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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57839

Chapter 57839 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Exploring Glycan Markers for Immunotyping and Precision-targeting of Breast Circulating Tumor Cells
, Archives of Medical Research 46(8): 642-650 (2015)

Exploring Group Composition among Young, Urban Women of Color in Prenatal Care: Implications for Satisfaction, Engagement, and Group Attendance
, Women's Health Issues 26(1): 110-115 (2016)

Exploring Guidelines for Classification of Major Heart Failure Subtypes by Using Machine Learning
, Clinical Medicine Insights. Cardiology 9(Suppl 1): 57-71 (2015)

Exploring HIV denial in Spanish, in the internet
, Revista Medica de Chile 143(12): 1605-1607 (2015)

Exploring HIV infection and susceptibility to measles among older children and adults in Malawi: a facility-based study
, International Journal of Infectious Diseases 31: 61-67 (2015)

Exploring HIV prevention strategies among street-based female sex workers in Chongqing, China
, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 12(1): 855-870 (2015)

Exploring HIV-related stigma among HIV-infected men who have sex with men in Beijing, China: a correlation study
, Aids Care 28(11): 1394-1401 (2016)

Exploring Hallucinogen Pharmacology and Psychedelic Medicine with Zebrafish Models
, Zebrafish 13(5): 379-390 (2016)

Exploring Health Beliefs and Practices of Caribbean Immigrants in Ontario to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
, Journal of Transcultural Nursing 28(1): 15-23 (2015)

Exploring Health Care Professionals' Perceptions of Incidents and Incident Reporting in Rehabilitation Settings
, Journal of Patient Safety 15(2): 154-160 (2019)

Exploring Health Care Providers' Views About Initiating End-of-Life Care Communication
, American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care 34(4): 308-317 (2017)

Exploring Health Implications of Disparities Associated with Food Insecurity Among Low-Income Populations
, Nursing Clinics of North America 50(3): 465-481 (2015)

Exploring Health Information Exchange Implementation Using Qualitative Assessments of Nursing Home Leaders
, Perspectives in Health Information Management 13(Fall): 1f (2016)

Exploring Health Literacy in Medical University Students of Chongqing, China: A Cross-Sectional Study
, Plos one 11(4): E0152547 (2016)

Exploring Health Situation of Indian Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) in an Urban Area of Odisha: A Case Study
, Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research 9(12): Vc05 (2015)

Exploring Health System Responsiveness in Ambulatory Care and Disease Management and its Relation to Other Dimensions of Health System Performance (RAC) - Study Design and Methodology
, International Journal of Health Policy and Management 4(7): 431-437 (2015)

Exploring Helpful Nursing Care in Pediatric Mental Health Settings: The Perceptions of Children with Suicide Risk Factors and Their Parents
, Issues in Mental Health Nursing 36(11): 849-859 (2015)

Exploring Hepatitis From the Perspective of Iranian Traditional Medicine: Using a Qualitative Approach
, Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 22(2): 317-323 (2017)

Exploring High Refractive Index Silicon-Rich Nitride Films by Low-Temperature Inductively Coupled Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition and Applications for Integrated Waveguides
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 7(39): 21884 (2015)

Exploring Home Care Interventions for Frail Older People in Belgium: A Comparative Effectiveness Study
, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 64(11): 2251-2256 (2016)

Exploring Homophobia in Tbilisi, Georgia
, Journal of Homosexuality 64(9): 1253-1282 (2017)

Exploring Host-Pathogen Interactions through Biological Control
, Plos Pathogens 11(6): E1004865 (2015)

Exploring How Knowledge Translation Can Improve Sustainability of Community-based Health Initiatives for People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities
, Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities 29(5): 433-444 (2016)

Exploring How Substance Use Impedes Engagement along the HIV Care Continuum: A Qualitative Study
, Frontiers in Public Health 4: 62 (2016)

Exploring Human Cognition Using Large Image Databases
, Topics in Cognitive Science 8(3): 569-588 (2016)

Exploring Human Diseases and Biological Mechanisms by Protein Structure Prediction and Modeling
, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 939: 39-61 (2016)

Exploring Hydrogenotrophic Methanogenesis: a Genome Scale Metabolic Reconstruction of Methanococcus maripaludis
, Journal of Bacteriology 198(24): 3379-3390 (2016)

Exploring Identity in Muslim Moroccan and Pakistani Immigrant Women
, Europe's Journal of Psychology 11(1): 63-78 (2015)

Exploring Implementation of the Ontario School Food and Beverage Policy at the Secondary-School Level: A Qualitative Study
, Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research 75(3): 118-124 (2014)

Exploring Infertility from the Cultural Context of Latino College Students: Results from a Preliminary Focus Group
, Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities 2016 (2016)

Exploring Innovative Solutions for Quality of Life and Care of Bed-Ridden Nursing Home Residents through Codesign Sessions
, Journal of Aging Research 2015: 185054 (2015)

Exploring Inpatient Hospitalizations and Morbidity in Patients With Adrenal Insufficiency
, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 101(12): 4843-4850 (2016)

Exploring Institutional Research Ethics Systems: A Case Study From Uganda
, Ajob Empirical Bioethics 6(3): 1-14 (2015)

Exploring Instructional Strategies and Learning Theoretical Foundations of eHealth and mHealth Education Interventions
, Health Promotion Practice (): - (2016)

Exploring Instructive Physiological Signaling with the Bioelectric Tissue Simulation Engine
, Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 4: 55 (2016)

Exploring Intein Inhibition by Platinum Compounds as an Antimicrobial Strategy
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 291(43): 22661-22670 (2016)

Exploring Interfacial Events in Gold-Nanocluster-Sensitized Solar Cells: Insights into the Effects of the Cluster Size and Electrolyte on Solar Cell Performance
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 138(1): 390-401 (2016)

Exploring Intergenerational Discontinuity in Problem Behavior: Bad Parents with Good Children
, Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice 13(2): 99-122 (2015)

Exploring Internal Ribosome Entry Sites as Therapeutic Targets
, Frontiers in Oncology 5: 233 (2015)

Exploring International Views on Key Concepts for Mass-gathering Health through a Delphi Process
, Prehospital and Disaster Medicine 31(4): 443-453 (2016)

Exploring Intrinsic Dimensionality of Chemical Spaces for Robust QSAR Model Development: A Comparison of Several Statistical Approaches
, Current Computer-Aided Drug Design 12(4): 294-301 (2016)

Exploring Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations to Participate in a Crowdsourcing Project to Support Blind and Partially Sighted Students
, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 229: 545-555 (2016)

Exploring Ion-Ion Interactions in Aqueous Solutions by a Combination of Molecular Dynamics and Neutron Scattering
, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6(9): 1563-1567 (2015)

Exploring Iranian nurses' experiences of missed nursing care: a qualitative study: a threat to patient and nurses' health
, Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran 29: 276 (2015)

Exploring Issues Around Wearing-off and Quality of Life: The OFF-PARK Survey of People with Parkinson's Disease and their Care Partners
, Journal of Parkinson's Disease 5(3): 533-539 (2015)

Exploring Issues of Comorbid Conditions in People Who Smoke
, Nicotine and Tobacco Research 18(8): 1684-1696 (2016)

Exploring Jasmonates in the Hormonal Network of Drought and Salinity Responses
, Frontiers in Plant Science 6: 1077 (2015)

Exploring Job Satisfaction of Nursing Faculty: Theoretical Approaches
, Journal of Professional Nursing 31(6): 482-492 (2015)

Exploring Kenyan Women's Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence
, Journal of Interpersonal Violence 33(13): 2130-2154 (2018)

Exploring Knowledge About Dialysis, Transplantation, and Living Donation Among Patients and Their Living Kidney Donors
, International Journal of Behavioral Medicine 22(5): 580-589 (2015)

Exploring Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Related to Breast and Cervical Cancers in Mongolia: A National Population-Based Survey
, Oncologist 20(11): 1266-1273 (2015)

Exploring LA-ICP-MS as a quantitative imaging technique to study nanoparticle uptake in Daphnia magna and zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos
, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 407(18): 5477-5485 (2015)

Exploring Lab Tests Over Utilization Patterns Using Health Analytics Methods
, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 226: 190-193 (2016)

Exploring LacI-DNA dynamics by multiscale simulations using the SIRAH force field
, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 11(10): 5012-5023 (2015)

Exploring Leader Identity and Development
, New Directions for Student Leadership 2016(149): 37-47 (2016)

Exploring Life Satisfaction Among Older Adults in Dakar
, Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology 30(4): 377-391 (2015)

Exploring Lithium-Cobalt-Nickel Oxide Spinel Electrodes for ≥3.5 V Li-Ion Cells
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 8(41): 27720-27729 (2016)

Exploring Local and Overall Ordinal Information for Robust Feature Description
, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 38(11): 2198-2211 (2016)

Exploring MALDI-TOF MS approach for a rapid identification of Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis field isolates
, Journal of Applied Microbiology 122(3): 568-577 (2017)

Exploring MIA-QSARs' for antimalarial quinolon-4(1H)-imines
, Combinatorial Chemistry and High Throughput Screening 18(2): 208-216 (2015)

Exploring MIA-QSPR's for the modeling of biomagnification factors of aromatic organochlorine pollutants
, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 135: 130-136 (2017)

Exploring Managers' Perspectives on MNCH Program in Pakistan: A Qualitative Study
, Plos one 11(1): E0146665 (2016)

Exploring Marijuana Advertising on Weedmaps, a Popular Online Directory
, Prevention Science 18(2): 183-192 (2017)

Exploring Market State and Stock Interactions on the Minute Timescale
, Plos one 11(2): E0149648 (2016)

Exploring Massachusetts Health Care Reform Impact on Fee-for-Service-Funded Substance Use Disorder Treatment Providers
, Journal of Psychoactive Drugs 47(5): 417-425 (2015)

Exploring Massive Incomplete Lineage Sorting in Arctoids (Laurasiatheria, Carnivora)
, Molecular Biology and Evolution 32(12): 3194-3204 (2015)

Exploring Massive Open Online Courses for Nurses
, Mcn. American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing 40(4): 265 (2015)

Exploring Maternal Perceptions of Infant Sleep and Feeding Method Among Mothers in the United Kingdom: A Qualitative Focus Group Study
, Maternal and Child Health Journal 20(1): 33-40 (2016)

Exploring Mbar shock conditions and isochorically heated aluminum at the Matter in Extreme Conditions end station of the Linac Coherent Light Source (invited)
, Review of Scientific Instruments 85(11): 11e702 (2014)

Exploring Mechanisms for Effective Technology-Enhanced Simulation-based Education in Wilderness Medicine: A Systematic Review
, Cureus 7(12): E412 (2015)

Exploring Mechanisms of Biofilm Removal
, Dentistry 6(4): (2016)

Exploring Mechanisms of MicroRNA Downregulation in Cancer
, Microrna 6(1): 2-16 (2017)

Exploring Mediators of Physical Activity in Young Adult Cancer Survivors: Evidence from a Randomized Trial of a Facebook-Based Physical Activity Intervention
, Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology 4(1): 26-33 (2015)

Exploring Medical Student Learning Needs in the Pediatric Emergency Department: "What Do You Want to Learn Right Now?"
, Pediatric Emergency Care 32(4): 217-221 (2016)

Exploring Memory Representations with Activity-Based Genetics
, Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology 8(3): A021832 ( 2015)

Exploring Metabolic Profile Differences between Colorectal Polyp Patients and Controls Using Seemingly Unrelated Regression
, Journal of Proteome Research 14(6): 2492-2499 (2015)

Exploring Methods to Measure the Prevalence of Ménière's Disease in the US Clinformatics™ Database, 2010-2012
, Audiology and Neuro-Otology 21(3): 172-177 (2018)

Exploring Metrics to Express Energy Expenditure of Physical Activity in Youth
, Plos one 10(6): E0130869 (2015)

Exploring Mexican American adolescent romantic relationship profiles and adjustment
, Journal of Adolescence 43: 181-192 (2016)

Exploring Mexican adolescents' perceptions of environmental health risks: a photographic approach to risk analysis
, Ciencia and Saude Coletiva 20(5): 1617-1627 (2015)

Exploring MicroRNA Expression Profiles Related to the mTOR Signaling Pathway in Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast Cells Treated with Polyethylenimine
, Molecular Pharmaceutics 12(8): 2858-2868 (2015)

Exploring Microstructural Changes in Structural Analogues of Ibuprofen-Hosted In Situ Gelling System and Its Influence on Pharmaceutical Performance
, Aaps Pharmscitech 16(5): 1153-1159 (2015)

Exploring Missense Mutations in Tyrosine Kinases Implicated with Neurodegeneration
, Molecular Neurobiology 54(7): 5085-5106 (2017)

Exploring Mn-O bonding in the context of an electronically flexible secondary coordination sphere: synthesis of a Mn(III)-oxo
, Chemical Communications 51(25): 5310-5313 (2015)

Exploring Model Energy and Geometry Surfaces Using Sum of Squares Decompositions
, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2(3): 575-587 (2006)

Exploring Molecular Mechanisms of Paradoxical Activation in the BRAF Kinase Dimers: Atomistic Simulations of Conformational Dynamics and Modeling of Allosteric Communication Networks and Signaling Pathways
, Plos one 11(11): E0166583 (2016)

Exploring Morphologic and Molecular Aspects of Endometrial Cancer Under Progesterone Treatment in the Context of Fertility Preservation
, International Journal of Gynecological Cancer 26(3): 483-490 (2016)

Exploring Morphological and Biochemical Linkages in Fungal Growth with Label-Free Light Sheet Microscopy and Raman Spectroscopy
, Chemphyschem 18(1): 72-78 (2017)

Exploring Motivations, Awareness of Side Effects, and Attitudes among Potential Egg Donors
, Health and Social Work 41(2): 75-83 (2016)

Exploring Mouse Protein Function via Multiple Approaches
, Plos one 11(11): E0166580 (2016)

Exploring Multidimensional Free Energy Landscapes Using Time-Dependent Biases on Collective Variables
, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 6(1): 35-47 (2010)

Exploring Multimodularity in Plant Cell Wall Deconstruction: STRUCTURAL AND FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS OF Xyn10C CONTAINING THE CBM22-1-CBM22-2 TANDEM
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 290(28): 17116-17130 (2015)

Exploring Multiple Binding Modes Using Confined Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics
, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 11(8): 3906-3918 (2015)

Exploring Muscle Activation during Nordic Walking: A Comparison between Conventional and Uphill Walking
, Plos one 10(9): E0138906 (2015)

Exploring Music-Based Rehabilitation for Parkinsonism through Embodied Cognitive Science
, Frontiers in Neurology 6: 217 (2015)

Exploring Māori cancer patients', their families', community and hospice views of hospice care
, International Journal of Palliative Nursing 21(9): 439-445 (2015)

Exploring N-Rich Phases in Li(x)N(y) Clusters for Hydrogen Storage at Nanoscale
, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6(18): 3726-3730 (2015)

Exploring NAD+ metabolism in host-pathogen interactions
, Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 73(6): 1225-1236 (2016)

Exploring NAG-thiazoline and its derivatives as inhibitors of chitinolytic β-acetylglucosaminidases
, Febs Letters 589(1): 110-116 (2015)

Exploring NICU Nurses' Affective Responses to End-of-Life Care
, Advances in Neonatal Care 17(2): 96-105 (2017)

Exploring Nanoscale Electrical Properties of CuO-Graphene Based Hybrid Interfaced Memory Device by Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy
, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 16(4): 4044-4051 (2016)

Exploring Nanotechnologies for the Effective Therapy of Malaria Using Plant-Based Medicines
, Current Pharmaceutical Design 22(27): 4232-4246 (2016)

Exploring Natural Products as a Source for Antidiabetic Lead Compounds and Possible Lead Optimization
, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 16(23): 2549-2561 (2016)

Exploring Natural Products from the Biodiversity of Pakistan for Computational Drug Discovery Studies: Collection, Optimization, Design and Development of A Chemical Database (ChemDP)
, Current Computer-Aided Drug Design 11(2): 102-109 (2015)

Exploring Network Formation of Tough and Biocompatible Thiol-yne Based Photopolymers
, Macromolecular Rapid Communications 37(20): 1701-1706 (2016)

Exploring Neural Correlates of Different Dimensions in Drug Craving Self-Reports among Heroin Dependents
, Basic and Clinical Neuroscience 6(4): 271-284 (2015)

Exploring Neural Correlates of Empathy in Juveniles Who Have Sexually Offended
, Sexual Abuse 30(1): 82-103 (2018)

Exploring Neural Substrates Underlying the Execution of Behavior Across the Whole Brain
, Neuroscience Bulletin 32(5): 505-507 (2016)

Exploring Neuro-Physiological Correlates of Drivers' Mental Fatigue Caused by Sleep Deprivation Using Simultaneous EEG, ECG, and fNIRS Data
, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10: 219 (2016)

Exploring New Alleles Involved in Tomato Fruit Quality in an Introgression Line Library of Solanum pimpinellifolium
, Frontiers in Plant Science 7: 1172 (2016)

Exploring New Drug Targets through the Identification of Target Molecules of Bioactive Natural Products
, Yakugaku Zasshi 136(4): 669-676 (2016)

Exploring New Endpoints for Patients With Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction
, Circulation. Heart Failure 9(11): (2016)

Exploring New Frontiers
, Journal of Atrial Fibrillation 6(5): 1064 (2014)

Exploring New Options for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention May Improve Patients' Quality of Life and Outcomes
, High Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Prevention 23(3): 259-260 (2016)

Exploring New Relationships Between Physical Activity Volume and Intensity and Cardiometabolic Risk in U.S. Adolescents
, Journal of Physical Activity and Health 12(9): 1312-1319 (2015)

Exploring New Ways to Deliver Value to Healthcare Organizations: Algorithmic Testing, Data Integration, and Diagnostic E-consult Service
, Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Science 45(3): 239-247 (2015)

Exploring New Zealand orthopaedic nurses' knowledge of osteoporosis
, Orthopedic Nursing 34(1): 29-35 (2015)

Exploring New Zealand prescription data using sequence symmetry analyses for predicting adverse drug reactions
, Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics 42(2): 189-194 (2017)

Exploring Noninvasive Tricuspid dP/dt as a Marker of Right Ventricular Function
, Echocardiography 32(9): 1347-1351 (2015)

Exploring Nonresponse Bias in the Department of Veterans Affairs' Bereaved Family Survey
, Journal of Palliative Medicine 18(10): 858-864 (2016)

Exploring Nonspecific Protein Adsorption on Lignocellulosic Amphiphilic Bicomponent Films
, Biomacromolecules 17(3): 1083-1092 (2016)

Exploring Northwest China's agricultural water-saving strategy: analysis of water use efficiency based on an SE-DEA model conducted in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province
, Water Science and Technology 74(5): 1106-1115 (2016)

Exploring Novel Medicare Readmission Risk Variables in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients at High Risk of Readmission within 30 Days of Hospital Discharge
, Annals of the American Thoracic Society 12(9): 1288-1293 (2015)

Exploring Novel Methods for Modulating Tumor Blood Vessels in Cancer Treatment
, Current Biology 26(21): R1161 (2016)

Exploring Nurse Communication About Spirituality
, American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care 34(6): 566-571 (2017)

Exploring Nurses' Meaning and Experiences of Compassion: An International Online Survey Involving 15 Countries
, Journal of Transcultural Nursing 28(3): 286-295 (2017)

Exploring Nurses' Perception of Dynamic Patient Events
, Journal of Nursing Administration 46(2): 57-60 (2016)

Exploring O2 diffusion in A-type cytochrome c oxidases: molecular dynamics simulations uncover two alternative channels towards the binuclear site
, Plos Computational Biology 10(12): E1004010 (2014)

Exploring Occupational Therapists' Perceptions of the Usefulness of Musculoskeletal Sonography in Upper-Extremity Rehabilitation
, American Journal of Occupational Therapy 69(4): 6904350020p1 (2015)

Exploring Olfactory Function and Its Relation with Behavioral and Cognitive Impairment in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients: A Cross-Sectional Study
, Neuro-Degenerative Diseases 16(5-6): 411-416 (2016)

Exploring Omics data from designed experiments using analysis of variance multiblock Orthogonal Partial Least Squares
, Analytica Chimica Acta 920: 18-28 (2016)

Exploring Opioid-Sparing Multimodal Analgesia Options in Trauma: A Nursing Perspective
, Journal of Trauma Nursing 23(6): 361-375 (2016)

Exploring Opportunities in Quality Improvement During Fellowship
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 67(15): 1859-61; Discussion 1861-2 (2016)

Exploring Oral Health Beliefs and Behaviour Among Tibetan Immigrants of Bylakkupe
, Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry 14(2): 111-116 (2016)

Exploring Organizational Barriers to Strengthening Clinical Supervision of Psychiatric Nursing Staff: A Longitudinal Controlled Intervention Study
, Issues in Mental Health Nursing 37(5): 332-343 (2016)

Exploring Outcomes Related to Anxiety and Depression in Completers of a Randomized Controlled Trial of Complicated Grief Treatment
, Clinical Psychology and PsychoTherapy 23(2): 118-124 (2016)

Exploring Outcomes to Consider in Economic Evaluations of Health Promotion Programs: What Broader Non-Health Outcomes Matter Most?
, Bmc Health Services Research 15: 266 (2015)

Exploring Overtime Utilization Patterns in Healthcare Organizations
, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 226: 198-200 (2016)

Exploring Oxidative Reactions in Hemoglobin Variants Using Mass Spectrometry: Lessons for Engineering Oxidatively Stable Oxygen Therapeutics
, Antioxidants and Redox Signaling 26(14): 777-793 (2017)

Exploring Oxidovanadium(IV) Complexes as YopH Inhibitors: Mechanism of Action and Modeling Studies
, Acs Medicinal Chemistry Letters 6(10): 1035-1040 (2015)

Exploring PFGE for Detecting Large Plasmids in Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli Isolated from Various Retail Meats
, Pathogens 3(4): 833-844 (2014)

Exploring Parent Beliefs and Behavior: The Contribution of ADHD Symptomology Within Mothers and Fathers
, Journal of Attention Disorders 22(13): 1255-1265 (2018)

Exploring Parental Bonding in BED and Non-BED Obesity Compared with Healthy Controls: Clinical, Personality and Psychopathology Correlates
, European Eating Disorders Review 24(3): 187-196 (2016)

Exploring Parental Influence on the Progression of Alcohol Use in Mexican-Heritage Youth: a Latent Transition Analysis
, Prevention Science 17(2): 188-198 (2016)

Exploring Parents' Adversities in Pediatric Primary Care
, JAMA Pediatrics 170(4): 313-314 (2016)

Exploring Path Models of Disablement in Residential Care and Assisted Living Residents
, Journal of Applied Gerontology 37(12): 1490-1516 (2016)

Exploring Pathways Between HIV+ Status and Excellent Overall Health Among Kenyan Women: Family Functioning, Meaningfulness of Life, Seroconcordance, Social Support and Considering the Need for Integrated Care
, Journal of Community Health 41(5): 989-997 (2016)

Exploring Patients' Experiences of Eating Disorder Treatment Services From a Motivational Perspective
, Qualitative Health Research 26(14): 1988-1997 (2016)

Exploring Patients' Views Toward Giving Web-Based Feedback and Ratings to General Practitioners in England: A Qualitative Descriptive Study
, Journal of Medical Internet Research 18(8): E217 (2016)

Exploring Patterns of Alteration in Alzheimer's Disease Brain Networks: A Combined Structural and Functional Connectomics Analysis
, Frontiers in Neuroscience 10: 380 (2016)

Exploring Patterns of Awareness and Use of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men
, Aids and Behavior 21(5): 1288-1298 (2017)

Exploring Peptide Ligase Orthologs in Actinobacteria-Discovery of Pseudopeptide Natural Products, Ketomemicins
, Acs Chemical Biology 11(6): 1686-1692 (2016)

Exploring Perceived Discrimination Among LGBT Individuals in Turkey in Education, Employment, and Health Care: Results of an Online Survey
, Journal of Homosexuality 64(8): 1052-1068 (2017)

Exploring Perceptions of Barriers, Facilitators, and Motivators to Physical Activity Among Female Bariatric Patients: Implications for Physical Activity Programming
, American Journal of Health Promotion 30(7): 536-544 (2016)

Exploring Perceptions of Early-Career Psychiatrists About Their Relationships With the Pharmaceutical Industry
, Academic Psychiatry 40(2): 249-254 (2016)

Exploring Peripheral Nerve, Macro and Micro-Vasculature Imaging Applications at Ultra-High Field MRI
, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 136(4 Suppl.): 20-20 (2015)

Exploring Personal Medicine as Part of Self-Directed Care: Expanding Perspectives on Medical Necessity
, Psychiatric Services 67(8): 883-889 (2016)

Exploring Personality Diagnosis Stability Following Acute Psychotherapy for Chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
, Depression and Anxiety 32(12): 919-926 (2015)

Exploring Personality and Readiness to Change in Patients With Substance Use Disorders With and Without ADHD
, Journal of Attention Disorders 2016: 1087054716677819 (2016)

Exploring Phase Progression Throughout the Therapeutic Process: The Case of Eva
, Clinical Psychology and PsychoTherapy 23(5): 407-424 (2016)

Exploring Photoinduced Excited State Evolution in Heterobimetallic Ru(II)-Co(III) Complexes
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 119(24): 7378-7392 (2015)

Exploring Photoreceptor Reflectivity Through Multimodal Imaging of Outer Retinal Tubulation in Advanced Age-Related Macular Degeneration
, Retina 37(5): 978-988 (2017)

Exploring Phylogenetic Relationships within Myriapoda and the Effects of Matrix Composition and Occupancy on Phylogenomic Reconstruction
, Systematic Biology 65(5): 871-889 (2016)

Exploring Phylogeographic Congruence in a Continental Island System
, Insects 2(3): 369-399 (2011)

Exploring Physical Health in a Sample of Firefighters
, Workplace Health and Safety 63(6): 253-258 (2015)

Exploring Physicians' Dissatisfaction and Work-Related Stress: Development of the PhyDis Scale
, Frontiers in Psychology 7: 1238 (2016)

Exploring Placentophagy in Humans: Problems and Recommendations
, Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health 60(4): 371-379 (2015)

Exploring Polypharmacology in Drug Discovery and Repurposing Using the CANDO Platform
, Current Pharmaceutical Design 22(21): 3109-3123 (2016)

Exploring Portal Vein Hemodynamic Velocities as a Promising, Attractive Horizon for Small-for-Size Syndrome Prediction After Living-Donor Liver Transplantation: An Egyptian Center Study
, Transplantation Proceedings 48(6): 2135-2139 (2016)

Determining the Patient-Specific Optimum Osteotomy Line for Severe Mandibular Retrognathia Patients
, Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 29(5): E449 (2018)

Exploring Post-Treatment Reversion of Antimicrobial Resistance in Enteric Bacteria of Food Animals as a Resistance Mitigation Strategy
, Foodborne Pathogens and Disease 13(11): 610-617 (2016)

Exploring Potential Cofactors Affecting Coagulation and Inflammation Activity During Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
, Critical Care Medicine 44(11): E1149 (2016)

Exploring Potential Energy Surfaces of Electronic Excited States in Solution with the EOM-CCSD-PCM Method
, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 8(12): 5081-5091 (2012)

Exploring Potential Energy Surfaces of Large Systems with Artificial Force Induced Reaction Method in Combination with ONIOM and Microiteration
, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 8(12): 5058-5063 (2012)

Exploring Potential Mechanisms Underlying the Lack of Uncertainty Monitoring in Capuchin Monkeys
, International Journal of Comparative Psychology 28: (2015)

Exploring Potential Reasons for the Temporal Trend in Dialysis-Requiring AKI in the United States
, Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 11(1): 14-20 (2016)

Exploring Preschool Children's Science Content Knowledge
, Early Education and Development 26(1): 125-146 (2015)

Exploring Preterm Mothers' Personal Narratives: Influences and Meanings
, Ans. Advances in Nursing Science 40(2): 154-167 (2017)

Exploring Primary and Secondary Variants of Psychopathy in Adolescents in Detention and in the Community
, Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology 53 45(5): 564-578 (2016)

Exploring Problems in Following the Hemodialysis Diet and Their Relation to Energy and Nutrient Intakes: The BalanceWise Study
, Journal of Renal Nutrition 26(2): 118-124 (2016)

Exploring Professional Help-Seeking for Mental Disorders
, Qualitative Health Research 26(12): 1662-1673 (2016)

Exploring Prospective Predictors of Illicit Drug-Toxicity Deaths: Evidence From the General Social Survey
, Substance use and Misuse 50(11): 1479-1489 (2015)

Exploring Protein Binding of Uremic Toxins in Patients with Different Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease and during Hemodialysis
, Toxins 7(10): 3933-3946 (2015)

Exploring Protein Stability by Comparative Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Homologous Hyperthermophilic, Mesophilic, and Psychrophilic Proteins
, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 56(11): 2129-2139 (2016)

Exploring Protonation and Deprotonation Effects with Auger Electron Spectroscopy
, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 3(18): 2733-2737 (2012)

Exploring Provider Perspectives as Barriers and Facilitators to Implementation of Quality Family Planning Recommendations at Title X Clinics: A Qualitative Study
, Women's Health Issues 26(6): 628-633 (2016)

Exploring Provider Reactions to Decision Aid Distribution and Shared Decision Making: Lessons from Two Specialties
, Medical Decision Making 37(1): 113-126 (2017)

Exploring Providers' Perspectives on Early Decisions to Withdraw Life-Sustaining Therapy after Cardiac Arrest. One Side of the Story
, Annals of the American Thoracic Society 13(7): 1008-1009 (2016)

Exploring Psychological Distress in Burundi During and After the Armed Conflict
, Community Mental Health Journal 52(1): 32-38 (2016)

Exploring Psychology in the Field: Steps and Examples From the Used-Car Market
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Exploring PtSO4 and PdSO4 phases: an evolutionary algorithm based investigation
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