Z-hai.; Yu, B.; Shan, X-wei.; Deng, F.; Xu, X-wen.; Fang, R.; Liu Zhi-Shuang; Zhang, H-e.; Wang, H-ling., 2015:
Effect of comprehensive schistosomiasis control strategy based on infection source control in Hanchuan City

So, W.K.W.; Wong, I.Ky.; Lee, D.T.F.; Thompson, D.R.; Lau, Y.W.; Chao, D.V.K.; Heung, N.F.; Au, W.L., 2015:
Effect of compression bandaging on wound healing and psychosocial outcomes in older people with venous ulcers: a randomised controlled trial

Yin, J.; Yuan, T.; Lu, Y.; Song, K.; Li, H.; Zhao, G.; Yin, Y., 2016:
Effect of compression combined with steam treatment on the porosity, chemical compositon and cellulose crystalline structure of wood cell walls

Raut, N.Sureshrao.; Jamaiwar, S.; Umekar, M.Janrao.; Kotagale, N.Ramdas., 2016:
Effect of compression pressure on inhalation grade lactose as carrier for dry powder inhalations

Grenier, E.; Gehin, C.; McAdams, E.; Lun, B.; Gobin, J-P.; Uhl, J-F., 2016 :
Effect of compression stockings on cutaneous microcirculation: Evaluation based on measurements of the skin thermal conductivity

Subbiah, R.; Aggarwal, V.; Zhao, H.; Kolluri, R.; Chatterjee, S.; Bashir, R., 2018:
Effect of compression stockings on post thrombotic syndrome in patients with deep vein thrombosis: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

Grimm, S.; Walter, C.; Pabst, A.; Goldschmitt, J.; Wehrbein, H.; Jacobs, C., 2016:
Effect of compressive loading and incubation with clodronate on the RANKL/OPG system of human osteoblasts

den Harder, A.M.; de Heer, L.M.; Meijer, R.C.A.; Das, M.; Krestin, G.P.; Maessen, J.G.; Bogers, A.J.J.C.; de Jong, P.A.; Leiner, T.; Budde, R.P.J., 2016:
Effect of computed tomography before cardiac surgery on surgical strategy, mortality and stroke

Donnino, R.; Srichai, M.B.; Madan, V.D.; Bernstein, S.A.; Jacobs, J.E., 2015:
Effect of computed tomography imaging on rhythm devices in real-world practice

Pei, X.; Gu, Q.; Ye, D.; Wang, Y.; Zou, X.; He, L.; Jin, Y.; Yao, Y., 2016:
Effect of computer radiation on weight and oxidant-antioxidant status of mice

Anonymous, 2016:
Effect of computer-based cognitive rehabilitation (CBCR) for people with stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Yoo, C.; Yong, M-Hyun.; Chung, J.; Yang, Y., 2015:
Effect of computerized cognitive rehabilitation program on cognitive function and activities of living in stroke patients

Goswami, N.; Kavcic, V.; Marusic, U.; Simunic, B.; Rössler, A.; Hinghofer-Szalkay, H.; Pisot, R., 2015:
Effect of computerized cognitive training with virtual spatial navigation task during bed rest immobilization and recovery on vascular function: a pilot study

Pevnick, J.M.; Herzik, A.J.; Li, X.; Chen, I.; Chithriki, M.; Jim, L.; Silka, P., 2015:
Effect of computerized physician order entry on imaging study indication

McMullen, C.K.; Macey, T.A.; Pope, J.; Gugerty, B.; Slot, M.; Lundeen, P.; Ash, J.; Carlson, N., 2015:
Effect of computerized prescriber order entry on pharmacy: experience of one health system

Verdú, M.; Bach, A.; Devant, M., 2016:
Effect of concentrate feeder design on performance, eating and animal behavior, welfare, ruminal health, and carcass quality in Holstein bulls fed high-concentrate diets

Purcell, P.J.; Law, R.A.; Gordon, A.W.; McGettrick, S.A.; Ferris, C.P., 2016:
Effect of concentrate feeding method on the performance of dairy cows in early to mid lactation

Sadet-Bourgeteau, S.; Philippeau, C.; Julliand, V., 2016:
Effect of concentrate feeding sequence on equine hindgut fermentation parameters

Dunn, A.; Ashfield, A.; Earley, B.; Welsh, M.; Gordon, A.; McGee, M.; Morrison, S.J., 2016:
Effect of concentrate supplementation during the dry period on colostrum quality and effect of colostrum feeding regimen on passive transfer of immunity, calf health, and performance

Quang, D.Van.; Ba, N.Xuan.; Doyle, P.T.; Hai, D.Van.; Lane, P.A.; Malau-Aduli, A.Eo.; Van, N.Huu.; Parsons, D., 2015:
Effect of concentrate supplementation on nutrient digestibility and growth of Brahman crossbred cattle fed a basal diet of grass and rice straw

Qiao, J.; An, N., 2016:
Effect of concentrated growth factors on function and Wnt3a expression of human periodontal ligament cells in vitro

Das, A.; Smith, M.L.; Saini, M.; Katole, S.; Kullu, S.S.; Gupta, B.K.; Sharma, A.K.; Swarup, D., 2015:
Effect of concentrates restriction on feed consumption, diet digestibility, and nitrogen utilization in captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)

Horel, A.; Schiewer, S.; Misra, D., 2016:
Effect of concentration gradients on biodegradation in bench-scale sand columns with HYDRUS modeling of hydrocarbon transport and degradation

Danish, R.; Ahmed, F.; Koo, B.Heun., 2015:
Effect of concentration on the growth of rutile TiO2 nanocrystals

Maheshwari, R.; Balaraman, R.; Sen, A.Kumar.; Shukla, D.; Seth, A., 2016:
Effect of concomitant administration of coenzyme Q10 with sitagliptin on experimentally induced diabetic nephropathy in rats

Kolomiets, M.V.; Bil'chenko, A.V., 2015:
Effect of concomitant chronic kidney disease on the xanthine metabolism in patients with chronic heart failure

Braeckman, R.A.; Stirtan, W.G.; Soni, P.N., 2015:
Effect of concomitant icosapent ethyl (eicosapentaenoic acid ethyl ester) on the pharmacokinetics of atorvastatin

Terrett, R.; Frankcombe, T.; Pace, R.; Stranger, R., 2016:
Effect of concomitant oxidation and deprotonation of hydrated Mn centres in rationalising the FTIR difference silence of D1-Asp170 in Photosystem II

Aydın, S.; Arıoğlu Aydın, Çağrı., 2015:
Effect of concomitant single incision vaginal surgery on mid urethral sling success

Hager, K.; Baseman, A.S.; Nye, J.S.; Brashear, H.Robert.; Han, J.; Sano, M.; Davis, B.; Richards, H.M., 2017:
Effect of concomitant use of memantine on mortality and efficacy outcomes of galantamine-treated patients with Alzheimer's disease: post-hoc analysis of a randomized placebo-controlled study

Shibing, Y.; Turun, S.; Qiang, W.; Junhao, L.; Haichao, Y.; Shengqiang, Q.; Ping, H.; Dehong, C., 2016:
Effect of concomitant variant histology on the prognosis of patients with upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma after radical nephroureterectomy

Walker, M.D.; Saeed, I.; Lee, J.A.; Zhang, C.; Hans, D.; Lang, T.; Silverberg, S.J., 2018:
Effect of concomitant vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency on lumbar spine volumetric bone mineral density and trabecular bone score in primary hyperparathyroidism

Kamishima, K.; Yamaguchi, J.; Honda, A.; Ogawa, H.; Hagiwara, N., 2016:
Effect of concurrent elevation of serum creatinine and C-reactive protein values on the long-term outcome in patients with ST-elevation acute myocardial infarction

Shimizu, F.; Ooatari, M.; Uehara, M.; Takahashi, Y.; Kawano, K., 2015:
Effect of concurrent mental nerve reconstruction at the same time as mandibular reconstruction using a fibula osteoseptocutaneous flap

Slade, A.D.; Warneke, C.L.; Hughes, D.P.; Lally, P.A.; Lally, K.P.; Hayes-Jordan, A.A.; Austin, M.T., 2016:
Effect of concurrent metastatic disease on survival in children and adolescents undergoing lung resection for metastatic osteosarcoma

Delvecchio, L.; Reaburn, P.; Trapp, G.; Korhonen, M.T., 2016:
Effect of concurrent resistance and sprint training on body composition and cardiometabolic health indicators in masters cyclists

Antunes, B.de.Moura.Mello.; Christofaro, D.Giuliano.Destro.; Monteiro, P.Alves.; Silveira, L.Sanches.; Fernandes, Rômulo.Araújo.; Mota, J.; Freitas Júnior, I.Forte., 2017:
Effect of concurrent training on gender-specific biochemical variables and adiposity in obese adolescents

McCaig, C.M.; Adams, S.G.; Dykstra, A.D.; Jog, M., 2016:
Effect of concurrent walking and interlocutor distance on conversational speech intensity and rate in Parkinson's disease

McCormick, M.E.; Forbes, S.; Moreira, V.R.; Blouin, D.C.; Han, K.J., 2015:
Effect of condensed corn distillers solubles concentration on lactation performance of Holstein cows

Pathak, A.K.; Dutta, N.; Banerjee, P.S.; Goswami, T.K.; Sharma, K., 2016:
Effect of condensed tannins supplementation through leaf meal mixture on voluntary feed intake, immune response and worm burden in Haemonchus contortus infected sheep

Bayat, A.; Farhadi, M.; Emamdjomeh, H.; Saki, N.; Mirmomeni, G.; Rahim, F., 2016:
Effect of conductive hearing loss on central auditory function

Maheswaran, R.; Ignacimuthu, S., 2015:
Effect of confertifolin from Polygonum hydropiper L. against dengue vector mosquitoes Aedes aegypti L

Schella, Aé.; Melzer, Aé.; July, C.; Bechinger, C., 2015:
Effect of confinement on the mode dynamics of dipole clusters

Choi, E.; Kim, D.; Park, K., 2015:
Effect of confining pressure due to external jacket of steel plate or shape memory alloy wire on bond behavior between concrete and steel reinforcing bars

Xiang, Y.; Al, T.; Mazurek, M., 2016:
Effect of confining pressure on diffusion coefficients in clay-rich, low-permeability sedimentary rocks

Dieterlen, M-Theresa.; John, K.; Haase, S.; Garbade, J.; Tarnok, A.; Mohr, F.W.; Bittner, H.B.; Barten, M.J., 2016:
Effect of confounding factors on a phospho-flow assay of ribosomal S6 protein for therapeutic drug monitoring of the mTOR-inhibitor everolimus in heart transplanted patients

Gallagher, J.Christopher.; Palacios, S.; Ryan, K.A.; Yu, C-Ray.; Pan, K.; Kendler, D.L.; Mirkin, S.; Komm, B.S., 2017:
Effect of conjugated estrogens/bazedoxifene on postmenopausal bone loss: pooled analysis of two randomized trials

Aryaeian, N.; Djalali, M.; Shahram, F.; Djazayery, A.; Eshragian, M.Reza., 2015:
Effect of conjugated linoleic Acid, vitamin e, alone or combined on immunity and inflammatory parameters in adults with active rheumatoid arthritis: a randomized controlled trial

Özer, C.Okan.; Kiliç, B., 2015:
Effect of conjugated linoleic acid enrichment on the quality characteristics of Turkish dry fermented sausage

Yang, J.; Wang, H-Peng.; Zhou, L-Mei.; Zhou, L.; Chen, T.; Qin, L-Qiang., 2016:
Effect of conjugated linoleic acid on blood pressure: a meta-analysis of randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trials

Elbadawy, H.Mostafa.; Mirabelli, P.; Xeroudaki, M.; Parekh, M.; Bertolin, M.; Breda, C.; Cagini, C.; Ponzin, D.; Lagali, N.; Ferrari, S., 2017:
Effect of connexin 43 inhibition by the mimetic peptide Gap27 on corneal wound healing, inflammation and neovascularization

Stoyanova, A.; Nikolova, I.; Galabov, A.S., 2016:
Effect of consecutive alternating administration (CAA) of a triple anti-enteroviral combination on Coxsackievirus B1 neuroinfection in mice

Zhao, Y-xin.; Lu, J-yun.; Yang, H-min., 2016:
Effect of conservation tillage on weeds in a rotation system on the Loess Plateau of eastern Gansu, Northwest China

Dębowski, M.; Zieliński, M.; Kisielewska, M.; Hajduk, A., 2016:
Effect of constant magnetic field on anaerobic digestion of algal biomass

Otón, L.Fernando.; Dolado, M.Carmen.; Núñez, E.J.; Otón, C.A., 2015:
Effect of constipation on dosimetry after permanent seed brachytherapy for prostate cancer

Caneschi, C.Milagres.; Muniyappa, M.K.; Duarte, L.P.; Silva, Gácia.D.F.; Dos Santos, O.David.Henrique.; Spillane, C.; Filho, S.Augusto.Vieira., 2015:
Effect of constituents from samaras of Austroplenckia populnea (Celastraceae) on human cancer cells

Stantzou, A.; Ueberschlag-Pitiot, V.; Thomasson, R.; Furling, D.; Bonnieu, A.; Amthor, H.; Ferry, A., 2016:
Effect of constitutive inactivation of the myostatin gene on the gain in muscle strength during postnatal growth in two murine models

Kang, K.Woo.; Kim, K.; Lee, N.Kyung.; Kwon, J.Won.; Son, S.Min., 2015:
Effect of constrained weight shift on the static balance and muscle activation of stroke patients

Gasior, K.; Martynkien, T.; Urbanczyk, W., 2015:
Effect of constructional parameters on the performance of a surface plasmon resonance sensor based on a multimode polymer optical fiber

Grases, F.; Prieto, R.M.; Fernández-Cabot, R.A.; Costa-Bauzá, A.; Sánchez, A.M.; Prodanov, M., 2016:
Effect of consuming a grape seed supplement with abundant phenolic compounds on the oxidative status of healthy human volunteers

Oki, T.; Kano, M.; Watanabe, O.; Goto, K.; Boelsma, E.; Ishikawa, F.; Suda, I., 2016:
Effect of consuming a purple-fleshed sweet potato beverage on health-related biomarkers and safety parameters in Caucasian subjects with elevated levels of blood pressure and liver function biomarkers: a 4-week, open-label, non-comparative trial

Ramprasath, V.R.; Thandapilly, S.J.; Yang, S.; Abraham, A.; Jones, P.J.H.; Ames, N., 2016:
Effect of consuming novel foods consisting high oleic canola oil, barley β-glucan, and DHA on cardiovascular disease risk in humans: the CONFIDENCE (Canola Oil and Fibre with DHA Enhanced) study - protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Bañuls, C.; Rovira-Llopis, S.; López-Doménech, S.; Veses, S.; Víctor, Víctor.M.; Rocha, M.; Hernández-Mijares, A., 2016:
Effect of consumption of a carob pod inositol-enriched beverage on insulin sensitivity and inflammation in middle-aged prediabetic subjects

Montero-Quintero, K.Carolina.; Moreno-Rojas, R.; Molina, E.Alí.; Colina-Barriga, Máximo.Segundo.; Sánchez-Urdaneta, A.Beatriz., 2017:
Effect of consumption of bread with amaranth (Amaranthus dubius Mart. ex Thell.) on glycemic response and biochemical parameters in Sprague dawley rats

Micka, A.; Siepelmeyer, A.; Holz, A.; Theis, S.; Schön, C., 2016:
Effect of consumption of chicory inulin on bowel function in healthy subjects with constipation: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Karunakaran, G.; Suriyaprabha, R.; Rajendran, V.; Kannan, N., 2015:
Effect of contact angle, zeta potential and particles size on the in vitro studies of Al2O3 and SiO2 nanoparticles

Tauste, A.; Ronda, E.; Molina, Mía-José.; Seguí, M., 2016:
Effect of contact lens use on Computer Vision Syndrome

Livorsi, D.J.; Kundu, M.G.; Batteiger, B.; Kressel, A.B., 2016:
Effect of contact precautions for MRSA on patient satisfaction scores

Taghipour-Farshi, H.; Frounchi, J.; Ahmadiasl, N.; Shahabi, P.; Salekzamani, Y., 2016:
Effect of contacts configuration and location on selective stimulation of cuff electrode

Gargouri, B.; Zribi, A.; Bouaziz, M., 2015:
Effect of containers on the quality of Chemlali olive oil during storage

Lippi, G.; Buonocore, R.; Di Pietro, M.; Ippolito, L.; Favaloro, E.J., 2015:
Effect of contaminant 0.9% saline on tests of haemostasis

Fujinaka, A.; Li, R.; Hayashi, M.; Kumar, D.; Changarathil, G.; Naito, K.; Miki, K.; Nishiyama, T.; Lazarus, M.; Sakurai, T.; Kee, N.; Nakajima, S.; Wang, S-Han.; Sakaguchi, M., 2016:
Effect of context exposure after fear learning on memory generalization in mice

Muro, F.; Mtove, G.; Mosha, N.; Wangai, H.; Harrison, N.; Hildenwall, H.; Schellenberg, D.; Todd, J.; Olomi, R.; Reyburn, H., 2015:
Effect of context on respiratory rate measurement in identifying non-severe pneumonia in African children

Azam, N.; Hassan, U.; Farooq, A., 2017:
Effect of continued professional development on clinical performance in a public sector health care setting

Nathan, S.D.; Albera, C.; Bradford, W.Z.; Costabel, U.; du Bois, R.M.; Fagan, E.A.; Fishman, R.S.; Glaspole, I.; Glassberg, M.K.; Glasscock, K.F.; King, T.E.; Lancaster, L.; Lederer, D.J.; Lin, Z.; Pereira, C.A.; Swigris, J.J.; Valeyre, D.; Noble, P.W.; Wells, A.U., 2016:
Effect of continued treatment with pirfenidone following clinically meaningful declines in forced vital capacity: analysis of data from three phase 3 trials in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Ye, T.; Sun, X.; Tang, W.; Miao, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, L., 2017:
Effect of continuity of care on health-related quality of life in adult patients with hypertension: a cohort study in China

Bayliss, E.A.; Ellis, J.L.; Shoup, J.Ann.; Zeng, C.; McQuillan, D.B.; Steiner, J.F., 2015:
Effect of continuity of care on hospital utilization for seniors with multiple medical conditions in an integrated health care system

Boer, P.H.; Moss, S.J., 2016:
Effect of continuous aerobic vs. interval training on selected anthropometrical, physiological and functional parameters of adults with Down syndrome

Cunha, F.A.; Midgley, A.W.; McNaughton, L.R.; Farinatti, P.T.V., 2016:
Effect of continuous and intermittent bouts of isocaloric cycling and running exercise on excess postexercise oxygen consumption

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