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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57734

Chapter 57734 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Jiang, B.; Li, J.; Guo, H., 2015:
Effects of reactant rotational excitation on reactivity: perspectives from the sudden limit

Song, H.; Guo, H., 2015:
Effects of reactant rotational excitations on H2 + NH2 → H + NH3 reactivity

Penttilä, P.A.; Sugiyama, J.; Imai, T., 2016:
Effects of reaction conditions on cellulose structures synthesized in vitro by bacterial cellulose synthases

Cai, W.; Ji, P.; Fan, L.; Han, J.; Hu, X.; Wang, S.; Fang, X.; Zhu, X.; Hu, D., 2015:
Effects of reactive by burn rat serum oxygen species on apoptosis of pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells induced

Shih, Y-Fu.; Lee, T-Hsien.; Liu, C-Hsien.; Tsao, H-Mei.; Huang, C-Chia.; Lee, M-Sheng., 2015:
Effects of reactive oxygen species levels in prepared culture media on embryo development: a comparison of two media

Kurtz, J.; Rael, B.; Lerma, J.; Wright, C.; Khraishi, T.; Auyang, E.D., 2017:
Effects of reactive oxygen species on the physical properties of polypropylene surgical mesh at various concentrations: a model for inflammatory reaction as a cause for mesh embrittlement and failure

Foster, D.W.; Khalil, G.E.; Farris, S.G.; Bärnighausen, T.W.; Prokhorov, A.V., 2015:
Effects of readiness to change, quit history, and health perceptions on depressive symptoms among young adult smokers

van den Heuvel-Panhuizen, M.; Elia, I.; Robitzsch, A., 2016:
Effects of reading picture books on kindergartners' mathematics performance

Beyersmann, E.; Grainger, J.; Casalis, Séverine.; Ziegler, J.C., 2016:
Effects of reading proficiency on embedded stem priming in primary school children

Oi, A.; Tasaki, H.; Munakata, Y.; Shirasuna, K.; Kuwayama, T.; Iwata, H., 2016:
Effects of reaggregated granulosa cells and oocytes derived from early antral follicles on the properties of oocytes grown in vitro

Zhu, H.; Wang, H.; Liu, Z., 2016:
Effects of real and simulated weightlessness on the cardiac and peripheral vascular functions of humans: A review

Casserly, E.D., 2016:
Effects of real-time cochlear implant simulation on speech production

Wang, Y.; Chen, M.; Zhang, Y.; Huo, T.; Fang, Y.; Jiao, X.; Yuan, M.; Jiang, H., 2017:
Effects of realgar on GSH synthesis in the mouse hippocampus: Involvement of system XAG(-), system XC(-), MRP-1 and Nrf2

Keomanivong, F.E.; Camacho, L.E.; Lemley, C.O.; Kuemper, E.A.; Yunusova, R.D.; Borowicz, P.P.; Kirsch, J.D.; Vonnahme, K.A.; Caton, J.S.; Swanson, K.C., 2016:
Effects of realimentation after nutrient restriction during mid- to late gestation on pancreatic digestive enzymes, serum insulin and glucose levels, and insulin-containing cell cluster morphology

Miranda, R.R.; Damaso da Silveira, A.L.R.; de Jesus, I.P.; Grötzner, S.R.; Voigt, C.L.; Campos, S.X.; Garcia, J.R.E.; Randi, M.A.F.; Ribeiro, C.A.Oliveira.; Filipak Neto, F., 2016:
Effects of realistic concentrations of TiO₂ and ZnO nanoparticles in Prochilodus lineatus juvenile fish

Aggio, D.; Smith, L.; Hamer, M., 2016:
Effects of reallocating time in different activity intensities on health and fitness: a cross sectional study

Butler, V.L.; Mowbray, C.A.; Cadwell, K.; Niranji, S.S.; Bailey, R.; Watson, K.A.; Ralph, J.; Hall, J., 2017:
Effects of rearing environment on the gut antimicrobial responses of two broiler chicken lines

Hussain-Alkhateeb, L.; Petzold, M.; Collinson, M.; Tollman, S.; Kahn, K.; Byass, P., 2016:
Effects of recall time on cause-of-death findings using verbal autopsy: empirical evidence from rural South Africa

Gillen, M.; Heath, C.J., 2016:
Effects of receipt of Social Security retirement benefits on older women's employment

McManus, K.A.; Pinkerton, R.; Dillingham, R., 2014:
Effects of recent Virginia AIDS Drug Assistance Program policy changes on diabetes and hyperlipidemia control in people living with HIV

Singh, V.; Tchernookov, M.; Nemenman, I., 2018:
Effects of receptor correlations on molecular information transmission

Zheng, L.; Li, D.; Zhou, Y-Ming.; Yang, H.; Cheng, D.; Ma, X-Xin., 2016:
Effects of receptor for advanced glycation endproducts on microvessel formation in endometrial cancer

Carter, J.J.; Wheal, A.J.; Hill, S.J.; Woolard, J., 2016:
Effects of receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors on VEGF165 a- and VEGF165 b-stimulated gene transcription in HEK-293 cells expressing human VEGFR2

Rosa, E.; Skilling, Q.M.; Stein, W., 2015:
Effects of reciprocal inhibitory coupling in model neurons

Dodgen, L.K.; Zheng, W., 2017:
Effects of reclaimed water matrix on fate of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in soil

Contreras, S.; Pérez-Cutillas, P.; Santoni, C.S.; Romero-Trigueros, C.; Pedrero, F.; Alarcón, J.J., 2015:
Effects of reclaimed waters on spectral properties and leaf traits of citrus orchards

Fu, H.; Tan, J.; Yin, Q'nan., 2014:
Effects of recombinant adeno-associated virus-mediated CD151 gene transfer on the expression of rat vascular endothelial growth factor in ischemic myocardium

Fu, Y.; Lin, T.; Liang, A.; Hu, F., 2015:
Effects of recombinant baculovirus AcMNPV-BmK IT on the formation of early cables and nuclear polymerization of actin in Sf9 cells

Mercadante, V.R.G.; Fontes, P.L.P.; Ciriaco, F.M.; Henry, D.D.; Moriel, P.; Ealy, A.D.; Johnson, S.E.; DiLorenzo, N.; Lamb, G.C., 2017:
Effects of recombinant bovine somatotropin administration at breeding on cow, conceptus, and subsequent offspring performance of beef cattle

Silva, P.R.B.; Machado, K.S.; Da Silva, D.N.Lobão.; Moraes, J.G.N.; Keisler, D.H.; Chebel, R.C., 2016:
Effects of recombinant bovine somatotropin during the periparturient period on innate and adaptive immune responses, systemic inflammation, and metabolism of dairy cows

González-Stegmaier, R.; Romero, A.; Estepa, A.; Montero, J.; Mulero, V.; Mercado, L., 2015:
Effects of recombinant flagellin B and its ND1 domain from Vibrio anguillarum on macrophages from gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata L.) and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, W.)

Alt, V.; Borgman, B.; Eicher, A.; Heiss, C.; Kanakaris, N.K.; Giannoudis, P.V.; Song, F., 2016:
Effects of recombinant human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 (rhBMP-2) in grade III open tibia fractures treated with unreamed nails-A clinical and health-economic analysis

Liu, Y.; Yang, P.; Chen, N.; Lin, S.; Liu, M., 2017:
Effects of recombinant human adenovirus-p53 on the regression of hepatic fibrosis

Lappin, D.F.; Abu-Serriah, M.; Hunter, K.D., 2016:
Effects of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 7 (rhBMP-7) on the behaviour of oral squamous cell carcinoma: a preliminary in vitro study

Wang, Y.; Gu, X.; Fan, W.; Fan, Y.; Li, W.; Fu, X., 2016:
Effects of recombinant human brain natriuretic peptide on renal function in patients with acute heart failure following myocardial infarction

Slattery, M.; Bredella, M.A.; Stanley, T.; Torriani, M.; Misra, M., 2014:
Effects of recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) administration on body composition and cardiovascular risk factors in obese adolescent girls

Hu, Y.J.; Liu, W.T.; Wang, Y.L.; He, H., 2017:
Effects of recombinant human growth hormone on local expression of insulin-like growth factor-Ⅰ during orthodontic tooth movement

Song, Y-Feng.; Wu, K.; Tan, X-Ying.; Zhang, L-Han.; Zhuo, M-Qin.; Pan, Y-Xiong.; Chen, Q-Liang., 2015:
Effects of recombinant human leptin administration on hepatic lipid metabolism in yellow catfish Pelteobagrus fulvidraco: in vivo and in vitro studies

Hansson, K.M.; Gustafsson, D.; Skärby, T.; Frison, L.; Berntorp, E., 2016:
Effects of recombinant human prothrombin on thrombin generation in plasma from patients with hemophilia A and B

Guo, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, Z.; Xin, Z., 2015:
Effects of recombinant human thyroid stimulating hormone on 131 I therapy for the treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer

Burke, S.K.; Macdonald, K.; Moss, E.; Bunton, D.; Starcher, B.; Wong, M.D.; Bland, K.S.; Franano, F.Nicholas., 2015:
Effects of recombinant human type I pancreatic elastase on human atherosclerotic arteries

Zhang, C.; Zhang, S.; Bie, X.; Zhao, H.; Lu, F.; Lu, Z., 2015:
Effects of recombinant lipoxygenase on the rheological properties of dough and the quality of noodles

Hsu, W-Ting.; Chiang, C-Jen.; Chao, Y-Peng.; Chang, C-Huan.; Lin, L-Jen.; Yu, B.; Lee, T-Tai., 2016:
Effects of recombinant lycopene dietary supplement on the egg quality and blood characteristics of laying quails

Martynova, E.U.; Schal, C.; Mukha, D.V., 2016:
Effects of recombination on densovirus phylogeny

Shen, H-min.; Lee, K-Meng.; Hu, L.; Foong, S.; Fu, X., 2016:
Effects of reconstructed magnetic field from sparse noisy boundary measurements on localization of active neural source

Silvey, C.J.; Hayward, M.W.; Gibb, H., 2016:
Effects of reconstruction of a pre-European vertebrate assemblage on ground-dwelling arachnids in arid Australia

Gharbi, A.; Masmoudi, L.; Chtourou, H.; Chaari, N.; Tabka, Z., 2016:
Effects of recovery mode on physiological and psychological responses and performance of specific skills in young soccer players

Ouergui, I.; Hammouda, O.; Chtourou, H.; Gmada, N.; Franchini, E., 2015:
Effects of recovery type after a kickboxing match on blood lactate and performance in anaerobic tests

Hammami, A.; Chamari, K.; Slimani, M.; Shephard, R.J.; Yousfi, N.; Tabka, Z.; Bouhlel, E., 2016:
Effects of recreational soccer on physical fitness and health indices in sedentary healthy and unhealthy subjects

Ghazanfarpour, M.; Sadeghi, R.; Latifnejad Roudsari, R.; Mirzaii Najmabadi, K.; Mousavi Bazaz, M.; Abdolahian, S.; Khadivzadeh, T., 2015:
Effects of red clover on hot flash and circulating hormone concentrations in menopausal women: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Peluso, I.; Manafikhi, H.; Reggi, R.; Palmery, M., 2016 :
Effects of red wine on postprandial stress: potential implication in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease development

Steiner, M.E.; Ness, P.M.; Assmann, S.F.; Triulzi, D.J.; Sloan, S.R.; Delaney, M.; Granger, S.; Bennett-Guerrero, E.; Blajchman, M.A.; Scavo, V.; Carson, J.L.; Levy, J.H.; Whitman, G.; D'Andrea, P.; Pulkrabek, S.; Ortel, T.L.; Bornikova, L.; Raife, T.; Puca, K.E.; Kaufman, R.M.; Nuttall, G.A.; Young, P.P.; Youssef, S.; Engelman, R.; Greilich, P.E.; Miles, R.; Josephson, C.D.; Bracey, A.; Cooke, R.; McCullough, J.; Hunsaker, R.; Uhl, L.; McFarland, J.G.; Park, Y.; Cushing, M.M.; Klodell, C.T, 2015:
Effects of red-cell storage duration on patients undergoing cardiac surgery

Carraro, A.; Fabbri, P.; Giaretta, A.; Peruzzo, L.; Tateo, F.; Tellini, F., 2016:
Effects of redox conditions on the control of arsenic mobility in shallow alluvial aquifers on the Venetian Plain (Italy)

Wang, J.; Zhou, Y.; Li, P.; Lu, H.; Jin, R.; Liu, G., 2015:
Effects of redox mediators on anaerobic degradation of phenol by Shewanella sp. XB

Osborn, H.L.; Alonso-Cantabrana, H.; Sharwood, R.E.; Covshoff, S.; Evans, J.R.; Furbank, R.T.; von Caemmerer, S., 2016:
Effects of reduced carbonic anhydrase activity on CO2 assimilation rates in Setaria viridis: a transgenic analysis

Takaku, R., 2016:
Effects of reduced cost-sharing on children's health: Evidence from Japan

Morita, J.; Izumi, T.; Sunouchi, M.; Arima, K.; Tsutsumi, S., 2016:
Effects of reduced food intake on the parameters of toxicity evaluation in dogs

Estrada, Eén.; Rodríguez-Gil, J.E.; Rivera Del Álamo, M.M.; Peña, A.; Yeste, M., 2015:
Effects of reduced glutathione on acrosin activity in frozen-thawed boar spermatozoa

Waterman, R.C.; Geary, T.W.; Petersen, M.K.; MacNeil, M.D., 2016:
Effects of reduced in utero and post-weaning nutrition on milk yield and composition in primiparous beef cows

Ancín-Azpilicueta, C.; Jiménez-Moreno, N.; Moler, Jé.Antonio.; Nieto-Rojo, R.; Urmeneta, H., 2016:
Effects of reduced levels of sulfite in wine production using mixtures with lysozyme and dimethyl dicarbonate on levels of volatile and biogenic amines

Luz, A.L.; Meyer, J.N., 2017:
Effects of reduced mitochondrial DNA content on secondary mitochondrial toxicant exposure in Caenorhabditis elegans

Liu, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Yang, W-ting.; Li, Z-xian.; Guan, A-mei., 2016:
Effects of reduced nitrogen application and soybean intercropping on nitrogen balance of sugarcane field

Rodrigues Barreto, F.; Mangia, S.; Garrido Salmon, C.Ernesto., 2016:
Effects of reduced oxygen availability on the vascular response and oxygen consumption of the activated human visual cortex

Burdett, H.L.; Hatton, A.D.; Kamenos, N.A., 2015:
Effects of reduced salinity on the photosynthetic characteristics and intracellular DMSP concentrations of the red coralline alga, Lithothamnion glaciale

Ludewig, K.; Donath, T.W.; Zelle, B.; Eckstein, R.Lutz.; Mosner, E.; Otte, A.; Jensen, K., 2016:
Effects of reduced summer precipitation on productivity and forage quality of floodplain meadows at the Elbe and the Rhine River

Hämmerle, M.; Höfle, B., 2015:
Effects of reduced terrestrial LiDAR point density on high-resolution grain crop surface models in precision agriculture

Roehrs, T.; Diederichs, C.; Gillis, M.; Burger, A.J.; Stout, R.A.; Lumley, M.A.; Roth, T., 2015:
Effects of reduced time in bed on daytime sleepiness and recovery sleep in fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis

Wenger, A.S.; Williamson, D.H.; da Silva, E.T.; Ceccarelli, D.M.; Browne, N.K.; Petus, C.; Devlin, M.J., 2016 :
Effects of reduced water quality on coral reefs in and out of no-take marine reserves

Hoyle, G.L.; Cordiner, H.; Good, R.B.; Nicotra, A.B., 2014:
Effects of reduced winter duration on seed dormancy and germination in six populations of the alpine herb Aciphyllya glacialis (Apiaceae)

Scheen, Aé.J., 2016:
Effects of reducing blood pressure on cardiovascular outcomes and mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes: Focus on SGLT2 inhibitors and EMPA-REG OUTCOME

Wu, L.; He, L-qin.; Cui, Z-jie.; Liu, G.; Yao, K.; Wu, F.; Li, J.; Li, T-jun., 2016:
Effects of reducing dietary protein on the expression of nutrition sensing genes (amino acid transporters) in weaned piglets

Subramaniam, E.; Colazo, M.G.; Gobikrushanth, M.; Sun, Y.Q.; Ruiz-Sanchez, A.L.; Ponce-Barajas, P.; Oba, M.; Ambrose, D.J., 2016:
Effects of reducing dietary starch content by replacing barley grain with wheat dried distillers grains plus solubles in dairy cow rations on ovarian function

Vieira, J.L.; Guimaraes, G.V.; de Andre, P.A.; Saldiva, P.H.Nascimento.; Bocchi, E.A., 2017:
Effects of reducing exposure to air pollution on submaximal cardiopulmonary test in patients with heart failure: Analysis of the randomized, double-blind and controlled FILTER-HF trial

Krediet, R.T.; Zweers, M.M.; van Westrhenen, R.; Zegwaard, A.; Struijk, D.G., 2008:
Effects of reducing the lactate and glucose content of PD solutions on the peritoneum. Is the future GLAD?

Kleinsorge, T.; Scheil, J., 2015:
Effects of reducing the number of candidate tasks in voluntary task switching

Renden, P.G.; Savelsbergh, G.J.P.; Oudejans, Rôul.R.D., 2016:
Effects of reflex-based self-defence training on police performance in simulated high-pressure arrest situations

Suzuki, M.; Nagae, M.; Nagata, Y.; Kumagai, N.; Inui, K.; Kakigi, R., 2016:
Effects of refractive errors on visual evoked magnetic fields

Manjappa, R.; Makki S, S.; Kumar, R.; Kanhirodan, R., 2015:
Effects of refractive index mismatch in optical CT imaging of polymer gel dosimeters

van der Kolk, J.; Lesina, A.Calà.; Ramunno, L., 2016:
Effects of refractive index mismatch on SRS and CARS microscopy

Deitloff, J.; Dunbar, M.W.; Ingber, D.A.; Hibbard, B.E.; Gassmann, A.J., 2016:
Effects of refuges on the evolution of resistance to transgenic corn by the western corn rootworm, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte

Diaz, A.; del Romero, J.; Rodriguez, C.; Alastrue, I.; Belda, J.; Bru, F.J.; Cámara, M.M.; Junquera, M.L.; Sanz, I.; Viloria, L.J.; Gil, L.; Martínez, E.; Gual, F.; Landa, M.C.; Pueyo, I.; Ureña, J.M.; Martínez, B.; Varela, J.A.; Polo, A.; Azpiri, M.A.; Diez, M.; Diez, M.; Diaz, A.; Herrando, I.; Nogueras, P.; Castro, E.; Jimenez, M.J.; Martínez, B.; García, M.A.; Godoy, L.; Pueyo, I.; Ruiz, E.; Redondo, C.; Martínez, C.; Sánchez, D.; Varela, J.A.; López, C.; Otero, L.; Junquera, M.L.;, 2015:
Effects of region of birth, educational level and age on late presentation among men who have sex with men newly diagnosed with HIV in a network of STI/HIV counselling and testing clinics in Spain

Schneebaum Sender, N.; Govindan, R.B.; Sulemanji, M.; Al-Shargabi, T.; Lenin, R.B.; Eksioglu, Y.Z.; du Plessis, A.J., 2015:
Effects of regional brain injury on the newborn autonomic nervous system

Godfrey, J.L.; Hardy, J.; Cohen, N.D., 2017:
Effects of regional limb perfusion volume on concentrations of amikacin sulfate in synovial and interstitial fluid samples from anesthetized horses

Yuksel, T.; Michalek, J.J., 2015:
Effects of regional temperature on electric vehicle efficiency, range, and emissions in the United States

Helwani, M.A.; Avidan, M.S.; Ben Abdallah, A.; Kaiser, D.J.; Clohisy, J.C.; Hall, B.L.; Kaiser, H.A., 2015:
Effects of regional versus general anesthesia on outcomes after total hip arthroplasty: a retrospective propensity-matched cohort study

Xu, X.; Su, G.; Hu, H.; Wang, Y.; Hong, X.; Shi, H.; Wu, F., 2016:
Effects of regions of interest methods on apparent coefficient measurement of the parotid gland in early Sjögren's syndrome at 3T MRI

Li, X.; Bowman, S.M.; Smith, T.C., 2016:
Effects of registered nurse staffing level on hospital-acquired conditions in cardiac surgery patients: A propensity score matching analysis

Wang, S-Jun.; Xu, D-Qing.; Li, J-Xian., 2016:
Effects of regular Tai Chi practice and jogging on neuromuscular reaction during lateral postural control in older people

Tey, S.Ling.; Delahunty, C.; Gray, A.; Chisholm, A.; Brown, R.Clare., 2016:
Effects of regular consumption of different forms of almonds and hazelnuts on acceptance and blood lipids

Guadagnin, E.C.; da Rocha, E.S.; Mota, C.B.; Carpes, F.P., 2016:
Effects of regular exercise and dual tasking on spatial and temporal parameters of obstacle negotiation in elderly women

Lee, S.Soo.; Kang, S., 2015:
Effects of regular exercise on obesity and type 2 diabete mellitus in Korean children: improvements glycemic control and serum adipokines level

Phan, K.; Jia, F.; Kamper, S.J., 2016:
Effects of regular physical exercise training in adults with chronic kidney disease (PEDro synthesis)

Caldeira, L.; Scheins, J.; da Silva, N.; Gaens, M.; Shah, N.Jon., 2014:
Effects of regularisation priors on dynamic PET Data

Salakari, M.R.J.; Surakka, T.; Nurminen, R.; Pylkkänen, L., 2015:
Effects of rehabilitation among patients with advances cancer: a systematic review

Esculier, J-Francois.; Bouyer, L.J.; Dubois, B.; Frémont, P.; Moore, L.; Roy, J-Sébastien., 2016:
Effects of rehabilitation approaches for runners with patellofemoral pain: protocol of a randomised clinical trial addressing specific underlying mechanisms

Park, Y.; Chang, M., 2016:
Effects of rehabilitation for pain relief in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a systematic review

Kristjánsson, K.; Jónasson, Mús.R.; Jónsdóttir, Sólrún.; Kristjánsson, H.; Guðjónsdóttir, M., 2016:
Effects of rehabilitation on functional capacity, obesity and health behavior, among cardiac patients with DM2

Nociti, V.; Prosperini, L.; Ulivelli, M.; Losavio, F.A.; Bartalini, S.; Caggiula, M.; Cioncoloni, D.; Caliandro, P.; Minciotti, I.; Mirabella, M.; Padua, L., 2016:
Effects of rehabilitation treatment of the upper limb in multiple sclerosis patients and predictive value of neurophysiological measures

Trumbo, M.C.; Leiting, K.A.; McDaniel, M.A.; Hodge, G.K., 2018:
Effects of reinforcement on test-enhanced learning in a large, diverse introductory college psychology course

Schepers, S.T.; Bouton, M.E., 2015:
Effects of reinforcer distribution during response elimination on resurgence of an instrumental behavior

Livingston, B.P.; Nichols, T.Richard., 2015:
Effects of reinnervation of the biarticular shoulder-elbow muscles on joint kinematics and electromyographic patterns of the feline forelimb during downslope walking

Livingston, B.P.; Nichols, T.Richard., 2015:
Effects of reinnervation of the triceps brachii on joint kinematics and electromyographic patterns of the feline forelimb during level and upslope walking

Chen, Y.; Tymofiyeva, O.; Hess, C.P.; Xu, D., 2016:
Effects of rejecting diffusion directions on tensor-derived parameters

Naruse, T.; Sakai, M.; Nagata, S., 2017:
Effects of relational coordination among colleagues and span of control on work engagement among home-visiting nurses

Upadhyay, U.D.; Raifman, S.; Raine-Bennett, T., 2017:
Effects of relationship context on contraceptive use among young women

Schröder, J.; Schmiedeberg, C., 2016:
Effects of relationship duration, cohabitation, and marriage on the frequency of intercourse in couples: Findings from German panel data

Williamson, H.C.; Altman, N.; Hsueh, J.; Bradbury, T.N., 2016:
Effects of relationship education on couple communication and satisfaction: A randomized controlled trial with low-income couples

Joshi, S.Narendra.; Wróblewski, M.; Schmid, K.K.; Jesteadt, W., 2016:
Effects of relative and absolute frequency in the spectral weighting of loudness

Klainin-Yobas, P.; Oo, W.Nuang.; Suzanne Yew, P.Ying.; Lau, Y., 2016:
Effects of relaxation interventions on depression and anxiety among older adults: a systematic review

Araújo, W.Scherrer.de.; Romero, W.Garcia.; Zandonade, E.; Amorim, M.Helena.Costa., 2017:
Effects of relaxation on depression levels in women with high-risk pregnancies: a randomised clinical trial

Wang, D.; Zhu, H.; Yang, Q.; Sun, Y., 2016:
Effects of relaxin on cardiac fibrosis, apoptosis, and tachyarrhythmia in rats with myocardial infarction

Guest, T.W.; Rakocinski, C.F.; Evans, A.N.; Blaylock, R.B., 2016:
Effects of release procedures on the primary stress response and post-release survival and growth of hatchery-reared spotted seatrout Cynoscion nebulosus

Kim, N-Young.; Huh, H-Jung.; Chae, J-Ho., 2016:
Effects of religiosity and spirituality on the treatment response in patients with depressive disorders

Katerndahl, D.; Burge, S.; Ferrer, R.; Becho, J.; Wood, R., 2015:
Effects of religious and spiritual variables on outcomes in violent relationships

Koenig, H.G.; Pearce, M.; Nelson, B.; Shaw, S.; Robins, C.; Daher, N.; Cohen, H.Jay.; King, M.B., 2017:
Effects of religious vs. standard cognitive behavioral therapy on therapeutic alliance: A randomized clinical trial

Kapanen, M.; Laaksomaa, M.; Tulijoki, T.; Kellokumpu-Lehtinen, P-Liisa.; Hyödynmaa, S., 2015:
Effects of remedies made in patient setup process on residual setup errors and margins in head and neck cancer radiotherapy based on 2D image guidance

Chen, J-wei.; Lv, X.; Zhang, L.; Chen, Z-feng., 2016:
Effects of remifentanil and dexmedetomidine on recovery profiles after oral and maxillofacial surgery

Choi, Y.Hwa.; Kim, K.Mi.; Lee, S.Kyung.; Kim, Y.Seul.; Kim, S.Ju.; Hwang, W.Suk.; Chung, J.Huan., 2017:
Effects of remifentanil and remifentanil-alfentanil administration on emergence agitation after brief ophthalmic surgery in children

Savilampi, J.; Magnuson, A.; Ahlstrand, R., 2016:
Effects of remifentanil on esophageal motility: a double-blind, randomized, cross-over study in healthy volunteers

Savilampi, J.; Omari, T.; Magnuson, A.; Ahlstrand, R., 2018:
Effects of remifentanil on pharyngeal swallowing: A double blind randomised cross-over study in healthy volunteers

Sato, M.; Kikuchi, C.; Sasakawa, T.; Kunisawa, T., 2017:
Effects of remifentanil on the sphincter of Oddi in a 3-year-old child: a case report

Kim, M.Kyoung.; Yi, M.Sub.; Kang, H.; Choi, G-Joo., 2017:
Effects of remifentanil versus nitrous oxide on postoperative nausea, vomiting, and pain in patients receiving thyroidectomy: Propensity score matching analysis

Çimen, N.Kavun.; Kösem, Bır.; Çimen, T.; Kartal, S.; Muslu, Bünyamin.; Karabayırlı, S.; Gözdemir, M.; Kılınç, H., 2017:
Effects of remifentanil, nitroglycerin, and sevoflurane on the corrected QT and Tp-e intervals during controlled hypotensive anesthesia

Baka, Z.Müge.; Akin, M.; Ileri, Z.; Basciftci, F.Ayhan., 2018:
Effects of remineralization procedures on shear bond strengths of brackets bonded to demineralized enamel surfaces with self-etch systems

Gudayol-Ferré, E.; Guàrdia-Olmos, J.; Peró-Cebollero, M., 2015:
Effects of remission speed and improvement of cognitive functions of depressed patients

Xue, F.Shan.; Li, R.Ping.; Cui, X.Long., 2015:
Effects of remote ischaemic preconditioning on clinical outcomes after cardiac surgery

Walsh, M.; Whitlock, R.; Garg, A.X.; Légaré, J-François.; Duncan, A.E.; Zimmerman, R.; Miller, S.; Fremes, S.; Kieser, T.; Karthikeyan, G.; Chan, M.; Ho, A.; Nasr, V.; Vincent, J.; Ali, I.; Lavi, R.; Sessler, D.I.; Kramer, R.; Gardner, J.; Syed, S.; VanHelder, T.; Guyatt, G.; Rao-Melacini, P.; Thabane, L.; Devereaux, P.J., 2016:
Effects of remote ischemic preconditioning in high-risk patients undergoing cardiac surgery (Remote IMPACT): a randomized controlled trial

Cao, Z.; Shen, R.; Zhang, X.; Cheng, G.; Yan, Z., 2016:
Effects of remote ischemic preconditioning on acute myocardial injury in patients undergoing valve replacement

Boriani, G.; Da Costa, A.; Quesada, A.; Ricci, R.Pietro.; Favale, S.; Boscolo, G.; Clementy, N.; Amori, V.; Mangoni di S Stefano, L.; Burri, H., 2016:
Effects of remote monitoring on clinical outcomes and use of healthcare resources in heart failure patients with biventricular defibrillators: results of the MORE-CARE multicentre randomized controlled trial

Liang, S.; Zhang, Q.; Witter, D.J.; Wang, Y.; Creugers, N.H.J., 2017:
Effects of removable dental prostheses on masticatory performance of subjects with shortened dental arches: A systematic review

Li, W.; Wu, G.; Luo, Q.; Jiang, H.; Zheng, J.; Ouyang, S.; Zhang, G., 2016:
Effects of removal of surface proteins on physicochemical and structural properties of A- and B-starch isolated from normal and waxy wheat

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