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Effects of dentifrices differing in fluoride compounds on artificial enamel caries lesions in vitro

Wierichs, R.J.; Zelck, H.; Doerfer, C.E.; Appel, P.; Paris, S.; Esteves-Oliveira, M.; Meyer-Lueckel, H.

Odontology 105(1): 36-45


ISSN/ISBN: 1618-1255
PMID: 26849573
DOI: 10.1007/s10266-016-0233-x
Accession: 057726666

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The aim of this study was to compare the caries-preventive effect of a stabilized stannous fluoride/sodium fluoride dentifrice containing sodium hexametaphosphate with those of a regular, solely sodium fluoride-containing and amine fluoride-containing dentifrice on pre-demineralized bovine enamel specimens using a pH-cycling model. Bovine enamel specimens with two artificial lesions each were prepared. Baseline mineral loss of both lesions was analyzed using transversal microradiography (TMR). Eighty-five specimens with a mean (SD) baseline mineral loss of 3393 (683) vol% × µm were selected and randomly allocated to five groups (n = 13/15). Treatments during pH-cycling (28 days and 2 × 20 min demineralization/day) were: brushing twice daily with slurries of AmF (1400 ppm F-), NaF (1450 ppm F-), SnF2/NaF (1100 ppm F-/350 ppm F-), and fluoride-free (FF) dentifrices or they were immersed in distilled water and remained unbrushed (NB). Subsequently, from each specimen one lesion was covered with acid-resistant varnish, while the remaining lesion was demineralized for another 14 days. Differences in integrated mineral loss (∆∆Z) were calculated between values before and after pH-cycling (∆∆Z E1) as well as before pH-cycling and after second demineralization (∆∆Z E2) using TMR. Treatments AmF and NaF induced a significantly higher mineral gain (∆∆Z E1/∆∆Z E2) compared to treatments FF and NB (p < 0.05; ANOVA test). Except for treatments AmF and NaF no significant differences in mineral loss between before and after pH-cycling could be observed (p < 0.05; t test) [∆∆Z E1: AmF:1563 (767); NaF:1222 (1246); SnF2/NaF:258 (1259); FF:-52 (1223); NB:-151 (834)]. Both dentifrices with either AmF or NaF promoted remineralization, whereas SnF2/NaF dentifrice did not promote remineralization in a biofilm-free pH-cycling model.

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