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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57781

Chapter 57781 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rajaona, R.A.; Volamarina, R.F.; Andriamahenina, A.M.; Raobela, L.; Bernardin, P.; Andriantsoa, V., 2017:
Epidemiological aspects of diabetic retinopathy - a bicentric study in Antananarivo, Madagascar - report of 158 cases

Salavastru, C.Maria.; Niculescu, M.Cristina.; Zota, A.; Nicola, G.; Morariu, H.Silviu.; Solovan, C.; Patrascu, V.; Popovici, G.; Vladuta, R.; Panduru, M.; Tiplica, G-Sorin., 2015:
Epidemiological aspects of genital warts in romania - a 2012 retrospective survey

Shi, A.; Tao, Z.; Wei, P.; Zhao, J., 2016:
Epidemiological aspects of heart diseases

Silva, M.Eduarda.Gomes.da.Cruz.; de Souza, C.Dornels.Freire.; Costa e Silva, S.Pinheiro.; Costa, Fávia.Monteiro.da.; Carmo, R.Feliciano.do., 2016:
Epidemiological aspects of leprosy in Juazeiro-BA, from 2002 to 2012

Rezende, L.Do.Carmo.; Martins, N.R.Da.Silva.; Teixeira, C.M.; Oliveira, P.R.De.; Cunha, L.M., 2016:
Epidemiological aspects of lice (Menacanthus species) infections in laying hen flocks from the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Akpoto, Y.Messanvi.; Abalo, A.; Gnandi-pio, Fé.; Sonhaye, L.; Tchaou, M.; Sama, H.Doles.; Assenouwe, S.; Lamboni, D.; Amavi, K.Adodossi.; Adam, S.; Kpelao, E.; Tengue, K.; Songne-Gnamkoulamba, B., 2016:
Epidemiological aspects of limb fractures related to military exercises in Togo

Chebbi, A.; Bouguila, H.; Alaya, N.; Lejmi, H.; Malek, I.; Zeghal, I.; Nacef, L., 2016:
Epidemiological aspects of malignant melanoma of the uvea in Tunisia

Garvey, J.F.; Pengo, M.F.; Drakatos, P.; Kent, B.D., 2015:
Epidemiological aspects of obstructive sleep apnea

Tabatabaei, S.Ali.; Modanloo, S.; Ghiyasvand, A.Mohammadkhani.; Pouryani, A.; Soleimani, M.; Tabatabaei, S.Mehdi.; Pakrah, A.Reza.; Masarat, H., 2016:
Epidemiological aspects of ocular superglue injuries

Al-Qurashi, F.O.; Yousef, A.A.; Awary, B.H., 2017:
Epidemiological aspects of prematurity in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia

Liu, L.; Qian, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, L.; Jia, L.; Dong, H., 2016:
Epidemiological aspects of rotavirus and adenovirus in hospitalized children with diarrhea: a 5-year survey in Beijing

N'goran, Y.N'da.Kouakou.; Traore, F.; Tano, M.; Kramoh, K.Euloge.; Kakou, J-Baptiste.Anzouan.; Konin, C.; Kakou, M.Guikahue., 2016:
Epidemiological aspects of stroke at emergencies services of Abidjan Heart Institute

Mekaoui, N.; Karboubi, L.; Ouadghiri, F.Zahra.; Dakhama, B.Sououd.Benjelloun., 2017:
Epidemiological aspects of suicide attempts among Moroccan children

Lara-Silva, F.de.Oliveira.; Michalsky, Érika.Monteiro.; Fortes-Dias, C.Latorre.; Fiuza, V.de.Oliveira.Pires.; Pessanha, Jé.Eduardo.Marques.; Regina-Silva, S.; de Avelar, D.Moreira.; Silva, M.Alves.; Lima, A.Cristina.Vianna.Mariano.da.Rocha.; da Costa, A.Junior.Antunes.; Machado-Coelho, G.Luiz.Lins.; Dias, E.Santos., 2016:
Epidemiological aspects of vector, parasite, and domestic reservoir in areas of recent transmission and no reported human cases of visceral leishmaniasis in Brazil

Parbery, G.; Tivey, D.; McArthur, A., 2012:
Epidemiological association between chlorinated water and overall risk of cancer: A systematic review

O'Neill, D.G.; Jackson, C.; Guy, J.H.; Church, D.B.; McGreevy, P.D.; Thomson, P.C.; Brodbelt, D.C., 2015 :
Epidemiological associations between brachycephaly and upper respiratory tract disorders in dogs attending veterinary practices in England

Fu, S.; Luo, L.; Ye, P.; Xiao, W., 2016:
Epidemiological associations between hyperuricemia and cardiometabolic risk factors: a comprehensive study from Chinese community

Anderson, R.E.; Geier, T.J.; Cahill, S.P., 2016:
Epidemiological associations between posttraumatic stress disorder and incarceration in the National Survey of American Life

Mancusi, R.Letizia.; Andreoni, M.; d'Angela, D.; Sarrecchia, C.; Spandonaro, F., 2016:
Epidemiological burden estimates for pathologies with a nonconstant risk: an application to HCV in Italy according to age, Metavir score, and genotype: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Falleiros-Arlant, L.Helena.; Berezin, E.Naaman.; Avila-Aguero, M.Luisa.; Pirez, M.Catalina.; Gentile, A.; Richardson, V.; Brea, J.; Mariño, C., 2016:
Epidemiological burden of invasive pneumococcal disease in children and adolescents with predisposing risk factors

Rojas Goldsack, Mía.de.Los.Ángeles.; Saavedra Opazo, R.; Vicencio Pezo, P.; Solís Flores, F., 2017:
Epidemiological changes in burned children. A 10-year follow-up

Herrador, Z.; Gherasim, A.; Jimenez, B.Carolina.; Granados, M.del.sol.; Granados, M.; San Martín, J.Victor.; Aparicio, P., 2015:
Epidemiological changes in leishmaniasis in Spain according to hospitalization-based records, 1997-2011: raising awareness towards leishmaniasis in non-HIV patients

Costa, G.; Thuler, L.Claudio.Santos.; Ferreira, C.Gil., 2017:
Epidemiological changes in the histological subtypes of 35,018 non-small-cell lung cancer cases in Brazil

Zhan, P.; Li, D.; Wang, C.; Sun, J.; Geng, C.; Xiong, Z.; Seyedmousavi, S.; Liu, W.; de Hoog, G.Sybren., 2016:
Epidemiological changes in tinea capitis over the sixty years of economic growth in China

Gopi, T.; Ranjith, J.; Anandan, S.; Balaji, V., 2016:
Epidemiological characterisation of Streptococcus pneumoniae from India using multilocus sequence typing

Shimamoto, K., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristic of hypertension in Japan

Kumagai, S., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristic of occupational pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis

Dias, V.Cordeiro.; Diniz, C.Galuppo.; Peter, A.Claudia.De.Oliveira.; Bastos, A.Netto.; Bastos, V.Quinnet.de.Andrade.; Bastos, L.Quinnet.de.Andrade.; Da Silva, V.Lucia., 2017:
Epidemiological characteristics and antimicrobial susceptibility among carbapenem-resistant non-fermenting bacteria in Brazil

Fang, Y.; Zhang, X.; Chen, W.; Lin, F.; Yuan, M.; Geng, Z.; Yu, H.; Dai, L., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics and burden of childhood and adolescent injuries: a survey of elementary and secondary students in Xiamen, China

Rodriguez, A.Hernández.; Bub, M.Bettina.Camargo.; Perão, Oéia.Fátima.; Zandonadi, G.; Rodriguez, M.de.Jesús.Hernández., 2017:
Epidemiological characteristics and causes of deaths in hospitalized patients under intensive care

Baymakova, M.; Sakem, B.; Plochev, K.; Popov, G.T.; Mihaylova-Garnizova, R.; Kovaleva, V.; Kundurdjiev, T., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics and clinical manifestations of hepatitis E virus infection in Bulgaria: A report on 20 patients

Katsoulos, P-Dimitrios.; Giadinis, N.D.; Chaintoutis, S.C.; Dovas, C.I.; Kiossis, E.; Tsousis, G.; Psychas, V.; Vlemmas, I.; Papadopoulos, T.; Papadopoulos, O.; Zientara, Séphan.; Karatzias, H.; Boscos, C., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics and clinicopathological features of bluetongue in sheep and cattle, during the 2014 BTV serotype 4 incursion in Greece

Jiang, M.; Zhang, Z.; Zhao, S., 2015 :
Epidemiological characteristics and drug resistance analysis of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in a China hospital at a certain time

Zeqiraj, K.; Kruja, J.; Kabashi, S.; Muçaj, S., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics and functional disability of multiple sclerosis patients in kosovo

Chen, G-P.; Wu, J-B.; Wang, J-J.; Pan, H-F.; Zhang, J.; Shi, Y-L.; Cao, C.; Li, F-R.; Fan, Y-G.; Meng, F-Y.; Ye, D-Q., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics and influential factors of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) reinfection in children in Anhui province

Wu, X.Yin.; Lam, V.C.K.; Yu, Y.Feng.; Ho, R.S.T.; Feng, Y.; Wong, C.H.L.; Yip, B.H.K.; Tsoi, K.K.F.; Wong, S.Y.S.; Chung, V.C.H., 2017:
Epidemiological characteristics and methodological quality of meta-analyses on diabetes mellitus treatment: a systematic review

Yu, Z.; Wei, Z.; Chen, J.; Wei, Z.; Huang, L., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics and molecular typing of Salmonella in Hangzhou in 2013

Fu, Y.; Sun, Q.; Liu, B.; Xu, H.; Wang, Y.; Zhu, W.; Pan, L.; Zhu, L., 2017:
Epidemiological characteristics and pathogens attributable to hand, foot, and mouth disease in Shanghai, 2008-2013

Jia, L.; Yu, H.; Lu, J.; Zhang, Y.; Cai, Y.; Liu, Y.; Ma, X., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics and risk factors for patients with catheter-related bloodstream infections in intensive care unit

Wang, C-B.; Cheng, Z-X.; Chen, J-J.; Chen, Y-Y.; Nie, H-M.; Ling, Q-H.; Dong, Y-N., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics and risk factors of hepatitis C virus genotype 1 infection: a national epidemiological survey of Chinese Han population

Zhang, X-li.; Chen, X-bei.; Zhu, J-wei.; Shu, J.; Han, S., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics and risk factors of hospital patients with clonorchiasis

Wang, H.; Gao, P.; Chen, W.X.; Sun, Y.N.; Fu, Y.; Lyu, M.; Bai, S.; Zhang, W.; Pang, X.H.; Wu, J., 2017:
Epidemiological characteristics and vertification analysis for acute hepatitis B in Beijing, 2005-2014

Margarit Soler, A.; Martínez Sanchez, Lídia.; Martínez Monseny, A.; Trenchs Sainz de la Maza, V.; Picouto González, Mía.Dolores.; Villar Cabeza, F.; Luaces Cubells, C., 2017:
Epidemiological characteristics in suicidal adolescents seen in the Emergency Department

Li, J.; Yang, W.; Wang, Z., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of HCV infected children under 15 years of age, in Henan province from 2008 to 2013

Qiu, T.; Ding, P.; Liu, X.; Xu, J.; Guo, H.; Fu, G.; Xu, X.; Huan, X., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of HIV/AIDS patients newly received highly active antiretroviral therapy during 2005-2013 in Jiangsu province

Xiang, N.; Lin, D.; An, G.; Sui, H.; Yang, Z.; Li, D.; Zhao, J.; Ma, T.; Wang, Y.; Ren, R.; Zhang, X.; Ni, D.; Zhang, Y.; Li, Q., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome outbreak in the Republic of Korea, 2015

Mniouil, M.; Fellah, H.; Amarir, F.; Et-Touys, A.; Bekhti, K.; Adlaoui, E.Bachir.; Bakri, Y.; Nhammi, H.; Sadak, A.; Sebti, F., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of visceral leishmaniasis in Morocco (1990-2014): an update

Li, J.; Li, D., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of Zika virus disease

Seijas-Tamayo, R.; Fernández-Mateos, J.; Adansa Klain, J.C.; Mesía, R.; Pastor Borgoñón, M.; Pérez-Ruiz, E.; Vázquez Fernández, S.; Salvador Coloma, C.; Rueda Domínguez, A.; Taberna, M.; Martínez-Trufero, J.; Bonfill Abella, T.; Vázquez Estévez, S.; Pollán, M.; Del Barco Morillo, E.; Cruz-Hernández, J.J., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of a Spanish cohort of patients diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck: distribution of risk factors by tumor location

Fatima, A.; Faiza, S.; Hajiba, F.; Francine, P.; Dedet, J-Pierre.; Bouchra, E.Mansouri.; Asmae, H.; Bouchra, D.; Khalid, H.; Abderrahim, S.; Ibrahim, A.; Mohamed, R., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of a new focus of cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania tropica in Settat, Morocco

Ou, W.; Cui, L.; Li, Y.; Zheng, B.; Lv, Y., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of blaNDM-1 in Enterobacteriaceae and the Acinetobacter calcoaceticus-Acinetobacter baumannii complex in China from 2011 to 2012

Brandolini, M.; Corbella, M.; De Silvestri, A.; Tinelli, C.; Albonico, G.; Albertini, R.; Ludovisi, S.; Bruno, R.; Marone, P.; Minoli, L.; Seminari, E., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of bloodstream infections in patients with different degrees of liver disease

Yamamura, M.; Santos-Neto, M.; dos Santos, R.Augusto.Neman.; Garcia, M.Concebida.da.Cunha.; Nogueira, J.de.Almeida.; Arcêncio, R.Alexandre., 2017:
Epidemiological characteristics of cases of death from tuberculosis and vulnerable territories

Sumanović-Glamuzina, D.; Zovko, A.; Letica, I.; Jerković-Raguž, M.; Mustapić, A.; Božić, T.; Vukojević, M., 2014:
Epidemiological characteristics of children born with Down syndrome in western Herzegovina in the period of the last twenty years (1994-2013)

Johnston, S.C.; Staines, D.R.; Marshall-Gradisnik, S.M., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis in Australian patients

Orantes Navarro, C.M.; Herrera Valdés, Rúl.; López, M.Almaguer.; Calero, D.J.; Fuentes de Morales, J.; Alvarado Ascencio, N.P.; Vela Parada, X.F.; Zelaya Quezada, S.M.; Granados Castro, D.V.; Orellana de Figueroa, P., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of chronic kidney disease of non-traditional causes in women of agricultural communities of El Salvador

Wang, Y.L.; Yan, Y.Z.; He, J.; Ma, J.L.; Zhang, M.; Zhang, J.Y.; Liu, J.M.; Li, S.G.; Niu, Q.; Rui, D.S.; Ma, R.L.; Guo, H.; Ding, Y.S.; Guo, S.X., 2017:
Epidemiological characteristics of dyslipidemia in remote rural areas of Xinjiang, 2009-2010

Gan, Z.; Li, J.; Meng, F.; Hu, Y.; Yao, X.; Zhang, X.; Zhu, F., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of enterovirus type 71 diseases

Che, X.; Sun, Z.; Xu, E.; Wang, J.; Liu, Y.; Du, J.; Zhang, X.; Liu, S.; Gu, W.; Xu, Y., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of hepatitis A and E in Hangzhou, 2004-13

Wang, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Shen, C.; Wang, D.; Jiang, G., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of hospital reported road traffic injuries case in Tianjin, 2013

Ren, R.; Zhou, L.; Xiang, N.; Liu, B.; Zhao, J.; Geng, X.; Wang, Y.; Li, C.; Lyu, Y.; Yang, F.; Yang, M.; Sui, H.; Huang, X.; Meng, L.; Hong, Z.; Tu, W.; Cao, Y.; Li, L.; Ding, F.; Wang, Z.; Wang, R.; Yao, J.; Gao, Y.; Jin, L.; Zhang, Y.; Ni, D.; Li, Q.; Feng, Z., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of human avian influenza A (H7N9) virus infection in China

Kong, W.; Wang, Y.; Zhu, H.; Lin, X.; Yu, B.; Hu, Q.; Guo, D.; Peng, J., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of human coronaviruses among children in Wuhan, 2008-2013

Chen, C.; Dong, X-Ping., 2017:
Epidemiological characteristics of human prion diseases

Li, G.Wei.; Chen, Q.Ge.; Qu, Z.Yu.; Xia, Y.; Lam, A.; Zhang, D.Mei.; Lu, J.Hai., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of human rabies in Henan province in China from 2005 to 2013

Liu, C.; Zhou, Y-hua.; Yu, S-lin.; Zhang, X-bin., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of imported malaria cases in Neijiang City, 2013

Dixon, P.; Paley, R.; Alegria-Moran, R.; Oidtmann, B., 2017:
Epidemiological characteristics of infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHNV): a review

Li, M.; Feng, L.; Cao, Y.; Peng, Z.; Yu, H., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of influenza outbreaks in China, 2005-2013

Lin, J-ying.; Wang, D-fei., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of malaria prevalence in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, 2012-2014

Yang, X.; Zhang, N.; Hao, L.; Zhang, K.; Wang, G.; Tao, X.; Kang, D.; Qian, Y., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of male homosexual transmission of HIV in Shandong province from 2003 to 2013

Alickovic, I.; Calkic, L.; Tandir, S.; Sivic, S., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of meningococcal meningitis in the area of zenica-doboj canton in period from 2008 to 2012

Moskv'iak-Lesniak, D.Ie.; Ruden', V.V., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of menstrual cycle disorders and perimenopause in women as risk factors of breast cancer development (C.50) (according to data of sociological research)

Ávila, J.; Tavera, M.; Carrasco, M., 2017:
Epidemiological characteristics of neonatal mortality in Peru, 2011-2012

Sun, L.; Li, H.; Tan, X.; Mo, Y.; Guo, L.; Yang, F.; He, J.; Ke, C.; Zhang, Y., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of norovirus variant of GII.4 Sydney and the outbreaks caused by norovirus variant of GII.4 Sydney in Guangdong province, 2012-2014

Socias Crespí, L.; Ceniceros Rozalén, M.I.; Rubio Roca, P.; Martínez Cuellar, N.; García Sánchez, A.; Ripoll Vera, T.; Lesmes Serrano, A., 2017:
Epidemiological characteristics of out-of-hospital cardiorespiratory arrest recorded by the 061 emergencies system (SAMU) in the Balearic Islands (Spain), 2009-2012

Cho, H.Joon.; Gn, K.Kumar.; Kang, J.Yeal.; Suh, K.Tak.; Kim, T.Kyun., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of patellofemoral osteoarthritis in elderly Koreans and its symptomatic contribution in knee osteoarthritis

Sahu, K.Kumar.; Manar, M.K.; Singh, S.K.; Singh, H., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of patients attending for rabies post-exposure prophylaxis at the infectious diseases hospital of lucknow, India

Regal Ramos, R.J., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of patients evaluated with fibromyalgia in the Assessment of Disability Unit of Madrid

Ye, P.; Er, Y.; Wang, Y.; Deng, X.; Duan, L., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of product harm cases in 32 hospitals in 11 areas in China, 2012-2014

Sugishita, Y.; Shimatani, N.; Katow, S.; Takahashi, T.; Hori, N., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of rubella and congenital rubella syndrome in the 2012-2013 epidemics in Tokyo, Japan

Wang, Z.J.; Zhang, J.; Mao, L.L.; Liu, Y.; Sun, T.T.; Tian, J.; Yao, W.Q., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome in Liaoning province, 2010-2013

Wu, H.; Wang, J.; Tong, Z.; Tang, A.; Ren, F.; Ye, L.; Wang, C., 2015:
Epidemiological characteristics of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, 2011-2013

Pu, Z.; Li, D.; Wang, A.; Su, H.; Shao, Z.; Zhang, J.; Ji, Z.; Gao, J.; Choi, B.C.K.; Yan, Y., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics of the carriers with coexistence of HBsAg and anti-HBs based on a community cohort study

Silva, Lídia.Ester.Lopes.da.; Oliveira, M.Liz.Cunha.de., 2018:
Epidemiological characteristics of violence against women in the Federal District, Brazil, 2009-2012

Cavalcante, K.Ribeiro.Leite.Jardim.; Tauil, P.Luiz., 2018 :
Epidemiological characteristics of yellow fever in Brazil, 2000-2012

Abbey, J.M.; Jaffar, N.A.; Abugrara, H.L.; Nazim, M.; Smalligan, R.D.; Khasawneh, F.A., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics, hospital course and outcome of snakebite victims in West Texas

Andrikopoulos, G.; Terentes-Printzios, D.; Tzeis, S.; Vlachopoulos, C.; Varounis, C.; Nikas, N.; Lekakis, J.; Stakos, D.; Lymperi, S.; Symeonidis, D.; Chrissos, D.; Kyrpizidis, C.; Alexopoulos, D.; Zombolos, S.; Foussas, S.; Κranidis, Α.; Oikonomou, Κ.; Vasilikos, V.; Andronikos, P.; Dermitzakis, Α.; Richter, D.; Fragakis, N.; Styliadis, I.; Mavridis, S.; Stefanadis, C.; Vardas, P., 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics, management and early outcomes of acute coronary syndromes in Greece: The PHAETHON study

Neto, A.Serpa.; Barbas, C.S.V.; Simonis, F.D.; Artigas-Raventós, A.; Canet, J.; Determann, R.M.; Anstey, J.; Hedenstierna, G.; Hemmes, S.N.T.; Hermans, G.; Hiesmayr, M.; Hollmann, M.W.; Jaber, S.; Martin-Loeches, I.; Mills, G.H.; Pearse, R.M.; Putensen, C.; Schmid, W.; Severgnini, P.; Smith, R.; Treschan, T.A.; Tschernko, E.M.; Melo, M.F.V.; Wrigge, H.; de Abreu, M.Gama.; Pelosi, P.; Schultz, M.J.; Bell, A.; Gecaj-Gashi, A.; Dilek, A.; Denker, A.Sukru.; Aytulun, A.; Kienbaum, P.; Rose, A.; Bacu, 2016:
Epidemiological characteristics, practice of ventilation, and clinical outcome in patients at risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome in intensive care units from 16 countries (PRoVENT): an international, multicentre, prospective study

Chen, C-Hua.; Sy, H-Ngar.; Lin, L-Jhen.; Yen, H-Cheg.; Wang, S-Hung.; Chen, W-Liang.; Chen, Y-Min.; Chang, Y-Jun., 2015:
Epidemiological characterization and prognostic factors in patients with confirmed cerebral cryptococcosis in central Taiwan

Li, C.Wei.; Chen, D.Hua.; Zhong, J.Tao.; Lin, Z.Bin.; Peng, H.; Lu, H.Gui.; Yang, Y.; Yin, J.; Li, T.Ying., 2016:
Epidemiological characterization and risk factors of allergic rhinitis in the general population in Guangzhou City in china

Huang, G.; Yin, S.; Xiang, L.; Gong, Y.; Sun, K.; Luo, X.; Zhang, C.; Yang, Z.; Deng, L.; Jiang, B.; Jin, S.; Chen, J.; Peng, Y., 2016:
Epidemiological characterization of Acinetobacter baumannii bloodstream isolates from a Chinese Burn Institute: A three-year study

Ma, H.; Wen, W.; Su, Y.; Feng, J.; Xu, L.; Peng, C.; Guo, Z., 2016 :
Epidemiological characterization of VNNV in hatchery-reared and wild marine fish on Hainan Island, China, and experimental infection of golden pompano (Trachinotus ovatus) juveniles

Aristizábal, N.; Ramírez, A.; Hincapié-García, J.; Laiton, E.; Aristizábal, C.; Cuesta, D.; Monsalve, C.; Hincapié, G.; Zapata, E.; Abad, Vónica.; Delgado, M-Rocio.; Torres, Jé-Luis.; Palacio, Aés.; Botero, Jé., 2017:
Epidemiological characterization of diabetic patients on therapy with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion and continuous glucose monitoring in real time

Oyarce, J.A.; García, C.; Alave, J.; Bustamante, B., 2017:
Epidemiological clinical and laboratory characterization of sporotrichosis in patients of a tertiary care hospital in Lima, Peru, from 1991 to 2014

Kim, E-Kyung.; Youn, Y-Sook.; Rhim, J-Woo.; Shin, M-Seok.; Kang, J-Han.; Lee, K-Yil., 2015:
Epidemiological comparison of three Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia epidemics in a single hospital over 10 years

Smith, P.; Endris, R.; Kronvall, G.; Thomas, V.; Verner-Jeffreys, D.; Wilhelm, C.; Dalsgaard, I., 2016:
Epidemiological cut-off values for Flavobacterium psychrophilum MIC data generated by a standard test protocol

Coelho, Fávio.Codeço.; Codeço, Cáudia.Torres.; Cruz, O.Gonçalves.; Camargo, S.; Bliman, P-Alexandre., 2018:
Epidemiological data accessibility in Brazil

Bencko, Vír.; Chen, C., 2015:
Epidemiological data and cancer risk assessment: cessation LAG and lingering effect concepts

Tchin, D.; Atsi, W.; Tchaa, T.Hodabalo.; Essossinam, K.; Edèm, J.Yaovii.; Amégbor, K.Koffi.; Gado, N-K., 2017:
Epidemiological data and forensic aspects of road traffic fatalities in Lomé, Togo

Baum, S.; Astman, N.; Berco, E.; Solomon, M.; Trau, H.; Barzilai, A., 2017:
Epidemiological data of 290 pemphigus vulgaris patients: a 29-year retrospective study

Engin, H.; Ozdamar, S.; Gun, B.; Bahadir, B.; Kertis, G.; Numanoglu, G.; Ustundag, Y.; Kuzey, G., 2016:
Epidemiological data of cancer of the only cancer center of the western Black Sea region of Turkey

González-López-Arza, Mía.Victoria.; Sautreuil, P.; Varela-Donoso, E.; Rodríguez-Mansilla, J.; Garrido-Ardila, E., 2015:
Epidemiological data on acupuncture and physical and rehabilitation medicine in the European Union

Breuer, K.; Uter, W.; Geier, J., 2016:
Epidemiological data on airborne contact dermatitis - results of the IVDK

Tursz, A.; Cook, J.Mark., 2015:
Epidemiological data on shaken baby syndrome in France using judicial sources

Acosta-Jamett, G.; Vargas, R.; Ernst, S., 2017:
Epidemiological description of human and animal hydatidosis in Los Ríos region, 1999- 2009

Billong, S-Clotaire.; Fokam, J.; Billong, E-Joan.; Nguefack-Tsague, G.; Essi, M-Josée.; Fodjo, R.; Sosso, S-Martin.; Gomba, A.; Mosoko-Jembia, J.; Loni-Ekali, G.; Colizzi, V.; Bissek, A-Cécile.Zoung-Kani.; Monebenimp, F.; Nfetam, J-Bosco.Elat., 2016:
Epidemiological distribution of HIV infection among pregnant women in the ten regions of Cameroon and strategic implications for prevention programs

Villabona-Arenas, C.Julián.; de Oliveira, J.Luana.; de Sousa-Capra, C.; Balarini, K.; Pereira da Fonseca, C.Ricardo.Theoto.; Zanotto, P.Marinho.de.Andrade., 2016:
Epidemiological dynamics of an urban Dengue 4 outbreak in São Paulo, Brazil

Khismatullina, N.A.; Karimov, M.M.; Khaertynov, K.S.; Shuralev, E.A.; Morzunov, S.P.; Khaertynova, I.M.; Ivanov, A.A.; Milova, I.V.; Khakimzyanova, M.B.; Sayfullina, G.Sh.; Gaynullin, A.A.; Ivanov, A.V.; Rizvanov, A.A.; Khaiboullina, S.F., 2016:
Epidemiological dynamics of nephropathia epidemica in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, during the period of 1997-2013

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Epidemiological dynamics of norovirus GII.4 variant New Orleans 2009

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