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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57777

Chapter 57777 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Thévenot, J.; Cordonnier, C.; Rougeron, A.; Le Goff, O.; Nguyen, H.T.T.; Denis, S.; Alric, M.; Livrelli, V.; Blanquet-Diot, S., 2016:
Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli infection has donor-dependent effect on human gut microbiota and may be antagonized by probiotic yeast during interaction with Peyer's patches

Kanayama, A.; Yahata, Y.; Arima, Y.; Takahashi, T.; Saitoh, T.; Kanou, K.; Kawabata, K.; Sunagawa, T.; Matsui, T.; Oishi, K., 2016:
Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli outbreaks related to childcare facilities in Japan, 2010-2013

Yu, Q.; Zhang, S.; Li, L.; Xiong, L.; Chao, K.; Zhong, B.; Li, Y.; Wang, H.; Chen, M., 2016:
Enterohepatic Helicobacter Species as a Potential Causative Factor in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Meta-Analysis

Swennes, A.G.; Parry, N.M.A.; Feng, Y.; Sawyer, E.; Lohr, B.R.; Twedt, D.C.; Fox, J.G., 2017:
Enterohepatic Helicobacter spp. in cats with non-haematopoietic intestinal carcinoma: a survey of 55 cases

Ede, C.; Sobnach, S.; Kahn, D.; Bhyat, A., 2015:
Enterohepatic Migration of Fish Bone Resulting in Liver Abscess

Okeke, I.N.; Aboderin, A.O.; Opintan, J.A., 2016:
Enteroinvasive Escherichia coli May Account for Uncultured Shigella

Wang, D-Liang.; Sowemimo, A.; Gu, Y-Chao.; Gao, S.; Liu, H-Bing.; Proksch, P., 2015:
Enterolacaciamine as a potential O-GlcNAcase activator from the leaves of Enterolobium cyclocarpum

Hullar, M.A.J.; Lancaster, S.M.; Li, F.; Tseng, E.; Beer, K.; Atkinson, C.; Wähälä, K.; Copeland, W.K.; Randolph, T.W.; Newton, K.M.; Lampe, J.W., 2015:
Enterolignan-producing phenotypes are associated with increased gut microbial diversity and altered composition in premenopausal women in the United States

Hussain, M.; Muhammad, S.; Khan, M.Arsalan.; Manzoor, M., 2017:
Enterolith causing bladder outlet obstruction in patient with imperforate anus. A rare case presentation

Gurvits, G.E.; Lan, G., 2015:

Martín-Pérez, J.; Delgado-Plasencia, L.; Bravo-Gutiérrez, A.; Lorenzo-Rocha, N.; Burillo-Putze, G.; Medina-Arana, V., 2016:
Enterolithotomy and early cholecystectomy, an application of damage control surgery for patients with gallstone ileus

Sekiya, M.; Setsuda, A.; Sato, H.; Song, K.; Han, J-Kyun.; Kim, G-Ju.; Yeo, I.Kyu., 2016:
Enteromyxum leei (Myxosporea: Bivalvulida) as the cause of myxosporean emaciation disease of farmed olive flounders (Paralichthys olivaceus) and a turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) on Jeju Island, Korea

Russo, P., 2010:
Enteropathies of Infancy and Childhood

Duijvestijn, M.; Mughini-Gras, L.; Schuurman, N.; Schijf, W.; Wagenaar, J.A.; Egberink, H., 2016:
Enteropathogen infections in canine puppies: (Co-)occurrence, clinical relevance and risk factors

Singh, A.Prakash.; Aijaz, S., 2015:
Enteropathogenic E. coli: breaking the intestinal tight junction barrier

Kjaergaard, A.B.; Carr, A.P.; Gaunt, M.Casey., 2017:
Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) infection in association with acute gastroenteritis in 7 dogs from Saskatchewan

Magdy, A.; Elhadidy, M.; Abd Ellatif, M.E.; El Nakeeb, A.; Abdallah, E.; Thabet, W.; Youssef, M.; Khafagy, W.; Morshed, M.; Farid, M., 2016:
Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC): Does it have a role in colorectal tumourigenesis? A Prospective Cohort Study

Yen, H.; Sugimoto, N.; Tobe, T., 2016:
Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Uses NleA to Inhibit NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation

Hu, J.; Torres, A.G., 2016:
Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli: foe or innocent bystander?

Foster, M.A.; Iqbal, J.; Zhang, C.; McHenry, R.; Cleveland, B.E.; Romero-Herazo, Y.; Fonnesbeck, C.; Payne, D.C.; Chappell, J.D.; Halasa, N.; Gómez-Duarte, O.G., 2016:
Enteropathogenic and enteroaggregative E. coli in stools of children with acute gastroenteritis in Davidson County, Tennessee

González-Torralba, A.; García-Esteban, C.; Alós, J-Ignacio., 2015:
Enteropathogens and antibiotics

Varela, G.; Batthyány, L.; Bianco, Mía.Noel.; Pérez, W.; Pardo, L.; Algorta, G.; Robino, L.; Suárez, Rón.; Navarro, A.; Pírez, Mía.Catalina.; Schelotto, F., 2015:
Enteropathogens associated with acute diarrhea in children from households with high socioeconomic level in uruguay

Castro, E.Donizetti.Rossi.; Germini, M.Cristina.Braga.Yassaka.; Mascarenhas, J.D'Arc.Pereira.; Gabbay, Y.Benchimol.; de Lima, I.Carlos.Gomes.; Lobo, Pícia.dos.Santos.; Fraga, Véria.Daltibari.; Conceição, L.Moran.; Machado, R.Luiz.Dantas.; Rossit, Aéa.Regina.Baptista., 2015:
Enteropathogens detected in a daycare center, Southeastern Brazil: bacteria, virus, and parasite research

Zheng, S.; Yu, F.; Chen, X.; Cui, D.; Cheng, Y.; Xie, G.; Yang, X.; Han, D.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, W.; Chen, Y., 2016:
Enteropathogens in children less than 5 years of age with acute diarrhea: a 5-year surveillance study in the Southeast Coast of China

Ould Sidi Mohamed, M.; Colardelle, P., 2017:
Enteropathy due to olmesartan

Ondrejka, S.; Jagadeesh, D., 2016:
Enteropathy-Associated T-Cell Lymphoma

Brito, M.Dantas.; Martins, Ângelo.; Henrique, R.; Mariz, Jé., 2015:
Enteropathy-associated T cell lymphoma as a complication of silent celiac disease

Chisini, M.; Bacci, F.; de Propris, M.Stefania.; Barberi, W.; Guarini, A.; Iori, A.Paola.; Tabanelli, V.; Moleti, M.Luisa.; Casciani, E.; Foà, R.; Testi, A.Maria., 2016:
Enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma in childhood: a case report and review of the literature

Karanam, P.K.; Al-Hamadani, M.; Go, R.S., 2016:
Enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma in the US: higher incidence and poorer survival among Asians

Webster, A.; Crea, P.; Bamford, M.W.; Hew, R.; Griffin, Y.; Miall, F., 2016:
Enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma presenting as cutaneous deposits

Liong, C.C.; Ravindran, S.; Gnana Kumar, G.; Chin, E.F.; Koh, P.S.; Chan, W.K., 2018:
Enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma: An extremely rare cause of chronic diarrhoea

Nijeboer, P.; Malamut, G.; Mulder, C.J.; Cerf-Bensussan, N.; Sibon, D.; Bouma, G.; Cellier, C.; Hermine, O.; Visser, O., 2016:
Enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma: improving treatment strategies

Chen, Y-Yuan.; Chiu, C-Tang.; Hsu, C-Ming.; Chen, T-Hsing.; Chiu, Y-Chun.; Chu, Y-Chang.; Chang, C-Wang.; Wang, H-Po.; Wu, D-Chyang.; Huang, T-Yu.; Yen, H-Heng., 2015:
Enteroscopic Diagnosis and Management of Small Bowel Diverticular Hemorrhage: A Multicenter Report from the Taiwan Association for the Study of Small Intestinal Diseases

Watson, G.A.; Abu-Shanab, A.; O'Donohoe, R.L.; Iqbal, M., 2016:
Enteroscopic Management of Ectopic Varices in a Patient with Liver Cirrhosis and Portal Hypertension

Iacob, R.; Dimitriu, A.; Stanciulea, O.; Herlea, V.; Popescu, I.; Gheorghe, C., 2017:
Enteroscopic Tattooing for Better Intraoperative Localization of a Bleeding Jejunal GIST Facilitates Minimally Invasive Laparoscopically-assisted Surgery

Kav, T.; Sokmensuer, C.; Sivri, B., 2016:
Enteroscopic findings of Celiac Disease and their correlation with mucosal histopathologic changes

Ning, S.; Zhang, Y.; Zu, Z.; Mao, X.; Mao, G., 2015:
Enteroscopic sclerotherapy in blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome

Chauhan, S.S.; Manfredi, M.A.; Abu Dayyeh, B.K.; Enestvedt, B.K.; Fujii-Lau, L.L.; Komanduri, S.; Konda, V.; Maple, J.T.; Murad, F.M.; Pannala, R.; Thosani, N.C.; Banerjee, S., 2016:

Branchi, F.; Locatelli, M.; Tomba, C.; Conte, D.; Ferretti, F.; Elli, L., 2017:
Enteroscopy and radiology for the management of celiac disease complications: Time for a pragmatic roadmap

Shevchuk, O.O.; Bodnar, Y.Ya.; Bardakhivskaya, K.I.; Datsko, T.V.; Volska, A.S.; Posokhova, К.А.; Chekhun, V.F.; Nikolaev, V.G., 2018:
Enterosorption combined with granulocyte colony stimulating factor decreases melphalan gonadal toxicity

Bethell, G.; Kenny, S.; Corbett, H., 2016:
Enterostomy-related complications and growth following reversal in infants

Bautista, T.; Shabbir, A.; Rao, J.; So, J.; Kono, K.; Durai, P., 2016:
Enterotomy closure using knotless and barbed suture in laparoscopic upper gastrointestinal surgeries

Sirikaew, S.; Patungkaro, W.; Rattanachuay, P.; Sukkua, K.; Sukhumungoon, P., 2015:
Enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli O169:hut From A Diarrheal Patient: Phylogenetic Group And Antimicrobial Susceptibility

Moredo, F.A.; Piñeyro, P.E.; Márquez, G.C.; Sanz, M.; Colello, Río.; Etcheverría, Aía.; Padola, N.L.; Quiroga, Mía.A.; Perfumo, C.J.; Galli, Lía.; Leotta, G.A., 2016:
Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Subclinical Infection in Pigs: Bacteriological and Genotypic Characterization and Antimicrobial Resistance Profiles

Xie, T.; Hu, Q.; Ma, Y., 2015:
Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin B subunit can efficiently induce and enhance the mucosal immune response to enterovirus 71

Nandre, R.; Ruan, X.; Duan, Q.; Zhang, W., 2016:
Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli heat-stable toxin and heat-labile toxin toxoid fusion 3xSTaN12S-dmLT induces neutralizing anti-STa antibodies in subcutaneously immunized mice

Yang, X.; Xiao, Z.; Liu, F.; Chen, S.; Tang, W.; Zhang, D.; Liu, S., 2017:
Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli infection alters intestinal immunity in mice

Ignacio, A.; Fernandes, M.Rodriguez.; Avila-Campos, M.Julio.; Nakano, V., 2016:
Enterotoxigenic and non-enterotoxigenic Bacteroides fragilis from fecal microbiota of children

Fluer, F.S.; Nikolaeva, I.V.; Pavlova, T.Yu.; Bondarenko, V.M.; Fialkina, S.V.; Titarev, S.I., 2016:
Enterotoxigenicity of Staphylococcus Aureus Strains, Isolated from Breast Milk of Women, Feeding Children with Infectious Pathology

Roetzer, A.; Gruener, C.S.; Haller, G.; Beyerly, J.; Model, N.; Eibl, M.M., 2016:
Enterotoxin Gene Cluster-Encoded SEI and SElN from Staphylococcus aureus Isolates are Crucial for the Induction of Human Blood Cell Proliferation and Pathogenicity in Rabbits

Tarekgne, E.K.; Skjerdal, T.; Skeie, S.; Rudi, K.; Porcellato, D.; Félix, B.; Narvhus, J.A., 2017:
Enterotoxin Gene Profile and Molecular Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus Isolates from Bovine Bulk Milk and Milk Products of Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia

Seyoum, E.Tigabu.; Mekonene, T.Kassa.; Woldetsadik, D.Asrat.; Zewudie, B.Molla.; Gebreyes, W.Abebe., 2016:
Enterotoxin gene profile of Staphylococcus aureus isolates recovered from bovine milk produced in central Ethiopia

Nazari, R.; Godarzi, H.; Rahimi Baghi, F.; Moeinrad, M., 2014:
Enterotoxin gene profiles among Staphylococcus aureus isolated from raw milk

da Silva, S.Dos.Santos.Paulino.; Cidral, T.André.; Soares, M.José.dos.Santos.; de Melo, M.Celeste.Nunes., 2016:
Enterotoxin-Encoding Genes in Staphylococcus spp. from Food Handlers in a University Restaurant

Krakauer, T., 2016:
Enterotoxins: Microbial Proteins and Host Cell Dysregulation

Russell, K.W.; Robinson, R.E.; Mone, M.C.; Scaife, C.L., 2016:
Enterovaginal or Vesicovaginal Fistula Control Using a Silicone Cup

Sellers, W.; Fiorelli, R., 2016:
Enterovesical Fistula Secondary to Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder

De Pascalis, A.; D'Amelio, A., 2015:
Enterovesical fistula and acute pyelonephritis in renal transplantation. Role of ultrasound

Bordbar, M.; Kamali, K.; Basiratnia, M.; Fourotan, H., 2016:
Enterovesical fistula as a result of neutropenic enterocolitis in a pediatric patient with acute leukemia

Tombolini, F.; Lacetera, V.; Muzzonigro, G., 2015:
Enterovesical fistula caused by a toothpick

Lee, Y-Ting.; Chen, Y-Yuan.; Wu, C-Yun.; Chen, H-Ming.; Tzeng, C-Hwai.; Chiou, T-Jye., 2016:
Enterovesical fistula caused by regressive change of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: A case report

Liu, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Wang, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Zhang, X-Hua., 2016:
Enterovibrio pacificus sp. nov., isolated from seawater, and emended descriptions of Enterovibrio coralii and the genus Enterovibrio

NaserEddin, A.; Shamriz, O.; Keller, B.; Alzyoud, R.M.; Unger, S.; Fisch, P.; Prus, E.; Berkun, Y.; Averbuch, D.; Shaag, A.; Wahadneh, A.M.; Conley, M.Ellen.; Warnatz, K.; Elpeleg, O.; Stepensky, P., 2016:
Enteroviral Infection in a Patient with BLNK Adaptor Protein Deficiency

Ghabouli Shahroodi, M.Javad.; Ghazvini, K.; Sadeghi, R.; Sasan, M.Saeed., 2016:
Enteroviral Meningitis in Neonates and Children of Mashhad, Iran

Jones, G.; Muriello, M.; Patel, A.; Logan, L., 2017:
Enteroviral Meningoencephalitis Complicated by Central Diabetes Insipidus in a Neonate: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Toledano, M.; Davies, N.W.S., 2018:
Enteroviral Postencephalitic Parkinsonism With Evidence of Impaired Presynaptic Dopaminergic Function

Grisariu, S.; Vaxman, I.; Gatt, M.; Elias, S.; Avni, B.; Arad, A.; Pasvolsky, O.; Raanani, P.; Paltiel, O., 2016:
Enteroviral infection in patients treated with rituximab for non-Hodgkin lymphoma: a case series and review of the literature

Laitinen, O.H.; Svedin, E.; Kapell, S.; Nurminen, A.; Hytönen, V.P.; Flodström-Tullberg, M., 2017:
Enteroviral proteases: structure, host interactions and pathogenicity

Fong, M.; Babu, S.; Wolfe, N., 2016:
Enteroviral rhombencephalitis presenting with ocular flutter

Moss, R.B., 2016:
Enterovirus 68 Infection--Association with Asthma

Cong, H.; Du, N.; Yang, Y.; Song, L.; Zhang, W.; Tien, P., 2016:
Enterovirus 71 2B Induces Cell Apoptosis by Directly Inducing the Conformational Activation of the Proapoptotic Protein Bax

Li, J.; Yao, Y.; Chen, Y.; Xu, X.; Lin, Y.; Yang, Z.; Qiao, W.; Tan, J., 2016:
Enterovirus 71 3C Promotes Apoptosis through Cleavage of PinX1, a Telomere Binding Protein

Correia, J.; Alves, Jé.Eduardo.; Ferreira, P.; Ferreira, M.; Pires, P.; Garrido, C., 2016:
Enterovirus 71 Meningoencephalitis With Extensive White Matter Damage

Wang, L-Chiu.; Chen, S-O.; Chang, S-Ping.; Lee, Y-Ping.; Yu, C-Keung.; Chen, C-Ling.; Tseng, P-Chun.; Hsieh, C-Yuan.; Chen, S-Hua.; Lin, C-Feng., 2015:
Enterovirus 71 Proteins 2A and 3D Antagonize the Antiviral Activity of Gamma Interferon via Signaling Attenuation

Shingler, K.L.; Organtini, L.J.; Hafenstein, S., 2014:
Enterovirus 71 Virus Propagation and Purification

Zhu, Y.; Wang, B.; Huang, H.; Zhao, Z., 2017:
Enterovirus 71 induces anti-viral stress granule-like structures in RD cells

Du, X.; Wang, H.; Xu, F.; Huang, Y.; Liu, Z.; Liu, T., 2016:
Enterovirus 71 induces apoptosis of SH‑SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells through stimulation of endogenous microRNA let-7b expression

Fu, Y.; Xu, W.; Chen, D.; Feng, C.; Zhang, L.; Wang, X.; Lv, X.; Zheng, N.; Jin, Y.; Wu, Z., 2016:
Enterovirus 71 induces autophagy by regulating has-miR-30a expression to promote viral replication

Lee, K.Yeon., 2016:
Enterovirus 71 infection and neurological complications

Chang, C-Yi.; Li, J-Ri.; Ou, Y-Chuan.; Chen, W-Ying.; Liao, S-Lan.; Raung, S-Ling.; Hsiao, A-Lu.; Chen, C-Jung., 2016:
Enterovirus 71 infection caused neuronal cell death and cytokine expression in cultured rat neural cells

Xu, F.; Yao, P-Ping.; Xia, Y.; Qian, L.; Yang, Z-Nv.; Xie, R-Hui.; Sun, Y-Sheng.; Lu, H-Jing.; Miao, Z-Ping.; Li, C.; Li, X.; Liang, W-Feng.; Huang, X-Xiao.; Xia, S-Chang.; Chen, Z-Ping.; Jiang, J-Min.; Zhang, Y-Jun.; Mei, L-Ling.; Liu, S-Lan.; Gu, H.; Xu, Z-Yao.; Fu, X-Fei.; Zhu, Z-Yong.; Zhu, H-Ping., 2016:
Enterovirus 71 infection causes severe pulmonary lesions in gerbils, meriones unguiculatus, which can be prevented by passive immunization with specific antisera

Wang, Y.; Zou, G.; Xia, A.; Wang, X.; Cai, J.; Gao, Q.; Yuan, S.; He, G.; Zhang, S.; Zeng, M.; Altmeyer, R., 2016:
Enterovirus 71 infection in children with hand, foot, and mouth disease in Shanghai, China: epidemiology, clinical feature and diagnosis

Chen, N.; Li, X.; Li, P.; Pan, Z.; Ding, Y.; Zou, D.; Zheng, L.; Zhang, Y.; Li, L.; Xiao, L.; Song, B.; Cui, Y.; Cao, H.; Zhang, H., 2016:
Enterovirus 71 inhibits cellular type I interferon signaling by inhibiting host RIG-I ubiquitination

Yu, J.; Zhang, L.; Ren, P.; Zhong, T.; Li, Z.; Wang, Z.; Li, J.; Liu, X.; Zhao, K.; Zhang, W.; Yu, X-Fang., 2015:
Enterovirus 71 mediates cell cycle arrest in S phase through non-structural protein 3D

Mao, L.; Wu, J.; Shen, L.; Yang, J.; Chen, J.; Xu, H., 2016:
Enterovirus 71 transmission by exosomes establishes a productive infection in human neuroblastoma cells

Lee, P-Huan.; Liu, C-Ming.; Ho, T-Shiann.; Tsai, Y-Che.; Lin, C-Cheng.; Wang, Y-Fang.; Chen, Y-Ling.; Yu, C-Keung.; Wang, S-Min.; Liu, C-Chuan.; Shiau, A-Li.; Lei, H-Yao.; Chang, C-Peng., 2015:
Enterovirus 71 virion-associated galectin-1 facilitates viral replication and stability

Zhou, Y.; Li, J-Xin.; Jin, P-Fei.; Wang, Y-Xiao.; Zhu, F-Cai., 2017:
Enterovirus 71: a whole virion inactivated enterovirus 71 vaccine

Tan, C.Wah.; Tee, H.Kang.; Lee, M.Hui.Pheng.; Sam, I-Ching.; Chan, Y.Fun., 2017:
Enterovirus A71 DNA-Launched Infectious Clone as a Robust Reverse Genetic Tool

Fernandez-Garcia, M.D.; Kebe, O.; Fall, A.D.; Dia, H.; Diop, O.M.; Delpeyroux, F.; Ndiaye, K., 2016:
Enterovirus A71 Genogroups C and E in Children with Acute Flaccid Paralysis, West Africa

Akhmadishina, L.V.; Govorukhina, M.V.; Kovalev, E.V.; Nenadskaya, S.A.; Ivanova, O.E.; Lukashev, A.N., 2016:
Enterovirus A71 Meningoencephalitis Outbreak, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 2013

Yogarajah, T.; Ong, K.Chai.; Perera, D.; Wong, K.Thong., 2016:
Enterovirus A71 and coxsackievirus A16 show different replication kinetics in human neuronal and non-neuronal cell lines

Mirand, A.; Molet, L.; Hassel, C.; Peigue-Lafeuille, H.C.lA.Ne.; Rozenberg, F.; Bailly, J-Luc.; Henquell, C.C.Cile., 2015:
Enterovirus A71 subgenotype B5, France, 2013

Adeniji, J.Adekunle.; Faleye, T.Oluwasegun.Cephas., 2015:
Enterovirus C strains circulating in Nigeria and their contribution to the emergence of recombinant circulating vaccine-derived polioviruses

Pawlak, A.; Przybylski, M.; Frontczak-Baniewicz, M.; Gil, K.; Nasierowska-Guttmejer, A.M.; Gil, R.J., 2016:
Enterovirus Causing Progression of Heart Failure in a Patient with a History of Myocardial Infarction

Lu, J.; Sun, L.; Zeng, H.; Tan, X.; Lin, H.; Liu, L.; Yang, F.; Li, H.; Ke, C.; He, J.; Zhang, Y., 2016:
Enterovirus Contamination in Pediatric Hospitals: A Neglected Part of the Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease Transmission Chain in China?

Lloyd, R.E., 2016:
Enterovirus Control of Translation and RNA Granule Stress Responses

Patel, M.C.; Wang, W.; Pletneva, L.M.; Rajagopala, S.V.; Tan, Y.; Hartert, T.V.; Boukhvalova, M.S.; Vogel, S.N.; Das, S.R.; Blanco, J.C.G., 2017:
Enterovirus D-68 Infection, Prophylaxis, and Vaccination in a Novel Permissive Animal Model, the Cotton Rat (Sigmodon hispidus)

Cunha, B.A.; Wu, G.; Dumont, M.; Abruzzo, E.; Raza, M., 2016:
Enterovirus D-68 presenting with acute pancreatitis

Principi, N.; Esposito, S., 2016:
Enterovirus D-68: an emerging cause of infection

Esposito, S.; Bosis, S.; Niesters, H.; Principi, N., 2016:
Enterovirus D68 Infection

Aliabadi, N.; Messacar, K.; Pastula, D.M.; Robinson, C.C.; Leshem, E.; Sejvar, J.J.; Nix, W.Allan.; Oberste, M.Steven.; Feikin, D.R.; Dominguez, S.R., 2018:
Enterovirus D68 Infection in Children with Acute Flaccid Myelitis, Colorado, USA, 2014

Ward, N.S.; Hughes, B.L.; Mermel, L.A., 2017:
Enterovirus D68 Infection in an Adult

Randolph, A.G., 2018:
Enterovirus D68 Reemerges Globally as a Severe Pathogen Targeting Children

Ravishankar, S.; Chapin, K.; Alexander-Scott, N.; Wills, H.; Merritt, C.; Jacobson, M.; Kleris, R.; Alhinai, Z.; Sediva, I.; Muratore, C.; Mermel, L.; Mangray, S., 2016:
Enterovirus D68 and Panton-Valentine Leukocidin-Positive Staphylococcus aureus Respiratory Coinfection with Fatal Outcome

Science, M.; Allen, U., 2016:
Enterovirus D68 and disease severity: more questions than answers

Levy, A.; Roberts, J.; Lang, J.; Tempone, S.; Kesson, A.; Dofai, A.; Daley, A.J.; Thorley, B.; Speers, D.J., 2016:
Enterovirus D68 disease and molecular epidemiology in Australia

Perreault, D., 2015:
Enterovirus D68 in Canada

Rao, S.; Messacar, K.; Torok, M.R.; Rick, A-Marie.; Holzberg, J.; Montano, A.; Bagdure, D.; Curtis, D.J.; Oberste, M.Steven.; Nix, W.Allan.; de Masellis, G.; Robinson, C.C.; Dominguez, S.R., 2016:
Enterovirus D68 in Critically Ill Children: A Comparison With Pandemic H1N1 Influenza

Moyer, K.; Wang, H.; Salamon, D.; Leber, A.; Mejias, A., 2017:
Enterovirus D68 in Hospitalized Children: Sequence Variation, Viral Loads and Clinical Outcomes

Torres, J.P.; Farfan, M.J.; Izquierdo, G.; Piemonte, P.; Henriquez, J.; O'Ryan, M.L., 2015:
Enterovirus D68 infection, Chile, Spring 2014

Bal, A.; Schuffenecker, I.; Casalegno, J-S.; Josset, L.; Valette, M.; Armand, N.; Dhondt, P.B.; Escuret, V.; Lina, B., 2016:
Enterovirus D68 nosocomial outbreak in elderly people, France, 2014

Baggen, J.; Thibaut, H.Jan.; Staring, J.; Jae, L.T.; Liu, Y.; Guo, H.; Slager, J.J.; de Bruin, J.W.; van Vliet, A.L.W.; Blomen, V.A.; Overduin, P.; Sheng, J.; de Haan, C.A.M.; de Haan Xander, C.A.M.; de Vries, E.; Meijer, A.; Rossmann, M.G.; Brummelkamp, T.R.; van Kuppeveld, F.J.M., 2016:
Enterovirus D68 receptor requirements unveiled by haploid genetics

Isaacs, D., 2016:
Enterovirus D68 respiratory infections

Farrell, J.J.; Ikladios, O.; Wylie, K.M.; O'Rourke, L.M.; Lowery, K.S.; Cromwell, J.S.; Wylie, T.N.; Melendez, E.L.Vazquez.; Makhoul, Y.; Sampath, R.; Bonomo, R.A.; Storch, G.A., 2016:
Enterovirus D68-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome in adult, United States, 2014

Esposito, S.; Zampiero, A.; Ruggiero, L.; Madini, B.; Niesters, H.; Principi, N., 2016:
Enterovirus D68-associated community-acquired pneumonia in children living in Milan, Italy

Zhang, T.; Ren, L.; Luo, M.; Li, A.; Gong, C.; Chen, M.; Yu, X.; Wu, J.; Deng, Y.; Huang, F., 2016:
Enterovirus D68-associated severe pneumonia, China, 2014

Foster, C.B.; Friedman, N.; Carl, J.; Piedimonte, G., 2016:
Enterovirus D68: a clinically important respiratory enterovirus

Anonymous, 2015:
Enterovirus D68: a new cause of acute paralysis?

Ljungman, P., 2015:
Enterovirus D68: a new threat to hematology patients?

Khan, F., 2015:
Enterovirus D68: acute respiratory illness and the 2014 outbreak

The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 2015:
Enterovirus D68: the unexpected guest

Murray, J.S.; Mirch, M.C.; Amin, P.M., 2016:
Enterovirus D68: what pediatric healthcare professionals need to know

Chou, I-Ching.; Lin, C-Chen.; Kao, C-Hung., 2015:
Enterovirus Encephalitis Increases the Risk of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Taiwanese Population-based Case-control Study

Schulte, B.M.; Gielen, P.R.; Kers-Rebel, E.D.; Prosser, A.C.; Lind, K.; Flodström-Tullberg, M.; Tack, C.J.; Elving, L.D.; Adema, G.J., 2018:
Enterovirus Exposure Uniquely Discriminates Type 1 Diabetes Patients with a Homozygous from a Heterozygous Melanoma Differentiation-Associated Protein 5/Interferon Induced with Helicase C Domain 1 A946T Genotype

Noor, A.; Krilov, L.R., 2017:
Enterovirus Infections

Rudolph, H.; Schroten, H.; Tenenbaum, T., 2016:
Enterovirus Infections of the Central Nervous System in Children: An Update

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Entrapment of Victims of Spousal Abuse in Ghana: A Discursive Analysis of Family Identity and Agency of Battered Women

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Entresto (Sacubitril/Valsartan): First-in-Class Angiotensin Receptor Neprilysin Inhibitor FDA Approved for Heart Failure

Fala, L., 2015:
Entresto (Sacubitril/Valsartan): First-in-Class Angiotensin Receptor Neprilysin Inhibitor FDA Approved for Patients with Heart Failure

Anonymous, 2016:
Entries invited for Veterinary Record's EBVM and innovation awards

Anonymous, 2016:
Entries invited for new cancer research award

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