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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57816

Chapter 57816 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ehsani, F.; Arab, A.Massoud.; Assadi, H.; Karimi, N.; Shanbehzadeh, S., 2015:
Evaluation of pelvic floor muscles activity with and without abdominal maneuvers in subjects with and without low back pain

Yang, L.; Ferrero, A.; Hagge, R.J.; Badawi, R.D.; Qi, J., 2015:
Evaluation of penalty design in penalized maximum-likelihood image reconstruction for lesion detection

Lee, W.Qi.; Affandi, I.Syazwani.M.; Feroz, S.R.; Mohamad, S.B.; Tayyab, S., 2016:
Evaluation of pendimethalin binding to human serum albumin: Insights from spectroscopic and molecular modeling approach

Bamous, M.; Abdessamad, A.; Tadili, J.; Kettani, A.; Faroudy, M., 2016:
Evaluation of penetrating cardiac stab wounds

Vadhana, S.; Latha, J.; Velmurugan, N., 2015:
Evaluation of penetration depth of 2% chlorhexidine digluconate into root dentinal tubules using confocal laser scanning microscope

Min, J.H.; Inaba, D.; Kwon, H.K.; Chung, J.H.; Kim, B.I., 2017:
Evaluation of penetration effect of resin infiltrant using optical coherence tomography

Wu, L.; Fan, K.; Ji, J.; Yang, K., 2016:
Evaluation of penicillin expandase mutants and complex substrate inhibition characteristics at high concentrations of penicillin G

Hamed, S.A.; Hermann, B.P.; Moussa, E.M.M.; Youssef, A.H.; Rageh, T.A.; Elserogy, Y.E.; NasrEldin, E., 2015:
Evaluation of penile vascular status in men with epilepsy with erectile dysfunction

Cho, J.; Tremmel, L.; Rho, O.; Camelio, A.M.; Siegel, D.; Slaga, T.J.; DiGiovanni, J., 2016:
Evaluation of pentacyclic triterpenes found in Perilla frutescens for inhibition of skin tumor promotion by 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate

Thrall, S.; Doll, M.K.; Nhan, C.; Gonzales, M.; Perreault, Térèse.; Lamer, P.; Quach, C., 2016:
Evaluation of pentavalent rotavirus vaccination in neonatal intensive care units

Agilli, M.; Aydin, F.Nuri., 2015:
Evaluation of pentraxin-3 in POEMS syndrome

Aydemir, G.; Koç, Aşe.Nedret.; Atalay, M.Altay., 2016:
Evaluation of peptide nucleic acid fluorescent in situ hybridization (PNA FISH) method in the identifi cation of Candida species isolated from blood cultures

Jeong, S.; Kim, J.Ok.; Jeong, S.Hoon.; Bae, I.Kwon.; Song, W., 2016:
Evaluation of peptide nucleic acid-mediated multiplex real-time PCR kits for rapid detection of carbapenemase genes in gram-negative clinical isolates

Ren, Y.; Liu, Q.; Cao, C.; Su, M.; Lyu, J.; Li, L., 2016:
Evaluation of perceptions of physical activity related built environment among urban adults with different characteristics in Hangzhou

Polonini, H.C.; Brandão, M.Antônio.F.; Ferreira, A.O.; Ramos, C.; Raposo, N.R.B., 2015:
Evaluation of percutaneous absorption performance for human female sexual steroids into pentravan cream

Perez, C.Luhm.Silva.; Fighera, T.Muniz.; Miasaki, F.; Mesa Junior, C.Otaviano.; Paz Filho, G.Jorge.da.; Graf, H.; Carvalho, G.Amaral.de., 2015:
Evaluation of percutaneous ethanol injections in benign thyroid nodules

Sun, Y.; Zhang, G.; Yu, J.; Dong, L.; Liu, W.; Liang, P., 2016 :
Evaluation of percutaneous microwave coagulation therapy for hepatic artery injury

Wang, T.; Miller, D.; Burczynski, F.; Gu, X., 2014:
Evaluation of percutaneous permeation of repellent DEET and sunscreen oxybenzone from emulsion-based formulations in artificial membrane and human skin

Tabuchi, K.; Kobayashi, T.; Kumagai, J.; Takahashi, N., 2016:
Evaluation of percutaneous transluminal angioplasty screening using color Doppler ultrasonography

Sthle, M.; Foss, A.; Gustafsson, B.; Lempinen, M.; Lundgren, T.; Rafael, E.; Tufveson, G.; Theisinger, B.; Brandhorst, D.; Korsgren, O.; Friberg, A., 2016:
Evaluation of Perfluorohexyloctane/Polydimethylsiloxane for Pancreas Preservation for Clinical Islet Isolation and Transplantation

Wang, X.; Luo, H.; Qin, X.; Feng, J.; Gao, H.; Feng, Q., 2018:
Evaluation of performance and impacts of maternal and child health hospital services using Data Envelopment Analysis in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China: a comparison study among poverty and non-poverty county level hospitals

Tombolini, F.; Listrani, S.; Campopiano, A.; Plebani, C., 2017:
Evaluation of performance loss of paraffin oil loaded filtering facepieces

Zachariah, N.; Kothari, S.; Ramamurthy, S.; Osunkoya, A.O.; Wang, M.D., 2016:
Evaluation of performance metrics for histopathological image classifier optimization

da Costa, I.Pereira.; Bortoluzzo, A.B.; Gonçalves, Célio.R.; da Silva, Jé.Antonio.Braga.; Ximenes, A.Carlos.; Bértolo, M.B.; Ribeiro, S.L.E.; Keiserman, M.; Menin, R.; Skare, T.L.; Carneiro, S.; Azevedo, Vílio.F.; Vieira, W.P.; Albuquerque, E.N.; Bianchi, W.A.; Bonfiglioli, R.; Campanholo, C.; Carvalho, H.M.S.; Duarte, A.L.B.Pinto.; Kohem, C.L.; Leite, N.H.; Lima, S.A.L.; Meirelles, E.S.; Pereira, Iânio.A.; Pinheiro, M.M.; Polito, E.; Resende, G.G.; Rocha, F.Airton.C.; Santiago, M.B.; Saum, 2017:
Evaluation of performance of BASDAI (Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index) in a Brazilian cohort of 1,492 patients with spondyloarthritis: data from the Brazilian Registry of Spondyloarthritides (RBE)

Espejo, L.A.; Zagmutt, F.J.; Groenendaal, H.; Muñoz-Zanzi, C.; Wells, S.J., 2016:
Evaluation of performance of bacterial culture of feces and serum ELISA across stages of Johne's disease in cattle using a Bayesian latent class model

Chen, Q.; Dai, C.; Zhang, Q.; Du, J.; Li, W., 2017:
Evaluation of performance of five bioinformatics software for the prediction of missense mutations

Papadopoulos, F.H.; Metaxa, E.G.; Iatrou, M.N.; Papadopoulos, A.H., 2015:
Evaluation of performance of full-scale duckweed and algal ponds receiving septage

Chang, C-Kai.; Kao, C-Feng.; Lin, P-Han.; Huang, H-Lin.; Ho, S-Yuan.; Wong, K-Chen.; Lin, B-Chang.; Yeh, C-Ching.; Lee, C-Yeh.; Kao, C-Liang.; Lee, C-Nan.; Chang, S-Yuan.; Yang, J-Yuan., 2015:
Evaluation of performance of human immunodeficiency virus antigen/antibody combination assays in Taiwan

Wang, Y.; Duan, L.; Ji, C.; Ye, P.; Deng, X.; Er, Y.; Jin, Y.; Gao, X.; Wang, L., 2016:
Evaluation of performance of national injury surveillance in China, 2006-2012

Kuyare, M.Sunil.; Sarve, P.Vijayrao.; Dalal, K.S.; Tripathi, R.K., 2016:
Evaluation of performance of the Medical Research Department in 'Research naive' non-academic hospital: An audit

Rishniw, M.; Pion, P.D., 2016:
Evaluation of performance of veterinary in-clinic hematology analyzers

Morris, J.; Vine, K.; Grimmer, K., 2015:
Evaluation of performance quality of an advanced scope physiotherapy role in a hospital emergency department

Carpinteiro, I.; Schopfer, A.; Estoppey, N.; Fong, C.; Grandjean, D.; de Alencastro, L.F., 2015:
Evaluation of performance reference compounds (PRCs) to monitor emerging polar contaminants by polar organic chemical integrative samplers (POCIS) in rivers

Tachikawa, K.; Izawa, S.; Ono, Y.; Kuriki, S.; Ishiyama, A., 2016:
Evaluation of performance to detect default mode network among some algorithms applied to resting-state fMRI data

Ashendorf, L.; Sugarman, M.A., 2017:
Evaluation of performance validity using a Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test forced-choice trial

Mazzuti, L.; Lozzi, M.Antonietta.; Riva, E.; Maida, P.; Falasca, F.; Antonelli, G.; Turriziani, O., 2016:
Evaluation of performances of VERSANT HCV RNA 1.0 assay (kPCR) and Roche COBAS AmpliPrep/COBAS TaqMan HCV test v2.0 at low level viremia

Hasanin, A.; Mohamed, S.Abdel.Raouf.; El-Adawy, A., 2016:
Evaluation of perfusion index as a tool for pain assessment in critically ill patients

Matsuo, Y.; Ogawa, T.; Yamamoto, M.; Shibamoto, A.; Sáenz, J.Ramón.Vanegas.; Yokoyama, M.; Kanda, Y.; Toyohara, J.; Sasaki, K., 2016:
Evaluation of peri-implant bone metabolism under immediate loading using high-resolution Na 18 F-PET

González-Martín, O.; Oteo, C.; Ortega, R.; Alandez, J.; Sanz, M.; Veltri, M., 2017:
Evaluation of peri-implant buccal bone by computed tomography: an experimental study

Alkan, E.Ayhan.; Tüter, Gülay.; Parlar, Aş.; Yücel, Aşegül.; Kurtiş, Bülent., 2016:
Evaluation of peri-implant crevicular fluid prostaglandin E 2 levels in augmented extraction sockets by different biomaterials

Bhardwaj, I.; Bhushan, A.; Baiju, C.Sudha.; Bali, S.; Joshi, V., 2016:
Evaluation of peri-implant soft tissue and bone levels around early loaded implant in restoring single missing tooth: A clinico-radiographic study

Soto, V.G.; Dandin, O.; Soto, A.V., 2015:
Evaluation of pericardial effusion by contrast echocardiography after gunshot injury

Kanaeda, T.; Ueda, M.; Arai, M.; Ishimura, M.; Kajiyama, T.; Hashiguchi, N.; Nakano, M.; Kondo, Y.; Hiranuma, Y.; Oyamada, A.; Yokosuka, O.; Kobayashi, Y., 2015:
Evaluation of periesophageal nerve injury after pulmonary vein isolation using the (13)C-acetate breath test

Souza, A.Sandro.Rolland.; Patriota, A.Farias.; Guerra, Gáucia.Virgínia.de.Queiroz.Lins.; Melo, B.Carvalho.Pinto.de., 2017:
Evaluation of perinatal outcomes in pregnant women with preterm premature rupture of membranes

Caroci, A.de.Souza.; Riesco, M.Luiza.Gonzalez.; Rocha, B.Moraes.Camargo.; Ventura, Lícia.de.Jesus.; Oliveira, S.Guimarães., 2015:
Evaluation of perineal muscle strength in the first trimester of pregnancy

Pockpa, Z.A.D.; Didia, E.L.E.; Mobio, Y.S.; Coulibaly, N.T.; Djeredou, K.B., 2016:
Evaluation of periodontal health of prosthetic abutments. Pilot study about 100 abutments of crowns and bridges

Solis, A.Cristina.de.Oliveira.; Marques, A.Horvath.; Dominguez, W.Vasques.; Prado, E.Brandão.de.Almeida.; Pannuti, Cáudio.Mendes.; Lotufo, R.Fraga.Moreira.; Lotufo-Neto, F., 2017:
Evaluation of periodontitis in hospital outpatients with major depressive disorder. A focus on gingival and circulating cytokines

Toregeani, J.Freitas.; Nassar, C.Augusto.; Nassar, Pícia.Oehlmeyer.; Toregeani, K.Mendes.; Gonzatto, G.Karolyne.; Vendrame, R.; Castilhos, J.Scheffer.; Rotta, L.Sokol.; Reinheimer, Aéia.Carpenedo.; Longoni, A.; Barcella, M.Waterkemper.Andrade., 2017:
Evaluation of periodontitis treatment effects on carotid intima-media thickness and expression of laboratory markers related to atherosclerosis

Ebbing, J.; Wiebach, T.; Kempkensteffen, C.; Miller, K.; Bachmann, A.; Günzel, K.; Rieken, M.; Friedersdorff, F.; Baumunk, D.; Weikert, S., 2015:
Evaluation of perioperative complications in open and laparoscopic surgery for renal cell cancer with tumor thrombus involvement using the Clavien-Dindo classification

Wyssusek, K.H.; Keys, A.L.B.; Yung, J.; Moloney, E.T.; Sivalingam, P.; Paul, S.K., 2016:
Evaluation of perioperative predictors of acute kidney injury post orthotopic liver transplantation

Ozcımen, M.; Sakarya, Y.; Goktas, S.; Sakarya, R.; Ivacık, I.S.; Yener, H.I.; Erdogan, E., 2015:
Evaluation of peripapillary choroidal and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in eyes with tilted optic disc

Ana, B.; Cristina, S.; Dorin, C., 2016:
Evaluation of peripheral binocular visual field in patients with glaucoma: a pilot study

Elbuken, G.; Tanriverdi, F.; Karaca, Z.; Eser, B.; Hasdiraz, L.; Unluhizarci, K.; Gokoglu, A.; Cetin, A.; Selcuklu, A.; Kelestimur, F., 2016:
Evaluation of peripheral blood CD34+ cell count in the acute phase of traumatic brain injury and chest trauma

Guieu, L-Valérie.S.; Bersenas, A.M.; Brisson, B.A.; Holowaychuk, M.K.; Ammersbach, M.A.; Beaufrère, H.; Fujita, H.; Weese, J.Scott., 2017:
Evaluation of peripheral blood and abdominal fluid variables as predictors of intestinal surgical site failure in dogs with septic peritonitis following celiotomy and the placement of closed-suction abdominal drains

Özkan, E.Akyüz.; Göret, C.Canbey.; Özdemir, Z.Tuba.; Yanık, S.; Göret, N.Emrah.; Doğan, M.; Cihan, F.Gökşin.; Akkoca, Aşe.Neslin., 2016:
Evaluation of peripheral lymphadenopathy with excisional biopsy: six-year experience

Trignano, E.; Fallico, N.; Chen, H-Chi.; Faenza, M.; Bolognini, A.; Armenti, A.; Santanelli Di Pompeo, F.; Rubino, C.; Campus, G.Vittorio., 2016:
Evaluation of peripheral microcirculation improvement of foot after tarsal tunnel release in diabetic patients by transcutaneous oximetry

Afsal, M.; Chowdhury, V.; Prakash, A.; Singh, S.; Chowdhury, N., 2018:
Evaluation of peripheral nerve lesions with high-resolution ultrasonography and color Doppler

Tugcu, A.Ulas.; Cabioglu, T.; Abbasoglu, A.; Ecevit, A.; Ince, D.Anuk.; Tarcan, A., 2016:
Evaluation of peripheral perfusion in term newborns before and after Yintang (EX-HN 3) massage

Véliz, E.; Vergara, T.; Fica, A., 2015:
Evaluation of peripheral vascular catheter management conditions in adult patients

Kim, D.; Rho, H.Suk.; Jambovane, S.; Shin, S.; Hong, J.Wook., 2016:
Evaluation of peristaltic micromixers for highly integrated microfluidic systems

Saad-Hossne, Rério.; Barretto, A.Beatriz.; Siqueira, J.Menezes.; Denadai, R., 2017:
Evaluation of peritoneal endometriosis treatment using intralesional acetylsalicylic acid injection in rabbits

Legband, N.D.; Feshitan, J.A.; Borden, M.A.; Terry, B.S., 2015:
Evaluation of peritoneal microbubble oxygenation therapy in a rabbit model of hypoxemia

Park, J.; Aryal, M.; Vykhodtseva, N.; Zhang, Y-Zhi.; McDannold, N., 2016:
Evaluation of permeability, doxorubicin delivery, and drug retention in a rat brain tumor model after ultrasound-induced blood-tumor barrier disruption

Kamali, M.; Delkash, M.; Tajrishy, M., 2016:
Evaluation of permeable pavement responses to urban surface runoff

Olsson, L-Eric.; Hansson, E.; Ekman, I., 2016:
Evaluation of person-centred care after hip replacement-a controlled before and after study on the effects of fear of movement and self-efficacy compared to standard care

Oscanoa, T.J.; Cieza, E.; Parodi, Jé.F.; Paredes, Nón., 2018:
Evaluation of peruvian money test in screening of cognitive impairment among older adults

Bedi, J.Singh.; Gill, J.P.S.; Kaur, P.; Sharma, A.; Aulakh, R.S., 2015:
Evaluation of pesticide residues in human blood samples from Punjab (India)

Al-Shamary, N.M.; Al-Ghouti, M.A.; Al-Shaikh, I.; Al-Meer, S.H.; Ahmad, T.A., 2016:
Evaluation of pesticide residues of organochlorine in vegetables and fruits in Qatar: statistical analysis

Lee, I-Seon.; Lee, Y-Seul.; Park, H-Joon.; Lee, H.; Chae, Y., 2016:
Evaluation of phantom-based education system for acupuncture manipulation

Gradl, G.; Krieg, E-Maria.; Schulz, M., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmaceutical concerns in Germany: frequency and potential reasons

Zamami, Y.; Imai, T.; Imanishi, M.; Takechi, K.; Shiraishi, N.; Koyama, T.; Sagara, H.; Shiino, Y.; Sendo, T.; Ishizawa, K., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmaceutical lifesaving skills training oriented pharmaceutical intervention

Zillich, A.J.; Jaynes, H.A.; Bex, S.D.; Boldt, A.S.; Walston, C.M.; Ramsey, D.C.; Sutherland, J.M.; Bravata, D.M., 2015:
Evaluation of pharmacist care for hypertension in the Veterans Affairs patient-centered medical home: a retrospective case-control study

Ghimirey, A.; Sapkota, B.; Shrestha, S.; Basnet, N.; Shankar, P.Ravi.; Sapkota, S., 2013:
Evaluation of pharmacist counseling in improving knowledge, attitude, and practice in chronic kidney disease patients

Elewa, H.; Jalali, F.; Khudair, N.; Hassaballah, N.; Abdelsamad, O.; Mohammed, S., 2017:
Evaluation of pharmacist-based compared to doctor-based anticoagulation management in Qatar

Bao, Y.; Gao, Y.; Koch, E.; Pan, X.; Jin, Y.; Cui, X., 2015:
Evaluation of pharmacodynamic activities of EPs® 7630, a special extract from roots of Pelargonium sidoides, in animals models of cough, secretolytic activity and acute bronchitis

Weiss, D.; Knight, R.; Zhou, S.; Palmisano, M.; Chen, N., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interactions when lenalidomide is co-administered with warfarin in a randomized clinical trial setting

Yang, W.; Xiao, Q.; Wang, D.; Yao, C.; Yang, J., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmacokinetic interactions between long-acting HIV-1 fusion inhibitor albuvirtide and lopinavir/ritonavir, in HIV-infected subjects, combined with clinical study and simulation results

Tsagogiorgas, C.; Theisinger, S.; Heesch, E.; Krebs, Jörg.; Holm, Ré.; Beck, G.; Yard, B., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmacokinetic properties and anaesthetic effects of propofol in a new perfluorohexyloctane (F6H8) emulsion in rats--A comparative study

Kozai, S.; Wada, T.; Ogawara, K-Ichi.; Kida, T.; Tokushige, H.; Higaki, K., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic indices of topical ophthalmic gatifloxacin against Staphylococcus aureus utilising an in vitro aqueous humour pharmacokinetic model

Takimoto, C.H.; Fu, S.; Dhillon, N.; Mita, M.M.; Mita, A.C.; Cheung, W.; Xu, Y.; Ali, A.; Johri, A.; Kurzrock, R., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) of patupilone and warfarin in patients (pts) with advanced solid tumors: An open-label, phase I study

Magalhães, V.S.; Cid, Y.P.; Ferreira, T.P.; Medeiros, D.M.V.; de S O Batista, L.C.; Correia, T.R.; Albert, Aé.L.M.; Scott, F.B., 2017:
Evaluation of pharmacokinetics and efficacy of ivermectin following oral administration in dogs against experimental infection of Ctenocephalides felis felis and Rhipicephalus sanguineus

Tun, G.S.Z.; Lobo, A.J., 2015:
Evaluation of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and clinical efficacy of certolizumab pegol for Crohn's disease

Kadam, P.P.; Gogtay, N.Jaideep.; Karande, S.; Shah, V.; Thatte, U.M., 2017 :
Evaluation of pharmacokinetics of single-dose chloroquine in malnourished children with malaria- a comparative study with normally nourished children

Abdul-Awal, S.M.; Nazmir, S.; Nasrin, S.; Nurunnabi, T.Rahman.; Uddin, S.Jamal., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmacological activity of Hibiscus tiliaceus

Carreno, J.J.; Kenney, R.M.; Bloome, M.; McDonnell, J.; Rodriguez, J.; Weinmann, A.; Kilgore, P.E.; Davis, S.L., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmacy generalists performing antimicrobial stewardship services

Utsumi, M.; Hirano, S.; Fujii, Y.; Yamamoto, H., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmacy practice program in the 6-year pharmaceutical education curriculum in Japan: hospital pharmacy practice program

Knauss, M.; Bonner, C.Lea.; Patka, J.; Abraham, P., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmacy resident alertness in an overnight on-call program

Poon, L.H.; Wang, L.; Moody, S.; Proffitt, L., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmacy resident and student recommendations made before and after home-based primary care patient visits

Owenby, R.K.; Brown, J.N.; Kemp, D.W., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmacy services in emergency departments of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers

Khalil, H.; Leversha, A.; Walker, J., 2016:
Evaluation of pharmacy students' rural placement program: preparation for interprofessional practice

Giannantoni, N.M.; Minisci, M.; Brunetti, V.; Scarano, E.; Testani, E.; Vollono, C.; De Corso, E.; Bastanza, G.; D'Alatri, L.; Della Marca, G., 2017:
Evaluation of pharyngeal muscle activity through nasopharyngeal surface electromyography in a cohort of dysphagic patients with acute ischaemic stroke

Okamura, A.; Nakamura, R.; Yamagami, J.; Ishii, K.; Kawakubo, H.; Omori, T.; Takeuchi, H.; Amagai, M.; Kitagawa, Y., 2016:
Evaluation of pharyngo-oesophageal involvement in pemphigus vulgaris and its correlation with disease activity

Portera, C.C.; Dancey, J.E., 2016:
Evaluation of phase II clinical trials of small molecule targeted inhibitors

Danciu, C.; Vlaia, L.; Fetea, F.; Hancianu, M.; Coricovac, D.E.; Ciurlea, S.A.; Şoica, Cţa.M.; Marincu, I.; Vlaia, V.; Dehelean, C.A.; Trandafirescu, C., 2016:
Evaluation of phenolic profile, antioxidant and anticancer potential of two main representants of Zingiberaceae family against B164A5 murine melanoma cells

Yahiaoui, R.Y.; den Heijer, C.D.J.; Wolfs, P.; Bruggeman, C.A.; Stobberingh, E.E., 2016:
Evaluation of phenotypic and molecular methods for identification of Streptococcus pneumoniae

Savaliya, B.F.; Mathakiya, R.A.; Bhanderi, B.B.; Jhala, M.K., 2015:
Evaluation of phenotypic factors for anti-rabies antibody in vaccinated pet dogs

Tai, A.S.; Sidjabat, H.E.; Kidd, T.J.; Whiley, D.M.; Paterson, D.L.; Bell, S.C., 2015:
Evaluation of phenotypic screening tests for carbapenemase production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa from patients with cystic fibrosis

Saad, N.; Munir, T.; Ansari, M.; Gilani, M.; Latif, M.; Haroon, A., 2018:
Evaluation of phenotypic tests for detection of Amp C beta-lactamases in clinical isolates from a tertiary care hospital of Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Chauhan, K.; Pandey, A.; Asthana, A.K.; Madan, M., 2015:
Evaluation of phenotypic tests for detection of Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase and metallo-beta-lactamase in clinical isolates of Escherichia coli and Klebsiella species

Perez, L.Reus.Rodrigues.; Rodrigues, Dógenes.; Dias, Cícero.Gomes., 2016:
Evaluation of phenotypic tests to detect carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in colonized patients hospitalized in intensive care units

Ock, S-A.; Lee, Y-Mi.; Park, J-Sung.; Shivakumar, S.Belame.; Moon, S-Woung.; Sung, N-Ju.; Lee, W-Jae.; Jang, S-Jung.; Park, J-Mi.; Lee, S-Chan.; Lee, S-Lim.; Rho, G-Jin., 2017:
Evaluation of phenotypic, functional and molecular characteristics of porcine mesenchymal stromal/stem cells depending on donor age, gender and tissue source

Kakizawa, T.; Mizukami, T.; Itoh, Y.; Hasegawa, M.; Sasaki, R.; Suzuki, T., 2016:
Evaluation of phenylcyclopropylamine compounds by enzymatic assay of lysine-specific demethylase 2 in the presence of NPAC peptide

Carpio, A.; Esquivel, D.; Arce, L.; Romero-Salguero, F.J.; Van Der Voort, P.; Jiménez-Sanchidrián, C.; Válcarcel, M., 2015:
Evaluation of phenylene-bridged periodic mesoporous organosilica as a stationary phase for solid phase extraction

Yan, Y.; Zhou, Y.Qun.; Liang, C.Hua., 2016:
Evaluation of phosphate fertilizers for the immobilization of Cd in contaminated soils

Bakhshandeh, E.; Rahimian, H.; Pirdashti, H.; Nematzadeh, G.A., 2016:
Evaluation of phosphate-solubilizing bacteria on the growth and grain yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.) cropped in northern Iran

Amengual, O.; Forastiero, R.; Sugiura-Ogasawara, M.; Otomo, K.; Oku, K.; Favas, C.; Delgado Alves, J.; Žigon, P.; Ambrožič, A.; Tomšič, M.; Ruiz-Arruza, I.; Ruiz-Irastorza, G.; Bertolaccini, M.L.; Norman, G.L.; Shums, Z.; Arai, J.; Murashima, A.; Tebo, A.E.; Gerosa, M.; Meroni, P.L.; Rodriguez-Pintó, I.; Cervera, R.; Swadzba, J.; Musial, J.; Atsumi, T., 2016:
Evaluation of phosphatidylserine-dependent antiprothrombin antibody testing for the diagnosis of antiphospholipid syndrome: results of an international multicentre study

Lombardi, B.; Rendell, N.; Edwards, M.; Katan, M.; Zimmermann, J.Godovac., 2015:
Evaluation of phosphopeptide enrichment strategies for quantitative TMT analysis of complex network dynamics in cancer-associated cell signalling

Park, J.H.; Ok, Y.S.; Kim, S.H.; Cho, J.S.; Heo, J.S.; Delaune, R.D.; Seo, D.C., 2016:
Evaluation of phosphorus adsorption capacity of sesame straw biochar on aqueous solution: influence of activation methods and pyrolysis temperatures

Pourhajibagher, M.; Chiniforush, N.; Raoofian, R.; Pourakbari, B.; Ghorbanzadeh, R.; Bazarjani, F.; Bahador, A., 2016:
Evaluation of photo-activated disinfection effectiveness with methylene blue against Porphyromonas gingivalis involved in endodontic infection: An in vitro study

Zgadzaj, A.; Skrzypczak, A.; Welenc, I.; Ługowska, A.; Parzonko, A.; Siedlecka, E.; Sommer, S.; Sikorska, K.; Nałęcz-Jawecki, G., 2016:
Evaluation of photodegradation, phototoxicity and photogenotoxicity of ofloxacin in ointments with sunscreens and in solutions

de Souza, T.Deprá.; Ziembowicz, F.Isa.; Müller, D.Friedrich.; Lauermann, Sâmera.Cristina.; Kloster, C.Luisa.; Santos, R.Christ.Vianna.; Lopes, L.Quintana.Soares.; Ourique, A.Ferreira.; Machado, G.; Villetti, M.Antonio., 2016:
Evaluation of photodynamic activity, photostability and in vitro drug release of zinc phthalocyanine-loaded nanocapsules

Yang, Y.; Yang, X.; Zou, J.; Jia, C.; Hu, Y.; Du, H.; Wang, H., 2016:
Evaluation of photodynamic therapy efficiency using an in vitro three-dimensional microfluidic breast cancer tissue model

Gomes-Filho, Jão.Eduardo.; Sivieri-Araujo, G.; Sipert, C.Renata.; da Silva Santos, L.Mota.; de Azevedo Queiroz, Índia.Olinta.; Men Martins, C.; do Carmo Maia, N.Kívilla.; Cintra, L.Tavares.Angelo.; Dezan-Junior, E.; Bagnato, V.Salvador.; Chaves-Neto, Aônio.Hernandes.; de Oliveira, S.Helena.Penha., 2016:
Evaluation of photodynamic therapy on fibroblast viability and cytokine production

Silva, E.J.; Coutinho-Filho, W.P.; Andrade, A.O.; Herrera, D.R.; Coutinho-Filho, T.S.; Krebs, R.L., 2016:
Evaluation of photodynamic therapy using a diode laser and different photosensitizers against enterococcus faecalis

Zhang, Z.; Lu, X-Nian.; Liang, J.; Tang, H.; Yang, Y-Sheng.; Zhu, X-Hua.; Du, J.; Shen, Y-Yun.; Xu, J-Hua., 2015:
Evaluation of photodynamic therapy using topical aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride in the treatment of condylomata acuminate

Kwak, J.; Choi, O.; Sim, E.; Lee, S-Yup., 2015:
Evaluation of photoluminescence quenching for assessing the binding of nitroaromatic compounds to a tyrosyl bolaamphiphile self-assembly

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